American Idol 2011: Top 9 performance show recap – Idols (mostly) rock

Tonight’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame episode of “American Idol” was a rare one because no one was terrible. It’s getting harder for America to figure out what they want to do, so it’s time for some crazy eliminations to start happening. But before I get ahead of myself, let me get to the weekly performance reviews. As always, I’ll review each contestant’s performance and assign the letter grade I see fit.

In order of performance

*Jacob Lusk, “Man in the Mirror.” First of all, let me say that Jacob’s vocals were nice and controlled. I think it was one of his better performances. Our regular readers are probably surprised to hear that from me. I do, however, have a complaint. Did he really say he decided not to do “Let’s Get it On” because of the sexual reference? Really? Wow. I have so many things to say about that, but I’ll just bite my tongue and settle for a huge eyeroll. A

*Haley Reinhart, “Piece of My Heart.” Every week I seem to only accurately predict/pick one correct song choice and this week it was Haley’s. So I clearly agree with her song choice. And she was one of only a few of the contestants to pick a true rock song, so good for her. At times, Haley’s growls have annoyed me, but this song was perfect for her style. I enjoyed it and think it’s one of her best to date. A+

*Casey Abrams, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.” So I like Jacob AND Casey in the same week. Madness! I thought this was Casey’s best performance. This is clearly the kind of music he should be making and that’s why even those who dislike him will respond well to this performance. Casey with the happy vibe is just far better than Casey with that pseudo angry vibe he put off the first several weeks. A+

*Lauren Alaina, “Natural Woman.” I’ve slowly been becoming a Lauren fan. And after last week I was pretty much there. But her performance this week kind of set her back a few steps in my eyes. I thought her vocals were good, but that song is so boring and overdone. It just never sounds fresh. Even if a 16-year-old girl sings it. B

*James Durbin, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I said I’d like for James to slow things down but was that the right song? Not in my opinion. I think it would’ve been more interesting to take a hardcore rock song and slow that down, David Cook style. While I didn’t love the performance, I still think it was a necessary one. It was nice for him to show more versatility. And before anyone complains about my grade for James, keep in mind his average here is A. But I just wasn’t feeling him this week. B-

*Scotty McCreery, “That’s Alright Mama.” I did suggest Scotty take on Elvis, just not this song. But that’s alright, because everyone on the show loved it. I like Scotty, but I didn’t really agree with the judges that he transformed into Rock n’ Roll Scotty. It sounded pretty country to me. I just didn’t agree that he stepped out of his comfort zone. I’m not saying that’s even a bad thing. I just don’t think we should get confused over what he actually gave us this week. B+

*Pia Toscano, “River Deep Mountain High.” Finally! She didn’t sing a ballad! The vocals were crazy good. But her stage presence was terrible. And that’s what Jennifer Lopez was trying to tell her without actually saying it. Pia is amazing, but she’s not a performer. She does need to work on that. A-

*Stefano Langone, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Once again, a predictable choice. And not a very Rock n’ Roll one either. It was still very well-done, but I had hoped for something more fun like Prince. American probably would’ve responded better to that, too. B+

*Paul McDonald, “Folsom Prison Blues.” I never really imagined Paul taking on Johnny Cash, but I think it worked. Paul can’t be accused of whispering his lyrics this week. I think it was a pretty solid performance and a lot of fun to watch. And he had the pimp spot. He may have saved himself this week. B+

Now I’ll suggest what I think the outcome of America’s vote might be tomorrow (as always, this prediction is NOT based on MY opinions but simply what I think could happen tomorrow night based on America’s vote. It also doesn’t mean that’s what I want to happen).

100 Percent safe: Scotty McCreery, James Durbin, Casey Abrams

Most Likely Safe: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk

Probably the Bottom 3: Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald

Possibly Going Home: Stefano Langone

This is another tough week to predict. While I think Paul being in the pimp spot tonight will keep him from going home, I still think he’ll be in the Bottom 3. I also think it’s possible for Jacob to land in the Bottom 3 this week. As for who is going home, I have a feeling it will be Stefano but could easily be Haley or Jacob. There’s no way of knowing who Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia voters will send their votes to. Things could get interesting.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s performances?




  1. Sorry Branden this time I dont agree with you. For me Paul was the weakest and I think he should go home. Stefano has not a fan base but he is much consistent and stronger singer than Paul.

    I think the best of the night was Jacob 🙂 If I could vote I would for him

    • Marta, this is the only time I'm going to comment on any confusion tonight. I NEVER suggest who I think should go home. They're merely predictions. Bottom line. Why can't people get that?

      • Branden you prob. smoked something tonight! first time I disagree with your grades get it right next time

      • Branden of course I get it, just dont agree with your prediction this week. Usually you have the right bottom 3 right even the one going home 🙂 just this week I dont like your prediction lol I prefer mine 🙂

      • Branden, I get it. The grades are pretty close to what I thought too, except for Jacob. I didn't think he did a great job. My prediction is a B for him.

        And a big fat F for JLO again.

    • i totally agree with branden this week. paul was surprisingly ok this week. jacob was DEFINTELY NOT the best of the nite lmao

      • Did anyone catch Jacob's backhanded stab at voters? If you don't vote for me this week it's not because I didn't sing well, bad song (paraphrasing…) but because you're afraid to look in the mirror? Sorry dude. That could have been the last nail in your coffin with the public. The man can sing his heart out, but hating on the people who have thus far kept you completely out of the bottom, REALLY? Jacob was not the worst, not the best, but if anyone else caught that he may still be going home. Too bad if he does…cause it won't be due to his singing, the song or the mirror. Just a dumb comment. And we all know people can cling to that like no other.

      • Wow, Jacob really did say that? I honestly thought I misread that. Agreed Kelly, never EVER take backhanded stabs at voters especially when you may not be back the next week.

      • Not to defend a contestant I have no intention of voting for, but I think he was reacting to the advice he had gotten from the coaches vs what he felt he should do with respect to his beliefs. Good for him. Why should a singer sing something that makes him uncomfortable?

      • Oh yes Kelly. That was such a slap in the face. I should've added that in my review but I was too distracted by his moral clause.

      • Oh thank you HP. I felt like I was kind of jumping to conclusions about why he said that. I think you're right to clarify that.

      • HP, I am sure it may have been directed at that. And yes, props for making a change because if you don't believe the story you're telling you can't really expect to sell it to an audience. I fully agree that was a wise choice, but look back in years past and this season even with the guy that kicked the young boy off his team in group night. All it takes is one error (intended or not) to lose your hold. I don't think he meant it like that, but I do think the majority of people may indeed see it as biting the hand(s) that feed you. He has had some hits and misses, but thus far never been in the bottom…he may have just booked his ride on the stool there. Heck, even James got slammed for the (pep$!) comment, and we all know that was unintentional. Obviously he probably has a diverse enough personality that voters didn't hit him for it. But, Jacob took it a step further. Editing may have played a role, but ultimately the words left his mouth…so however it is taken is up to the person on the other side of the line.

      • Btw, I love James. And I think what he said may have put AI in hot water, but really I think Steven Tyler has said worse throughout the season. Just to clarify, don't hate on me for that. I did not think it should have colored the viewers votes at all.

      • Well, you're right about it taking only one slip to get yourself crushed. I've cringed at some of the things uttered by the younger contestants that (if they had time to reflect, they wouldn't have said, I'm sure) were totally embarrassing. (Lauren and her, "oh, yeah, Randy, you too in her thanks one night when Randy was the one who really had the most supportive things to say. And both her words and Haley's after-performance comments that seemed too "it's all about me" –even if it really is, if you follow.) So I tend to excuse the contestants for the adlib comments they make. Course, if something were really over the top, I would just check that off as one more thing why I'm not gonna give even one vote to that person. IF Jacob meant what he said, then it kinda fits the whole character being presented as the real Jacob, doesn't it? (Preachy)

    • Oh boy are you way way off. In the words of Ezra Pound, "make it new." Performers should have a un certain quelque chose if they are true artistes. I am love the sound of Paul's voice and Dylan's and Willie's.

    • IMHO Stefano is safe this week. Paul is in jeopardy, and my guess is that haley might be also.

      • Sorry, you obviously weren't watching or are simply tone your research from sources everywhere and you'll find out that no way Stefano is safe this week and Paul is definitely staying for another week

    • Paul just stunk a little less than normal because he sang a song made popular by another guy with limited vocal ability.

      • I don't think too many people thought Bob Dylan, Cash, Jerry Garcia or even Rod Stewart to name a few had superb voices. But, I don't think there is a soul on this earth who would discount their popularity regardless. Or their songs. Based on performance he took a song completely out of his realm by a man who was not only a great entertainer, but also a legend and made it work for him.

      • Kelly, I agree with you assessment of the voices of Dylan and Cash. I am not familiar enough with the music of the Grateful Dead to comment on Garcia, but disagree slightly about Stewart. His voice is not pleasant, but it does not grate as D, C and Paul. Moreover, it expresses emotion better than those three. I also admit that D and C were popular. However, people laugh at men getting hit in the groin, too. I cannot understand that either.

      • Johnny Cash limited vocal ability???? I dont think so Mr Cash was one of the most TALENTED singers EVER!!!! RIP!!!

  2. I disagree, I believe Paul did an outstanding job in revising "Folsom Prison Blues" into an upbeat tempo performance.

    Not really sure who will be going home this week, everyone brought their "A" game tonight.

    • There is not another singer in that group who could have reigned in Johnny Cash better than Paul did. He didn't try too hard to fill the shoes or re-invent Cash's style….he just stuck to Paul's style with a little more kick. And no whispers. I like Paul. And he was great this week. His biggest hurdle is Paul. I am not sure he will make it too much further on idol as I think there are others who will "shine" brighter…but it doesn't make him any less talented. His style might not be the "package" idol digs, but he'll make it somewhere soon enough regardless of the end results on AI.

      • No wonder Pia dressed like Naima tonight. At first, I thought Naima was back from somewhere.. LOL:)

      • Pia is normally a little too "slick" or polished looking for my taste, but tonight she looked like a sack of potatoes. Yuck? She should sue Stefani!

      • Haha, yeah. Gwen can wear w/e she wants because she's Gwen but it didn't really work with her dress up dolls tonight.

      • I so totally agree. Gwen Stefani should never be allowed to dress anyone, anywhere again. She messed those poor girls up horribly.

      • I too hated all the girls outfits–made Lauren look like she had HUGE hips. Am I the only one who is really tired of girls who growl? I don't hate on her by any means, but I am already tired of Haley, she doesn't sing just growls.

      • I guess you're not the only one, j3kmom, but don't count me in. I thought everything Haley did was right on the button.

      • j3kmom…Lauren DO have a big bottom …whether she dressed like that or not…lol!

    • I was really put off by what Lauren and Pia were wearing. I actually closed my eyes and just listened. I felt like I was becoming a douche bag for judging them on their cloths, I love No Doubt, but I can't watch them either, I just listen.

    • AI tries to get too cute. What the hell is Gwen Stefani doing? Those poor girls looked like crap tonight. Gwen, get the hell out of here.

  3. that's it?? 2 comments???? AI is getting less interesting???… boring???? we need naima and thia around to get fiery comments from AI supporters… told you AI production, you got it wrong in manipulating production stuff… what a waste… lol… MY PREDICTION – 55 million votes will surely/tremendously go down!!!!!

    • I agree. I am NOT having any trouble getting through tonight on the telephone voting.

      • That may be because, with everyone doing well tonight the votes are more evenly spread out among the 9.

    • totally, absolutely…i'd rather sleep and not waste my time and votes… sorry guys! sorry ai production…i'm gonna kiss AI goodbye!

    • if this trend goes on for the next few weeks, AI will be a total flop!!! and nothing can save it anymore. i gues it would have been more interesting if the judges save their "saving power" in crunche time… at least we'll have something to look forward to. but now, i don't know…. good night guys! see yah all in season 11… tah! tah!!

      • The voting is of secondary interest to me and many other people. I and they watch in order to hear the music and see the performances. Tonight all were good, none were bad, but none astounding either. This is the best balanced top 9 I can remember. That makes it interesting.

    • Filipinos are expected not to like it anymore because Thia is no longer around! Too biased! Bitterness is there. 🙁

      • yes! even some of my non-filipino friends have stopped expressing interest over AI. that's how it's supposed to be right? are you supposed to cast your votes to anybody just for the heck of voting. i don't think so. it's not bitterness! now, i'm gonna ask you? – how are you going to convince naima and thia fans who to vote for?? let's see if you're really good at this?

      • I agree that it's not bitterness although you don't necessarily have to voting simply because you're artist is out. It depends why you're in the game. If you play to vote for the person with a matching nationality or a particular song style, that's all that matters. Once your particular like is out, the game is over. There's no point in voting any longer as you would not likely follow the winning artist anyway. If you play to see who is the best singer irrespective of nationality or song choice, you continue voting to the end.

    • All of you guys are totally over reacting. Obviously the 55-million votes (if that's even an accurate number) were not for Thia or Naima, that's why they left. Why would votes decrease because Naima and Thia are gone now unless people were only voting to make sure they left? Either way, I highly doubt ratings will drop significantly especially after tonight.

      • Actually David, some of the votes were for Naima and This, just not enough. That is how the total votes could decrease. I'm just sayin!

      • i agree frank, they obviously did not understand, or they were just playing dumb thinking that none of the 55 million votes were casted for either naima or thia… what happened when naima and thia were saved the week after last…the AI production rigged the votes because they favor the two?? and contrary to what you're saying… i can vote… it's just that i wont waste it this time… PEACE.. lol

      • I was just saying that I don't think there will be a significant decrease in votes, especially with how solid everyones' performances were. Thia and Naima obviously didn't carry a large portion of the votes.

  4. My bottom 3 are:

    1. Casey–the worst of the night. The guy just cannot sing. I'm sorry, I like him, but he can't sing.

    2. Jacob. The backup singers were great! They out-sung Jacob. There were parts of the song when I wanted to hear what Jacob could do with those particular vocals and that is when the backups would take over. When he sang by himself he was off-his vocals were off a little bit. I am sorry for Jacob's fans, but he is really a choir singer.

    He is not American Idol people.

    3. Paul. He was singing Folsom Prison and grinning–almost laughing!! "…and I ain't seen the sunshine in I don't know when". Smiling broadly!! I mean, is that funny? I mean, that song is great, but it is grim! He's gotta go folks.

    BEST OF THE NIGHT are Haley, Pia and Stefano.

    Have a good week.

      • I agree too. I'm not a fan of Jacob….he's getting annoying at least for me. I cant see him perform, make's me uncomfortable.

      • Question … Steven Tyler was introducing a back up singer for Jacob – who was that ? Seemed he spoke – or tried to speak – over the noise of the crowd and I missed it. Anyone catch who that was ?

      • Jacob or Pia has the best voice of the bunch. If you do not realize that, I would suggest music appreciation courses. Casey is not a great singer, however, he is what is called a musician. I do not think that he will or even should win the competition, but he may well end up having he best career in music as a writer, producer, or something in addition to singing and performing.

      • Well, I didn't catch the name, but I did catch the reference. Steven said that the woman wrote or co-wrote the song Jacob had just sung. So I am sure you can look up "Man in the Mirror" and see who is credited with having written it.

      • John, it's not being racist. I loved MJ's version of Man in the Mirror and Jacob did not do it justice.

        I have always liked Sam Cooke, Tina Turner, The Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye, and many other black singers, but I don't like Jacob and it is not based on racism.

        Just because you don't like a person's style or voice, doesn't make you a racist.

        He doesn't have the style or the voice to be an American Idol, as don't a lot of white, yellow, pink, green, brown people. Stop with the racism crap.

      • It's the people who cry about phantom racism that make racism an issue. They are really the racist ones.

      • Racist!!!!!! This is America and we are entitled to our own opinions!!!! Does not mean we are racist if we dont like someone because we dont like the way they sing!!!!!

    • I agree with you Casey was bad he looks like he needs a shower too. But for me the best of the night did not include stefano!

      • I mostly agree.

        Casey…don't go overboard on the angry, but seriously CCR was never the snooze fest it was tonight. Yes, cool that you can play upright bass. Cool song, yup. Fun, edgy Casey we have come to love….MIA.

        Jacob-looks like he is in pain. And quite honestly even though he has some talent I don't see how he fits into the idol mold when he sings everything the same way. All I can think of in the "Jacob moments" is diva equals TiVo…fast forward. And, the comment at the beginning makes me want to do that even more. Thus far the fans have kept you out of the bottom…but you have the nerve to call people out if they don't vote for you now? Ouch man.

        Paul- not the strongest season thus far, and while he was smiling a lot and it may be construed as inappropriate…he strikes me as the kind of guy who would laugh at a funeral… Not in a creepy way, but more the guy you'd want next to you on your worst day ever making you smile for a second. I think he sang it as well as anyone could have considering filling Johnny Cash's shoe might be harder than selling tickets for a boat ride on the titanic in winter tomorrow. I think he did it justice, where it really could have been butchered. I don't think it was enough to send him home.

        IMHO Jacob, you burned a perfectly good bridge at both ends and your still holding the candle….ball 4 cause I think you just walked Paul home.

        On a side note since I am sharing all my thoughts (many of which are probably wrong mind you) Pia, perhaps Mr. roboto could be a good one if the next show is one hit wonders…you worked the stage like you were being held at gun point. You may have knocked it out vocally, but If you turn the sound off it could have been a nursery rhyme. You got pipes, but you haven't done anything we don't already know you could do. Go nuts, shake it up or go home. Zzzzzzzzz…

      • With his "cartoon" face…scotty can be one of the dwarf…which one? you decide…lol!

      • I like Scotty and see a great future in country music; however, he does look like Howdy Doody (that is the main character in a 50's tv show, for you youngsters) doing an Elvis impression.

    • Paul sure is likable but he sings in a single octave voice. Not much range!

      He is not the winner!

    • WHAT? Casey the WORST? What the hell are listening to say he cannot sing? Stefano the best? Wow, you gotta be kidding me!

    • I don't agree with you Doug! Casey is the best of the night. he sang so sweet and nostalgic with his bass despite the fact that it's rock and roll week. He always brings something new to his performance! He rocks it! For me he has the best performance of the night just right with his bass and perfect husky voice! 🙂

    • I almost completely agree…I think the bottom 3 will be casey and paul for sure, and the 3rd will be either jacob, Lauren or Stefano. I think Haley has stepped up big time to be one of my favorites in the last couple weeks, imo the best overall performer out of the women left. Pia, great voice, but getting boring to me. Scotty and James will obviously be there till the end, hopefully with Pia and Haley.

  5. I was scared when they announced Haley singing Janis, even though it was pretty predictable. Janis Joplin holds a very special place in Rock and Roll because of how influential she was in the movement in the 60s and 70s. It wasn't as bad as I thought it could have been, and she paid her dues to one of the greats. I hope she wasn't forgotten by being in the #2 spot this week.

    • I agree with your assessment. I was really surprised by Haley's placement, too. (But I guess it's not fair putting her last again.) Anyone tracking the contestants' placement over the past weeks? Is AI rotating them on a logical basis, or is some other criteria at play?

  6. Tonites performances were all Awesome! But as I have from the beginning, I voted for Scotty. James and Casey brought tears to my eyes…And to all.. Great Job..

    • Scotty surprised me tonight as much as Lauren did last week. I enjoyed his performance, just not my cup of tea. James and Casey would get votes from me. I too enjoyed them all. So good.

  7. I think Pia wasn't a real performer, but she was forced to.. And It could still develop through time.. Lauren was AMAZING..

    Jacob still sounds as a Gospel singer, always is.

    Stefano won't definitely go home, he's much stronger and better than Paul and Scotty,

    James is always Predictable..

    Bottom 3: Paul, Haley, Jacob.

    Will go home: Paul

    • James was predictable??? I was expecting a scream out rock song–he surprised me. But then, I must admit–James is my favorite.

      • No, I think, timewise for his performances to date, it was the correct move to do a slow song. So using the word "predictable" isn't outlandish–esp if you dug a little before tonight and spotted a YouTube video of him performing that song sometime before AI.

    • i agree with you on jacob but sorry u need to do your will find very clearly that stefano is not safe this week and there's no way Paul is going home.

    • haley in the bottom3? ahaha u make me laugh! that will never happen!

      the bottom 3 is paul,casey,and stefano!

      the top 3 is haley,lauren,and james

  8. Stephano and Pia = yawn….. they both should go home. I am not a country fan but I really believe that Scotty is going to with this thing if not he will be second.

    Haley it turning into a great competitor and I see her moving up in the rankings.

    Jacob, although I love his voice I too am getting sick of watching him, its embarrassing sometimes.

    I STILL can't decide if I like Paul or not, he just has one of those voices that if you like it you love him, and if you don't you hate him.

    Casey I love to watch him perform and I think he has a great style, but I don't think he will go all the way.

    I think it will be bottom three: Pia, Paul and Lauren

    and either Pia or Paul going home.

  9. I would have to disagree about liking Jacob's performance tonight. Honestly, I loved his God Bless the Child performance, but lately, I can't love his performances. Especially tonight when I felt like he took an MJ classic and made a not so great arrangement out of it.

    I really do want to like Jacob but I just can't.

    • Nikita, I agree with you. If you go back and listen to Michael Jackson's version, then listen to Jacob's, it makes you cringe.

      And how is Jacob holier than thou when he was doing his dance thrusts?

      • I would hope so. The dance thrusts were definitely not necessary but it is Jacob-like and certainly not surprising coming from him.

  10. OK, so I've been watching AI religiously since the first episode of the first season, and I can that, with ease, THIS IS THE BEST AI SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN. I would have paid good money to have sat in an audience and watched that as a show.

    Nobody really stumbled; nobody was bad. Casey's and Paul's quirkiness worked the best ever. Jacob controlled himself. The girls nailed every note of every song. I just thought it was a terrific, terrific show, and the contestants seemed to feel it, too. I loved how they danced around the stage at the end; they seemed to have had a ball.

    I've been trumpeting Haley since Show One, when she did "Blue," and I was down on the judges the first three weeks for dissing her so much, even though she NEVER sings a wrong note. Now people are getting on board with her. Too much of the gravelly stuff? Yeah, sometimes. But it's always on key.

    So who goes home? Tough, tough call. I think that it will be either Jacob, Stefano or Paul.

    But never has a show with as many at NINE contestants remaining been so strong, in my opinion. I thought it was a fantastic night.

    Good luck, all.

    • Oh, and I should have called out James' performance: I loved seeing rocker James do such a sensitive job of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." I really respect him, for having both Asperger's AND Tourette's Syndrome, and being able to get on stage and do what he can do against tall odds. He is an inspiration.

    • 100 Agree. Sort of explains the tough comments about the 'softness' of the judges.

    • I've only been watching AI for 3 years.

      This seems to be the strongest group aver.

      Woud you agree?

      • Yes, I think this is the strongest group ever — and in a diverse way, which makes it exceptionally enjoyable. Every year the judges — pimping their own show, obviously — say that "this year is the best," even when it clearly isn't. There has never been a top 9 this talented, top to bottom, in my opinion.

      • The winner of this group won't be the best winner ever, but I think the group as a whole is the best group ever. Most of the current contestants could easily make the top 3 on almost any other season and a lot of previous winners would get drowned out if they were in this group. There was even several in the top 24 that didn't even make the top 12 that would at least make the top 5 or 6 in the other seasons. And that comes from watching every season so far, except for the first season. I got in on American Idol towards the very end of season one and have been watching it ever since

      • @ Adam: Yes, I agree with everything you said, too: The winner, whoever he/she is, won't be the best winner ever. It's just that this group of NINE is by far the strongest ever of a group still this far from the end, IMO.

        (Many of my overall favorites from all the seasons weren't winners, either. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and David Cook were winners who are among my Top Six all-time contestants. My other three are Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Melinda Doolittle (she absolutely slays me with that perfect voice; I wish we heard more from her.)

      • I still think season 7 had the strongest top 10…well maybe top 8 if you take out Chakeezy and Ramiel (who were pretty good in their own right). But come on, Michael Johns, the Davids, Jason Castro, Syesha, Brooke White, Carly Smithson (and people think James is a rocker?) Christy Lee Cook is a bit forgettable I suppose, but that season was excellent.

  11. Tonight everyone did a pretty good job. I'm not a fan of Haley but she did a great performance. I would like to see her next week in the competition. My favorite tonight was her. I'm always rooting for Stefano but he didn't impressed me. Paul surprised me because since the beginning of the season I haven't like any of his performances, but tonight, I was expecting the worst and I should say, I enjoy it, even his strange dancing. For me Casey is the weakest of the competition,,, he's a good guy and got a great personality but there are better singers in the competition. Bottom 3 in my opinion: Jacob, Casey and Stefano.

  12. I didn't see Jacob tonight, but other than that I agree with your final analysis. I liked all the performances tonight. Stefano and Pia were my bottom 2. Haley, Casey, James and Paul rocked the house, I can't pick a favorite they were all so good. I've been a fan of AI for 3-4 years now and first time I bought an Album of any contestant was Crystal Bowersocks, Farmers Daughter. This year I'll be buying a lot more music and a few concert tickets too.

    • Can't believe I spelt Bowersox wrong, still not sure thats right but it looks better than bowersocks, lol. I can't spell but I love music.

      • Frank, I'll give you she is technically the best singer and an attractive beautiful woman but I'm not going to part with any cash for her music or to see her perform. Show me the money. Paul will be the first big success in this group, Scotty will be right on his heels. This is the most employable group I've ever seen on Idol.

        But I have no idea who's going home or who's going to win.

      • Darren, youre putting Paul near the top… you must be smoking something… Paul is going home tonite

  13. "You nailed it." "YOU nailed it!" "You NAILED it!" "You nailed IT!" Yes, most of them did Steven, but I was hoping for a little more Rock n Roll.

    Good recap Brendan! I still think we could see Jacob in the bottom three this week though. And I'm with you, predicting we'll say goodbye to Stefano.

  14. This week was a very good week in my opinion, but I have one huge criticism. Why do the judges not know how to be judges anymore? There are 3 judges and 9 contests. That equates to 27 judgments. Only ONE was critical- Randy's comments to Stephano. A second one was almost critical and that was Jennifer's advice to Pia about her stage presence. That it. The rest of the show all the judges ever said was "That Rocked!" "You're Awesome!" "You're in it to win it!" I got sick and tired of the judges tonight. I want Simon back, because he wasn't scared to criticize and apparently these judges are.

    But on to the performances. I thought a huge theme this week was the contestants proving their critics wrong. Scotty can't do anything but country. Pia can only sing ballads. James can't sing a quiet, mellow song. KABOOM! I loved all three of those performances this week. Scotty's surprised me the most. I knew that James and Pia could do other things, but I didn't think that Scotty could pull out of his country mode. I don't think that's horrible for him to stick with country, but his Elvis performance totally caught me off guard and was amazing.

    My favorite of the night was actually Haley's, for the second straight week. While you Branden have her in the bottom 3, for me she's actually in the top 3. Jacob's message and song was totally in your face. "If I go in the bottom 3 this week… it will be because America can't look themselves in the mirror." Ouch. But awesome. He rocked that Michael Jackson song. Casey was also good. I loved him rocking out on that bass. I've never seen a performance where I've thought the bass part was so awesome. Kudos to Casey!

    Now I have only 3 more people to talk about and those are the three that I thought were not that great. Not horrible, but Paul, Stephano, and Lauren kinda bored me this week and I think everyone else was a lot better. So I am putting them in the bottom 3. Lauren gets declared safe first and then we will sit there and look at Paul and Stephano on the chopping block when Ryan will announce that Stephano is going home.

    Hard week to pick, though. Its going to be crazy to the end. I'm excited. Its a great season.

    • My Top 9 in order:

      1- James Durbin

      2- Pia Toscano

      3- Haley Reinhart

      4- Jacob Lusk

      5- Casey Abrams

      6- Scotty McCreery

      7- Lauren Alaina

      8- Paul McDonald

      9- Stefano Langone

      • For country lovers, they will be. I don't like country music, so they are a little lower for me than for most people


      • Haley has shot up my rankings in the last 2 to 3 weeks. She was 6th or 7th a few ago and jumped up to 3rd now. I have been high on Haley all season and even liked her when everyone else thought she was out. Casey has lingered somewhere in the top 5 the whole season for me, being at 2 or 3 a couple of times. I think he slipped down a little this week for me not because of his performance, but because everyone else above him (James, Pia, Haley, and Jacob) all did freakishly good this week. Believe me, if Haley and Casey ended up in the finale, I wouldn't be one bit upset. They are two of my favorites

    • You said it best, "Its going to be crazy to the end. I’m excited." That's how I feel. I get your criticism of the judges but really there was not much to criticize, it is their fault they didn't pick a lamer group to bitch about…Guess these judges know what their talking about.

      • Well they can praise them AND give them advise on how to be better. Like in the videos with Jimmy Ivine and Will.I.Am. Those two praised them and gave advise. The judges just praised and that was it. No criticism. No constructive criticism. No advise. Nothing. Just praising and that was it

    • whew! what a recap!!! i think you should write pretty more often. i enjoy reading your objective and insightful comments….i stopped watching AI, i only get the chance to read updates and news, but that was all about it. but with your comments, i can visualize the performances of he contestants. KUDOS ADAM!

      • Well, thanks! That means a lot. The last several weeks I have been writing my thoughts that appear somewhere here on Branden's article, so look out for me.

    • I don't think Branden put her in the bottom three for performances just what he thinks might happen with results. It's possible as everyone did pretty much amazing tonight.

      • Yeah, I get why he did that, although I think it is silly to think America will put her in the bottom 3 because she has been crazy good the last two weeks and after her performances, the screams from the crowd have been one of the loudest of the contestants in the last two weeks.

        When I do it, I put my personal opinion of who I think should be in the bottom 3. Branden predicts what America thinks will be the bottom 3, which is probably best considering his personal opinions and grades always seem to be a little out of whack and if he did it his way, he'd get it wrong every week.

      • Well with the crazy Thia-ites gone he might not get as much flack as before, but I think to cut down on drama it's a good idea.

        I think it might be possible for Haley to be in the bottom three simply because everyone did a really good job and her fan base might not be as rock solid as some of the others.

      • I agree. With the way last night went, I really wouldn't be too overly surprised to see anyone in the bottom 3. I do give Branden credit this week for being nice to Jacob and Casey when he is normally mean.

    • You had a crack at the judges for being too nice and then preceded to say how much you loved all the performances!!!???lol

      • Correction. I loved two-thirds of the performances. I thought Lauren, Paul, and Stephano were boring. Pia's song was great, but her moves were off, which is what Jennifer almost got at. A few of them could've had slightly better song choices or done a little more, so there was definitely room for advise and constructive criticism that could've been handed out by the judges that were just ignored. It was a fantastic week, but the judges could've still done better. Steven Tyler hasn't criticized anyone in like 2 or 3 weeks. Jennifer is a Paula clone. She can't bare to tell someone that a performance was bad and whenever Randy says something negative, she is always interrupting and never lets him finish, just like Paula did with Simon. It's gotten a little silly

      • Adam, Jennifer is driving me crazy. I can't stand the B. What a waste of 12 million dollars.

    • They may be having the strongest contestants in this season, but they surely have the WEAKEST judges of all seasons….they're more like cardboard audenice here!!!

      • u got that right i should've sent my dog to AI this year so JLO would feel srry 4 it and let it in on the show lol

  15. Still loved JAMES!!

    But I'm with u Branden,would’ve been more interesting to take a rock song and slow that down, David Cook style.

    Could u tell me Branden why Haley probably in the bottom 3,but u grade her with A+ ?

    I'd really love to see Jacob going home….

    • Not to speak for Branden, but he was very clear about the predictions about who is in the bottom NOT matching his personal opinions. He's saying that though she sang superbly, he thinks the public's vote will be such that she will still wind up in the bottom 3.

      • So even though it is apparent that she has become a fan favorite the last few weeks and the judges have been crazy about her, you think she will land in the bottom three? Doesn't make sense. Not only is putting her in the bottom 3 contrary to what you think, it is contrary to what America thinks

      • I'm with you Ray, I really do respect not only Branden's LIKES, but his PREDICTIONS. And even though he's mostly accurate, why doesn't he speak out a bit more regards what he would perceive the INJUSTICE of Haley's real votes. I think it's because Haley is very classy and doesn't cry or beg for America's or the judge's votes. She just graciously says Thank you for whatever she gets. Haley is Cool!

      • Oh, yes Adam, I think you're saying the same thing, so I give you "props" (Randy/s line?) for that. Are you the 'real' Adam (L) or just coincide with how I think his thoughts might be? (and if you are, we all know you should have won! And remember, I'm a conservative!!)

      • Oh, of course I’m the real Adam Lambert. Because I so totally go onto this to talk about American Idol when I am a star singer…

      • Adam, aren't you the same guy who called me crazy for suggesting Casey would be eliminated then saved by the judges? I called that the week before it happened and I'm pretty sure it was you who called me crazy. I don't want Haley in the bottom 3 and I hope I'm wrong. But if I'm right, I'll be waiting on your apology. 😉

      • Adam, Haley has been my favorite the past two weeks as well. I don't know why you're so hell-bent on trying to make me seem stupid for predicting she'll be in the Bottom 3. America does stupid things. People are too busy voting for Scotty and James to see Haley is good. That's why I think she could be in the bottom 3 NOT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE HER. I really can't spell it out enough.

        I'm on her side. But if it makes you feel better by trying to make me feel stupid, then good for you.

    • Agree with you. Please DO NOT VOTE for Jacob, he is annoying. He should be out now. He is so annoying that I cannot even get pass that to hear that 'beautiful' voice he is supposed to have.

      • He was just explaining what some people are too lazy to read for themselves. He stated it right in the review that the bottom 3 predictions have really nothing to do with how he rated the songs but how he thinks people will vote.

  16. Well for what its worth I think Casey blew it big time again tonight. So did Scotty although he likely has a fan base. Scotty is getting really annoying to watch as he holds the microphone sideways and now displaying annoying facial grimaces like Jacob. Lets face it all these artists are love em hate em types. Bottom three I suspect will be Lauren,Casey, and Stephano. Scotty is backing himself into a genre corner and against Pia would loose in the final hour. Maybe that is just what they want….

    • I kinda like that little affect of his! I find it charming, just as I do the "rap moves" he makes with his hand and arm. So funny that those things go along with his country personae. And I think that's what Jennifer was highlighting in her comments. (I have not been a Scotty fan, particularly, though I did give him some votes tonight. He deserved them!)

      • We cannot vote from Canada…so I am not picking any favorites….I mean that is only fair because it is American Idol. But I no longer think its a singing contest but more a popularity contest…I once heard a saying that says Country music is popular during a recession and Rock is popular during a boom. Don't know its truth.

        Anyway have fun America…Its your show….We just watch it from the sidelines.

      • I disagree! Casey rock it really great with his sweet, nostalgic performance with the bass. The most unique performance of the night! 🙂

  17. Way to go Haley……..I just don't get why everyone is so down on Haley??She rocked the house…If america gets it right, Stephono, Jacab should get home….Stephano brings absoluity nothing new…Jacab has a good voice, but he's too predictable. Paul did a great job..I love to watch good entertainment, as well as listen to it..Everyone has an opinion and this is mine….

      • I was in agreement with you Kathy–especially about Haley—until you said Paul did a great job. What he did was weird and unique, but great singing? Not even close.

      • Kathy said Paul did great, not that he sang great. His performance was one of his best. There are a lot of famous artists, legends even, that really can't sing that well.

  18. paul will go home. this is my prediction:

    (in order of ranking)

    1. Scotty McCreery

    2. Hailey Reinhart

    3. Casey Abrams

    4. James Durbin

    5. Lauren Alaina

    6. Pia Toscano

    7. Jacob Lusk

    8. Stefano Langone

    9. Paul Mc Donald

    • That is pretty close to my ranking. Scotty, absolute first and Paul, dead last.

      • Scotty will be the winner of AI. He has the votes from all the young girls in America. He has the advantage of being 17 and young 🙂

        He can be the next Elvis. He sings rock country, which what Elvis did.

        Scotty is a superstar already. He is marketable and ladies seem to love him. He seems decent and not get carried by the show.

        In the other hand, James got carried by AI a little. He seems more cocky to me than before he got through to top 24.

    • her is my ranking(not including pia)

      from my favorites

      1.haley reinhart

      2.lauren alaina

      3.jacob lusk

      4.james durbin

      5.stefano langone

      6.scotty mccreery

      7.paul mcdonald

      8.casey abrams

  19. It was an entertaining night of course. And my absolute favorite was Scotty. I thought he sang a perfect vocal and had a perfect performance! Paul is always on my bottom. Maybe eventually I'll get wish. But I fear tomorrow night for Haley and Stefano. I just feel that one of them is going to go home.

    • Scotty will probably win cause he has a big fan base but to me his dull!! & I'm tired of him.

      • I sure hope you're wrong. If you like Scotty you should have your hearing checked he monotonous.

      • I think he is old school country and sounds like a tired old Randy Travis wannabe…..Paul is losing his voice fast…Casey is up to his antics again

        and will likely be bottom fodder tomorrow. So Lauren, Stephan and Either Paul or Casey because Hailey is gaining ground fast.

    • I disagree. Casey is loved for his bass and his unique arrangement of songs. Casey will surely deliver votes week per week. Scotty should go home! He sucks! Nothing amazing with his voice!

  20. Tonight everyone did a pretty good job. I’m not a fan of Haley but she did a great performance. I would like to see her next week in the competition. My favorite tonight was her. I’m always rooting for Stefano but he didn’t impressed me. Paul surprised me because since the beginning of the season I haven’t like any of his performances, but tonight, I was expecting the worst and I should say, I enjoy it, even his strange dancing. For me Casey is the weakest of the competition,,, he’s a good guy and got a great personality but there are better singers in the competition. Bottom 3 in my opinion: Jacob, Casey and Stefano.

  21. Regarding Pia's stage presence. I remember thinking the same thing about Carrie Underwood. And look at how she has seasoned as a performer. (Her duet with Steven Tyler was great.) Pia's got the voice. With the right coaching, the rest will follow.

    • That's exactly what I said, she reminds me of Carrie Underwood; beautiful voice, but just not a performer.

    • You have to remember, though, that even Carrie was backed by VFTW for about 3 weeks. No one knows if she would have even made it to the finale w/out them. But she has come a long way and is arguably one of the best country/crossover performers out there.

    • Absolutely agree. Pia can sing better than anyone on AI. With the right coaching, she could be the next Carrie Underwood.

  22. If you did not like Scotty tonight, you did not like Elvis as he was when he recorded this song. Elvis started out as a country singer. He could not get on the Grand Ole Opry due to this "style." He began getting noticed singing this "rockabilly" kind of music exemplified by "That's All Right, Mamma," "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes." Basically, he covered a country artist named Carl Perkins. So, Will I Am was wrong in saying you can't mix country and rock and/or that Scotty was stepping outside his comfort zone.

  23. OK, really, what is NOT annoying about Jacob? Gesture, moves, personality, his dancing, drama queen stage presence, even his singing now. That guy should be going home, seriously. If it weren't for Stefano, he will be going home this week

    • How about the tone and range of his voice? This is, after all, supposed to be a singing competition, right? How about judging that instead of how they hop around the stage, stare into the camera, emote, or what ever Jennifer is talking about when she refers to "connecting with the audience." If you cannot do that with your voice alone, you cannot sing.

      • Who cares about the tone and range of his voice. Do you buy records because of the tone and range of someones voice? You buy them because it is something you want to listen to. Who would want to go to one of his concerts and have to look at him? OMG!!

    • The first time I saw Jacob in Hollywood round, I was impressed. This guy can sing! But now, what's with the weird facial expression and all the gayest moves I have ever seen in my 34 years life? And now his voice annoys me more than James Durbin's screaming.

  24. I think Stefano should go home for sure and if he doesn't than it should be Jacob I'm really tired of the same thing every week from him enough is enough. I thought Haley and Pia did an excellent job along with James and Scotty.

    • I couldn't disagree more. She has an incredibly rich voice. And, though I absolutely adore Haley, I was shocked to find myself thinking, this girl is outdoing her fabulous Janis Joplin tonight–strictly on the basis of her rich tone!

      The worst female singer is Pia, IMO. (Now the wrath will come.) And though I love Paul, I thought he was absolutely horrible tonight. (I would much prefer Jacob go, but Jacob outsang him.

      • HP I agree. I didn't start out as a Lauren fan, but she is growing on me as weeks go by.

      • HP, if you think Pia is the worst female singer, you are deaf. She may not be the best performer, but she can out sing any of the other female performers on AI, including that fat ass JLO.

      • While I agree that Jennifer Lopez can't really sing and she might not treat people around her very well (evidenced in how often she cuts off the other judges)I find it odd how much you personally attack her. She's not even fat, maybe a little curvy. If anything, the only thing going for her is she looks good (most of the time). Did she do something to you that made you hate her so much?

      • lauren was growing on me but died after that aretha performance! and i agree with that haley did beat janis to that song.

  25. I liked branden's grades but I think this week is not his week!

    Really? Scotty and Stefano and paul are B+? Every one was the same? about Paul I understand you!

    I think Scotty was A (at least -).

    maybe it is my opinion. no insult

    • Ash, I also give Scotty an A. Scotty did justice to "That's Alright Mama". And I am the biggest Elvis fan you will ever meet.

  26. Pia wasn't that great tonight–true, no stage presence, especially when she left the stage tonight to walk to the judges!

    • I think she is still learning not to be awkward….I think the best advise was Jennifers comment for her to study, study and more Study of famous dancers….But don't know if that is what she wants to do or not.If she lears to swagger like Hailey or Lauren she will be a shoe in. So she may be a dark horse .

      • I think this is a big issue with quite a few of them. Pia, Haley, Scotty, Lauren to some extent, especially Jacob, and Paul (though it might just be part of his quirky personality) all have very awkward movement when they perform.

      • She might be able to 'out sing' Haley and Lauren but Haley is leagues ahead of her on musical interpretation and is stylistically superior. And both Lauren and Haley have a head start with working on their overall performance, which Pia has very much neglected to do.

  27. I don't think Lauren will be in the bottom 3. This definately was not her best performance, but she was not the worst. Jacob gets on my last nerve..I go to church to hear stuff like that, not on American Idol!!

  28. I love Stefano! Most polished, best stage presence, huge vocal range, never pitchy, beautiful eyes, great expressiveness, willing to work very hard to get to the top after his horrible car accident. Exceedingly versatile.

    God Bless him! Whether he wins or not, there will be a big record deal waiting in the wings 4 him!

  29. Think about having a CD playing when you're just relaxing at home. Which of the voices would you want to listen to in the background? Keep in mind you're not looking for a great performance, but a good singer. James, Pia, Scotty or maybe even the dear departed Thia? Now which who would fill the bottom of your list? I personally couldn't take an entire album of Paul or Jacob. Jacob has a gift though…background music during a hemroid commercial.

      • Ya got me… I was laughing as I typed it. His expressions, voice, over dramatization…..

        Out of curiousity, what product should each remaining contestant pitch? Nothing personal intended of course.

        Paul….irish whiskey


        anyone else?

      • Scotty…background music for an aspirin commercial (note warning sign of stroke is lack of symmetry in the face)

      • Well, I'd have to say:

        Scotty – North Carolina Tourism or Ford Trucks

        Lauren – Maybelline

        Pia – Planned Parenthood

        Stefano – Olive garden

        Haley – Zoosk

        Paul – Crest White Strips

        Jacob – The More You Know [PSA]

        Casey – Best Buy

        James – Universal Studios Orlando

      • I actually included Thia because her voice is crystal clear and I really believe she'll eventually become an entertainer to accompany that voice.

  30. I have an issue about Paul. He always sings the songs as though it is the best time of his life. Tonight, Folsom Prison Blues is supposed to be a sad song. Not one celebrating how his life turned out. His vocals may be good, but the body language is not represrntative of what he is singing.

    • Wow! well said my friend. He performed entertainingly, but it really was USING a powerful song to pick up some votes by perverting it's message. Did anyone else pick up on what you so well enunciated (can't think of the right word!) here?

  31. My top 9 :

    1- Casey Abrams

    2- Hailey Reinhart

    3- James Durbin

    4- Paul McDonald

    5- Lauren Alaina

    6- Scotty McCreery

    7- Pia Toscano

    8- Jacob Lusk

    9- Stefano Langone

    • That is pretty much how I see it. I agree with your top 4 but I like them all so much I still can't pick a favorite. Of course who i like and who wins, that's two very different things….Right now at this moment if you put a gun to my head and said pick…Hailey. That was so hard.

  32. I really hope Jacob is gone. Tired of his fakeness he is really annoying as well. Has anyone notice that he is a flaming gay?

      • People will call us politically incorrect, but I agree with you. I like and respect his talent (and I really liked how he performed "man in the mirror tonight"), but for me, a gay man is not my 'American Idol'. Oops, I forgot, the PC police on this site and throughout the media, want me to conform to their vision of what an American Idol should be. Is there a blog site that accepts honest opinion?

  33. I LOVE JAMES. He's adorable and can sing it and bring it.

    Haley's growling is overdone and tiring. She can go.

    Paul has no variety in his voice. Buh-Bye.

    Scotty, well, I just hate country.

    Jacob: lovely voice but too over the top.

    Lauren who? She can go.

    Pia – lovely and lovely voice. Forgetful.

    Casey – fun and musically talented. Good voice.

    Stefano: a little screetchy. He can go.

    • I love PIA & James & can't agree I like country music…somehow don't like Scotty.. he can go home.

    • Have you ever heard Janis Joplin sing? I mean really Haley did it pretty good and not many people could have pulled that off. I was worried at first but I think it turned out great. She could tone down the growling a bit and just use it to accent her notes because her voice almost seems to get lost in it. But for tonight it was spot on.

  34. I think Scotty is great.

    For singing live: he does great stage presence. His face maybe weird for certain people, but it's so wrong basing on looks to judge people. I agree he will need to work on the way he holds his mic, his hand gesture…But knowing how to captivate and interact with fans is the essence of singing live. Hey, even Pia and Stefano are far from achieving it.

    For his vocal: Scotty's voice is purely country. He has to try different genres due to different them. But his root is country music. Traditional country music. In the end, the best assets of a singer is his/her voice. Scotty's voice may not be consistent through out the show by now, but I can see how good and comfortable he is when he's at his zone. To be honest, I am shocked when people say he just mimic songs. Listening to "Letter from home" with your eyes close and see how warm and deep his voice is. That's true music to me.

    • Scotty did a great job tonight like always but I thank he did the king prode he took an Elvis song and preformed it great, so much for only bein a redneck. If ya don't like ta listen to country music then don't but there is a country music singer on american idols, so stop thankin ohh shit its country and try to listen to his voice. He is a very good singer and he can easily make a career in singin.

      I'd love to know how so many can put down other over what the look like or what they are doin while they are singin, when first off shouldn't we listen to them? I'm not sure how many of ya go to a concert everynight of everyday, but I'm bettin that more of ya listen to the radio everyday then go to a concert everyday. with sayin this so what if Scotty holds his mic side ways, or Pia doesn't move around and shack her ass all over the place , or Stefano feels more comfortable singin with his eyes closed. They all can still sing great.

      I though that everyone was supposeta have their own personal style on here, Paul and Casey both try to go with there style and so does Haley. But lots of ya'll grip about Haley's grawl but it works for her. Casey is just all around musiclly good, how many of ya'll can play that many different instruments?

      Lauren is young but she is still a wonderful singer, James is very good too I feel Jacob would make a great choir singer he singers great. I don't care who wins it all but I'd love for most of them to get a great shot at makin this their careers. I don't list to much countey music but I'd surely buy Scotty's CD. I'd love to have some of Lauren's, Pia's, James's, Haley's, Casey's, Paul's and Stefano's CDs

      • Very well said for the most part but I took offense at your phrase "So much for only being a redneck." I like all kinds of music but I love Country the best. It is certainly not only for rednecks.

  35. Haley Rocks!!!!!! She's different and that might make people scared to like her but we need different! Stephano is a boy-band image again. Pia,Lauren, James and Casey are been there done that, Paul is Rod Stewart and James Blunt all rolled into one, Jacob is LaCage Aux Folle goes to church and Scotty's voice is so good that he probably has producers fight over him now, he doesnt need idol.. Haley is different and I hope she wins and adds something new to the Idol Winners list.

    • Love your comments. Saying "Jacob is LaCage Aux Folle goes to church" had me rolling on the floor. If there were a contest on this board for "best analysis comment" of the year, this would be it. BRANDEN, WRITE THIS DOWN! We have a winner!

      • What he/she said. (I'm guessing he but your name and comments are gender neutral and just didn't want to offend. Yes I am Canadian.)

    • Haley rocks? Haley screeches. I think Haley is a good looking girl, but she is not a great singer. She has the ability, but she needs to harness it.

    • i agree

      haley is the most unique and different

      the rest are just do overs of other artists

      paul-rod stewart

      jacob-martin luther

      lauren-taylor swift

      james-adam lambert

      casey-bob dylan

      stefano-backstreet boy

      pia-celine dion

      scotty-any country singer out there

      haley is just too awesome to ever go home!

  36. I forgot to say this: I will never say I hate any particular type of music, especially country. It's okay not to like, but to hate's a little bit too much.

    How can people hate country music. Country songs tell stories about life and mostly are not as empty as songs nowadays. Many of them have very deep meanings. Country songs also showcase the true voice of artist. No fancy dressing or loud accompanying bands required. They can be boring for a lot of people. But I don't think people can listen to strong/dance music all their life. At certain point in their life, they will appreciate at least some country songs.

    I will not go as far as saying hating country music is shallow.'s really too much for me.

    • I agree, I'm not a big fan of some styles of music, but I bet I can find an example of every flavor that I like. Country-Glen Campbell, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Roy Orbison. Rap-Eminem, that's all I know.

      My favorite artists: U2, April Wine, Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Tracey Chapman, Diana Krall, Joe Cocker, Motzart, Pachabel. Not in any order. Plus at least 200 more.

      • Even the King of rock and roll sang country music. Country music has soul.

        I love rock and roll, and country music.

        As far as hip hop and rap, it sucks.

    • Scotty should not be sent home yet. He has done a great job. The only time he should be sent home is if he is going against Pia.

  37. Just an observation about the face time given to each contestant tonight. We took a survey tonight on the airtime for each person. Here it is:

    Jacob 6:33

    Pia 6:32

    Stephano 6:26

    Casey 6:21

    James 6:11

    Scotty & Haley both 5:10

    Lauren 5:00

    Paul 4:24

    Now, this did not include the approximate 15 seconds during commercials each of them was given, except Paul, even though he was in the "pimp spot". I Feel things are a bit off here. They are all talented at this point. I just feel that they have their favorites, and are pushing or promoting some, and not being fair to others. I think Paul was awesome tonight. He deserves to stay!

    • Very interesting findings, Lori. They often do not play fair with screen time. I wish you had timed it last week to see how much time they spent on Casey. It had to be 8 minutes or more.

      • We actually have every show saved and can easily compile some data. I am so sick of hearing how quirky he is. He does have his own sound and style. So tired of all the extra FaceTime given to Casey because he was ill. They are all talented, and in their own niche'. But give them all an equal shake. I miss Simon and his keeping it real. The love fest with the judges is a bit sickening.

      • Okay Branden. Last week:

        Paul 7:15

        Casey 8:00

        You're good… This does not include the 2:08 at the beginning of the program rehashing the save, and getting the sympathy vote reaffirmed. I also agreed with you and wanted Paul to do "Your Song". "Rocketman" was a mistake. I certainly wondered if that song was served up to Casey, and Paul was told to choose some other song. Plus, Paul had to do 2 Elton songs, and Elton didn't even come on the program. Besides Elton's birthday, it also was Rod Stewart's birthday week. I wonder if the results might have changed if they were honoring Rod. He might have actually shown up too!

      • Very interesting! So adding in the two minutes at the beginning that re-hatched the overly dramatic save makes it at least 10 minutes alone on Casey. That's disgusting. I also loved how on the elimination night Ryan actually said to Casey "if you only knew how many votes you got." Which means the pimping worked. Gross.

      • I thought unique was a good thing, and something the judges were looking for. Apparently, not so. More cookie cutter singers means $$$$. Should be interesting. I don't think Paul will win, but want him in the top 5. We have a personal interest in him, and just want things to be fair.


    • Yea vote James!!! james has so much range and takes chances. He is great no matter what sings. He is a true performer. I get the chills everytime he sings.

    • I thought Haley did the best performance!!! Paul/Jacob will definitely go home. I know right!

  39. Jacob: not my cup of tea.

    Haley: she did such a great job tonight!

    Casey: i want this dude to win

    Lauren: i've heard so many covers of this song and she didn't bring much to it.

    James: not his best, but very sweet

    Scotty: never was a huge fan but, surprisingly best of the night!

    Pia: great voice, but still not interesting

    Stefano: so cute. i love watching him, beautiful voice

    Paul: he always looks like he's having fun and his damn smile is contagious. love him

  40. Tough, tough, tough in terms of picking best and worst. I'm not at all interested in Scotty (though I acknowledge his talent), Casey is not half as talented as the judges believe (come on, even his coaches were calling his first song choice and arrangement a nightclub act). Paul's voice is unique but it's not strong and why was he grinning through that song tonight?

    • It was a great night, they were all very good, some better that others. Paul's voice is not very strong but he has the perfect teeth for a toothpaste commercial, and if I had those choppers I would grin ALL THE TIME!!

    • I didn't like Casey very much. He can play the bass but so what, his singing wasn't good. I didn't think Pia did too good a job either, and she closed her eyes. She dragged the song out. I hope tina turner never hears it. Lauren was good but nothing exceptional, and the same for James. I do love all the songs written by George Harrison though but James didn't quite do justice to this one. Stefano did a good job but it wasn't very rocking, nor were most of the other songs. Scotty, well it doesn't matter what he sings because his fans and the judges LOVE it. I think the best of the night were Haley singing Janis. She did a great job and so did Paul, singing Johnny Cash. I liked both their songs and their stage presence. Paul needs to have the microphone adjusted when he sings. He has the voice but it doesn't project well. A mouth piece would be good for him. I liked Pia and Casey the least. Guess I will have to put up with Jacob for another week because he was good, real good.

  41. Brandon, good job of grades, I think its just a really tough week! I got to say I personally didnt like Haley, I know she was expected to do some Janice, but she still has too much screaching for me! I think Jacob would have been better with your choice of Bridge over troubled water…..I didnt think he did justice to Michael Jackson 🙁

    I loved James……..I think the tone down and vulnerability was really nice and a great song choice! Would have been cool to hear him play maybe a backgroudn guitar and break into a short solo……but I thought he was one of the best!

    I also dont normally go for Scotty….but he did a good Elvis and will be around next week for sure….and i really liked Pauls version tonight. I think he will stick around!

    My bottom 3 are Jacob, Haley and probably Stefano (although I loved him!)

    • How can you sing Joplin and be too screechy? I think some people have never listened to her music before.

      • Screechy my arse!! Haley nailed that song and there wasn't a single note missed and definitely no screeching. Are you sure you were listening?????

      • @sabin, I really liked Haley's performance tonight. I don't think she was screechy, however I don't think someone can say a Janis Joplin song was 'too screechy' That's the whole point.

      • Here, here David P. I really enjoyed Haley for the first time ever. And I believe that she & Casey had the best song choices for them. Even though I am not a Haley fan I give credit where it is do. I would love to see what she could do with a Stevie Nix song.

    • Duh, Julie have you ever heard of the word 'style'? go back to your cave, will you? My gosh Haley was just so great! nobody can beat her!

  42. What is an American Idol?For me , it was Elvis when I was 15. Then it was the Beattles . I have loved Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Garth Brooks. Today, it is Tim McGraw and Kidd Rock. The person makes the music great. Tonight it was Scotty.

  43. Did anyone happen to notice the hand on Haley's right side for the top 9 promo picture? It looks like it might be Casey leaning over for a love nudge. Check it out.

    • I think the laws of physics make that impossible. Also from looking at the pic no ones hand really looks capable of that except for Scotty's. So my guess is she looked bad in that photo and everyone else looked good so they photoshopped her and missed the hand.

      • I have to agree about the law of physics, unless Casey's arm is about 5 foot long. I was simply drawing attention to an oddity in the picture.

        On a side note: That wouldn't be a bad place to rest your hand if your were equiped with 5 foot arms.

      • Really he is sort of fat and his face is rather ugly. His face would be really long if his beard was shaved off. I cannot imagine Haley with him.

    • Casey is involved with a film camp and I think he's done something to the photos each week. One week you only saw his head, no neck, and the rest of his body blended in with the blue curtain behind him. The next week his head was plopped in between two people, but his head was much lower than the others. Did anybody else see those?

      • The one where you only saw his head was photo shopped because he was in the hospital when the group photo was taken. Don't know about the others.

  44. I completely disagree with the majority of these comments. Paul, Scotty, and James are the only three out of the bunch that I would actually buy their albums/go to their concert. Paul writes his own music, and it's amazing, check out American Dreams or Like You Loved Me Then. He knows what music he wants to record and he is showing that to America. I think most of you haters are just afraid of something unique. I feel as though it's almost impossible for a folk/rock singer to become famous because it's not the "mainstream" crap that you hear today. I'll admit, Pia can sing she can really sing, but SO WHAT!? Plenty of past idol contestants could sing incredibly and look where they are now? She has sung ballads every week except tonight but that isn't showing me who she is as an artist. Paul got me the moment he sang Blackbird during Beatle week. I hope he stays, but even if he doesn't I know he will definitely be successful.

    -Don't even get me started on Jacob…I feel like I've been watching him perform the exact same song this entire competition. Think about it America, why would you want to go to a concert to watch the same performance over and over again. It just doesn't make sense to me…

  45. Best: Tough choice. James.

    Worst: Stefano

    Pia (I'm not a fan) can flat out SING but what a lousy performer.

    Bottom three: Real tough call. Jacob, Stefano, Haley.

    • Put Pia in Haley's place then you will have it right. Pia wasn't terrible but she missed some notes and she DID NOT do justice to Tina Turner's song.

      • I agree, Pia needs to join Thia. At least she didn't lie this week. But I'm really beginning to hate that we can't fast forward live T.V.

    • Hello? Haley in the bottom three? you're effing kidding me! duhhhhh this is the bottom three:




  46. SCotty u rocked tonite. you are the next american idol. WHY all the girl's love him plus he can sing. Yes Pia was her usual self Great but NO personality. that's my version

    • Pia has a great voice,but they can tape her singing anywhere else but the stage, because she has no stage presence she is just not a performer.

      • I think Pia can be trained on how to move around on stage. She does have a great voice and needs that stage presence. My beef was the outfit, horrendous. She is a great looking lady, with nice legs. Pia should have told GS to shove that outfit up her ass.

      • The song as Pia sang it was too slow and she did not do justice to it. Tina Turner would have died had she heard it. Pia can sing ballads and she can look beautiful and that is all she can do. She and Casey were the worst of the night.

      • Yea you are right. I thought she would bring more and it didn't happen. She has zero stage appeal as far as performing. I get tired of seeing her hand move and legs just bend. Ugh!

  47. My favorite has been James for awhile now. The shortened version of his song tonight was good, but the full length version on You Tube is incredible. I've heard many excellent artists do this song over the years and James version was my favorite. Tom Petty sang it once with Prince playing guitar. I really like Petty, but the impressive thing about that video is the solo Prince lays down with his guitar.

    • Tonights performance was 100000000 times better than that youtube video everyone is raving about and it still wasn't spectacular. Better than I thought he would do, but I say worst performance of the night.

      • I didn't say anything about Haley in that post. Nor did I really say anything negative about James. But yes, I do love Haley and I greatly dislike James. Frank's unbridled hatred of JLo has made me rethink my definition of the word hate.

  48. Scotty was fantastic! Casey is a major talent. Loved his performance. Hailey is the best female vocalist.

    • I agree. Hailey rocks. She is the best because she is so different from the norm. We already have mariah and whitney and celine, we don't need a Pia. We need another Janis Joplin!

      • Not being Janis Joplin is probably a compliment this day and age. If Janis wasn't fried out of her mind, bathed regularly, and wore make up she might have been an attractive woman. I think stylistically Haley's performance was pretty spot on, though. Not many people can sing a Janis Joplin song and get away with it.

  49. Scotty is my favorite. I really enjoy his voice and country music. My least favorites are probabyly Paul and Haley. I really dislike them. Pia is getting a little boring for me too. Jacob and James can really sing and I love them for that! Stefano can go home; he's not showing us anything new. Casey just annoys me. They really should not have saved him. And Lauren has amazing vocals but needs better outfits!

    • Jacob was good tonight but he has been bad for several weeks. Haley is the most talented so I don't know what you have been listening to…, however, Scotty never changes and is good every week if you like his genre.

  50. I am a great fan of Scotty because a young man of his age that can sing like that wow this guy can do pop and country his voice is amazing in thirty years I have sung I have never ran across anyone of this kind of talent it is great great great I know Take it from someone who has been in the business for 30 years go Scotty

      • my family goes back about 80 years of making music my mom and her family sang for years I got my singing and learning about music from her country,gospel and bluegrass I know talent when I see it

    • I am writng under a differnt name hot shot just take my word for it I know talent when I see it ok if you know talent you should see it when it is right under your nose

      • or granny.. marty if your a pro you do know this kid has a long way to go before he can make it right?

      • i'm not a scotty fan & he won't win american idol… but having said that, he DOES have the potential to be a great country star though. But we all know you don't necessarily have to win Idol in order to have a successful career, eg messers jennifer hudson & chris daughtry

      • Duhhh..Marty most of us write under different names.. you’re probably Scottys Mamma that’s why you love him.

    • Scotty has great taste too. Being an Elvis fan myself, Scotty understands good music. Unlike that blowhard JLO, who made mention of Scotty and hip hop, rap, etc…

      JLO, not everybody likes hip hop or rap ok, especially when you perform it.

  51. best of the night-haley

    worst of the night-stefano

    people safe-haley,scotty,jacob

    most likely safe-pia,lauren,casey

    bottom 3-paul,stefano,james

    going home-stefano

    • I thought Stefano would bring it tonight. I am a bit dissapointed, I think he may go home too bad, and he is my neighbor but he will go far!

    • I'm not so sure Jacob is safe. His comment may have ticked off more than a few people. That isn't why I didn't vote for him though, I just don't like his singing or style.

      • If he is the prude he seems to be with his comment then gospel music is just about where he needs to be. No Vegas show for him. Most of the tour shows are a little sleazy with costumes too. So I don't know where he will ever perform.

    • I almost nearly agree with your choices. I thought Haley and Scotty were top 2 performers tonight. Jacob is iffy but I would say more likely safe but all depends on if people feel and dig him. I hope Pia and Lauren are likely safe cuz we need women in competition. Although this was a weaker James tonight, I think he will fall short of bottom 3 and would put Casey there instead. I agree that Paul and Stefano are bottom 3 and though Paul's performance from beginning turned me off, I think Stefano this week was weakest, like he sang well but rest of him was not all there and definitely not possessing in it to win it attitude

      • Yea we do need woman in this show but not boring ones no matter how many are left. James is great!!!

  52. I really wish Haley would drop that baby elephant walk in the middle of some performances.

    • Me too, only I just thought she was having “constipation issues”. Thanx for clearing that up for me.

      • Aww be nice, she just needs to practice in front of a mirror more or something. Half the contestants have some awkward thing they do while performing.

  53. I think Haley was the best tonight! I can't figure out why some said she was in the bottom 3. Being from Washington State, I would hate to see Stefano go home, but I think he, Paul and Jacob were the bottom 3 tonight.

  54. Ok so I called Haley's song and I also called Casey doing CCR but I picked a different song. Pretty good I think.

    Honestly everyone was pretty solid tonight. For all the Paul haters out there he was great tonight.

    My guess on the bottom 3 is Jacob, Stefano and I hate to say it but James. Even though I love James I don't think he'll have a great vote week because he slowed it down. That being said I liked that he slowed it down because I think he showed that he's an artist and not just a one trick pony. However I don't think that the voters are smart enough to catch that necessarily.

    Jacob or Stefano goes home.

    If I had to rank tonight's performances I'd say:

    1 Paul

    2 Scotty

    3 Haley

    4 Casey

    5 James

    6 Pia

    7 Lauren

    8 Jacob

    9 Stefano

    Much like Branden's rankings I wouldn't give anyone lower than a B. Tough night to decide for the voters.

    I voted for Paul, Scotty, Casey, James and Lauren. I picked people I want to see go longer and who performed well. Pia bores me even though she can flat out sing. It's the same reason why I'm not a huge fan of Mariah, Whitney or Celine. Sure they can sing the crap out of anything but they just bore me. Two good weeks don't make me a Haley believer. Jacob can flat out sing as well but is also boring. Am I the only one that thinks Man in the Mirror is like one of the most boring MJ songs. I like Stefano but I had to be discriminate in my voting tonight because everyone was so good. Good luck to all of them, no one really deserves to go home after the performances this week. Should be an interesting night tomorrow.

    • totally disagree about stefano. He is much better than your giving him credit for. Just because he doesn't scream all the time doesn't mean he is not as talented as the others.

  55. I think Stefano, Lusk, and Paul will be the bottom 3 tomorrow. Hailey and Durbin will be safe but I am unsure of the rest. I think Pia should go..not because she's not an awesome singer, but because she has no performance personality to go with it at all. I'm bored with her. While she did not sing a ballad, this song did nothing for her.

    • Pia sang the song a lot slower than Tina Turner did. It wasn't a ballad but it was fairly close. I want her gone, too. The judges cut her lots of slack that they don't give to Stefano. Pia closes her eyes but they never slam her, Stefano, yes.

  56. First off- they were all very good.Now , for me, it is down to personalities and gut feeling.

    Jacob: Getting arrogant. And way too dramatic

    Haley: loved the rasp in her voice and the vitality

    Casey: nice and restrained. Just a few weird facials

    Lauren: like her better and better

    James: my favourite tonight- genuine, unadulterated, emotion- nothing fake

    Scotty: works the crowd like no one else. Every one of his performances makes me smile but I don't want him to win. I think he will do better not winning.

    Pia: great voice. Lousy stage presence feels fake to me

    Stefano: another song with genuine emotion- unfortunately I think he will be gone before Pia and Jacob -two I would like to see gone

    Paul: inspired and another feel good performance.

  57. "I don't know why nobody told you

    How to unfold your love

    And I don't know why someone controlled you

    They bought and sold you"

    What a beautiful song James… loved it!!

    • Yes great song and James singed it beautifully! You should really listen to the version posted in youtube.

      • Nooo don't do it, tonights was so much better (I still didn't like it). Really it's just a really good song. I think Haley put it best in one of her interviews. Something like "I'd rather listen to a really bad singer put his everything into it and sing a really good song." But you people raving about his youtube video are crazy if you think that is better than what he did tonight.

      • David, your perception might have been influenced by the far superior audio quality of american idol, compared to the sound quality of youtube clip. Or maybe its just as simple as different ppl, different taste. But i think it would be best for people to watch & listen to both perfrmances & judge for themselves. Most would prolly go for the youtube one…. and a few might like tonight's version better.

    • George Harrison, my favorite Beatle, wrote that song. I think it was for his wife Patti after she ran off with Eric Clampton.

  58. Paul (sounds like a cartoon character) and Stephano (can sing but not record selling voice)don't make the cut. Jacob is a nice guy but his voice or style is not for today. Lauren is the weakest of the girls. I feel that Pia and Scotty have the best natural singing voices and could probably make it as recording artists. Haley just needs to get rid of that growl, she uses it too much, too bad because she really has a great voice and almost as good as Pia. I like Haley's style and choice of songs better though. I am a Rocker but just can't identify with James. Chicks seem to love him! Casey is a top notch entertainer but not a recording artist. No matter what your taste in music if you put them all side by side and honestly rate their natural singing talents and true ability to make a splash you might change your vote! There have been a lot of winners that just disappeared. If you are not related or from the same place then close your eyes and listen closely. Then open your eyes and imagine the ones that can really sing on the cover of a CD. Then consider how many other people would truly go out and buy it.

    • I can't believe you went through that exercise and still wound up thinking James and Lauren are weaker than the others. James is amazing and is streets ahead of the rest. Lauren is also brilliant – her version of Candle in the wind is the highlight of this season for mine.

    • I agree with most or all of them comments especially in beginning what you stated about Paul and Stephano. Especially that Paul sounds like a cartoon character would sum up how I feel about him. Stephano started out as strong contender and though he can sing good, he hasn't shown much other energy on stage except occasional passion and emotion. Haley's growl can be annoying at times but not tonight, i think it was exceptional and went well with song. I think as far as women go, Haley is right up there or moving in that direction with Pia.

  59. Haley's version of Janis made me cringe……no justice done there. I much prefer her voice without the growling the judges encourage (a la her version of "Blue" which was great) I still like her…just not tonight. I liked Scotty for the first time tonight. I'm over Casey, Paul, Stefano, and Jacob. I still like James and Lauren. Pia is talented but forgettable.

    • I think all the contestants have some flaws. What I would look at is what is most easily fixed. Pia has a great voice and can be trained to be a good performer on stage.

      But if you don't have the voice, it almost doesn't matter what else you can do well. There are exceptions like Bob Dylan, but not that many.

      • I am in 1,000% concurrence with your assessment of Pia, Frank. I believe that one underlying purpose of the competition is to usher the contestants through transitioning from mere singers into bona fide performers; thus, I think the real winner lies within the one who genuinely learns from the process and shows his/her progress to America weekly. Having said that, I would defer back to your comment that developing stage presence, in contrast with singing ability, is more easily achieved.

  60. Paul had a great night, as did Stefano. I have liked both of them as people but not as singers. Tonight they both made me appreciate them as singers.

    I have loved Scotty since the beginning, but I would have enjoyed hearing something else by him tonight. I know he's showing different sides of him, but I love the country side. If it's not broke…

    Haley was annoying as usual. How can you sing a song about rage and hurt and then walk off the stage with a big grin? She's so closed off that the song, and the performance, was not believable.

    • I thought Scotty doing an upbeat Elvis song was great. He was an Elvis fan as a child, let him sing one of his idol's songs. He did a very good job with it.

    • Yeah, she had a big grin, but watch Janis herself perform the song… she also grinned through it. The song is about heartbreak, but it's basically a "yeah, break it, I can take it, bring it big guy" kind of song, a defiant song about being strong. The grin actually fits this particular song. Now what Casey and Paul did, grinning and smiling all happy through their songs, (both very grim somber emotional songs) were the real headscratchers of the night.

  61. Pia remains favorite woman. Scotty needs to go home. Paul and Lusk remain consistant.I think this year it is going to go to a man. Hope it is not Scotty. Wish Stephan would open his eyes when he sings@

    • Well, if you are so upset by Stefano closing his eyes WHY doesn't it bother you that the woman you "love" Pia, also often sings with her eyes closed? She needs to go, she will never sing anything but ballads. She nearly made Tina's song into a ballad.

  62. I think bottom 3: Jacob, Stefano, and Haley(if not Paul?) Going home: Stefano. One word to wrap up tonight for ME: SCOTTY! 🙂

    • Haley in bottom 3 this week? This is one of her best performances to date and even that growl, though annoying at times, was not an issue and fit perfectly in song. Haley is at top of my list for this week right after Scott. My bottom 3 are Paul, Stefano, and Casey. As much as Paul has been annoying me doing the same ole stuff with guitar and same ole monitone slow voice, i think this week Stephano is a probable choice at going home. since the save, I think Casey has lost his way a little

  63. I wish someone would tell JLO to shut up! She is hands down the worst judge AI has ever had. What a bimbo!

    Scotty – Hip Hop??????? Come on JLO, shut your pie hole. Quit interrupting Randy all the time!

    I don't disagree what she said about Pia on stage, but JLO can't sing or perform. It just sounds silly coming from her.

      • Sing not so much. Act she's ok. Dance great. Entertain she's a phenomenal entertainer that's why she is successful.

      • Donald, she needs to go back to the Bronx and be a maid. If all the stories about her are true, she is a despicable human being.

      • Pat, with all due respect you need to get out more. There are so many better singers, performers and actors than JLO. She has no real talent outside of dancing.

      • Babs is despicable but that doesn't mean her fame is unwarranted. What's wrong with the Bronx anyway? And why a maid? Because she's Puerto Rican?

      • David, JLO is from the Bronx, that's why I would send her back. She was very dis-respectable to maids in interviews when she made the movie Maid In Manhattan.

        It has nothing to do with her race.

  64. Although very entertaining, I think most of the vocals were too over-the-top or too undercut. Casey was the clear winner tonight – he did everything right. I see Lauren, Stephano and Jake possibly in the bottom three.

    • If by everything right you mean butchering a great CCR song, and smirking through an emotional song about pain and dissapointment… then yeah, he definitely did.

  65. My idol rankings (overall, not just tonight)

    1. Pia

    2. Scotty

    3. James

    4. Stefano

    5. Haley

    6. Lauren

    7. Paul

    8. Casey

    9. Gaycob

      • It should be

        1. Haley

        2. Casey

        3. Pia

        4. Scotty

        5. Lauren

        6. Paul

        7. James

        8. Jacob

        9. Stefano

        Note: That was really hard, they all did incredible tonight 🙁

      • Yea i agree James should be at the top of that list and Pia shouild be around number 6. What's wrong with this piture? lol

    • Good list idolfan12. Pia and Scotty can definitely sing.

      James has a bright future.

      Jacob at 9 is where I have him too.

      I would personally move Casey ahead of Lauren and Paul.

      Haley intrigues me. There are times I absolutely love her singing, and then there are times, I absolutely hate her singing.

      There are 2 people who I would personally vote off and I would be happy with the results however they fall after that. Those 2 are Jacob and Lauren.

    • fiuh,another normal people ears wakakakak. Sing a normal notes and u like it,so u probably dont like jazz or blues then. LOLOL

      it looks like u like seeing a contestant that a duplicate from a great artist,not a contestant with an originality. How sad…

      • No she didn't. Pia slowed parts of Tina's song down and almost made it into a ballad, and then she did a screeching high note near the end. She has one genre and that is slow music=ballads. I am ready for her to hit the road. She has show what she can do and I am tired of her ballads.

    • I agree Pia nailed it again and wasn't crazy on wardrobe either but give her props for stepping outside of her ballad ways. I doubt Pia will go anyplace. but with the women in competition, I would say at this point Haley is giving Pia a run for her money cuz the last 3 weeks Haley has been nailing her songs every week. I think being the bottom 3 or 2 for 2 straight weeks may have woke her up

  66. Stefano gets a bad rap from a lot of people. He really has a much more beautiful voice than any of the other males. He also has the best recording voice of the males and probably would have the best chance to succeed in a mainstream pop industry. I think Scotty would succeed more in the country market though.

    • Stephano getting bad rap from people? I have to disagree. I do agree Stephano has a remarkably good voice but there is much more to be considered. In his first 2-3 weeks he nailed his songs flawlessly but these past 2 to 3 weeks hasn't been a very strong Stephano. Even though he possesses a strong good singing voice, he seems to lack some substance and ingredients. I just have not been feeling him other than nice voice singing song and yes some emotion but I don't see him bring a lot of energy or things on stage. Stephano hasn't possessed the In It to Win It attitude

      • Why? The kid has a lot of talent. If you don't like country, so be it. But he can sing better than most of the contestants on the show.

        Anyone who likes Elvis is ok in my book.

      • He really needs to work on his awkward mic skills. >_< But I guess that stuff comes with time and experience.

  67. Last year, Sioban Magnuson was the most annoying idol in the world. I am so glad she's gone. Below are my list of the most over rated contestants ever!

    1. Fantasia Burrino

    2. Sioban Magnuson

    3. The chick who got second last year

    4. Justin Guarini

    5. David Archuletta

    6. Jordan Sparks

    7. Jennifer Hudson

    8. Scott Savol

    9. Sanjia

    10.Thia Megia

    • I agree with everyone on this list except you should replace David Archuletta with Lee DeWyze and it would be perfect. While, yes, Archie is overrated he also has a fantastic voice and actually deserved his runner-up spot that season.

      • Oh, and you should figure out a place for James on that list, and possibly Scotty. It will be hard to choose who to displace.

      • American Idol winners rankings best to worst.

        1. Carrie Underwood

        2. Kelly Clarkson

        3. David Cook

        4. Chris Allen

        5. Lee Dewyze

        6. Ruben Studdard

        7. Jordan Sparks

        8. Taylor Hicks

        9. Fantasia Burrino

        Note: Daughtry would have finished second on my list had he won.

      • I guess I can agree with that. It's kind of sad Lee would be number 5 but I can't argue about who is underneath him.

    • Carrie Underwood is awesome. Even my daughter loves her. I remember the judges criticizing Carrie for little things that didn't mean crap. Well I guess Carrie had the last laugh there. Plus, she is gorgeous.

      • She is gorgeous, and they were very picky with her like they are with Pia and Haley.

      • As I recall Simon made the prediction that Carrie U. would sell more than any previous winner (or contestant). Seems to me he was right on.

        With that said, it seems like AI produces more successful country singers than any other singing style. I personally think country is O.K. but prefer classic rock, blues, jazz, etc… Put this all together and the most likely best selling artist in this talented group will be Scotty. My favorite remains James.

  68. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content. I had no idea I would be so annoyed by that, good rule.

  69. Most under rated idols ever: (random order)

    1. Didi Benami

    2. Elliot Yamin

    3. Trenice

    4. Vonzel

    5. Stefano Lanoge

    6. Latoya London

    • Underrated why – how many CDs between them have they sold since Idol? Not many if any – that is why they didn't rate and Stefano will be the same. Nice guy, nice voice but doesn't feel it – no connection…

      • It's a conspiracy. Some idiot judge says something stupid and people believe it and take it way to far. Didi was so hot and sexy up on stage and she peered into her audiences souls. She was making love to us with her music. It was so good…

      • Yes, Didi was amazing. She should have won that year! Brooke White should be on this list.

    • I have agreed with most of your posts, but not this one. Those 6 people haven't done jack squat.

    • I haven't heard a thing about Eliot for a long time. Is he still physically well, and is he recording?

  70. Last week and this week I decided to listen to studio versions as well as the live performances. The magic voice for me this season will continue to be Thia. The creative ones especially on the studio versions are Naima and Haley. Now Haley is matching her live performance to her studio version so I think she is just fabulous at this point and gets my top vote. The same goes for Paul so he is number two.

    • Naima's studio of Umbrella is pretty much amazing. Haley is my favorite now, she just needs to work on her moves a bit.

    • i kinda agree with you, Thia is amazing in studio versions….she has something that yu really can't explain

  71. all of you guys, please watch the difference tonight!

    it's more fabulous, love it!!!!

    GO FOR IT JAMES!!!!!

  72. They should eliminate Scotty, Stefano and James this week and let the rest get on with it. The 3 of them have no versatility.

  73. you know what ticks me off the most about the voting. These people that vote somebody because so and so is soooo CUTE!!!!! THIS IS NOT A SOOOO CUTE show this is a singing competition girlssssss!!! So be fair and vote for the person who deserves the vote because they sing the best not because oh me o my they are so cute!All you out there that do this kind of voting suck!!!!!

  74. i thought the girls really shined last night. there weren't any bad performances, but they weren't all as good as the judges made them out to be.

    Top Three performances (in no particular order):

    Haley – took on a huge janis song and made it her own without losing the soul of the original. BRILLIANT.

    Scotty – channeled The King of Rock and Roll and did it very convincingly. EXCELLENT.

    Pia – showed some versatility by doing an upbeat song, and it was every bit as good as her past performances (which is saying a lot). SENSATIONAL.

    Middle of the Packers (again, in no order):

    Lauren – took on an aretha classic and displayed some real vocal ability in the process. IMPRESSIVE.

    James – showed his softer side with an old beatles classic. there were a couple of good parts – enough to gloss over the shaky parts – but it wasn't his best night. NOT BAD.

    Paul – took it up a notch by doing his own cheerful rendition of an old blues classic. LOVELY.

    Bottom Three:

    Jacob – was good, vocally. gave us some more of that soulful gospel vibe that's distinctly jacob. i didn't think the stage antics were appropriate for the song – or any song, for that matter (other than maybe that Marvin song he decided to nix). IRONIC.

    Casey – came out flat, was great in spots, but sounded constipated in others. basically alternated between blissful, off-key and cringe-worthy. i get the whole "artist" thing, but in a word: OVERRATED.

    Stefano – either he's deliberately trying to win the female voters over with his song choices, or he's a terribly sentimental dude. either way, he's easily the least talented of all the remaining contestants. i'm ready to see him go. BYE?


    How I think America will vote:










    • Casey flat n off-key??WAKAakkakakaak. u obviously dont know music n dont have a melodic sensibility wakakakakaakak. U obviously cant read music sheet LOLOL :). U have a normal people ears… Pia,Lauren,Scotty just people who sing a normal notes in perfect way,no creativity whatsoever..sorry 🙂

  75. Don't under-estimate Pia as she is very talented and will be one of the two finalists as will James. Stephano will go tomorrow.

      • Pia will end up being another Katherine Mcfee,(sp) but not as talented. Katherine hasn't had hit songs but she does quite a few personal appearances, and acts. she hasn't had a big part yet. Idol should learn from their past. Scotty and Lauren could both go to Nashville, right now and each would have a hit or two this year. None of the others can do that except maybe James and Haley.

    • I agree that Stephano is a likely choice to go home because he sings well but so predictable and doesn't bring much else to stage other than vocals. Paul has been among my least favorite but given my choice I would agree Stephano should go tomorrow. Just haven't been feeling him

    • Scotty can only sing country (but he is damn good at it). A more versatile singer should be the winner.

      • I don't know what you mean by "versatile". The fact is that most artists specialize in a particular music genre. What sets them apart is their look, personality and delivery. If Scotty wins, it would be well deserved since I think he could do justice to the music of his genre. Note that I am no country music fan but as a musician I do listen to just about any good sounding song in any genre. With that said, Casey sucks!!!

      • " A more versatile singer should be the winner."

        Been saying the same thing here for weeks, regarding Scotty… who has a future singing in Nashville, but does not have the vocal power or range of ANY of the other eight here. Last night? He sang a more upbeat song… but STILL did not hold a strong or powerful note and STILL didn't even TRY to reach for a note outside of his comfort zone. Quite simply, he has a very limited range and a voice that lacks power. Sorry, if the truth hurts.

      • No need to be sorry. I'm not a Scotty fan, but I simply don't agree with you. Unf., your definition of versatility is still vague. It's just like saying any other one of these singers has a future singing in a particular genre. Who else can do what Scotty does in his genre? No one other than country-like singers. I explained this in some other comment but won't repeat it here. In his genre he can most def hold a note and if he wins, it's like I said before. I see where your coming from although I think you're analysis of the singers is limited. Thanks!

    • The reason they have the COUNTRY Music Awards vs say, the GRAMMYS is why Scotty will not win American Idol. That's not to say he won't do okay at the CMA's later on.

      • Guys, get a clue!!!!! The one that should win this contest is the one that most people like the best whoever that might be. You can talk all day about range or this or that but THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE! Scotty is in the top of this competition for a reason–and that is because the viewers LOVE him. Get it? That is the reason Scotty will win. Enough said.

      • James showed his versatility tonight. A softer performance by James. He outshines his competition on so many levels….He can rocvk the house and he can bring them to tears. What did you say "He is an all around performer"? You got that right and he should be the last person standing in May…..JMHO

        Scotty, we'll see you on the CMA show and I will be rooting for you but not on AI…..Sorry to all you Scotty fans….but he is a country singer….Period…….

    • i dont agree cause for me its like watching adam lambert all over again! he brings no originality to the stage and his voice not any good…he just screams..and it pissed me off cuz adam did a slow song one night then u see james do a slow song! like really…he need to go

  76. scotty has a charm. he is the typical old american gentleman. he does not dress up like paul or worst of all james, so metrosexual those men.

  77. james is a gentleman, he can dress up well depends on the type of an occassion. he is really macho man. NEVER GIVE UP JAMES!! go go go go go…

    • Do you know James personally to know that he is a gentleman… who he may or may not be doesn't detremine how well he dresses. And he doesn't dress well on the show for what America has seen.

  78. No! Your predictions were wrong! Stefano sang the song really well. I know he be staying! Please vote for Stefano: Vote for Stefano! 1-866-436-5708 or Text "VOTE" to 5708

    • I agree with you, but I am concerned. Last night's performance was his best across the board. However, there's something about Stefano's delivery that fudges up his performances. I certainly hope that washed last night and he stays in. He has a great voice. Casey, Jacob and Haley should go with particular emphasis on Casey and Jacob!!!

      • Stefano's song left A LOT to be desired, no woman should want to the woman he loves with a song like that… b.o.r.i.n.g.

    • If you ask me I've always thought that song was a bit overrated. But I guarantee you that if you are on a date with a person you like and they are singing that same exact rendition, you would love it!!!

      • Stefano is painful with his performances to me. It doesn't matter what he sings it always sounds the same, in that same key and with the same three hand motions: the fist, the finger point, the open hand. Week after week. It's too forced.

    • @ spaz: The movement may be what's bothering me. I'll pay more attention to that. I'm also thinking his height too. I'm not concerned about the singing as long as it's good since most singers do have a range they sing in. I think these types of songs will be his specialty and he can have other good songs around this range. I'm sure he'll mix it up soon and then we'll know fer' sure!

  79. Stefano is a great singer! For me, he should stay! He deserves your vote America! He's improving every week!

    • Stefano should reach the top 4, BUT, if he keeps picking songs like he has been doing, he is out soon. My concern is he has picked two or three songs so far which didn´t help him, so if he goes home tonight i´ll not be surprised.

      Good luck Stefano. You deserve more.

  80. Okay Branden, I'm back. I'm still a Haley Lover and a Paul Disser and Jacob Hater. You know what? I basically agree with all of your grades. What I don't get is why can't you comment a bit more strongly on the grade you give Haley and how you think America is voting. By the way, I do my own grades at home and I was super impressed by Jacob's song "Man in the Mirror"–how he did appropriate emoting and near perfect singing, and I also grudgingly gave Paul high marks for his Johnny Cash song–which was a slick maneuver to garner conservative fans like myself. But can't you say something about the injustice of YOU giving Haley an A+, yet predicting that she might be eliminated? C'mon Man, there's a lot of us that like her like the Thia fanatics liked Thia (and I did too, and felt she was wrongly treated).

      • It's not like I like Jacob. I never care about him. I listen to his recording track without knowing the original. But it's good. Which part is worse for you? (er.. remember I am not talking about his live performance, OK? Just his vocal).

      • it was not his redition that sucked.. it is Jacob. He will be great in the Gospel arena. He chooce that song because the one they wanted him to sing.."Lets' get it on" is talking about "doing the nasty" yet he was humping like a crazed dog to the back singer!! Really… doing the nasty??? Go home… go back to church!!

      • That song has been sung by numerous people, and Jacob sang it, by far, the worst I have ever heard. I have heard karaoke singers do better. That is not his type of song, he is without a doubt a gospel singer through and through. Anything else he sings doesn’t appeal to me.

  81. I loved the show last night. Top 9 did a great job. As it is a singing contest, I am not sure what the judges want with the item performance. Former idols did no necessarily had that performance act they are asking for. Ruben Studdard won this show – can yo believe that – no way he had a stage presence or could go up and down the isles etc…

    I think tonight it became clear that Stefano does not have what it takes. His song choice was the worst of the bunch, second only for Lauren. These folks do not get it that they have to came across as originals – picking songs that have been done many times in the show leads to comparisons and the latest usually loses… duh! With so many less known songs, these two singers choose the most sang songs ever — bad judgement is probably the main cause of losing competitions. Lauren does not get it for some reason… maybe because she is too young, she does not know who she is and what fits her better. Stefano is coming across as too desperate – he is trying to please the audience at all times, but going to obvious places that do not add value to him or his performance. I think one of these two will be out tonight… but they will have a career after the show for sure, so American Idol for these guys will work as a door to success, I am sure of that.. all of them have a future in this business…

    • I totally agree with you, Martha. Loved your truthful comment.

      Stefano is going home due to the songs he is persistently picking, not due to lack of talent. His voice is privileged; but this guy picks wrongly week after week. I still remember the worst pick of the season : "Hello" by Lionel Richie. Stefano started to lose the competition RIGT THERE. Couldn´t he have picked a worse selection for his style and register?, no, his performance was so predictable.

      On the other hand, Paul had his best performance so far, picking the rigt song form him this time. Just because of that he is safe this week I think. That´s the importance of a good choice or advisory.

      • Interpretation of the song matters too, and I did NOT like Paul taking "Folsom Prison Blues" and turning it into a pop hit. You can't be bopping around, smiling and waving, while singing "But I shot a man in Reno… just to watch him die." Period. Bad choice.

      • Paul really did a great job on "Folsom Prison". My first surge of LOVE for the guy. I hate to see Casey getting through like he has been. I don't think his performances (or song choices) or nearly as good as his auditions were. CCR's "Have You Ever See the Rain" is one of my personal favorites and Casey totally lost the mood of this song. It's one of frustration, loss and anger. I think James would have done much better justice to this and left Harrison's guitar to weep softly for another night. I mean – this was ROCK & ROLL, people!!! What was with the R&B and Pop stuff? Haley did a great number – think she could've left a little more of Janis out and put more of herself in – but it was a good song for her. Lauren seemed to lack something and I AM so tired of that song. Again – a little more Rock n' Roll. Maybe they should have had Donnie & Marie on to demonstrate the difference in genres. Hopefully, Pia will zone in on Jennifer's remarks about honing her performance skills. She's got the voice – she just needs to get a feel for working the stage. They should give dancing lessons to a few of them for that matter. I truly hope Paul stays after last night's performance. Although I really like Stefano the week before – he was tiring to listen to last night – can't see that there is more to be seen from him – or really Jacob either. He's got a great voice – they both do – but their personalities are pretty stagnant.

      • Paul did remarkably well, he is captivating, true to himself, and a first rate performer. Casey never seems true to me…he just doesn't get into the meanings of the songs and is very superficial (though technically skillful) in his performances, he just doesn't feel them. He should have gone a while ago.


      • now you talking about how Jacob look and calling him a fag grow up. this is a singing contest not a beauty contest. and to call him a fag get a life.

      • Yes, this comment is way overboard. You can't say 'don't judge so and so because she's not like that other person who is "insert judgmental, bigoted, hateful comment here" without looking like a total dbag.

    • You're wrong! Stefano is a great singer. I am sure he'll be staying. America will vote for him. I am sure with that!

  82. As much as I like Scotty, the recording version of Jacob this week is the best. He's even better than Pia in terms of vocal, in my opinion. Pia is technically very good, but I think Jacob is better into the song.

    • Jacob and Pia have the best polished voices but while I might buy their albums or listen on radio, I would not pay to see them live.

      Scotty and James could both sell albums and sellout shows, but they both need more polishing first to get to that level.

      Paul maybe be the best performer right now but his voice does not cut it for me.

      Haley's voice is far from best but it hooks you in and I would love to see her live with the right jazz/blues backup band.

  83. I'm not reading ANY of the other comments till after I write my own cuz I don't like to color my own impressions, but I think Branden is totally wrong about Haley. Yeah it is hard to choose this week cuz it was such a solid show/performances. Obviously the judges still have their favorites (uh Pia and Casey and Jacob). They're coming around to Haley even, I think she is growing on a lot of us. Branden, you forgot to consider that Naima and Thia voters may decide to go to Haley just to keep the women alive! AND cuz she has really improved in taking the judges critiques seriously each week. She's a much stronger performer than Pia.

    I think you are right on about Stefano and Paul, but I would put GASP… Casey in the bottom 3 (BORING.. he's been voted out before and saved). Pia was one of the more boring performances tonight too cuz of her weak performance but I think Steven hit it right that she's basically eye candy, so will stay while Casey alas is not. and America could care less about his musicianship (plays standing bass or whatever… who cares nor appreciates that? but the judges and other musicians). Jacob also is not eye candy and while he was way better tonight (not overly dramatic), he's still uncomfortable to watch with that awful "hip action" or whatever Ryan called it lol.

    Sooo my guess of America's vote (not my own) for Bottom 3 are Stefano, Paul and either Jacob or Casey. Haley was way too good tonight and seems to be getting stronger each week and more confident. Stefano will be going home.

    • WOW,now this is a strange comment. Not arguing about Hailey though,shes amazing period. Its ur comment of "plays standing bass or whatever… who cares nor appreciates that? but the judges and other musicians"…

      So u think the people who receives Grammy Award is a worthless people right? Are the jury of Grammy award contains normal people or musician? The answer is…musician…

      So people like Elvis,Beattles,MJ,Frank Sinatra etc is a worthless people huh…wow,now thats strange..i feel sorry for u ><

      • wow you completely missed the point, maybe cuz English is obviously not your first language. But don't put words into my comment (i.e. "worthless people") that I didn't write nor was it a "hidden meaning" that you dug up from somewhere. David Foster & Nat King Cole? How OLD are you dude? But yeah, they're talented, no argument with that

    • David Foster,Jeniffer Hudson,Queen,Aerosmith,Nat King Cole and so on & on & on…i can go through whole night come up with a bunch a name.. They are all worthless people… IM SHOCKED!!! >o<

      • well,i agree with u cause i also think Hailey is the best tonight and then Casey,Jacob (although i dont like him,sorry ><) and then Stefano…

      • btw Stefano in the last… After jacob its James,Scotty (imitation of Elvis no creativity,sorry ><)

      • Haley… keeps getting stronger every week. I'm now convinced she has a legitimate chance to win this… and her in anyone's bottom three seems unreasonable. She's been growlingly, flirtingly terrific the past two weeks…

      • Haley is actually the best performer of all. If I am buying records because I love to hear them sing, it would be Haley and Scotty first and foremost followed by James. Can you imagine going to a concert to see Jacob? Really now! And the comment he made, "if he lands in the bottom three, America should look at themselves in the mirror" completely over the top for me.

    • @ LOLOL…you must be a musician or like "alternative" music. You probably knew Esperanza Spalding before the recent Grammy Awards show. I hear you, esp. since I'm into Jazz and other music, but the fact is that no sole instrument stands on its own in the music world. It's very rare. Where it does, it's not "American Idol" type music. Sure it has a market, but a very targeted one.

      @ Eve…Unf, Branden is right on about Haley, except for the grade. She was OK in terms of where she's been, but she's on her way out. The "Casey growl" she incorporated into this song fudged up her performance. I wouldn't be surprised if she's in the bottom three. For me the bottom 3 should be Casey, Jacob and Haley.

      • LOLOL is definitely a musician but unf. for Casey the 40 million Americans who will be voting are NOT members of the Recording Academy.

        As some comments have said before me, musicianship and range don't really matter. It's the person who "connects" and so far that seems to be Scotty. Did anybody else notice the gals who rushed the stage? Lol (sarcasm intended) I'm not even a country fan, but I love him! Casey is in danger and won't make Top 5. I wonder if Jimmy Iovine will even pick him up at Interscope, he's just too much like Taylor Hicks – no sex appeal whatsoever, contrary to J.Lo, whatever the heck she sees in him, I've no idea

      • @ Eve: Totally agree on your follow-up. Nuff said on Casey. I think Scotty is the SHIZNIT in his genre!!!

    • I have to agree with you Eve. Casey is talented but not as much as some of the others. Paul drives me crazy with his spaztic moves! Don't like watching Jacob either!

  84. It’s too bad that people feel that way about Stephano. He reminds me of David Archuleta but with a better voice and stage presence.

      • While I'm not a fan of his music per se, I totally disagree about his singing and stage presence. Stefano really can't compare to David Archuletta, though I do hear similarities in their voice. Archie is by far the better singer, and while his performance skills while he was on the show were lacking somewhat, they were still better than Stefano's.

      • To Blaine: Ouch! You didn't get it. We're in a discussion about AI (a-m-e-r-i-c-a-n i-d-o-l). I was not talking about how many records he sold or what he's doing now. I was talking about how they did in American Idol. In case you don't remember, 2 seasons ago David made it to the finals in American Idol.

        I actually get it now — the caliber of performers are so much better this year. Even someone who is very good could be eliminated early in the season because the others are so much better.

      • I'm talking about American Idol – not about if his music will sell. Three seasons ago David A. made it to the finals. Actually I know now…. this season the performers are so much better.

  85. I'm with Steve tyler on Lauren. Ilove,love,love her voice. Her voice is so easy to listen to. Her voice is so beautiful and never sounds forced like Pia's does sometimes.

    • You are right on. Pia is not a performer & I'm so sick of seeing her upper pallet in HD.

      • Sorry, but you´ll keep seeing her for a while. She´s not an energetic performer, yet, but that is perfectly "curable" adding a professional producer to her career.

      • I feel Stefano will go home. It is clear he is the least strong overall. He has struggles every week. Pia's and Jacob's music are the least marketable. Pia needs to move away from her normal "Disney Soundtrack" style song or evev this week's "lounge singer" sound. don't know why she doesn't choose better songs?!

      • No way Stefano should go home. He's incredible and most unique on stage and has the best package. Pia is not improving on her stage performance. Bottom 3 would and should be….Jacob, Paul and Lauren she did not live up to Aretha's Natural Woman…Casey in trouble again, out of pitch 3 times, go check out the video

      • Pia will go to the bottom 3 pretty soon if she does not get moving. This is not a beauty contest or a 6 grade talent show. To win American Idol you have to have some kind of moves and that does not mean taking a stroll around the judges one time and go back and stand in one place.

    • I agree, lauren powerful range & vocals,has more stage presence than pia, but pia pure talent though no performance skills, just boring, loved lauren in her duet with scotty last week. Knew Lauren was special first time I heard her. Needs to make better song choices, but has a chance to win whole thing. She is only 16 just wait until she is pia's age 22. She will grow into a true perfomer.

  86. i feel that some of them was really good and some just were so so. I expected James to rock it out of the park so I was surprised by his performance of the softer side. Even though I was surprised I did enjoy it. With him he connects with the audience and he puts his heart into it and feels the song. Others I liked wer Haley, Lauren, and even Paul. The reason about Paul is because he is always smiling and you can tell he is giving it his all and having a good time doing it.

    I did not like Jacob alot to do with his remarks toward america voting. Casey well all I can say is YUK YUK YUK. Pia yeah she can sing but BORING. I hope these three are in the bottom three with Jacob going home next week Casey then Pia.

    I would like to see this for reasons I mentioned above but to knock them off their high horse that they are so great.

    • Absolutely AGREE with you Melissa and the bottom 3 are Jacob, Jacob and JACOB. Me too hate his comments towards America's voting has got to do with the voters looking at themselves like a Man In The Mirror. I am very sure the judges especially JLO was shock on his video commentary. So unprofessional and self-conceiting, Jacob thought he's the best and most talented and indispensable. So let show him what real voting can cracked his rear view mirror.

  87. Oh my gosh Jacob Lusk was just sooooo gay! He was like a Beyonce copycat! My goodness what a drag queen!

      • Hello, I thought it was just me who see the girly side of Jacob, many say he should stick to gospel, not, hate his voice, love gospel, jacob doesn't fit genre either. Marvin Sapp, Fred hammond powerful gospel singers who don't come off as girly, swaying hips etc. He should be in the bottom 3. comment about america not looking themselves in the mirror if they don't like him, not good. I have tried to be fair and try to like his voice, but I don't. Wont insult him by saying he's drag but persona is girly.

    • Yep I belive he is kinda drag– I judge also on singing and that I dont believe is enough to make him the idol this year- NOPE No way shape or form will he win-

      It will be Scotty or Scotty or Scotty!!!

    • Wahahaha….Jacob swayed his hip like Aretha's in a heavy dosage of Xanax….Red Card for Jacob, out you go Mr Man who already cracked the mirror. Thought Hailey, James and Stefano gave a real stellar show

  88. mean nasty people haters on Jason. love him or Hate him. God gave him a voice most singerrrrrs dream of. God-given natural talent stop hating. Judge him on talent not on what or who you think he is/how you think he should act. it’s a singing competition not a my favorite person. I wish Simon was there. Though I like the new judge they are too nice. Please Please give some constructive advise.

      • I agree with you its funny that the only two blacks out of the top 12 is being judge by the way they look. This is 2011 not 1960. So all of you hater look at yourself and your family member.

    • Hello Sassy, there's no JASON in the competition darling??? Are u in Freddie's nightmare or very much in love with Stefano's brilliant performance just like i did :)….Oh please, dont bring in Simon ever in the show. Good riddance to Mr Nasty for no good reason 🙂

    • Talent is about more than just singing. You know how many people can sing and can't get a singing career. It consists of the artist's overall look, attitude and delivery. Unfortunately, "Jason's" overall delivery is not being received well, and too further turn people off, he makes a stupid comment to the viewers. Acting aside, I think Jacob is a good singer, but there's something off about his singing. I think my problem lies in his lows but I'm not sure. I wish him luck but don't see him being the AI. On that same note, Casey sucks and should be thrown out well before "Jason".

  89. Scotty got my vote this week-Amazing voice and so comfortable on stage. Lots of good ones last nite but Scotty to me was the best!!

    • Oh yeah! Thank you. Casey needs to be out, out and further out. It's unfortunate he won't disappear as a result of the save.

  90. Interesting show! much better and keep me awake most of the time. My personal opinion; i never like Jacob and Pia even though vocally crazy, perfect and whatever you name it; it just boring for me , sorry. I can't stand to see Jacob expression every time he sings; too much:). And Pia needs to improve her stage performance and it just boring. I prefer performance like Casey & Paul. They not always perfect all the time; but voice wise? unique, distinctive. Style? funk, individual. Music taste? not main stream style, brave to keep originality and dare to take risk. These kind of musician i love. Not boring and not necessary must to be perfect vocally all the time.

    • A agree Arum. You hit the nail on the head. They are both unique and bring something new to the show. Not just old copy cat stuff that has been in stage shows since the 70's.

      • Agreed! We need to bring back good music and I believe that Paul and Casey are very much capable of doing that.

    • I admire your admission that you do not like good singers. That puts you one up on the rest of the haters on this forum.

      • Ugh, I think you missed the point. If Sarah Brightman and Janis Joplin were put on the stage to perform I guarantee Janis would blow Sarah away. Why? Because Sarah Brightman is boring and Janis Joplin made a connection to an entire cultural movement. It's not all about the singing or they would be doing scales and arpeggios up there.

  91. I want Jacob to go. I don't really like the way he sings. It's too…idk. Dramatic, yes…but there's something too. Like his lower notes or something. It's just so irritating because he can sing but I think that thing he does kind of ruins it for me. This week's song was a little better than previous since I always just want his part to fast forward so I can miss it.

    James doing Queen would be epic since Queen is just amazing! But I did like his song choice this week, though thought it was a little slow in the beginning but got better as it went on. Having that vulnerability definitely made his song memorable.

    I think it was interesting what song Pia covered. It kind of seemed predictable because didn't Celine Dion did a cover of that song? I kind of want to see something surprising with her song choice, to be quite honest. Though she has chose good songs that showcase her voice.

    • I completely agree with you on everything but Pia. Everyone is dogging on Pia because she's so good and has potential across the board. It's almost like saying you want James to do a Rap or R&B song. All this other shiznit is BS. All these other successful artists singing different song genres didn't start that way. They started on a particular type of music and expanded only when they succeeded, or were running out of options, in their chosen genre. Give the girl a break!!!

      • Pia lacks stage performance , we know she can sing. How many times do the judges have to say to her pick it up? This week will 5 times they have had to tell her to do that. Can you imagine Brittney Spears standing in one place singing i'm a slave for you? lol

      • No, and you make a good point – perhaps without realizing it. Ms. Spears as to jiggle her assets because her voice is not sufficient to attract or entertain on its own. Pia's, imo, is.

      • @ CJ: C'mon!!! At least I see I'm coming around to you slowly but surely. Gary's got it though. That's what I'm talking about, and not to dog Brittney Spears because I think she's always been adorable, and even more so now. Quite frankly with the way she's learned to girate I'd love to see her sing that song while standing in one place. HELLAYEAH I'd like to see that! In fact, right afterwards I'll marry her assets in a minute. But that's a different story. As for Pia, she is def not the Brittney type of artist although if need be they will 'persuade' her to dance to sell the records. As for the judges, they are there to inspire and guide the contestants even at the contestant's expense. So quite frankly, what they recommend doesn't sway me in any way.

  92. This year is a hard one, maybe because they have real producers helping the singers. It really makes a difference. Everyone was good last night, if you don't have a favorite yet last nights performances made it hard to vote. by now I think everyone has a favorite and votes that way. I vote for Scotty everytime no matter what. I just like him all round. Then I vote for the top 4 I thought were good. "Good Luck Scotty" Lauren wasn't that good but not bad either, she got my vote. Can't wait until tonight, It is hard to see anyone go home now 🙁 I cry everyweek.

    • Let me make it simple for you. Without question, either Casey or Jacob need to go before anyone else does!!!!

      • Paul should go next due to his vocal cords problems which could force him to drop soon anyway.

        Jacob's attitude is problem more so than his voice, while for Casey its the other way around.

        Stefano is improving each week but his fan bases may not be strong enough.

        Lauren's song selection is killing her and her youth may be part of that.

  93. I see the final four as Casey, James, Scotty and Haley. Haley is still improving each week, and she is the late comer on my list. Her song choice was superbly better this week. Finally, it suited her voice and singing syle! Casey is good every week. He already has TOTALLY purchasable music and so does James and Scotty. I have followed and appreciate the three guys the whole way through. I think it will be a race to the finish as to who wins out of these guys!

  94. Pia , Pia ,Pia and Pia should go home!!! What a boring, boring, boring performance was that!!!

    What's the use of having a great voice but not able to perform entertainingly! Every other stars performed brilliantly except Pia who keep promising that she will do much better the next week! She is like canvassing for her votes!

    Hope the bottom 3 are Pia, Stefano and Haley! And Pia should go home!!!

    • Yup! kind of agree Pia was boring last night. She can pull off an upbeat number and I start to see Thia's personality in her. Wake up Pia, move around like a true performer like Madonna and Tina Turner combine. Pia has too many hand swaying gesture while Jacob is having too much of hip swaying ala Aretha Franklin and Shakira combine and tha's very Mariah Scarey.

      God please help, Stefano shouldn't be in bottom 3 cos he's amazing. The real bottom 3 based on God's blessing should be Jacob, Casey and Jacob has to go…..Jacob is really rude in the video recording hinting that all American should look at themselves like a Man In The Mirror before casting a vote…and if he lands on bottom 3 he self-claimed that American overlooked his talent????? That's outrageous and uncalled for and so unfair for the rest of the contestants. Period, this Drama-Queen has to go before he stirs on more controversial personality comment. Wake up fellas.

    • Rd, you must be a female. Many women instinctively hate beautiful female entertainers. To answer your question: To listen to on CDs, the radio, etc. Please note that the majority of music is received by the public in such forms. Further, I have never thought it was necessary for a great singer to bounce around a stage to entertain. Have you ever heard of Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra? How about Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, the Platters? What about Harry Connick, Jr and/Michael Buble? How much bouncing did they or do they do?

      • Whether they did bouncing or not, they entertained with their enigmatic presence whenever they performed on stage. If Pia doesnt improve on her stage presence…soon…very soon i mean sooner…she is gonna look flat with her performance…a pale comparison with all the other brilliant performers!Yesterday night i loved Scotty,Paul,James,Casey and Haley's performances so much….but Scotty and Paul's stood out magnificently.

      • Gary & alobar…biggup on your responses!!! Rd must definitely be a femme-hating femme! Pia has stage presence solely on her beauty (which is probably what’s affecting Rd’s judging most) and specifically on the strength and quality of her vocal delivery. Believe me that if need be she will be moving around plenty in time. As I said in another post, many of the entertainers you see today did not start out with all these fancy moves and all the BS. They succeeded primarily on the quality of the music and singing. All the extra BS starts coming after the artists are somewhat going downhill and need to spice up their performances. I liken this to actors who have to start taking off their clothes in order to continue getting roles. Get off your femme-hating horse!

      • Well Naima was all over the stage, very pretty and alot of personality, where did that get her?

    • Rd: Wow, are YOU off base. Possible that Stefano is in the bottom three, but Pia (best voice in the competition) and Haley (the rising star of the show) do NOT belong anywhere NEAR the bottom three.

      Truthfully, I sometimes wonder what show some of you people are watching…

      • I'd rather watch someone with no stage performance than that gayly dancing drag queen….lol!

      • There are many people like you who miss the point of this competition…the big picture. Pia has to find a way to bring something that will define her performances so that she is able to make it in the music industry. I personally don't feel that she has that creative aspect that musicians need. She has a fantastic voice (don't get me wrong, probably the best out of all of them)but so did many other past Idol contestants and now you don't even hear about them. Why? Most likely because they didn't know who they were as an artist.

      • @ tenisaddict: lmao, but that wasn't nice!

        @ M-kom: Maybe you're the one missing the point. Not sure what creative aspect musicians must have. A singer should sing well and look good doing it. Mia has that and simply needs to do more growing that doesn't happen overnight with any artist. What would you suggest she do other than dancing more? Maybe come out in clown costume on a unicycle and juggle some balls? Let me correct you in saying that not all previous contestants, including existing well-known artists, had 'fantastic' voices. Sure they could sing, but they weren't fantastic and beautiful. The real notable non-winners that fit this bill have gone on to do well in singing and other music-related endeavors. Anything can happen in the music industry, like any industry, so there's no guarantee at success. But if they want to make an artist out of anyone, she's a perfect candidate.

    • yea pia i think is a good singer but she is making promises she can't keep. This tells me she only cares about herself and not making the crowd happy. This is not fair. The judges have told her 4 times now to step it up and she won't do it. It's time for her to go home. I'm a good dancer , how about she sings and i can dance for her. lol

      • C'mon, CJ. Who hasn't said they promise they'll do better next week, esp. after the judges refuse to recognize your awesomeness! She steps it up every time with her vocals. Just to hear someone sing beautifully is special. I don't need to be distracted by needless movement that might just sour an otherwise good note. Give me a break! Unfortunately, to sing, you need chords and not legs. Notice the performers come out with backup singers and not dancers! Think about it!!!

      • Well if she wants to sell out a concert she will have to get the glue off the bottom of her feet! I would not pay to watch anyone stand in once place to sing. Soooo boring!! She will make a good Disney movie back up singer. Even Celine Dion moves on the stage. It's going to take more than just a voice to make it you can count on that.

      • At the performance artist level ( not just singer) She is at the equivalent of someone who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. As the judges have pointed out a number of times she needs to step it up . It was never about her vocals because she has that down . She is just not comfortable on the stage and it shows . America wants entertainment!!

      • CJ: Gino V and I take the same stance on singing performances. If you would not buy a ticket to see someone stand in one place and sing, then you would prefer to watch, say, a dancing bear, to hearing Edith Piaf, Enrico Caruso, the Three Tenors, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Harry Connick, Jr. etc. Mr. Connick and other good singers are tied to their instruments when they sing, the others I mentioned, stand to sing because they know that technique requires use of the diaphragm which is hindered by movement.

    • Rd, enigmatic? In what way was Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin enigmatic on stage? Paul only stands out because he is the only one of the 9 who has no perceivable talent.

  95. Congrats all Idols did well on RNRHOF theme. Tough choice for Americans to choose bottom 3 but perhaps easy for me to judge and cast vote based on all-rounder performance matrix. Seriously, Stefano, Scotty and Pia did well. But i think Scotty is very overrated…Bottom 3 should be Paul, Casey and Jacob really has to go, his drama-queen persona is a total turn-off and he was swaying his hip to Man In The Mirror? Wonder where was his sense of dignity in delivering such a serious message in that song. Jacob is just too much of catharsis and catastrophey for this contest. I thought Lauren did really bad so as Casey he was out of pitch 3 times. I pray hard for Stefano to survive cos he's so amazing and magical on stage.

    • I'm with you Leslie, but my order is as follows: Casey, Jacob, Haley/Paul. I'm not sure between Haley or Paul, but Haley turned my group off by throwing in the "Casey growl" into her singing. I can't recall if that's how Janis Joplin sung song, but ither way it was a turn off for us since it made us think of Casey. Down with Casey!!!

      • @ Gary: You're on mark, but these guys are missing something! I do agree that Casey makes me smile, and downright laugh, but not in a good way. Ouch!!! If they keep him fun-loving, soft and tender, I think he has more hope than Jacob. Jacob hasn't done it for me and I think it's the judges fault for comparing him to Luther. No way in heaven or hell at least at this time. I think your advice is the best advice he can take. He has to slow his roll..around the stage and let his voice speak for him.

      • Gino, I agree with you on Pia, but not Casey or Jacob. We probably agree that Jacob would do much better emulating Pia and staying nailed to one spot and just allowing his voice to draw us in. He has a wonderful instrument – as she does. I also agree that Casey does not have a great instrument. His forte is inventiveness and ingenuity. I smile through most of his performances. Making people smile is , in itself, a good thing for an entertainer to do, don’t you think?

      • how did haley throw in a casey growl!? haley has been using her growl since season 9's audition! casey need to stop copying haley's growl and casey really needs to go!

  96. It will come down to James and Scotty. I think we all unfortunately discovered why Pia has been hiding behind her ballads.

  97. Stefano and James were so natural on stage and they are unique and should stay on. Based on performance and vocal gymnastic merits Stefano, James and Hayley neiled it…..And bottom 3 are Jacob, Paul, Casey and possibly Lauren cos she screwed Aretha's classic, no soul and rock punches in her deliverance.

    • Maddy, unique does not equal good or, even, pleasant. Tiny Tim was unique. He also sold a few records because he was unique. He was a flash and gone. Paul and Casey are unique. The former is not good, the latter is. Neither Stefano nor James is unique. Every time you see the lead singer in a rock band, you see the pattern for James. If you know who Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are, then you have seen the pattern for Stefano. BTW, I like those patterns. … The 3 least good (hard for me to say "bottom three" because I think all, except Paul, are good and even he was not bad last night)IMO are, in descending order: Lauren, Hailey, and Paul.

      • I kind of agree with you…Paul is getting into my nerves, his voice has already smacked off my good senses and his stage performance aleady drilled a huge hollow in my head. Honestly, Paul was not serious on stage, he just smirking all the way. Looked at ths stage presentation overall, Lauren did really bad with that rendition of Natural Woman and I dont understand why the judges gave her an overrated comments. I take on Bottom 4 from last nite performance are Lauren, Hailey, Jacob and Paul has to go if not Jacob cos this drama-queen is too much and don't you find his video commentary on American views with reference to Man In The Mirror has got something to do with him at bottom 3. That's so unprofessional and uncalled for and simply bias. Jacob is becoming like the sour grape Naima who blamed teenage girls for siding lots of votes to male contestants which caused her to be eliminated together with Thia. Both Naima and Thia did make the same comments recently and this is really disguting cos votes are meant for everyone's opinion and we should be fair about it cos viewers have the right choice whom they want to cast votes on….Well, Naima and Jacob are really SOLID like a ROCK. Amen to that.

      • Whether he gyrates his hips or sways like gay, Jacob is getting bold and i like that. I want him to go forward. It should be the end for Pia.I fervently hope!

      • I agree with you that contestant’s comments cost them good will. I can even understand Naima’s a little more because they were made after she was eliminated and she was, understandably down. Jacob’s comment was just stupid. It did bring him down in my eyes. Moreover, while I admire his moral stance on the one hand, I think that he may need to stick with Gospel or Christian music if he does not want to sing about sex. Sex sells whether one likes it or not (and, yes, I intended the double meaning).

  98. This forum shows why AI is popular. It allows people to express their opinions on art. Those opinions are most frequently from those untrained in music and just know what they like when "I see it" or, in this case, when they hear it. That is why the technically best singer rarely wins. I mean, Taylor Hicks, really? The real voting comes with the money that will be spend buying what these people produce in the future. Neither Scotty, Jacob, Casey nor Pia may win Idol, but all will make big bucks in the music industry. The guy who sounds like Mickey Mouse with a sore throat may win, but I cannot see him getting out of the honky tonks.

    • i totally agree with! the person with the best voice will not win but the person with the most unique voice will such as haley or paul

  99. I don't understand the craze over Scotty, he's a good singer but he has no stage presents, for sure he CAN NOT hold a MIC. He can't dance, He's goofy, He makes odd statments and so on….. What's wrong with people now a days?

    • Scotty was brilliant i mean BRILLIANT!First time ever i felt so moved swaying to his performance yesterday night!Come on man….he is as good as it gets just like James , Casey , Haley and Paul!!!

      • Odd statements, no stage presence?

        Scotty is a Country singer from North Carolina… He's gonna have some odd statements for those of you who are not from the South, haha. Second, I give him props for moving around on stage last night. Are you REALLY judging someone for the way they hold a mic?

      • Scotty was the best performance of the night. I was sooooooooooo proud of him. Who cares how he holds the mic. I love Lauren and Haley also. I am afraid for Lauren because of her song choice this week. Lauren is a 16 year old child. I want to see her sing young, happy songs. She seems to have lost the enthusiasm she had in the beginning–and OMG the outrageous way they had these girls dressed. That person should be fired.

    • he dont need scotty as an artist! theres too many country artists out there..perhaps we need the blues back like haley 🙂

  100. I'm sure, Casey will be voted off in the elimination night. His performance sucks, I heard someone who's constipated during his performance. BAD! Bye CASEY!

    • @ jessei: agreed a thousand-fold. Casey is way overrated. C'mon, bringing back the upright bass!!! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

      @ Rd: I wonder what kind of music you listen too, and especially what you look like! The music would explain why you might like Casey. Your sex would confirm your serious hating on Pia. If you're a girl, you must be butt ugly. If you're you're pretty, some beautiful girl must have torched one of your bridges. If you're a guy, well…

  101. Maybe they should do a "don't sing a bloody ballad" week enough with the ballads already.I think Stefano should go home or Jacob he said "if I get in the bottom three it won't be because I sang the song wrong it will be because everybody in America wasn't ready to look at themselves in the mirror". Really dude?

    • Have just finished watching the show in Australia and it wasn't a bad show generally speaking. I am a little sick of the judges just praising the contestants and not giving any constructive criticism. Us fans certainly cannot go by what they have to say as it is all false hope and crap most of the time in my opinion. I differ from my OH on the bottom 3 but I feel it should be Jacob, Casey and Stephano. Paul just managed to stay out of the bottom 3 as I thought it was his best performance so far. I wont be sorry to see any of these 3 go, but preferably Casey as I don't think he has any talent at all!!

  102. Best of the night:

    Casey-he's good tonight…I used to think he's awful (from his last few performances!)

    Pia- show people she can up-tempo too…but hate her outfit…yuk!

    Haley: Not bad but I think she "growl" too much in this song (I don't mind if she does it 1 or 2 notes of each song!)

    Wost Performance:

    Jacob: It's so weird to hear a pop/rock song with a gospel singing style I hate his gayly dance on stage! ( I still got nightmares about his tongue which sticking out from my TV & licking me…yuk!)

    If up to me: Jacob is going home.

    But I guess American will send Stefano home…due to smaller fans base than Jacob!

    • @ tenisaddict: I agree with you except for Casey. I still think he's awful. They're trying to soften him up to keep him in, but he still sucks. He's another Taylor Hicks in the makin'. It's cool to hear another person think Haley was growling too much. We thought the same over here and for that put her in the bottom three. But if it were up to us, Casey goes home even if Jacob should be the very next one without fail. But we'll take that in reverse order just fine.

      @ Rd: lmao!!! are you for real? what are you?

      • No, Gino is not gay. He likes Pia too much to be gay. He is just wrong about Casey. Anyone can be wrong. Shoot, I thought I was wrong once … but, I later found out that I was not.

      • @ Gary: Thanks, dude! Definitely not gay, but that's irrelevant since not that there's nothing wrong with. The fact is that I'm very impressed by Pia, as much as some people are impressed by Casey, because she can really sing her assets off. I don't know if you've ever seen someone that can sing like Pia sing in front of your face, but it is awesome. I like that the judges are pushing her, but not at the expense of making her look bad. As for Casey, in all honesty he doesn't do it for me and believe me I've tried to see it. If he's got the goods, power to him. However, I and those hanging with me are totally missing it. Time will tell.

    • @ Bob: Maybe you been Bob'g for too or on too much stick. Why don't you stick Casey's Bass where it don't fit. If you got something constructive to say it you little BEATCH!

      • @ CJ: My bad…lil' Bob got me riled up with his gay BS. You know what they say about them people who like to go around calling people gay! aiiigggghhhtttt!!!

    • I agree that Haley needs to tone the growls down a bit so that her natural singing voice comes through BUT for that song, a Janis Joplin song, it fit perfectly. I'm not comparing her to Janis, but there's not a whole lot of people out there that could pull off what Haley did last night.

  103. SCotty: any one remember when Taylor Hicks won American Idol. "soul Patrol" WELL that is what Scotty has, the look's personality, and he can SING so what if he is not a FRED ASTARE {that is a dancer} my comment is every week he comes out and sings his heart out. PLUS guess what? ALL the women and teen votes. so where do you think that is going to get him? GO SCOTTY

    • LMFAO!!! You are right on!!! Throw Casey in there with his "jack of all trades master of none performances" cause I don't know what f'g market he's going to appeal to. If either of these guys win, Taylor will be saved from being the worst-selling winner!!!

    • Gino, have you ever heard of country music? I do not think Scotty should win AI, but I will be stunned if he does not outsell and make more money in music than the winner because of his appeal to country music fans.

      • @ Gary: Agreed! I had some crap brain freeze on the contestant name when I wrote this. I'm not a major country fan but I do listen to it on occasion and I think Scotty is the goods in that department and he could really fare well. In fact, I hope he kicks ass afterwards, win or lose.

    • scotty will not win..i dont get why his fan base is so high! if u like him im sure u havnt heard real country music. they all sound the same.!

  104. People this is a TALENT show not a beauty contest so how a person looks and he or she sexual preference should not be the criteria to judge. Do an acid test by closing your eyes and listening to the voice. You may be surprise at what you hear.

    Katty your name is soooo appropriate! GOD made us all like the different shapes, size and color crayons in a box. Jacob has a beautiful voice, so does James and each has his own challenge and has been given this special gift of singing.

    Jacob was right in what he said. Look to yourself FIRST and correct your own faults FIRST before you try to change someone else

    • Amen, sister! Absolute truth. People here get so crazed over their own favorite winning, that they lose their minds, and their manners. People need to restrict comments to singing and interpretation and not take rude and personal jabs at people they don't know.

    • The problem with your comment is that you think TALENT is limited to singing, presuming you think we HAVE to like that singing. But as I said before talent for a singer, esp. in this arena, encompasses several criteria of which above singing one is looks (aka beauty)and another is personality (which includes sexual preferences). The message of the man in the mirror is a good one, but not in how Jacob used it esp. since he hasn't been put in the bottom three since the start of the show. But now we're getting to the nitty gritty and he needs to wo-man up and stop beatching. If it were for whatever his and your concerns were, he would've been out a long time ago. He fudged it up with that one!

    • This is AMerican Idol & not American got talent. Therefore, look is as important for this show..I can’t imagine an ugly idol though….lol!

  105. For once (i think) Branden….I really, really hope you are wrong. The last person I want going home this week is Stefano. His song wasn't easy but he made it his own…it was class.

    I was also honestly blown away by Scotty's performance. I didn't know he had those 'growls' in him…or much of that character in him in any case. I can definitely see him winning this things now, but who knows. I do agree with you Branden that no one sucked this time…it's gonna be a hard night Thursday.

  106. i just watched idol in australia, it was fantastic tonight, briefly my comments are, jacob – boring, trying to hard, paul – amazing, pia – plank of wood..she is not celine dion, hayley is promising, stefano so so boring, casey was disappointing tonight, james was excellent, lauren i think is out of her depth, scotty – fabulous…cant wait to see tomorrows show,

  107. I called it weeks ago! Jacob needs to go! His ignorant comment to America was the last straw. I hope he gets booted tonight for sure.

    James has the whole package. He brings it every time and is very entertaining, he will make a great role model.

    Stefano and Paul need to go too, enough is enough. Pia has been jammed down our throats long enough, up beat tempo and she still proved she has NO stage performance – still sounded like ballad, she can sing but is very boring . Lauren is a FAV for sure but still waiting to hear her belt it out like she did when she tried out an sang with Steven Tyler…I believe she is holding back but when she is ready she is going to give everyone chills.

    I hope America gets it right! Jacob needs to go tonight!!

    • You are right!!! And James shows everyone he loves to be a performer . There is nothing fake at all about him. I hope he wins , he would deserve it. He is the whole package .

  108. WOW!! Scotty rocked last night. No need to worry where he is going. He gets my vote every week. Keep it up Scotty

  109. Tough to decide, but for me the best were:

    Scotty, Pia, Haley & Paul.

    My bottom 3: Stefano, Jacob and Casey

  110. I have nothing against beautiful women, God Bless them all, however a beautiful voice and face does not an American Idol make. Pia performs to herself and no one else. It is the same "Car Show Model" hand gestures and howling at the moon profile moves each week. She is seriously lacking in the personality department. She needs to be in a recording studio and maybe a great album with her gorgeous face on a CD cover, but NOT on a stage!

    • I agree, she doesn't have much of a personality. She is way too conservative for me. She needs to show some sex appeal put on a mini and some high heals :^ and move your body.

  111. Haley will win this thing, she is the only contestant that is getting better every week. Go Haley!

      • Alan…..I said the exact same thing last night…..I'm detecting Scotty is starting to get too big for his britches…….He is not great….I thought his performance was mediocre. He is no ELVIS and should stay away from Elvis' songs…..He is really letting all the hoopla get to him……

  112. I love country music and wouln't mind Scotty singing 1 or 2 songs but his voice in the long run is annoying.

    • @ Kim: Another hatin' femme bot. I'm far from a BEATCH, BEATCH!!! LMAO! Like I told you're freak friend above, stick Casey's standing Bass up your ass and if you have something constructive to say, say it. Ridiculous!

    • @ David P.: WOW…more brilliantly fulfilling commentary. Dude! Maybe my criticism wasn't constructive, I'll give you that. However, I don't think it was totally void of any value as it relates to this and the follow-up posts. If you're a big Casey fan, simply give your props to the man and say we "Casey Sucks" fans must be out of our friggin minds. But I don't think even you have that much conviction for wild man Casey. Don't worry, I think he'll be growling for a while longer if good people keep getting mislead by the judges and pissed voters just vote to keep the worst in. Buyaaaaa!!!

  113. Bottom 3 are:

    Jacob – He is awful. Do I want to hear him on the radio? Answer HELL NO. Plus he is a little diva. Get him out of here.

    Stefano – Please untuck your pants out of your shoes and go back to the place you came from. Your 4'11 and squinting all the time. Not to mention you pick all the teenie bopper songs to win votes. Awful.

    Lauren – She is the weakest of the girls that's left on the show. I have nothing bad to say except she had a weak performance.

    Why people hating on Paul so much. If you guys go listen to the studio stuff he is by far the best. Radio material. James is cool too. Not the best song this week but it wasn't terrible.

  114. The problem I have with a lot of your comments is one day, you say Scotty needs to step out of his comfort zone, or Pia needs to step out of her comfort zone, do a faster song, do something that's not Country, then the second they do… it's all "Scotty, has NO stage presence, he holds his microphone SO awkwardly, what are people thinking voting for him?" Then there's Pia, "She's still boring, Now, we know why she sticks to ballads, Pia needs to go NOW," I'm sorry to break it to ya, but, Pia and Scotty along with James have the biggest fan bases on the show right now… Casey probably is close up in there too, since his fans are on fire because they accidentally let him slip one week. I think a lot of people get fans faster than others and when the people who are fans of the "not-frontrunners" they get a little defensive. No matter what YOU say, if you do your research Scotty, Pia, James, and Casey have HUGE fan bases.

      • Haha, yes, I actually do love Paul as well, those are not my favorite though, I was just stating a fact about who has the most fans.

        In my opinion I'd rank them like this:

        1. Scotty

        2. Lauren

        3. Casey

        4. Paul

        5. Haley

        6. Pia

        7. James

        8. Jacob

        9. Stefano

        That's based solely on my opinion.

      • I think you are off a bit on the fan base rankings. From polls I have seen Scotty is way out in front with Pia and James tied for 2nd. Jacob, Paul and Stefano are all very close to bottom so any one of them could go home this week.

        1. Scotty

        2. Pia

        3. James

        4. Casey

        5. Haley

        6. Lauren

        7. Jacob

        8. Paul

        9. Stefano

    • I'm with you on Pia & James! You're way wrong on Scotty and especially Casey. Their fan base are the one that put through fun-loving Soul Patrol leader Taylor Hicks and kept Sanjaya alive for kicks. Scotty will eventually go…just not sure if before 1 or 2 others. Casey should've been out when he was voted out and will be out without question! Unfortunately, it might be later than normal due to the jokesters who want to keep him in to make us suffer.

    • Can you point me in the "research" department so I can see for myself where you are seeing this huge fan base that PIa has?

      • @Roni Do you want the links? Because they have to approve those first. But, if you go to and go to the predictions, it'll show you who's getting all the phone votes. Go to Scotty's twitter, he has over 60,000 followers, he definitely gained 2,000 followers alone after his performance last night, He has more than anyone, 2nd being Casey… If you go to a lot of these online reviews a lot of them will have polls (asking who you're voting for) most of them have Scotty & Pia in the lead, with James near behind! 🙂 That's just to name a few.

        @Gino V.

        If you recall Ryan said Casey would be EXTREMELY proud of how many votes he got last week, and you can see what I posted @Roni for a Scotty explanation. 🙂

      • @ Roni: I hear you. I'm not denying they didn't get the votes. I'm explaining why they got the votes and may, humorously, continue to get them. This is so true esp. in Casey's 'case'. He got voted out and it wasn't because his fan base fell asleep. As far as entertainment goes, he's entertaining (like Taylor or Sanjaya) and that's what is keeping him alive. Don't get me wrong, I would pay to see him in a circus. However, as for singing, I wouldn't pay outside of throwing him some change on a sidewalk. He's taken the whole thing lightly since the start and, that aside, he's just simply annoying. I don't know where to see/hear this guy and I'm surprised the judges haven't pushed him on it. What kind of artist is he? You know!?

      • @Gino V. I MIGHT agree a little with the Casey thing… But, believe it or not I think people legitimately and honestly like Scotty. That's the kind of music Country music fans are looking for. So, I don't think Scotty relates in ANY way what so ever with Taylor Hicks. Scotty will no doubt have a great career in Country music. I think his fans like him for his music not for gits & shiggles, their not voting for him just to keep him in the competition to annoy people.

  115. jacob: I can not stand him, he needs to go back to church,that is where he belongs!!

    Haley: IS IMPROVING! I am very proud of her, it would be a shame to see her go right now i dont think we have seen her at her best yet

    LAUREN: I like when she sings ballets or slow songs but she is going downhill it seems which is sad because she has the vocals and has always been one of my favorites.

    Casey: i like casey but this week it did not do it for me , honestly i cant even remember his peformance! Not good

    Scotty: i loved it, i really really did! Now he can sing and the song was perfect when he preforms he does look goofy tho. but i guess that is his charm? lol

    PIA: Im sick of her, yes the girl can sing and has a great voice but she just is boring to me i dont know why? but she is…

    JAMES: I thought it was okay. not his best but he will be safe he has a huge fan base which i am not one of but he will go far.

    PAUL: You know what i never really liked paul. i mean i love his teeth and his weird charm but singing i just never got it.. this week i do! I liked it alot and i was shocked!

    STEPHANO: Never been a fan but he also did pretty good this week,i still think he is going home but it is sad bc he is improving!


    • From personally knowing Paul and seeing him perform a with his band, the way he sang this week is how he normally is.

      He isn't American Idol. He isn't the pop douche like Stefano. He is a dude with a guitar who likes to JAM. That's what he did, and people liked it.

      • Well if your personally know him, pass this message to him. That was his best performance that I have seen form him, hands down. I re-check the studio tunes on all of them, compare to live etc. Last night, that was an eye opening performance, very very solid. Tell him to contiune that way, with git in hand, bring those bigger vocals, his middle run was outstanding! Very good job. Clap clap

      • i agree…send him the message to continue along this vein. He also sang in a key that best suited his voice and allowed him to be better heard. great job. he rules.

    • You're somewhat right except for James! I have to hand it to him like I had to hand it to Adam Lambert! Amazing performances and, esp., vocals.

    • @ Kim: The people that must disappear from here are ones like you who don't provide nothing more than useless and ignorant comments? You want me to go because I don't like Casey? Boohoo! If you can't take the heat get the fudge out the kitchen!

    • @ CJ: Agreed. For me it's a toss up between him and Pia. There may be another potential in the mix, but these two definitely should be in the top three.

      @ David P.: Let me get some of what you are smokin'? His vocals are not that great and he's overrated? The performance was just based on good song choice? Wha, wha, wHAT!!! LMAO!!! There's no way I can side with you on any of that in the least bit. Now you want to say he's a bit of an eyesore, High Five!

  116. This isn’t timely after 3 pages of comments, but hey.. Overall – I have to give last night a medium, it was on the boring side for a Rock week. I though song choices were very good honestly.

    I didn’t’ love Jacob, thought it was ok, I wish he picked a different MJ song, that one happens to be on the boring side, however he did it well.

    Haley, she nailed the Janice song, very well done, but exactly like the original. I haven’t heard what Haley will be as an artist. I really wanted a different song from her.

    Side note: the clips of the judges saying Haley like Janis Jopin this and that etc, and Randy having to explain what he means, with blues etc blah blah, directly is the point I wanted to make about how the judges criticism and advice is just plain terrible this year, across the board. How about trying to be more accurate and real in the critique?! It needs immediate improvement!

    Casey did the song well, again, boring side, but he did it well. His voice matches CCR, so he could easily do that kind of music. It just was similar to the original, and I’m really surprised, it was not memorable. I like Casey, but not that song choice. I suggest Stray Cats, and he would have rocked the place. Lost opportunity.

    Lauren, I’m so disappointed, she sang it well, yes, and has good vocals, boring side of a song choice. So many to choose from.. easy could have taken any rock song and made it Lauren..

    James, well, slowing it down worked, he sang it very well. He showed control and had the big notes at the end and slide in his trademark. He doesn’t have the tenderness of like Adam L with Mad World to compare. The song choice was so so, I agree with Branden, different one would have been better

    Scotty, I say this and I am not a country fan. He crushed that song, that was extremely good. The Elvis style could absolutely work for his career and I might guess be bigger and better than a country only artist. At his age, and his abilities, if he does that style, he could approach the Elvis, Beatles type level, seriously. I personally don’t love Scotty, but he has a calling, period.

    Side note: What was with the girls running up? Staged?


    Pia, sang it well, but the I didn’t love it overall. I don’t think that song registers with the audience; she did great with the vocals, and was great, but seriously, song choice again. Didn’t like her outfit either, was distracting me from her performance for some reason.

    Stefano granted he is good, boring song choice and he missed on some notes slightly which was not pointed out. Goosebumps, not in the least. Song is overdone

    Paul had an outstanding performance, and needs to bring those vocals every week form now on. That was his best so far in my opinion, and needs to have git in hand. Very good.

    • Opps Sorry, song choices weren't very good I meant to say

      Also, if Scotty and his vocals happened to have Adam Lambert's looks, he would be the next coming of Elvis..

    • Paul is an odd one, I have not voted for him once, but my wife has DLed two of his songs…which we both agreed were pretty awesome. I find his stuff hit or miss, like last night, total miss. I mean did he understand the words he was singing? Folsom Prison Blues…the song wasn't written to be rushed and smiled through…his version of it just didn't jive with the lyrics or natural tempo. He was more like a 5 year old on a suger rush.

  117. James did what everone wanted him to do…..sing a ballet and he did…..He was outstanding….

    Branden: Love your comments…..

    Bottom Three: Lauren, Jacob and Stefano….Lauren should be going home but she is a fan favorite. Probably Stefano but I hope not…

    • Stefano is like the male version of Pia, no personality. I know this isn't a personality contest, but please.

    • I was ok with James last night, but I didn't think it was his best work. He showed a Rock Ballad side, but will I DL it? Nope

    • Yes James was really good and I felt his connection with that song…good job man!!!

    • I like Pia, she is beautiful, she has a amazing singing voice, and she seems fairly nice. That said, I don't see her work last night as doing her any favors. I need to see her do something newer and more upbeat.

      • I would definitely say he is not ugly but my husband and I laugh because everytime that we see him we can't help but think, "little George Bush". I totally looks like GWB as a child. Just on a different stage is all:)

      • That's exactly what I thought tonight – a young George Bush! I'm watching in New Zealand so it's a couple of days behind the U.S.

  118. This is the first week there's been much I disagree with in your recap. First, I thought that James gave easily the best performance of the night and, maybe, the season. I think his instincts in slowing it down this week were perfect. I think that is a performance that will be remembered. That was the first time this season I felt like I was watching the next American Idol.

    I still couldn't stomach Jacob and I think that the lead-off spot might be enough to land him in the bottom three. I thought Paul's performance was horrible. That song did not work at all for me as an upbeat song; the mood did not match the lyrics. I think the pimp spot might keep him on the show, but I think he still lands in the bottom three.

    This was the first time I liked Haley. Janis isn't easy to do (no less than Carrie Underwood bombed horribly on that same song). This was also the first time I DIDN'T like Scotty. It was a bit of a mess for me.

    Pia finally kept her weekly promise to give us an upbeat song. She killed it, but I got the definite impression that she was relieved to have it out of the way and can't wait to get back to her usual perfectly-sung, deadly-dull ballads.

    Stefano was boring as usual. Boring song, boring performance, utterly forgettable, at least in my opinion.

    My bottom three: Jacob, Stefano, Paul with Stefano going home. Partly because Haley did so well and partly because there are only three women left so they stand out a little more and their votes won't be split much.

  119. Scotty can walk away tomorrow and be all set for a career.

    Pia Beautiful, Great voice, but we need more life from her

    James Love his performances, but by in large I am getting annoyed by the constant focus on him this season.

    Casey Dude rocks, but he has been changing too much to suit the judges. Getting nearly kicked off got to him.

    Jacob I just don't get him. Nice voice but Gospel is not making a comeback

    Haley Being so low key for the first part of the season I figured she would be gone by now. I like her, and think she is starting really get into the race.

    Lauren…I hope she goes country. I love this kid, but she is not showing her self well. Her song choice…was just bad.

    Paul…Hit or Miss and last night was a Miss. I love it when he slows down and lets his smooth tones work, hate it when he goes all hyper.

    Stefano He is last on my list because I always forget him. Great voice, he is a pretty boy but…who cares?

  120. Haily Reinhart has the best stage presence.

    Loved that she did Janis, but disappointed with the song choice. "Piece Of My Heart" is so over done on AI. She could have really rocked "Move Over" by Janis. To younger bloggers, if you haven't heard this song, look up Janis's live version of "Move Over" and imagine Haily doing it, would have made a huge difference.

  121. Haily Reinhart should have sung "Move Over" by Janis Joplin. She would have rocked it. If younger bloggers are not familiar with the song, they should look it up.

    "Piece of My Heart" way over done on AI and no one can do it as well as Janis did.

    • i agree so much!! everytime i listen to janis on my ipod i start to think of haley! haley is the most unique on the show and the others we already have out there but we need the blues back!

  122. I have never really gotten the appeal of Jacob or Paul. So much talent and then — dun…dun…dun – those two. 🙁

    I felt the same about Scotty, before last night, but he was so fun last night!!! He would do really well with rockabilly. Also, I have to say Scotty sure is cool as a cucumber always and he is so young!

    The Girls! I love all three girls that are left for three totally different reasons. Speaking purely vocally and in the realm of what appeals to me — Haley is my favorite of the three! She has a truly sexy (without having to try to be) voice. It's full of power!

    Pia's voice is amazing…but if I were to listen to an album of her style of music – I would fall asleep.

    I love the tone to Lauren's voice as well. I feel like it may take her a few more years of experimentation to develop her emotional connection the songs she sings.

    The GUYs! Again, why people enjoy Jacob and Paul is just lost on me, I truly don't understand.

    James is my favorite guy, great voice and heart. Next is Casey (He only made me upset when he took on the anthem of my youth (Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana) and murdered it. I like his versatility in instrument playing more than his voice per say. I find Stefano enchanting because he is like a huge beating heart on stage.

  123. oooooooooooooooooooo myyyy godddddddddddddd

    last night wasssssssssss awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    stefano and paul and scotty…

    heyyyy stefanoo iam the fannnnnnnn right here in irAN

  124. ooOO my God who will gonna vote off…. tomorrow will be a rough dayyyyyyyyyyyy…soooo stressfulll…..

    hey american plzzzzzzz decideee fairlyyyyyyyyyyy

  125. People will vote…but will they sell music. There's only once clear winner here. He has talent, voice & stage Presence!! James my vote is for you. WIN or not…you've made yourself known.

  126. Ummm, interesting read Branden; but…. this how I “heard” it last night:

    Thought it was one of the best shows of the season.

    Jacob, unfortunately still don’t like his singing voice. All of the songs he sings starting to sound the same. REALLY disliked what he said in vid before song. I was another who took it “wrong way” about how it wouldn’t be HIS singing or song choice’s fault if he didn’t get votes and that WE should be the ones to look in the mirror or some such stupid thing. I’m sure there were lots of others in my shoes and he might/should be in danger tonight. Bottom 3.

    Haley, she definitely got a “Piece Of My Heart” last night. Agree her best as yet. Not as good as Crystal Bowersox's version but pretty darned good.

    Casey, not bad a’tall. Taking it much more seriously it seems after nearly being voted off and was happy with his version of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”. Loved his use of upright bass.

    Lauren, is among my top 3. Thought she sang very well tonight….one of her strongest performances.

    James, I knew he could sing a great slower song…as he did previously with Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”. I thought he did another amazing job with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Loved, loved, loved him tonight. My Top 3.

    Scotty, did Elvis proud. Judge's are right, Scotty’s in it to win it! My top 3.

    Pia, should sing more upbeat songs as she killed it tonight… but still looks uncomfortable on stage….She does have amazing vocals yes, but I just can’t/won’t vote for her…..not yet.

    Stefano, he did a pretty good job with “When A Man Loves A Woman” but can’t seem to keep his eyes open and connect with audience. I don’t think it was enough to keep him out of bottom 3.

    Paul, I don’t get it, why was he smiling so much with “Folsom Prison Blues”? I’m a fan of Johnny Cash’s and he liked to experiment as well, musically, but what the heck ? I’ll give Paul credit for trying to make it his own, but he failed miserably to my mind…..Bottom 3.

    ……and that’s the way I “heard” it.

  127. As much as I love Pia I'm not amazed this happened. It was in the cards. It's amazing how the judges wonder what happened when they know damn f'g well what happened! Their constant negative critique of Pia's performances finally did her in. It's exactly what I said somewhere above. I hope the f'g a$$hole Casey wins now to see what he's going to sell!!!

  128. I cant take american…..Pia went home, stupid thing ever…Open the vote scope to Canada…American dont know how to vote…..

  129. Pia Toscano out??? What???? The results only show that Americans are either deaf or stup_d….

  130. If this voting trend continues (with Jacob and Stefano in the bottom 3 with Pia), this is going to be an all white, no minorities American Idol season, what with all the Italian Americans, Spanish Americans,blacks and Asian Americans voted off already. Such bigots.

  131. Well…didn't see that coming. If the 3 stooges wouldn't of waisted the SAVE they could have use it to save someone that has real talent. Way to go!!

  132. jacob-he is a true artist! i understand his whole gospel thing and his dramatic faces cuz thats wat a true artsit has and needs

    haley-the best of the night!!!!! ive been a haley fan since round three in hollywood when she sang "good bless the child" and since then shes been fantastic…rocked the janis

    casey-i dont understand why people like him? i honestly liked his performance last night but he has no real voice

    lauren-the song choice was really stupid too me.

    james-cant stand one bit of him! he really needs to go…its just watching adam lambert again and james brings no originality to the stage

    scotty-his performance was epic last night just cuz i love elvis but i feel that we dont need another country singer out there

    pia-so sad she left 🙁 i know she wouldve gone far

    stefano-he doesnt bring anything new to the stage and i was expecting him to leave and hes just so boring to watch

    paul-his voice really gets on my nerves but i guess hes alright…

  133. Obviously the voters in American idol are suffering a brain damage with accute idiocy.No more Idol for ne.Byeeee

  134. I was very sad to see Pia go Sh is classy and beautiful with an amazing voice. I thought James was awesome, they are all talented and amazing young performers it is so difficult to choose !!!

    this is best idol season that I ever remember!!!

  135. I was also sad to see Pia go. I expected to see her make it at least to the top five; but, I never expected her to win. I'm not 13; but, I do think the guys are just better than the gals this year.

  136. I absolutely LOVED Paul's performance – one of his best in the show!! It was awesome! I wanted to get up from the couch and go crazy with him!!

    And Stefano… seriously, I hated it! Did anybody here see Michael Grimm from America's Got Talent singing that exact same song? If you make a comparison, Stefano sounds horrible!!!!

    And Lauren, in my opinion, needs to stop doing that "Thank you" every time after she sings… It sounds like she is singing in a bar when she does that….

    • Someone also needs to tell Lauren that American Idols are role models. Lots of young girls watching. All of the overdone makeup on Lauren makes her look like a 30 year old mother. No one would guess that she is 16. Looking older is not a good thing. She doesn't look young and fresh…..

      • I agree about the makeup thing. As a 16-year-old myself, I only wear makeup on special occasions, or if I'm having a really bad day and need a pick-me-up. All the makeup caked on the girls this season is revolting. The only girls left are Haley and Lauren, but I doubt either one of them will make it to the Top 2.

  137. The save used way to early… BUT Pias got it made she will be recording before they even announce the next idol..shes in the foot steps of Jennifer Hudson(oscar)and Daughtry(grammys)..

    America dosent always get it right just by how we see some of the past idols performaces as they moved on to bigger stages and records,the remaning are all talented (minus the whole package)which will make it tough to choose..(except for PAUL hes torture version of the show).

    As far as being bigots I would say the Judging panel makes a statement as to how they sway voters to vote to be since its mixed races panle..

    Stefano will get all my Pia votes…

  138. The fact that Pia could be voted off leaves me wondering, "Does the boomer generation need to vote?"

    I voted a few years ago by phone, and found it to be a hassle. I should have voted online. I have an ipad, but its so hard to get a decent website on.

    I am no longer watching the show since there is no longer a reason to.

  139. I think the judges better wake up and give better feed back I really like them all,but its time to get real with some strong love constructive criticism. You judges have the talent to do it. I believe in all of you………

  140. Scotty has so much to offer. don't let them talk you into rap and rock.The rest of the group all sound alike, sticking the mike in their mouth so you can't hear the lyrics.

  141. I no longer care who will be the winner this year, after that fiasco with Pia!! I think that the judges made a big error by supporting a contestant too early in the competition and by not supporting Pia…..She is the best of them all and she could easy be the Celine of the USA….Do something and bring her BACK!!!

    You may think that you have better contestants this year than ever before and until yesterday i did to, but now without Pia I have serious reservations. Look from the get go she has been the BEST. I am only a fan and I am very sorry that she will no-longer be competing…Judges get with it!!

    Clive Davis..This could be your next SUPER STAR!!

    • They will never bring Pia back for several reason:

      1) There would be an outrage over Thia and Naomi not being brought back.

      2) Pia would never put herself in that position that the Thia and Naomi supporters would definitely make sure she got voted off again right away. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

      3) Pia has already moved on to bigger and better with recording studio interviews, talk shows, etc. She doesn't need a teeny bopper talent contest anymore.

      I will no longer watch. The producers ruined this show by not listening to the problem about voting when Daughtery and Hudson got voted off too early. They could have fixed the over voting issue long ago and stopped the anger and frustration of the viewers.

      I'd love to see what Simon Cowell thought about the elimination. Someone needs to interview him now!

  142. This is Bizzaro world where up is down, right is left and good (Pia) is bad & The Bad judges and Paul (Sanjaya) Mc Donald are good. Go figure

    • Your right, go figure Pia is gone, the judging system is bad. Paul Mcdonald and Casey Abrams should be gone. He should have been gone 2 weeks ago rather than being saved.

  143. I hate the Elimination results. For God's sake. Why did Pia got eliminated? I even thought that she would be in the finale with James Durbin. Looks like the winner would be a nobody this year. JAMES DURBIN or CASEY ABRAMS for the win!

  144. The elimination of Pia this week was an asbolute shocker. I think voters in America need to wake up to reality. This is a talent contest looking for future musicians, and you got it so damn wrong in voting Pia out. I think she was one of the, if not the best total package one could ask for in the music field. I have lost the zest to watch Amercial Idol now, but the only one that will keep me interested will be Scotty, coz I think he is an outstanding country singer. As for Pia, you were the best and you will remain the best and you could be rest assured, should you come out as an artist, we will be around to back you up for a fantastic music career.

  145. They used a save way to early. Why, just to save Werewold Boy…hes disgusting. And now they get rid of one of the top three best singers. But on the other side of the coin, what is WRONG with you Idol having that terrible terrible wrinkled THING they had as a guest. I cant even remember his name, with his wrinkled saggy old self there. What a waste of TV time. And too, Constantine blew that song, one of the best songs out there and he sounded terrible. Im losing interest in American Idol

  146. i thnk stefano should sing girlfriend by tyler meideros it looks like its his style….and stefano i probably think that you will be at the top!!!!!!!

  147. The judges seemed shocked when Pia was voted off but it was their poor decision to save Casey that allowed a really talented performer to go. Casey sings ok but mediocre so I don't see the judges excitement for this guy nor for Paul who is a really poor man's Rod Stewart with a lousy voice. At least when Simon was on, there was real judging and not all the gushing we currently get. I like all the current judges but there needs to be more critical assessment of the poorest performers. It's as if the judges feel sorry for being critical if need be. Pia will go on much further than either Paul or Casey in her career. The "save" was used way too early and should be used in the last two challenges. Let's face it, the judges felt sorry for Casey and he should have been long gone.

  148. There are a lot us who are Haley fans. I down loaded every song shes did this year. Scotty, James, Casey, and Lauren are super too. Great year.

    Haley is my absolute all time favorite idol contestant. Love, love her voice.

  149. They need to have a better voting system and limit the number of votes a person is allowed to place. There currently is no limit so if you wanted to continuously vote for someone for the whole 2 hour period, you can. If many people are doing that for their favorites, it will certainly skew what the American Idol audience really feels about certain performers. Dancing with the Stars allows you the same number of votes there are as number of contestants. You can use them all for one or divide them however you like. Much fairer system for all.

  150. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but Scotty looks just like Alfred E. Neuman….you know, from MAD Magazine. Don't get me wrong, I think he's got a great voice(not a big country fan myself) but he is a little funny looking.

    If you don't know who I mean, check out Mad Magazine covers and then respond… :o)

  151. Could not beleive that Pia was voted out – she along with Casey and Lauren are sure the best. The SHOCK on the Judges faces said it all. Unbeleivable. Pia will reach new hights with this – May she walk in the steps of Chris Daughtry – You go girl – Shock the world again, its all up to you and you CAN do it!!!! We love you !!!!! Good luck from your friends in South Africa !!!!

  152. What's wrong America? I just don't get the results!. Let's move on, I love Haley her voice is so unique she's sexy and a great performer, so sad judges always find something wrong with her and that makes America doubt of her talent!.

    James is has a great voice and he's a good performer! I started this season being a Casey and Haley fan but Casey is getting boring for me!!!

  153. Paul I love your style…PLEASE don't stop the hopping and skipping….you are a great inspiration and a true lover…

  154. I believe, as so many others I'm sure believe, that Pia was probably millions of folks 2nd or 3rd choice for their favorite idol. Or, that they new she was a shoe in and so voted for others. I believe that the public voting for idol should include 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks until it gets down to the final 3 or 4. Pia should never have been voted off this early! So sad!

  155. OKAY LOOK,












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