American Idol 2010: The Top 6 Bring It With Shania Songs

I thought all the contestants did a really good job tonight and I agree with Ellen that it is going to be tough to send one home after the performances we just heard.  This Top 6 showed why they have made it so far in the competition especially with Shania Twain as mentor.  She did a great job and gave the singers the criticism they needed to better there song choices.

Ryan let us know that last week’s Idol Gives Back raised over 45 million dollars.  An awesome achievement for all the charities!  A big thanks to everyone who sent in money or downloaded any of the songs from itunes.

Lee Dewyze opened the show with “You’re Still the One” and Shania’s advice was not to use the guitar because he has fantastic style that needs to come out.  However he did choose to use the guitar and it worked out.  He managed to go off key a couple times but overall delivered a decent song.  Randy said it started a little pitchy but you did a pretty good job.  Ellen said every song he takes he makes it his own.  Kara liked that he cracked a smile a few times and Simon said that it was absolutely the perfect song to choose from the Shania catalogue.

Big Mike Lynche proved once again that he has some of the most consistent and purest vocals in the competition singing “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”.  I love his falsetto and he managed to move me with that song.  Shania wanted him to feel the music and make the connection which he did big time.  She was in tears when he finished.  Randy said he did a great job and was in the zone; Ellen said it felt like Luther Vandross was singing that song.  Kara said it was changed just enough to put his mark on it but Simon thought it was wet which meant girly.

Casey James reminded me why I’m always arguing with people about his vocals because tonight they were perfect.  He sang “Don’t” and Shania tells him he is missing that inner confidence and needed to bring it inside and let it come out from his voice.  He connected more with the song and has feeling in his voice and face.  Randy and Ellen said it was his best performance ever.  Kara said he didn’t hide, he was vulnerable, he was raw and if he kept it up he would be at the front of the competition.  Simon said last week was a much needed wake up call and told him he needed to come down and give Shania a kiss which he does and yes I’m jealous lol.

Crystal Bowersox sang “No One Needs To Know Right Now” and for the first time she was my least favorite of anyone.  I didn’t like the song choice; I didn’t like her trying to do country but her vocals were good but not great as usual.  Shania told her to be happier in her tone and to apply the song to her real life right now.  Randy, Ellen and Kara all agree that it wasn’t their favorite performance from her but Simon was kind of mean when he said, “Shocker, we don’t like Crystal this week.”  I thought Ryan made a jab at her before she sang because they were talking about how Shania had a beautiful glow and he says and her teeth are so white.  Why would he say that in front of Crystal?  I thought that was pretty lame.

Aaron Kelly was the biggest surprise of the night.  He sang “You’ve Got a Way” and I thought it was fantastic and I never thought I would say that about him.  This was definitely his night to shine.  Shania tells him not to be insecure with what he is doing and that the song suits him.  Randy and Ellen thought it was a good job.  Kara said it was like you were living those words and really felt them and Simon said he was a different artist this week.

Siobhan Magnus closed us out with “Any Man of Mine” and Shania wanted her to show attitude in the words.  I thought it was her best performance since “Paint it Black”.  Randy said he loved it.  Ellen said way to pull the Shania Twain into the station.  Kara said guess who’s back?  And Simon thought her scream at the end was like hearing a woman give birth.  hmmm wonder when Simon heard a woman give birth.

Casey and Aaron were my favorites this evening.  Who were yours?