American Idol 2010 Top 6 Performances & Phone Numbers

Are you ready for some “Shania karaoke” tonight on American Idol 2010? The Top 6 are preparing to take the stage and hit us with their best Shania Twain performances so get ready and settle in for the show.

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American Idol Top 6 Performances:

  • Lee DeWyze – You’re Still The One – 1-866-436-5701
  • Michael Lynche – It Only Hurts When You’re Breathing – 1-866-436-5702
  • Casey James – Don’t – 1-866-436-5703
  • Crystal Bowersox – No One Needs To Know – 1-866-436-5704
  • Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got A Way – 1-866-436-5705
  • Siobhan Magnus – Any Man of Mine – 1-866-436-5706

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. Strangely, even though I think Shiobhan is the most gifted singer if this bunch. The one and only I would spend my money on is Lee. As he performs the type of music I much prefer to listen to.
    Crystal has a shot at my hard earned money as well. But, as good a singer as see is, I don’t see nothing that unique about her. And Shiobhan, is a very talented singer and probably the most unique of them all. But at the end of the day, her style is not what I want to pay money to hear. But any of these 3 winning the top spot would work for me.

  2. American Idol is for people who sing not for people who are cute or adorable it doesn’t matter if u’re ugly as long as you can sing and that’s what i saw in casey james even though his handsome this was his best performance ever

  3. how does siobhan have 17 percent of the vote when she hasn’t even sung? wow this is a great poll.

  4. ok…casey won the night, lee was second, crystal third, aaron fourth, screeching bride of frankenstein fifth, and mike the bore dead last….way to go casey…time actually scored ahead of bride and mike cause neither one should still be here.

  5. Not going to spoil anything for the west coast, but I have to say that I think the judges’ peeps have been reading the blogs. Because they sure changed their ways tonight. Just saying.

  6. Little bitter there chichi? Bride of Frankenstein is a little harsh!


    Bottom 3 = Mike, Crystal, Siobhan

    Mike to go home

  7. I love Aaron kelly he is a good singer and is cute. Also I do think they all did an amazing good tonight(04/27/10) And I am also from ohio so go mamasox 😀

  8. I think the panel better watch it back – Crystal was great – Siobhan was horrid!! Siobhan did the freakin scream AGAIN – she was all over the place – did they not hear that?? My husband & I were listening to it & both thought she was all over & missed many notes – the screaming is not pretty either! It is just plain annoying…

    Crystal on the other hand – listen to her again panel!! She hit all the notes & she sounded beautiful. I really felt that song when she sang it! I really hope they LISTEN to it again & recant ….

    I loved Lee & I didn’t think he made any funny faces!

    They were all great tonight other than Siobhan – do something different honey – if the screaming is your “money card” then you better get another card!

  9. Best To Worst Tonight:(Performance-Based Only)


  10. Crystal is my favorite. She is so crazy amazing and doesn’t seem to try hard to be that.She is naturally a beautiful talent and deserves to win it all not Lee. Some say Mike is one dimensional, well what other thing has Lee showed than the same old guitar strumming under raspy umclean vocals?

  11. Ya I didn’t really like Siobhan either. She is not that bad of singer but then she added that screaming crap. Shania Twain does not scream!

  12. All of the idol contestants were great tonight except the front runner Crystal. The judges gave 4 stars to Casey and Aaron. Simon being the critic that he is had to say something about Lee’s facial expression and he called Mike singing Wet in addition to Siobhan screaming referring to child birth. This week elimination will be hard to pick overall Lee Casey, Aaron and Siobhan were great. My predictions for tomorrow is Big Mike will go home.

  13. Bottom 2 or bottom 3 this week? Aaron had a moment. Actually sounded like a singer with a future. Shoiban didn’t waste the pimp spot. Those two should be safe. figure Mike and Casey for the bottom two. If they go three, that makes it between Lee and Crystal. Crystal had her weakest week but has been solid all season so I figure she may be safe despite tonight’s performance. That puts Lee in the bottom three but there is no chance he is going home. Hope they do bottom two from this point on. I figure Mike is going home. Didn’t see anything unique in his performance at all. Would I buy it? No way.

  14. Apparently you can hear too Ashley 🙂 I know Siobhan thinks that screaming is the her ticket to fame because Cara has made a big deal out of it but not everyone wants to hear screaming in a song. Siobhan probably had a lot of tantrums growing up! You have to “feel” the song NOT yell it…

  15. Terry, I know that is exactly what I was thinking my mom muted it. But I herd it from the other room. “Darn”. But oh well lets see what happens tomorrow!

  16. well lets hope mike is voted off so he can appear on a show he might just win…the biggest loser.

  17. Chichi Dont you think that is a little mean and K OMG I know right 😀 it is tough this year tho!!

  18. my ratings tonight

    1.siobhan.big pipes coming back.the scream is back.overall great.
    2.aaron.sounded very
    3.casey.again made the song his own
    4.mike.hard not to like that performance.
    5.lee.this is odd he is usally 1st.or 2nd.
    6.crytsal.missed notes,and pitch was terrible.she seemed to get defensive,and winey.

  19. well… unlike some people who’ve had botox and can’t move their facial muscles, Lee certainly can & should have some facial expressions or else he’d be criticized as being “too tight” again!

  20. That is funny Ashlee – I was downstairs watching while I exercised & my husband came down to comment on how much he didn’t like the yelling & she was also off, her voice did some weird noises that were NOT in tune.

  21. siobahn wins the night….. the end…………………………………………………….

  22. @Ashlee (25)

    Don’t mind Chichi.. seems a little bitter to me…. no biggie!

    But I do agree with her… Big Mike was bad tonight, again, and should be the one to go home!

  23. 1. Lee & Siobhan
    2. Casey
    5. Mike
    6. Crystal ( the worst of boring ..week after week )

  24. So far it looks like crystal’s weakest performance.. Siobhan is back, finally!! most of the people miss that HIGH NOTES AND NOT SCREAMING PART.. Wish her great luck and blessing.. I love U SIOBHAN!

  25. Crystal ur boring me to death.. Go Siobhan u really rock it out and made the song ur own.. you get my vote tonight!! 😀

  26. Lol and WOW got alot of diff opinions. This is going to be interesting!! Simon was also very harsh… well not very but was on the harsh side tonight!

  27. Siobhan was in perfect pitch tonight, hitting that big notes, she is really going for it.. she is really a very complete package and not boring like somebody.. Vote for Siobhan please! 😀

  28. Umm there is a difference between screaming and singing people. Sorry but she was not hitting the notes!

  29. They were all good tonight with the exception of Siobhan. Thought she was much too showy, her outfit didn’t go with the song and I’m weary of the screaming. Crystal was a little off tonight but still good. Just not her best. The rest were on top of the game tonight!

  30. Ur great Siobhan!! I understand that some old people don’t like u because they like old song but american idol is about getting current and u nailed it.. America vote for Siobhan please

  31. Ashlee – honestly I am tired of Siobhan – the needless screaching is getting on my nerves. I seriously like all of them right now but I do really like Lee, Crystal & Casey the most. I think Michael has a great voice as well. I think Aaron is young yet & is going places anyway but the older ones have lived a little longer & deserve a chance.

  32. Siobhan is now the choice of the VFTW site. She deserves the honor tonight. I found her interesting in the beginning, but now it’s getting to be “same old, same old” every week. She is no Adam Lambert, and I don’t know who compared her to him. Yikes. Not even in the same league. Not even close.

    Aaron and Casey stole the show tonight. I’m giving my votes to Aaron, because I feel that being the youngest he needs them the most. However, I like Casey, too.

    Lee and Mike both need to go home. I’m only saying Mike needs to be going home because I don’t believe in “the save.” He did not give the worse performance tonight, but I just don’t think it’s fair for him to still be around. In my opinion, Lee can’t sing in tune. Is anyone else hearing the pitch problems? Any musicians out there?

    I miss Tim – his great looks, his beautiful smile, his wonderful demeanor, and his really nice voice that I actually find quite nice. He would’ve made a really nice American Idol, someone teens could aspire to be. Now that he’s gone, I can only hope America will vote for Aaron.

    Tonight wasn’t Crystal’s best performance, but she’s got raw talent. When I think of American Idol, though, I think of someone with a “younger” feel. Someone who is older with a child just doesn’t really fit my image of what an American Idol should be. However, her career is already set, and I think she has amazing talent.

  33. Umm I am not old btw I have not even hit 25 and Yes I am to she is annoying and ya I have already covered all I need to say and I see where your coming from Joanne, I also miss him and I love aaron love what you put all around!! 🙂

  34. One more thing before I sign out – Jonas made a comment about “old” people not liking Siobhan because they like old song AND american idol is about getting current – well I am here to tell you that I LOVED Adam Lambert & thought he should have won because he was current & I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next. So this is about TALENT – yelling & screaching is not “current”….as Chris said, “nuf said”!

  35. Well I like Both Chris and Adam But I like how it turned out!! Because Adam is still singing and has a good singing career. As well as Chris! So ya lol but IDC who goes home tomorrow because I did not vote. Ha

  36. It’s close in the polls right now. Keep voting for Aaron folks. He needs the votes. He’s a prodigy, imho. Let’s support the young talent.

    As for Adam Lambert, he is just awesome. He has a very seasoned voice, and he sings in tune all the time. I used to look forward to his performances every week. I miss his performances.

  37. Ok well im going to bed… Ill well should be on tomorrow so ya haha ill talk to you then!!!
    I love American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. You are right Ashlee 🙂 It wasn’t that I didn’t like Chris because I did but Adam was so unbelievable – he made it so exciting every week & he never once disappointed me – the Johnny Cash song that the panel didn’t like? I loved his version! Adam is as big or even bigger hit than Chris so it doesn’t even matter at this point as they are all going places now…

  39. Hi! This is Lynne Morel, I finally got to see Shania Twain on American Idol, and I taped it to have a memory to treasure forever. I have been going through a major struggle at this time in my life. Shania is and will remain, even stronger of an idol of mine at this time frame of my lifetime. I in the past was able to grasp your lyrics and was farmilliar with all of your lyrics. Your songs, have such an impact on my life, as I have gone through similar obstacle and situation I have had to overcome. I just recently fell, and I am now using a walker. I am getting physio and occupational therapy, and also had to have surgery on the brain. I had a shunt replacement this one is located at the back. I had done a placement at the Shania Twain Centre. I have met her, have been to her concerts, and also at her homecoming, and the lining up for bracelet to meet and when I knew I was going to meet her. I was inspired, mesmorized and thankful, but unfortunately, I never have had a successful to treasure as a keepsake to have turned out. I also would like to give my sympathetic thoughts, for Shania’s grandma’s deceased.I just recently, took a course at the college, and had been nominated as a validictorian, but did not get chosen. I had done a placement at The Shania Twain Centre and had an average of 94%. Shania I have a brochure that I created about you in my words and was asked to do research to be more educated about your background on your life. I was offered a job. They had unfortunately hired their staff at that moment. I am also talented in the editing and writing area, as well a vocalist. I have been writing since such a young age, I began with poems, then lyrics,as well writing a book that I have almost completed. I am soon going to be recording in a studio, once again, and have previous experience in the area. I hope to someday meet you and have someone from a business such as the daily press to take a photo of us, to be able to keep as a memorabilia. From your fan, forever with love again as fan, Lynne Morel. You are my biggest inspiration, out of singer, that I had gotten and even more so now farmilliar with. Secondly, the other reason, is mainly because, I seem to write lyrics, that are based on your songs, but that was done conincendently. Love your fan forever and for always. Sincerely,

    Lynne Morel

  40. Did you hear Adam’s song in the movie 2012? Adam will do just fine. Adam is “unique” in a good way, and he’s a very kind and loving person.

  41. Mike did an ok job tonight, but the reason I’m not “cheering” for him is that he was already voted off by the fans. He’s only here due to the save. My feelings have nothing to with race. He’s a great guy with a lovely voice.

  42. My favorites are Casey, Aaron, and Crystal. I voted for both Aaron and Casey tonight. Aaron got most of my votes though.

  43. Hah i am back but not on for long and ya I know adam is bigger idk why tho oh well and I am not races i thought he did ok but he could have done better so ya!!!!

  44. Tiffani I feel the same way i also like lee he did not od horrable but not the best so them!!

  45. Tiffani I feel the same way i also like lee he did not do a horrable job but not the best either so idk I deff want aaron casy and crystal to stay tho!!

  46. Are you with the VFTW site, Leslie? Siobhan doesn’t deserve votes tonight. I did give her some votes earlier in the season, but lately, I’ve been unimpressed. I don’t think she’s “winner” material. She really needs a wardrobe advisor.

  47. Did any one besides me hear that dirty slam the “angel” Crystal directed at her boyfriend? “Maybe he’ll man up” What a crappy thing to say about a supposed loved one on national TV. I’m thinking she’s not the sweetheart she’s made out to be.

  48. I’m fond of all of them except for Siobhan. I cannot put my finger on why, but I have never been a fan of hers. And it has nothing to do with her screaming Sorry, no offense to the Siobhan fans here, it’s just my opinion. I dunno…uh…

    I listen to a lot of everything, from; old school salsa, rock n roll, blues, old school metal, rap jazz, bluegrass, disco…etc. I love it all. All of the contestants are very talented in their own unique ways. Even though Siobhan is not my favorite, I can understand why some would find her attractive as a singer.

  49. I’m fond of all of them except for Siobhan. I cannot put my finger on why, but I have never been a fan of hers. And it has nothing to do with her screaming. Sorry, no offense to the Siobhan fans here, it’s just my opinion. I dunno…uh…

    I listen to a lot of everything, from; old school salsa, rock n roll, blues, old school metal, rap, jazz, bluegrass, disco…etc. I love it all. All of the contestants are very talented in their own unique ways. Even though Siobhan is not my favorite, I can understand why some would find her attractive as a singer.

  50. Hey people!! lets not fight with each other… I do think that we should praise who we want to vote.. no need to say something bad with ur least fave contestants… anyway, can u sing like them? just praise ur fave contestant and let other people praise theirs please… well.. I like Siobhan

  51. Canyon,

    We don’t know what type of relationship Crystal has with her boyfriend. For all anyone knows, the guy could be an absolute tool with a nerve to put Crystal down for her place on Idol. Maybe he is her baby’s father and isn’t spending enough time with his kid, or anything else perhaps. Who knows?

    Then, maybe he didn’t deserve what she said. It’s all useless speculation, really. As far as her being a “sweetheart” goes, hun even “sweathearts” have bad days and sometimes make decisions against better judgement. That’s being human, living life in the moment.

  52. Crystal has an awesome voice and if she wins AI I hope she can handle the spotlight. I witness a different side of Crystal tonight and her comments about her boyfriend weren’t necessary. It was not like she was being interview and we needed to hear that. Crystal should think before she speaks.

  53. My grades of top 6 Contestants this week

    Lee- B plus
    Crystal C Plus
    Aaron- A
    Casey- B
    Mike- C plus
    Siobhan- B minus

    The bottom 3 this week- Mike, Crystal and Siobhan based on perfomance
    Crystal- Bottom 3
    Siobhan- Bottom 2
    Mike- This week elimated Contastant

  54. Hue, who are you to regulate the opinion of others? Everyone on this board has been respectful of everyone else’s opinion until you. If you doubt that fact then perhaps you haven’t spent much time on message boards in general.

    Oh and by the way, I am a working singer and rhythm guitarist. My vocal style comes from delta blues, jazz, rock n roll and old school R&B. I have been doing this for years and I’ve got something very real and raw but what difference would it make for me to tell you if “I can sing like Siobhan,” as the way of justifying my opinion that Siobhan is my least favorite? Besides…as a singer, why would I want to try and immulate Siobhan’s voice if I’m not interested in her vocals? lol. I have nothing to prove to you and no one else here does either.

  55. They’d better check Simon’s and Kara’s dressing rooms for giant pods, cause either the body snatchers were there or we bloggers are more influential than we thought. What a complete turnaround in their reaction to both Siobhan and Crystal. Or are they just setting Siobhan up for a nastier time down the road?

  56. Siobhan is just ahead of Aaron at the poll at Rickey dot org. Go over there and cast your vote for Aaron!

  57. Not Crystal’s night at all… Lee has been consistently the best in my opinion but tonight Casey did better… Little Aaron is simply amazing… and Siobhan is always Siobhan! Mike will finally be able to go home to his family.

  58. Go Siobhan!! She totally rocked. Her singing was GREAT! Unlike Crystal! Boooring. The guys wel, they all did great, Lee and Aaron did the BEST for Sure!Crystal needs to go home.

  59. Lee DeWyze – You’re Still The One. He is s good singer, the best of the guys IMHO. But he still needs to break free of whatever pain he harbors. Please smile dude. Loosen up. Good song choice.

    Michael Lynche – It Only Hurts When You’re Breathing. I expect something bigger from Big Mike. He doesn’t deliver it. (girlie?) sigh,

    Casey James – Don’t. Nice song, nice singing, but nothing to say “Wow” about. I think he is more of a rocker than a crooner. Judges disagree with me. OK.

    Crystal Bowersox – No One Needs To Know. I really liked this performance. I disagree with the judges again. I think this was one of her best. She went a bit country. Imagine that. Crystal Bowersox sang country. She did a very good job. She introduced some new sounds and performance enhancements. I wasn’t bored with her this week.

    Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got A Way. Not Bad, pretty good, But I can’t say it was all that. When he grows up, he might be great. Someday, but not yet. However, this may have been his best so far.

    Siobhan Magnus – Any Man of Mine. I have no doubt. She deserves to be the American Idol.

    Siobhan will not be the favorite of boring people – that’s for sure

  60. @ Tiffani #86: I don’t know or care if he’s her baby’s father. Not the point. She should have more class than to air that on TV. It seems like one more manipulative ploy for sympathy and votes. Crystal is poor, boo hoo . Crystal is sickly. wah wah. Crystal is stressed and wants to leave the show, sniff sniff. Crystal’s boyfriend won’t marry her, collective aawwww. What a drama queen. How neglectful is he? He was in the audience not at a tractor pull somewhere. Not to mention she’s a mess and always looks like an unmade bed despite the stylists. She makes me sick.

  61. @ Canyon #95… you have some strong feelings there… I do agree with what you are saying minus the emotions.

  62. Well tonight was super in my opinion 🙂 I loved them all in their own styles. I feel will be very difficult to see someone out as all of them really deserve to be there.
    I think after too much deliberation with myself because I dont want anyone to leave that Mike will be the one and just because he is not the most popular. His performances always are great and he is the only one that knows perfectly his style and what kind of artist he wants to be. Is a pity that someone must go but also is a fact that this will be happening.
    Everyone was for Chrystal until tonight lol people now is not liking her? she is a strong contestant and always performs flawless. Tonight she did a very good job not being her type of music. I think the judges or someone reads this posts because they really change their attitude towards everyone. Confusing tho… Ellen is the only one that always is positive. Randy has been THE judge this season, Simon changed and his comments are out of contest and Kara for me has nothing to do there the flirt and the I dont know who you are makes me sick.
    Aaron was amazing tonight he did really a wonderful performance, dont know if is enough as he has not done well many weeks. I loved Lee’s song choice, suited him perfectly and he performed pretty well. Casey surprised me, I am not a fan of his style but tonight I loved his performance. Siobhan for me is and always will be the best, she is so versatile. Even she dresses horrible that is not a runaway competition but a singing one and there she is a hell of a singer.
    Having said all the above bottom 3 sadly: Mike, Chrystal and probably Lee or Aaron. Nevertheless good luck to everyone.

  63. i agree with you marta…..siobhan is very versatile………hehehehehe yeah maybe crystal,mike and arron

  64. Speaking of attire, does it appear to anyone else that Kara is always way overdressed? The way she dresses, you’d think she were one of the performers. All of the other judges look casual next to Kara. She always looks like she’s going to a black tie affair or something. Would she wear an evening gown to a baseball game? She’s a beautiful woman, and she looks great all the time, for sure. However, she would look more “professional” and judge-like if she didn’t overdo it with her attire.

  65. If I were to give a fair critique of the performances tonight, the bottom three should be Mike (didn’t excite me), Lee (intonation), and Siobhan (screechy).

  66. The peoples critics are more on Siobhan they say her clothings is horrid, they hate her annoying screaming and screeching voice and when she does not scream people say she is boring and nobody wants to buy her album and they hate her and want her be go home fast and I really feel pity for her cause the judges also don’t like her well I can only say 1 thing no matter everybody who dislike Siobhan I just hope she stay until top 5 cause to be until top 5 is already very good enough cause most people dislike her so I am gal and I like Siobhan cause she is unique in her own style and she speak her mind to the judges although her voice at times not so good but she try her best although she will not be the winner of American Idol cause Siobhan is the only one who gets the worst critics amoung the rest. For those people who hate Siobhan so much when she goes home you can stop critic about her cause you all will be very happy to see Siobhan going home.

  67. I don’t think anyone “hates” Siobhan. When someone has the arrogance to enter this contest, they are saying to the world: “I think I’m the best singer in the country, and I think I can win American Idol.” When you do this, you open yourself up for the criticism. It’s part of being a performer. When you perform, you will always be judged. People who don’t have thick skin shouldn’t be in the business. Tim Urban had the best attitude of any of them. He is a good-looking, confident guy who will go far, and I would love to meet his parents. I wish they would’ve had an “Osmond” week, because I think Donny Osmond would’ve made a great mentor for Tim.

  68. unfortunately both girls not as good as the guys tonight… well maybe except big mike

  69. CRYSTAL is boring us to death ..we see from Asia…and we hope she goes home tonight

  70. Chichi must be sick, complaining Siobhan…i am sure she , her mother, grandmother, cannot make a word not even to scream…all deaf generation

  71. How many singers can scream well when singing a song?Be it like it or hate it,it is a TALENT. (:

  72. I’ll vote for Aaron. I like his subtle style. And his voice is good. He’ll go further.
    I also think Crystal is a talented singer.

  73. GO SIOBHAN…Those people who do not recognize your versatility have low IQ’s or maybe just boring!!They want old stuff and they think that high notes are just “screams”…those are just long sustained edgy notes.My golly, where have all the peoples’ common senses gone?

  74. Way to go Casey!! You stole the show, as I keep saying…. you’re ledgend!! My top fav!!!!

  75. casey was great and he has a beautiful voice that makes me relax and so talented he desirve to stay to the finally just ammazing

  76. I think Aaron Kelly his voice is good and Lee Dewyze and Casey James also have amazing vocals but as for Crystal her singing is just like the same every week although she is a good singer but it can be boring at times so I think the guys really did a good performance so who do you think deserve to be the winner of American idol this year is it Crystal Bowersox, Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze or Casey James?

  77. Shioban does nothing but screach, tired of hearing that…I would definitely not pay any money to hear that crap!

  78. 1. Casey
    2. Aaron
    3. Lee
    4. Crystal
    5. Siobhan
    6. Mike
    Siobhan’s screaming is old and does nothing for me. Mike is ALWAYS a bore. Aaron’s vocals are consistantly best – there is nothing he can’t sing and he has a great future in music. Crystal is usually my favorite but I didn’t really like that one last night. Lee is always good, and the last two weeks Casey has really impressed me. So I disagree with the judges oh well………

  79. Siobhan and Casey were really good last night. I could take or leave the rest of them. Siobhan does not scream/screech…she can just hit higher notes than anyone else. She has the best range of anyone in the competition. Tonights bottom 3 in my opinion are: Big Mike, Aaron and Crystal. Aaron will go.

  80. shania’s night performance best to not good –


    lee, i am a fan and you’re always great but you weren’t comfortable vocally at the beginning of the song not playing your guitar

  81. I’m sorry folks, but Siobhan cannot sing. I almost had to leave last night when she was singing it was so horrible and did you see Shania’s face? The rest of my family agreed! I know many of you are going to be mad at me for this, sorry! I’m a professional singer/songwriter/recording artist and I always give the singers the benefit of the doubt, there has been some of her performances that were cool but she is always pitchy in her lower range and the high screeching notes were impressive once or twice but she’s NEVER shown anything new. I’ve never, ever commented on one of these in my life, but had to share my opinion this time. If Mike goes home before Siobhan, I’m not watching anymore, I can’t stand to ever see her again.

  82. The judges wer rough on Bowersox, but she is still the best. We have the teenie boppers voting for the guys because of their looks. American Ido should be a singer I think Mike or the screamer should go tonight.

  83. I would like to see the Idols sing Bee Gee songs. Casey James has a twang to his voice like the Bee Gees.


  85. Go SIOBHAN!!!! Her voice is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!he definitely should be the IDOL winner. Shame on Simon for knocking her down each week. He doesn’t really know talent if he’s praising the awful voices of Casey and Aaron.We love you Siobhan!!!

  86. Based on the most recent perfomance,
    (From top to bottom)-
    Siobhan 🙂
    Based on overall-
    Siobhan 🙂

  87. I am so tired of hearing about Siobhan. She is the worst of all of them and shouldn’t have even made the top 10. She has two voices–either too low and soft with no projection–or screaming/screechning. I don’t care about how she dresses. The top three should be Lee, Casey and Crystal. Siobhan or Aaron need to go. Big Mike is in the bottom three. He has a good voice, but boring to me. Aaron is too young and inconsistent. Sometimes he sounds good, but sometimes too shakey. Also, he has a kind of Barry Manilow style that I am just not a fan of. Some people like it–just not my style. Lee gets my vote all the way!!

  88. For the most part they all had a great night. WELL except for Siobhan, ok what was that!! first off if it’s was country week why the scream? I think thats how she knows she will get the vote. Her days are few for the show. She is not the Idol! and if you all really watched last night then you have to agree. There were better singers last night. Crystal is too over confident now, she has been my fav buttttt hmm not liking the I am good no matter what the judges say she need to humble herself again. Just because of the way its gone for to date,and she’s been the favorite for alot of fans, well that doesnt mean the season favorite always wins Remember.. past seasons?. Unfortunatley I think Big Mike is headed home; 🙁 but I really would like to see Siobhan GO she is just too over the top and I believe she has not found her place she can sing but .. for instance Crystal’s southern rock, country. Lee is altern rock. Casey blues southern ,country. Aaron is country. Mike is R&B. Shioban is What??? she dont even know which way she is going, She is not the talent Adam Lambert is not even close. You could tell by the way Shania’s face was when she chopped her song rewind and look when the others sang her songs she was so happy excited and would wave, hug and show the contestant they done her proud. I think she was not impressed in my opinion. body language says it all. Aaron was great!! his mom should be proud!!! Lee is going to win and then crystal and casey!!!



    I HATE THEM!!!


  90. country songs need special voices… Casey, Siobhan and Lee have it.. Crystal not good!!! she got the voice but not suitable to sing country song.. Mike is the worst!!!! Aaron is ok.. Casey and Lee is the best.. Sioban is good too but except the screaming part.. im sick and tired of her screaming. Her voice is special enough and good enough for country…

  91. I totally agree with everything you just said Ellen! Aaron did a great job last night and I think he has a real future in the music biz, but he’s very young and it shows in his inconsistency. I’m honestly not sure how Siobhan ever made the top 24 in this competition. I’ve heard many horrible karaoke singers who can hit one great high note, but that does not a singer make! It’s almost a joke to hear her, not sure what the judges are hearing? Mike has an amazing voice and real soul, but Lee, Crystal and Casey are the winners here and any one of them could win it, I’d be happy either way. I pray that Siobhan goes home tonight, Aaron next week, then it can be Mike’s turn.

  92. Siobhan should go home tonight, she can sing but she should do opera, not american idle type I think opera is her thing. Crystal can sing, so last night she wasn’t that good but you can’t say she was as bad as other contestents on other nights, at the end it should be:
    1 Crystal or Lee
    3 Casey
    4 Arron
    5 Mike
    when it gets to the end it is who’s voice you choose to listen to even if you are away from the TV in the kitchen getting a snack. I could listen to Lee all night, I think Mike would make a great Christmas album with the tone of his voice I would buy it.

  93. I still think Crystal is the most talented there, so my picks are still Crystal and Casey.

    Mike and Aaron need to go home.

  94. Hmm.. still concerned that Lee has published his 2nd album – doesn’t that make him a “professional” and thus should not be part of this…..

    … as I said earlier, all were very good. If I kept my eyes closed, even Shoi was pretty good except the scream, but open my eyes and the daughter of Frankenstein greets me {shudders} – that girl needs some class. Has a very good voice and has had some nice song “parts” – but, well, she just doesn’t do anything (muscially and visually) for me. She would rock on the Make Over – How Not To Dress show.

    … Crystal – I love ya girl, but that was NOT a good performance – stick with the Bonnie Raitt and Janice style andf bury the C&W. Or at least pick a diffenent style to use with it.

    …Lee was good, but get rid of the geetar – it distracts you. He should sing like he did on the 3rd track of the new album (Annibelle) – awesome. Or do a Bruce Springstein thing.

    … Big Mike – very tired of the falsetto – give us something different dude – big, strong, emotional – if you survive the evening.

    … Casey – though not my favorite – was very very good. Focused on singing and delivered. Very good.

    …Aaron. Wow. That was an eye opener. Very very good. Might just keep you around and learn from it – great song choice – excellent delivery.

    All said IMVHO {smiles}

  95. My two least favorites last night were Crystal and Lee and they are usually my favs….I loved Aaron, Casey and Big Mike…Siborhn (spelling), I did not like…I dont usually like here though. I am not sure who should go home…Crystal was the worse of the evening, but one bad night should not send her home. I hope its shiborn…, I guess

  96. And my rankings for the evening:
    1. Aaron
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Shoibon
    5. Crystal
    6. Mike

    Now if I look at it overall…..
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Shiobon
    5. Aaron
    6. Mike

    and 4,5,6 are almost interchangable.

  97. I wish you could vote the worst instead of the best. Siobhan needs to go away. Her voice is all over the place. Some weeks she seems to have control, and others are horrible. Last night was horrid even before the scream. I was shocked the judges found it even tolerable much less good. I was wishing they could sound the gong and have her taken off the stage in the hook of a cane.

    My prediction about who will go off each week:
    Week 6: Arron
    Week 5: Siobhan
    Week 4: Casey
    Week 3: Mike
    Week 2: Lee
    Winner : Crystal

  98. What did Kara have on her neck? It looked like some kind of barnacle growth. I’ve never seen such a large adornment, and it hung in weird way. Didn’t know if anyone else noticed the growth.


  100. of tonight,period
    2.aaron.probably going home.but good
    3.casey.took it up a notch
    4.lee.looks constipated when singing
    5.crystal.not nowhere good tonight.its a shame
    6..mike.bottom 3 no doubt.

  101. Casey was the clear winner tonight. Lee was a little off when he started out and then pulled it together later. Aarons best performance yet. Mike sang well but the song was too sappy and boring.

    Crystal sounded great as usual but not the best song choice and the band missed a couple beats. Also with her past performances being so great this seemed a little lack luster in comparison.

    Siobhan sounded good but the scream was too much.

    I predict Mike is going home, but if it were up to me I would send Aaron home even though he was good tonight he is just not in the same league with the others.

  102. ok SAMO!!!!! look i am also sad 4 tim but aaron is like the BEST 1 thr! he is so gifted 4 a 17 yr old! so back off SAMO! k! only losers r fans of casey so HA! LOSER!

  103. omg!!!! i love aaron kelly!!!! 🙂 i am sooo sad for tim!!! 🙁 what is wrong with america?! why did he have to leave!!?? the only two i can depend on are lee and aaron!! vote for them please!

  104. hey i loved the way crystal sung shes the best but the song was not a right song for her i love crystal bowersox you still are the best ………………………..

  105. can’t believe that there are many out there that can’t understand the meaning of true inner artistry. Crystal is, by far, the only one who has it and is consistantly true to herself. That’s what true talent is all about. Each week all the others bumped around trying to do what they think they understand that they were told, never actually feeling it nor understanding it….if your only a good voice minus the artistry then you never rise above singing in local bands and weddings. Crystal has the vision and artistry to sing any song her way withoug having to be told to make it her own….there is no need to think it out, it’s just there always. For this she has the ability to rise far above the others regardless the outcome of the competition.

  106. SAMO i think u SERIOUSLY need to c a hearing specialist. if thought tim was good and u think aaron kelly sux (which any1 wit eyes and ears knows is SO UNTRUE!) then u OBVIOUSLY cant recognize true talent because AARON KELLY IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD! so go c ur dr or get a hearing aid! VOTE FOR AARON KELLY!!!!!

    xoxo~tosha <3

  107. naw crystal is the best out of all of them aaron is the 2nd best so get over it

  108. I think Lee and casey were the best of the night. Lee makes faces sometimes but so what. So do alot of singers. His tone is just awesome. Crystal is great too. Out of all of them the only record I would buy would be Lee. Maybe Crystals..Off tonight will be Mike I am hoping then Aaron.

  109. Casey can’t sing, Lee screams, Siobhan is extremely talented, and Aaron is very good for his age. I will admit that he is a bit shaky. Mike is good but he’s full of himself, Crystal is great, but she has a weird tone, Overall, Casey and Lee aren’t cut out to be in the intense part of the competition. Please hear with your ears and not your eyes America!!

  110. Overall…
    1.Crystal-A True Star and My Am Idol
    2.Casey – A Dreamboat with talent
    3.Siobhan – Don’t stop screaming or believing
    4.Aaron – Fine wine that needs to be aged
    5.Lee – Which one is he? Forgettable…
    6.Mike- Underrated: Cuz he’s not a dreamboat?

  111. I don’t know what y’all are listening to, but Shioban is HORRIBLE! And has been for about a month. I think Crystal is boring. Casey is good. Mike shouldn’t have been saved. Aaron didn’t do great, but not to bad either. Lee is my favorite, I love his voice! It’s so sexy, and unique. Gosh, I really hope he wins, it he goes home tonight Imma going to be really mad. Lee DOES NOT scream! That boy can sing! BTW David Cook and Chris Daughrty both had albums out before Idol too. The rule is you can’t be UNDER CONTRACT it’s perfectly legal to put out your own.

  112. I think the girls stink, Crystal is full of herself and the other sounds like she is in pain! Lee will win this year, I will be shocked if he doesnt!

  113. Lee is the best overall. He may not have had his best performance last night, but he’s always good. I love him! Love his voice! Plus he’s hot (not that it means anything).

  114. mick olny 1 because the men did not wun.t hem to live so blam it in him.and S was so good but i did.t like the siming prat (PS.I.M SORRY S)

  115. Well, glad to see Siobhan is finally gone – I will be able to enjoy Idol once again. Her goodbye song – more screaching! 🙁 A pathetic attempt to “show” everyone what we will be missing. I can tell you I will not miss that! I have to say when she was actually singing I thought she was pretty good, then the scream would erupt & I would once more turn off the volume until she was done.

  116. Crystal she should win this years IDOL
    Lee # 2
    Casey # 3
    The rest of them are ok but will never realy
    make it big singing–

  117. I am very happy bout 2nite, no more screaming! Hope Casey is next, BIG Mike is better and deserves it more! Crystal has been built up 2 much, shes no where near Janis J, she wishes. Aaron is sweet and will go no matter what. Lee will win.

  118. I like Lee as well, I also like Casey, still think Crystal is good but she needs to tone down the attitude

  119. For nostalgic reasons as well as talent I go with Casey, but Crystal is the one to watch, she may well win.

  120. Attitude is an important component. I think Crystal is great and she has been true to herself all along.

  121. When noticing the polls when it comes to Michael, I believe that a lot people are basing their votes on the color of a person’s skin due to lines being always busy when it comes to voting for “Big Mike”. I’m not prejudice and I wouldn’t dare base a person’s singing ability on their race but its starting to show because Mike is always in the bottom three every week. He really did a sincere job on the song this week, like I stated again and again when it comes to voting for him the lines stay tied up. Please do not continue to allow his votes to be hindered from coming in, we as voters will begin to think that the contest is rigged and no one wants to just to that conclusion. Leg the performance speak for itself, and let the voters call in freely without being hindered in the voting process. Thanks!!!!

  122. I think regardless of what the people at American Idol say the show is either rigged or fixed for certain people to do well according to who the people on the show want to win not the general public.



    BIG MIKE another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner…., didn’t do well with sales.

    Aaron, the innocent little lamb, another Clay Aiken. Not good with CDs.

  124. Mike is another RUben Studdard, did you all buy his CD’s when he won??????????????



    BIG MIKE another Ruben Studdard, from previous American Idol winner…., didn’t do well with sales.

    Aaron, the innocent little lamb, another Clay Aiken. Already had that.

  126. just think -are you actually going to buy Mike or AAron CD’s when they come out??????????

    DID U ENJOY CLAY AIKEN OR RUBEN STUDDARD??????(previous American Idols “winners”)… because it is the same guys, lets switch it up this season.

  127. Are we watching the same channel for pete’s sake. How the heck did Big Mike and Aaron sing better than Siobhan ? SHe had some bad nights but her originality and voice is the best they ever had. I think Simon got frustrated and tried to make a pass on her and se refused. same for Kara. What does she know about singers.
    I think the phone lines got crossed and I can’t see why THEY didn’t keep the SAVE for Siobhan or whatever. That’s it for AI for me. Not interested in the other so-called same-o voice tones.

  128. to that so called songwriter SHAWNA. You’re no more a songwriter than I am a butcher. I play professionally. Anybody swho takes Siobhan under his wing will have success. She is unique, doesn’t copy. She just needs a little coaching. Period. So stop bashing her and get a life. Aaron needs to change his diaper. Crystal is boring , same tone etc..etc.. The only one decent there is Siobhan, Casey and Lee. The rest can leave RIGHT NOW.

  129. Whoa Undertaker! Talk about negative! I am stating an opinion and you just crossed the line… PERIOD! I have nothing further to say and now know why I have never involved myself in anything like this. Either way, I’m sending the positive energy and love UNDERTAKER. Pleasing name choice by the way… lol:)

  130. All our remaining contestants are great and they are talented, no doubt about that. Going to be a real photo finish.

  131. Casey is my fave, and then Lee. I can’t believe Casey has been in the bottom 3 the last couple of weeks. Omg, are you people listening?? Did you hear him last week?? I bought the full length recording of “Don’t” on itunes, it’s amazing!! Casey fans, vote! He should be the next American Idol. Lee is really good too, I love his voice. I think Crystal should be number 3, I love her confidence and how she really knows her style. Aaron is sooo sweet, what a great kid! I’d like him at #4, and big Mike needs to go. Seems like a nice man, but I agree completely with Simon, he’s too dramatic. He’d make a great broadway star though. oh, and btw, if Howard Stern is a judge next year, I won’t be watching.

  132. Ok…I will listen more closely to Lee since clearly he has fans. Let’s face it, once you are down to the final 5 or 6, you have a strong group all who have potential. They all can capitalize from this experience. For me there’s something different about Crystal I I find appealing. She is my personal fav but good luck to all…

  133. Well Lee hit a home run tonight – totally agree with the judges on this one! I wish Casey had done as well because I really like him.

  134. i watch american idol and all 5 did good but kasey was good but not that good tonight ……….. aaron he sung real good he was # 2 on my list …………………… big mike was good better then last week …………… lee he was alright he could sing better if he would listen to his heart …………….. most of all crystal rocked she was # 1 she is the best i love you crystal bowersox…..

  135. Would Lady GAG please go away. I loved hearing from Harry Connick. American Idol has never had anyone mentor with that much musical acumen. He should be a regular on the show, make him a judge.

  136. I know this post is gonna draw some criticism so please be easy on me guys, I do not mean to offend. I truly love Lady Gaga, but am old enough to know that everything she does has already been done by Madonna. Everything! Crosses, angels, catsuits, whips, erotic male dancers, crazy get-ups, mask, sexual ambiguity. Listen to Hernando, then listen to Isla Bonita. That said, I repeat, I like her because she is basically Madonna 2010.

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