American Idol 2011: Top 11 Recap Again…

On American Idol 2011 last night the contestants took to the stage to sing songs by Elton John whom I love!  I already had it in my mind that we were going to hear a lot of ballads so I wasn’t nearly as disappointed about it as I could have been.  Pia definitely took a risk by singing yet another ballad but I loved her performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”.  She’s got the whole package in my opinion.  She has promised to sing something more upbeat for the coming week so let’s hope she does that so Randy can stop criticisizing her song choices. 

Steven Tyler, who was so awesome to watch during the audition rounds has become useless as a judge.  Even when the contestants need some serious critiques, he is NOT giving it to them.  He wants to see all rainbows and sunshine and that’s ok but when you’ve got people like Naima who most definitely need to hear where she’s going wrong, Steven is not the man for the job.  I find myself agreeing more and more with Randy on his comments and even JLo is turning up the heat on our hopefuls. 

I’m not a Paul McDonald fan but for the second week in a row I have loved his song choice.  I am so glad he sang “Rocket Man” because every time I hear that song I think about the comedy cartoon Family Guy.  In one episode the baby Stewie is sitting on chair smoking a cigarette and reciting this song like a poem so for me, it was perfect for Paul to sing with a more mellow quirky vibe that he does so well. 

I loved Lauren’s interpretation of “Candle in the Wind”.  I loved the country vibe and Jimmy is right, many Elton songs can be sang as country music.  Thia did a decent job with “Daniel” and Haley was all right with “Benny and the Jets” although I wasn’t nearly as excited as the judges when she sang.  Best of the night once again goes to James Durbin.  He picked an awesome song and got out there and performed like he was the lead act at a concert.  I loved the piano on fire at the end.  I loved how he played to the audience.  I loved everything about it lol. 

Two people will go home tonight on American Idol and I think it should be Naima and either Haley or Stefano but we’ll have to wait and watch tonight.  Who was your favorite last night?