American Idol 2011 Ratings Improving After Week 2

The big concern for American Idol 2011 was that once Simon Cowell had left the audience would too. Apparently that is not the case for the new season after all. Relative to past seasons, Idol ratings are actually doing better!

This past Wednesday’s episode pulled in 25.2 million viewers and dropped only 5% from the season premiere episode (note: a drop in ratings from premiere episodes is normal and expected for all shows). Compare that to the year before when the second week’s episode dropped 14%.

It gets better though for Thursday night’s show. The second week dropped only 3% from the week before and brought in 22.2 million viewers. Wow.

So for all those who were predicting (maybe even hoping) the new season of American Idol would fizzle out and die, it’s just not happening. For the rest of you, grab a golden ticket because this season is about to take off!

Source: Reuters