American Idol 2011 Top 11 Round 2 Elimination Results Tonight

Lets get ready for some excitement tonight when Ryan Seacrest reveals our American Idol 2011 Top 9? That’s right, Top 9 not 10 because Idol will have to play catch up tonight with two eliminations to put things back on schedule as we press on to the crowning of our next American Idol!

If you missed the big show, then you can read through Branden’s performance grading and Ashli Rae’s recap from last night’s Top 11 Round 2 performance show.

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

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  1. I LOVE watching James! He has a great voice and he's a kick to see performing! I never see him as arrogant or cocky. I think he's having the time of his life, and he's having fun and making the most of it. I love, love, love him and would love to see him in concert someday. GO JAMES!

    • I agree. I'm all for James. He's totally entertaining. I think he blows everybody away every time.

      • I want James to go! He is predictable and arrogant! I would never buy his album or go see him in concert, but many of the others I would.

      • Kris, if you think James is cocky and arrogant, then you need to look in the mirror…because he is just loving performing, he is loving the action, and he deserves this more than anyone! He will be a voice for those with Asperger's and Tourette's!! GO JAMES GO!!!

      • Kris, I don't think James is being arrogant. He grew up with tourette's syndrome & was probably ridiculed in school, and now he feels like he is finally free. What I see is someone who is having a blast and living a dream.

      • JAMES IS ARROGANT A BORING LITTLE BOY WHO THINKS HE IS WONDERFUL. Does having a terrible medical problem is considered when entering a singing contest?

      • There are plenty of people who grew up being bullied and ridiculed for many different reasons. That is no reason to be arrogant on stage. He is not the only singer up there having a good time. If they weren't, I don't think they would be there.

      • Wow, you guys….I have to agree with those pro-James people. At first I thought he was being a little self endulgent, but I now see he just loves performing and let's face it the crowd really gets him going. Which is what a real performer does otherwise the concert would be…umm.. b-o-r-i-n-g.

    • James is awesome. I agree not cocky and really enjoying himself. Hard past but doesn't show it. Hes my pick or Scotty.

    • James has a terrible singing voice and people are distracted from his awful performance by the fancy lighting he always seems to get. I wouldn't be happier if James left tonight. I also wouldn't be happier if James won, because then my favorites wouldn't be stuck in the crappy AI contract.

    • I think those of you being hypercritical of James are not aware of the some of the subtleties of the syndrome. Usually someone with one defect usually has at least one more, sometimes multiple. I am betting that "social" skills have been hard won for him–working so hard to fit in and be liked is one thing. But to have that much confidence in himself is just mind-blowing to me. His confidence is a testament to his ability to overcome stigmas that hold most people back. He is such a strong individual to take on a field where it is mandatory to have people watch your every move.

      So arrogant? Cocky? Hell no, he is herculean in his strength of character.

      Does that mean I will vote for him? No! Only if I like what he does. But don't put him down because you haven't bothered to consider for a moment what it means to have a disability like his.

      • I enjoy James, at the same time I understand where the comments about him off about being cocky. But understand this…that is Aspergers, the inability to read social situations. I have a son with this disorder. You really are misunderstanding his signals. Watch him when he's not preforming. Watch his eyes and the lack of eye contact. Take just a few moments and read up on this disorder. I think being informed will give you a whole new appreciation!

  2. The votes are in so there is no turn around. Anyway in my humble opinion Paul and Thia should go home but as Thia has so many followers I think Naima will take the going home instead of Thia.

    Just saying…

  3. personally i think Naima should have been gone along time ago. And last night she just ruined a great song. I think it will be Naima and Stefano that will be leaving us tonight and those would be good choices.

  4. In my opinion, the bottom three will be Naima, Thia and Paul, with Naima and Thia going home. Personally, I would like to see Paul get the boot. He has an interesting voice – when you can hear it – but nothing special. His dancing reminds me of that Seinfeld episode involving Elaine. I did not see Jacob perform, although I did catch the short excerpt at the end of the show and it was painful to watch.

    • I agree with you until you said something about Jacob. He is such a powerful singer, has control and stage presence, I cant take my eyes off him when he performs, he gives me chills and I think he will win this competition if he stays controlled and stops the drama.

      • I feel the same. Jacob is a powerful singer! Excellent. I also like James very much.

      • Yeah what is it about Jake, I don't understand what people's got against him – mean spirited comments!!! I think he has the best voice of this season. I will agree he gets too emotional and over sell at times, but he is ONE HELLOFA GREAT SINGER and has a great future is Gospell music.

      • I agree that Jacob is a great singer. But I could only hear him, I don't wanna see him singing and do all the gay moves, it's just too much. The facial expression is too weird and over the top. If you capture each frame of his performance video, you will see a lot of weird face expressions. I'm sorry but that's how I feel about Jacob.

      • THANK YOU! i said similar things and was called racist! i cannot watch jacob sing anymore!!!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Paul is a “low” singer (think low talker from Seinfeld series). I like his tone, but other than that I don’t think he’s that great. If this doesn’t work out for him, I think he’d have a future in toothpast commercials…..great smile!!

  5. Superb performances from James,Casey and Haley.

    But Pia, Thia and Lauren, eventhough vocally they sound good but performance wise, it's like watching a paint dry! Utterly dull,dull,dull!!!!

    Naima has always been a very different performer ~ though vocally she is still needs improvement but she's one heck of a brave singer, takes risks , unpredictable and that's very interesting. Sadly, i feel she will be penalised tonight.

    Nothing new about their performances came from Scotty, Paul, Jacob and Stefano. Nothing new , nothing different!

    So i wish either Stefano/Paul/Jacob/Scotty and Thia goes home tonight but i feel Naima will be penalised instead of Thia!

    What a pity!

    • Rd: maybe you are a Rocker that's why you think "Pia, Thia and Lauren, eventhough vocally they sound good but performance wise, it’s like watching a paint dry!"

      –it would be Paul and Naima going home tonight, I bet!

    • —>But Pia, Thia and Lauren, eventhough vocally they sound good but performance wise, it’s like watching a paint dry! Utterly dull,dull,dull!!!!<—-

      Well, if I buy a CD of Thia or Lauren (Pia has nothing in her voice) I really do NOT care if they recorded it standing, sitting, laying on the floor (like Andrea Bocelli did)!!! It's the uniqueness of voice, the goosebumps I feel and the willingness to either hear it to the end and play it again thereafter. For THIA, young lady, as far as I am concerned, you could stand on your head and still sing better than most of the top 10 right now.

  6. Bias, Friends, Relatives, Patriotism

    1. Vote the risk taking contestants

    2. Don't vote for them just because they are your friends or relatives. Vote for the beautiful voice and artistic risk takers. (but of course this one is idealistic)

    3. Vote for the one you are planning to really really plan to buy the album in the future.

    4. Make the right choice.

    An unbiased defense of Naima Adedapo

    1. Naima Adedapo: Singer, Dancer, Actress, (artist)

    * too much effort on combining art and interpretations with song and dance sometimes makes the song appear weak.

    * Lack of control

    * Fact: Beautiful Voice: Ballad: Check

    Reggae: Check

    RNB Soul: Check

    Disco: Check

    Motown: Check

    Breathing control

    Voters are too biased and blind in terms of the skills and risks that these contestant is making and is trying to do.

    Winning Possibility: 10%

    But Honestly: She's one of the best and unique singers in this season

    So vote for Naima!

    either way Win or LOSe she can do well She's an artist. 🙂

    • NAIMA loooove I hope and pray you're still standing after tonight. I LOVED this version! I LOVE everything you've done so far! To be honest, I never liked the original, found it to be annoying, but you're version really kicked it up a notch and makes me appreciate Elton John's work more. Thanks so much for everything you do. VIVA NAIMA ! ! !

    • I'm sad people can't get past their own bias and see how awesome Naima is. I've been rooting for her since her audition, but I think she will move on to bigger and better things even if she leaves the show early.

    • I am glad that you are not in the A&R of the music business as you think Naima is a talent-She could never sell a record with her voice.

      • Omg. I so agree. She is awful and should have been gone along time ago. For sure naima will go home, the toss will between stefano and Paul. Both talented but have not brought their A game yet and they have had time to figure things out.

  7. Go Thia Megia! Her friend Charice Pempengco wishes her the best in this competition on Twitter.

    I’m sure Filipinos are proud of you.

    • Yeah! Thia is really great but they set her up to get voted off. Come on, listen to her notes and it's not that pitchy. I think Randy doesn't like Thia eventhough she did great on that song, it seems that he's a fault finder or maybe he doesn't like Thia to win the competition. I love Watching American Idol anyway.

      • @Dorothy: I'm saying Filipinos are proud of her because of her Filipino roots. And there's no question about it if she can really sing.

  8. Naima – love her, but she didn't audition as a Reggae singer, and the FAKE Jamaican imitation is getting offensive.

    Casey – Please no more lip biting, teeth bearing, growls. You're losing yourself.

    Thia – Best performance yet, but the judges set her up to get voted off.

    Haley – Weird hissing, but she's the comeback kid. Brilliant vocals. The judges didn't give her enough props.

    Jacob – Seriously, does he need a hearing aid? He has that voice, but what is up?

    Durbin – Cornball. People will continue to eat it up, but you can't have fire pots going off on stage, and dress punk, then run around smiling like you're auditioning for Mickey Mouse club. That song ate him up.

    I think Stefano and Paul better worry. One of them is going, and it's probably the guy with the capped teeth.

    • This is American Idol not Jamaican Idol. Naima accent was way to phony, didn't enjoy her at all she should be in the bottom 3 for sure.

      • Her Reggae was awesome and it's not something you can 'fake'. Please get over yourself. 'America' makes up less than 1% of the world population, and taking into account how many cultures make up 'American' culture your perception of cut little white girl as American is even more diluted.

      • @Misty I don't really care for Naima's singing. But you say this is American Idol not Jamaican Idol. Do you realize that Jamaica IS in America??? There is North America, South America and Central America. It's not United States Idol. It's American Idol.

    • I agree. The judges set up Thia to get voted off. They didn’t even show the poor girl during her photo shoot,(unless I missed it) They only showed her walking in her dress. Awesome performance last night.

  9. The bottom 3 tonight- Randy Jackson, Steven tyler & Jennifer Lopez. All three will be eleminated

    • I think this year's line up of judges couldn't be better. I swear I'd go nutz if I heard Simon say one more time "Utter mess" or horrific or blah blah blah. Glad he's gone. The show is alot more likable and entertaining and not boring like the last two seasons.

      • agree. best judges and they know talent. I never heard Simon sing, have you? Or Randy? lol

    • No Judges suck.. they are not giving constructive critisism.. They have their favourites. Even those favorites can’t grow because they are not getting the correct feedback…

  10. Once again borring, Yes Pia can sing but she is not creative. Judges need to set fire, this is were Simon help the contestant by being honest and hard to make them think and perform with gusto. SAD

      • StormySpice, How many times have you told people to vote for Thia?

        Thia great big beautiful voice, now look at the package …. nothing more

      • Dear Nan You have VERY good taste in your choice of Scotty. He is the best one in all of the Americas

    • @Ross: do you have a problem with that? Why should I tell them to vote for anybody else if deep in my heart I want them to vote for my bet?

      You can campaign for any AI finalist, it's your call.

  11. I agree that Steven T could be replaced by a cardboard cutout. He's loopy enough to make Paula seem lucid.

    As for the performances:

    Scotty – Solid unremarkable performance. He's safe.

    Naima – Pathetic attempt to be different. In danger.

    Paul – What? Gone or at least bottom 3.

    Pia – Too old to threaten the teens image of themselves, appeals to oldsters. Safe

    Stefano – Clueless emoter. Bottom 3.

    Lauren – Can't be taken seriously, but safe for now.

    James – Over the top and getting predictable, safe for now.

    Thia – Lights are on, no one's home. Bottom 3.

    Casey – Pity vote. safe for now.

    Jacob – Token Gospel singer. Safe

    Haley – Third rate burlesque. Should go, but won't yet. Safe

  12. Scotty – Ok performance but not an American Idol. Kind of boring really. He'll stay for now

    Naima – Good person but not very original as far as singing. She should go home.

    Paul – very excentric America needs more artists like him. Safe.

    Pia – Smokin hot and can really sing but no more ballads please. Safe

    Stefano – J Lo wants him. He should go.

    Lauren – She's cute and should step up her game. She be in the top 5.

    James – He may be ovcer the top but he is the all american performer as it comes easy to him. Safe!Thia – She can't sing and seems like my daughter's doll on stage. Go home already.

    Casey – Likeable but kind of getting old. Safe for now.

    Jacob – Stay in church rock on. Safe for now.

    Haley – She's better than people say. She be in the top 5. Safe Tonight for the most votes.

    • You said: Thia – She can’t sing and seems like my daughter’s doll on stage. Go home already.

      C'mon dad, are you deaf? or maybe you simply don't know what MUSIC is. I pity you.

      • Just because someone doesn't necessarily like the person you do doesn't mean he's deaf or doesn't know what music is. The ONLY reason why you like her is because she's Filipino. Even though she's not really, she's American. Yeah, I went there.

      • Are you sure Thia can't sing?? Oh what about sing with you n Thia then people will judge who can sing? first know whats definition of what singing is.. Even randy told voice of Thia is compared with michael jackson!! so.. where's that singing contest now?? its realy a favorites contest..

    • No. I love Scotty. I love country music. I think You don't like country music, You don't say it.Sotty is winner

  13. How about voting off RANDY instead of the contestants? for a change… Think of it America!

  14. Haley needs to go home…..voice rated 1

    Thia, needs to go just can't cut it

    Lauren needs to go just can't handle the heat Naima Try again next year

    Stefano & Paul little to late

    Pia she is to old act old and to Ms USA vote her out

    Jacob he can sing he will go far

    James he can sing he will go futher

    Scotty Over rated

    Casey he will go far, just around the corner

    • Thia just can't cut what? Are you saying he can't hold a tune? Can't sing? Has no singing voice? Didn't set a piano on fire? Forgot to throw her microphone stand across the room? Did'nt find the embossed imprint of Pia's footsteps on the stage? Can you help me out please?

  15. Again…all of these people deserve credit for thier talent and efforts, but I find… Pia, pretty voice I guess, but kind of like watching my daughters barbie doll sing, Naima… YIKES, Thia, very pretty voice, but kind of like watching Skipper sing. Lauren, well, I never did see the big deal there, maybe I'm too old to see the charm she seems to have on the judges? Scotty is ADORABLE, but, you really have to love country to get him. Not being a follower of country, his music would not be my pick…but he is VERY CUTE! Paul has a unique talent, maybe an aquired taste? Steffano, a little goes a long way. Same with Jacob, terrific voice, but I'd probably not listen to an album all the way through. James is way to old school rock for me. Which brings me to Casey and Haley, I'd buy both of these two, love the bluesy jazzy side of them. I am mystified as to why they are taking such a beating by the folks on this blog?????

      • @Stormy do you realize that you contradict yourself?

        Post 19

        @Alfred: It’s very obvious she doesn’t know what she’s talking about specially her comment to Thia..

        and now you agree with Thia being one of the worst??

      • @Wellen: you pasted your comment on this post (21), kindly look at Trani's comment(post 19), that's what I am refering to.

      • @Stormy i was refering to post 19 where you like Thia and here it looks like you agree that Thia and Naima were the worst. Maybe i am just misunderstanding what you mean with the "Duh" here.

  16. If Thia will be one of the two to get voted out, I will not be surprised. Though, I would like paul, hailay and naima to go first. They're good, but vocally, thia is much better than them.

    Average range, but better vocals.

    • "Scotty Boy" makes me ill…nice kid but so 'one trick' let some country label pick him up and get him off the stage!…I love Haley and Steffano and really liked Lauren's song last nite. Paul – also has to go..very limited talent. Naima – gutsy but she'll probably go tonite. Jacob…come on..there are hundreds of singers like him out there and his 'emotion' is getting old. Pia…better change up her style because the ballads make her seem very one dimensional although she has a great voice and of course is very beautiful. Casey is also getting boring…Actually the whole show is…I have to turn the channel after the singing because I can't stand listening to the judges. As much as Simon could be least he was not afraid to tell the truth.

      • Sorry LuLu you are ill. You will feel really bad when Scotty wins. Take 2 aspirins and go to bed

      • Sorry, teen girls, but I agree with Lulu. Scotty is to boring for me. He can only sing one genre. Even if it a rock night, he will turn rock song into country song. He's not versatile at all. All this competition need is a talent that can sing all genre.

  17. Based on the performance, I think Paul and Naima should go, but I think Jacob and Thia are also in danger tonight.

    I really hate how the judges seem to be especially harsh toward Thia. This was one of her best performances yet they only told her "to stop being so safe."

    • I love Naima and Paul and Casey and Haley! I'm over the fact that they aren't 'american idol' enough for people to vote for them. Everyone else is just 'meh'. I wouldn't mind seeing Stefano go far, but I'll pretty much be done watching when those 4 go home.

  18. Seems like it is time for Naima (finally!) and probably Paul (although I like Paul, I just don't think he is an "American Idol")….maybe Stefano.

    I DO like Casey — alot — Think he will be safe tonight (I hope!) – but am realistic enough to know that he will not get the "Idol Crown".

  19. I Love country music and I love Scotty, I love his deep voice. Even if he doesnt win American Idol he will still get a record deal NO MATTER WHAT!

  20. I'm a filipino but based on the performances Thia did a good job.. However I'm still wishing James to win the competition.. A filipino has a heart and after seeing his videos portraying his life my tears fell down.. But that's not all he really is an excellent singer and a good looking guy 🙂 Go James!

    • I can't vote coz I'm staying in Philippines right now. And it's about 4:30am here. Working as a call center agent. Graveyard shift. How I wish I could vote.

  21. Scotty and paul should stay i really really like scotty but paul is really good to so they both should stay! save paul!!!!!!!!

      • Listen to his voice it is great, he got me hooked on the song Come pick Me Up, I listen to his version a couple times a day. There is just something special about it compared to the original, loved his rendition of Maggie Mae and he did very well with Rocket Man.

    • A no it wont, it will be SCOTTY MCCREERY, and PAUL MCDONALD

      They both start in MC so they


      Continue or Conquer (witch ever is better)

  22. Pia rules. she is awesome and deserves to win.

    pia is awesomer even better than scotty. why do you think scottys better cuz he has a low voice?

  23. I think it's between Paul, Casey, and James. Naima just ruined a classic Elton John song and Jacob is too much into church. And I really have to say that Paul is just amazing and should really be singing some Fogherty!!! On the girls side Hailey and Pia are the best!!!

  24. I love American Idol. This year's talent is absolutely the best. We have a country singer, a rocker, reggae, gospel, and a couple who sing great balland! But for me, Casey and Haley are the two most interesting and most versatile singers. I hope one of them wins it all.

  25. Haley is just sensational, a cross between Janis Joplin and Dusty Springfield. James is an out and out performer, a modern day Freddie Mercury. Lauren is the full package and a very likely winner because she appeals to an American sudience although, personally, I prefer Haley who is far more quirky. Pia has a voice to die for and looks stunning but where is the personality? Thea would make a brilliant Epanine in Les Miserables but is not good enough to hold an audience for more than a couple of songs. Jacob should be heard but not seen, Stefano is a lounge singer and Casey is a novelty act who still hasn't found his niche. Paul is all personality and teeth but really isn't quite as good as his current position suggests while Naima is simply embarrassing. Scotty is utterly boring and in no other country on the planet would have made it this far. So there we have it from the land down under. James or Lauren to win but Haley is the best in my humble opinion.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Eponine and Thia the other day. Haley is one of the few contestants that is actually taking the judges critiques to heart and is trying to improve every week. I really hope it was enough for her to continue.

      • Damn Ian, I must be part Australian because you're right on with your comments:

        Haley–Sensational! Sexy, growling, yodeling, singing sensation!

        James–Great Showman

        Lauren–Super job last night, needs to work on poise during interactions with Ryan and judges

        Pia–Great Singer

        Paul–Overrated, weak vocals



    • Comparing James to Freddie Mercury is the equivalent of comparing a Neon to a Bugatti Royale. How dare you?

  26. I didn't see any posters here (except for Branden himself) eating his or her words about Haley. And some of you should be! Give her her due!!! She was stellar last night, and anyone who couldn't see or hear that allowing themselves to be ruled by their biases or silly crushes.

    I looked at the vote here as to who performed the best. I cannot believe Scotty is ahead. He was just OK last night. There was nothing special about the performance. So people are not voting honestly–based on the night's performances. And that's a sad commentary on the AI voters' honesty (here, anyway).

    • Right on HP. I've been on Haley's bandwagon from the start wondering why no one else saw it. I like Branden, but he's also eating his words about thinking Paul was super good (he still likes him, but acknowledges that he's looking weak). I think Paul has damaged vocal cords and that's why he can't belt out songs.

      Also, glad to see everyone is realizing what I've said early on about Jacob: too dramatic, too flambouyant, . Don't give me the stupid "so what's wrong with that". Nothing 'wrong' with it; it just isn't what turns on the majority of voting Americans!

  27. Does anyone here an avid fan of naruto manga series.. does kishi release a new chapter already? I cant browse the site here at work. tsk!

  28. My favorite is Haley. She was, indeed, the best last night.

    I thought Lauren was spectacular last night as well (and the week before, too). Such a rich, rich voice! Unbelievable job.

    But I must hasten to add that I simply loved Naima's performance and I voted for her many times to help keep her in. (I totally disagree with the judges' take on that. I felt they were dashing all her chances with their critical remarks.) I thought what she did was inspired, and both my husband and I truly enjoyed listening to her rendition of that EJ classic! We really thought she did a great job. (I don't think she will be among the last two standing, though.)

    I also enjoy Stefano's voice and performances. I think he is solid and I love his deliveries, eyes closed or not! I really like James, but not so much last night, despite the pyrotechnics! (His voice wasn't on fire for me.) And although I am not a Pia fan, she did a great job last night. I actually liked her for the first time.

    IMO, the contest will eventually come down to Haley vs Lauren.

    Who will go tonight? I think the weakest performances were: Casey, Thia, Scotty, Paul, and Jacob. Who do I think should go home at this stage? First and foremost, I am hoping it will be Jacob. Secondly, Casey. He may be talented, but he is not delivering. (I did not like him last night.) Paul will eventually go (even though I like him) and I am afraid Thia will, too. She's not ready. Scotty? Sweet, sweet kid, just not into his musical style at all, but I can sure see that others here are. I am hoping he will eventually be separated from the lineup.

    • HP…I really hope you are right!! I want to see Lauren and Haley in the final two!! They are the two best singers with star quality.

      Sadly, I don't think that is going to happen. It might, if James and Scotty go home. I just don't want to see all the girls getting picked off one by one like they have been the past couple years.

      • What are you talking about? Crystal came in second last year, over Casey James who was quite popular.

  29. Even tho I really like Haley and Casey and hope one of them wins, James and Pia just blow me away they're so good!

  30. Pia and James will surely be in the final 2.. I'm so excited to see them singing in the finale.. I wonder who would win.. :0 But James has a great chance to become the Next American Idol.. Sure hit!

  31. I am a James fan, he is out there giving a great performance every time. If he could sing like that on stage movign and all the other stuff imagine what he will do in a studio. Paul made me break out my Rod Stewart collection and I enjoyed it. He has a good chance to continue, he has a band, tours around and enjoys the music. Casey I cant figure out yet he is hit or miss. Jacob I am sorry to say does not have the voice to break into the genre he wants remember his I Believe I Can Fly performance? Was amazed he stayed he wants to feel the emotion in the songs but cant. Scotty I am on the fence about he sings well but he seems one deminsional which is fine but he does not have the stage presence or the fire to compete in his genre either. Stefano well he can just finally go, he might do well in a Top 40 boy band. As for the girls I dont really know I listen to alot of male artists so i would just be going on who i like. Pia great vocals if she wants to follow Celine Dion but she really needs to pick a song that she can bust out of that makes her want to not stand in one place the entire performance. Thia at age 14 was on Americas Got Talent, and was a semi-finalist so I dont know what she is holding back on now unless she is afraid of losing again. Naima should stay true to her voice and not try to insert the reggae vibe into it. Yes I know her husband is in a Reggae band and she sings back up and maybe some lead but Personally I loved her audition voice the most. Haley has a wonderful voice that is soothing, sexy and enjoyable to listen to. Lauren also has a great voice but she is holding back on it, you can hear it. She has the ability to stand up to the power of Pia's voice and the country sound of Scotty. Thats just my opinion.

    Bottom 3 Stefano, Jacob and Naima. Going home hard to pick from those three but Stefano and Jacob are my picks, just because atleast Naima has some stage presence.

  32. Lets face it James puts everyone to shame. The kid is so talented it's crazy. He moves everyone like the nights belong to him. A true performer who knows how to make a crowd happy. So no need to be jealous. Even if he does not win idol , producers will be knocking down his door after idol is done. The end!

  33. Pia is a good singer , but she is just plain boring. I feel like i'm watching someone who should sing for disney movies. I can't take it anymore. Her legs are so stiff it looks like shes standing on the end of a diving board afraid to jump off.

  34. I dont have anything to say with it coz it's visible. However she can do something about it. And with the charm and voice she has a nice chance to be in the finals.

  35. James is gonna make this time.. he owned to be there on stage and he just do the good wordk… he's our next american idol..

    • I'm not sure but i hope whatever it is they pick up the pace. Maybe do some rock . All these ballads have to go . lol

      • I agree. I can understand they have to have some limitations to make them go out of their comfort zones. I would just like to know what the catagory is ahead of time so I can take a look at their choices.

    • I was wondering about the theme for next week too. Pia did say she was planning to perform "River Deep Mountain High" next week so maybe Tina Turner songs or Women in Rock.

      • Either would be good, She has plenty of songs for the guys to sing, if it is her then I can Guarantee we will hear Proud Mary, and Missing You from one of the guys. Even though I think James would pick Proud Mary i would rather hear him sit down and sing Missing You if Scotty doesnt do the Brooks and Dunn version… But if its Women in Rock that will be alot of fun to watch. Way too many songs to pick from for these singers.

  36. I just believe that in order to be the winner of American idol the person must show he or she is very well rounded and can bring more to the table than just a voice. James can bring everything to the table and more. He's not scared to get out there and tear up the stage. I think the others are good too . I guess we just all have to think about what America really wants to listen to on the radio.

    • Sorry CJ James brings nothing to the table except anot so neat appearance, a screaming and screeching,turn the sound down,tones,a demeaner of show off and aint i wonderful attitude.

  37. if you listen while you're washing the dishes, it's obvious who the real singers are, which means Naima and Paul gotta go, even though I like them. I love Thia's voice since the first night (I don't watch auditions). Wow she can sing without the music, she just needs to loosen up and not look so anxious and intimidated. She better have some fun cuz just too boring to watch. She won't cut it to top 5

      • Thia is really good and haves a beautiful voice,but, she propably is intimidated because after all she is only 16yrs old. And because of her age, this competition might be too big for her at this present time.

      • She took Second place on America's Got Talent in 09. She not intimidated, just unfortunately out of her league with the other talent.

      • I agree. Maybe this is not yet the time for her to shine….but who knows? There's a great future ahea of her…..Love you Thia!!!

    • i so agree with all the comments, but being young (16) is not an excuse for thia not to outshine the other AI hopefuls. remember, she had fought tooth and nail in order to be in the spot where whe is right now. there's no turning back! i've been rooting for thia from the first time i've heard her sing during the audition, but i have yet to see her best performance. she probably should do somthing, like, maybe playing her guitar or doing a song on a piano (she can do both instruments, right?). it just gets frtustrating though that no matter how hard she tries, judges will have something to say negative about it.

      • Yes you are right about the judges, they are worthless this year. They are trying to be too nice and are not giving constructive critiasim..

    • I didn't know about the America's got talent thing, and I agree that she's in way way over her head………..

  38. Anyone beside me think Elton will celebrate his birthday week by performing on Idol tonight?

  39. Hi! I'm Valentino, from Italy. I love AI!!! Can you say me names of tonight's guests?

    Sorry for my mistakes

  40. look, i love american idol. But if you people don't learn how to spell i'm going to lose my damn MIND!

    Scotty- Hes adorable, has a great voice, and is a throwback to good old fashioned country music (which I miss)

    Casey- WAY better this week. Id take him more serious if he didnt look so much like Seth Rogen. However, i still love his voice and confidence

    Thia – Please go home to your sweatshop because it is so obvious that you DO NOT want to be on this show

    Pia – I love you girl, but I swear to GOD if you sing one more ballad I will screeeeeam! Every week, same thing!

    Lauren – My favorite. I cant watch her without laughing/smiling. She is truly adorable, and she is a perfect combo of Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson

    Hailey – I hateedddd her in the beginning, and man do I love being proved wrong. She has really improved and deserves to stay.

    Jacob- Next!! UGH! Cant take the fact that he looks like he is crying with every performance. Most of the time I dont even finish watching it. Ick.

    Naima- Please GO HOME

    Stefano- Sleep with JLo already and pack your bags

    Paul- Has his moments, but overall needs to go home as well as much as it pains me. If he could sing Maggie May every week he'd be money, but he cant. SOO BYE!

    I really dont care what the feedback is to this (esp from Thia fans — im SO SICK of hearing you people drone on about this little girl who has ZERO personality. she reminds of a "FILIPINO" robot.) I just cant take the mindless bickering about how great they all are. Yes i watch the show and OBVIOUSLY i have opinions as well. Everyone has their fave. I dont even know who mine is, but I am just calling it as I see it. Here's hoping I dont have to see Reggae covers on every week's theme OR boring ballads OR CRYING GOSPEL SINGERS!!!!!! UGH! THE END!

    • LOL too funny about the spelling, I write it off to those using cell phones with auto spell on.

      • peppered? i think its sprinkled…haha… look i watch this show to be entertained! i dont watch it to fall asleep. maybe thats your cup of tea, but it isnt mine.

    • I dont care about your opinion lostinMS…and nobody cares about you!your nonsense opinion, o c'mon you are such a trying hard commentator , get lost!

      • well unfortunately Jo that is the beauty of the "comments" section 🙂 i can say things that you dont agree with and vice versa. im just extremely entertained by all of the feedback (such as i expected)… and you said to "get lost"…obviously by my name I already am…thank you for the sound advice though! 😉

    • I'm sick already watching James Durbin do the screaming all weeks and people praised him… Do some ballads if he wants to show his versatility… I don't think he could…

    • Yea i do agree with what you said about Pia. OMG! It's like she fell in quick sand . She can't move her hips or anything. If she does not do something different this week i'm going to freak out. lol

      • Donpunk rite on about James. The screeching offered up with side view of his face is nausous. His only talent is showing off and wearing a scarf hanging down his pants. UGH He needs to go home and man out

  41. Well, I was blown away by Hailey who was great! love that voice and growly thing. James Durbin is such a fun performer. Disappointed in Paul, kinda lazy. Naima is so original. I've always liked her, but she is out there for the American public. I'd say going home would be between Paul, Naima, Thea and maybe even Stefano.

    • thank you 🙂 i was really just trying to fit in with all of the unintelligble comments on here!

      • because you are really trying hard indeed…we dont care about your opinion. nonsense..

      • trying hard? it must be very difficult for you to speak what is actually on your mind then because that is exactly what i am doing. i just took the time to do so without misspelling every other word thus making it unintelligible (that means it doesn't make a lot of sense, k?)

    • and by racist you mean I see a "filipino" girl who is boring me to TEARS, who doesnt perform like she even wants to be on the show? okay, because there are other races/ethnicities on this show that i didnt say anything about. Gosh, you mention ONE sweat shop and all of the sudden you are racist haha okay! 🙂

      • Yes you are , it seems like you dont know what you are posting, read and think if you are not racist ,get life…you are not important here.get lost!

      • i suppose the term 'sarcasm' is lost on you guys… i am half korean/half african american… id like to think i should be able to speak freely. this is america, isnt it?

  42. I like Lauren Alaina too. Pia is so perfect, but not soulful enough for me. Scotty is a great country talent, though kind of like a 40 year old 17 year old. I love Casey and James' wild spirits! This year is so much better than last. Steven Tyler adds humour, Jennifer has good insights and warmth,Randy is always great. Good change. An exciting year.

  43. A young idol contest who

    uses foul language on televised programming that

    reaches out to millons of people and has to be bleeped out should not be our next "American Idol"

    Even Adam Lambert had the decency to present himself in a respectful way on American Idol.

  44. When Pia sings ballard all the time the judges wants something else. When Scotty sings country all the time the judges said its good for him. I dont understand this.

    Naima, I love her coz she is different, but honey, last night's song is not strong enough for a competition.

    • Agree with you, and no one complaining that James Durbin screamed every week, the same thing every week and I'm getting tired…

      • Yea he does scream a little in his songs , but one thing for sure he's not afraid to get out there , he seems to be alot braver than any of the others. I am getting tired of all the ballads. Its getting old for sure. Pia is good but does that girl have glue stuck to the bottom of her feet ?

  45. i think the best performance last night is James Durbin. his performance is like a finale show and he has a confidence everytime he performs.

    For me the worst performance is Paul. it is very boring and he is not entertaining to watch.

    Pia,Haley and Scotty are also good last night.

    I'm so glad about HAley's performance. just keep it up.

    Jacob,THia and Naima- just …OK performance? average.

    Lauren,Casey are legendary and they are very phenomenal.

    Stefano is also ok .Sometimes very good but smetimes not.

    For me, their overall performances:

    Paul – 80%

    Naima- 82%

    THia- 85%

    Stefano- 87%

    Jacob- 85%







  46. now that THIA is voted-off, i will now then support PIA TOSCANO 😀 i know that she's gonna be the AMERICAN IDOL.. but! who ever wins, i'm quite sure that the runner-ups will shine!! haha

    • Pia is a good singer but she is not going to have any dance moves or be any fun on the stage. Even when she came out last night singing with the other two girls , her hips and legs were very stiff. She really needs dance lessons.

      • Pia is there to sing, not dance. I could listen to her all night. Her voice is just amazing, and she sings effortlessly. Pia is a whole package.She really is so attractive. Go Pia.

      • Listen she can sing but she is just so boring. She will be a great singer for all those Disney movies. She needs to start lifting those feet off the ground and get moving and show everyone she has some talent . Singing is not everything . If she wants to sell out a concert she will have to do more to make it.

  47. I had a feeling Thia was gonna get voted off. I too, am proud to be Filipino, but that has nothing to do with talent at AI. It's all about performance & right now, my favorite 2 are Haley (her "Benny & the Jets" performance was by far the best ever) & Casey (loved the fact he took a risk with the Nirvana tune !) / I am only judging by what I saw & unfortunately, I haven't seen much of Pia lately. Yet, ballads are a bit too boring !

    Sorry, too rain on the parade of those supporting Pia. Haley made me cheer when she that old Elton John tune! Love A.I. because Steven & J Lo add more to the show…

  48. LostInMS – ur rude, sarcastic but kinda entertaining funny,even sexy..and, ur half korean and half african american – you must be good looking/exotic looking!?

  49. Thia deserved to stay with the rest till such time shes not worth.I'm a fan of James since he sang with great enthusiasm but with most quality of voice who got… Thia is also a candidate..well this just show that Is this a singing contest or favorites contest?? well that's my opinion only just feel free to answer my hesitations!!!

    • I agree, Thia is a lot better singer, than others left in this competition. I put Thia up there with Pia.Couple of the screamers should of gone home.

  50. Nakakagulat.. Gustong gusto ko pa naman si THIA. Sa totoo lang, sa lahat ng contestants, siya lang ang may pinakamagandang boses.. Pinapakinggan ko na lahat ng nirecord niya at ako ay hangang hanga sa lamig at ganda ng boses nito. Hindi ko lang maimagine na maaga siyang natanggal kasi wala naman talaga akong nagustuhan sa iba pang contestants na walang ginawa kung di ang sumigaw.. Hope to see THIA in the limelight because she deserve to be a star! 🙂

  51. Randy said "safe" for thia because she sung again ballad but when pia sung a ballad again "it's great" dang what's up with that? scotty is a good singer but every week country country country its kind a boring, paul is like drunk every week, i felt so bad for thia she has beautiful voice and sings from the heart. Don't be surprise because AI has practice racial discrimination! very frustrating!

  52. I hope Scotty wins he is really a star! best of them all. Good luck Scotty!!

  53. There are only 3 people that should be left on the show by the end.

    1)James: best performer!

    2)Jacob: best voice!

    3)Casey: most talented,hands down!

    I feel sorry for Pia; talented singer but didn't stand a chance having to follow after James. he brought the house down and I'm sure knowone would have wated to get on stage after that…

  54. Hailey was obviously the best, Jacob should go back to church and Scotty should ride his horse off into the sunset, he is not very versatile and won't be able to do anything else.

  55. I trully think that the top 11 singers have a great future ahead of them, I hope that Jacob make it to the finals, his voice is so oustanding, he reminds me of the young Barry White. On the other hand, I sincerly hope that America chose wisely, despise of whom I like I think that hey all deserved their places so far, I genuinely believe that a singer or actor or actresses should never been chosen by the looks, due that the greatest singers of all times were not that graciouslly good looking, but they were well worth appreciated. Even Thia is gone, gee, she is soooo young, she has many more years to come. I am enjoying the show deeply!!…

    Good Luck to everyone, and may the best one to win!!

  56. HOOOOOOORAY Naima is out! no great loss! Raega no way! Its AMERICAN IDOL, not INTERNATIONAL IDOL! she doesnt know how to sing or dance.. Paul should of got out instead of Thia, He tries to hard to sing like Rod Stewart, he doesnt have that natural singing ability like Scotty. Im tired of James being compared to Adam Lambert, James is way better than Adam. He is a Boy George wanna be.. Im voting 4 Pia! she has a beautiful voice , I know she has the ability to sing something more upbeat. cant wait to see it this week. Good luck 2 all my favorite contestants

  57. Scotty is still the best singer .I look forward to seeing and hearing him sing.I wish James would go home he is conceited and loves to scream.Not a good idol image. Go Scotty your amazing..Love your voice and your personalilty. Your going to make millions in records.I can hardly wait to buy them.

  58. Voters have it right…Scotty or Lauren
    either one would be an “American Idol”.
    Talented, sincere and morally straight.

  59. i think casey should have been gone the act he did to make him look like he was going to be sick and faint was probaly a put on i still think he looks weird can not sang at all but can play insturment good

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