American Idol 2010 Top 20 Elimination Results


It’s time for the American Idol results! Tonight the four performers with the lowest votes, two guys and two girls, will be sent home when Ryan Seacrest announces your voting results. I’m sure Ellen will calm nerves with a good banana joke.

Based on our unofficial American Idol polls for the guys and the girls we could see Todrick Hall, Jermaine Sellers, Haeley Vaughn, and Michelle Delamor going home as they were in the lowest pairs for both groups. Lacey Brown is running a tight third place for the lowest girl votes though. I’d much rather see her than Delamor sent home at this stage as I don’t see Brown improving too much. What about you?

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait and see the big reveal!

American Idol 2010 Top 20 Elimination Results:

  • Guy #1 Eliminated – John Park
  • Guy #2 Eliminated – Jermaine Sellers
  • Girl #1 Eliminated – Michelle Delamor
  • Girl #2 Eliminated – Haeley Vaughn

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!

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  1. Jermaine is leaving because he admitted he is a God-fearing man. Well I agree, because I am a God-fearing woman, and unfortunately in the US people think it’s unacceptable. What a shame. He was great on Sunday’s Best, because he can sing gospel.

  2. Oh good grief. He is leaving because other singers got more votes. He also performed poorly two weeks in a row and got panned by the judges. And I was originally a fan because of his understated audition. Ever since then it’s been excessive, and more importantly, off-key runs. And for someone supposedly god-fearing (should you be God loving anyway?) he sure lacks in the humility department. Some might even argue that it was God’s will he got served a slice of humble pie this week. And the last I checked, Christians were still the majority in this country, not to mention the majority of the contestants.

  3. Jermaine got bumped because he is a terrible singer and performer. NOT because he is a God fearing boy.

  4. What nonsense. Half the contestants claimed they pray before their performance. And Kris Allen was very openly god-fearing last season. In fact, I would say that is why he beat the considerably more talented Adam Lambert.

  5. I do not believe Jermaine left because of what he believes. He just did not deliver a good song for 2 weeks in a row, same as John P. Although I believe it is time for all the contestants to work a bit harder, seems many of them still need to get used to the fact that they are performing for their future!!! They have a once in a life time opportunity, I would sing my lungs out!

  6. YES!! my Idol DiDi Benami is safe!! i think america also agree that the judges are so mean. they really love her!!


    i ♥you didi.

  7. Jermaine wasn’t dumped because he is “God-fearin” whatever the heck that means. He was dumped because he doesn’t have any talent, is queer as a football bat and was a preening primadonna. Get a life Nicole!

  8. Whats wrong with America? Jermaine Sellers has one of the best vocal voices in the group. Dont people vote based on quality and technical vocal skills? I am saddened because at least Jermaine should be in the top three

  9. I don’t think it really had anything to do with his religion, it was more to do with his awful performances on the live shows.

    Boo to John Parks going, though his sucky song choices led him straight to it.

  10. How is it that all the minorities who are better than some of the others are being voted off the show. It seems to me, a person who has watched this show every year, that since the Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken debacle, there has been a conspiracy to keep a minority from winning American Idol. Tonight really took the cake for me though. Four in one night!!! Come on guys, it’s getting a little obvious. How about the next time you pick another judge try to be a little more sensitive to everyones needs instead of the majority.

  11. Look people… somebody has to be out and it works like that. The voting said they were the weakest of all and that is all. It doesnt matter if they are good, its just that there are better than them.

  12. Haeley Vaughn sucks, she shouldn’t have had the chance to sing her final song on stage. I can’t believe she wasn’t eliminated sooner. Shame on you America,no offense to her but i can stay on key more than her and i am an awful singer.

  13. And I wish Didi had gone instead of Michelle, while Haeley is gorgeous, I am very glad to be able to stop cringing through her attempts at singing.

  14. Totally ridiculous for Jermaine and Michelle to go home, those were two of the better singers by far.

  15. I think that all the contestants who were voted off should have been voted off. It was fair and it wasn’t about religion or race. I believe that the elimination process should be based on talent, not sex. I feel like Jermaine and John were better singers than some of the lady contestants. it shouldn’t be even sex. the opportunity to be the next American idol should be based on how talented you are as a singer.

  16. oh yes we got it right. sellers is a Will Smith wanna BE. Bowersox is the one too beat.

  17. I think that America is so backwards they have gotten rid of my favorites every week and since the top 24 for and I know America doesnt know about talent but its okay I’m becoming less and less of a fan of this show every season it pretty much sucks because the people who I want to win are usually the first to go. So me and my friends usually dont watch it because each year it is such a disappointment and also get some better judges.

  18. Haeley Vaughn definitely should have gone–she was not very good. I felt that Michelle was better than DiDi.

  19. I dont know why Didi didnt go home. She is one of the worst singers ever. Jermaine should have stayed and they should have sent either Tim or Alex home. Both did terrible this week.

    • What on earth are you talking about? Tim is too awesome, he should have stayed. Too bad he lost… 🙁

  20. Really michelle, Lacey certainly deserved to go home over Michelle and maybe even haeley

  21. This was not a race or religious thing. I love how every time some one gets voted off they are for those reasons. All of them did bad performances the last two weeks. There has been in the top 2 , Black, women, gay, and god fearing!! get a grip people there is no conspiracy here.

  22. @ Dustin – America may not know about talent, but do they know how to punctuate?

  23. All i am saying is if people vote based on singers ability and not on emotions then contestants like jermaine would not have gone home. Gosh, i dont like his attitude either but i respect his ability to sing. His performance was much better than most of the guys

  24. Honestly….THIS THE WORST SEASON OF THEM ALL!!!!Simon probably should have left this year. This year’s talent ain’t worth America’s time…

  25. These people would have gone eventually, but I think there were far worse performances this week.

  26. What keeps Todrick alive with no love from judges? Lot of friend with phones? I thought Lacey had bags packed.

  27. I feel that there is a right way and a wrong way to tell a contestant that their song choice was not correct. These young people need to be encouraged, not made to feel as though their efforts are not valid. There is a sad over-tone to the show this year. Many of my friends are deciding not to watch any more because of the harsh tone. Remember—-we don’t want young people jumping off of bridges after the show, we want to be encouraged to make the right decisions. Please say things in an encourging way, even if you do not agree with the choices.

  28. ug can we get down to the final 4 already. Honestly I think the one girl with the nose ring and the pink pants. Yeah, um my bad. I’m bad with names. Not only is she hot, She’s pretty good if you ask me. I vote her and the Bowersox chick to be the last 2 girls. As for the guys. I’m haven a hard time deciding who I think I like the most. I’m down to 4 though.

    • My grandma and I agree- CRYSTAL SUCKS! Come on, people! How did she come in second place???

  29. To William I am glad you saw my mistake thanks for trying to correct me but I saw it after I made the post and was already told I really appreciate it but I hope that America does know how to punctuate also im not an english major nor am i a grammer major or anywhere in the fields related to english thanks a lot man for keeping me on my toes so my bad grammer and punctuation speaks a lot about the American education system. But you tell me man does America know how to punctuate. Oh well I hope that everyone else in America is better that and I don’t think so. I do agree with Lilly, Simon should have gone home this year just like Paula did she knew when to quit why not him.

  30. The only thing that is keeping hanging on this year is simom. This is a bunch of boring contestance. Andrew Garcea come out strong but sucks now and Haley THANK GOD SHE IS OUT this week – she was the worst EVER!!!

  31. whoever said didi cant sing hasnt been watching the show cos she is one of the best girls they have got.The judges have jst been harsh dis season,dont know why but i love Didi and hope she is inn the top 3.

  32. It’s awesome that Didi is safe!!! She’s by far, the best one in the entire show. The judge’s were picking on her so much; they went over bored – if you ask me.

  33. *hands head* Tim Urban survives another week.

    As for the most debated topics here so far, no, Jermaine didn’t go because he was a God-fearing man. We had 5 worship pastors in the Top 13 last year, 3 of who made it to the Top 5 (and obviously one of them won). His performances were just a little too wild, although I do agree Tim Urban should have gone long before he did.

    As for all you Didi Benami lovers, really, if she and Lacey Brown were to make it to the Top 12, we’d have to sacrifice MUCH better singers. Her performance of “Lean On Me” was so off-key it was almost painful.

  34. Americas ideal votes SUCK!!!!!!! They looks relyed on looks n favortisim… They shoulda sent Lilly Scott, Lacey Brown, Tim Urban n Alex Lambert home instead of the ones tonight..

  35. They juges Suck this year…They don’t know wat they be talking about..they want to do one thing n they want them to do the way they sing..They confusing.. Plus they shouldnt of sent Haley home..She can sing and is not annoying..n they REALLY SHOULD OF SENT LILLY SCOTT HOME N LACEY BROWN OR EVEN CRYSTAL BOWERSOX UGH DONT LIKE HER..N FOR GUYS IT SHOULD OF BEEN ALEX LAMBERT N TIM URBAN.

  36. These people should not have got sent home. Tim Urban has to go and Lacey Brown. Lee is one of my favs

  37. This year contestants are just so lame, that it really does not matter who goes when – but America was right to send Haley home.The guys are behind the girls this year I think, but emotional voting has in the past chosen a less deserving winner.

  38. You shouldn’t be complaining about judges and other people’s opinions if you can’t even speak or type properly.

    This season is not stacking up to past years and there are many who could be voted off now.

  39. i think that the judges were a little rediculas when judging and this is why-jermaine sellers is a great singer but the judges constantly critsized him for singing and trying to turn the ameriacn people against him and they suceeded but u did loose at least one fan in doing that ,me!!!

  40. Jermaine: (I’m from Chicago, but “dog” you sucked !)
    Michelle: (Hot as hell, and could sing. I thought she was top 10 at least).
    That being said my top three for talent only are:
    1) Andrew Garcia (better start pickin’ better songs yo !!!! or you’ll be the next Michelle)
    2) Crystal Bowersox (absolutely freakin’ awesome !!!)
    3) Lily Scott
    4-6 Alex Lambert, Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens are being shoved down our throats…in which Katie is sooooooo overrated).
    One I like that won’t make it: Lee Dewyze

  41. btw…….I hope America proves me wrong and has him replace……Lily Scott for the final 3.

  42. We all know it is a popularity contest and American Idol should say so like So you think you cna dance did this following season. America and any body thats important in the music industry knows that Jermaine will land on his feet because he can sing and the powers that be knows it. Anyway, the talented ones always come out on top.

  43. It’s curious to me that the minority contestants are being voted out. Tonight, 4 more. Hm-m-m-m.

  44. American Idol is a racist program. There was one Asian, three Hispanics, six African Americans, and fourteen Caucasians, and what a surprise that there are only four minorities left in the competition and thirteen Caucasians left. It’s just hard to believe that the only good singers in America are Caucasian. What makes this country so great is the fact that it is a melting pot. I think the title of the show should be changed to “White Idol”. I think all minorities should ban watching American Idol. First, it’s racist, second, they turn away good talent and keep the ones that can’t sing (and the judges had the nerve to tell one of them they couldn’t sing and that maybe he should try acting. They told another young lady that she needed a couple of years to train her voice and that she wasn’t ready yet. Did not the judges pick the top twenty four??), and third, the judges give these young teens and adults mixed messages.

  45. I think that these votes make sence .
    The main reason why is because even though they all did a good job, that some of these wern’t meant to be.
    But I’d like to congratulate every contestant for trying cause it is tough to compete in anything this big.

  46. The only one of the four I did not agree with was John Park. He had a sweet baritone…. oh well….

  47. American Idol, this week, got rid of all the singers who had a unique style. Most of the other singers are coverers at best, not to say they don’t have good voices, but thats about it!
    Germaine, I think his name is going to be a star
    The little thin girl was a little pitchy, but six months from now and with a little more power, she will become a big talent, too! America might need to be taken out of the judging!

  48. I don’t think that it came down to race at all. These four singers eliminated did not communicate with the viewer. Germaine almost ostracized us with his attitude, and then tries to use religion as a leverage point… not good at all. Then there was the girl with the insanely fake smile. The young girl is raw and not ready for this kind of arena. John wasn’t connecting with people, but his voice was fabulous. These four legitimately had multiple reasons to be voted off and none have ANYTHING to do with theri race.

  49. Totally agree with IPASGAS, Jermaine was terrible. He was just sreaming not singing.
    How in the hell did Tim Urban survive this round too?! I dont’ get it.

  50. BTW,…quit the “racism” card. The last I looked… my phone and t.v. set don’t have a “vote off the Negro, Asian or Latin” button on it.

  51. 2 surprizes for me. I thought John Parks would get voted for by the Asian population. I was wrong. I thought Tim Urban should go. Wrong again.

  52. this is a sad day for TV and America the voting is clearly based on race and not talent. I am caucausian and WE know what happened tonight. Simon’s answer to who would go home Lacey or Haely was a clear indication. How can Kara say that Michelle gave the best performance ever then make a lame excuse that after reviewing the tape she changed her mind What! sad

  53. The talent this is low grade. That does not mean that they cant sing. It means that they all can carry a note but no one whose left is on their way to stardom. They would have just won a talent show and kudos my their home town.

  54. Every 3 years the show lays a lame duck.
    Season3 , Season:6 (super puke), Season 9…
    Most successful seasons. 7,1,4,8,2,

  55. Who was the winner of season 3…4…5…6. We all know the very first ones. They had that special something. Every year is gets worse.Or maybe its just my memory.

  56. Anyone with the ability to “THINK” can “clearly see” (even Ray Charles and Stevety Wonder can see the out come)what is going on this season!!!! The weekly results are just like the recent elections in this country. (????) I for one “will not” be watching from here on out!!!! The weekly out come and the final out come have already been decided!!!! “OUR” votes “DO NOT” count.

  57. No see what you people forgot was that Asians would’ve voted for him, but he started speaking Korean and Chinese people hate Koreans so he lost like 1/2 of the Asian vote. However, if it was a Korean girl, I’d vote for her.

    No but honestly, John Park’s song was boring and his background and personality is even more boring. I rather see David Choi sing than John Park.

    I just think its hilarious how Jermaine said God would prove he would be on AI next week and he just lost. What does that say about God?

  58. Kuma: chinese ppl do not hate koreans, and its not like they were too stupid to not know he’s korean in the first place.his song choices let him he should be off

  59. So glad I ain’t american…
    Watching from another country, I would have to say Michelle Delamor was one of the top female singers and wished she never entered AI in the first place because she is sooo much better than AI. She should enter Simon’s X-Factor next yr. Very Dissapointing season so far…I may be wrong but think America’s best singers are black, so very sad to see only a few black singers left on the season.

  60. OMG…why “MICHELLE” and “HAELEY”?…there are more flat females and boring…one thing more not only in voice quality and styly of singing.. but this two are fierce on the way they dress up…i cant believe they are the one who are being vote out…..sad…………..well i only got 2 fav girls on the contest now…sad…….

  61. I felt Haeley should have never been considered to go as far as the judges took her, she should have never been selected over millions who tried out, and as far getting as far as the judges selected her she should have never been aired on TV . Haeley was a lousy singer. Only 16 years old how could she have made it to be an American Idol. She was still in high school. So very young. What were the judges thinking she could be one of the top 10. Never. Jermaine Sellers should have been one of the top 10 Idols. He proved himself by his gift his singing and heartfelt music. Jermaine had the look, stage presentation, delivery, what a great personality. His youthful sense, his innocence and love for singing. Jermaine was also in the running. He was discovered by American Idol. Jermaine would have been a great representative in his community. I hope you will provide him one of your contacts for the kind of music he sings to further his singing career in the music industry. Jermaine’s kind of music. Michelle Delamar what a beautiful voice and singer. She had the looks, stage presentation, delivery and she is very beautiful. Skin tone, beautiful hair, teeth and vivacious. Michelle would have made a run for the win and was one of the best contestants and that is definite. Michelle was discovered by American Idol you let this one get away. Michelle would have been a great representative in her community. I hope Michelle will have a contact provided by you to further her career in the music industry. I can’t believe she is out of the running. Michelle has a wonderful gift and her potential to be the American Idol. Hopefully she will have a great career if you help her. John Parks had a great voice and could maintain stage presentation, the look, sincerity, a beautiful proposal on TV, what a heartfelt loving man. A lucky lady to catch him with all his passion and love would be very fortunate, also his proposal for providing to take care of someone would be so dedicated and caring. That lucky lady could have anything she wanted. I also believe he should have been one of the top 10 American Idols. John had the singing voice, the look, and could deliver. He would have been a great representative to his community. I only hope someone out there can help John he deserves a chance to further his career in the music industry. John was discovered by American Idol and now nothing. Sorry voters another mistake. Another minority? Also Joe Munoz another minority. What a voice, look, stage presentation, youthful age, delivery. He could take the pressure of competing. What a discovery. I can not believe the voters did not allow him another chance. Munoz had the hispanic look, dark completion, passionate about his music and selection. Munoz had it all. He needed show casing, all that glitzy pampering. Munoz should have been in the top 10 American Idols. What a waste of a great gift his everything. Munoz would have been a great representative in his community. Hopefully you can also provide Munoz a contact that you know to help him further his career in the music industry. All those minorities. Discrimination runs high in letting so many minorities being removed from the Idols. Why are so many so prejudice. It’s a real shame to see all the above minorities leave American Idol. My heart goes out to them. You know most people can’t sing. Those who are gifted should be heard and seen not penalized because they are a minority with a gift. Did the judges take this into consideration when selecting what the final outcome of so many minorities would be. They saw American Idol talent discoveries, the voters should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe the judges should have show cased these Idols their discoveries over 5 million to 7 million of those who tried out. It seemed as if they were supposed to be professional performers without help from judges to prepare them and help them to be the best to prove to voters they had a right to be in the running. There music should have been selected for them. You know the judged discovered them why didn’t they help them. Almost all the Idols sang sad and depressing songs all so slow paced. The American Idol show and judges should have given them all the glitzy todays look and music and helped train them to be the best top 24 singers being aired on TV, in front of millions of viewers. Most gifted performers some who never sang on stage before or in front of TV cameras and a live audience and millions of those watching. Judges come on all your selections were focused on the young singers how could you put them through all this. It seems they all have different style of singing all different kinds of music presentation. Stage presentation only a few could handle and they are all eliminated because they are minorities. Several still on the show have never experienced the above and all so young.

  62. Please edit my submission I know it can be cut down and taken apart. I have a lot of good comments maybe I will have a shorter version if you edit. Okay.

  63. Disappoint with the result tonight…
    John Park and Haeley should not be eliminated ..
    These two have a great voice , really !!
    John has great and unique voice … i totally vote for him i i’m american ><)

    Keep Fighting John ^_^, nan neol eung-wonhago

  64. The minorities get voted off because the minority communities are small, therefore they get lesser votes. You can’t blame the white people for voting for white people. If you were black, you’d probably have a favorite black contestant.

  65. I would like to say this to the remaining contestants: Perform and sing what feels comfortable and right to you! Impress yourself and the viewers not the judges!!! I am confused and I am not a contestant!! The judges will not be picking the winner, the fans and the viewers are! Just sing your hearts OUT!!

  66. Ithink they were right on Haeley, but a little suprised on Michelle. Michelle had a good voice, she needed more time and i feel she would have blossomed. Shioban is the best in my book. The rest suck.

  67. I have one more thing to say. YOU CAN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN ADAM LAMBERT. They should have ended the show after 2009 season. It’s already boring and it has just begun. When Simon is gone after this year, well that should tell people something. I love Ellen, but she just don’t look right or fit in in this show.

  68. I think the right people were voted off. It would have happened eventually anyway, even though they had nice voices, there are better performers in the competition. What has bothered me with A.I. is that only one performer out of both groups can win. I would really like to see two winners; one from the mens group and one from the ladies group. It would be alot less stressful and fair if there were two winners.

  69. I would have sent Brown home…she is cute, and nice, but I do not see her improving….so far, really no one as knocked my socks off..I think Adam Lambert spoiled me….it just seems so boring this year…..still like Crystal, Casey, and Siborhn (spelling??) the best….

  70. Another comment…why do we need the top 6 men and the top 6 women..why not the top ten performers??? Why does it have to be equal? It should just, at this point, be the top ten BEST overall, even if that turns out to be ten women or ten men..just a thought..any comments on that idea????

  71. To TGI..It figures somebody would come up with the excuse that the eliminations was due to racism. So yeah, there are only 4 what you call minorities left. There are also only 12 whites left. Soooo What! Just think soon there will be even less of both. What about Sioban? That sounds like an indian or middle eastern name. What side do you want to put her on?
    Will somebody please explain to me how Tim Urban got to stay??? It makes no sense. I know he’ll eventually be cut, but he should have been gone along time ago.

  72. To those of you who still seem to worship Adam Lambert… Get over it. He didn’t win last year. And now, as predicted, he basically has disappeared from mainstream media.

    There are obviously characteristics about the vocalists that are still on the show that intrigue enough Americans to keep them going. It isn’t about race; it is about appeal.

    And to anyone who thinks that our votes do not matter; you are wrong. The producers do not decide the results, America does. Remember the surprises in the past?

    I happen to like Didi and Alex the most at this point. Yes Crystal is compelling and a great voice, but I just like Didi’s style more and Alex is such a natural.

  73. American Idol has it all wrong. Jermaine was the best singer. John Park was okay but certainly better than most of the pretty boy non singers that were left in the competition. Michelle was the 2nd best singer out of the females but Haley sucked. How is the guy who they let enter the competition because someone was disqualified still be allowed to sing anywhere. He is the worst singer ever and American Idol is not about talent anymore it is about looks. I am so disappointed in the judges who usually have a good ear but this year I think they have all been brain washed to promote and market looks instead of talent. Where are the Kelly’s, Ruben’s, Fantasia’s, Jordan’s and the country chick from past seasons? They could really sing but this year is worst then shower singers. Even Elton John knows they are racist. They need someone who is a real singer like Elton to be a judge and then America will have a real talent singing contest not a popularity contest.

  74. Let’s be honest: I’m an older white guy and I see what’s going on out there. Times are tough and Americans are pissed off. That means so-called minorities get beaten down. That’s what happens. Bad times bring out the evil side of people. It was no fluke that all four contestents eliminated Thurday were non-white.

  75. I’d like to know why Melinda Doolittle has not appeared on American Idol. She was one of the best singers and has always spoken well of the show and the judges. Is it because there was so much controversy when she was not in the finals, and the show does not want that stirred up again? I would really like to see her perform on Idol. While there are some good singers this year, I think the show is losing its interest. I have trouble staying awake, and the judges’ comments are so predictable that they are anticipated before they open their mouths. Also, something was lost when Paula left.

  76. I think America got it right but at some point losing Michelle earlier instead of Lacey disappoints me. (but I’ve already predicted that Michelle will not make to the top12) For Hailey I think the problem with her is the technicality level, she can’t race with the vocals of other contestants but personally I really do think she’s a genuine person, I really do.

    For Jermaine I’m so happy that he is out of the competition but I would have been happier if it was Tim.( I hope Tim goes home next week) What I hate about Jermaine is his attitude, his over confident, and his all over the place whenever he performs. Talking about John Park, he actually bores me to death, I knew that he was not going to make it to the top 12.

  77. I don’t agree with those who are accusing AI voters of racism. None of the performances of those eliminated was outstanding.

  78. A quick idea for a new show for next season: “American Spelling”. Just about every respondent here would be eligible to enter, and while the show might not rate in America, the rest of the world would laugh its collective socks off. Scratch that; I forgot that we already do.

  79. Yes, it’s a shame that all four eliminated contestants were minorities. They just happen to have been the worst…by far. For those accusing American Idol (or America for that matter) of racism in this matter, Have you watched the show for the past eight years???
    Just a few years ago, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha ? were in the top four. And a few years before that it was Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and Latoya ? who were in the top 12. And of course, there’s Rubin, the season two winner. I truly think that most of America doesn’t vote based on color. They vote off who sings the worst, and this week that just so happened to be minorities.

  80. All minorities eliminated last night. Statistically, what are the odds? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the voters were racist.

  81. Douglas,

    Sorry, but obviously you DON’T know any better. The four who were eliminated did not perform well. Either they didn’t connect with the song, they didn’t evoke emotion in the viewer, or they were just plain fake and annoying. It had NOTHING to do with their race.

  82. The judges picked Hailey for Idol, so it’s their bad. How about the girl that was denied a place after her third try for Idol? Surely Simon needs to make it right and offer her a single record. Turn his “sorry” into a chance. Let’s hope he’ll do the right thing before leaving Idol!

  83. Most viewers of American Idol are white and therefore voted for white people; the same way most black people are probably rooting for the black contestants of this show, and most Hispanics are favoring the Spanish guys and girls. A white American should be able to vote with the same intentions in mind as the Black, Hispanic or Asian viewers. I mean, think about it: Why is it not racist for black people to only vote for black people??!! Honestly c’mon?!!

  84. How about everyone votes for the best SINGER and not for a white guy or a black girl or a hispanic guy, etc.???? Artistic tastes do not necessarily fall along racial lines.

  85. I was glad to see that Didi wasn’t bounced last night. I still think it’s just a matter of the “right” song. I really like her voice and her personality. Was completely OK with Jermaine and John leaving the show. Think it may be interesting if Tim is able to rise above the “pretty face” and adds to his performance, although I don’t think his voice is all that strong. Hope to see Alex Lambert stick around for many more weeks to come. (LOVE those Lambert’s!!) Was disappointed in Danny Gokey’s performance and his switch over to country. Bet Simon had a few comments behind the scenes regarding that! All in all the talent feels lacking from last year – but Crystal and Siobhan seem to “bring it” every week. Early days, I guess.

  86. Oh, will you stop with the racist charges! Sheesh! It’s getting old and boring. If its racism to eliminate blacks, then what do you call it when they eliminate whites? HUH?

  87. It has amazed me, year after year, the good talent that turns out each year and wonder, well why didn’t they tryout last year or before. Well I’m now starting to wonder if the talent is beginning to dwindle.
    I would like to see the show (AI) off the air for say, 5 to 8 years then give a new generation a chance.

  88. Brian… I disagree with you and am insulted by what you said. I don’t vote according to my race. That is rediculus and I think I speak for most people. I vote according to talent period. So…Speak for yourself!

  89. Announce a year in advance that this will be American Idols last season and will be resumed in ? years. Can you imagine the last years turn out?

  90. I am always amazed that people always insinuate “race” into everything. I am white and voted for both races on both nights. It would have never entered my mind to judge people on race or religion. I’d love to think that we can rise above this in 2010, but evenat my advanced age, I can see that we haven’t evolved to that level yet. Maybe this week will be better.

  91. I doubt it Rick. Some people like to hold on to the race card. I don’t know why, but sadly it’s true. Maybe its selfishness. They only see one color. What a sad life to walk around with blinders on.

  92. I really did love John…he was a cutie and I thought he had an awesome stage presents. It was sad that he was not able to make use of it…I know I voted for him…
    Oh well, obviously it may have to do with race, but I am a white chick and was smitten by that korean, so I doubt that is the major issue.

  93. Meghan, you are probably only ‘smitten’ by him because you probably are one of those KPOP lovers or whatever, that post all over facebook that John should join some GYP or Sm or something like that.

  94. I’m from minorities to but I agree with Rene it’s not being racist but you have to understand that each one of us has our own different favorites.

  95. C’mom guys cut this color crap, let’s focus on the singing! Change the subject as Ron has tried.

    “Keep the conversation civil and on topic.”

  96. The judges are so boring this year even Simon seems to have lost his enthusiasm. Paula is missed sorely. The talent is missing this year. It is hard to stay awake even though the show comes on at 7 here.

  97. Yes, I think the right people went home. But I was surprised that Michelle was eliminated so soon. She really really has a very nice voice and her look is great! Hope she tries out next year!

  98. I think Adam destroyed Idol. No one can perform like him, transform himself for each performance. Everyone seems weak, when I compare.

  99. I was glad Jermaine was sent home -his Pee Wee Herman look and persona was starting to get annoying, and he destroyed a great Marvin Gaye song.

    Was not surprised John was sent home rather than Tim. John was too bland and old-fashioned, although he actually has a nice voice (much better than Tim’s). Tim actually did a decent cover of “Come On Get Higher” Tuesday.

    On the girls’ side -thank God Haeley was finally sent home! That girl couldn’t sing a note in correct pitch -her final song was painful. Was surprised, though, that Michelle went home this week. She has a decent voice and a great look. Thought either Paige or Lacey might go instead.

  100. Why is everyone of color and other ethic groups are being eliminated. They are talented and the judges are to hard on them. First they tell them to make the song their own and when they do, they tell them they went to far. And what is Randy problem, is he trying to replace Simon for next season. He is harder than ever this season. If the final 12 end up being mostly white then it is not American Idol. In this day and age people still believe that the only why to be accepted if you look like the girl and boy next door. Open your eyes American Idol judges the girl and boy next door is not only colorful but they have great talent.

  101. @Michelle: It’s funny how I didn’t hear anyone crying racism when two Caucasians were eliminated the first week. If 4 white kids had been sent home this past week would you have said that was racist too? I bet not.

    This is a competition about singing, not skin color, and the votes reflect that.

  102. Come on guys, the four who left Idol were just awful and painful to hear… no racism here, they were just terrible.

    And next week, you can be quite sure that Todrick and Paige will go… I’m just crossing my finger, Tim Urban will be next (not to mention the awful Katie Stevens)

  103. SOOO sad that Jermaine was eliminated his audition was my very favorite!!! But he chose wrong songs for him… 🙁

  104. I think they got it right, i predicted all 4, not based wholly on vocal, but also star factor, beleivablility of going all the way to producing records in the future. I think Tim is vocally challenged but that can be worked on, he is very marketable but i still think unless he does something spectacular and gets some confidence his days are numbered. DIDI, does no one see what i see, she is goreous in every way especially her vocals, i would buy her record, do i think she will make it to the end, no, but she will definately be a star of her own making in the future. This year is the year of the Indy girls it will come down to those 3 amazing ready to record female artists, dreds eleven, peroxide panda, and quirky little strange one, i love them cant wait to hear more and more……

  105. Deberian darle otra oportunidad a Jermaine y Michelle creo que tiene buena voz y estilo, aunque esta muy marcado quien tiene muy buenas posibilidades de ganar Andrew, cCristal,Shouban y Lilly,

  106. I am not quite sure what it is…I have watching American Idol since Season 2…I cannot believe that out of thousands of contestant, these are whats left…something is wrong…It seems that the past few seasons have had the same “token” non-singig person…You all remember them…The boy that looked like Chicken Little…The one with the red hair, the Tim guy…One last thing..the judges are contradicting themselves..and Adam was not that great!!!

  107. hey evrery one this competition is not about skin color or what ever,who ever thought that Healy would have gone home.If you want for your favorite to say,please vote.And i’m a huge fan of Siobhan,i think that she can make it to the top 12 and be the next American Idol and she’s got a great voice

  108. Rene, if you eliminate Whites its not racism because they’re a majority(over 80%) on AI. Because the show is on FOX, the most republican channel ever, its obviously skewed in voting and television.
    Its the same concept as watching ABDC on MTV. Its impossible for a White dance crew to win because a majority of more liberals and minorities watch MTV.

    No conservative Christian group would watch mtv. So when you guys say its not racism, it clearly IS showing “prejudice”.

    For instance, only opening the polls for a few hours after the show ends. Why not let people vote tomorrow after they watch the show over again and review everything to make a judgmental call than say “vote the Black guy”?

  109. i don’t think they should have eliminated Michelle Delamor, the others were good choices….Jermaine, not so much i liked him.

  110. Kumax… I chose Michael Lynche as the best of the male singers because he has a good singing voice and is talented. I did not choose to vote for Haeley Vaughn, who is also black, because she cannot sing. That is what the show is all about. Talent; not color. It has nothing to do with marorities or minorities-Republican or Democrat.
    I would almost agree with you that it is almost impossible for whites to win a dance contest on ABDC on Mtv, but that is because most blacks are better dancers than whites. It’s all about talent.
    Also, you shouldn’t need to review the contestants if you followed the show from day one. Opening the polls two hours after the show is the best way to do it because voters have a sence of who they want fresh in thier minds.
    Saying things like a black was eliminated because of racism, or republicans is totally rediculus and if thats the way you vote, than we certainly don’t need voters like you.
    Stick with the issue. TALENT!

  111. American idol (and america)does raise a few questions. Michelle got alot of great comments from the judges. It was even said that it was her best performance yet. So why did she go home? America is obviously not voting according to vocals. And another thing, since this is AI, i don’t think the judges should put in any insight on how the contestants perform because it is affecting the way america votes. It seems like america is voting according to what the judges say rather than how america themselves feel. BTW shioban and didi are my favorites, and i really thought Haeley was a great singer, i just think she probably would have gotten a little farther if maybe she would have sung a black song, it just seemed like she was trying to be someone she’s not.

  112. After watching last nights performances I still like Siobhan, Chrystal, and Lily although I was a bit disappointed in Lily last night. She is not a country singer and that song was the wrong choice for her.
    I was also disappointed with Lacy’s performance because I enjoyed her so much last week.
    Paige attempted to sing “Smile” and it was horrible. I was almost embarrased for her.
    I’m sure we won’t see her anymore. I also expect to see Michelle and Katelyn go. They stunk. I have to say the best performance for last night was Chrystal. She really knows her stuff. I’m hoping Lily picks a better song next time. She has a very unique voice that I would like to hear more of.

  113. DIDI finally got that edge she needed last night if she wants to keep competing against the top 3 girls, unlike Paige, Michelle and Katelyn, who will be very successfull down the track but they need to get more experience and surrender to who they are as artists you cant force that, it takes time i think they will be next to go home where they will begin thier journey to a long road of success. Lacy and Didi are competing against each other now, as they both have those incredibly feminine, fall in love voices , i cant wait to hear them on a record so i can buy it, i love these girls, its still going to come down to those 3 outrageously talented unique woman, go ‘Dreds 11’, ‘Peroxide panda’ and Quirky little strange one. Hot right now!!!!!!

  114. Big Idol fan, but this year’s participants are putting me, and my family to sleep. Randy Dud, Simon, can you get these guy’s to pick it up. Who is picking their songs? Boring!!

    Sleepless in Colorado

  115. It is definitely a different kind of season. The boys are showing a lot of country influence and the girls are showing indie… I wish that Todrick were better received as he is energized and fun, but I can see how he may be seen as a Broadway performer, which is not a terrible thing at all! But I do agree that the performances are all a bit devoid of energy.

  116. Once again the girls show that they are much stronger than the boys. We now have two tiers of ladies -Crystal, Lilly and Siobhan at the top (with Crystal probably having a slight edge now, but Siobhan a very close second), with Didi, Lacey and possibly Katelyn right behind. Lacey, who previously looked like a goner, gave a much-improved performance this week. Didi was also good, but Katelyn very disappointing with her karaoke Carole King cover – she might be in danger, but Paige (TERRIBLE this week) and Katie (BORING) deserve to go.

    As for the men -what happened to our supposed front-runners, Casey, Lee and Andrew?? All gave listless, uninspired performances this week – and Casey and Andrew seem a bit too confident of their survival. Michael was unquestionably the best this week -incredible performance. But what about Tim’s unexpected great performance of Hallelujah?! Will this guy be the Sanjaya of 2010 who just manages to escape extinction long beyong his expiration date?

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