American Idol 2010: Top 5 Recap

It wasn’t that great of an evening for most of the contestants but two of them really outshined everyone and showed us why they could be the next American Idol

Harry Connick Jr. was an awesome mentor.  He was hilarious and wrote the arrangements for each of the songs the contestants chose.  He gave them the best advice I’ve heard so far from any mentor. 

Aaron Kelly was up first and sang “Fly Me To The Moon”.  It was pretty good.  Harry showed him how to hit the notes and stay on pitch by using the piano to play the note Aaron was singing and allowing him to hear how he was going sharp.  Randy says it was a really good job.  Ellen said the piano was a little pitchy.  Kara thought it was good but not as strong as last week and Simon said it didn’t have enough conviction.

Casey James gave it a try with “Blue Skies” but ended up not staying in pitch and was all over the place.  Randy said it was his worst performance.  Ellen thought it was a bad idea to have the piano on stage.  Kara said he sounded like a lamb when holding out the notes and that his vibrato was out of control.  Simon said it wasn’t fantastic and he came across awkward and uncomfortable.

Crystal Bowersox sang “Summer Wind” and Harry says there’s nothing I need to tell you, you know what is happening.  A great compliment.  However when it came to her performance tonight she was boring.  It was a pretty version and she hit her vocals but it wasn’t the right song.  Randy said it was a subdued performance, a little sleepy; Ellen thought she needed to loosen up a little more; Kara liked her phrasing and Simon expected better.

Big Mike Lynche really nailed it with “The Way You Look Tonight”.  He had excellent vocals and was spot on with the melody and the big notes.  I loved it.  Randy thinks Mike is in it to win it; Ellen said he has the most comfort on stage and moves easier than everyone else; Kara said he found the drama in the song and didn’t lose himself and Simon said he put himself back into the game.

Lee Dewyze closed the show with the best performance of the evening.  He sang “That’s Life” and showed personality and moved around on the stage.  I liked him so much better without the guitar.  Randy loved it; Ellen was distracted by Harry’s organ; Kara thinks Lee can win this thing and Simon said Harry brought out his personality and confidence with the arrangement and it was by far the best of the night. 

I think Aaron and Casey will be the bottom two and unfortunately Casey will probably be going home.  Can you hear me sniffling?




  1. I have to say I haven’t been Lee’s biggest supporter up until now. Tonight he made me a believer.

  2. Lee was AWESOME. He is going to win..BIG. Casey should go home, or Mike. But Mike was better tonight.

  3. the show sucked, the theme sucked…probably the last AI i watch…mike should go home, but the fix is in, casey will go home and there will be nothing interesting about this show…no wonder dancing with the stars has been beating this show. the high point this season was the beatles theme and the low point was when mike was saved and tonight…this show has run its course. join big brother and have your last show.

  4. Worst to best:
    5. – Casey – a sad mess
    4. – Crystal – not bad necessarily, just not good
    3. – Aaron – Wrong song
    2. – Mike – And I’m not a fan, but this is his genre
    1. – Lee – Elements of Rat Pack meets Billy Joel

  5. Rats! I was hoping for hair band night. You know Winger, Warrant, Brittany Fox. LOL

  6. Lee has no personality whatsoever! He doesn’t have a bad voice, but come on America…could you watch him LIVE in a concert? Mike and Crystal have it!!!! Mike is an entertainer in every way…..I could listen to him sing the phonebook! Crystal is a star unto herself….the bluesy/gospel stuff is an absolute MUST for her! Bottom line: I sure hope both Crystal and Mike are the top 2 in the end……let’s NOT do the ‘rock thing’ again (Lee)……please??????????????????

  7. mike would be great with the phone book…maybe answering 411 calls for the local phone company…he sucks.

  8. I like Lee’s humble character but perhaps it would be fun to bring some fun out of him.

  9. I really don’t get the hype for lee? :shrugs

    With Siobhan’s departure, the only person left, whose album I would buy will be Crystal.

  10. I’m sorry but my list would be in the order of best to last;
    1. Crystal
    2. Aaron
    3. Lee
    4. Mike
    5. Casey

  11. Right now, I think Big Mike and Lee will be the last two standing.

    Crystal has a contract, come what may.

    Bottom two from tonight? Casey and Crystal.

  12. The fix is in. Mike will probably win, but the truth is HE SHOULD BE SENT HOME. He is not a good singer, no matter how the judges swoon, sway, cry and tell him how wonderful he is. He is not.
    Crystal always has a secret story about the song she is singing. “Summer Breeze” probably brought back memories of camping out on a beach. Tonight was one of her worst, but, again, the judges have her already in the top two in their minds.
    Lee may just come thru and win the whole thing. That would kill the judges, but Lee is good enough, good looking, and has a good voice.
    Aaron and Casey will just get kicked off. No matter if they are good or great, the judges do not like them. So they will be the next to go.
    If Mike does not get kicked off this week, I will no longer watch AI. I used to enjoy it, but now, I just get angry when I watch it. There is enough in this country to be concerned about now other than who is on American Idol and how “fixed” it is.

  13. I think your right, its fixed , mike shouldbe on thelawrence welk show. nohting excitingh just boooooring. i hope it ends up
    2.casey james
    3. lee

  14. ithink yur write, mike is sooooo booooring like at a funeral. nothing good about him i think it is fixed they go up and down on coments to persuade the people. just like they did with snajaia a couple years ago. and he got a lot of votes. mike sucks

    case james

    randy ellen cara not as much simon were real grouches, i think they went overboard with their comments. i cant stand cara, she thinks she is great

  15. Some of you who bash Mike make me laugh. The man can sing, he has pipes and he’s versatile. I really don’t see the Aaron thing, but as far as the other four, I think they all have talent, and will do well. Casey sounds like Bob Seger, and will have a decent career singing Seger/Stevie Ray Vaughn type tunes. Lee is good……and again, talented and can sing. Mike has a pretty voice, so I don’t get the pushback……. and Crystal, it’s obvious the girl has talent, and will be a big success…… I’ve enjoyed this season, and look forward to see it played out.

    Tonight? Casey was bad…..Aaron was slightly less bad……the other three did great to me.

    Casey’s probably going home……

    But lay off Big Mike…’s not like he’s Tim Urban, he can sing!

  16. It has been made apparent after tonite’s show, that Lee D has stepped up to claim the title —–A Idol–.This kid is better than great & he can kiss Harry connick Jr. in thanks for his prep & polish in delivering one of the Sinatra “greatest songs” tonite!!!!! Lee will have a fabulous career in music & has all the tools. Waiting to hear wh else is on board w/ me In LEE? cRYSTAL & LEE TO THE EXCELLENT FINALE!

  17. Ok as a person with no particular favorite this year, I thought I would give my comment to tonight’s performances of Frank Sinatra songs:

    Aaron-he has a voice but I think he needs a couple of more years to mature. This he was not as good as last week and to me he sounded pitchy throughout the song.

    Casey-What can I say? Take the man away from his guitar and he falls apart. Tonight was his worst performance ever. From start to finish he was bad bad bad. I feel bad for him because he does have talent. He needs to learn that he can sing away from his guitar.

    Crystal-2 weeks-2 bad song choices. She pulled it off tonight. It started bad but she had pulled it together at the end but the last 2 weeks have showed that she has can falter and someone else can take this competition.

    Big Mike-Now I know he gets bashed ALOT-but tonight was his night and this was a perfect genre for him. Next to Lee he had the 2nd best performance tonight. He proved tonight, finally, that he belongs in this competition.

    Lee-Definitly the best performance of the night. He actually loosened up away from his guitar, unlike Casey, and sang the heck out of that song and made it very current.

    My prediction if based on performance is Casey should be saying good-bye tomorrow night.

  18. Lee does never let anyone who believes in him down! He is talented, versatile, eager to learn, never talks back… Lee has a genuinely good voice, creates the best sound, and makes truly good and uniquely contemporary music!

  19. Byron and Mel have it. Chi chi clearly doesn’t like the genre or anyone who can sing it well. I would bet Chi chi is not a fan of Michael Buble. I happen to like this genre and predicted that Lee and Mike would do well while Casey would struggle. However, I also thought that Crystal would not do well. Three out of four is not too bad, though, right?

    I hope that next week the theme is grunge bands so that Chi chi might be happier.

  20. Okay, I’m not here to bash anyone “BUT” if we’re really being honest as to who would make the best AI, then we should all agree that it is Crystal. I wouldn’t buy anyone else’s albumn or pay to see anyone else in concert and at the end of the day that is what makes an idol an IDOL!! True her last 2 performances have left me wanting more, but that’s because I know from previous performances that she is capable of better. She is REAL, TALENTED, LIKEABLE, and INTERESTING…the others….meh…nothing too special.

    As for these f*&%$’n theme nights, the judges whine and complain to the contestants about being contemporary and current etc. then set them up with Sinatra songs and big band music. C’mon, its like pulling the wings of a fly I just don’t get why they do it.

    Yes, we all love the Beatles, Elvis, and old “Blue Eyes” but it’s not young kids music, every once in a while a contestant nails a great version of a song, but it’s rare.

    As for Cara…she should either start drinking like Paula Abdul did so we can all at least laugh at her, or shut the hell up. My god that woman thinks she is the cat’s ass for some reason. Plus I hate her hair. I mean who jabbers on about being current and contemporary and then parts their hair down the middle?

  21. hey i know im a diehard fan of Casey’s…but i dont think he was that bad as most have said, including the judges…it was just a different performance from him, thats all, minus his guitar…maybe we are not used to seeing him without a guitar that as Simon termed him, he looked kinda ‘uncomfortable’..but he wasnt bad, give him a break..but all said, sadly, things look kinda bleak for him in comparison to the rest last night. 🙁 Hope this wont be the last we will see of Casey on tv.

  22. Well you know what I am gonna say. None of these contestants ever fill up that big ole stage. They are just a speck in the middle of it. Only one contestant this season filled it up and she is gone. Would have loved to hear her sing tonight but for some reason Casey is still here and ruined a perfectly good song. I did vote for Lee though. He had the best of the night. But that is just to say he wasn’t quite as bad as the rest. Sorry but it’s my humble opinion. Bubye

  23. 1- crystal
    2- lee
    3- aaron (i dont like him…)
    4- mike
    5- casey (so sad =/ )
    i think crystal deserve to win, she´s so unique in contrast to lee (very common style)…
    but im almost sure that lee & crystal gonna be in the final!

  24. I have loved Lee from the start. Casey was always up there, he can sing, play, and let’s face it… quite pretty to look at!! Crystal has been an obvious favorite from the start! I think Big Mike is great, I just fear that he would end up with much of the same career of Season 2 winner Ruben. Lee is consistent, but Casey James performance of “Don’t” last week still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it!! As far as Aaron is concerned, he does have a great voice… I just think that he has some work to do…. he does not have the consistency that some of the others have!! To sum up… I would love to see Lee and Casey in the top 2… but since I am pretty sure Casey is going home tomorrow, I would love to see a Lee/Crystal finale!! Imagine the duets the idol people could put together for them to do?? That could be quite entertaining!!!!

  25. First of all I think Harry Connick went over and above as a guest(and I really don’t care for him as an artist) but it was not the easiest role to follow to cudo’s to everyone. Mike and Lee definitely were the best, Crystal (my fav) was next and then possibly Aaron

  26. Lee no longer needs Kara or anyone to tell him he needs to be confident – that is a useless and irrelevant comment, not constructive at all.

    0.02 from ronnie [#25] not Ronnie [#27]

  27. When I heard this weeks theme was Frank Sinatra tunes, I thought this week would be the biggest train wreck for American Idol performers ever. And for the most part, I think I was right on the money. These are songs these kids Great Grandparents probably grew up to. So what else could we have expected? I already had low expectations and to be honest, I was still under whelmed with every performance, except one. Here is my thoughts on each performance, in the order they were performed:

    1- Aaron may have a decent voice. And he is a nice enough kid. But listening to that may have been the most boring two minutes of my entire life. Despite what judges say, I think it was Aaron’s worst performance to date. This, after he had such a great performance just last week.

    2- Casey had to be nervous singing without a guitar for the first time this season. And singing a song that is so not even close to being Casey’s style, must have had Casey wishing he was somewhere else as he was singing it. And to be honest, I was wishing I was somewhere else while I was listening to it. By far, Casey’s worst performance to date. Seriously, I thought he was almost as bad as some of Tim Urban’s lesser moments.

    3- I thought the mighty Crystal would surely save the night with a bluesy, soul felt version of the song “Summer Wind” … As I was thinking such a song would be right up her isle. For me, it just started out sleepy and understated, without much passion. It got a little better toward the end. But, I found myself still wanting and expecting more, MUCH MORE. Second less than stellar performance in a row for the once invincible, Crystal.

    4- For some reason I thought Sinatra would be more in Mike’s element than anyone else.I have to admit a was a bit under whelmed at first when he starting singing the song “The Way you Look Tonight”. But I think, worked it out toward the end. To the point were I thought it was a HUGE, if not enormous improvement over the first three performers. I was starting to think this would be Mikes first time to shine in the number one spot for me… And it almost was.

    5- I thought Lee’s rendition of “That’s Life” was the most Sinatra-like performance of the whole night … In regard to sound, swagger and even had a bit of a Sinatra look I thought. But, I have seen and heard Sinatra very few times in my life, so I may be wrong with that. At any rate, I think Lee was by far, the best of the night. But to be honest, that may have A LOT to do with Lee’s competition (with the exception of Mike) seeming so far out of their element on this night.

  28. It really pains me to say so………but I totally agree. Casey has struggled for the last 2 weeks. The panel really trashed him, maybe even more than deserved. Does it matter? I’d be flat stunned….if anyone but Crystal wins the whole thing. So its a matter of 1st to 4th runner up.

    IMHO only Lee, and to a lesser extent, Mike could possibly make it interesting.

  29. If anyone that matters reads these blogs, please…please….PLEASE GET RID OF ELLEN. My hope is the network has gofers scanning the blogs to get a sense of the publics reaction. Ellen is terrible. Shes not funny, and shes knows very little about singing. The only good news, my 30 second skip feature spares me most of her drivel.

    Big fan of AI. and its like a punch in the belly watching her pull the show down. Or was a coincidence the show moved out of #1 in her 1st year? I don’t think so. Please, no more Ellen.

  30. I really love Mike. He did it again. He has presence. Crystal has a very beautiful voice yes, but no stage presence at all. Lee has no personality. If he wins this, he won’t sell much like Kris Allen. Casey is very boring, Aaron is good but still needs to grow.

  31. I hated tonight-the judges were all over Casey-they didn’t like him ,last week either-they are biast and put suggestions into everyones head they want him gone-Mike should have gone a long time back same with the kid–BUT they saved him-stupid move judges-Whats with Frank Sinatra songs anyway stupid choice who can sing those except a good karaeoke singer like Mike and that kid–Crystal they are waffling on for Lee-shes waaaaaaaaaaay better hello-Lee has no confidence is a one type of artist-sometimes good sometimes bad-this is a fix-I will hate it if Casey goes tomorrow I am never watching this again-I read where the voting public can’t get through on the phone lines and many votes are not counted-Canada can’t vote why air it here then-Casey is the most marketable artist-shame on that stupid Simon soo glad hes going-Casey you will be like Adam Lambert-great- who remembers who won last year because Lambert rocked it but they would not let him win it-shame shame shame fix fix fix America

  32. The contestants were overshadowed this week by Connick and the sound system. Junior was funny and wise.

    The sound system sucked: the singers obviously couldn’t hear the band. The listeners couldn’t hear the band. The worst was when Connick was obviously taking the lead on the organ in the intro to “That’s Life” but we couldn’t hear it.

    Casey, Crystal, and Lee all tried to put a bluesy swing to the songs. Lee was successful; Crystal had her moments; and Casey failed rather spectacularly.

    BTW, if the producers are looking for someone to replace Simon, they could do worse than Junior. He can be as outspoken as Simon, but in addition, he can bring humor and knowledge to the panel.

  33. Those 5 are talented,,,but this season is soooooooooo boring from now on (just sing the song well with the guitar every week) absolutely BORING…
    They will be a star but only temporary….No ones in the Top 5 have the quality of Adam Lambert who is phenomenon and will become a Legend in a Music History…

  34. OK, going by vocals alone (and not popularity)
    Best to worst …

    1. Lee
    2. Mike
    3. Aaron
    4. Crystal
    5. Casey

  35. Oh my….this season is not the best to me. No one really shines as far as talent, the judges are not that good, and the themes have left me wondering. Crystal has the best over all talent but I can not see any of the remaining 5 becoming a house hold musical name.I would not purchase their music or concert tickets. Simon is still Simon but the judges have not been great at all. I agree with those posting Ellen has to go. Bad choice as a replacement, not really funny and adds nothing at all in the critique. I did not get the last two themes at all. Last week was country featuring a performer that is currently not even performing? How about selecting a true icon like Willie Nelson, or a George Strait with over 50 #1 hits, Reba,or even Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Any of these would have been awesome. And sorry but I remember Frank singing on the TV and radio 50 years ago. I barely remember him as a contemporary performer. Any of the performers that said they longed to sing his songs was lying. Never in a million years and over all the performances showed it. And Junior brought his own band for instrumental back up…did anyone notice that no one mentioned how great they were. Did anyone do a sound system check before going live?

    Without a major overhaul this could be the last hurrah for Idol. Simon leaves next year and leaves a rejuvenated panel of judges that have not been good this year, and out of all the contestants that tried out this was the best they could come up with? Time to turn the TV off and go to a local spot for dinner and live entertainment. In most cases it would not be any worse.

  36. Crystal’s performance was the worst. She was boring and looking shabby as usual!!! Yeah and I dont think she’s all that unique. You guys favoring her cos she is Simon Cowell’s favourite of the season.. I mean Simon is so partial in his comments about her performances. You people will rave about anyone who Simon thinks is great, even if they are not…Sometimes even Simon’s commentary is so lame!!!

    Casey was all right, he was just uncomfortable without his guitar and thats understandable. It was not a mess!! And he should not be going home this week, Crystal or Mike should go.

  37. Good point about Harry Connick Jr replacing Simon. I agree, he could pull it off. His knowledge of music can’t be questioned…… that’s for sure. If you are new to Harry Connick’s music — try “Hear Me in the Harmony” — great tune.

  38. Y r most pple such sore losers? Just becos the contestant u love isn’t popular doesn’t mean the competition was fixed. Relax peeps, everyone has fans, even if u think they suck (For example, I think Lee sucks…most times)
    Lee may have done well last night but he’s been pretty inconsistent with his pitch – sometimes he sounds outright scratchy and barely in tune.
    My vote’s on Mike & Crystal – i’d be willing to listen to them anyday

  39. Casey is gone, he was terrible.

    Mike was awesome really beautiful and Lee was amazing. Both should be in the final probably with Chrystal.

    Tonight Casey will be going home.

  40. Kara knows nothing about talent…remember her rapper she showed off…he was a real dog…and i don’t mean like when randy says it..casey will probably go home and i will stop watching…its getting boring anyway.

  41. Sinatra is not easy for any of the contestants. Singing well but not conveying the Sinatra spirit is just karaoke… Either Mike or Aaron will go.

  42. I listened to Crystal singing Me and bobby mcgee and as long as I see the light…she’s really really amazing. She’s going to do big things in music if she stays focused, there’s a need for someone like her. Lee’s tone just sounds like he’s taking a shit! JMO

  43. Now that Siobhan – granted that her screams irritated me – is gone and Casey is most likely to be going home there is no one left with charisma to be the next AI. Lee will probably win and there is no more thrill. Why watch AI when there are plenty of more talented artists around?

  44. Given her credentials, Kara needs to learn how to advise and critique the contestants more professionally. Writing “I can win this 100 times” at this point in the contest does nothing.

  45. i hate it if casey will go. he is the most entertaining person among all the contestants. i wonder why these judges are so unfair!!!! its like they were agreeing on something somewhere before they sit on there chairs. stupidity!

  46. ellen and cara just copy what randy says about the performance. if randy says good they will say its good too. wth!

    it will be so sad to watch AI without casey. he is the life of the show to be honest.

  47. I don’t know what you see in Crystal!! She is soooo boring!! Maybe she would sell ok in America, but out in the world, I don’t think so..she is not current at all!! Maybe she should stay singing your country music..
    Mike…he has a good voice, but do you imagine young people buying his records?? not at all…
    Lee has a beautiful voice he IS current, but he needs to get a personality…he looks like a wet duckling all the time wanting his mummy to come and take him home!!
    Aaron..what can I he 17 or 40?? Boy he needs to get younger in his performances!! and also get a personality! reminds me to “Oh my Gosh David Archuleta”!! LOL
    And Casey, I couldn’t watch last night show yet, but with that theme it was obvious he would not be that ok…I really like his voice, his bluesy/rocker singing, that is what he should be singing, not this oldies..hope he has an opportunity and stays one more week! BTW he was awesome last week with Shania’s song!!

  48. BTW if Casey leaves AI tonight, I won’t watch the show any longer…no one left inspires me..nothing to compare to last season!! Except from Daney Gokey, last season’s top 5 was amazing!!

  49. Hi there Argentina #55, you can certainly watch a similar show in your country that is better.

  50. didn’t watch last night played Call of Duty..Metal of Honor..the wife said that the judges didn’t like anyone..what do you expect young folks singing Sinatra..with Harry Connick arranging the one can do well..not even SIOBHAN ..though she would have been good to see..wonder what she would have worn?

  51. Why does Kara have to try to make all of her critiques as long as the performance was? What are we watching? The Kara Show? Jeez I despise that woman. And saying” write this 100 times”. She has some serious ego problems. She could tell someone that at dress rehearsal, but you don’t chastise a performer on national TV. At least Ellen, like Paula, is kind.

  52. #59 Stormy, I agree. Kara embarrasses herself on national TV. She needs to be coached or not speak.

  53. Lee Dewyze has a voice I never get tired of hearing. There’s something edgy about it. And there’s always a little bit of surprise in where he will take a song. I liked Crystal at first, but now she is sounding exactly the same (boring) every week. She will still probably get signed by someone and I’m sure we’ll hear more from her. The others don’t do too much for me.

  54. Casey and Aaron were terrible last night, Crystal only so-so, Mike good and Lee great.

    Casey’s disastrous performance showed how limited his vocal ability is. He truly did sound like a goat at times, or maybe a lamb (as Kara suggested). He is obviously lost without his guitar. I think he is going home tonight.

    Aaron tried hard, but once again was corny and old-fashioned. He might desreve to win a high school talent show, but not AI.Wetre it not for Casey’s horrific performance, and also the fan base that Aaron seems to have (presumably based on his youth) he should be the one heading home.

    Crystal disappointed (for the second week in a row)with “Summer Wind” (a great song) and suddenly seems vulnerable.

    Mike did a really good job with “The Way You Look Tonight”, but obviously, this is his genre. He also has a distinct advantage over the others in that he fronts a wedding band (which he referred to last night) and it’s obvious this is one of the songs he knew already. Although he has a great voice, his version also reminded me too much of a good wedding singer.

    Lee really did knock it out of the park on “That’s Life”. I have not been a big Lee fan thus far, but I’ve got to hand it to him -last night he kept his own style and actually made the Sinatra song sound fairly contemporay. And It’s amazing how humble he still seems (a refreshing contrast to Mike’a arrogant overconfidence and even Crystal’s smugness).

    Now it looks like Lee and Crystal in the finale, and Lee seems to be getting the inside track.

  55. I really have to agree with that earlier suggestion to make Harry Connick Jr. the replacement for Simon as a Judge when he leaves after this season. The man not only knows music better than any of the other Judges … He seems to have a genuine sense of humor as well. I love that interaction he and Ellan had when Ellan said see couldn’t get over watching Harry play with his organ … That was so funny.

  56. I hope Mike goes home – I can’t stand his style or his voice. And who in the heck is he doing those two-handed “BABY” waves to constantly? That drives me crazy. Just because he did fairly well last night, doesn’t mean he should stay tonight. He has performed the worst out of all the remaining contestants – even was out at one point !!!! Get rid of him !!!

  57. What a night and what a season. There isn’t a Daughtry or Hudson coming out of this group for sure. I am still sticking with Crystal because I think she has a uniqueness about herself and I like her voice.
    You people really need to up the age limit – at least a high school degree – Aaron and Tim belong back in school!!!! American got it wrong last year because Aadm Lambert should have won hands down. Guess as they all say “the fix was on” for some reason. While Adam was mentoring, Dris was doing a Ford commenrcial. hum…………….

  58. The main thought I had was: ‘This could have been a great week for Tim.’ He is still my idol of choice. HCJr was a great mentor and I wish he would have showed up earlier in the season. He did more of what I thought the mentors should be doing in the first place. I liked Lee, Aaron is trying, Mike was in his element, Casey is just there because of his looks at this point [boy has played it safe for too long] and Crystal has way too much ‘holier than thou’ attitude. I don’t care if she is good, no one forced her to be on idol. The girl cannot take a critique and it wasn’t even that bad. The judges love her. Put Tim back please, he actually listened and learned from them.. and he wanted to be there.

  59. mike or crystal should have gone long time ago instead of Tim. tim has the best personality. he can sing good.

    #66 – i dont agree casey is just there because of his good looks. he has the talent. its just the sinatra theme doesnt fit on him. if he is just there because of his looks, i doubt he will reach into the top 5!

    casey has a memorable voice and i could even recognized it if they play his songs on the radio. he is very marketable in music, in a band, as a model.

  60. Great great classic but not all performances been great but except for 1 i love all the others

    i really hope they would pick some better songs been recorded by MrSinatra like
    ‘stranger in the night’ , almost like being in love, as time goes by , begin the beguine, bewitched bothered bewildered, blue moon, born free, cheek to cheek, i left my heart in san francisco, the impossible dream, in the still of the night,love is many splendor things, mack the knife..

    so who should be going home ??? it piece of cake..
    top ranking
    1 – lee – superb rendition , superb confidence , effortless, the one to beat
    2 – crystal – impressive version dunno why the judges say the otherwise, their ears might filled with some pebbles or sands..she should sing ‘bewithch bothered bewildered or love is a many splendor thing..
    3 – casey – nice soothing version , he should stay coz he got star quality, idol material, he should sing ‘stranger in the night instead it will work really wonder with his looks and image..
    4 – aaron – he tried to hard but i think the song dont really work the magical sparks, he probably should sing ‘mack the knife’, more uptempo tune or i left my heart in sanfran.
    5 – mike – boring same old boring performance, dunno why judges love him so much , probably becoz they saved him so they got to prove their decision was right and they need to say good things to back that up but like it or not no star power or quality at all and no imagination..just a bigg bigg mess and waste of space on stage..

    please send mike home people, he have enuff time already on the big stage..

    i felt tim and siobhan should do wonders in this sinatra week since their vocal and appeal got that classic vibe and charisma…judges please give back a wild card reentry for tim and siobhan…

  61. Definetly ..big Mike (Shrek) not forgettable as a cartoon caracter but is forgettable as a singer he should go well he should have gone long time ago..Casey he is cute but forgettable should go, Crystal should go..too boring..OMG, Aaron should go, Lee should go as well since AI is a big machine they need a winner. Unfortunately this year NO one was all..too pitchy, too shy, too low profile,

  62. My prediction for Idol is Crystal goes home tonight. She’s the best, but she won’t bend to the judge’s ill-defined wills. I mean, Cara’s idea of constructive criticism is the phrase “really, really.” Huh?

    The judges are pulling much the same stuff with Crystal that they did with Adam Lambert last year. It sure wasn’t last year’s winner they asked to come in and coach last week, was it? But, evidently he wasn’t good enough for the judges last year.

    The judges almost sounded rehearsed as they beat up on Crystal, who gave a great performance, with Cowell actually insulting Connick’s arrangement. Connick did not look happy, and I’d be surprised if he ever worked with this production company again beyond this contract. Looks like he wasted a week of his life. And, did you notice how, over the next two songs, the judges fell all over themselves praising the arrangements? Is the criticism rehearsed?

    Who’s going to win? Lee Dewyze. No question. He can’t sing to save his life, having a decent week every so often (certainly nothing consistent), but, like laundry detergents, he’s marketable. That’s all that matters. And, the judges will now say anything they must to influence America’s votes.

    Really, really…cynical.

  63. It’s possible that Connick saw the talent in Lee and worked better with him than others.

  64. First of all I want to say that I think Harry went above and beyond helping the contestants. No Miley Cyrus type “mentoring” there-thankfully.

    1. Chrystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Aaron
    5. Mike

    You never know who is going to win, it only matters how America votes.

    Adam Lambert is popular and a lot of people say Chris who??

  65. At this point, all of the artist are talented. Sinatra night was a way to filter through everyones little comfort zone and let the really talented ones shine.

    After last night we can see why Big Mike got the Big Save–because the judges recognized him as having one of the better voices–but still not the best.

    The Big win of the night goes to Lee. I have gone back and looked at all of his performances and he makes everything he sings sound fresh and current. He is sort of a hunkier Billy Joel. I just can’t wait to hear some original music from him. Everything he has sung so far, I like better than the original–including Elvis!! Lee is my pick to win!!!

    Crytal is losing her edge and needs to have a knock out performance next week or she is in danger. She needs to stop interrupting the judges. It makes her look like a “know it all.”

    Casey should still be in the game. Last night showed his limits, but he still has talent and still has his niche.

    Big Mike has a good voice, but it’s nothing special. Last night framed him just right and was a lucky break for him, however.

    Aaron has some potential and needs to hang in there, but I don’t think this is his season to win.

    After all is said and done, I think it’s time for Aaron or Big Mike to make the Big exit.

    Crystal and Casey could still make a big comeback and Lee just has to keep doing what he is doing!

  66. I thought Mack The Knife was a Bobby Darin song? Whoever sang it, it’s a great song, and I agree none of the arrangments were very peppy. Frank had many up tempo tunes.

    I feel for the contestants on elimination nights. So much suspense and stress, I’m surprised we’ve only seen tears so far. Kind of expect someone to faint.

  67. Casey is toast. The end has arrived. Perhaps he can do a spread for PlayGirl ( is that magazine still around? )

  68. We love CASEY! TRUE, last night was not his best, but the judges should be ashamed of themselves(Kara and Simon)for the way they treated this kid! Casey, the sweet soul he is, just took it and didn’t say a word…now, thats IMPRESSIVE.I,personally, would not have been able to keep my mouth shut.Although Randy and Ellen didn’t like his performance, at least they handled the situation with some class!Crystal,Lee and Aaron fans…BEWARE, the judges will be finding a new idol to pick on so they can pave the way for Mike to make it to the top of the heap…don’t kid yourselves, they want him there.They have already toned down their comments on Crystal(according to them a few weeks ago she was infallable). They don’t want anyone in this who stands a chance of upsetting their precious Mike’s chances of winning…They already helped take care of Siobhan.Trust me, the comments of the judges DO have an effect on how people vote.I wish all of them luck, EXCEPT Mike. Still love Casey and will be seeing the tour just because of him!

  69. Here’s a suggestion, go to YouTube and first bring up Adam Lambert’s Idol performance of “Mad World”. Then, bring up David Cook’s Idol performance of “Music of the Night”. You will come to realize that not a single one of this year’s top 24 belongs on that stage. It doesn’t make a bit of difference who goes home. They all should.

  70. I thin that people should stop bashing Big Mike- he does have an amazing voice, and I can’t believe some of you can’t hear it. He was wonderful last night. Lee is still my favorite, and he was again so great! I like his humble personality- I find that so nice in comparison with Crystal’s. She just comes across as very cocky, and yes, she may be trying to be true to herself, but why is she even on the show if she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her?

  71. Big mike is a star he is more talented than anyone else and i think he will make it in the top 2.i really think it is too early for siobhan to go home

  72. ** i am a big fan of casey and crystal.. and lee is also fyn. what happened last night was a nightmare, yet im still a fan of both. i juz hope one of the three will win this thing :0

  73. PLEEZE GIVE THE SINGERS SOMETHING DECENT TO SING – Frank Sinatra??? for Petes sake!!

  74. Agree with # 79…

    This Top 5 had talent,,but only succeed temporary…

  75. i think top two will be lee and mama sox… lee is like the underdog here… bt learn from last year’s idol… adam lambert was awesome ALL week and even the judges favourite and yet the other guy won the idol. lee cud be the other guy. wat say ya’ all?

  76. can we have BIG MIKE out of idol next week?

    agree wiv ellen – Big Mike has a good voice, but it’s nothing special. Last night framed him just right and was a lucky break for him, however.

    agree wiv whoops – boring same old boring performance, dunno why judges love him so much , probably becoz they saved him so they got to prove their decision was right and they need to say good things to back that up but like it or not no star power or quality at all and no imagination..just a bigg bigg mess and waste of space on stage.

    3.BIG MIKE

  78. GIGG
    3.BIG MIKE

  79. Isn’t Lee a little boring? Can’t believe that shreks twin i stil there! Casey is fine but needs 2 go home. Poor aaron.I’m not actually upset he is gone. The on & onlyyy CRYSTAL.she already is the next idol!!!!

  80. Crystal’s versatility is amazing; Her voice is magic and she’s proof that there is no limit to her artistic integrity in spite of the too dated and boring material they through at you. Lets face it,though Sinatra was the winner this time,kudo’s to Crystal’s endless gift’s vocally. Crystal perfectly complimented the jazzy phrasing that is so Sinatra. Crystal is so good that she is good when she is bad. Is there any thing vocally that she cant do better than anybody?; I think not!!!!!

  81. Ashley……I have to disagree with you on this one. The 4 remaining really should not be. It should be Siobhan, Lee, Crystal and Casey….Big Mike should have been gone weeks ago…..

    Regarding last night, I thought in the group song, Crystal was awful….Whats up with her, lately she sounds off key……
    Lee should walk away with this Idol Season!!!!!

  82. Big Mike, dont let the ugly comments people write get you down. you just keep doing what you do. All of you guys have talent, you just happen to be my favorite, which does not give me the right to try and tear down the other contestants, it’s not right, these haters should try to put themselves in your choose. o keep the faith and always put god first, and the rest will take care of itself. our family you Big Mike, dont forget always take care of that baby and your wife, dont let fame go to your head and you forget where you came from, that very important, stay humble. much love for your fans in westpalm beach fl.

  83. What team are you on? Since we all agree
    it is either Crystal or Lee.. As for myself
    I think there should be two AI”S this year…

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