American Idol 2010 Top 5 Performances & Phone Numbers

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Are you ready for the songs of Sinatra tonight on American Idol 2010? The Top 5 are preparing to take the stage and hit us with their best Frank Sinatra performance under the talented guidance of Harry Connick, Jr.

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American Idol Top 5 Performances:

  • Aaron Kelly – Fly Me to the Moon – 1-866-436-5701
  • Casey James – Blue Skies – 1-866-436-5702
  • Crystal Bowersox – Summer Wind – 1-866-436-5703
  • Michael Lynche – The Way You Look Tonight – 1-866-436-5704
  • Lee DeWyze – That’s Life – 1-866-436-5705

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. i love Michael Lynche sense the very start of American Idol. Michael all the way!!!!! >3>3>3>3>3 🙂

  2. i love you Lee you need to win or i will die!!!>3>3>3>3>3>3>3 🙂

  3. Love Aaron…. 😀
    But got to love Crystal to from ohio haha
    GO AARON/CRYSATAL 🙂 Good luck all

  4. I’m Hey, people are voting for who they thought was the best without even seeing them perform yet?

  5. lol, ignore my last comment. I thought I’d keep Ashly company but I see its Ashlee posting, not Ashley.

    uummm…I’m 16 😉

  6. who was the idiot who picked the sinatra theme? so far two performances that sucked because sinatra is a one dimensional so so singer and his songs reflect that. casey did fine given he is much better than sinatra. sinatra is an invention…he never was a good actor nor a good singer. aaron poor aaron, his great grandmother might have like sinatra…maybe.

  7. this crowd is anti mike so him losing the poll on this page means nothing

  8. crystal is being humilated like casey being forced to sing night club…so sad.

  9. Wow and Ya i know right its like wtf they are doing it on what they have seen so far!!

  10. what do you expect randy you dork?…crystal should not be forced to sing dead music…every day 1000 sinatra fans are being buried because they are old…

  11. it is fine if sinatra is singing it, but when was the last time you bought a sinatra album?

  12. i think casey is going home…the fix is in…but at least he can no longer be forced to perform for the clowns.

  13. …. and i only know that i love aaron

    i miss tim a lot because he is cute

  14. Crystal was genius singing Frank Sinantra. Confidence and conviction is a good thing. Crystal sang from beginning to end in-tune with what “Frankie” would consider true to the original.

  15. this show sucks…..probably last week i am watching…big mike looks like a hustler…quite a clown.

  16. this is the reason that ui confuse some words in english because im speak spanishhhhhhh,, 🙂


  18. Lee won the night…mike needs to go home…but the judges have a vested interest in mike, since they saved the shrek.

  19. No brainer – Lee definitely was the best hands down. Crystal needs to go (Siobhan was way better). Mike needs to go home, too.

  20. I have to say that Casey will probably be eliminated tomorrow. Lee did an incredible job on That’s Life, and could win the competition!!

  21. I dont know why they give Crystl so many complimants.She IS not that good and she is Arrogant.I dont think if she made an Album it would even do well.. Kinda like..uummmhh where is Taylor Hicks?Lee is cute,But was Off key tonight. Casey did AMAZING last week with the Shania song yet he was in the bottom 3.This week,Yes,NOT his best BUT he deserves to be there before Aaron Kelly.. I thought Talent was more than just singing..THAT dude cant even play an instrument? When Casey goes then that is when I will Stop Watching..Those others on there have really NO talent.. maybe Lee..But Crystal..SUCKS!! I dont get it..I mean dont we have enough Joss Stones out there?

  22. YOUR Welcome Jody..Im just saying that if I was listening to her on the radio..I would turn it.. Casey(other than the fact he is Eye candy) has ALOT of talent.. and Kara only slammed him tonight cause he probably hooked up with Shania last week.. LOL

  23. Okay..Ive voted over and over and over..Im outta here! GO CASEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  24. I think Lee was the best tonight and Krystal was next. We see who goes thursday.

  25. crystals not fat u meanie! i like crystal and of course i luuuv aaron kelly cuz he is so cute and talented and who the heck cares if he doesnt play an instrument??? this is a vocal competition! i hope casey or lee goes home but by the way things r going i think the chance of lee leaving is small so i hope casey goes home and AARON KELLY IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!
    xoxo~tosha <3

  26. If casey goes..i stop watching..nothing interesting about this show…lee did the best tonight..but their attack on casey was not based on what they heard and their praise for mike is based on what a fool the judges would be if he was sent home this week…mike sucks…he looked like a pimp from a 70’s movie…he is a bore.

  27. Lee was the best singer tonight. Big Mike was too flashy in his attire he reminded me of the Elliot Ness and Al Capone days he looked like a gangster on stage but his singing was good. Crystal is losing her groove and I want her to standout like the front runner next week. Aaron sung well and Casey did poorly tonight. VFTW pick the wrong contestant this week and it looks like Casey may be leaving.

  28. C’Mon y’all! Stop hatin’ You know that Crystal and Big Mike are the only two holding Idol together right now!! Despite the Judges ratings tonight. Crystal and Mike smoked the Sinatra Theme. They are versatile artists. That’s what “TRUE” Talent is. Being able to create and adapt within and throughout the entire musical spectrum!

  29. When an artists goes out of hi/her way to “ENTERTAIN” or “Play dress-up” for the part they are emulating” That is genius! That is creativity! Michael Jackson did it during his concerts! So did his sister Janet during her concerts. Many Artists do it! Did you note the comments from the Judges! Big Mike is “IN IT TO WIN IT” Go on with your Bad Self BIG Mike!

  30. Here is my rating for tonight’s performances:
    1 – Lee
    2 – Aaron
    3 – Crystal
    4 – Mike
    5 – Casey

  31. @ BIG Daddy You are mistaken. When Michael and Janet Jackson dressed for a performance they were not copying nor imitating anyone Don’t even think of suggesting that BM has anything like the creative genius of the Jacksons. He put on a Sinatra hat. Cheesy.

  32. Lee was great tonight. I think he will win or be on top. I am sick of Crystal I did not care for the way she acted from the start of the show.I like Casey but I’m not sure how long he is going to last.

  33. No me parece que hayan votado a sioban, Crystal es muy buena pero es super antipatica su actitud al cantar en el escenario es totalmente insipida. No tiene carisma a pesar de tener una lind voz pero su actitud no la llevara a ser la estrella que se busca en un consurso como este. Casey deberia ser el ganador.Lee canta muy lindo pero su actitud tampoco lo llevara a ser la estrella que buscamos

  34. i dont like this show..they just base whos going home on a one bad performance. and grrrrrrr i dont like this crystal woman. she is not salable. she should just stay home and make babies. casey dont deserve such very ridiculous comments. this judges sucks!

  35. i think aaron was the best performer tonight and the worst is mike. he sings like karaoke anyone can sing that song and sound like him. i wonder how much he paid to the judges.

  36. Lee and Big Mike were the only one’s that sang good tonight
    Christal- in the middle
    Casey- Arron bottom two
    Probably Arron will leave tonight

  37. I really like Casey. Too bad he had a bad night. The judges are always criticizing contestants for singing songs that are too big for them. So who is bigger than Frank Sinatra. I wonder whose ideas it was to sing Frank Sinatra songs this week? They were all set up! Its all up to the voters so please keep Casey in, I think he’s better than he showed this week.

  38. @ juana #116 Well let’s see. Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon are all gazillionaires and Mike could maybe scare up chump change to bribe them. You’re an idiot.

  39. Lee and Big Mike were the Best tonight! Aaron in the middle, and Casey and Crystal the Worst, however Crystal had once again another BORING song. She needs to go Home!

  40. Here is my rating for tonight’s performances:
    1 Lee
    2 Mike
    3 Crystal,Aaron,casey

  41. Lee does never let anyone who believes in him down! He is talented, versatile, eager to learn, never talks back… Lee has a genuinely good voice, creates the best sound, and makes truly good and uniquely contemporary music!

    Casey & Mike
    Aaron & Crystal

  42. 1- crystal
    2- lee
    3- aaron (i dont like him…)
    4- mike
    5- casey (so sad =/ )

    i think crystal deserve to win, she´s so unique in contrast to lee (very common style)…
    but im almost sure that lee & crystal gonna be in the final!

  43. Crystal is incredible. I tune in to see / hear her and only her. She does however need to have a big night next week or else she will not make the top 2. I think its critical she knock one out of the park next week…hope she does it.

    As to who should go home….Cara DioGuardi would be my vote, and send her straight to a hair salon or make her a guest on queer eye for the straight guy and get that woman a CONTEMPORARY style! Seriously!

    Also send pretty boy Casey and that pre-pubecent goofball Aaron home too.

  44. I feel sorry for Casey.

    This was an unexpected outcome except for Lee.

    Big Mike’s really getting on my nerve! Well, he was great but he always chooses slow songs, and that’s the right choice but, its just his voice. He has a great voice but it only fits one genre. 😐

    Aaron is pretty much “just that”. I still like him, but I think he’d be going tonight, or maybe Casey. But I would be happier if Casey’s to stay :).

    Crystal. Crystal, crystal, crystal.
    I just love her. It’s so natural for me to. But she’s getting weaker and weaker. She needs to pull it off next week. I agree she only fits like one set of genres with some subgenres but, I don’t know, I just like her way more than Big Mike. He’s just all attitude and story anyway.

    But, its bad to judge a person. I may know Big Mike’s name but I don’t know his story. So way to go contestants!

  45. aaron kelly to win!!!i looove aaron kelly!!!i love him more than anything else in the whole wide world!!!aaron kelly i wan you to hear this!!i loveee you!!!

  46. Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh Crystal please go home! You are not Unique, you have the dirtiest teeth, you are the most ARROGANT contestant ever on Idol…you dont deserve to win! Okay you dont sing too bad but you are just about ok! I dont see anything distinct and special in you! You irritate me, aaarrrgh Please Go Home!!

    Lee and Casey for top 2, please!!!

  47. Tosha..I can tell your a child…or a teen… AMERICAN IDOL… Aaron is like NOT!

  48. I chose Lee from the beginning,but i also think that Casey is the other great voice.

  49. lee without a doubt Casey second but they were all incredible,hard to chose,this has been the best Idol for me,would not be the same without Simon,a great panel of judges now.And tell Ellen I feel very left out with not being able to join her web site…..xxxx’s to all all contestants.

  50. casey should stay until the finals. he is so talented. he can fit to anything like modeling ford cars like kris allen and he looks way better than anyone else. i will buy all the album he will make. he never been arrogant, he just smile for a good comment and never argue if they say he has the worst performance. despite of his good looks he always remain so humble since from the beginning. who wants to see a concert of an ugly fat performer? maybe old people who cant see very well, but those folks very seldom watch concerts due to arthritis.

    PlEASE dont let casey go home, or the show will become boring with a bunch of ugly people like crystal and mike. i agree casey and lee to the top 2. i will be happy if casey will make it there. he is such a great person and he deserves to win.

  51. Do you all agree with the judges saying that this year American Idol winner will be a gal or you do not agree with the judges? Who do you think will be in the final 2? Who do you think will be the American Idol winner?

  52. Juana..YOUR so right!! I agree with you 100%.. Casey has looks n talent and I too will buy ALL his I have already done! I voted alot for him last night.. Although I think he might go home.. HE will have a better career than the rest.. Remember Daughtry got sent home at like 5 or something.. LOOK AT HIM now.. He is doing than the Winner that year.. SO Casey will be fine!

  53. Mike & Lee were good last night. I am scared for Mike. He is sooo good – Don’t let him go ! I am so glad they saved him.

  54. 1 – Lee
    2 – Aaron
    3 – Crystal
    4 – Casey
    5 – Mike
    I love Casey’s voice but he looked very awkward ladt night without his guitar! Mike always sucks; don’t care for his lack of style. Crystal did okay but likes to argue in recent episodes which may be an issue with voters. Aaron sings beautifully; Lee blew everybody away with the way he took an old geezer type song and made it modern. I am worried for Casey but when his album comes out I will surely buy it, also Aaron’s and Lee’s.

  55. Lisette #113 said:I seem to have voted in sioban, Crystal is very good but it is super unfriendly attitude to singing on stage is totally insipid. No charisma despite having a nice voice but his attitude does not take her to be the star in a consurso looking like this. Casey should be the ganador.Lee sings very nice but his attitude does not take him to be the star that we seek

  56. thanks Cy! casey deserves at least to stay tonight. like what the judges said before – “that songs not the right song for you” , and casey is not a sinatra type, he is not boring type of person. judges cant make up their minds. i think they are planning of a duet – girl and boy and they know already whose voice matches crystal’s.

    they make the theme fits to mike’s voice so they will not get embarassed cause they want to show the public that they made a great decision of saving him. wth! they should use the save on top 5 not top 9. thats insane.

    ok lets just face it. they wanna help crystal fix her teeth and mike get a lypo. thats why they wanted them to stay even tho they are not marketable.

  57. i really love how casey looked last night. he never look unconfident to me. i like when his hair all tied and stay out of his face, not like what cara likes – to let down his hair and take off his shirt. maybe she got embarrassed of what she did in the beginning. now she wants to show that she doesnt like caseys singing just because she knows casey doesnt like her. i dont like cara she looks like shes on drugs with hair make up and hair she thought shes pretty. who cares if shes gazillionaire, she should show her professionalism and not just agree what randy say.

    its really funny watching the movie -meet the spartans – they show fake AI judges and imitating them really funny especially when they kicked them to the hole.

  58. 1) Lee–not my favorite but the judges love him.
    2) Aaron–my favorite
    3) Mike–just ok for me
    4) Casey–wish he would have done better
    5) Crystal–unimpressive last two weeks

  59. Lee sang the best last night with Mike coming in second. Casey and Crystal did not choose the best song for them, but still did well and are both still great in their own genre.
    Mike has a great voice and range. He can hit the high notes as well as the low notes and make them both sound good. Some people don’t like his looks or personality, but he is a very good vocalist and deserves to be one of the top 4.
    Aaron did alright, but he is not star quality yet. It is time for him to go, although I like him. He is still there from the teenage voters.
    The top 4, as I have said from the beginning, should still be …
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Mike

  60. I still love casey james no matter what even though he is not suitable for singing frank sinatra.. his voice is still very special but i should say lee is the winner for the night.. Lee has good voice… Mike sing well… Crystal is bad…

  61. Sinatra ?????? who would pick him as a mentor for young adults. The judges are always complaining that the songs are to old for the singers and then this comes along. Sinatra was good back in the day but he didn’t actually sing he talked a story. But that is what was popular then not now. i thought all the contestants did well with what they had to work with. lee was the best hands down, it is hard at this time of the competition, i don’t want to see Casey go home yet but it looks that way 🙁 but on the up side the top 5 always do good in the music business if they have drive

  62. Go Home Chrytal! Tired of her rudness, think I got it in the bag attitude! She almost left a few weeks ago but Ryan talker her into staying. Bad, Bad Ryan! Keep only the ones that want & deserve to stay! Cannot stand her. I love Lee and Casey!

  63. Crystal should walk of the show while her talent and reputation is still intact. What’s next weeks theme? Best of Spike Jones?

  64. i agree steffi. crystal has alot of drama. she knows how to make drama. crying in the show, bring rugs to the show, and saying this song means alot to meeee huhuhuhu.yikes! ok let her win. lets see who will watch her concert if she ever get one and who will buy her music.

  65. it would be a shame if crystal wins and then that night is the last night her face is shown on tv. no one will like her to be on any show, maybe ellen. LOL

  66. Definitely! Hopefully she’ll end up in the bottom two tonight, but i doubt it.

  67. Mike is trying but I think he’d be better off at trying out as linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

  68. i still can remember crystal wearing the red boots and red satin dress that shows her fats. haha. she tried to be stylish but she never look good maybe if she hangs her hair down her cheeks and hides her missing teeth.

  69. do i sound mean here? im just stating my opinion which i think everyone can agree except those who loves crystal and mike. haha

  70. I, too am very upset with how the judges critiqued Casey! I thought he was great! I have always been a fan of Lee! Here’s my list:

    1. Lee
    2. Casey
    3. Aaron
    4. Mike
    5. Chrytal

  71. LOL@#150 . everynight mike seems getting bigger and almost exploding from his tuxedo. good comments from the judges didnt give him stress to be able to loss some weight.

  72. my all time list from best to worst – not only from last night:


  73. Mamasox will do well if left alone. She’s not Sinatra or male, for that matter.
    I predict she’ll be up there with the likes of Etheridge, Midler, Joplin.

  74. crystal should sing bob marley type of song since she loves dreadlocks, and not try to sing country. i hate it when she always depend and argue every bad comments she gets. so irritating.

  75. casey – for me is the best among them. his voice has its personality and if i listen to his songs in the radio, i will know its him.

    lee – is good but too many already sounds like him.

    crystal- i can only remember her red boots and missing teeth. her voice is not that memorable and i couldnt cry listening to her drama.

    aaron – he sings good he could make an album but not concerts.

    mike – yo yo yo! only randy likes him cause they have same color and the rest of the judges agree with randy cause they dont listen to him when he sings.

  76. Well, sometimes when the judges are extremely wrong and cruel as the were last night, infuences America into voting alot more than usual for that person. So, I am hoping Casey pulls through!

  77. I loved Lee DeWyze performance!! He really Bloomed to become a true music artist. Showing his confidence last night. The bashfulnes still shines through and he starting to smile more. But thats OK!! Thats what makes him so true to himself. I love that innocents about him. Crystal Bowersox even though sh only lives like 80 miles away from me and wish her the best of luck, wasn’t that bad. She will still make it as an music artist regardless if she becomes a runner up. Michael Lynche would be my third choice and does have a good voice too and doing well each time. However, he is so typical and heard it all before. Need a fresh new sound from him if he is to land any recordings. Now Casey James(a cutie in deed) but not the best performence also needs something that makes a spark fly and to pull the audience in with excitement to go along with his good looks. Lastly, Aaron Kelly. Still needs to mature in music buisness. No doubt he has a good voice. Not sure what his goals with what type of music or audiences he wants to sing too. He doesn’t appeal to me as a favorite singer. But best wishes to them all.

  78. Juana too funny.. Crystal needs to get her teeth fixed.. Juana..Your crazy lady..That is tooooo funnyyyy!

  79. Remember readers and comment makers it’s not the show or the judges that makes the final decision. It’s the American audience who puts there votes in. So if you like a the performance and have a favorite singer then VOTE for them!

  80. Anybody want to donate money for Crystals dental work? She’s always been poor and probably couldn’t afford it!

  81. I have a feeling that Crystal might be in danger tonight. They (AI) is already hinting at a potential shocker elimination… hmmmm…

  82. In a way, I hope Mamasox is let go tonight, only to be able to pursue her career and start making some money. Money for her baby boy and her dental work.

  83. She will be fine, no matter what. I think that AI is messing with her. I think that Lee is getting better, although he doesn’t wow me. Wowed me: Didi, and the Lambert guy from this year, NOT LAST YEAR. But the rest of the finalists… eh. Not too exciting.

  84. I hope Mike goes home tonight. Aaron would be my next choice. Both are boring performers.

  85. I am really tired of Crystal. Would never buy her CD! And so tired of her yapping to the judges. Sick of hearing her say she picked a song because it is about her!!!! Not all about her…she should picks songs to win not because it is about her life. I know Lee has what it takes to win it. His shyness is rather endearing and is a plus on the stage. Artists that are full of themselves are a turn off. Mike is just too blah and nothing out of the ordinary. Aaron has much work to do before he is a hit and Casey unfortunately if he is out of his element just can’t pull it off…Lee has proven to do well in and out of his element…Lee all the way!

  86. I hope that Aaron stays as he deserves to stay more than Casey, Mike or even Crystal do. He is really growing and I love his sound when he isn’t nervous.

  87. I think we all love Aaron. If someone doesn’t they are pretty cold. But Aaron’s voice is still maturing and he needs more work before he can be great. He is a sweet young man, but that is not what this competition is about. Lee is the only real contender in the remaining contestants. He can sing any genre and sound great. None of the others can. Little Aaron just can’t get it unless it is country…and then needs some work. He is good, but not seasoned yet. My vote is for Lee. As Randy would say…the dog kills it!

  88. i should suggest kara to go home. i dont like her mouth. she should try to learn how to put make up or get the best make up artist. i dont understant these judges especially kara. they will say “dont slide on stage cause its all about vocals and youre not yet somebody who got millions of fans”, and then if somebody just sing there they will say ” use the stage dont just , make use of the blah blah, yo yo!”.

  89. i have nothing against lee, but just not my type. the only song i can remember he sings good was the ” lalala lalala llalalalalalalala!”

  90. i think there are alot of contestants who have better voice than the rest of the remaining. Didi has a good one and shes pretty too, but she didnt reach that far.


  92. I agree with dee. Crystal should go not home but to Nashville and a career. IDOL is ruining her more every week.

  93. I strongly disagree! She has a voice, no doubt.
    However, her demeanor and attitude is ruining herself, not American Idol!

  94. She should feel extremely blessed to be a part of such a huge outlet in boosting her career! She acts like everyone owes her.

  95. I love Casey and I think he tried really hard but hello!!!! He is no Frank Sinatra. Thought Lee did awesome. Would really like to see casey stick around another week too! Love him #2

  96. Although no one is safe this week, I believe that it will be either Casey or Michael going home. Crystal might go home as well, and it would be good if she was at least in the bottom two. It might wake her up a bit. If she really doesn’t want to be on the show, then she should just go home. SHe should be grateful for the opportunity but I don’t get that from her.

  97. crystal never tried to do any better because she gets good comments from the judges and she thinks she does is already the best.

  98. Casey & Crystal should cut an album together. That would be awesome and please everyone.
    And whats up with all the Crystal hate? Jealousy?

  99. Best performance was from Lee and, despite many adverse comments on here about him, Mike was #2 with Aaron #3.

    Crystal was ok but her constant wanting to one up the “judges” is becoming tedious.

    By far the worst performance was Casey’s who was way off tune and totally lost without his guitar. Therefore, if the votes are based on performance then Casey should be the one voted off this week.

    Lee has established himself as the one to beat, based on the past 3-4 weeks.

  100. crystal got her attitude from the judges. theyre in same feathers – no attitude. i hate them comparing somebody to a goat or lamb just like what they did to casey. i think simon was just insecure with casey.

  101. Crystal knows Crystal. She snaps at the judges because she knows what and why she sings what she does. They don’t. Imagine if Streisand was commented on her choice of material. For most of you on here that’s Barbra Streisand. Ever hear of her? lol

  102. Of course I have heard of Babs.

    Crystal stopped growing a while ago. And I agree that the judges inflated her ego a bit too much. I think that it is time for her to go.

  103. Chrystal is the judges favorite and feels she can do no wrong. She thinks she IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL! That is why she throws comments back to them. And please, comparing Streisand with Chrystal…

  104. I have a feeling that Casey James may very well be the next contestant to go home tonight, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  105. I pray that Casey doesn’t go home, but if he does, no worries. He has already made a name for himself and I am sure some producer/agent is waiting on side lines to snag him!

  106. With the right producer, Casey might have a bit of a career. But he really needs to work on his voice. His tone is awful; that is why he doesn’t hold out notes on average.

    Lee needs work as well. He is cute and likeable and brooding, but his vocals are just average.

    Crystal needs to break out a bit as she is doing the same thing over and over at this point.

    Aaron is young, yes, and has developed some bad habits. Someone needs to break him of his stance and get him to loosen up!

    And Michael, bless his heart, has a great voice, but he is boring! I wish that he would break out of the same old R and B mold. Do some thing new!

    Frankly, I am not excited about any of them.

  107. I knew that Crystal/Barbra comment would get get me some heat. By no means am I trying to compare Mommasox to Streisand. I’m just saying that most people who know they are good at what they do get annoyed when someone tries to change their image or their style..Why am I yapping on this thing? 70 year olds like me should be in the yard throwing sticks to my dog.

  108. lol! everyone in their 70’s likes crystal just like my dad in law. but wth! i mean why? lets just forget her fats and her teeth…tell me what else is good about her aside from her voice that i can say DIDIs was better than hers.

  109. Hahahah!!! Ed, I like you!

    If Crystal is comfortable as she is, that is wonderful. Idol is a huge force and the producers will try to change them in the end into whatever they want them to be. If she is uncomfortable with the process, then she needs to gracefully bow out now before she destroys her fanbase.

  110. I have to agree with comment 202. Someone else I know said the same thing. She is a unique talent, but I don’t know about mass or mainstream appeal? And I think she would probably try to buck the AI system. She is a non-conformist. But then, that could also make things interesting. Even so, Lee DeWyze will do well with or without AI. Casey has a niche of his own as well. They should make up the top 3 in my opinion. They are all three talented and it just comes down to individuals taste in music. Big Mike fits the R&B mold and could also do well. Aaron needs to mature a little.
    They are all good at this point, but vocals aside, the only ones with the complete package are Lee, Crystal and Casey. Lee is the most versatile and talented of the three and is clearly my fav. It doesn’t matter what he sings, I love his version of the song better than the original.

    Best to worst from last night:

    Best to Worst Overall:

    It’s time for Aaron to go, but hang in there.

  111. I agree with those who think Crystal and Mike should go home. So sick of them. Mike with his big ego and Crystal with her attitude. Lee has been my favorite since the beginning. Go Lee!!!

  112. I agree that Crystal, Casey and Mike have careers in music. Each is unique and that sets him or her apart from the mainstream. Lee has a good voice, but would you know it was him singing if you heard him on the radio? Probably not. Mostly, though, I long for Adam’s electrifying performances in 09.

  113. @dee #182 Did you mean Bucky Covington? If so he’s doing well in Nashville, Has some new stuff out and luckily his home wasn’t hit by the recent flooding.

  114. OMG! I just went to YouTube and listened to David Cook’s Idol performance of “Music of the Night” I got chills and realized what a sub par roster of contestants we had this year. I mean, i knew they weren’t the best but jeez! No offense to this year’s crop, but WOW! Now I’m very depressed. How could any of this year’s bunch compare to David Cook or Adam Lambert? Is it really another 14 months before X-Factor?

  115. aaron is beautiful’handsome’fabulous’hot’great’pretty I love him soooooooooo much

  116. I believe that Aaron did amazing. he rocked last night like he always does. I really think Casey should get off. He’s been a little ify for me from the start. Lee just made a comeback but he hasnt been great in the past weeks. Casey should deff go home tonight. Let’s wait and see what happens! Marry me Aaron?;) I love youuuu<33333333

  117. Some people dont know what they’re talking about! Aaron has been great from the beginning. Lee has just started to become okay. ILOVEYOUAARONALWAYS&FOREVER<3

  118. aaron is cuteeeeeeeee,,, and lee too,, crystal have to go home when she sings , i close my ears,,, jajajaja xD

  119. aaron has been my favorite too,but some people are not so confident in a way he was in the beginning when he forgets the lyrics. and sometimes when he sings i feel nervous for him.

  120. yes definitely casey will go home and start earning bucks and stay away from judges who tells him he sounds like a lamb or goat, especially kara who is always fantasizing on him while he sings no wonder she doesnt know whether he sings bad or not, she just throw comments on him right away and copy what randy says.

  121. Casey will sell records.. I LOVE CASEY TOO! Aaron is a kid.. Mike is like all the other R & B singers.. Lee sounds like County Crows lead singer..although I do like him and and CRYTAL is a Arrogant GOAT!

  122. helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  123. Im sad when ANYONE leaves this show..but CASEY is very Talent and WILL Sale records.. Lee is too..Crystal NEEDS to GO!!

  124. The show totally sucks without SIOBHAN. Siobhan was the best and its not worth watching these hackers. Siobhan singing Wicked Game is by far the best song of the year on the show. Siobhan where are you please make a CD soon!

  125. The performance is judged on the nights performances and you have to agree that Casey missed all the notes. Arron, though a country type singer, pulled off fly me to the moon while Casey’s song rendition left the band not knowing what notes to play. It was like pulling a cats tail and thinking it is music. Like I said the judges set Arron up for the fall.

  126. I hate Casey but Crystal Bowersox is da bomb she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWSOME (\__/)
    (“)_(“) Fat bunnyHAHAHAHA peace

  127. Lee Dewyze all the way….Crystal SUCKS big green ones…I haven’t liked her from the beginning. Big Mike needs to hit the road and Casey has his niche and will be just fine on his own but is not good enough to be the next American Idol…come on America, get it right this year. Last year should have been Lambert or Gockey…but the pretty boy (Chris Allan) got it…not because he could sing, but he was pleasing to the eye. Everyone…vote for Lee!!

  128. I think we are looking at the final order of the contestants to be:

    #1 – Lee
    #2 – Crystal
    #3 – Casey

    At least if voters have any sense, that is …

  129. You all know that Crystal obviously is flat out better than all the rest put together; And I believe she knows it, which is why so much pure talent may just be too much brilliance for some to take. Crystal does’nt have to justify having too much talent. Just like you dont cast your pearls to swine lest the rend you! Live with it!!!!!!!

  130. You all know that Crystal obviously is flat better than all the rest put together; And I believe she knows it; Why is so much pure talent just be too much brilliance for some to take?!!! Crystal does’nt have to justify sharing her too many gifts; Just like you dont cast your pearls to swine lest they rend you. Live with it !!!!!!!!

  131. I agree with Maureen the final 3 are just not sure about #3 Mike has a good following
    #1 Lee
    #2 Chrystal
    #3 Casey or Mike

  132. To Richard: Chrystal is good,I’ll give you that. But Better! Come on. That is just your opinion. Apparently you have the same attitude she has. She thinks she’s way better than everyone else. Being a good singer isn’t everything. Her attitude and demeaner over shadows her talent.

  133. And yes, she should justify, show appreciation and be greatful to be given such a fantastic opportunity with America and American Idol. Apparently whatever she’s been doing prior to the show, hasn’t gotten her noticed! We don’t owe her anything, and that is the way she act. Like everyone owes her!

  134. Go Steffi,Go Steffi!!!! She is OKay.If she wins. which she will for whatever reason..hopefully NOT,she will be another Rubben,Taylor and whoever eles that wins and no one buys there records…sorry,truth hurts!Look at Adam Lambert, Daughtry,Jennifer Hudson…etc… GO CASEY or LEE

  135. Thank you Cy! I really don’t think she will win. There are too many people out there that feels the same as you and I. I feel Lee will win it all! At least I hope he does! But you never know how many Richards are out

  136. Hopefully NOT that many!! lol…I cant wait until Tues night to see what CASEY is going to sing.. I hope its slow and he makes it his own!!Like he did the Shania Song “Dont”

  137. and if he gets voted off ALLLLLLLLLLLL my votes will then go to LEE>. CRYSATL is an ARROGANT GOAT!! Who cares is she can sing or not.. she is RUDE


  139. Only true music lovers will always appreciate and understand the gift’s that artists like Crystal have shared with the music world. And its blatently rediculous to expect why’s and wherefor’s when it should only be about the what of art. The Crystal’s of the world have already given too much of everything of themselves. Dostoyevsky wrote of how so many despise art and artists and the Bible says ” Cast not your pearls to swine lest they rend you”. In other words, those who dont understand or appreciate the arts are non dementional and are cartoonlike when compared to the very artistically gifted especially when what seems impossible to them is easily natural to the gifted artists. Too many artistically ignorant feel irritated and offended by very gifted artists who may seem rather ordinary. The artistically ignorant, too often beligerantly and arrogantly feel they are entitled to an explaination when none is called for. What gross arrogance to expect a performing artist to abase themselves as if their performance needs some kind of justification when they already poured out their heart and soul which should be more than enough!!!!

  140. While Crystal is talented, she has had some rather lacklustre performances lately and I think Lee has a much better chance of winning. By the way, I think you spelled dimensional wrong.

  141. The public numbers favor the much less talanted !Just like Adam Lambert didnt win technically but look how the so called winner is handeling his fast notariety by making lot$ of TV commercial$ rather than focusing more on a singing career! My money is on the Adam Lambert’s and the Crystal’s who’s careers are focused more on music career’s rather then cas$hing in on their quick notariety. Anyway whatever notariety any of them get in the long run is just a big waste of time if its mostly all about ca$hing in before the public catches on! No Crystal is not perfect…yet her vocal gifts always make me want to hear her sing more and more and more !!!

  142. I think that Crystal is going to sing a favorite song of mine! Wahoo!!!

    I think Kasey just screwed up for the last time….

  143. I think they were all great tonight, and I really loved Mike and Casey’s duet. It’s up to the voters.

  144. HE did NOT screw up!! It wasnt a good song choice BUT none of them were!AT LEAST he was on tune and sounded good.. and he did GREAT on the Duo!! GO CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCsasey!

  145. I agree. The list of movie songs were really crappy. If I had to pick a song I liked least, it would have to be Kiss From a Rose!!

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