American Idol 2011: The City of Angels Falls Short

After hearing some incredible talent the first couple weeks into American Idol 2011 I was expecting Los Angeles to really bring us some great voices last night.  I was so wrong!  I’m not understanding what Nigel is thinking showcasing the very off key out of tune crazies.  Why bring us down to hear the bad and the boring?  Take a clue from us and give us the BEST singers in San Francisco!

Tim Halperin was the first decent voice we heard but I’m not overly impressed.  JLo was shocked at his “I had a crush on you growing up” comment lol.  I also heard she didn’t like all the attention focused on Steven Tyler instead of her.  There’s that diva attitude coming to the surface! 

Karen Rodriguez was pretty good.  Steven said she had “spit and passion” and the judges send her through with glowing reviews.  Steven gets happy watching a girl belly dance and even though she couldn’t sing she gets a ticket to Hollywood.  The two brothers at the end who harminized “Lean on me” were by far the best of the night!  At least we ended on a high note, well except the weirdo who thought he was James Brown.  I’m sure they’ll bring him back sometime during the season like Mr. Pants on the Ground dude. 

What were your thoughts on the Los Angeles auditions?




  1. Thanks Ashli Rae….Yes, I agree….AI was a bust last night. At times it was actually painful to watch some of the the "crazies" / "wierdo's"…they were NOT funny and in jmho they needed some real psychiatric assistance. The video that Tim Halperin made was way much better than his audition…and the 2 brothers… did provide some decent talent. Overall…no whoo hoo for AI last night. 🙂

  2. This was the worst show I have seen in ten years of watching AI. We actually changed the channel to something else. The moronic humor of some of these contestants was boring and stupid. Nigel needs to get a clue or the ratings will plummet.

  3. I say quit wasting time on the ridiculous and let us hear all the people who get through like they did when American Idol first started. And save the "behine the scenes stories" for the ones who actually make it past Hollywood. They waste too much time on bleeping out the judges and people who are not getting through. And last night was no big deal. Did not hear anybody amazing.

    • I agree…some of the contestants that are so bad are as you said RIDICULOUS! I feel this is wasting air time that could be used for those that get the gold ticket. It's a singing talent contest I want to see talent. Maybe they feel the ratings are better with these loosers, but I'm getting tired of the freak shows….

    • @Joy> I agree I'm getting tired of the RIDICULOUS ALSO. The freak show is over the top. I want to see talented singers, that's what the show is about. Maybe they think the ratings will be better with the looser acts but it's too much. It's actually getting boring and I missed Vampire Diaries for that….?

  4. I liked Karen Rodriguez and the two brothers near the end of the show harmonizing to Lean On Me. They were worth watching the show. However the Arkansas JB dude at the end. He was frightening..without a doubt suffering from mental illness. I don't find that entertaining. I agree that the PTB on AI reconsider what they put on the show.

  5. Idol "stinks" & it is not because Simon left or the new judges came aboard. If some of these acts r allowed ..thinking that u will get better rating! Count me out! I have watched it from the beginning & can,t believe u would have some of these people on. If they think they have talent your show should not encourage them by allowing them on stage. someone should be the grown-up! Nigel..where r y ?

  6. Idol "stinks" & it is not because Simon left or the new judges came aboard. If some of these acts r allowed ..thinking that u will get better rating! Count me out! I have watched it from the beginning & can,t believe u would have some of these people on. If they think they have talent your show should not encourage them by allowing them on stage. someone should be the grown-up! Nigel..where are you ?

      • Ha! That girl (?) who chased Randy around was, imho, A GUY!!! How no one else caught that, or commented on it is beyond me!

  7. I feel the Idol show should have bonified singers, not the crazies and the 59 year olds. The limit is age 29. I would prefer to see quality singers. I taped a few shows because I was gone. I don't think I will even watch them.

  8. Here's a thought, instead of the producers of AI making ST apologize, they should make some of those contestants apologize for thinking they can sing!

    • I totally agree with you Angela. Some of the contestants with hurting my ears. Thank goodness they are coming to an end.

  9. Thank heavens these auditions are coming to an end. I feel that they show these crazies to get us pumped up for Hollywood. We have not even seen the best singers yet. They never show them until we get to the top 20 or 12 whatever they are doing this year. Don't give up guys, I think and hope the best is yet to come….

  10. And they wonder why the ratings keep dropping after shows like Thursday???? Even myself, a die hard fan could barely sit through that hour. JUST HORRIBLE!!! A few minutes showcsing the nutcases is PLENTY of time! Giving them so much attention will just make sure they keep coming out from under rocks every year. It would have been nice if we had gotten to see the audition of everyone who made it into the Top 40. I'm hoping more lost viewers will come back once we get down to seeing the best contestants.

  11. I am sorry but I thought Thursday nite was

    absolutely terrible. If the producers allow

    this kind of craziness and childish behavior on this show they will be off the air soon.

    I love all 3 judges on the show but I also

    thought they got caught up in all the foolishness. Want to see them once again in their fun and sophisticated manner.

    • I agree 100%. I couldn't believe I actually watched it to the end last night – the last segment was ridiculous! I hope with enough negative feedback that next week's show will be better – otherwise they will be losing a 10 year viewer. ugh

  12. I felt really embarrassed when the show aired here in Oz last night coz I had been telling my 18 year old nephew how good some of the contestants had been in the some of the previous episodes and he sat down to watch the show with me … Then that codswallop/drivel was served up and I actually apologised to him for giving him false and misleading info. Really hoping the AI PTB get over their fascination for the cringeworthy acts coz it ain't all that entertaining. I kinda feel embarrased for some of the people who should go home and slap anyone who ever encouraged them to sing for giving them false hope. Really. Just because some people applaud in a karaoke bar it doesn't mean they like you, they're just happy you finished!!

  13. I have been an A Idol fan since day one and last night when they had the LA auditions I was so disappointed! It was the worst AI show I have EVER SEEN!! I agree with all these other AI fans. Last night was a TOTAL waste of time watching all the crazies come out of the woodwork for TV time, which suprisingly enough they got!! The entire hour was devoted to them!! The brothers were a breath of fresh air because they could actually sing. I do like the new judges though and think it will be a good season when they finally put on the ones that actually have some talent.

  14. The first 4 audition shows were excellent, well-paced, full of talent, and the judges were wonderful. The LA show reminded me of the shows we saw in previous years: short on talent, full of wasted air time on the crazies, boring. I don't for a minute think there was a real shortage of talent. What happened??

  15. I don't know what kind of guidelines they're going by but I've heard the contestants have to get by some preliminary judges before they get to Randy, JLo, and Steven. Are those judges smoking crack? Any casual observer can see that most of the people who get through have no talent and should never get into the building…some for security reasons. How about NOT sending 300 people to Hollywood and only sending ones who have a chance at being the next AI? Sure the goofballs are fun to watch in a sad and pathetic kind of way, but they've taken it to a new sorry limit. Let's see some real talent.

  16. I have been watching for a while now, and I have to say that last nights episode was one of the funniest I had ever seen! Yeah the talent aspect was light, but come on I think we all need a good laugh once in a while. Definetely a contrast from the night before, but a good way to keep us sharp and entertained. Relax you all, San Fran and then Hollywood will make all of this worth while. Cheers!

  17. I've been watching this show for 10 years. This is the first year I feel like I don't really care if I missed one or two episodes. It's because the judges are so boring, all those giggles and fake laughing are killing me.I miss the time when Simon was here.Randy is the toughest now!!!Are u kidding me?!

    • Well, I thought last night was pretty funny!! We all have an opinion, some good, some bad. I thought the two brothers at the end were awesome!! " Lean On Me " is a classic! These two young men did it justice!!

      @ Jason, yep, yup,we all need to hang in there! The real show will be worth while!

  18. Lets hear the songs….from people who can sing.

    Too many sad stories and mentally ill people…not about entertainment, I hope.

    I really like the judges but give them some decent performers not crazies!

    Staying loyal for a few more weeks, hoping for more voices and more songs with less garbage.

    • Yep, yup, hang in there, I know I am! I still say last night was entertaining! Got my mind off serious stuff for awhile!! Stay loyal Dancing Fool!!

  19. love it, love it. the girl who chased randy jackson down the corridor was hilarious.other than that some great talent. The judges are great, fabulous. can't wait for the next episode

  20. Enjoyed the Los Angeles show, but agree not the best. Karen Rodriguez and the two brothers were the best of the lot.

    Never thought I would enjoy it without Simon and I don't, but Steve (whom I thought 'Who are you') has grown on me. He is great. Jennifer I was right about, she should never of been asked to be one of the judges, she has no idea what she is doing. Randy is okay, but not as good when Simon was there with him. I won't the old Randy back.

  21. I feel the LA auditions were garbo… I know for a fact that there was a young man named Jacob Lusk who is just an awesome singer with so much energy and range. Why did not the producers show people like him, instead of making Los Angeles seem like a bunch of wierdo's, which every state and city has…. It was not fair to the ones that made it to Hollywood from LA.Ca. Now they going to show all of this "pure" talent from Northern California… Wow! My hat is off to Jacob Lusk and all those that made it to Hollywood from Southern California. Maybe the producers will apologize to the citizens of south cal, we are normal people and do have talent in the city, not like they showcased last week.

  22. I realize that there is only so much time,but it seem unfair to highlight other singers giving exposure???????i.e. there hasnt been an equal amount of african-american singers shown to showcase their talent as well,you tell me

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