American Idol 2010 Top 12 Elimination Results Tonight

In a change of pace from the past few weeks there will be just one elimination tonight on American Idol. The Top 12 singers took to the stage last night and soon we’ll learn the results of your votes when Ryan Seacrest breaks open the envelope.

Idol Season 7 winner David Cook will return to the show tonight along with Ke$ha singing “Blah Blah Blah” (no really, that’s the song name) and Orianthi singing “According to You.” That’s a lot of guest performances for one night, but an hour is a long time to fill for 30 seconds of drama so there you go.

While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your thoughts on who was the best and then vote in this week’s poll.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 9PM ET!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Update: Check out Snark Food’s ranking of the Top 12 performances and see if you agree. Then read what Killer K is warning Crystal about on!




  1. Paige pulled it off last night. Loved it. Still think the race is between Siobhan and Crystal.

    Wondered if Tim Urban understood the words he was singing last night. Hate “Under My Thumb”. Why would he pick it? He must be the one the VFTW are voting for.


  3. I loved Siobhan she is so consistent and yesterday blew me away. Crystal was not that bad but I really was expecting much more. Andrew delivered I dont understand why Randy says he is always pitchy as I really dont think he is. His performance was ok, not the very best but much much better than the last 2 weeks. I really hope America votes for him, I think he still has a lot to show us. Lacey was the worst of all in my opinion. I think she sounds the same all the time and I dont feel she delivered as much as everyone else. Still my favorites are Siobhan (1) Andrew (2) Crystal (3)

  4. I love Crystal, she is a natural raw talent that has GIGANTIC opportunity ahead of her, IF she chooses to compete. Honestly, I feel if she doesn’t lose her attitude and lose it quick – she’s lost the competition.

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    I agree wholeheartedly with you…. and there are very few exceptional singers this year – but there are a few. It is getting more exciting, and I think the big stage and more experience is helping.

    I think there are more who should go, than stay.. and I have noticed Ryan getting more involved than before, with comments, suggestions, even comforting those who are teary eyed at the judges comments. It does seem to me that the judges have softened a little this week. Maybe they were driving everyone crazy, not knowing what to do?

    It should be interesting to see who ends up in the final 10 – they will be the 10 to do the IDOL tour. I won’t pay what I did last year to see them, I paid to see ADAM. No one comes close – Siobhan is trying, and one of the judges, Ellen I think, said so last night.

  6. Siobhan did an awesome job last night…her performance was amazing and she showed just how great her range can be, so what if she screamed a bit…some really great artists have big hits with their Screams. Crystal is and always will be a favourite with me, she might not have had the WOW performance that she needed to be the best last night but she is consistent and is a natural and true artist. She will make it no matter what happens on Idol. Lee is also another of my favourites he just needs to lose his “deer caught in the headlights” stage presence and really KNOW that he has a natural voice that spells stardom…he needs to find his “cocky personality”…and quick! Mike is also a good singer but not so sure how great his stage presence is…sometimes he looks a little awkward and goofy! Still love him…Sadly the rest can go in my opinion…they don’t have what it takes


  8. Lee could bust this if only he would spark up. His natural voice reminds me of Chad Kroeger mixed with Rob Thomas…2 of my favourites… but his painful to watch because he doesn’t get into it. Crystal is awesome in an all-american rocker kind of way and I love Siohban’s quirkiness. These are the only 3 I see worthy of watching.
    I think Casey’s resting on his girl-appeal. I loved his audition, but it seems that’s all he has in his tank.

  9. Gosh, I would have loved to see Lilly and Alex tackle the Stones, but alas. I still like Mike, Crystal and Siobhan. Tim was horrible as usual, as was Lacey.

  10. Gotta love andrew! even though I think last week was better. I feel like he wasn’t himself last night… also, I don’t see how crystal has an attitude once so ever! I don’t even want to talk about how mad I am about lilly and katelyn leaving last week :/ UGH.

  11. My fav from the beginning has been Casey and last night he did his best. I’m a grandma so don’t say it’s his girl appeal.
    I like Crystal and Sioban a lot and Lee, but he needs to step it up a bit. I think Tim is adorable and I love his eyes as well as Lee’s, but he also needs to break out of his shell.

  12. I just have to say comparing anyone to Adam Lambert is a slap in the face. I think he’s disgusting.

  13. Katie Stevens has talent, but a lot of people don’t realize it. If people actually listened to her singing, and not her song choices, she could win, and she deserves to.

  14. So, American worsters, you might be encouraged to ruin this TV show for fun, but you are ultimately voting for dorks to represent your country, such as when “Idol Gives Back” in disaster relief. You should be celebrating your country’s young talent that might never be discovered in any other way ‘cos it’s such a hard business to break into. How proud are you of your Olympic achievements? This should be another forum where you can help your young people soar to the top !!! Be proud of your BEST for gawd sake !!!

  15. how bad does tim urban have to get before America has had enough???? Lacy is boring but Tim is a train wreck!! Why didnt they send all 3 home and just cut to the chase. This year is not that great to drag this on. Just take it down to crystal and mike and forget it.

  16. Paula had a good personality BUT she wasnt the show. Ellen would be a great judge if she wasnt trying to save everyones feelings. Kara is a joke and has always been. Simon is honest at least. how could we judge the judges when America seeems to be on drugs when they call in a vote! lol All 3 were bad but Tim Urban and the dead animal on his head needs to go! SHAPE THAT HAIR UP TIM, if we are going to have to look at you every week. He has no talent, no looks.

  17. Didi is the best so far this year Crystal a close second. Don’t get Siobhan at all (not great).

  18. i love watching AI because of Aaron….i love this kid… he deserves on the top…He is great…Go kid!

  19. i knew it was either gonna be lacy or Tim – just sad that it was Lacy! I really liked her. The top choices for me will be Crystal, Aaron, and Casey.

  20. I found your blog when I was searching on yahoo, and it brought me right to what I was looking for. I’m going to add your rss feed to my Google Reader, I look forward to reading more of your thoughts

  21. i really enjoy siobhan and andrew. the ones i least like are aaron kelly and casey james.

    this is my first time viewing ai. i heard about paula abdul and how people really liked her and how she was a good judge. well i did see reruns of her and let me say this…BRING HER BACK NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE ALOT OF VIEWERS! this kara woman is so phony and confusing. common now,crying over a song? she trying so hard to be like paula abdul. playing with simon like a kid. she really does look like she’s trying to emulate paula abdul. those are all of the things i have seen paula do on the re-runs. she,kara,is so transparent. get rid of her now!

    ellen is alright. i know she was following the others at first. however as the season went on she started to form her own opinions. i realize she doesn’t know the insides of the music industry but she doesn’t have to. what she does know is good music when she hears it and how difficult it is to entertain millions of people.

    i also like ryan seacrest. i’m glad he gets in simon’s euro-trash face when he’s trying to be a bully. i don’t see why simon feels compelled to make such snotty childish comments. i think know what it is….he craving attention. however the show would not be the same without him.

  22. Go OZSHALMONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get anyone liking shaboin.SHe screeches,and is totally off pitch.Didi is my fav,then chrstal,mike,and casey.I loved Lacey.Yes,boring but a beautiful tone.You can get more stage presence,but can’t get a better voice.Tim is aweful,and he is the one that should have left.People are not voting for voices.Didi is always fantastic.

  23. amen Pops!!!! the judges are a joke. Last year Kara was this hard nosed, no heart, no feeling, know it all. This year she is trying to be Paula, NOT WORKING HON! Kara, you are sooo fake! your helpful hints of “sing a song and make it your own” then “you changed that song too much” or “you are too young to sing an old song” I may not be a producer but i know confusion when I hear it. If Mike Jackson had to listen to your so called helpful hints he would never have sung his first note. He was 9 years old and singing songs “Never can say goodby” and many more over his age limit. Hit after hit. so your helpful theories are just a joke. Go back to a job you might be useful doing.

  24. That is so true about Michael Jackson singing,”Never can say goodbye.”He certainly made it super big-let him rest in peace.Cara is very phony.Her and Simon practicly didn’t talk last season,and now her arm is always around him.After she got married,she flirts more than ever.Casey too.Didi has an unbelievable voic,and people aren’t mentioning her???????? And shiobon sceams,and the judges love her?????? WHAT?????? I also love Lee,Casey(for his voice)-unlike Cara,and Cyrstal,and Mike.I hope Lee has more stage presence next week.Cysrtal has so much talent,but doesn’t seem to care about the show.SHe seems sad,when given this amazing opp.

  25. As I read through the replies I was amazed how people see Idol differently. My wife and I along with my little sis watch Idol every week, and for the most part we agree with the performances. My sis and I were looking forward to seeing Siobhan and Crystal while my wife was looking forward to seeing the Red haired singer (Lacey). Personally, tonight could have shifted the power a bit. I believe Siobhan went right to the top followed closely by Crystal and Didi then a whole lot of singers in fourth thru 11th.

    Last year, I was very excited to see Adam perform, and he was definitely the most talented performer. But Chris Allen wins due to the gay revelations. Unfortunately Idol is a popularity contest. There are too many times that the better talent gets eliminated. This week Lacey was not the worst singer on that stage. In fact, I was surprised to see Lacey in the bottom 3. Top five, absolutely not, but not bottom 3 or even bottom five. America definitely got it wrong.

  26. yeah i’m back with another blog. tim sucks and blows. he really is stinking up the joint. the kid needs a makeover. i don’t know what america sees in him. he homely and his singing is atrocious. he looked stunned when ryan told him to sit down your’e safe. i thought that sheethead was going to fall over. he’s had this stupid azz look on his face for the last three times he was told he was safe. he knows how much he sucks.

    that other kid should’ve never been given the boot,alex. damn i liked his voice. just when he was coming into his own. there must be 11,12,and 13 year old voting 25X for the allotted two hours voting time.

    people it’s time to rise up and get rid of kara! now she sucks and blows like tim urban. they must be related. all she ever says is; this song was about this or this song was about that and i didn’t see you getting emotional enough. is this woman serious? what are these contestants suppose to do? cry,pout? i thought they were suppose to sing not capture the song writer’s feelings! and the crying! please stop it you phony,transparent paula wannabe. and get off simon’s nut sack.

  27. Roman is right!I als0 loved Lacey!!!!!!!!!!I thought Alex should have stayed.SO much potential,and hs humbleness was indearing.Adam lambert should have totally won.(Simon recently said it on JAy leno.If people care about true talent and impecable voices,they’ll vote chrstal,Lee,Mike and (the best)Didi.Lacy was my top third girl .I hope they have wild card,to correct some mistakes.I don’ like shibon’s voice at all.Just screeching.Vote for DIDI!!!!!!!!Pure talent,and unique sound.You can teach stage presence-not voice.

  28. i watched AI rewind for season 5. talent was everywhere! even on season 5’s worst nights wasnt as bad as this season’s best night.

  29. I agree this week(March23)was aweful.What is the judges excuses when they put these people through for the top 12?Alex and Lacey were much better than Tim or Paige.BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Didi picked a bad song,butcan still sing.Crystal is phenominal,along with Mike and Casey.It’s not totally horrible.There are some that shouldn’tbe there,more than any other year.Vote for the good ones to keep the show good for some of it.

  30. Does anyone have connections???????????? We all want wild card to bring Alex back.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. My predictions for the bottom 3….. Aaron Kelley, Andrew Garcia, & Tim

    Top 3…. Casey James, Crystal, and Lee

  32. i dissagre with wanda and pops kara is nice she rocks and maybe you are sick she is so cool

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