American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results Tonight


Now that Urban is gone who will take his place in the Bottom 3 tonight for the Top 6? Will it be someone new or a retread of our usual suspects? With the Judges Save out of play there could always be a huge upset, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

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While we wait to see which two singers got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

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  1. I was disappointed with Crystal last night, and also her ‘man up!’ comment to her boyfriend. Does he really want to be pussy-whipped his whole life?

    Has anyone else noticed that when Ryan introduces the judges at the beginning of the show, Randy invariably boos Simon…. Seems a little childish to me; maybe he thinks it scores him brownie points with the audience?

    Bottom line, Mike was not good again, and I think it is time the big fella was a gonna!

  2. Everyone was best! It would be a good thing for Aaron to continue and win as the Idol so he could have the 1 year contract only because he is so young. The others are already over the top and in my opinion ready to start recording albums. The bottom one is Mike. Crystal is real and that bothers some people! Her comment to her bf is her business, I love her bold honesty, she obviously has nothing to hide, so what, who cares? That is not a flaw!

  3. You know Bobbie @ 4 thinking on your comment about Aaron is such a really good idea, how wise of you!! I think Aaron should be the AI why not? he is young, cute and has a great voice and yes, the rest they have wonderful future coming for all of them. Honestly I think you have a point here because of his youth. But nah I dont think that will happen, always top 3 are Lee Siobhan and Chrystal followed very close by Casey so.. lets see!!

  4. Thought tonite was a pretty good show, but too many of them are doing “ballads” – I like when the audience get to “rockin'”. Anyway – I think Crystal will hit the bottom three tonite. Top three for me: Casey, Siobhan and Lee. Bottom in order: Aaron, Crystal and Big Mike. Big Mike going home – he is just too boring.

  5. mike should go home…then bride of frankenstein…casey did the best last night…lee and crystal not far behind. aaron looks like he got the tim vote…so he might just win…don’t think he is the most talented but he seems like a nice kid. Casey will have the best career no matter what happens.

  6. Prediction, mike will win biggest loser…and siobhan will win the hollering contest at the alabama state fair.

  7. Crystal if you leave i won’t watch any more, you are truly talented!! So what one night wasn’t the bomb so to speak, a few of them had weeks and weeks of not so good!! Crystal you rock!!

  8. Toe,

    How do you feature Casey in the bottom 3? He was absolutely fabulous last night. He wasn’t my favorite to win but I thought he really brought it and is very talented. Much more so than Mike, the Kid (sorry I keep forgetting his name) and Aaron and gave a MUCH better perfomance than Crystal or Siobhan.

  9. OH LEE!!! That is the one I forgot. Sorry. He held his own. He was good and always seems to be getting better. Would like to see a show down between Crystal (who is owed a performance that wasn’t on fire; since she always sings well anyway), Lee, Casey, Siobhan. Aaron and Mike – it’s time to go.

  10. Mike should not go home, However, I do believe the young guy (Aaron) should. Crystal, she is okay but I like Siobhan because she don’t care what anyone thinks about her. Now, that girl can stand up to anything. Why is everyone Hating on Big Mike!!! You all must not have noticed the reaction when he was SAVED THAT WEEK.

  11. #7 – I totally agree about the “ballads” – we need them to do more upbeat and toe tapping songs. I think Crystal may be in trouble tonite unless she has a big fan base voting. She has been pretty good and consistant but is getting boring along with Big Mike. Would like to see her again tho – where as Big Mike can go home now – he doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

  12. Love Shania and loved last night. I agree with Ellen when she said it would be tough to send one home.
    Top 2 for me: Casey, Aaron
    Middle 2: Lee, Siobhan
    Bottom 2: Crystal, Michael.
    I think Siobhan or Michael will go home.

  13. Ree Ree,

    That’s because there are only 6 people left, and it’s hard to decide,but i bet that in overall,Crystal,Lee and Siobhan will be definitely in the top 3..Lol

  14. I was pleasantly surprised last night…It was a very good show….All the performers were good last night but my favorites were:
    1. Siobhan
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Aaron
    5. Crystal
    6. Mike

    I’m not saying that the bottom 3 were not good but at this point even the good ones will be in the bottom 3……

    And again I will say…Siobhan is not screaming, she is singing out loud and can carry that tune….How many of the other 5 can hit those high notes?????

  15. In my opinion,i feel that it doesn’t seem suitable for guys to sing Shania Twain’s songs.It sounded a bit wierd,i think.Anyway if Crystal sang ”you’re still the one”,i think it’d be sweet.
    RofLoLmao,Siobhan Magus is still my fav..Though she doesn’t have a great great voice.When I listen to her singing,it makes me feel refreshed,relaxed.An exuberant mood.:D

  16. simon says to Casey ..” go over and kiss Shania on th lips” and he doesn’t do it..what an opportunity..Shania is country class..missed chance Casey..all were good last night..based on their songs only i would say in order of best to worst.. Casey , Aaron , Sobhan , lee , crystal and mike..I am a SIOBHAN and CRYSTAL fan

  17. It’s to close to call this week. The ones that excelled in the past let me down this week and the ones in MY bottom three excelled. What’s a girl to do? I thought Mike was awesome but the judges didn’t like him that much. I am not a fan of Lee.

  18. @ #24, I think Casey has too much class to kiss someone on the lips because a third person told him to do it. A gentleman waits for the lady’s permission. Well done Casey, splendid behavior.

  19. Mike’s time is over. As stated above – he brings nothing new to the table. His singing is very boring to me.

    Cyrstal wasn’t as good as usual but it wasn’t bad.

    Casey I think, had the top performance followed by Aaron.

    Lee looked like he was struggling but I do like his voice.

    Siobhan can certainly sing and I enjoyed her performance.

  20. Dial Idol predicts that Big Mike will go home. I think everyone is safe besides Big Mike and Lee and the text votes will decide which one will go home. I wish all of them the best.

  21. Lee DeWyze has the most interesting voice of all. I could listen to him all day. He should win. I think we will be hearing more from all six in the years to come. They all have something to offer.

  22. didn’t that classy guy take his shirt off at auditions for Shania?
    He would have gotten more votes and it would make for great television.

  23. 1. Lee- getting better & more cofy each week. Those who think he got the same tone must be tone deaf!
    2. Siobhan- You can’t deny that she’s unique (but don’t ever compare her with Adam! He’s in diff. class!!)
    3. Casey- I still think Jealous guy is his best performance!
    4. Aaron-his best so far, but still no David Achileta
    5. Crystal- she too, talks back to judges when receive bad comment, no diff. from Siobhan!
    6. Mike – still couldn’t move me a bit & his high note is so un-natural & time to go home!

  24. I’m ready for Soibhan to go. Some of her notes are good, but others are all over the place. The scream was off key. Her clothes are strange, and she had a black spider necklace on…Top 5:

  25. For mary (33): i don’t understand what’s “the black spider necklace” got to do with American Idol performances, but maybe this is the only thing you understood all night long.
    …I have to respect all the opinions, right…??!! :))

  26. #33 ..her clothes are not strange just different from everyone else. SIOBHAN will not conform and I think that’s great.This is what makes her great! Her sound is different from everyone else’s. Remember Adam Lambert. I don’t want SIOBHAN to win. I want her to take second or third and put out an CD now.

  27. Crystal will not be in the bottom 3 because she is too awesome. Her not so good performance last night was 10 times better than that of the screamer. Crystal and Lee F2.

  28. @88fngrslouie…..I agree with that theory…look at Kris Allen, he is touring as an opening act for a bigger star……I saw Jordan Sparks, as an opening act for Alicia Keyes…..Adam is touring all on his own….His CD is 100% better than Kris’ and I do own both of them.
    There will be nothing boring about Siobhan’s CD and I’m really looking forward to that.
    Let Lee win!!!!!!!!!!!or Crystal…..Does it really matter who wins???????

  29. Crystal didn’t do so hot but I don’t think that will put her in the bottom three. She kinda is on a pedestal by the judges. Usually like Siobhan but that note was scary and uncalled for. I like Lee. I think Mike, Siobhan, and Aaron should be bottom three.

  30. #38 – Phyllis G – I think it matters and I think most of us are on that page of our favorites to not take the AI title – LOL. They get more exposure and seem to do much better in second, third or 4th place! I think Carrie Underwood was the big exception to that AI title rule. I voted for Kris last year and Taylor a couple years back and they haven’t done a darn thing – but the runner ups have.

  31. @SueBee… the way I love that name…….Your right Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are really the only exceptions to the rule… we keep voting for our favorites to win but at this point most of us know what matters!!!!!!

  32. 1. Aaron…stand out
    2. Casey…has it all
    3. Lee…great voice…needs to work on stage presence
    4. Crystal…bad song choice
    5. Mike…another bad song choice
    6. Siobhan…pitchy again…scared the cat…

  33. Well Thank you Phyllis G. My co-workers nicknamed me that – not to original, but I could think of worse – LOL! Oh – I am a voter trying to keep my favs in – but really inside don’t want my very fav to get the title, just runner up. You have a great day – hope it is warm in Las Vegas today! It is cold here and everything has to be tied down from the wind – you know, one of those we are going to be in Kansas soon ToTo if this wind keeps up! LOL! (I live in the Beautiful Rocky Mtns of Colorado)

  34. 1. Lee – he has very good vocals. he’s current and always brings a great performance. he can make any song his own. i hope he can get a really good market for his songs, unlike those previous idol winners who were kind of gone and forgotten already. where are they by the way? over all, he’s great as an artist and his songs remind me of movie soundtracks.

    2. Crystal – she’s great and unique. she can definitely sing any type of song. she’ actually like Kelly Clarkson (although Kelly is so much better), very diverse singer and definitely has a lot of potential.

    3. Casey – his voice is very common, like you’ve heard him sing on the radio before. however, he has a star quality and may become popular not only in the music industry and i think that’s the reason why he has a lot of followers too.

    4. Aaron – this kid has a huge chance to grow as a singer. although, when he sings it seems like he doesn’t own the stage, but he’s young, he has good vocals and can still be trained. just like Jordan Sparks, she wasn’t the best in that season and she had problems hitting notes in some of her performances, but listen to her now, her voice had improved tremendously.

    5. Siobhan – she has a very unique character (personality and voice). she has to find her niche and try to maintain that. for me she is either a hit or miss. unfortunately, based on her previous performances, she has more misses than hits, and maybe because she was trying to find who she is as a singer. she had to definitely improve her style. you can be a cool pop singer with a punk flavor and still be pleasing. she can be distracting sometimes.

    6. Mike – he has a very beautiful and soulful voice. however, he’s just another balladeer. nothing new. and even if i love listen to his voice, his songs are like those you only listen to when you want to be sentimental and after that, put away the cd again. he is forgettable unfortunately.

  35. mike goes home….i hear andrew is picking him up at the airport. siobhan is putting out a new CD. its guaranteed to keep stray cats and dogs out of your garden…pick it up at home depot and walmart garden center.

  36. @ Zasha0123 #44… i enjoy reading your comments – thanks for sharing, and i agree

  37. If Siobhan screams ONE MORE TIME…UGGHHH!!!

    Casey was definitely the best last night, and I don’t know what everyone else heard, but Lee was VERY off key.

    Mike is definitely BORING, Crystal was boring last night (should’ve put a different spin on that song) and Aaron is awful…

  38. Lee was not off key he just has a rugged voice.

    Top 5:
    5:Siobvan/Big Mike

    Big Mike/Siobvan

  39. @Suebee……It is a little windy here today too but its 80 degrees. Colorado is beautiful country. Quite a few people from here have moved to Colorado…..
    Enjoy the show tonight!!!

  40. Phyllis G – Thank you and you enjoy as well. Getting to be cocktail thirty! Yahoo! LOL!

  41. WOW I liked alot of them but then its like wow were did that come from….

    Bottom three is….

    Mike Siobhan and Crystal
    But I think Crystal will be safe!!
    I am not sure about Siobhan and mike I like Mike A LOT better but America dosnt all together they did an amazing with the exception of Siobhan!! Im sorry she has a very pretty voice if she dosnt scream… there is a diff. between screaming and hitting the high notes she was pitchy and all over the place…. SHINIA does not scream!!!

  42. It’s really anyone’s guess as to who will leave the show tonight. I used to be a fan of Casey in the beginning, and though he’s good and has a natural talent, I don’t think he’s improved like most of the others. Lee has been kicking butt the past couple of weeks and I thought he did extremely well last night. Aaron is a natural talent as well, but personally I think he’s too young. Now I could be way off-base in my predictions, but my gut feeling tells me that Casey will probably go home tonight, and that the AI winner will be Crystal when the time comes. Then again…I thought Adam Lambert would take it last season but he came in second place!

    Regardless of placement or who actually wins the competition, all top-six contestants will pretty much have contracts to sign with some label.

  43. Aaron should go home tonight! He is boring and not even close to being an artist. If not Aaron, then Mike should go for the very same reasons – boring, judges waisted the save on him! Crystal you have my votes!

  44. Continuing-on: I think Big Mike is pretty good, and he’s got a gentle nature about him combined with an easy-to-listen-to voice, but I don’t see him in the top 3; he’ll be gone prior to that. Overall, I think Siobhan has a fantastic vocal range, but she’s a “punk rocker” at heart and for me at least, that’s kind of turn-off. I see the Top 3 as: Crystal, Aaron & Lee. Could be wrong though! 🙂

  45. I agree but then disagree.. I like all your opinions, but casey I dont think will go home he has alot of fans and mike has had alot of negitive comments so i think mike will I am not a fortune teller but just of what the judges said and on here!!

  46. Siobhan should go tonight – she could possibly be a backup singer some day or sing at a bar or something but she’s no star. Big Mike is ( was ) a novelty – he might go too.

  47. Order from my favorite performance, to my least favorite:

    1.) Lee: Of course, Lee brings it all! Sure, a little pitcy, but still, amazing. Perfect song choice for him and he definitely brough his own sound into a country song. Way to go, Lee, and see you next week, baby!

    2.) Casey: After the fear of him going home last week, I’m so glad he stayed. He did great. In my opinion, it seems Casey really knows how to connect with the audience and I was happy to watch him. Hopefully, we’ll see him back again next week. (:

    3.) Siobhan: Woah. Just woah. I was really, really fearful of her screwing up this week, but woah. … Woah. She brought so much energy and upbeating to the stage. A perfect end to the show! Way to go Siobhan, and I’m hoping to see you next week! But I do have to admit, it is getting old, her making those huge, long notes at the end of her songs week after week. It was great in Paint It Black, but now it seems that’s all she decides to do. Sure, no one else can do it, but we all know she can now. We’ve realized that. She doesn’t need to keep reminding us.

    4.) Aaron: I knew Aaron would do great this week, seeming it’s country and that’s Aaron’s strong point. He did great and I’m glad with his song choice and the way he performed it. Go Aaron! He just proves that it doesn’t matter if you’re 17, or if you’re 24, if you can sing, you can sing. Oh, and the fact that he sang that for his mother = sooo sweet. (: Hoping to see more of him!

    5.) Mike: For one, I was very disappointed he didn’t sing “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” (Haha) But the song he did choose is one of my favorites. It was great. Just like Shania, it also brought tears to my eyes. He seemed so down to earth, and he was really in the zone. I really enjoyed Mike’s performance for once. Usually I get bored with him, but this week he left me wanting more. Hoping to see him next week, as well. … /:

    6.) Crystal: Aw, man. Crystal usually blows me away, but this was just NOT her week! I was hoping she’d pull out another Lee on us, seeming as her and Lee seem to be the two favorites in the competition. Really upset with her performance. Awful song choice, but good vocals. Sorry, Crystal. But, hey, everyone has had their fair share of bad weeks, and this was just one for Crystal. But, that’s bad bad bad at this time in the show. I just really hope Crystal fans voted until their fingers were sore, so she’ll stay on. Still a fan, Mommasox! Still a fan. (:

    My Bottom 3?
    Mike, Crystal, and Casey.
    I’m thinking that if anyone deserves to go home, it’s gotta be Mike, though.. I mean, he did great last night, but I’m thinking his time is up. However, if we’re just going through last nights performances and nothing else, bye bye to Crystal. If it were my first time seeing her perform, I’d definitely not be a fan. And only Casey because I just think that Lee and Siobhan have it safe(also with Siobhan being on VFTW) and Aaron just shined. Sorry Casey, but not to worry, you won’t be going home, bud! (:

    Agreeing with Ellen. This week was definitely full of amazing songs, sung by amazing people. Now here’s where this gets tough. Everyone (besides Crystal) has proven why they’ve made it this far. But it’s okay, Crystal, you’ve proven why you’ve made it so far a looong time ago. (:

    (Also, none of this was biased. My favorite went home weeks ago (Andrew Garcia).)

  48. Lee and Crystal definitely sucked tonight (Lee’s “You’re still the one” left me with a weird aftertaste and as for Crystal… well… every now and then I guess every performer is entitled to an OFF night.). Casey’s performance is decent and safe, Siobhan and Big Mike did good out there and Aaron definitely stood out.

  49. sad to envision big mike’s wife crying big again tonight… i think the show should change rules, the last few ought to be allowed to stay till the end and just win by accumulative votes without having this weekly elimination business

  50. Last night everyone except Crystal (surprisingly) did pretty well. I thought Mike actually did a great job ans ounded beautiful-also thought he deliberately toned down all his gestures and arrogant habits -he seemed pretty subdued. Nevertheless, I think he is going home tonight.

    Aaron is not one of my faves, but I gotta hand it to him -he did well.

    I really liked Siobhan, though I realize many do not. She has the guts to be herself, and is very original. And I agree with Phyllis G (#21) that she is not “screaming” -she has an incredible voice, and can really hit these notes. NOONE else can, including Crystal, though she does have a great voice. When you’ve got it, flaunt it, and she does. And despite her crazy outfits she is still very nice to look at.

    I still don’t get all the support for Lee. Once again, he was off-key last night (as noted by Andrea, #47) and straining. He still never hits any real big notes -never holds a note for more than two beats. Sure, he has a pleasant, raspy voice, but that’s about all and, IMO, that alone doesn’t make you a great singer.

    Bottom 3 tonight -Mike, Crystal and Siobhan (with Mike getting the boot).

  51. Best to Worst from last night…performances only…

    1.Casey-AMAZING vocals and looks(sorry, people, but he is gorgeous and doesn’t even realize it, which makes him even hotter!)

    2.Aaron-wonderful performance!




    6.Mike-sorry, but it’s time to go home!

    Overall, I think they all performed well! Oddly, I’m sad to see any of them go…

  52. crystal, sioban and lee are the bottom 3, i hope…………….crystal out i hope

  53. @ Brian #62… being an artist i definitely appreciate raw talent – the voice of a musician is the most memorable all else can be developed… Elvis has such a distinctive voice, so does Lennon, and Dylan, and Stevie Wonder… Lee’s voice is no question the best in the group – that is his weapon, he’s very lucky!

  54. AARON KELLY ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! haha i luuuved him eva since hollywood week and his performance last night was AH-MAZING! and sad to say but my 2nd fav (crystal) didnt do as amazing as she usually does

    top 3:
    1. AARON KELLY!!! 🙂
    2. Lee DeWyze
    3. Crystal Bowersox (she still did good)

    bottom 3.
    1.Casey James
    2.Big Mike Lynche (still luv him tho)
    3.Siobhan Magnus

    Hopefully Casey or Siobhan goes home cuz i luv big mike but hes BORING

    xoxo~tosha <3

  55. i love american idol we watch it in the uk with interest cause thats were great singers are from.

    bottom 3
    remember you need a winner that will keep selling records

  56. Tough show to call last night. My observations are that Crystal, whom I usually enjoy, is not a good fit with country music. She was careful to pick a lesser-known tune so the world wouldn’t compare her performance to the “real” one. Her problem last night? The backup singer overpowered her several times – was it the singer’s voice or simply bad mixing?

    Siobhan was electric in my view. As an entertainer, she has the skills. She knows where the camera is, and she flirts with it. Her sense of the stage and audience works for me.

    Who’s going home? Too tough to tell, but I’m thinking either Mike or Aaron I’m afraid.

  57. Lee is not off key or pitchy. He is changing the song up to make it his own. It is his style and I love it. You who complain about him just don’t get it. He is the best and whether he wins or not, he has a great career ahead of him. He has that “it” factor that it take to reach superstardom. It’s a mix of great, unusual vocals, a unique style and charisma. He doesn’t sound like anyone else. He is fresh and exciting. Crystal is good, but she sounds like Janis Joplin. She isn’t impressive if she does other kinds of music. Sometimes she sounds whiney. Casey has the whole package too, and also has the potential to do really well. Those are the top three–equally talented and it come down to taste or personal preference. I’m for Lee all the way!

  58. Here is my ranking.
    1. Siobhan Magnus
    2. Lee Dewyze
    3. Casey James
    4. Crystal Bowersox
    5. Aaron Kelly
    6. Big Mike

  59. last night,i find ironic.
    going in to there performances i think most would agree that crystal,aaron,and lee would have better songs,and better country performances.and siobhan.mike,and casey would stink,because they are more or less not country voices.but whats odd is the opposite took place.
    so i have to give props out to siobhan,mike,and casey they should be the top 3.and crystal.lee,and aaron the bottom 3.we will se what unfolds later on.i kinda feel unforunatly its the end for aaron,mike,or casey. they have been in the bottom before,so it must be limited fan also looks like siobhan.lee,and crystal have by far the largest,and biggest,and sincere fan base,of course just looking at all the website numbers,overall.

  60. number #8.chichi.

    mike will go home tonight,and then,the bride,and or daughter of predator,crystal.i try not to slam anyones favorite singer of ai,but i just couldnt resist.siobhans armpits are better looking than crystals face.

  61. Last night, IMHO

    Lee has learned a lot in the boot camp. He’s pulled his voice together so that it is both boozy and strong. Now he has to learn how to say the words in such a say that we can understand them.

    Mike is the most improved singer. His voice is still too nasal, but he has come a long way. He was probably the best at selling the words last night. Great and getting better.

    Casey sang great, sounded wonderful, but I have no idea what the song was about: I couldn’t figure out the words.

    Crystal was the best arranger of the night. She took a song by the queen of country pop and turned it into old time real country. She enunciated well and could have done even more. The harmony with the mandolin player was spot on, although the sound man was not her friend.

    Aaron wasn’t helped that he was the fourth man to sing a slow, sensitive ballad. But he had good strong voice, needed to enunciate more. This was the third week in row where he went for the long, drawn out, show off last note. Its getting old.

    Siobhan was in fine form with the only song that really rocked the whole night. It was good to see her hit the high hard notes again. The song called for ‘tude and she had it. But who dresses her and why hasn’t she been shot?

    I rank last night’s performances thusly: Siobhan, Crystal, Mike, Lee, Casey, Aaron. Nobody lost last night.

  62. Mike has got to go tonight!!! I hope Casey or Siobhan are the final two. Siobhan probably should be AI. She really does have the best voice of any and the most potential to be a true entertainer (as soon as she finds out just who she is):)

  63. to Ron (#65) -I get it that Lee has a distinctive voice -as do the others you use as examples. And yes, maybe he will improve with time. However, Lee just hasn’t shown me that he has the SINGING ABILITY of a great artist. He is often off-key – has only a 2-octave range, if that -and I’ve yet to hear him really hold a long note. He also doesn’t have any falsetto (goota admit that Big Mike has a nice falsetto, but he overuses it).

    I like Lee for his humility and honesty -he seems like a real regular-type guy – and I wouldn’t be upset if he won. I’m just commenting that his vocal style seems a bit one-dimensional so far -just stressing his gruffness without a whole lot of sublety, or phrasing, or range. And BTW (since you mention you’re an artist and appreciate raw talent) I have been singing professionally for many years. I agree that Lee may be a “raw talent”, but I think that Crystal, and even Siobhan, are a lot more talented right now vocally.

  64. Aaron has added Tim’s gay following and older teens to his following… Lee needs to show more confidence, class and skin (put coverup on tatoo) – he is then the winner. Crystal is great and doesn’t need or care about the win.

  65. Y’all are crazy big Mike has so much personality and he AMAZING last night!! He does not deserve to go home!! If I could pick any one to go home it would be Siobahn because I honestly can’t stand her voice!! I do think that Aaron will be going tonight…. I hope anyways.. I really like him i just think he is the least popular now!! If big mike goes home I will cry! My fav is Lee I know he is safe!! My top 3 are LEE, Casey, & Big Mike…I like crystal too!! And OMG I WAS SOOO FREAKING happy when Tim got the boot!!!! 🙂

  66. People who don’t like Siobhan, are themselves, very boring people in all likelihood.

    She is different, she is raw, like an uncut diamond, she is quirky, and unusual.

    Boring people like boring music.

    Siobhan has the courage to be different, to be daring and some people can’t stand anyone like that.

    And FWIW, if dress, or looks were the criteria, Bikini girl would have won in Season 8.

    Siobhan dances to the drummer she hears. Nothing offensive, just a bit different.

  67. I completely agree with Sfj (#79) about Siobhan. She is unique, quirky, original, and has the courage to be herself despite all the people that want to change her.

    I am sure she will have a great career.

    Crystal also has a great voice, but, to my mind, Siobhan is the most unique and compelling performer in this year’s group (just as Adam Lambert was the most unique and compelling last year, although I agree with those who say that Siobhan doesn’t belong in the same class as Adam just yet).

  68. got this from the VFTW site. thanks to their campaign on voting for the worst, Siobhan had the most votes. although, i can imagine Siobhan making records in the future. she has a lot more to improve and i’m sure most people see the potential there, but she doesn’t seem to have that overall appeal to be this year’s AI.

    here are the final numbers:
    1. Siobhan Magnus – 5,245,907
    2. Casey James – 4,911,264
    3. Aaron Kelly – 4,547,335
    4. Crystal Bowersox – 4,267,304
    5 Lee Dewyze – 3,945,197
    6. Michael Lynch – 3,794,045

    these numbers are phone votes only! texts will play a big factor too, which we still don’t know at this point. according to the radio show, Ryan Seacrest said it would be a “shocking” elimination. based on those numbers, it is likely that Mike got more text votes than Lee and Lee will be voted off the show. how sad… (this reminds me of the time when they tried to keep Sanjaya on the show and voted out more talented people. what a shame).

  69. Sorry Siobhan,time to go home honey your screaming is just to much….The rest of all the idols you all ROCK!!!!!!!

  70. gotta be honest siobhan is my least favorite person on idol… i love the rest but i just dont think i could make myself sad to see her go.. she always makes excuses for why she picked a song! PLEASE siobhan take the criticism like every other contestant and get off the stage, we dont need ur life story of why you sucked at singing that song.. becuz u were pitchy has nothing to do with why you picked the song.. give it rest. go home.

  71. it doesnt matter to me that people dont like siobhan,thats there right,i just dont get all the haters out there that try and persuade your vote,and your mind.i dont care if siobhan screams,or she dresses funny,or she sings nasaly.or she has tatoos.or she talks like forest gump.or she streaks her hair,or she loves gorey movies.these haters will not impose there thoughts,words,and negative comments away from my personal regard towards siobhans favor.the bottom line is i will stand by her until the end,no matter who,or what anyone says or feels,regardless.

  72. Hi Brian #75, your point well-taken… it’s all a matter of preference and appeal – like between Beatles and the Stones, who’s better?!

  73. Humm.. I’m actually quite worried as the time slowly gets closer and closer. I’ve been doing as much thinking and internet researching as I can, and between hearing Ryan say that tonight’s show will have “shocking results”, Zasha0123’s number of phone call votes, and dialidol, it seems that Lee just may be in trouble…

    Honestly, Lee is great and he doesn’t deserve to go. Definitely not. Will America be right tonight? Or will Lee be leaving us? Let’s just pray that he’s on for another week!

    Anyone HOPING to see Lee go?
    (I’ve still yet to find a Lee-hater)

  74. It amazes me that I still people hating on Big Mike. All because he’s not the usual style of singer that ignorant people expect a black guy to be. And I am done with people saying Aaron is good. HE SUCKS!! No way in hell he should be the winner. its not about who needs it more, its who is the best. Aaron is the worst.


    Based on last night. I cannot stand that whine in Aaron’s voice

  75. Dude Siobhan is so winny I hate her she needs singing lessons and aaron is the best and crystal is very pretty idk what you retards are talking about you are like mental for thinking that ha 😀

  76. Personally,I think Lee is over-rated.He is pitchy 80% of the time.But he is still better than Mike or Aaron.One of this 2 should go. Top 4 should be Crystal,Casey,Lee&Siobhan in that order

  77. Siobnan is gone and so am I. sHE WAS THE BEST BY FAR AND IT NOT WORTH WAtching this show any more.

  78. crystal’s performance last night was sub par, and what do you know? she’s still in the top 3. if she eventually wins, she’ll be the worst idol ever.

  79. Well it looks like the American public got it wrong again. No way Casey and Siobhan shoule have been in the bottom 3. Mike should have gone home. He never should have been given the pass the first time he lost.

  80. yes i liked mike singing from the get go, even if he gets voted off he will still be singing and making CDS.i voted for u mike all the way to the end. GO MIKE HANG IN THERE. u be blessed……….

  81. #99 BOB….Yes, America got it wrong again but it makes me wonder if it was America that got it wrong or the Powers that be!!!!!!!!
    I really like AI but I am very disappointed in the result show tonight. People just don’t like different. Except for LEE the rest of these performers are really boring….Mike should have been gone a long time ago….They should have used the save vote for SIOBHAN….She is going to be another surprise performer and watch what happens to her career after this tour…..REMEMBER DAUGHTRY!!!!!!SOME ONE WILL TAKE HER UNDER THEIR WINGS AND SHE WILL FLY!!!!!She is the whole package……

  82. I don’t understand how Casey could ever be in the bottom three, he’s one of the best! So glad that Siobhan went home though, thank God I never have to hear her again. Aaron’s next, he’s got a great voice sometimes, but you can’t compare it to Mike. Mike also is ready to go out and make a career with his music, you can tell he’s a pro and his voice is always perfect. The reason that Aaron gets all the votes and Mike doesn’t is because of all the teenagers with their cell phones and nothing better to do. I don’t have time to sit around and vote all night, I watch this one show per week, then get back to doing better things.

  83. #101 Phyllis G. Maybe we agree because we’re from the same town. I find it hard to believe so many think Mike is such a talent. With Siobhan gone I’m thinking it will be down to Casey and Crystal at the end.

  84. #103-BOB…..Maybe its because we are from the same town and we know what good entertainment is that we feel this way but I can’t imagine anyone of these Top 5 becoming Headliners maybe opening acts…..I’m still waiting for Adam to hit the Strip…..that is one entertainer that I won’t miss….I’m planning on seeing Carrie Underwood in May….should be a good show…



    BIG MIKE another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner…. didn’t do well with sales. A Flop.

    Aaron, the innocent little lamb, another Clay Aiken. Not good with CDs.

  86. Big Mike yeah he is just another RUBEN STUDDARD, did anyone ever listen to or buy any of his music. I didn’t.

  87. 104 Phyllis G. How true about being headliners. In fact, I can only think of a couple who could be headliners here and some of them were losers on the show. We are lucky to have so much entertainment available to us. My wife and I are going to see Lance Burton tonight before he leaves the Monte Carlo.

  88. #107. BOB. That is awesome! Where else can you go out any night of the week and see a great show?
    My husband and I love to go to the shows..
    I don’t know if you go on any websites but there are a few that are for Locals with discounts and free tickets. There is also one called “ you have to pay for this site but we have seen so many real good shows from it.
    Well enjoy the show tonight!

  89. I think the ladies are wonderful. I was upset that Siobban was voted off but I am not worried. She is and will be a bright STAR!!!

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