American Idol 2011: Top 3 results show recap – It’s Scotty and Lauren!

After more than 95 million votes, America chose country teenagers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina as its 2011 “American Idol” Top 2.

While I think it’s going to be a somewhat boring competition show next Tuesday, I don’t think it’s a bad Top 2. I was rooting for Haley Reinhart to make it to the finale with Scotty, but only because I enjoy her performances more. Overall, I’m good because I was on the team that believed any of the Top 4 would’ve made for a great finale.

At the beginning of the night we were treated to immediate filler of the Top 4 visiting J.J. Abrams the previous week and they couldn’t have been less excited. That was followed by what I think might have been a seizure from Elle Fanning.

The first real order of business was footage from Haley’s homecoming. It was nice to see a softer side of Haley. She’s been pretty tough all season, so it was good to see that human side. Had she shown that side of her earlier in the game, she might have made the Final 2.

After that and a Ford video, we were “treated” to a performance by Il Volo for some reason I still don’t understand. Nothing like baby faced boys who sound like 50-year-old Opera singers.

Next up is Scotty’s trip home. Scotty seemed truly modest, as if he had no idea he’d have that many fans. And like Haley, he was very emotional.

More crap filler follows in the form of a pre-recorded performance by the new “X Factor” host and it’s passed off  as a live performance. Why do they always want us to think these performances are happening live? It’s so insulting.

Lauren’s home visit seemed to be the most grand. When I saw the incredibly HUGE crowd that turned out for her, I knew right then she was in the finale. And from that footage, I think she could even beat Scotty next week. Maybe.

Finally, it’s time for the results. Ryan calls the three of them up and first announces that Scotty is going to the finale. Then he tells Lauren to join him. Haley seems shocked and maybe angry, but quickly covers and comes off very respectable with her reactions.

Haley sings one last time (well, until next week) and does her awesome version of “Bennie And The Jets.”

So it’s Scotty and Lauren. It’s been a long season with a lot of curve balls, but it’s almost over. I’m either going to be ready for a break or miss this ridiculous show like crazy. I’m not sure which yet.

What are your thoughts on the Top 2?