American Idol 2011: Rock and Roll Top 9 Recap

I was excited for rock night on American Idol and I wasn’t too terribly disappointed mainly because I had a good laugh all the way through.  Will. I.Am hung out and helped the contestants choose their songs and then critiqued them during rehearsals.  He gave no great advice and basically hung out with Jimmy Iovine and enjoyed some camera time.  Gwen Stefani helped the girls with their style and away we go to the Top 9.

Jacob Lusk just had to change his song from “Let’s Get It On” because it was about sex (shame!) to “Man in the Mirror” which he sang rather well.  However his remark about if he’s in the bottom it will be because America didn’t look at theirselves in the mirror was rather blunt and personally I didn’t care for that.  What if he had totally bombed?  Is he that good that he can make a such a cocky statement?  He killed the song and I would be shocked if he landed in the bottom three.

I liked Haley Reinhart for the first time this season.  I mean I wasn’t jumping up dancing or anything but I liked the edgy look and the growl in her voice.  I think it’s really cool to see this other side of her.  Steven Tyler certainly enjoyed it because he said that Janis Joplin gave rock the voice in 1968 and Haley did that again tonight.  I mean seriously Steven goes way over board with his compliments. 

Sorry Casey Abrams fans, I just don’t see it.  I don’t like the crazy beard and I just don’t care for this guy at all.  When Randy said he was making the upright bass co0l, I was like WTH?  Really?  I don’t think so.

Big disappointment for me with Lauren Alaina singing “Natural Woman”.  She could have really got down and gave us some incredible vocals last night.  It was boring and forgettable.  Steven has an awkward moment when he tells her she is a natural born woman and Randy agreed with me when he said it was good because of the difficulty of the song but he wasn’t overly impressed.

James Durbin gives us a ballad and we hear that he really can carry a tune.  He’s much better singing rock.  The judges are excited because he is showing vulnerability.  James is crying.  Give me a break.  I didn’t care for the Elvis song by Scotty.  I thought Paul trashed Johnny Cash and Stefano did the best I’d ever heard him even though I hated his song choice.

Pia finally showed some life and tried to perform.  Much better than I’ve ever seen her.  She has amazing vocals!  I’d like to see more upbeat songs like that.  Maybe she’ll continue to improve on her performance and if so, has a real shot at winning this thing. 

Who did you like and dislike from last night?