American Idol 2010: The Top 12 Recap

We had some really good performances and some incredibly boring performances but no one really outstanding as the Top 12 sang for our votes tonight on American Idol.  The contestants belted out the tunes of The Rolling Stones and I was pretty disappointed with the night.

Big Mike was up first with “Miss You” and the only thing I liked was that he used the stage and performed really well.  I didn’t care for the r&b remake but he made up for that with his goofy dancing. 

We have a moment where Ryan decides he doesn’t like the critique Simon gives Mike and he jumps off the stage and gets in Simon’s face.  What is up with that?  Trying to get a little more recognition there Ryan?  Not getting enough attention at home?

Didi Benami sang “Play With Fire” and I think this was her best act yet.  She came out looking like a siren in her lacy black top and skinny jeans and had that sexy voice to back it up.  Now if we can just do something about her annoying smile that is always on her face.  Just kidding don’t start bashing me lol.

My favorite singer Casey James takes the stage with “It’s All Over Now” and the electric guitar.  He jams and changes the song around into a country version which is where he shines.  Luv this guy!

Poor Lacey Brown did not deliver with “Ruby Tuesday” and I didn’t understand why the judges gave her such a good critique.  She was off key and all over the place.  Definitely not even close to as good as last week.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home tomorrow.

Andrew Garcia redeems himself this week with “Gimme Shelter.”  So much better than last weeks disaster.  I thought it was his best performance since “Straight Up” but only Ellen agreed with me so something must be wrong with my hearing.

Katie Stevens delivers a solid performance with “Wild Horses” until she came to the chorus and then we got to the major pitch problems but it was still better than Lacey so she should be ok. Read more on Katie’s performance at Small Screen Scoop.

Tim Urban brings in some reggae with “Under My Thumb” and it most definitely didn’t work.  If Lacey doesn’t go home than it should be this guy.  You gotta hand it to the worsters they picked a good one this year.

Siobhan brings the best performance of the night with “Paint It Black.”  She starts the song out so slow and by the middle she is screaming but it is working and when she does that big run at the end, I thought I was going to jump up and start shouting along with her.  This girl’s got it going on. 

I liked Lee’s version of “Beast of Burden” almost as much as Micks.  I agreed with Randy that it was a cross between Rob Thomas and Dave Matthews.  It really worked for him and I could see that song on the radio right now.

Finally I find out that Paige Miles can sing.  Did any of you realize she had that in her and with laryngitis to go along with it?  She has a powerful voice and her strength is when she belts out those high notes.  Why hasn’t she utilized that before?  Pleasantly surprised by this one.

Aaron delivered the song “Angie” ok and he hit his vocals but something is missing for me.  I can’t get into this kid and that is unfortunate because I know he has the tween vote or he would have been gone last week.  I want to like him but it’s not happening.

I thought Crystal’s take on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was spot on.  I love her vocally and was happy to see a smile on her face tonight for a change.  She showed a little personality which was desperately needed.

Who was your favorite of the night?