American Idol 2010: Ranking The Top 5

Update: The idols will not be allowed to use their guitars this week as Harry Connick Jr. will be the first mentor to arrange the songs and write the orchestrations for the contestants to perform.

We should have another amazing week on American Idol.  With the talents of Harry Connick Jr. mentoring the Top 5, the contestants should be able to bring it with the music of Frank Sinatra.  This week I’m basing my rating on who I THINK will do the best performance tomorrow night.

5) Big Mike is going to struggle.  This is not anywhere close to his genre and with the new backing of VFTW things are not looking good for him.  I hope he has the ability to change his song around and really make it his own.

4) Lee Dewyze is my favorite.  I would buy his album over anyone elses right now but I don’t know how he is going to do with Sinatra.  I hope he surprises me.

3) Aaron Kelly should have a good night.  This is right up his ally and I would rank him higher if he had a little more experience and voice training.

2) Casey James is going to continue to shine.  He knows he is in danger of going home and he has to bring his A game from here on out.

1) Crystal Bowersox will be back at the top this week.  She didn’t do as well as usual in her last performance which will make this song even better.

Who do you think will bring the best vocals tomorrow night?