American Idol 2010 Top 5 Elimination Results Tonight


Could we get two shocker results in a row with tonight’s American Idol results show? If the Judges Save hadn’t been put in to play already to save Big Mike then this would have been the last week for it to see action. Without a safety net tonight whoever gets the fewest votes will be heading home while the rest move on to the Top 4. Who do you think it will be?

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While we wait to see which two singers got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

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  1. I think it was the worst night ever! And Casey really sucked! Seems like he wasn`t even able to sing at all… Sounded terrible! He should go home.

  2. It’s a shame that anyone has to home this week. The sound was so bad that we viewers have no idea how these singers really did. It’s like trying to judge a beauty contest on the basis of some fuzzy, out of focus, amateur snapshots.

    What’s worse, the sound guys tinkered with the things between each performance, so each performance was recorded a little better each time so that Aaron was at a real disadvantage and Lee had a real advantage.

  3. yeah i agree with Ann worst night ever…bottom 3 crystal,casey and aaron…….boring

  4. What are you guys talking about? I thought they ALL did really well. Casey was a little off but all things considered, he didn’t totally tank. Aaron was actually my least favorite. But with all that not withstanding, I thought the judges critiques were unduly harsh and that they all should have gotten some kind of props for doing a good job. Lee and Mike were in thier element. I was actually really surprised by Mike. But Crystal was really good. I wonder if the judges are coming down on her because America thinks they have been playing favorites all along; which this turnabout is a slap in her face and also because they don’t have faith as we get closer to the end that she really wants this. Especially after it was leaked that she wanted to leave. Harry C. was a really good mentor. I think he really contributed a lot to taking them all to another level and that it was disrespectful as hell for the judges to make the comments that they did. But then that’s just my lowly opinon. Any one of them could leave based on the performances, because they all did good and all should be proud of themselves. They held their own.

  5. Casey should go home. It doesn’t seem like any of this fazes him one way or another, kind of the way Jason Castro acted. I don’t believe he is interested in a national career. He’ll do the tour, make a nice chunk of change, have an adventure and thats it.

  6. I’ve never been a big fan of Lee, but h was god last night. Crystal was as boring as ever. Aaron’s singing was fine, but I thought his hair and clothes had the look of a small town recital, and that could hurt him. My bottom 3: Casey, Crystal and Mike [the Sinatra hat was cheesy].

  7. THIS WAS A VERY BORING NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. -I think that Casey or Aaron should go home tonight and Mike was fabulous last night and for all you Mie haters maybe you should really listen to his beautiful voice.

  9. The show has gone from 100,000 trying out to 5 and the judges still critize 3 of the 5 performers. Give me a break! They were all good eventhough Mike and Lee were the best. I think the judges need to go. We need a fresh batch that isn’t so critical.

  10. Based on the performances last night, I thought Casey would be the next idol to be eliminated tonight, though i really hate to see anyone of them to leave the idol stage. Lee was the best and Mike came in second. Crystal did just ok but i thought i’d be enough for her to stay in the competition, and so as Aaron.

  11. All you Aaron haters can back off. The kid can sing. I thought he did better than Simon gave him credit. Casey stank. Crystal and Mike were ordinary. And, in my opinion, Lee is and has always been overrated. He sounds the same on everything he sings.

  12. Lee was the best that he can be. Casey did his worse and i think he deserve to be eliminated. My bottom 3: Casey, Crystal and Mike (agree with Stormy)

  13. Except for Lee the night went as I predicted…BORING……Mike has to get over himself, Casey can’t sing without a guitar, Crystal, I thought it was her worst performance to date, Aaron is adorable but singing Sinatra was ridiculous!!!!!
    Except for Lee anyone of them can go home!!!!!

  14. so sorry… but, seems like… Casey James was the strongest candidate to send home…

  15. For everyone saying last night was no good, they are nuts and don’t know Frank Sinatra songs! Crystal and Casey did the worst of the night, but neither were in their genre. Lee and Big Mike did the best, and Aaron was very good! I’m getting tired of the Crystal hype, she’s great in what she does, but never changes and has a real hard time in any genre but hers. Mike and Lee have all around done the best each week. Just sayin’

  16. @ Corrie…. i agree…
    Mike should be sent home at TOP 9… and i think the judges have made a big mistake by saves him… last week we are really lost Siobhan…

  17. I think they all did as well as they could. But really, sit down and turn on the radio and think of who you would listen to. Frank Sanatra music??? Get real.

  18. I think Mike needs to get over himself…I haven’t liked him from the very beginning. Crystal have been my favorite. I think Casey needs to go home tonight…he should have left weeks ago. If Casey doesn’t go home tonight Mike should….I also, think the judges are now giving Crystal a hard time.

  19. By far, Lee and Big Mike ruled the night…my least favorite was Casey, and its a just was not in his element….not crazy about Crystal tonight either, and I still think Aaron could be good, but he is so young….who is going home? I think either Aaron or Casey….Lee is in it to win, and so is Big Mike

  20. hey, were a little behind here so im only gettin to watch tonight 🙁 and results tomorrow. bad times! what songs did they sing?

  21. mike should have went home weeks ago…and he is still boring. Casey will probably go home, but he is still the best…the only interesting one on the show..i do like lee and crystal. aaron is a nice kid and will do fine. aaron has an army voting for him i think. mike is the judges’ favorite since they have to be for him…he even dressed funny last night..almost a 70’s pimp.

  22. Casey would most likely go home this week. Casey just isn’t “Casey” without his guitar, you know what I’m sayin’? Also, congratulations to Lee and Big Mike for pulling off a great performance!

  23. @ #26 Chichi…..I loved out loud at your remark about a 70’s pimp….He was definitely over the top…….

  24. i dont get y ppl think aaron kelly is a bad singer! he is AMAZING! casey should go home this week he plays guitar better than singing and last night proved it. he is just AWFUL w/o his guitar so i hope he goes home
    bottom 3- casey crystal and (hopefully) lee
    hope aaron kelly wins it all!!!
    xoxo~tosha <3

  25. While Mike did well last night, he was already voted off. So, my sense of fairness won’t allow me give him any votes, unfortunately. It’s too bad, because he was great last night. I really enjoyed his performance. However, I’m sure Mike’s not going home this week based on last night’s performances.

    I thought Aaron was just fantastic. I don’t know why people don’t realize just how amazing he is. We should support young artists who are so talented. He’s only going to get better and better and better and better. Bravo, Aaron.

    I think Casey is gorgeous, but I’m sorry. He was so out of tune last night that it’s only fair that he should go home. Sorry, but I wasn’t really expecting him to do well on Sinatra night. However, Casey will do just fine in the end. When Casey gives a concert, he doesn’t need to perform music that is from another time period. He will be performing more current stuff. So, while I have to say that he will probably go home after last night unless his fans forgive the intonation problems, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take a crown to be a winner.

    Crystal looked more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her last night, and she was good, as usual. She stands her own with the judges but not in a flip way. She’s a rock solid performer, and I think Simon was a bit harsh with her last night. I wonder if he hears things the way we hear them at home.

    I’ve never been a Lee fan, but I have to admit that he did ok last night. I was a little surprised at how well he did, actually.

  26. What happened last night is exactly the reason why they have a “Sinatra Night.” It is out of most everyone’s genre or element. But, the really talented should be able to pull it off and shine e.g. Mike and Lee. Mike picked a good song and with Connick’s arrangement–it was like Simon said “it all worked well together.” He got lucky. Lee proved his versatility and talent last night and that is why Kara can see him winning. Lee is exciting because he has consistently made progess. He just gets better and better every week. Every song he has sung, I like it better than the original–and that includes Elvis. I was a big Elvis fan at one time and I thought I would never say that, but it’s true.

    Crystal did Okay. I thought she looked especially pretty, but I’m with Simon in that her song choice wasn’t the best. I think she should have gone for a more sultry number. She’s had some weak last few songs, but she could still come back strong. She’s still in the game!

    Casey was the most out of his element. He is still an artist but last night showed his limits. His voice was probably the least suited for Sinatra. He may be in danger of going home, although he seems to have lots of fans and support.

    Aaron shows a lot of promise, but I don’t think he is quite at the level of Lee and Crystal yet.

    Best to worst of last night:
    1. Lee
    2. Big Mike
    3. Crystal
    4. Aaron
    5. Casey

    I think it’s probably time for Aaron to go.

  27. I’m just reeling from the criticism given by Kara DioGuardi while she leans all over Simon…Ellen trying to get cheap laughs…fail…I thought they all did well, considering…Mike knew the material, and did it well, Lee as good as ever…Aaron sings his heart out, but just lacks experience…and Crystall did it her way…unfortunately, Casey will probably go, but, whatever…he’ll find his own thing…

  28. …oh, forgot…the reason Frank Sinatra filled up a stage was because he had years and years of experience…how could Kari whatever, criticise a 16 yr old for not doing that…one of the most ridiculous criticisms I’ve ever heard…you were terrif, Aaron…and you’ll get there…

  29. Sinatra was an idol and then almost disappeared…it wasn’t until the old folks got nostalgic did he become so hyped…he was a skinny punk, mafia wannabe…lets be real..and his music was ok…some of his songs became iconic, but not because he sang them so well…more a generational thing..and Kara criticizing a 16 yo for not being like sinatra?? actually he was more like a young sinatra…but kara likes second rate rappers…we seen her “great” new act a few weeks ago…and nobody this young should be forced to sing night club music.

  30. First, what ails those judges??? Throughout the season they have complained that some of the song selections were too old for them. So what do they give them???? Frank Sinatra songs!!! Go figure that one out! I think Mike needs to go. It seems all his songs come out sounding the same. He has a nice voice, but nothing exciting or different. I like Crystal and Aaron. I think bottom two should be Mike and Casey.

  31. last week was a totaaal disaster ,what is wrong with the public? …ahh people say get over it and whatever , but it hard to believe they sent siobhan home instead of mike or aaron..siobhan is an idol material with star power..
    and casey dont deserve to be in the bottom 2 last should be aaron and mike..
    mike as you know is total boring and did not bring anything new and all been seen before and it was a waste of save..they should kept the save and save siobhan..she far more exciting to watch on tv then mike…
    aaron, he a nice kid but i think he just lack of charisma and idol material too but maybe some people say that his appeal.
    when he on stage he look very fragile ,reticent and like a wind would blow him off away and the way his standing posture when he is singing is really awkward with his body arch to the back and look like he ready to play a limbo game..he lack a showmanship, he too hesitated when singing and his singing style is similar sounding like kris allen which is boring and limited…
    so bottom 2 this week should be aaron and mike..they didnt bring anything new to the plate and all along been really stagnant..
    people should vote based on voice and idol material and star quality, not just becoz for what they did during audition and becoz they have a lifetime story..please dont repeat like in season 2,5 when the winner is already forgettable and who is more famous now from season it the winner ??
    the deserving finalist should be lee and crystal, not becoz of their story but great talent and idol material and star quality..that’s what idol should be all about..and i didnt find them did anything awkward when performing unlike aaron and mike..

  32. Nothing’s going to save casey tonight im sorry..he’s gonna go..aaron’s great but seriously i dont see him winning at all! i doubt he’ll even be a big hit after idol, the kid just lacks presence it annoys me sometimes..i do like his voice but he needs a whole new attitude..sorry to the mike haters but i dont think he’s going anywhere tonight..lee is and has always been my pick, he’s not 100% perfect but out of the top five i think he’s got what it takes to be a star..crystal has by far got the best voice but she tends to flag sometimes and things get boring.

  33. and uhhh chichi, unless you can make as much money through music as that “great” rapper kara’s got, then you need to can it. by the way, his name’s jason derulo.

  34. Crystal has a good voice but was awful tonight. She has as much personality as a wet rag & Oh that hair! She looks like she could use a good bath. UGH!

  35. @Everyone: Please when you have a spare few minutes go to YouTube and bring up David Cook’s Idol performance of “Music of the Night” and then come back here and tell me which of this year’s Idols could come anywhere near that performance.

  36. has nothing to do whether i can rap…he was bad..real bad. it was just a fav for kara.

  37. Canyon, I went back, as I missed Season 7 and 8.
    There is no comparison. David has musical theater background and is a great singer, as does Adam Lambert. I am a fan of both, now.
    The reason I missed those seasons was because I got bored listening to the preceding ones.

    I am back to being bored again. However, I think Lee has a great chance. He and Mike were great last night. I was rooting for Crystal, still am, but I have a feeling it’s going to Lee. He really has come far.
    They definitely should send Casey home.

  38. @#42 I remember seeing that performance when David Cook sung “Music of the Night”.

    I believe Aaron could! It’s all in his voice, his eyes, and his heart! I have given this song to a couple of my music students,(vocal and instrumental)as a way to challenge them. I told them, that show tunes and musicals may look very easy to perform but they’re far from easy!

    “Phantom of the Opera”, is one of my favorite musicals, if someone were to really read the lyrics, the “Phantom” is telling Christine (his prodigy) to give into a darkness and letting her spirit soar. Of course there is more to it than that with the lyrics. Aaron would have been the ace in the hole to pull this off!

    That particular piece is very dark, and for someone to take that on, that person would have to drive that song with so much emotion and conviction! Again, I believe Aaron would have been able to do this! Listen back to his performance when he dedicated that song to his mother!

  39. Aaron Kelly DOES have an army voting for him, because he has so much talent for a young kid. He deserves a shot at the bigtime!! Praying for you Aaron…although you dont need it…ur voice will carry you through to the end sweet boy!!

  40. Aaron should have gone home the first week. Hanging onto Davids coattail from the beginning was a huge mistake. America made a huge mistake in stringing Aaron along. They were praying he was another David. Can’t and will never happen. THERE IS ONLY ONE DAVID!!!! Aaron just loves himself and America pumping him with votes is not helping him to face the fact that he can’t make it pretending to be David. Send him home and let him develop and grow and figure out WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. @ acdja You misunderstand. We are referring to David COOK not Archuletta. And Aaron doesn’t need to hang on anyone’s coattails. He is young and inexperienced, but I believe a few years down the road he has the best chance for a sustainable career in music, probably in Nashville.

  42. I love BIG MIKE!I hope he takes it all.And I like Crystal.America why did you vote off siobhan?She was amazing!aL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LISTEN!
    KEEP IN EVERYONE but Lee.Lee did a great performance last night but sucks every other time though.why’d the judges pick him anyway?
    If Mike goes home tonight I’m gonna cry;(!!!

  43. hmmm, i think classic songs were the weakest point of the top 5 candidates wont you agree? it makes them boring, well classic songs are not that much outstanding in this modern era

  44. Crystal is the best singer of ALL of them.

    Maybe she’s trying to impress the boyfriend in the audience with the soft songs and thinks she doesn’t have to work too hard for the competion. This week should shake her up.

    She obviously holds her smile back ‘cos she’s hiding her teeth – – possible neglect from childhood. Who was her care-taker? Her dad?

    He finally showed up to support her – once?

    Hard to put yourself OUT THERE sometimes, feeling lost, even if you do have a voice !! Ironic that she does Janis so well.

    Crystal SINGS!!! Mike shows off. Casy is backup. Lee is “getting there”.

    CRYSTAL is the girl to really BLOW YOUR SOX OFF. She must, she must, she must !!!!

  45. And so he went…
    I’m so happy that Casey is still in.
    Big Mike is next to go (if there is justice)

  46. well aaron left can’t beleive it was’nt big mike he is really boring and puts me to sleep with his voice its kinda crackling sounding maybe he will go next hopefully………

  47. i think casey should have gone home.even tho the song aaron sang that song i think he did really good.cyrstal could have been better but i donthing she is that boring ,lee was good but i liked mike to .if he would just get rid of that big head lol

  48. Aaron shouldn’t have gone home based on his strong performances. Its such a shame to witness someone talented being eliminated each week.

  49. What is the real problem that so many has with Mike? His so much better than most of the contestants and really gives his all every week, but nothing seem to satisfy the haters,even when he has a great week, they just keep on hating.

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