American Idol 2011 Ratings Improving After Week 2

The big concern for American Idol 2011 was that once Simon Cowell had left the audience would too. Apparently that is not the case for the new season after all. Relative to past seasons, Idol ratings are actually doing better!

This past Wednesday’s episode pulled in 25.2 million viewers and dropped only 5% from the season premiere episode (note: a drop in ratings from premiere episodes is normal and expected for all shows). Compare that to the year before when the second week’s episode dropped 14%.

It gets better though for Thursday night’s show. The second week dropped only 3% from the week before and brought in 22.2 million viewers. Wow.

So for all those who were predicting (maybe even hoping) the new season of American Idol would fizzle out and die, it’s just not happening. For the rest of you, grab a golden ticket because this season is about to take off!

Source: Reuters




  1. Am glad about the ratings.Really excited for week 3. It just keeps getting better and better. And, as always, Thank you Matt for keeping us all informed. Enjoy all the updates. To Phyllis G., Angela, Sherry K and all my other AI friends….whoo hoo. "-)

  2. The ratings should be getting higher and higher every week. The judges are awesome, and the audition hopefuls are off the charts, as far as attendance, and talent! The folks (like me) who want Idol to continue, need to get on their phones, e-mails, facebooks, twitters and encourage other people to watch. Otherwise, Season 10 will be the last! If you can't watch every show, then set your TV to record. I think that still counts?

    • Good advise Beverly…. Also whoever the sponsors are it helps to buy the products. That helps a lot in keeping any show on the air.

  3. I love Molly – I hope she makes it through! I just saw she signed up for Twitter @mollydewolf

  4. I am extremely happy with the 2011 judges. I think they all work well together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Steven Tyler, he is amazing on the show !!!

    • Ya, you gotta love a 50 year old man making cat calls at under aged girls. At what point did this become acceptable ?

      • He's a man and a Rocker (i.e. Bad Boy)…What Steven does, says, whistles ect. is nothing comapired to what they will experience in the music industry…

        It's a hard nasty buisness and they better get a tough skin now or they will never make it…

  5. Whoo Hoo!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Love this year's AI. Pumped up for this week. Keep the comments coming…really like to hear other people's thoughts and to keep the excitement going. To all my wonderful Idol friends…Ya'll have a good one. 🙂

    • Rose A:

      Your enthusiasm is contagious. I love reading your comments they are always positive and uplifting. With viewers like you the ratings should out do previous years.

      Thanks for your elevating personality.

      • @ enyaface. Thank you. I was as adolescent counselor for years and THEY taught me a lot…not to take myself so seriously…be patient and to have a wonderful positive attitude. I learned from the best and love to see young people have the determination to forge ahead and make their dreams come true. Life is Good. 🙂

    • I'm with you Rose A.!! Like enyaface said, "your enthusiasm is contagious"!

      Here's to this week!! Yes, Rose you will see me on FB!!

      • Hi Angela,

        You are referring to FB as facebook? We should hookup on FB too!!!!! This is my email…..Send me your email and then we can all hookup on FB too!!!! In Rose A. saying..Whoo Hoo….

      • Hi Phyllis…Just got home from seeing the precious one 🙂 Can't wait to see what this week's showcase will be like. As I said before….AI just keeps getting better and better. @ Phyllis, just sent you an e-mail…it may go to spam because it will not recognize the sender…from Rose A. Have a good one. 🙂

      • @Phyllis, I will be sending you my email address this morning, I am not sure when you will receive it! My name for my email is different from Angela, but I will let you know it's me!

        Hi Rose A., I will send you my email address as well, hope that's alright with you?

  6. I am thrilled about the ratings and I'm not surprised. I think the momentum is going to pick up as the season progresses and word of mouth will definitely bring back viewers and maybe new ones too…This has been such a surprise season. I felt the same way that with the loss of Simon the show would be doomed but thats not so….Its better than ever.

    Hi to Rose A., Sherry K, Angela and all my AI friends..Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to Wednesday….I am!!!!!!

    Matt & Ashli Rae….thanks so much for the updates….Great info…

    • Hi Phyllis, I to, am glad that ratings are going up! Wednesday is always a treat for me, and I haven't been disappointed yet!!

  7. I really like AI this season. The personal stories are good, the singers talented and the not so talented are at the least entertaining in a weird kind of way. What makes me laugh the most are those people that are clearly not singers and they get so upset when they are not picked. I mean really are they that clueless? It’s obvious that a lot know they aren’t singers but this is their 15 seconds of stardom. The ones that really think they can sing and can’t need to have their meds changed, I’m mean seriously! I love the new judges too, what a big difference having people that are actual performer’s critic these wanna be stars. Steven is a hoot with his Rock & Roll antics and Jennifer adds a touch of motherly class. She’s learning to get tough too, have you noticed? Randy is the DAWG foundation and Ryan is well Ryan,a goofy little man with a great smile and a bit on the duh side. Gotta love him though. I'm looking forward to seeing who makes the final 24. I hope they decide on great all around talent. Not just because they are cute. In the past I feel they have over looked people that were really talented, for what ever reason they missed the mark. So I’m biting the bullet every week laughing and crying as we all trudge forward anticipating the rise to glory for the next American Idol.

  8. I'm glad Simon is gone. I'm in the absolute minority who didn't see his appeal and got tired of the witch act after 1 season. Didn't keep up with the show at all (didn't record it, watch it, buy it, download it…) until my curiosity brought me back to see the new judges and now I'm hooked! OMG, I can't wait for this week's ep!

  9. That is so true-if people don't support/it could be the last season:( That is what happened, or so it seems, to Canadian Idol…and that was a shame. I love AI and did CI too…so much talent out there; it is awesome to see someone get the chance they might not other-wise have had… 🙂 Steve Tyler DOES "ROCK" lol & so do J-Lo, Randy & Ryan, too. I actually agreed with most of what Simon had to say, I just felt he could have softened his words-not crushed people. This Year is going to be a 10 year RATING 🙂

  10. We love the new judges, it has breathed new life into the show. It was the best decision ever. Congrats!!!!!

  11. Idol lost me last season…lots of mediocre talent sticking around long past their level of ability, while several potential superstars went home. I thought Simon would be missed, as his snarky comments were part of the draw. However, if his departure spawned the loss of Kara and Ellen, he did the show a huge favor as the end result is a better set of judges. In the end, though, it's still about the talent, and so far, the talent has exceeded anything we saw all of last year. I do wonder where these folks were last year…maybe they needed to see how blah the 2010 "top five" were to realize they had something better to offer. I just might watch some more idol this year after all.

  12. i love ai was didnt think i would watch it any more after simmon left because i loved simmom but wow i think steve is great and j lo and randy he has always ben great keep up the good work ryan good job AI ROCKS

  13. Okay – What did I miss? Why was there an apology at the beginning of the show last night?? What did Steven do last week???

  14. I will be honest and I told my wife I would never watch AI once Simon was gone and they were bringing in Jennifer Lopez. I thought the show would tank.

    Well I had to catch the premiere episode to watch how bad the show was going to be. Too my surprise I love the show and so does my wife. I don't miss Simon at all. Steven and Jennifer have added a breath of fresh air to the show and I think it is awesome. Steven is by fare the greatest addition though.

    Can't wait for Hollywood week!

    • Doug…..My husband and I feel the exact same way. It brought him back to AI since the Adam L. season. Me, I'm just an Idol Junkie…..LOL

  15. I'm happy with the new judge lineup. It's working and it's only just begun. Only a competition as weak or worse than last season's can bring AI down now.

  16. Love, love, Love AI 2011. Steven Tyler is awesome! I really like him on the show. He always has to hit a note, and I smile every time someone sings bad and he falls on JJennifer's shoulder. I like Jennifer, she always seems amazed when someone sings badly. I also like the fact that she is ot afraid to cry when someone's singing touches her. Randy's laughing behind whatever he's holding is halarious. I like Ryan. He is the calm person who has to handle all the crying contestants when they are told no to Hollwood. I did not watch AI last season. I have not missed one, this season. Do not get rid of Steven! This 2011 AI is so enjoyable. I will be watching. I am now a Fan.

  17. First of all I love the chemistry of the new panel of judges. I've never written before, but I must – because I have issue w/some things & would like to express my concerns. "American Idol" is a show shared & enjoyed by "families." The "F" word is well on it's way in our day to becoming an acceptable (because of desensitizing) word/slang. But, not to all. Family show executives are intruding & taking in their own hand's a place that should be respected as the parent's position – a private decision to censor what their family should/should not watch. "American Idol" is deemed a "family show." The other night w/the "apology" first, purposeful in gaining everyone's attention – then the surprise – "in your face" blatant & obvious "F" word that Stephen Tyler spewed out – was too much. Why is it that the "F" word – decided by the networks allowed to contribute to "marring the innocence" of children? It seems like flagrancy – for ratings. And the cost is pricey: children just to complete in the ratings game. The "bleeper" images that cover the mouths (judges & contestant) should be larger as to take away some of the "easily" understood profanity. The other night was over the top. Crude is still what it is – crude. I like Stephen Tyler. I love his heart, but the manner in which he has carried himself in Aerosmith/private life should be tempered for AI. There can be a fine line in what is decent and what is not. Attitude and motive can be weighed. Carelessness and deliberateness are pretty cut and dry. The show itself is – a great teacher – the audience too! A teacher is not perfect, but a teacher needs to have the best intentions for it's students. I'm just asking for the "Who's" that are in charge consider the families – those who practice censorship & that love American Idol – consider us as an essential & integral part of the viewing audience & ratings. There are a variety & diversity of singers as there is variety in those who view your show. I'll be tuning in next week. Comments? I still wanna be a fan!

  18. This is Gracee again. Oops, wanted to clarify something. Near the end, I spoke of "The show itself being a great teacher…" (- the audience too!) I meant to say – TO the audience too.

    In other words, it is a show that teaches us as the audience, too. We enjoy the competition and benefit from it as well.

  19. Interesting reading peoples positive views about AI. I looked for 20 minutes first night, and didn't like the line up of judges at all. Oh well each to there own likes. Haven't looked at it since. I liked the original AI.

    • Dianne…..I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't like the new AI.. I really think you should have given it a little more time because this is the best AI since the breakup of the original team. Everyone thought that Simon leaving was going to be the end for AI but if truth be told, the downfall of AI came when the show added Kara to the mix and then put a Mickey Mouse group of judges together. I truly liked Ellen but not as a judge and Kara, forgetaboutit. This group has so much chemistry and appeal that you should really give it another try…

      • @ Phyllis G. Hello, dear friend. I so agree with you. Simon was bored last year and it was so evident…Kara was just a complete disgrace…Ellen (whom I love dearly) was too much of a softy and Randy was Randy. Love the new judges. Looking forward to more of Hollywood Week. Hello to Sherry K, Angela, Kathy from PA and all my other AI friends. Have a good one. Whoo Hoo~!! 🙂

      • OK Phyllis, I will take another look,on your advice. The person I didn't like was Steven Tyler. Honestly I can't stand him. But maybe will check it out again. Thanks Phyllis.

      • Dianne…I am so glad you will give it another try. I wasn't too keen on Steven Tyler myself but he turned out to be a great additional to the panel. He has compassion for the contestants, something that Simon never had….. Please let me know how it turns out…Hopefully you will enjoy the show as much as most of us do on this blog…

  20. jeniifer lopez and steve tyler are responsible for the ratings going higher they seemed to bring new life to the show.

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