American Idol Wraps Up Week 2 Of 2011 Auditions

Another week, another batch of American Idol golden ticket holders heading to Hollywood. With 53 golden tickets in Milwaukee and too many given out in Nashville the new judges will next head to Austin for the final week of auditions.

For a full run down of the good, the bad, and the ugly be sure to check out Reality Rewind’s recap of the Nashville auditions and what happened in Milwaukee.

Most seasons the audition rounds seem to endlessly loop while we wait for the real action, but this year has been a little better so far. Interestingly, and maybe it’s just me (probably is), but it’s felt like the 2-hour Wednesday shows have been a little more positive with better singers and more interesting stories while Thursday shows have featured more of the “they can’t be serious” auditioners.

Who stood out for you this week? Milwaukee’s discussions have heavily featured Chris Medina and his heart breaker story (not all reactions were supportive) while Nashville closed with its ringer, Lauren Alaina, the young singer Nigel Lythgoe has been anxious for us to see. You can watch both their performances below.

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Chris Medina – Breakeven

Lauren Alaina – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing




  1. The second week is nice. Chris' story is a heart crusher. I was moved by the man who can't be moved(and I burst into tears as Daughtry sang on the background). Definitely the memorable moment so far.

    Steven Tyler is awesome!

    And I also liked that rockstar-turning into philosopher at the Nashville auditions.

  2. Steven Tyler IS awesome! So full of compassion and not afraid to show it. When he hugged Chris' fiancee, I burst into tears. Everyone else stood aside; he was so open to her and willing to show Love. He is A-one in my book.

  3. I agree. I'm totally digging Steven Tyler right now. He brings compassion, but he's funny as h*ll too. Love him!!

  4. Jennifer, Randy, and Steve all deserve an applaud – for being the best/better judges for the show (than pevious 2) – the show is worth watching and being tuned in. They (all 3) characterize: experience of true judging, compassionate, support with advise, fun to watch, and recognizing the selected winners as individuals. Loosers walk away still with hope. Winners feel a high esteem accomplishment & life changing thanks to all three. AAA+ for them

  5. I am so pleased with the first two weeks and really looking forward to the coming weeks but I am really waiting for Hollywood because thats when we get to see all the contestants that were put through….

    • Hi Phyllis. I agree. Think we missed out on seeing a lot of contestants that were put through. Waiting, like you, for Hollywood…but in the meantime…just enjoying the ride. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  6. I enjoy this weeks audition, I think it was the best, and lol to my super rockstar Miss lopez, you’re sooooooo hottttt and beauty too!!!! Not forgetting ma dog randy and steven the rocker, keep it rocking like this and even bettel ya’ll!!!!!!!

  7. Miss Alaina is the next American Idol and will go on to make millions of dollars! An amazing find…..congratulations American Idol you struck gold one more time!

  8. Chris Medina was awesome!!! I cried during listening to his song "Breakeven". He's the man! I will support him! Steven Tyler did the right thing! Thumb's up baby!

  9. I was skeptical about the 2011 American Idol with Simon Cowell leaving. I was pleasantly surprised how I like the current judges. Steven Tyler is great. He is my favorite. He can be honest without being mean or insulting. And, J. Lo is so sweet and sympathetic to what contestants go through. I am always a fan of Idol, but when they kept on changing and adding judges, I was not as enthusiastic about the show. Now, I am so excited and really looking forward to it.

    • I actually think J Lo is a waste of time. She doesn't say much and is too gushing over mediocre performances. I guess I am in the minority as I thought the shows so far, have been dull.

  10. How about a feature on Thia (Thea) Megia? The teen has got tremendous talents. Kudos to Steven Tyler! Great job, Mr. S., I like how you let/approve aspiring contestants go through to the next phase. When you appreciate the timbre, you simply close your eyes and never minding who owns the voice and voila! He or she passes your distinctive taste! Great job! Continue what you're doing because in my honest opinion, that's the only way to do it (judging that is)!

    • Hello Ike, I really loved Thia's (Thea) voice! I remember the first time I heard her sing via video, and thought this girl will go really far on the show!

      • Thanks, Angela for your sharing your thoughts! Now we're both fans of Thea. I'm now looking forward to seeing her in Hollywood!!!

      • I also agree. When Thia sang Chasing Pavement…she had a nice breathy quality…not an easy thing to do for a 15 year old. As J Lo so often says…"she's the whole package". Have a good one. 🙂

  11. I have never missed watching a season and I must say this is the best judging I have ever seen. They compliment each other and are truly honest with the contestants and deliver the message in an appropriate manner. My hats to the judges for 2011. You rock.

    • Same here. I really like Steve Tyler and J.Lo. They truly feel for the contestants. There is a certain honesty that they project.

  12. If Jennifer could stop the baby talk, the show would be better. Please stop the baby talk, Wowa.

    • whoa gina! A little low for ya to comment that! I would bet my last $ you would not say that to her face! Show a little respect. Please and thank you.

  13. I agreed with pretty much all the cuts, except for the 4 girls that brought Steven up. There was only one of the four girls that I didn't hear, the other 3 were excellent and should have gone through. I was shocked that they were cut. Big mistake.

    • @ Toni. I agree….I thought they did a pretty good job. Also think that all 3 of the group Three's Company should have been booted. Really happy that one of my favorites did go through…Anxious to see what tomorrow night will bring. 🙂

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