American Idol 2011: Rock and Roll Top 9 Recap

I was excited for rock night on American Idol and I wasn’t too terribly disappointed mainly because I had a good laugh all the way through.  Will. I.Am hung out and helped the contestants choose their songs and then critiqued them during rehearsals.  He gave no great advice and basically hung out with Jimmy Iovine and enjoyed some camera time.  Gwen Stefani helped the girls with their style and away we go to the Top 9.

Jacob Lusk just had to change his song from “Let’s Get It On” because it was about sex (shame!) to “Man in the Mirror” which he sang rather well.  However his remark about if he’s in the bottom it will be because America didn’t look at theirselves in the mirror was rather blunt and personally I didn’t care for that.  What if he had totally bombed?  Is he that good that he can make a such a cocky statement?  He killed the song and I would be shocked if he landed in the bottom three.

I liked Haley Reinhart for the first time this season.  I mean I wasn’t jumping up dancing or anything but I liked the edgy look and the growl in her voice.  I think it’s really cool to see this other side of her.  Steven Tyler certainly enjoyed it because he said that Janis Joplin gave rock the voice in 1968 and Haley did that again tonight.  I mean seriously Steven goes way over board with his compliments. 

Sorry Casey Abrams fans, I just don’t see it.  I don’t like the crazy beard and I just don’t care for this guy at all.  When Randy said he was making the upright bass co0l, I was like WTH?  Really?  I don’t think so.

Big disappointment for me with Lauren Alaina singing “Natural Woman”.  She could have really got down and gave us some incredible vocals last night.  It was boring and forgettable.  Steven has an awkward moment when he tells her she is a natural born woman and Randy agreed with me when he said it was good because of the difficulty of the song but he wasn’t overly impressed.

James Durbin gives us a ballad and we hear that he really can carry a tune.  He’s much better singing rock.  The judges are excited because he is showing vulnerability.  James is crying.  Give me a break.  I didn’t care for the Elvis song by Scotty.  I thought Paul trashed Johnny Cash and Stefano did the best I’d ever heard him even though I hated his song choice.

Pia finally showed some life and tried to perform.  Much better than I’ve ever seen her.  She has amazing vocals!  I’d like to see more upbeat songs like that.  Maybe she’ll continue to improve on her performance and if so, has a real shot at winning this thing. 

Who did you like and dislike from last night?




  1. I'm really happy with Pia she has the most amazing voice of all the idols, she still has plenty of time to find her stage presence.

    • You really think she has time to "find" her stage presence. Now I know why she prefers to stand there and sing.

      • I think Pia is very boring, I would never buy her cd's or put her on my ipod. I really don't know how she last this long, I guess most americans like to watch boring people, I don't get it.

      • Pia might have a "somewhat" of a voice but the girl is like a zombie up there. No movement and when she does try it looks painful. Why they continue to give her props is beyond me.

      • This is a singing competition.. not a dancing competition! When you buy a singer's DVD, you are not buying it watch them dance!

      • If you can sing you can sing and Pia can SANG lol…That is why she is still here…but she is definitely going to have to work on that personality on stage…I fast forwarded through her performance…

      • If dancing and stage presence was more important than singing, Naima would still be in the race. Naima was pitchy – end of story. And Paul McDonald might have the stage presence of Elvis Presley (his last performance DID rock), but he does not touch Pia vocal wise. I agree with the posters who say this is a singing competition. I've never been to a "Celine" concert, but I bet people go for the voice and not for her 'wicked dance moves'. With Rhianna – you go for the "show" – because Rhianna is pitchy as heck and uses a lot of pitch correction on her albums. But for Diva-singers, it's about the voice. THAT BEING SAID, America votes – not the three judges – so who's to say they don't hammer Pia for any reason they want? If a lot of people are against Pia, then that might mean these detractors represent a portion of the voting public.

    • pia has the best voice of them all, but no charisma at all. scotty has the most limited voice, yet connects with people, despite that. haley might be the best blend of talent and stage presence. she is raspy and sexy and cool. guys want to meet her and girls want to be her. thats a lot of what being the american idol is all about.

      • Haley's wonderful, I believe she has some real talent. However, even though I feel she is much better than Lauren she is not the girl next door which Lauren is and that seems to be what America wants.

    • I love James style,singing ability, stage presence. Lauren A. must not have listen to Kelly Clarkson's version of that song because if she had she would have never sang it(lol what a flop). Pia is ok wont pay to watch her. I just don't pay to watch that style. Haley is good & love the tone in her voice. Casey reminds me of the band geek, Stefano is boring, and I cant look at Scotty without cracking up because he looks just like Mad Magazine lol.

      • You're the first person to voice what I've been thinking all along: that Scotty looks like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine. Also, I am sick about Pia being voted off, because she definitely has the most amazing voice, but I predict she will be successful, maybe like Jennifer Hudson, who was voted off too early in her season.

  2. Casey Abrams might have talent but I don't think he is American Idol material. I agree this season has been awesome with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler I have been a fan of both 4 some time. Especially Steven Tyler!! Hello!!

    • Casey doesn't have the "pop" sensation but he does have a really good voice range and is quite talented. I really like this guy but I also love all kinds of music. I dont go for just whats in. I love it all. And he will be successful. As a matter of fact he already is. Need a simple clue? Listen for the audiences reaction to him. You can always tell by their reaction.

      • I agree with you Mona…I am actually a Casey fan…the judges actually use smart critics of him…He is a musician not just a singer or pop star…I disagree with Ashli Rae….He IS in fact making that Bass cool…Had my at Georgia on my mind with it…he should use it all the time!

      • Casey is real, down-to-earth, totally not into himself, and lately he has given up the "showman/comedian" approach and gone with "hey – this is who I am" and his honesty and openness as a performer is really impressive. He's the "Anti-Pia". He's emotional in his singing but not an emotional nuclear device like poor Jacob there. Speaking of Jacob, his comment was lame (Sex is a sin but pride is okay? C'mon. I'm not even religious and I know that the worst of the seven deadly sins is PRIDE. Sex is why we're all here…) BUT Jacob fenced in the emotion and delivered some smooth lyrics with not one but two or three awesome 'Jacob moments' – it was his best performance ever. Casey's "Have you ever seen the rain" was good but I think I liked his "Your Song" a bit better. Stand-up bass was cool, but again – it's a singing contest first and foremost.

  3. I like Casey, I think he has good style and potential. If he gets farther on A.I (which he will) I'm sure he will really bring it.

  4. OMG – what show were you watching???? It was an amazing show – they are rocked except for Stefano – that song was not a good choice – that is the 3rd ballad in a row for him – he is done.

    • Agreed – Stefano is terrible. Nice, good looking guy, but he can NOT sing. His song choices have been terrible and he is boring to watch. I hated Pia's song last night – I thought it was really corny. I think the judges are being way too nice this year. Casey and Paul both rocked it.

  5. James Durbin has super talent amazing passion and gives a great performance on stage. Love this guy!!

    • @ james fan 4ever…I totally agree. I felt that there was a raw emotional passion with his performance. It was great. A really good show last night…but I do feel that with the exception of Randy…the judges were showing a little too much love last night..even for the performances that may have been good vocally…but lacked in stage presence. I like Lauren but I do not believe she did justice (passion wise) to the great Aretha. @ Ashli Rae…do agree with you on Jacob's comment was somewhat arrogant…so he is going to plkace the blame for being in the bottom 3 on the American people's lack of morals…as Branden stated in his recap…(big eye roll). James Durbin is my favorite for the win. Go James…Whoo Hoo~!!!

      • I like James alot, he does have a great voice and stage presence. however he is a bit too radical for the voters in style, America tends to vote for the girl or boy next door, milk toast. Just look at last year, I can't remember the name of the fellow who won, I was much more impressed with Chrystal but she has too much of a radical style to have won.

      • I thought last night's show was extremely entertaining! Idol has hit it's stride. All the performers have evolved and I think each had a great night and they looked as comfortable on stage as I've ever seen. Even Pia who does not move me at all (or herself for that matter!). The judges appear to be having fun too….great chemistry and I love Steven Tyler's bizarro comments! Randy probably gives the most honest feedback. I love the diversity of the singers, love that they are allowed to stay within their genre. I am NOT a country fan but am amazed by Scotty and Lauren…their duet last week was really good. Hard to say who will prevail….I love Haley and Casey the best personally…and I expect Pia or Jacob to go home tonight. Paul is so squirrelly he is a blast to watch!

      • Oh yeah….we were talking about James…I really like him too. I think he is very genuine, he can sing and perform, but reminds me too much of Adam Lambert who, despite his obvious talent, was not my favorite either. My heart definitely goes out to James.

      • James is not that good. What he has going for him is that he has real issues and he's functional with those disabilities. Listen to him closely he sounds sooooo much like Jon Bon Jovi. As much as I really really love "hair bands" they just isnt any real demand for them. I must admit that last night performance was really nice…..minus the tears.

      • Mona…..Sounding like BonJovi is a good thing….

        The Oldster…..unfortunately I think your right….America is mot ready for the Adam's or the James' but fortunately for these guys, they will do well after Idol….Adam did and James will.

        BUT……I still say JAMES for the win with Scotty and Pia following…JMHO

      • Mona; Bon Jovi hasn't been a "Hair Band" for twenty years. And they were the Number One touring act in 2010, out earning any other concert attraction. Their last CD debuted at No 1, and no record company has ever lost a dime on them.

      • Yep Mona. You nailed it. Bon Jovi. He should CAPITALIZE on that. He's young, fun, energetic and sounds like Bon Jovi. Once he figures out that last part, he could actually win.

  6. I can see in Steven eyes, he love to sing duets with HALEY more than James… 😀

    He proud to hear Haley growl just like a girl version of him… GO HALEY….!!!!!!

  7. Ugh…I Totally agree with all of your predictions!! Sounds like you have a good ear like me! Casey is goos but its just not for this show, more of a lounge act in a smokey place at 2 am when everyone is so drunk they cant move from the table. Stefano did awesome but man, his voice has become just creepy!!! Pia….Im so over this chick…cute cant get you that far in this world. I think by now people shouldnt have to tell her to stop being boring…she just shouldnt be boring! Point blank. Shes like a monotone robot. Paul butchered some Johnny Cash for sure dude. WHO DOES THAT?? I am with you 100 percent with Haley…she really impressed me with her Elton John remix..I really didnt mind listening to her version, and no one can do that when it comes to elton. She really stepped her game up but the growl needs to be toned down a bit. James can sing but hes getting a little boring lately. Scotty!!! WOW!!! He was bringing up the rear for a while but hes got some more star quality! Girls love him, hes entertaining and he actually can carry a tune! Pretty large vocal range too. This was a good article….thatnks for posting this.

  8. And on that guys comment about casey will really bring it if he makes it further…..SERIOUSLY??? Him and Pia should both have brought it 5 times over by now. I understand the rules dont they??? I mean Paul is still there..and he could totally be another Rod Stewart if this day and age called for that….hes bringing it at least in his own weird way.

  9. Sorry but I think Scotty was awesome. James had a crock full of tears but stil schreeched and screamed at the end of the tear jerker

    • Is it just me or does Scotty look awkward when he is performing? He didn't look comfortable when he used the guitar, nor did he look comfortable moving about the stage.

      • He's not comfortable, because he knows he is vocally overmatched by everyone in the field. Everyone. He is charming and will have a career doing twangy country (not progressive country)… but in this show? He doesn't have a voice even close to the others. When it comes to range and power, Lauren, Haley, James, Pia, and Jacob can sing circles around him.

        So, yes he looks awkward. He's a one-trick pony and it's getting late.

      • Scotty is a bit awkward on stage, but he's only 17. That's fixable. After nearly 50 years on stage Mick Jagger is still as geeky and uncoordinated as anyone and it hasn't hurt him any. Tina Turner tried to teach Mick to move onstage. It didn't work.

      • As I said earlier, I think Scotty looks like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine. I think he has a good stage personality and country voice, so he could make it big in the Nashville country genre, but I don't see him as the American Idol.

      • CJ…I think Lee was watching a different show then us last night…..I didn't hear any screeching or screaming…James did an awesome job with that song…..

  10. I really enjoyed Paul last night. Maybe it was because he was just having a great time and it was obvious that he was. I voted a few times for him. I think he deserves to outlast "Growl queen" Haley.

    Pia was awesome, except for her hideous outfit. Gwen Stefani missed the mark on Pia for me.

    I wish sometimes the judges would really make this more interesting with their judging. As much as I enjoy Stephen's humor and Jennifer's sweetness, occasionally I find myself missing the sting of Simon Cowell's British voice. I mean, let's make it obvious here who they want to go this week, already.

    And totally agree about Scotty still sounding country. But I still didn't like it. Elvis song or no Elvis song – Scotty is too country for me.

    James' performance was a little boring until his last note. It kind of saved the performance in my opinion. And I am a big James fan. It was nice to see his tears becuase the guy's obviously been through a lot in his life.

    Jacob rubs me the wrong way, even if he isn't singing Let's get it on. I can't imagine what I would be commenting if he had gone through with his original song choice. I probably would have had to change the channel last night.

    • Paul was just OK for me.. He sounds a bit of a boring singer with his low voice. Growling Haley is just annoying! Yes, Pia's outfit was atrocious! The judges comments have gotten really boring "good job.. good job" day in and day out. Scotty actually sounded really good with the mix of country. I like it more than straight up country. James.. What is wrong with you??? You're a rock guy and you sing a song like this? This is the week to bring your A+ game! You'll have plenty of weeks to show your softer side. Jacob.. I just have to close my eyes when I watch him sing.

    • Kudos, I agree with you on Jacob. Jacob's performance was overshadowed by the great job the backup singers and his "duet" partner did. There were times I couldn't hear Jacob very well at all and they were the challenging parts of the song. He has a great voice when he sings a certain style of music but missed some of his notes last night. I am also tired of "watching" him sing. He gives me the creeps.

      • I don't know why many people think Jacob has such a great voice. I find his warbly vibrato and overwrought vocals to be extremely annoying and creepy.

    • Kudos, You're so right…what was Gwen thinking when she put her in that outfit? and she can look so good… yes, she sure missed the mark on Pia. other than that, she was great!

    • Paul's performance should be labelled "the Ultimate AI Comeback". He found how to make his voice work: Add crazy and power to it. Who would have thought this would work? It did work. It's the first time EVER I've heard his voice actually make sense. The "Rod Stewart" side of his voice made sense. Now Rod can sing soft, medium and full out and to me Paul just can't sing soft. It just doesn't work. But his last performance might have shown he has found his groove. Let's see how his standings change – I think he'll comeback at least a bit. He might even get out of the bottom three.

  11. Hmmm…I'm a huge RnR fan. But this week performances were such a let down for me. None I'm gonna remember. What were the girls wearing? They look like those who works in the alley at night looking for $$ (if you know what I mean…)

    • Real big disappointment. How can some of them be allowed to sing the songs they did? I thought they were given a list of rock n roll songs to choose from. These were among the choices???

  12. I called it weeks ago! Jacob needs to go! His ignorant comment to America was the last straw. I hope he gets booted tonight for sure.

    James has the whole package. He brings it every time and is very entertaining, he will make a great role model.

    Stefano and Paul need to go too, enough is enough. Pia has been jammed down our throats long enough, up beat tempo and she still proved she has NO stage performance – still sounded like ballad, she can sing but is very boring . Lauren is a FAV for sure but still waiting to hear her belt it out like she did when she tried out an sang with Steven Tyler…I believe she is holding back but when she is ready she is going to give everyone chills.

    I hope America gets it right! Jacob needs to go tonight!!

    • I totally agree with you about Jacob. I need to look in the mirror? Get real Jacob. My vote for best performance last last night goes to Paul. He took a classic Johnny Cash rockabilly song and charged it up a notch or two. I've watched it sevral times. James, however is the best singer in the contest, but Casey is my favorite. I really enjoy his style.

      • C'mon Donnie. You can't make "Folsom Prison Blues" into a pop hit, can't smile and dance and clap while you're singing "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." Paul has talent, but yeesh, that was a terrible interpretation of a mournful, classic tune

        I agree with you on keeping James and Casey, though

      • Paul was the best last night. He is unique and charismatic, has star power, and did a great job engaging the audience and interpreting the tune.

        While I don't care for Jacob's mannerisms, he can certainly sing. James is always good. The rest can go.

      • alobar, have you ever seen Johnny Cash perform "Folsom Prison Blues" for the prisoners? Obviously, not.

        While his style is different than Paul's interpretation, Cash also channeled a wild energy, danced around, joked, even smiled during the performance…and had a great time doing it!

      • Yes, I HAVE seen live Johnny Cash versions of "Folsom." (Unlike many here, I'm not 12). And JC does NOT channel a "wild energy" during the performance of it. (Exaggerate much?) Look, obviously you like Paul, and are willing to stretch reality to support his ill-fitting version of this song… it's your right to do so…

        …but I love how you argue with me, then point out that Johnny Cash's "style is different than Paul’s interpretation" (which is exactly what I said). Sheeeesh…

    • I wish America would have gotten it right! Jacob should have been the one to go.

  13. Was very surprised by Pia, but still don't see her as an "idol." Haley totally rocks it. I can see her making some great music. Jacob – still boring in my book (not idol material), Scotty ? – I like him, but not as an "idol." I see him doing very well on the Country circuit. Stefano – a great "wedding singer." Casey is starting to disappoint me…and I LOVED Casey. James – he'll do well whether he wins or not. Paul…poor Paul. Love him but again – no idol material there. Wow, almost forgot Lauren…well I guess that says it all – forgettable….

    • I like Stefano, but he seems like a robot… same thing every week. You're right about Lauren… I never seem to remember what she does :/

      • Do you remember her duet with Scotty last week? That was an unforgettable performance IMO.

      • Honestly, I remember Scotty singing with her, but not the other way around… if that makes any sense. I do remember the Reba song; however, that was several weeks ago :/

    • Lauren was totally forgettable, for the first time, last night. Wrong song. Same with paul… look, you don't do "Folsom Prison Blues" as "peppy" – kinda hard to wave and smile while singing "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." Yeech! Still no big notes from Scotty. Sang something upbeat, but the guy NEVER pushes himself and remains THE most non-diverse finalist ever on the show. Truthfully? I'd put those three… Lauren, Paul, and Scotty… in the Bottom Three this week. Everyone else was just better.

      • "….I ain't seen the sunshine, in I don't know when…" (laugh, smile, wave) Real funny song right? I totally agree with you on Paul.

      • ALOBAR and DOUG, have you ever seen Johnny Cash perform “Folsom Prison Blues” live for prisoners? Obviously, not.

        While his style is different than Paul’s interpretation, Cash also channeled a WILD energy, danced around, joked, even SMILED while he performed…and had a great time doing it!

  14. I am not a paul or casey fan but i liked both last night.

    James tears seemed staged. pia is great but doing tina turner she could have gotten into it a little more. Tina was crazy when she sang. Lauren and Hailey were awesome.

    Stefano , james and jacob bottom three.

    • All the contestants were good last night but its time for a guy to go and I'm thinking Stefano, Jacob and Paul in the bottom three. Not sure who will go. My new pick for this season's final two contestants—Scotty and Pia.

    • The girls running up on stage… was staged. Sometimes, I think I'm watching American Crybaby. James, however, captured the emotion of the song. After all, how can you not cry when you sing with a weeping guitar?

    • I love how people comment about Hailey….seriously….I couldn't imagine sitting at one of her concerts having to hear that growl for over an hour. Naah…not my style at all!!!!

    • 88fngrlouie…..seriously…James in the bottom three…..Get real…….James is the best entertainer and singer on that show…..

  15. Haley all the way!!!!! The rest of them are been there done that!!!!! oh btw, Jacob's comments to the American Public are arrogant and I hope it sends his fat fruitty ass packing

    • MPM…sounds like you have personel issues to deal with about Jacob.

      I do agree on one thing he was just ok last night. bottom three

  16. I thought Naima Adedapo was really original and by far the most improved contestant and I was sorry to see her gone. I miss her style and she definitely had stage presence. Top three I believe are James, Scotty and Lauren. Pia may have great vocals but she is definitely a boring performer. Jacob needed to go a long time ago because he screams too much although last night he did the best of all his performances, he alluded to the American public's intelligence as not being moral enough and is far too arrogant! Stephano I thought did a great job with what he did but was a little too high pitched for the song he sang and he couldn't take it where it needed to be. Haley is not too bad but the song was too big for her last night and I was a little disappointed with the mix. I agree that Paul trashed Johnny Cash which is going to be his downfall and put him in the bottom three for sure. I din't like what the girls wore at all and I think the guys need to improve what they wear too. Haley's hair was frizzy and I didn't like the hair pulled back on the girls and thought it gave them too much attitude. Lauren needs to make sure that what she wears matches what she is going to sing. Pia has had enough time to learn what todo so why isn't she doing it? Great voice or not she is not impressing me and I don't see her as an American Idol presence.

    • Totally agree with the Naima comment. The last song she got to perform was actually very nice…had she done it in her true voice (which was very good by the way). What hurt her was the way she reggaed just about everything. I mean I like reggae but not every song. But I still feel love for the girl!!!

  17. The contestants all did pretty well. I srill do not understand all the "raving" about Casey!

    • The "raving" as you so put it comes from his singing voice ability and range and truth be told, his uniqueness. I for one have great respect for such people. Lady Gaga…Marilyn Manson….Michael Jackson…Johnny Cash…Elton John…..John Lennon…see the pattern?? When you are your very own and do not follow the croud you are noticed. Thats all that matters, be an individual as we all should be.

      • Really? I thought the "classic country" kid was doing Elvis like nobody's business and used his "low notes" to really do a palpable take on a classic Elvis song without sounding like the typical Elvis impersonator. I think his country twist is what allowed him to avoid the 'impersonator trap'. I thought his performance was in the top three of the night!

    • Raves for Casey have a lot to do with interpretation. He seems to understand and FEEL his songs, and that should count for something. Pia and Lauren for example, seem to show no depth or emotion when they sing. Casey appears to connect with what he sings and who he sings to.

    • Many people had Pia in their top three. So how did she get 9th place in the votes? Is multiple voting the problem? The teen(girl)-heavy demographic? The possibility that people thought Pia was safe for a while and voted for their 2nd fav. or the underdogs?

      Sure, she has detractors – but for all we know these (few) people think Paul can sing, or are just functionally deaf bitter people. But the point is, most people with any kind of clue about what singing ability is knows that something is wrong when Casey, Jacob, Stefano or Paul stays in a singing competition and Pia goes home.

  18. Where in the world was the Rock and Roll last night… I know it could have been anyone in the Hall of Fame but get real… I wanted rock… and what is up with Steven and Jennifer they were not all that good… not one bad judgement..

  19. So the growly thing that Haley does is NOT GOOD. For example, compare Lauren and Haley last night – they both through out the growls but Lauren did it in moderation and when it fit to what she was doing, Haley throws it out every other word in the song and at weird times. To me, not good. It reminds me of a girl in my high school choir who used to force a vibrato at the end of every single note she would sing… I had to plug my ears… I think the vibrato girl and Haley only do it b/c someone somewhere told them it was good and so now they think they have to use it ALL time TIME and they don't!!

    • Haley has style and lauren is so effin boring and immature.. Haley actually has a better voice and seems comfortable up there. if you dont like it then dont get bent out of shape, its just not your thing

    • Hey someone, I'd love to "compare Lauren and Haley last night" but there is no real comparison. Haley is flirty, sexy, fun, and did a crowd-pleasing song that fit her style. Lauren, while blessed with a sweet voice, was stiff and seemingly uncomfortable while doing a song that didn't "feel" right on her. Lauren is staring at Bottom Three and Haley is most likely safe. (Personally, I think the Bottom Three are Paul, Stefano, and Jacob but Lauren teeters near that vicinity. IMO of course)

      • I actually wondered if lauren was kinda sick or something last night…she did not seem herself. I prefer Haley way more…she is fun, more mature, love her mid-Western sensibility…and her great unique voice. Hope she does a quiet bluesy little number next, without all the power-growling. Lauren has a great voice too but nothing unique…and she strikes me as a snotty little teen sometimes.

      • Yeah, even though Lauren did a decent vocal with her song choice, I thought it WAS sort of forgettable as someone said and that Haley's Joplin rendition was just over the top. "Yeah yeah" as Tyler would say. Those who said Haley should do Joplin were 100% correct!

  20. Scotty was the BOMB! Lauren is great and the rest are ok. Pia and Stephano look so stilted that they could never be an American Idol. Phonetic singing is horrible. They sing as though they are just mouthing the words, and are over-performing! It looks like they have stage fright, sadly.

    • Pia DID have stagefright I think! She sang wonderfully even so, but she said "I am terrified before I go out there". And her hands shook while she held the mic. She will have a career in singing in some capacity – but she MUST believe in herself. She has to believe she has the gift, because she does. Maybe her inability to move around more is similar to how Stefano stays in HIS little world as well. Your comment is interesting…

  21. Hey, something happened last night. Did all viewers get to see all 9 performances? I am concerned that we did not see Jacob's performance on last night. The only part of his performance seen was the recap of the performers at the end to show phone numbers to vote….was this an issue for anyone else.

  22. I'm surprised no one is commenting Paul's pause to allow the lead guitarist do his solo during his performance. To me, this is a big no, no. His performance should have been about him singing, not playing his guitar.

  23. Last night was really good i was impressed but i didnt like stefonos or jacobs peformance and forr Hailey I loved her perfromance until the end of the song i thought she ruiend the end and I really loved Scottys, James, Caseys, Pauls and Larens peformances Scotty's was my favorite of the night

    bottom 3 will be jacob and stefano for sure and pia or hailey and Jacob will go home

  24. Jacob Lusk needs to go, belongs in a bad off broadway play, scotty rocked, pia , love your legs hun, but eh. jimmy is over rated, he would be big on star search, paul reminds me of sonny bonno, wont make it without a cher with him. thia should of stayed, the top 2 will be scotty and lauren

  25. My biggest complaint was the girl's clothes. Gwen Stefani couldn't dress a salad. The song choices were mostly lame and Pia is still frozen in time [mid 70's]. All sang well with the exception of Paul who grinned like a jack o' lantern through a serious song.

  26. I think the bottom three will be Pia, Lauren, and either Casey or Paul. I think Haley, Scotty, Jacob, and James are the top 4 right now.

  27. I think Scotty's song choice wasn't the best, but he delivered it well and looked like he was truly having fun. Have to agree with the comment about him looking a bit awkward tho…he's a great singer, but not a dancer. Still hope he wins. Jacob needs to go home. He started out SO well, but now is just annoying, but not as much as Paul and especially Casey. They should have let him go when we voted him off.

  28. how can the two guys helping the singers in the studio be so dumb? they never heard of country rock aka Southern rock? , and these guys know the business?

    • Biker Mike. Can they spell EAGLES? LOL! Have they ever heard "Girl from Yesterday" or "Doolin Dalton"? Yeah. Country-rock is a genre unto itself! I agree!

  29. i liked scotty, haley and lauren.. but i did think that paul did a pretty good job this week not a fan but it was a suprise… and JACOB NEEDS TO GO!

  30. It's been by far the best American Idol year in memory. These kids all have exceptional talent. That being said we are talking about what it takes to be an Idol.Much more than singing, stage presence in a big part of it, who do you have your eyes glued on while they perform.For me there are just 2 that meet this criteria James and Scotty.

    There might be better singers, but they command the stage.Especialy Scotty he will be a star regardless of what happens here on idol.

  31. The judges were just not honest last night!!! What were they listening to???

    James was absolutely horrible!!!! He can not sing when it comes to a slow song. His notes were off, and I didn't like his tone. He knew he was sinking, and had to throw that high note in. The song did not need it, and he needs to go. If he didn't have that sob story, I really wonder if he would be here. He is not a good of singer as all of the other contestants.

    Stefano was also really bad last night. He started the song too high, and he was all over the place. He is cute, and I do think he finally connected with the song, but it did not sound great.

    Haley was my favorite of the night. I thought she did an amazing job. Lauren is still my other favorite, but I don't think she did as great as she could have. She has an amazing voice, and a strong voice. I don't know what is happening to her confidence. I still want her to win this season!!!! The song was still better than both James and Stefano combined though.

    Everybody else I thought was pretty good. Again, I have to say that Pia just doesn't do it for me. She is a pretty girl, and a great singer, but…

    I keep comparing her to other people every week because of her song choice. Last night, I was comparing her to Mercedes from Glee, and I'm sorry, but Mercedes sang it soooooooooooo much better than Pia.

    I like Scotty, and I thought he did a great job last night. I liked his voice with a little more energy and rock sound. I just wish he could learn how to hold the microphone and get rid of the cheesy factor.

    I like Casey as well, and that is my favorite CCR song, but I thought he kind of ruined it. I love the upright bass, and I love when he uses, but he slowed the song down way too much. It just wasn't as cool as Randy said it was. I thought it did end up being a little "loungy".

    Jacob did a great job, but I was turned off by his comment. That was just not smart.

    I also think Paul did a great job, but I barely remember it.

    PLEASE send James or Stefano home. It better not be another girl going home!!!!!!

    • All along I have had James and Pia as the top two… but I have nudged Haley in there with them. Pia has the best voice but, for such a pretty girl, she has NO charisma at all. None. James and Haley have excess, spillover stage-presence… maybe Pia can borrow some from them?

      • I think Pia comes across as a bit "emotionless" or "lacking stage presence" because she truly IS (as she herself admitted) TERRIFIED when she gets up there. She may have performance anxiety really bad. I think once she performs a bit more and embraces just how talented she is and believes it, she will soar. Look at Lauren – before she "got it" that she was talented she too was very inhibited. People think Pia is full of confidence because she sings very well and is very beautiful. Guess what. Sometimes attractive talented people are the most nervous and unsure about themselves – internally. She's a person too guys. Cut her some slack! Can't you see her hands trembling? I do!

  32. Wow, lots of obvious Scotty fans on here! I can read between the lines. You all, trash other idols then throw out Scottys the bomb at the end! I felt compelled to give my opinion. Scotty was a joke last night!!!! Everyone has an opinion about Pia and her robot like behavior on stage—at least she does not look just plain silly up there! Scottys performance was ridiculous at best! The fact that the judges NEVER give him constructive criticism is unbelievable—and frankly makes the show a joke….this 17 year old kid has alot to learn and it is a shame that they are leading him to believe that he has it all figured out!

    • It's always good to hone someone with potential that keep seeing a perfectionist out there. Pia sings like she memorized it. She's not having fun at all. Just an opinion 🙂

    • Dead on accurate, sasha. MY question is when is Scotty going to be taken to task for NEVER holding a BIG note for more than 2 beats… or reaching back and hitting an incredibly sick note. He doesn't and he can't. Everyone else, has proven their range, diversity, and vocal strength. Not Scotty, who is "allowed" to basically talk his way through sleepy songs in a safe genre. To me? He's the weakest Finalist in years and should be voted off tonight. But it's not gonna happen.

  33. I apologize if this has been said before, but I can't stand the judges. It's almost as if the show decided this year that Simon's opinion swayed too many voters over the previous years and they were going to take the judge's comments out as a possible deciding factor. "Everybody is great" may be PC, but it's not honest and rings very hollow. Judges, show some spine and get a grip.

  34. WAKSSS!!! Just heard the itunes version of Casey Have You Ever Seen The Rain. ITs soooo original!!! And the thing that amaze me the most is its totally different than the live performance. Instead of ukulele,the itunes have a richer melody of guitar and the drum beat its amazing!!! True artist indeed. Freakin AWESOME!!!!!

    • Listening to the Itunes tracks with no video, I thought I was listening to the RADIO and when Casey's "Never seen…" version came on, I was like WOW – I could not believe how GOOD it sounded. I think the "Seth Logan" look (especially from before he got the trim) does have an impact. You SEE Pia (or Haley) and expect lovely sounds to come out of her. You SEE Casey and it's like… "Really? He's gonna sing for us?". And sing this guy DOES. I love his down-to-earth and "I'm real" vibe. And he's SO not high on himself. I like people who are better than they think they are. It just impresses me. I agree. Casey rocks in his own unique Casey way. GO UNDERDOGS!

  35. Jacob really turns me off. I just think every move is so girly and his voice tone is really starting to grate. He truly is the only idol contestent I do NOT enjoy watching. I agree, these judges are too lenient. Stephen you are such a performer don't you have any sage advice? This year is truly up to the viewers, to me the judges have no opinion, maybe they want it that way.

    • Thank you!! I agree with you about Jacob. I can't see why the judges love him so much. I think his voice is hideous!

  36. Randy's comment about using an upright bass as new??? guess he doesn't know early rock and roll it was very common, randy didn't see the buddy holly story movie

    • well,most of teens viewers nowadays probably havent seen them. Im not a baby boomers,sorry ><

      • but Randy Jackson isn't a teen viewer, he is just someone that claims he knows music

  37. WAKS!!! He doesnt know music??!!! waakakakak

    So Steven Tyler doesnt know music either??!!!

    Ok,i think i get dumber n dumber debate with u dude. Ur right then WAKAKAKAKAAKKA

    • tell me in this millenium,who musician that play upright bass n also sing? And doesnt look to the grip a single time? Can u kindly mention who…? ><

      • the bass player of Buddy holly and the crickets for one, by the way I am not a baby boomer, buddy holly was way before my time, the upright bass was used a lot pre 1960's electric bass was too pricey when they first came out, also upright bass was widely used in jazz and blues, soul, r&B,

        But it is refreshing that randy finally started to speak like a grown up, he looked so foolish saying "dawg" all the time for a man of his age

    • its true that upright bass was widely used in jazz and blues, soul, R&B. Im askin who play n sing both at a time without even lookin to the grip a single time nowadays…

      • already told you above, another would be the bass player in the "stray cats" mid 80's band, anyone that plays guitar or upright bass or electric bass, all "good" musicians don't look at the fretboard, ,,,

    • @LOLOL:

      You sound like Donald Duck when you laugh!

      No, that would be "WAKWAKWAKWAKWAAA!" My bad!

  38. Why i don't like the judge this season ? I think the judge didn't give the much opinion to the idol and tonight i think Lauren is not save…i ca.t comment to another idol… i don't like it all… huffft…so boring…

  39. Haley's voice is very commercial and would sell records. Lauren's voice is commercial and would sell records. Pia reminds me of a young Lanie Kazan (?),strong solid vocals, but not commercial.

    James commercial can sell records. Stephano melodic vocals, no front liner, good for backup vocals. Scotty we shall see most country vocals sound similar. Jacob good vocals, but tends to have pitch problems,bc he plays too hard with the melody. Lastly, Paul, no star quality, good Vegas lounge act.

    • DANG!!! Just listened to Hailey Piece Of My Heart itunes version. You.Sing.Sexy… Meowwww 🙂

  40. I've been reading a lot of comments about performance, and I agree. Many of the contestants need to move better and that does not mean just circling the judges. American Idol should be working with the contestants on this. I believe the instruction on using the ear pieces resulted in better vocals. This is where Idol can really help singers–not just with comments but with demonstrating. Maybe J Lo and Steven could help. For example, Pia sang up-tempo but moved in ballad. Maybe the dress was too tight. This year with the vocal talent being very strong, the next step IMO is improving song performance: feeling the emotion then getting it across using vocals and body language so that the audience feels it, too, and each person feel like the song is being sung to him or her.

  41. This years judges are a HUGE improvement. Steven is a blast, J Lo is compassionate without making me vomit (ala Abdul) and Dog is even better because of it. Great show last night with great performances, but I'm just not understanding this Scotty dude. Don't we already have a Randy Travis? If he curls that lip one more time like Elvis I'm going to kick in my flat screen. Please God tell me this dude is going home soon!

    • No Sorry he is here to the end. He is going to be the next american idol 2011, I guess your not a country fan. His voice is so great!

      • if u listen to Paul itunes,i will agree that Paul version is much better than Scotty and they both country arrangement. U should hear it,Paul makes u wanna move ur body YeeHaaw!!!

      • i like country music, but newer country not the hank williams stuff my dad listened to. scotty sounds old and his songs arent fun

    • Scotty is much easier to take if you don't watch him. Kinda creepy seeing that incredible voice coming out of that face!

  42. I liked Steven Tyler during the auditions but come on. If he says "beautiful" one more time they should bleep him. He needs to be a judge not a cheerleader.

    • oh, i sooooo agree! the judges now are just too nice. i never thought i would miss simon, but i am starting to. part of the fun of watching was seeing what he would say.

    • Beautiful! Loved it! Yeah yeah!

      Sometimes Steven Tyler seems right out of it and other times his critique (or praise) is nothing short of genious. People, this man did a LOT OF DRUGS in the seventies. The fact he can finish a thought at all is a miracle. And I think he's quite intelligent but his hard-rocker lifestyle has taken it's toll. You gotta love the guy. Every time he gives the cliche response you're on the edge of your seat wondering when the genious will show itself. I think he's pretty humble considering he's a R&R hall-of-famer!

  43. its funny how the songs sound so much better on Itunes then during the show. When I listen on Itunes to Scotty I can't tell if its a big time singer or him (my daughter makes me guess, always get it wrong hehe) I wish their live performances came across the same.

    Go Scotty!!!<3 love his voice

  44. Pia sure can control her vocals but at the expense of her stage performance. Used to love the voice but her lack of stage actions really killed it. JLo was jumping in her seats not because of excitement but she was trying to get Pia to loosen up and move to the music…LOL..

    Haley is getting there but she should control the use of the "growl" or she'll end up mewing..

    Scotty..Scotty is too country.. the deep voice just don't get me but he's cute tho..

    James & Casey, love their originality & their passion for their music. They make the stage alive with their vibrant performances.

    Lauren is a darling.. sweet voice but is it enough?

    Jacob..great voice but I have to listen to him with my eyes closed.. too much emotion on his face..

    Paul used to sound unique but lately I find him rather squeaky..

    Stefano is just inconsistent.

    Bottom 3 for me will be Stefano, Paul and sadly Pia.

    • James has no originality, he trying to imitate Adam Lambert's performance!! I love Pia, Lauren and Casey..

      • I saw the same thing with Pia! And her movements around the judges table were awkward, like she always had to keep herself grounded by having her hand on the table or a chair. She just couldn't let herself go! Too bad. I hope she figures out how to do that, and soon. Some of the other contestants showmanship is really start to shine.

  45. I have to admi; I was very impressed with last nights performances. I was a little scared when I found out Paul was going to sing Johnny Cash, considering that he's Rod Stewrts' clone. However, I was not disappointed with his performance.

    Scotty, Scotty, Scotty…I have been his fan since day one and I still love him. He did Elvis proud last night and I thought he did AMAZING considering he is a pure bred country boy. Though I would have like to hear him sing Blue Suede Shoes rather than It's Alright Mama, I still fell in love with him all over again. Awesome job, Scotty!

    Casey definately deserved that save, because last night was one of his best performances

  46. Ashli-Rae……thanks for your comments….Really enjoy this site….Such diversity….We all hear and see things differently….WOW….

  47. I agree with this article for the most part. I think Jacob is in danger of going home for the first time this season because of the comment he made that insulted the audience and because he took on an epic Michael Jackson song. I think Paul will go home, though, because he didn't show us anything different or new or outstanding and he really needed to last night since he has been in the bottom three recently. I really wanted him to sing James Blunt or Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson. He has a beautiful smile and is definitely the cutest of all the remaining men so I will be sad to see him go. I don't think Stefano sings falsetto that well and he's in danger of going home. It was supposed to be a night of rock and roll yet there wasn't much rocking going on even by James Durbin, though I did appreciate his performance. Didn't care for Scotty McCreary doing an Elvis impersonation (in my opinion) though I am usually a fan of his. Was disappointed by Lauren who has been my favorite all along. She could have really showed the rock she has in her vocals but instead sang a song about being a woman when she's only 16 years old. Though I want her to win, she may actually be in jeopardy tonight. Pia was by far my favorite performance of the evening las night. Her vocals were incredible and contrary to JLo, I thought she moved well on stage as well. This isn't a dance competition. It's first and foremost a singing competition. My husband suggested that JLo may be jealous of Pia because Pia can actually sing. Anyway, I think JLo may have felt snubbed as well because Pia sang directly to Steven and Randy but not her. Anyway, she may be going all the way after showing us this new side last night. She's becoming my new favorite. I don't know why the judges, especially Randy and JLo, are so hard on her yet go easy on everyone else when Pia was the best last night.

    • I agree with you about Jacob's comment. As soon as he said that I knew it might be the kiss of death for him

  48. Although there are diverse singing sytles with these contestants……personally, I think this is another year of a "one man show"! That is a show that makes you watch the entire thing just to hear one performer…and you just watch the rest of them to confirm that you are correct! lol First, it was Adam Lambert (who cared what anyone else sang…we all watched just to see and hear what he would do next). Then, to a lesser extent, it was Crystal Bowersox……and this year…..the only person with a GREAT voice and ANY ENTERTAINMENT VALUE WHATSOEVER….is James Durbin.

      • Where's the 'disagree' button??? I watch this show for multiple contestants. And James is not always one of them.

    • Wow!!! Hey guys, I SAID "Personally"…and that is my opinion, which…..last time I checked….I am entitled to!

      • Yes… and everyone has the right to tell you that they disagree with you. Everyone has the right to offer their opinions, Lou… not just you.

      • Opinions are fine…..but they don't need to call me "stupid". That is totally rude! Believe me….I might not be the brightest person in the world…but I'm far from stupid!

  49. I thought last night's show was dull, borning and bad for being "rock n roll". I was expecting the group to sing Bob Siger, Aerosmith, Kiss, etc. not slow drawn out songs. Even Steven Tyler said, "How much slower can it get." And Paul all he can do is smile, he is not a singer! Uggg! The show seems like they are on a cost cutting budget this year. Simon…please come back!!!

  50. I thought all were pretty good last night. My favorites are Pia (wish she would show a little personality and movement) and Scotty (he has a great voice,clean cut and not jumping all around the stage like a nut and making growling noises and faces. Jacob, Paul Stefano, Lauren, Haley…..what is the big deal

  51. I just do see it with Pia. I mean her voice is great and she is very pretty, but she just can't move at all and that makes her quite boring to watch. I was also kind of surprised at the song choices – I expected a lot more Rock & Roll, and we ended up with a lot of good songs, but not necessarily rock. I did enjoy hearing James do a slow song and he was good. I happened to love Paul's arrangement of the Johnny Cash song – I thought it was unique and fun and he showed that he is a true entertainer. Don't know that he's my favorite, but you would never mistake a Paul McDonald song when you heard it on the radio. I was disappointed at Stefano for not waiting on his big crescendo note the way told him 100 times. He blew his chance for the big wow – again. He just always ramps it up to high too fast and we have nothing to look forward to. I would also like the judges to provide more constructive criticism. I love Steven Tyler but he doesn't critique, he just compliments. JLo gave Pia her first criticism all season. Randy is the only one who is giving them any honest feedback that they can use and he gets booed when he does. Still, I am loving this season of AI – it's the first time I've ever watched and I'm really glad to be part of it. Looking forward to tonight.

  52. I also have a few questions for everyone on here:

    Do you vote?

    What method do you use to vote?

    About how many times do you vote?

    I now use texting, and I vote a few hundred times each for my two favorites: Lauren and Haley

    • the voting for this contest is such a scam….everyone should have one vote, period.

    • You vote 200 times? Are you serious? ? Do you have a family or anything else to do? I totally agree with Suzin. ONE vote per person would be fair…there would be no way to control it though.

    • I rarely vote. Maybe 12-15 times in 10 years. What's the sense? I would only vote once a week and my insignificant voice would be drowned out by the people like Kris with her "few hundred" votes a night. But then again, I have a life…

    • I was just trying to get a sense of how people vote on here. Enough people trash talk on here, but I was wondering if people's voting actually corresponded with what they were saying. Apprently…that's not the case.

      I do agree that it should be limited to one vote person though. I guess that's how they keep their ratings up.

      …and just so you know, to send that many texts does not take that much time. I used to call, but wouldn't vote as much. Believe me, I have a life Page!

  53. I do like Haley, which surprises me because I didn't think originally that she should even be in the top 12. But she's doing great, has a very appealing personality (pay attention Pia), and is the contestant who may take it, maybe not all the way, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's in the top 3 with Casey and James.

  54. Even though I was not impressed with Paul's version of Folsom Prison I think its bye bye to Stefano. Lauren lost a little bit of steam last night as did James and I have Scotty with the best performance. Too many performers get way off track from the original (like Paul) and ruin the song.

    Bottom Three IMO




    Top 3




    Pia has a great voice and is a cutie but just too boring

    My dark horse is Lauren but she needs to get back in her zone

    If Casey and Haley are supposed to be a item they should do duet together

  55. I don’t understand all this talk about “stage presence.” It wasn’t the original intent of AI. This is not a dance competition. AI has evolved though. They started allowing instruments.. Then they added tons of backup singers.. Now they added pyrotechnics. Granted this season has been pretty strong. I don’t know if it has to do with all the great record producers bringing out the best in everyone (something that wasn’t done in previous years).

    Bottom 3:
    Haley, Paul, Jacob
    Going home… Haley

  56. really enjoyed Scotty's and James' performances. also liked Haley and Pia last night. weakest performances for me were Paul's, Jacob's and Lauren's. tsk tsk tsk. too bad for Lauren, she has a great voice but suffers from poor song choices.

  57. Personally I just dont understand people when they watch this show. I have to change the channel now when Jacob sings becuase it is so awful, I an not believe the judges actually give him good remarks everytime! Granted he'd be a great gospel/church singer, but he is no American Idol. As the name states Scotty (our hometown idol here in NC) has been great along with Haley, Jacob and I personally really like Casey. Wake up people, the kind of music Casey is good at is whats hot right now, with people like Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers being big in the 18-30 yr old age group he would be very marketable :). Haley is one of my favorite females along with Lauren and Pia has a very beautiful voice. Out of everyone those are my top and I hope and pray at least one of them wins it. Everyone else just doesnt impresss me, I think Stefano is boring, Paul does nothing for me vocal wise, of course as stated Jacob just cannot sing. My pick for bottom 3…

    1. Jacob

    2. Paul

    3. Stefano


  58. I actually enjoyed much less ranking on them from my house. After that horrid Jacob Lush performance, (rock song? Not.). I liked all the performances. We replay during commercials, listen with out looking at them. Scotty has.a better sound and Pia? Chick can blow! I don't care if she has two left feet, it's a singing contest and she's my early fav of the girls. Jacob needs to go now. I looked in the mirror and I'm pretty comfortable with him getting the video send off.

  59. I enjoyed all the singers some more than others My favorite from the start has been Paul but he has chosen the wrong songs the past few shows but I love his voice and personality even is swagger hope he makes it through if not its bad song choices..I think Casey has gotten better since the save Pia has a amazing voice but no personality Lauren love her but she is only 16 still lot to learn but would not be disappointed is she won Scotty did best with Elvis seemed relaxed but gets on my nerves with the rap signs or what ever it is just be country dude like James not sure about Hailey she up and down and don't see the big deal with Jacob just not my cup of tea my be at church and Stefano well its time to go home sorry ur my pick to go but its been fun 🙂

  60. I thought the show was very entertaining last night…it's a talented bunch. I would like the judges to offer more critique and less praise. JLo's comments to Pia were constructive. Regardless of my faves, I think the last three standing will be James, Pia, and Scotty.

  61. best to bottom three 9.Paul 8.Lauren 7.Casey 6.James

    5.Pia 4. Hailey 3.Jacob 2.Scotty 1.Stefano

  62. My favorite Idol year! Love the awesome line up of talent and like the dynamic of the judges this year. They are very encouraging and positive in their criticism.

    Although Pia has the pipes and is the big favorite, I feel she is a screamer. She belts out every tune to the max and every song sounding the same to me.

    James and Casey hold my interest the most. Can't wait to see what they do next.

    • Pia does have the pipes, but ditto. I just don't like that kind of music – it's always a belt-it-out overemote to me. Maybe others felt the same way?

  63. OHGosh! Seriously, I do not get and cannot stand Pia! She sounds like a singing goat. Sorry Pia fans, just had to get my two cents in….

  64. I thought Casey was the best…moved me. Pia and Lauren the worst..there was no feeling. Pia is strictly a technical singer and nothing else about her wows me…Scotty is likeable and the only reason he stays…I've heard better country singers on Idol.

  65. I love that Pia Toscano finally performed!Although my favorite has always been and still is JAMES DURBIN! I was surprised and worried about him when i heard he was going to slow down with his performance. But as soon as he sang, i was speechless.He was unbelievable. That high note made me wanna cheer my head off for him.I was going nuts. He proved to all those people who say he's just a screamer, that he has a beautiful voice! JAMES IS MY AMERICAN IDOL!I HAVEN'T GOTTEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT IDOL SINCE DAVID ARCHULETA.

    My least favorites would have to be Jacob, Paul, and surprisingly lauren.Jacob has a beautiful voice but I'm not sure what it is but I don't feel this competition fits him.As for Paul, I've struggled to find out what his music talent is. I mean he's cute and has an adorable smile, but his singing is odd to me. As for Lauren. She really disappointed me. I loved when she auditioned, but recently, she's been outshined by the others.I don't think she measures up to the bar, sorry. So Jacob, Paul, and Lauren are my bottom three.

  66. Based on last night's performances, Jacob is getting a little too redundant is his choice of songs, Haley finally did a song that suited her well, she should also consider Melissa Etheridge songs, Casey was OK, Pia, was a very strong vocal and the song choice was good, Paul has to go from the begining he has made my ears bleed. Now next week they should do a Blues theme and see who will step out and take the lead.

  67. It is time for the judges to stop their praise marathon and favoritism. If you are to critique, make sure its is fairly balanced. If you take Pia apart for singing too many ballads, point at Scotty for being a one track Cowboy singer, Jacob, a typical Church screamer, as well as Haley unable to utter notes without a growl.

    These singers are too be judged on their vocals and not on their swagger on stage. Perhaps the judges visualize an Idol based on their own experiences as wild entertainers on stage, but America might just prefer one less crazy with a guitar. In summary, dole out the criticism evenly, and put the emphasis on the voices, not the body performances. This is not Cirque de soleil

  68. Everyone did good, but I think Casey,Stefano, Scotty, Paul, and Lauren did the worst. Paul is awesome, it was disappointing. Hailey did awesome, so did Jacob and Pia. I think the bottom 3 is going to be Casey, Hailey, and Stefano.

  69. I miss Simon ! It seems that this year the judges are just three more members of the same audience which (unfortunately) seem ready to clap & screem adorations for a performer even if all they did was Burp on stage!

  70. I did not and do not like the Janis Joplin type music, not for me only for the kids out there that enjoy smoking you know what..

  71. I also miss Simon this year, and the favoritism is crazy even here..Try to keep it real and knock off the B.S.

  72. Pia: Stop screaming so much!

    Haley: Growl sparingly.

    James: Better without all the screaming.

    Paul: Not a good singer.

    Jacob: Annoying.

    Stefano: Annoying.

    Casey: Annoying.

    Scotty: Mmm, great voice.

    Lauren: My favorite. No complaints re her.

    • Love your brevity! (Gal of few words…)

      Pia: Stop screaming so much! Disagree. She had the vocal control to justify the amount of power she used. James is closer to being a screamer than Pia is, and even his screams are more singing than screaming.

      Haley: Growl sparingly. Agree. Otherwise, HOT!

      James: Better without all the screaming. Yes.

      Paul: Not a good singer. Yeah, it's true.

      Jacob: Annoying. Yep. And too RIGHTEOUS!

      Stefano: Annoying. Yeah. He's too intense.

      Casey: Annoying. Dunno – he's genuine.

      Scotty: Mmm, great voice. Over-rated I think.

      Lauren: My favorite. No complaints re her.

      I think Lauren can become a country star if she plays her cards right. But her last song choice was not the best for her.

      But all in all, all those singers have talent in their own way and I sort of like them all for reasons special to each one.

  73. I so love Casey's performance last night! Wow he brought back the stand-up bass and he sure nailed his performance 🙂 I've always been a Casey fan so please don't trash my comment about his performance. Honestly, there were so many good performances last night. I was quite disappointed with Pia though. The song was up beat that's very good because she veered away from the ballads but I don't know…something is missing from her performance though. Lauren, well I think she did ok but pleeaase do not over-hype her performance! It was just okay. James showed a vulnerable side but I love to see him rock the house!!! Paul has an infectious smile and that weird dance of him is sure is funny. I think he did well last night. Stefano…good performance but I didn't feel it though.Well wishing all the contestant Good Luck!!! =)

    • yes it's kind of sad that Pia had to go and she probably didn't deserve it, but geez Louise, you would have thougt it was the end of the FRICKIN' world! I thought it was SUPER INCONSIDERATE to Stefano for everyone to react so drastically- judges, Seacrest, audience. I'm sure Stefano felt lie S – – t! Have some consideration for people's feelings, people. The judges needed to set an example. I have like them all up until now but they really acted very callouslly tonight.

  74. Now that the results of American Idol are out, I can honestly point to the Judges as culprits in the elimination of Pia from the contest. Their bias non stop baseless uneven criticism is what swayed many in the US to vote against her

    It is time for the Judges to shut up and let the performers do their thing without taking sides.

    I am disgusted with the three judges of American Idol

    • Me too! yes it's kind of sad that Pia had to go and she probably didn't deserve it, but geez Louise, you would have thougt it was the end of the FRICKIN' world! I thought it was SUPER INCONSIDERATE to Stefano for everyone to react so drastically- judges, Seacrest, audience. I'm sure Stefano felt lie S – – t! Have some consideration for people's feelings, people. The judges needed to set an example. I have like them all up until now but they really acted very callouslly tonight.

    • But not the most popular. Something about her turned off the "Idol Demographic". Teen girl jealousy or the relevance of a "Celine" type diva are two possible explanations. Or, perhaps the show IS now more about over-all impression, moves, uniqueness, stage presence etc. over raw singing talent. If that's true, let's just not call it a singing contest then shall we? Because Pia was the best singer of them all bar none.

  75. this is unbelievable..PIA WAS THE BEST VOICE!!! my tv's with be tuned off idol for awhile

    • Don't sweat it Rachel. I said after her second performance that Pia should stop wasting her time in a singing contest and just start working on her first album. PIA MAKE AN ALBUM SO I CAN BUY IT!!! Who's with me? She doesn't need Idol – she needs an agent and a record deal. J-Lo will sign her in a second – you watch!

  76. So I just heard Pia just got voted out. The best singer in the group got axed and was beat out by eight other people! Wow. The teen-girl-squad was probably just jealous because she's pretty and can sing like crazy. Or like my wife said: nobody voted for her because they thought she was safe and voted for the underdogs. OR maybe I'm just deluded and stage presence, moves and performance are bigger factors combined than even the vocal! If so, it's not a singing contest anymore baby! I hope Pia cuts an album – I'll buy it.

  77. I'm never watching this ridiculous show again…Casey in Pia out in a "singing contest"…laughable….that is all

    • 15 year old girls:

      Casey! You're cute and sing low. I love you!

      Pia! You're pretty and talented – I hate you!

      Nuff said.

      PIA: What are you going to call your first album? I'd call it "Italian Idol" just to stick it to the jealous teen girls out there! And put me down for two copies. Thanks.

  78. I could not believe that Pia has left…unbelievable…yes I do believe jealously played a role…I started to cry.I am pretty sure that she will do very good. I will definately buy her album if one ever comes out which I am pretty sure. She is very talented and beautiful…I am still in shock..even though my favorite is Paul McDonald.

    • "yes I do believe jealously played a role…"

      You got it. Teen girls are the single largest demographic – and teen girls are a vicious little bunch! They voted out Pia because deep down they wish they were her. Watching her on stage was breathtaking – it was her moment to shine. I am a music lover – first and foremost – and that's why when she sings I get tears in my eyes and I can't talk. When Pia puts out an album, I'll gladly listen to ALL of her ballads and I want it in HIGH DEF and not some crappy MP3! Pia won before she even set foot on the idol stage. She was blessed with a rare and beautiful talent. We have not seen the last of Pia.

      • yes it's kind of sad that Pia had to go and she probably didn't deserve it, but geez Louise, you would have thougt it was the end of the FRICKIN' world! I thought it was SUPER INCONSIDERATE to Stefano for everyone to react so drastically- judges, Seacrest, audience. I'm sure Stefano felt lie doo -doo. Have some consideration for people's feelings! The judges needed to set an example. I have liked them all up until now but they really did not show any respect towards Stefano tonight – shame on them.

  79. When you think someone can really sing great or had a great performance, try listening to some of the original singer like Whitney, Celine. Mariah Etc & then ask yourself if you would rush down & actually buy their CD. Apparently people haven't been doing same, judging from CD sales of past Idol winners. (Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson excluded of course).

    • Tim, all those Diva singers are multi-zillionaires. Are you saying that a "Celine type" Diva is no longer relevant? Maybe you're (sadly) right. Look at Rhianna. I love her stuff – but she can't sing without pitch correction. It's a fact – she's as pitchy as Naima. Miley Cyrus uses as much pitch correction as Will-I-Am but he's doing it for a cool effect where she's doing it so she can hit some notes. Dude, this is a sad day if "hollywood produced auto-tune fake stars" outshine real talent. Then again, I think this has always been the case.

      • NO, I'm saying that a lot of the contestants people are so crazy about, can't be compared with actual great or 'Idol' singers when you listen to both. Just the opposite of what you thought I said. People seem to lose their objectivity when it comes to Idol performances. The Stars I mentioned as examples, are great singers. The Haley,Stefanos Naimas & Pia's Etc do not come close to their talent reality.

      • Yes, I failed to get your drift totally. My bad. You're right. None of those performers in the top 9 were using autotune. And how many "greats" these days can't sing two notes without it? It's crazy what passes for raw talent these days!

  80. Well, I guess it show's it again. American Idol is not a singing competition. If it would be Pia would not be gone tonight. I have voided for her every week. Not sure what america is looking for ? She had the looks, voice and personality. Because she did not had the "moves" ? What has this to do with singing. Pia I hope someone helps her to make a CD. I will buy it .

    • yes it’s kind of sad that Pia had to go and she probably didn’t deserve it, but geez Louise, you would have thougt it was the end of the FRICKIN’ world! I thought it was SUPER INCONSIDERATE to Stefano for everyone to react so drastically- judges, Seacrest, audience. I’m sure Stefano felt like doo doo. Have some consideration for people’s feelings! The judges needed to set an example. I have liked them all up until now but they were very rude tonight – shame on them.

  81. now you know why are country is in such bad shape because amercian people do not know how to vote

    • yes, I agree. Vote is for a singing competion and I feel america is turning everything into "drama"

    • and some people don't know how to use punctuation or correct capitalization.

  82. casey&james&scotty are really really good.. and i find scotty has a country voice for how deep it is. and hes cute..

  83. Based on all the comments I have been reading, I know I am wright. American idol is not a singing competiton. Don't see much comments on the voices, but enough on what people think about the looks and how the canditates act. Maybe the show need to be called " American best Actor" All the good singers getting eliminated ( Pia not a great singer ?? ) What is america thinking ?

    • Paul should have been long gone!! I think it's the teenagers who, when they see a decent looking guy with a nice smile, keep him in. I have found him to be boring, from the beginning. As for the comments you have been reading. It's the total package that counts. Voice is first but if a contestant is just standing there, believe me, the American public would soon tire of it. The judges also know what it's about. All past seasons' contestants had to move around the stage.

      Pia does have a great voice. No, I didn't vote for her. I voted for Haley, as I do like her voice. However, there is no way that Pia should have been sent home tonight. That was a fiasco. I don't think she'll have to worry, as she'll end up with a contract.

  84. The real problem with Idol, is the way the votes are counted. They make a big deal out of saying 50 million votes were cast, Etc. In actuality the total number of individual voters could & probably is around 500,000 people voting an average of 100 times or more. This turns off a lot of individuals from voting. In England, they charge something like 30 cents to vote, thus eliminating electronic phone banks , etc.. Idol could do the same & donate the proceeds to charity. But they won't, because they like bragging about the huge numbers.

  85. I wonder how the judges feel about saving Casey now?.. I don't get the over-pimping of him. Nice, talented kid, but not a star. The only ones left with star potential are Lauren and Scotty on the country charts. I appreciate the judge's personalities but they have only themselves to blame. Simon would be far less generous to Haley, Stefano, Paul, James, and Casey. BOO!

  86. Scotty is the winner above all others.He has proven he can sing anything.I like his personality. he is the total package.

  87. Sorry folks, but Pia needed to go.She was a horrible stage presence. James is a tard, and needs to go as well.

    • How rude to call James a “tard.” He has a disability. And oh by the way, if you haven’t heard, to call someone a “tard” or “retarded” is really quite ignorant and very backwards.

  88. Pia should still be there!! Paul, Stefano and Jacob should be long gone as far as talent goes. James Durban rocks, Casey rocks and Scotty will have a place in the music business. The rest have enough talent to keep them in the business and they will do well in the money department but no super stardom! By the way I hope all of you got to see Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood perform at the country awards show. Absolutely awesome!! They commanded everyone's attention and they got it!! Amazing!! That is what a star is all about!! We have no Adam Lambert this year but they only come once in a blue moon!! We do have some great talent though!!

  89. To John K. How rude to call James a "tard." He has a disability. And oh by the way, if you haven't heard, to call someone a "tard" or "retarded" is really quite ignorant and very backwards.

  90. yes it's kind of sad that Pia had to go and she probably didn't deserve it, but geez Louise, you would have thougt it was the end of the FRICKIN' world! I thought it was SUPER INCONSIDERATE to Stefano for everyone to react so drastically- judges, Seacrest, audience. I'm sure Stefano felt like doo doo. Have some consideration for people's feelings! The judges needed to set an example. I have like them all up until now but they really acted very callouslly tonight.

    • keeps goin on and on and on. Everyone blaming someone. Come on people. We who all love Pia need to show her respect by encouraging her and sure, letting her know how saddened we all are. The judges, the other contestents, she is fond of them all i am sure, so i no doubt think that these comments will only add to her sadness. Pia , you are awesome !!! I KNOW that you will find success. Best of luck to you !!!!!

    • This is the best comment so far. It's like being the last two picked for kick ball and everybody saying you should have been last because you suck. Even my 12 year old said, "Wouldn't it be nice if Stephano said he would leave so she could stay." I'll bet he felt like HE had voted her off! It only goes to show you, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE ! Also, it would be nice if the girls put on a little more clothes. Haley leaves nothing to the imagination, Pia is gorgeous but looked like a playboy bunny her top was so low. I'll keep watching though!!

  91. I am shocked at the judges response tonight !!

    This is called american idol.america did not pick

    pia.nor did they chose Adam Lambert or jenifer Hudson; didn t hurt them much did it. with 9 talented people left, one of the best will go each week.And quite frankly I was not shocked by tonights choice. In the future weeks I hope to see the judges support the winners.!

    • I completely agree with you…I felt awful for Stefano..the judges really should have checked themselves. It was insensitive on their part to react like they did. By the way, I was never a Pia fan.

  92. Adam Lambert ??? You've got to be kidding! A Screecher who seems to be more concerned with the "shock factor" & making sure everybody knows he is Gay, than actually singing well.His first CD still hasn't made Platinum. A "blue moon" singer is Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, even Jackie Evancho. Lambert is a "flash In the Pan" like Taylor Hicks was.

  93. Obviously the voters in American idol are suffering a brain damage with accute idiocy.No more Idol for ne.Byeeee

  94. All the top 9 contestants this year are great. Actually they are all the winner. We just dun critise others just because our idol are eleminated. How to be judge like that. Pia singing did not ends here .

  95. The Judges totally lost it as they showed utter disregard for what is "fair game". Steve said America got it wrong. JLo and Randy joined in too. Even if they were allowed to vote, it wouldn't matter and Pia will still be shown the exit door. Take heed Judges and be discreet with your biases next time. Unfair to the 8 others who are hoping to remain and not be as "shocked" as you guys. All should have equal chances of moving on or getting the boot. The voting fans rule. The success of Idol rests in them.

  96. I think Jacob needs to rethink his comment that his singing would not be at fault if he was voted off, that it would be the fault of those in America who couldn't confront themselves in the mirror. Also, in my opinion, the judges overreacted when Pia was voted off. Although Pia has an unbelievably powerful voice, she was not the strongest on-stage performer. It made me feel very bad for Stefano. Would they have been as outraged if it was he who received the fewest votes?

  97. INJUSTICE The American people are asleep at the wheel!! What are you people smoking???? You voted off the BEST SINGER ! YOU IDIOTS!! WHERE is SIMON COWELL when we need HIm ? The judges are to blame as wel

    l !!! They always pick on her . She can never do anything right. To much criticism of her and not enough of PAUL Haley!! The judges used the SAVE TOO TOO soon !! You Dopes!!!!!!!!!

    • People are voting as they please and it's a matter of opinion. No need to insult them. She wasn't my favorite either. We all know it's not just about the singing or talent. It's also about the likeability quality. She was more like a beauty pageant contestant.

  98. I agree Pia has a great voice but so do some of the other 8 contestants. I thought it was very rude and inconsiderate to the other contestants listening to the remarks the judges made.They implied that the other contestants were not worthy of winning. All were very bias.I have been watching American Idol since it started and was very dissapointed with the judges reaction.

  99. After James's comment, he should be next to go. I'm not impressed with his yelling. That's all we need, another full of himself idol.

  100. I've been saying for two years now that the voting is flawed. What happened this week is that the voting for Pia was light because everyone thought there was no way she would be voted off, so they voted to try and save one of the others. It would be ten times more accurate if the voting was for who is to be eliminated. I honestly will not watch Idol again because I don't think it is fair.

  101. I was not suprised that Pia got voted off. Just because you have a great voice does not mean you are a great performer. Pia did not have a spark about her that some of the others do. She could sing but that was about it. You gotta have more. I think she should have worn something different and put alittle more spunk in the performance. Even the judges said something about the performance level she was at. I am not sure she would have won Idol even if she stayed.She was one of my bottom 3 so was Jacob and so was Stefano.

  102. Gosshhhh….Americans must be crazy or can they vote out the future STAR singer in your country…even Jennifer Lopez cannot beat her vocals….I don't to watch American Idol 2011…even the finale…arrgg

  103. I don't get it . The judges always criticized Thia and Pia and now they're gone. They never have a bad word to say about Casey or James and quite frankly neither can sing. Pia has a beautiful voice and talent. Aren't we looking for the Carrie Underwoods

    or even that Will Smith from England who did the beautiful closing of American Idol last year. How about talent talent talent and beauty and albums.

  104. I am so mad right know!! i cant even tell how mad i am!! i am going to just say pia u are my # 1 and i can not tell u how mad i was when i saw that happen! u are so so good and beautifully talented! what is wrong with america!! O:) like the judges said u have a angel watching over u!! i am sorry that had to happen to u! but u should i am your biggest fan!

  105. I am saddened that Pia was cut last week. I am not in the country on business and was told by the friend that Pia got cut. This is utter rubbish because Pia was the best person on that stage. Sad to say but i will not be watching American Idol again for this season, why should I when the best singer was eliminated. The best thing for American Idol to do is have one competition but instead of making the merging the sexes, separate them, so the females would compete against the females and males would compete against the males so at the end of it all, u will have a female and male winner. This is the only way because the population is bias and the females voters are all voting for the males (whichever is cuter in their eyes), if this is not the case, Pia would still be in that competition. Lauren is my other fav but at the way the voters are going they will vote out all the females.

  106. I did feel kind of snubbed as an American household judge regarding the April 7th episode. I can't speak for all of America, but I am a pretty good judge of voices. We all know there is only going to be 1 man standing, that's the name of the game. And perhaps you may have wanted Pia to stay on a little longer or even win. But there are still remaining contestants who probably felt like "Well I suppose they wanted me eliminated." I can say, that this year all of the contestant are amazing and sometimes it is a challenge to choose. Now with Pia, though extremely talented and the voice of an angel, I would not have bought her record or Steffano. Great voices…no pizzaz… Now I do believe that the judges should be more unbiased,I felt it was a slap to the remaining contestants.

  107. James is the best singer and preformer.Send haley and Paul home.I will vote for James he totally Rocks.

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