American Idol 2011 Los Angeles Auditions Episode Tonight

Update: Join us in the Idol Chat room right now while we watch the show!

The journey continues tonight when American Idol 2011 heads to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, in search of the next American Idol.

After last night’s impressive performances out of Austin, the Los Angeles crew will have a lot of work to do to get those golden tickets. Maybe I’m just burning out with back to back audition episodes, but each week I’ve greatly preferred the Wednesday performances to Thursday nights. Hopefully they’ll break that trend tonight.

So what did you think of the Steven Tyler Apology shown at the start of the episode? Turned out to be a joke after Seacrest mentioned it Tuesday on Twitter. If you missed what happened, then you can watch the video here.

Do you think you can handle another week and a half of auditions? Well you better because here it comes as we march towards the big Hollywood week!

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  1. PRODUCERS of American Idol:

    You are absolutely stupid!!! You apologize for Steven Tyler bad words? Come On!!! And you Air those contestants that show the finger at the camara, say all kind of bad words, cry like babies saying judges #$##$$$%$% and you are writing an apology about Steven Tyler??? Do you want to take the best think that happened to the program for years??? You want ratings!! LET TYLER BE WHO HE IS!!! he is fun, dedicated, caring and most of all a great addition to the program. If you want AI to die taking out ST from the show is for sure the end of your dream to keep AI on. Please dont be stupid. Even is a show for family and on family time (if that is your excuse) KIDS know the words, they say that and much more, we are in the XXI century for God's sake!!! you are crucifying the best judge that has put his foot on that panel.

    Shame on you PRODUCERS if you keep on this attitude, let the man be himself!!! Is the soul of your program!!!

      • @ Matt. I think you're right…Like I said on another comment "Much Ado About Nothing" !!! Love Steven T. He "makes" the show this year. The combination of S.T., J.Lo and Randy is wonderful. Thought the cowboy…John Wayne Shultz…was pretty good…what are they going to call him…the "Duke" (lol) Did not care for the "honeymoon couple" ~ oh, the drama ~, although I did think of the two of them, the boyfriend had the better voice. Still reserving any judgement until Hollywood week…hopefully those who did have a lot of talent (that we never got to see perform) will begin to be showcased. Thanks, Matt for keeping up in the loop. Hi to Phyllis, Marta, Sherry K, Angela and all my AI friends. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 PS…Sherry K….where are you…haven't seen your name in awhile. 🙂

  2. LOL after all my outburst forgot to say I am still cheering for Chris Medina, I hope he wins. Is my favorite so far. I like a lot of contestants but he stole my heart.

    • Hi Marta…I do agree that Chris Medina touched and warmed my heart. He has a great voice…may not win (??) but I feel will definitely be at the top. 🙂

    • Hi Rose :)back to your greetings 🙂 thank you.

      I dont know if Chris is going to win, probably there are much more talents out there, who knows but he really moved me, most of all as a beautiful human being, the voice comes as a gift for his humanity.

      Still I wish him tons of success.

  3. Loved the show last night, contestants did a wonderful job! The one girl who sang "At Last", not sure if that's the right title of the song, should have sung "The Climb" first instead of choosing that song second! The problem with her first song choice, was exactly what Steven Tyler commented about, her voice was all over the place with that song!

    @Phyllis, you are in for a treat! I've already picked out the ones who stood out the most too me!

  4. I love Steve Tyler and I hope the producers do not make him change..he is the best of any of the judges EVER..honest, caring, encouraging, tough…everything a judge should be.

    I love him and Randy and JLo together..great chemistry. I was skeptical but now I am thrilled. Keep up the good work

  5. I think the patience of the new judges is thinning as each day goes by. They seem less worried about hurt feelings. They might as well weed out the crap early on. Also, contestants have to perform. If they're too nervous or too weepy to do it, send them on their way!

    • Tonight's contestants were fairly horrendous. I am from Los Angeles and I did not appreciate the airing of such horrible talent. Surely there were better choices available. This was simply humiliating for everyone from LA.

  6. Oh my gosh!! Just finished watching Tanisha (sp?) She was the one withe the microphone. I'm still laughing! Is that cruel? My side hurts from laughing! Please tell me I'm not alone on this?!

  7. What a horrible show tonight!!! Boring boring boring!!! If not for ST comments and the chase to Randy hahaha so funny, the rest was pure crap!

    Oh yes some were singing in tune, the brothers were ok but generally was a horrible show in my opinion.

    • I completely agree. AI has been great this year excpt for tonight. The talent tonight was overall emabarresssing to watch and incredibly boring.

  8. I was not a JLO fan but now have grown to like her. As far as Steven Tyler he is the main reason I even decided to watch. He may crash some funny sayings threw and is a bit rude but thats why we watch it.Simon was harsh and we loved him. Hope more seasons of this lineup to come.

    • The new judges are wonderful. Except for tonights awful selection of "no talents" each week has been fun and interesting. The talent was the reason because the judges are great.

      • @ Marta and Denise….I agree. Tonight's show was pretty pathetic. Definitely was not impressed with the talent at all.. I realize that "they" have to put in the "crazy factor" …but tonight the "funny crazy" was replaced with a sad mix of of people that need psychiatric help…it was almost painful to watch. Come on AI…let's step up the pace.

        Looking forward to being entertained next week !!! 🙂 No whoo hoo for tonight'a show.

  9. I've watched AI all ten seasons and this was the worst show I can remember ever seeing. Finally turned it off as this had nothing to do with talent and the clowns weren't funny. Don't waste my time with a bunch of crazies who are only crazy and not a bit funny. This was utterly stupid. This show seems to be produced for junior high mentalities. Rediculous!

  10. What in the hell is going on at AI? I feel like I am watching a three-ring circus. For the past two week has been an extravagance of time and effort to launch a well established show. I hope the Hollywood Week will be proven better than these auditions. Of course, it should all, well almost all, contestants should know how to sing. I have found some of them annoying. I like the judges but I hope they are going to be more tougher on these kids during Hollywood Week than they have been in these auditions. Jeez!!!!

  11. Well, after reading all of the comments from last nights show, I'm guessing I did not miss out on much! Although, I did get to see a little of the show last night which was pretty much the end! The two brothers was who I saw, I thought they were pretty good!

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