American Idol 2011 Goes To Hollywood A Little Early This Week

Earlier in January, American Idol released its 2011 schedule showing auditions would run a full four (four!) weeks again this season. That would have wrapped up auditions this Thursday and then on to Hollywood next week. Not anymore.

Thankfully this Wednesday’s episode, the San Francisco visit, will be the last stop on the judges’ audition tour. Of course you’ll have to sit through 2-hours (yes, they’re back to 2-hours this Wednesday) of potentially painful Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars covers, but after that we’re finally going to Hollywood!

If you take a peek at’s TV schedule they show both nights of American Idol this week as Hollywood week episodes, but we know that isn’t accurate. Whether Thursday night’s episode is a honest to goodness Hollywood week episode is still unknown. Maybe we’ll end up with clip show transitioning us from auditions to eliminations. We’ll soon know, but as long as we don’t have to sit through another Los Angeles quality show then I’ll be happy.

Are you ready for Hollywood or not quite prepared to let go of the stadiums full of Idol hopefuls and screeching renditions that should have never been attempted?




  1. You got that right about the LA auditions…I bet they got the message and doubt we'll have to endure crap like that again. I feel like some of the talented people who auditioned there got cheated out of screen time so that they could show that foolishness.

  2. @ Matt…I agree. Let's get on with Hollywood Week. Last Thursday was a bust. Looking forward to another week. Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

    • Rose, Did you watch last night? 2-09-2011? They had some real good ones on last night. That last guy blew me away. The kid who had turrets syndrome. And when he sang Tylers song it just about blew me away! I had so much fun last night watching. My husband who doesn't watch this year came in the room as that guy was singing and said " Boy, That was good.That guy can sing!" I said you should be watching. LOl. He doesn't know what he is missing! I love to watch the looks on Stevens face when they sing. And the things he says to the singers. I don't even miss Simon now! Right at you Tyler cool dude! Take care my friends. Rose and Phyllis too! Sherry K

  3. I thought the Myspace experiment is the way to go. Take me straight to Hollywood week and get rid of all this contrite soapie stuff. However, the staples of IDOL seem to be the stadium full of people, the heartache background stories and the tears with the family at the sight of the golden ticket. So I guess we are stuck with it. But the real talent will be heard at Hollywood week when we hear different songs and get to siphon out the real talent from the one song wonders. Then we can start to see the real vocalists from the karaoke singers..

  4. Yes!!!! Let go straight to Hollywood Week. These mellow drama is getting gagging and some up heave reflex. I rather see some real action with the golden ticket contestants, but then again. We'll be getting some drama from those people. So I guess, I need to be prepare for some more as Hollywood Week has always proven to be gruesome too. But it will seem more real then some of the other stuff at these auditions. (two-thumbs up) for Randy, Steven, and JLo. Whaaay–hooo!!!!

  5. I am soooo ready for Hollywood……I truly enjoyed the auditions (minus LA) this season. We got to see the new judges (minus Randy). The connection between the three judges was awesome and that something we really needed to see before Hollywood but NOW bring it on…I'm TOTALLY READY!!!!!!

    • Hello Ladies! Rose A., I think that "Whoo Hoo" should be dubbed your signature statement, because you are absolutely energized!

      Phyllis G., the positive energy for me, would not be complete without you! What were your thoughts on the Wednesday night auditions? You said that you could not watch AI until the weekend, and since I can't watch all of Thursday night, did you like any of the contestants? Looking forward to Hollywood Week!

      • Angela, This site wouldn't be complete without my AI friends….To be honest, so far nobody knocked my socks off but I still think that we haven't seen the best yet…..but I do remember that the Wed. night show was better than Thurs.except for the brothers, who I really liked…..

        I'm back home so I'll be back on track this week.

      • @ Phyllis G, Angela Marta, Sherry K and all my AI friends. Can't wait for Hollywood Week to start. And, yes, Phyllis, I agree…not one has really "wowed" me so far. There have been 6 or 8 people so far that I feel have been very talented…Chris Medina, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, the young Dangerfield guy and a few others…We have definitely not seen all the talent. Looking forward to this week. Whoo Hoo~!!! Love to all of you. 🙂

  6. I guess my perspective is a bit different than most. I love the drama and even though everyone has not been blessed with virtuoso talent, they believe in their own ability. This is truly what makes it "American" Idol. I personally could not carry a tune other than in the car alone with the volume up. God has imbued in everyone special gifts, it is up to us to discover and develop them. I love the passion of all contenders and am glad that I am not a judge. I think Randy has taken on some of Simon's old role. Warm and Earnest Regards to all who put their hearts on the line for our entertainment. W.C. Paetz

  7. Many hopefuls were let thru during the auditions that Simon would have dissed..But okay, these judges are more any case Steve Tyler is AWESOME..he's witty, knowlegable and a real charmer..JLo is so gorgeous she doesn't even have to talk, but she knows her stuff tho she's a bit of a softy…As for Randy, he's dwarfed (not physically of course) by the other two who really make the show…

    • Marlene S, I don't know you. But I just wanted to tell you ,that you are right about Steven Tyler! He is just taking over as lead judge. Randy was never anything but laid back. And he is a nice guy!

      I think truthfully Tyler should be lead judge. 30 years with aerosmith! And I never knew how intelligent and witty he was! He is GREAT! And he is VERY charming! Sherry K.

      • @ Sherry K. I so agree. The show should be titles AI with Steven T & company…lol. He is really pulling it together. Playing the drums and then being a big sport and going up to be part of a group…just amazing…I have ALWAYS loved Aerosmith…even bacvk in the day…but never really knew what a compassionate, witty and charming man Steven T. really was until now. He is definitely a gold mine for AI. So glad James Durbin made it through last night and also little Jaycee…although I think there was a little too much ado over nothing with Scotty McCreery…and his role in the whole Jacee group thing…jmho. Have a good one. 🙂

  8. @ Rose A. Hard to keep up with all of the different post's on this board. But I am trying.So you are absolutely on the same page as I am about STEVEN TYLER!! I agree. The show should be called Steven tyler and company! I never knew what a great personality Tyler had until now! I didn't know he had any compassion. I didn't know he was witty. The DUDE is just so cool.Hi Phyllis G. Good night all.Rose if you ever get the chance you need to see aerosmith in concert! They really rock! Sherry K:-)

    • Sherry K. I never had any interest in seeing Aerosmith until Steven became a judge. Now I'm waiting to see if he's coming to LV. I will definitely go see him now…..I just adore him…

      • Phyllis G. Aerosmith is just awesome in concert. Wear some cotton in your ears though. LOL. Or you will be deaf for 3 days! Love ya. And Rose too. You need to take her with you!

        🙂 Sherry K

      • @ Sherry K and Phyllis G,,,now that would be a big WHOO HOO~!!!! 🙂 Do not know how true the Top 24 list is…a little dissapopinted that John Wayne Shultz and Carson Higgins are not on it. Either is Jacob Lusk – the one who sang God Bless This Child…nor is Chrisa Medina. However, the "rude ones", Jordan and Clint (with the glasses) are on this list. Accordin to the spoiler list they had 18 definites and 6 more spots to fill. James Durbin is on the list… Whoo Hoo. Can't wait to see what this coming week will bring. 🙂

      • Rose A. & Sherry K….If you both remember James Durbin wasn't on the top 40 list either and now he made it to the top 24 so there is still hope for Jacob Lusk……

  9. @ Phyllis G., Sherry K and Angela…If I were a betting person, I would lay 10 to 1 odds that this is just a teaser list…lol…and not the real thing. You are right…would like to see Jacob Lusk on the list…from his performance last week singing Bless this child…I thought it was amazing. Getting excited to see what this week brings.

    Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

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