American Idol 2011 Top 12 Girls Performances & Phone Numbers

Move over, guys, because here come the American Idol 2011 Top 12 girls. Tonight the ladies will be performing after last night’s show for the Top 12 guys.

Once again they’ll competing for your votes online, by text, and phone. Only the Top 5 vote-getters for tonight will be guaranteed a spot while the other 7 will have to hope for a wild card spot from the judges when announced on Thursday night.

You can download all of tonight’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

American Idol Top 12 Girls Performances & Voting Numbers:

  • Ta-Tynisa Wilson – Only Girl – 1-866-436-5701
  • Naima Adedapo – Summertime – 1-866-436-5702
  • Kendra Chantelle – Impossible – 1-866-436-5703
  • Rachel Zevita – Criminal – 1-866-436-5704
  • Karen Rodriguez – Hero – 1-866-436-5705
  • Lauren Turner – Seven Day Fool – 1-866-436-5706
  • Ashthon Jones – Love Over Me – 1-866-436-5707
  • Julie Zorilla – Breakaway – 1-866-436-5708
  • Haley Reinhart – Fallin’ – 1-866-436-5709
  • Thia Megia – Out Here On My Own – 1-866-436-5710
  • Lauren Alaina – Turn on the Radio – 1-866-436-5711
  • Pia Toscano – I’ll Stand by You – 1-866-436-5712

The bottom vote-getters may be cut on Thursday so vote wisely and don’t forget that you can head to tonight to register for online voting using your Facebook account. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook!




  1. So for, not so good for the girls! Oh well… but at least Steven is getting a little more air time which we needed!

  2. i loved the 2nd girl she is go good… kendra was good to but i liked the 2nd one better…

  3. I loved Kendra she was AMAZING he blew the roof off she is the next american idol

  4. i love karen… i love how she did it in espanol and english… she has my vote all the way 🙂

  5. One …..Nope! Two …Maybe….Three…maybe,four…horrible song…too bad!, 5….I liked Karen, pretty voice and very sweet!, I must say Jacobs excitement fills the air with joy! (just a side note!)…just 5 more to go….summary at this point is that its the guys winning!

  6. Great!!!! All of you are WINNERS SO FAR…..My favorites Naima, Kendra and Karen so far…

  7. I love Ty-Tynisa she did an awesome performance and she really rocked the crowd-had me bouncing Go Ty-Tynisa you are the best!!

  8. It Sucks That Canadians Can't Vote Online!Any Other Canadians Out There That Agree.

  9. A lot of my friends and I are friends with Haley's parents–they have a few bands who play FANTASTIC music in the Chicago area! She was the BEST!!

  10. Steven Tyler is starting to creep me out with the way he talks to and about the girls. :o(

  11. 6….good, 7…ashton was good, 8…is the band louder than the singers tonight?? She has a pretty voice but I'm still waiting! 9….I think she did good! 10…Thia has a Voice with a capital V!!! Beautiful!She may give the boys a run for their place on stage! now lets see Lauren…11… is she really 16? She has a good voice too!……….So my votes are #10 for tops, #2, #5, #11, #7.#9 and Wow #12 PIA……so now its #10 and #12 are the best of the girls!!!

  12. WOW – What a show, these girls are AWESOME.

    This is the best Idol year of FABULOUS Talent!

  13. Love the voice power of Thia & Pia!!!!!

    Judges… more articulate when commenting!

  14. Wow, what a difference from the early seasons. Not one of those girls was weak. Great job everyone. Especially, Haley. You were amazing. Not sure what Randy was talking about. The weakest which was still very good was the one singing Carrie Underwood…seemed a little Karokee ish….but Kendra, Pia…these girls are good. Missed the guys…


  16. Impessed by the quality of performers this year but so far the last 3 women tonight are on the top of my list. With Pia being my top favourite!

  17. I Think Is The Best Showw Ever And I Loveeee It Soo Much And I Loveee Steven Tyler 😉 !

  18. Still trying to figure oiut how i can vote online….Maybe you could send me instructions…Certainly not obvvious to an average computer user. Why can't you have a voting tab ? Maybe that is too simple and too complicated,,,,Still cannot figure it out.

    • John go to then click on vote in the top left of the screen. Hope you find it.

  19. pia toscano is my favorite, she vhit every note and brought itbout with everything!!! she was amazing!!

  20. You vote by going to and click the vote tab in upper left. You also need a facebook account. When you click the vote tab on, it will make you login with your facebook account. You can vote up to 50 times.

  21. how can a young girl at 15 possess such an amazing voice. i'm pretty sure she's gonna make it in the top 12. she is so naturally talented…

  22. thia… thia…how can a young girl at 15 possess such an amazing voice. i’m pretty sure she’s gonna make it in the top 12. she is so naturally talented…

  23. I would have to say that Pia Tascano has that perfect voice. Ms. Tascano sang, "I'll Stand By You'" absolutely beautiful. I would have to vote for Pia Tascano.

  24. You keep wowing the judges and the viewing audience and you will prevail Girl!!! Don't stop believin'!

  25. I LOVE THEA!!!!!! sooooooo gooood!!!!!!! Ah-mazing and shes only 15!!!!!! I also love karen and PiA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO young girl!!!!!!!!

  26. Go Lauren Alaina Go!

    You are naturally talented and make it look so…easy!

    Your already an idol! Truly amazing! I can't wait to hear YOUR songs on the radio. I will be recording and listening again next week! Canada's watching too!

  27. pia was the best! shes going all the waay! she got my vote 110% (:

    signed KENDRA D.

  28. Pia, Naima, and Kendra were really good!!. Overall the girls did good, as well as the guys last night. Randy needs to retire now 10 years is too much he is running out of words….PITCHY….MAN….GUYS….CONTROL…. these were girls or ladies not men!

  29. My Canadian vote for the top 5 women to move on are:

    •Karen Rodriguez – Hero

    •Lauren Turner – Seven Day Fool

    •Haley Reinhart – Fallin’

    •Lauren Alaina – Turn on the Radio

    •Pia Toscano – I’ll Stand by You

  30. go THEA! you are likely one of the best 15 year old singers out there!

    you go LAUREN! you bring attitude to the stage!

    go PIA! 😀 YOU ROCK!

  31. Lauren Alaina!!!!!!!! WOW she is always so good she gets me up and dancing and my little boy started dancing during her performance she is just amazing I really enjoy her performances!!!

  32. I think Pia and Jacob will be the last two singers left. I cried when Jacob sang, and Pia just had me tranced during and after the song. Wow this is the best American Idol in years. Just love Steven Tyler as a judge!

  33. Lauren Alaina took a song that is on the radio right now by a superstar singer reba………and was not afraid to make it her own……totally amazing……this girl is going to be an entertainer for sure. I enjoy her so much…………Pia does win the best voice of the night……..but Lauren gets all my votes


  35. Thia Megia

    Naima Adedapo

    Lauren Alaina

    These are my Girls. Keep up the good work ladies..

  36. Hey the Girls top 12 is good, but Lauren Alaira is singin realy good!!!! I Love Her!!!….

  37. Scotty is so smooth, makes me melt. He is like a country version of Babyface LOL. Lauren Alaina, you are so entertaining and you have it baby! James Durbin, so glad to see a real rocker up there representin' I don't think we have seen your best yet. This years idol is way more interesting than the past few years. Steven and JLo need to toughen up just a tad.

  38. One of the best vocalists is Pia. I would like to suggest a song that I feel fits her voice and style perfectly, the 1964 song titled 'Your My World' performed by Cilla Black. Good Luck Pia!!!!!

  39. Steven Tyler you are the best you are soo compassionate to the idols and show lots of concern. You are the best. Keep up the good work idol contestants.

  40. Hey Amerlcan idol,

    How are all if you all down there i like to watch your all show. I love it so much it a good show i like to song to i do all the time.

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