American Idol 2011: The City of Angels Falls Short

After hearing some incredible talent the first couple weeks into American Idol 2011 I was expecting Los Angeles to really bring us some great voices last night.  I was so wrong!  I’m not understanding what Nigel is thinking showcasing the very off key out of tune crazies.  Why bring us down to hear the bad and the boring?  Take a clue from us and give us the BEST singers in San Francisco!

Tim Halperin was the first decent voice we heard but I’m not overly impressed.  JLo was shocked at his “I had a crush on you growing up” comment lol.  I also heard she didn’t like all the attention focused on Steven Tyler instead of her.  There’s that diva attitude coming to the surface! 

Karen Rodriguez was pretty good.  Steven said she had “spit and passion” and the judges send her through with glowing reviews.  Steven gets happy watching a girl belly dance and even though she couldn’t sing she gets a ticket to Hollywood.  The two brothers at the end who harminized “Lean on me” were by far the best of the night!  At least we ended on a high note, well except the weirdo who thought he was James Brown.  I’m sure they’ll bring him back sometime during the season like Mr. Pants on the Ground dude. 

What were your thoughts on the Los Angeles auditions?