American Idol 2011: Thank God For James Durbin!!

I know I criticized James Durbin for trying to be Adam Lambert earlier in the year but that changed last night because he rocked the house for American Idol 2011.  I’ve been waiting for that kind of performance from anyone this season and even though I wasn’t crazy about the song choice I loved hearing him sing it!

Other stand outs were of course Casey Abrams who is not my favorite in the competition but is crazy good with his own style and technique, and Jacob Lusk.  Again I do not care for the style of music we get from Jacob but the way he feels the music, you can tell he puts his entire heart and soul into his performance. 

It pains me to say this because I was such a fan of John Wayne Shultz but Scotty McCreery is going to have a career in the country music industry.  He picked the perfect song for his voice and already sounds like he can be on the radio.  I was very impressed with him last night. 

Everyone else was middle of the road to me except those that were just terrible and the worst was Jordan Dorsey.  Are you kidding me with trying to sing Usher’s “OMG”?  I happened to love that song when it came out and to hear someone else butcher it was NOT cool lol.  Tim Halperin was a huge disappointment and Brett Lowenstern wasn’t too terrible but “Light My Fire” is a classic rock song and shouldn’t be sung as a ballad. 

So for me I think James, Casey, Scotty, Jacob and maybe Brett will all stay.  Brett’s the VFTW pick so he might have a chance lol.  If not him then Stefana Langone.  I know we have a lot of Paul MacDonald fans out there but I hope if he stays, he keeps away from Rod Stewart and brings his songs into this generation.

Who was your favorite of the American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys last night?




  1. @Ashli Rae…I so agree. James "Rocked" last night. What a performance. …and you are right, Casey and Scotty both did a great job. I like Tim Halperin…but did not like his choice last night… I did think that Paul McDonald did a fairly decent job with Rod Stewqart's Maggie May…but the best performance by far was James~!!! He rocks. Can't wait to see what the girls have to offer tonight. Thanks for the recap…u rock as well.

    Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • I only liked, Casey, James(get rid of the hanging rag) and Scotty. No one should sing, "Maggie May" but the real Rod. I hated all the other songs. There's only one way to sing, "Light My Fire" and that wasn't it!

      • I think Rod Stewart would totally disagree with you.. Paul has the right kind of voice to sing that song. I'm glad some of the singers are singing older songs..That's music..unlike the rap, be-boppen songs thats out today. There's nothing like classic rock songs from the 70's. Great Job Paul!!!

    • Agree about James, I don't know if anyone else caught it, but he sounds a bit like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row. I'd like to see him take a run at "18 and life" or "I remember you"… Not easy songs.

      My big disappointment was Brett as well, totally wrong song for him. Why in heck wouldn't he tackle a RUSH song?!? He looks and sounds like Getty Lee, but sings better. It wouldn't be too hard to improve the vocals on a RUSH song, it's perfect for him, sigh.

      Curious to see who gets the judges safety net pick. Enjoy all.

    • My top 5 James Durbin, Scotty Mc Creery, Paul Mc Donald, Casey Brams and Jacob Lusk. I wish they could all 5 win and I don’t care if the girls sing or not I am ready for the vote. I don’t think it is fair that somereally good singers have to leave because they have to have the same amount of girls as guys, it should just be based on performance not on gender.

  2. the top five boys for me after the top twelve performances are:

    1. casey – in a different league in terms of his musicality…he is not afraid to show who he is as a unique singer…

    2. james – adam lambert is reborn in him…powerful vocals…

    3. jacob – in the mold of a gospel singer…however, i find him to be a bit conceited…he sings great though…

    4. paul – i am just loving his free spirit and positive vibe…he may not be vocally powerful but his groove is infectious…

    5. scotty – in all the seasons, he seems to be the best country singer…but, i am afraid that he may have difficulty adapting to other genres…

    6. brett – i hope he gets a spot in the top thirteen…i believe in his sincerity as a singer…he just needs to believe in himself more…

    i predict that these six guys will be in the top thirteen on friday…

    • I agree with all these names being in the Top 10. I'm not that fond of James, but admit it was an awesome performance. My Top 3 faves in order would be Casey, Paul, and Scotty. I think the Top 5 will end up being these 3, plus James and Jacob. Brett is different, but I think he'll not quite make the Top 5 unless he gets a lot of "underdog" votes. People should vote for the voice and talent, not the back stories…..Oh, I forgot, this is American Idol we're talking about!

      • My favorite were:

        Jacob, Scotty, and Casey, hands down and in that order. The others I felt should have sang like they were again auditioning for the show. The songs they picked were all snoozers. At least this year my favorites were in the mix as opposed to last year when we had to sit thru it all to get to Adam Lambert.

  3. I am not a fan of 'screaming' as is MOST of America….referring to the outcome of Adam Lambert. Enough already! I want singing that I can understand!!

    • James was the best of the night!!!! Like Randy said just the right amount of high pitch and it was done awesome. Stefano, Scotty and Jacob were good too. Paul I like his voice but the dancing or moving in circles on the floor was hard to watch.

    • I agree about the SCREAMING. It's getting to be a contest about who is the loudest. What happened to melody?

      • After ten seasons the melody gets kind of boring.. And you can't actually take credit for singing a beautiful song?. The whole point of american idol nowadays is to be creative and either you're born with something unique (james, jakob) or you have do something unique (casey). Now I'm definitely not a fan of James but after last night I admit he might still have potential.

  4. I think Paul Mcdonald was amazing. I know him personally. He is not only a talented singer he is an accomplished musician and songwriter. My son is the lead guitarist and co song writer for their band Grand Magnolias. The two of them started playing together as sophmores at Auburn University. They have written some fantastic original music!!!!!

    • To Mimi

      He was amazing. I love to see a singer who has the total package. I could listen to his voice all day, very different. I would love to hear him sing, I Believe, by Brooks and Dunn. Who knows, one day we may see your son with Paul on stage..I'm suporting Paul all the way….

      • I'm a huge fan of Paul! Wow – he's so unique and special. I didn't want it to end. He has a very cool vibe. Also loved Casey and James! They are my top three picks for sure!

    • Paul is my absolute favorite. I voted for him about a dozen or so times online last night.

      I also really, really like Jacob (I thought the praise was so deserved), Casey (so incredibly talented), and even (though I am not a country fan, Scotty. These round out my top 4. I voted for each of these a few times. I also gave Robbie (nice voice!) and Stefano (I love his smile and attitude, and oh yes, have to admit it swayed me–his looks!) a vote each to give them a chance to hang in there.

      I was very disappointed in Tim. Hated what he did. Ditto for Jordan. I think that though they have greater potential than some others, that they killed their chances and will be out for sure.

      Jovanny did pretty well, I have to admit, but, personally, I can take him or leave him.

      Not a fan of Brett at all. Don't understand how he made it to the top 12! Hope he is out; he is at the bottom of the list for me.

      • Forgot to comment on Clint. I actually think (despite the karaoke comment from Randy, which I think had merit) that he has some talent. Can't warm up to him, though, and wouldn't put him anywhere near the top. He will be eliminated.

      • There's nothing natural about Brett. What's with the flipping back and forth of the hair? He's trying too hard to be like someone else (whoever that might be???)

    • Paul is def my favorite person on AI. He sang Maggie May better than Rod Stewrt. He has a great vibe, and I love the way he performs on stage. Going to purchase their C.D.

  5. I think James Durbin has the most potential to win. Great voice, and a phenomenal stage presence to go with it.I liked Paul until last night, when his cheesy lounge act turned me off. Wow, between the tan, the white teeth, and the vacant smile, he had me cringing. Casey, of course, rocks. I loved his choice of music- hadn't heard that song for a while. Screamin' Jay Hawkins!! Yeah! Interesting competition- how does anyone choose???

    • Paul is not cheesy at all..He's very classy.Nobody likes a winner, do they..I think Paul is very humble. Hands down, Paul was a million times better than Cassy. Keep flashing those pearly white teeth Paul…all the way to the bank….

      • Kathy…Totally agree with that….Paul was better than Casey last night….sorry Casey fans!!!!

  6. I think James Durbin is the best singer/entertainer American Idol has had for quite some time. I was wishing he would have sung Mad World last night but the song he sang and the way he sang it got my vote. He does remind me of Adam Lambert but he's even better! I don't think any other contestant has a chance against him.

    • In a battle between, James and Adam, Adam would win Hands Down.. I think people are judging Adam on his choice of lifestyle instead of his music ability, which is the most amazing I have ever seen on American ever!! I like James, and I wish him well, but to say he's better than Adam is ridiculious.

      • Kathy…..Totally agree…..James has got to prove himself beyond last night for me to ever say that he is better than Adam. Let him sing Tracks of my Tears and than we'll discuss it…..

        Adam got robbed because of his life style…Period..end of the story….By the way..Adam fans, his new CD comes out this month…

      • Hello everyone, Phyllis G., thank you for the info. about Adam's CD! I have and will always support his music, praise his talent, and his artistic ability as a performer! I do not care what his lifestyle is, this is about him as an artist! Whatever people hangups are about Adam's lifestyle, it is not going to diminish him as, a person or an artist!

    • I have to agree with Dottie – I prefer James over Adam, who is also extremely talented. And I don't care one bit about Adam's lifestyle…James just does it for me vocally. No judging.

      • Come on he's messin' with ya. He wants James to sing (of all the songs) mad world which just happens to be Adams arguably best performance? seriously this guy is either yankin ur chains or provoking u..

        Kathy does have a point and that's horrible. No offence but I don't get why people even say that they don't care (why the %"& should you care?). I mean that's acknowledging the homophobes as valid and giving them merit. Biggatry is not even worthy of a response let alone being treated in the same platform..

    • I don't like Adam Lambert, and no it is not because he is gay. I'm just not into much of the music that has come out in the last 3 or 4 years. However, he is talented, creative, and unique, just not my musical genre.

      I do like James though, but Paul and Casey are the best.

  7. Casey Abrams was absolutely amazing! Unstoppable!

    Jacob Lusk made me shed a tear, but can his over-the-top rendition be a bit much?

    James Durbin rocks! But he needs to cut that tail coming out of his backside!

  8. James Durbin's performance was corny, and revealed he has a gap in his range between a high note, and screaming.

    Listen to the first couple minutes of the original….

    Durbin didn't pull that off, let alone top it.

  9. Casey and Jacob are the most talented and are set apart from the rest in my opinion. Idol has just not seen their kind of talent. Jacob does not have the stage presence he needs to be nr. 1 but if you just close your eyes, it is a beautiful experience to listen to him. James is good too, but his kind of music is not my thing. Can't wait for tonite. Thank you for this awesome intelligent blog!

    • We all have different taste in music….I personally do not like the style of music that Jacob sang last night and would'nt buy it. He's a great singer, but I could'nt listen to that all day, same with Casey, and he's good also. It's a matter of one's personal choice on what they like and dislike. I bought, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughty, Crystal Bowersox, David Cook, Bo Bice, Adam Lambert CD's, but I never wanted Fantaisa, Rueban, Jordon Sparks CD's. Just not what I enjoy.

      I hope the name calling and bashing the contestants stops just because you don't like their music.

      • Yes, I agree with you! What might rock one person's world, might not rock another one's world!

      • I wanted to like Paul but he was trying to hard to sound exactly like Rod Stewart, for my taste and that made it feel like he was singing at the Holiday Inn Lounge (IMO). I was surprised at how many of them I didn't like. I expected much more. There were 3, maybe 4, that did really well, thankfully. IMO one of them did NOT have red hair. 🙂

  10. The American Idol public has been blessed with the pure grace of Jacob Lusk!!!!!!! Enough said.

  11. for me the boys who deserves to be in the top 13 are:

    James Durbin

    Casey Abram

    Stefano Langone

    Scotty McCreery

    my comment to the other contest:

    tim- wrong choice of song

    jovany- very dragging

    paul- good voice but ihate his smile and the way he moves

    jordan- worst of all

    robbie- BIG MOUTH! i can't imagine the next american idol with gigantic mouth!

    clint- ugly gay i don't like him

    brett- gay performnce

    jocob lusk- too gay

  12. Top 5 for guys:

    James Durbin

    Casey Abrams

    Jacob Lusk

    Scotty McCreery

    # 5…anybody's guess…toss up between Stefano, Brett and perhaps Paul…disapointed in Tim Halperin. JMHO…Looking forward to the girls singing…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  13. Hi Tapy, the contest is about talent, not sexual preferences. Mr. Lusk is very talented.

    • Marci…Thank you but unfortunately America will never see it…..This is a TALENT contest not a personal sexual preference gig….thats the only reason Adam didn't win….

      • Phyllis G. You go girl! No one. And I do mean no one picks on our ADAM !!! We will stand up for ADAM any day of the week, year. And forever!! Your buddy Sherry K

  14. I definitely loved Scotty McCreery. The rest of them I buzzed past them (thank God for TiVo). I HATED James' screeching. Has anyone told him it sounds like crap? He is NOT Adam Lambert, or David Cook, will NEVER be Adam or David, so stop trying. Maybe I'll go back and watch Jacob's, I'm not a huge fan yet. And I wouldn't worry about him being pigeon-holed as a country singer. Seems to have worked out well for Carrie Underwood!

      • i like durban…he's a good singer…he has his own style and beat the odds of his autism and ticks…he's down to earth and not an adam l

  15. pretty much all agree here with the top 6

    Casey, multi talented-jazzish

    Scotty, i don't like country, but damn that boy got some goose bumpy causing voice and melted my heart!

    Paul-love the different voice he has and a big Rod Stewart fan but his other songs were fine without it being Rod songs

    Jacob-great soul singer, a bit too much sometimes with the tude

    James-yes! a hetrosexual Adam Lambert! lol and I'm a huge Adam Lambert fan! James isn't too bad on the eyes either!

    Brett-I have a question mark…I don't know…too flighty? good voice though

    Jovany…no…by looks maybe but not voice

    Jun…naw good voice to kareokeish

    Jordan…nope just weird and tude is bad! Thinks he's all that and a bag a chips!

    Robbie…young kid decent voice…not enough

    Stefano…cutie, decent voice not enough though maybe get by on his looks too sorry

    Tim-sorry don't do a thing for me

    • @ suesz..I agree with you choices…although I would put James at the top. Top performances of the night: James, Scotty, Casey, Jacob and Stefano. jmo. Looking forward to seeing what the girls have of offer. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • my picks for 5 are






        I don't know what is about Brett..I watched it over and over trying to figure it out. Maybe I know once he can get his guitar in his hands he will tone down alittle, but ya gotta like him.And as for all the people who are quick to judge Paul on his performance, he also is a guitar player. Can't wait to see them perform next week with with guitars in hand..

  16. it's not the order of #1-12 it's just a random order lol top 5 and down all random order

  17. It was a great show. Must also give my kudos to the judges. Simon is not missed. These three are musically smart, kind, yet insightful. Good job!

    • Anna-you are so right..the new judges are awesome..they really seem interested in the kids..unlike Simon who was totally bored and it showed.




    • Hey Carla

      Totally agree with you. Jacob Lusk is incredible. I cried when I heard him, he touches your soul.

    • I'm glad that I finally had the chance to hear the guys sing, and I agree that Jacob Lusk is a phenomenal singer. What he did with that song, was beyond amazing and he was one of the most impressive singers last night!

    • I totally agree wih Carla – Jacob Lusk – is another Luther Vandross, just like Jennifer Lopez said…end of story… regardless,if you do not like this type of music. God gifted him with a phenomenal voice!!! I also echo Steve’s thoughts… I cried when I heard him sing last night,and ” God Bless the Child” I also enjoyed James Durbin, Casey Abrams…

  19. Jacob, James, Casey and Scotty are through I think.

    Best Vocals – Jacob Lusk

    Best Performance – James Durbin

    Scotty and Casey are just awesome in what they do.

    P/S: Jordan… OMG. NOT the way to do it.

  20. I agree with Anna Freeman, Simon is not at all missed my me either. I just love the judges this season. Steven Tyler is the most caring judge. These three judges together will bring Idol back on top.

    • Scooooooooooooooooooootty


      I love josh turner but woooooooooow. he can be better. if you don't get it, see the show again.

      give him right poem and enjoy it!!!!!!!

  21. James Durbin is the best singer they have…His voice is great as a rocker, now to wait and see what else he has to give….OMG guy was terrible….and the country guy will go places…I am not into some of the guys voices and there type of music…..

    Oh! well hope it don't go like last year…Adam was the best from the beginning and look how the votes went…so don't count on the votes…Last year my granddaughter went to des moines and seen AI and she said it was terrible….we went to AI and GNT and Adam is a fabulous entertainer…Hope james keeps up cause he is good…..

  22. I think we're all agreed that Jordan Dorsey had the worst performance of the evening.

    In order of preference, my top pics:

    1). James Durbin … he rocked it! James has something of Adam Lambert (whom I adore) in the way he emotes, but not entirely. There is something just his own, too. He may struggle with other genres in the future, though.

    2). Scotty McCreery … I'm not usually a country fan, but the man has pure, real talent! He chose the perfect song to highlight his voice. Of all of them, I think he has the best chance at a sure-fire career already.

    3). Casey Abram … He's interesting, very talented and likable. He'll go far.

    4). Paul MacDonald … Not a great song choice, but there's something very special and compelling about him. I want to see more.

    5). Jacob Lusk. He is someone I could only listen to in small doses because this is not my own personal kind of music preference. However, there is no denying he has a very powerful and amazing voice.

    6). Next I would place Brett. Admittedly, his song choice was all wrong last night. Honesty compels me not to place him in the top five. However, I think he has a great voice and is a wonderful performer. I really like him as a person, I'd love to see him get the wild card and get another chance.

    7) Clint. .. good voice but to me, he does sound a bit karaoke. He just doesn't do it for me.

    8), 9), 10) A three-way tie between Stefano, Jovany and Tim. All good looking guys with good voices, but that's not enough for this year.

    11). Robbie Rosen. Randy was 100% right in his judging remarks … Robbie was pitchy and all over the place. He butchered a beautiful song.

    12). Jordan Dorsey. Dreadful. I will not miss him. 'Nuff said.

  23. -Forgot to add—Scotty can sing other tunes-Not just Country. He is great! Sings at events here in our hometown on certain occasions. Just wait-You'll see!!

  24. First of all, I really enjoyed last nights was so nice not to Simon rolling his eyes, looking everywhere but at the contestants..he was so rude the past three or four years…the new judges are awesome..I am really so glad I gave AI another. Had a real hard time getting the Facebook online voting thingy to work, so I called in my vote. Maybe they will get the kinks worked out. I loved Durben, Casey, Brett and Scott. Everyone was great, but certain ones really stood out. The guy that went first, the one with funny glasses, I did not care for him at all…..I hope he goes.

  25. James Durbin rocked the house last night and I wasn't surprised at all…….He may not be Adam but he definitely can stand on his own…..

    My other picks for last night was Scotty (and I was not a fan of his until last night), give this kid a country contract now!!!! Stefano has an amazing voice and Jacob were my top 4 picks. #5 could be either Paul M, Robbie or Casey (who I'm not crazy about but seems to be a fan favorite along with Brett which neither one of them impressed me last night…..JMHO…Can't wait for the girls tonight. Also I can't believe that they are picking 5 guys and 5

    girls on Thursday…..Tough Choice…too much talent this year…..Thanks for the update ASHLI RAE…..You guys are the best.

    P.S. Love, Love the judges this season….I know I said this before but it was worth repeating..

  26. Scotty………beautiful voice


    Jorday………arrogant attitude, needs to go.

  27. Jacob was pure in his song. I would buy his CD. other then him, the other four i predict are:

    Scotty- his voice is rich and of coarse deep

    Casey- very unique style

    James- great last night. but for all those fans of his… he showed up to his audition looking like a Lambert want-a-be and In my opinion he isn't as good

    possible Stefano. great voice but lacking the look

  28. Throw away the screams. I couldn't hear anything and only guessed what they sang.

    but scotty sing every words beautiful. I can scream better and louder from others. I'll bet you won't buy an album for screamings.

  29. James is unique and sound great. He's a lot better then Adam Lambert that's for sure!

    Don't care for Stefano. He overdoes it when he sings with the facial and smiling. It's a bit irritating.

    I love all the other guys!

    • James is a good singer but we had enough screaming. pet that away and what remain from james?

  30. LOVED James last night–what a rocking talent! Really liked Paul and Robby also. Brett–what were you thinking? He chose a song that totally overwhelmed his small voice, and then sang it as a ballad–stunk!! I'm not a fan of his, don't think he has a powerful enough voice, and not a good stage presence.

  31. I liked the show last night. There were at least 5 or 6 guys that stood out from the crowd. I enjoyed Jacob, Scotty, Robbie,Stephano

    and Paul. I wish they wouldn't send so many of them home, all in one week! Sending home 14 people in one week is ridiculous.

  32. I am not understanding what everyone sees in Brett! His voice is small, and while I like his story and the commitment he has to advocating for those who get bullied, he doesn't have the whole package to be a professional musician.

    My picks would be:

    Scotty – I rarely listen to Country music, but his voice is like melting butter, AMAZING!

    Casey – Phenomenally talented musician!

    James – Nice to have a real rocker for a change, and I love that he is there bringing attention to the capability of those with Autism and Tourettes Syndrome.

    Jacob – His music is not my cup of tea, but the boy has talent!

    Paul – What a pleasant surprise. I don't even like the song he sang, but he sounded great doing it.

    Robby – He didn't go a great job last night, but the kid has potential, and I would give him another shot.

    Who MUST go? Jordan. He was an unpleasant person all through Hollywood week, and I don't think his voice is all that much. He did a dreadful performance last night!

    Clint, Stefano, Tim, Jovany – Meh!

    • well that seems to be the top 5 listed throughout this but now wait and see who the little kiddies voted for…are they gonna go on looks…or talent? I sure hope talent!


    and think that this is the top 5 guys:

    Scotty McCreery

    Brett Loewenstern

    James Durbin

    Casey Abrams

    Paul McDonald

  34. What a voice this Scotty guy has. I think if he can sing other titles then theres no competition at all-He'll have it in the bag!!

  35. Not only does Scotty have a great country voice he's such a "country" boy. He just seems like a humble and all around great person inside and outside. Also I know there are similarities between Adam Lambert and James but there are also alot of differences!

    One difference is atleast when he screams we don't have to see his tongue hanging out. But he absolutely rocked the house last evening.

    • Scotty is a very sweet boy. he works at the supermarket I go to here in town. He is such a gentleman. I wish my daughters could have got up with him. Such a good kid. MY vote went for him not only because hes from my hometown but because in my opinion was the best. Although there is definatly alot of good ones this year. I hope he goes a long way which sure anyway he will be sought by a producer real quick now. We'll miss his smiling face here!!!!

  36. Paul Mcdonald is my all time fav. Like Rod stewart and Cat Stevens had a music baby. Crazy good. I'd pay money.

  37. i didn’t know what lusk was singing cause i can’t hear the words over his loudness..durben is so great..he has his own style and beat the odds with his autism and ticks thru music

  38. I assume that you are not familiar with Jose Feliciano's version of Light My Fire. It came out in the 70's and sold several million copies. It was basically ballad in style. Sounds pretty good.

  39. I am not a fan of screeching in songs; however, James chose a song that fit him and he did a marvelous job on it. How well will he do on a ballad??? Jacob is without a question the best singer. Casey the best technician. Scotty the best voice. After these 4 it does not mater. Just not Gamboa or Dorsey. The world has enough successful jerks aleady.

  40. My top 6 and I'm one of the best! Remember my list for next week!

    1. James

    2. Jacob

    3. Casey

    4. Scotty

    5. Paul

    6. Brett

  41. I agree that James was the stand-out last night. Jacob and Casey also gave stellar performances. I guess they are going to keep two others — maybe Clint because he gave a good opening performance.

  42. Oh my goodness I am a Josh Turner fan and Love Trace Atkins too and Scotty is just over the top!!! Of course country is my favorite. He is already so polished and so humble. Young but I think ready 🙂

    I also enjoyed Casey and he is different as was Taylor Hicks…

    I personally can't listen to rock but that doesn't keep me from seeing and hearing talent in that genre and James is good! I liked Adam and I like Bo Bice too and there was one other oh ya Daughtry… all good.

  43. I too LOVE the judges this year. Our family has watched since season one but it started going down hill a few years ago and last year we even missed a few nights. The only reason we started this season was because of the big change in Judges .. Well it's been good! I can't believe they are going to let 10 singers go so fast either. A little scary.. doesn't leave room for error and there were more than a few last night

  44. I agree with the majority….Jacob is other-worldly good, I can't even put a name to it. Isn't he already famous or something? He seems, as much as I hate to say this, beyond American Idol.

    Casey is a damn close second, he is quirky and crazy good.

    I put Scotty and James right up there with Casey as well. It's gonna be a tight race this year. Sooo much talent!

    Btw, I'm totally in love with Scotty.

  45. I think the entire show this year is sooooooooo much better because of the Judges! They are a great threesome and don't turn up their nose and kill peoples dreams like Simon did so much. If Simon had of been a judge this year we wouldn't have half the talent in the competition there is at this stage of the show, they would have all been sent home with their dreams smashed already!

  46. James Durbin will win this year his very soul is in his music.Scotty will come away with a CM. contract no doubt.

  47. Okay, I'm not, nor have I ever been a fan of Jordan, or Clint, so I am glad that those names are not the buzz! I have always been impressed with Jacob, Casey,& Scotty, they are classic! There is an incredible pool of talent here and I'm hoping that all of them launch success from this. I can't imagine how the girls can even touch it! It will be fun to see what they can do!

  48. My favorite so far is Paul McDonald. What I like about American Idol this year is that the judges are more open-minded and can give criticism without being cruel. I also like the fact that they put through a very diverse group. They are all unique and have different styles of music.

  49. my five picks are james,he is a rock god crazy wild voice he would of went toe to toe with adam lambert 2 years ago,jacob singing is like being in a story book, paul with he is different cool voice just like rod stewart,of course scotty he will not win but he will be the most famous of them all i dont like country music but i would tune in to listen to him he will be a major country star like johnny cash and the most versatile and unique musician he is just like an entire band he is music i just hope his uniqueness does not hurt him i want him to win casey wow can he do ray charles as for the judges love them but they are not simon he tells it the way it from performance to performance he may not be nice but he pushes them to the limits to be successful no sugar coating for exp susan boyle she went from nothing to in one night a house hold name and simon only said kind words to her thats what its all about finding a star and he did in less than 12 hours she was on every channel in the world steve tyler has to be tougher he is a legend jennifer way to soft and randy is trying to replace the element simon left behind good job randy they have to be critisized to become successful and thats what simon did not to be mean but to push themselves to the limits to become a star

      • Scotty will take the title because there are some people who do not like Jamees style. It is a singing competistion not a yelling test of who can scream the loudest and longest.

      • shouting is not singing…we need beautiful melody of high and low notes that deliver the lyrics of the song and touch our emotions….well…the way scotty, paul and casey do when they sing

    • omg, i found myself without air after reading this, but awesome review anyway….right in all aspects..

  50. wild card i like brett but jim morrison dont get involved with a rockstar thats sits in rock and roll heaven he should go all out on any Rush songs he even looks like getty lee but i think it will be clint or stefano

  51. So far, not getting anything from the girls….defintely another guy year…wish they did not have to have six girls and six boys….too bad very talented guys have to go home to make room for six not so talented should be the top ten vote getters whether they are boys or girls…too bad. Just not that into any girls so far…

      • I couldn't disagree more. There is only one girl I haven't been crazy about. All the rest have been terrific!

      • Kathy from PA…….When I read your first comment I was ready to scream and ask you if you were watching the same show as I was but I said to myself…." wait until she sees the whole show" and then I read your additions, I had to laugh….Pia, Karen, Thia, Lauren Alaina and I also liked Naima…..I think these gals are going to give the guys a run for their money this season……

      • the girls are the right pick….love thia and lauren the most tough…so young and sweet .. so talented… so melodic…cant wait to watch them

    • I agree that there was so much more talent in the boys and it's a shame some were sent home to make room for mediocre girls.

      • I agree it should be the top 12(for example) no matter if its alll guys , all girls, only the best belong. i have never seen so many with so much talent…!!!

  52. this yr goooood choice of judges i like steven, v cool. I wonder why they still keep rayan sfcreast he is stale. ok. All the idols are damn good.

  53. Ashton, you're a great singer, stay humble. Viewers are quick to vote you off for seeking attention. All of the singer are terrific.

  54. The best singer has to be Scotty McCreery. His voice is impeccable. Scotty deep voice style is just mismerizing. I love the seductive way that he sings. Scotty McCreery is going to come out the winner and with a contract I am absolutely sure of it

      • Scotty all the way. He is a natural,not a put on or a screamer. He will a big winner, all the way, making lots of hit songs.lots of moneyand Idol found him

    • If Country Music doesn't sign up Scotty McCreery they are missing the boat! He is ready RIGHT now to do an album! No he will not win AI. Because they want a rock star. But he will be picked up by someone from country. Look at Lee Ann Rimes. She started when she was 14 years old!! Sherry K. 🙂

  55. are you kidding me, James Durbin sucked with all the unnecessary ear piercing screeching

      • Are you 2 watching and listening to the same show as a whole lot of other people? You must be tone deaf. James Durbin "Does not Suck".Why is the title of this board " Thank God for James Durbin'.

        Sherry K.

      • I do not think James Durbin "sucks". He has a lot of control with his vocals. It is not screeching….there is a very unique quality about James. James…you "Rock". Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

        @ Sherry K. That's for you, sweet friend. 🙂

      • Thank-You Rose you sweet heart! I don't worry about what they say!! I love you whoo hoo Rose!

        A big smile for you and Phyllis. 🙂

        Sherry Kivo

  56. woops! I meant Casey Abrams! I mean James Durbin was my second favorite, he was awesome as well But Casey is on a whole different level than everyone else. So let me correct myself again Casey is by far my favorite American Idol of all time!

  57. comparisons to Lambert have been made since day one. James has something completely different (and better) to add if you ask me. MTV "experts" who called his Priest performance "shrieky" are too in love with Lambert to have noticed how different (and better) that performance was than Lambert's glam shows. Lamberts got Durbin out-glammed for sure. But Durbin's got Lambert out-rocked any day of the week.

    • jazzyjeff……This is all a matter of opinion. I don't know how you can compare the two after just hearing James sing a few and I mean a few songs. He is my favorite and has been since the auditions but to say he is better than Adam….that really remains to be seen. Just curious…have you ever seen Adam in concert? I don't think so…..Go see him first before you make that kind of comment…..James could be another Adam but he is not there quite yet!!!!JMHO P.S. I have seen Adam in concert just in case you were wondering!!!!

      • i respect that. i haven't seen adam in person – but i agree is a crazy good singer. james is 7 years younger and has incredible talent and comfort on stage for his age. i know james personally so i know none of his emotion is orchestrated. he is the real deal. he sings from the heart.

      • jazzyjeff…..Totally agree…James is my favorite and front runner, has been since the beginning… I think he ROCKS…..and I can tell he sings from his heart……

      • Totally agree that James is the real deal. One can tell that he sings from emotion and from the depths of his soul…remarkable…and I do not think he screeches at all…he can just hit those high notes and does have a lot of control. He is awesome. 🙂 I have always been a huge Adam Lambert fan and he is in a class by himself. James has a different personality and will truly continue to Rock the House… Looking forward to tonight…Whoo Hoo~!!!

      • Adam Lambert wrote of James Durbin via Twitter: "Durbin sounded bada** tonight! Lot more control! And while we both have a rock scream I think we're pretty different stylistically."

      • JazzyJeff…..Thank you for that update about Adam and James…..What a guy!!!! I'm hoping we have a duet in the future….

    • your comment stinks of homophobia..if adam was straight, I doubt you would try to degrade his outstanding voice..Adam has been praised by opera experts, people in the industry, etc…and he's got a Grammy nod. No need to start this up, but I anticipate folks will start going on about the gay rock dude thta does pop and how this straight rock/metal guy is the real deal etc…whatever..Adam will be on Idol next week singing Aftermath for charity to the Trevor Project, fitting since he's used to people degrading his talent because they think him being gay, glam, and fabulous some how negates his voice..puleezee…good luck to James and I think he is being himself…Adam has been doing his kind of singing for years but as a professional singer, homophobes in the rock world would never accept him…they beat up guys like him and try to make them feel less than…Oh and jazzy jeff, Adam's glam stuff that you hate so much has increased his networth to 5 million dollars….he's richer than you b#tch!!!

      • To Anyone who downgrades Adam Lambert~Haven't you ever listened to him? He say's Yes Ma'am. Yes sir. And most of all Thank-You! He reminds me of another great singer. A poor Southern boy who became the King!! Hi Rose and Phyllis G. Sherry K.

        🙂 PS: Go James Durbin!

      • Wellnow……that was well said…..I liked your comment….

        Sherry K….How's my girl? That comment was right on…….He does remind me of Elvis P. especially his manners…So appreciative of his audience….I just love that guy as a singer and a person….Can't wait till Thursday…..

  58. I have this feeling that Paul McDonald will be a great star. ..not just an American Idol.
    Everything about him exudes stardom.

  59. i love cassey abrams so so so much…i love from the first time he showed up.. bet he will in..

  60. James

    Casey is in the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Lots of great idols….and hot competition coming up. However, I do not appreciate when Jennifer Lopez keeps interrupting other judges when they are giving their point of view. She lacks respect for her peers. They let her speak. Maybe she is trying to steal the show.

  62. Jovany. Nice Italian boy.Makes me think of

    Johnny in the Godfather. Perfect Gondola

    Singer. He'll stick for a couple of weeks.

    My choice is Casey. He's multi talented.

  63. I think James and Scotty were great. As for the girls I loved Thia and Pia. Julie was originally one of my faves unfortunately she didnt do very well tonight!

  64. I like Stafanos 'Steve Perry'sound.

    James Durbin real rocker.Robie Rosen needs

    some time to get his feel.Brett and Tim were

    real disappointments.I might have expected too

    mush to start with.Don't sell Clint short.There's something there.Brett's only

    interested in how good his hair looks.I'ts

    distracting.Don't know what the hype is about

    Paul.He's OK(just)

    • Watch this video of Paul's band, and reassess. I think his voice is incredible and unique. LOVE this song!!

    • There is never going to be another Steve Perry! Steve Perry is in a class of his own. His register of singing is fantastic! Randy played the drums with Journey. And he calls Steve Perry " The Voice".Jon Bon Jovi thinks Steve Perry is the greatest ever! He has publically stated that! I would not ever compare a singer to Steve Perry! Just Steve Perry wanna~bes! Lets keep rocking people. Next week should show much excitement! Hi Rose My sweet friend. And Hi to Phyllis G. Both of you are great! 🙂 Sherry K.

  65. Casey

    This year’s men are the BEST ever! Real talent, realy musicans. Looks like everyone here is in agreement about the front runners which means there’s some pretty knowledgeable judges watching the show too! Keep on rockin’ in a free world!

  66. I think all of the guys this season are outstanding but James Durbin is my absolute favorite. I think his voice is amazing and his ability to put on a performance will make him a superstar! The MTV reviewer who stated James "shrieked" clearly has a hearing problem, the boy is just plain awesome at hitting the high notes!!! Knock 'em dead James, you've got my vote!

  67. Go James go!

    He is amazing and there is no one better in this group!

    America…James is the man,

  68. Hi from Oz! Loved the guys (haven't seen the girls yet). Amazingly unique group of guys. Casey, James, Jacob, Scotty and Stefano are my clear favourites so far. Loving the judges too!

  69. I agree with Lillian. Scotty blew me away and I'm not a big country music fan! Even if he doesn't win the "American Idol" title, you can be assured that we haven't heard the last of him. Someone sign that guy fast!!!!

    • Great job Scotty! Love the way you sing and

      Josh Turner would be pleased.

      Keep up the good work,you are special.

  70. how many singers? I thought they are going to be losing 7 from each group? They said they are going right down to the Top 10 and A wildcard?? I'm so confused! lol

    • They are cutting 7 from the guys group and 7 from the girls group, with the remaining top 5 for each gender. So we will wind up with the top 10 after tonight's show.

      • Oh! I didn't know about a wild card. Someone fill me in–is that one wild card for each gender? If so, I guess that makes top 12??

      • There will be 5 guys and 5 girls guaranteed spots in the Finals, but then there will also be Wildcard spots selected by the judges.

        The number of Wildcard spots has not been revealed yet and production may have kept that flexible in case their favs didn't get enough votes to stay on their own. We'll know tonight though.

  71. Again, I thought the guys knocked it out of the park — certainly better than the girls last night. I didn't watch IDOL last year and hadn't planned to this year, but I absolutely love the judges. Jennifer is doing a great job and I think that Steve Tyler is very genuine, not to mention funny because stuff just comes out of his mouth. Randy is critical, but lets them down gently instead of the way that Simon put them down. Great Show This Year — Will watch it to the end:-)

    • Gina…..I did see your comment and respect your opinion…..These are two different artists with two different styles….Truly hard to compare…..

  72. James sounds more like Sebastian Bach of Skid Row (his singing voice AND speaking voice) so they should stop comparing him to anyone else because he isn't like anyone else. He is what he is. GREAT! I would LOVE if he won!

  73. I tried several times to vote for Scotty,but each time I tried the line was either busy or

    I got a place where they wanted to talk trash

    so I did not get to vote,but I truly wish Scotty lots of luck

  74. I just want to hear Scotty McCrerey sing Fire and Rain. Got that Scotty…I'll be watching cause I know you can do a version of this that could be heard on the radio!!

  75. I can't understand why people are not giving Clint Gamboa the recognition that he deserves. He is a really good singer and should have the chance to be top 6. Go Clint Jun Gamboa!!!!

    • Yeah, I thought Clint was fantastic on Tuesday. I totally agree with the top 5 guys, but wish he got the wildcard instead of Stefano who was very karaoke on Tuesday night.

  76. I cannot believe both Naima and Lauren Turner were not voted in the top 10!!! Both, I hope, will be wild card picks.

  77. this is the best season of all, the talent is so good, it looks like it comes natural. Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, and Paul McDonald are the best, it looks like they have been performing for years, they are down to earth, sweet and full of personality. The judges are absolutely the best thing about the show this year. They are so caring and honest and they really act interested. Steven Tyler is wonderful and so funny, Jennifer is so beautiful and Randy seems like he is having more fun with the new judges and they all three have great chemistry and seem to be friends. It is the best of all seasons and I can't wait till next weeks show. I love how the producers move the first several weeks faster and watched every show and with the new judges it made it so fun, especially Steven Tyler, he is so funny and cool.

  78. I think we can all agree that their can only be one winner on the show but their is going to alot more then that in the art this year . I bet their will be at least 4 or 5 new singers plus the winner, with new CD's this year . And I can't wait to see the rest of the show .Its going to be great .I wish them all the best and I can't to see who wins.

  79. Clint may be talented, but he was not voted in for the simple reason he never showed any remorse for what happened with Jaycee. Scotty admitted his wrongdoing, apologized and explained his situation without being asked about it. Clint never did and people do not forget that stuff, no matter how talented you are. You are an American Idol…what kind of Idol hurts his fellow castmasts to further his own agenda?? No one with any class that is…Clint has a lot of growing up to do yet…Scotty is an American Idol, along with everyone of those finalists. Talented cast…best ever. Congrations to America and the judges for getting everyone of these people right. Great job. Clint, grow up, show some remorse and come back some other year. Remember the people you meet on the way up, are the same people you will meet on the way back down, and they will not have forgotten you.

  80. @ Jazzy Jeff…Way Way cool…and so nice for Adam to give James some Kudo's…Love Adam and Love James for the win. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  81. Not AI but minority idol. Pleeeeeaze . It is hilarious what with the latino ebonics and all

  82. I watch Idol..But… I like to be part of the voting for my favorites but no Luck..Canada cannot vote online Why.?? no luck with the phone -lines.

  83. How hard it was to pick from the wild card boys! I think Kendra should have gotten in for the girls, Ashton is just attitude, not voice so much. Naimi is quirky, distinctive. In this competition, you must stay on key and be distinctive. Guess Haley had the cuteness factor going, but not the best voice. Otherwise, Maybe Karen R. was weak, but the Latino voice had to be heard popularly. Pretty good overall group – certainly better than last year! Did Simon intimidate people and they did not try out last year? One can tell the judges are all musicians – they really feel the performances. Good judging panel. When I lived in California I wrote as a music expert on a reality Website (I had a four year scholarship to Julliard), so I think I am pretty knowledgeable.

  84. Scotty has this in the bag..He is the whole package..Voice and more than anything since Carrie Underwood…"CHARACTER" Don't need anymore artists with pretentious "Charlie Sheen" attitudes..As Simon used to say "Sorry?"

  85. JAMES! I hope he wins. 🙂

    He's great.. truly my favorite out of all the seasons. I love his voice.

    James deserves to win in my opinion<3

  86. James Durbin – Joy means the perfect fulfilment of that for which I was created and regenerated, not the successful doing of a thing.

    Keep it up!

    • @ Brian…. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 I definitely agree. James Durbin "rocks". The "Durbinator"

  87. Scotty, all I can say is WOW! That voice of his will take him far. I would Love to hear him sig "Long Black Train" Josh Turner or anything by Randy Travis. His voice is captivating and gets you in the heart!

  88. James Durbin is your classic screamer, who thinks he is a gift for all the females. While on stage he tries to come over as what everyone has been waiting for prancing around the stage like he is what everybody has been waiting for. WRONG. He should open his eyes and close his mouth

    • @Lee…..Are you watching the same show as me???? Maybe you should close your mouth and listen with your ears……

      • I'M WITH YOU PHYLLIS !!! JAMES ALL THE WAY, VOTE, VOTE,VOTE, EVERY NIGHT FOR HIM ALL THE WAY TO THE FINALE. Make him the next american idol winner. Adam and Crystal were robbed !


    • hey mela…totally one hundred percent agree with you. i was devasted to see him leave. his heart and and soul was put out on that stage every week. i believe he got robbed and a better voting system should be in place. judges used their save way too early. but you know what james will rock his way to the top. go james go

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