American Idol 2011: The Girls Fall WAY Flat

What a boring night as the top 12 girls took to the stage for American Idol 2011.  To say I was disappointed isn’t even close.  I agreed with Randy much more than Steven and Jennifer who were feeling all kinds of love last night lol.  The only stand out for me was Pia Toscano.  She was awesome and even though we hear that song a lot I could listen to her sing it again.   She is by far the best of all the girls and should have zero problem moving into the top 12 or 13. 

Lauren Alaina was decent with her country act and for once she didn’t come across as a Steven Tyler groupie so it was cool to see her let loose and perform for the audience. 

I’m not sure why we received so many complaints from readers about Karen going from English to Spanish.  I didn’t see the big deal in that at all.  It was pretty cool in my opinion.  I mean it’s not going to get her a recording contract but she sang it well and it added a little to it.

Thia Megia and Lauren Turner were good but nothing to write home about but Rachel Zevita and Julie Zorrilla were just plain awful.  After hearing them sing last night I don’t know what they are even doing in the top 12 girls. 

The rest were middle of the road for me.  I don’t want to hear a bunch of sappy ballads each night on Idol.  Let’s go with some energy and fun next time ladies.

Who do you think will make it into our American Idol Top 12 tonight?