American Idol 2011 Top 12 Girls Perform Tonight

American Idol is back tonight with this season’s Top 12 Girls performing for your votes and after some of the guys last night their work is cut out for them.

Of course the online voting via Facebook will be back again tonight so be sure you’re registered and ready to get that going. Now is also the perfect time to join us on Facebook so you don’t miss another Idol event.

You can go ahead and take a peak at the Top 12 Girls’ spoilers if you want to know what each of the ladies will be singing on tonight’s show. Some pretty good song selections in there, but we’ll have to wait and see if they can deliver.

Going in to tonight’s American Idol show, which singer is your favorite so far?




  1. Blessings Scott hope you win. Your a good kid! Keep your eye on God and you will go places! Betty

  2. Pia's big voice and range has to be one of the favorite's going in. Plus she seems nice.

  3. Matt….I clicked on the AI 2011 schedule but it only goes thru March 3rd…no update on that?

    • Sorry, that's all FOX provided back in January. They like to keep it flexible so we don't know with much certainty when we'll get a double elimination or no elimination.

      The didn't even have it right when it came down to Vegas week since that showed up a few days early.

      At this point you can expect things to continue being whittled down until an end of May finale show.

    • Bite your tongue, young lady. He was good, but Luther couldn't even sing as well as Luther.

    • mine 2 because she sung so buttyfully she is just…….i know shes going to win do u?

  4. I wish Jennifer would quit talking on top of Randy! He does have a bit more experience at this job and I want to hear what he says. She only does it to Randy and no one does it to her. I love Jennifer and am enjoying the entire panel this season, but it's a little uncomfortable as a viewer. She needs to remember that these kids need guidance and Randy, again, is the most experienced.

      • I agree, Randy comes with years of experience and has a good ear for songs that fit contestants. Jennifer needs to be a good listener!

  5. Just want to let Karen Rodriguez, you are the best! America loves you!!! You touched my heart and made me cry…. Just keep being yourself!

      • You could feel Karen, she sings from the heart. Bridging the two languages was an ideal move to bring in both audiences. Way to go Karen.

  6. Julie you are a great singer not the best song for you. NONe should do a past AI singer's song. NOT good. I'm still voting for you cause you have a great voice. SING out SHOW THE POWER YOU HAVE.

  7. Naima, She is great and sing with feelings, like there is something buried deep within and it is gradually surfacing.

  8. Remember all are Winners. It is very difficult to choose only one……..Keep going you will shine….

  9. Lauren Alania is amazing, no doubt her little country self and big country voice will take her far. shes adorable and very talented 🙂

  10. Wow! what an angel! she sends chills up my spine and I can't sit still when she sings! That's when you know the singing/performance is beyond an ordinary girl and thats what we want to watch and listen to! I've been a fan of hers from her first audition!!! keep pushin' girl! we're behind you!

  11. 5 fav's on tonight's show:

    1.Lauren T. 2.Ashthon 3.Haley 4.Thia 5.Pia

    So exciting!!! Tomorrow night will be such a

    "sit on the edge of your seat" (er)!!!!!

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think Karen was awsome because the way she sung her song i was so impressed like what the………ANYWAYS GO KAREN I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Following Up On My Prediction For The Top 6 Guys Here's My Top 6 Girl's And My Final Pick For The Last Of The 3 Wild Card Spots. Check Back I Have A Very Good Record Picking These Right!

    1. Pia

    2. Thia

    3. Lauren A.

    4. Naima

    5. Lauren T.

    6. Karen

    And After The 6 Boys I Picked And 6 Girls The Final Wild Card Will Go To.

    7. Kendra

  14. I think too much was made from Pia’s performance, she’s good but my picks for the 6 would be: Random order
    Naima,Thia,Lauren,Ashton,Karen & Pia all the others could go home.

  15. I am very disappointed that kendra did not make the cut she has everything to be a superstar.

  16. i like to vote thea megia her great performance is pleasing everyone and attracts the attention of everybody…………

    good luck thea megia

  17. i would like to vote for thea

    i'd like her performance tonight…..

    good luck to all finalist

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