American Idol 2010: The Results Show Recap

Well, I only got 2 out of 4 of my predictions right for the second results show of season 9 of American Idol.  I chose Haeley, Lacey, Tim and Jermaine.  Not sure why Tim is still there because John outsang him Tuesday night.

The top 20 performed a rather cheesy rendition of The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.  It was a much better song choice than last weeks but none of these singers are up to par to sing Fergie.  Come on idol, let them sing something next week where they actually sound like musicians.

On to the results.  When Tim was the first one Ryan turned to I knew he was safe.  WHY???  This guy does not sing on key so what is the deal?  Ryan then skips Todrick and tells Big Mike and Casey 🙂 they are safe.  So it is between John and Todrick and we all know John was eliminated.  All the guys in the idol chat room last night were floored.  They all wanted Todrick gone but I thought he deserved another chance but not against John.  Tim should have gone.  I know I keep saying it but I can’t believe he is still in the competition. 

In the next set of results there is no surprise as Jermaine is the one eliminated.  He kept an upbeat attitude and encouraged everyone to buy a onesie.  So Lee, Alex, Aaron, and Andrew were all safe.  Hopefully Andrew will get it together by next week and choose the right song as he is clearly still at the top of everyone’s list.

Danny Gokey comes out and sings his new song which is some kind of country sounding song from his new album.  It was ok I guess.  What I loved about Danny was how happy he was to be back on the Idol stage.  He was really excited and even talked to the judges which is not something I’ve seen many (if any) former contestants do.  So kudos to him for that.  He couldn’t leave the stage without telling a sad story about the song but since I’m sure you all heard it last night, I won’t go into detail

So now it’s time for the girl’s results.  In the first group Lilly, Paige and Katie were all safe and it came down to Michelle and Didi.  I was nervous for Didi because I think she is still one of my favs even though she didn’t choose a great song last night but all was well and Michelle was eliminated.  

The last round of eliminations comes down to Lacey and Haeley and since I had them both going home, it was a toss up.  In the end, Haeley went home while Katelyn, Crystal, Siobhan, and Lacey get to stick around another week.

The worst part of the night was having to listen to all these booted contestants sing their songs again.  I thought they couldn’t get any worse than before but boy was I wrong.  It was painful to hear for the second time and I finally had to change the channel with Haeley.  

What did you think?  Did America get it right this time?