American Idol 2011: Top 11 Recap Again…

On American Idol 2011 last night the contestants took to the stage to sing songs by Elton John whom I love!  I already had it in my mind that we were going to hear a lot of ballads so I wasn’t nearly as disappointed about it as I could have been.  Pia definitely took a risk by singing yet another ballad but I loved her performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”.  She’s got the whole package in my opinion.  She has promised to sing something more upbeat for the coming week so let’s hope she does that so Randy can stop criticisizing her song choices. 

Steven Tyler, who was so awesome to watch during the audition rounds has become useless as a judge.  Even when the contestants need some serious critiques, he is NOT giving it to them.  He wants to see all rainbows and sunshine and that’s ok but when you’ve got people like Naima who most definitely need to hear where she’s going wrong, Steven is not the man for the job.  I find myself agreeing more and more with Randy on his comments and even JLo is turning up the heat on our hopefuls. 

I’m not a Paul McDonald fan but for the second week in a row I have loved his song choice.  I am so glad he sang “Rocket Man” because every time I hear that song I think about the comedy cartoon Family Guy.  In one episode the baby Stewie is sitting on chair smoking a cigarette and reciting this song like a poem so for me, it was perfect for Paul to sing with a more mellow quirky vibe that he does so well. 

I loved Lauren’s interpretation of “Candle in the Wind”.  I loved the country vibe and Jimmy is right, many Elton songs can be sang as country music.  Thia did a decent job with “Daniel” and Haley was all right with “Benny and the Jets” although I wasn’t nearly as excited as the judges when she sang.  Best of the night once again goes to James Durbin.  He picked an awesome song and got out there and performed like he was the lead act at a concert.  I loved the piano on fire at the end.  I loved how he played to the audience.  I loved everything about it lol. 

Two people will go home tonight on American Idol and I think it should be Naima and either Haley or Stefano but we’ll have to wait and watch tonight.  Who was your favorite last night?




  1. I thought Hayley did really well considering her past weeks, and can understand why the judges were excited, My opinion is that Naima, Stefano and either Paul or Thia will be bottom 3…

    • If I were to vote, Naima should still be safe she;s taking risks 🙂 Not biased. I juts find here interesting.

      Thia – Boring, beautiful voice 🙂 but no sense of flexibility

      Stefano – nose nose nose

      Paul – chicken dance anyone ?

      • Lov Haleys voice every week.She can sing anything,has great stage presence,and unique.Pia has an exceptional voice,no question.But she repeatedly acted and said that she would switch it up,and didn't.I love Pauls voice,and his quirky dancing is Paul being Paul.We're not all proff,dancers.HIs voice is so special.Stephano ,Thia,and Niama are the only non-stand outs.I give props to Naima's originality,but at the wrong times.Its not respecting Elton John to sing Regee to his song.Yes,she says its her heritage,but its not Naima idol,its american idol.I respect and enjoy learning about everyones background but she has to show she can do other styles.Lauren was amazing,an always.James has the whole package every week.Jacob good,but oversings.Casey ,much better.No more scary faces,has alot of talent.

      • I agree with you Al.

        i see the potentials she have.

        I actually loved her reggae version.

        very original.. and fresh. its just amazing. Much Love to NAIMA. 🙂

      • I love Naima's sense of performance. I think she could easily be a stage performer – more so than a recording artist. I thought Stefano was exceptionally good last nite and I've been off him for the past couple of weeks. He has a Stevie Wonder quality to his voice and he really hit those higher notes dead on. Really put himself out there to the audience as well – so I would say he's showing growth and improvement. I even enjoyed Paul more last night. Pia was star quality as usual – but I think she may be a bit too "diva" for fans to take her to heart. Paul was really good, but seemed frustrated by Randy's comments of including a major high note in his peformance. Don't blame him as he had been hammered about not over-dramatizing his song. Lauren was totally terrific as was Scotty. Thia was just boring – beautiful voice – but boring nonetheless. I have loved James from the get-go – but I like to hear his voice and lately I've been too distracted by his stage antics. That would be fine for a one-man show, but this is a singing competition – performance definitely counts as well – but I think he's taking it a little over the top. Haley was completely my pick of the night with Lauren coming after her. Haley voice has so many inflections and she has such good control. I love her and am sorry she hasn't seemed to attract as many fans. I would hate to see her go – and I've never like Benny & the Jets until last nite!! (sorry Elton)

      • WHOOPS! I meant Jakob (not Paul) did a great job of not over-dramatizing his song – still including emotion in his singing – but Randy confuses everything by telling him to inject everything he sings with a signature "high". I thought his ending was really great.

      • They talk about being true to who you are, everyone is giving Naima a hard time, and I think she has showmanship just like, I think the one name James, but he is trying to be like Adam. A couple of them sang Elton's songs in country, but she could not do her song in Reggae?

    • Stefano reaching for Randy's hand… priceless. Regardless, I don't think that will help him.

    • I agree, Naima is not afraid to be original!! People should understand, that originality is a big part of being a performer. Don't worry Naima, I will attend your concerts, you just keep rocking!!!

      • Angela…..I would go see her in concert too……She can rock a stage with her act……James is the only other one that I would pay to see. The rest are great, maybe buy a CD but not pay money to see…

    • Haley, Pia, Jacob are boring me to tears!!! The same-old, same-old routine is not going to get them to the finale, not in my book! At least Naima, Thia, James, Casey take risks, try different stuff.

      • James is exactly the same every week. Haley is the 2nd most diverse contestant after Naima.

    • Great point Pat about Naima and reggae vs the country twist. Nor dose she do EVERTHING with a reggae/Afican twist. Nothing wrong with her wearing what she wears either. I not a reggae fan but I am a Naima fan and I think she did just fine last night!

      @David P – I agree with what you said about Naima and Haley. They are stepping outside of their limits and challenging themselves every week.

    • haha who is going home again? Hailey? of please, this Ashli Rae knows nothing about music. you have the worst article in this website. OMG

  2. I believe Paul, Stefano and Thia should be in the bottom three. They haven't improved, but have gotten worse!! It's time to hit the road!

    • I think jacob lusk should be one in the bottom three. His voice is so boring. Thia should effort more because she's in a competition. She has a voice, a very wonderful one, she must be coached by someone, or advised by someone to be able to get it to the top.

      • If I were to vote, Naima should still be safe she's taking risks Not biased. I juss find here interesting.

        Thia – Boring, beautiful voice but no sense of flexibility

        Stefano – nose nose nose

        Paul – chicken dance anyone ?

      • I agree Lanie, Jacob is boring and over-sings all his songs. He has a voice, no doubt, but he is not a performer. More of a choir singer. My bottom three:

        1. Naima

        2. Paul

        3, Casey (he can't sing)

    • I think Stefano definitely showed improvement last night – between his audience connection and he completely mastered every note of Tiny Dancer. I actually think all of the contestants gave new life to their Elton John selections. Haley was tremendous on Benny & the Jets and Lauren's Candle in the Wind really touched my heart. Thia did a nice job on Daniel – but she's just so boring to watch.

      • I could see it in his eyes… you know Stefano wanted to close them.

        I like Haley, but too much BA BA Benny instead of Bu Bu Benny. Also, too much ssssses at the end of some of the words.

        How was Lauren less boring than Thia?

        My credentials: I have two ears.

  3. I am agree with Randy on his comments,

    Randy is the specialty (is competent) for the post comments judge.

    In order of performance from my personal, top 11 :

    1. Pai – 2. Jacob – 3. Casey – 4. Paul – 5. Scotty – 6. Thia – 7. James – 8. Stefano – 9. Lauren – 10. Naima – 11. Haley.

  4. Pia whole package? Only if you consider a "whole package" a pure imitator with a good voice and zero musicality and creativity. BORE-ing to the nth degree

  5. If your not gonna buy your friend's or relative's album then don't vote for them 🙂

    Vote for ART, New, UNique and the one moving you most 🙂

  6. I'm not sure who will be eliminated this week, but I just have a feeling that we might see one male and one female going home.

    • I thought all of the contestants did very well, much better than years past at this stage of the game. I think they are all hard working and deserving of staying one more week but judging by comments posted here since they started performing, I would say Naima, Thia and Haley will be in the bottom three tonight.

  7. bottom 3 paul …just plain bad…..Naima…elton john reggae?….casey….looked better sang the same altough better than the last couple of weeks.

  8. Its funny that you mentioned Family Guy and Stewie singing Rocket Man. I thought the same thing when I was watching him. But you know the Stewie version of that song is its self a cover version of how William Shatner sang it on his first album. Go to YouTube and look for Rocket Man, and you cant miss it. Classic TV/Music moment.

    Pia for the win!!

  9. I actually liked Naima's rendition of Mr John's song, and I cannot understand what the hate is about. she's the most exciting of all the girls by a mile.

    I can also understand the deep dislike a lot of people have for Branden who is clearly tone deaf.

  10. I kind a like all of them. I hate to see somebody leaving. Based on their performances, I think Naima and Paul will be eliminated. Sad but that's what's meant to be.

  11. It's more peaceful here. 🙂 Okay… I like Thia's voice because it's soothing to my ears. But i gotta agree that she's boring, although i think she's less boring tonight. I want to hear her sing something unexpected and then slay it. Because i certainly want to hear the best that voice can do. If she'll disappoint again next week, and when less technically talented voice like Naima is already gone. I'm more than ready to say goodbye. Because, the remaining idol contenders then are just to hot into competition, and already too talented to be wasted.

    For me, it's Lauren and James baby! And Paul – one of my favorites but i don't think the idol crown fits him. He can be a recording artist, and not a "singing" competition winner. His voice is still impossible to judge technically. You like it for uniqueness, but you don't praise it for quality.

  12. I have to disagree about James. Flashy sets and jumping around like a maniac does not a good performance make. Not only that, but he's one of the worst vocalists to grace the idol stage. Tim Urban in the earlier weeks is probably the only other person I can think of that misses so many notes and nobody says anything about it. Take away all the fancy fire and lighting James gets, give him a stool and a microphone and and you end up with very little of anything substantive.

    • I agree re James. He wore a knee=out pair of pants, fell to his knees =leaned back touch his head on the floor- rose up and gtabbed his crouch. Disgusting. He should go tonite.. He is a poor choice to win anything

      • Lee, please rewatch the clip, yes he has a hole in his pants, yes he does lean back to hit the high note but he throws his hand across his lap to give him the momentum to come up from the back bend, sorry no crotch grabbing there.

  13. I totally agree with Karen #5. Pia does have a nice voice, looks great but VERY BORING.

    Look for something more unique for which you can identify the voice.

    Next week as hard as it is to do, don't watch the contestants sing, turn your back to your TV and listen. Good music is not a visual thing.

  14. I listen to a radio station that plays back the recap on Thurs mornings and it is amazing to hear how they would sound and you hear different than on TV.. Tops last night -only my opinion were Scotty,James,Casey,Lauren,Pia

    Needs to go home–Jacob, Naima or Haley

    I think the final two will be James and Pia

  15. Thia is the best! I don't need to hear her sing a fast song, all I need to hear is her angelic voice… Go Thia! Filipino Pride!

    • This is American Idol my friend, I know you are proud of her but sometimes it alienates some people in America.

      I am also rooting for Thia and I voted for her since the top 12 girls.

      Just be happy for her coz she's out there fulfilling her dream! The American Dream.

      Thank you…

      • I agree that this "Filipino pride" thing is being counter-productive to Thia, so I would like to request fellow Filipino fans to just be proud in your hearts and keep supporting her by voting for her if you can. I would like her to go as far as she can in this competition and to be judged solely on her performances and not be adversely affected by the hate generated by overzealousness.

      • so true. shut the hell up with the Filipino thing guys. I respect you being happy but come on, it comes across as very annoying. I don't see people putting Jamaican pride or Italian pride for that matter for the other contestants. you can argue back but that wont change anything about it being annoying.

    • Amy – I can tell you what I THINK. I think that the judges know what's happening before the results show, and that's why it was so well orchestrated last week with stopping Casey in the middle of his song to save him. However, also judging from last week, I don't believe that the contestants know, otherwise I don't think that Casey would have been shaking and falling over like he did last night.

      I could be totally wrong, just from my observations, I believe the judges and Ryan know the results ahead of time but the constants are probably in the dark.

      • I saw the interview Ellen did to Nigel and he said he has the results the night before so I agree the whole thing was orchestrated but I dont think the contestants know the results.

  16. I loved what NAIMA has put on the show.

    the reggae twist is huh-mazing.

    I love how fearless and unique Naima is.

    I am just confident that America saved her again this time. 🙂

    boom fiyah!

    • As usual, I totally agree with you! Such flavah! I can't stop listening to the studio version. She's the only one I can listen to over and over again. I just wished the rest ofv America could hear and see what we see about her! Naima is The ONE! Viva NAIMA ! ! !

    • Count me in too! I'm a rocker with a blues twist and yet I love her style level of intensity and excitement that she brings to the table. As you've said she is fearless…look at last night, no save and yet when others played it safe she took a risk. It may have hurt her but I believe in her that much more because of it. She will keep her fans on the edge of excitement in the future when does get more exposure

  17. A singer does not need to belt out high notes just to prove that he/she is a wonderful singer. It has to come from the heart and sing it calmly and in serene. This time, Thia showed us that and she really connected with the public, despite not belting out high.

    Please vote Thia!!!

  18. I've got a lot of things in my mind but this summarizes it all:

    To Hell with Randy Jackson!!! Get lost with that "pitchy" word!!!!

    to Thia: that's a wonderful performance. I will never get tired of listening to your ballads.

      • I love Thia but I agree with Randy that she played it safe. She was in the bottom 3 last week so she should have pushed herself more and took more risks. I still do not know how far that beautiful voice could go… but anyway…I still love her.

      • I think it's about the song choice… The song "Daniel" is what it is, you cannot create better arrangement than that without altering the melody.

        Hopefully Thia stays and pick a better song next week…

        The best performance of the night for me?… Durbin Rocks!

      • I love the quality of Thia's voice but it does not have the range that Pia's or Lauren's has. I think that's the reason why she does not really go for songs that require her to belt out high notes and sustain them. I think it was a choice between doing well with a song like "daniel" and possibly messing up with another song that requires more power singing. And if we are talking about playing safe, scotty has done nothing but that and did not get called even once for it. Don't get me wrong, I like scotty but I think the judging and the comments should be a bit more consistent and unbiased.

  19. I really like Haley and Paul. I think Lauren and Thia are very good but do not have the life experence to really pull it off. Scotty is great but he sings the same song every week. Pia is great but boring. Jacob I love but is trying too hard or not enough, just not quite nailing it. James has a cute stage presents but something is just not there. He is kinda campy. Stephano has a great voice but just doesnt have the stage presents yet. Niama, I liked the Regee version, I think Elton John would like it as well, I like her stage presents and how hard she is trying. Casey I like and should be a major player in this competition. My top 3 Paul, Haley, Casey. My bottom Stephano, Thia, Lauren.

  20. I love Pia,but she doesn't have uniqueness to her voice.SHe can major sing,and wouldn't be surprised if she won.However,Haley and Lauren have great voices,and major stage presence.I think Naima is awesome to put origiality into it,but you don't do reggee to Elton John.You can change it up,but not where it isn't recognized.James does great slow,and fast and always keeps hou entertained.Paul has a unique,good voice,but some people might not like Rod Steward-ish voice.He would be recognized on the radio,and carries a tune.I think Casey is good,most of the time.Jacob can sing anything,sometimes oversings.I think Scotty has amazing vocals,but doesn't need this show.If he moved to Tennessee,he would make it big as a Country Star.This is my opinion of the night.Thoughts on yours?

  21. I just wish ai knows how to make these artist become successful.

    out of 9 season only carrie underwood among the winners remain to be popular. okay kelly too. but now she is also GONE.

    i dont believe on randy jackson too.LOL

    that pitchy thingy is since the first season of ai. No other reason to tell? as if all of the people knows whether its pitchy or not.Most of the people now listen to song that has good lyrics , good voice singer. then that's it OLA hit.

    • Pitchy is not a word, it's something Randy made up so he didn't have to say sharp or flat (because he can't tell).

  22. I'm a James fan as well but did anyone else feel like his performance last night was too cocky? Like he feels like he's already won so he's doing his victory lap? Last night was the first time I got that feeling and maybe it was just because of all of his running around.

    I hope Paul doesn't go home but I also don't think he has a chance of winning.

    I've been saying for weeks, Naima should go. And I am not convinced that Haley's performance last night was enough to save her. But if Casey goes home tonight, anyone think that perhaps the judges save was a waste last week?

    Not a Jacob or Stephano fan.

    • I actually don't think that the judges saves was a waste, it was the dramatics they needed for the show. Now we see Casey getting neat-ted up and looking a tad saner not like the mountain man he did look like. Very suspicious of all that. When the judges were judging Casey they never mentioned his new look how come???

  23. All of the contesants are great. I Love Pia the best she's beautiful and has a gifted voice. I hope she wins..

  24. Does James remind you of an Adam Lambert wannbe? Just saying…………….Jacob bothers me, Stefano could sing on Broadway in some musicals. Haley may "sing sexy" but she was not the best of the nite as Randy proclaimed. I like country and I like how Scotty and Lauren adapted the songs to their style. Naima, honey you are going on tour so it's time for you to go home. Thia is a yawner to me, nice girl just not showing it. Good job on how far you have gotten.

  25. My picks for bottom 3 – just based on last night's performances: Thia, Jacob and Casey (sorry, but I think the judges were just justifying their "save" from the week before. He's been much better than he was last night. I got a little tense listening to some of his scritchy end-notes.

    • I don't agree. I think that Casey is the most talented as a true "artist"

      Did you watch any of the earlier auditions? There are a lot of people who can sing. You need to be different and identifiable.

      • That's why I said "based on last night's performance". He's impressed me since the Vegas gigs. I think he was getting too much direction from the judges and others. He IS a talented artist and needs to perform based on his own instincts. He really "feels" the music. I just think last night he sounded like he was freezing up in part of his song. Made me uncomfortable for him. Plus – there seemed to be viewers "out there" who didn't appreciate the judges stopping him from "singing for his life" and saving him like they did. That may have taken some votes away from him.

    • Change that: Naima will probably be ousted before Casey. Although I really like her original spins on the songs she does – think the general consensus of her reggae version last night leaned on the negative. And I love Jacob, but I think there are many who don't connect with his vocal style. Thia deserves to go – she just doesn't have any competitive spirit or show enough personality when she sings. PUH-LEEZ keep Haley out of the bottom 3. She needs to know she's developing a fan base, slowly but surely.

  26. Hey, Just so you know that part that Stewie does with the smoke and reciting rocket man, that was a parody of what william shatner did once, his version is also brilliant, so definitley youtube that baby. I haven't seen last nights performance yet, I PVR it (I am allowed to :p lol I am Canadian so I can't vote) BUT if I was to put in my two cents, I really don't get James Durbin, he seems a lot like all the other guys out there now, nothing really new… I feel like Casey Abrams has the talent and diversity to be a very interesting artist that could keep audiences captivated for a long time. Alot of the past winners don't have the staying power that I feel like this guy has… I think James Durbin would be like an instant gratification choice, whereas Casey would stay around for a very long time. And although I love Pia and do wish there was a girl to win this year, I would never buy her album (boring), I think I would buy Haley's album if she stayed blues-y, but I know I would definitley (and will regardless) buy Casey's album.

  27. I am missing Simon who did not patronize any contestants. He listened and critiqued,not just watched the shows. I am also tired of loud and diva sounds or croaky shouts of some performers. . They totally drown the lyrics.Lauren is good except all her songs sound country music now, be it ballad or pop. James is a performer but he is not going to win it. I can't hear him…Jacob and Pia are becoming predictable, therefore boring-and yes, even if they are loud and can reach high notes! Naima, Stefano did not perform well. Scotty is predictable but I fun to listen to. James is dropping his Rod Stewart sound and discovering his own. Casey sang one of Elton's greatest, but he didn't do justice to it. I really do not know but I feel Thia whenever she sings.

  28. What i dont think that viewers understnad is that you arnt voting on ONE preformance… you are voting on someone who is overall the best. And because of that, yes he has had some bad weeks, but Casey should be in the number one spot. Especially after this week.

    • why should he be in the number 1 spot?

      New hair , same beard , same poor singing voice. I see him has a randy newman type performer. Music opener for animated movies. or a comical songs …remember the song "short people". Having said that Naima or Paul should go.

  29. Haley and Naima are the only girls with any energy. Alaina has some energy but needs more maturity. Someone needs to tell James that 90 seconds is not enough time to throw in every rock cliche you've ever seen – in the audience; down the stairs; on the piano; piano on fire; throw the mic stand; in the audience again. I'm tired just re-capping it. Did he sing? By this time last year I had already stopped watching Idol. This year is interesting but no one making me want to vote.

  30. Geez…I am so done with James!!!! His performance last night was not that good at all! …and tell me why does he get pyro technics??? His ego is just getting bigger.

    It was a really great night overall! Lauren and Haley were amazing! I think Lauren is even better, but for some reason is holding back. People are still hating on Haley, but she really was by far the best of the night. Her voice is just amazing.

    Everyone still loves Pia, but I still think she is second rate at what she does. She's a great singer, but she keeps singing songs that I compare to other idols that sung them better. Clay sang that song so much better. Just like last week, when I was comparing her to Jennifer Hudson (which we all know there is no comparison).

    Casey really did redeem himself. He sounded great. I also like Thia and her song last night, but I think she is in trouble.

    I like Scotty a lot, but I don't necessarily think he should win. I always forget about his performances.

    As much as it pains me, I think the final two are going to be Scotty and James.

    • I agree that Scotty and James will be at the top but I think Pia will be with them as the top 3. Hard to tell with this many left. And I am sure that if any of the others wanted to they can have any other type of stage set up they wanted. They just dont have the ability to do much more than stand there and sing.

    • Ha! Hilarious! And I agree. Sometimes what they're singing is so loud or involved that you can hardly hear the person performing.

  31. James came out there and blew everybody away again. I agree with J-Lo. I forget I'm watching a competition and am just totally entertained. He's already a winner to me.

    • comments by #38 tuckywoman and David P above. They are correct on their assessment of James

  32. Haley was by far the best last night. I don't know why she's not getting the votes. Naima and Paul could both go tonight and that would be not loss. Love Pia but she needs to start coming across to the public as younger and more energetic.

    The rest I love…but have no further commments.

  33. Thia and Pia should be going home. I don't feel anything when they sing. I want to, but I don't.

    Lauren and Scotty could be huge country stars on the radio now. I love both of them.

    James has the whole package and I feel like I am in a concert while watching him.

    Haley has really improved and super fun to watch. She looks like a pro.

    Naimi has a infectious look. Absolutely was out of my chair when she did the African dancing last week. She has possibilities with the right producers. You remember her when you see her.

    Stefano touched my heart last night. He tries too hard and just needs to relax. His voice will soung great on radio if she stopped trying to over sing and hit so many high notes.

    Casey is very talented and moved me last night. Just sing softly and effortlessly.

    Jacob has a good voice, but it is not easy to listen to. I feel like I am in church when he sings.

    Paul has a unique, radio friendly voice when he sings softly and effortlessly. Don't like the wierd dancing and screaming.

    I would have bought Lauren, Scotty, James, Paul, and Casy's versions of Elton John's songs.

    • "Naimi has a infectious look. Absolutely was out of my chair when she did the African dancing last week. She has possibilities with the right producers. You remember her when you see her."

      I couldn't agree more. In the right guiding hands she could actually bring something new to the airwaves that is lacking…shake things up a bit.

  34. any result revealed so far..? sorry guys.. i only can wtch the result show by tommorow cz i'm from malaysia.

  35. In my opinion, Lauren did the best job last night with a fresh take on the classic "Candle in the Wind." It would be so easy to pale in comparison to the original but she actually showed why she's already a star. She's been my favorite since day one and I can't wait to see her win the competition. Who do I think is going home? I think the bottom three will be Paul, Naima and Stefano. I think Naima will go home. Though I didn't mind her reggae take on "I"m Still Standing," I don't think she's done enough to this point to stick around and the judges critiques didn't help her. Paul did nothing interesting with the classic "Rocket Man." Though I loved Stefano's performance, I think too many other outshone him. It is possible for Jacob to be in the bottom for the simple fact that he was so good last week and paled in comparison last night. That disparity could jeopardize him. Pia could also be in trouble. Though I voted for her and really like her, I think too many ballads in a row has made her a bit boring and one dimensional. She isn't listening to the judges critiques even though they are trying to help her stick around. This failure to listen may work to her detriment. Scotty could be in jeopardy because he went first and he has become repetitive like Pia, always singing in the same way. I don't agree with the judges about Haley. I certainly don't think she was the best of the evening. I've never been a fan of hers. I think she lacks humility and I didn't like her version of "Benny and the Jets." James was boring for the first time even though he was the only rock performance. He could be in jeopardy but I think he's got too many fans. I love Thia and hopes she doesn't land in the bottom three. She always gets such unfair criticism from the judges even though she is one of the best singers by far.

    • Laurens candle in the wind made me tear up. It seamed like she was singing to someone special she may have lost in the past. very believable performance.

      it made me think about Maryln Monroe and Princess DI.

      By the way i am 6'3" 230 pound man and a big baby.

  36. I just want to say that looking back #1, Paul has not been in the bottom 3 yet not going home for a few more weeks sorry. #2 James Durbin does rock the stage, he can sing ballads and does not only rock all the time,check him on youtube sing While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Kashmir and A Change is Gonna Come for his top 24 pick song. He is a very talented PERFORMER, not just someone who can stand there and sing a great song. Yes he does hit the high notes but no worse than Pia does.

  37. I think everyone did sooo good last night. This show is called American Idol and i think everyone is giving Naima a hard time. We need to start respecting individuality!! Because that is what an artist is. Each contestant is exhibiting that!! I like Pia but does like to sing in one way!! Haley surprised me, and loved James. Jacob sings with such emotion…truly it will be hard choice for us to choose!!

    • "individuality"

      That is so important to make one stand out. We have a Randy Travis, Celine Dion already.

  38. Ugh, I didn't like Paul. His voice is just annoying – haven't really liked him at all…

    And I hate James' screaming -_- He's done a few good songs imo, but I wouldn't want to see him get to the top.

    umm, Haley did really well last night I think, but I haven't liked her throughout.

    I guess I can acknowledge Jacob's talent, but his mannerisms are so annoying to me, and his song choice and singing hasn't particularly stood out to me. And I hate when he screams too.

    Pia just has never stood out to me.

    I think Thia has had a few really good songs – even if she's boring, I think she's been good. Again, not really standing out.

    I didn't like Lauren Alaina too much this week, but it wasn't bad and I've liked her to some degree throughout the show.

    I've actually liked Naima a lot. I don' know why everyone seems to dislike her. I liked that she made her song reggae, I don't think it was disrespectful necessarily, or that it really matters. I don't think the songs they sing are about the original artist. Obviously they can't make a joke of it or something, but I think what she did was fine.

    I like Stefano! lol he seems so little and adorable, and he sings pretty well. Not the *best*, but I'd be sad if he went.

    I think Scotty did really well this week, and he's quite good in general, but I'm not really a country person.

    I LOVE that Casey sang a softer song (and trimmed his beard o_o) I think he's been in my top three the entire time. Maybe my top one heh. He was really good last night imo 😀 alright, I said I hate other peoples' "screaming" and I wish Casey could tone that down too (hence why last night was great :P) But he's still my favorite

  39. I don't know why people don't like stefano… or may be because he gives this impression that he's so full of himself. I agree his performances these past 2 weeks are not really outstanding, but I always go back to the day he sang "I Need You Now" for goosebumps. For me, this is the best performance anyone has ever delivered this season. There are other great contestants probably even better than him. but i'd be really sad if I see him leave this week. I hope America will hold on to him for a few more weeks…

  40. Although I think Casey may be one of the most musically talented performers all around…I find it interesting that throughout this discussion, there are very few comments about him.

    Also, although this is probably the best year as talent, it seems to be the most boring. There's little energy to the performances except in the case of Naima, James, and occasionally Casey.

    • You are right about the energy levels. Very few are going out there and actually engaging the audience.

  41. sorry to say that scotty, casey and the black one there that your so boring … hope you guys will be eliminated tomorrow..nothing interesting of you specially the black one it so bad performance for you dude, its to bad…

    • What's the matter with you? His name is Jacob. These are not the 60's. Get with the program.

      • Scotty is cool. But I must agree with you sicnarf yobmaj, Casey and Jacob has good quality voices, but they are so boring! 🙂

      • Watching Jacob Lusk sing makes me feel very depressed. He seems to be crying from the start to the end – and even though I feel he tries to smile occasionally, he only delivers a pathetic look. I liked this guy during the preliminary rounds – but now he overdoes his crying!

      • I think Casey will go pretty far and not because of all the hype, but because he is a little kwirky, like Taylor Hicks

    • Seriously, let's at least be respectful and not take a step backwards to revisit a time when racism was accepted. That is a tremendously shameful part of the past and that kind of commentary should STAY in the past. It is not ok to refer to anyone like that. If you don't know his name (Jacob) then how about his style of singing rather than a racial slur it would be clear to everyone if you referred to the "gospel style" singer. Or look it up in any number of sites referring to Idol 10. Really. Don't comment if your feel the need to go there.

      • Kelly, I agree with everything you mentioned in regard to someone being insensitive when he called Jacob "the Black one". But, if it was a Black person refering to the only remaining White contestent as "the White One" … I doubt many Black folks would be upset by such talk.

    • Jacob and Scotty can actually sing. The hollering that James does makes me sick and he is over rated and Paul can't sing, maybe a songwriter not a singer the same with Casey, neither one of them are singers.

  42. the best of best performance for THIA so "WOW" amazing… THIA your so interesting and promising artist for this season.. what a crystal voice..

    • Agree! but it seems that Randy dosen't like her now. Maybe Randy missed the loud "BOOS" from the audience.

      • I think Thia has such a natural, pure voice. She is my favorite, although there are more that are better than her.

      • Randy is black and he's racist he just wanted Thia to b e eliminated sans amazing performance, he just look at Thia as an outsider because she's not a natural American. Just unfair dude. Others are just howling on the stage and Randy are praising them to high heavens. Idol doesn't deserve you dude/dog.

      • yeah right, randy just closed his eyes offered blah blah blah to influence the votes on thia. he was disappointed when thia outvoted casey. but who would like singers who sing more like a constipated rabbi.

    • Francis, I don't see what 'Idol' quality there is in Thia. Yes, she's very talented and lovely but her performances smack of a teenage girl singing into her hairbrush in front of a mirror. Sorry, the bar is set very high for this group. How can you compare her to James and his level of performance and audience connection? I disagree with you whole-heartedly.

    • Thia is the most boring of all the singers. She stands still in the middle of the stage and sings beautifully, but without emotion or passion. The judges are correct when they say it looks like a beauty pageant performance. Against this crop of talent, she is lacking the chops to compete. Pia does the same thing but far, far better. Better voice, better connection, a more seasoned talent.

    • I do too! She is beautiful and has a uniqueness. Her Reggae Elton song was jammin' I thought. Only wished she had broken into a little reggae rap chorus somewhere towards the end.

      • I'm sorry, but I thought she made a joke out of Sr. Elton John's song. I grew up with Elton John's songs, and I did not like this version.

      • I liked Naima's singing initially and her unique attire. But now she seem to singing to get eliminated. Her choices of songs and arrangements are not what the American public will vote for. After all, that's whom the contestants need to appeal to.

      • I'm all for risks. And I like Naima, but it is a little early in the game to take a leap of this caliber. And if you do it, you absolutely have to knock it out of the park and into the next county, because with a song this recognizable if you fail just a tiny bit you will have the entire nation going…HUH? If you paused the tv right after her performance last night, you could almost hear 55 million people do just that. Love her, but there is a difference between calculated risk and shock value. I love the crazy, but I was embarrassed for her because it was a complete departure of who I think she is. and if you put on a facade the fans are pretty quick to call you on it. They did. Good Luck Naima.

      • They whitened her teeth. White teeth will go a long way. She does not have the money for vaneers like Paul.

    • I too am a fan of hers and will continue to be. I think her performance of "I'm Still Standing" was just fine. No major gaffs, however I do think thank it was not well recieved by some because it's not how the see an EJ song. Again, I think see did great performance wise but I just do think she pulled it off the way she had hoped. She is talented and a risk taker and true to herself. She threw caution to the wind when the others treaded softly and safely. She performs on the edge and challenges herself every week. Can't say that about most of the others. She tries to be creative and original as well

    • Wow! Awesome!

      Naima moved me like no other contestant ever has on American Idol with 'I'm Still Standing.'

      After hearing Naima's reggae slant on that song, I don't EVER want to hear that it again, unless it's Naima's version – performed by Naima.

      I would love to hear some of her original songs.

      The first time I heard her sing the song last night, I felt light-hearted with the sheer joy of the song. We played it back due to the slightly negative comments of J-Lo and Randy, and the second time I heard it, I unexpectedly broke into tears at the sheer beauty of it.

      Three weeks ago, I thought Naima was the one who should go next, but when she started showing us who she is as an artist, as we hear so much from the judges, she moved to the top of my favorite list. James, who was my favorite for quite a while, has moved way down…

      I was upset when I saw that Naima was voted as the favorite performance here by only 2% of the vote. If she goes, the show will lose its magic for me – after last night.

      • Naima can't sing. will her friend advise her please to just try the sequel to Avatar, It'll be a hit not AI.

  43. Scotty was the best ever, I felt like I was at his concert. If he had one tomorrow I would def go. Pia's voice is incredible she will be the next celion or witney. Lauren sounded great too. Stefano really put 110% into his song and you could feel it. Niami or Thia can go home, Thia has no personality she is a very good singer but needs to grow up abit, she would be awsome on "Glee" The top five should be

    1. Scotty

    2. Pia

    3. James

    4. Lauren

    5. Stefano or Casey

    Can't wait to see who goes home tonight

    • Sorry glee is about having vocals. That said the best are:

      1. Jacob

      2. Pia

      3. Scotty

      4. Stefano

      5. Lauren

  44. Thia has a beautiful voice, but she is too boring for her age. I think this is the end of the rainbow for the little lada!

    • I agree, I'm afraid it's the end of the road for Thia. I think she's a bit intimidated by the other contestants who can perform.

      Anyway, she has a "commercial voice" and I'm sure some recording companies including disney will sign her up after AI.

      Maybe she should have waited another year, I think lowering the age this year was a bad idea after all!

      • Isn't this her second or third reality show? No one has signed her yet. She was on AGT for sure.

  45. I agree with most of what Ashli says except for 2 points. I think Paul may well be in danger tonight and Haley's performance last night was excellent.

    Naima was definitely the weakest performance and I think it is goodbye to her tonight.

    The other two who may be in the bottom three will likely be Stefano and Thia, both of whom are good singers (especially Thia) but, for some reason, don't seem to connect with the voters.

    Based on last night, I think it should be Paul but he seems to have a fan base that will keep him around for another few weeks.

    • There are many people I know who probably can sing like Paul does. All you need is to dress like a clown and have someone kick hard in your groin – and then try to sing in agony! That's what Paul sounds like. Sorry – but its just my opinion.

      • Eew, James is the worst. If they had put Tim Halperin or Colton Dixon instead of James this year would be the best year ever.

      • James is a one-trick pony. His performance every week is the same! Nothing new! I don't like his scream either.

      • Disagree, he is not good in my book. A lot of squinting and hollering. We already have enought stunt artist on stage. We need real talent.

    • You are right they are great. The only problem i have now with Pia , she needs to start moving on the stage . If she pulled off something like a song by Heart or something like that she would be where she needs to be. All the ballads are taking a toll . James is so good it's off the charts. He will go far no matter what.

  46. This is the tale of the tape; I see James Durbin going to the final with Pia Toscano. Of the two, James is the only one that has the potential to become a top selling recording artist and a crowd pleaser when performing on stage at large concert events. Pia is beautiful and sings fantastically, but she is a Vegas kind of performer. Her genre is very limited just like Celine Dion. James could become the next Bon Jovi.

      • i agree james durbin has the whole package deal…he over comes his handicap with his music…it come from the heart

      • Or the voice for ballads, or the song writing ability or the 80's hairband craze to jumpstart his career.

    • Really? James the next Bon Jovi? What are you smoking? And Pia is a little choir girl next to Celine Dion, there's no comparison.

      • James is whole package but not of talent. He cant singall he can do i screech, play the fool, act the fool and tries to push his hsndicsp, which is a terrable disease but not a contest winner requirement

      • agree. it's too much to compare her to celine dion. Celine always gives me goosebumps everytime I hear she sings. While Pia, she only makes me think: why do this girl always sing like that, like she wants to show off her ability in high notes…can she sing it with different style?

      • James is great ! He might not be the next Bon Jovi , but he's got what it takes to be a recording artist. Not to mention he gets out there and gives everyone a good time. I would love to see James sing Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. I would also like to see Pia sing Barracuda by Heart. If she can pull that off she's got my vote. No more ballads!!!!

    • James is a one-trick pony. Nothing new. He is starting to bore me. What he does every week is the same. His scream is beginning to irritate me.

      • Amen! He is a great pretender, not a singer. I don't know why the judges are jockeying him, I guess they need at least one rocker. He is a joke!

  47. Naima – not the best singer but has great instincts and delivery. I like the reggae flavor. Hope she stays.

    Pia – Her voice is too studied and she uses too many grace notes instead of hitting them clean and right on the money. Disappoints every week.

    Haley – finally figuring out how to use her chops to sound modern instead of songs for a Minnesota county fair. Could contend if she keeps this up.

    Thia – Somebody or something is holding her back by making terrible song choices. When she begins to sound her own age she has a chance but she sings way beyond her age and they come out wooden.

    James – Still think he's the winner but like Adam Lambert, he may come in second and still be the bog winner.

    Jacob – great voice and range but oversings everything and his false vibratto gives me the chills.

    Scotty – stays true to his roots but he's the only one in his niche. As the field narrows his votes won't grow while others will.

    Paul – please put this guy out of his misery. His voice is so damaged that his range is less than an octave. Has the look but can't deliver.

    Lauren – great natural talent for a young girl. Lose a few pounds and gain a little more expertise and she could be star.

    Stefano – great voice but trained for musical theater and won't last here despite excellent performance last night.

    • idolator…..I think this year a rocker just might win!!!!! JAMES ROCKS the stage……

      • Only because he gets fancy lighting and pyrotechnics. He, by himself, is terrible. Sit him on a stool with a microphone and we'll see just how bad he is.

      • True. Put each of them on a stool with just a piano or a guitar for accompaniment and see / hear which of them really has a good voice. Scotty would be fine, Pia and Thia would be fine. James would be a mess. Jacob would be OK. Stefano would suck, Naima would suck, Lauren and Hayley would be lost. Casey would barely squeak through it. Paul would sound like a frightened child.

      • I dont like James. He is a one-trick pony. he has no versatility. If you observed, his performance every week is the same. Nothing new! He bores me now. Another Adam Lambert copy cat.

    • Too bad Jacob is not appreciated. He is truly talented and has a charisma. He should however pick a gender and go boldly into the limelight with it. Detest the growler; the rasper rod stewart wannabe; love Scotty but too one dimensional. He will be snapped up by a country label the second he steps off idol stage; Casey should perhaps shave…get a haircut…get a wardrobe adviser (and sponsor). Pia – overrated…has no personality…no star power. Thia – in my view the purest voice in the competition but not handling the big stage…too timid. Naima…unique..not pop material…a Tracy Chapman…only very small audience will appreciate..but that band did an awesome job with the reggae which is one of the most difficult sounds to capture with authenticity.

      • Yes Jacob is gteat. But should he pick a gender? I have worked with many effeminate men who were not gay. But I have worked with a lot of closet football players and wrestlers. Today we really do not know who is really gay do we? Let them pick sides so that we can tell.

    • I agree with most of what you said, except that I think it was pretty tasteless to suggest Lauren "lose a few pounds." She's a great singer, a beautiful girl, and is a great role model for girls as far as being healthy and a star at the same time.

      • She's a terrible role model for young girls. Almost everything she wears she's spilling out of her top, it's very tasteless and she's only 16. While I understand that she needs to dress up to perform, she doesn't have to choose things that are so skanky. Haley is a little sleezy, too, but she's a young woman ready to conquer the world not a young TEENAGE girl that shouldn't be showing the world everything, -.-

    • I agree with most of your comments… I think the same thing about Thia – her voice is so beautiful but she keeps choosing the wrong songs and the producers keep telling her the wrong things – is there a real specialist in the house to give her some direction? Jennifer Lopez maybe? Naima does not have the profile of the show – maybe a resort in Bahamas would work for her… Jacob – I do not get him at all – why do the judges like him so much? I would like to see James sing something less theatrical – it is hard to see his interpretation when he is jumping around… So far, these folks are all great singers, but they are not bringing anything new to the table – something the show has not been able to deliver for a while..

    • I think James has a style similar to Adam Lambert but a little more hard rock. Remember Adam didn’t win (although you hear much more about him now than the one who did (I can’t even remember his name). I think we’ve been there, done all that before. Come to think of it…everything the contestants are doing has been done before except for Naima, Jacob, Casey and Paul and they’re the ones most criticized and according to the poll, most likely to go. I ask you…does America really want something different or the same old stuff?

      • Even if James wins we won't hear very much from him. He's an Adam in wannabe form only.

      • I agree with you guys! James is really an Adama Lambert wannabe. He only screams and has no singing voice at all. He is a one-trick pony. Nothing new to his performances. Sorry.

      • You are right. But if you look at the amount of youtube hits that Jacob gets then you will know that he can sell a lot of records. Why would that many people listen to his singing if they did not like him?

    • I don't think James is nearly as good as Adam. Adam was creative, chose a wider range of songs and commanded the stage in a unique way. The more I see of James, the less he stands out. He still has time to turn that around though.

    • Seriously, I didn't realize this was American Idol/Top Model. It's great that you want the whole of America to focus on being Barbie's. I don't think it is your right to say lose a few pounds. There have been numerous artist who are not rail thin that have succeeded. I think she is adorable and has enough talent to sing with a paper bag over her head and still be captivating. Talk about the talent not the dress size. These are still mostly young and impressionable kids. I doubt they need your help feeding insecurities. Other than that I think you are pretty well on the money.

      • For those Adam Lambert baggers – understand this. Apart from Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, which Idol performers have made a huge name for themselves outside the USA (and there is a big wide world out there) – Adam Lambert! And out of those 4 only 1 won. So please excuse me while I laugh at the comments made about Adam Lambert and also James Durbin. He will, win or not and with the right guidance have a stellar career outside the USA as well as the USA.

    • Yes he is. He is a one-trick pony. James does the same type of song every week. nothing new. I wanna see him sing a ballad soon and lets see how he fares. He does not have the voice. He only uses his dances, theatrical acts on stage to get voters. Boring!

    • You said the truth!! I don't think James has any talent. But based on the demographics of this board, talent is not a criteria. All those who can sing are bashed, those who can't are loved, IMO.

  48. Pia will fill large stadiums like Celine. Remember Elvis played Vegas quite a bit. Do not sell Pia short. All those producers love Pia. She will get a contract whether she wins or not. She will also sell millions of records like Celine. You can take that to the bank.

    • Its not only Pia's singing and her beauty, but also her self confidence and her demeanor that makes her a winner!

    • I think that Pia has more of a future as wedding or Vegas singer – I cannot see herself as American Idol – she does not look fresh, but more like New Jersey-ish performers – they have that look, not a hip look, sorry… I love her voice and her singing, but no way she is going to win her competition…

      • She needs to be less controlled. It seems like a highly staged theatrical performance like say a Celine show in Vegas. And don't get me wrong that is still success, but not in the way that you expect of American Idol. She will make something of her career for sure, but I think she may prove a bit to stiff for the audience of AI. She needs to really shake it loose on the next performance or her appeal will start to fade.

  49. I thought most everyone did a pretty good job. Elton John is one of my favorites so it was entertaining. Naima did not do good for "I'm Still Standing". She should not be there with the rest. Sorry, just my opinion.

    Well, we will all see the results tonight. Can't wait!!!

    • I didn't like most of the renditions of Elton John's songs, except Haley's version, she did her best song yet. Now, everyone did a beautiful job with Motown night.

  50. Allow me to quote Branden: "Steven Tyler, who was so awesome to watch during the audition rounds has become USELESS as a judge. Even when the contestants NEED some serious critiques, he is not giving it to them." Soo-o true! Could not agree more. And it's annoying to watch! Does anyone else feels dissappointed by ST's judging?!

    • Yes, I was thinking the same thing last night. The contestants do not need to continually hear how great they are, but need some honest, real criticism. Steven not only has nothing critical to say, but just about slammed Randy last night for an honest suggestion. I agree he's become pretty useless.

      • Agreed agreed agreed. I wish more people will criticize the judges for being too "nice" and "unreal". All that its doing is giving the contestants false judgements thereby not helping them improve their performances. The result will be that this show will spiral down and lose its glamor – and eventually it will end up as an "American Karaoke Championship"! Steven Tyler is "USELESS" as a judge. I think he's pretty high on something!

      • The reason the judges say they were good is because they do not want to influence the voters – but we all know that when they say – good performance – it actually suck!

    • i think he may have been told to tone down the wild antics abit,he has got a bit lukewarm but i still think he's great.

  51. I don't know why everyone dislikes Haley so much! I think she is great, especially last night I really loved her performance. Scotty and Haley are my favorite. I think Naima and Thia will go home. I like Naima but I know she doesn't really have a great voice, and I find Thia SO BORING.

    • I think Haley did great last night as well. However, I disagree with you about Naima's voice…I think her voice is more tune for jazz though. Perhaps she will come up with some sort of jazzy funk with a tinge of reggae in it once and while. I see that type of thing in her future. She is probably on of the most original of the group, that is along with Casey as well

    • Yes Haley is slowly gaining grounds. And she is very talented. She only needs to move naturally on stage just like what she did last night! One of the best performance.

  52. The worst performances last night were naima´s, paul´s and jacob´s – I think naime and paul are out.

    Next week I wonder what the theme is going to be – I wish they could sing more current songs – they should chooose, for example, last week top 20 billboard songs or something like that, the show is kind of way too retro right now…

      • I’d have to agree. And everyone that’s ever sang a Britney/Usher/Gaga song on American Idol, minus Kris Allen that ONE time, has completely and utterly failed.

  53. Jacob is overrated. He's too dramatic for me. I can't stand listening to his whiny voice. 🙁 I hope he goes home soon!

    • Over dramatic, and Adam was underdramatic? Is it OK to feel a song? Even the judges agree that all other contestants need to bring some feeling to the song. All people who feel soulful can feel Jacob, ask Jennifer.

  54. We know that Thia won't make it as this season's winner but we'd love to see her go not as early as today.

  55. It was not his best performance, but I simply love Paul. His voice is so unique and soft. It makes me fly so high.

  56. My favorite is Thia, though I agree that she has wrong choices of songs and needs to use more of the stage. I hope we can still watch her cause she can still improve week after week. On the other hand I wanted to comment something what Randy said to Thia. He said that Thia needs to take risks and was kind of bored with Thia's Song. Hello? What about Scotty? He sings Country Songs since the competition started. Bottom line is, Thia should try to believe in herself and not to any artist or producers that is misleading her, she needs to try something new, something modern…

  57. Scotty does country no matter what….NOT IDOL MATERIAL.

    Pia does ballad no matter what…..NOT IDOL Material.

    James does Rock no matter what….NOT IDOL Material.

    The others are more adaptable…THAT'S IDOL MATERIAL.

  58. hi to american idol to Scotty Jame's Stefano Thia and Pia you all is the best singer good luck

  59. "many Elton songs can be sang as country music"

    You need some grammar lessons. It's "can be sung".

  60. Brilliant show, they all deserve to win. I suspect the finish will be very tight. Each one has the ability.

  61. No doubt in my mind. Pia and James will be the last one standing. I am sure of one thing. Pia is holding out for the end and this week, she will show what she can do. She has perfect pitch, can hit high and low notes, beautiful vibratao and falsetto. She is humble and has the looks. Add all this up and you have a winner.

    And for those who rate her as a trying-to-be Celine DIon obviously don't knwo music. She can sing. Period. Okay she has to choose songs within her range and to show that she can sing. What better way than to take Dion, Carey, or Witney. Nobody else can sing these songs EVER on AI but she can abd without any effort.

    Pia. Your the best and James is really cool.

  62. i agree with you palomaBR at the end of the day paul is the one i'd listen to on the radio!!!!

    love love love the voice

  63. I don't think Thia shouldn't been eliminated. She has a beautiful voice. Paul can't sing and the judges knows that. So why is he still there? American viewers got it wrong. You eliminated a beautiful girl with a beautiful and natural voice. She's only 15 yrs old, but she has more potential than some of the other contestants. I have been watching AI for 10 yrs now. As the weeks goes by every contestants will grow and great train to appear on stage. I'm very disappointed with Thia leaving. For the first time, I'm no longer interested of watching the show. We have a social network of over 1000 people. We have all decided not to watch the show anymore. We find the remaining contestants are boring. Scotty only sings country, James is a rocker but he screams all the time. Pia has a beautiful voice who I think will win the competition. If she doesn't she can be an actress or talk show host. As for others, we have no comment. Very disappointing show this year. Stephen and Jennifer became the judges to get back into the spot light. We miss Simon. He's a real judge who knows talent.

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