American Idol 2011: The Girls Fall WAY Flat

What a boring night as the top 12 girls took to the stage for American Idol 2011.  To say I was disappointed isn’t even close.  I agreed with Randy much more than Steven and Jennifer who were feeling all kinds of love last night lol.  The only stand out for me was Pia Toscano.  She was awesome and even though we hear that song a lot I could listen to her sing it again.   She is by far the best of all the girls and should have zero problem moving into the top 12 or 13. 

Lauren Alaina was decent with her country act and for once she didn’t come across as a Steven Tyler groupie so it was cool to see her let loose and perform for the audience. 

I’m not sure why we received so many complaints from readers about Karen going from English to Spanish.  I didn’t see the big deal in that at all.  It was pretty cool in my opinion.  I mean it’s not going to get her a recording contract but she sang it well and it added a little to it.

Thia Megia and Lauren Turner were good but nothing to write home about but Rachel Zevita and Julie Zorrilla were just plain awful.  After hearing them sing last night I don’t know what they are even doing in the top 12 girls. 

The rest were middle of the road for me.  I don’t want to hear a bunch of sappy ballads each night on Idol.  Let’s go with some energy and fun next time ladies.

Who do you think will make it into our American Idol Top 12 tonight?




  1. I agreed with Randy as well,last night as I watched the 12 girls perform. I was completely unimpressed until #12,Pia performed,I was in awe of her voice,her beauty and how she carries herself. PIA is defintly my #1 pic along with James,from the guys.

    • I do not agree totatally. Some of the ladies I felt were nervous and didn't completely bring it, but some certainly shined in my opinion. The 15 yr. old who sang the Irene Cara song blew it out of the water.

      • I agree with Sandy. Thia Megia's performance was so moving. Pia's piece was great. But god, Thia's just 15.

      • I agree I love Pia and I didn't even notice her really before.

        Lauren Alaina – not that good to me and the song wasn't even a hard or vocally challenged song so I was really dissapointed in her. Was it her the judges compared to Kelly & Carrie? If so they are way off!

        Jennifer seemed a little put off that Pia did so well, even called her "being tricky to save her voice for the real show". I think that was very very smart to size everyone up and let them have it. lol

    • You are right on the money here!!

      James and Pia all the way to the top so vote, vote, vote!!!

      Let's don't let them down like we did Chris Daughtry!! VOTE AMERICA!!!!!!!

      • I voted a million times for Lauren A., Thia, Pia, and Karen R. The rest of the girls were either just ok or terrible. I like James, Jacob, and Casey. I agree that we can't let go of a good one like the major Doughtry mistake. I can't wait to see if America got it right. And please send home the skinny kid with the red hair.

    • for me(just my opinion)

      THIA MEGIA stands out,

      she's not forcing herself to hit the high notes

      unlike the rest of the girls did.

      they're trying to impress everybody with

      who has the highest-notes.

      but i like the way PIA TOSCANO ended her song,

      no wonder she got not only the audience's standing ovation

      but the judges's first standing-O so far this season as well.

      but i'm not really into who has the highest-notes thing.

      i'm more into who has the voice quality so i'll go for THIA MEGIA,

      at such a young age of 15 she already has a good voice-quality and it will still improve in years to come plus she looks innocent, sweet, and humble.

      it seems like she's not aware that she's good, no air at all that's why i like her.

      as for the guys, i go for STEFANO LANGONE.

      i didn't noticed him at first and i relly didn't care when he got eliminated,

      but when the wild card started and he sang "I NEED YOU NOW" by smoki norfuls,

      i had a goosebumps and i felt his performance, since then i became a fan hehehe.

      too early to decide, it might still change in a few more weeks but as for now my two faves are:


      if they won't win it's ok,

      they can probably make a love team hehehe.

  2. I hope dialidol isn't correct putting Ty-tanisa and Julie at the top. Really? I thought they were two of the worst. According to this predictor Karen is at the bottom and Lauren Turner second from the bottom but I think they both deserve to stay around along with Pia, Kendra and the other Lauren.

  3. This season is very exciting between the new judges and great contestants. no offense to any ethnic group but its american idol lets keep it american all the way

    • How can you make it American all the way? don't you think most of them have mixed race? American idol is for legal residents of America regardless of their race/ethnicity.

    • Well sad to say that they will not be accepted in american idol if they are not americans regardless of their ethnicity and skin color. that is such a racist comment you got there. And I agree with Ai here most of them may have mixed race and have been legal residents here.

    • Aaaah, Evelyn – care to define to me what you meant by keeping it "…American all the way."? By saying you have "no offense to any ethnic group" I can't help but wonder how prejudiced you really are towards others. You may as well come straight out and say "I want everyone to vote all the 'white' contestants in and not the non-whites"! LOL That is what you are saying on your post.

      • @ Evelyn, if i may add,

        aside from americans originated from england,

        the black americans came from africa,

        so it's america/england/african IDOL.

        you're such a racist in saying:

        "no offense to other ethnic group, let's keep it american all the way"

        you already offended us by saying that.

        in case you haven't noticed it yet,

        your president is not even a PURE AMERICAN,

        he's african/american so don't outcast the mixed americans or even the non-american residents.

  4. @ Ashli Rae. Agree…Pia had the best performance last night. I did like Lauren A's rendition of Turn on the Radio…put a little Gretchen Wilson spin on it. Karen R. dis an admirable job of a song that in my opinion has been sung to death. Singing in both Spanish and English may work either for her or against her…Naima, Thia and Lauren T. were also good. Did not care too much for Ashton "Jonesy" Jones "divaish" behavior. Really looking forward to seeing how it unfolds tonight. Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

  5. I was enjoying Idol until the past 2 nights. The performances were so disappointing. However, I think that the girls were a bit better than the boys. For me Pia, Thia, Karen and Lauren stood out. I think at least these four will be in the top 12. Can't say who the others will be. For the guys I think Casey and Clint will definitely be in the top 12.

    • U definately must have a hearing impairment if u say girls were better than the guys. And ur picks arent rite either- Turn up the TV!!!!

      • Guys were way better than the girls, but that can change. I have seen that happen in the past.

    • I totally agree that the girls were MUCH better than the boys!! I was not disappointed in the performances… I was only disappointed in Julie Zorrilla because before last night I really liked her!! I still think she is cute. The last 4 definitely better make it though….

  6. I agreed with Randy for the most part last night. I thought the girls were, for the most part, just terrible while the guys blew it out of the water. The only girls I liked were the 15 year old girl and 16 year old from Roswell, GA. Sorry about the names — just can't remember them.

    • American Idol needs to bring back 3 contestants from the ones who didn’t make the top 24 and give them a 2nd chance like the year they brought back Clay Akins and he ended up making it to 2nd place. Judges picked some bad choices. I wasn’t impressed with many of the ladies at all.

      Top 5

      Lauren A. (Have not seen the BEST of her yet but she is a STAR just needs confidence)

      Thia (BEST voice overall)

      Kendra (consistently impressive)

      Haley (cant wait to see her belt it out)

      Pia (got a standing ovation for what? Cause they told the crowd too with signs she had some pitch problems but belted it at the end)

      All others were horrible and not worth listening too again as a wild card.

      • I have a family website, which I posted my

        picks on. I got all the boys right. I could not

        decide on the girls, because only two stood out

        to me and that was Lauren A,and Haley. The boys

        in my opinion were a lot better then the girls.

    • Golden Girl -I agree with you But, Since I used to live there years ago the 16 year old is from my old town high school ROSSVILLE ,GA . You go girl !!!!!

    • I agree the girls need to step it up. The guys for the most part came accross as artist. I was very disapointed in the girls they have some great voices but where is the creativity Lets see some imagination ladies.

  7. Lauren A,Pia,Haley, and Naima rocked the house. And I don't just like Lauren because we have the same name.

  8. I didn't have a problem with Karen adding a little Spanish to her performance. I DID have a problem with Karen singing a Whitney song without differing from the original, except for that little bit of Spanish. It doesn't matter if you are the best singer in the world: You don't come on to American Idol and sing a Whitney/Mariah/etc. song and try to imitate them. You need to be unique, and the fact of the matter is that she wasn't. If Casey or Jacob had chosen it, you know they would have left their mark. All Karen did was give an average performance of a powerhouse song, while changing nothing except the dialect in a few choice spots.

    Where are the vocal coaches and directors telling these girls to change it up? Almost all of the girls did complete mimics of the original songs, and it was a snooze fest.

  9. I am a huge American Idol fan but this was the most boring night I have ever had to endure. With the exception of Lauren A, Pia Toscano, and one blond girl whose name I cannot recall, it was just painful to have to sit through. The judges must have been on "crack" to have put these ladies in the top 12 and there were so many good ones. They did a much better job on the guys. Looks like it will be up to the "dog" Randy to judge with no real help from the other two as much as I love them both. It might be helpful to remember that Americans want to see "americans" on AMERICAN IDOL."

    • The fact that Steve and Jennifer gave high praises to just about every girl does not bode well for us. Randy has to be the new Simon, and he just doesn't have it in him. He's too nice, and even his insults contain a reasonable amount of praise. The arrangements were terrible, the song choices were terrible, and above all else, the execution was terrible. Even the best performances last night were nothing exciting. Simon would be ripping these karaoke acts apart.

      • Your right. Both shows were boring. I almost want Simon to come back. Jennifer and Steven need to bring in some honesty, all that sweetest is making me ill. All those lowwww songs are enough to put you to sleep. I fix that by taping and fast forwarding all the boring stuff.

    • Give it a rest. you don't have to be an American to be an American idol ,and you don't have to be white to be toast . Just enjoy the talent and let the judges do their job.

  10. My top 5 in both groups in random order:

    Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano, Karen Rodriquez, Ashthon Jones, Thia Megia

    Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Stephano Langone, Paul McDonald (love Scotty but not sure on that one)

  11. Ta-Tynisha, or whatever the heck your goofy name is, you suck! J-Lo? You suck worse for thinking she can sing. She wouldn't have been a finalist in Season 1. Thank God for Randy. These other two cheerleaders have ruined the show.

    • i agree with you about Randy. I think he's fair with his criticisms to the contestants.

  12. I think Lauren the BEST out of the girls..I wanna see how much more she has in her! Out of the guys it is tougher.. Casey,James,Scotty,Paul and I kind of like Brett:)Because he is Real.Oh my God i forgot Jacob Duh me he Rocks the House Too!

  13. Both nights were really good. Talent of both boys and girls far above average from last year. Judges are awesome. Song selection was good – hard rock and screaming may provide energy but sure hard on the ears. Love this show

    • I agree. Although judges were "kinder" this year. I really feel the diversity in talent. This is going to be a great run 🙂

  14. I did not enjoy the english to spanish song at all. Not to make anyone feel bad but this is AMERICAN idol not HISPANIC idol. The girls mom had the Mexico flag in her hand during the performance and I found it very disrespectful, I would not go to mexico or any other country europe, australia etc. and fly the american flag during one of their performances it is rude! I really hope that this competition does not become ANTIamerican idol as it seems to be. This is for me the most dissapointing season so far, however there are about 3 people that I am interested to see what happens. I think after this year my family will not be watching american idol anymore, unless things change drastically.

    • This IS a singing competition and perhaps time to place biases and prejudices aside. Based on performances: Pia, Thia, Karen Rodriguez, Lauren A, Naima, Lauren T. and Ashton "Jonsie" Jones (although I did not much care for her "diva-isque" behavior) were all very good. JMHO. Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • I agree with you, girl. If the intent is to appeal to a broader audience, my fear is they will lose a much larger audience in the process. No offense intended to Hispanic Americans.

      • Sorry,but it _ is_ offensive when you try to limit the competition to only one race or nationality . Open your mind. We live in a big world.

  15. This is going to be a tough competition. Great talent. Great personalities.

    My choices:

    GIRLS: Thia, Lauren A, Pia, Ashton and Naima (her story might just be her ticket, I would like to see Lauren Turner though in the top 5)

    BOYS: James, Jacob, Scotty, Stefano and Casey or Paul (they both are unique, but the room's too crowded for 2)

    Best of luck, girls and boys!

  16. My picks in random order


    Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone


    Pia Toscano, Kendra Chantelle, Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina, Hailey Reinhart or Naima Adepapo

  17. They certainly saved the best for last. I thought Thia, Lauren A. and Tia were the best by far. Ta-Tynisa and Julie Zorilla, the two prettiest girls, both sounded awful. Gee, I wonder why they made it this far… Anyway, I thought Randy was the most honest judge. But being that JLo and Steven Tyler don't want to lose fans as they are "A-list" celebs, they aren't going to risk being as honest with cameras rolling. Rachel Zevita is a mess – it seems like she doesn't know who she is and she's all over the place from her singing to her fashion. The rest of the performances were OK but forgetable. I have to save, though, that I liked Karen even though I don't like it when people choose a Mariah Carey song (however, I loved what David Cook did with "Always Be My Baby") but singing it interchangeably in English and Spanish did make it her own.

    • You think Ta-Tynisa is pretty??? The rest of them are quite beautiful, some more than others, but not her…. awful smile!!

  18. Hate to see all the Simon harping. I think this season's been the Best Ever. I really enjoy Lopez and Tyler with Randy and I much prefer "this year's" Randy to any of the previous – his comments are fresh and decisive and so "Well, look, Dawg . . . " And I've also heard some constructive criticism from both Jennifer and Steven – their delivery is their OWN and not lip-synching Simon Cowell. I enjoyed Simon, but I think Idol was just as ready for a change up in the judging panel as Simon was to move on.

    The boys were far more polished and performance-ready than the girls (maybe the girls should've gone first to avoid competition jitters). But will definitely expect to see Pia, Lauren A, Ashton, Hailey and Thea coming back. Don't think Thea should push through based upon her young age, though. Talent is talent. And hate to hear any animosity among Adam Lambert fans towards James. I'm just so glad to have someone who can "rock the house" among all the ballad singers. Adam had his own unique spark and James is a completely different personality – but he handles the stage really well and I pray he remains to the bitter end.

    • @ Mary…I agree about James Durbin. He does have a different personality than Adam…and I am a huge Adam Lambert fan. I think James has the ability to continue to "rock the house"…he is awesome. Truly conjecture right now, but I can see James and Pia vying for the #1 spot. Top 5 just may be James, Pia, Scotty, Lauren A. and Casey and/or Jacob with Karen R., Thia Megia, Paul McDonald and either Lauren T. and/or Brett and/or Adima all making it to the top 10. It definitely will be a tough decision…they are all so talented. JMO…as an armchair critic.…

      Excited to hear what happens tonight…so pumped up…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      Hello to Phyllis G., Angela and Sherry K. Enjoy the show tonight. I know I will. 🙂

  19. I think the girl winners were pretty clearly defined by their perfornames last night. Lauren T., Lauren A., Pia, Thia, and Karen Rodriguez. The boys are a little iffy. Tim Halperin would have been in there if he could have played the piano, now I am hoping he is chosen but it is a toss up. I hope the boys are Casey, Paul, Scotty, Tim and Jordon. If Jordon plans to sing mostly Luther than it will get old quickly. He is blessed with natural singing ability. I really shouldn't like any of them since the majority had never even heard of the Beatles. What singer, young or old, doesn't know of the Beatles?????

    • Jordan sang Usher. Jacob sang Luther Vandross and is much, much better than Jordan

  20. I must know my music because during the tryouts, I said Pia will win it all along with Lusk. Those 2 are far and away the best IDOL contestants. Have been from the first time they both tried out. The two country bumpkins are great, and will take their place next to the Electric Sliders in Nashville. Both are NOT Hollywood….Two countryfide for the Rockin' nation!!!!!

  21. American Idol??? So where did the hispanic song come from? Let Karen Rodriguez go back to her native heritage-South America? Mexico? whatever and start up an Idol program there with her other peers. Sorry and under-handed trick to get hispanic votes-she should be voted off by America(n) voters. She would have fared better to follow suit with the program as it has been.

    • You are sooooooo right, I made just about the same comment after watching her performance.

      • Come on everyone! All contestant has the right to sing how they want and sing it in any language. There is nothing wrong in being proud of your own heritage and where they came from. It's who can be the best becoming a true artist. You have the right to pick and choose who you want to vote for. The BEST singing artist with stage presence and talent and make the song they choose to sing stand out and be their own.


  23. What a big disappointment the girls performances were! So many sleepy ballads. Frankly Scarlett, I was bored. The only time I got a kick out of the performance was when Lauren Alaina sang. She's got "it" and maybe a future. She's still young. I was so stoked after the great night watching the boys. I was very disappointed with the judging. Randy was the only judge who was even close to being real with his comments, and I think he was still being too nice. I am disappointed in J'Lo's judging. She has to get it together and start "judging" not just being beautiful and kind.

    If I must choose I would keep the two Laurens, Pia and Thia …

    • … may I add … I am very excited about this season and I didn't expect to be.

  24. Thea, Oh, God! The voice! I love it very much. It was so fantastic, very clear and oh, i cant wait to see her sing!

  25. Lauren Alaina brought lots of positive energy to the show tonight, and a young song!! She was the only one that rocked the stage and the audience.I was half dozing until she performed.

  26. After 2 nights I think we have The top 7(!):
    Scotty,James,Jacob,Casey,Pia,Lauren a,Thia
    (the last two not sure).Boys completely win this Part

  27. Jennifer and Steven has gotta keep it real when giving their critics. These constestants won't grow as singers if you don't give them the real score on their performance. You can't keep on saying that they did good when what we hear on TV are all off key and just plain bad.

    I love y'all judges but like what I said, you have got to let them have it if they suck!

  28. all talented …. love the talent … but a rare talent in jacob lusk …. a billion dollars in the making … good luck to everyone

  29. Not based on race, color or of the biased viewers, my choices in no order:

    Girls Guys

    Pia Toscano Scott McCreey

    Lauren Alaina Paul McDonald

    Karen Rodriguez Jabob Lusk

    Kendra Chantelle Clint Jun Gamboa

    Thia Megia James Durbin

    Judges Picks—Haley Reinhart,

    Casey Adams,

    Brett Loewenstern

    Jacob, sing as Jacob, there will not be any more Luthers or Rubins…

  30. was there a wild card round last year? i thougth America voted out two at at time until it dwindled down to the top 12. right?

  31. my picks not in any order, just my five picks

    Karen Scotty

    Lauren Jacob

    Haley Casey

    Lauren A James

    Pia Clint

  32. The last two nights contestants sang what they wanted to. After tonight they will have to sing whatever the idol genre is for the week.

  33. Karen was really good, and I've loved Lauren A since I first heard her sing, but the night has to go to Pia! I think these 3 ladies will be awfully hard to beat by any of the guys!

  34. All the girls were bad.

    The top 5 will be first 5 voted out.

    Then we can listen to Scotty,Casey,James,Paul and that black fellow who belongs in a church and sings like an angel..

  35. Get rid of Ashli Glee. This idiot wouldn't know if he heard good music or didn't. I thought this was the best panel of women singers in the history of American Idol! I recorded the program on my DVR and spent the rest of 3 hours re-listening to the songs. Almost all of these girls could go on to professional singing careers. Ashli, go back to India!

  36. Thia and Pia were the only stand out from amongst the girls last night. Lauren, Karen and Naima were ok but so disappointed with Julie. But what in the world was Rachel thinking??????? she came off as trying so hard to please the judges and TaTynisa should never have been in the top 12 coz definitely she was a poor copycat of Riahnna.

  37. this season's talent is AMAZING!!! the guys brought their a-game and so did a few of the girls. watch for Naima to bring it.don't think she has her sea legs just yet,but when she does–watch out!!! does anyone besides me wish Casey would be brought back as a wildcard? around my hometown everyone is buzzing about "the boy that plays the bass" and right now he is my favorite performer as well. judges are different and I am ready for the change-no disrespect to Simon-its just like they say…a change will do you good! AI rocks!!!

    • re: above comment;my bad,I meant Chris Medina-not Casey. hated to see him cut but I just know he has an angel out there somewhere that will get behind him and make good things happen!

  38. Pia Toscano!! AI saved the best for Last. Still too soon to tell who will be the best and better then the rest. The Girls was soo boring and no stage presence. We need more excting perfomances ladies!! Be more creative and natural. Leave the fake stuff back in the dressing rooms. The Guys and girls chose their own song to sing. Lets see them sing the variety of songs out of their comfort zone in the weeks to come.

  39. Yeah, so …

    I felt like stating my opinions up here so I can feel all cool ;;


    The perosnal criteria in-which my votes are based upon include traits of ORIGINALITY/UNIQUE voices. Something the music buisness hasn't seen already. (Which is very few of the contestants) Not the people who sound like idols already exposed to the world. Furthermore, those are the reasons I've selected the following contestants.

    May I also include my opinion that no matter which way the voting goes, personally, I don't think all 12 picks will be people of originality and unique idol traits.


    Paul McDonald

    Casey Abrams

    Jacob Lusk

    James Durbin

    Clint Jun Gamboa


    Karen Rodriguez

    Thia Megia

    Pia Toscano

    Naima Adedapo

    Haley Rienhart

    I'm not saying all these contestants completelt fit that criteria. If they don't, I simply chose them because they're more talented than the others.

  40. Thia…OMG! I can't believe you're only 15. Your voice is GOLDEN. You go girl!! Not even Scott can compare to you. You are sweet and so likeable. Even Randy paid you a huge compliment, comparing you to a young Michael Jackson, who is only the King of Pop! You will be the next CELINE DION!

  41. I did not watch idol last year but did the previous. I love music and love to see the new talent. Steven and jennifer should really be more objective and honest. As much as I like watching idol I may turn it off this season if I see the Mexican flag fly in the audience . I did not see an asian, Italian , african flag being held nor the star of David! Now we are suppose to be tolerant in an American talent contest. Honestly I will tune out! How about being thankful for living in America? If they love Mexico so much go back! Pander Karen pander!

    • Cindy, I agree with you. This year the deck as been stacked Hispanic almost to the point of being sickening and totally boring.

      • America is were it is thanks to the immigrants whether you liked or not. There is nothing disrespectful being proud of your roots. If you want to tune it out go ahead. American Idol will survive with or without you.

  42. I thought that Clint Jun Gamboa was one of the better guys,but he was chastised for kicking that

    kid Jaycee out in the group round

  43. was it true they forced that song on Jordan that got him tossed?IF so a very punk move!

  44. a big big WOW!!!! to Thia..a beautiful girl with a very beautiful voice..go! Thia!!,you are my IDOL..i would be happy Karen Rodriguez and Pia Toscano to be included in the top 10..

  45. I must say that I very much enjoyed some of the performances over the last few days. Pia's was definitely a standout performance. There was only one though that summoned up the chills and goosebumps or musical frisson for me. That was the pure singing of Thia Megia. If she consistently does that then for me she is already the winner.

  46. that Karen chick isn't very good. i don't care what language she sings in, she's not very good.

    it was like listening to some chick in a karaoke bar that is just… okay. not horrible…just bearable because everyone in the bar is drinking. the only reason she's still around is because she's been kissing Jennifer Lopez butt since she auditioned.

    that Lauren girl was a better singer and she got sent home. i don't get it. i really don't.

  47. i like THIA MEGIA,

    she's not forcing herself to hit the high notes

    unlike the rest of the girls did.

    they're trying to impress everybody with

    who has the highest-notes.

    but i like the way PIA TOSCANO ended her song,

    no wonder she got not only the audience's standing ovation

    but the judges's first standing-O so far this season as well.

    but i'm not really into who has the highest-notes thing.

    i'm more into who has the voice quality so i'll go for THIA MEGIA,

    at such a young age of 15 she already has a good voice-quality and it will still improve in years to come plus she looks innocent, sweet, and humble.

    it seems like she's not aware that she's good, no air at all that's why i like her.

    as for the guys, i go for STEFANO LANGONE.

    i didn't noticed him at first and i relly didn't care when he got eliminated,

    but when the wild card started and he sang "I NEED YOU NOW" by smoki norfuls,

    i had a goosebumps and i felt his performance, since then i became a fan hehehe.

    too early to decide, it might still change in a few more weeks but as for now my two faves are:


    • I agree, Thia has a quality voice you can listen to her songs all day all night.Pia she just scream couldn't stand her voice. I don't think people will buy her record. people likes her just bec. the way she look. she is just another britney spear. I like Stefano Langone also.

  48. Pia Toscano was awesome! She stole the show! I was quite surprised, and now, very impressed with her. She's in the top three girls in my book (Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia and Pia Toscano).

    I can't believe Stefano Langone didn't make the top five through the public vote. But it worked out for the best. America got to hear him sing one of the most moving songs of the week: 'I Need You Now'. Don't count this guy out!!!!

  49. its not just a pretty face up there . or who can hit the notes . there looking at who can stand the pressure . sure the fame looks good but are they ready . theres so much ahead off them . there all good but will wait and see ..

  50. That Karen regardless of how sexy she thinks her clothes are based on what her "old dead" idol used to wear-she still looks and sounds like she is in the Miss America pagent- which on this show is just one step above karoke. And she can't sing-her excuse and she was the only one with this problem> was that she couldn't hear. That only came out because her friend in ethinicity prompted her.

  51. right now its to hard to tell. there might be 2 going home to night . i,ll see if im right to morrow.

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