American Idol 2011 Top 9 Elimination Results Tonight

Back from the brink of a double elimination, American Idol returns tonight with another send off after last night’s Rock performance show. There’s no doubt that it was a pretty exciting round and tonight’s elimination will be tough, but the show must go on so let’s get ready for more.

There were a lot of outstanding performances, but who wasn’t finally ready to see Pia break out the fast paced, high speed song and totally killed it. Good timing too because artist Dan D’Addario is back with another caricature and sure enough it’s Pia Toscano. Check it out!

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

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  1. Not a comment, more of a plea. Never, ever let Gwen Stefani dress anyone but her children, ever again.

      • Yeah. That's bordering on abuse. It's like sending your kid to school in a clown suit or hip waders. Harashuku girls may have style but Gwen? Ouch.

    • Couldn't agree more, those looks may work for her 10 year old boy figure but it doesn't work on girls who are shaped like girls.

      Lauren looked sooooo uncomfortable in her 'outfit' and it took away from her innocent charm. It reminded me of those toddlers who are in beauty pageants. Let her be 16 for heaven's sake. I think the look hurt her performance.

      Stefani for style and Will I Am for vocals, WTF is going on!

      • LOL Spaz, totally agree! I felt bad for poor Lauren because that look was so not her. It reminds me of Courtney Love's baby prostitute look. No one should EVER sport that.

  2. I don't understand why people hate Haley so much! I think she is great.

    Scotty is so akward. Yes- he can sing. But he makes me so uncomfortable to watch.

    Lauren- She has a good voice, but she is starting to get like Thia- blah and very boring.

    Pia- Ok, we get it. She's pretty. So what! But she's a little valley girl and way too cheesy. And Celine Dion also sang that song. Of course she would sing it.

    Jacob- Kudo's for standing up for what you believe. I didn't like him at first, but he is sincere. I don't think he'll win.

    Stefano- He seems nice, but he sounds the same in every song. Boring. Looks can only get you so far. I vote for him out of pity.

    Casey- Please shave more of your beard! But who cares, he has personality and is very talented.

    Paul- I felt like I was at a hoe down! And the square dancing…. really? NO… buh bye Paul.

    • OK, I agree with your song mentions above,boring.. yes…

      Scotty sang that very well, where I said wow during the song, and I don't like country. Listen to him sing, he's talented if he stays there. Paul, you have to give him credit, he sang that very well, yes the hoe-down side, but that's the song.. Agree he won't last long.

      • Ok, I went back and listened to Scotty. I had to close my eyes. I agree, he sang very well. I must have been too distracted with the way he held the mic and his movements to notice the song.

        He still isn't my favorite, but yes- he CAN sing, and he did great (vocally).

      • lol I agree with you, and great you went back to listen!Remember he's 16!! He needs to learn a craft, dance, style, and others do also.. I even though he was going to go crazy legs on stage last night aka Elvis.. or Forest Gump! I give him credit, he is growing as a singer, the mic thing is odd in his right hand, sideways, it's just noticable.. but i'm feeling ya… 🙂

      • Matt, thank you, as always, for your update.

        I was so impressed with almost all the performances last night. This is where the Idols should be at this time each year, getting better and better each time we see them perform.

        And I put my money where my mouth is: I have been one of the biggest detractors of Pia…but last night, I voted for her! She FINALLY listened and she brought it in a Big Way. Very impressed with her performance last night. And I vote based on their performance that night, not previous performances.

        I began voting for 7 of the 9 contestants, then 5, then 4…for the entire 2 hours after the show. I must have made hundreds of calls (my cell only shows 90 of the outgoing calls…and that was filled several times over). First time I voted like a teenager since Adam was on!

        I was most impressed with Casey's performance of CCR's Have You Ever Seen the Rain — performed on an upright bass and a mandolin!?! Awesome idea. I am always excited to see what he's going to come up with next.

        And then there was James Durbin's beautiful interpretation of While My Guitar Gently Weeps…simply amazing.

        Jacob brought tears to my eyes once again with his rendition of Man in the Mirror. MJ would have been proud. I was so proud of him. I think Jacob is just sweet and innocent and I love that about him. It sets him apart.

        We finally got to see what the judges have been talking about with Haley and Janis Joplin because she really channeled her last night with Piece of My Heart (my personal fave when I sing karaoke). And one of Branden's picks.

        Thoroughly enjoyed Scotty's lively performance of That's Alright Mama. It was nice to see him move around the stage and play around with it, made it a fun performance.

        My biggest surprise of the evening, and I have always enjoyed Paul, was Paul's version of Folsom Prison Blues, which I totally expected not to like because I am a huge Johnny Cash fan. I loved loved loved what he did with that song. As always, he put his Paul signature on it and made it his own and it was incredible!

        Now for the two I was not completely thrilled with: Lauren Alaina was just okay. She had tough acts to follow: Jacob, Haley and Casey. If she had been on last year's show, probably would have faired better against that crappy competition. But since we live in the now, sorry, Lauren, it was the wrong night to fall flat.

        And while Stefano's performance of When a Man Loves a Woman hit the right notes, he still failed to connect with the audience…or at least, with me. It bored me, sorry to say.

      • I thought Scotty was the best actually. His voice really shined. I liked his mic-holding and his face expressions. Thought he was really awesome. Paul is just plain fun to watch and that smile!!! Don't care for any of the girls this year.

    • Haley is an awesome singer ,but there is some arrogance about her ,regardless im sure she will have an great career even if he doesnt win idol…

    • What do u mean he makes u uncomfortable to watch–WEIRD!! Scotty puts on such a great stage performance U are really weird- Does Paul not give u creepys?????????

      • Scotty has akward movements. He moves his hands like he's rapping, and cocks his neck like he's gangsta. Come on! You're country…

        Does Paul give me creeps? Child molesters give me creeps. Paul is quarky- yes- and I'm sure a lot of people cannot relate to him, but he is talented. That doesn't mean he's my favorite by any means! I found him kinda cheesy and trying too hard last night. But anyway..

      • I do agree with you about Haley, I don't get why everyone keeps hating on her. She has a great voice, knows how to work the stage. She does get a little clownish at times, like she's in a Broadway musical, but with so many past Idol alumni ending up on Broadway, that should play in her favor. She adds personality to her songs.

    • Haley has got to go ! She growls through every song. Pls listen. She ruined that Janis Joplin song.

      • Michele — I did listen. If you listen to what the judges keep telling her — to let the growl out more — then you will understand why she does.

  3. Going home tonight? I think it has to be Josh. At this point in the show, it means a great singer is going home. Sad, but that's how this show works.

    Gotta agree with the 'outfits' last night…'costumes' might be more appropriate and none were flattering.

  4. How could I forget James?!

    I admire his vulnerability last night. I know a lot of people are rooting for him because of his Asperger's syndrom- which is great. I think he did very well last night. It was nice to see him tone it down this week. He seemed more real.

      • There is no need to be rude. This is open for everyone's opinions. I am not hating on anyone- just stating my opinion.

      • i agree – give it a rest farari testarossa. jasmine – i agree with you about james!

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I agree with a lot of you. James is GREAT and Scotty is GREAT, Haley and Lauren are GOOD and Jacob, Pia and Paul should be GONE. You have to have a good voice and be able to sing different songs and entertain for a concert to become the American Idol. Does anyone agree with me?

      • Dawn — I agree with you, partially. I agree with you about James and Scotty, Haley and Lauren, but not about Paul. And there have been times I have not cared for Jacob, but he has grown on me. But, of course, they can't ALL win…LOL, very exciting competition this year. The others, we can agree to disagree 🙂

      • ~Jasmine~ while I do not agree with you, I do agree there is no need to be rude on this site. Especially think of the audience on this site, probably a lot of younger folks here as well as older folks. No need to hate on someone just because you don’t agree with them. This is not a dictatorship. 😀

  5. bottom three tonite i hope pia *boring* jacob *discusting* stefano *well he just cant compete with the others*

      • Is it just me or are they picking better themes this year? I was afraid they were going to pick "Ol Blue Eyes" again. That was the worst last year!

      • Billy, Are you just kidding? I would LOVE to hear all of the contestants left sing an aerosmith song? Seriously, Are you kidding? Sherry K.

  6. The best way to predict who will leave tonight is too see who everyone else voted for.

    So everyone post who they voted for that will give us a pretty good idea.

    Even if you gave them one vote it counts so everyone post all the people you voted for last night!

  7. Well, let's Scotty do what he loves best and he will stay comfortable onstage. Except for the way he holds his mic, when he sang River, Letter from Home, Can I trust you with my heart, Long Black Train, he is very comfortable and not weird at all. He moves around enough with not much hand gestures, weird pose or raised eye browse.

    But since he is viewed as one-trick pony and with different themes, he tried. People say he still sounds country. Lord, what can they expect more them a purely country voice?? By singing songs which are not in his strengths, he chooses to overcome his awkwardness with, er..quite weird gestures. It is disturbing to people, but on the other hand it helps him feel comfortable onstage. I like him and it looks quite disturbing for me also. But he can work on it. At least he always stays calm and focused on stage and interact a lot better with the audience than some other contestant.

    Why all the hate ** sigh**

    • I agree I have noticed some awkward even jerky movements of his hands that could be considered "weird" but his voice and delivery are as always AWESOME!

      • You said this very well and it could be said about all of the contestants. Let's face it, this year the group is so talented any one of them could have won hands down in a few past seasons. So, us, as audience memebers, truelly are just picking each and everyone of them apart from looks, style, hair, clothes,connection, projection…the list goes on. This group is truely talented and all of them will be great.

    • I said this in another post, Scotty surprised me, he really crushed that song. I think he should stay closer to that style then just country, or blend it. His career could be actually bigger..

      • well know Stefano has a higher percentage then Jacob and Lauren.

        I really hope that Jacob goes home.

        Lauren would be a huge shock.

        it will be jacob or stef i thnk hopefully jacob.

        Oh and sometimes those are right the poll above, but last week thia was higher then paul and stefano and thia went home so who knows. but yeah that is alot of people voting 17k

      • oops sorry Dan that was supposed to be directed towards you reply towards me. Sorry!

    • I think Scotty Proved he is not a one trick pony yesterday night. I am a HUGE Elvis fan. I have his picture hanging on the wall above my computer for inspiration when I am working on it. Scotty did one hell of a job singing " Thats alright Moma! " It was very cute the way he went around the judges. I definitely would give Scotty my vote. He never looks disturbed, or nervous. Maybe it just doesn't show if he's nervous? Keep it up Scotty because if you don't win American Idol you will get signed to a country contract. Hi to Rose A. and Phyllis G. Where ever you two are at!! Sherry K. 🙂

  8. I loved James last night. I don't think Hailey is that great but last night definitely was her night. Casey gives me the creeps. Jacob is extremely boring and performs every song as if he is in church. Just gets old. My least favorite of all is Stefano. I can't see him staying on much longer, he just doesn't have quite enough talent, and his voice isn't strong enough.

    • What church do you go too? My guess is none. Jacob performs sincerely. He stays true to who he is. He may not win AI but will have a huge recording contract when he is done here. And his music will sell off the charts on K-LOVE radio.

  9. Forgot to say, Scotty is not in the leading groups for no reason. Certain people, er, even the author in some articles of this forum, that they don't even care about him (the article says: I didn’t care for the Elvis song by Scotty.). They don't even care to discuss about him. LOL, is he or is his song considered trash? It is that worthless to be skipped in the recap? All people that votes for him are supposed t be brainless teens, mom, granma, blind music lover? Hello, we have our brain to judge too.

    I guess Stefano will go home this round by the vote, though I like the artistic side of him.

    • Scotty is marketable Hailey is marketable James is marketable as for the others they can sing but no market is open for them my opion

  10. Love Paul and Casey's uniqueness. Who would of thought Paul would pull off a great Johnny Cash song when everyone is spouting Rod Stewart or CCR. They both deliver alot of fun on stage and every week I look forward to what they will perform. I get Scotty is good but still I am never surprised by what he performs, its predictable and never very different same goes for Pia and Stephano. James was getting that way until last night but then he did a slow song, sang it well but ended up still not impressive. Lauren is just not quite getting it done, not sure if I can put my finger on it, she seemed sort of scard last night. Haley did great, still like her, still puts her twist on things. Jacob still is inconsistant but has a gifted voice and will do well.

    • Jacob would do well on Jimmy Swagert show he really makes me sick to watch or listen to

      • I agree Billy, Jacob's voice isn't bad but it is more suited for gospel music. The style {always sounds gospel} no matter what he sings. If this isn't his last week, I don't look for him to last much longer.

      • Jacob will be a huge success on Christian music radio. He will be much better off than any of the others who don't make the top 2. Look at Mandesa. She's a great success but failed on AI.

    • I agree with yout comments – it looks like those who are doing well are those that have a lay-back approach to the while thing… just doing their stuff and seeing if it sticks…but enjoying themselves in the process… those that are not doing well are either playing safe or doing things to try to please the crowd… It is painful to watch Stefano and Lauren – they are not being themselves. Pia is not current, but is a great singer – she will be in the entertainment business, but not as a record singer, more for events and Vegas-like shows – maybe an opening act for celine??

  11. WAKSSS!!! Just heard the itunes version of Casey Have You Ever Seen The Rain. ITs soooo original!!! And the thing that amaze me the most is its totally different than the live performance. Instead of ukulele,the itunes have a richer melody of guitar and the drum beat its amazing!!! True artist indeed. Freakin AWESOME!!!!! The beginning of the song he put a REM tunes. WOW!!!!

    • I doubt that its areo smith i dont think they let you know the theme until after the results show

      • better not be ,they have staged enuff weeks for james to perform and shine,give me a break!

      • @Chris2771… It only appears that way because he knows how to perform, unlike the others… And could do well with any theme, even country! LOL (Can Scotty rock? Not a chance!)

  12. Paul is annoying! He sounds like a mosquito buzzing in your ear or someone that has sucked way to much helium in their life time.

  13. I am surprised at the lack of support for Lauren and think she is safe, or at least hope so. I love Pia's voice but didn't she graduate from Arts High in NY? They require some movement or dance classes, so what is her statuesque problem in working the stage>?

    • Lauren is really good. I don't know if she realizes how good she is, but it doesn't seem to always show through ! I am scared for her ! I voted many times for her last night but I think we might be saying good bye to her soon : (

      As for Pia her voice is just amazing but seems to have issues with moving ha! She should be safe for awhile or could she win ???? I really don't know who I think is going to win. I know who I like but doesn't mean they will have a chance of winning.

  14. DANG!!! Just listened to Hailey Piece Of My Heart…. You.Sing.Sexy… Meowwww 🙂

    • I was amazed how good Haley sounds with or without or signature rasp or yoodle just singing normally. She has so much going for her. I will say that a lot of people could learn from Adam Lambert's stage presence and playing the crowd.

      • Yeah, she's got a lot going for her. For example, a pretty face and long legs!!!!

  15. I thought everyone was quite good last night. GOing to take a different approach and mention who I think should stay!

    I loved Casey's performance, Jacob, Paul, Hailey, James..

    they should stay! and whatever happens with the rest, oh well.

    • You've got to be kidding! Paul??!! James??!!

      Casey??!! They should be the bottom 3!

      • I thought James was horible, I had to fast forward through his performace he was so out of key.

    • Since it can only be one of them I'd say Jacob, but it will probably be Stephano.

      • Like I said above. Stefano has the gay male vote locked up. He could have been a good beefy model if not for his accident scarring.

    • I would say Jacob. While I respect his vocal ability and wish him well-he's just not American Idol material.

  16. I think they are all very very good . . . but . . . I don't think any of them are great or "star" quality. They'd all be serviceable backup singers or perhaps opening act singers for actual talent. For that reason, I like them all, love none, and no longer have a favorite . . .

    • I don't agree. I will bet that Scotty will be a mega star in the country-western music, like Carey Underwood.

  17. hmmm,just heard Jacob change whatsoever with the arrangement from the original,n frankly this song is just fit with MJ kind of voice,clear n highpitch not rounchy. James should sing this song.

    James itunes… OMG!! He has a classical rock voice,DANG!!

    Lauren itunes… Nice arrangement,but the vocal is beaten by the music,thats a shame..

    Paul itunes… The arrangement makes me wanna move my body!!! YeeHaaw!!!

    Pia itunes… hmm,i believe this song is better suited with a Whitney voice that have a deep but highpitch. This song will suit better for Jacob instead.

    Scotty itunes… if u never heard of Elvis n Johny Cash voice u will probably like this… ><

    Stefano itunes… WOW!! he turn this song into a Gospel!!! i have to say BEAUTIFUL!!!

    • I agree with just about everything you just said! except Stefano..I'm not there yet.. he doesn't seem to have a large range vocally and sings basically the same every week.. he's good don't get me wrong.. I want to see him do more/different – great thing about this show is the singing..

      • well,i do agree with the range vocal,but his creativity of turning the song into gospel give a plus for me 🙂

  18. Based on itunes,my rank will be

    1# Hailey

    2# Casey

    3# James

    4# Paul

    5# Stefano

    6# Scotty

    7# Lauren

    8# Pia

    9# Jacob

    • add for Hailey itunes… the way she sing king of reminded me of an almost extinct vocal nowadays such as 4 Non Blonde…

      add for Casey itunes.. i see the performance n heard the itunes,it gives me goosebumps just how bottomless musical talented he is. Always different & the fact that its not his 1st song choice just make me wonderin "HTHeck he can easily make a different arrangement of a song?"Thats crazy…

      add for James itunes..when i 1st heard the intro,it kinda makes me takes back to my 1 of my best lifetime song "soldier of Fortune" actually makes me stop the song n see the title n wondering "did i download the wrong song?"… That gives me the chill…

  19. I think it is Jacob's week to go. He did sing well but his comments about sexual reference and especially the one about America looking it self in the mirror sealed his fate. Next…….Casey.

      • All of them will get signed, I really dont think it matters anymore who wins. The past Idol winners…where are they? The ones making names for themselves are the ones that got voted off.

        This season I've liked Casey, James and Hailey…

    • heard that one as well. and i was like, "what the-?!" confident much? he could've said that when he delivered an AWESOME performance but his song bombed big time.

  20. I liked all the performances last nite but I really liked the ones by Scotty, Haley, Pia and Paul. They were fantastic.

  21. I just saw all last night's performance on youtube again and I have to say that the ONLY performer that made sing along was CASEY… he is not my favorite and I have heard that song lots of times on the radio and never ever sang along… something about that performance was magical… Also, by replaying Scott´s performance, it made me smile… very upbeat – he is so young and fresh that made Elvis fun again… Unfortunately, Lauren and Pia are kind of stuck in themselves. While the other contestants are growing, they are kind on the same spot since auditions… oh oh…

  22. I was totally a James fan until last night. I may be leaning a different way now. I'll keep watching.

  23. Scotty McCreery Is the best and I believe he will win. He is a natural artist. I am 84 years old and i did not dislike country but it was never number one for me ,until i heard scotty sing. His voice and personality made country and country rock number one with me now. This young man i believe has ahead of him stardom.Good Luck to you Scotty, you deserve it.

    • I think Scotty could easily win the whole thing. He has a huge fan base and seems like a genuinely nice guy – and he can Sing!!!

    • Orania you are a fresh voice and very knowledgable. Your choice of a natural talent, you dont give in to screaming or screeching or a show of false tears Ty very much

    • I disagree. I think Paul, Casey and Pia were the ones with performance problems last night.

  24. Enjoyed pre-Results Show Who Was the Best? poll. Again, J.D. sang this Beatles song tonight. James Durbin was emotional with tears in his eyes as he sang 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. Still, James Durbin Rock-n-Roll out! AI10! Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! VOTE for James Durbin!

  25. Well after last night it's hard for me to predict a bottom 3 they were all very good. So here's my predictions based on the performances. My bottom 3 this week will be Stefano, Paul, Jacob. Jacob will be safe. I put him in the bottom 3 not because of his performance, but because of his comments on the video before the performance about how if he gets put in the bottom 3 how the voters need to look at themselves in the mirror. I agree to his changing the song, but saying what he said was a little much.

    While Paul had an entertaining performance it's now getting about who can deliver on those performances but although I think he'll be in the bottom 3 I think he'll make it to next weeks show.

    There was just something about Stefano's performance that I didn't like. Maybe it was just the same kind of song that he's been singing week after week. He didn't try to change things up and do something different. At least James and Scotty took risks and did something a little different last night.

    Paul=Safe. Jacob=Safe. Stefano=Going home.

  26. Let's all try to remember the AI season of Carrie Underwood. Great voice — absolutely no stage presence at all. Scotty has stage presence albeit sometimes corning. No one skyrocketed to stardom faster than Carrie Underwood. Give the kid a break folks, he can be taught how to move around a stage and hold a mike, but vocals start with a God-given gift.

    • Yeah… Give the kid a break… Send him home to figure it out… Before he makes a TOTAL fool of himself… Oh wait, I could say the same thing about 6 others in the competition… Hailey's finally figuring it out… And James just came with it… Everybody else has alot of practicing to do…

    • I think Scotty is so cute. He seems to have a lot of self confidence. Not the cocky kind either. He is just an all around nice young man. And when he sang the ELVIS song I was going all right Scotty! It sounded so good I was a bit taken back. I have loved ElVIS for a longtime now. I hate to see them take a singer I love and butcher their song. No worrys with Scotty! He did ELVIS proud. Sherry K.

    • I wish he were, but nope, despite the support from the bloggers and some posters here, I think Paul should go home. I loved him at first, but have been hating his performances one after the other lately. Last night's was just plain awful.

      • One can only hope that Jacob goes home. What an arrogant comment. I haven't liked him and his huge mouth since day one though.

  27. I love Scotty. I think he did good last night. Not the greatest,but at least it was not 100 % country. Now about Jacob's comments. I think he has guts. He expresses what he thinks, and not try to think what people wants him to. we have to respect that.

    • I think Scotty is getting cocky. And having those girls run up on stage after his performance last night has not helped shrink his head any. BTW, I do like the kid.

      • i don't think he's getting cocky at all, his swag is adorable. 🙂 i like scotty too but i think those girls running up the stage thing was totally scripted!

  28. Can Randy not say "YO" for a whole show? I doubt it. Has anyone ever counted how many times he says it? 25? 50?

  29. Although it may not be the way I want it, I believe the final three will be Casey, James and Scotty – not necessarily in that order. I also think that not the entire AI is a set up, but I have felt in the past that as far as the winner goes, the fix may be in way before the finale. I hope I'm wrong.

  30. Last night their was some great performances and some not so good is my opinion. This season I do like where there is different style of artist however I do not like where the judges push the idea that Casey,Jacob, and Pia are so GREAT! Like there is nobody else in this. Yeah they may be ok. However when I watch I try to pay attention who is not stuck on theirselves that think they are all that. Someone who can sing and sing well. Someone who puts their heart and soul into and connects with the audience. Someone I wouldn't blink an eye at to pay for a c.d. or a concert ticket to see them. I hope Jacob sealed his fate last night by the remarks he made and he gets sent packing. Casey and Pia I hope follow soon. Like I said yeah they may sound good but for me their attitude is a turn off.

  31. If anybody's getting cocky in this thing, it is definately Jacob. I mean his whole "If I'm in the bottom three" comment last night was about as arrogant as it gets. If we don't vote for him, we're all satan worshipers? Really? Can't be because of the simple fact that you got nothing going for you other than the fact that you can sing could it? Oh, but you have principles!!! Gimme a break dude!

  32. I really like Lauren – Can someone get a message to her that she sings great ! I don't think she realizes how good she is. Sometimes it's there and other times it's not. I voted for her numerous times last night – I hope it helps keep her. I want to hear her sing more. The outfit last night was not good but did like the hair and of course her voice – just not a song I wanted to hear but she sang it really good. Lauren all the way or at least don't let her go yet.

    Please vote for Lauren : )

    • I totally agree. She has the best technique in her singing, a lot of the other contestants scream or fake it. She has so much natural talent, but she just seems STONED when she's performing sometimes, like she doesn't know what she's capable of. Girl, please get a competitive streak! Don't break down on us!

      • I know exactly what you mean, Dobop. It's as if the sweet sounds falling from her mouth are bits of magic over which she has no control–almost as though she is dreaming as she sings. I feel as if I need to reach over and shake her to wake her up!

  33. Funny I head different people having different reactions to Paul's performance last night. Some liked it, some didn't. Personally I liked it, and I am not a Paul fan. I however think that Paul will be in the bottom 3, but won't be going home tonight. I think Stefano will be going home tonight.

  34. According to the above 23k votes here, Jacob, Lauren and Paul.. right now Jacob/Lauren tied for lowest.. we'll see!

    • People are obviously voting without regard to singing ability, then. I dislike Jacob and did not vote for him, but I will give him his due when he does a good job. And last night (despite his stupid remark)he sang well.

      Lauren (not matter what the bloggers said) was amazing last night. I've never heard her voice so rich. She did look uncomfortable, though, I admit. I really blame Stefani for that. She should have borrowed from Jacob's spine and said NO, I am not wearing that mess. (Pia should have, too.)

    • Lauren deserves to be in the competition before paul jacob and stefano. she is a great singer and i hope america doesn't send her home tonight!

    • Well, I personally think the bottom three will be Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, and maybe Haley Reinhart OR Jacob Lusk. Then, Haley will be safe, and Jacob will be safe and Paul will go home. (Knock on Wood).(:

  35. My complete recap of the itunes version. Hope u like it 🙂

    Alphabetical order :

    Casey – ITs sooo original!!! And the thing that amaze me the most is its totally different than the live performance. Instead of ukulele,the itunes have a richer melody of guitar and the drum beat its amazing!!! True artist indeed. Freakin AWESOME!!!!! The beginning of the song he put a REM tunes. WOW!!!!i see the performance n heard the itunes,it gives me goosebumps just how bottomless musical talented he is. Always different & the fact that its not his 1st song choice just make me wonderin “How in the world he can easily make a different arrangement of a song?”Thats crazy…

    Hailey – YOU ROCK!!! the way she sing kinda of reminded me of an almost extinct vocal nowadays such as 4 Non Blonde although without the growling. It fit her perfectly. Arghh,now im gettin addicted to her since Bennie & The Jets Muuahh

    Jacob – no change whatsoever with the arrangement from the original,n frankly this song is just fit with MJ kind of voice,clear n highpitch not rounchy. James should sing this song.

    James – OMG!! He has a classical rock voice,DANG!!when i 1st heard the intro,it kinda makes me takes back to my 1 of my best lifetime song “soldier of Fortune” actually makes me stop the song n see the title n wondering “did i download the wrong song?”… That gives me the chill…

    Lauren – Nice arrangement,but the vocal is beaten by the music,thats a shame..

    Paul – Theres 2 country in this Top 9 itunes,Paul n Scotty. I gotta tell u he outdo Scotty. The arrangement makes me wanna move my body!!! YeeHaaw!!!

    Pia – hmm,i believe this song is better suited with a Whitney voice that have a deep but highpitch. This song will suit better for Jacob instead.

    Scotty – if u never heard of Elvis n Johny Cash voice u will probably like this.But u know,its Elvis song and it didnt make me wanna move as much as Paul rendition… ><

    Stefano – WOW!! he turn this song into a Gospel!!! Creative i must say so. His vocal fits him better than Jacob in Gospel genre since i heard this. WOW,i really can feel the grace,i have to say BEAUTIFUL!!!

    So,based on the itunes version,heres the rank :

    1# Hailey

    2# Casey

    3# James

    4# Paul

    5# Stefano

    6# Scotty

    7# Lauren

    8# Pia

    9# Jacob

    • Thank you I had no idea the itunes versions were different. Will have to check them out.

      • the producer pick the song choice,but the arrangement is a collaboration between the producer n the singer. But the arrangement of the live performance is all in the contestant decision n the producers only give comment 🙂

    • WOW,i never thought that 2 of my prediction of bottom 3 right : Pia n Jacob..

      Although im surprised,instead of Jacob…Pia whose been eliminated. Wew,shocked ><

  36. Jacob just bugs me

    and am the only one who thinks that Paul just cant sing at the same level as the others??

    • I think he CAN. I don't know what's wrong with him lately. He was my favorite at first. It's almost as though he is trying NOT to win. Especially after last night. I couldn't swing one vote his way last night, I thought it was that appalling.

      • I think Paul maybe have a vocal cord problem, not uncommon with singers and it would be easy to fix but no sing for a week or 2 so he would have to drop out.

      • Paul has an irritating voice. You have to like that kind of voice to like him. I don't. He is also so clumbsy looking that it is hard to watch. I am suprized he is still there and even more suprized he wasn't in the bottom 3.

    • Benjamin, No you are not nuts!! I like Paul. Nice guy! But come on! He cannot sing a Johnny Cash song! His voice is just too weak! Johnny had that GREAT big old voice. Thanks for having one person agree with me. I have not had time to check any other comments yet!!! Sherry K. 🙂

      • I agree with Benjamin and Sherry…Paul needs to leave…he should have gone before Naima..Anyway, They are all good and the pressure is on. For the most part I am enjoying this year's American Idol. Good luck to everyone.

  37. Haley sang great, super raspy voice. but her face don't show , that she's feeling it. where's the soul. Jacob can sing any song in his style.Lauren, sings ok last night, I love her stage presence , She can keep us watching on stag, didn't care for her outfit or he hair do . Kacy is aways great, has never change his style for us, he's a musicians musicians, but not sure if the young one's like his style of music. They all were great.But which one can become an American Idol. As far a grabbing the crowd I must say Lauren , even if I like Jacobs style.

  38. Who else believes Stefano Langone is underrated? He picked a pretty difficult song to sing this week (at least vocally, it has some high pitches) and he nailed it, in my opinion. Great emotion, pitch, and performance. I voted for him several times. He's the only contestant from the wild card round still left and I'm so glad he's still here. The judges were smart to keep him back then. I hope he doesn't go home.

      • i definetly agree voted for him 667 times last night! I love Stefano and hope Jacob goes home instead of him

      • I agree too. I must say though, I am really bias since I know him. 🙂

        You can tell the vocal minority doesn't know him, because they always spell his name wrong. He sings like his dad, and his dad has a really strong voice.

        Regardless, Stefano's future is bright because his family associates with musicians that will support and work with him.

    • I like Stefano. He is a good singer, just too young. He doesn't have the life experience behind his songs lyrics to know what he's singing about. For that matter, Scotty too. But my guess is that either Scotty or James will end up winning in the end. Time will tell.

  39. Paul and Casey did the best. I think Stefano should go home. Everybody else on the show is a million times better! And they're each so different Steffano just kind of gets lost in the mix. Jacob, Steffano, and Pia should be in the bottom.

    • I did as many times as I could!! Although I dont think he picked the best song he is myfavorite and dont want him going home!!!

    • Well of course I voted for Stefano! He's the best in the competition and obviously some people are tone deaf and can't realize it.

      • Stefano was not very good compared to the other contestants,I personally think Pia Toscano should have stayed because stefano is not the best in the comptition. ):(

    • of course! I wish there was a -1 vote button for the other contestants.

    • I voted for him several times. To be honest, the only contestants I am supporting now (after Thia and Naima both left in one night; it really made me sad as I supported them both deeply) are Stefano, Haley, and James, in that order. The rest just do not stand out enough to me.

      • At least people are admitting that they are casting "several" votes. This is non-preventative, but I hope that you people realize this way the winner is not being decided by talent but by cheating.

      • They expect us to vote more than once for our choice. They also expect us to vote for more than one contestant a week. The only time I vote for only one is the last 2 weeks. It's not cheating.

  40. I love the show tonight, it was AWESOME! but did anyone notice that randy stopped criticizing the contestant after thia get eliminated. I wonder if randy don't like thia.

    I LOVE scotty's performance


  42. stefano is way overrated, he cant hang with the competition. he will be leaving in the next few weeks!

  43. Scotty is overrated has not change his step voice wise same ……….Pia sucks….James Jacob were very good……Haley sucks and the others just ok……. It all about if they can sing now Pia can sing but she is boring on stage so that is way she sucks. You need to be honest hear, its not how they look, or what they say its the voice and how they perform on the stage baby !

    • Your criticism of Pia is ridiculous! She is among the 2-3 best singers on this season and as far as stage presence, I couldn't take my eyes off of her!! Beautiful, stylish and 1st class Lady on that stage!! I guarantee she goes on to have a huge career!

  44. I think James with all he"s dealing with is the best of all of them I'd like to see Scotty and James in the finals with James taken the top spot. then have Steven Tyler and James sing together in a rock song. We have a lot of country singers not many rock singers we need rock & Roll back

    • I did. I love Jacob. Idk what everyone has against him. He's got an amazing voice

    • IMHO, Jacob a would be a shoo-in if AI were really a singing or performing contest. But it's tough to tell because the people on the sound board suck.

  45. I think Pia and scotty are the best singers on idol this season. The others need to go! Hailey needs to get rid of that growling voice when she sings! it's so annoying!!

    • Do you people listen to Jacob carefully, he never misses a note, right on every time, and week after week the judges have nothing but praise. Mr. Lusk will be the most successful, the others will all be flashes in the night!

      • I agree with you that Jacob is awesome. I like some of the others also, esp Casey. But IDK wat people have against Jacob, bc he is amazing

      • I listen Lefty and I agree with you. He will get a recording contract regardless if he wins American Idol. I believe most of them will. The contestants are great this year. They all have their own flavor. James is unique.

      • Jacob will be a success in his career but it will be in the Christian music genre. And there's nothing wrong with that. Mandesa made it there after being voted off early in the season she was in. She is now a haling success.

  46. I am a caucaision male, and from what I see Jacob Lusk will not be around much longer, and I find that outrageous! You can take your country boy Scotty, Mr. Durbin, Miss Toscano, and all the rest, do not have the talent Mr. Lusk has delivered night after night. Never a word from the peanut gallery about being pitchy. This guy is incredible.

    • Jacob's attitude and refusing to make small changes to his style are bigger problems than his voice but young girls and their mothers likely makeup the largest number of voters, so it puts him at the same disadvantage that some of the women face and a reason there are only 3 girls left now.

  47. Pia Toscano outstanding again. Scotty shows a new side. Time for Paul to go home.

    • Yes, it's time for Paul to go and he didn't even make the bottom 3. Who's voting for him, anyway? Please stop it.

  48. The only real thing that matters is that I will definatly buy Scotty's cd and cant wait my after all is said and done is Scotty has been the only one from the beginning to be consistant and awesome performances. Me and my friends will be heading on over to his concerts and putting our $ down.

  49. i think the vote is useless because depends the 3 judge .. have favoritism ???? for me is BIG QUSTIONABLE I dont trust the Judge….

    • I think that the judges should be honest and start wearing cheerleader's uniforms, for better or worse.

  50. I am a HUGE Johnny Cash fan. Have been since I was a youngster. Don't go messing with my Johnny Cash's DEEP, destinctive BASS-BARITONE voice!!!! Sorry Paul. Your voice just didn't cut it where Johhny Cash is concerned. I like you Paul. BUT, bad song choice. I am a HUGE Elvis fan. Scotty, Your It's alright Mama made me so proud of you. You were GREAT! And as Steven, or Randy said honey, You are not a one trick pony. You definitely will not be going home tonight. Love you Scotty. Keep it up! Hi Rose A my sweet friend. And Hi to Phlyyisa G. too! Hugs to both of you! Sherry K. 🙂

    • Sorry Phyllis! I was trying to hurry and get this on here before the show starts. I misspelled your name! I am so sorry! A great big hug for my mistake! Love to you Phyllis G. And to my sweet Rose A. 🙂

  51. i think Jacob will (or should) go home tonigt and i think that the top 3 contestants will be 1 James 2 cassy 3 haley

  52. My sister loves Scotty, as do most teenagers! I could see him as a big country star one day. She also likes Paul and Casey. They have interesting voices. Paul is great on the stage. I think Jacob or Lauren will go home tonight. I won’t be very sad about that.

  53. Paul is by far the most comfortable on the stage and has the best stage presence. He is my favorite and i think he's the best MUSICIAN on the show. I would go to one of his concerts if his band toured in New York.

    I like scotty and casey too, but i'd like to hear scotty do something other that country- even if its bad just to try.

    • Would you sing a bad song "just to try" if you were in the top 10? that is somthin you try after you win!

      • yeah is he comfortable being an idot!! there is now way on earth he sings better than pia.

  54. i think jacob should leave,he's not good at all i'm sorry for those who like him but i dislike him like a lot!

    • it's no wonder they didn't advertize that Iggy Pop was going to be on. He is a washed up nobody. Who is Iggy Pop anyway? He's from my generation and all I remember about his is that he was famous and had a name that was easy to remember.

      • Uh, they didn't advertise that Elton John was going to be on the Elton song night show, either.

  55. Never saw that coming! I am totally dumbfounded that Pia would go home tonight! Yet Iggy Pop is considered talented????

  56. Man…that's messed how yall gonna vote off one of the best singers out the group…PIA deserves to stay..I don't know who hit you all with a rock, but that"s just wrong!!!

      • I agree Angel, Paul is crap!!!! He has never been in the class of the others. I cant believe that the judges ever put him in the top 24 to begin with.

  57. Well, I was never a Pia fan, I'll admit it. But of all nights for her to go, this was it. (Maybe she should blame Stefani.) No, really, I thought last night was her worst performance. I put her in the bottom 3 for it, but I never imagined she would go before Paul or Stefano. (Both of whom I like, but . . . .)

    I don't think ANYONE called this one. Whoa, Baby. Wonder if the judges were wishing they hadn't used their one save on Casey.

    Anyway, I like the young woman's heart, but I am relieved she is gone. I thought she was wildly overrated and too enthusiastically supported by the judges from the gitgo.

  58. Paul insulted Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airman when he wore a Marine Corp dress blue coat as a costume in his 1st "final group" performance. It is an honor and a priviledge to wear the uniform of a United States Military service – it MUST notbe taken so loightly.

  59. Something is wrong. Pia should not have gone. Scotty is my favorite but Pia should not have gone. To blow the save was crazy. Maybe to get America to vote more??? I can't imagine no one knew about this!!! I am really dissapointed in this show and may not watch the rest of the season. Is that what they wanted???

  60. Does anyone believe Iggy Pop is 63??!!!!! Amazing body for his age, don't you think?!

    I was never a fan of his, but his exuberance (er, thought he was going to have a heart attack when he laid down for a minute so obviously to catch his breath)is absolutely contagious, and he was a blast to watch. He is a rock icon, and that was something else. I laughed all the way through it.

    • I do beleive he is 63. I don't know how you can call him an icon. He never was a top notch star in rock music. All he has is a name that is easy to remember and relates to rock. He is not talented.

      • The Beatles are icons, Mick Jaggar is an icon, Steven Tyler is an icon. Iggy Pop is a washed up hasbeen, infact he's a washed up neverwas. I don't care what there is to go read. I'm from that era and he was never anyone notable.

  61. I am just wondering why JLO said she was angry at Americas vote…afterall this is a contest and every week one gets to go home. They are all great singers in their own way. Personally other than the country boy..they should all stay!

  62. And to make matters worse they put a singer on like Iggy pop when they are trying to find the best singer in America??/ What a bad moment for Am Idol

  63. I have NEVER in the 10 years of american idol been sooooo let down. there is no way pia, the best singer in the competion should have been eliminated. I am so angry that the judges used there save on casey, all he knows how to do is growl. she what happens when you save someone that has less talent!!!!!. I blame all of this on the judges. there is no way on earth that casey is the one to save out of the other talented people remaining. american idol, you better find a way to fix this or you are about to lose many, many fans. in years of watching the show and NEVER missing an episode, i have never been so angry, upset and have lost ALL HOPE for this show. NEVER NEVER NEVER will i watch another episode of american idol. Pia, keep your head up girl, you are the american idol in many peoples eyes. Bye, Bye AMERICAN IDOL, HELLO X-FACTOR……

  64. american idol is the worst show. no one is going to watch it now because the best singer of the show was Pia and she got voted off. They should have saved the save. Stephano is the worst. Theres no point of American Idol anymore cause there are no more good singers anymore besides Lauren.

    • I am more than blown away with these results. Pia is and was the Very best singer out of all of them. I don't know what the American public is listening to. I have not missed one episode in the past ten years, and now I am so disappointed in these results, I will NOT be watching American Idol any more. It's just too bad and so sad that American is so tone deaf, and so jealous of the best singer and best looking Idol ever. What a disappointment.

  65. PIA,





  66. I can't believe this….what is AI thinking…as for the judges and Ryan telling america to vote for your favorites…WHAT ABOUT TALENT!So,they are asking the teeny boppers to vote and that also tells me and america it's phoney and it's politics meaning TV RATINGS….wake up america….PIA voted off over Sefani,Lauren,or Paul,Jacob…oh please…this is terrible…so that being said,I will not be watching AI anymore and neither will my friends and family…..AS for the judges,this was the time to use the save,not earlier in the show on Casey…


  67. Very shocked never dreamed Pia would go. Ive never liked Jacob I was hoping it was him voted off tonight. He can sing but not my type of music. The judges seemed very shocked!

  68. I am sorry for Pia that her dreams crashed tonight. But I imagine something good will happen for her that she never saw coming.

    I felt terrible watching Stefano with her on the stage as the last two in the bottom. He was nodding his head–acknowledging without words that he knew he was going to be sent home. And when Ryan said Pia was going home, Stefano looked like a deer caught in headlights. He was genuinely shocked.

    It was actually a good thing to see that all the contestants were visibly upset. It says good things about them all.

  69. i really feel that american idol voted off the best person on the show so that the person they wanted to win can now win.. this is so rigged!

    • Of all the contestants, no one can say anyone got more support than Pia. It's been Pia, Pia, Pia every single episode. So I really think you are wrong about that.

    • thats your opinion your entiteled to it ,but i didnt here many people talking it was rigged when they done the Casey deal,if it was ever rigged it was then!

  70. Noooooo, not Pia. That young lady was the best perpormer on the show. he aslo was the best singer. Unbelievable!!!!!! They had best consider another save because America's lazy voters lost a real treasure!!!!! I think I and my husband are done with American is apparently not a singing contest after all!!!!

  71. Pia was the best and should have won! I am done watching American Idol after tonight. I am disgusted with the results.

  72. B.S.!!!! Pia was the best singer on A.I. this season! I’m done watching as of tonight….Steve Tyler made it fun but if the judges can’t influence how America votes and has no control over saving true talent then the show is nothing but a joke! X-Factor here I come!

  73. Voting off Pia. Will never watch your show again. Join Dancing with the Stars. You are the same quality. Not looking for true talent.

    • u all act like she was the only one that has talent,come on now,yes she was talented but not the only one…

      • Sure, they all have talent to some degree but if you think something is not wrong with Pia being voted the WORST TALENT out of the remaining nine rather than being in the TOP THREE then there is really no point in discussing it further!

  74. Think about this people america thought she was a for sure safe so they voted for their second favourite. Everybody thought the same thing. It seems to happen every year. This is not the judges fault it is americas.


    1.LAUREN-PIA ITS BETTTER TO HER DIS WEEK…she not go in bottom it bcoz of favoritism of judged

    2.JAMES-he sing balllad..slow song….litle confidence

    3.JACOB-has more confidece on stage..but his voice ot over…

    ———-i can t believe pia was eliminated…huhuhu…the juged doesnt care the voting system ..only there decision who they like to go home….thatn the voting..-unfair..!!!!

  76. no more millions of votes for american idol anymore.. bring pia back if you want to keep your fans base.

  77. Bad decision. Pia is the best.Is for me the end of American Idols.Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • yap no more vote is big cheating right … tha base is not vote . is not fair maybe favoritism I dont want watch no more american idollll bbbyeeeee

  78. I was not a big Pia fan but you can't blame the judges because they give Casey the save. How were they to know that PIA would get voted off at this stage of the game. I thought Stephano would get cut even though Paul butchered a great Johnny Cash song.

    • thats why you save the save until you have the best left in the competition. not on someone who has less talent that the right people that belongs in the top 3 or 5.

      • i agree. casey was never top 3 material. he was good on hollywood week, but is clearly not up to par with the best of them.

    • Well I agree that Pia was a good singer, but I don't think she's the best. I thought that the save for Casey was a good decision. I couldn't believe he was in the bottom three to begin with. Yes it may have been early, but I am sure the judges already knew who they would have saved. I am also sure that they didn't want to use the save that early either, but it is what it is. There have been others that didn't win American Idol, and are doing or have done better than the winners. I am sure that Pia will be fine, and I am sure that someone will pick her up.

    • Rich, I agree with you! I was not a big Pia fan either. And I am a HUGE Johnny Cash fan. And you are CORRECT about Paul Butchering a GREAT Johnny Cash song. Pauls voice is way too weak to sing Jonny Cash. Or at least all ot the ones I know about! I don't think Johnny ever sang any low volume songs with that big Baritone voice! Sherry K. 🙂

  79. Its a good thing the contestants all felt bad but what about the people in America who actually thought the show was good this year. AI just shot that down. I don't think they will be on the air for too much longer. Why put effort and time into a show like this??? In every other poll Pia was in the top four. How can their votes be that far off??? Maybe people should only be allowed to vote once??? Or do they get money for each vote??Hope they are enjoying it because it lost them(AI) their integrity

  80. My whole family was watching to see Pia win. The others are good but she was great. We will not watch any more unless she is saved. We were really hoping a woman would win this year.

  81. Pia has a lovely voice and is a lovely girl but she did come across as a little stiff, just standing and singing. It is not only about the singing voice but the STAR quality. I thought she would last a little longer but there was no way she was going to win it. By the Way, watch Idol if you like and if you dont want to watch then turn the channel. It's your choice. But, I will keep watching.

    • I totally agree with you. I really liked her from the beginning and even during Hollywood week. Then I just felt like she was stuck on herself, and all she sang were ballads. She should've stuck with them I guess ;-). At any rate, it is just a show, and there are many more talented singers left. You need to vote America. You can call, text and go online. Either people didn't give her enough votes because they thought others voted, or because they didn't like her.

  82. American Idol should follow the way Dancing with the Stars judge…..50% of the vote from the people. The voting doesn't seem to be serious from the people out there.

    • Um, I was serious in withholding my vote from Pia–and Jacob–and this round, Casey and Stefano and Paul. I only voted for the three who I thought had done the best on Wed night: Haley, Lauren and James. All three were outstanding!!

      Jacob was actually good. Just couldn't bring myself to support him.

      Stefano was only ok last night. And I like him, so that was hard for me to do.

      Casey was a little weird for me, pitch-wise. I liked the upbeat song, but I didn't care for his rendition of it.

      Paul was terrible, IMO. And I like him!!! (But not over the last couple of weeks, I'm afraid.)

      And Pia (and I don't care if a performer stands still, sits or lies down on the stage) was bad in the first half of her song. Too soprano for the gritty song. She lowered her register in the second half and it was much better. But that mistake influenced my vote last night. It was her worst vocal performance. (And the outfit did her no favors.)

      If it had been my decision, I would have sent Paul home tonight–because I thought he earned the bottom spot. (Again, I DO like him!)

      • Oops. I unintentionally left out Scotty. He was very, very good. He tickles me. And I am not a country fan. And, just to repeat, his little affectations didn't bother me in the least. I thought they were adorable. (His moves were borrowed from rap, people. He was trying to be cool.)

      • i agree so what if he grins and holds mic sideways ,,big deal,u all say its the singing but u repeatly ,,some of u bash him for the mic and things,,come on dont be double standard…

  83. All I can say is that this is outrageous! I hope Jennifer Lopez is Proud of herself for basically criticizing Pia right off the show!! Americans are sheep and they are easily swayed by the judges comments! Each and every week, JLo had something negative to say about Pia not being a dancer!! Just because J. Lo is more of a dancer than singer doesn't make it right to try and mold a performer into your own image!! Pia is an Amazing Vocalist and deserved better than this!!

    • I do think the public is overly influenced by the judges' words. You can see it hear–too many people just repeat what they'd heard from the night before.

    • It's all part of the entertainment package. She stiffed herself right out of the competition. I thought she would at least make it to the top 4 – she has an INCREDIBLE voice. However, she better either take some acting classes or stick to just recording, because she is not entertaining to watch.

  84. Wow shocked cant believe it.Pia was the best beautiful voice. Very disappointed I cried. Whats wrong with you guys. Bring Pia back.

  85. I don't what America was thinking. Pia is one of the best. They should bring her back. I guess I'm done watching America Idol.

  86. I won't be watching anymore after Pia was voted off. They should change the rules and make it so the judges have some say in the voting because obviously America doesnot know talent. Pia gone and Paul is still there, something is wrong with this picture. I have watched for all 10 years but will not watch anymore.

  87. It was Randy's fault for telling Pia to do something besides ballots. I blame it all on Randy.

    If they don't bring back Pia, the show will fail

    next year.

  88. What the bleeeep, PIA going home. GUESS the judges using their "One Save" vote on Shakey is NO LONGER the finest moment of this season, unfortunately it is abruptly NOW the second lowest moment aside from PIA going home.

  89. If they brought Pia back, the whole show would fall apart. It simply would not be fair to any of the remaining contestants. So that is not going to happen.

  90. Big mistake Pia should not be going home she was not only beautiful but she had a great voice I think they used the save to soon this is a shock I know America is not feeling to good about American Idol right now

  91. Pia was clearly the best of all, American Idol should have another way of elimination. That was just stupid. by the way good job judges trowing your only save with somebody that was obviously not within the best. Shame on you…

      • Well, it's easy to say in retrospect that the save was used unwisely. And I never cast one vote for her. So there is a part of the listening audience who just wasn't into her sound. I USED to be a Celine fan, but no more. So her choices were dated, her style was dated, and there wasn't enough in her vocals to keep me interested past an, "oh that was nice." I don't buy many CDs, and someone really has to knock my socks off to get me to make that kind of purchase. She was not a "knock your socks off" singer for me.

  92. I have been a fan of American Idol for 10 years. After the debacle of voting Pia off tonight, I will no longer watch this show. I hope she is signed-up for a contract that will recognize her superb talent.

  93. I am typing this between tears of sadness. I have not been so upset and outraged since Old Yeller died. The producers need to have a new catagory called "one more time', after all,this is a talent contest not a ho down when Casey was saved. Seriously,is he the next american idol? Something needs to be done about this elimination.It's the right thing to do.I know about the voting and all that,but you all have to bring pia back somehow or this show will never be the samr. You producers have the power to start a new catagory to this contest. You need to shock us all back to life. I feel,and Americans feel, Pia was the next American Idol,or she would give the others one hell of a run for their money,All of our tears cannot bring her back, but the producers can .She will always be my American idol.

  94. Not denying Pia's amazing voice, but she just wasn't a performer and never exciting. And I said I wasn't going to watch American Idol ever again after Lee won last year. But let's face it, it is a great show. It is hard to stop.

  95. pia was not going to win. james most talented. i prefer scotty, or stefano. and paul was the worst last 2 weeks.lusk is so full of himself. my first pick. not humble enough to get aytmore of my votes

  96. I never voted for Pia……sure she is the BEST SINGER…..BUT SO BORING BORING BORING….Lets face it….she has one of the greatest voices…she is BEAUTIFUL….but she LEAVES ME COLD..and thats the bottom line…If America thought she was so great …..they would have BEEN COMPELED TO VOTE for her. If a voice was all that was needed…there would be no GAGA …no BRITNEY…no RHIANA ……she needed to study the great voices…Whitney…Mariah…Celion ..TINA TURNER….and own the stage..PROJECT EMOTION make me fall in love with her make me want to vote for her…so all you ppl cryin YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED

    The judges should not be mad thats the way this competition is wired. Bottom line people voted for their favorite. In all the time I've been watching Idol my fav has only won once..and Jesus take the wheel is my fav song. I'm not voting for the best singer I'm voting for my favorite person here are my favs Casey, James. Lauren, Haley …if any of these kids win I will be happy However my 14yr old is voting for ..Scotty, and Stefano. Like I said before this is the best Idol ever the talent is the best its ever been I cant wait for next week

  97. shocking, but it does make sense.

    tweeners account for at least 75% of all the votes. these girls text like crazy.

    they should change the name of the show to "American Tweener Idol"

  98. Very curious to me that the caricature of the night for this blog was Pia. Were the results available to the bloggers?

  99. WOW, what's up is down and what's down is up, Casey's "Have you Ever seen the Rain" wasnt' exactly his best performance. I'd have to say PIA leaving the show is the fault of RANDY & JENNIFER for strong arming her into feeling inadequate if she didn't start running around the stage like James, who btw continues to lose more & more of our respect with his increasely obnoxious behavior. His comment to the guy at TMZ was very mean-spirited and revealing of his character, what a disappointment. :.(

      • Don't say that James was mean spirited. TMZ wasmean spirited. James is on of the best but he won't make it if he doesn't get the votes. Pia was fair at best and didn't get the votes to stay on. That's the way the show works. I've seen much better singers than her be voted off early in the season in years past. Deal with it. If James is exited I'll just have to deal with it. Oh well. Vote for your favorites.

  100. Who cares who wins now. The best just got voted off. I too will never watch again unless they change the way singers are eliminated. This show is about to suffer a huge drop of viewers and rightfuly so. Go Pia, you still have a much brighter future than any of the others, no dout you will be a huge star.

    • I keep reading how people are upset on how the elimination process works. There have been many singers in the past that have been eliminated that I really liked, and thought would win it. It is all up to America. The reason they started the save, was because the judges thought that America gets it wrong sometimes. America likes what they like, and that's how it works. I liked her too, but I'm sorry, she was singing a Tina Turner song, and she hardly moved or did anything. She can sing, but she is not a performer. She was one of my top 5, but what are you going to do? You need to vote, vote, vote. What would all you fans have done when there was NO save?! It's not fixed, it's up to you to vote for who you like. Apparently not many people felt the same way. I didn't vote for her either. People vote for who they like.

  101. I think the show should exempt Pia from next years

    pre-qualifying shows and automatically put her in the top 24. If not, the injustice will not be

    corrected for this big error. The show should

    also find a better way to decide the American Idol.

    If it doesn't, we'll never get to the best talent

    in America.

    • That's not fair. No one should have that kind of entree. There's enough speculation about fixes as it is, and that would just spur more. It would do her no favors. But I am betting that that is the last thing on her mind about now.

      • yup.. she doesnt need to hold AI's crown, she only needs a choreograph to teach her to be a star!

  102. Sorry I disagree this was not the judges fault…she was stiff…she is not sing country…she is singing POP and in the pop world stage presence and performance is just as important as the voice even celion and Mariah who dont dance….THEY OWN THE STAGE …Pia although a great singer …WAS NOT A PERFORMER ….she showed no emotion TODAY WAS THE MOST EMOTION SHE HAS EVER SHOWN. Again she was BORING great voice but thats it Paul at least makes you smile makes a effort to reach out to you….(I dont like him) BUT I would vote for him before Pia….Pia also thought she was going to win and she really did not want this enough to win over America

    • stage presence can be easily taught. moves can be choreographed. great singing requires special talent and years of honing.

    • I totally agree. Trust me, if she's that good, then she will still get a record deal.

    • so if someone besides u have thier opinion they dont know talent,u r epic fail.

  103. After tonight's results, with Pia being voted off, I am retiring from the American Idol audience in protest. I know that popularity has it's place in any competition of this sort, but I refuse to support a show where the finest, and best, is not promoted, and mediocrity is pushed into the top spot by voting members. Goodbye American in peace!

  104. WOW,i got 2 right for the bottom 3 : Pia n Jacob. But i didnt expect that the 1 who got eliminated Pia..Shocked ><

    • but despite the fact that she do have a perfect pitch,for me… Do i enjoy watch her performance..?nope. Did it make an impact for me that got me excited for a whole week n cant wait to see her performance again..?nope. Is it her performance forgettable..? yupz. Sorry ><


    • Why is this person SCREAMING? PLESE read HP's comment below!! This screaming in caps is just getting awful!!! I thought Matt, or Brandin took care of things like this? There is just way too much screaming going on this year! I mean it is even getting nasty and hateful. Can you guys at administration PLEASE make these people quit screaming? It say's above all comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content. Thank-You! Sherry K. 🙂

  106. I can't believe they voted Pia off and kept Jacob who can't sing for crap.And they wasted a save on Casey who also can't sing Casey is like a big baby.It should of been Pia,Scotty,and James to the final 3.I think this will be my last year watching the show unless the Judges have 50% of the say to who goes.

  107. By the way…though I wish that the judges hadn't used the one-and-only save so early in the competion, Pia's demise was NOT their fault. It was the direct result of votes being cast for inferior performers, based on clicky biases versus any attempt at identifying and supporting the best that American talent has to offer. The quickest way to change the rules, insure a valid selection, and promote the best is to stop tuning in! The networks respond to viewing numbers! Want to see a change? Flip the damn channel!

  108. Scotty belongs in Nashville and Lauren is not in this league. I cannot believe her parents allow her to dress the way she does in public. She should audition in Nashville in a few years when and if she has the class to compete with her peers. There is so much talent in this competition but unfortunately, those who should vote do not; those who don't should!

    • Yep, Scotty will do great in Nashville as he is better than 90% of the country stars and is a PURE country singer. I don't think Lauren has found herself yet and lost some steam last night but the duet that her and Scotty did was fantastic. Off subject but I liked Carrie and Steven on the awards show. It may have not been country but it was entertaining.

      • yep i totally agree with u rich.. the idol will stay if they can show their taste of music and success to entertain us, if they give the boring thing they deserve to go home.

    • Now wait a minute. Remember, Stefani dressed the girls this week. Lauren is country and what she wears may be a reflection of what she thinks she should be wearing for TV and AI. But believe me when I say all I hear and see when she sings is beauty. So, personally, in the end, I don't care what she wears as long as she keeps singing. I think she is a dear, dear girl with a talent so big and wide it's like the sky on a clear, blue summer day.

  109. American Idol has lost 3 viewers in this household tonight. I voted for Pia and ONLY Pia over 20 times. Unless they totally change their rules and bring her back, I predict that the show will have drastically less viewers next week. Only the teenie-bopper girls will watch and vote for their crushes. Any real fans of good singers are done.

    • i oppose your comments,just becuase scotty and others get the young vote dont mean they cant sing too.

  110. I can't believe she was voted off. Y'all need to count them votes again. Pia was the best I think she had the total package. I wish the judges had not used the save so early in the show. I am so disappointed. I see a lot of comments from females that didn't like her I hope you didn't let jealousy over take seeing real talent.

    • Uh, I am way past the age of jealousy. Don't be silly. She just didn't have the kind of voice I like. I don't like soprano tones. I like alto tones. She chose dated songs. And to me she was just boring. Period. End. No drama. Just wasn't ever interesting to me.

  111. I cant believe pia went home she had so much talent, american idol isn't going to be the same.

  112. This is why American Idol is a crock of *^&%(!!! One of the top two contestants voted off by the public. This is why the show sucks and I won't watch again. You allow the public choose who is the best contestant. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Was the best idol to date until tonight, my family didn't have any favorites but Pia being voted off is crazy!! Lost my vote and viewership!! Change the way the show determines who gets voted off.

  113. this is all on the judges they could have save pia the save is for the best not for someone that is just ok !paul and casey should not even have made it to the top ten maybe if the judges would of saved there last save pia would of and should of been saved.casey was sent home for a reason we voted that he was not that good to stay and you the juges saved him ,knowing that you had better singers on this show .that you should of save it for.and pia was one of your best.again american idol is a joke !you save the bad. and let the good go .so yes it is the judges fault that this happen .they knew pia was one of there best .but yet they gave the save to casey who can't sing !

  114. The top 9 were fantastic, but naturally someone has to go. It was a disappointment with the results tonight, but just think about the disappointments that will follow. Remember, there will be only one chosen. What I think is sad is the fact that when anger shows through because of the elimination of one in such a strong way, how do you think the one who was safe feels? I would have chosen Pia too, but you broke the heart of Stefano. He must have felt like he spoiled the show. It will be difficult for him to go on. If Pia received the lowest amount of votes, that's they way things go. What else can one say? No matter who walks away we'll be sad. Remember, they all are fantastic. This season, and at this point in the competition, when the next one goes, how will we feel? They all are great!! They all should win, but folks, once again….remember, in the end, there will only be one. Let's have a heart for all of these talented young folks. Pia was one of the best, and I feel she will be making it on her own…..big time! The best is wished for Pia. The best is wished for all remaining in this contest. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  115. I totally agree with HP. Pia is strictly soprano tones. I don't watch opera as I find those singers are all boring.

    She has a great voice and would do great in an actual opera as she is a very serious person as they all are.

    • Last week many were upset that Thia got eliminated and was playing the race card and tonight people are upset because either American Idol, the public or the judges were at fault. The bottom line is Pia did not have enough votes. Great voice but she did not move the majority. Thats the way it works and you can not please all the people all the time and trust me American Idol will survive. I am looking forward to next week.

    • Good to hear some support! Thanks! Hmm, I'd like to hear Pia's take on Madame Butterfly!

  116. when pia sent home, it gets easier for paul/jacob to win the competition.. for me, the top three must be paul, jacob and casey because they are indeed mastermusician, very different and it's very worthy for me to buy their cd,absolutely!!!

  117. There should be more specific guidelines for voting. I suspected something like this would happen when American Idol allowed our 12 year-old daughter to vote for her favorite more than 20 times. As a result, this has become a popularity contest – not a serious search for talent. Too bad, you have a good format otherwise. The loose voting standards will alienate more viewers.

    Wake up! Save Pia, limit the voting to "one vote for any contestant from a single phone line" and eliminate two contestants next week!!

    • That would be gay she lost fair and square bro no more second chances cause my bro Casey took it because he is better then her

      • All your taste must be in your mouth. Pia…BY FAR…was the best ENTERTAINER in the competition. I agree, it makes the entire show a joke. They should save her and eliminate two more next week. Anything short of that is an absolute travesty !!!


  119. I was totally gaged when I saw this unpleasant news that Pia was voted off. I have to agree that Paul and Stefano and even Jacob should have been voted off. I still don't get it! Pia had a very good voice with range, she always came in and gave it her all. I just felt that she had the voice and talent and over all look that American Idol was looking for. People need to look into the artist not because she or hes cute for the fact they have talent. And that is what American Idol is about TALENT! Good luck Pia, I hope that you can come back that their was a error in the votes.



      • America VOTED you fools! Don't you get it! Pia maybe able to sing ballads. But she has no stage presence at all. She is very uncomfortable on stage if she has to move around at all. Can you seriously sit and watch a 2/3 hour concert of the same old sappy music over and over? I'd seriously put a bullet in my head! Idol gives a contract to the winner of this competition, America voted for who they felt would be best suited for a contract. Obviously they didn't feel it was Pia. If they did, she would still be there! She would have been voted for! She even said she expected it in her exit interview on Friday. Get a grip people.

  120. We were so upset to lose such a beautiful girl and such a beutiful voice!! Is there anything we can do to bring her back?

      • why dont you get a life!?!

        but no…sorry elena…but im sure we will see plenty of pia…she is all over the news…on tv…on the internet..on the radio…she will get a singing contract im sure of it

        dont worry…we will see pia as a major recording artist in the next year…im sure of it

  121. I think the voting situation is flawed. The final nine are all amazing but there are a couple of exceptional performers. Of those is Pia who is in a class all of her own. She's flawless and beautiful. It appears to me that we are only getting votes from pimple faced kids and not rational adults with an appreciation for talent. There's got to be a better way. On the other hand this is only a competition. Pia will rise out of this to be one of the greatest stars ever from American Idol.

  122. Are you kidding me America When you allow teeny bobbers to vote a thousand

    times this is what you get. To eliminate Pia is a shame. This is a singing contest

    not a dancing and screeching contest.To save Casey so early in the contest

    was a mistake in 6 months we will forget all about him.Pia has class beauty and

    a great voice some thing the morons who vote other wise don't get. Jennifer

    Lopez could not come close as a singer toPia. She got where she is by shaking

    that big booty.Her remarks about Pia not singing uptempo songs and moving

    around the stage and swooning over Stefano did not help either.

    • I am 54 years old and I voted for my favorite, Jacob, 1000 times. Maybe you should stop whining and vote for your fav 1000 times.

    • i agree…casey is already dead to me..when he sings i dont even listen to him…no effence…he has no talent whatsoever and i believe the judges should have saved that save for later on…something like this could happen and it did so now its too late…but if you think about it it is all americas fault in the first place…we are the ones that voted…so half of this problem is all because of america not voting and the other half is for the judges using the save so early

  123. I took am upset with the results, but I am more upset the our judges. After it was announce who is leaving, did they realize that some of the comments that was said reflect to the other singers, who should have been gone. If I was in stefano shoes, I would think the comments was directly to me. Yes, the wrong person was sent home, but life goes on and better things will come of this for Pia. Thank you for showing me how things are done on this show and you have lost another viewer and hope many more to follow…..Good luck american idol contestants that are still here and to the judges–no comments except same old, same old……

      • Stefano should have gone and he looked like he felt guilty last night for not being the one to go. Which we all know it should have been Stefano. Now he just has to be happy that he was so LUCKY and still gets to sing another week.

  124. i agree with those who commented that jacob must be the one who got eliminated rather than Pia who has a great singing talent, is there a way to bring her back?

  125. AI voting system clearly sucks…. end of the day, you want to know how many people are going to buy CDs from their favorite idol, and allowing kids to vote multiple times does not mean they are going to buy mutiple CDs (if they can even afford one at all). So, please change the rule to one vote per phone and the figures actually mean something. Right now, the votes are meaningless as crazy teeny boppers could vote hundreds of time for some pretty face. Pia should have been in the top 3.

  126. For may money Pia should have won the whole thing on talent. No kept Jacob Stefano and Scotty out of the three Scotty should have gone last nite . But like everyone has said the vote is not being coming out with who has the most talent and this is wrong. There should be a way so that so that the little 12 year olds vote more hten once.And they have lost me as a fan of the show .There has to be a better way to pick the winner.

  127. My husband and I were so SHOCKED that Pia was voted off. We felt she was the whole package, and was going to win it! America got it so wrong. The judges used or should I say wasted their one and only save, way too early. Big Mistake!

    Been a fan of the show since the first season, But with Simon gone,this year the judges have made this a "Love Fest". No real feedback to the contestants, just telling them how wonderful they all are. And NOW that the best contestant-Pia was voted off, who cares, who wins. I am done with American Idol.

  128. PIA Gone!!! The judges wasted their save on Casey! Stefano should have gone or almost anyone else – Paul, Jacob and most of all Haley! Except of course my Lauren. I am so sorry Pia – I know you will still get a recording deal and do awesome. I wish I could hear you sing next week. Pia looked amazing last night as well as the last song on American Idol : (

  129. I for one am glad to see Pia gone. Come on folks, someone had to go, for the judges to express a anger and to say America was wrong??? What the heck? We were a bit shocked at a few of thier decisions here and there. ALL of these contestants are very talented, but she was by far the least entertaining of them all, not less talented and certainly she will do just fine for herself, and all of you will be able to purchase her music in the future! Cheer up!!!! EVERY week someones favorite will be leaving, AI is not for the faint of heart.

    • I agree, Pia was one of my least favorites. I don't like the voting process, they need to limit the number of calls per phone.

  130. I don't think I believe this was totally a popular vote. I think the producers will do ANYTHING for ratings. I find it amusing how many people say they will never watch again, because…yes you will…because you want to see how this all turns out. I have only voted on AI one year, and my favorite one – and he's no where to be found now – on Broadway I think. However, with that being said – I think an Idol has to have the complete package. They must be FUN to watch. I do agree that votes should be limited, and I know the preteen and teen girls are the TEXTERS because measuring the busy signal has been way off. So measuing only land line calls is not an effective way to predict who may be voted off. With all this being said…my top four (in order) are Scotty, James, Casey and Lauren – they all bring something different to the table other than their voice. I really like Paul but I think he is one of those you either like or you don't – no in between. He is "quirky" to say the least! I think this year brought an incredible amount of talent. I really don't have a favorite yet, and every year before I have picked a favorite during auditions. I like my top 4 and Paul and Haley. I think a lot of it has to do with the era you were brought up in, too, and your particular genre of music. With ALL of this being said, I don't blame the judges for Pia – they were right – she needs to work on her performance – take acting classes. She had a great voice – just no fun to watch. I think the judges should be way more critical than they have been. I actually, surprisingly enough, like the judges this year. I love Steven Tyler's heart – I never realized what a great guy he is!

  131. Whassup with this "America" voted stuff? America did not vote. Only a small segment of the population voted, and they voted many times. What does that mean? Not much. Many commented that the voting system needs to be changed. I t-totally agree, but consider this: would you have said a change is needed if your fave had won? I don't think so. One thing does definitely need to be changed: Let's decide if these three wise guys are supposed to be coaches, judges, cheerleaders, or what?

  132. for all the people that blame the teenage vote you are idiots how many times did you vote are you upset because you thought you could sit on your hands and not make a difference if you truly believe that one of the contestants is better then the next vote like you believe the teenage girl is voting we live in America where a vote counts and on a contest like this vote a lot

  133. I think the judges used there save to quickly,not necessarily to save Pia.But along the way it could of been used to save some one that the audience and people loved.If Simon would of been there he would of stop them from using it too early.There's no back bone in the JUDGE'S.There jobs is to judge the participant accordingly.TALENT,VOICE,DOSE HE OUR SHE HAVE CHARISMA TO BE A TEENAGE AMERICAN IDOL.That's what I liked about Simon,it wasn't the audience,the vote's,it was his experience,to help the contestant,and to motivate them to be superstars.

  134. Pia was my favorite. But then again, I liked all of them. Someone each week has to go, but I wasn't surprised for some reason I knew it was gonna be Pia. I figured she is in the bottom three, so I bet you she will go. And she did.

    You certainly never know w/this show. All the young teens like the boys Im sure. This is a singing contest to me. You would think there would be an order to go, but obviously that is not the case. Voting 50 times for one person is what these young peps do. They have all the time & no responsibilities. I vote once and then go to sleep. Maybe the voting should be different, one vote for one person.

  135. Also I would like to wish all the contestants the best of luck. Pia will have a career no matter what! And really they are all winners…'s just one person gets the title of American Idol !

  136. Brandon, love you comments, however not the slam of their looks. I was very disappointed in the judges acting the way they did. I am sure all the others that worked hard felt pretty bummed to know the judges put Pia on a pedistal. They tell you to vote, vote , vote. so I guess she did not have the fans she needed. Pia will be fine and some producer will pick her up. Lets move on to next week. They all know now how easy it is to go bye bye now, so the stress is on……..

  137. The voting needs to be changed to a similar format like survivior. Viewers should vote for who should be eliminated. The votes will then be more concentrated than spreadout over all of the contestants.It's like an election with too many candidates for the same office and no one gets a majority. I think if everyone had to vote for the worst Pia would still be there and Paul or Stephano or Casey would be gone.

  138. Where the votes coming from Pia had 18% if the vote while the bottom three were Laurna Jacob and Paul with all less than 6% of the votes!!!! How did Pia get elimanated!? I watch the percentages of the votes and Scotty and Pia had the top two spots.

  139. One thing that Idol does not give is the percentage of total votes each contestant got.It would be interesting to see what those stats are.No one would get a clear majority guaranteed.

  140. Why Pia? My opinion is that she is the BEST idol out there, i mean, like seriously, how can she be eliminated?

  141. Estan locos , Pia es la mejor.

    Are crazy, Pia is the best

    I do not want to see american idol anymore, please return to Pia

  142. Right before Pia's swan song, when the piano first started, was that a bum note? I listened several times and I swear it was a bum note.

  143. I thought pia was very pretty very good voice but for some reason I did not care to watch her. Paul & Casey make me laugh cheer me up & that is being entertained.

  144. Shock is not the word-wrong, just wrong. Pia was the best singer by far! She has the best package. Talent, beauitful, elegant & classy. I was not going to watch AI this season, but after seeing her audition I was hooked again. But I am done! I am now convinced it is fixed or it is about favortism not talent. Fortunately Pia will go far with or without idol! I wish nothing but tremendous success for her. As for the rest of the idiols I wish them luck-as I am not alone on this I say good-bye to AI.

    • it's all about looks…probably…i vote for my fav singers and i voted for pia hundreds of times…i guess it wasnt enough =(

      i feel bad for idol….you know you shouldnt stop watching idol just because your fav left…you know its all americas fault that she left…we are the ones that vote…so dont stop watching idol…keep watching it

  145. Shame on the judges for thier comments after "thier girl" was voted off. Their comments were an insult to all the other contestants, especially Stefano! I for one was pulling for him when it came down to the two of them. For the record, my first three choices are still in it. Too bad that the judges think I have poor taste in music.

      • I agree thatthe judge's comments were an insult to Stefano. But I also feel that Pia should have gone as she did. The only other one who should have went instead of her would be Paul. He'll have his final day soon. I feel bad for Stefano having to endure the judge's comments.

  146. What the f***!? How could Pia get eliminated and not Stefano !!! the votes are WRONG!! I think maybe people thout that she would be safe so they did not vote for her but for someone in danger

  147. I do not want to watch the show anymore and I have been a fan since Idol's inception. Why oh why did Pia get voted off. I can't believe that Casey was saved, he sucks

    GOOD BYE American Idol

    I was so wishing for the best season ever with the new Judges but oh well, I guess not.

    PIA you should be #1

    • ikr….casey sucks…but dont give up on american idol

      like my dad said to me when i was crying over pia's elimination…sometimes the best people dont win

      dont give up hope…i am sure we will see alot of pia in the future

  148. After I'm done crying I will decide if I will still watch. Last night was ridiculous and let me say one more thing I have tried dozens of times to text in my vote and it never works! SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD EXPLAIN HOW TO DO IT correctly because the 4 or 5 digit code doesn't go through or whatever it is. I too upset to think! While I'm at it Jacob also in the bottom 3, come on! We want a do over!!!!!!

    • YES YES!!!!!!! i agree completely!!! we need a do-over!!!!!!!! and that was the worst bottom three i have ever seen…no effence…but i want haley gone

      • you want one of the 2 only girls gone? no wonder why idol has sucked the past couple seasons

  149. I really don't think Pia's elimination should have been a surprise to anyone. She is an excellent singer and a beautiful young woman. Week after week the judges want her to show her passion and make a connection to the audience. She has not done that, at least for me. She just gets up there and sings. I can't imagine her having to do concerts and having to interact with people. She does not draw them into her performance. The balads were over done and she must work on showing her personality has a performer if she wants success in show business.

  150. i cant believe pia got voted off

    see…this is why the judges should have saved the save for later on in the season than using it on casey…like i was saying to pretty much everyone…casey is not that good of a singer and they should save the save if something like this happens!!!

    i still can believe pia got voted off…BRING PIA BACK!!!!!!!

  151. Injustice Pia was the best you only had 42.000 viewers feel like not watching the show anuymore she has incredible voice

  152. These reality shows R getting to be too much!! We all have our favorites, but come on people–they do things just to "ruffle our feathers'! Some of it is so rigged up just to keep our interest and 4 shock value. Am Idol is for talent–not just another pretty face. They R looking 4 the whole package-Pia didn't have the whole pkg! She will B fine! Don't doubt she's gotten offers already. They may very well change some of the rules next year to fix what when wrong this yr.–like the voting. Not every1 is a knockout beauty & have WHAT IT TAKES to be a star. Look at what Susan Boyle went thru & people have accepted her for what she does best+ she's laughing all the way to the bank! Too much of what is really important–people tend to overlook. All U out there who say you R done watching is BULL!

  153. I have watched Idol since its inception. I'm not a crazy teenager (75). This latest atrocity must have a solution. I predict that this will hurt Idol more than anything that has gone on in 11 years. The voting must be changed in some way. One vote for each contestant per caller, maybe. This is just about the last straw for Idol. I'm sure that ratings will be affected. Maybe not immediately, but soon.

  154. It says on Wikipedia Pia Toscano signed a redord deal with Jimmy Lavine (Interscope) less than 24 hours after she was voted off. Pia leaving is the climax of AI 2011. No one else will create the buzz she has this year.

  155. I am more upstet at the judges, RANDY you have been doing this for a long time. Yes Pia apparently the teachers pet and it showed. Not very fair to all the others. That may be part of the reason America did not vote !!!!! OK she is gone and will be very rich very soon… Pia supporters save your money to buy her music. I am keeping mine for James and Scotty. Rock and Country… oh Yeah…….

  156. She is great and was unfairly voted off when the judges chose to save the grunting oaf. She SHOULD get and WILL get a recording deal as her voice is awesome; does not need sleezy clothes or silly goofy gimmicks to shine.

  157. i have been watching idol somewhat loyally for a number of seasons, and while i have been surprised in the voting in the past, the shock was that Pia has tremendous talent, and will be among the top 2 or 3 from this current group in terms of her career. America, is not america in this show! The show appeals to young women, and Coke and Ford should be leary. I know many people who will bail on watching the show now, and or were disappointed that there was no way to rectify this voting injustice. Never mind that girls are jealous and men don't vote. i voted for the first time ever as she has talent! it's about who can sing! while her performances were always among the best, this has become about popularity, like pop music and it is no longer about talent. While this may have been one of the strongest years ever, Pia would have torched Fantasia and Ruben Studdard in past years, and will be up among the top five over the next five years in accomplishment is my prediction. to get this right, there needs to be a judging intervention when someone is voted off due to a simple lack of popularity in the future, or the show will suffer and lack credibility.

  158. Pia will have absolutely no problems. She was the best they had on Idol for the past few years. American is easy to think of as a talent show, but that's not what it is. It's a fan supported show, so viewer, which are mostly comprised of younger girls, make up most of the fan viewership… at least when it comes to voting, and you can vote like forever for the same contestant each week. So this is how the narrowing down takes place… not by talent, attractness r personality unless of course, you're talking about the guys. Pia WILL make records and I will buy them. She'll become a famous recording artist.


  160. I appreciate and agree with many of your concerns about private/public projects. However, my experience has been less one-sided. It is my view that there are times when a private Corporation can make a profit and provide a better service. Private enterprise has to be innovative and cost-effective in order to stay in business. Government does not operate by the same principles and typically doesn’t worry about going broke. There are some services that City employees do not handle as well as competitive businesses. City employees cannot be expected to be all things to all people. Of course, there are some services, such as policing and fire protection, that must be strictly controlled by the City, no matter the economics.

  161. Just got back from watching the new Twilight movie. It is amazing! My friend just downloaded the whole movie. I need to go watch it one more time.

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