American Idol 2010: The Results Show Recap

Well, I only got 2 out of 4 of my predictions right for the second results show of season 9 of American Idol.  I chose Haeley, Lacey, Tim and Jermaine.  Not sure why Tim is still there because John outsang him Tuesday night.

The top 20 performed a rather cheesy rendition of The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.  It was a much better song choice than last weeks but none of these singers are up to par to sing Fergie.  Come on idol, let them sing something next week where they actually sound like musicians.

On to the results.  When Tim was the first one Ryan turned to I knew he was safe.  WHY???  This guy does not sing on key so what is the deal?  Ryan then skips Todrick and tells Big Mike and Casey 🙂 they are safe.  So it is between John and Todrick and we all know John was eliminated.  All the guys in the idol chat room last night were floored.  They all wanted Todrick gone but I thought he deserved another chance but not against John.  Tim should have gone.  I know I keep saying it but I can’t believe he is still in the competition. 

In the next set of results there is no surprise as Jermaine is the one eliminated.  He kept an upbeat attitude and encouraged everyone to buy a onesie.  So Lee, Alex, Aaron, and Andrew were all safe.  Hopefully Andrew will get it together by next week and choose the right song as he is clearly still at the top of everyone’s list.

Danny Gokey comes out and sings his new song which is some kind of country sounding song from his new album.  It was ok I guess.  What I loved about Danny was how happy he was to be back on the Idol stage.  He was really excited and even talked to the judges which is not something I’ve seen many (if any) former contestants do.  So kudos to him for that.  He couldn’t leave the stage without telling a sad story about the song but since I’m sure you all heard it last night, I won’t go into detail

So now it’s time for the girl’s results.  In the first group Lilly, Paige and Katie were all safe and it came down to Michelle and Didi.  I was nervous for Didi because I think she is still one of my favs even though she didn’t choose a great song last night but all was well and Michelle was eliminated.  

The last round of eliminations comes down to Lacey and Haeley and since I had them both going home, it was a toss up.  In the end, Haeley went home while Katelyn, Crystal, Siobhan, and Lacey get to stick around another week.

The worst part of the night was having to listen to all these booted contestants sing their songs again.  I thought they couldn’t get any worse than before but boy was I wrong.  It was painful to hear for the second time and I finally had to change the channel with Haeley.  

What did you think?  Did America get it right this time?




  1. Thank God, Didi is safe. Is it just me or what? Kara doesn’t like her. It’s obvious! Very condescending when she said “it’s not good but I’m still a fan.” I lost respect for Randy! Ellen is meh meh! Kara is pretentious! Simon is, well Simon! Great talents this year but judges have become incredibly unfair and at times out of place with their criticisms whether favorable or not!

  2. I got 3/4. I thought Lacey will go instead of Michelle. I may have predicted John Park but still I believe that he is way more talented than Tim Urban and I haven’t recovered from last week. Tim Urban over Joe Munoz?!!!!! I hate to think that the results have something to do with race!

  3. tonite and last nite ,simon remarks to haley, was a sad commentary for show business, that we (america) watch this program that allows simon to ‘eat the young’. HALEY got so beat up by him. whats the point. you said she smiled too much, well you did wipe the beautiful smile off her face . outrageous.

  4. Not feeling well so I had my eyes closed while listening to the contestants sing and heard every single note with much clarity. John Park is way more talented than Tim, but America is really not ready for him.

  5. Many of the boys could have been sent home, no problem with these two. Park and Sellers were just not good enough.

    Haeley had to go. She is a beautiful girl and will be a hot woman, but she cannot sing. Simply does not have the voice.
    Michelle already is hot and I am surprised she’s out. I really thought she had what it takes to be an AI.

    Next week: I’d like to hear much more from Andrew and Didi.

  6. Tim Urban should be eliminated i guess.
    John Park is MORE deserving than him.

    Go Casey James! I hope you will be the next American idol.

  7. Well i dont know where the people posting here come from but i think America was very smart by voting this way. Exactly the 4 i would like to have seen gone 😉

  8. I think America definitely got it right and being Australian that’s hard to admit 😉

    Haeley had to go. She’s a lovely girl but her singing leaves a lot to be desired.

    I didn’t think much of Michelle but I honestly though she would stay around for another week.

    I’m glad that Didi stayed. I really hope she can pull off a great performance next week. If she can do another “terrified” she will hold her own for a while longer.

    I’m glad Lacey stayed too. I like her but she just hasn’t performed as well as I think she is capable of. I hope she can lift her game too.

    It’s going to get interesting from here with the girls. I still think the top 3 will be Crystal, Siobhan and Lilly.

    For me it is so hard to rate the rest. There’s just such a big divide between those top three and the rest (in my opinion of course).

    As for the guys, well none of them really seem to have what it takes in my opinion.
    Andrew is talented but has failed to deliver anything even remotely close to his “straight up” performance.

    I like Lee and think with some work he could have what it takes. I don’t think he’s a great singer but there’s something there.

    Casey is ok too. There’s something weird about him that I can’t quite figure out but I think he’s doing alright.

    As for the rest of them, I won’t comment individually because honestly I really didn’t care for any of their performances. To me there seems to be a real lack of sustance with the guys this year.

  9. Didi has been my best ever since she sang terrified. I jst think the judges are being just too harsh to all the contestants this year.Hopefully she will step up her game next week so she can be in the top 3.

  10. all i can say is i love Didi from the start and i am praying so that she be the next American idol…go go go Didi….

  11. Definitely i agree with u guys.I love didi and hope she gets far in d competition.Crystal too

  12. Tim is still there because he is good looking and the young girls love cute guys no matter how they sing 🙂 I thought Michelle was decent singer and would have sent Lacey packing over her. Haeley is a sweet girl but whew – not a singer! I like Lee best out of guys and Paige out of the girls.

  13. Helen Degeneres really, not right to judge, the comments are not very intelligent and make it look really bad, I think they were in Victoria Beckh, is your best option

  14. Glad Haley is gone because she cant sing..dont know why she was even in the top 24. John Park is a waaaay better singer than Tim Urban so he should have stayed. Mary #15, I totally agree.

  15. Re Tim Urban still on Idol, c’mon… He’s there because he’s a hottie and many Idol voters are young girls. Remember, it’s not just a singing competition as it should be, it’s also unfortunately, a popularity contest. This is no mystery and it baffles me how many people ask why he’s still there.

  16. The ‘Vote for the worst” website has people voting for Tim urban. That could make a big difference in the early going.

  17. I cant believe Tim is still there. But I guess it is because he is cute and thats why he gets the votes. But it took longer than I expected for Haeley to go home. I thought she had a pretty voice but she never chose the right songs. She totally butchered the song “The Climb” though.

  18. Which also means Howard Stern is having everyone call and vote for Tim Urban as well.

  19. I think America got it right for the most part. Haley and Jermaine were right choices but Jon and Michelle should have stayed. Tim and Katie should gone. I think everyone should watch out for Alex Lambert….great voice just needs to get over the nerves….and what can I say about Crystal….unique, authentic, pure…can’t wait to see what happens next week.

  20. I think Didi is the best of ’em all! She just has such a sweet, pure voice. I honestly hope she that she will nail next weeks performance and show America and the (contradictory) judges what she’s really all about. Rooting for Didi all the way!!!

  21. DIDI BENAMI is definitely being picked on by the judges, and especially by Kara (who clearly doesn’t like her). We need Paula back on the judges panel, with her encouragement and positive-criticism. I hope Didi doesn’t give up, because she is just amazing. So many Americans are rooting for her!

  22. Okkkk,,,,we all know who is going to win,….TA DAAAA And the WINNER IS CRYSTAL BOWERSOX……YES HOME GURL GONNA WIN!!!!!

  23. I want to say something… usually I cheer the judges and respect their decisions but Kara has been annoying me this week. She is flirting with Simon taking Paula’s place copying her and making the judges table very upsetting to watch honestly. Better she should concentrate in her job which is advising the contestants for better performances and stage presence and stop being such a cheap version of Paula Abdul.

  24. First off, I want to say how hot Danny Gokey was last night. It was nice to see him so happy. I’ve been listening to his cd and think its great.
    As for this years AI contestents, I think America did get it right, for the most part, last night. For me, it was a toss up for me between John and Tim. One left this week; the other will likely leave next week. Haley was definitely the girl to leave last night. I honestly don’t understand how she made it io the top 24 in the first place. I thought Lacey would be voted off last night. She is adorable but can’t sing like the others. I liked Michelle and thought she would hold on for a while longer. The girls are very strong this season. I still think the last girls standing will be Crystal (my vote for AI winner if her health doesn’t get the best of her), Didi and Lily. As for the guys, I think it will come down to Andrew (he’s the most talented of all), Lee, and Casey (because of his great looks). I just hope the judges don’t screw it up for these contestants. Their opinions can sometimes affect the voting.

  25. The best three girls are Crystal, Siobhan, and Lilly. None of the boys are outstanding. Tim Urban is as surprised as we are that he’s still there. But we still like to watch the show. It’s fun!

  26. I understand that John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Dunbar and Hayley Vaughn got sent packing two nights ago because these four performers got the lowest votes this week.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  27. Yes America got it prejudice, just bad performances, but there are very few good performances this year..Adam Lambert has really changed what we expect out of performers… I like Crystal, Shiborn and Casey the best…

  28. Compare to last year with Adam Lambert no one stands out, it is quite boring and it will be hard to find an Amarican Idol this year. I guess
    we will end up with an American Idol wannebe, there is no choice, someone has to win !!!!!
    Good luck to us.

  29. Tom is cute? …a “hottie”? I guess it depends on your tastes. But he sure isn’t in my book! Plus, he can’t sing worth a crap. I can’t believe he is still there. Top 3 guys = Big Mike, Lee, and Andrew. Top 3 gals = Crystal, Lilly, and Paige.

  30. It’s a toss up between Lee and Alex for the boys. Crystal and Lily for the gals. It’s turning out to be a better show than last year as far as guessing who might win. Can’t say much for the hypercritical idol recap article. Imagine you having to sing right after being voted off on live tv in front of millions of people. How do you think you’d do? Next time take your midol before you start writing. You clearly need it.

  31. Camlin, perhaps you need to look up the word hypocrital and learn the actual meaning. There was absolutely nothing hypocritical in my article. This is what the contestants sign up for. They and you need to learn to deal with criticism.

  32. the girls are much stronger this year,as last year the guys were way pick to go all the way is the qiurcky,silly,strange,different than all the rest is siobhan magnus.she just got something about her,plus she can sing anything,because of her tone,and range.of her voice.

  33. I agree with Jeff.
    Siobhan is the only singer who will still be around after Idol ends. She has that certain je ne sais quoi.

  34. I hate to say it, but I really believe that America doesn’t always vote fair when it comes to the ethnicity or sexuality of the contestants. I thought John Park had a nice voice, but I didn’t think we would see an American Idol of Korean descent (and I was right!). And the remark that Kara made to Casey about him going two steps backward this week–I think she was hard on him this week to dispel the rumors that she was hot for him. I think she made a total fool of herself, and this was her attempt to correct it. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

  35. My top picks are Lee and Casey for the guys, whilst for the girls, I vote for Crystal and Siobhan.

    Am from one of the countries in South East Asia, and am still surprised why Tim Urban is still around. Yes, 2nd week performance was much better, but still the previous guys that were voted were much better.

  36. I miss Paula very much… Kara is full of mannerism…and she gets on my nerves.. She overdoes it…She might be a good song-writer but is very showy. Ellen doesn’t give much constructive opinion…She plays it safe.. and mixes a guitar with a piano!!! Simon is and has always been a person who understands the job…Randy is Randy…nothing new…nothing more!

  37. i dont want to toot my own horn here,but siobhan has it all going for her.she has looks,
    style,voice,uniqueness,charisma,and if thats not enough well i thinks both the fans,and the judges cant wait until she hits the stage and performs.

  38. no deberia haber salido Jermaine, ni Michelle, de los mejores creo son andrew,Cristal,Siobhan, y Lilly.

  39. Why the heck is Tim Urban still on?? And Michelle, how sad for her. I think she was good. My choices would have been the red haired and Heighley. It was sad to see Jermaine leave and John. Tim should have left the building long time ago. Andrew rocks…

  40. Yehthe voting text system maybe isnt a good idea. People are voting not because of the voice but because someone looks good. The judges should have the final say..

  41. ASHELY (the writer) why is your blood so hot when you mention Haeley ‘s name? Pls be careful next time, you may die of hatred before you know it

  42. Tugamena, I have no hatred for Haeley. The girl can’t sing on key and it was painful to watch. If you had been reading my posts from the beginning of the season you would see that I said I felt bad for the girl. If she had sang her country music as she did in the auditions I believe she would have faired much better.



  44. Haeley .. OMG
    wats worse than her being eliminated , is having to listen AGAIN to the ” the climb ” before she finally left …
    thx god remote controls hv mute buttons ..
    her voice is makes me nauseate

  45. I think Kara is very bad at being a judge. She’s so annoying and should just leave the show. Ellen is an awesome judge.

    I think Tim Urban deserved to stay in the competition. Not because he’s good looking, but because he can actually sing. The guy who sung Lips of an Angel was really bad and off pitch. And the judges said he was good?! wtf?
    Tim Urban would be an awesome mainstream singer and he deserves to stay in the competition.

  46. Lee all the way…..Lily should have stayed, great voice….Adam Lambert should have stayed, great voice….Tim Urban sucks

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