American Idol 2010: Top 5 Recap

It wasn’t that great of an evening for most of the contestants but two of them really outshined everyone and showed us why they could be the next American Idol

Harry Connick Jr. was an awesome mentor.  He was hilarious and wrote the arrangements for each of the songs the contestants chose.  He gave them the best advice I’ve heard so far from any mentor. 

Aaron Kelly was up first and sang “Fly Me To The Moon”.  It was pretty good.  Harry showed him how to hit the notes and stay on pitch by using the piano to play the note Aaron was singing and allowing him to hear how he was going sharp.  Randy says it was a really good job.  Ellen said the piano was a little pitchy.  Kara thought it was good but not as strong as last week and Simon said it didn’t have enough conviction.

Casey James gave it a try with “Blue Skies” but ended up not staying in pitch and was all over the place.  Randy said it was his worst performance.  Ellen thought it was a bad idea to have the piano on stage.  Kara said he sounded like a lamb when holding out the notes and that his vibrato was out of control.  Simon said it wasn’t fantastic and he came across awkward and uncomfortable.

Crystal Bowersox sang “Summer Wind” and Harry says there’s nothing I need to tell you, you know what is happening.  A great compliment.  However when it came to her performance tonight she was boring.  It was a pretty version and she hit her vocals but it wasn’t the right song.  Randy said it was a subdued performance, a little sleepy; Ellen thought she needed to loosen up a little more; Kara liked her phrasing and Simon expected better.

Big Mike Lynche really nailed it with “The Way You Look Tonight”.  He had excellent vocals and was spot on with the melody and the big notes.  I loved it.  Randy thinks Mike is in it to win it; Ellen said he has the most comfort on stage and moves easier than everyone else; Kara said he found the drama in the song and didn’t lose himself and Simon said he put himself back into the game.

Lee Dewyze closed the show with the best performance of the evening.  He sang “That’s Life” and showed personality and moved around on the stage.  I liked him so much better without the guitar.  Randy loved it; Ellen was distracted by Harry’s organ; Kara thinks Lee can win this thing and Simon said Harry brought out his personality and confidence with the arrangement and it was by far the best of the night. 

I think Aaron and Casey will be the bottom two and unfortunately Casey will probably be going home.  Can you hear me sniffling?