American Idol 2010: The Top 6 Bring It With Shania Songs

I thought all the contestants did a really good job tonight and I agree with Ellen that it is going to be tough to send one home after the performances we just heard.  This Top 6 showed why they have made it so far in the competition especially with Shania Twain as mentor.  She did a great job and gave the singers the criticism they needed to better there song choices.

Ryan let us know that last week’s Idol Gives Back raised over 45 million dollars.  An awesome achievement for all the charities!  A big thanks to everyone who sent in money or downloaded any of the songs from itunes.

Lee Dewyze opened the show with “You’re Still the One” and Shania’s advice was not to use the guitar because he has fantastic style that needs to come out.  However he did choose to use the guitar and it worked out.  He managed to go off key a couple times but overall delivered a decent song.  Randy said it started a little pitchy but you did a pretty good job.  Ellen said every song he takes he makes it his own.  Kara liked that he cracked a smile a few times and Simon said that it was absolutely the perfect song to choose from the Shania catalogue.

Big Mike Lynche proved once again that he has some of the most consistent and purest vocals in the competition singing “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”.  I love his falsetto and he managed to move me with that song.  Shania wanted him to feel the music and make the connection which he did big time.  She was in tears when he finished.  Randy said he did a great job and was in the zone; Ellen said it felt like Luther Vandross was singing that song.  Kara said it was changed just enough to put his mark on it but Simon thought it was wet which meant girly.

Casey James reminded me why I’m always arguing with people about his vocals because tonight they were perfect.  He sang “Don’t” and Shania tells him he is missing that inner confidence and needed to bring it inside and let it come out from his voice.  He connected more with the song and has feeling in his voice and face.  Randy and Ellen said it was his best performance ever.  Kara said he didn’t hide, he was vulnerable, he was raw and if he kept it up he would be at the front of the competition.  Simon said last week was a much needed wake up call and told him he needed to come down and give Shania a kiss which he does and yes I’m jealous lol.

Crystal Bowersox sang “No One Needs To Know Right Now” and for the first time she was my least favorite of anyone.  I didn’t like the song choice; I didn’t like her trying to do country but her vocals were good but not great as usual.  Shania told her to be happier in her tone and to apply the song to her real life right now.  Randy, Ellen and Kara all agree that it wasn’t their favorite performance from her but Simon was kind of mean when he said, “Shocker, we don’t like Crystal this week.”  I thought Ryan made a jab at her before she sang because they were talking about how Shania had a beautiful glow and he says and her teeth are so white.  Why would he say that in front of Crystal?  I thought that was pretty lame.

Aaron Kelly was the biggest surprise of the night.  He sang “You’ve Got a Way” and I thought it was fantastic and I never thought I would say that about him.  This was definitely his night to shine.  Shania tells him not to be insecure with what he is doing and that the song suits him.  Randy and Ellen thought it was a good job.  Kara said it was like you were living those words and really felt them and Simon said he was a different artist this week.

Siobhan Magnus closed us out with “Any Man of Mine” and Shania wanted her to show attitude in the words.  I thought it was her best performance since “Paint it Black”.  Randy said he loved it.  Ellen said way to pull the Shania Twain into the station.  Kara said guess who’s back?  And Simon thought her scream at the end was like hearing a woman give birth.  hmmm wonder when Simon heard a woman give birth.

Casey and Aaron were my favorites this evening.  Who were yours?




  1. They were all good tonight with the exception of Siobhan. Thought she was much too showy, her outfit didn’t go with the song and I’m weary of the screaming. Crystal was a little off tonight but still good. Just not her best. The rest were on top of the game tonight!

  2. To idolgirl.I don’t like shiobon at all.Never did.My top are Cyrstal,Casey,Lee,and Mike.I do think Aaron was geat tonight.With Cyrstal,I think the band was in the way,with the other vocalist being a distraction. With her being always on,(she still had good vocals),she just had a wierd song choice.VOte people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Listen to who you would recognze on te radio,without someone telling you who the singer was.Idolgirl-good name.It’s my fave show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. For a couple of weeks Aaron was really struggling but tonight he wowed us all with his performance and reminded us why he’s there. If he can keep it up he can go far.

  4. Some people hate Siobhan but most of the people love her.. well, i can say that i’m with the like.. I’m rooting for you Siobhan..

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m completely over Siobhan. Her lower register is very weak, nasal and off key. She’s only on key when she screams and it’s not pleasant. I’m a big Crystal fan but tonight was her worst night. I was very impressed by Aaron – he actually moved me to tears.

  6. Siobhan is amazing, unique, and different from all other contestants. I like cyrstal but her singing style is boring…I dont know why judges are mad abt her. Aaron was quite surprising.

  7. Go Sio Go you rock babe…u r indeed talented…i luv ur strong vocals…Aaron you really surprised me…you were fantastic.

  8. Siobhan was just okay,she still screams.Crystal was good even though she wasn’t on her game.Lee was awesome and so was Aaron.Crystal on her worst night is still better than Sioscreech and the rest.

  9. Siobhan is unique as a person and performer, and I realize she has a fan base, but honestly, I think she badly needs vocal lessons. Also, she has had a very pouty and whiny attitude with the judges. The judges liked her tonight, but I was listening carefully to her lower register and it was definitely pitchy.
    I think the performance of the night was Aaron’s (and I’m not even a fan).

  10. They all were very good tonight.

    Everyone tried to communicate the words. My only criticism is that 4 people chose ballads, so the show as a whole dragged a bit.

    Siobhan and Crystal get credit for choosing uptempo, sassy songs.

    The were a couple of transcendent moments. The two-part falsetto leaps of Crystal and her mandolin player were wonderful. Mike’s switching to falsetto at the end of “It only hurts when I breath” was pure genius.

    It was nice that Siobhan used her strong high notes again. She had shied away from using it for the best part of a month. Also, she was the “country” of the night.

  11. No ..scream is not a matter… boring is a matter…cos i relaized that someone is really boring that people and judges really think she is good … she can sing …but she is boring..even she wins…she will just be a star…sparkling at night only…cannot shine too far.. she is Crystal

  12. Siobhan is great.. not everyone can make the scream music.. Crystal is not.. everyone can be boriinng.. Go Siobhan!!

  13. at this stage of the contest,it seems the fans get bitter,and bitter.they tend to lash out at anyone singer who is not there fav,or spells a severe challenge to there pick.i.on the other hand think they should all be commended for getting this far.they all have unique voices,different styles,some may be a little flashy,some on the rather dull self i dont have any favorites,because my favorite was sent home 2 weeks andrew,
    so i am partial on tonights show.
    my ratings tonight are.
    1.siobhan.she deserves the spot,mainly on more so the performance than the vocals tonight.very entertaining performance overall.
    2.casey.has been dogged of late,but looks like this song fit him perfect.
    3.aaron.sounded real,and could here this tune on radio.
    4.mike.made it his own,good job.
    5.lee.started rough but came on later,and again sounded great.
    6.crystal,seemed not here tonight,just very average.considering,she is supposed to be the front runner.

  14. Front runners can pick a bad song.She was still in tune,and great unique,INTERESTING,NEVER boring,unlike some screaming

  15. i think siobhan was great.for those who hate her,just shut up.speak for whom you liked not for whom who hate..HATERS

  16. top three for this night = aaron, crystal, michael
    bottom three = siobhan, casey, lee

    i think siobhan is gonna go. her screaming is getting too annoying. she’s talented, but not talented enough to use the scream. the other guy on this video that stanley posted can really do it. but siobhan can’t. the only performance of siobhan’s that i really liked was “paint it black.”

  17. Everyone kind of stepped it up tonight and that’s good. We’ve finally got ourselves a horse race.
    But, I have to say i thought it was a lousy thing for the queen of Dogpatch [dirtysox] to slam her boyfriend like that on TV. Saying he should man up may be how she feels, but that’s personal and if you want to marry the guy he deserves more respect.
    Shocker… much as I love Siobhan, I found myself splitting my votes between Siobhan and Aaron tonight.

  18. Dial Idol is prediction everyone except Aaron may be going home with Lee being in last place.

  19. Nice post!!

    # daisey.
    April 27th, 2010 at 11:04 PM

    at this stage of the contest,it seems the fans get bitter,and bitter.they tend to lash out at anyone singer who is not there fav,or spells a severe challenge to there pick.i.on the other hand think they should all be commended for getting this far.they all have unique voices,different styles,some may be a little flashy,some on the rather dull self i dont have any favorites,because my favorite was sent home 2 weeks andrew,
    so i am partial on tonights show.
    my ratings tonight are.
    1.siobhan.she deserves the spot,mainly on more so the performance than the vocals tonight.very entertaining performance overall.
    2.casey.has been dogged of late,but looks like this song fit him perfect.
    3.aaron.sounded real,and could here this tune on radio.
    4.mike.made it his own,good job.
    5.lee.started rough but came on later,and again sounded great.
    6.crystal,seemed not here tonight,just very average.considering,she is supposed to be the front runner.

  20. Wouldnt it suck if Crystal got voted off and they couldn’t save her because of big mike?

  21. And the jerk of the week award goes to Ryan Seacrest for calling Crystal’s attention to Shania Twain’s extraordinarily white teeth. What a rectum.

  22. I think what Robin said, listen to those you can recognize on the radio, without someone telling you, who it is. Top (4) Mike, Crystal, Casey, and Siobhan. They are unique and will always be recognized.

  23. It was Siobhan’s night. She ripped and snarled and hit a wide range of notes. Her lower register can be a bit rough but she cranked it up. She could have won at the Grande Ole Opry tonight.

    I always like Lee. He did Lee and he did Lee well.

    I actually am not a Crystal fan but I liked her tonight. I hate her big, powerful, clear, pitch perfect voice. I liked the softer Crystal, the imperfect Crystal. I’m not sure her “two part falsetto” leaps worked but … it was different … no points lost here.

    Bottom three (scary isn’t it):

    Not a big Casey fan but he was better tonight. He should lose the electric guitar and sing.

    Aaron. Best Aaron by far in a long time. Maybe ever. Still, what did he sing?

    Big Mike. Brilliant. Luther Vandross covers Shania Twain. Sayonara Mike.

  24. Lee DeWyze – You’re Still The One. He is s good singer, the best of the guys IMHO. But he still needs to break free of whatever pain he harbors. Please smile dude. Loosen up. Good song choice.

    Michael Lynche – It Only Hurts When You’re Breathing. I expect something bigger from Big Mike. He doesn’t deliver it. (girlie?) sigh,

    Casey James – Don’t. Nice song, nice singing, but nothing to say “Wow” about. I think he is more of a rocker than a crooner. Judges disagree with me. OK.

    Crystal Bowersox – No One Needs To Know. I really liked this performance. I disagree with the judges again. I think this was one of her best. She went a bit country. Imagine that. Crystal Bowersox sang country. She did a very good job. She introduced some new sounds and performance enhancements. I wasn’t bored with her this week.

    Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got A Way. Not Bad, pretty good, But I can’t say it was all that. When he grows up, he might be great. Someday, but not yet. However, this may have been his best so far.

    Siobhan Magnus – Any Man of Mine. I have no doubt. She deserves to be the American Idol.

  25. The winner tonight was Casey. The not so good award goes to Siobhan. Being a person with a music background..Siobhan lacks the talent needed–point blank she doesn’t have a good voice. I look for her to go home this week or next.

  26. I hope Mike doesn’t go home cuz judges pimped Aaron and Casey tonite, who r not as consistently as good as him and deserve 2 go way more than him.

  27. I am still a big fan of Big Mike. He has not missed a note or chance to touch a heart the entire competition. No, he is not a teen girl’s heart throb with open shirt and tight pants. What he is is a big man with a big beautiful voice. LISTEN to him!!
    Aaron was great tonight and for the first time I liked Casey’s performance.

  28. I like Mike too, but I think he will be in the bottom 3.

    Bottom 3:

    ???? (possibly Aaron)

    I look for Siobhan to finally go home and save my ears the pain of a bad singer.

  29. here is your bottom 3 ..

    1) Crystal ( the worst performance of night )
    2) Crystal ( the most boring contestant )
    3) Crystal ( the attitude..she also DID talk back to judges )

  30. Yes her performance was not that good. Shania’s version is 100 times better, but I think she will stay around because she usually has good performances.

  31. I didn’t have a favorite tonight because none of the performances were outstanding. I thought that Siobhan’s performance was the worst because she sounded like she had the notes wrong in a few places and then the scream at the end again. I usually enjoy her performances, but not tonight. Crystal is still my favorite, I’ve purchased all her songs from itunes to date, but her performance tonight wasn’t outstanding. The guys were better than the gals tonight.

  32. What a night!!! I loved them all, really everyone gave everything in their performances and will be very very hard to see someone going home. So far this has been the best night this season. I really cant choose the bottom 3, nor even the top of the night. Hope the voting will be legal and fair. If I could vote I would for all of them lol.

  33. My ranking for the top 6 base on the performance!

    Top 3
    1. Lee Dewyze
    2. Aaron Kelly
    3. Casey James
    Bottom 3
    4. Michael Lynche
    5. Siobhan Magnus
    6. Crystal Bowersox

    but base on the voting I think this is the bottom 3:

    Aaron Kelly
    Siobhan Magnus
    Michael Lynche

    Eliminated- Michael Lynche

  34. SIOBHAN IS HERE TO STAY!!! LOOK OUT FOR HER LEE AND CRYSTAL!! 😀 As Siobhan continues to move forward, the two “season favs” (aka the ones who the producers are pushing for) are moving BACKWARDS! GO SIOBHAN! YOU’RE HERE TO STAY 😀

  35. Well I thought they all showed why they are on AI good job by all!
    I steel thing Crystal is by far the best performer of the group vocally & stage presents.
    I really liked & enjoyed Aaron & Casey tonight and I’m not a big Casey fan.
    Lee did what Lee does , he did good.
    And I thought Big Mike did good also, I just wist he would man up.
    Siobhan well I have always been a fan I love her quirkiness, I did not love tonight’s performance but my husband did surprisingly loved it.

  36. The show was unbearably boring until the last singer took the stage – Siobhan Magnus. She lit that place up like a roman candle.

    An odd but nice, and beautiful, star in the making, I think. With huge vocal gifts, some real weaknesses. We know that. She knows that, and is working on them each week she lasts. Casey and Aaron sang very well and Big Mike did so by singing exactly the same.
    But Jeez Louise! Is Siobhan the only one left now that charismatic Tim Urban is gone that understands singing is part of an overall performance? Magnus not only sang well – she had more energy, enthusiasm, more movement, more smile and more joy and more fun projected out to the audience than all 5 of the contestants before her put together.

    No one on that show is working harder to give the audience SHE IS WORKING FOR a good reason to tune in – the best singing, the best visual looks of style and fashion she and AI stylists can force, the best performance one is capable of. Magnus is earning fans on all that. She deserves them. She is putting in 110% and she ain’t holding back nutt’n! And add her studio recordings have gone from fair to remarkable because Siobhan is rapidly learning the “art” of being in studio, using every scrap of time she can to get her song tracks to a high level.

    I think as the audience clicked off or maybe stayed for Glee, a good many thought Casey sang great, Aaron too….but thank Siobhan for firing them up at the end. She is the one trying to be whole performer. The one that makes them want to watch the show the most. The one with total effort and commitment. And many more fans were created. “Screetch” or not.

  37. Tonight was perhaps the most unusual night of this entire season. At least it was for me. I say this because two of the most consistent frontrunners (Crystal and Lee) in my opinion were not in their normal top 3 spots this week. Though this may have a lot more to do other competitors (mainly Casey and Aaron) stepping up there game a bit, then anything negative that Crystal or Lee actually did while performing. And a performer (Aaron) who I always saw as being in the bottom 3 most every week, actually came out with his most heartfelt, emotional performance of the whole season … And it rocked. And where it truly gets “Bizzaro Strange” for me, if I’m not mistaken … the judges actually seemed to be giving honest, spot on evaluations of both their usual pet wonder girl, Crystal and their usual whipping post, Shiobahn. It was refreshing to see for a change.

  38. Didn’t get to watch the show tonight. I don’t have TIVO so I looked up the performances on YouTube. Only problem is I couldn’t find Casey’s performance. Anyone know where I can watch the performances besides on YouTube?

    Anyway here goes on the ones I’ve watched:

    Okay in my opinion, Lee wasn’t good at all, Crystal was actually bad unless you are just one of those people who are in love with her and will say she’s good when she wasn’t. Michael Lynche had good vocals but I still say his stage craft looks goofy. Aaron was amazing and Siobhan had a weird arrangement and I also didn’t think her clothes matched the song but her vocals were good and she ended strong.

    Still want to see Casey’s performance to see what I think. But for the ones I have seen Aaron won the night.


  39. Okay, I found Casey’s performance and I changed my mind. Casey won the night. Wow!! I didn’t know he could actually sing. I would actually buy that! It didn’t sound exactly country. It sounded kinda like a rock ballad the way it was sung. Great job Casey!!

  40. So Crystal didn’t have her best week. First time she wasn’t the best performer of the night but voters shoyuld be basing it on all performances to date and not just the one of the night. Great that Aaron did well – first time he has actually wowed us but its still his week for going home. Great that big boring Mike was good and a little different.
    Bottom 3 should be

    Crystal (and I am a massive fan)

    With Aaron to leave.

    Next week Mike to go and then let’s see if its Casey or Siobhan. Top 2 are Lee and Crystal and that’s a fact.

  41. Its all over the internet that Big Mike is going home but I think it will be Lee being eliminated this week.

  42. How many singers can scream well when singing a song,?Be it like it or hate it,it is a TALENT.

  43. I just like listening to Sibohn, as in she is the reason I watch this show. Her vocal range is amazing and its not true that her lower register is not good, the fact is it’s just not perfect when you sing live, I heard whitney’s live performance, it was horrendous, her voice cracked 5 times while saying “And i will always love you”, it happens!! But Shibohn is a true discovery…I like Lee after Sobohn…rest are blatantly average…

  44. WOW!! shibohn all the way…I love her scream…i wanna scream like her…she is so talented..she screams in

  45. love aaron ! he is great .. he’s back
    but i think he could be in the bottom 3 .. again ..

    1. siobhan just elected by the VFTW , if i’m not mistaken
    even without the VFTW group, she has her own fans that support her every weeks.
    i think she will get bunch of votes

    2. crystal
    it just the only one she performed bad
    her fans are alot.

    3. lee
    i think no way he could be in the bottom 3 . hahha

    mike lynch will in the bottom 3, casey dont
    confuse with d 3rd one 😉
    but this week is surprising . wohoo

  46. BEST TO WORST(performance-based):


    Guys were way better then the girls, although I think everyone did a nice job!

  47. Couple of thoughts after sleeping on it:
    … Not Crystal’s best night, but she remains my favorite – deep, strength, style, – she has it all. Only hope her fan base voted for her – otherwise, well I don’t want to think the otherwise.
    … Lee was good – but just found out he has published a second album – didn’t think “professional” singers could complete. Hmmmm. And get rid of the geeetar! Get into the sound – sing you heart out.
    … Aaron surprised me. He was good last night and has potential – as long as his song selection gets better (like last night).
    … Mike – Big Mike. Though I give him credit, he has alot of talent – he os my least favorite – just tired of the falsetto.
    … Case. Well is about time he focused on singing – and did great.
    … and last .. and least is Shiobon. Close my eyes and when she doesn’t scream isn’t bad. Open my eyes and I am greated by Frankenstein’s daughter. Damn, learn to dress girl – your singing is the focus, not your attires as an add of what not to wear.

    Anyway all said IMVHO.

  48. here is my bottom 3 too ..

    1) Crystal ( the worst performance of night )
    2) Crystal ( the most boring contestant )
    3) Crystal ( the attitude..she also DID talk back to judges )

  49. Save ur boring diva tonight…i m tired of tired of crystal…Siobhan screams but she sounds good.

  50. SING SIOBHAN SING!!! Sing ballad, sing punk, sing country, sing blues, sing gospel, sing acoustic, sing rock, combine them just like what you do…Sing broadway!!!It’s where you’ve started.Prove to them that you can’t be placed in a box with one genre. Let the people who love you glorify with your every note. Let those haters notice you, polarized to the other end. They can’t help but notice you after all…God blessed you with that talent,explore it and learn.You are young but your conviction is unmatched by any other contestant!!Love you so much!!!

  51. Several weeks ago Kara told Siobhan she didn’t
    know who she was as far as the music she will
    make. First, it was Aretha’s “Think”, then the
    Stones’ “Paint it Black” and now Country. Siobhan doesn’t have to be labeled, she has proven she can sing anything. I would love to know what Shania said to her on stage at the end of the show.

  52. I am glad Siobhan sang it out last night. These judges have been so skeptical that I think that was confusing and misleading for her. Think about most great female singers especially soul singers, they all SCREAM!! Now she’s back singing it naturally, the way she does! She rocks!!!

  53. I was really impressed with all the contestants. I thought they all brought their A games and did really credible jobs. Last night was a good testament that they deserved to make it this far in the show. Of course we all have our favorites, so I say good luck to all. I was especially surprised by Aaron. He is my least favorite but I think he did really well. Howevever, he’s not consistent and I think out of the group, it should be his turn to go; even though last nite wasn’t Crystal’s best performance and although I love Mike, I think some of the others are stronger artists. So we will see. Casey however was amazing. I’m definitely taking a second more serious look at him, if he keeps up what he did last night. And I’m glad to see Siobhan is bouncing back. I saw her perform on You-tube. She’s a good performer. I don’t know if I want her to win this contest, but I think she definitely has a future in the music business.

  54. I enjoyed last nights show – I thought it was one of the better nights and I think all did very well with the exception of Big Mike and Crystal –
    In order best to least:
    1) Casey
    2) Lee
    3) Siobhan
    4) Aaron
    5) Crystal
    6) Big Mike
    Don’t like Crystal or Big Mikes attitudes and arrogances. Big Mike to be sent packing.

  55. I don’t get it. What does Shania’s white teeth have to do with Crystal? Was Ryan trying to say Crys’ teeth are yellow? Why is everyone stuck on this?


  57. What is wrong with Casey…Simon Says ( LOL ) go over and kiss Shania on the lips..he doesn’t what is going on. How can you pass on that opportunity..all were good tonight ..thught Crstal was the weakest but I liked the presentation behind her. Crystal needs to stay ..everyone faulters. Anyone can leave tonight.

  58. hey there i think lee should go home big time and aaron was amazing last night i hope he wins so then we haver a new country singer. lol and everyone was great but i still think Lee should go home

  59. In conclusion,no one will go home tonight since everyone is good.The one to go home will be the audience. 😀

  60. @#79 Again. A gentleman waits for a lady’s permission to kiss her. Casey is a gentleman.

  61. Aaron is back. If he won’t be emliminated tomorrow and choose the right song he’ll be in the top 4. America loves AK! No doubt. 3 weeks in a row he wasn’t good but fortunately the american people still voted for him. He has a powerful voice, it’s just most of the time he lacks of confidence. But last night he nailed it. He’s my bet from day 1. Kudos

  62. ReeRee, I also am having a hard time as seeing Ryan’s comment about Shania’s pearly white teeth as being some sort of misdericted put down to Crystal.

    Anyway, here is how I rate last nights performances … from best to worst. With the top 3 being very close.

    1- Casey
    2- Shiobhan
    3- Aaron (biggest surprise of the night for me)
    4- Lee
    5- Crystal (biggest disappointment of the night)
    6- Mike

  63. Lee was the worst, IMHO. Absolutely off-key, he butchered that song so much I almost cried.
    Aaron did a very good job, but is it enough to keep him here for another week?
    Crystal was amazingly horrible, sorry for her fans.Obviously she can’t sing anything else but Janis Joplin style. Still Ryan’s words about white teeth were rude and he should be ashamed.
    Big Mike became boring and his falsetto doesn’t appeal me anymore.
    Siobhan has a good voice but doesn’t know how to use it to wow.Too childish, maybe, but very versatile and the most original of the whole bunch.
    I liked Casey’s performance, but no wonder if he won’t be the next American Idol.He lacks something, can’t figure what.
    As Shania would say, “they don’t impress me much”.Boring season ever.This is not American Idol, but American Joke.

  64. As stated earlier, I thought last night had a lot of twists and turns to it. Here is my review of each performer, in chronological order:

    1- Lee: All the Judges raved on and on in regard to Lee last night. I thought his performance was good, but not great. But, I do love the sound of this guys voice. The occasional pitchy points, just seem to add to his gritty style. While not the best last night, he is the only one whose record I might buy.

    2- Mike: Nothing wrong at all with Mike’s version of “It only hurts when I am breathing”. But, nothing really stood out to grab my attention either. And at this point, such a performance just wont do. Based on this performance, he should be the one to leave us this week.

    3- Casey: Casey seems to always do his best when he uses a acoustic guitar that doesn’t overwhelm his singing. And tonight was no exception. Possibly exceeded his rendition of “Jealous Guy” a few weeks back during Lennon-MaCarthy week. Best of the night for me.

    4- Crystal: I thought it would be Shiobhan who faltered singing country tunes. But, it turned out to be usual top runner Crystal who faltered the most. Who would have thought? But, it is good to see the Judges did not gush on and on over her lukewarm performance as I thought they would.

    5- Aaron: By far, his best performance of the season. Aaron always had a decent voice, but his stage presence and passion always seemed to lack a bit for me. Not on this night.

    6- Shiobhan: I truly expected Shiobhan to falter a bit on Country night. As I did not see this as being her style. But, she seemed to hold her own. Wasn’t her best performance, but still in the top 3 if you ask me. And for me, Shiobhan is the ONLY performer who has ALWAYS been in one of the top 3 spots, week in and week out.

  65. @ Steve #87… very well put – your comments and analysis; but to be fair, both crystal and lee have also been the top three, week in and week out for many weeks in a row until last night… though i am by no means a fan of crystal’s style or singing

  66. Siobhan’s lower register is weak and unimpressive and her over the top screeching is getting tiresome and irritably hard to listen to. I was impressed with Aaron last night as with Casey in showcasing his vocals and not the guitar although he plays it superbly. Lee has got such a unique sound but his stage presence still is missing a connection. Crystal’s choice of song was cute, but nothing to remember or praise about. Mike is going home tonight; he has a clean, pure sound, but boring and doesn’t seem so diverse in style.

  67. I think Siobhans “screeching” on each song is her trade mark and part of who she is. I think it is annoying, and yet – am always waiting for it and last nights wasn’t near as bad as some in the past have been. At least she did an upbeat, toe tapping song! The ballads – as some have commented on – are getting old and rough. We should be wowed, not put to sleep.
    Top 2:

    Middle 2:

    Bottom 2:

  68. most of the songs are soo sleepy weepy soppy
    the one with the sleepiest song and sleepiest lazy performance should go home and never come back..
    and the winner of the sleepiest performance and wins the ticket to go home is…>>> Big Mike…

    why ? coz he still did the same old thing of what he used to do in the last there was no surprises and nothing new added to his performance , just sitting there , looking heavy and boring….

    top halves
    Lee – just get better and better and better
    Crystal – we need her in this comp
    Casey – good enuff for a couple more weeks ,

    bottom halves
    Siobhan – we need her in this comp, she like an average-good-not bad singer but got star quality
    Aaron – good enuff for another week,,too much mellow stuff for a 16yo..Haeley Vaughn should still be in the comp..
    Mike – nothing else to say..just a lazy boring samey performance ,lack of idol staar quality

    this comp is not just a singing contest, if it just a singing contest, it should be on radio, (no visual)and should be named as American Voice Search or something..when it is an idol , u need to look like an idol to be idolize..that’s why u need visual , that’s why it’s on tv..

    sing the swangsong = Mike


  70. Ronnie@ #88 – I very much argeee with you in that Crystal, Lee and Shiobahn usually ALWAYS seem to be the ones in the top 3. But both Crystal and Lee had one exception. Crystals non top 3 performance was last night and Lee’s was when he did that bagged piped version of “Hey Jude”. Just my viewpoint.

  71. @ Steve # 94… i agree, and i think you’ve been overly generous to both Crystal and Lee, they had at least two not-so-good performances, plus they don’t take as big a chance as Siobhan… but, they also know what they are about and are able to influence the audience by “staying true” to themselves, while Siobhan experiments to allow her vocal range to show, she’s a brave girl and i know she’ll succeed, if not here now, it will be somewhere else in time, for sure if she stays with it!

  72. to cyphyr.number#68.
    if siobhan is frankensteins daughter.does that make crystal predators daughter.
    open your eyes man.even on her worst day,and no makeup,and crystal pimped up.she still would be a thousand times prettier.didnt u hear shania say to siobhan your always so beautiful.
    just being a straight shooter,sorry.

  73. Last night was ,imo,one of the best weeks this year. Shania twain seemed to be a really good mentor and not all wrapped up in herself but very generous.

    One thing I was looking forward to was the judging this week – for weeks the judges have been ‘pimping’ a couple of contestents and the talk on the internet and in the media was beginning to adversely affect the show. I think the more evan handed (honest) judging added to the show – nobody was really way off.

    I was embarrased for my girl trying to shame some guy to propose to her on TV (or in Las Vegas) but she’s still great!

  74. At first I was thinking Shania Twain songshuh?! But the contestants actually made it their own I was surprised, refreshingly so.

    1. Aaron_for once he sings a song that is believable coming from teh heart, he always has a great voice but it feels like he’s just mouthing the words. For the first time, you actually felt the emotions. It helps when he thinks of someone to sing a song to.

    2. Casey-for the second time, after the jealous guy song, this is one of his most heartfelt songs. I loved it. All the girls will feel this song. How can you let him go when someone sings into your eye “Dont let me go”

    3. Lee- was pitchy-subrap for me. His rocker voice does not translate well to country.

    4. Crystal-not her best, her weakest performance, but she sings well every single time except tonight, the judges werent as harsh as they normally are to other contestants, and what with the attidtude? Is someone getting cocky?

    5. Mike- somehow, I’m just not feeling his performances, feels contrived to me.He is not top 3 material.

    6. Siobhan-the screamy note came out of left field and felt out of place ina country song, sure, it’s her trademark, but it’s like having someone in jeans at an upscale wedding-out of place. She needs some serious voice lessons, it’s not all about screaming notes.

  75. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get anyone saying Cyrstal was boring.She showed personality,and smiled more.Yes,she had much better vocals,but she is always good,since day 1,and deserves oe off night.(Still was great vocals,JUST weird song.)Shiobon screams and is so nasal.Lee is great,but needs to show he can win more.Casey was great,along Mike.Aaron was great

  76. Aaron won the night! I have been an aaron kelly fan since aditions and i fell in love with him at the start! he did amazing last night and he should win. Crystal did horrible last night (sorry to all her fans) i hate her dreasd locks also. Casey did amazing too, i didnt even new he had a voice as smooth and countryish like that. Soibhan is so bad its getting funny. lee did a good clssical ‘lee’ performance. mike’s performance was cheesey and sort of sloppy.
    My order from best to worst.
    1. Aaron Kelly =)
    2. Casey James
    3. Lee Dewyze
    4. Big Mike
    5. Crystal Bowersox
    6. Soibhan Magnus
    who i think the bottom 3 is:

    Big Mike

    who i think is being eliminated: Big Mike

  77. Being housebound and alone the television is my time consumer and being in England I find American idol a wonderful break from the election campaign we are all having to suffer. I think the voting is fair and mostly agree with the comments by the judges. Ithink the six remaining contestants worthy of where they are and they all seem to be holding up to the stress and I have to be honset although i agree tonight was not her best performence crystal has always been my favourite she has a powerful
    and compassionate voice a pleasant and sincere personality which shows in her performence specially last week although she may have been seen as getting a little over emotional which for once for me made me realise she was not yet a true professional.but if she were ever to do a album of her own songs I would consider buying it as i think she is more than capable. siorban seems to try just a little to hard and big mike seems a litle out of place.and I have not quite made up my mind about the other three but was last week very impressed with the rendition of the boxer and that weeks show which was beutiful perfomed for desperate childen i was shocked that many of them were in th U.S.A. itself. but still I look forward to watching it every week regardless of who stays or goes. But theres one thing for sure for the last six to have got to where they are is success in itself and I believe most will have a future in music regardless.

  78. Great Show, By AARON and MIKE my favorites , crytal needs to look a bit prettier when she sings

  79. One thing I’ve learned in years of watching Idol is obviously different people have they’re own favorite styles, What is great for one is awful to another. Nobody is right or wrong. IMO all the contestants were amazing, however based on track record IMO Casey should go. Mike has been rather boring although last night he was at the top of his game. Lee is unique, his sound is fresh. Siobahn, is going to be a big star, she has an amazing vocal, but more important she entertains. Crystal, I thought was fabulous, This girl could sing the phone book, unlike Janis Joplin, who although incredibly talented sang one style, which is great for Bobbie McGee, but get’s old. Aaron is only restricted by his youth, If you close your eyes and listen to his vocals, he has one of the strongest vocals. I do believe he needs to age, but like David Archulta, I believe we’ll hear much more from this young man. They all were amazing last night, but someone has to go, I would say Casey, or Mike, possibly Aaron as I feel people are judgemental as to his youthful clean cut respectful demeanor.

  80. Cyrstal can always change up a look,although I don’t think it’s relavant.However what is major chopes she has.I don’t see any arrogance.If she is quiet,people say she needs more personality.If she shows spunk,humor with the boyfriend,and smiles more,than she is”cocky”give me a break!!!!!!I do think Mike can show more stage presence,but he said that the judges said he was too theatrical(remember Adam L. week?)So that is why he holds back.

  81. Wo does everyone think will win?????? Who will be the longest lasting after the show?????

  82. Lee- My FAVORITE one this season, even though he wasn’t the best last night he was still amazing and turned a country song into his own. He’s owns the stage every week and improves a lot.

    Aaron- My favorite last night and my second favorite out of the six. Last night he was himself which was country and the haters are stupid to say he’s bad because it’s hard turning a non country song and make it country. He’s also young so give him a break!

    Casey- My third favorite. He was unbelieveable last night. Thats the casey that most people including myself like and I hope he stays.

    Crystal- She would be my fourth favorite because I love her voice, but last night she wasn’t good. It was just okay and boring. I actually kinda want her to go home because she’s the 4th best in terms on voice, but i’m sick of the judges not liking anyone, but her.

    Big Mike- Love him as a person, but the singing is getting a little boring. It was really boring last night in my opinion although I liked the vocals.

    Siobian- I don’t like her or her singing. I use to like her in the beginning, but she changed. I didn’t really like her last night and I personally don’t get why the judges did. It’s her time to go although she has a strong fan base.

    So I’m a HUGE American Idol fan. If I miss a week I have to watch all the videos on youtube after. I like seeing it live better. With all that said this is the first season that I may not watch it anymore if my favorites don’t stay in. Not because I’m mad my favorites didn’t win, but because theres people that are still here this season that I personally don’t think should be. There time should of ended weeks ago in my opinion like with siobian and big mike. If lee and aaron go home I will no longer be watching the show this season.

  83. I thought Soibhan Magnus gave her strongest performance since Paint it Black. She has a very unique voice and sound already which – given the right material and a good producer – could do well on the radio, video, etc. She doesn’t sound like every other female artist out there on the market and has a lot of cross-over potential. I don’t see her doing Country however. Lol. Probably Contemporary Pop, Lite Rock, or Adult Contemporary. Don’t picture her as a Trend Setter either (unless she writes.)

    I thought Crystal Bowersox gave her weakest performance to date. She is still rock-solid, and again given the right material could do well in the music biz.

    The guys were all good, but my two favorites this Season remain Soibhan and Crystal.

  84. 1. Lee – The awsomest greatest vocal of the season
    2. Cassey- Needs to pick up his game but has some good vocals
    3. Sibahan- Has Great Vocals and it is not a screach it just shows she has the most singing range out of any one
    4. Crystal- Constantly borring and not intertaining songs and she always sounds the same anoying vocal(hope she gets voted off by surprise in an upcomming episode because it is borring to see her preformances that the CD’s would not be very well
    Arron- May have done good thisz week but come on he has one of the weakest vocals in the compiticion with probability of being a lon shot with his type of singing.
    Mike Lynch- Very unintertaining and borring sounds like a lounge singer nothing really worthy to move on

  85. Agree ric with most of your comments.We feel very dif about the girls left.I don’t see boring with Cyrstal.She has personality,just a little eclectic.I would recognize her on the radio-hands down,and she is always in tune.

  86. crystal is so boring. even if she sings up tempo songs, it’s the same boring sound…she should stick singing in small bars. she’s not gonna be a big star like kelly, carrie, adam lambert and other idols before her.

  87. I was ready for Siobhan to go. I don’t think she can sing other than the screaming. We all know she can hit those notes. What I want to know is can she really sing without using those notes? Makes you wonder.

  88. Shioban was amazing.

    So were Casey and Aaron!!!

    Crystal is boring, hope she doesn’t get into the top 3. That belongs to Lee, Casey, and Shioban 🙂

    Lee blows the rest out of the water, so talented.
    AARON (an innocent little lamb) IS ANOTHER clay aiken, did anyone ever buy/listen his music??? i didn’t.
    And big mike another Ruben Studdard.
    Although, Crystal is a great siger, I am not a fan of her style so I wouldn’t end up listening to her music.

  90. YAWNS…?Since Siobhan is gone,just skip everything and announce that Crystal is the winner.
    Oh please,all the guys suck big time.
    Why did most of the girls left so early??
    Any of the girls who left earlier on,can beat them.Examples>Lacey Brown,Lily Scott,Katelyn Epperly.

  91. Hi Aaron……That is my boy .You got a good voice.Sing with full confidence .You can
    go very very far….You are as good as David Archuleta…I love it so much……Keep up the good work Aaron.I am your big fan Aaron…..Bravo bravo bravo…

  92. What realy is BORING is that boring people keeps on saying that Crystal is boring! Saying it a million times does not make it true people!

  93. I love Reality Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NOTHING remotely boring about Cyrstal.She has never been in the bottom 3,so alot of people agree!!!!!!! The mentors and the judges love her too.She has a unique sound,and great stage presence.People are judgemental about her dreadlocks,that have nothing to do with amazing talent.SHiobon screamed,was nasal,and I would have never bought her CD.What do you think our fav will sing this week???

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