American Idol 2011: Auditions Head To Austin

After another awesome week of watching Steven Tyler judge the hopefuls on American Idol 2011, I find myself wishing the show was on tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow.  I’m not liking the Wednesday/Thursday schedule change. 

I thought Milwaukee and Nashville brought some pretty good talent to us and I was pleasantly surprised to see not everyone in Nashville portrayed as a country music singer.  Of course it wouldn’t be the South if they didn’t show a few toothless overall clad contestants in the mix.  Of course the best was seeing Chelsee waiting to go on with whom I thought was her father but instead turned out to be her much older fiancee.  I guess she’s taking age before beauty to another level lol. 

I’m going to agree with the judges for a change and say Lauren Alaina was my favorite Idol hopeful in Nashville.  I thought she sang “I don’t wanna miss a thing” much better than “Like we never loved at all”. 

Tomorrow we head to Austin, Texas which is a beautiful place to live.  I worked there one summer and was quite impressed with the friendliness and overall atmosphere.  Watch out for Tim Halperin from Fort Worth as he is the only one on our list that we know for sure make the American Idol Top 40.




  1. Thank you Ashli Rae…I will definitely be watching. This has really been a great AI season so far. Pumped up for all the excitement yet to come. 🙂

  2. Iam loving he new judges my only complaint is I wish they would have stuck with the tuesday and wednesday schedule, too

  3. I totally agree with you Ashli Rae….I miss the Tues. & Wed. time slot….It seems like forever before Wednesday comes…..

    I liked Lauren Alaina in Nashville and I'm keeping an eye on her. I'll also look for Tim Halperin tomorrow night…..Thanks for the heads up….

    • I agree. I like Lauren and saw Tim Halperin on video…WOW. Looks like this is the year of Great talent….Whoo Hoo…. 🙂

    • Guess who! Tomorrow, is my treat! Holla AI, and to all my friends and fans of the show!

      Tomorrow's talent, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

  4. i dont mind of the new schedule because those are the days my grandma comes and i watch it with her so i dont mind at all!

  5. Last week when all the judges wanted to meet the woman who inspired the last singer was one of the most poinant moments ever on television. The way Steven Tyler gently cradled her face and whispered that she was the one to whom he was singing and suggested that as the rationale as to why he sang so well. What a considerate, kind and gracious loving touch. How compassionate of all the judges. If ever I really wished any contestant would do well, this is the guy. He is noble virtuous and reflects the best that God ever created. How many times we have all seen selfish people walk away when they are most needed. No matter what transpires this guy is destined to succeed in life. American Idol keep up the great work. Everyone watching last week was elevated to a higher level of living.

    Warm and Earnest Regards, WC

    • I agree w.c.! It was heart warming and actually over whelming. A human spirit that can endure so much is truly amazing. Mr. Medina is a good singer but I thought not quite the best. It is just my opinion. I am not musically talented but I love to listen and to dance! My heart goes out to this young couple. I do hope he goes far in the competition!!

      • @w.c. and Tishe. I agree…Chris did have a great voice and I do think he will go far in the competition…his story was indeed heart warming and the judges reaction, particularily, Steven T. was truly compassionate. So looking forward to the auditions tonight….lots of talented people we have not even heard yet… Whoo Hoo…AI – the best season in a long time…Congrats. 🙂

  6. I liked Lauren Alaina in Nashville and I’m keeping an eye on her. i know her and she's the best go girl juanita

  7. So disappointed on today's American Idol in Austin, Texas. You did not show the ones who won and got the golden ticket. Jonsense Ojeda is an awesome singer and he was left out of all the ones that did sing and sorry to say they did not have the voice to sing. But, that's ok, because the young man I know and love will go a Long way!!! Sincerly, Rita Vasquez

  8. your voice is so awesome , you are a good singer .. even here in the Philippines loved your voice…

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