American Idol 2011: Top 11 performance show recap – Too many ballads

If I had any doubts that the drama from last week’s “American Idol” was staged, they were squashed in the first MINUTE of Wednesday night’s episode. I mean they asked the contestants last week about the judge’s save? As in, they already knew they were going to use it. I was offended last week and I’m even more offended this week.

And I’m sorry, but all that pimping of Casey was a lot unfair. He’s already going to be safe because of the drama last week. Pimping him out tonight was overkill.

Oh well, I’m going to just forget how stupid they think we are and focus on Ryan Seacrest’s brand new botox. Seriously, did anyone else notice he looked 10 years younger tonight? Creepy. And can someone please tell Jennifer Lopez to stop interrupting the other judges during their critiques?

OK, enough of the small talk and filler (what am I, “American Idol”?) On to the reviews. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign them the grade I think their performances deserve this week.

In order of performance

*Scotty McCreery, “Country Comfort.” It was nice to see Scotty on the guitar, but did we really have to pick this song? Where’s the risk? Where’s the shock.  Sure he has a fantastic voice and can sing country. But take a chance for a change. I like Scotty, but the bad and boring song choices are tiring. B+

*Naima Adedapo, “I’m Still Standing.” Well, you won’t be tomorrow night, Naima. I’m pretty sure she sealed her fate with this one. I REALLY do appreciate the risk she took. I like that about her. But she’s just not a good technical singer. She’s just not. I’m sorry. D-

*Paul McDonald, “Rocket Man.” Oh Paul. You make me so mad. I love Paul, but but tonight did nothing for me. He shouldn’t have chosen that song. But I bet “Your Song” was handed to Casey Abrams on a silver platter, so Paul had to pick something else. I’ve finally concluded that Paul is probably better suited fronting a band. Not being the American Idol. I like him (He has been my favorite all season) and look forward to his career. But I don’t think he’ll last much longer in the competition. C+

*Pia Toscano, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.” REALLY? Again, Pia? I’m sorry, but I don’t care how great her voice is, I’m tired of her singing ballads. And an extremely over-done one at that. And to make things worse, a choir comes out and makes it even more of a boring ballad. I’d like to give her an F, but she really doesn’t deserve that. C

*Stefano Lagone, “Tiny Dancer.” Tonight is the night of opposites for me. My favorites are just letting me down tonight. I think Stefano’s performance was boring. Maybe it’s not his fault that I was bored. Maybe it was all the ballads before it. I’m tired of ballads! Have I mentioned that? B

*Lauren Alaina, “Candle in the Wind.” It was very nice for Lauren to slow things down (for her, a ballad is fresh). I had immediate goosebumps. This is such an emotional song and she nailed it. I think it’s the best performance of her run and probably of the night. I’ve had issues with Lauren in the past, but I had none tonight. A+

*James Durbin, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.”
I called that song choice (it’s the only one I got right, but whatever).  James’ performance was insane. In a good way. It was better than most “Idol” finale performances. The only thing missing was Elton coming out himself. I’m still not a major James fan, but I always give him the credit he deserves. A+

*Thia Megia, “Daniel.”
I was surprised to hear she was singing this. That’s my favorite song by Elton John, so needless to say, I hated the arrangement. It’s already a slow song, but they slowed it down even more. And it came off way more somber than that song was ever intended. She sounded good, but again, I think the song choice wasn’t right. B+

*Casey Abrams, “Your Song.” I can’t believe he decided to slow things down. But I think it paid off. Even if Casey wasn’t already going to be 100 percent safe from last week’s drama and this week’s pimping, that performance would be enough to save him. I’ve made it no secret that I don’t like Casey at all. But tonight was the first time I enjoyed hearing him sing. And it was the first time I believed him as a performer. I didn’t feel like he was making a big joke of it like I normally feel. A

*Jacob Lusk, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” What was with that fake crying face? I’m so tired of the dramatics with him. And I just don’t like his voice. I want to be fair to Jacob, because I think he’s a good artist. But I just can’t get into his voice and his singing style. He’s always the hardest for me to grade because I know he can sing, but I can’t stand listening to him. Ugh. I don’t know what to say. D? C? B?

*Haley Reinhart, “Bennie and The Jets.” Haley in the pimp spot. Good for her. I thought the performance was a little Broadway, but it was good Broadway. I had a fun listening to her sing this song. A-

Now I’ll suggest what I think the outcome of American’s vote will be tomorrow night. (I’m not sure why so many people get confused by this, but my predictions here are NOT based on my personal opinions. It’s SIMPLY what I think could happen tomorrow night based on America’s vote):

100 Percent Safe: James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery

Most Likely Safe: Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk

Probably the Bottom 3: Paul McDonald, Naima Adedapo, Thia Megia

Possibly Going Home: Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald

This could be another crazy week. Between Casey and Haley’s pimping and Stefano’s improvement, things could play out like I said. Sorry, Paul. But again, I’m not confident in these predictions. So I don’t expect to be 100 percent accurate (but haters, if it makes you feel better about yourselves, be sure to still point it out tomorrow night if I’m wrong).

What are your thoughts on the performances and what do you think will happen Thursday night?




  1. Lauren and Pia were AMAZING!!! That's definately Lauren's best!! OH, and please go home NAIMA!!!

    • I have loved Pia since the beginning, but she is getting boring.

      Naima needs to go home. Enough already.

      Haley, who I haven't been a big fan of, nailed it tonight. Excellent.

    • So Pia sings a ballad agian and judges are so happy regardless what they said last week…Hmm I think they have already decided to keep her no matter what…:))

  2. Another great read on tonights performances Branden. I totally agree with your take on Jacob Lusks. I simply can't stand his dramatic facial expressions when he sings…it drives me crazy! I thought James, Lauren and Haley blew it out of the water tonight for sure. I do agree that Naima will definitely go home but the other will be a toss between Stefano, Paul and Thia in my opinion. Thanks again for your thoughts Branden…you ROCK!

      • I totally agree. I agree that Lauren, James, and Haley blew it out of the water. I cannot stand Jacob. I know it will not be the case, but I would dearly love to see Jacob and Naima go home. Brandon, I hope you are wrong on Paul. I like him but i did not think tonight was his best night. Also, he is wearing the jacket with roses out.

      • Im surprised you gave stefano a grade of B. To think he sang so nicely and its very exciting to watch him. I dont know whats your criteria in judging.

      • Branden, I agree with about 98% of your post.

        I thought Haley nailed that song. A+

        Jacob deserved an F.

        Pia is getting a bit boring, I loved her at the beginning, but she needs to step it up. I can't think that she is too dumb too realize that ballads are only going to get her so far. Kinda pisses me off. C was a good grade because the girl can sing.

        Naima will be going home.

        Jacob should be going home to, just don't know if he will.

        Good and accurate post as far as I concerned Branden.

    • I think Stefano has potential but he's not consistent in his performances and song choices! I'm very disappointed in him because there were songs that I thought he really shined in…

      • Nahhhhhhhhh i dont agree that stefano sounds boring in his song rendition, in fact he got the best pipes.

      • Maybe your taste is different from mine cuz i love his song performed and he got me excited really. awesome performer.

    • I usually agree with Branden about 90% of the time except the Casey hate is way out of hand. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion but you are over the top Branden. But I give you credit for giving him an A he nailed it tonight. James and Haley rocked. I agree I am sick of Pia's ballads. I really liked Niama tonight and the arrangement better then the original. She is great as long as she is on key. I think the ear piece problems messed her up previously. Thia and Paul was the weakest I thought. Thia should go home.

  3. I think the best songs of the night were by Haley and Stephano, followed by Scotty and Casey James. James Durbin had an amazing performance. Naima's raggae was very talented and creative. Pia, Jacob Lusk, and Lauren were very good, but nothing new and exciting. Thia and Paul McDonald I thought underperformed compared to the others.

    • Yeah stefano gave the best performance and it was surprisingly so hot along with Hayley's so sexy performance too….

    • Umm his name is Casey Abrams. I think you are confusing him with Casey James from a different season… the blonde one. (:

      • hopefully Thia is not yet going home. as Randy was saying. she is interesting. so i want to se her more.

    • She deserved more credit from judges than that.. Come on., Pia is soo…excused of singing a ballad after what they said to her last week and picking on every slightest thing on Thia is very bad..

      I'm not here trying to critizise Pia but the judges should serve from the same spoon everybody.

    • you never know 🙂 you can never be so sure…

      she has been in the bottom three several times. if thia really has a big "american-asian" fanbase as others always so blatantly puts out, where were they to vote for her?

      • thia could have a large fanbase or maybe not…and AI could be rigging votes or maybe not…who cares…it's the post-AI that matters…and I can see thia having a singing career…

  4. I think the judges are SEXISTS. Scotty, Pia, and Thia keep singing the same freaking genre, but Pia and Thia got more heat for it than Scotty. At least Thia tried "Heatwave" (even though she failed), but Scotty and Pia…I think Scotty is a great singer, and with his voice, I don't know why he still doesn't have a recording contract yet.

    • You definitely have a point there Cheerios…. I didn't notice it until you brought it up. I sincerely hope, for Pias sake, that she sings something opposite of a ballad or I'm gonna stop voting for her…and I mean it this time.:)

      • Yep, if Pia sings a ballad next week, she deserved to go home. She has been my favorite since the show started, but she is becoming very boring to me now.

    • Hahaha man that tweet popped up right when I opened my phone! Brutal Hahaha love you guys so much! HELP ME OUT TONIGHT!!!! 🙂 MUCH LOVE! Tweet from Stefano Langone. I love this guy!

  5. GO Thia, Thia is so great,she has a very awesome tone, and I guess she can go beyond top 5!

  6. @ Branden…good review. I agree with the grades except Jacob…I give him a solid D for Drama….way over. Leave it to James to make the evening exciting…I was beginning to nod off a little…and he definitely woke me up. Great performance. A little over pimping for Casey…agreed…although I did feel this performance was one of his better ones. Namia, Paul and Thia…bottom 3…Thia and Namia going home…Maybe Paul will go next week…he still seems to be somewhat of a crowd pleaser…who knows maybe Jacob will go home. 🙂

  7. Sorry, but I just can't get myself to like Haley or Jacob, am tired of them. Even my husband asked what in the world that was when listening to Haley from the kitchen with no idea who it was. Thoroughly enjoyed Scotty and Lauren, wish Pia had done a different song but she still has an amazing voice. Agree with you on Paul and Jacob, especially Jacob, his theatrics are getting old.

      • Haley/Pia/Casey are killing it on Idol. So great!! Ever wonder what Simon would say to some of the others? Hah A repost of Adam Lambert's Tweet. I replied to him i like Stefano langone a lot hahaha.

      • @adamlambert I like stefano langone and he is my bet…. he is so good really . Stefano Rocks! <3<3<3 stefano

      • @adamlambert I like stefano langone and he is my bet…. he is so good really . Stefano Rocks! <3<3<3 stefano I hope Adam Lambert will read my Tweets about stefano haha.

  8. I agree with the author. That's exactly how I broke it down. I am glad Casey did a good job tonight cuz I do like him. I like Paul too, but thought he could have chosen a much better song to highlight his talent. There are so many Elton John songs he could have nailed! Mona Lisa's and Madhatters or Honkey Cat or Someone Saved My Life Tonight! Anyway I hope he makes it through. I think Thia and Stephano need to go. While they do have great voices, this competition is so tight and I think they lack originality and depth. I hope Pia really does do something different next week. James is in another realm with his performances, but I'd love to hear him just sing and not jump around so much.Lauren did an awesome job tonight.

    • Always love Lauren and Scotty…but I have to say GO Haley!! She was awesome tonight.I bet my husband and I watched her performance 5 times tonight. Amazing job, so happy for her. Bottom three…Namia, Theia and Jacob.

      • I agree paul should have chosen a different song but I hope he does not go home yet

    • Thats preposterous observaion you got against stefano. he lacks depth? my gawd, silly remarks. can you be more than the judges? just shut up. my thousand votes for stefano langone to hell with yah!

      • Erica, it is ok for someone to disagree with you. You will live. If you want respect for your opinions you need to show it to others.

  9. I also am not a big fan of Casey, but I thought he had the best performance tonight. I also didn't notice any difference after he got his hair cut LOLOL…and i got to agree with you 100%,they need to stop pimping him out!

    I LOVE James and thought he did a great job! His performance was a show in itself!

    I don't like Scotty's voice at all, so I muted his performance 😛

    I feel sorry for Naima, I also think she will be in the bottom 3 and will be going home. I like the fact that she makes her songs her own but I don't think America agrees.

    I actually am not a big fan of Paul's but I thought he did a good job and will be safe.

    I like Pia alot but I agree with you, she needs to start picking some songs that she can at least move her body a little!

    I thought Lauren did a great job with Candle in the Wind….and I am not a fan of hers.

    I didnt like Haleys performance of Bennie and the Jets but I think American will.

    My picks for the bottom 3 are Naima, Thia and Stefano with Naima and Thia going home. I sure hope Stefano will stay, I really like his voice but tonight I just think he had a bad song choice 🙁

    • Look, stefano isnt the one picking what song o sing and so far he has delivered a great rendition. I wonder why people can be so harsh against others not their bet…. stefano is way up.<3

    • stefano won again land at bottom 3. No way, i will vote for him a thousand times <3. go stefano:)

  10. bottom three based on the perforance !

    Naima, Paul, Stefano or Jacob!

    Going home!

    Naima and Paul

  11. Paul and Stefano or James and Casey should go home because it's tme for another female winner on Idol. Casey was good for the first time. Paul is quirky & different but pales in comparison to everybody else. Jacob could leave also & I wouldn't mind. I'm not in love with his singing style either. James is ok as is Stefano but this season, let the ladies slug it out to the death. Naima may not be the best singer but she is smart enough to sing within her range and she is never dull…which in my opinion also counts. And for God's sake will somebody please find Angela Martin from last year's auditions? She was phenomenal & deserves a recording contract.

    • James???? Seriously??? James is sooooooo not going home 😛 dont be sexist its about the talent not 'oh a boy won last time now its a girls turn'.

      • Whats the difference between a male or female winner this season? hats ridiculous, idol winner is picked based on his or her performances and i think stefano will get a chance to be in the finals.

      • I didn't say james was going home. He is the one of the best. At least he is not boring to watch . Some of the girls are good but need to pick up the pace.

    • Are you sexist? why suggest its a female turn to be an Idol? Stefano is my bet also Jacob…. i hope they will reach the Finals.

    • I agree with you, I am disappointed with his song choice. He should sing "Nikita" or "Your Song" or "Something about the way you look tonight" or the song recommended by the writer of this column (Branden). If he feels that he cannot hit the high notes in these songs, he can choose "Candle in The Wind".

  12. Branden,

    Face it, you hate Naima and Jacob. You should just admit it and confess that your judging of their performances is always skewed. Given your position, that would be fairer than what you do week after week – slam them as if you're impartial.

    That said, I admire Naima for her risk-taking. She took and old, familiar song and put a new spin on it. That took guts. I hope she stays. I agree with you, Haley has improved. As has Stefano. I think both Thia and Lauren are simply too young to be in this league. I also agree with you that Paul disappointed tonight. But dude, can you leave Jacob alone?! Just let him sing. Don't worry about his facial expressions; cause if you do, then you should rightly point out James' facial movements as well.

    • Jean you do know that James has Turrets and thats why his expression is the way it is?

      • I don't care what James' condition is—-I still don't like screaming!! Or his "I AM the next American Idol" attitude.

      • i was referring to jean not littleredhen. James isnt my fav. but i just dont see how you can deny him as a performer…simply because he can put on a show and perform does not mean he has any sort of "attitude"

    • thank you! Every week I come on and read about Braden dissing hardcore on Jacob because of his style. It's kinda annoying and mundane. I'm not a big fan of Scotty's style, but I don't rip him week after week after week because I realize that he sings way good, even if I don't like country, so I give him credit and applaude him.

      • I am.

        "Much much better. Way more controlled. And while some of his runs and notes still come off as semi-parody, I didn’t hate it. I almost thought he was at risk at Bottom 3 this week until this performance (and the extra stage time for pimping)."

        There's your proof. You still managed to rip him a little for his style even when you praised him. "some of his runs and notes still come off as semi-parody". "I almost thought he was at risk at Bottom 3 this week". Slight little comments that showed that you still hated his style when you loved his song

      • I have to turn the sound off and walk away when Jacob sings. Sorry but I can't watch him – it's too painful. I'm sure he's a nice kid.

      • Look, it's obvious that Branden's opinions aren't going to please everyone but this is his blog and he has a right to speak his mind…with that said, the majority of us and others on related sites agree with him when it comes to Jacob. MTV wrote: "Jacob Lusk: There's a difference between singing with emotion and singing whilst on the verge of tears — a difference Jacob doesn't seem to grasp. He's uncomfortable to watch, and not nearly pleasant enough to hear. We wanted to step slowly away from the television during his rendition of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." So don't take it out on Branden….I applaud him for not holding back and wait eagerly every week for more……

      • So what. Jean was making a point. James does what he does, and jacob does what he does…regaurdless it is an even playing field and all of them are being judged as a whole…wierd faces (Jacob) or facial ticks (James)…neither are being ignored, nor should they be.

      • The difference is- James can't help his ticks, but Jacob is completely responsible for what he does on tage.

    • James Durbin has tourettes syndrome, that's why he twitches with his eyes. He only does it when he's nervous. Jacob does it for drama.

      • you peeps justify james twicht yet when stefano sang you criticized him as not connecting to his audience. Isnt that some sort of comical? twitching is okay but closing one's eyes when singing is a taboo haha. anyways stefano will nail it this week.

  13. Go Home Naima…used to be a fan but after the dancing and now the accent…bye! Sick sick sick sick of Lauren whatever her middle name is…never have liked her since the Shania train wreck she attempted. Do not want to hear Pia again…could care less about Thia. I love Casey, Paul, James, and Haley. Wasn't crazy about Stefano until tonight. Liked it very much.

    Just for effect – one more time – sick of Lauren sick of Lauren. Do Not Like Her!!!

    • Lauren is a very talented young lady. She's 16 and amazing. At least she doesn't growl like Haley which is so annoying. She needs to go!

      • Haley will go home.

        I dont like her voice and style.

        she's good when she yoddles. hahaha

      • Haley's time has not come, she pulled ahead for another week at least. And because she has a little flare in her singing, unlike Pia, Thia, and Lauren, doesn't mean she 'yodels'. Her only yodel was in 'Blue' which was a great performance and it fit the song. Her interpretation of the songs she sings is beyond anything the other female contestants, accept maybe Naima, can even comprehend.

  14. I predict that Thia's not going home and will actually go further just like what happened to Jasmine Trias on Season 3. You have no idea how many Asians are rooting for her.

    • Thats ridiculous! This IS NOT about being white, asian, black, green, red or blue. It is about talent and people should vote accordingly.I'm certainly not gonna run out and vote for lauren or scotty simply because i'm white.

      • Kerri, REALLY! REALLY! Most here do not like the minority singers, you and others should take a look at talent and not a person race.

      • PM please take another look at what i wrote. You said I and others should not look at race, but singing talent… is that not EXACTLY what i said? YOU are one of the ridiculous imbeciles making it about race

      • Is it really about talent? The winners in the past few seasons do not support this statement. It is about popularity, and how committed your fans are to voting.

    • Unfortunately you are right. The Asians are voting for Thia, not because she is the best, but because she is Asian.

      I'm an Italian, and voted for Pia the first few weeks. Not because she was Italian, but I loved her voice and appearance. The past 2 weeks, I did not vote for her because she is doing the same old tired ballad crap. People should vote on who brings it each week. I have personally voted for 2 different people the past 2 weeks.

      • i vote thia because of her voice. she's very talented and amazing. i love her. i also love james amazing talent. i think scotty needs to step up he's becoming boring week after week. same style from beginning til end.

  15. Niama needed to go home a long time ago Randy's just keeping her in this she is not good!!!!

    • What? Randy rarely has anything good to say about Naima. She was Steven's wildcard and people's VOTES have been keeping her in. If she goes home tomorrow it will be sad, but oh well, because she's better than American Idol.

    • She ruined a very good Elton John song with her Reggae rendition. I do like Reggae music, but she butchered it.

  16. Scotty, Lauren, Pia, and Stefano brought tears to my eyes. Scotty did it again, I would go see him in concert tomorrow. I cried the most during his song. He is a country singer thru and thru he doesn't need to change anything. Branden you need to become a country fan!!

    • Yeah I agree. Even though I'm not a country fan, I think if Scotty tries a completely new style of music it will fail miserably. Like he said a few weeks back, he's built a huge fan base because of his style and why change now? If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

    • Regardless of his performance, I think Scotty's song choice was bad. He didn't take the chance to show people (esp to his haters) that he can sing non-country song too, while there are several of such songs he can try, i.e "Nikita" or the one recommended by the writer of this column (Mr. Branden).

  17. Quite simply, Casey Abrahms is my favorite so far. I only started to really watch American Idol this year and missed a few episodes but I was shocked to read how Casey was almost eliminated. Honestly i wouldnt mind if Paul went home. Thia i'm not sure about and i hope Naima stays, she is quite unique. This is comming from a thirteen year old so please dont judge. I hope Paul, Stefano, or Jacob are out since I dont really care much for them. Paul and Stefano are decent but I just don't realy like Jacob i guess. We'll i havnt seen much of his performences so I cant judged but so far I hope he is eleminated so the others don't have to be.

    • Forgot Lauren, so far I dont think i heard or payed attention to her performence but if she gets off the others dont have to. Sorry fans of Lauren and Jacob. And sorry if I sound like i am bacing this on my oppinion, wich I am.

    • I dis agree with you about stefano. he is one of the best in this batch. I like him a lot and stefano is versatile with good pipes too.

  18. I think Naima will go home. Jacob needs to stop being so weird on stage and pick songs that actually highlight his voice for T.V. I think he's reaching the live audience, maybe not the t.v. audience. I don't think anybody else screwed up tonight. I love naima but I think everybody else totally kicked butt and hers was controversial. Stephano brought the sexy and Paul is too sexy to go home. Not with all those teenage girls voting! I loved Lauren's song. Best performance of the night and amazingly brilliant for a teenager who looks forty-five!

    • yeah, i find jacob weird. used to like him but heck he seems so weird. its just so so weird…

      • Jacob is weird but crazy talented. But what I like about this year the most is the judges. They are so full of life. I watched youtube vids of some of the early auditions of the past winners. Simon and Paula and Randy looked miserable and so bored and low energy. I love the judges. I even like Randy better this year. And the talent pool, not being degraded, has really improved FAST. It just goes to show what can happen when people build others up.

  19. Anyone with any musical knowledge and has watched this year from the start knows that Casey is one of the most talented performers to ever be on the show. Randy even said it. Scotty is completely one dimensional and boring. The fact the he has been getting so many votes makes me want to gag.

    • What's your musical knowledge that warrants your comment? Frankly, I completely disagree. He's pretty good with a bass, though. Randy is quite impartial, too. I mean, Ashthon. Enough said.

      • Ya, that's why Randy is a judge and you are listening to country in your basement. I'm not even close to Randy's caliber but have been a musician for 35 years.

      • 1) That was sarcasm. Randy isn't a very good judge.

        2) What did country music have to do with anything?

    • Scotty is country music. If you like country music, you will like Scotty, otherwise you won't. That is who he is.

      • I like Country. However, for the case of Elton John's theme I wished Scotty would sing "Nikita" or "Candle in The Wind". He chose other song which was predictable, instead.

  20. Great performances tonight loved James, Paul Casey Stefano and Lauren. Pia and Scotty kind of boring. And as long as i turned away from the TV Haley has an amazing voice! bottom 3 Naima, Jacob and Thia. With Naima and Thia going home.

    • Thia won`t go home yet along with Jacob.

      what an amazing vocals they have!

      Naima and Paul surely will.

      • Once again they all loved Pia's ballad, and if Thia sings ballads and they try to break her, but Pia is an all American girl huh huh…so unfair.Scotty sings the same each week but he is safe, Naima is versatile and dances and it's all complaints. Some of you people wont be happy untill all the minority singers are gone.

      • PM, to be fair Pia is a way better singer than Thia. It is not about race. It is about voice, personality, stage presence and looks. Pia is head and shoulders above Thia in all these aspects.

      • To be fair Pia sings better than Thia. But the racial slant is something you can not deny. It exists, not only on AI

      • Thia was a little too young for the show. They sent the blonde girl home during Hollywood week she could win it next year. I wish they'd done the same with Thia because at her age with her voice she just needs to get out and sing in front of a live audience and learn her craft. If she was on the show two years from now she'd totally win. And she's gorgeous! Total pop star in the making!

        Lauren has obviously been raised southern which means little girls get their ears pierced and their nails done at four. She's more confident in her womanhood. Thia seems like a girl still, which is normally awesome and I would applaud her parents except that she's not quite the teenage performance artist she needs to be.

  21. "Hey you guys" Scotty is a country singer there is no changing that, tune into the high road on xm radio and hear for your self. His voice is beautiful for a good ol country boy. He has his nitch and should stick to it. When he wins you all will be kicking yourself. Even Kelly Clarkson went country!!!

    • Thats asuming he wins. If he simply continues to only sing country some of his fans may get bored. I like him but thing he should try to step out of his comfort zone.

  22. Well, I thought tonight was a little slower than other nights and definitely not one that I am going to remember, but when they announced it was Elton John night, I kinda expected it to be a little slower. Not a hit against Elton John, one of the greatest all time singers, but he's not exactly a hard-core rocker, if you know what I mean, so that's the reason for all the ballads tonight.

    What worked for me tonight? On my own personal level, I would actually almost agree with Randy on one thing, even though it won't make me too popular on this site. That's when he said Haley had the best performance of the night. I say almost because James Durbin wowed me again, but Haley was second best. She was hot in multiple ways. The other two songs that I thought really worked was Pia and Casey. Now I am going to have to disagree with the original comments in this post because, even though it was another ballad for Pia, I thought it was absolutely stunning. I enjoyed it. She was the best looking in the photo shoot, by the way. Beautiful. But anyways, I loved how Casey toned it down and sang a soft, quiet song. I think that worked really well. No, I don't think the drama was a setup. Honestly I think that anyone who things American Idol is setup in any way is dumb. Very dumb. But that's not important to my comment. I just keep getting getting distracted.

    Middle class for me was Jacob, Lauren, Scotty, and Stephano. All of whom I think did good, but their performances didn't exactly stand out for me when all was said and done. Comment about Scotty real quick. I am reminding myself to be completely open-minded and objective with him. He's way too country for my liking. I would never buy one of his CD's and I might be angry if he wins the competition over someone like James or Pia, but he did sing really good tonight, so I give him props. Even if I don't like his style, it works for him and I can see him being a huge artist. And I think I was laughing for like 5 minutes when Steven Tyler gave his comment about Lauren's dress. Maybe one day she can afford the rest of the dress. Way funny!

    So that leaves with three left, and if you didn't notice, it's the same exact three as predicted in this original article. Thia, Paul, and Naima. Now in previous weeks, I followed your format in presenting my 100% safe, most likely safe, and in danger categories, but I am scrapping that. After what happened last week, I think it is safe to say that no one is safe. And now there are no saves this season, so every results show is going to make me really nervous. Going back to my bottom 3, which by the way is based on my own personal opinions, I don't know what is so wrong with that, Thia once again played it too safe. Last week was her supposed adventurous week and even that was boring. She once again failed to convince me that she can perform something truly daring and out of her box and so I honestly don't know how much longer she is going to last in this competition. She's too soft. But I don't think she's going home quite yet. My predictions to go home is Paul and Naima as well. Both were just too weird for me tonight. I didn't get them at all.

    • Here's how I ranked them this week (rankings determined not by this week alone, but based on this season as a whole up to this point, based on personal opinion of who I like best, not predictions of how well they will do this season):

      1- James Durbin

      2- Pia Toscano

      3- Casey Abrams

      4- Jacob Lusk

      5- Haley Reinhart

      6- Lauren Alaina

      7- Scotty McCreery

      8- Stefano Langone

      9- Thia Megia

      10- Paul McDonald

      11- Naima Adedapo

      • Damn good list Adam. My personal list would look very similar except I would have Jacob lower. He is becoming very tiresome.

  23. NAIMA AND PAUL…GOODBYE GUYS..this is the end of the road both of you have a nice voice..

  24. I understand that Casey did better than normal, but he still did a very karaoke performance. I wish Simon Cowell could have been there to say that it was very cabaret and boring as sin. He has a generic voice that even a tone-deaf person could be on par with after two and a half voice lessons. I'm sorry if that seems rude, but I go to a music school. I hear better singers that don't get accepted into the School of Music. End rant.

  25. I am a paul fan, and while i don't think tonight was his best, i think he should stay because he is different in a good way, not dramatic, not boring, not over the top strange, just something refreshing and something that you could actually see being on the radio and having people listen to who don't just listen to one particular type of music

  26. Thia – Good voice quality but lacks experience. Maybe after 5 years.

    Jacob – Awesome range but too spicy and dramatic for me. Next!

    Paul – an artist but America is not yet ready for him

    Pia – Amazing voice but ridiculously boring. My mom loves you.

    Casey – too complex and amazing for America to understand. Try brailess songs, maybe you would win.

  27. My ranking!

    1.Haley Reinhart (last week she was 11th in my ranking)

    2.Lauren Alaina (last week she was 2nd in my ranking)

    3.James Durbin (last week he was 1st in my ranking)

    4.Casey Abrams (last week he was 9th in my ranking)

    5.Thia Megia (last week she was 7th in my ranking)

    6.Scotty McCreery (last week he was 6th in my ranking)

    7.Pia Toscano (last week she was 4th in my ranking)

    8.Stefano Langone (last week he was 5th in my ranking)

    9.Jacob Lusk (last week he was 3rd in my ranking)

    10.Paul McDonald (last week he was 8th in my ranking)

    11.Naima Adedapo (last week she was 10th in my ranking)

  28. Naima and Hailey should be long gone and not on tour as their singing really sucks and a wrong choice to put them through in the first place in top 24. Jacob and Paul and Casey will have to go after the above two as their singing IRKs everyone….. but then we still have to wait for the time to come as only this week two is going and then one by one. I am glad they used their save and now there is no such thing as singing their heart out and be in. Stefeno is good just that he still cannot get the voting for him. Pia will be going soon as i do not think she is good for anyother song ,,,,

    • stefano will gradually win votes this time. he is versatile singer with good vocals. very charming man.

      • Stefano gave me goosebumps, he was so classy and man his pipes so damn good. Love you stefano.

    • Just because you can not appreciate the sophistication of Naima and Haley doesn't mean they suck. They are two of the most outgoing performers this year.

      • sophistication and naima in one sentence…. wow… i didnt see that coming. lol…

        oh, and i dont like jacob too.

    • I find it interesting that you assume that everyone is irked by Jacob's singing. If that were the case he would not still be in the competition. Because you don't like a certain type of music doesn't mean everyone else agrees with you.

    • some filipinos here in the US were getting tired of Thia for not stepping up to a bigger challenge. Could somebody out there gives here advice 'coz we believe in her talent. no wonder she's included on the bottom 3.

  29. Hey! I'm just getting back into AI this season after dropping it about 3-4 yes ago. But I like this years contestants. I think they are collectively

    more talented than what I've seen in the past.

    But tonight I got caught in traffic and missed the whole episode and didnt DVR it because I expected to be home on the couch eating dinner when it came on. Can anyone point out where/when I can catch tonight's show online or if they play reruns on a cable channel? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    Oh, and I do think Jacob is over the top. However I like (not love) his voice a lot. I just feel his sound isn't as original as some of the other contestants for my taste. Why listen to him when I can listen to Luther Vandross or play many gospel artists with similar styles?? IDK…

  30. I think Pia just did the right thing to sing another ballad, It's her forte what can you do about it? Well, she already proved that she can sing upbeat songs before when she sang Can't buy me love and Grenade, And She cannot do an Upbeat song this week for Elton John songs because it's not just a good time or good theme to sing for an Upbeat song, but I'm sure she will do one in the future. 🙂

    • Brandon

      You can't be serious in grading Pia with C. Her performance was awesome and I don't care if she sang another ballad. Of the girls she has the best voice by far and Haley has the most unusual brashy, sexy voice. People at the bottom are Naima, Thea and Lauren.

  31. James Durbin: definitely the best, expect nothing less from him

    Scooty: sing well but not entertaining

    Pia sang spectacular but she moved me

    Lusk Canto as always very well but just not fun

    Lauren: She looks like a copy of Carry Anderwood

    Casy A. I like, I like it was entertaining and fun

    Thia: Bored SSSSSSSS

    Paul: well

    Haley: She did not sing bad, I liked the arrangement they did to the song.

    Stefano: regular

    Naima: I leave it for last because I want to make special comment on it, I was pleasantly surprised! Very, very entertaining and well sung

  32. James is the most relevant performer of the lot. Pia has the most trained voice. Her range is magnificent however I find her very one dimensional. Casey and Paul are unique and they both have the drive to stick around for awhile. I was impressed with Thia early on but it is her time to go.Niama does nothave the best voice , but she is a fantastic performer, I am looking foward to the flavor she will bring to the concert tour. I think I share everyones sentiment on Jacob.He is too over the top and his vocals do not peave me wanting more. I was impressed with Laurent tonight her performance was lovely. I am a Scotty fan, but I think he has shown us all he has.Stephano was most improved tonight. He does listen to the judges. I did not think Haley deserved all the gushing she got from the judges tonight. Randy what show were you watching" best performances of the night" I think not.

    Going home: Thia and Haley in a perfect world.

    • How is James the biggest performer? The producers are trying to manipulate the vote by letting him have fire every time he performs. Have you seen anyone else get the superior effects he does? And promising us a Jame/Steven duet if he gets to the finale? They're manipulating and rigging this competition.

    • Well at least someone else agrees with me on the perfomanse of Naima. I'm glad you found someone else liked her performace

      • The only time I have not voted for Naima was the week she did Tina Turner, but it might be her time. I totally disagree about Haley should be the one going home. She has a lot to learn about stage presence, but at least she is improving. James, while having no boundaries, is a terrible singer and an Adam Lamber wannabe (self admitted so you people that don't believe it should just stop).

    • What are you talking about? Haley did a great job and I haven't even been a fan of hers. She nailed it.

  33. I disagree with you on a few fronts. First, James Durbin is a lot of hype. Sit the boy in a chair with a microphone and the same lame lighting everyone else gets and I'll see if he can sing…until then, well. He is screaming and running around the stage like a chicken with no head with an entire choir drowning out his voice and several things on fire. The producer's are trying to manipulate us to vote for him which isn't fair because he IS talented and he doesn't need all that stuff behind him.

    Also, Lauren Alaina was a total B or C+ for me. She's a cutie with a golden voice but she's not as great as everyone says.

    I love Naima's creativity, talent, and spunk and she is one of the few I am excited to watch. If it were up to me Thia and Paul would be sent packing.

    Thia is boring me to tears with her beauty pageant answers. Girl can hit the notes and has a gorgeous tone but we've seen everything she can do.

    Paul is just soooo annoying. His voice just sounds like he has a cold and his smile literally makes me want to vomit. It's super creepy.

    I think Haley stole the night with that bluesy growl.

    And I love my little Casey to death, glad he's still here. I will admit I missed the growl and he's not as spectacular without it, but he sat down in a chair and sang. Without all the crazy back-up James gets. He's all talent, no hype.

    • I agree with you on the James front. I love Casey but you can't tell me that they havnt done their best to manipulate us regarding him as well…ummm you saw the show last week, right?I guess it's ok as long as they do it for someone YOU like.

  34. My personal opinion is that Jacob looks like he is constipated most times at the end of his songs. I mean the boy can sing but he's just not my favorite at all. I love Scotty, Pia, and Lauren and I think they all did a great job tonight. And I really hope Paul doesn't go home, because I really like him too.

  35. My thoughts on AI. Scotty is a good country singer, not a lot of variation on his style, but hey if it aint broke don't fix it. I think he would make it with or without AI. He will be up there with George Strait someday. Lauren is good too, lots of spunk. She proved tonight she has a lighter side and her voice can bring a lot of feeling to your ears. James, now there is a character, he has it going on. He knows what he wants and goes for it. A very entertaining performer. Part of the Autism i think, because whatever they are good at, they are damn good at. Paul….not impressed by him, hate his Porter Wagner suits and his Rod Stewert wannabe style. Hope he goes soon. Pia, shes a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World, she's fantastic, but made of PLASTIC!! Thia, beautiful little thing, wonderful voice, maybe better suited for a Disney show. Stephano, better than average voice but I think he would do great on a broadway stage. Jacob…where do I begin?? The sad old face, the copius amounts of saliva in his mouth when he sings, the way he opens his mouth so you can see his entire set of teeth amd another thing…just because you can hold a note for 3 minutes does not always mean that you should. Time to hit the road Jacob. Haley. much better this week, still a little stiff at times, almost like she is self concsious. Dont think she has enough self confidence to make it. Naima has a lot of raw talent. She is pretty good at times but kind of out there at others. I'd say she is very brave but i think she needs to go work on her stuff for a year or so and come back. Maybe find out who she is. Casey, not to omit that he has talnet because he does, but he reminds me of a nerdy high school band director. Obviously highly schooled in the art of music, but just not feeling his passion when he sings. Ok i predict the bottom 3 to be Naima,Paul,and Jacob. We will see!!

    • Scotty up there with George Strait??? Send me some of the stuff you are smoking. There are so many country singers that sound like Scotty, it ain't even funny.

      George Strait is a legend!

      • I know very well who George Strait is. And he started somwhere too. Why do people have to be so SNOTTY??? Not smoking anything, but am entitled to my opioion. This is still the USA…

  36. I think Paul will stay since he is so unique and special in every way. 🙂

    Lauren,James and Scotty definitely nailed the night!

  37. I feel that it is likely to be Naima has finally sealed her fate by taking a couple of steps too far outside the box. And while you have to applaud the guts to take that risk I doubt she was at a point with the fans to get quite that much lee-way. You have to have some serious chops to pull off that kind of risk. And Thia or Jacob possibly, not because they are not talented at all. Truly they are. But, I think Thia is just way to reserved (which is likely a product of age and inexperience for her not a lack of talent). She just doesn't appear to see in herself what she is really capable of yet. If she is safe, she needs to seriously belt one out. And Jacob, because he is painting himself into a REALLY tiny box and it is starting to look like he can't step out of it. He could do it, but he may be running out of opportunities to do so. Go with what you know man, but keep trying to expand on that or it gets stale.

    On a personal side note…and this is an opinion that I am certain may not be shared by the masses…but PIA for the love of god at least PRETEND to listen to what the judges are telling you because the paint is dry and there is NOTHING left to watch. Pretty Check, Skills Check, Predictable Check, Pulse none. Do something unexpected next week, take a risk do something completely insane because if you don't you might bore people into a coma. If we all wanted to hear Mariah and Celine every week, we could do just that I'm pretty sure they have their own albums. We need to hear "Pia" or Pia is going home soon. Probably not this week….but soon.

    Paul is one of my favs, so I hope he survives one more week. But, if he does he'll need to pick the best song of his life cause he is clinging to the side of the ship right now. I don't think he was that bad this week, but I don't think the arrangement was as good as it could have been for him and possibly there could have been a better song choice for him.

    Lauren was TKO this week. Haley was 100% Haley and I think also TKO, James was 100% James (both good things IMO), Casey was back to his norm, Scotty still Scotty (no major risks, but done well if not a bit predictable)

    Safe (IMO)- Lauren, James, Haley, Casey

    Probably Safe (IMO)- Scotty, Paul (barely, barely), Stefano, Pia, Jacob

    Not Safe (IMO)- Naima and Thia

    • Stefano very safe…. how could he fail when he nailed his song this performance night?

  38. You said this show is about talent, well Paul has none can't believe he has lasted this long.

    • Even though is hard to understand what you wrote, I assume you meant that nobody can believe Paul is still competing on AI? Check his sites, his band's sites and the polls. LOTS of people want him there and to win it all.

  39. I am really happy for Haley. 😀 And for those Jacob and Thia haters out there, please make your words less hurtful. They aren't as bad as you say they are. Anyways, GO HALEY! :>

  40. Naima and Stefano will go home.

    Also Haley will probably go home.

    Paul is also in danger.

    • bumpy you must have fallen out of bed too many times because Stefano is absolutely safe! Why would anybody not want stefano to stay?

      The only reason i think he's not getting votes is people are still confusing him with clint jun gamboa, who committed career suicide when he kicked that poor chubby kid out of his group.

      • stefano is staying till the finals, sorry to dis appoint you. your comment is immaterial.

    • You want all to go home? then cancel this show to satisfy you… how ridiculous.

  41. An interesting review this week Branden. I agree with some of your comments but disagree with others. Details to follow. As you say you’re only suggesting how you think “AMERICA” will vote, but no offense.. I hope you’re 1/2 wrong

    I noticed Branden that you managed to pick 5/11 of the songs but only one match. Too bad…certainly a few of them might’ve benefited with a different song choice. Even so, I enjoyed the show. Love Elton John’s music.

    Just for the heck of it, this is how I “heard” tonight’s show:

    Scotty? I liked him a lot tonight. He seemed much more comfortable with guitar in hand. He’s a country singer singing country….what more do ya want from him?

    Naima? – I disagree that her version of “I’m Still Standing” was corny. I smiled thru her whole performance and loved what she did. Good for her…. seems like she has to put up with a lot from nay-sayers.

    Paul? – Didn’t like it. It started okay and then went downhill for me. He stated that “Rocket Man” didn’t work for him last time he tried to sing it…….why did he think it’d work this time? He’s in my bottom 3.

    Pia? – Come on! Another ballad?…. heavy sigh. She keeps promising “next week” but….? She sang it well but I surely wish she’d sing something outside her comfort zone, as they say. Agree with judges for a change, not saying never again a ballad…..

    Stefano? – Didn’t like it…. except for maybe the chorus. Wrong song, me thinks.

    Lauren? – I really wanted to hear “Candle in the Wind” but didn’t expect to hear it. She did a fabulous job. Loved it!

    James? – He had a great time and I enjoyed his performance. Loved his “Pepsi” comment and his recovery when reminded it was a “Coca Cola” show.

    Thia? – I honestly didn’t like her version of “Daniel” a’tall. Disappointed, as I do like her voice most of the time. Bottom 3

    Casey? – I very much enjoyed his performance tonight. Now I’m glad they saved him, wasn’t sure before, although I liked him in the beginning. Glad he trimmed his hair and beard. MUCH better. I don’t blame him for not shaving his beard completely off….my late husband just didn’t look quite right the one time he shaved his goatee off.

    Jacob? – I’m sorry, I don’t know why I have a problem with his singing….. perhaps it’s song choice? Bottom 3 in my books. …

    Haley? – Loved it! Her best performance yet, she’s finally finding her groove.

    On a side note, I don’t understand the mean things some people write…..just seems wrong for kids who are trying very hard to do their best in a very difficult circumstance. I may not like a performance but………..

    And that’s the way I heard it.

    • wtf. You praised scotty for staying in his comfort zone but criticized pia? did you recognize your biasness when you critiqued?

      • Hmmmm, verrry interesting. Biased? Country is a form of music where there are fast AND slow songs. Ballads are, well they’re slow ALL of the time. Now, where did I say I was a Scotty “lover”? Just curious??

    • In Indonesia, the show will only be aired tonight, but I always see the comments from you guys first beforehand. Hope it's worth to watch.. can't wait!

      • Hey Momo , in South Africa we only see it on Sunday. The performcance & results show… Myu Favourites are James & Pia… I liked Ash too but i think she came across as Arrogant and thus people never voted for her…

    • Hey Mary, just wanted to say thanks for the review! It was nice to see this from another point of view as well as Branden's and it's also nice that you didn't do any verbal bashing. I wasn't able to watch the show, will hopefully catch up with it. Cheers!

      • Jealous and Bitter against stefano, its showing very obviously lmao. Sad to say you cant put him down cuz stefano will stay in this competition. He is a talented guy with good pipes. <3stefano<3

  42. As a lifetime musician; I believe that Casey has the best overall talent of this group. Watch out for what this guy can pull off before this is over!

      • Unfortunatly I think that's the downfall with casey…people either truly love him or truly hate him

    • No, he won't make it the music business right now. I suspect he had to have treatment this week for his ulcers due to being up for eviction and worrying about this week. He is too stressed out he needs treatment and some help with coping skills and lowering his anxiety and then try again.

  43. Tonight I to agree with the judges about Haley. Bennie and the Jets was the perfect Elton John song for her.

    • Thia is BORING. No personality. And I kept waiting for her to hit notes that fell flat. dull. Bootm 3 This, Naima, sorry, but doesn't sing well enough. Has no range, and Paul although he's a favourite, his voice has limitations but definitely has a career in a band.

      • That should read Thia Naima and Paul in bottom 3. Naima and Paul (tear shedding) will be axed because people seem to love yawn Thia

      • Disagree, people has showed more support for Paul than for Thia (I mean people in general, not on this site.) I definitely think he will be bottom 3 but I think Naima and Thia will go home.

      • PIA is boring also, she's an overrated act!! she sings the same song every week!

      • Paul has a career in a band, but it will be playing at weddings, sweet 16 parties, and anniversaries. He is a cheap Rod Stewart knockoff.

    • I believe in Thia's talent but i feel shorthanded, she's not taking all-out challenge as the competition intensifies… If she keeps it this way i'll get tired of her. Is there anybody who could help her get the best song before she'll get eliminated?

    • absolutely agree on this…. they were the only ones who did justice to sir elton's songs.

  44. Isn't the show called American Idol? What the heck is Naima thinking about when she keeps promoting all of the African stuff. I don't see Thia constantly saying that she is Asian or dressing in costumes every week.

    Naima sucks and she needs to go home!

  45. Best to Worst Performances:

    Haley – love her!!!!

    Casey – love him!!


    Lauren (not a fan, but have to admit she did good)



    Stefano – i REALLY hope he doesn't go home

    Paul – same with him!!!


    Pia – boring


  46. Well, I am not going to jump on the band wagon and run off into the sunset.. and I couldn't even finish the article this week.. had to skim for the relevant comments! I gave a harsh review..well deserved but harsh.. a few weeks ago of Naima and believed she should go home. This week was the first she actually surprised me. I thought she did the song well. Casey redeemed himself with America. I have always liked him and believe he is the most talented overall contestant.. win or not we will see him again. But to the meat of it all.. bottom 3 in my opinion.. Stefano, Jacob, Thia…. James is slipping fast but don't think he will get voted off due to the Tyler comment a few weeks back and his intensity.

    Stefano and Thia will be going home.

    • i hope you loose your job. you have no idea what you are talking about. i give you a D- for your review.

      • From your reply i am taking it you assume i am the author of this article.

        Christ almighty I am not the author of the article,, only a somewhat reader with a comment. Learn to read the entire name of the poster… that is why my name was changed 2 weeks ago.. cause you people CAN NOT READ OR DISTINGUISH AN E FROM AN O.. brandEn>>brandOn… Now it is BrandonXXXXXXXX

      • @mandy….this brandon is not the author Braden…just like Mandy is not the same as Monday!! lol

      • mandy, it is lose, not loose! You got the wrong guy anyways. Plus, it is an opinion, whether you like it or not. Get a life!

    • MANDY, freaking pay attention to WHO and WHAT you're reading. I am completely SICK of easily confused readers mistaking me for someone else. Our names aren't even spelled the same!

      • @ BrandEn….LOL…I for one, like your reviews. James definitely gets an A+…he rocked the house. Also a definite improvement for Casey. Stefano has a good voice but I feel there is something lacking in his performances…the passion is not there. JMO Looking forward to seeing who goes home tonight. 🙂

    • Stupid review and you are so assuming. Your opinion doesnt count and immaterial to the voting public. It stinks with biases. Stefano is going to stay, again you will be dis appointed.

  47. Love the judges this year, these kids are doing their best and the judges are so positive and encouraging. So glad the days of negative Simon are in the past!

    Loved Lauren, Haley and of course Pia, even if it was a ballad.

    My prediction of going home Naimi and Thia, both forgettable.

    • you're kidding right? Love the judges????? JLO is sicking. Although I like Tyler, he just praises everyone. Jackson is the only one with a partial backbone. These judges aren't doing these contestants any favors by being so fricken nice. I miss Simon in the worst way.

  48. Branden…love your insights and agree with you on most points. But, Scotty is boring and a watered down version of Randy Travis and Josh turner. Thia is boring too…although she has a nice voice, her phrasing and pace are odd and uninteresting. All of them can sing, obviously. I think tonight was tough for them all. I mean who really sounds good doing Elton. Only Elton. Lauren, Casey, James, and Haley were the standouts tonight…next week someone else will shine.

    • Come on guys what do you guys expect ? Thia is only 15 yr old…for a 15 year old youre expecting too much…you say her personality is boring ….so is most of them…you say she plays it safe…so is everybody else…evrybody sound like themselves ok ? see the country boy ? see the R & B singer ? see the Rocker ? has the country boy ever sing a rock song sounding like a rock song, or singing R & B sounding like R&B ? has the rocker ever sounded Soul or R&B ? has Stefano ever sounded like a professional singer at all ? has Niama ever sing R&B or Rock and sounded like it ? Has Scott ever sing a Ballad Song or any other song without yelling ??? the Best ones here I think is actually Thia and for a 15 yr old shes AMAZINGLY TALENTED……shes just in America

      • Agree!a very nice voice like Thia should stay . C'mon lets face it most of hits of Elton John is ballads so what do you expect to her, to change Elton John's song into upbeat ?Although I dont know who chooses her songs, its like they are sabotaging Thia. Everyone wants her to sing upbeat why she ended up singing ballads every week.

      • Ok thiasfan, here's an idea. Pick any country you want for Thia to compete in an idol contest. She can even be the only contestant…cause that's the only way she'd win. Not because she's Asian, and NOT because she's in America. She is simply not ready for this level of competition.

      • Hahahaha, I agree Kerri… OH GOOD LORD alright!!! If I hear the "age excuse" one more time… jeez!!! I've met 5 year old kids with more personality than Thia, and more charisma as well. She is just blah!

      • Quit it already. 15 years old doesn't mean anything. She is in a competition and thus she is being judged against the others. Thia is going home soon.

  49. I agree with your bottom 3 Branden and I think Paul and Naima will go home this week.

  50. Branden, 100% agree with you that JLO needs to quit interrupting the other judges. She has become quite an annoyance. I feel sorry for Marc.

    What a waste of 12 million dollars.

      • Thanks momo, but I can't stand JLO. She is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. All caring and loving on camera, but off camera, she is quite the bitch. Ask George Clooney.

  51. Hello Branden!

    As always, a very accurate and fair review. And it pains me to say it because Paul let me down tonight. However, the only thing I disagree with your predictions on is that I doubt he'll be sent home over Haley, Thia or even Stefano. Don't get me wrong, I am soooo disappointed at his song selection, Oh my God!!! But even when he sang with a sore throat (that was kind of a train wreck) America still voted for him. He is loved, he has his fans, and I think he'll stay but DEFINITELY he will be at the bottom 3. His performance wasn't bad, but I think everybody expected more from him on an Elton John night. Come on, everybody predicted he will do great and there he goes picking "Rocket man"… MY GOODNESS!!! I want to punch him hehe 😀

    Anyhow, great rankings and amazing reviews as always, but I think that either Naima & Stefano, or Naima & Thia will go home. As far as Casey is concerned, I feel exactly like you did and found myself asking: How stupid do you think I am AI producers? I've read in several articles internationally that AI ratings are not as good this year and it seems like a desperate attempt to pick it up a bit. He was off key during tonight's performance, but the new look and attitude overcame that. He was not pitch perfect yet it was a good performance, but not as amazing as the judges said – in my humble opinion.

    Let's wait and see, and I hope if Paul is in danger but ends up staying, he uses that experience as a wake up call and step it up. He is amazing, and he can do GREAT! He is the one jeopardizing his own future on AI by picking wrong songs to sing.

      • I know you hope that. Me too 😀 But I kind of hope he is bottom 3 just to wake him up! He is extraordinary, he is amazing, but he needs to pick better songs!!!

      • Right on! You know you can count on me for it, and I do it with a touch of class… 😀

    • It seems that Paul has been so obsessed to become a Rocket Man since he was a child.. ..that he din't listen to any suggestion we had given here.

      Besides, perhaps, he cared too much with the lyrics in the song "Daniel"; he thought that Daniel wasn't his brother, so he gave the song to Thia…lol.

      I know you dislike Thia very much, but I am glad that "Daniel" was sung anyway.

      • Your predictions of who will go home this week is immaterial cuz you dont represent the voting public. who knows, it might be Paul and Casey, they both sounded awful. why single out stefano also Thia? give me a break…. hopeless people.

  52. I feel that many of these singers are very good and to many people are lookin at skin color over voice and style. first off its called american idol not american only wants pop music or country music or rap music. they are wantin the best singer of all, weather it be hip hop or medel or christian music or what ever type of music you like. so you don't like a style of music means you don't have to liston to it on your radio but on american idol you have ta listen to each style and vote for the person you thank has the best voice and vocals weather it be Pia or Scotty or Jacob or Haley or another one of the fine voices we been lucky enough to hear. I have my favorites also and one of them sings a style of music I don't listen much to, even my son and wife like his voice even though neither of them like the style of music he sings. I admit I'm not a big country fan but there are lots of good country singers out there today and I feel Scotty is gonna be one of them. he might not be the american idol this year but if ya like country music get ready to listen to him. Pia has a wonderful voice and I like the ballads and I'm sure she is gonna break out even more so soon. Paul has a very nice voice reminds me of Rod Steward style of voice. Lauren is very young but has a wonderful voice and gettin better each time. what can I say about James other then a fine voice and hard rock here he comes. Thia has a nice voice I'm just not sure she is ready. Stafano has a very nice voice I feel if he is more comfy with his eyes closed while he sings then he should close his eyes. Haley has a very nice voice also and I love the little grrrawl in her voice reminds me of some old singers back in time but she does it very nice. Kasey has a very good voice and he is very talented with his instruments. Naima can sing good at times but I'm not a fan of hers. I feel Jacob is best suited for gospel music and should sing it. in my opinion the two that should leave is Jacob and Naima but this is my opinion. I feel even as votes we should not just look at what they did today but what they did to get to be one of the idol hopefuls.

    • Bo Knows Best!!! Man I have to agree with you on all your critiques of the contestants, and how people should vote. Cant agree on who are the bottom 2 but all else is nails.. Man one of the few I could actually sit down with a beer and watch this show with finally.

      • lol thanks dude I try to listen to each person as they sing and try not to judge them but to hear them preform and never put black, white, brown, pink, or green into it. then I try to remember how they did to get to where they are today, how well they did or didn't do. and hope that they try to improve themsleves each time.

        so lets have a beer and listen to them preform lol

      • Yes that is why I had to back Naima this week.. To me she turned it around. She wasn't pitchy.. she took the judges advice and went more reggae… and they nailed her for it. I don't think she is that great of a singer but she hit the song I thought.. by the way i drink Coors Light, I can go without long walks on the beach, and I have no desire to know your sign lol.

      • I do agree she did go more reggae like they asked but my opinion she mest up a wonderful song again my opinion lol

        coors light is a good beer but bein from Texas I'll have ta have me a shinner bock lol and your right no long walks on the beach unless its with my lovely wife lol and your right we don't need ta exchage signs lol

      • I had to research Shiner Bock.. it is local.. but if it ever comes my way I will surely try it. I am a fan of micros and looking at there site i would enjoy it. You get any Deschutes brewery down in Texas? or any other Oregon brews? there are a lot I like. Of course from being from oregon I am biased.. only when it comes to my beer lol.

        And as far as Idol goes our opinion is our opinion… just good that we can discuss it with out random acts of non-sense.

    • stefano is more comfy singing with eyes close. i think thats not a minus factor for him? his voice is great andd he can sing high notes too.

  53. I love Casey because he is talented but he is also from my area. I also think that James will win but I keep waiting for him to say "f**k" or something like that. My dad's first cousin is a C & W star and Scotty has made it even if he were to be voted off.

    Please get rid of Naima she has some type of issues. She is mixed but I don't see her promoting her "white" side. If she would come out and sing it would be a different story but she keeps pressing the issue about her "African" side and she needs to stop it.

  54. just curious on who "you" are..that wrote your thoughts/reviews on the show which are pretty much in my opinion, all distorted. why are your thoughts on the front page of american idol's web page? who are you to criticize jennifer lopez' comments? she knows more about music then you ever will. and "being with paul the whole season" shows how untalented you are..he dances like hes drunk and you can barely hear him sing at all. sick of scotty singing his same old boring country sound. last comment… how dare you dis pia. she is absolutely incredible. just because she sang somewhat of a slow song she sang her heart out way more than your precious scotty or paul ever could.

    • Scotty has a wonderful voice if you don't like country that is cool but it is he's style and he sings it wonderfully.

      yes I agree Pia has a wonderful voice then again it is her style. and I hope to see her and Scotty and Paul make it to next week.

    • Scotty singing his boring country songs??????…………….Well that's his nitche!

      How would James, or Jacob sound singing country? Huh? Just be nice! These young people all have talent. Vote, but if you can't say nice things, or constructive criticism, then keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear anyone bash another singer. They're all good. Wait, & let the voters pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God is love!

    • Paul, Scotty, and Pia all have their style.. they should stick with it.. i completely disagree when people say they need to change what they are doing.. it works.. sounds good. and people like it. their style creates a fan base which creates loyalty votes.. but people need to learn to vote on talent. As for Jlo, just because she recorded some music and had Pdiddy..Puff Daddy.. Sean Puffy Combs.. whatever that idiot is going by these days… inside her does NOT make her a good judge of talent.. but of course what makes us either.. I just go off what I think sounds good and would spend money on.

    • I actually thnk she needs a bottom 3 scare cause right now she is so boring and predictable!!!

    • Mandy, please excuse me for being impolite, but you're an idiot. You don't even know what website you're on, much less how to understand critical thinking.

    • In the name of everything that is might and holy, please read carefully before vomiting a series of attacks that are so out of line. Check for names (Mandy) and for website names (Mandy) and for the entire content of a comment (Mandy) before making yourself look like… you didn't read the information right. Pretty please???

    • Are you trying to say Naima? Well sorry for you, Thia will remain, Naima yes , Paul yes, Stefano yes, but Thia might not be in bottom 3.I bet…..If you didnt watch the news in KTVU4 how the whole Mountain House community voted for her and there is Thia Mania going on…

  55. Scotty McCreery is safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he will win the whole thing! You sing Scotty,& I'll vote for ya! Hugs, & God bless!

    I was hoping Scotty would sing, "Blue eyes"

    • My entire family is in the C & W music business and Scotty has made it already. I bet he has a record deal.

  56. I really like Paul and hope he steps out and takes more risks. He needs to show more range.

      • So so sad, I quite like him as a musician, I understand he's a composer. But he definitely cannot sing. I was wondering how he made it to AI???

  57. Stefano is probably the most talented male vocalist on the show. If he went home it would be a great disappointment.

    I was really pissed when Didi went home last year and I would be almost as pissed if Stefano went home this year.

      • Thats a rude comment to say stefano is JLo's pet. He is a good singer and certainly a friendly guy. why say that against him? sucker.

  58. Best to Worst performances: James, Casey, Lauren, Pia, Scotty, Hayley, Stefano, Thia, Jacob, Paul, Naima

  59. I don't see how people love Haley's performance this week or last week's. She tries WAY too hard to use that scratchy "sexy" side of her (very decent) voice. I feel like she's trying to be Mariah Carey, throwing her arms all around the place. (Shudder) Blegh! Time for Haley to beat it.

  60. Funny, I have never like Thia that much but tonight she made me cry….maybe it was just the song, or PMS.

    Whatever, I am voting her IN

  61. JAMES ROCK!!

    Loved it (wanna see him singing some slow song thou..)

    Bottom 3 : Naima (for weeks before I thought she's already should go home), Thia (ok,she has a flawless voice,but plain boring at all!), and I'd really love to see Jacob going home(sorry for all his fans,but no way I'm gonna buy CD from a singer like that, I always change my channel in his turns)

      • I'm agree with Branden, his fake crying face was terrible.. oh my, please sent him home.. He's definately not an Idol we're looking for!

      • I think he won't win for the same reason I think Adam Lambert didn't win. I don't think I have to clarify based on my previous posts.

        Oh and that song Adam sang on idol this year was so bad. Worst ever message and worst ever vocal by him.

  62. I think you're right. Naima and Paul will go home. I don't care what the judges may say because Americans are so unpredictable. Anyone of them would be go home. Goodluck to all!:)

  63. Yeah, my friend told me Thia was great. I've never really watched American Idol. What day and time does it begin? I really want to watch it.

  64. I'm glad they didn't have any technical difficulties with the piano because if they would've flipped the switch early their would have been plenty of bbq to go around.

  65. I got no beef with your bottom three, however I fear that Stefano may replace someone in there. I hope not, but I just have that feeling. Paul and Naima going home would be just fine with me and there's not many other ways I'd have it. I'm not trying to hate on them, but for me it's something that should have happened a while ago. Jacob can be next, but he's too "talented." I'm back and forth on Haley but I'm okay with her for now.

    Stefano was just okay for me, I much preferred him in the top 24 and top 13 weeks. I think he's a good performer when he gets the chance to be. He's still a favorite though, along with James, Pia, Scotty, and Lauren.

    • Sctty's a cute kid but I wouldnt be heartbroken if he went home now. he'll get a contract with a country label.

      • scotty has a pure country sound, but he does need to pick better songs like he did the first couple weeks.

      • I agree with you Fiche, it's just the fact that I'd rather keep listening to him than half the others.

    • Been a stefano fan since the start of top 24 along with Pia and Jacob….

      hope he will stay till the end of this competition, i like him a lot.

  66. Yeah for Haley!!! She did really good tonight! The best since "Blue" 'though I did respect her attitude and delivery last week. She is a true "triple threat." Good for her,(and us)

    I thought Casey delivered a better vocal this week than over the past few weeks. He is probably the most talented contestant musically, but needs to work on total control of his vocals.

    Lauren, James and Pia all did well, James gave a great show, but needs to give the screams a rest for a few weeks, as opposed to Pia who needs to get away from the glitter ball ballads and give us a groove! Do a dance number or something that moves.

    Scotty is well loved, I know this, but I'm a bit apprehensive of his "style" range, not to mention his voice range. He's very good at what he does, but if thats all he does he wont make it through the month.

    I have to agree with Branden, Paul completely extinguished the "Rocket Man" and, as much as I loved Naima's song last week, (and "For All We Know" the "save" a few weeks ago) her, "Still Standing" song left me laughing on the floor, she could have kept the heavy down beat, but sang it straight might have been better….sorry but ya'll got's to go!

    Jacob,Thia,and Stefano all did better than I expected, and will probably be safe this week, however Thia is musically the weakest link in this chain and if she makes it through tomorrow, she will be eliminated next.

    I wonder, if the people had eliminated her last week, do you think the judges would have used their save on her? I'm just say'n….

    • I don't really consider that Don't let the Sun a true ballad. She added a lot more spunk this week and it was more exciting.

  67. My bottom three are Naima, Jacob, and Thia. I don't want to put Thia on their because I think she has a great voice in there, but her arrangements and personality aren't helping her one bit. I think that's what seperates her from Haley. Haley at least has some pizzaz!

    • Thia is good period….theres nothing negative about her…talking about personality ? Does the other girls have personality ? come on you just want to mark for anything you can find thats not even there….shes only 15 yr old…do you expect someone with amazing personality too as well as a good voice ? this is singing show not a personality contest ! jeezzz! Admit it..shes Asian and youre not comfortable voting an Asian in…sad but amazingly TRUE !

      • your right I don't want to see any successful Asians Kenny Chesney! They are too short for my world and I bet she cant drive well either. Also the fact that she's a woman pisses me off! Send her home on the next flight to Philipino Island.

        Are you happy now?

      • @Branden – May you please pacify this blogger (Idolfan12). He discriminates too much. Thanks.

      • johnyka…sorry but I call BS on everything you've posted thus far. Pull your head outta you know where. It's quite obvious that you are trying to give yourself some sort of qualifications by pretending to be "someone famous", but it's quite obvious you have NO idea what you are talking about

      • i find this comment rude! everyone from america has the right to succeed if he/she really deserves it!

      • Can you people just give this she's only 15 years old crap a rest? So what? This is a competition and nobody cares how old anybody is! This is not just a singing show, it is becoming an American Idol. Thia pales in comparison to Pia and Haley. It is more than just singing, it has to do with looks, personality, stage presence, and voice. Thia is no where near Pia and Haley.

    • you are racist idolfan , a coward ..who do you think you are?Look at your self in the mirror . Are you happy humiliating Asians/Do you want to be the next Alexandra Wallace. C'mon show your face in youtube and lets see how how your life will change in just 24 hours.Well if you dont know Alexandra Wallace and dont know what happened to her just search …you maybe the next …

      • I'm not scared and I was being sarcastic about the whole thing anyways. The idiot accused me of being racist and I just said what she wanted to here.

  68. Casey gave me goosebumps tonight. He was the best.

    I found Scotty quite annoying with his Elton song. I like him when he sings country, but am not a fan when he sings anything else.

    I really thought all 11 were pretty good. Better than many of the top ten last year.

    My bottom 3: Thia, Paul, Naima . I could see all 3 of them though having good careers.

    • The judges should never have used the save that early. Casey is never going to win the show. He is the second most overrated contestant next to gaycob!

  69. Pia is OVERRATED! She's sooooooo borriiing! and i dont care if she has great vocals… it doents take a nostradamus to predict that she'll be singing ballad week every week every week every week!!!!!

    • SO will you take your "nostradamus to predict" whether Scotty singing country next week again??

    • I dis agree with this comment about Pia. Its not her fault if she sings bal;lads, its her forte. and you dont bash Scotty when he sings country? isnt this unfair? Pia is a good singer and has the right to sing her song of choice.

      I like her also stefano and Jacob.

  70. Naima was the most original performance of the night ! She took a song and recreated it as a reggae tune ! The words could have been written and performed by Bob Marley! I couldn’t believe that J-lo and Randy didn’t applaud her for the best performance of the night! Go back and read the lyrics of the song and imagine Bob Marley’s voice singing the song. It sounds just like one of his lyrics ! I’m still standing could have been one of his greatest anthems ! Her performance is the only one of the night that I would buy ! Everyone else, with the possible exception of Jacob, just tried to imitate the Elton John versions of the tunes they chose.

  71. I really dont understand why some people think Thia should be in the bottom 3. Shes only 15 year old and she does really have a flawless amazing voice compare to most of the other older girls…she sounds very, very good in my opinion and Im a well known singer ( cant tell you who I am though) and instructor.. Randy I think is very biased….playing it safe ? Everybody is playing it ever hear the Rocker, the Country or the R & B singer singing and sounding different ? There's obviously bias here for an Asian talent …come on be reALLY honest to yourselves…shame on you Randy…THIA is the one and only and you know it !

  72. Brandonxxxxxxx maybe we should give you a nickname since there seems to be a nice collection of ignorance floating around. Why is it so hard for someone to notice that my name is Branden with an E and my name is in blue and clickable because I'm registered on the site. And your name is spelled with an O and has like 100 X's after it. It takes real brains to get confused there. LOL. Good god.

    • It appears many of these people should spend more of their time in a reading comprehension course rather than on this site

    • Ignorance is bliss. I like my name but since you changed it 2 weeks ago.. i figured this was my nickname. I almost posted with X's on both sides.. maybe next week.. if that doesn't work we either start shooting the stupid or i adopt a new name lol

  73. Dude, you get the show perfectly. I always like to come to read you cause you just milk it to perfection. I think Thia and Naima will go (instead of Paul) but I usually agree with you 99%. Keep on the commenting!!!

      • I want Thia to stay…shes pretty good I think and deserve to compete several more weeks….there are at least 6 that I can name ( and they know it too ) that shes better than….lets see if America can get a new Asian beauty up there….nows the 21st Century…everything is going Asian…yeah Thia !!

      • Alberta, I've made it no secret that I favor Paul. LOL. So congrats on coming to a very obvious conclusion. LOL

  74. THIAS GOT MY VOTE BECAUSE IM ASIAN TOO ! SHES AMAZINGLY TALENTED !! I gues well just vote for whoever were associated with ……this is America so I guess Thia will never be an American Idol, especially when the Americans are no longer in Subic Bay.

      • so whats wrong being Asian idolfan?tell me from where are you?Show your face in youtube and lets see…

      • People just DONT GET IT! This is not about being Asian. Or White. Or Black. Or any other color! I thought this crap was going on the wayside, but I see so many of you are more than willing to keep segregation alive, and unfortunatly it's quite obvious that it's coming from all directions.

    • She's got your vote because she's Asian? Damn, please stop it. If you believe she is more talented than the rest, ok! But to say she has your vote because your Asian and so is she is fricken ridiculous. Talk about racism!

    • Whats the connection of Subic Bay with American Idol? I cant relate to this story hahaha…. Americans racist? thats generally speaking but you are wrong. I also admire Filipino singer Arnel Pineda with Journey he has great pipes.

  75. I thought Naima was great. I really enjoyed her version of "I'm still standing". I also enjoyed Lauren And Pia but only voted for Naima bc I think the other two will be safe. I don't like Casey or Jacob and think the judges are trying to brainwash people into thinking Casey is any good! He is not! They shouldn't have wasted their save on him. I hope he gets voted out soon.

    • Naima is talented and regardless of the outcome she can make something of the opportunities she's had so far.

      • NAIMA never fails to amaze me with her weekly performances.

        I admire her courage and skills on making the song reggae. It's so fresh! She brought me to Jamaica.

        Blessed Love everyone!

    • She's soooo talented that she changed the whole song beyond recogniztion…Guess Elton would kill himself, if he happens to watch the show by accident!

  76. I don't know why everyone is down on Naima. She is most entertaining and did an excellent job tonight. I think Randy is corny with his "dude" statement. Casey was great, Pia did Well. Paul did horribly. I think the bottom three will be Thia (bore – no real connection), Paul and James. Everyone had a nice change in their appearance accept for James. He overdid his rock song and I hated his ripped jeans. Stefano sang really well and looked like a million. Haley can really sing! We were laughing about how they should have given the jets song to Jacob and then she came out and sang it so well our jaws had to be scraped off the floor. Lauren was fantastic!

    • Naima is a risk taker and is willing to put it all out there. That's who she is and always will be. I'm certain she has future in this business.

    • No way is James in jeopardy. Thia, Paul, Naima, Stefano and Jacob are in danger. I am not a James fan, but he will make it through to the finals.

      • Guess you are wrong to include stefano in your danger zone. James is not at his best this week. trying to copy adam lambert but he cant manage to do it. It sucks, he has to make his own identity.

  77. I guess the reason for everyone trying to do a more "safe" stuff due to no more save from the judges & 2 needs to go home this week !!

    • They were pretty limited by the Elton John songs. He has a lot of them but some are too difficult, some too cute. I have never even heard the song Scotty sang. Scotty should sing Kris Kistoffson, Paul needs to sing more Rod Stewert. Maybe Pia could at least an up tempo line or two. I think Haley could sing Janis Joplin, Bonnie Rait or Joan Jett. I suspect the whole town of Compton, CA., voted for Jacob. I need his gone really bad.

  78. Ok so I don't 100% agree with Branden this week.

    Here's my rundown.

    Scotty- He's the closest to being able to record an album today because he already has a signature sound. His performance tonight gets a B+.

    Naima- I like Naima but she just alienated a ton of people with that performance. C-

    Paul- I actually liked Paul quite a bit tonight. He definitely had a decent interpretation of the song stylistically. I would have loved to see him do Tiny Dancer though. B+

    Pia- Another ballad, meh. C

    Stefano- I normally kinda like him but tonight I really didn't get it. He ruined the song with his phrasing. The notes were all there for the most part but his phrasing was awful. This isn't an R&B song. D

    Lauren- She was really good tonight. I'm glad she finally did a slower song. A+

    James- I love James. He is a tremendous performer. I love that he's the first legit rocker Idol has had since Daughtry. All you haters that think he's arrogant are just silly. You know he doesn't just have Tourette's he's got Asperger's too. He was amazing tonight. Fire from a piano! A+

    Thia- I will be the first to say that I have not liked Thia since day 1. I honestly haven't hear what the judges or America has with her. That being said, I honestly liked her performance tonight. B+

    Casey- I knew he'd slow it down this week. Brilliant vocal performance tonight. A+

    Jacob- Again he's an amazing technical singer so I can't fault him there. I.m just bored by him and tonight was no different. C

    Haley- Just like Thia I have not seen what the judges have and I'm not a fan of her Christina Aguilera wannabe vocal stylings. Now that being said she delivered one of the best performances of the night. Great job. A+

    Bottom 3:

    Naima, Stefano, and I'm going out on a limb here Jacob. Naima and Stefano go home.

    • James has Adam Lambert's voice… but may never have his artistic creativity. Especially this season with these producers lurking around every commercial break. Adam Lambert was a rocker. Just a very Freddie Mercury, Alice Cooper, rocker.

    • You are not the judge and too bias in your observations. Maybe you really dislike stefano from the beginning lol…. I dont agree with your opinion cuz majoirity would say that stefano had made a brilliant performance. Gawd, you arted him D? are you God? Get a life! Others gave a soso performance yet you aretd them high while stefano so low. This sucks!!!

      • Rated….. misspelled it, it really sucks.

        Go stefano and nail the competition this week.

    • Your comment sucks giving stefano D. such a stupid observation coming from a non musician like you. Stefano has good pipes and yet he was given that lowest rating by you. comical huh?

    • Silly comments coming from a non musician with no ear for music. get a life …. stefano gave his best and yet you bashed him with irrational comment. Your opinion is good for you only, it doesnt matter anyhow.

      • Erica good god! Yours is NOT the only opinion that matters. Who do you think you are telling others their opinion doesnt matter? If theirs dont count then neither does yours….think about it.

    • I just don't get why the judges keep pimping Jacob. His voice is annoying and just not that pleasant to listen to. Bottom three will be Paul, Thia and Naima with Paul staying. (for some reason he has a huge following also)

    • Stupid comments. Branden rated stefano with B while you gave him D. thats awful and coming from a guy who knows no music at all. ewwwwwwww. stefano has good vocal pipes and He delivered Tiny Dancer beautifully.

    • Ok so I wasn't using this comment to bash Branden. I simply stated that I didn't 100% agree with him. Next I'm not biased. I actually like Stefano, what I was complaining about was his phrasing which if you knew anything about music you would know what I was talking about. Tiny Dancer is a simple and beautiful song and he messed it up by putting little insignificant runs on the end of almost every line. Also I don't like Haley or Thia and gave them good grades. As far as not knowing anything about music, I'm a sound technician and I'm around music all the time thank you very much. Frankly I post comments on a few different blogs and I will say without hesitation that the people who comment on this one post the dumbest, inconsiquential drivel of any of them. That's not everyone just those that offer up their opinion and attack others' opinions without a legitimate reason. I had a legit reason for not liking Stefano's (whom I personally really enjoy) performance, it was his phrasing. He hit every note, but his phrasing just ruined my favorite Elton song.

    • Of course Scotty has a signature sound, and its Josh Turners signature. I can’t believe people arnt making the connection here. I agree he is a talented singer with a good voice but, in my opinion, if you listen to country music then you realize scotty is mundane.

  79. Scotty is consistent but unfairly judged (better than he should be) because he is in a different world. Naima did well but she can never win. Lose the tribute colors and be an "American Idol" who honors "other" music. Paul sang some notes tonite I have never heard him hit…. In the first 30 sec. of his song…. Then he proceeded to rip his voice out and miss lower notes toward the end. But my beef isn't with him. The judges pushed him to "push" for notes "higher in his register". He has no tehnique! They are gonna hurt him! Pia sang. Again. Stefano is a throwback to Season one when all the guys sang like that. He's good but can never win. Lauren had one of the best 2 songs and one of the best 2 performances, if not the best. James is who I wait for every week. But, that could have not sucked. He'll be around for a while though. Thia sang. Again. Better than usual. Casey had one of the 2 best songs and one of the 2 best performances. If not the best. Jacob. I thought there was an issue with his theatricality? Well, the dry ice fog didn't help, (I thought the fucking Phantom of the Opera was gonna come out on his Sewer Boat!) And Haley threw out some rasp. To some plinky 80's movie credits instrumental bullshit. I just wanted someone to take their variations away from the piano and this was the one to do it. And she didn't. Haley and Naima are gone. That's my pick.

    • Maybe let the contestants sing songs from theatre like Phantom of the Opera to test their versatility. Anyhow, stefano's pick was a difficult song of Elton and i find him exciting. Good job. Pia is nice and beautiful, Jacob i like Sorry is the Hardest word….Haley and the Jets so amazing.

  80. Overall I felt that the performances were very good. Last year was the most boring group personally. This year is making it very hard to choose. James and Haley rocked and are my faves for the night. I think Naima and Thia are going home. If Naima and Thia had a baby…..

    P.S. Naima…Teach me how to dougie!!!

      • I could see Paul going too but I really like his voice. It's unique and you can't deny that toothpaste brushes its teeth with Paul….lol

      • stefano.. i hope he gets eliminated.. he does hit the high notes but i don't buy the quality of his voice.

      • Stefano is the best performer for me, sorry for his haters. No way he will go home this week.

      • authentic: you dont buy the quality of voice of stefano when he can sing high notes? what a baloney hahahaha…. close minded cuz you dont like him but for me stefano is the best.

    • Randy commented about Naima's singing as CORNY!!! thats bad for Naima and i think she is really going home with Paul or Thia.

  81. thia's fine c'mon

    but i really like daniel, and i was a bit bored but, i still love her

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, OMG how I love this. So, if I don't like Thia I am "insecure" hahahahahahahahahaha. This is beyond funny. You should be a psychologist, OMG is like you knew me. Oh yes, I am insecure, I want to be like Thia, I want to be tiny, have no boobs and lose all my charisma and grace. OMG, is like you and me are one mind! Oh Windy, you are so wise!

        Go take your bottle and go to bed silly. But before, look up the word insecure on the dictionary (that is a book, usually with lots of pages and letters on the cover.) Go honey, knock yourself out!

      • You are so original bevs… you should work for the creative department of a TV station!

      • @gabriela: have u also looked the meaning of mirror in the dictionary??? and if so, then go and buy one!!! 🙂

    • get a life dear, Thia has a future after AI. And so? no boobs, petite and what? u don't even have a face to show up!!! BOOOOOO!! insecure fag!!!!! LOL!!

      • And yes Shena, she does have a future singing TV commercials. Or making the Asian version of Hanna Montana! hehe 😀

      • well atleast Thia will have a bright

        future outside AI & we will still supporting her all the way. What about you

        Gabriela? will you have career too? lol!

        maybe , IN YOUR DREAMS 😉

        if i know you don`t have boobs too.

        haha! & just like what you always said, i also have the right to express my opinion.

        All you know is blah blah blah!

        whatever 😛

      • Those aspects can easily be fixed with money. But voice quality? It can't be bought. So for now, please don't judge the physical appearance. It's a vocal competition.

    • Thia's performance was beautiful as the judges said but it was just safe. No flaws or anything like that. As Branden observes, it's more likely that Naima or beloved Paul will go home.

      Say bye to Paul. 🙂

    • Gabriela: you just can't take a comment against your opinion as and adult. You prefer to write tons of words insulting just because you were called insecure.

      Come baby grow up.

    • I think the lot of you should grow up. Reading these childish exchanges of playground vitriol is more embarrassing than Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five Scott Macintrye.

    • oh common guys, don’t let gabriela get into your nerves. i don’t blame you for just getting on board. all she does is to bash thia as if she knows her personally…not worth your time.

  82. hi guys i unfortunately have to wait till sunday to see the show but thanx for the update i look forward to your comments evry week and enjoy them all the opinions and funny stuff you guys get into hahahaha…………funnyyyy

    I also agree with most of the critics naima & thia to go home scotty is definately boring with all the country songs jacob & he's tongue ewwww i also look forward to see casey with his trimmed hair & beard I for one would not have kiss him what with all the spit in his beard paul you on the money he should front a band maybe steven will see that too & start something with him i also like lauren but james still is my fave to win this stefano im not so sure about his more ol blue eyes type haley & pia to go home next then stefano % jacob then paul & casey then scotty & lauren james for the win yeah!!!!!!!

    • Just like me too, Have to wait till Sunday to watch the show……love it and am enjoying all the critics here……all the nagging and hey stop "name calling" pple. Unfortunately three of my favorites are being tipped for going home today(Naima, Paul & Thia).I love James, Jacob, Pia and Lauren hope they make the last four.

    • how can you give a prediction when you are saying you have to wait until Sunday to watch it?

  83. Oh man Branden, you're still cracking me up. I just read something you posted. I swear this site goes nuts after midnight EST. I can't read anymore. g'night!

    • I felt bad after I signed off and figured you might misunderstand me, especially with all the verbal diarrhea that was going on. So…. sorry Branden, I didn’t mean that the way it read. It was very late and I had just read one post where you slammed “M” for mixing you 2 Brande(o)ns up and it read funny, not sure why now…… the situation wasn’t funny. I don’t know why some people get you two guys mixed up; the difference in your names couldn’t be any more clear. 99.999% of your readers know whom you are and are interested in what you have to say. If you can, I suggest that you just ignore the % 0.0001 who, well…. are idiots and maybe perhaps possibly need glasses. Not worth your aggro. Just a thought is all.

      Tonight will be interesting. Altho I still disagree with your assessment of how the voting's going to go!!!

      • Uh Branden??? I was just about to sign off and spotted an imposter, another Mary, on page 4, item 3. Am I going to have to change my name???

  84. Branden I've been trying to post something for a while and I couldn't. It was a very good post, and quite educational for some. Is there a problem with the site? 🙁

  85. Hoping to see Naima and Jacob go home. James for the 2011 win. Paul could have done better. Scotty was OK. Lauren=Love. Easy win for Casey after last week. All others…not really caring! Good night! 🙂

    • I also hope stefano will be the major winner, haley and jacob too. all the others are not worth mentioning.

    • In defense of Jacob, the song Sorry is the Hrdest word is a very difficult song and he nailed it……. i love his singing. Go jacob and stefano.

  86. Like I always do, I check several websites to see the tendency of voters (by voters I mean people who visit those websites and take the polls.)

    The bottom three in every single one those polls, are:

    – Naima

    – Thia

    – Stefano


    • I love Naima but I don't what she did tonight was well recieved. I don't think what she did was bad but just not what ppl would expect for an EJ song. But that's Naima…a risk taker full o creativity. Thia and Stephano both have good voices but are lacking in the performance dept. Performance wise I think Stephano was better than Thia.

      • Yes, Stefano was better than Thia so maybe he gets to stay and Naima & Thia will go. Who knows?

      • Randy J. pointed out that Thia has some pitchiness while singing Daniel…. heading for home this week, same with Naima.

      • hey gabriela! i bet your life is pretty boring.. i'm just saying.. oh well, haters gonna hate..

    • Demon Gab, are u working? or mabe u are jst one of those who stay up the whole night cheking websites to see who's bottom and who's safe on AI. Are u paid to do that? pity.. tsk tsk tsk… poor Gab… 🙁 u better get a life. 😛

      • Think whatever the hell you want to think, I don't have to explain myself to people like you.

      • And you have to be very stupid to criticize me for writing at this late hour, and you are replying to me… at the same time. I'm done with you troll.

      • I'm beginning to wonder if people realize there are different time zones in th US….LOL

    • No way Gabriela for stefano, its Paul's turn to be sent home and no more save for him.

  87. James was good but his on the floor was a bit too much. I liked Paul tonight and I hope he doesn't go home. Pia, well I am so mad that she totally ignored the judges and did another ballad, and it was expectionally good. I hope she gets in the bottom 3, to defate her over blown ego. I'm also mad the judges sucked up to her and said,"oh it's okay, that's what you do." The hell you say!!!! I wasn't crazy about Casey and he really isn't much to look at even cleaned up. Poor Namia she will for sure go home. I bet she is a really cool person,too. Lauren was fabulous. Scotty, well I didn't like the song but I guess it was okay, anyway the judges seemed to think so. I liked Thia and I really liked Haley, but then she is extremely talented and the only one who has sang different styles up to now. Stefano did a good job and for once the judges didn't slam him. I didn't like Jacob, I don't like Jacob. Someone has stroked his ego big time and he believed the hype. I hate looking at his tongue and I hate seeing the dark fillings in Pia's teeth, too. I think Namia will go for sure, then it should be Casey or Jacob, but it will probably be Stefano. Remember Katherine McPhee, she sang ballads but she could sing other songs, too, apparently Pia cannot. Sick, sick, sick of her.

    • You know that girl probably has moves that could stop a clock but she stands in one spot every week. I am honestly very bored with Pia and if she doesn't shake it up a bit I will turn the sound off during next week's show 🙁

  88. Have yet to watch this week's show so can't comment on the performances, but, thank you for finally pointing out Jennifer Lopez's annoying habit of constantly interrupting the other judges' critique! Have noticed it since the Top 24 show. It's as if her opinion is the only one that matters & the other judges do not know how to finish their own sentences. Someone really should teach her this basic rule of good manners.

  89. NAIMA never fails to amaze me with her weekly performances.

    I admire her courage and skills on making the song reggae. It's so fresh! She brought me to Jamaica.

    Blessed Love everyone!.

    • Yeah! I loved it myself. She just has an interesting way to show off her unique flavah! Too bad it seems like the rest of America just doesn't really get it. Viva NAIMA ! ! !

      • That fake Jamaican accent was completely bizarre. She actually sounded okay with it, but to suddenly bring that out this week destroyed her credibility. She's a goner.

      • Sigh, it's Reggae so she sang with a reggae accent….just like country singers use a twang.

      • Sigh, so if Naima sang the Beatles she'd have to sing in a Liverpudlian accent would she? Scott sings with a twang on whichever song he sings. Are you truly saying that if Naima sang country she'd have to do it in a fake southern drawl? What bollocks.

        The idea that a singer should switch 'accents' to adapt to different styles of music is patronising to both the heritage of the music, and the listener.

  90. Im going to say my top faves gave always been LAUREN AND JAMES right behind them SCOTTY & PIA but Pia is killin me and boring me!! Casey is overrated!!! Jacob way overrated I hate watching them faces lip quivering and the screeching thank God he stopped some… I think Haley was awesome tonight yay.. shes not even a fave! I think Thia was good tonight shes not a fave either. I hate Niamia always have. Paul can sing but not on theme weeks, he needs to sing like that popular song on the radio "marry me" I think PAUL AND NIAMIA will GO HOME! THEY BOTH SUCKED! Stephano saved himself tonight I think.. maybe.. either way my tops are safe yay! Please just Niamia go home, I'd love if Jacob did too but doubt it

      • I hope Naima and Jacob go, too. Feel the same way about Jacob as you. He screams too much and acts as though he is going to burst out crying any minute. Paul has never been in the bottom three, and hopefully his fans will keep him safe tonight (he has a lot of fans). Thia is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, but she lacks self-confidence, and that might put her on the "going home" list. Casey is not as good as the judges imply, and it would be funny if the voters would just vote him off tonight. He thinks he is able to stay on by always "brown nosing" Jennifer. I wanted to gag the night he asked Jennifer "and what else?" when she was critiquing him. She replied "Oh yes, you are sexy." Gag!

      • Thia's song Daniel was good but she dont perform, and she got to go…. Also Naima and Paul…. Boring boring boring. JLO always saying beautiful, it sucks even though its not a great singing.Pitchy….

  91. Well Branden, spot on critique. You're finally saying what I've been saying for weeks regards Naima, Jacob and poor Paul–he's got a fine ear for singing/performing; I just think he's probably damaged his vocal cords from oversinging prior to AI, but he could still front a band.

    But I'd let Paul survive the bottom 3 one more week and put Stefano down there this week. Why? Am I the only one that thought Stefano forgot some lyrics in the early part of his song? And then he seemed a bit rattled and out of rhythm after that, possibly because he did look at the audience tonight.

    And my only difference with your top 3 is I had Haley as #1 (followed by Lauren, James and Thia). Haley growled, Haley yodeled kind of, she primped and posed, but mostly she really connected with the audience. Very high difficulty rating doing all those things. James of course was very entertaining, and loved his "Pepsi moment" line.

    Naima–I've never seen so much confidence in such a poor singer, though she's a great performer and articulates herself well. But I really admire her cleverness and am willing to give her one more week for that. You see, she knows the actual singing is her weakness and what some folks are raving about her risk taking with African dance and singing reggae version stuff–Clever Disguises so as to not have to show true tonal vocal range. Smart! But I think America will save her from doing a bad song by letting her go. She can do fun stuff on the Tour.

    Oh, Branden, I have a good idea for you all to shoot to BrandonXXXXXXXX. You suggested a nickname, but he likes his B-name. The AntiBrandon is a bit harsh, but how about Brand-off?

    • Thats your own personal opinion and i dont agree to it. stefano sang good and he nailed the song of elton john. he will stay contrary to your opinion about him. what's wrong with your hearing?

      • I also agree with you cuz for me, stefano has given his best this night of elton….. so good and sang with intensity and emotions. dont know why people are so harsh with him. anyway, stefano will reach finals.

  92. i think. thia was the only one who sang with emotion.. can't you see she is trying connect with the song and the listeners? it was spectaular.. and…

    the Wow factor? c'mon. she has it. she doen't have to jump, shout, and growl just to prove she can sing. one of the most sincere artist in idol!!!! good luck!! VOTEVOTEVOTE!!!

    • Daniel is a difficult song. But sad to say Thia wasnt able to sang it as expected of her.

    • Thia is adorable and talented, but she is boring. If she had a bubbly personality like Naima, she would probably win. Lauren has one of the best butts I've ever seen on a white girl. Damn.

  93. i think. thia was the only one who sang with emotion.. can't you see she is trying connect with the song and the listeners? it was spectacular.. and…

    the Wow factor? c'mon. she has it. she doesn't have to jump, shout, and growl just to prove she can sing. one of the most sincere artist in idol!!!! good luck!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  94. Its James and Lauren for me as the AI 2011. Love THIA though, she have a good voice tone, Good Luck Thia.

  95. i guess.. bottom three:



    jacob :)(again.. just a guess)

    going home… paul & stefano.. (not thia!!)

    • Lol Bottom 3 are:




      sorry Thia fans, she is weak this week. Naima is making a new wave of music, she crushed the song of elton making it reggae sound, maybe elton j. was furious while she was doing it.

    • yes.. it is Jacob and Naima to be sent home…jacob, has the voice but its eardrum damaging…

  96. Boring!

    Not fair to the contestants. No one can sing Elton John but Elton John. I too think Paul & Stefano are going home. Will miss Paul's dancing.

    • The 3 judges praised stefano's singing but you said otherwise. Geting more than the judges? i bet you cant even sing high notes lol….

      stefano will stay.

      Naima, Thia or Paul is going home.

  97. Bottom 3: Paul, Scotty and Lauren.

    Funny the author talks about technical singers but favours Paul – the most technically inept singer of the competition next to monodrone/monogenre Scotty.

    Scotty – Hillbilly music does nothing for me but excites my grandma. Not a good sign.

    Lauren – Another hillbilly singer but a spoilt one.

    Top 3: Naima, Hailey and Jacob.

    Also rans: Pia, James, Casey, Thia

      • I think I alluded to them being in my bottom 3. IMHO they are crap. So welcome to the world of opinion. Have a good day. Stefano and Thia will probably go home because they are not attracting new voters. Someone will pick up their votes when they leave – probably Hailey, Jacob, Casey and Naima. James, Pia, Lauren, Scott and Paul's voters are pretty static.

    • I think you got the wrong ranking lmao. How could Naima be there at Top 3? I also guess Elton is livid while watching her murder his song ino reggae beat…. ohlala…..

      • Elton is a musician and artist. You have no idea what he thinks. You are merely a consumer. I have an opinion and you're saying my opinion is wrong? Nice

    • U do need a hearing aid if u say Scotty cant sing. Grandma has better taste than u They said!!!

      • I wouldn't say what Scott does is singing. I say it's more talking with an annoying twang. But that's just my opinion. Feel free to enjoy yours.

  98. I'm sorry Branden & Gabriela but your ever so dear Paul is about to leave. I wonder what would be your reaction if he ever gets eliminated. To you Branden, your predictions are almost right like every week so both of you should prepare handkerchief now. You might cry. Believe me. Drink beer after. It heals depression. Awww.

    Thank you.

  99. I've noticed that too.

    The author (if not unfair, a bias one)

    Paul? it's the end of his journey.

    Bye to you.

  100. well definitely not thia will going home. shes one of the best. i think its naima or hailey will be vote out…

    sorry but sorry its just my opinion.

  101. I do not understand what the judges see in Casey. He was not worth the "save" last week, and now we find out that was already preplanned – even the singers knew about it before it happened and they had to go along with it. Casey will stay because it will look odd if the viewers throw him off this week just after the judges saved him. I think Naima will go tonight, as well as Stephano or Leah or Paul. Paul had a poor song, but his unique voice may keep him on. Wish he would sing Ray LaMontage's "Trouble" or another by Ray. Leah seemed ready to go, so it will probably be Leah and Naima. I am a little of Naima's "statements" on stage.

  102. jacob and naima is so full of drama. it's not what jennifer said about performing is acting. they should go next.

    • Totally agree. Jacob is becoming harder and harder to listen to. Naima just doesn't have the voice.

  103. Branden, thank you so much for keeping this forum alive week after week. Alas, after a few years of substandard Idol seasons, I have once again rekindled my affinity with all things AI and your medium here is a vital contributor to that. While this is my debut posting and although I may not always concur with your assessments, I always appreciate your candor and the accessible channel with which you equally provide everyone an opportunity for healthy disagreements. Unfortunately, however, many posters prefer to engage in asinine crassness over healthy, informed debate. With that said, I'd like to humbly opine of the competition thus far.

    I'd like to preface my perspective by belaboring the fact that this is a talent show with high emphasis on vocal performance to encompass a criteria of range, depth, texture, pitch, tonal quality, vocal technique, vocal dynamics, style originality, artistry and stage presence to name a few. Frankly, everyone is entitled to vote for whomever they please; however, the blind and fanatical voting based on juvenile, territorial attitude is simply disturbing. Yes, this is reality television and the show's outcome is, after all, a reflection of fan voting; but I truly believe that, as a sensible hierarchy of intelligent beings, we can get past the biases and predilections in order to crown a contestant worthy of the title behind the criteria.

    I believe that every individual vote is critical; hence, the precise reason why I vote only when a performer is deserving of my vote. What I have not done and will continue to refuse to do is blindly vote to move mountains for a contestant if that individual has not earned my vote. I have voted once for Lauren, Haley and Stefano, and twice for Pia, James and Paul. Jacob, Thia, Casey, Naima and Scotty have yet to earn my votes. At the risk of being denigrated by my fellow Filipinos, I have not once voted for Thia simply because she has not yet captured the full essence of what embodies an "American Idol" which, for clarity's sake, has nothing to do with what others would otherwise try to insist upon as having to do with race – the show is held in the United States of America and its winner, therefore, is the "American Idol," regardless of his or her race or alienage.

    I think the show has become exceedingly fierce since the judges' exercise of their one and only save – every single contestant has just become increasingly expendable. Now, more than ever, each of the remaining nine participants after tonight's results show would have to outperform the others for a chance at another week of oxygen. I just hope that America sends the rightful and deserving individuals to the final showdown.

  104. still i love thia…. notice randy's reaction after her performace??? jeezzz, don't be obvious that you want thia out of the race. same goes to steven who's never really liked thia even during auditions, his baby is alaina and naima and ESPECIALLY pia. they all want pia want to win, might as well give her the title, no need for the show to go on. seriously!!!!

  105. HI, i dont care who goes home. we know they all are till they get to the last two standing. yes iam voting for my faves. and hope they do well. i must say Idol has been the best show ever, since it started. i never had so much fun laughing and crying. i think it going to be nemia, thia, and jacob going home.

  106. I am reading alot of Scotty comments- His music does not sound Hillbilly (as someone put it) He is definatley a good singer hope he wins the whole damn thing-He is amazing at his age of 17 to be singing and be so himself on stage and not act like a dumbass or fake, can cut an album rite now, and if u say u are getting sick of his country every week—Well thats the type singer he is COUNTRY. Why change to be something u are not– DUHHHH—-Maybe he likes country music U think U dont like it vote for someone else u do like-Simple- He is himself and I think that is a great thing. Definately gets my votes

      • I agree scotty may win this year-Would be a good thing-Wouldnt argue with that decision-Lots of good ones this year but sure wouldnt think it was rigged at all if Scotty won

    • You`re right seagull, why do they keep on insisting Scotty to sing pop music or something else? maybe they want Scotty to mess up on stage. Even "baby baby" of Justin Beaver he`ll countrify it and still come out fantastic and eventually Scotty critics will learn to love country music. go go go NC boy!

      • What a bias here, its okay for scotty to sing country but no okay for Pia to sing ballad? this is the height of arrogance. Pia has a good singing voice and her style is soft ballad, why insist on her to sing other genre of music and yet scotty is okay if he stick with country? this is insanity at its crooked level.

      • Justin Beaver?? A cartoon character?? lol!!

        Btw, Scotty lovers are always biased!!

  107. I"m a big fan of thia, but with the rave reviews and based on her previous performance this week performance is not enough to save her not to be in the bottom group for the week, well she need to do more,used the quality of her voice, do great acts and make her perfomance more interesting ,lively and great watch to catches america's attention. hope she's still safe for the week so she can prove herself!


    Portland,OR vote is with you!


  108. hi branden, i have to say i enjoyed reading your comments this week, they were constructive and fair. i completely feel the same way about jacob aswell.

    shame about some of the petty and juvenile comments tho recently. we are all inevitably going to have diff opinions and tastes on diff contestants and ppl should just respect that. i.e making fun of a 16year old having small breasts is really shallow. whether one likes her or not, least the girl is giving it ago…they all are. and ppl hiding behind a computer and hurling abuse on forum is really lame and childish. judge on the performance, respect other ppls views.

    • not yet… we need a spoiled brat in the show. just love watching her being so silly and immature infront of america!

  109. Weee!!! I really love Haley! She's been so great for me every week and this week she's just perfect! And I know that everytime I watch her performance in youtube I'll just love her the more. :DD

  110. I so agree with you Branden, Paul must go home tomorrow. Gabriela, say bye bye to your beloved Paul. 🙂

  111. I have been reading this site for a couple of weeks now and I have not had the urge to comment till now.

    Before I begin, let me say that I am all out for a female winner this year. I want a change from the "male-winner-for-three-years-in-a-row."

    But am I the only one who feels that the judges are not being fair? I know they have their favourites. Everyone does. However, their comments, at times, make me UGH!

    Here's an example:

    Pia has been doing a ballad for each week since the Live rounds begun. Thia started off the same as her but eventually got slammed 'boring' by Randy. On the other hand, this week, Randy praises Pia after doing ANOTHER ballad, even comparing her to the likes of Mariah. While he critiques Thia for being safe. Hmm, Pia's forte is doing ballads, I understand. However, she gives another performance filled with all those big notes, like what she did last week or even in all her past performances. Isn't that called playing safe too? She is still in her comfort zone, ain't she, Randy?

    I am not hating on Pia. Honestly, I do like her and her voice gives me chills but I just don't get Randy's comments.

    • Sorry, this is a singing competition and it doesnt choose a female singer aloner, its open to all gender. Stefano, Pia and Jacob for me.

      • I agree with you Bom, I find the judges see-saw quite a bit from week to week. I can't keep up.

  112. I agree with your bottom three and the two going home. Unless America goes for style and a cute smile over singing talent, I think Thia will make it through. I don't know why she doesn't work the stage and connect with the audience more – she can still do that with a ballad! She's so dang boring and awkward in the interview/ behind the scenes portions. But the girl sure can sing!

    Oh, I think Jacob might be in danger cuz you're absolutely right, and Jimmy Iovine said it too, he's just too much drama queen, it seems way too contrived than passionate. I don't like his voice either. It's hard for me to watch him, he's the only contestant where I actually have to leave the room cuz the contortions on his face are just too much. I can't believe the judges aren't calling him on it like Jimmy did in rehearsal

    • Oh I'm agreeing with Branden on Naima & Paul going home this week, much as I love Paul's charisma and smile, the man cannot sing. Naima's a great performer but she can't sing either lol. Thia's the best singer but no spark.

  113. This is crazy, I used to love coming on here Thursday mornings and reading everyone's thoughts but it's really not enjoyable to have to read immature comments and inappropriate language. For those of you who wish to have these conversations, maybe find a private messageboard to speak this way so the rest of us don't have to read it.

  114. Hi all,

    Seems like a good idea to check in this A.M…Can't get over how much I have appreciated the artistry, sophistication and originality shown by Casey, even before the judges had to remind the voters. Hope he makes it all the way. What a joy to hear him often!

    Thanks all, be nice to each other.

  115. I'm hoping Thia stays just so we can see if she does do more next week, same with Pai however I don't doubt that she will here. She has all of NY voting for her I think… I agree with most of the comments, Naima shoudl be heading out along with Paul. I just cant decide who the third person in bottom three will be…. Stefano? Jacob? Thia? We all know who will be safe… although last week I don't think anyone would have guessed Casey was headed home.

      • Yellow Brick Road needs lots of stage production and big music. If someone attempted that one they would have been left just as flat as people trying to sing BOY BAND songs, lost in translation.

        Second thought. I am a HUGE Naima fan. I luv her gravel voice. She takes HUGE risks and provides the first African Roots flare for Idol.

        Naima rocks Reggae and Soul with a little Ella thrown in. She does not stand a chance, not because of talent. Like Karen she dares to get in touch with her ROOTS. The Shame of it all.

  116. Sorry guys, don't like Scotty …his performance is usual, playing safe,don't wanna take a risk with difficult song…

    • Are you confusing dislike of Scotty with dislike of COUNTRY MUSIC? Scotty is changing it up. Country is slow in most cases, but themes weeks can only be interpreted so far. Scotty is the next Carrie. Done deal.

      • I'm not. I think Scotty is THE most one-dimensional performer ever to reach a top 12 on AI. I like "new country" too, so it's not that. Diversity is crucial, and Scotty has NO 2nd gear. He made Motown "country" and now killed Elton as "country." It's one thing to "flavor" a song, it's another to PROVE every week that you have no depth. He is a one-trick pony, who can and WILL be a star in Nashville, but is too one dimensional to last on American Idol. Sorry.

      • sunnyforever!!!!!! TOTALLY argee with you! love scotty ! and he is taking the notes from the judges and trying things out of his comfort zone, like randy said he is perfectly seasoned

      • Agreed. He could very well be bigger than GARTH! (I'm no C/W fan – but this kid's got personality and I love those bass tones.)

      • Sunnyforever, I soooooooooooooooooo agree with you. I love country music and Scotty speaks our language. He is at the top of polling so evidently he is doing something right. Go Scotty, I'll buy all your records and attend concerts. Move over Carrie underwood!

      • Scotty is COUNTRY!!!!! he can turn any song into a country song! That's what he is all about! That's what the judges have said! That's who he IS!!!! COUNTRY!!

    • I agree with you. Scotty does have a good voice, but he doesn't have a lot of ability to step out of his comfort zone. Each song sounds very similiar to his last.

  117. Pathetic show. The show was ruined since Simon left AI. If Simon was there there'll be no favoritism. God I'm sick of all that shouting and weird tone. Eeww. I mean I can listen to them once in a while but they're NOT SINGERS. Thia and Lauren has the nicest voice in this competition.

    • Actually, I kind of agree with you. If Simon was there, it would have been better but I can't say I dislike the show. Sure, the show is different now and all but I still like it. It's not that pathetic.And I also wish there was no favoritism. Too much Scotty and less Thia. And I also agree with you that Thia and Lauren have the best voices. Supporting you all the way Thia and Lauren and good luck!:)

    • Yup. The judges aren't that good. Most of the contestants just shriek and scream and they get praise for that. Thia and Lauren do have the nicest tones. 🙂

    • Simon would have been all over James for using all those gimmicks. Too much!! Did he even sing or just jump around?

      • I like James' singing voice. It seemed to be absent last night. Was much too much for a singing competition. He needs to hold the pyro-technics for his solo promo tours.

      • Disagree, he puts on a great show. I always look forward to his performance. He is a star in the making.

      • Janie….Totally agree with you. James is the man……He puts on a show every week and thats what we want to see. Enough with the Ballads. James will get a band like Daughtry and Adam,he will be successful because thats what people will pay money to see…A show…. not someone singing the same ballads over and over….

    • Thia and Lauren for the win. The judges are bias. 🙁 I'm so afraid that they really affect the voting people. Yes, I agree that if Simon was still there, there will be no favoritism..

  118. Wondering why people always complaining when Pia does ballad (one thing that she's good at), and at the same time praised Scotty and James for doing the same thing every week (country and rock).

    • because it's totally different. Scotty and James stay in their genre! Scotty does country music, and James does rock! "Ballads" are not a genre…Pia is amazing, but i'm so over her and her ballads that are always overdone and sound the same every week!

      • For me it's the same, I'm so over James because he screams all weeks, never sing any ballad… Maybe he should show his versatility by not screaming (sing rock songs as most people say) and sing a ballad.

      • James had a soft non-scream momement a few weeks ago. Durbin is a role model and fearless. Since he takes such risks, it does not get old to me.

      • Sunnyforever, again I agree with you. I very much enjoy James' performance. All the different opinions–isn't it wonderful? The world would be a boring place if we were all alike.

    • Me too. Look what Randy did to Thia. When she went on listening to Randy about going up tempo, she plummeted down to the bottom three. An that's just being unfair. When one has found his or her niche, they should stick to that. You can comlain about Thia and Pia as long as you complain about Scotty and James too.

      • Thia has been simply ruined. She was in the front of the pack a few weeks ago. Contestants are almost forced to change with the judges whims because the non-thinking viewing public votes as the judges suggest. This was the wrong change for Thia.

        As for the real world. A rocker will continue to sing rock until they can no longer move (ROD STEWART). Country stars will continue to do Country until they move to movie themes (Jennifer Warnes). There is no shame in that.

        But who will continue to buy albums with only oversung ballads on them?

        Not me!

      • i don’t know why they don’t like thia, when infact she is the only one who has been consistent throughout. for all i know, she did justice to sir elton’s song and american knows that….just don’t want to admit it.

    • Pia can't move! She looks stiff, and the only way she can belt out the shrieks is by standing still! She's no Celine Dione, and she will be in bottom three soon along w Jacob for his dramatics, got tired of him too. James is an entertainer, and will do him a favor if he gets voted out, so he can tour and ROCK OUT! Peace

  119. I see Naima performance, and didn't make any progress…sorry…she'll be out…like me singin in karaoke song…not good enough to be an american idol..

  120. Thia and Naima will go home. The latter deserves to but the Thia doesn't. I think Thia goes home coz she failed to connect with America especially the judges. Thia is one of the true singers in the contest along with Casey, Haley, and Paul, Pia, and Scotty. Others i dont know about them. I really miss Simon.

    I don't think James and Jacobs deserve to be there. They're not singing.. they're.. I dont know.

      • Uh… James should be there so does Scotty and Pia!!! James is singing!!! James is awesome and he will be in the top 2 and win!!!

      • I miss Simon too Debbie. It's obvious that the judges have their favorites. They're all deaf. Geesh!

      • Every scenario goes down like this:

        Randy: Really? Really really really? Come'on dawg for realz? thats sick your performance is off the charts

        Jennifer: Oh man, that was beautiful. I kinda agree with Randy. Best performance of the night.

        Steve: Ohhhh (shakes head from left to right) LIke Randy said, i like you sing, its like hanging around with the moon and the stars (tongue sticking out)sick stuff like that.

        Can those judges be judged? Have their own opinion like Simon. I don't ever remember Steve say something negative.

      • @Spaul1331

        Never in a million years will Simon consider what James and Jacobs does singing.

    • Uh, why the hell would you miss someone who always complains that "your performance sounded like a dying cat in a lounge bar"? Simon was incredibly mean, and beyond hurtful. Who in their right mind would want to hear something say such hurtful things? He never gave any actual constructive critique to help anyone, it was just all moan moan, gripe, crap in your cereal, stomp on someone's heart, etc. I do not miss his horrible judgement.

      Let me tell you this: if it was you up there singing for your life and all Simon ever did was complain, gripe, or say you sound like a dying cat, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it and would be calling him names inside your head. It's not easy doing what these guys are doing on stage. I like the judges except for Steve as the other two give constructive critique. They do not crap in anyone's cereal if you understand that saying.

      • @Eden

        Ok let me rephrase.. I miss half of Simon. I agree with you how sometimes destructive SImon's comments are. But you have to agree with me that most of the times he's right on cue. American Idol 10 lacks substance, and that substance is SIMON.

      • Amen to Simon being destrcutive. I'm all for constructive criticism…not the battery he doled out for 9 years. It was not only hurtful to the contestants, I'm sure, but painful to watch!! the show is better off without him.

      • Oh puhleeease. I miss Simon COMPLETELY. This isn't pals in a bar, being heckled by a mean girl. This is a like-changing competition with a seven figure payout, and if you can't take the harsh criticism, then stay the bleep home. Simon was real, mostly RIGHT, and makes these wishy-washy "everyone is great" judges look foolish by comparison. C'mon…

      • I don't miss Simon, either. I remember season 8 even though Alison Iraheta did a great job, he would complain about her personality "you are so dark", or her clothes "WHAT are you wearing?". And to publicly humiliate someone by telling them they sound like a dying cat is just wrong. He could have just said No, that wasn't good for me.

    • I think I know why Thia failed tonight. Jimmy Iovine told her to remove all the drama in her voice. There was emotion but no power. I don't want her to leave but her chances are slim.

      • i think jimmy is also one of those who wants to dismiss thia…i really feel bad for thia because she is not getting the support. she does really have an incredible voice and i hope she is safe tonight.

    • don't agree with James being a screamer, I am a product from the 70's and that's "rock" baby. But I like all kinds of music, I love Pia's voice it's amazing. I don't care for Casey's type of music but he sings it well, just because you're not a fan of the type of music they sing doesn't mean they are bad singers

      • Did James actually sing last night ,all that I saw was alot of jumping around and other theatrics (probably to cover his screaming)

      • It's just a matter of personal taste. I think James has good voice but it's not a pleasant thing to hear, especially the screaming that he did week after week over and over again. It's getting old. I just don't like this type of singer (or screamer?)…

    • Thia has a beautiful voice, but she is sooo boring to watch. Jacob has a voice,and gives me some excitement to watch.He definitely deserves to be there. He won,t make idol but that,s ok because he will have a career after this show.I thought i would miss Simon, but i don,t. I think the judges are great this year, well maybe Randy (you know what i,m sayin)could go. Would love to hear Scotty do Garth Brooks I would have missed the dance.

  121. “Bye bye, Paul. I failed to vote for you because I was so busy bashing Thia.” – Gabriela

    LOL. Go James, lauren and Thia!

  122. Ithink bottom three will be stefano, paul, and naima!!! I think pia did great on the ballard! I just hope stefano, scotty, pia, and james will passs! PAUL MCDONALD or NAIMA ADEDAPO I think it is time for one of you to go home but, I like everyone on the show!!! Good Luck Top 11 because next week there will be a Top 09!!!

  123. Oh my God Paul …. what are u doing?are you crazy?this is not an usual performance …so boring, so flat … i think he pick the wrong song…not the best performance…but he have unique voice …

  124. I was so disgusted by the judges playing favoritism on this show. I am tired of hearing them saying all praises and love for those obviously their favorites, and bash and criticize the performances of those who are not..

    Specially this last episode where they were so excited and ecstatic while making comments for one and being conservative and critical about another, when in fact, there ain't much of a difference on the level of their performances, most of them played safe, maybe not intentionally, as most of Elton Johns songs where relaxed or ballad-ish.. yet they bash some of these poor contestants.

    One example is Thia, I pity her for being limited by the show's choice of themes, and the songs that she mostly gets.. it cant be that she always choose the wrong songs.. this kid's been singing since she was 4 years old, so she knows what's the right song for her. Damn, this girl can really sing.. but all of the songs she performed don't showcase that.

    I don't know, but somehow its odd that the producers were not able to help make it easier for a 16 year old.. The judges where actually been more harsh to her than to any other of the finalists.. its obvious who the judges wants to be out this time…

    So sad.

    • Yeah Michael, so sad. But I hope she'll make it. Actually she did a good job singing Daniel. I was teary eyed. I was just asking, Why Elton John?? Hoping next weeks theme favors the girls this time.

      • I cried when Thia sang.Either it was because her voice was so powerful or I felt her going home. Maybe both.:(

      • Thia will be safe. She won't be in the bottom 3. Six more idol contestants will be leaving ahead of her. And in the Top 5…it's another story.

    • at least thia is not the only boring person now in this competition…joining the bandwagon is scotty, pia and jacob. hope thia survive tonight.

  125. Branden, I love a good conspiracy theory but you are taking this way too far. Of course the contestants talked about the Save, they had already been through two weeks of save or no save — Ashthon & Karen, remember? And didn't you hear Casey ask the judges how they could make a save with 11 contestants? Surely all the contestants were thinking those same thoughts "will I make the tour" because the tour is for the Top 10. Why does this surprise you so?


  127. Pia Toscano…i love her cause she's beautiful…but i don't like see her sing…she ruined the song tonight …hope mr elton john did not crying …

  128. 1. This is the way I saw it.

    Scotty- Did a great job, I’m not a fan of country music but talent is talent. I agree he should record his version of Country Comfort. B+.

    Naima- I always liked her but last night wasn’t good. It might be time to say good bye. D

    Paul- Needs to be in a band. He’s a likable guy, I try every week to like him, but…… C

    Pia- Great voice and always technical perfection. She is what she is, a balladeer, plenty of artists have made a career out of doing just that, if you don’t like it don’t vote for her but don’t try to change her. Would putting arms on the Venus de Milo make it a better? If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Weather she wins it all or not she’ll have a great carrier. B+

    Stefano- Did a good job, much better than last week. Still middle of the pack filler, I guess someone has to be. C

    Lauren- Was awesome last night, I’m glad to see her shine. A

    James- The “performance” was good but all the running around winded him and his singing suffer tremendously for it. Normally one of my favorites, not last night though. C+ (The C is for the singing the + is for the effort).

    Thia- This girl has a great voice but needs more stage presents. Trying to keep in mind it’s a singing competition first and foremost. B-

    Casey- I’m happy he did a good job. To be honest he could have came out and farted on stage last night and the judges would have fallen all over themselves praising him after the save. He looked better too. C+

    Jacob- Enough already! I can’t take it anymore, PLEASE STOP! D-

    Haley- It’s about time, I always thought there was a lot more to her than what we were seeing. This kid’s been beaten up by the judges. Arguably, the best of the night, I like her voice and Steven was right she “sings sexy”. A+

    Bottom 3: Tough call this week.

    Naima, Thia, Toss up because it's not just a singing competition. (maybe fingers crossed Jacob, I could only hope).

    Going home: Naima and IDK pick one Stefano, Thia, Paul, Jacob?

    • YES! i totally agree with you! except i would give Scotty an A+…i am a huge country music person and he is the best i have heard in a long time.

      • I totally agree with you. I love Scotty and would never get tired of him. Haley and Lauren were awesome. The three of them and James are my favorites. And Please———-Goodby, Jacob.

      • Like I said I usually like James but trying to be fair he did not deliver A+ vocals last night. He should have stayed on stage the running winded him and he couldn't deliver the money note at the end. In this case more wasn't better. Throttle back a little next week or do more cardio.

    • I would like to see Jacob go home. Don't like his voice OR moves. I thought Lauren was best last night.

  129. I hated Haley's growling voice, why does everyone think that sounds good? It doesn't! Haley sounded awful last night, terrible… And why do people dislike Casey? He is one of the most humble and talented artists performing, his voice may not be the best out of all of them, but he is true to himself, and so is Paul (even though last night wasn't that good). And Thia is so so so so boring, no personality at all, beautiful voice, but boring, oh so boring to watch.

      • Maybe the growling doesn't sound good to you but it does to a lot of other people. She does so much with her voice. You seem like a lot of other people who post on here – you like what you like and if you don't like it then it must not be good. You are entitled to your opinion but I couldn't disagree more.

    • So you don't like Haley to growl but it's ok for Casey? Go back and listen to his Nirvana performance. Terrifying!

  130. oh cmon.. AI is singing competition, only few of them can really SING!!! >> Pia, thia, stefano, lauren, are those who can really sing

    • I totally agree! Judges are somewhat tone deaf!! There must be something more to what they are actually drinking!!!

      • Easy now. Those you mentioned are good singers but being able to sing slow songs and ballads does not make a singer. James can sing with all of them and might be better than all those you named except Pia.

  131. Naima – Risk taker.. art + experiment and twists

    America Vote for the playing safe contestants… try to think about it, sing a safe song, doesn't do art, classy, old style then no something new, then music will just repeat and repeat again. We need something New Vote for Naima.

    Several Fans here from the Philippines, Manila!

    We Want Naima and Casey!

    Thia – Safe, Safe, pitchy

    Paul – Ripped off his voice

    Thia and Paul should go home 🙂

      • Are you really from the Philippines? Why country first followed by the capital, you are a very confused person. Don't lie. You are not a Filipino, because here in the Philippines, every Pinoys admired Thia Megia. American Idol is always being shown here live thru cable channel Star World and local channel QTV11. Whenever Star World shows the American Idol commercial, it's Thia Megia and her Filipino roots they've been showing. If you are really a Filipino, you should be very proud of her. I can't believe my ears when I heard her say "kuya" to her brother before she sings Daniel. Kuya is a very respectful Filipino word for an elder brother. Please don't use my country if you just don't like Thia. Just say you don't like her, period but don't ever use my country the Philippines when you said so. Thanks and Peace!!!!

      • @Chloes "Every" Filipino huh? Not all Filipinos love Thia Megia. If I'm not a filipino then what's Tondo, Divisoria, Sintas ni nanay at kulang na boses ni THia Megia? (Peace!) maganda boses niya pero She needs to push more 🙂 Admit it. Don't be so sure that all Filipinos love Thia Megia. There are lots of us here who find her voice beautiful but sorry "kulang eh," 🙂 She's a nice child we are not doing below the belt attacks 🙂 What we mean are after is her efforts on makings something new and performing an artistic attck on songs 🙂

        P.S. Philippines, Manila

        hindi yun basehan para sabihin mo na hindi pinoy ang gumagamit 🙂 Masyado po kayong judgemental sa mga nagcocomment 🙂 Magaling si THia agree 🙂 But not enough to win the compe 🙂

      • Yeah right so much for being biased and lack of sense of professionalism. If I s***, so much for the voters voting off the best contestants and making their relatives or friends win. and then in the end "why buy his/her cd, he/she'll give it for free. Then boom! sales down! The winner did not sell.

      • She can sing, only that she lacks the mastery on bringing her art hand on hand with her voice that is why it turned out that it is sounding bad. 🙂

      • ai, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in my opinion, you really "suck"…. i bet you must have been a fan of sanjaya since he reminds of naima.

    • WTH.. you're speaking on behalf of a whole country for Naima & Casey? are international votes even allowed? Thia's parents are from that country btw, that's who they'd be voting for, probably. Naima's out for sure. The second worst singer is Paul but it's prolly a toss-up with Thia (great singer, but boring to watch) and Jacob (I can't even watch when he sings and apparently I'm not the only one who says so).

      • I know Thia's from our country.

        But Thia doesn't show versatility

        Yeah Beautiful voice, but She needs to push more.

        No we can't vote but we can see who in the contestants are taking risks and playing safe.

        So far Naima and Casey are doing their most to get something new out of the song making it modern and reviving it.

        Btw I'm an Adam lambert and Siobhan Magnus Fan! I'm just saying my opinion for this boring season. Naima and Casey may had have imperfections but so far they're unique and not typical

      • I also find Jacob (I don't know)

        Even if Naima is out she's great and unique. 🙂 I respect your opinion Mam Eve 🙂

    • Are you sure your from the Philippines or Manila? Do you know where the Philippines is or even Manila? AI is a singing competition but unfortunately throughout the past seasons of AI not all the winners are the best singers in the group. For season 10, the best singers are Pia, Stefano, Thia, Haley and Lauren. Scotty is strictly country, James voice is for metal/hard rock, Casey is best with acoustic rock, Jacob is for gospel , Paul should be a front man of a band and Naima is for "Live to Dance" and not AI.

    • Sorry sa wrong spellings haha, eating while commenting 🙂 Too much patriotism is a bias 🙂 Pero I respect your opinion 🙂

  132. Too late for Naima. She should choose "Crocodile Rock", instead, in order that she could introduce us her new dance called "Crocodile Dance"; I was quite sure, by doing that all crocodiles in the rivers throughout the world would dance too and clap their feet shouting "Vote for Naima !!!"….

  133. After last night performance…. America will realize how beautiful the voice of THIA is. With all of those growling, shouting… it is nice to listen to a soothing and relaxing voice. I think she will be safe this time. Mark my words on that!!! I can't wait for her to get that guitar on stage!!

      • I think America will realize what a gem her voice was. It's just sad that she is not being supported by the judges. I so love her tone. She'll be safe!!

      • Yeah, she will be. Whenever I hear her sing, I can't help myself admiring this young girl. America forgets the late Karen Carpenter, sad… but Thia is so like her, Angel's voice.

  134. Naima blew it. Was it just me or did only like, 5 of them perform like there was 2 people going home. unbelievable. those 5 were Casey, Pia, James, Lauren, and though it hurts me to say, Haley. (and her legs.)

  135. remember.. it's still a 60% singing competition

    Lauren – like thia and stefano, her tone is pure and sweet, but her voice is also unique and recognizable. and she isn't boring; even though there's always a country feel in her songs, there's still some kind of variety and excitement.

    Thia and Stefano – their tone is very pure and pleasant to the ears. when they sing, it's very clean and smooth. 🙂 no screaming, just singing.

    Pia – out of all of them, i think she has the longest range. she hits the notes very accurately and effortlessly, but she can be boring. her voice isn't that unique.

    Jacob – i love his song choices <3 his voice is nice but sometimes he gets screechy

    Haley – her voice is very soulful and she has a high range too. she's actually good. she can do different kinds of music and i don't get why the judges are slamming her for that. she should growl less though.

    James – amazing high range but too much shrieking. i don't think he uses his high range in the right way.

    Naima – i dont know.. pitchy.. and there's just something weird about her voice

    Casey – he would be good if he didn't scream that much. he also has a shorter range compared to the rest.

    Scotty – there's no variety. all the songs he sang sounded the same to me. "he only has one tone". he and paul remain because of the girls voting for their looks.

    Paul – i don't even get why he's still on the show. his range is very short and he can't even sing properly. the sound comes out nasally and sometimes flat. he's already visibly struggling with the normal notes. o.o definitely not very pleasant.

    –just my opinion:)

    • scotty is still there because of his AMAZING country voice! I think out of the entire group, whether he wins or not, will be the most successful.

    • Totally agree. Isn't it amazing that he is in the top of the polling? There is a good reason for that. HE IS AMAZING! He is the all American boy–great in sports and also very intelligent. I read that he was going to a Magnet school. This boy is blessed from the top of his handsome head to the bottom of that beautiful deep voice.

  136. Voting is over! I hope America voted for the good singers compared to a good performance but screechy voice and good theatrics and good shouting. This is a singing competition in the first place. 🙂

  137. To prevent ballad singers sing ballad again, and so forth, why don't we propose the producers to bring on ABBA as a theme for the forthcoming week ?

    – We will enjoy Pia singing "Ring Ring', though she will tend to pick "Chiquitita" (but still fun);

    – It will be nice to watch Thia singing "Mamma Mia" (she's likely to choose "Fernando", instead)

    – Haley will be good to sing "Super Trouper" or "I do I do I do"

    – Lauren will be comfortable to sing "Knowing Me Knowing You".

    I just cannot picture Jacob singing "SOS". But, for Scotty, I think he can do well with "One Man, One Woman" and Paul (assuming he's still in the competition) sings "Honey Honey".

    Just an idea…

  138. I have never seen such a performance from Judges as this year. All three judges are not giving a ood assessment of the singers in the competition. You can tell J Lo can't sleep when someone has to go by the end of the season she will be quite tired. Steve he wake up and words ramble out of his mouth, so time he talks around the performance (would make a good politician)I was surprised that Randy came out and said Haley gave the best performance while J lO gave it to Lauren. Another thing about J Lo she seems intimated by Pia as her remarks are never very high on her performance, is it because Pia has it all beauty, voice and a desire to win. As seen last night I believe that the singers are given songs which may not fit with the type of voice and to put them into a position to look bad. Have there been per-selections by the Produces. Also there are certain contestants being pushed by J Lo and Steve IE: Naomi, Stefano.

    They the contestants have to understand in the real world they will be given a lot of negatives on performances and they should use this as a learning experience to help make them better performers. If the judge only give rave review when the time comes that there gone it is harder on the contestant. There have been a few occasions that one of the Judges usually Randy, will give a less that stiller review but then turn it to positive by the time he is done speaking. I have noticed that J Lo has seemed to be the drive on the judges by always interrupting the other judges.

    We'll see tonight which judge favorites stay.

  139. Why don't they criticize rockers and country singers singing the same genre all the time? Yet they criticize ballader singing ballads!! Wahahaha. Favoritism!!

  140. I still think this years talent is much higher than in previous years. Last night was a tough night. Niama..Elton John + Ragee nope!! She fell out of charactor a couple times though fast to recover. I love Paul, but last night was not the best song choice for him. I would like to see Jacob in the bottom and gone. I cannot stand to watch him sing and he is not pop rock material. And those horrific faces!! Last night I expected drool any minute falling from his contorted face.
    Bottom three, Niama, Thia and Stefano. Going home.. Niama just my option, and only worth what was paid for it. Nothing. side note: Steven Tyler.. get it together, grab your balls and give some real advice to these kids!!! Stop the sugar coating!!!

    • Those are not horrific faces he is making, It,s true deep emotions. He is a beautiful spirit.

  141. I wonder if Thia Megia's fan base has been following her since she was a semi-finalist on Americas Got Talent. Interesting that she never got a recording contract out of that…hmmmmmm

  142. Simon always said–it's a singing competition. Everyone shouting, weird voices like a skunk hungry looking for food, stupid moves, vocal chords ripping crazy.

    It's like watching a shouting competition.

    Only the asian girl has A soothing CLEAR TONE and angel voice.

    The black kid is a baptist singer — I hate it.

    • And you've obviously payed a whole ton of attention this season being that you don't even know their names

  143. First of all, This is the last time I will come to this site to read your reviews.

    A GOOD critic gives EACH singer the credit that he deserves, and doesn't change it based on the dynamics of other preformers.

    First you slam Stephano for singing a ballet because too many singers were doing them, then you go on to Praise Lauren for singing the Ballet of her life…which is it?

    Jacob…dramatic? Are you kidding? His preformances are always from the heart. I can literally see the emotion coming out of him. For anyone to suggest that he is intentionally being dramatic is so out of touch with contemporary Gospel, its not even funny. I agree that Jacob had a stretch of pitchy preformances, but you need to start giving people credit where credit is due.

    YOur credability as a critic is zero.

  144. James if your reading this lol …PLEASE calm down with the theatrics and just use your voice! There really is no need for it.

    I also agree with most posters; I also believe Thia gets picked on, she has a great voice!

  145. hello,

    1).the judges i can say are great this year.both jolo&steven have much talent and a good ear,(thats why they are,steven with records,cd,and the same with randy..i think this is the best year they had yet…

    2).the top 11 are the best picks also.and a few more should of made it also.

    3) to be honest i wasn't going to watch it at all however i'm glad i did.

    • NONE of these judges have the stones to simply say "you stunk." And some of them HAVE. I miss Simon's brutal honesty. At this stage of the game, SOMEONE has to step up and say "that was just awful" when it is. Lose the "silver lining" and be frank. They need to get edgy and honest. Period.

      • I do like these judges, but I think they need to be a little meaner at times. Steven last night I don't think gave one negative comment. J-Lo is like a Paula clone because she just wants to praise everyone no matter how bad they are and can't get herself to make a negative comment without sugar coating it at first. Randy is honest and isn't afraid to criticize, but I do miss Simon's brutal honesty to give variety in the judges reviews. What's the point of judges if they only do constant praising and no judging?

  146. i would like to see the judges sing with the contestants. and bring who they did that week and hear what they have to say on how the contestants did with there music.

  147. Last night was awesome. I have favorites but last night I almost didn't vote because I thought they ALL were great. Ok, there were three who were just good, not great for me – Naima, James, and Paul. Thia, Stefano, and Pia could sing all night for me and I would never be bored — their voices are beautiful and the songs they sing are very moving. Scotty, Casey, Lauren, and Jacob are my favorites but now I have to add Thia, Pia, and Stefano to the list. So the three I believe that should be in the bottom three are Naima, Paul (but that ain't happening), and James.

  148. Okay…so which contestants would you listen to on the radio and actually tap your toe to? I don't see how some of the choices here actually reflect that aspect of the "singing" competition.

  149. Scotty is THE most one-dimensional performer I have ever seen in a top 12. Ever. He should be booted as a lesson that diversity is king. The guy could take Stairway to Heaven, sing it as Conway Twitty and ruin it. Lauren isn't mush better. Sadly, I think they will both last far too long into this competition. Probably toodles tonight for Thia and Naima. Too bad for Naima, who has the nerve to take risks that Scotty and Lauren can't even comprehend…

  150. The show for me tonight went like this.

    1. Scotty-Too tired of him singing country. Too safe. And the judges aren't saying anything. C+

    2. Naima- Okay but not great. Most likely would land her in the bottom. D

    3. Paul- He never got me. And he didn't get me again tonight. C-

    4. Pia-Too many ballads but you can't help saying that she was great. A

    5. Stefano-Not his usual self today. Just okay. C

    6. Lauren- One of the best performances of the night. A+

    7. James- Memorable. A+

    8. Thia-My personal favorite. It was the wrong song choice for her. But it was still stunning. But it didn't connect. B+

    9. Casey-The performance will save him for sure. A-

    10. Jacob- His face annoys me.I don't know why. It's annoying. It distracted me from the song. B-

    11. Haley-Great performance to end the night. A

  151. Best of the night: Haley (she's the best performer tonight & she's not my fav.), Lauren & James

    Time to pack: Naima (she just ruined Elton's song to the extreme! Poor Elton would stranggle her, if he knows what she's done to the song!!)

    & either Paul or Jacob!

  152. James came out there again and just blew everybody away. I agree with J-Lo. I forget I'm watching a competition and am just totally entertained. He's already a winner to me.

  153. Well, I'm going to watch tonight, curious how they sing 🙂 In Holland we don't have American Idol on television, so I have to wait a day… shame shame shame… It's better than all our singingcontests here together… But I agree with all the comments about the contestants, feel the same way!

  154. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIA!!!!!!! maybe she's not the belter but she has the soul and crystal voice even she's only 16!!…

  155. On a scale of 1-10:

    Scotty: (4) Please sprout a new dimension! Boring!

    Naima: (5) Admire the risk, but just so-so…

    Paul: (4) Shows me nothing week in and out

    Pia: (9) Class of the competition

    Stefano: (7) Nice comeback

    Lauren: (5) Yeeesh! Variety, please??!!!

    James: (8) Great job! He just "gets it."

    Thia: (5) Boring and uninspired.

    Casey: (7) Safe and safe.

    Jacob: (6) Another slightly above average nite.

    Haley: (9) Terrific night. I was shocked.

    I'd like to see one-dimensional Scotty and show-me-nothing Paul shown the door… but I'm thinking Thia is a goner and probably Naima too. I think Haley and Stefano rescued themselves from the edge of the cliff this week. And until something changes, I believe that Pia and James are cruising toward the Finals…

  156. My top favorite performers this week:

    1. Casey

    2. Hailey

    3. Lauren

    4. James

    5. Stefano

    My bottom three:

    1. Naima

    2. Paul

    3. Jacob

    – Scotty: He sings country music and that's the kind of artist he wants to be and make a career out of. Is he the strongest contestant, probably not. But he does pull of a good show. This weeks performance, however, was not his strongest. For me it was average. C

    – Naima: I loved the artistry she put to the song but I wasn't really into it. Her performance was great but it's not for a competition. D

    – Paul: I adore Paul, he reminds me of James Blunt (who is one of my favorite artists) but I don't think he's proving himself in this competition. I see no improvement with Paul. He pulls off a good performance but it's always safe and shaky. This week was no different, sorry. D

    – Pia: There is no doubt that this girl can sing. She has the strongest voice as far as I'm concerned. This week was no surprise for me though. I don't mind her singing ballads at all it's just that we tend to get tired of the same old thing. B-

    – Stefano: He's an amazing singer. I think his biggest enemy is himself. He over thinks his performance. This week, he did "Tiny Dancer". Not an easy song to sing but I thought he sang it well. Well, Stefano normally does a flawless job when singing so I'm not surprised. He really just needs to stop and meditate and see what a great artist he really is. B+

    – Lauren: I like Lauren but she never really stood out for me until now. Her rendition of "Candle in the Wind" is her best performance yet. A

    – James: I used to compare James to Adam Lambert because they both like to scream out at every performance. James is great as a performer. His vocals are great but I haven't seen a vulnerable side of James. It's always been rock and screaming. He's great as a performer but his performance is becoming like a pattern to me. B+

    – Thia: Vocally, she's okay. But she isn't as memorable for me. This week, was probably her best performance in a long time but it's not the strongest. It's just average. C

    – Casey: Finally! A much softer side of Casey. He's been one of my favorites but I was sort of getting tired of the growling and his angry way of singing. I thought this was the best performance of the night. A+

    – Jacob: I don't know. He sings all over the place for me. He has a strong voice but I just don't like the over-the-top performances. I think he tries too hard. If he just mellows down a bit, it would've been okay. D

    – Haley: She's improving. I loved her performance and I thought her song choice suited her voice 100%. One of my favorites this week. A+

  157. I don't get Pia. I think she is beautiful and has a great voice. However, when I close my eyes and listen to her, I just think her voice is not distinct. I think if I heard her on the radio I wouldn't know who it was.

  158. I would really like to encourage Steven Tyler to get back to giving constructive criticism more. It bothers me that people can be so off pitch and it is overlooked. All three of the judges know that if people can't stay in tune, they can't make it, and if it is boring, no one will buy it. With Itunes now, you can skip buying the boring songs and only buy the good ones, so everyone has to measure up. Please don't mother the contestants. Tell them how it really is.

    • ur ryt @colorado:contenders must know where they need to improve on and not just telling them beautiful or boring all the time.


  160. The Only Asian ever get notice or "well-liked" are the funny ones ! Think about that..Remember William Hung ? Ever think about that ? No Asian in the mainstream America Hollywood, Americas Talent or Americas Idol has ever become famous or "well known" or "well-liked" except if you're a comedian.. a funny comedian that is or play a role that's leading or popular movie (well there's really only one so far and that's Bruce Lee, but even him hes not even in the main stream unless you're into martial arts)and Asian has been here more than 100 years…ever heard "Time For a Change" ? vote for Thia !!

    • Why is this becoming a site based on race? You don't vote for someone on the show because of their race. It's a SINGING competition, not a RACE competition. It has nothing to do with her race. Thia is simply BORING. I have liked her only one night out of how many performances? She just stands there, like Pia, who I also don't care for. You don't bully people into voting for someone you want to win. That's not how it works. If anything, it turns people off from voting for that person.

      • Branden; I know I don't usually talk to you like my friend Phyllis. But I just want to tell you that you are right on the money with your picks! I I kept sitting there telling my husband "Boring "! Just one ballad after another for the most part! I am like you franky sick of ballads! And Pia just gets on my last nerve! I hate to say anything bad about anyone. But, I think she is a diva. She knows she is pretty. And she knows she has a good figure. Well she just cannot sing good enough to win American Idol. I mean she is no Kelly Clarkson.And she definitely is no Carrie Underwood! It will be great to see who the judges send home. It is supposed to be two? Hi to my friends Rose A , and Phyllis G. Tonight is a big night ladies! I can't wait. Hugs. Sherry K 🙂



    • Completely riduclous! Isn't Lucy Liu, Dean Cain, Margret Cho, Vanessa Hudgens, Brandon Lee, Pat Morita, Grace Park, Linda Park, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schneider, Jennifer & Meg Tilly, just off the top of my head all partially Asian in their own?? Singing arists Ne-yo, Kelis, Norah Jones, Enrique Iglesias, not to mention from American Idol.. Paul Kim Season 6 semi-finalist, Sanjaya season 6 finalist, Jose Sawy Penala season 5 semi-finalist, Jordan Segundo season 2 semi-finalist, Jasmie Trias season 3 finalist, Camile Velasco season 3 finalist, and those are just the entertainers, never mind other famous persons.. now Thia – she's decent OK! She in the top 11,so stop it! She will be an arist, absolutely, you can go out and buy every Itune right now, and future album.. stop with the voting pleas! She will sing her dramatic ballads for Disney or whoever.. you will see her plently! The only thing I agree with, the judges just don't seem to favor her.. So what.. she's decent, she won't win… sorry.

      • Those halves you named above are half-Asian, very small percentage and most are not so mainstream….who do you know that's now or has been a leading Asian Actress or Actor, in many movies ? Come on…I know there is a lot more talented Asians out there that can be in mainstream movies or music and those that are already there can become more mainstream but not a lot are being chosen…because I think America is not ready for that

      • So true. The judges are so obvious with their favorites – and yes, even when they are out of tune or there are emotions coming out. Thia has one of the best voices but those arranging her songs aren't helping any. Hers is the voice you'll listen while relaxing or when your on top of the mountain trying to find one's true self. hmmmm…There's such a quality and tinge…

      • bruce lee only? jackie chan too. jet li. or the #1 p4p boxer on the planet..manny pacquiao..the face of boxing. take that!!

      • Manny is a Filipino.. (like Thia, mind you) therefore is an Asian.. Not Mexican.. *sigh*

      • Manny is a Filipino and from Philippines and an Asian, Thia is technically a Filipino but she's a Filipino by blood but not by heart. You know, maybe she don't even know a single filipino word. It's like saying, i am an American but i dont know how to ac like one. And oh, im a Filipino by the way.. but im not a supporter of Thia..

      • Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino like Thia, Charice and so many more artists… Philippines is in Asia, therefore he is an Asian who defeated many Mexican Boxer….

      • I am really sorry but the person who wrote this website is dumb. I bet you can not even sing on ballot.


    • Completely agree T, all the racial bs is getting old. If only Shwad could realize that racism goes both ways, regardless of the fact that it shouldn't even be brought up in the first place.

    • of course American Idol is not about Race…but it seems that way…why is the Asian is always boring, untalented, no personality, etc, etc while other contestants have a “personality”, etc, etc, why is that Thia, amongst all the other girls, is the only being mentioned here that has no personality ? Define personality…Is this a personality contest ? what kind of “personality” that the other girls have ? Thia always smiles, shes positive, shes caring, she rocks, shes sweet, shes emotional…is it possible to have that all that different “personality” at that age ? Is she suppose to please everybody with that all the All-American personality….dont tell me everyone else has personality except Thia…focus on “singing” talent, not personality as everyone has their “own” personality, well maybe not the “ideal” personality that’s define by certain people

      • Thia is boring! btw I'm black. When the field is equal in terms of choices I naturally favour the black person. But honest is honest and ability is ability. Naima, whilst unique is not fit for this competition. I think she was given a chance at the expense of better contenders. Thia got in fair and square but is not delivering. Beautiful girl, pure honest clean voice…perfect for disney.

      • fair is fair..yeah right !! every Asian you think belongs in DISNEY WORLD…typical stereotype for every Asian girl that can sing dont you think ? how do you like it if they say black are only good in basketball ! lol!

      • I agree, whogivesa. I may be white, but I vote based on ability — and let me tell you, I am by no means a singer. I admire what these kids do. I have voted for Naima, Jacob, and Stefano…but I did not vote for any of those 3 last night because I did not feel they delivered last night. And I vote based on that night's performance, not previous performances or who I like or who is cute or any of that. It is based on singing ability and ability to work the stage and audience. Basically, who I would listen to on the radio or enjoy seeing in concert. I would not go to a Thia or Pia concert because it would put me to sleep. Not saying I wouldn't buy their CD…to help me sleep 🙂

      • Please stop the racial garbage. These kids are all special. I love them all and hope they all succeed. I hope you all feel the same way. True everyone will not agree or see eye to eye, but that's what makes it GREAT. These AI hopefuls don't deserve any racial comments nor no one else for that matter. Good luck to all eleven tonight!!!

    • Thia needs to go. She is BORING. To vote for someone because they are asian or black or etc., is stupid. A singer is a singer no matter what he or she is racially. Listen to Charice and tell me shes good because she is asian. She is AWESOME because she is awesome, period.

  161. I Love listening to Paul, Last night I was disappointed in his version of Rocket Man. I still love his voice. He should have sang Bennie & the Jets ,just my opinion, but Haley did and she gave a great performance liked alot. I'm not finished with Paul yet he has to stick around. Scottie I can see his Video on Country Music. Lauren is good she sang a perfect song for herself, I think she could sing almost anything, I also like Naima, last nights song was great Regge, but wrong song. Didn't like Thia and Stefano. Jacob's can sing, but he doesn't do anything for me Sorry.

    • Branden, thank you for your excellent recap. And I couldn't agree with you more about Paul. I was so mad when I heard what he was singing. Why why why not Your Song? He would have done Daniel much better than Thia as well. But Rocket Man? Still, I admire him for taking the risk and I voted for him.

      Song choice is the biggest problem with the Idols, consistently, year after year. I loved your selections and agreed with most of them. I am happy James did Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting though, that was a great performance.

      I was annoyed though that I had all different songs picked for them and was disappointed in many of the performances last night.

      I am also with you about Naima. While I thought it was a bold risk she took making the song reggae, some songs are just not made to be flipped or do not sound right. Although I do think a stronger singer could have made that arrangement work.

      Thia ruined Daniel for me, also one of my all-time fave EJ songs. How do you take a beautiful song and make it boring? Ask Thia or Pia. They have it down to an art form.

      Again refused to listen to Pia. And I am over Stefano…he sounds like a million other singers out there, except the ones already out there are much better performers than he is.

      Haley finally rocked it out a bit last night, but I do not agree with the judges. I def did not think that was the best performance of the night. I know she is capable of better based on her auditions.

      James and Casey were my fave performances of the night for completely opposite reasons.

  162. Randy bothers me, why does he always saying that Thia is playing it safe ?? Scott, James, Jacob, Paul, Lauren, Haley, Pia, Karen (because of JLO) are all playing it safe. Ever heard them them singing songs that are not like them ? Did Scott ever sang a song that doesn't sound country ? Did Paul ever sang a song without always sounding like Rod Stewart ? Has james ever sang a song without sounding like a rock star ? And they keep saying to take a chance ? Thats their niche, thats why you liked them because of how they sang, remember ? not how they will sound being the "All the Artist out there famous" they can be…no one can sound like every top singer out there…unless you're in a Impersonator Talent Show…give me break,,,shame on JLO and Randy out of all the minorities they would be the one that's critical..of an real !

    • ok Shwad…I'm trying to be respectful, but GET OVER IT. Asian smasian…it doesn't matter. people just don't really care for her bacause she is kinda dull! NOT because she is Asian!

      • Boring ?? Dull ?? How so, I can only see them singing…I dont see any difference in the other girls ! so there its about being bias. Period. No if. no buts.

      • So Shwan, your saying nobody has said Pia is dull or boring? I've read that on here PLENTY of times. Apparently you can convince yourself of anything if you try hard enough. I think you, my friend, ARE a minority, and not in the way you probably assume I mean. I would certainly hope your way of thinking is not mainstream…. I certainly do not believe all of America is out "to get" Asians.

      • Kerry…don't insult me..of course not everybody is out to get "Asians" but tell me this ? why is it when a talented Asian either in Americas Got Talent or American Idol gets picked he or she never has any chance to go to the top ? why is personality being brought up now and not then ? why did the judges picked her to be one of the top 11 contestants ? so with your logic no Asians has ever been picked yet because none so far are talented enough to make it, the're either boring or no personality when its not even the criteria of the contest ?

      • Danny, I have no answer for that. I did not see anyone saying they have no way to make it to the top. But I will tell you I would not worry about her having a career (Thia) because, as I have said before, once they are in the top 13 or 12 — they are being seen by millions of people and usually will end up having a good career. Thia is young and talented, just because I don't particularly care for balladeers does not mean a thing. I think most of the top 11 will have pretty decent careers regardless of when they go home. If you note the history of the show, the winners do not necessarily have that great of a career compared with the others.

      • Danny if you'll re-read my post you'll see I was not insulting you as I wasn't even speaking to you. But since you brought it up, again, all I have to say is this. It is about singing… it is about talent…it is about performance. I'm sorry that you feel Asians don't get the opportunity to excel, but please don't try and tell me what my logic is…you obviously have no idea. My point is simple…This is not about race and I am TIRED of that race card being thrown out there anytime someones favorite isn't gushed about. When it comes to a contestant being boring or having no personality,well, ya, it is part of the criteria. American Idol is about the whole package. Apparently people want to spend their money on being entertained….go figure.

    • Shwad….can you imagine being at a concert and listening to Thia or Pia for an hour and half to two hours?? I would be asleep….however, if you like country, and I do, I could listen to Scotty for that amount of time…and certainly jam out with James and Paul, possibly even Casey!! Lauren would put on a good show as well!

  163. U dont like James yet u give him good grades every week. Paul in the bottom 3? no way. Stefano yes. Naima going home i could see that or possible Haley they just are not popular. Pia singing a ballad again was perfect for her, I dont want her to sing an uptempo or even midtempo song. Theres a reason why ballads have been the most #1 song on the Billboard hot 100 since the 1950's, they r the best song.

    • Yea but Todd lets face it , it's no fun to just watch someone sing. The ballads must go! People want action on the stage . Can you imagine going to a ozzy concert and him just standing in one place? Please. lol

  164. Based on the performances last night, Naima should be a definite goodbye this week and I think Paul is in danger but it appears that Stefano and Thia (who has a beautiful voice) are not attracting the votes so they could join Naima in the bottom 3.

    I find it harder each week to watch Jacob perform with his facial Olympics and have no idea why Pia gets all the negative comments because she has an incredible and well controlled voice.

    Steve Tyler is useless as a judge and, frankly, comes off like a dirty old man when he is talking to the girls, especially Lauren who is 16 or maybe just turned 17 and Haley who is 20. Give it up Steve, you're almost old enough to be their grandfather!

    Jennifer Lopez doesn't know how to be critical in a constructive way and it should have been obvious from the get go during the auditions that she was not going to be able to be tough.

    Randy is Randy but at least he is cutting back on the "dawg" word. Love him or hate him , had Simon still been on the show, Casey's werewolf-like hair and beard would have gone or at least been trimmed and Naima would have received some straight talking from him.

    If Naima and Paul, who are the oldest at 26 each, do go tonight, the average age of the remaining 9 contestants will be 19&frac12;. As it is with them in, the top 11's average age is just over 20&frac12; so, as well as being a very talented group, they are probably the youngest we've had on AI.

    The judges aside, I and my family think this is the most talented group AI has produced and having the constant mentoring of the same musicians and producer each week, has helped give the contestants a more consistent critique of their styles and has given a more professional look to the show.

  165. James is really good but it is tiring to witness the fact that he knows it. He needs to tone the arrogance down (although I think he did a wee bit this week). Loved the Pepsi snafu! He looked humbled by that. Pia is too "grand dame" for me – although she can really sing. But I would not personally want to listen to her on the radio. WRT Paul – I so don't get it. He can't sing in tune. When you can even hear the actual notes that is. He is adorable and has a good vibe, but he is out of his league. Poor Thia is just too young and not loosened up enough. Lauren's voice is unreal, but I wish she would have more confidence. She can't handle the interviews very well. She seems ultra-self-conscious. I actually really liked Hailey and she normally really bothers me to watch. Her voice is incredible, and last night she really brought a confidence that was great to see. Needs to cut back on the growling though. Too much of a good thing…

    • The pepsi comment wasn't really a snafu – James was referring to the pepsi commercial way back when Michael Jackson's hair caught fire in rehearsals. He was just saying he was worried about his hairspray and the piano fire resulting in a pepsi moment. It sort of looked like nobody else, including Ryan, got the reference…

      • Sharon, thanks for clarifying. I was only half-listening when I heard James make that comment, because I usually fast forward through Ryan's conversations with the contestants as well.

  166. Branden….As always I love to read your comments. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't but its still fun.

    I feel that Mia should be one of the two to go and the other should be either Paul or Casey…..This is my opinion….I really think that Naima did a great job of making that song her own last night. She is an entertainer and a risk taker…..

    The judges are confusing I'll give you that but I don't think America really takes there word as law. We like who we like and they seem to like who they like…….Last night Haley was outstanding. I'll give anything to hear what Elton John had to say about her performance.. She was awesome…..JMHO

    Mia has a great voice but she is young and can't compare to Pia. Pia has great range, Mia is a teenager and it shows……..

    Personally, I'd like to see James & Pia in the finale. Of course with James winning it all…….

    I would pay to see James and I would definitely buy Pia CD….

    • Oh well, the runner up usually doing better after AI…i.e. Lambert! & where Kris now??

      • Kris Allen is running around here in Arkansas somewhere. Like I said when he won ~ Nice christian young man. Cute , but not the winner! Sorry other people in Arkansas

        I am here in Arkansas too. But truth is truth! Adam should have won. But we just need to get over that one. Because ADAM is doing great. I don't think he would have liked being our American idol anyway. Too much restrictions! I love Adam. And he is happy. And I am happy for him! Luv to Rose A and Phyllis G. Sherry K 🙂

    • Hi, Phyllis G. Do you mean Thia? Loved loved loved James' performance last night, was spectacular.

      And yes, tenisaddict, runner ups have faired better from this show. Also, you hear a lot of them go on Broadway or guest on TV shows and such. I think once they are in the top 10 anyway, they are getting seen and heard and other record producers will snatch them up.

  167. Thia make me sleep watch her, no rhythum, like pretty doll, me from Cotabato City and proud to be pinoy.

      • With all due respect, simply critiquing a fellow Filipino does not preclude one from being a proud Pinoy. No one should be forced to ride the bandwagon just to display his/her patriotism. What is wrong with one's expression of his/her dislike of another? Mutya has said nothing deprecating about Thia, nor did she come even remotely close to saying anything loathsome as others have.

        I am Filipino but have not voted for Thia simply because I have yet to witness her embody that which is definitive of the title “American Idol,” which, for clarity’s sake (just as I have pointed out in a previous post) has nothing to do with race – the competition is held in the United States of America and the winner, therefore, is the “American Idol,” regardless of his or her race or alienage. I find it disturbing that some would vote out of pure patriotism when voting should really be based on a collective criteria of vocal performance defined by range, depth, texture, pitch, tonal quality, vocal technique, vocal dynamics, style originality, artistry and stage presence. Even more disturbing is the fact that others would pass judgment and revile or condemn another Filipino for not supporting Thia. As a Filipino, I am extremely proud of Thia for having defied what used to be paradigmatic stereotype for only a fortunate few. She, along with Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda and Manny Pacquiao, to name a few, have achieved what only very few in this lifetime could ever achieve and galvanized the Filipinos as a collective force to be reckoned with. I know that many fellow Filipinos will malign or vilify me for not supporting Thia in this sphere; however, I strongly believe that my vote counts as significant only if it is given to one who is truly deserving. This is the reason why I vote only when I feel a contestant has earned it, whether or not that contestant is one of my favored ones to win. My personal favorites on the show are James, Pia, Thia, Casey and Paul, but so far I’ve only voted twice each for James, Pia and Paul, and once each for Haley, Lauren and Stefano, who are not even favorites of mine. I have no doubt that Thia will come out of this competition as a grown artist in her craft, as all the other contestants would. Further, I will not think twice about supporting her album(s) in the future. However, I refuse to unfairly engage in jingoistic voting for the simple fact that she is a fellow Filipino. She is an excellent singer with an unforgettable voice, but she is not the best in this particular competition. As a Filipino, that is very tough to swallow because I want nothing more than for another Filipino to win it all. As a human being, however, I have to be fair in exercising my role in the voting process, and while many believe in the conspiratorial nature of the process, I still appreciate the fact that I am afforded the right to voice my opinion through my votes; hence, I will not waste my votes if only to gain social acceptance even if they are undeserved.

        Thank you for posting your comment that has allowed me to express my own stance.

        Sana maintindihan mo at ng mga kabayan natin ang point ko.

        Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at lahat ng mga Pilipino!

      • aln0722 — Very well said. That is exactly why I like this site, because we all have different opinions and enjoy sharing them. There is no need to be mean or angry because they are just opinions.

        While I am not Pinoy, I used to be the only person who was not at my work, and my boss, Manny, even brought me an English-Tagalog dictionary and I have enjoyed eating balut. 😀

      • what-ever aln0722…For a 15 year old competing with older guys and girls to me is a big accomplishment…and really hear the way she sings and compare that to Pia, Lauren or Haley….shes got control of her voice with composed melody, a much higher caliber than the remaining girls…and this is not because shes Asian or not Asian, its not about race or Filipino but singing talent which Thia has a lot in a much higher caliber than the other competitors…listen to her voice and ALL her performances and compare, compare..nothing about race at all…

      • Hi, Danny. This is exactly the kind of reaction I was referring to. I'm not saying at all that this is about race or being Asian – I am simply responding to StormySpice's comment and it is impossible to do that without making the reference.

        If you read my entire comment, you should have seen that I have nothing but pure admiration of Thia; in fact, I lauded her accomplishment. My comment was directed specifically to address StormySpice's comment and nothing more.

      • Hello, T. You’re extremely brave for having tried our balut. Thank you for the reply and it’s a real pleasure to virtually meet you. 🙂

        Hi, donpunk. Thanks so much. 🙂

    • Casey in the bottom 3>>>? what are you talking about? did you watch the show? bottom 3 probably Naima, Thia & Stefano, mayb Paul. Casey is 100% safe for sure

  168. I dunno.. I can picture myself listening to Paul and possibly Casey sing their tunes on the radio. I agree that Paul will do well on his own, but isn't AI material.

    Haley reminds me of Janice Joplin sometimes and I like the rasp. The growl, not so much but, okay.. She can sing when she lightens up and isn't so stiff up there, worrying about her next lipstick smudge..

    Jacob, Jacob… Jacob. sigh… No comment. Okay maybe just a small word instead: NOOOOooooooOOooo!

    Pia. Now, she can sing. Don't like her choice of tunes but meh.. I despise Celine Dion but that hasn't affected her fame any.

    Thia. Disney. And Disney pays well! Good for her. She can sing.

    Scotty… He'll do well.. maybe not on AI but outside of he's got a good chance. Like Lauren and Thia, their age alone is on their side. Aside: Is it just me or is Scotty not the spitting image of Alfred E. Newman (MAD MAGAZINE)? heh..

    I like Durbin.. yeah he's over the top sometimes, but I like Rock and that doesn't bother me. Good voice which he'll probably learn to control better given some time/experience.

    Stefano, I like. But like Pia and Thia he rarely evokes goosebumps. Maybe it's just the song choices..

    Did I miss anyone? Ooh, Naima… Love her style, not a fan of her singing.

  169. 1. Pia – she could sing…but yeah she's boring

    2. Casey – he's got talent…but he's leaning on being funny/cute/whatever and not on his talent…oh yeah the pimping factor could be a turn-off

    3.James – gawd, please send him home, I can also do what he does and I'm here in my home…LOL

    4. Thia – she's quite a problem…many people like her voice…but she just lacks the experience…she needs some growing up…but who knows this could be her "growing up" experience…

    5. Lauren – hmmmm…good enough until top 5…from there…IDK

    6. Jacob – awwwwww for God's sake…give him a soap opera please…

    7. Stefano – too inconsistent

    8. Haley – love her sexy voice and she's trying her best but she's not getting the votes

    9. Naima – not a good technical singer, good performer, minority…she will go home tonight

    10. Paul – lacks range, good vocalist for a band…could be in the bottom 3…

    11. Scotty – consistently good at singing country music…one trick pony…will remain til top 3 i guess…

    • are you kidding? James is amazing!!! if you can sing better than him then why aren't you doing. It may not be your favorite type of music but to deny that he has an amazing voice for Rock music makes me question your taste and your sanity

    • Thia is a problem ? God shes only 15 and she made it to the Top 11 ! If she was a problem then she would have never even made it this far ! But in reality if shes good and shes very good and she is better than the rest of the girls THEN I THINK thats a problem…to most but good for me

    • I think Thia is a problem only because she is better than the rest of the girls. period !! Theres nothing hardly positive about her here in this forum so go figure….although they wont admit it…the're so jealous, so freaking jealous !! because shes Asian and the're not used to that …

      • cswek…look up the definition of delusional and you will find yourself, what are you talking about? Thia is not even close to any of the other girls except maybe Hailey. and who is jealous?

    • I agree… Don't like James at all… Maybe he should sing ballad to prove his versatility… Screaming in high pitch won't impress me… Or maybe it's just a matter of personal taste.

  170. Brandon…You're kidding, right? You rated Paul's performance higher than Pia's?????

    Say goodbye to any shred of credibility you thought you may have had….

    Pia is, without question, the best performer out of this group

    End of story

    • Doug- I have to agree that Pia's overall better, but read Branden's reasoning- he's pretty sound. Also, Pia's got great power and is probably the best pure singer, but she's shown 0 range as an artist and a lack of creativity and entertainment as a "performer" which is part of this competition. Overall talent/pinache, you've got James, Lauren, and Casey ahead of her.

      • Thank you Bernie! FINALLY someone who actually reads my reviews and paid attention. Pia is my FAVORITE singer in the contest but I’m mad at her song choices. People really need to pay attention before coming to the comments. I understand most people don’t read everything, but if you’re going to make an informed comment, then you have to read it all.

  171. Branden- I could not be more different in 'who I like' or champion the most but I have to give you due credit for being fair and very accurate in your assessments and breakdowns. That's what keeps me reading this site.

    Ashli- I couldn't agree more about Steven Tyler, but I haven't given up on him. His entertainment value has such potential, one of the producers just needs to give him a lil wrist-slap and tell him to be a lil more honest.

    The performers as I see them:

    Go ahead and pencil James, Lauren, and Pia into the Top 5.

    Joining them could be a number of combinations depending on America's fickel opinions.

    Casey's got a ton of talent and a personality appeal- I think he was the bottom last week not on talent but because of lazy fans taking it for granted that he could end up there.

    Scotty is great at what he does, but as the competition goes on I have a hard time believing the country teen heart-throb is going to stay on too much longer. I think he's a lock to have a nice long country career- he's soo good and soo marketable, but not the typical idol favorite. Then again I think all the country fans are galvanized behind him and Lauren and not splitting votes..

    Haley gets far less credit than she deserves and I just don't get it. She's got some great range, good power, and a lot of versatility from the growls to the interesting yoddle twists. I think her biggest problem is that she and Lauren have some similarities and Lauren's just better all around.

    Jacob- powerful but boring. He overacts with his facial gestures, and he's limited in style. As gospel singers go he's brilliant, but he's no pop idol.

    Stefano- powerful but boring. He's helped by being adorable and I think he gets tons of votes for that, but I see him going out in the next few weeks.

    Thia- it's been said (and for the record I've said this since Hollywood week) she belongs on GLEE replacing Rachel when she goes off to college at NYU. She shouldn't even have a character name, just be 'Thia Megia' cause it's catchy.

    Paul- he's unique, fun, and has a killer smile but his uniqueness is starting to fail to keep him appealing and his understated voice is getting lost in the mix of the power in heavyweigh voices like James, Stefano, Pia, and LAuren.

    Naima- why are you here? The judges could have brought along much more talented people when the cut to 13 was made and I think her sob story kept her around. She coulda gone out in front of Ashton or Karen. I'd rather have seen Robbie Rosen, Clint 'jerkface' Gamboa, or Brett kept instead. If they had to play the pitty card, hire her as a background dancer and singer for Jen's next pop video, or hook her up with Lauren Hill or Macy Gray as an ensemble piece.

    And I'm spent.

    • @Bernie: Thank you very much. For every … um “confused” reader I get (that’s putting it nicely), there’s a thoughtful and intelligent one like you that makes my job a great one. Thank you for taking the time to understand my point of view and gracefully disagreeing when our opinions don’t match. A lot of readers could take some notes from you. Thanks for reading!

  172. Jacob is one of those down home southern Baptist singers. You know the ones who get most of their vocal training singing in churches and in church choirs. For those of you who are not familiar this, when the spirit/holy ghost starts to move it takes over, the singing become something of it’s on. The spirit moves and it is uncontrollable. That is why Jacob gets so emotional during and after he sings. He is feeling the spirit. But, his type of singing is not for AI. I believe that he would be great as a gospel artist.

  173. I like Thia. I think that shes more of a R&B singer, like Norah Jones…regarless I think she should still be in competition as from what i can see she beats out 5 other girls….shes flawless, shes beautifull!! Go Thia !!

    • Norah Jones is a Jazz Singer with a Cabaret style. Thia is a beautiful young lady who will likely have a good career.

      She and Lauren are the same age and look at the versatility Lauren has shown when performing compared to Thia. They may well be a little awkward with the interviews and exchanges with the Judges but they are both just 16.

      Thia is a pure singer and Lauren is already a performer and that is the difference – I believe – that people are noticing and commenting on.

      • Paul, I think you nailed it with that description. The key is straight singer versus performer. That's why I like Casey so much — he did the impossible: make me like a guy with a beard!

        When I go to a concert, I want to be entertained for my money. I do not want to watch someone stand in one place and sing or sit on a stool and sing. It's okay to sing a ballad, heck, every good singer should do a ballad, but to do one every time you hit the stage? That's when I have a problem with it. Lauren, Haley and Naima can work a stage, I have yet to see Pia even try. And Thia has once, when she sang Heatwave, the only upbeat song she has sang.

  174. I noted that Pia said she will do River Deep, Mountain High next week and I played the two versions I have on i-Tunes – Tina Turner's and Celine Dion's and hope she tries to sing it more like Tina than Celine because it is much gustier.

    I will be interested to see is she can pull it off but listening to the two versions, I can see Lauren or Haley doing more justice to the Tina Turner version but maybe Pia will shock us.

    She certainly has the pipes and, hopefully, we will some stagecraft from her as well because she has the potential to not only win Idol but have a mega career.

  175. 1st season EVER – I am "hooked"-fantastic judges,love the 3 of them & the talent OMG exceptional–my FAVOURITE is definately JAMES- I definately wud pay $$$ to see him perform – Pia & Thia great but BORING — cruise ship lounge show–Lauren (exceptional) & Haley (great) but attitude galore! Naima-very talented & different –love u all!! Can't wait for tonight's show !!!

  176. I am totally "hooked"-fabulous & entertaining judges(love you 3)& my favourite is james-wud definately pay $$ to see him perform–all others very talented but cruise-ship / vegas lounge shows — a bit of "attitude" from Lauren (talent galore) & haley — can't wait for tonight's show — the best part of amer.idol is we watch as a family & we all sit together and really enjoy every minute — thanks to you

  177. James blows everyone away – he is already a professional- He is GREAT! Casey, Thia, Pia, Scotty, Stefano and Lauren are all GOOD. Jacob, Paul, Naimia and Haley are NOT good singers and should be eliminated. Who should win I am not sure at this point.Tired of Ballads?? YES I AM!!

  178. Im a Filipino but sorry I don’t like Thia… She’s great but the rest of the contestants outshine her.. Good Luck Thia! You already made your country proud because of what you accomplished…

    • Hi there, rozz. I commend you for displaying such courage in voicing your opinion of Thia. I strongly believe in the democratic process, whether it be in a political election or a singing competition. Despite a mass notion of some conspiracy over the voting process in AI, I trust that each vote counts and that my vote somehow has an impact upon the end result. Given the significance of each vote, therefore, I make sure that the individual(s) I vote for is(are) truly deserving of it; thus, I will not blindly vote based on patriotic biases, as many have done and continue to do.

      Like you, I am Filipino but have not voted for Thia simply because I have yet to witness her embody that which is definitive of the title "American Idol," which, for clarity's sake (just as I have pointed out in a previous post) has nothing to do with race – the competition is held in the United States of America and the winner, therefore, is the "American Idol," regardless of his or her race or alienage. I find it disturbing that some would vote out of pure patriotism when voting should really be based on a collective criteria of vocal performance defined by range, depth, texture, pitch, tonal quality, vocal technique, vocal dynamics, style originality, artistry and stage presence. As a Filipino, I am extremely proud of Thia for having defied what used to be paradigmatic stereotype for only a fortunate few. She, along with Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda and Manny Pacquiao, to name a few, have achieved what only very few in this lifetime could ever achieve and galvanized the Filipinos as a collective force to be reckoned with. I know that many fellow Filipinos will malign or vilify me for not supporting Thia in this sphere; however, I strongly believe that my vote counts as significant only if it is given to one who is truly deserving. This is the reason why I vote only when I feel a contestant has earned it, whether or not that contestant is one of my favored ones to win. My personal favorites on the show are James, Pia, Thia, Casey and Paul, but so far I've only voted twice each for James, Pia and Paul, and once each for Haley, Lauren and Stefano, who are not even favorites of mine. I have no doubt that Thia will come out of this competition as a grown artist in her craft, as all the other contestants would. Further, I will not think twice about supporting her album(s) in the future. However, I refuse to unfairly engage in jingoistic voting for the simple fact that she is a fellow Filipino. She is an excellent singer with an unforgettable voice, but she is not the best in this particular competition. As a Filipino, that is very tough to swallow because I want nothing more than for another Filipino to win it all. As a human being, however, I have to be fair in exercising my role in the voting process; and while many believe in the conspiratorial nature of the process, I still appreciate the fact that I am afforded the right to voice my opinion through my votes.

      Thank you for posting your comment that has allowed me to express my own stance.

      Sana maintindihan ng mga kabayan natin ang point ko.

      Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at lahat ng mga Pilipino!

    • Haley “outshines” Thia…. also Paul? ….. and Naima? REALLY? Interesting …..

  179. having nice time reading all the comments here:there’s only one person who commented very sarcastically and its AI..and no need for u to name where u came from.u can keep it’re just bringing shame to your country.and why are u speaking on behalf of your fellow countrymen, are you there spokesperson?what a shame..

  180. I am asking this seriously with no intent to be sarcastic or critical. Would someone please tell me what they like about Paul's voice? I hear comments that his voice is unique. To me he voice is weak and uninspiring. If I could see what others see, then maybe I could appreciate him better. When he sings, all I see is teeth and movement around the stage. He seems like a nice guy, but his voice never got my attention. It's good that not everybody likes the same things in music, but I'd like to understand what viewers like about Paul's voice. Again, please tell me better than the Idol judges who right now sound like they are echos of each other in judging all the performers.

    • I agree with you about Paul and the comparisons to Rod Stewart are not fair on Paul. After some solo efforts from age 16-19, he joined the Jeff Beck Group and then formed the Faces with Ronnie Wood and three of the former Small Faces. He was with the group until he went solo at 24 years of age in 1969.

      I like Paul and the recording of Rocket Man is better than his live performance last night but he does struggle with it.

      • I like Paul when he sang maggie may, but now he just bugs me, he seems like a nice guy but he needs to go home, i think he is better for a band anyways not idol material

  181. i think thia got to go, she is cute, she is asian, but she cannot pronounce words clearly while singing. it is really not fair to compare pia and thia. when they sing side by side with same song. guess who will get slaughered. america can vote for thia, but will america pay $ to see or buy thia's concert. cds?