American Idol 2011 Finalists Results Show Tonight – Update

Tonight on American Idol the 2011 Finalists will be revealed with a 2-hour results show. Yes, you read that right, 2 full hours of drawn out results and commercial breaks at just the right moment, or possibly something much more exciting!

The top five vote-getters from both the Top 12 guys and the Top 12 girls will be automatically sent to this season’s coveted finalists spot, but it’s not over just yet for the other 14 singers. Instead there will be a series of wildcard saves decided upon by the judges to keep a little balance between what production wants and what America wants, assuming we make a mistake or two.

Presumably there will be some serious “sing for your life” moments if this plays out with those bottom 14 singing for a still unknown quantity of Judges’ Picks. Hopefully that will happen and this will be an exciting 2-hours of American Idol, or else we’ll have Ryan delivering the results… right after this commercial break!

Don’t forget that you can download all of this week’s original artists’ performances on iTunes or you can get them for free when you get Real’s SuperPass free trial.

It’s time to name your favorite for who will be moving on and predict who will be going home tonight. Leave your thoughts in the comments and be sure to see what everyone is thinking after this week’s Top 24 performances.

Update – Joe’s Place is reporting that there will be no Wild Card reveals tonight. Instead we’ll just get two hours of results revealed. Then next week the Top 24’s “Bottom 14” will return to sing for their Idol life, but not your votes, because that’ll be handled by the judges. As always, until it happens it’s speculation, but that sounds pretty believable to me.




  1. Should go through: James, Justin, Casey, Paul, Stephano; Lauren (NY), Pia, Thea, Karen, Lauren A.

      • Agree 100% with Pia she really surprised me & Jennifer, Lauren A- not good, song not vocally great, just so, so. I expected more from her.

  2. I love James Durbin!!!

    My son is autisic and it will bring hope to all of the families who forget just how special our kids really are!!!!

    Autism speaks…..all you have to do is listen America!!!!!!!

    • Way to go mom! I taught special ed for 14 years I loved them. They're so unique. James' mom and dad (now gone) are friends of mine. Thanks for your support.

      • Sorry James parents are not here to see what a wonderful son they raised. I too taught special education for 22 years (specializing in Autism) and love this population. They can have so many talents. James is an awesome singer and will go far in this competion because of his wonderful singing.

  3. I'm not gonna be able to watch tonight, but I'll predict anyway. In no particular order:

    -Top 5 guys will be Casey, Jacob, James, Scotty, and Paul

    -Top 5 girls will be Pia, Thia, Lauren A., Lauren T. and Naima

    -Wildcards (I hope): Tim, Kendra, Ashton

  4. Casey, Lusk, Durbin, Langone, Scott Should Move on the Next round for me.

    Brett and McDonald could be in the middleway.

    Pia, Thia, Naima, Lauren T, Lauren A. on the other hand are for my girls.

    Ashton and Karen could be in the middleway

    The rest for me is fine but compared to this folks they're not that strong and Can go home.

  5. My personal choices: Karen, Pia, Thia, the two Laurens.

    Casey, Jacob, Scotty, James, Paul

  6. My prediction:


    1. Lauren Alaina

    2. Tia Toscano

    3. Thia Megia

    4. Karen Rodriguez

    5. Either Kendra or Naima


    1. Brett Loewenstern

    2. James Durbin

    3. Jacob Lusk

    4. Scotty Mc Creary

    5. Paul or Stefano

    • I really dont think brett should be in the top 10 tonight. he did not perform well on tuesday well thats just my opinion. why isn't casey on your list?????? dont you think he is talented??????????????????

      • Brett's performance dissapointed me a little, but I like him and hope they wildcard him. Agree, Casey is awsome and quirky.

  7. top five guys:






    top five girls:



    Lauren T.




    Lauren A.- strong and powerful voice

    Tim- sweet and beautiful voice for a man

    Rachel- She had a bad week but i think she has the hardest vocal dynamics.

  8. i think the 5 of them guy will be safe is







    • Rachel has a beautiful voice she just needs to find her stage style. If directors are ever looking for a very young Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Zevita resembles her.

      • I have to agree she is beautiful and she does remind me of elizebeth taylor and does have talent they need to look beyond and look at whats in front of them.

  9. I thought that Karen Rodriguez did a beautiful job at singing "Hero." I think that Spanish is an extremely romantic language and and lends itself to singing more so than the English gutteral. English is my native tongue but I did take five years of Spanish culminnated by a month spent in Spain that was truly a life changing experience. Perhaps those that feel that she should not have combined the two languages are closed minded due to the fact that they only understand the English language.

    • Karen is reaching the audience with merging the two languages. Way to go Karen. I'm a Fan!

      • Scott can only sing country, and he does sound GREAT! but in the country Industry……it will be a challenge when they give him other music, like for example Classical…..

      • I'm Scotty makes it. I'm looking forward to see what he can do with other stuff.

    • yes Jacob Lusk has the power house voice and this is a singing comp. He should win!

    • I don't like scott to win the IDOL…he is not a flexible singer… an idol…you don't only cater those who love country music…because we can never deny the fact that not everybody loves country music…

    • I really can't see Jacob going to the top. Not enough people like that kind of singing.

  10. I am sorry to say that all the ladies' performances were weak. Some less so than others. I will be interested in discovering who will be chosen as the best 5. I wish we could allow more men this year, and fewer women.

  11. the women were outstanding last night. Thia gave me goose bumps, Pia was incredible, too. Also liked Lauren A, Karen, Ashton and Kendra.

    The guys have James, Scotty, Paul, Jacob, Stefano and Casey.

    The talent is so strong that it is hard to predict the eventual winner. It all depends on how they hold up through the weeks.

  12. Karen won't make top 5 and for her to sing half in Spanish, is just disrespectful to American Idol and to America, esp with her Mother carrying the Mexican Flag…sorry honey, this is AMERICAN Idol, not MEXICAN Idol.

    • Disrespectful to whom???? America is a land of diversity with a very very large Hispanic population. Nothing wrong at all with singing part of the song in Spanish.

      • I agree with angie! this is a free country and no-one is changing the name,….so for that person making stupid remarks about Mexicans well SHES NOT MEXICAN…….i bet you can only speak one language English and I bet it's not even proper,…stop hating!!!!

      • Yeah Angie!! That's what I'm talkin' about! It's great to enjoy your culture in another country and a free one especially, but don't force it on me! I'll switch to the spanish channel if I want to see that! This woman is a disgrace to AMERICAN Idol and I'm so happy America sent her a message and sent her a$$ home. Bu-Bye Karen!

    • Angie first of all your a racist. Plus your name is Mexican LOL. Poor ignorant girl!!! So I don't know why your talking about.

      • Lisa: "you dont know why your talking about?"

        Maybe you should go to school and learn how to write before calling someone ignorant for exercising their FREEDOM of SPEECH.

    • If you are born and raised in the u.s but you have relatives that are hispanic you are still considered american. Karen is Puerto Rican-American

    • I love Karen! I think that it's so great that she decided to incorporate Spanish to her song. If she wants to sing in Spanish, let her be. Don't judge her. Oh and about her mom carrying a Mexican flag…honey, that was a Peruvian flag. Stop being so ignorant. Thanks 🙂

  13. Girls: Pia, Lauren, Kendra, Haley, Ashthon

    Boys: Paul, Casey, James, Robbie, Scotty

    Wildcard: Tim & Julie

    I know Julie was TERRIBLE last night, but I like her a lot.

    13th wildcard should be Colton Dixon or Chris Medina.

  14. If its based on Talent alone and Race Plays no Part in this(but lets face it) it does SADLY The winner should be Lusk he blows everybody away.That Voice is Extreme!!! Great Great!

    • Let's face it Jacob Lusk does have an awesome voice. But I do not see him being an American Idol and selling CDS.

    • Marquis: Since when does race play a part in American Idol? There have been winners of various races. Why is everyone so race crazy? Can we all be categorized as human for once?

  15. No one saw anything wrong with Karen Rodriguez singing in Spanish on AMERICAN IDOL? and her mother waiving a Mexican Flag? is she an American citizen? if she is let's be proud to be American ON AMERICAN Idol

    • First of all shes not Mexican and that wasn't a Mexican flag. Shes from Puerto rico!!!!

      • I didn't like when she talk about latinos, is not only latinos vote for her. Because here in Amercica has people all over the world.

    • To Chip and Angie: I see where you're coming from on the Spanish singing from Karen Rodriguez. I think it is going to minimize her chances of winning because so many people have issues with this. Just like Adam Lambert from Season 8. He should have been the winner, NO DOUBT about it, but because so many Americans have problems with homosexuality, he didn't win-but should have. BTW I voted based on Tuesday night and Wednesday night's performances:

      Thia and Scotty

      Thia is amazing @ 15 years old-so much control.

      Scotty is just magnificent in his own genre and out of all the guys he was the best on Tuesday.

      • I have no problem with her singing in Spanish but I do believe that she is doing it to kiss up to Jennifer Lopez as they are both Puerto Rican.

  16. I hope Pia, Lauren A, Karen, and sorry I forgot the girl with the yellow dress. They were excellent! For the guys I realllly like James and then Jacob and Scott deserve to be there also.

    • For the guys: James, Casey, Scotty, Paul, Jacob…wild card…Tim. For the girls: Pia, Karen R. Lauren A., Naima, Thia…wild card..Lauren T. Yes, this is America…Land of Opportunity…where dreams are aspired to and made regardless of ethnic origin…we are a diverse culture…Excited about tonight. Thank you, Matt for the update. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  17. James Durbin of course!!! Perfect delivery, perfect performance. A star with all the necessary qualities!

  18. These are our favorites in no specific order:

    Boys – Casey, Scotty, Robbie, Jacob and Paul

    Girls- Lauren T., Lauren A., Ashton, Haley and Thia

    We love the new judges – they add, not only their incredible experience and expertise, but compassion, encouragement and a whole new, and improved feeling to American Idol.

  19. I thought Karen singing in both languages was very appropriate. There is a huge Latina community in America and Spanish is practically the second language in most large cities. I believe that having Jennifer on the panel, more and more young talent will feel free to express themselves in Spanish.

    • I feel that she did good! but if she would have only sang it in English only. I honestly don't think she would have done that good!

      But did like the way it was done.

      I do wish her the Best!!!

  20. ok guys! we have to vote for the best singers,…this is a vocal contest, not BC they are either Hispanic or any other race. we saw alot of good girls last night way more then the guys, but again here it goes:

    Pia no doubt

    Lauren Alaina









  21. My Top 10 are the following:


    1. Ashthon Jones

    2. Ta-Tynisa Wilson

    3. Thia Megia

    4. Karen Rodriguez

    5. Rachel Zevita


    1. Stefano Langone

    2. Paul McDonald

    3. James Durbin

    4. Jacob Lusk

    5. Scotty McCreery

    These are my perfect 10…. hope America will also choose the same as mine..eheheh…..

    • My picks: Casey, James, Paul, Scott, and Robbie.

      Girls: Pia, Ashton, Naima, Lauren A. and Rachel.

      I really want Carson on the show. He could liven things up! I never could figure out why they cut him or Colton.

  22. I can't believe tonight will be two hours….Gee Louise I thought for sure it would be 1 hour. Are they going to have any entertainment beside showing J.Lo's video????

    My Picks…

    Guys: James, Jacob, Scott, Stefano and Casey

    Gals: Pia, Karen, Thia, Lauren Alaina and Naima

    Let the wild card fall where it may….Although I feel Ashton should be the wild card choice for the girls….?????

  23. I predict that Pia is going to win it all. She was the perfect ending to last night's show.

  24. I'm kind of partial to Scotty as I live in Raleigh

    and work in Garner, NC, and I love country music. I love watching Scotty perform… gives me goose-bumps.

    Loved the girls last night especially Laurn & Karen & Pia, but they all were good. Looking forward to seeing them perform out of their comfort zones.

  25. Top Boys:






    Top Girls:


    Lauren (Turner)




  26. my pick would be:

    for the girls;

    1. pia

    2. thia

    3. lauren A.

    4. lauren T.

    5. naima

    for the guys;

    1. casey

    2. jacob

    3. clint

    4. paul

    5. tim

  27. Why is JLO constantly interrupting Randy or Steve Tyler when they speak or when they are judging the performer. It's so irritaiting. Please stop with that JLO! It's not cool. They don't interupt you when you are making a bringing forward your judgement, so don't do it by them.

  28. Will somebody please tell Ryan and the AI Producers how annoying that background is when he's interviewing the performers after they've received the judges' comments?? That white, moving, bright lit up background makes Ryan and and perfomers look dark and it hurts my eyes to look at them. Particularly when you're watching on a 60 inch tv screen! Bright lights from the front, but not in the background! Hard to see faces, hair, etc!!

  29. Boys: Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Paul McDonald, and Scotty McCreery

    Girls: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriquez, and Kendra Chantelle

    Wildcards: (assuming that there will only be 2 wildcards) Thia Megia and Brett Loewenstern

  30. The guys were a disappointment with the exception of a couple like Jacob and Clint. But the girls really stepped forward especially Karen and Pia. My choice for top 5 guys are Jacob, Clint, Casey, Paul and Robbie. For the girls, Naima, Karen, Pia, Lauren and Thia. Wildcard pics are James and Tatynisa. Can't wait! Fabulous group of singers this year. Love the judges!

  31. I think the format this year is GREAT! There are so many talented young people this year…it is amazing.

    The judges have made this year a joy to watch…being singers they know what has to be done to be a success.

    The contestants are very fortunate to have this exposure…every one of the top 24 will do well … perhaps not being the idol, but I am sure someone will sign them and 'polish' them. This is the biggest opportunity of their life…and it makes me happy for them.

    This talent is a joy for young and old. I am a senior and it's wonderful to see these young people show their talent.

    My compliments to the new format and the wonderful judges…they've made the show a delight!

  32. I want Stefano,Jacob,Paul,James,Casey-Naima,Thia,Lauren T,Pia,Ashton–

    Wild cards– Scotty and Hayley

  33. I feel the guys are much better than the girls this year….there were a couple I didn't think should have made it. As for the girls, there were 3 that stood out to me. A couple that the judges really raved about I did not agree on. The 16 year old girl was not that good… about karoke! I was surprised to hear the judges comment on her.The last girl that got the standing ovation, yeah she did good, but a standing ovation!? A couple of the guys were just as good, if not better, and did not get that.?? So once again, guess it depends on the person's opinion.

  34. After scrolling down this long list of predictions, I have the one which is 100% accurate…..ONE of the Top 24 will end up winning everything…..HAHAHA If they are good enough, (Such as Scotty, Casey, and a couple of the girls) and they don't get discouraged and give up, it won't really matter who wins. They all have their 15 minutes of fame each season, then it's up to winners and losers to take that and make the best of it. Good luck to all of them!

  35. Taking everything about this competition into account(not just about last night's performance) and based on the top 5 slots alone, this is who I think should advance– For the guys: Clint, Brett, Robbie, Jacob, and Casey– and for the girls: Karen, Julie, Thia, Lauren A., and Pia. This is my opinion. Do you agree with all this?

  36. I think the guys outshone the girls, so far. There is some real talent in the bunch. I think anyone who gets selected will deserve to be there, however there were some standouts.

    Top Boys:






    Top Girls:


    Lauren (Turner)




  37. My top 5 based on the the whole season-












    Blonde Lauren

    Wild Cards

    Ashton and sadly Clint

    Wild Cards

  38. My top 5 guys: ROBBIE!, Stefano, James, Casey and Scotty.

    My top 5 girls: KAREN!, Pia, Thia, Lauren Turner and Haley.

  39. My pics for the guys: Jacob…smooth,rich voice. Scotty..Love that country, reminds me of Randy Travis. James..WOW, Handicapped, I don't think so. Casey… most overall talented in my oppinion. Gotta love the quirkiness. Clint..what a talent. I thought the boys knocked it out of the park. So many different styles and personalities. I like more of them but limited myself to the five. The girls I found lacking. They are going to have to step it up big time. My picks: Naima, Karen, Ashton, Pia and 16 year old Lauren.

  40. I think that Ryan was extremely cruel when he told the first triple male contestants that 2 of them were going home and made the third contestant wait and then told him he was going home too.

  41. I am so sad that Brett didn't make it. I dont understand why!!! Everyone in the Philippines love Brett, Jaycee and Colton!!

    • I am also very dissapointed that Brett did not make the last cut. He is an all american kid and I enjoyed his singing. I hope he will go far as he is not fake and has a great talent.I enjoyed the short time I was able to hear him sing. Good luck in your Future!

      • I think that Brett and Clint should be the new starts of a TV series. They have the odd couple vibe and could really do a great comedy (with music!)

  42. Scotty can only sing country song. I thought they are looking for a multi-talented individual? I feel that Brett is more deserving to be in the top 10. At least the judges should choose him for wildcard.

    Jaycee and Colton were in the Ellen Degeneres Show and they are both soooooooooooo amazing!!!

    • Sorry, I have to disagree about Scotty. If you remember he sang a song on Beatles night and did great. He sings mostly country and will make a great country singer but he can sing other than country.

      • I think that Scott is a fan fav. And trust me, I don't like country, but I think the girls really like the good ol' boy. He is the guy next door.

    • Scotty needs a Cowboy hat to top off his look. He did great last night GO Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. I think that they should of gave number 4 another chance It was like they just over looked her on all accounts.Can't anybody see that she has more potential,and true beauty than most of the girls'I hope she does not give up and goes for all god has waiting for her.She touched my heart all the way in michigan.You are a true beauty.lots of love and always prayers.heart broken in michigan.

  44. Lusk for the guys and Rodriquiz for the girls were awesome. By far, my two favorites. Will go very far in this competition. I wish I get a betting line on Mr. Lusk to go all the way!

  45. There are only 23 people in the 'Top 24 Photo'. It looks as if Casey was left out of the picture??

    • Wasn't he the one that was in the hospital? Can't find my notes. If so, that pic may have been taken then.

  46. Well, Joe's Place was wrong, the wild cards were picked tonight.

    Next week I'm going to have my mini-lappy open so I can write my thoughts down before the judges have their say LOL

    Right on with the votes tonight for the guys…I had them all picked on Tuesday.

    Had 4 out of 5 of the gals correct last night…even tho I was so disappointed with most of the performances that I didn't even vote. They were okay, but not as wow as the guys were on Tuesday.

    I was glad when Naima went through as a wild card…she was the one that I'd picked to go through via the voting.

    I was amazed when the only time we had to wait until after the break was when they made the wild card picks. Don't know what's up with the odd number but I'm sure we'll find out.

  47. I really love the process this year on American Idol. OGM we got to pick the top 10. And the Judges picked the hopefuls that some of us wanted. I just love Idol this year. I think this year is going to be a tough one. I am so glad you found such wonderful talent. I really wish I could be there for all the excitement. Good luck to all and the judges, you will have your work cut out for you.

  48. we have had a bad week here in new zealand but watching the tv tonight we saw the most amazing young man yet again mr jacob lusk.his voice is stunning we cried.a pleasure to watch and listen to him.he really has that special presence that makes you stop and look and listen ,which we all did.all the best to him and thank you.

  49. Pia and Naimi are #1 picks for sure! Guys- nobody really stands out as all around singers – Casey's really good but a bit off the beaten path, Scotty's really good but only at one type of singing, not well rounded really, I think this year it will be a girl, and it could be between Pia and Naimi. That's my prediction. I guess we have to wait till Wednesday to find out more, and WOW on the new Jennifer Lopez video, hot, hot, hot!! Love it!!

  50. Advice to Scotty:

    Josh Turner was on WQDR this am and advised Scotty to go to college. I am a college graduate and advise Scotty to go for the $ now. He does not need college to make it big. College now would just hold him back. For me it was a maturing process. Scotty is already mature and needs to move forward NOW!!! Go Scotty.

    Patrick in Garner, NC

  51. This season is really great to watch. Am so glad that all my favourites are selected esp Scotty. Such a fine young man surely a role model for the teens- talented -good attitude-down to earth-a star in the making indeed and great contribution to country music. Bet he will open up the eyes of young people to country music…

  52. I was so disapointed last night when Kendra didnt make it she has a very unique voice. Lauren also has a unique voice wished they would have gone through. Glad Naima got a 2nd chance that shouldnt have been a question shes got something and love her style. Pia is also going to go far in this competetion.

  53. All my favourites went through to top 13 last night:

    1. Pia Toscano (OMG…that girl is so amazingly beautiful… a complete package, personality, talent and voice, outer beauty and fashion style) She will be one of the finalists in the finale episode, for sure.

    2. Scotty McCreery (this boy will make it far in the music industry…I used to not like country music but now I do because of him!! Go Scotty!!!) However, I do not see him go further than top 8.

    3. Thia Megia (she will go pretty far in the competition… most probably to the top 4)

    4. Lauren Alaina (great voice, rocker girl………love her to death, but she can be a little too carried away by all the excitement that is happening around her) she has the potential to be a little snoobish.

    5. Casey Abrams (man…this man is sexy when he sings…he can be mistaken as one of the glee members)

    6. Paul McDonalds (I love his voice and he is a very laid back singer…love his smile and the way he moves when he sings) He has his own way doing his thing when performing in front of the audience.

    PS. The judges picked Jiovanni as one of their wildcards (wrong they should have picked Tim Halperin, the guy is great with the piano)

    • well jennifer lopez is one of the judges now. she will get out of her waay to get her latinos and latinas as far as she could on american idol stage.

      she did a great deal of a job. take for instance:

      – jiovanni

      – karen rodrigues

    • Since when are they NOT? African "American", Latin "American", Italian "American"….and so forth. If you were born here, you're American. I feel sorry for all of you that think that White is the defining factor for being American. Open your eyes and take a good look at the world around you. It's complexion is changing.

  54. SO MAD about the last 2 slots. So I ask myself, judges; why tell Robbie he's the best singer of this whole competition and then replace him with Stefano in the end. I like Stefano, but why? Then, seeing this whole time that Julie was one of the best female voices as you, judges yourselves were saying; except for her last 2 performances which wasn't much worse than Naima's, and yet Naima gets through. And even yet, overcoming Kendra in their decision? Why, judges?! Why?!

    Do you agree with this decision, or do you agree at all with the comment?

  55. I think, by and large, the public got it correct. The wildcard "sing off" was emotional and outstanding. Two singers impacted me emotionally: Naima and Stefano. Few know the history of Donny Hathaway (For All We Know-her song choice) and his depression and suicide. I connected with her singing this song as a desperate "last chance" to make some improvement with her life and I applaud her emotional honesty. Great job. I also felt Stefano's plea to God in shining down on him during his call for help. What a great job on this song. How could one overlook him?

    …It will be a difficult Idol now with so much "varied" talent. My hats off to the judges including Steven whom I doubted initially but who has amazed me with his depth of understanding of all types of music. Debbie Lopez is not just there to look pretty, but has heart and compassion as we have seen. Randy is the veteran, and these two "newcomers" only serve to sharpen his critiques and comments. Good job to all…

    • Jack, Great comment…This has been one of the best AI's in a long time. Good Luck to all the contestants. 🙂

    • Well said, is right. You couldn't have communicated that better. I'm looking forward to this season too. I think everyone is doing a good job.

  56. I'm totally appalled that one of the chosen wild cards wasn't Lauren Turner.. Talk about a talent!!!! Is it because you perceive no STAR quality in her? She had soooo much unbridled talent and delightful spirit. I am very disappointed in the judges for not giving her a Wild Card chance to sing again. Neither girl who was sent through (Ashton and Naima) sang their wild card songs on key… and neither have the talent of Lauren. They have attitude, Yes!, but not nearly as much raw talent as Lauren. Shame, Shame on you guys…I had higher hopes for all of you as judges. Simon would have noticed her talent, I'm sure!

  57. My favorites right now are James,Jacob,Paul,Lauren & Pia.Casey is very talented as well.The girl that got the standing "O"?I can't remember her name,she did an outstanding job as well. (Scotty sounds great but I'm afraid he can only do one type of music)American Idol has let a few others go that I think could've proved themselves,but unfortunately had poor song choices. I can't believe it,but my top5 guys/girls made it & I predicted the wild cards!GO ME!This may just be the BEST season of Idol Yet!

    • Sherry you are right. It is going to be a good season..and don't worry about Scotty. He will be fine. Remember Carrie Underwood, the most successful idol, came as country and shined all the way to the end!

  58. Brett is a joke and I really wonder why he has so many fans. Not surprised though, out of the hundred thousand that went for audition, at least 99% of them actually cannot sing on tune.

    • I can't remember which one is Brett. What song did he sing? I guess not remembering him tells it all, huh? Anyway, who is he?

  59. This the best of the best all of your contestants are great in fact I think this is the most talented people you have had all together……..counting all previous american idol shows

    • I totally agree with you on this. Even the contestants that weren't "stellar" did good. I'm very excited to see the show this year. All of them should be proud because they are all in good company.

  60. I love James Durbin he is a Ispiration to All kids, teens and adults whith Autism, he shows them that they can do whatever they want to do. Thanks James. I am a mother of a 9 yeas old boy with Autism(Henry). Congratulations, you are a Great Singer.

    • I'm not a big rocker but I thouhgt James Durbin did good last night. The boy can sing!!! I was impressed with him. I'd like to see him take off some of his "rocker" gear and just come out in jeans and a t-shirt and sing without the theatrics. I think he would be amazing and it would be nice to see that side of him.

  61. I love the show this season. I thought all the contestants or the vast majority really brought it!
    I was a little disappointed in how they treated Thia Magia. I thought she did really well with that Michael Jackson song and it really bothered me that they were so critical to the point where the girl felt she needed to apologize. I loved the jazzy aspect of it. It brought flavor. She needs to hold her head high. She did good.

  62. Excellent talent this 10th season..the best 13 ever to grace this stage at one time!. The voters seem to be on target.. actually judging on the “Talent” of the competitors and not sob stories or non-talent criteria or biases.

    Now, if Jennifer Lopez can maintain her objectivity, and not become another Abdul and stop cutting down and interrupting Randy when he offers his turn at critique of the singers. And hopefully Seacrest won’t renew his sarcasm, combative, and provoking attitude ( he had with Simon) and start it with Randy (which seemed to appear last show)

    The 3 judges are excellent so far, but only if they can remain objective, fair, impartial and professional. Jennifer seems to be getting a little big headed/know it all attitude and needs to return to her previous weeks demeaner.

  63. Well,It's quite clear racism is not dead in the us.I cannot understand how the judges can show on a world wide program that out of 24 people only 4 blacks were chosen.How can randy jack can let his two "helpers" get away with that.Simon cowell even said on t.v.last week that randy is really trying to copy off of him,i don't think that cowell could have made that kind of mistake. When a black performer would perform many people noticed (as did I)that randy would always wait until the other panel members answered first, and then he would most of the time vote the way they did, was he afraid to voice his opinion first? But when a black singer performed he was the very first one to tell her how terrible she (or)he was).Someone must tell randy also that he should not start laughing when someone is singing he did that very often, that seemed very impolite to me a smile would have been o.k. but he laughed out loud, which could throw anyone's singing off,I sure hope he is the next to leave the show.

    • That has to be one of the most ignorant, brain-dead, knee-jerk "racism!" reactions I've heard yet.

      What # exactly would satiate your needs to avoid falling under the category of "racist"?

      Sounds to me like you need everyone to be black and no judge to dare criticize them. How dare someone tell a black singer that they weren't perfect, is that it?

      It's quite clear to me that racism is not dead in your mind and you'll do everything to keep it alive, real or not.

      • @ Matt….I agree…seems to me that people just like to stir up @!#@ (stuff) for the sake of stirring it up. I have been a fan of this site for a long time and I cannot remember it ever being filled with this type of bigotry, gay bashing, name calling, biases and prejudices like it has this year. People just need to chill, enjoy the show for it's entertainment value and get the heck off their bigoted high horses…enough already. I, for one, am looking forward to this week's AI. As an aside…I truly hope that Casey is doing better~!! Hello to Phyllis G., Sherry K. and Angela, my dear AI friends. BTW – Christine…are you still on this site…hello to you as well. Enjoy this week's AI. 🙂

  64. Hello Matt and Rose A.: You both wrote a comment In reply to my small note on march 14,2011.Here is my reply to you both. When I see racism practiced, I will respond in a very polite way. I come from Birmingham, Alabama.Need I say more? on your computer,please type on google "racism in birmingham,alabama". There you will find the reply to your letters.

  65. To Rose A, and Matt….I agree with you both..but now we can all sit back and watch how systematically all of the people of color are taken off of American Idol. Mr.Trump is best on Miss america and miss universe, he may have 8 or 10 judges of those 2 contests, but never anymore than one black judge, and how many times has a lady of color won those two contest's? I will probably not be submitting any more replies on this site, I just say "watch and see what happens".

    watch the judges because they are the one's who actually pick the winners.If they say anything negative about the singer that person will not win.

  66. Everyone who comments on the race of the contestants are so out of it. Hello!! There is definitely prejudice in this competition, just like every where else, the first Black man to win a "Best Actor" at the Oscars was only a few years ago, and Hally Berry (first Black Woman) was last year I think. These are the OSCARS!! They still have very high level of prejudice, so what do you think American Idol can do. There are no surprises here guys!! The only surprise is that you all think it is so bad, and you are upset ?? Hello!! Live in the world that is, and try and support no tolerance for prejudice. I am a woman, and I have suffered year after year of constantly getting lower wage than my equals at work. I am not alone, believe me, prejudice in the work place is rampant!!! As a woman i have fought for gender equality, not surprising that it is everywhere, in all things. When will it end, never in my life time, I'm sure. The only way to stop it is to raise YOUR CHILDREN not to be this way, and eventually maybe 3-4 decades of this will produce more equality for every, in every walk of life. Fight for it, not in this forum, but everywhere – not in an angry way, in a positive way, and never let up, tell your children, talk to them about how the Black man came over and were used for slaves, tell them woman couldn't vote till the sixties (I think) tell them that they can change the world. Our only hope is in our children. Don't be surprised it is in American Idol, look around you, it is everywhere. Especially the entertainment business, which is run by a bunch of extremely racist businessmen, who don't want to open their doors to anyone, it is all about the mighty $$$.

    The only thing that I have noticed is in the music industry finally there is a lot of Black people, It's because of rap, did you notice almost every video has a black man featured with the artist. This is the way to go, bit by bit, the music industry is getting better, look at the top 20, not bad. Keep fighting, in a positive way, and you will change (slowly) the world. Teach your children, this is the most powerful way. They are the future.

    • Also, Steven Tyler is brain dead, too many drugs, also got Heppatis B or C, I can't remember, and went for chemo for almost a year. The only reason he's there is he's white, had a great music career, and is basically just a yes man. He's a good guy though, if he thinks it's good, he says so. So what, the contestants don't need constant critisium all the time, he's supportive, that's good.

  67. hi claudette nice article:Since the good ole'US is so bent on having everything so fair and square in all facets of life((haha Mr. trump and his miss universe and miss world and usa with about 10-15 judges including ONLY 1 black judge among them))Is there any wonder why a black "miss"very seldom wins any of them. I do believe the amer.idol judges should Not be allowed to judge any of the singers, after all we all know by now that if the judges say anything negatively about any one of the singers that singer is marked for the rest of the competition and they are soon kicked off. I have observed this for many years. I have seen judge jackson do this to many times in 2011 idols.It is just not fair.these are young people trying their best to be a success.Also, there should be a 50/50 percent people of color and non- color as contestants and the same ratio with the judges IF the judges are really going to be able to judge. Since the word fair is used in all concepts of american life these days ….lets keep,it very very fair on both sides of the amer. idol.

  68. what I was trying to say in the previously written reply was that The only people who should be allowed to vote for winners should actually be those people in the studio audience and those who are calling by telephone to vote. We can only pray that the votes are all honestly counted. The judges should be there Only to keep order in the studio audience, and should Never be allowed to voice their opinion about any aspect of the singers voices, their fashion of dress, or any other aspect of the singers that may influence the voting of a singer, one way or the other.

    • I don't agree with that. The judges should be able to weigh in their opinions. America still does have to do it's own voting for who they like individually. I don't think you give the public enough credit. Some people are sheep and will blindly follow the judges but that is a small percentage, I think. Just take a look at the blogs posted here. People are opinionated and don't always agree with the judges. Plus, when constructive critiques are given, they are useful not only to the contestants but to the voting audience as well. I get why you may feel the judges are being manipulative, but they are a by-product of the show and not the final verdict. Furthermore, I like the judges this season. I think the they could stand to be a little more critical of some of the performances but overall I'd rather have a little too much "nice" than the hurtful, embarrassing roasting that previuos judges to exact on contestants. That was a real turn off. Better to err on the side of empathy.

  69. i love scotty he is the best on american idol and i am so happy thay go a hot boy on her and scotty just need a cowboy hat and he will be grat i love scotty 🙂 GO SCOTTY AND GOOD LUCK

  70. I have a great idea. Let's just keep color out of it completely. I mean COMPLETElY! You always have to bring play the race card. These judges comment or choose who they think is the best solely on their talent. Nothing more, nothing less! If you try to read more into it than that you are DEAD wrong. I've been called a racist because I'm not a big fan of Obama's policies yet I think Jacob Lusk is by far the best of the best. I hope he goes all the way. Leave race out of it. We've made great strides in the last 50 years. Let's keep going in that direction. Your disillusioned rhetoric does not help the cause.

  71. Hi Mike: I agree with you 90% congratulations, especially I agree with your opening sentence, that sentence sums up everything I've been trying to say for all the years I've been on earth, on almost every situation humans get themselves involved in, as Randy jackson would say," thats what I'm talk'n bout.But that which looks good on paper,really takes a bit more to really get the judges to apply it in real life. But Mike, please explain to me how the people in the world let donald trump get away with having only black judge year, after year,after year,and no body Ever says a word to him about it. That has nothing to do with amer idol, that's just a personal question to you, I'd really appreciate an answer from you, because you seem like a very well balanced young man, so much so that my agreement with your answer just rose from 90 to 95%.

  72. Sorry Ron. I really don't have a logical answer for that. I thought Miss California got railroaded last year. Or was it the year before. You know from Hilton. But other than that I don't have an answer. Sorry.

  73. Here's something I'd like to throw out there and have been wanting to for many years. So, every year there are thousands of contestants trying to win. Great! But isn't it a shame that there is only One winner. My question is….Why can't there be 3places. winner no.1 would have the most votes. Winner number 2 would have the second highest number of votes. and winner number 3would have the third highest number of votes.I mean, seriously speaking doesn't it seem reeeeally rediculous to think that out of all those thousands of youngsters coming each year that there can ONLY be one and only one person chosen each year. It would make the show much more exciting and much more fair.After all, all sports have a gold-Silver-Bronze winners.And there would be much more variety of contestants(if you get my drift!!)how would you feel if there were only One judge.Please think about it.the world is getting bigger by the year.Matt and Rose A. does this idea still fit me into your march 14 description of me??

    • You have a point there. Especially since, it's usually the runners up that have the stellar careers, anyway.

  74. Hi Rhonda, your little note from march 26, you gave your last name as stfu, is that a foreign name or just a family name? please inform me. thanks.

  75. sorry to say that scotty, casey and the black one there that your so boring … hope you guys will be eliminated tomorrow..nothing interesting of you specially the black one it so bad performance for you dude, its to bad…

    • sicnarf yobmaj, all these young men, & women are talented, mature, & seasoned. You could learn alot from all of them. You have a very bad attitude! I feel sorry for you! God doesn't make junk! Well, maybe with one exception! The public will decide if you're right, or wrong! Most people wish these contestants well. To bad you have such a bad

      outlook on all this talent. God bless ya!

  76. for me, the best performance tonight was THIA is to nice to hear her voice. full of emotion, she's promising artist.. go thia we will support you…

  77. what a job to pick the winner. I find the five that are left to be the best I have ever seen. Almost impossible to pick just one but Scottie made me forget how old I was listening to his soft but tender voice. I am a country Western fan also.

    for one to bring one out of its self and just to listen to a song is beautiful. all you see or hear is the performer and song. good job everyone

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