American Idol 2010: The Top 12 Recap

We had some really good performances and some incredibly boring performances but no one really outstanding as the Top 12 sang for our votes tonight on American Idol.  The contestants belted out the tunes of The Rolling Stones and I was pretty disappointed with the night.

Big Mike was up first with “Miss You” and the only thing I liked was that he used the stage and performed really well.  I didn’t care for the r&b remake but he made up for that with his goofy dancing. 

We have a moment where Ryan decides he doesn’t like the critique Simon gives Mike and he jumps off the stage and gets in Simon’s face.  What is up with that?  Trying to get a little more recognition there Ryan?  Not getting enough attention at home?

Didi Benami sang “Play With Fire” and I think this was her best act yet.  She came out looking like a siren in her lacy black top and skinny jeans and had that sexy voice to back it up.  Now if we can just do something about her annoying smile that is always on her face.  Just kidding don’t start bashing me lol.

My favorite singer Casey James takes the stage with “It’s All Over Now” and the electric guitar.  He jams and changes the song around into a country version which is where he shines.  Luv this guy!

Poor Lacey Brown did not deliver with “Ruby Tuesday” and I didn’t understand why the judges gave her such a good critique.  She was off key and all over the place.  Definitely not even close to as good as last week.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home tomorrow.

Andrew Garcia redeems himself this week with “Gimme Shelter.”  So much better than last weeks disaster.  I thought it was his best performance since “Straight Up” but only Ellen agreed with me so something must be wrong with my hearing.

Katie Stevens delivers a solid performance with “Wild Horses” until she came to the chorus and then we got to the major pitch problems but it was still better than Lacey so she should be ok. Read more on Katie’s performance at Small Screen Scoop.

Tim Urban brings in some reggae with “Under My Thumb” and it most definitely didn’t work.  If Lacey doesn’t go home than it should be this guy.  You gotta hand it to the worsters they picked a good one this year.

Siobhan brings the best performance of the night with “Paint It Black.”  She starts the song out so slow and by the middle she is screaming but it is working and when she does that big run at the end, I thought I was going to jump up and start shouting along with her.  This girl’s got it going on. 

I liked Lee’s version of “Beast of Burden” almost as much as Micks.  I agreed with Randy that it was a cross between Rob Thomas and Dave Matthews.  It really worked for him and I could see that song on the radio right now.

Finally I find out that Paige Miles can sing.  Did any of you realize she had that in her and with laryngitis to go along with it?  She has a powerful voice and her strength is when she belts out those high notes.  Why hasn’t she utilized that before?  Pleasantly surprised by this one.

Aaron delivered the song “Angie” ok and he hit his vocals but something is missing for me.  I can’t get into this kid and that is unfortunate because I know he has the tween vote or he would have been gone last week.  I want to like him but it’s not happening.

I thought Crystal’s take on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was spot on.  I love her vocally and was happy to see a smile on her face tonight for a change.  She showed a little personality which was desperately needed.

Who was your favorite of the night?




  1. I think the best performance goes to Crystal Bowersox, with Casey James, Aaron Kelly, and Paige Miles all tied for 2nd.

  2. got to give it to siobhan magnus.not only the best tonight by far,but this makes her 4th straight great performance.she is only going to get better as this show continues.cant wait until she brings it next week.

  3. One of the judges has finally said tonight what I’ve been saying for weeks and that is the Siobhan reminds me of a female Adam Lambert……very theatrical but man can she sing!!!!!

  4. I don’t get all the raves for Siobhan tonight. I didn’t love it — I basically heard blah blah blah blah screeeeee! I thought it might get interesting with the 2nd verse but then it went back down for the chorus (which was a letdown, I thought) and that just wasn’t working for me. And then suddenly it was banshee time… Yes she has some powerful high notes, but so what? I think she has a oodles of potential, but this performance just wasn’t it for me.

    Don’t know if I thought anyone was reeally great tonight. I liked Aaron for a change, but that might just be because I love that song! And I liked Didi but I too noticed the two-syllable “Fie-yer!”… I do like her voice though.

    Katie did okay I thought — I wish she didn’t start songs so low though, as that is not a range where she shows a lot of expression. Seems like the songs are set that way to put her more powerful notes in the part of her voice she likes. I think in general she sings too low for her range. But I think she is getting a bad rap because of how they put last week’s elimination together — they put Katie with Lilly, so now people are hating Katie because they hold her responsible for “taking Lilly’s spot”, when it’s all manipulation on the part of AI because they showed them together. We don’t know that Katie was the next lowest. I actually had thought that Paige or Lacey would have been going home last week.

    Speaking of Lacey, she sounded soooo nervous this week. I don’t know if she is improving… when she’s on, she has a nice sounding voice, but she seems to have so much trouble with staying on pitch and controlling her voice through her nerves.

    Paige likes to belt, but there is more to singing than belting — in fact, it is more difficult to sing softly WELL than it is to belt. Paige is kind of one-dimensional, but she is young and definitely has potential. I think her song suited her this week.

    I liked Crystal, but she does almost seem to come off like she doesn’t really care about the competition. Don’t know if that is true, but that’s how she seems to come off to me — I don’t see it as her acting like she’s got it in the bag; more like she doesn’t much care. Maybe it’s her being distracted by whatever else is happening in her life…

    Wasn’t impressed by Big Mike — was okay, I guess. I think Tim really missed with his reggae take on his song, but I do like his voice. I liked Lee although I agree it was kind of a subdued performance. Andrew sounded a bit robotic on his song, I thought, and I kinda see why Kara thought he wasn’t interpreting the lyrics — there was something odd about his phrasing that made it sound a bit stilted.

    I think Casey was probably my favorite performance this week. I thought he did a good job, and I didn’t really need for him to be jumping around the stage (which seemed to be what Simon was looking for!)

    Who will be going home? Hmmm… I think my guess is probably Lacey or Andrew, although Lacey has gotten through this many times, so who knows? I wish AI would change the voting to limit the # of votes from a given number. It’s not really accurate to say that someone who one teenager votes for 1000 times is more popular than someone who 100 people vote for once… unless the teenager plans to buy 1000 copies of that person’s record when it comes out!

  5. Why is Siobhan getting such rave reviews? The song started off to low and then jumped to screaming. I do think this girl can sing based on last weeks performance, but she lost it this week.

    Just as a side note Adam Lambet is not a recording artist, he is should be on Broadway doing plays. He sounds like Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  6. Trying to decide who Ellen reminds me more of Howdy Doody or Pinocchio. So nice shes not a slave to fashion. I thank god for the 30 second skip feature on my dvr, right through her inanities.



    Siobahn, Casey, Didi…….Maybe Katie and Andrew.

    On the launching pad Lacey or Tim (agree with Ashley)

  7. I’m a huge stones fan and not loving the top 12 at this point. Chystal is the only one I really look forward to see!! Aaron is definately going to go somewhere!

  8. Tonight my favorite was Siobhan, she did a great performance. Was crossing fingers for Andrew and he did well, not wonderful but he ain’t gonna go anywhere 🙂 Lacey should I dont like her and seems she doesnt like Didi because in Didi’s clip at one point Lacey had a close-up rolling her eyes like in disgust. Bad bad attitude Lacey for this and your poor performance I vote you bye bye.

  9. Siobhan and Crystal are consistently the top two. And I can hardly wait for their performances the next week. Both are extremely talented, phenomenal, interesting and charismatic singers AND performers. (Too bad about Lilly, sorry to see her go)

  10. Adam Lambert is great recording artist, singer, performer Love his album 🙂

    I miss Alex Lambert. He had the best voice.

    Karie Stevens is sooooooooo irritating…her tears last week couldn’t be more FAKE!!!

    After Lilly and Alex, the remaining singers are just sooo average…

  11. I have always told that siobhan is the girls version of american idol… she had a great performance last night..
    2nd best for me is crystal she delivered very well..
    3rd best is lee, I knew he would do good … kara was right he had a tremedous growth!!
    4th best for me is andrew… like what ellen said it was his best performance yet… glad that his back…

    I luv the Rolling Stones week…

  12. I am just not getting these 12 this year.. Mike was ok, Crystal was good but she always looks like she could care less I thought it was her diabetes but now I am beginning to think that she just doesnt have a personality. The judges have been all over the map this year too, dont do this do that and when they do they dont like it..I liked Aaron, Crystal, Casey and I am waiting for Andrew to hit it out of the park.. I think he has a great voice dont know whats going on.. going home tonight will either be Tim ( I am hoping )or Lacey.

  13. My faves are: Crystal, Andrew, Aaron, Paige, and Lee. I’m NOT quite sure re: Didi and Casy, though they are GORGEOUS and have LOTS of potential.

  14. I too am wondering about Crystal. Her attitude or lack of personality or whatever is not cool. The girl can sing – but she needs to come down off of her “high horse”, she hasn’t won yet and don’t think she will. I think it will be Siobhan or Casey. Bottom 3 for me – Andrew, Tim and Lacey. No one has the WOW factor for me yet tho – so I wouldn’t be suprised to see any of them go home at this point.

  15. Once again Simon was right! Siobhan was the
    best of the night! This girl can really sing.
    She never has an off night.

  16. Well – I am not quite getting it this year – no one is safe yet. Crystal surely has a good chance, but I agree with the attitude – lack of – thing. I am leaning towards Aaron myself. Siobhan is good – I like Didi better. I think Tim will be sent packing tonite.

  17. I love Siobhan AND Crystal…both are amazing singers. Casey is at the top of the list for the guys.

  18. If you have not noticed Siobhan, her angelic voice and personality, you must be watching Spongebob on your DVR at night.

  19. Personally, I did not see any outstanding performances last night. The best for me was Crystal, but deffinately not her best performance. The show is becoming a little boring. Nothing interesting happening that makes us anxious to see the next show.

  20. Siobahn is definitely the one that should be the next AI. She is so very unique, fresh, different, and has a set of pipes like no other! Not to say that Crystal and Casey are great as well. They are definitely potential recording artists and will have a career post AI if they do not make it to the finals. I think all the contestants are trying to do their best now that they are in the top 12. Rolling Stones is a tough one to start the 12 off with. The fate of each singer is soley based on song choice and wheteher they could pull it off or not. Kudos to all for trying so hard. Still pissed that Lilly was kicked off last week. I will look forward to her doing her own thing with her career. Hopefully we will see her make it in the music industry.

  21. This year is a no-brainer. Siobhan will soar easily to the win. She is the only performer who exercises complete control over her voice. She knows exactly what she’s doing and is consistent. Bowersox is a good performer; however, she hasn’t yet demonstrated variety [Siobhan has]. Will we see Bowersox out from behind her guitar? . . Simon wanted a “wow” moment during “House of the Rising Sun” – didn’t he hear Siobhan’s perfect pitch during the unaccompanied intro (recitative)? She took the first note, completed the lead-in, and when the orchestra joined her, she was RIGHT ON THE RIGHT NOTE! Does Simon know that a good ear and sense of perfect pitch is required before a singer can perform like she did? Ryan asked Siobhan if that was hard to do – she was humble in her reply – she modestly shrugged off his question. She could have replied, “No, of course it’s not difficult when you know how to sing and when you have perfect pitch.” . . . Go, Siobhan!!!

  22. Siobhan was brilliant last night. She’s the one to watch. Love her. I don’t understand what some of you don’t like about her. She can sing, has stage presence, she’s cute and is very unique. What I like about her to is that she doesn’t drag a guitar out with every week. I would like to see Crystal do a performance without a prop. She has a great voice. She needs to let loose. Pull out all the stops.

  23. Wow – way to go Paige! Nice way to redeem yourself. Not my fav – but I liked her for the first time last nite. Didi and Lee – my top two! Siobhan and Casey – 3rd and 4th. One going home – any of them really, but I would think Andrew or Tim.

  24. I think that the bottom two should be Andrew Garcia & Tim Urban.

    Still think it was disappointing to let go of Lilli Scott and Alex Lambert. America had it wrong with those two.

  25. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Casey’s version of “It’s all over now” is NOT a fresh new version. It is VERY similar to the version that Molly Hatchet recorded. When I heard it last night, I was like “I know that song THAT way!” and had to do some searching with bands that had that sound I knew. I did love his performance though.

  26. Si Shioban est vraiment excellente, pour moi le talent pur est Casey James… Quoiqu’il chante, c’est excellent! Je n’arrive pas à comprendre pour Simon tiens tant à ce qu’il fasse des bonds sur la scène, il a vraiment une présence! En plus il ne fait pas ce genre de critique à Lee, Andrew ou Lacey qui nous montrent toujours la même chose…! Je ne sais pas s’il gagnera mais je suis sûr que des maisons de disques l’attende avec impatience.

  27. Finally Andrew did something a little different. I am happy with that direction, though he needs to start showing some range. He always does this weird pitchy thing at the end of each line that makes him sound flat, like Randy said. Anyone else notice? It’s almost like he’s trying to curve the song’s sound to his… when he should just be singing the song. Anyways, Andrew wasn’t the best performance, but he definitely deserves to stay… at least over Tim and Lacey. He’s gotta step it up and this was hopefully a hint of good things to come! Btw, the producers should really pick a better theme… I mean, Rolling Stones to a fanbase that’s mostly teenage girls? Hmph.

  28. Pleasantly surprised at all of them last night. Didn’t think any did a bad job except Tim and expect he should be the one going home. Didn’t really hear the Stones in most of the songs, but it is a hard act to follow. Loved Sibohan and was nicely surprised by Paige – I had her gone last week!

  29. i concur with chris b.siobhan is the favorite.she can bring so much to the table.such as looks,personality,class,style,stage presense,the total package.right now unless some other singers step up .its going to be tough to beat her.cant wait until she performs again.

  30. Boring, Boring, Boring…I think Adam ruined it for me. But then again I’m a one season viewer (Season 8). Crystal and maybe Casey are its only redeeming performers.

  31. didi is sooooo good and pretty im voting for her i hope she doesnt leave 🙁 didi is awesome!!!!!! i think its going to be between didi and big mike crystle is my 3rd favorite i really hope tim leaves hes bad and paige sounded like kareoke i think whos going to leave tonite isn tim and paige and andrew is kinda good thea 1ST person i like is didi and 2nd big mike and 3rd crystal and 4th casey thats all folks!

  32. didi is sooooo good and pretty im voting for her i hope she doesnt leave 🙁 didi is awesome!!!!!! i think its going to be between didi and big mike crystle is my 3rd favorite i really hope tim leaves hes bad and paige sounded like kareoke i think whos going to leave tonite is tim and paige and andrew is kinda good the 1ST person i like is didi and 2nd big mike and 3rd crystal and 4th casey thats all folks!

  33. My bet goes to Siobhan Magnus. She’s the only contestant who delivers with voice power. Pretty and a total package of an IDOL.

  34. i love sioban magnus.she should be the next idol..she can blow the voice the way she blows the glass….and wow i really like the outfit last nite…black lil dress with black boots, tats and is that a diamond nose ring?

  35. Love Crystal she is my fav, wish we could her her sing the stuff she writes. I thought Siobhan had the performance of the week. My picks for the boys include Aaron and Casey.

  36. my super favorite is the unique and never boring siobhan. katie and paige shd be next to go i guess. crystal shd lighten up. she doesn’t project good on screen…it’s like she doesn’t care

  37. I think the judges collectively have lost their way. The guidance, or lack thereof that they are offerenig this season is simply confusing to the contestants and audience alike. They are phoning it in…except for Ellen who just seems lost. When Lacey sang for a second chance they never paid attention. They just convened immediately and chatted amongst themselves. She connected with the audience in a big way and they were too busy looking important to notice.

  38. Didi was very good, finally opened her mouth and sang very well. She’s got a very unique voice, that’s for sure.
    Disappointment: Andrew. Dude, it’s over. He had one fantastic moment with the Paula song, since then terrible.

  39. i like AARON and SOBHIAN the most,they were the best performances this night. also crystal was great. i hope that tim or andrew leave..


  41. I think this year winner will be one of the ladies. My favorites are Shioban (great entertainer, I love how she always surprises with her performance each week), Didi (she has such a unique voice), Crystal and Lee (he has a very commercial voice). I am sad to see Lily gone last week, it was too soon 🙁

  42. Pretty umimpressive. Dede was good but should lose those dreadful flowers in her hair. Crystal ,a fabulous voice, but lets see a smile and a little oomph in her personality.Performs like a cardboard cut out!

  43. I think Andrew Garcia gonna win this whole thing..I mean c’mon, he’s got legions of fans on youtube. They are probably the biggest contributor. I like him even before he joined idol. Well I used to see him sing on youtube and I liked it. Besides Andrew I rooting for Siobhan, Aaron, Lee and Crystal.

  44. I think Andrew Garcia gonna win this whole thing..I mean c’mon, he’s got legions of fans on youtube. They are probably the biggest contributor. I like him even before he joined idol. Well I used to see him sing on youtube and I liked it. Besides Andrew I’m rooting for Siobhan, Aaron, Lee and Crystal.

  45. Saihbon Magnus and the production of “Paint it Black” was so stirring I replayed it a dozen times. The background taunts, “hang me, hang me, hang me.” It reminded me of some art theatre’s masterpiece. intriguing, like Black Orpheus. Saihbon was stunning in appearance. Nothing else compared with her this night.

  46. Siobhan gone? And all the predictable commercial artists are left. I’ve lost interest in the show from here on out (Crystal is sure winner).

  47. Sorry to Sioabhan fans, BUT I knew she was going to be out. I felt a (bit) worried when Casey was in bottom 3, b/c he’s improving (and getting more confidence). I don’t think this group is predictable at all!

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