American Idol 2011: Top 12 girls recap – From Zzzzz to ZzzOMG!

The “American Idol” Top 12 girls took the stage tonight and I think I have to say the guys win this week for me. A lot of the girls were off when it came to song choice. This is an important week. We’re just getting to know them and hearing some of them sing for the first time. Song choice is crucial and some missed the mark.

On to the recap. Like last night, I’ll give my review for each singer followed by the letter grade I see fit. (And please remember this is my opinion. Feel free to agree or let me have it in our comments section).

In order of performance

*Ta-Tynisa Wilson, “Only Girl.” Her performance was a bit weak. She was flat and lost some notes. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were much kinder than Randy Jackson and me. JLo is probably going to annoy me this season because she’s not a perfect performer so she’s going to judge people more kindly than they deserve. C-

*Naima Adedapo, “Summertime.” I’m going to call Naima “The Janitor” until they stop bringing it up. So The Janitor sounded really good but I found it a bit boring. At this point I was certain I’d fall asleep by the fifth performer. I justΒ  think that was a bad song to pick so early in the game. There are only five spots and that song probably didn’t do her any favors. B-

*Kendra Chantelle, “Impossible.” I started waking up a bit when I heard Kendra’s effortless sounds. But then I decided it still wasn’t the right song choice for her. She still sounds good, I just don’t think she did enough to stand out. B+

*Rachel Zevita, “Criminal.” From her drag queen opening to her pouty attitude to the judges, Rachel didn’t do herself any favors tonight either. I was really confused by her performance. It took half way through the song before I even realized that it was Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” What a terrible arrangement. Rachel still has a good voice, she just freaked me out a little bit tonight. C-

*Karen Rodriguez, “Hero.” Eh. I’m still not sure about this one. I thought the switch from English to Spanish was a little gimmicky. And the performance was slightly show choir-y. But finally, at the end, she showed strength and power. But goosebumps? Really Jennifer? I don’t think so. B-

*Lauren Turner, “Seven Day Fool.” Let me just say I didn’t take any notes during her song because I was busy enjoying her fantastic performance. She’s got soul. She’s got power. Loving it. A+

*Ashton Jones, “Love Over Me.” She just needs to skip this little singing competition show and cut an album. That is all. A

*Julie Zorrilla, “Break Away.” Flat. Pitchy. Off tempo. Terrible. Sorry. F

*Haley Reinhart, “Fallin'” I’m pretty tired of hearing this song, but the performance wasn’t bad. She put a sexy spin on it and her voice is pretty unique to this competition. I hope she sticks around so we can hear more. B+

*Thia Megia, “Out Here On My Own.” Does that song have a chorus? I couldn’t tell. Much like Jacob Lusk, Thia is a great technical singer. Her tone is flawless. But her stage presence isn’t there yet. And her performance was borderline depressing. She’s also coming off a lot older than 15. I don’t think that’s a good thing. A

*Lauren Alaina, “Turn on The Radio.” Lauren is a natural. I tried not to like her because of all the pimping, but I did. I found myself getting lost in her performance. Just one thing… I’d never stoop as low to question a 16-year-old’s intelligence, but let me just say that I hope there’s a tutor on the “Idol” set.Β  A+

*Pia Toscano, “I’ll Stand By You.” Wow. Just wow. Take that Lauren, Lauren, Thia and Ashton! What a performance. When I heard she had the pimp spot, I was like really? And with “I’ll Stand By You”? I love the song, but I never imagined it could be performed that perfectly. And in the pimp spot nonetheless. People were even crying. No one can say that wasn’t the best performance of the night. I don’t care who your favorite is. A++




  1. Haley, Karen, Pia, Rachel, and Thia are getting my votes.

    Haley did an amazing job. She has attitude.

    I disagree about Karen's switching from Spanish to English gimmicky. It was the first time I seen anyone risk that on AI and thought she sang absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous voice!

    Pia was absolutely breathtaking. Her voice is awesome!

    Rachel is awesome, I dunno. I just see something different with her. Regardless if she leaves, I'm a fan.

    Thia is also really great. I love her delicate style.

    • Karen and Pia…beautiful and flawless. The language switching was genius! That's an old fashioned quality that was used in the 30's, 40's, and 50's..sometimes the 60's. It adds a dimension to the song, and Karen carried that Hero song better than Maraia Carey. Bravo…

      • Eliabeth Peterson..are you NUTS!!! Karen did not sing that better then Maraia Carey!!! Jeesh!!! now Pia was amazing!! not Karen…sorry my opinion…open your ears girl

    • Whomever, titled the article "The Girls Were Way Flat" is an idot! Honestly, all the girls can sing. There were a few that stood out, example Karen, Thia, Ashton, Hailey and of course Pia! This years competition is fierce, because some of the men were great as well.

    • I think the guys did a MUCH better job as a whole than the girls. I'm not impressed this year with the women. That english/spanish deal-was annoying and sort of IN YOUR FACE America. Typical of what we've been seeing around the country. Hopefully many will see through it. Pia was WAY better anyway and has more cross over appeal.

    • for me (just my opinion)

      THIA MEGIA stands out,

      she’s not forcing herself to hit the high notes

      unlike the rest of the girls did.

      they’re trying to impress everybody with

      who has the highest-notes.

      but i like the way PIA TOSCANO ended her song,

      no wonder she got not only the audience’s standing ovation

      but the judges’s first standing-O so far this season as well.

      but i’m not really into who has the highest-notes thing.

      i’m more into who has the voice quality so i’ll go for THIA MEGIA,

      at such a young age of 15 she already has a good voice-quality

      and it will still improve in years to come

      plus she looks innocent, sweet, and humble.

      it seems like she’s not aware that she’s good, no air at all that’s why i like her.

      as for the guys, i go for STEFANO LANGONE.

      i didn’t noticed him at first and i relly didn’t care when he got eliminated,

      but when the wild card started and he sang

      “I NEED YOU NOW” by smoki norfuls,

      i had a goosebumps and i felt his performance,

      since then i became a fan hehehe.

      too early to decide,

      it might still change in a few more weeks but as for now my two faves are:


      if they won’t win it’s ok,

      they can probably make a love team hehehe.

      just a thought

  2. What is with the judges?? I thought they praised girls they should have nit picked then criticized some girls that were very, very good. I mean criticize Haley's performance? Gimme a break! She was outstanding. In fact the last four girls all blew the doors off! For me, I think the girls own it right now.

    • It seems like year after year the judges say the exact opposite of what I expect. Someone bombs? The judges tell them it was wonderful. Someone delivers with everything? "It wasn't very good. Kinda karaoke."

      Who knows what makes those judges tick, but it sure seems strange sometimes!

      • Totally. So odd. I think Jennifer's own insecurities are going to show a lot this season in the form of unwarranted compliments…

      • I am tired (already !!) of JLo's lengthy critiques and comments to the contestants, and not-so-candid shots throughout the evening. I read that she had a HUGE hissy fit when she found out that she was the lowest paid person in the show and demanded more air time to compensate. Granted, she sings way better than I do – which is not saying much ! – but I am no longer interested in what she has to say because I know she is just using her 'comment' time to own the canmera.

      • You are so right Matt! Who knows what those judges are looking for. I wish they would just keep quiet and hold up numbers instead…Everyone should be themselves and be judged on that and not try to conform to the judges opinions, they will drive themselves crazy.When they play the show back, do the judges dissagree with their own comments?

    • I think there are a few girls that are great, but I don't think they own it to me…there are 4 amazing guys…it will be a great competition

    • You read it from some gossip magazine Barb.

      It must be true then lol.

      You are very naive. But this is 2011 and we live in this celebrity gossip obsessed world now.

  3. Amazing night and I think it was a bit better than last night with the guys,in my opinion. My vote hands down went to Pia! She nailed that song no doubt! Looking forward to the rest of the season :).

    • Really Lisa?? Didn't you hear Jacob, Casey, Scotty, James…AMAZING!!! and I felt that maybe 3 girls were amazing tonight…Casey Abrams has a natural talent and Jacob..WOW…James..can ROCK..Scotty…SMOOTHE

      • Yes, I am with Lisa the girls were fab, however, that doesn't discount some of the males. A few stood WAY out!

  4. I agree with Brandon's assessment completely. I started out with Hailey Reinhart being my face because I like that breathy, growley, sing-from-your-gut style of music. But she could've brought more to the table.

    As soon as Lauren A came on stage I thought, "Oh, I don't like her cuz she pimps herself to Steven!". But she had me up off the couch..she has style and does her thing with ease.

    I thought Pia started weak, but definitely finished strong.

  5. I think your review is really spot on tonight. I totally agree with your ratings (especially the Laurens). One exception – I thought that Karen did a pretty competent job, and agree with Randy that the parts in Spanish actually sounded better than the parts in English.

    I hope that Lauren, Lauren, Thia, Pia and Karen move on.

    • Thanks. I'm worried about Lauren T. She hasn't had much airtime yet. Hopefully viewers saw what she's made of tonight and put her through!

      • If Lauren does not go through its because she doesn't have the personality for Idol. By comparison, Thia and Lauren A are so darn likeable it almost doesnt matter how they sing.

  6. Sorry, I meant to say Hailey was my fav.e not face. iPads like to insert their own words…..annoying little habit.

  7. Pretty good review, and we're biased, but our facebook group thinks Lauren Alaina kicked some serious butt!

      • I couldn’t agree more! Lauren is from my hometown and she tore up the stage lastnight! Awesome job, Lauren Alaina! By the way, please don’t be hating on the southern girl! She has more natural talent than the lot put together!

  8. I thought the girls were very boring tonight. To many slow songs. They need to take notes from the guys. Whom which know how to getter done! High five to the guys this week!

  9. Naima's first performance is probably a little underrated in this competition—she did some really nice interpretive stylings with this standard. It appears that she can hear chromatics, flat 9s and flat 5ths–this is not true for all singers even those with great voices. Being a janitor is just a gig–her gigs from here on out should be a lot different now!

  10. definitely rooting for Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina πŸ™‚ But I will not deny that I am a big Casey Abrams and Scottie McCreery fan πŸ˜€

  11. Aww… we're not brain twins tonight Branden! I agree with most of everything you said, but I'd switch a few grades and I think the girls were better than the boys. My rankings from best to worst goes like this:

    1. Pia- WOW WOW WOW that is all.

    2. Thia- Very beautiful and very controlled. I haven’t been a fan, but she really impressed me.

    3. Lauren T.- Very good, but it's not my cup of tea. I have a feeling she'll grow on me though.

    4. Kendra- It was pretty flawless and liked how she made it seem effortless

    5. Naima- Very nice… I loved how jazzy it was

    6. Lauren A.- Great job!

    7. Haley- She has a great voice, but I feel like she tries WAY too hard.

    8. Ashton- It was just good not great.

    9. Karen- Loved her and the Latin flavor, but it wasn't a standout moment

    10.Julie- Bad song choice, but at least it was somewhat in tune

    11.Rachel- That was just a hot mess…her notes were all over the place.

    12.Ta-tynisa- PITCHY, but the girl can work the stage.

    Generally all of these girls are in the top 24 for a because they're all very talented in their own ways. I just felt like not all of them showed us their best. Good luck to everyone!

      • Kinda unrelated, but I don't think I've said thank you all for running a great site here. I just started coming here last week and it's nice to have a place where people can have differing opinions and "debate" intelligently unlike other sites. So thank you all! πŸ™‚

  12. Naima has naturally true vocal ability – outstanding! Ashton was entertainingly soulful and Thia was flawless. They have my votes!

  13. Pia, Kendra and Naima were really great, the others were almost as good. This year really produced some talented people. Good Luck to you all!! Randy time to retire!

  14. Well Branden, just as I did with the guys, I pretty much agreed with you on the gals, but I agree with you individually, not as a group …. You say you thought that the guys greatly outperformed the girls, and yet you gave a C-, two D's and an F- to the guys, and your grades for the girls were BETTER. Which fits with MY summary that it was the girls who outshone the guys.

    I realize it's only one night, but I really thought the ladies were better. More stage presence, more self-confidence, better tonal quality. A great range of voices, from gravelly, rockish to blues-y to country to just soaring vocals. I don't understand posters who said they were boring. A couple of them were, but overall, I thought they did a great job.

    Pia — Wow. What a closing act.

    • That's a great observation, Not2Old! I started thinking the grade average for the girls was better. I think to be more clear, I could've said I was more entertained by the guys? At any rate, thank you for paying that close attention and keep coming back!

  15. I don't know about the rest of the world but I thought the competion was called American Idol…Not Spanish Idol. I seriously thought I was watching telemundo for a second. I wish Simon was still there to keep that pointed out. We live in the United States of America and the last I checked, we all spoke English…or at least supposed to be.

    • The competition is singing who cares the language? and hmmmm isn't this a discriminatory comment? AND isn't United States of America a multicultural country?

      Enough said or I will be saying too much!!!

      • LOL….How is it discriminatory when it's a question and a fact??? Just because I can understand Spanish, doesn't mean the rest of America does. I'd still feel the same way if any singing was done in an language other than English…

      • I agree too. We may be a 'multicultural' country but English is still the native tongue. I can't see Mexico having a televised singing competition called MEXICAN Idol with people singing in English? Or Russia having a televised singing competition called RUSSIAN Idol with people singing in English? I'm all for the melting pot idea and people coming here because it truly is the BEST country in the world however; to stay true to the AMERICAN title, the AMERICAN language should be all that is sang.

      • I agree with WTF. you we

        re spot on with what you said about the language. English is the official language here. Karen can show her latino flavor any way she wants by dress etc. but she should not sing in spanish its not fair to the non spanish speaking people in the audience

        and I did not care for it. naima and lauren turner rocked the night!

      • @KD

        just so you know they mostly sing in english on these shows: in austria, in germany,in poland, etc…

        it's about singing guys!!!!

        and in my opinion someone who'd manage to perform a song in a language that is unfamiliar to the audience, and to captivate the audience at the same time, is a true artist!

    • This post perfectly sums up why the rest of the world thinks we (Americans) are a joke.

      Travel dude. Get some culture in your life.

      • This is for Marco…Actually the reason why Americans are disliked is because it boils down to the fact that we are allowed so much "freedom." If you have down some traveling yourself, then maybe you would have run into it. I absolutley agree with KD as well… I just think it's funny how one person can point out the obviious and all of a sudden they are called "dicriminatory and told to travel and get culture" It's a shame that there isn't any intelligent conversation anymore….we can't even talk about American Idol and our opinions about it without, someone getting "butt-hurt" about it and turning it into a "racial/dicriminatory" thing.

    • Well WTF here doesn't seem to know that the US has NO official language…..and that there are more than 48 million Hispanic Americans in the US and that more than 35 million Americans speak Spanish as a first language. I agree with Marco…travel some or maybe read a book or two

      • KD above here probably does not realise that most songs in IDOL in very many other countries (such as most of Europe)are sung in English as well as in the native tongue…..because in most of these countries, people actually speak more than one language

      • Actually, yes I do and have traveled to many different countries and happened to live in one for over 4 years. Yes, America does have an official language…it's English. For any individual wanting citizenship in the US, they have to pass exams in reagrds to American HIstory…and to read, write, and speak in English. My spouse happens to be mulitcultural as myself and the best thing his mother ever told was…. she knew that she was coming to America and had to speak English because that's the language that was spoken….you wouldn't go to France and expect everyone to speak English to you in Their country. Why can't people just get it?

      • Actually the US DOES have an official language. You must be able to speak and write ENGLISH to pass the test to become a citizen. Look it up.

        Just because foreigners refuse to assimilate doesn't mean laws should be erased. I work in a public school and we have kids who have been here for 6months who still don't speak English AND who's parents have been here for years and refuse to learn.

        I think it is important to be multilingual however it is rude and selfish to try to make a country conform to what YOU are too lazy and/or unwilling to do yourself.

    • All the time I thought this was a singing competition not a private club for those of us lucky enough to be born in our fine land.God forbid any person with any other nationality in their background be allowed to be in the same room with us Americans..I know why don't we bannish all but White English folks.

    • Wtf, actually English is NOT the official language of the United States. The government has never made the language "official". We are a melting pot, and the she was representing a culture that is a HUGE part of the U.S. It wasn't my cup of tea, but who cares if she sang a little in Spanish. And KD, I am of American Indian descent…..English is NOT the "native tongue" of this country. I just don't see why it's a big deal.

      • LL1, you must be able to WRITE and SPEAK English to pass a test to be granted Citizenship into the US. Yes, many languages is a wonderful thing but in order to become a citizen you must be able to speak the language of America which is English. French is for France, Spanish is for the Latin countries etc..etc..

        Our country is a wonderful melting pot but the current lawless immigration problem has cause quite a few people NOT JUST TWD's (typical white dudes) to become somewhat irrational when it comes to pushing spanish on them. I have latin roots and am not sure where I stand with the whole thing but that's where people are coming from on this issue. It stinks that Karen is bearing the brunt of it but that's the reality.

  16. as i understand the rules, contestants were asked to pick a song that shows who they are …what is their flavor… well she is LATINA…that happens to be bilingual …like many other people in the states…that speak more than one language…and the song was powerful and she delivered a heartfelt performance that shared who she was and her passion…i really liked it, as well as these contestants: naima, pia, lauren(s), and ashton …let's really look at the people and the world around us…AI is a singing competition not an English competition

    • I liked Thia strong vocal too…wow there are more choices than spots this year

  17. Pia, Tia, Laurens (T&A) were my favorite.

    but I still can't choose from Naima ashthon and karen. it's tough!!!!!

  18. And…. Lauren (the A) please don't try country again. you sing beautiful (veryyy) bet at the end of the day(!) you will compare with another country:


    and you have no chance

    • I have to disagree that Lauren a and Scotty do not stand a chance just because they sang country! Have you seen they forums after they sang? People love them and mostly because of what they sang as well as how they sang it! Those are to of America's favorite contestants! If you don't believe me then checkout facebook and other hot forums!! They are at the top everywhere!!

      • Sue Ann I think you misunderstood the previous post. Ash wasn't saying that Country had no chance, but rather that country was a poor choice in this case because Scotty is SO good that Lauren would not stand a chance against him. I agree.

        Pia was absolutely stellar tonight.

        My only concern is Haley. She showed so much ability and raw talent in her performance that I was flat amazed – but I fear she might not make it through because of a poor song choice. To me this would be almost criminal for us not to get to see what else she can do.

      • Jack- I couldn't agree more about Haley. I think she ROCKED IT OUT. Her talent is raw, organic and totally God given. She saounds untrained in the best way. I liked her through the auditions, but her performance last night moved her into my top 2 favorite girls. I think she's a bombshell and she's sexy as hell. I'm excited about her and for her. I hope she gets the chance to continue on.

  19. what a perfect way to end the girls' night. thia was so good! if only for tonight's performances, pia, thia, lauren, karen and lauren will definitely get the 5 slots in the finals… go girls!!!

  20. Top 5 of my choice!

    1. Lauren Alaina

    2. Pia Toscano

    3. Thia Magea

    4. Karen Rodriguez

    5. Lauren Turner

  21. Again you are right on! I was getting bored until Lauren T. came on. Pia and Ashton showed them how to do it for sure. Am looking forward to your comments and grades!

    • i think 5 slots for the girls will go to pia, thia, lauren a.. karen and lauren t. another 5 slots for guys will go to casey, jacob, paul, james and scotty. alledged 3 judges' wild card pick could go to jordan, julie(judges might(?) give them another shot and hailey… hmmm, not so sure about the wild picks though…

  22. I definitely agree with the jlo comment… i don't hear anything substantial from Jlo's comment…really…whew…even when it was still during the elimination stage..tsk!

  23. I have to say that I was also really impressed with Kendra and Haley's performances. So I'm hoping that these are the girls that go throught:

    1. Pia

    2. Haley

    3. Lauren Alaina

    4. Karen

    5. Thia

    6. Kendra (already counting on the Wild Card)

    The ones that I think gave really bad and weak performances were Ta-Tynisa, Rachel and Julie… All really pitchy and annoying, it was a disappointment for me because my expectations were high for Julie.

    • Wow, Thia is getting more love than I thought she would. After I watched last night I surely thought she was going to be going home, but she's getting tons of support. Her voice is beautiful, but that performance was SO boring to me. Good luck to them all though.

  24. Am I the only one that doesn't really care for Thia? I mean yes she has a beautiful voice, but its very weak. She just seems too shy yet to be an Idol. She's young and I think it has to do with maturity in confidence. Last night towards the end of her performance was the first time I heard more of her without having to crank the volume on my tv. My vote went to Lauren Aliana, I agreed with Randy's comment and was thinking it before he commented that she reminds him of Kelly Clarkson. This worries me too due to Kelly's up and down carreer. If she doesn't make it into the top 5 I see her as a top contender for the wild card, I'm sure she will get Steven's vote.

    • it's not actually just caring about thia. it's more of seeing that natural (effortless) talent in her. didn't you hear what randy has to say? the true mark of a genuine singer is the QUALITY of her/his voice. you can't let go of a contender just because she is young… she's experienced. it think that's not fair… lauren alaina may undoubted appear to be a total performer already, when when we speak of talent, thia will give her one hell of a fight.

      • thats right jordin..I agree with you..Thia is the real total package in competition even though she's just doesn't matter what age you are as long as you can sing well ..this is what American all about..and for lauren..hmmm I don't think she's good as Thia..

      • There is no denying that her voice is fantastic, but she doesn't make me WANT to listen or watch her. Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice, yet she bores me to tears. I think that's what it is with Thia too. I wouldn't buy an album full of numbers like that one. She has the voice, but I think she lacks that certain thing that makes someone a star. She has time to find it though. Just don't think she's there quite yet!

  25. Thia got my vote. She really has something in her that like I want to know. I wanna hear more of her.

    With Pia, I also like her, she's so pretty but I don't know, I saw Selena Gomez on her. And her performance was good but I thought her voice was kinda shaky.

    The rest, uhh I wasn't really paying attention on them.

  26. I totally agree with you. The guys win this week for me. Their choice of songs and performances were so much better, very entertaining. As far as the girls go…

    Top 5 for me:

    1. Pia – WOW!!

    2. Lauren Alaina – Excellent!

    3. Ashton – A DIVA!!

    4. Thia – Sweet & flawless

    5. Karen – Nicely done

  27. I don't think Steven and Jennifer's constant fawning over some of the girls is constructive to the competition. The performers deserve a critique that will help them get better throughout the competition. I liked Pia best with Lauren Turner and Kendra not far behind. I thought Ta-Tynisha's performance was the worst through Julie's was pretty terrible.

  28. Thia is the perfect one to be the next American idol….she's so fantastic and she has an amazing sings very well with a good pitch…she's so awesome…I can't wait to hear her next one can sing like her…good job Thia…You utterly impressed me .

  29. Branden you are spot on about Pia Toscano's performance. I didn't even know who she was until last night, but now she is the only idol I can think about. Love that song, and so didn't the judges. Just perfect! Her grade should be A++++++off the board plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I think Pia should be the top girl followed by Lauren Taylor, Lauren A.,and the rest is up for grabs!

  31. Thia and Pia stole the show. It would be very difficult for me to pick 4 more, none even come close. Mayb just an off nite for some. I hope thats the case.

  32. it's too early to say who will be on the run for the top 10. we need to hear from them for another round.. and then we may get to see what can they offer.. it might be a bad start for some..

  33. I had it on a DVR, and I had to keep replaying Tia's song. Perfect pitch and a great quality to her voice and its natural. Most other singers jazz up a song to sound interesting. I would love to hear Tia do Iz's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

    Next to standout for me was Pia. She is simply elegant.

    Haley won herself a spot I think

    Ashthon is a deva, and I mean that in a very good way.

    Then it is a toss-up with Naima, Karen and Kendra.

    I am a harder grader I guess: 2 A's for me, 2 B's and 3 C's

    • Lauren A is the BEST!!!!Hands down

      #1 fan since her audition.

      Always be a fan. LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. After each performance, I made my comment and it match what Randy was saying about each of the girls. I was looking for the WOW factor? Got that with the last singer, Pia. A total package and beauty. Thia sang like a angel with a beautiful voice. The grades you gave each one, was correct.

  35. The other American Idol contestants were competing over who could hit the highest note and or be the most powerful, Thia simply brought it down, made it intimate and stunned the crowd.

  36. REALLY!!!!!!! 2hrs to get a freaking verdict……….only to add back who AMERICA VOTED OFF. JUDGES its umm our turn : p. Seriously we only needed 30mins to know what we know now or better yet facebook post.

  37. Dont get me wrong, Pia is a great singer! But I have usually found myself rooting for the underdog. (Example: Kris Allen over Adam Lambert!) So my favorite girls are.. Haley, Lauren (Alaina), Kendra, &Karen!
    The guys were great! My Favorite Guys are.. Scotty<3, Stefano, James, Jovany, & Robbie! <33!
    Jennifers comments arent THAT bad, Shes new. Give her some time. Ok?
    &Steven cracks me up! :DDD lol,

  38. Thia has no energy or backstory worth investing in. I predict she'll be in the top 7 at most.

    Pia picked a pretty easy song to sing, let's give it to her for doing it well though. But that song was made for a closing performance as it is.

  39. My top 2 are: (in the order)

    1. scotty

    2. Lauren

    they are both awesome at song pickers!!!!! πŸ™‚

  40. I misa Karen Rodriguez she was one of my favorites girls with Pía. I misa you in The shows

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