American Idol 2011: Thank God For James Durbin!!

I know I criticized James Durbin for trying to be Adam Lambert earlier in the year but that changed last night because he rocked the house for American Idol 2011.  I’ve been waiting for that kind of performance from anyone this season and even though I wasn’t crazy about the song choice I loved hearing him sing it!

Other stand outs were of course Casey Abrams who is not my favorite in the competition but is crazy good with his own style and technique, and Jacob Lusk.  Again I do not care for the style of music we get from Jacob but the way he feels the music, you can tell he puts his entire heart and soul into his performance. 

It pains me to say this because I was such a fan of John Wayne Shultz but Scotty McCreery is going to have a career in the country music industry.  He picked the perfect song for his voice and already sounds like he can be on the radio.  I was very impressed with him last night. 

Everyone else was middle of the road to me except those that were just terrible and the worst was Jordan Dorsey.  Are you kidding me with trying to sing Usher’s “OMG”?  I happened to love that song when it came out and to hear someone else butcher it was NOT cool lol.  Tim Halperin was a huge disappointment and Brett Lowenstern wasn’t too terrible but “Light My Fire” is a classic rock song and shouldn’t be sung as a ballad. 

So for me I think James, Casey, Scotty, Jacob and maybe Brett will all stay.  Brett’s the VFTW pick so he might have a chance lol.  If not him then Stefana Langone.  I know we have a lot of Paul MacDonald fans out there but I hope if he stays, he keeps away from Rod Stewart and brings his songs into this generation.

Who was your favorite of the American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys last night?