American Idol 2011: One More Elimination To Go

Haley is out. Scotty and Lauren are in. The only thing left to do is crown Scotty let the two compete next Tuesday and then viewers will get to vote for which country-themed teenager they want to be the next American Idol.

Shortly after last night’s elimination show a small event was held to determine who would go first and who would clean up. Throughout the season production makes this decision but when it came down to just two singers left the show left it to fate gravity.

THR reports Ryan Seacrest flipped a coin featuring the Top 2’s faces, one on each side. Scotty came up the winner, but…

…the singer decided to defer to his competitor: In a gentlemanly manner, he asked her if she preferred to go first or second. She chose second.

The move is a generous one: The person who performs last is typically thought to have an advantage.

When there are twelve singers I can see a big advantage to going last, but with just two it might not be nearly as critical. Still a kind gesture from Scotty which I’m sure will earn him plenty of “aww”s on Tuesday night.

On a plus note for the show’s longevity, American Idol 2011 was up 12% last night from its respective show last season. Next week should be a big one!




  1. I doubt Lauren was thinking of being second as the advantage. She simply is not comfortable going first. I would think the person in the first slot sets the bar. I think even though both of the contestants are ‘country’ is it going to be a great finale. Hold on to your hats … I project at least one more shocker.

    • Enjoy the barn dance it oughta be a regular hootinany enjoyed in every trailer park in America.

      • Dan.. you used to be kinda nice…pretty good blogs…Now you say you hang out in trailer parks

      • Dan..I don’t know where you are from but I would say you have never traveled to Tennessee or Georgia. Guess what it isn’t made up of trailer parks. You must be a child because a real man would never speak of young lady the way you have Lauren. I believe that what goes around comes around and one fine day you will be faced with a daughter of your own who is being bullied by some jerk like yourself and then you will see the kind of damage words have on a younger persons state of mind. I just pray she never reads the garbage you have been allowed to spew on this website. If the person controlling this blog had any morals they would not only delete your nasty comments they would ban you from writing on here again. Get a live you little evil man and leave sweet little girls alone, it doesn’t make you look good by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it makes you look like the low life that you are…LOSER!

  2. Ew, it’s pisses me off to see them two sitting there happy like they are the best singers this season.. Haley should be there but I shouldn’t even complain because it’s kinda better for haley to not win because then she can pick her own producer and other crap like that.. I just wish she would have made final 2

    • ew, it pisses me off that people cant let by gones be by gones haley is gone stop mentioning her you idiot

      • ew, it pisses me off that people like you had to make a negative comment to MY OPINION

      • Easy Cali. You know that Lauren doesn’t belong in the finals. If you strip away the multiple votes, you’ll see that she didn’t really earn that. Itunes downloads don’t lie…if single votes were counted, as nobody would by a download more than once, you’d have to admit the wrong person made the final. You can’t say that having the top 3 downloads and 6 of the top 20 isn’t telling. Enjoy the ride little Lauren. Actually, you may very well win, since you’re obviously touched….

      • A huge percentage of idol viewers don’t use Itunes. They are outside the age group of downloads etc.

      • vbdrsd Lauren tottaly deserves to be there any one of them that would of made it to the finales would of deserved to bee there

      • @Liz – where do you get such stats and at what age is anyone who can vote on Idol outside the age group of downloads??

      • its ture they do look cute togther. But to tell you the turth halry was a FAR better singer tahn scotty or lauren. i like lauren dont get me wrong but she sounded better when she wasint singing country. whoever talked her into that needs to be fired. I just dont like scotty he doseint even sing country vary well. but he is adorible.

    • Suck it up & get over it!
      Obviously YOU didnt vote enough for her to make it! So I suggest that you don’t take it out on Scotty or Lauren!
      Remember, jealousy IS the ugliest trait!

    • no you want haley to be in the final but it didnt happen so all you’re doing is wasting your time here trashing on scotty and lauren. and then praising haley (who was looong overdue) james shouldve been in the homecoming. Haley is a good singer, but not the american idol i mean did you see her first reaction when she got eliminated??? instead of congratulating lauren, she just frowns.

    • Likely Haley had the second most voters maybe even most but last in votes since maybe 100,000 teens cast 70% of the votes.

      • well, what audience do you think american idol is supposed to be toward? older people or younger people? its called “American Idol” for a reason. of course a billion votes are going to come from teens and little kids. The only other group of people I can think off the top of my head are middle aged house wives. I’ve never seen people obssess over one stupid elimination I.E. Haley, James, Pia…well haley shouldve been gone from the beginning in my opinion, but truth is why are you people obssessing over one person leaving?

      • @Bloodyscott, move on and go cry somewhere else, like @coondog, @devinlee, @northernguy…Wait, I think you are all the same wacko!

      • gibberish, all you speak is gibberish. I am a single poster, I can assure you. Why are you so upset that all of us like Haley? You wish she only had one fan, but that is not the case.

      • Lots of childish name calling on here, wonder the age of some of these people. Mental age anyway. Because the person they thought should win is voted off, why trash the remaining contestants. Scotty and Lauren are great kids and will be wonderful role models for Millions of young people. We certainly need some!!!

      • I think Scotty got the vote of 6-10 yearolds too.. Didn’t you see his comecoming?

    • If haley was going to make it on her own she would have already. Be happy she made it this far. Hopefully next season we will only get limited votes so it can be fair and realistic.

      • ((-facepalm-)) Right, but would not that same logic apply to all of the other contestants including Scotty and Lauren?

      • No it doesn’t apply to Scotty and Lauren since they are in high school and Haley at 20 has been singing with her family band for years.

    • Haley loves herself. People say we’re haters but she get what she gives. Hate and spite. Enough about Haley , she’s gone, thankfully

    • Cali I have read many of your posts and you appear to be the real window licker. You are smarter with your mouth closed.

      • dan wtf is your problem? what is a window licker? why are you such an imbazil? haley is gone and im happy stop sticking up for her because she is GONE

      • Dan is pissed because he his girl showed her true colors up on stage again with that mean, disgusted look the second they called Lauren’s name. EVERYONE else in past seasons and this season turns to the person next to them and hugs them. Oh No, not Miss Thing…..You would think by now that someone would have taught her what to do to stop looking like a witch up there. I guess she is too far gone to even learn or pretend to be a nice person.

      • I think Haley was in shock. She really believed that she would be in the finals. I don’t think it was a snub, if you will run it on the dvr again you will see she looked like a deer caught in the headlights(yep, showing my redneckness). Lauren had the presence of mind to walk back to Scotty and Ryan took Haleys hand and walked with her.

      • Good Post Ruth….The whole world needs good role models…they are scarce and far between…then there are those adults(??) with arrested developement…maybe beyond changeing…Thanks Ruth

      • Angela, I think you see the negative because it’s convenient to liberally apply negatives to someone you don’t like. Are you really being objective? I didn’t read that into Haley’s facial expression at all.

      • I really hate getting frustrate at someone called Pup because I am such a dog lover. However, ughhh….I will say it one more time. It must not just be me that saw and interpreted Haley’s reaction as negative. If you google….”Haley’s reaction to elimination”, there are dozens and dozens of articles by journalists who saw/interpreted the same exact thing. Go scan other blogs all over the web….hundreds of people are saying the same thing. NONE of these writers read my opinion. They formed their own objective opinion based on what they saw! Haley has now even come out and said, “I wasn’t mad” because it looked that way to SO MANY people. Please stop implying that I am the only one seeing this attitude in her. Her negative reaction was posted all over the web within seconds of it happening…long before I got on the the computer!

      • What journalists? Can you name them? I still say only Haley haters saw what they wanted to see and then couldn’t wait to say, “See?! She’s done it again.” She never did that to anyone to begin with. It’s how you perceive the world and people . . . snarky or not.

      • You are right Angela, but it’s worthless trying to get some people to objectively see their favorite contestant. They think she is a God or something, they see no wrong on anything she does… when there is PLENTY to see. There are several Facebook pages hating on her, created for that, but non of the other contestants face that. Her attitude was very nasty and a lot of people dislike that. Some others applaud it for some reason (I guess those who talk back to people that represent the authority and disrespect them see no problem on her horrible attitude) But, the main issue is that her voice is very annoying. So, even with the nicest attitude ever, she didn’t deserved to be in the finale over Lauren or Scotty… or many others that wrongly left before her!!!!!!!!

      • Gabriela, I don’t usually post to you because you are a nasty individual who has ALWAYS posted negatively about Haley. So your words are worthless.

        Angela, I checked online for any “journalist’s” remarks about the look on Haley’s face when Lauren’s name was announced, and there was not a single one. Now if you are talking about blogs, well I discount those as much as I discount the hate posts about her here. Not an iota of truth in what you said!

    • As a top 5 finisher, she is under contract to 19 Productions and Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records unless they free her and the contract is for 3-years.

      This is the first year that Interscope has been the record company and Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of Interscope who has also signed Pia Toscano.

      The winner is tied to a 7-yr deal.

    • Haley is gone.. She should be happy that she made this far after ending up in bottom 3 four times!!

      • Listen, Nan, I totally disagree with you, and I really don’t feel like rehashing what I know you’ve read a million times (or had the opportunity to read, anyway) before.

        I don’t bring up Haley’s name to lament or help keep the hate talk going. I didn’t like it when people did that with Pia after she was eliminated (no, not a fan). I just won’t allow snarky, fabricated or disgusting remarks about Haley (or anyone, for that matter) go unanswered.

        So if anyone is tired of me, just stop the defamatory and derogatory remarks and I’ll make myself scarce.

  3. I’m not excited about the finale, but I will say good luck to both of them 🙂

    • Can’t wait! These two have been fantastic all season. Will really miss seeing their smiling faces and great performances after next week. Best of Everything to both–they are wonderful youngsters and their parents are rightfully proud!!

  4. Of course Scotty offered Lauren her choice. He’s been nothing more than a polite country boy who has the Golden voice of a country angel.
    I pray that when I die his music is playing in my ears.

  5. Gentleman,

    I submit this to you, The American Idol voting system has been compromised. Far gone is the unbiased voter that looks at all stages of musical interest in placing their votes. The teeny bopper wave has drowned out a sensible competition.

    Too far gone are the Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Mandesa, Carly Smithson, Carrie Underwood type winners.

    I tell you that I have been informed of an American Idol vote change, and with 100% certainty, I tell you that the changed system will bring back stability to an out of control enviornment.

    It is a CRYING SHAME that Pia Toscano and James Durbin were not battling it out for the finale of this competition. These two far and away dwarved EVERYONE ELSE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You have to be a complete nincompoop not to realize that.

    Paul McDonald???? REALLY???? Your kidding right?

    I am SOOO HAPPY that this system will be controlled next year.

    I apologize, Pia and James, that you were embarassed like this. I am so glad you were as humble as you were to not go out kicking and screaming, because I sure would have.

    Scotty Mccleary had no business being in the TOP 24, let ALONE be singing in the finale.

    Lauren is amazing and I am glad she made it…but REALLY?? REALLLY????? Scotty???? *Faceplant*


    I can safetly say that our prayers have been answered…ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!

    • I highly agree with James & Pia were most likely to be in the top 2 finale but it is what it is! so moving on Scotty & Lauren are both sweet young mature teens. May the best win & may American IDOL FIX THEIR VOTING SYSTEM…I so think 50% of the voting should come from the JUDGES and the rest from America…aloha<3

      • im not so shure abought the 50% of voteing from the judges thins becouse sometime they arnt the best judge of who is better. they alwase go back home and watch it and say “oops i was wrong you missed some notes”. i do belive the judgeing has goten better this due to the new judges. but still that would not turn out well.

      • by you haley fans own opinion the judges didn’t like haley, so if its left up to the judges she would have been long gone.

    • Um. Only 2 you mentioned were “winners”. This is invaluable exposure either way. As a performer for many years, I can say there’s a lot to be said for opinion, preference, performance style. James was an amazing performer, with perhaps a slightly narrower audience (SLIGHTLY). Pia has an amazing voice, with a stiff delivery. So much plays into this that the title of “nincompoop” to other opinion isn’t really accurate.

    • Assuming you are Steve Fox who stated previously you were involved with the Fox Network, you could have inside access to that information.
      I just pray you’re right… it would save idol.

    • Good Post …until the end when you had to bash Scotty then you spoke and really spoiled the whole thing…never took you for a good kid basher

  6. I feel that she deserved to go home & she should have been gone home a long time ago!
    She has the WORST attitude in the bunch!
    When Lauren was happy that she made it, she went to hug Haley & Haley had a shocked look on her face like she couldn’t believe it! Uncalled for!
    Anyways, Scotty’s gonna win, so it really don’t matter what haley looked like!

    • It doesnt matter that Scotty Won. Pia Toscano will sell more albums than all of them combined.

      • Hahahahahaahahahahahahahaha, your way to funnny!
        in your dreams maybe but not in the real world! She only sings ballads & most people like more upbeat songs! Sorry, but Pia will not even come close to Lauren & Scotty by their self.

      • Steve, I don’t know about albums, but she WILL sell more posters!
        Got a great spot on my wall between Rita & Sophia.

    • Yes! Haley was a good singer sometimes, but she looked like a horrible person. Scott is great and I hope he wins!

    • have you ever thought that maybe hailey was shocked becouse laurend acts difrent when she is off camara i suspect her to be a snob just sayin. and she needs to put cloths on that auctually cover her i mean come on she is only 15.

  7. Gentleman,

    I submit this to you, The American Idol voting system has been compromised. Far gone is the unbiased voter that looks at all stages of musical interest in placing their votes. The teeny bopper wave has drowned out a sensible competition.

    Too far gone are the Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Mandesa, Carly Smithson, Carrie Underwood type winners.

    I tell you that I have been informed of an American Idol vote change, and with 100% certainty, I tell you that the changed system will bring back stability to an out of control enviornment.

    It is a CRYING SHAME that Pia Toscano and James Durbin were not battling it out for the finale of this competition. These two far and away dwarved EVERYONE ELSE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You have to be a complete nincompoop not to realize that.

    Paul McDonald???? REALLY???? Your kidding right?

    I am SOOO HAPPY that this system will be controlled next year.

    I apologize, Pia and James, that you were embarassed like this. I am so glad you were as humble as you were to not go out kicking and screaming, because I sure would have.

    Scotty Mccleary had no business being in the TOP 24, let ALONE be singing in the finale.

    Lauren is amazing and I am glad she made it…but REALLY?? REALLLY????? Scotty???? *Faceplant*


    I can safetly say that our prayers have been answered…ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE

      • Dirtbag if it was not for little twits like you that vote 10,000 times the competition might be fair.

      • if it wasn’t for window lickers like Dan over here, James would’ve probably been in the homecoming and Thia might have made the top 5

      • Dan…time for you to back up…you are acting your age…which doesnt add past 10. Get over it….Haley is gone…go buy her music…if AL isnt geared toward little twits like you…..they would have different people other Lady GaGa…50cents…etc

      • i’m not a little twit and neither is my husband and we voted hundreds of times for scotty.

  8. People, please join me in saying enough of the unlimited votes. It’s not reallistic and unfair. Idol just wants to say wow 95 million votes, another record! How many spoiled kids with iPhones will it take to ruin another season? Or just change the name to tweener idol.

    • Okay, so I went to Scotty’s hometown visit & guess what I saw, grandmas!
      They had on cougars for Scotty shirts & they all deff not teenyboppers!
      I rest my case..

    • i do think tweeny girls vote for scotty waay more than tolerable i mean just spending 2hrs voting, but not only teen girls vote for him I know a ton of single women voting for him and thats sad. I’d think I want Lauren to win just to see the looks on their faces when Scotty loses

  9. Did anyone else get the vibe that jlo WANTED Haley to leave?? Jlo cried at almost everyones elimination BUT haley’s and when haley sung to jlo and randy jlo had no emotion then like 5 seconds later she decided to smile

    • JLo, Randy, and Steven have probably seen even a worse side of Haley in rehearsals and interactions with everyone around than the viewers. They aren’t stupid….it is not human nature to want to make a mean person rich.

    • I myself feel they did give Haley and Scotty a hard song. I loved it when Scotty hit those high notes. I saw no tears like you said.

  10. Country fans I reckon yall should enjoy ur barn dance next week with the farm animal Lauren providing all the entertainment.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself!
      Lauren is so pretty to be only 16.
      She’s pretty on the inside as well.

      • ok yea dan your being rude. i dont like the what scotty or lauren sing but i would never bash them like that. scotty seems like a sweet kid. onw lauren i suspect to be a snob off camara but untill i have proof se is just a vary sweet happy young girl.

    • Scottyfan Grow up. Some day when you do you will realize how stupid everything you have posted on here sounds. In 10 years Lauren will weigh 400lbs and be living in a trailer.

      • So maybe dans a little harsh but lauren can’t even remember her lines. She is to young, and yes someday will be a true artist, but anyone that knows talent knows haley was a true artist. She made songs her own and owned the stage. Why watch when you know scotty is far above lauren. Lauren has no chance and with that she should not be in the finale.

      • To anyone who is responding to Dan.
        Don’t you guys/girls get it?????
        The guy is bored and addicted to attention so if you give him that attention you support his habit.

        Everyone should know his comments are meant to piss people off and they do, but just remember,”when you play in the mud, you come out dirty.”

      • You know Dan, the sad thing is that when you finally grow up you won’t realize how stupid you sounded on your posts.

      • please who ever runs this site, dan is getting way out of line. lauren is a good, sweet kid and should not be subjected to this kind of treatment.

      • You basically are a hateful person who needs to put everyone else down to make yourself feel better…for some reason. If everyone would just ignore idiots like Dan and not even reply to him, he is obviously disturbed or just angry his idol was previously voted off.
        So the writer of this column please ban people like Dan, people don’t need his ignorance.

      • Dan, no you are aggressive with destructive criticism and in no way telling the truth lauren is decent and so is haley and scotty should probably not be there, but its no reason to say lauren’s an animal because the only thing you’ve convinced us is that you’re an animal…an animal at trolling!

    • Shame on you Dan. Only a half wit woould say that about another person. Guess you guys and Gals are all jealious of the winners.Well if it were rigged,some one did a great job of fooling all of us,because I tried to vote but the lines were always busy,
      But why bash and call names.Guess it is for the lack of something nice to say. In my book they were all good,and some left far too soon.

      • Dan, I am a teacher and there is no way you have a high IQ. My 1st graders can write better than you…content and grammar. Keep lying…you are probably on the flunking list in your current grade level.

      • Ruth. Everyone has to stop responding to this guy. He is attention seeking and nothing more.

      • saying they need to stop responding to him is going to do you no good. right now this whole post is abought how rude and dumb dan is. not that is dumb.

    • Wow… It must make you feel like a real man to compare a kid to a farm animal. I reckon we will enjoy our barn dances next week. At least we will be spending our time doing that than bashing innocent teenagers who are only living out their dream. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. scotty is my pick and i think the two finalist are the ones that should be there. I am not a big country fan but i know a good singer when i hear one. Haley had to go she is good but not idol good she should have went before james thats for sure.

    • I guess you idolize fat immature and dumber than a box of rocks. Glad you got what represents you.

      • My God,…. this Rat (Dan) never stop, your comments are really suck, you said that your IQ is 142, so Donkey’s IQ should double your IQ score,…..please stop your immature and maniac comments Dick Head!!!!!!!

      • Dan it is nice to see that you finally realized the perfect description of yourself…Fat, immature and dumber than a box of rocks…yep that suits you perfectly.

    • haley could do better thing with her voice than scotty and lauren will ever even dream of. james was awsome and should still be there.

  12. I think the show should be re-named “Country Idol”. Let’s face it, having two country bumkins in the bottom two speaks volumes about the American people’s genre of music. I was sad to see much better talent eliminated over the past few weeks. However, having said that, I understand that we all have our own personal tastes, but both country?

    • You are exactly right. I guess it is a sad statement that America would idolize simple minded crap over true talent.

      • dan i wouldint go that far but i agree that all we seem to be geting on idol is country people. its sad and boreing. but i have to say steven as a judge has improved the show he speeks his mind, and has goton some really kool guests on the show.

    • lauren is really country pop. i think idol is happy with these results , they may plan to record some duets with scotty and lauren.

  13. First od all…what was he thinking…Yeah, I know it’s a sweet jesture but most people want the 2nd spot…Oh well, a gentleman is a gentleman….As for the final two…I think we have known or at least thought that Scotty woas most likely going to make it there…and then we (I) thought it would also be James, then we (I) thought it would be Haley, and now we (I) iknow it is Lauren. This thing isn’t won yet by Scotty and I do hope he does win it but I am happy for Lauren because I think she is also a great singer. I think the people using inappropriate language and saying nasty things about these two young talented people are just mnaking noise. I am going to say it again…young girls/teens have created many idols…not on AI but through the years and if it happens again…so be it. They should not be criticized….by the way…I am not a teener and I voted for Scotty….

    • Thanks CarolAnn Iam Not a teenager either by a long shot. The problem is the lack of respect…for parents…teachers..anybody…even themselves….Dan has a real problem…needs a psyc M D

      • CJ: There is no cure or treatment for stupid. Dan is beyond help of any kind.

  14. i wonder who there idols r i am so glad there the top 2 YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I DONT CARE WHO WINS NOW THERE BOTH GREAT!!!

      • that is english you see? you are just an ***hole you don’t know what you’re doing, all you do is flame others for liking the final two, you have no life for reading all the comments and replying the ones not relevant to haley, and you are an idiot i think this world would be better without you.

      • i dont care if you have a 142 average i dont care if you are the president i dont care if you’re a goddamn english teacher, but people like you drive me insane. I hate you because you are trying to bum down someone who likes Lauren and Scotty and no comment about Haley why is that? huh?

      • Why do you believe he has a high IQ? This punk is a flunky and probably has already been kicked out of school. Go get your GED loser.

      • @Dan,…..your IQ is 142….that a quite ok score for a donkey, that’s why you didn’t recognize that it is english….you d*ck head!!!!!

  15. Truly talented, wonderful kids. One will win, one will lose, and they will both be truly Happy and feel horrible for the other person! A shame they just can’t go home a tie!!

    • I agree Lynn. Seems weird replying to my own name! I like both contestants but Scotty is my favorite. I will be happy if either win. My daughter and I were jumping up and down last night we were really excited. We were really moved by Scotty and Lauren’s homecoming videos.

    • I think both are WINNERS, one will walk away with a title and the other will be a runner-up. Both of these young people are fine role models for their peers and younger teens and pre-teens. I would urge the runner Congratulation to BOTH!!

  16. Congrats to Scotty and Lauren but Im still reeling over James.I know Americans love their country and western but how about giving another type of music ago.I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the elimination show once hames was gone no interest.

    • Take comfort in knowing that James didn’t get hurt again by watching Haley go through. His fans did him a big favor by getting her out of there. And to think that she thought she would win them over with a rocker song. I went to Zepplin in the 70’s…what she did to that song should be against the law.

    • J M O. Haley seemed happy at every elimination…get rid of the competition…which is normal…she was in to win just like everybody else…

  17. After reading many comments and remarks about the contestants who are left, I hope people look at the whole picture and vote fairly. I keep hearing that American Idol wants a girl to win but in reality Scotty deserves it. Between the two left (lets forget about the ones already voted off it is over and done) Scotty has been in the top 1 or 2 since the beginning, he has been consistant, mature, professional and his character and morals set a great role model. He basically deserves to win and with all the polls out there he has by far the most votes. But as many people, I also question the voting, mostly after James, I was not a James fan, but could clearly see that he would have been in the top two with Scotty but something happened???? and I would hate to see another guys/girls dreams shattered by unfair results. Don’t get me wrong I like Lauren, she can sing, but has not been as consistant and does need to mature a bit and she seems really sweet, but the whole picture is who actually SHOULD win, based on the two left and the history of this season.

    • Fair is out the window. America has dumb and dumber left to choose from. Fair was out the window 10 weeks ago.

      • If you are that angry over AI then why bother posting and being so negative. If your idol was not chosen then accept it and move on, there is no reason to be so hateful to everyone for their opinions and their taste of music. You obviously have major anger issues.

  18. Crystal Bowersox went second last year and fat lot of good that did her. Whoever is going to win is going to win.

    • Michelle: You are correct. When it comes down to two, it really doesn’t matter who is first or last.

      • not ture look at the past winners most of the second place idols have gotten bigger than the winners.

      • scotty went first wed. and it didn’t hurt him. i think scotty has probably been the top vote getter every week.

    • She has done better than Lee DeWyze who won. Adam Lambert has done better than Kris Allen who won. The last winner with any good record and tour sales was David Cook.

      4 of the last 6 finalists have bombed.

  19. Lauren Alaina <3 deserves to win……I used to want Pia, but she got out…………I think Lauren has a better range of genres………………………Lauren Alaina <3

    • your crazy all she dose lately is country what happend to the lauren we saw at adutions? now THAT lauren deserved to win.

  20. My ears just cannot get used to that scooping low-to-high slur at the start of every phrase. Sorry Scotty but not for me. Let’s hope the girl gets the votes and the recording conract.

  21. We all knew that Scotty would make the Finale, and he deserves it. Even tho I really wanted Lauren in the Finale, I felt that Haley would be Scotty’s competition. I have NEVER really like Haley…she just did not have the heart for it…too self centered. Yes, Lauren is young, and I knew she would make a career either way. But, I am VERY happy that we will have a COUNTRY FINALE.

  22. I see no point at all in watching the finaley. Two of the most boring people in the competition singing agaist each other trying to be versatile like Haley but ultimately sounding the same in every song….yea that seems exciting

    • what i dont understand is one week the judges will say something like you need to be more diverse. then the next week they will say why haveint you found your thing yet, find your thing and stick with it. ughhhh its dumb.

  23. Interesting Fact…..I just read an article that said all the “winners” of AI have been either from the South or Midwest States…….I think Country people have too much time on their hands…….

    I would not bash the Top 2 Country Bumpkin kids because they are innocent of all this. I wish them both a wonderful career…..that being said…I will not be buying their Cds because its not my style of music…..You can bet I will buy James, Pia and Haley’s, even Casey if its jazz (he blow me away when he sang jazz and played the bass). I wonder how many Southerners will go out and purchase these two kids’ Cds!!!!! Time will tell!!!!!

    • I am not a southerner, I’m a Midwesterner…I would for sure buy Scotty’s. I don’t think I would buy any of the others. Sorry.

      • I am from the Washington state and will buy Scotty’s music. He is a gentleman and encompasses good values and has an incredible voice. I really like the way he engages the crowd. So glad to see these two in the finale!

      • The only winner not from the south is Lee DeWyze and you can see where that’s gotten us. JMO Music plays a bigger part in southern lives from infancy on than it does in places like Boston, NYC, etc. And southern kids have far less exposure to rap and hip hop leaving them with a broader musical palette. Blues, blue grass, Gospel and jazz are everywhere down south.

      • I don’t think it is very nice picking on STATES! People in the SOUTH work very hard. Lot’s of farmers who grow the food we eat.Also in the midwest a lot of hard working AMERICANS who have seen their jobs go over seas. It is not nice to call Southerner’s country bumpkins!! Just what the hell is a country Bumpkin anyway? This year had tons of talent on the show and I think we should show respect to ALL OF THEM!!That is the best saying I have ever heard! Do not judge another person until you have walked at least a mile in their shoes!! AGREE WITH CJ!!

    • Yeah..they gro food for you to eat..raise meat for you to eat…raise chickens for eggs for you to eat….pigs for bacon for you to eat//while you sit..smoke…have a drink…dye you hair…have your nails done…slap on the jewelry and I would evaluate a age of about 60…so dont bash country people until you walk in their shoes

    • You had to insert Bumpkin…as an older would think you would not beat up on kids… have no style…..

  24. I’m not really a country fan. Can’t deny the great ones- twitty, Hank Williams etc. I’m a rocker and loved James. But, Scotty has grown on me, he’s a good guy and I’d hang out with him.
    Hey ,I’m proud to be an okie from muskogie.

    • Good for you Raul..I feel Scotty would like you also….you are a good person…no bashing country as many many others. Thank you

    • I remember years ago voting once. I think it was for Clay Aiken after he sang Bridge Over Troubled Water. I was all excited to cast my vote because I thought he sang it so well. How naive I was back then!! I really thought everyone was just voting once for who they liked. It never even occurred to me to vote more than once, or that anyone else would vote more than once. Haha!

  25. If anyone would have told me 4 weeks ago, that Lauren deserved to be in the top two, I would have thought they were crazy. But, over the course of the last two weeks she has shown herself to be a very good singer. I still think she is a fairly BORING performer. But, the girl has shown she has a good voice. I think Haley brings out the passion of a song with what many country music fans call “growling”. And I think she is a far more entertaining performer than Lauren. But, on voice alone, Lauren deserves to be were she is.

    • I have *always* said that Lauren has a very very good voice and is almost always on key – no real pitch issues. Her “country twang” is cute and fun and not overdone.

      I don’t need to buy her album – wife will…

      • listen to her duet with haley again lauren really kills it. so much better than haley.

    • As I recalled, while absolutely gorgeous, Carrie was very insecure & nervous in her performances on idol. How pleasant it was to discover she had a great voice. This is similar to Lauren’s situation today.
      I read it took Carrie about a year to find herself & develop.
      Perhaps it while also that Lauren awhile. Let’s see.

  26. I like them both,Scotty is truly a country gentleman and Lauren a real sweetheart and they both can sing!!I just hope they sing I Told You So,one more time. Good Luck to both of them!

  27. Just as you don’t like Scotty’ s voice, many others didn’t care for James or Haley’s. It all comes down to personal preference. I don’t understand all the anger because there are two countrty singers in the finale, would there be a problem if it were two rockers?

    • @Marsha.. The reason why some people are pissed that there is 2 country singers is because the only reason why there are 2 country singers is because millions of little girls are voting for them millions time each. If scotty and lauren would have made the top 2 fair and square I wouldn’t be pissed but scotty and lauren only made top 2 over their large little kid fan base. When we got to see them going back home on wendsday there were MILLIONS of kids cheering on scotty and I am quite sure they were only cheering him on cause he’s “cute”, “hot”, “charming”, and by Kris Allen, Lee Deewyze, and Scotty being the next 3 winners proves that’s why guys win

      • How did you know teenagers had voted for them? Was it the fact or based on speculations? And if you said you saw lots of teenage girls on their hometown visits and I would say I saw the same on Haley’s too. And no, I am not a teenager!

      • Not so…I vote many times…I’m a 45y/o rocker and Scotty’s been my favorite since the beginning. He has a genuine quality about him, an honest humor AND I enjoy his singing. But if it makes you feel better to think he only gets the tween votes…good on ya.

      • How do you know it is only little girls that vote for Lauren and Scotty? I have three kids older than they are and I’ve voted numerous times for both of them

      • I think it’s a mix between the very young, teens, and 40+ yrs. Also easily influenced and highly impressionable people who was sold through all the pimping.
        I love Lauren’s voice. I think Scotty is a wonderful human being. They remind me of a few others who are already famous…I guess that’s a good thing? To most people, I guess.

      • again i say its not just kids voting for scotty and lauren. when will all you get it?

      • How do you know it is just little kid fan base? Nevermind, that is a rhetorical question. The truth is you don’t….. you just think you know. HOWEVER, even if it is…… is there an age requirement to vote for your favorite on AI? Just mean, bitter whiners!

    • @Marsha.. The reason why some people are pissed that there is 2 country singers is because the only reason why there are 2 country singers is because millions of little girls are voting for them millions time each. If scotty and lauren would have made the top 2 fair and square I wouldn’t be pissed but scotty and lauren only made top 2 over their large little kid fan base. When we got to see them going back home on wendsday there were MILLIONS of kids cheering on scotty and I am quite sure they were only cheering him on cause he’s “cute”, “hot”, “charming”, and by Kris Allen, Lee Deewyze, and Scotty being the next 3 winners proves that’s why guys win

      • Got a news flash for you! I’m a grandmother over 60 and have voted numerous votes for Scotty since the beginning of the season. I have friends that have done the same. Would disagree that all of Scotty and Lauren’s votes have come from the young.

      • To quilter. Who votes is not the point. Its the number of votes allowed. And the fact that tweeners shouldn’t be voting at all.

      • me too – I am a grandmom and have voted for Scotty from the 1st – always gave a couple to Lauren – I am delighted with the finalists

      • I am also a grandmother over 60. I have voted for Scotty because he has a great voice and is a great role model for today’s youth. I can only hope my own grandsons will embrace the same values. Tweens are not the only people voting for this talented young singer.

      • Teenagers and grandmoms then. Scotty does have that aww-shucks vibe. Hahaha. 😉

      • amber: Jimmy said it Wednesday night… “The country vote is strong”. People of all ages love & buy country music.

    • If the voting system was fair, pia and haley would be singing it out for #1 spot.

      • If it only allowed one vote, Haley would not have made the top 10 because her fans wanted to keep her in, they voted 2 straight hrs for her and even if it were fair, pia had no dedicated voters

      • How the heck do you know Cali??? Haha, you don’t know the number of voters, no one does.

  28. I feel so sorry about the season. To be honest, Scotty and Lauren are not really the 2 best contestants of the season. James, Pia & Haley are by far better vocalists and performers. But since the mechanics of the show is getting more and more misunderstood by the voters, we finally got the funniest finale ever.

    • I was a big Pia fan but I still felt that actually Lauren had the better voice in my opinion. She was just hiding it for a few weeks for some reason.

      • In a singing competition, why would anyone ‘hide their voice for a few weeks’?
        That may be the most senseless statement of the note.

    • Even though I like Scotty, I agree with your assessment of the 5 mentioned. I am surprised performance quality counted for so little in the end, especially since one reason people thought Pia went off was weak performance skills. A lot of what has happened has left me puzzled.

      • I’m glad it has come down to Lauren & Scotty. They seem to be the 2 that have the largest fan base. Anyone can and on line you can vote up to 50 times, which I did every Wednesday night and then I called at least 50 times…toll free/no charge. At first I divided my votes up. I really liked Pia and I voted for her, Lauren, Scotty, James and Jacob. I really like the way each of them sing. But, they all sing differently. I like Celine Dion so I liked Pia, but, the fans apparently don’t like the Pia/Celine type singing so they didn’t vote and she was eliminated. I never liked Haley’s singing until a few weeks back. She grew on me. If Haley had been able to sing from the beginning like she did at the end she would be in the top 2 ahead of Scotty and Lauren. People it all comes down to the vote. I’m 63 years old and I’ve never watch American Idol until this year amd I got to see a lot of very talented young men and women. I hated it everytime someone was eliminated. But, look at it like this, the top 11 will go on tour this summer. There will be lots of scouts and producers and record companies out there. Even if they didn’t win Idol, if there is someone out there that thinks they can sell records, they will be snatched up. If they don’t get snatched up maybe the fans weren’t wrong voting them off. It’s all about you liking someone enough to buy their records and voting so they can make records to buy.

      • Pia was the best of the best……..She had everything, pose, beauty and a great voice……..
        Lauren has a great voice for only being 16…..WOW, she will be awesome as she gets older……
        Scotty has a different voice for a guy his age…..and I guess the tweeners kept him in it to win it….;-)
        Good luck to both…….

      • Nice post Gene. Pay no attention to crybaby Dan!

        What does Gene’s age have to do with anything?
        What’s the matter? Your IQ is too low to know how to vote on the computer? You may have not lost the contest personally, but you are the biggest sore loser for Haley losing! That and you appear to be just a loser! Do yourself a favor and get some class!

  29. I really think that Scotty should win it. He has a beautiful voice. Scotty is MY hottie!

  30. what would have better ratings

    Scotty vs Lauren


    Haley vs James

    I think we all know that answer. It is really a shame that there are apps that were allowing people to place 11k votes per hour! with the single press of a button!!!!! What a joke. Makes me sick!!!! This is the worst voting system I have ever seen. I hate how children have ruined this show. If I wanted to watch 2 kids battle I would watch GLEE!!!!!

    • Maybe between the two brilliant finalists they can produce some life changing mentally stimulating lyrics like If the truck is a rockin dont come a knockin or I was drunk the day my momma got outa prison. I guess Ameica is stuck on stupid.

      • I take it you don’t like country music. Well I’m not a heavy metal fan either but I liked some of the songs James sang. He was better at the beginning of the season than he was closer to the end. I even voted for him sometimes. Lauren is a country/pop singer. She can sing anything. She just prefers country. Like James preferred metal and Haley jazz/blues. To each his own. You listen to how they come across not what type music they sing. Lauren in everyday life is just what you see on TV. She doesn’t hold back. She’s the real deal as I think Scotty is. They are both talented young singers. Did you have that much talent when you were 16 or 17 or are you younger than that?

      • I guess America is stuck on stupid.And i’m one of those stupid people.I will proudly say I voted for Scotty and Lauren every week.And i’m not one of those stupid little girls either.I just know a good voice when I hear one!!

      • I was thinking more along the lines of “Where were you when the world stopped turning” or “You can spend your life building something out of nothing and one storm can come and blow it all away” ……… you ought to come down South sometimes….. we are not as backwards as we used to be.

    • That is what I thought – it would have been insame having Haley x James – both going over the top, it would have been a magnificent show – real singers with tons of range… If the show producers are smart, they will bring these folks back for a grand finale, as special guests… only this way, they will get the ratings they are hoping for…

    • The ratings would have been much higher next week if Haley or James would have made it to the finale. Both singers put on a show and they took chances. I love Lauren and Scotty. They sing great. However, they could sing Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (s) for the finale and it wouldn’t matter. Haley took big risks and the judges called her on it. If she played it safe she might be in the final. I loved watching her work the stage. In the beginning she couldn’t move well to the music (like Pia, who just did small squats as she sang) by the end of the competition she flowed and moved well with the music(except for the fall). I figured Scotty would win the whole thing anyway, but now it will be a ho hum final. This finale will lead to a change in they way Idol votes. I guarantee it.

      • I hope they change the voting system and also they should make it mandatory that all contestants sing all genres – there is a specific country channel with a specific singing contest for country artists – AI is for general music, more like pop songs we hear on a regular radio kind of deal. There is also a Latin American idol for Spanish speaking singers, like that adorable Karen we had in the top 12 that should not be there singing Spanish – this is not the right venue. Next year, it should not be allowed to stick to only one singing style – the winner would have to have a range and be successful and any type of music…

      • the ratings will be high . if they are not it won’t because of who is in the finals, it will be on account of them changeing the night to tues.

    • It is not who votes nor how many times they vote, it is technology that has allowed the way the voting can be manipulated and the way the voting is set up by American Idol. Many of the reality shows don’t let the public completely control the voting until close to the end of the season. I don’t see why Idol doesn’t use the same system as So You Think You Can Dance. Nigel is involved with both of the shows. In the dance show, the bottom three “dance for their life” and the judges choose who is eliminated. The one “safe” vote which was highly questioned on Idol this season could be eliminated. We would get to see more of the contestants singing and less of the meaningless filler that waters down the show. I agree that the multi-voting is ruining the show. Just the fact that many of us are mentioning this shows that we care. When enough viewers feel their votes don’t mean anything unless they vote 100 times, the show will end. As we well know, the number of votes is not a valid indicator of how many people actually watch the show.

      • Whatever voting system is used, the results will never please all. The human element will always be questionable. The judges on Dancing with the Stars have kept Kristi Alley in the contest, or maybe it’s Max. Referees have the ability to determine the outcome of a football game. You can’t judge a singer in the same way you can an Olympic swimmer. So quit whining. The finalist for AI are set. I will be watching and I will be voting for Scotty. If you don’t care about the outcome, do us all a favor, and watch something else.

      • Chis, Mimi–I’m not crying or whining. That doesn’t solve anything. I am JS that there are other solutions to AI voting that might be a little more fair than the way it’s done now. I agree that nothing ever pleases everyone, and I do care about the outcome. I would have watched the final no matter which of the final 3 were in it. This comment was meant for reality contests, not sports competition.

  31. I pray and hope that Scotty wins, when Elvis died years ago, my Dad was crying…But now, we have a new Elvis, better and more modern, Scotty! He is great, true talent, does not have to scream while singing like his opponent Alaina…Please let this big silly chic go home…I cannot stand her! I do not understand why JLo loves her soo much. Yes, judges opinion counts, if they hate a candidate like Haley, or puppy love like Loren. Not fair and not right!!! Lots of Poole did not like Simon Cowell, but at least he was fair!

    • With all due respect, Scotty is nothing like Elvis in any way. They are both southern boys and churchgoers. That’s where it all comes to a screeching halt. Elvis was a baritone with a phenomenal range. Scotty is a bass with not much range. Elvis had natural rhythm and smooth moves. Scotty is awkward and jerky on stage. Don’t get me wrong, Scotty has a lot of potential. But, he’s no Elvis. Not even close.

      • Templar my 21 year old daughter has said the same thing about Scotty. She has been an Elvis fan since middle school, she told me she dont like country music much but she loves to hear Scotty sing

      • You’re mistaken. Scotty has almost much range as Elvis, 2.5 octaves, the only finalist who may have had better range was Jacob. Scotty also has good breadth he can do pop and rock and roll and country I’m sure. He just finds the challenge of country music more intriguing. Elvis spent a lot of time honing those moves because he got audience reaction to them. A lot of Elvis’ rhythm came from the R&B he was fusing into country music, take a look at how easily he moved while doing That’s Alright (and he had to avoid doing Elvis like stuff lest he be taken for an impersonator). I think he could do something similar by fuzing a Norteño sound into country. The closest I’ve seen of that is Johnny Karas take of the country song “That’s What I Get for Loving You” which is Slavonic rather than Norteño. I don’t think anyone is going to take that risk as a contestant but putting that sound into coutry music would bring out the Happy Feet feeling.

      • JMR…agreed…you are so right…I just wish he would let loose…so them his naughty side…if he has one!!! LOL

    • I’m sorry but your post is just too funny. Scotty is like Elvis? On what planet would this be. Templar pointed out the differences very nicely.
      Next..Calling Lauren a “big silly chic” is just out and out rude and not called for.
      Shall we all stoop to out and out nasty insults again. I’m sure there’s a lot of smart ass remarks we could make about Scotty.

    • Ummm when did Lauren ever scream she has never screamed in her peformances

    • Scotty, at best, is a poor mans Josh Turner without the upper range of Josh. If you think Scotty is remotely anyway close to Elvis let alone better than him, then I want some of whatever it is your are smoking.

      Elvis was not only a great singer, he was a showman like few others we have seen and I grew up in the Elvis era.

      As for your comments about Lauren, we have just gone through a character assassination of Haley from classless Scotty fans like you and now you are starting on Lauren.

      Scotty has potential but, right now, it is limited. Lauren has far more potential because she can sing a much broader range of music.

      Where is Poole by the way and how do you know the folk from Poole didn’t like Simon?

      • when have u heard josh use an upper range? find it for me and i will

    • Oh please, Scotty may have a unique baritone voice and whatnot but he is no Elvis! :p

  32. Oh no, a country music finale. I am not into country music, so farewell American Idol 2011. Not going to watch the finale.

  33. Why bother? When Alfred.E.Newman and Miss Piggy are considered better singers than a girl who sings Zeppelin better than Zeppelin then you know that the American Idol voting process make the Libyan elections look fair.

    • I can’t believe they allow name calling on this blog! Wonder what people call you behind your back? I wish people would get over it. Your favorite got voted off!!! No need for name calling.

      • Doesn’t this blog have a MODERATOR!!!!!!
        Any other blog/list that person would be thrown off.
        What is “civil” according to the Rules.

      • Honestly, Gene, on this forum there is no back talk. It’s all up front, no punches pulled & in your face.
        Lucky for you, most of the bottom-feeders are currently on the other article giving Haley hell.

    • Come one, that’s plain rude…no reason for name calling. They are just kids…they had no control over the voting.

    • I will say the same to you as I have to others on here. The character assassination and name calling of the contestants that has gone on this year is disgusting and despicable and needs to stop.

      It says more about the poster than it does about the young people who are trying to make their way in the music industry.

      So Ian from Sydney – Get a woolly dog up ya!!

  34. Thanks to American Idol, May 19,2011 will go down in history as the day the “music died.” You can’t be serious! Scotty McCreery..the “one trick pony “with a frog in his throat, is the next American Idol? For shame! But,it was inevitable. Anyone who intones the name of Jesus and kisses his neck cross was sure to get a huge block of “christian votes”. For sure, the black brothers do this quite often but God knows..they’ve suffered. Inevitable too, that when Simom Cowell left American Idol, the show went into a slow decline. But, to hit “rock bottom”? How sad. This whole season was like “going to hell in a handbasket”. I, for one, am “opting out.” Just might have snuffed out America’s creative,musical light for awhile…but it won’t be forever.

    • As a Christian, this is one of the most offensive comments I have read.
      I am sure your absence on watching American Idol will not be missed.

      • Oh,really? As a fundamental christian, I most heartily disagree with you. As to whether I’ll be missed or not..that is between me and MY God.’ve got some “insider” information I don’t know about. Or perhaps,like your’s the “inside track”? If so..tell us,please! Until then,I shall continue to exercise my good judgment and impeccable good taste.

      • Judy Trussell: I vote you won’t be missed. Don’t go away mad, Just GO AWAY!!!

      • Bunny…truth be told, I’m not an avid Idol fan. Never have been. But, in the best AI tradition(no appology to Ryan Seacrest)I will, now, cast my very first vote. “Bunny..on this fine day in May..I most happily vote you off..way off! And,just to play fair and in the best American tradition(unlike those 20 and 30 timers) I promise to make this my one and only vote.

    • I not only voted for Scotty because he is a Christian, I also voted for him because he can sing.

  35. Dan: You are such a hater. I have never heard a person with an IQ of 142 say such stupid things. You don’t know Lauren and you certainly don’t know what weight she will be or where she will be living in the future. Those comments were so inappropriate it just makes my blood boil. You should listen to another country song – “Mean” by Taylor Swift because it’s talking about you.

    • I am sorry honesty is too cruel for you but you call it stupidity. Well Einstein Barb mark it down in your journal because someone with an IQ of 142 did say those things. Let me guess you are also fat if you are offended by what I said.

    • lauren is not overweight, its just the stupid dresses they put her in that makes it look like she is heavy. take another look at her in the duet with haley, lauren looks great.

  36. I guess American Idol did not get the memo that Hee Haw was cancelled for good reason years ago. I will not watch the finale and I cannot imagine the advertisers being too happy that their target audience is now 10 year old girls living in trailer parks.

    • Dan I think you are being very harsh indeed. I saw Lauren’s return home and many of those girls were at least 12.

      • Ian you are right JJ my IQ is accurate I am not sore nor did I lose anything. America did putting a fat talentless pig in the running to be an idol to anyone is a joke.

      • Dan you should be ashamed of yourself, Lauren is a beautiful young woman. She has done nothing wrong, all she has done is go after her dream just like everyone else on the show. You have no right talking about someones daughter that way. You have a big problem and its not Lauren. Grow up and stop showing the world how stupid you really should be banned from blogging. You have nothing to contribute all you do is sprew uglyness. Get out of your momma’s basement, go on a diet (we all know your fat pig you are so obessed with saying the world fat) and get a real life.

      • Dan: I’m going to feed you just this once… Keep on doing what you are doing (calling Lauren names, etc…). Because it will just make people want to vote for her more & more. So I applaud your efforts at helping Lauren to win. BRAVO!

    • @Dan
      You are the worst sore loser here. I do not believe you have an IQ of 142….You don’t even appear to have an IQ of 2, but you do act the age of 2. You appear to be a cranky little toddler who is in need of a diaper change!

  37. Dan – I am so glad you are not watching the finale because that means you won’t be making anymore stupid comments about the contestents or show. I really feel sorry for you having to live with yourself.

    • Barb: Don’t let the special needs kid bother you. He can count the toothpicks in the box, but the most fundamental courtesies are beyond him. He can’t help it. Imagine being that smart and still having to ride the short bus.

      • Good luck seeking me out because I won’t be on here. I was just messing with you. Meant what I said and you deserve even more but you’re just not worth my time or effort.

    • Templar such silly posts coming from a complete window licker like you. I would challenge you mentally or physically little punk.

  38. Looking at the picture at the top of the page makes me think that if we coloured in Scotty’s face green it would be a dead ringer for Miss Piggy hugging Kermit the Frog.

  39. I never honestly thought I’d be glad that American Idol will be ending next week. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve been on a few blogs in my life, but I have NEVER, EVER, encountered such vindictive, NASTY, disrespectful, heartless, immature, mean spirited, ignorant, pieces of trash like I have encountered on THIS site. Not even on American Idol dot com…though there’s some real gems over there, too, but NOTHING like the gremlins on this site. Some of you people should have muzzles fitted to your heads. You’re a bunch of delusional hypocrits that I’m really happy I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person. Some of you have spoken of Karma, well, I feel certain that your black heart has put you in the receiving end and some will soon be coming your way. To the select few (and you know who you are, and no, whoever you like is not a criteria) you are the only reason I came on here, and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with all of you, and reading what you wrote. Intelligent, respectful, easy-going…just really awesome people. That is to the ones who regardless of who you liked or didn’t like, NEVER said negative bs about the other contestants. I felt like 99% of my time on here was spent defending contestants, yes, mostly Haley, because her haters were really bottom of the barrel scum, but also Lauren (who is not fat and sings beautifully), Scotty (who is only 17!), James (who has not one, but TWO terrible handicaps), and many more…that is all WASTED time, because most of you won’t ever change, and probably don’t even want to change. (But Haley has the attitude problem.)
    So congratulations, to all you rude and just plain awful human-beings…for bringing out the very worst in me. I WILL watch the finale, I WILL vote for Lauren despite the fact that Haley is gone, and I will also be watching next year unless I don’t really love any of them. I will never come on this site during another season again. For all of you bad seeds who are children, teens, young adults, I hope you learn better, I hope you become better, and for all you ‘adult’ “_____” haters…you should know better.
    Later, gators.

    • You are far to nice a person to survive in the modern world. I was nice once and it got me nowhere. Now I am a spiteful, vindictive, vicious, nasty low-life and I am prospering as a result. I am also extremely cruel to animals and am growing to like the taste of human flesh. Do you think I might have a problem?

      • No, I’m sure you’re just the norm. In this world you almost have to be to survive. I, on the other hand, am involved in various animal rescues, work for one of the top charities in the world, and get myself into hot water whenever I see someone is being poorly treated in any way. This is why I am very quiet, and stick to myself. My friends are people who I’ve known for 16-17 years, since I was 9-10. I don’t trust people easily, and I’m an observer more than anything. This leads people to the conclusion that I am “stuck up” because god was so kind as to bless me with decent looks, an above average IQ, and I like to get to know people before I let them in my life. People are so quick to judge someone, and then try to tear them apart…why would I want to be any different? This is why I never had a problem with how Haley carried herself. As soon as I seen how she acted towards the people she knew well and cared about…I knew what people were saying was dead wrong. She would die for her family, and what more do you need to know about a person’s character?

    • P.S. I apologize to all the good people who had to read some of the terrible things I was goaded into saying. Muah! May life bring you all every happiness! And for those of you who love Scotty and who love Lauren…maybe the best one win! 🙂

      • Angela James, I really had high hopes for you, since we are of similar moral making…but I see you have reverted to your old ways. *sigh* Oh well, at least I really really tried to like you.

      • Devin, I was trying to see your way and look at Haley differently. I even closed my eyes when I heard her sing Wednesday night to be objective. However, I got hit in the face with that nasty look of hers the second Lauren’s name was called. Then she just stood there and didn’t even turn to look at or hug Lauren. You have not seen all 10 seasons. I have seen every elimination of every season (what is that 120 eliminations?) I have never seen such a cold reaction. In season 1, Justin wanted it so badly against Kelly Clarkson. But when they named Kelly the winner, he held her arm up like a boxing champ and gave her a big hug. Truly Devin, I couldn’t believe she did it again. I would have hoped that reading these blogs or some coaching as to the proper thing to do in the event her name wasn’t called would have made a difference. I knew at that moment that I had been right about her lack of character all along. I tried but she did it AGAIN, despite what is being said about her! Good luck Devin and to your mom too.

      • Devin, I never once told anyone who didn’t agree with me to shut up. I never threatened their lives if they disagreed with me. I never called any of the Haley fans names. The Haley fans have done all of that to me and to others who did not like her. I can go out feeling that I spoke about something that Haley showed dozens of times on national TV, including last night. I also believe it will come out later what it was like being with Haley. It won’t be pretty.

      • Alright, well, I guess we will see. Even if you’re right…(which you’re not, I’ve noticed your double standards for Haley vs. everyone else already), it’s Haley’s music I care about. Not if she was a cheerleader or the popular girl in high school.

      • Okay, to your first comment Angela…how is it that Haley is an awful person for ‘smiling’ when Pia was eliminated…(while Pia was crying, not congratulating whoever was safe out of the bottom 2), and yet when Haley gets eliminated and Lauren is jumping, screaming, laughing, and celebrating right in front of her face, and Haley makes a slightly shocked, sad, and disappointed face for all of what…? Maybe two seconds. Recovers, has a huge smile on her face, and goofs off in her exit song, then congratulates the top 2. Do you not see your double standards and that your opinion is biased? You’re a smart woman, think about it. You have never given Haley a fair chance since Pia was eliminated, but it wasn’t Haley’s fault. It was a fluke, straight up. Pia should have been in the top 5 instead of Jacob, but the fates had something better for her and got her out so she could receive it…you should be happy for her, not angry with Haley for something she didn’t do. Haley is not your enemy, or anyone else’s for that matter.

    • Devin,”The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and things for Haley have not ended.

      I, like you, love Haley and wanted her to win, but, obviously that was not to be. “It’s what IS, and what Should never be.”

      My heart has been breaking and my eyes tearing up all day today over this. I keep telling myself, “Its just a singing contest, she’s not dead, for heavens sake!” but friends at work could see the disappointment and depression in my eyes. 🙁 Perhaps I was too vested and took the loss harder than Haley herself.(I don’t know, just say n)’

      I am not, however, surprised by the feeding frenzy over Haley loss though, thats what scornful sharks and hateful hyenas do, it’s who they are, its in their nature. They have no empathy or heart at the hurt of others and feel better over the loss of another. I, for one have enjoyed your posts, they’ve been informative and insightful, and sometimes funny. 🙂

      “Haley has Heart” and I look forward to hearing from her again, I hope you feel the same. 🙂

      “Still Hooked on Haley” 😛

      • Of course I’m still hooked on Haley! I’ve seen something in her that awed me…moved me. And I’ve realized that I don’t care if other people see it or not, I don’t care if everybody loves her or not. She’s MY Idol, and YOUR Idol…she’s her fans Idol even if she didn’t win. I do care when they disrespect her, or any other person who has put themselves out there, and performed for us, shared their gifts with us…we should be grateful. Or at the very least respect the ones we’re not fond of enough not to bully them. Especially considering not even one of the top 3 is allowed to drink yet! I’ve taken Haley’s elimination really well, I still turn on her playlist on youtube while I’m hanging around the house the 2-3 hours a day I’m not working like a dog…haha. She will be successful…I don’t think she’ll be too mainstream, but I think the people who like more edgy music will support her all the way. Maybe like Joss Stone, or even Adele if she plays her cards right. I’m not grieving, but I know I made the exact same face as her when she got eliminated. My jaw dropped open, because she pushed herself so hard the night before…she worked so hard. She recovered almost instantly, even with Lauren jumping around celebrating right in front of her face. But that’s neither here nor there. She’s gone, but not forgotten, and we have two kids left. She’s a musician and an artist, not a dancing monkey. AI is not a talent show, it’s a personality contest. I’ve always kind of felt that Haley was too good to be on Idol, just because of the lack of maturity of most of the audience, and people judging her on what they think she’s like as a person and not her talent…I mean, come ON. MJ was a child molester, if you wanna talk about what signifies as a bad person, I can tell you…and Haley was not a bad person. But that’s neither here nor there. She’s gone, but not forgotten, and we still have two kids left.
        Hooked on Haley!

      • DB, Once again… beautifully written.

        About that being too vested:
        I, like you, was at a loss. To describe my feelings, it was like O lost something very dear to me.
        I couldn’t think, let alone post after the announcement. I cried as the show signed off.
        There are others of us who have yet to post, perhaps STILL grieving.
        But then I realized like you that she hadn’t die & I will get to see her again this summer with the Tour.

        Lastly, I would MUCH rather be emotionally invested… than bankrupt!

      • Well said you two! I too would MUCH rather be emotionally invested… than bankrupt! How fitting!

    • Devin: I’m proud to call you one of my posting buddies. And I am always interested in your point of view. You forgave me once when I misbehaved & that tells me that you have a big heart.

      GO LAUREN!!!

      • Of course! I have misbehaved, too. We’re only human, and we get really attached to our Idols…I understand when people in the heat of the moment get a little out of line. It’s the people who’s sole purpose is to calmy and repetitively bash one single contestant, and never even praise their own favorite! Haha. You are a good posting buddy, Bunny.

  40. I sure hope none of you are parents. Reguardless who is up there it’s just a TV show. Nobody is promised to win. That is why we vote. Half of you that is mad I’m sure didn’t even vote just come on here to talk bad about the ones that are winning. Remember these to are kids and if any of you complaining knew what you where talking about would be on the show… What’s wrong did you not make it. Support the ones that did or leave your comments to yourself. Good Luck to the both of you may the best person win…

    • Well said! Let’s take an example from these young kids that geniu
      niunely seem to care what happens to the other contestants

  41. Lauren will not win. Scotty will not win. There will be no finale!

    Haven’t you all heard? Judgement Day is tomorrow and once all the saints have been spirited out of here in the rapture, the rest of us will be tormented by a merciful and loving god for 5 months. Then he will nuke us all into oblivion with a consuming fire! For all the details (and endless pages of comedic – yet psychotic – religious ranting and raving) see!

    • Harold Camping, (The guy who’s set a date for the “catching away” of the “true” believers, and the “beginning of the end” for all the rest) DOES NOT represent normal, main-stream Christianity, its faith and/or values.

      It’s like someone yelling, “Fire” in a theater, then announcing,”By the way, my name is(insert your name here.)”

      I would encourage you to read 2Thessalonians 2:1-12 and or Mark 13:32 “Let not your heart be troubled” 🙂

      • roflmao at templar!!!! i can honestly say you have made me laugh the most and hardest of anyone on here.

      • I give up! 12/21/2012 was supposed to be it. Jesus said one thing. John wrote something different, again.
        Then Nostradamus says another thing.
        Now I find out on this forum, of all places, it’s tomarrow!?
        I better find my suitcase. Do we know what time?

        Looks like I won’t be getting that poster of Pia. Wait a minute… I might get to spend the rest of eternity with her?
        Well… atleast I got a 50/50 chance, right? Amen.

      • Fatboy, you guys had me crying a minute ago with the post above, then I run across you and Templar, now I cant stop laughing! 😛

        Really, just what I needed! You guys are great, I’m glad to have met you. 🙂

        “So Hooked it Hurts” 🙂

      • Yes, DB… we have a great little group of Haley supporters, don’t we? Thought I ‘m most certain some would call us ‘special’.
        That’s okay… so is our Haley.

  42. I am not mad that Scotty and Lauren are the final two, I am just mad for the ways they got there. I feel like they both have been doing the same thing since day one and they both had basically an easy ride to the final two. My ideal american idol winner would be someone who try’s new things, sings risky songs, isn’t afraid to step out of the box, and who sounds good when they sing and puts on a show! Haley was all of those things. Scotty and Lauren wouldn’t be there if the voting was changed I am almost 100% sure of that.. The only reason why Scotty and Lauren are still in is because a bunch of kids vote for them hundreds of times. Thats exactly why america makes people 18 and older only vote for the president because then we would have Ronald Mcdonald or Barney as our president. The voting needs to be changed A.S.A.P or American Idol will never have a REAL deserving winner.. Scotty will win(which he shouldn’t)..

    • This is truly a stupid analogy. Scotty and Lauren are in the final because the American voters put them there. How do you know theirvotes were mostly from kids. As to who votes for President, we certainly need a better informed and educated voter in that category.

  43. and for the people that ask me “how do I kno kids vote for scotty and lauren?” is because wendsday night when they showed their going home tapes scotty and lauren both had millions of kids screaming their names about to faint.. and if kids don’t vote for scotty and lauren they both still don’t deserve to be in the top 2 especially with all the other crazy talent this season gone to waste!

  44. I am very happy with the top 2 they are both amazing at what they do I always wanted Scotty to win from the begginging and I still do want him to win but now I also want Lauren to win so whoever wins I will be happy so I will wait and see what the peformancesare like one tuesday to see who I want to win

  45. I’m wondering if anybody knows how it goes as far as being able to release albums post AI. Such as, with James and Haley, or whoever the runner up is verses the winner. I read an article where Haley talked about plans for an album, she talked highly of the judges, and spoke very good of both Lauren and Scotty. She even mentioned the younger audience and that it should be a great finale. I also read an article about James getting a band together.

    • I saw James on a TV interview while getting my oil changed. He said his best friend will be his lead guitarist and he is going back to heavy metal. I thought there was some rule that the idol winner got to put out the first album before the other contestants. maybe the other contestants had to agree to that before going on AI? Or maybe that was an old rule. I’m getting the 10 seasons mixed up at this point.

      • Cool, I would listen to it. I’m not into heavy metal as much as I’m in rock. Good for James. I thought they were under contracts with AI for certain length of time. I think they waved the winner first option because of Pia.

      • I will buy Pia’s, James’s, Scotty’s, and Lauren’s first ones to see if I like it. I just hope James doesn’t go too heavy. I am a 70’s girl and always loved rock. As a straight “A” student, I was at AC/DC, KISS (yes, KISS!), Van Halen, Boston, Eagles, Foreigner, Foghat, Styx, Queen, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and many more concerts. However, I have never been to a metal concert and don’t own any CDs. It is just an unknown genre to me. Besides, their images and pictures sometime scare the tar out of me. (And that says alot since I am a horror movie fan!)

  46. Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, American Idol Net, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content. By your own rules…You need to remove Dan from your blog. He should ashamed of all the nasty things he has said about Lauren and Scotty.

  47. There is no way that Lauren is a better overall performer than Haley and Scotty bores me to tears. I was floored when the judges raved about Lauren’s version of Unchained Melody which was weakly sung and often off key and Scotty sounds the same in every song. The sad thing is that I tried for half hour one night and 15 minutes another just to place one vote but couldn’t get through. The voting system needs to be changed so little girls with crushes (ie Elle Fanning and her little sister) can’t outvote quality singers. Haley, Pia, James, Jacob are so much better than the final two. I will not be watching the finale.

    • Susie, Please see #7 on this page (my first reply on the voting system) as a suggestion to let the viewers vote but let the final decision up to the judges on which contestant to eliminate up to the final 3. Each week up to the Top 3, the bottom three would have a chance to defend themselves by singing one song for “their life.” There may be other better options, but ignoring this problem is not one of them. A one-time only save like we had this year is not an option, either. We all saw that it did not work well.

  48. To comment in regards to voting issues that was mentioned on first page. I feel that some of the younger folks have an advantage because they are the masters of texting with or without any special programs. I text some, but I’m not very good at it like my daughters are. I do feel AI has a younger audience as the majority as far as excessive votes go, just saying. I vote on line.

  49. As a side note….

    For all of those people who called Pia boring, I won tickets to the Josh Groban show on a radio show contest. (Stuck in traffic one day and just called in after a certain song). He is a real class act. He did not jump around the stage. He stood there and belted out one song after the other to a completely captivated audience. There were 15,000 people there on a weeknight and no one got out of their seat for 2 hours to go to the restroom, get a drink, etc. Every note was perfectly in pitch. That is who Pia was. She didn’t need to run around a stage. Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Josh Groban sold millions of tickets to audiences who saw them stand in front of a microphone and give chills up your spine with perfect voices.

    It’s been fun…but too time-consuming. Haley is gone and I think Scotty and Lauren both would make great Idols for America and our children. They will give back to the community and always be humble to their fans. Great values….great people.

    • I agree… the finale may be the youngest so far… but i’m so thrilled from who will come out as the American Idol winner… Country music exists in the hearts of the people… so I think the winner will depend on who can establish the greatest charisma and talent… Both are honest individuals and they will be great models for the children and the youth…

      • Yes, I think they will both be very appreciative for this opportunity and will never forget who helped them get there. Josh Groban gave this piece of advice during his concert to anyone thinking of going into the music business…” Work hard, never stop learning, and always, always be a nice person.” He thanked the people who came that night on a work/school night and “spent their hard-earned dollars” to see him in this tough economy. That tells me that he never forgot what he came from …no matter how many millions he has now. He knows the price of gas and appreciates everyone who bought a ticket with their leftover money. Also, the radio DJ that gave away the tickets said he is known to shake the hand and thank the people who sweep up after his concerts for being there for him. I can see Lauren and Scotty being that way.

      • Angela Good post…. Glad your stalker didnt knock you off the web LOL…JMO Scotty has all the qualities you described…a young gentleman… Thank you

      • Glad my stalker didn’t make good on his promise to America and put me in the obituaries!!!!

  50. I never thought Pia was boring. Evering one of her songs gave me real goose bumps. Absolutely beautiful music. Another one who got voted off too early. Loved her from day one.

    • I don’t know how long you have been reading posts on this site, Tab, but Pia got a beating from a lot of people when she got voted off. She was called boring and stiff, one blog after the other. I always thought Josh Groban would be really formal by the music he chooses to sing. My 13 year old daughter and I were shocked at how hilarious he is….I mean like stand-up comic hilarious. He had the audience rolling. His personality is very cute, funny, friendly, and outgoing. I think Pia would have loosened up more if she had more time, just like the other contestants grew and learned over the months. She was known for being incredibly shy. I voted for Pia and will buy her CD. I’m sure I’ll get chills on my long commutes to/from work. Thanks for the nice response.

      • Thanks, I think there was too much hating on here. I loved several artists. My top favorite in order were, Pia, Haley, and James. I like Lauren and will vote for her. She is young and will grow as an artist. I have never bashed any of the artist this year. It was a great year for AI. As you can tell I like a variety of music.

      • Tab — Angela James has been spewing hateful rants all over Haley for weeks. She’s been the Queen Bee of personal attacks. Beware. She’s a troll that is loathed by many on these boards for her endless vitriol that rarely had anything to do with actual music.

        Forewarned is forearmed seeing how you appreciated Haley’s talent as many of us did : )

      • She suffers from stage fright which is a horrible thing for many artistes.

        Barbra Streisand didn’t sing in front of a live audience for nearly 20-yrs because of it.

        Carly Simon suffered as well as did Celine Dion in her early days.

        Google Adele + Stage Fright and you will find that the singer who is #1 these days in pop music also suffers from it to the point it makes her physically sick.

      • It is hard to believe the terrible things that have been posted against Scotty and Lauren….they are like schools bullies who havent grown up…and they enjoy the comments they make..because they can,,,and not have anybody know who they are…including parents

      • So Angie…since Pia got a beating you decided two wrongs make a right? You didn’t like when people did it to Pia, so you decided to do it to someone else? Some of your decisions don’t make any sense to me. I never asked you to give Haley a chance, all I asked was you to respect her and her fan’s enough not to bash her. You’ve done good here, though.

    • I for one don’t think the majority of the people watching AI was because Haley was still there. The votes kind of proved that. Lauren and Scotty are a good finale. Go Lauren!

      • It has been the best season of Idol by far and I am so excited that Lauren and Scotty are in the finals. The voting has been the same since it started, why after 10 years is everyone getting their panties in a wad? Go Lauren, being from your hometown gotta back my hometown girl. However, Scotty is awesome as well. Oh and I read on someone’s comment that Lauren had never worked a day in her life, she has been singing in a local restaurant for years, every Wednesday night. If you don’t know what you are talking about, just shut up.

    • I don’t think that will be true… American Idol is a great show to begin with… The fact is not all people were content with the raspy voice of Haley so she got booted out… Many outside America are watching the show and they may have higher votes the Americans themselves if they are only allowed to do so…

    • @Dan,….my God this Dick Head still here barking about barn dance……..get lost you filthy animal!!!!!!!

  51. I am disappointed in the voting system and the outcome; that being said, america voted and we are left with two.

    I quit watching every year when my favorites are voted off so I won’t be watching the finale. Instead of being mad-just do the same.

    On a personal note, I find it weird and creepy that anyone votes over and over. What about a life? Vote once and get up. Go play with the kids, talk to your spouse, read a book, go back to school…anything is better than texting over and over for contestants on a show. And all the arguing and name calling?!? Really insane.

    • You should still continue watching the show my friend… your favorites may have been voted out… but if they are really that great expect them to come out of the horizon with new singles out ahead…

    • Yes, don’t stop watching. The last show brings back the contestants to sing again. It’s sort of like a reunion. Many times duets are sung with a star the contestant looked up to. Maybe Steven will sing with Casey. Even if the final competition doesn’t interest you, I’ve usually liked the last show of each season.

      • Giselle, you dummy, Steven said he would sing with James in the final. Maybe that will still happen on the last show.

    • The voting has been the same since it started, why is everyone whining now over it?

      • Voting is not the same as when it started. Not even sure if texting was done at first. Originally, I think there was a limit mentioned on phone votes. Voting by computer was added later. Idol acknowledged that something had to be done when they added the save (not sure which season that was because I lost interest in Idol for a while and didn’t vote or watch much). The judging has changed over the seasons, too. Commenting about making the voting more fair is not whining. It’s not putting any contestants down, either. It’s trying to alert AI that there’s a problem they need to deal with or lose the show to VOICE or X-Factor.

  52. I don’t come on this sight too often because I am a very busy person. The comments that are being made are beyond cruel and unfounded. These are merely kids, blessed kids to be in this position. Who are you to make these horrible comments? I love country music and Scotty as well as Lauren. I also liked James who was not country. I am hardly a teen and as a matter of fact I have graced several pages of Victoria”s Secret in early 2001. Not that that has anything to do with anything other than the fact that not everyone is a teen. I for one hope Scotty wins.

  53. My favorite is gone but I will still watch. Then I will watch thenext night just so I can see the whole group.

      • I am also excited to see the top 11 on stage again. Scotty mentioned in his tweets that he can not wait to perform with the rest of the contestants. His comment shows that the contestants became like a family on the stage. I am proud of all of them for their hard work and perseverence. I wish I could afford to buy a ticket to the AI summer tour. I might just have to start putting money away just for this occassion!!

  54. To Angela James, I’m been reading this site for quite awhile. I was very upset by what they said about Pia. Just like I have been upset about what they have been saying about Haley. Talent is talent. Calling people s—-ts, and b—–s when they don’t know them, it’s not right. And personally I don’t think Lauren is fat and who cares if she is. Talent is talent. I haven’t started writing on here until the last few weeks. I just wanted to say I understand how you feel.

  55. Man, there sure are some angry & rude people on this site. Do you guys (and you know who I’m talking about) have a life outside of the internet? Perhaps you should get one & chill the f out. This is such a small thing in the grand scheme of life, and it’ll all be over before you know it.

    • Yeah jz…..GOOD post…What are these people going to do after next week…hibernate?????

  56. I Really Wish Lauren Alaina Can Win!!!!! Cause its been a Long Long Time Since a Girl Won…2007 was the last time!!!!!

  57. Ok, now I’m officialy bored. this final two is boring, i can’t help but snoring everytime they sing. I even only watch haley on thursday, and skipped both of them coz I got something more important to do.

    oh well, bring your horses and cow for nexk week, america.

  58. I’m in the Philippines but one of my favorite shows is American Idol this is the very first time I had watched all complete shows since the top 24. my favorite top 3 are james, pia and paul, i hated and feel bad that they were all voted out, but this is a contest there will always be winners and losers but I still believe that those who are worth it to have a recording will be given chances to prove they can sing,,,and one of them is JAMES..

    Im so touched how he take good care his family, the support coming from his wife..what abeautiful inspiration.james God is good he’ll provide you something even if you didnt win..Good luck to all!for scottie and lauren..whoever wins in the finale..Congratulations

  59. Everyone has their own favorite. My favorite has been Lauren since her first audition. Sooooo excited that she is in the finale!! I am 55 years old and have voted every week for Lauren. As for all of you who are complaining about “multiple voting” You should have done the same for your favorite, then maybe they would have been in the finale. I want Lauren to win and I will vote multiple times (one solid hour to be exact)to see that I do my part, to help her win. Love Scotty too, but will continue to vote for Lauren.

  60. FYI: Heard on a Christian station this morning that each contestant are asked what is their favorite quote? Scotty and Lauren both had the same quote. (from the bible) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” The only two contestants that took a quote from the bible, AND it was the same verse!! I would say that God is for these two young precious kids. HUH? If God is for them, who can be against them? 🙂

    • Loved your comments. So many have been hateful. I am thrilled to see two such wonderful singers in the finals. Both Lauren and Scotty are American Idols and wonderful examples for today’s youth. I will be voting for Scotty, but know in my heart that both of these two young people have a blessed life ahead of them.

    • Amen!! God always comes through for his children. In his home visit Scotty said that the only way he has made it through this competition is trusting in and staying true to God and who he made him to be. As long as he keeps his heart focused on God he will go far and touch a lot of lives. Both Scotty and Lauren are excellent role models for our youth.

      • I also believe that there could not be better roll models for our youth than Scotty and Lauren. Scotty is my personal favorite but Lauren is good also. I am hoping for a Scotty win, but I think both of them will have a great careers in country music, win or lose.

    • I’m sure God might have a couple of more important things to do than worry about singing careers…at least, I would hope. I can make a list if he’s looking for more worthy causes!

  61. lauren looks like a scared kitten on stage and scotty seems constipated when singing his karaoke peices!! both are very ordinary!!!

    • i beg to differ he is NOT good looking he has a big fat melon head!!! LOL and as the season has gone on it has gotten bigger and bigger. Im not sure how he is able to carry it on his shoulders anymore. He has become so arrogant and so sure he is going to win. I hope Lauren wins and slaps that smug smile off his ug face of his. LOL

    • Lol! If Scotty is good looking, then Lee Dewyz would be the sexiest man on earth!!

    • For Qdw: you are forgotten already… matter you ugly or even worst hahaha….get a live….

    • Qdw…there may be hope for you yet….recommend botox and glasses….what is better than a good looking male…Scotty fills the bill

  62. hy Lauren will win:
    1. A girl hasn’t won in at least 3 years.
    2. Most people on the interenet seem tired of Scotty’s Josh Turner wanna be sound
    3. Stage presence
    4. The AI song will most likely be an up-tempo non- country song and Scotty is only able to sing twangy country.
    5. Marketability. Lauren is more marketable.
    6. THE FAVORITE/ PACESETTER HAS NOT WON SINCE DAVID COOK and SELDOM DOES WIN. Lambert, Bowersox, Bice, McPhee, Aiken = Scotty will be upset.

    • Hwy Dude…don’t forget AI is becoming a popularity contest. Hence, Scotty is in it to win it!!!

    • scotty probably gets the most votes each week. i think both of them are very good but i will continue to vote for scotty. would not be surprised to see idol do duet recordings with scotty and lauren.

  63. Why she could win:

    Every nine-year-old girl who has been voting all the way through wants to date Scotty (some day), but they want to be Lauren Alaina. This is my hypothesis, and I’m speaking from the experience of watching Season 1 when I had a crush on Justin Guarini (I’m being very vulnerable here so be gentle. I realize now that he is kind of a turd), but in the end I voted for Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson then, (during her run on American Idol) and Lauren Alaina now are remarkably similar. Kelly’s performance of “Natural Woman” won me over that season, and I think Lauren’s performance of “Anyway” will do the same. Ahh, things change but they really stay the same — check out Kelly Clarkson’s hometown visit and subsequent performance of her song choice and tell me there isn’t any similarity at all:

    Nice highlights, Kelly! Lauren has made it further than most of us thought she would (except for the people who have been voting for her who obviously know better). Who’s to say she hasn’t been the top vote-getter all along? Lauren is cute, relateable, and emotional. Plus, being from Georgia she has emerged with this tornado devastation platform that none of the other contestants have. Just to be clear, I’m not saying it’s manipulative or intentional or anything like that, I’m just saying that her hometown visit had a deeper level of pathos than the other two we saw.

  64. i loved all the elven contestents they are all very talented but my favorite was james and scotty atleast one of my favorites is in the finale i was sure that it would be haley and james. most of the contestants will have record deals sooner or later.


  66. The tweens and teens have ruined the enjoyment of AI and it has become so predictable. For the past i think 5 years it has been almost exclusivly all boys in the finale with a boy winning time and time again. These crazy insane girls are the driving force behind the 95 million votes and they will go nuts voting for the boy they are crushing on. I didnt watch last years American Idol because i got sick and tired of the voting criteria. I watched this year only to get beyond disgusted again. To see a arrogant person like Scotty who sang just one genre of music all season long and then to bore the fudge out of me in the finale. I think it should have been Pia and James. Or Haley and James or Lauren and Pia any of those combos but Scotty NO!!! When he sang Elvis he totally ruined the song the king of rock n roll i am sure rolled over in his grave. It was like somebody on stage drunk singing Kareoke. It was bad very bad. I was laughing he looked like an uncoordinated idiot up on stage. He has an ok voice i give him that but other than that he doesnt know how to move. LOL.
    Anyway if the voting for next seasons idol remains the same i will discontinue watching idol all together i gave idol one more shot and im disgusted and if this Scotty MCcreep guy wins next week ill even be more disgusted. He is a spoiled little rich kid. I saw Thursday’s show and his parents home. A big two story ranch home. He is not as humble as the article is saying its a stratigic move so people can go aww look at him being all cool and a a gentleman lets vote him that BS. He wants the title. He’s playing the game. I hope Lauren wins i really do.

    • Luv you, Z. Finally, someone gets it! Like the old saying says..”you can fool all the people some of the time..but you can’t fool ’em all of the time.

      • To Z: you said scotty arrogant? You need to check your deaf ears and blind eyes, finally your miserable low life soul…..why always bashing the contestant? You don’t know them and you are no body with a very big mouth….f**ck off.

        For Judy: No body has to fool you, because you fool already, and do you know that fooling a fool person like you is a SIN!!!!

    • Why don’t you go find somthing constructive to do instead of being so critical. What is your problem??

      • My how the worm has turned…after weeks and weeks of defending Haley against allegations of being rude, slutty, ungrateful, disrespectful, and gosh..did you see her she smiled when Pia got voted off…she’s so evil, she can’t sing, screams, rolls her eyes, just growls, can’t stand her ,hate her, she’s a bit–, hope she go home…blah, blah, blah…she is gone! Some of those people that spent loads of time defending her seem to want to repay the favor. I sort of don’t blame them…but of course it won’t solve anything. But I understand where it comes from. Good news, Nigel says he listened to a preview of Haley’s single. Hope it is good. In the meantime I am enjoying her
        farewell song on YouTube and the songs i downloaded on iTunes. Good luck to Lauren tomorrow!

      • This just in from MJ’s big blog . com

        Nigel Lythgoe Hints Haley Reinhart Record Contract! Plus She Received 25M Votes
        by MJ on 05/20/2011 · 174 COMMENTS · in AMERICAN IDOL

        Is Interscope planning to sign Haley Reinhart? It appears the answer could be YES!

        Nigel attempts to respond to nasty tweets and cheer up Haley’s fans with the following tweets (@dizzyfeet):
        “With over 25 million votes for Haley I was expecting disappointment from passionate people. I find it upsetting it creates personal hatred!

        Jimmy played me a song for Haley’s record yesterday. Let’s hope all the people that are professing love buy it and give her a great start.”

        Out of the top 25 iTunes available from this season, Haley holds the top 6 places generating more money than all the others combined! I think its safe to say, “Haley fans put their money where their mouth is!!”

        “Hooked on Haley”

    • What does it matter if he lives in a shack or mansion? He is a great singer and doesn’t seem to be arrogant in any way.It was very clear in the hometown visit he was very grateful for all of the the fans that came out to support him.If the show is so disgusting to you there is a simple solution for that stop watching it..

      • Yes, he lives with his parents in a nice house. I’m sure he didn’t buy it for them.

      • I live in a ery nice two story house in CA, I am not rich, just work hard. My children have been brought up to appreciate nice things and also to work hard. Nothing in life is free.

      • My point, it is apparent that Scotty has been brought up to appreciate and work for what he wants in life…if he has had a privileged life so what.

    • scotty did a great job with the elvis song. my husband and ihave always been elvis fans and we both thought scotty did excellent.

  67. During the mid 50’s Elvis Presley was one of the most criticized and hated singers of the day, filmed only from waist up and banned from many radio stations but in the 60’s likely the most loved.
    Janis Joplin likely had more haters than fans but still remembered.
    Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson along with other outlaws of country music were criticized a lot early on.

    Having enough talent and the guts to stick it out while taking criticism is the mark of a true artist.

    • Bloodyscot……I believe Scotty has been bashed from the very begining….and he has stood up against the negatives….coming from nasty adults….who get a kick from trying to put down a younger..than…them…person…How sad

      • Lee, lots of ignorant people made fun of Scotty on this blog. But none of the epithets came close to those vile aspersions cast against Haley.

        It is truly mind boggling to me that so many posters here were bent on viciously trashing and slandering anyone and anything that didn’t conform with their preferences. Sad.

      • Pup: I’ve missed you so. I’m glad to see you are still with us. You are right about the Haley bashing. But now it seems that we are back to the Lauren/Scotty bashing.

      • Why do people have to bash anyone at all? If they make respectful negative comments about singing/voice it’s fine…but they take it above and beyond.

      • Hi, Bunny! So glad to see you, darling, as well! Hope you are doing well! And thanks for your nice words. That means a lot. Yeah, the internet lets some fools go hog-wild, doesn’t it? Something wrong with how they were reared.

      • Stick with me Pup & Devin. I’m still hoping for Lauren to win this thing. In the begiining I just really wanted her to reach the top three. But now with all the name calling & such, I want het to win more than ever! If Haley had made it instead I would have gone her way. I’m proud of her for what she has accomplished & like James, I know she will do well.

  68. So, a lot of you asked me where I got my info regarding iTunes sales, ect…
    Check out this article right here and you’ll understand why I’m so confused. It makes me ponder the question, just what exactly do people vote for? People who make comments about particular contestants not making it…guess again. This list says everything James’s and Haley’s fans cannot…and it’s based on FACTS. Who’s music is actually selling, who’s music actually has people who want to listen to it over and over…Scotty has some good spots, too, though…check it out.

  69. Personally I think this season on Idol was the best we have seen in years. There was more talent than ever, it was so hard to know who to vote for. Pia was absolutley beautiful and could sing like crazy. It was truly a shock to see her go, however, she will go far no matter. They all had their style and performed brilliantly. Love all of it this year……..the three going to their hometown this year was very emotional……..especiall Lauren Alaina’s homecoming with all the devestation in Ringgold,Ga. God bless them all, and I would have loved for all of them to win. It was a welcome change this year for the judges to be truly humbled and kind to the contestants and give them constructive criticism instead of blantantly being rude and mean to them. I actually enjoyed the judges this year. Thanks American Idol for the entertainment. Hope next year will be as good as this year.

    • Pia,Scotty,and James were my favorites but I sure did not post hateful comments when Pia and James did not make it.

    • I totally agree with both of you…I liked Scotty, Haley grew on me, James was a kind soul and great singer, and even though I think Lauren still has growing pains…I have liked her since the auditions. It has been a great ride!

      • I too thank you AI for a wonderful season of great talent. I have enjoyed every moment of every show. I think all of America has spoken as well by voting these two well rounded, humble and talented individuals into the final round who I am sure will give us their very best and who overall will be great role models and represenatives of America around the world.

  70. Well to all the folks who thinks “America has spoken” The reality is when one kid can vote 16,000 plus times using a texting app the vote is obviously skewed.

    Its not Scotty and Laurens fault I don’t blame them they are both really nice down to earth kids with big hearts and nice voices. However lets face it the reality is they did not get to the finale because they have great voices. They got there because single kids can chalk up 16,000+ votes at a time. Do the math it doesn’t take to many people to make sure someone wins that way.

    What ticks me off is that really exceptional artists have their hopes and dreams dashed because of this voting fiasco and Idol is acting like America actually picked the finalist and subsequently the winner when it is really a small voting block. It’s plain dishonest!

    It is clear to me Idol is not in the business of selling records, if they sell a few that is just gravy. They are selling TV advertising time. If they were in the business of making recording stars they would make sure they got an accurate sample of Americas preference. Like who sold the most Itunes. And you can’t tell me they don’t know the vote is skewed so much. They do and they don’t care because they make the real money selling ad time on the TV show.

    Some of these kids make it anyway off the exposure from the show and that’s a good thing. However Idol should just be honest about things. As greedy as they are you’d think they would do everything they can to get the right artists in the top spots and make even more money there. But they don’t care whose dreams they dash apparently.

    My 3 cents…

    • I was really disappointed that Haley is finally out of AI. It’s just to show that popularity is the key to win on this competition. i hope that in the next seasons to come, they will change the voting system.

      • hawk, i agree with you totally.
        AI is the one to blame not any of the contestants. people should be bashing AI if anything, not the contestants who have performed for all of us so greatly all season.

      • You are right, however, popularity means America’s votes, and this is what all this is about. My feeling is America is musically inclined and they voted so. I actually did not realised myself how talented Lauren is untill i have noticed she has not been in the bottom three for such long time. She does have talent, and a very strong voice. Probably the best voice in this competition, but I will consider voting for Scotty as Lauren seems to me very voulnerable and i do not want to add to her failure in life. We have a Lindsay Lohan example already. I know she will make fortune, but at least in my soul I know i did not contribute to her de….As for Scotty, he looks feet on the ground enouth to make me vote for him.

    • the voting also gave them A LOT of money. In terms of iTunes sale, Haley’s the most successful, her Youtube videos (since Top 13) has garnered millions of views, she made the most noise in Twitter, and a lot of great artists and celebrities who support her. She’s obviously the most bankable so I’m not sure why they kick her out, maybe she just doesn’t suit their taste

      • she did not make the most noise on twitter ,scotty has the whole competition….

    • From the top 24 it was always mostly likely Scotty and Lauren in the final with atleast one of them sure to make it, no matter how talented or well others sang.
      This was more a battle for 3th place with Pia best vocals, James best show and Haley very good at both.
      James’ bad week and judges likely cost him 3th but to be fair Haley took more risks to win and sang better than James the last 2 weeks, the Journey song hurt more than helped him.

      I still don’t understand the two songs the judges and Jimmy pick, I can not thing of two worst songs since these 2 are the ones many female singers want to try and ever one has fall short of the original singer, including some of the greatest singers around. Worst was the under 18 girls didn’t know them and not similar to current popular styles.

      • This was more a battle for 3th place with Pia best vocals, James best show and Haley very good at both.

        While I agree with most of this and while I adore Haley, I don’t think the judges/producers ever thought she was a viable contestant for third, like James and Pia. I think that was supposed to be Casey.

        Haley came out of nowhere and fought for every inch. I really think she messed up the most desired outcome of the show.

    • I agree with your 3 cents…the voting, to me, is a sham~!!! I personally would have liked to see a James/Haley finale. Yes, Scotty and Lauren are good but I feel they are in a highly competitive market…every day there is a “new” country singer. I would have liked to see someone with a little more edge make the finale…but, hey…I’m not a kid that votes 1,600 times. If the judges remain next year…more constructive critism needs to take place and the judges opinions need to be weighed in with the votes…JMHO

      • James and Haley should have BEEN the finale, considering their music sells the best on iTunes. People vote personality, though.

    • Your 3 cents is worth just that…If someone is fanatic enough to vote 16,000 times…and I really doubt this…than so be it. It is still showing the popularity of the winning contestant…and at this point…they all can sing…they all will have a great opportunity to go farther. My poor niece, watching it for the first time…had the urge and voted ONE TIME for Scotty. LOL

      • Scotty is one talented 17 year old He I hope will win this competition and for those who say his records wont sell. Lets watch and see He will win an award for most selling album I guarantee. Just because you dont like country music doesnt mean Scotty is not great at what he does. Love his stage presence also. Very comfortable in what he does and enjoys every moment of it but Scotty has said many times he will graduate from high school before he does anything.

    • Yes, the way it should work is online voting only and then the system can control by IP number. This way, voting is as honest as how many computers one has at home – but it would be impossible to have 16000 computers… I have a feeling that these apps are also used by some “friends” of the show -for some reason, I see a pool of “friends” being told how to use the apps to create millions of votes for one particular contestant the sponsors want to win… It is hard for me to believe that America wanted 2 country singers in the finale, it just doesn’t add up – something unnatural happened in the voting system… the results seem skewed somehow – from a statistical point of view…

      • I forgot to say – one vote only per computer IP – the system can make this restriction.

      • They could restrict phones also….Blog #1 from a mother “I voted 875 times”….#2 Teen ager..”we have 5 phones and I voted 500 times on each one”..Gonna be hard to figure out

      • On The View they were talking about the voting on American Idol. Elizabeth said if you look at each contestants twitter followers, it’s accurate with the way the votes go. She said last week Haley had the fewest followers, Lauren was in second and Scotty with the most.

    • can someone explain to me how a single person can vote 16,000+ times in two hours. Impossible. Online you can only vote 50 times, text is unlimted, but there is absolutely no way someone can text that much in two hours. I asked my kid this question and he said absoultey not, that’s 8,000 votes an hour, no friggin way. I say about a thousand by anything more than that no way.

      • The new cell phones like the iPhone chance things with apps like IdolVoter iPhone app then there Ribbit app that gets your phone id so their computer can phone your votes in at up to 11k per hour.

        But it does NOT matter if Idol does their job fairly since they can remove any votes by power voters if they choice for one or all contestant.
        So one could lose 10M power votes and go home but other contestant could keep theirs and move on.

        Harvest Media Group in London,UK counts the vote and with producers decide which votes are removed and if.
        That gives producers a lot of leeway in who goes home or wins.
        I wonder if votes counted and drop in the UK gets around US FCC supervision or not.
        I would like to know what the use for limits on a phone and text votes. Also do they just reduce in half or remove them all for one they think a power votes.

      • Dawn, I read another person’s post explaining that some of the new apps (evidently there is one called “American Idol Voting App–not sure about the others) that allows (and I THINK I am quoting correctly) between 8,000 and 16,000 votes per hour.

        Can someone corroborate?

      • Oh, Bloodyscot. Good show. I thought it was you who had filled us in about that before.

        Not real clear on the “removal” factor, though. Do you mean it’s entirely up to producers to remove votes selectively but not uniformly?

      • Bloodyscot—-
        How do you know what goes on so much are you the producer now??

    • They got there because they are both wholesome, outgoing, and god-loving children. Which…whatever. The show’s not called America’s Next Superstar, or America’s Best Singer…it’s American Idol, and I guess people want their Idol to be happy-go-lucky 24/7. The fact that Haley was bashed continuously for taking her music and the competition seriously, speaks volumes about what people are actually looking for on this show.

    • why can only kids vote that many times? everyone has the same amount of time to vote, if you didn’t yhats your fault.

      • Very good point Sherry. If people are so dissapointed with the voting then mabe they should stop bitching and start dialing intead!

    • I do not get it, everyone had the same opportunity to vote as many times as they wished. If Scotty, Lauren fans voted more so be it. Haley fans, James fans, Pia fans chose not to do that or is it a possibility they did not have as many fans?

      • It’s a possibility that adults won’t go as far as to download apps that help people ‘cheat’ on their cellphones. It’s also possible that Idol took away votes to shape the top two that they wanted…

  71. Hey where’s James Durbin? I’m kinda bored with these 3 remaining contestants!!

  72. I LOVE Haley but let’s not put Scotty and Lauren down. I agree it will be a bore snore but those two do have talent. Scotty has a very deep voice, like classic country singers. I think he’s born to do country and for those who like country will obviously root for him. Lauren imo can do anything, she’s like Haley only less developed, when there’s no pressure she has shown she can go to great heights.. I never really see her as a pure country singer, more like Taylor Swift, little bit country little bit pop maybe even a little bit of rock.. her voice is crystal clear, sweet and melodic.. I can see why the judges love her, she’s only 16 and with more training she’ll be great in the future. I’ll root for Lauren now though I won’t watch the final, I’ll watch the result show just for the glamor

      • Good post…well said, my sentiments exactly…but pretty sure Scotty has it locked since day 1. Scotty will likely sing the song that earned him a spot” Baby lock them doors” he saved it all this time for the finale. I’m glad …it’s the only one I really enjoyed by him. I won’t be voting but I hope Lauren blows Scotty away with her big powerful vocals. I’ll be missing Haley, though!

    • I agree with you Erwin
      I love Haley too. And bought lot of her songs. I Also bought James and scotty , and Thia’s songs on itune.
      Scotty is very talented young man. And America is waking up to
      American. Country Music is heart of America.
      I think as people get older they appriciate Country music.
      And would be nice to bring Rock back too.
      I hope Scotty is the winner.

      • I will most likely vote for Scotty Has been consistant and great and stays himself throughout the entire show and to me that is a good thing.

      • I also hope Scotty is the winner because he knows who he is as an artist and as a person. I feel Lauren is too vulnerable and she can be too easly corrupted by the music industry. Both the top 2 contestants can sing but Scotty shows more confidence and a firm standing. Scotty can be a good influence on Lauren.

    • Erwin,
      Maybe you are right, but if Lauren can do anything, why didn’t she these past months on American Idol?

  73. so you think its because the teens votes millions just to bring lauren and scotty to the top huh.well justine bieber and taylor swift earn billions of money sell more albums and sold out venues because teens like them and that makes lauren and scotty marketable plus they have great voice and very down to earth. don’t worry haley already has a recording contract just waiting her for post idol, nigel lythgoe tweeted that he and jimmy iovine has already have a song for should be happy by that. who knows she is already famous thanks to idol. i’m still hoping for lauren to win but i love scotty’s voice.

    • Good to hear about Haley I can wait to check it out, hope its bluesy rock without this new techno BS, I don’t care much for JLo and Steven T. new stuff, the marketing is far better than the songs.
      Scotty has a good voice but he is selling his age and charisma better than the songs he is been singing. Also Scotty will have to improve to compete against Josh T. and other current singers in that style, he is simply not in their league yet.
      Lauren has the great tones but taking too much air to get them forcing her to breathe too much and the way she get her high notes is hard of her vocal cords.
      Lauren my sound very good now but to get to the next level, she will have to unlearn and relearn how she sings along with learning new techniques like better breath control and higher range.
      Lauren could put out a Miley type record or wait 2yrs and put out a Carrie type one. The problem with waiting is she will not be fresh on peoples minds and would force her to compete more with current artists for sells.

      Lauren is simply a nice person so hopes she wins.

    • I agree with you 100% but please vote for Scotty…he has been so great all year…And, not to mention a mainstay for Lauren…he has supported her all year. I really believe without his support for her, she wouldn’t be where she is.

      • I believe a 17 year old male country singer will be quite a hit, American already loves him.

  74. idk why they kick haley and the producers are eyeing for a record deal for her. are they setting up the down fall of lauren and scotty? i’m scared . i hate american idol.

    • Rumors have been going around for weeks now that Lauren had the win locked but early on it was Scotty and currently also.
      It just depends if the under 18yr girls want a girl winner or vote for the cute guy.

      • Im way over a for Scotty…JMO but I dont think Lauren is ready yet….Really nice kid…but….not enough savy for the big world yet…

      • CJ I so agree Lauren is a great singer for her age but Scotty is great and looks to be ready after school to start his career off flying– I’ll vote Scotty


      • I think there’s a very good chance that Lauren will win…now that Haley is gone. The fans of Haley’s who will still actually watch and vote, I can’t see barely any of them voting for Scotty over Lauren for the most part. Who knows, though? Scotty may still have enough voters to make Lauren’s fans w/ Haley’s fans, still not enough to crown her American Idol. I’m excited to see how it will play out, and am excited to hear Lauren’s songs in the finale. She has the most beautiful tone to her voice out of any contestant of this whole year. Including Haley. Haley has more control and range, and more texture, but Lauren Alaina…she really does “sing like a bird”. I will be missing Haley Tuesday night, wish she was there with Lauren Alaina! Go Lauren!

  75. people have different taste. james is metal/rock so his screeming is excusable cuz that is part of metal songs. he shows great performance thru out the season .i just dont like his emotionally perfect song what was that again.he will have the front page of rolling stone magazine next month lol.
    pia great voice ,golden voice when you here her sing ballads amazing pitch perfect.
    haley wow unique vocals that raspy voice can earn millions of dollars ,some people just dont like jazz/blues songs.but i like her though.the next zepellin.
    scotty deep voice at the age of 17. hey justine bieber has still that girls voice haha. i can see scotty receiving the cma right now.not all teens likes that voice but the oldies likes tradional country. he is reincarnated and teens maybe curious on what scotty’s voice can do and he is so likable.
    casey the true artist yes he is revolutionary like what i said to haley not all people like jazz. but he’s talented idk how to produce a song for him.
    lauren she’s comfortable when she has a duet like scotty but when she’s taking solo on stage she gets frightened but overall she’s an angel’s voice.
    well these contestants cannot be compared, they are just different to each other so don’t bash them they are good on their own skin there’s no need to argue who’s better. every fan has an idol and my idol is scotty i’m not a teen though i’m just 20 yrs of luck to their careers.

  76. Scotty has confidence and a great baritone voice that touches people that love country music-He has had this stage confidence since he was young. He is also a very kind young man that will make American proud so give it up to him. GO SCOTTY

    • I keep saying the young guys need a guys’ guy to look up to and that is Scotty. He is totally a country dude and they can identify with him. Look…no flash, jeans and plaid shirts, short hair that they requested he grow out…sings from the heart…clean cut…again, young guys need this and I find it refreshing that young girls think he is a “HOTTIE”!

  77. love this season of idol they are so talented even stefano is also talented right?’s like season 9 last year was only a farewell season for simon cowell haha.the best top 4 ever plus pia and casey.
    the good thing is i keep on defending haley last week it feels like i’m gonna have a heart attack with all the nasty words thrown to scotty lauren and haley.wheew

  78. it should not be at the kodak theater it should be at the grand ole opry for next week.still hoping they will sing rock songs thou’ just still hoping hmm

  79. I think Scotty deserves it.. He has a great voice.. Lauren really good to I see them both getting record deals.I never cared for Hailey I didn’t like her style of music i’m glad she didn’t make it to the finale.

    • Can’t see Lauren holding an audience and putting on a show!Scotty is a nice kid and will appeal to a lot of folk but Haley was the complete package – sexy and a real singer that can get to an audience – would loved to have heard her sing Black Velvet – right up her street – judges choice of song for her really sucked – didn’t work before and didn’t work on the night. I’m sure she will go far without idol crown which she deserved.

      • …Black Velvet would have been amazing, oh my god, why didn’t they pick that one if they wanted her to have a fighting chance. D:

      • Black Velvet would have been great or Duffy’s Mercy, any song in that style would have would great but tell be how the two song they picked come even close in style to how she sings. The judges gave her songs very pro singers would even try, with Stevie’ song they simply gave up trying.

      • Bloodyscot, you are on the nose with both songs. Wow, I would love Haley to cover both. Can’t wait to buy her first CD!!

        I also think, contrary to Matt, that AI viewership week will be way down this week.

      • Jo, it’s because they didn’t want to give her a fighting chance…they wanted her to go home. That’s why they gave her a song that was wrong for her voice and style, and why they gave her a song that was sung in last year’s finale with the actual artist, Alanis Morissette. Oh well, though, it is what it is. She’s better off now anyways thanks to the exposure American Idol gave to her.

      • Why does everyone think the song choices are what sent Haley home…Scotty and Lauren both made what was considered bad song choices. They all have a fan base and Scotty/Laurens voted more, everyone in America had that choice. Why are the judges getting blamed…do we not think for ourselves?

      • Well…Scotty and Lauren made bad song choices…but they made them for themselves. Haley had no choice but to do the song the judges gave her, and it ultimately is probably what sent her home. It was out of her control.

  80. We’ll all see who was really the best when Haley and Pia outsell all the remaining AI top ten combined! They all SUCK when compared to the only complete package that is HALEY, you can all have your AI but Haley will always be the best as far as her real FANS are concerned, ANGELA JAMES FU_ K OFF you WIERDO HALEY STALKER. DEVIN LEE you ROCK please come back next season on this forum and back the real talent once again!!

    • I agree on the first part but I like many in the top 13 when fitted to the right song for them.
      For complete package James, Haley, Scotty and Casey. Lauren had some good moments but needs more training to be consistent with vocals and on stage.
      Pia has the voice but needs to study Celine’ stage moves more.

      • I agree, Lauren needs some work, but the raw potential I see in her is a wonderful sign! She’s definitely had some awesome moments.

    • We will see if we have another out-of-this-world talent next year…and if he/she has more support from AI. That’s important, because I really don’t want to see a television show trying to drag down a future superstar again. It’s frustrating to watch. Haha.

  81. I hope scooty will be the future american idol…he is soo cool and he has a great vocal….also has handsome face….country teenage become american idol….

    • Scotty is a genuinely nice young man. I was moved by his hometown video–when he broke down and cried. But I would never call him “cool.”

      Don’t think his style will catch on with young boys growing up (as another poster said “boys need” –unless their parents are country fans, that is. Can’t see it happening. He definitely does not have the “cool” factor.

      • Scotty does have the cool factor. He is very comfortable with who he is and confident in his ability there is nothing more cool than that..and what a voice!

  82. Taylor Swift,pure talent but most of you wouldn’t know that because your too busy looking at her youthful beauty, earning millions based on her abilities.That Justine kid,well,his time is almost up he gets income from child TV propaganda .
    Lauren will be going home if the American Idol puppets vote based popularity of the Judges opinions INSTEAD OF TALENT.Haley had the most talent and always gave what was asked from her and took everything negative they through at her and she would come out smiling,I was glad she gave the Judges attitude they earned it and her skills got her to the top 3 The American Idol finale has come and gone and next weeks ratings will prove it.
    The reason Steven Tyler was nice to all of the contestants was because he knew it was a bunch of BULL SH@%.

    • Go Jerry!! – you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO! right – Haley had so much flak through entire series – loved that she had the spunk to fight back

    • I think Stehpen Tyler was always sincere and you are full of it yourself…I don’t think Stephen can be bought…sorry!

      • Just the opposite. Steven is a complete sellout. He acts like it’s all beneath him, but he’ll suffer through it to get the money. His new, semi pornographic, single is autotuned pop. Like his song, he’s “Jaded”.

  83. Because there is a chance we will have joint winners : both Scotty and Lauren share the winner. Isn’t that nice to see both fans will congratulate each other and celebrate together (instead of bashing, hating, insulting), live in peace, because of joint winners ? What an ending.. never happened before in AI history.

  84. Scotty and Lauren are like brother and sister, so why couldn’t both fans of them behave like brothers and sisters too and just make efforts to create joint winners so that both fans will be happy together ? Votes should (could) be made as minimum as possible to reduce cost for paying telephone bills, etc, but sufficient to achieve that result.

    • We will NOT see any bad attitudes whoever wins. They both have excellent values Both of these kids are tremendous and apparently come form terrific families Like it or not They are both deserving to be where they are now ON IDOL STAGE

      • I’m really worried how Lauren will react if Scotty wins…and Scotty most likely WILL win. I hope Lauren does, but I’m very worried how she will take it if she doesn’t. Look at how she reacted to being in the bottom 2.

      • she will be happy for scotty and him for lauren if she wins, i think they are already both winners.

      • I know she will happy for Scotty, but she will be devastated for herself…I hope she doesn’t let it affect her self esteem any more. She made top 2, there’s no shame in that!

      • Well shame on her if she does react badly, that would only prove she is not ready for the entertainment industry.

      • She’s 16, and a very innocent and naive teenager. Of course she will be upset, she probably feels like her whole life depends on winning this. I hope I am wrong.

      • Yeah even am worried about how she’ll react if scotty wins !! But I Reaallyyy wish Lauren could win !!! I’m voting for her !!
        But i am happy for them both for making this far !!

  85. No more shocker. Instead, I am expecting a glorious result : both Scotty and Lauren be declared as JOINT WINNERS. Therefore both fans will be happy together. I tend to say that over and over here in this blog.

  86. I am a 35 year old male, definitely not a teenager duh straight, has a wife and 3 kids and I am voting for Scotty. What is wrong with that?

    • Scotty for the win…he even let Lauren decide when she wanted to sing…to me that is going above and beyond…he should have taken the 2nd spot but oh well…he is a true star….Go Scotty!

  87. coondog, if you read this, i wanna say i am sorry about what happened to haley:( i know you loved her like i loved james. she was given 3 very hard songs and i think she rocked all 3 songs. people thought she did not do ‘you oughta know’ well, i loved it, i got goosebumps! i managed many rock n roll bars and a few karaoke bars and nobody ever attempts stevie nick, haley did it and it was wonderful.
    devin lee
    and many others, haley snuck up and made me a haley lover (not as much as james though :P)and i feel anyone who still says she sucks after these last few weeks are just jealous. she has proved herself over and over again. i am glad she no longer has to go through the abuse she has endured on AI.

      • Shut the F up, Kep. No one asked you, you are not welcome here. Go somewhere else, you don’t matter at all. You are the sad little person here, not secondchance.

      • I thought you didn’t use the F bomb. Shame, Shame… you shouldn’t tell stories.

      • SUZIE Q!!!! And I still haven’t used the F-Bomb. Saying no freaking way is the same as saying no f-ing way, neither way is swearing. It’s a letter…you know, in the alphabet, the one that comes between E and G. Stories? What stories? You shouldn’t stalk me, but that doesn’t stop you. Creepy…

    • Big hugs to you, secondchance. Thinking of your favorite, James, and hoping things go well for him, too.

      I agree–looking on the bright side, so glad Haley doesn’t have to be subjected to this nonsense a day longer, too. Just wish the bashers realized what truly awful human beings they are.

  88. How is the finale going to work and what are they singing…I am so curious!!!

  89. I just love the top 2 !!! 🙂
    Both my favourites !! Lauren and Scotty !!
    I still would like LAUREN to take the crown this year cuz there hasnt been a girl Idol since Jordin Sparks !!!
    Soo Hope LAUREN Wins !!

      • I love them both but believe I have to go with Scotty on the win. Either way-They both will show their true colors at the end-Hugs and smiles and being the great people that they are No acts as I saw as final 2 was being announced The true colors came out of Haley which I saw much of the last 4 episodes.

      • I totally agree, attitude big time. Haley was so when Ryan announced Laurens name, the look on her face was priceless. I loved listening to her but I saw attitude from the first time she was in the bottom 3 and could not bring myself to vote for her.

    • Scotty for the win..he has been so outstanding all season…does it really nmattr if a girl or boy wins…I think it would be awful if he were ahead all season and then didn’t win the big one…although some say that the 2nd spot ends up doing the best…I still want him to win…

  90. Since my favorite Haley is gone I won’t Lauren to win. I never really had anything against Lauren and I don’t mind her being in the top 2. Lauren can really sing all she needs to work on is her confidence and she needs to sing longer notes other then that she would be amazing. As for Scotty, scotty does have that classic country deep voice and he does sound good I just don’t like scotty because I feel like he got an easy ride to the top 2, he’s been doin the same thing since audition week NO risk, NO stepping out of the box, NOthing new juss the same thing ever week. I hope Lauren wins I will be watching tues and wends only because lauren was my third pick to win

    • Scotty CHOOSES to sing country music. He knew going into the competition what he wanted to sing and knew where his fanbase was so I say smart kid and a great talent too!

  91. here i am gonna have to say lots of stuf about the top 4’s bio!! i know for you it is late, but i planed to do it when there is a **WINNER** so i’m a little bit early!! ok here it is!!
    if you like scotty you might want to know about him….
    Scotty Cooke McCreery (born October 9, 1993) is an American singer from Garner, North Carolina. McCreery is a Top 2 finalist on the tenth season of American Idol.

    McCreery was born in 1993 to Judy and Michael McCreery in Garner, North Carolina.[1] His mother works as a realtor.[2] He is of partial Puerto Rican descent – his father was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, to a Puerto Rican mother from San Juan and an American father.[3] He used to impersonate Elvis as a child, and started learning guitar at age ten.[4] He attended West Lake Middle School and sang at his graduation. He also attended Garner Magnet High School[5] where he joined a vocal ensemble, Die Meistersingers, that performs across the United States.[6] He started out singing tenor but switched to bass when his voice turned lower in his sophomore year.[6] He won a singing contest called “Clayton Idol” at the Clayton Harvest Festival in Clayton, NC[7] and was one of 36 finalists in a “Rip the Hallways” contest featuring teenage vocalists in North Carolina.[4] He has performed at various local events.[8]

    McCreery is a fan of baseball and is a relief pitcher for his high school team – the Garner High School Trojans.[9] He said in an interview that one of his favorite artists is Garth Brooks.[10]

    McCreery auditioned for the tenth season of American Idol in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The judges were struck by his deep bass voice unusual for his age. In the Hollywood group round, he joined the “Guaps” and became embroiled in the drama when fellow group member Clint Jun Gamboa expelled Jacee Badeaux from the group. He later expressed regret for not standing up for Jacee. He was one of the five male vote getters in the semi-final round to advance to the Top 13. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, McCreery confirmed that he has Puerto Rican ancestry. “Yes, I’m Puerto Rican,” said McCreery with a smile. “I have a little bit of J.Lo in me.”[11]

    McCreery’s hometown, Garner, North Carolina, spent an estimated $61,000 on the celebration which featured stops at the AT&T store, Lowes Foods (where he worked prior to the show), a parade and a concert. He was given a key to the town and was joined by Josh Turner, who sang two songs, “Your Man” and “Long Black Train” with him.[12]

    Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
    Audition Auditioner’s Choice “Your Man” Josh Turner N/A Advanced
    “Put Some Drive in Your Country” Travis Tritt
    Hollywood Round, Part 1 First Solo “Your Man” Josh Turner N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 2 Group Performance “Get Ready” The Temptations N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 3 Second Solo “I Hope You Dance” Lee Ann Womack N/A Advanced
    Las Vegas Round Songs of The Beatles
    Group Performance “Hello, Goodbye” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round Final Final Solo “Long Black Train” Josh Turner N/A Advanced
    Top 24 (12 Men) Personal Choice “Letters from Home” John Michael Montgomery 8 Advanced
    Top 13 Your Personal Idol “The River” Garth Brooks 12 Safe
    Top 12 Year You Were Born “Can I Trust You with My Heart” Travis Tritt 8 Safe
    Top 11 Motown “For Once in My Life” Stevie Wonder 7 Safe
    Top 111 Elton John “Country Comfort” Elton John 1 Safe
    Top 9 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame “That’s All Right” Arthur Crudup 6 Safe
    Top 8 Songs from the Movies “I Cross My Heart” — Pure Country George Strait 4 Safe
    Top 7 Songs from the 21st Century “Swingin'” John Anderson 1 Safe
    Top 6 Carole King Solo “You’ve Got a Friend” Carole King 4 Safe
    Duet “Up on the Roof” with Lauren Alaina The Drifters 6
    Top 5 Songs from Now and Then “Gone” Montgomery Gentry 4 Safe
    “Always on My Mind” Brenda Lee 9
    Top 4 Songs That Inspire “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” Alan Jackson 3 Safe
    Leiber & Stoller Songbook “Young Blood” The Coasters 7
    Top 3 Contestant’s Choice “Amazed” Lonestar 1 Safe
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” Thompson Square 4
    Judges’ Choice “She Believes in Me” Kenny Rogers 7

    and if you like lauren here are some stuf to know.
    Lauren Alaina (born Lauren Alaina Suddeth; November 8, 1994) is an American singer from Rossville, Georgia. Alaina is currently a Top 2 finalist on the tenth season of American Idol.

    Lauren Alaina was born on November 8, 1994, to Kristy and J.J. Suddeth of Rossville, Georgia. Her father works as a process technician in Chattanooga, Tennessee.[1] She is a sophomore student at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where she is a cheerleader.[2] Alaina was inspired to sing by her cousin, Holly Witherow, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.[3] Prior to Idol, Alaina performed at several Chattanooga-area venues and was the first winner of the WinniSTAR youth talent contest at Lake Winnepesaukah amusement park in 2009.[4][5][6] In addition to performing, Alaina wrote several songs including “Leaving” and “Set Me Free”. She has also stated that American Idol Season 4 champ Carrie Underwood is one of her inspirations, and that she is honored to be compared to her.

    Alaina auditioned for the tenth season of American Idol in Nashville, Tennessee, and was put through to Hollywood, eventually making it through to the Top 24. She is currently a contestant in the Top 2 and will be in the American Idol Finale. To date, this was the first time ever for a season to have the youngest matchup for the Grand Finale as Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery are both under the age of 18.

    It was announced in her recap video from her hometown visit that May 14, 2011 was Rossville’s “Lauren Alaina Day”.

    Lauren Alaina is the youngest female and youngest contestent to make it in to the top 2,the second youngest contestent to make it to the top 2 is Diana DeGarmo from season 3 also in the age of 16 years old.
    Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
    Audition Auditioner’s Choice
    “Like We Never Loved at All” Faith Hill N/A Advanced
    “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Aerosmith
    Hollywood Round, Part 1 First Solo “Unchained Melody” Todd Duncan N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 2 Group Performance “Some Kind of Wonderful” Soul Brothers Six N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 3 Second Solo “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Aerosmith N/A Advanced
    Las Vegas Round Songs of The Beatles
    Group Performance “Hello, Goodbye” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round Final Final Solo “Unchained Melody” Todd Duncan N/A Advanced
    Top 24 (12 Women) Personal Choice “Turn On the Radio” Reba McEntire 11 Advanced
    Top 13 Your Personal Idol “Any Man of Mine” Shania Twain 1 Safe
    Top 12 Year You Were Born “I’m the Only One” Melissa Etheridge 11 Safe
    Top 11 Motown “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” The Supremes 4 Safe
    Top 111 Elton John “Candle in the Wind” Elton John 6 Safe
    Top 9 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” Aretha Franklin 4 Safe
    Top 8 Songs from the Movies “The Climb” — Hannah Montana: The Movie Miley Cyrus 2 Safe
    Top 7 Songs from the 21st Century “Born to Fly” Sara Evans 7 Safe
    Top 6 Carole King Solo “Where You Lead” Carole King 2 Safe
    Duet “Up on the Roof” with Scotty McCreery The Drifters 6
    Top 5 Songs from Now and Then “Flat on the Floor” Katrina Elam 3 Safe
    “Unchained Melody” Todd Duncan 8
    Top 4 Songs That Inspire “Anyway” Martina McBride 4 Safe
    Leiber & Stoller Songbook “Trouble” Elvis Presley 7
    Top 3 Contestant’s Choice “Wild One” Zaca Creek 2 Safe
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice “If I Die Young” The Band Perry 5
    Judges’ Choice “I Hope You Dance” Lee Ann Womack 8 and if you want to know about haley here we are!!!!!
    Haley Reinhart (born September 9, 1990) is an American singer from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. She placed third on the tenth season of American Idol.
    Reinhart was born in 1990 to Patti Miller-Reinhart and Harry Reinhart. Both of her parents are musicians.[2] She began singing when she was 8 years old, and she performed with her parents’ band, Midnight, which covers rock songs from the ’60s and ’70s.[3] She attended Mark Twain Elementary School, O.W. Holmes Middle School, and Wheeling High School in Wheeling.[4] After graduating high school in 2009, Reinhart attended Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, in 2009-2010, studying jazz.[2] She has performed at the 2009 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland with her high school’s jazz band[5] and at Harper College with the college’s Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Lab.[6]

    Reinhart first auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol in Chicago, but did not advance to the Hollywood round.

    Reinhart returned for the tenth season of Idol the following year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and this time was put through to Hollywood, eventually making it through to the Top 24.

    As of May 18th 2011, Haley’s performance of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” received over one million views on Youtube, less than a month after it was uploaded. [7].

    Haley was eliminated in third place on May 19, 2011 leaving Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina in the top 2.

    Haley later has reportedly signed to Interscope Records according to Nigel Lythgoe, who tweeted “Jimmy played me a song for Haley’s record yesterday. Let’s hope all the people that are professing love buy it and give her a great start

    Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
    Audition Auditioner’s Choice “Oh! Darling” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 1 First Solo “Breathless” Corinne Bailey Rae N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 2 Group Performance “Carry On Wayward Son”[8] Kansas N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 3 Second Solo “God Bless the Child” Billie Holiday N/A Advanced
    Las Vegas Round Songs of The Beatles
    Group Performance “The Long and Winding Road” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round Final Final Solo “Baby It’s You” The Shirelles N/A Advanced
    Top 24 (12 Women) Personal Choice “Fallin'” Alicia Keys 9 Advanced
    Top 13 Your Personal Idol “Blue” LeAnn Rimes 7 Bottom 31
    Top 12 Year You Were Born “I’m Your Baby Tonight” Whitney Houston 5 Bottom 32
    Top 11 Motown “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me” The Miracles 6 Safe
    Top 113 Elton John “Bennie and the Jets” Elton John 11 Safe
    Top 9 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame “Piece of My Heart” Erma Franklin 2 Safe
    Top 8 Songs from the Movies “Call Me” — American Gigolo Blondie 6 Bottom 34
    Top 7 Songs from the 21st Century “Rolling in the Deep” Adele 3 Bottom 34
    Top 6 Carole King Duet “I Feel the Earth Move” with Casey Abrams Carole King 3 Safe
    Solo “Beautiful” 8
    Top 5 Songs from Now and Then “Yoü and I” Lady Gaga 5 Safe
    “The House of the Rising Sun” Traditional 10
    Top 4 Songs That Inspire “Earth Song” Michael Jackson 2 Safe
    Leiber & Stoller Songbook “I (Who Have Nothing)” Ben E. King 5
    Top 3 Contestant’s Choice “What Is and What Should Never Be” Led Zeppelin 3 Eliminated
    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice “Rhiannon” Fleetwood Mac 6
    Judges’ Choice “You Oughta Know” Alanis Morissette 9

    and if you want to know about james durbin here’s bio!!!
    James Durbin (born January 6, 1989) is an American heavy metal singer and guitar player from Santa Cruz, California,[1] who finished in fourth place on the tenth season of American Idol.

    Durbin was born in 1989 to Judy Settle-Durbin and Willy Durbin. His father, a musician, died of a drug overdose when Durbin was nine. He was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and Asperger syndrome shortly after his father died.[2] He attended Musicscool, a music school run by Dale Ockerman in Santa Cruz.[3] He performed with groups formed by Dale Ockerman The White Album Ensemble,[4] and Guitarmy[5]

    In 2006, he performed in a Santa Cruz children’s theater group called Kids on Broadway and played the lead role in Beauty and the Beast and Singin’ in the Rain. In 2007, he played the leading roles of Tony in West Side Story and Oscar in Sweet Charity—both productions produced by All About Theatre, a Santa Cruz community theatre company.[6] He was the lead singer in a metal band called Hollywood Scars,[7] where he went by the stage name of Jimmy Levox. Influenced by bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue,[citation needed] Hollywood Scars drew their inspiration from the glitz, glam, and decadence of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the 80’s and early 90’s. The band released a single entitled “Under The Cherry Tree”. He was also in a band called Whatever Fits.[8] He has also sung country music.[9]

    Durbin had previously auditioned for American Idol in Season 8, but was not chosen.[11]

    Durbin dedicated his performance of “Without You” to his father.

    He was eliminated on Top 4, however, despite being eliminated, he received a homecoming previously reserved for Top 3 contestants,[12] the first time such an exception on the homecoming policy has been made by the show.[13] Footage of his homecoming, dubbed the “Durbin Day”,[14] was shown briefly on the Top 3 performance show.

    Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
    Audition Auditioner’s Choice “You Shook Me” Muddy Waters N/A Advanced
    “Dream On” Aerosmith
    Hollywood Round, Part 1 First Solo “Oh! Darling” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 2 Group Performance “Somebody to Love” Queen N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round, Part 3 Second Solo “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Aerosmith N/A Advanced
    Las Vegas Round Songs of The Beatles
    Group Performance “Get Back” The Beatles N/A Advanced
    Hollywood Round Final Final Solo “A Change Is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke N/A Advanced
    Top 24 (12 Men) Personal Choice “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” Judas Priest 6 Advanced
    Top 13 Your Personal Idol “Maybe I’m Amazed” Paul McCartney 6 Safe
    Top 12 Year You Were Born “I’ll Be There for You” Bon Jovi 4 Safe
    Top 11 Motown “Living for the City” Stevie Wonder 11 Safe
    Top 111 Elton John “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” Elton John 7 Safe
    Top 9 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” The Beatles 5 Safe
    Top 8 Songs from the Movies “Heavy Metal” — Heavy Metal Sammy Hagar 8 Safe
    Top 7 Songs from the 21st Century “Uprising” Muse 2 Safe
    Top 6 Carole King Solo “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” The Shirelles 5 Safe
    Duet “I’m into Something Good” with Jacob Lusk Earl-Jean 9
    Top 5 Songs from Now and Then “Closer to the Edge” 30 Seconds to Mars 1 Safe
    “Without You” Badfinger 6
    Top 4 Songs That Inspire “Don’t Stop Believin'” Journey 1 Eliminated
    Leiber & Stoller Songbook “Love Potion No. 9” The Clovers 8.

    • I read Scotty can write songs too, ‘according to Gary Epperson, Scotty’s hometown guitar coach of eight years’. Scotty for the win

      • See, Piper?! I love when you write things like this. Why can’t you do this all the time, instead of becoming mean?

      • Ohhhhh, that would explain it. One Piper troll, and a respectful Piper who is a Scotty fan that doesn’t bash everyone else. 🙂

      • I also read that Scotty’s music teacher said he can sing anything but CHOOSES to sing country. More power to him for sticking to his convictions..that takes maturity. He is going to be a great artist and sell lots of music for us to listen to. I can’t wait.

    • Totally redundant post. Waste of time and space. Old news and all available at wiki etc. BORING! TEDIOUS! TIRESOME!

      • so? what? i never knew half this stuff before nor do i care but its a nice thing to know about the contestants to get to know them more so your post is basically a waste of time so?

      • @ dennis that is very true! Make that little kid that does not want to do school! it’s the best and got me to be a singer.

    • Thanks Arissa. Nice to know a little bit more about the contestants. I knew some of what you wrote but near as much.

      • No kid, but I’m a real singer. and my real name is not Arissa but i got a friend that is also a singer but mostly loves dancing, and her names is Arissa.

  92. Like normal Harvest Media Group,UK will be counting and dropping some of the power voting in what ever standard they are using, then Edward Boddington will fly from the UK to bring the result of who won and hand it to Ryan on the show.

  93. Nigel and the AI producers don’t care about these blogs. However, they may pay attention to a massive on-line petition to change the voting process. I’m too computer stupid to know how to do it, but I know it can be done. I have signed many on animal cruelty/animal rescue topics that have come my way.
    We need to point out that the number of votes (vs voters) can rip off a contestant of a true win.

    For example’s sake:

    Contestant #1 has 500,000 actual people vote for him/her – just one time each. That is 500,000 votes.

    Contestant #2 has 10,000 actual people vote for him/her – 100 times each. That is 1,000,000 votes.
    So Contestant #2 wins the title even though 490,000 LESS people wanted him/her to win.

    Totally jacked up.

    If this type of voting was allowed in season 1, Kelly Clarkson would have lost to Justin Guarini (spell?). The teenage girls would have lost their minds texting and on-line voting over Justin because he was known to many as being “so cute”. That would have been another AI travesty. Instead, the right person won, because back then, people only voted once—by phone.

    Surely, someone who is very computer savvy knows how to get a petition started.

    I think several hundred thousand signatures sent to Nigel will make a difference. That will stop some of the anger that has been going on for the past 5 years.

    If we don’t trust the judges to eliminate like Dancing with the Stars, the one vote per person will show us that the results were valid, truthful, and fair. The winner had the most number of VOTERS/ACTUAL CD-BUYING PEOPLE vote for them.

      • i agree. i hate the way the voteig is now its not fair to the people who are auctually relly good and not just cute.

      • I am shocked over the drama AI has. This is a TV reality show people!!! If these kids are really talented they will do well (Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry). It has always been a popularity show. Scotty and Lauren will do well no matter what. As will James, Haley, etc. The public decides talent when they attend concets, purchase music, even attend movies. Everyone that votes can vote 1,000 times if they want and AI will not change that. But remember if you are a Haley or James fan (which I was) you can also vote 1,000 times. That just did not happen for those two.

    • They will change the voting system next, they took to much heat this year. When Pia left it was heavy on them and now with all country finale it worst.
      AI is being sold after finale for $509M, so after that we may get some news for next year.

    • i think it was allowed just not so many people had cell phones and unlimited texting.

      • I will skip Tuesday and may watch Wed.

        At least Glee is long so only 1hr Tues

      • Yes it would be very cute.. with the two of them.. and Haley is not there to make faces!

      • Who cares whether you watch or not? It is your choice. I can’t believe how hateful people can be. All the kids that the judges voted in have talent. They were all very different too. I think the judges did an awesome job in picking some very talented contestants. Good Job! and if your favorite is not competing anymore, take heart I’m sure it is not the last you have heard from them. Let’s enjoy the rest of the time and talk about our favorites in a positive way and not bash on the others because they are all talented in their own way. Each one has their strengths.

  94. The excitement of a fantastic finale seems dampened by the lack of opposition. Seems the country genre lovers are happy regardless of who wins. Either way, they have a country winner.

    I think Lauren should and will win because in a singing contest, the one who can sing better should win. As for the two remaining contestants, Lauren has the better vocals. AI is happy because, they have proven that lowering the age limit was a good idea by having Lauren age 15 at the start of the competition is now a finalist. Steven said she is the one from the beginning. When she nearly fell apart on her first trip in the bottom 3, America didn’t want to see her cry again. Couple this with the tragic events around her home, and
    it definately increases her chances at winning. Her voice is beautiful.

    Historically, the pacesetter doesn’t win. Scotty has been the pacesetter all along, and hasn’t had a whole lot of diversity in his songs. He has a unique voice for a 17 year old, but it is not unique within the country genre. He is a very good storyteller, and has a good sense of humor.

    AI knows Lauren has not reached her full potential, and what she has reached is marketable.
    Scotty is also marketable, however in country music, it seems there is a lot more success among the younger females in country, than the young male singers (name 3 under 25 males in country).
    So Lauren would be a safer bet for AI. Also, Scotty will sing what he has all season. Lauren can be marketed in more than just the country genre. So, to me it seems like it has been predetermined from the beginning:

    Lauren for the win.

    • I would like to add that to me the most interesting part of the finale will be hearing what songs Scotty and Lauren will be releasing for their first single.

      • Scotty’ voice doesn’t record that well, the faults come out more, he sound much better live.
        Lauren’s voice is bland recorded but on some songs that works well. The problem I think is she uses to much air to get her good tones and lacks breathe to hold notes longer.

      • Bloodyscot, Restricted diaphragm, perhaps? Gee… I wonder what could be causing that? I’ll spell it out for you: nerves & weight.
        Those two things affect breathing more than anything.

    • I don’t know, America loves Scotty. I believe a 17 year old male country star is pretty appealing. We have many young females, not males. I think people will be surprised. And he appears to be a very nice person, which is important to most of America.

      • Allison…I totally agree…he is a breath of fresh country (couldn’t resist) air!

      • Scotty has my vote as well. I think he is more prepaired to handle the music industry than Lauren is. Both of them have excellent singing voices in their own way.

    • Me, too. I love Lauren’s voice. She’s not as diverse or unique as Haley, but she shines in her own way. Go Lauren, be our American Idol, 2011!!!

      • I have some opinions as to why Haley generated so many negative comments.

        First, she is, by most standards, a pretty young lady. Strike one.
        Second, she is, by most standards, a confident young lady. Strike two.
        Third, she is, by most standards, a sexy young lady. Strike three.

        These 3 strikes against her have absolutely nothing to do with her singing, her personality, whether or not she is a good person, or how her performances compared to the others.

        A fourth strike is that her voice is so unique that you either love it or hate it. There is no middle ground. Although, if her haters had listened with an open mind or ear, they would have heard very little raspiness or growling in Blue, and in I Who Have Nothing.

        At any rate, these 4 strikes made it implausible for her to win American Idol. And when she just kept hanging around the intensity of those holding the 4 strikes against her became almost crazy. They looked for anything and everything they could to criticize her on. Because her singing was so wonderful, they just kept finding different ways to state the 4 strikes,in the most negative light possible.

        Sadly to say, Haley could have had 7 standing 0’s in her last three weeks, and she still would have been voted off.

        Now that she has been eliminated, some of the haters have calmed down, she is no longer a threat to win. Still it is a sad state of affairs when Americans spout the venom and nastiness against someone they know so little about, and form opinions based on a few moments on their tv screen. These actions by many, is not something I am proud of, and those guilty of it should be ashamed.

      • I don’t think that’s why people didn’t like her. If anything, she wasn’t pretty enough. But it was more the fact that some people just don’t find her voice pleasant and she just seemed like an unlikeable person. Unfortunately on a reality show you experience the contestants’ personalities, whereas in the real world you would just hear her music.

      • While Haley is pretty there many far better looking but she is very sexy maybe the sexiest to every be on Idol.
        Pia may have been even better looking but not even close in the sexy department.
        And that make some men and women very nervous.

      • That is so true, Bloodyscot. I don’t think Haley actually tries to be ‘sexy’, I think she just exudes confidence on stage…and confidence is sexy. Confidence can take you places that having the best looks alone cannot.

      • That also explains why some people were ‘uncomfortable’ watching her perform…but every successful artist is confident…I guess it comes with the being successful part.

      • Haley is sexy.She absolutely feels every word she sings and that shows through as sexy,as when she sang “Fallin”, what a performance. I think her style or sexiness comes and goes with the type of song she sings.

  95. What a let down. After having what I think was the most talented, diverse top 11 ever, we are left the the two mediocre 17 year old country singers. VOTING NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!! Get with the times American Idol – it’s not 10 years ago anymore – now every kid in America has a cell phone and computer access. We lost some fantastic talents like Pia and James early because of the faulty voting system.

    • Kim I agree 100% and they will loose alot of their over 35 viewers.. Im done!! It should have been james and Pia.. and i think the talent this yr was awesome.. voting stunk!!!

      • why? i am over thirty five and voted for scotty hundreds of times, everyone has the same amount of time to vote.

  96. See comment #5 above. Although I really like Scotty and Lauren, it probably wouldn’t hurt to return to the higher age limit. That may help AI get back to the more mature audiences. Besides, as a teacher, I really, really think these 16 year olds should be in school concentrating on their diplomas and enjoying the high school experiences. Too much, too soon?

  97. i just never felt like Haley put any real soul or feeling in the songs, it was all show, sort of like kareoke singers, she looks great but i found her very hard to listen to. you have to put feeling in the songs and i think she lacked real talent. maybe cruel but thats what i heard. im not a real country fan either, but it will still be interesting to see who wins. i wish the best for all of them. this was a strange season. hope it gets better.

    • Rick, I am from Texas and have never listened to country music. As a late 40 year old woman, I am a classical rock fan (went to all the 70’s concerts). However, I am happy that Scotty and Lauren made it. I never liked Haley’s attitude and never liked her squeaky voice. Because of that, I got called every name in the book for that opinion on this site. Both of the finalists left are kind, genuine, and humble. They will do great from this point forward. Besides, they had an extra disadvantage of having to do schoolwork during these past months, unlike the other contestants. Shows alot of maturity and stamina to handle the pressure of learning so many new songs, getting up in front of millions, and studying high school level courses. Very few high schoolers would be able to match that balancing act.

    • As another Texan who is rocker and blues fan, who was also at most of the 70′s concerts, I liked Haley’ singing, sure its not for everyone. I will agree that she did not put enough emotion into many of her songs but when she did they were great.
      I like Lauren also she has good tones and in pitch most the time but she is using to much air to get those great tones, making it hard to sustain notes which makes her sound bland much of the times. When she sings softly is when her voice comes alive, like in the duets.
      Scotty is good country singer but nothing special about him but his age, which is enough to win with. Without a hit song quickly he will flop.

    • Rick, I will support you in your feelings & right to state your opinion, but Haley has “no real soul or feelings in her songs.” ?!
      Even the most committed Haley hater wouldn’t make that declaration!

      Rick, I got to know: Who do YOU think sings with soul & feeling, if Haley doesn’t?

  98. Well as you know I`m from Uruguay and I tell you for this time USA choice seeems all people choose for their favourite duet : LAUREN & SCOTTY. And for the first time in American Idol competition should be two winners. Take a look they are in the same style, man and woman and of course different voices. What more arguments can give that both are the new AMERICAN IDOL COUPLE in history!!!!!! So… North America you have TWO WINNERS and there´s no other final….!!!!!!!

  99. AMERICA´S got a new “IDOL DUET” as winners!!!!:

    LAUREN & SCOTTY. !!!!! and that`s all !!!!


    • Please don’t type in Caps Lock. People will give you a hard time about it. Enjoy the finale! 🙂

      • Hi Devin….I’m out for good…..

        If they change the voting process, I’ll watch next year. However, my blogging days are over. Time to tackle the lovely job of house cleaning. Besides, my dogs have mass texted me that the

        P.s. The emaciated and dehydrated dog that I found under the bridge had a microchip! Family had been looking for over a month! He got too far from home, ended up on the highway in the middle of nowhere, gave up, and stayed under the bridge. Big tears at that reunion! Give your dogs a hug from me if you have any. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • oops….my dogs have mass texted me that all 5 would really like to go for a walk!

      • Well, that’s good news. Good to hear…My best friend had to put her old cat she recently rescued to sleep yesterday…after fighting so hard to save him. His teeth were so decayed and infected that infection spread through his body and shut his kidneys down, and for the last few days he had just laid in her lap…very sad. Angela, you shouldn’t give up blogging, you should give up bashing and everyone will accept you into their bosom. 😛

      • P.S. Angela James, if you do come back on here check out my youtube account. I think you’d enjoy it.
        There is a video of me bottle-feeding my cat when he was a kitten. I rescued him when he was two days old. Also some of him running around at 2-3 weeks old. I think you’ll enjoy it. Also my german Shepherd playing with a husky, my last horse I rescued off the track. Also my ten year old cat with FHV.

    • That is so darn sappy I’m going to throw up. He is a SINGER. Not the second coming. sheesh!!

  101. I truly believe Americans don’t understand music. The British understand music. Adele never would have made it if she’d been American.

    The judges found some amazing raw talent but failed miserably at critiquing and developing it. They gave everybody rave reviews every week even when they weren’t deserved. They let Lauren go for weeks choking on her voice before they finally said anything. She should get the most-improved award but not second place. If she does win, she’ll be eaten alive by the industry. She has a lovely voice but there is nothing special about her and she isn’t going anywhere.

    In the end, the judges, mentors and producers all wasted their time because teenage girls with cellphones showed that all they want is Disney formula crap with a country twang. We need rock chicks, not more Hannah Montanas. I don’t know if I’ll bother to watch the final because I don’t care who wins. I doubt I’ll watch any seasons going forward. I am clearly too old for this.

    • Blame the producers. You have to admit that things started going more Disney when they lowered the age limit for try-outs. It does take years to become a musician and artist. Maybe they should go up to age 20 and get the voting children uninterested in the show?? I promise you that adults were the ones voting and watching in Season 1 and 2. I was there and saw the hometown visits, etc. It was nothing like today’s Idol.

    • Have I been committing a crime? I sure didn’t realize teenage girls were the only ones with cell phones!
      Seriously, I do think the voting system needs to be changed, but with technology today, how long do you think it would take for someone to figure out another way to mass vote?

      • I want to know if Idol is removing power block votes and if they are what standard are they using.
        If Idol is getting 200M voting and removes 105M to get 95M then that gives then the power pick who goes home.
        Early on there were few power voters so much harder to manipulate the raw data in London, which is were Idol votes are cleaned up and counted.

      • Ha ha! No, you weren’t committing a crime, but if you’re a grown-up, then I’m guessing you can’t sit on your ass for two hours voting from all the cellphones and computers in your house because you have things to do. And you don’t have the disposable income for the sixty cents per call or whatever it is (I predict some pretty heated discussions when the bills come in next month).

        Maybe they could try an American Idol for grown-ups show where the contestants are older.

  102. Unless the voting system changes, let’s rename American Idol as TEEN IDOL.
    Scotty should win, he deserves it much more than Lauren.
    Bad news Haley or James are not in the finale. Good news, I do no need to vote for 2 hours.

    • I agree.. I dont have to vote or even watch tues or wed.. I am a total Idol geek.. but not this yr.. I have to say great talent this year and I LOVE JOLO and Steven Tyler but am very dissaponted in how America voted.. worst Ive ever seen.. When Pia got voted off I was upset then James and Haley!! Im debating whether or not im even watching next yr.. The voice is my new show now!! Enjoy the finale everyone!!

    • I’m so happy I won’t have to just sit there and vote for two hours…I can’t believe I wasted two hours of my life every week, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It got to the point where I didn’t really look forward to Wednesday night because of the voting. It’ll be a nice change this week, just getting to sit back and relax!! I’ll most likely vote for Lauren for 10 minutes or so, then get on with my life! 🙂

      • Devin, Took me one hour & 20 minutes to get in 31 votes.
        This week… not a second.

      • Me, too, fatboy. My mom and I both decided not to watch the final performances until later. Maybe if enough people do it, AI will realize that a lot of people are not happy with the way they do everything. I’m also not voting at all. They can take their 95 million votes and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

    • Ed…don’t take your votes and go home. If you feel Scotty should win over Lauren…than vote…that’s the only right thing to do…I hate sore losers. My dad always atold me it isn’t over until the last you have to stick with it.

  103. The Best Season thus far… A lot talent for a single batch, a lot of controversies, a lot of fun, A lot of great downloaded music covers for me… Yeah’ my ipod sounded great this time than Last year… Waiting for the winning piece.

    • yeah.youre right man. good for you. I’m starting to download scotty’s itunes songs now, well after james. My father kinda like them after he heard “The river”

      • Scotty vs. Lauren?


        I’ve been out in the wilderness for a while, and!!!!!!! no James??????

        i really thought James vs. Scotty Finale…

        uhhh, at least there is still the other guy..

    • I grew with 80’s country artists, and im glad to hve them back on the young ones now. Glad to hear that its Country battle. I don’t watch this show for a while after carrie underwood’s win. i think i will vote for the one with the special big deep voice. Because its unique, Icould smile after hearing that it came from a 17yr.old hehehe

      • Hey mister now Showing… why not Lauren? She has a great Voice too, that could be polished into something bigger… Like your Carrie Underwood.

      • Sorry young lad, i know she is great. But I was just speaking in my Perspective time…In the 80’s CMA, Scotty’s voice would win the award. just glad to Have it back on this Generation…

      • Captain America????…Dont know much about cartoons…just they are on all day Saturday…and today is Saturday

    • I have more scotty Songs too… I have them all, Studio and Live.. When his country Album will come out, it will always be on my playlist… unremovable… undeletable, period

  104. i have it on my ipod too… Scotty should win for me, cause its sooting for the ears and for the soul. its not something boring but you could really find rest listening to “the river”.. Having a trance is very difficult these days.

    • If you want to hear a band that soothes the soul, check out the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. The most calming music ever, it’s beautiful.


  106. Let the coronation begin…it’s Lauren for Home Coming Queen.

    That’s what I feel AI is all about now.
    (Scotty, you can be king, but we all know it’s about the Queen.)

    • That’s true. If it had been Scotty, James, and Lauren in the top 3, Scotty would’ve most likely won. Since he was eliminated, and it was Haley instead, her voters will most likely vote for another female. I’ve always had the feeling that Scotty would win hands down…but now I think Lauren may surprise us by taking it.

      • I will be for sure…just not like I did before for Haley. I may even vote for Scotty if he finally WOWs me, but it hasn’t happened yet, and I doubt it will. You never know though! At this point taking the whole season into consideration, I’d MUCH rather have Lauren win than Scotty. Even though I think they’re both great kids, Lauren is more courageous than Scotty. That’s why we have seen her so nervous, is because she’s actually attempted to step up her game quite a few times, instead of stick to what is tried and true…and totally predictable.

      • I happen to think that Hayley’s fans would rather Scotty win than Lauren…after all, it was Lauren that did her in…at least I think so…why would they want her to win…I know I wouldn’t.

      • None of the contestants “do each other in”. American Idol and the public does it…it’s not any of the contestants fault that anyone else left, they all just try their hardest and that’s all.

      • Sherry, You’re right. No vested interest at all. I suspect I’m not alone.

        As I said before, I may watch next season, but until AI changes the voting system, I will not vote again because my votes don’t count for crap.

      • Sherry, You’re right. No vested interest at all. I suspect I’m not alone.
        As I said before, I may watch next season, but until AI changes the voting system, I will not vote again because my votes don’t count for crap.

  107. If you’ve read my previous posts you can see that my views have been on the money. Scotty has the vote, most well rounded, and has done everything the judges have asked of him with humility and grace. He is a man of his word. America sees that and watches carefully. Watch for the finale he will cut his hair just like jaylo asked. Lauren has a great voice and is likeable..but..still somewhat reserved on stage…. I feel she requires some growth maturity wise for her to win. Scotty has proved he can handle anything asked of him and proves it every week….and has great stage presence. In my book Scotty is the next American Idol…

      • I’m from North Carolina, GO Scott GO! All the Way bro’. proud of your Talent.!

    • Ok, I can’t handle this stuff anymore. Scotty shows humility and grace. So does Lauren
      Scotty is a man of his word???? How the heck do you know. He is a kid for crying out loud.
      Most rounded???? Holy smokes he never gets out of his “bass box”. Least Lauren takes a shot at other genres. Scotty is stuck in the mud, mud, mud.

      What makes you say Scotty has proved he can handle anything????? He never gets static from the judges. (Yes he deserves it sometimes. He is still an amateur). He sits on that darn chair or stands like a lump, boo, boo, booing to the “children” who giggle at his sounds singing the same old boring stuff week after week. Lauren is told in a nice way nearly every darn week to be more confident, to do this and that. Just like Haley was.
      Haley spoke back but she tried to give the judges what they wanted.
      Lauren is the quieter type but still tries to listen to the judges and step up her plan.

      Scotty hasn’t changed one crummy bit since his first boo boo, boo at his audition.

      Country boy????? I live in the country. He lives in the posh part of the suburbs.
      He’s a contestant, just like the rest. Not the second coming.

      • May we suggest anger management and you might want to work on those envy issues as well.

      • Not angry at all Pete. Just stating facts as I see them.

        Envy????? hahahahahaha Whenever anyone here says anything negative about someone’s favorite they yell ENVY!!!! Get a life or find a new word.

    • I agree with you…Lauren is good but she has a tendancy to loose her words and/or her breath when she sings. I don’t think it is from nerves. I think she is still in the process of growing. I also think Scotty sings easily. Most of you won’t remember Perry Como…my parents were hooked on him and I had to live with his records. He sang so easily…like Scotty. Soctty makes it seems so simple when he sings because it is effortless. Beautiful.

      • Nope, that would be Andy Williams. Perry Como sang “Round and Round”, “Catch a Falling Star” etc.

      • Templar, I remember now, the man whom I meant singing “Born Free” was Matt Monroe. As for Perry Como, I know only one song by him, i.e “And I Love So”.

  108. good thing to hear my buddies from work likehim too and will be voting for him.

    • i just read some of the young people out here are mad. so much bad words… It’s just right and just that they did not get what they want, they get what they deserve…

      • yeah old man, not all are raised that well. And no matter how it goes, they are still dreaming and never wakes up unless there’s a divine intervention

  109. Both Scotty and Lauren are very young, so I don’t think that anyone should put then down, as they both have a very big future ahead of them, in the music business!
    It also is very hard call to make, as I think that they BOTH are WINNERS!!
    Unfortunently, only one of he can get the #1 spot on the show. We all have our own opinions as well, and I think that Scotty had a bit more polish and style in this stage of the competition.
    By the way, they make a CUTE COUPLE!
    Scotty is IN IT TO WIN IT and has been from the beginning of the show,and has been almost “flawless” in every performance!
    Go SCOTTY !!!!

    • C’mon Lauren, you’ve been saving your breath all season for the finale, now let your vocals soar, and show America you have what it takes to be the American Idol this year.

      • the breath of LAUREN not a issue .. becoz i think LAUREN have a tone which is doesn’t any country singer don’t have .. so beautiful .. that’s why i think LAUREN go to final ..

  110. Sorry, hit enter by mistake. Haley is the best performer AI has ever had. Carrie Underwood’s voice is also fabulous, but remember how she performed on AI? She stood there like bump on a stump! Haley stage presence probably a little better than her voice. She’s just great to me.

    • No way…Carrie moved around a lot unless she was singing a ballad. When she did Sin Wagon she was practically doing country dancing. There are many ways to perform other than the way Haley did. Doesn’t make them wrong.

      • Sorry…but Carrie at first didn’t move much at all…loved her then and now however…She has come a long way.

    • I agree Susan. There is just something about Haley when she sings that is truly captivating and magical. I enjoy all of her performances, regardless of the song. My favs of hers this season were:

      1) House of Rising Sun
      2) I who have nothng (chills!!)
      3) Fallin (an early performance)

      I cant wait to buy her album!!!

      • I Who Have Nothing.

        If that didn’t envoke feeling, I’d be concerned about having no soul…

        It had ME in tears – and I’m a tough guy! Sniff… sniff….

      • NG, I don’t think I cried, I sure was amazed, totally impressed & damn proud. Especially after the ass-ripping she unfairly received from jackass & jlow.
        It was the best performance I have heard this season… nothing like it.

      • I cried, too! That’s the only time American Idol has ever gotten tears to me. It was just incredible, and I SO wish I had been there in the audience…

      • I’m listening to, “I who have Nothing” now with tears in my eyes…. :(what a voice! From “Blue” to “Beautiful,” from “House” to” Rollin'” Haley’s sound is so distinctive I hope Hollywood doesn’t change her.

        I would hope Haley continues to do some covers on her new CD like: “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack, (Celene Dion does a fantastic cover of this, I think Haley will as well) or “Let It Be Me” by The Everly Brothers, or “The Show Must Go On” By Queen Or “I Need a Hero” by Bonny Tyler, “The Goodbye Girl” by Bread, or “At Last” by Etta James.

        I think Haley has such a rich range of power, presence, and passion, that anything she tries will produce a stellar performance. Any one who hears her sing, “Like a Star” (back in 2008) or “Moaning” with Casey Abrams, or “You Ought to Know,” knows that Haley has heart!

        I’m just say n’ 😛

      • DB & other Haley lovers,
        Question: What other female artist was as capable of jumping genre as our Haley? Maybe Ella?
        Haley, in my opinion, is capable of singing anything and she has the potential to become one of the most diverse & all around artist ever.

        But, friends, we MUST pray for her DAILY! As Haley begins this journey, she will encounter all the pitfalls that have destroyed others. I fear for her (and the others).
        If this great, glorious star were snuffed out, what a tragic loss for everyone!

      • Haley was great with I who have nothing
        really did great with that song, she sings very well. but I am happy with the country kids, yea,

    • Haley had one good song , the other 2 were weak , that’s why she didn’t win. Haley should have never had a fan blowing down her throat for the Stevie Nicks song, it didn’t work for her. Her hair being blown and having a cute outfit wasn’t going to make her win. Laurens voice gave me chills too. Now here is a girl who can bring it!

      • Girlie, I honestly agree with your assessment of Lauren, but I’m still waiting for her ‘to bring it”.

      • As I’ve said before, Haley wore the outfit and used the fan as a throwback to Stevie Nicks herself. She sang it awesome, the only song that wasn’t good for her was the judges pick…surprise, surprise…

      • the stevie nicks song she sang and performed was awesome, she did a great job of entertaining and performing.

  111. Scotty is the best, he will be a star for many years, what a gift he has to deliver a song that hits deep into the heart,showing the tenderness and humble spirit he has. I am glad American Idol found him, he is totally awesome!!! Go Scotty, our next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • While I think Scotty will win and good singer, he has nothing special right now except his age.
      Go listen to Scotty’ hometown visit where he and Josh Turner sing together, Josh has deeper and stronger voice, simply on a totally different level but in 5yrs maybe Scotty will be at that level. Also Josh is sell Ok but at a faction of what the women singer are selling.

      • Scottgy is 20 years younger than Josh so I would assume that the voice would be slightly deeper and…ahhh..there is something about experience that you may be overlooking.

      • So age and looks matter more now in music than who sings the best? Hmm you maybe right after last week.

        TV killed the radio stars

  112. I think American Idol has become a reflection of lazy self indudgent American society and in particular our pre-teen and teen age youth who seem to identify with grossly overweight singers because that is what a large percentage of our pampered teen agers have becoem. Rather than respect a talent like Haley the show comes down to large blocks of jealous slacker USA youth voting pretty girls off to make themselves feel better about themselves adn to feel that by voting for a lesser deserving contestant that is their misguided way of using Mommies phone to show their power, insecurities, and their smallness. Contestants end up trying to manipulate the audience with tears, putting up a tranparennt Awe Shucks type false front, or continuing with contrived ploys like Lauren’s constant reference to tornado victims to try to pull on the emotional strings of the dopes who buy into that manipulation.

    I thought the shwo has goen from an interesting 1op 10 other than that one girl with attitude who cant sing to a boring finale of who cares?

    Love what Steven Tyler has brought to the show as well as Jennifer Lopez. But not watching the finale. These two dont even play a musical insturement other than a couple simple guitar chords from Scotty. Its kind of an insult to true singer/songwriter/musicians who work hard both on improving their volce and learning to play an insturement well rathern than play video games all day. So I guess IDOL really has become a glorified Karaoke contest.

    Interesting to see what XFactor brings this year

      • Yeah, she sucked big time. That’s why Led Zeppelin gave her permission to sing their songs…her and Adam Lambert are the only ones. Ever. You suck, Peter.

      • You are a real nice person who has a way with words…You hope someone dies?? Shame on you…you need your mind washed out with soap

      • Oh whatever Lee. I don’t think it’s right either, but you wouldn’t have cared at all if it was said to someone who was bashing your favorite…you are such a hypocrit.

      • Pete I’m no Halry fan, but I’d buy some of her songs. Benny and the Jets was great.

      • If I am not mistaken, you either licence your music to be performed or you do not. You do not get to pick and choose who performs it.

      • Owners of a copyright can give people permission to use said copyright. Led Zeppelin gave permission for Haley to use their song book. Besides, your point is moot. Even if what you say is right, that it is a blanket statement that says your music can be covered, Jimmy Page contacted AI and requested Haley cover the songs. Obviously they see a great talent or they would NOT have done that. Did they do that for James, the ‘resident rocker’? Nope, just Haley Reinhart.
        The amount of hate towards Haley just proves how amazing she is. Nothing good comes w/out opposition.

      • fatboy, I was trying to use a school teacher lecture tone, I decided his full first name would be better to use. 🙂

      • @Pup So if we see a dead person that means we’re dead? If we see Hitler as evil it means we’re evil? If we saw Bin Laden as a terrorist that makes us terrorists? The Talmud is incomprehensible. I hope they don’t give it to children to read.

    • Carl T — take your liberal clap trap analysis to or some other liberal site. AI serves a great purpose — to give deserving young people a shot at stardom and a piece of the American dream. No need for you to rain on their parade!

      Scotty and Lauren will become great country western singers, and what you can’t stand is to see country youngsters make it big! Just think they probably come from Coservative families and sing in a totally Conservative genre. Haley is a very good singer and she will probably make it big also. So give it a rest — everyone is a winner here.

      • but Lauren is fat! like the rest of America…that is all he is saying

      • lauren is not fat!!! she is a beautiful young lady.
        what is wrong with you people?

      • Yeah, it’s an all-out hoedown for the country Christian right. And they’re putting on a FINE show (on this site anyways) for “All Y’all” to see. I think we need MORE liberal views – just to neutralize some of the right-wing politcal BULL!

      • Scotty could have sang rock and still been in top 2 but if Lauren had been 2 or 3 years older I not sure.

        Sadly music is more marketing, age and looks in the mainstream now.

      • I think this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with CJ. While I do not think Lauren has proven her potential on the show, she is in no way ‘fat’. She’s very tall and if she was any skinnier she’d look weird.

      • Lauren is not fat what is the obsession with weight America. She is perfect just the way she is.

    • You need to cover your mouth with tape and unplug your computer…you are self indulgent if you think you are correct. Get a life!

    • Its so sad that you have to put others down to make yourself feel better.Lauren is a beautiful and talented young lady.Her and Scotty both deserve to be in the top two.You can blame it on the teens all you want but talent got them two to where there at.I seriously doubt you will ever hear Hailey on the radio.

  113. I think the people that should be in the final two have already gone home. It should have come down to Haley and James. No one can tell me America is all about country music. I hope both james and Haley get record deals and sell more albums than any contestant that has won American Idol. Disappointed in American voters.

    • Correct. AI is a country music show. The people in th south ar obsessed with it and they know how to cheat the system. Comon we went from 50 million to 72 million to dump James, the real winner, then to 95 million to dump Halley. Scottie is a one note poor Elvis mpersonator and he willl win. Sad that the same thing will happen in the voice. Wait and see.

      • Michael: I haven’t been watching the Voice, but am curious to know what is going on there that seems similar to the voting fiasco on Idol. If you have time, please.

      • From what I can tell Haley did best in some of the southern states like Texas, Louisiana and Florida, where Scotty did better in Western states like Colorado, Kansas and Montana.

        I hope they all do well. Scotty and Lauren show a lot of promise but not up to pro levels needed to sell albums long term yet. They may need a semi-hit song to survive more than a few years.

      • @ Templar – the mentors are still in the process of whittling down their top 8 to a top 4 each and there are two more weeks to go before that is over and then the real competition with viewers voting starts.

        In the X-Factor, the judges decide which of the bottom two go home.

      • Haleywasrobbed, I don’t think you’re a Haley fan at all. You’re as bad as her haters.

      • Hey Haleywasrobbed !!!!!
        Have you seen pictures of Adele ? Kelly Clarkson >>Aretha Franklin ?
        All large size ladies—-all have sung their way to $Millons…

      • Don’t forget Susan Boyle, who is now a multi-millionaire!

        I hope all of you people that tell a 16 year old girl that she is fat on an international forum realize that you are setting her up to crash diet and develop an eating disorder. If you want to see fat, go to your nearest mall and see the sloppy teenagers who sit around all day and do nothing! Lauren is learning 3 songs a week, completing high school level courses, doing interviews, and building up the courage to perform in front of tens of millions of people. Anyone who does not think she is beautiful inside and outside are total freaks of nature. Same goes with Scotty! No one should be able to find fault with either of these two sweet, hard-working kids.

      • Some people need to stop being so rude. I hear some Haley fans say if AI was based on talent than Haley would have won yet they themselves are basing the remaining contestants’ looks. You can’t have it both ways. I for one thing Lauren is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. To me it is better to be beautiful on the inside than to be beautiful on the outside and have a terrible personality. Lauren’s and Scotty’s humility and concern for others is what makes them beautiful and handsome and why some people connect with them.

      • what a stupid thing to say
        she is adorable and talented
        and if being rude is your thing
        sorry for your mouth

    • Lauren has a pure, beautiful God-given voice… I’m hoping the talent will come.

    • Lauren also can sing teenage cowpoke Scotty under the table. But little prepubescent girls with a crush will ensure that talent is not a factor. Get those voting apps ready girly whirlies!

      • Hey Northern Buy…many stars have been made by teenagers and don’t forget it….they are in control!

      • NG: Be fair. I don’t dispute Lauren having a better voice, but Scotty has never portrayed himself as a cowboy. He has, in fact, stated that he doesn’t like cowboy hats or western attire.

    • what a stupid thing to say about Lauren
      your a rude person, who has nothing better to say and thats sad

  114. These kids geniunely seem to care about their competitors feeling. Do we as adults need to take a lesson? They all have a lot of talent and deserve respect.

  115. #1 – one vote per person is the only fair way
    #2 – Lauren and Scotty are accomplishing the amazing for young people with great voices; HOWEVER, they are not (yet) artists, and at least three very clear artists (whose future works could last generations) were voted off (Casey, James and Haley) – my frustration relaxes when I realize these musician artists are waaaaaay better than the purpose of AI.

    • Another comment to my own posting: I do think this panel of judges is the best to date, as have been the finalist contestants whom nearly all hold a very promising future.

  116. Scotty or Lauren will make a great American Idol, Haley wouldn’t make a good role model with all the
    “bleeping” everytime she speeks. She needs to learn when it is not approperate to swear!

    Scotty or Lauren is someone young americans can look up to, and us older ones can be proud of.

    Good Luck Scotty and Lauren!!!

    • (bleep you) Kathy

      I wonder what prom dress lauren will wear this week. hope they have it in Large.

      • We need to show respect for others. Lauren is a sweet Christian girl who is beautifully and wonderfully made by God. It is not outward appearance that counts; it’s what’s in the heart. Your comments about Lauren show that you care more about someone’s looks than their personality and character. Lauren’s sweet heart adds to her beauty.

      • GodandLove: What if she were Jewish or some other non-Christian religion? Would you be saying the same lovely things about Lauren?

      • Pup, GodandLove only thinks people that are exactly like him/her are worthy of respect. If you can’t put it in a nice, neat box with p’s and q’s and sweet smiles it’s not worth any praise.

    • Beyonce swore when she was mentoring the kids…hasn’t affected her talent or stardom. Won’t affect Haley’s either. Everyone swears now and then, especially in times of high stress. It’s not the end of the world. They’re just words…just sounds really that we decided were ‘bad’. Too much swearing is trashy, I think Haley did twice in…5 months. OH NO.

      • And really, we don’t know that she swore. Ryan said watch your mouth young lady in a joking manner. They could have put the beep in there just for laughs. The other time she swore, allegedly was in the food competition segment, which just as easily could have been beeped for humor. We don’t know if she swore, any more than we know what the actual votes are.

      • Haha, who cares if she did? She’s a young adult…how many people actually swear in their songs? A lot. Just like in the studio version of Rolling in the Deep, the lyrics say the ‘s’ word…the ‘s’ word. Sheesh.

      • In response to Pup,
        Yes, I would be saying the same things about Lauren if she practiced another religion besides Christian. Lauren’s actions throughout the whole competition shows that she has a humble and compassionate heart. It is the attitude of her heart that makes her beautiful. Knowing that she is a Christian makes me understand where her humility and compassion come from; God.

    • agree with the last comment
      Scotty and Lauren, are
      American Idol material

  117. I am Canadian, but think that both Scott and Lauren are great role models. They are both from the heartland, and show off good vocals and great values. Best of luck, to both the contestants and to America

  118. Let the truth be told. American Idol is supposed to be a singing competition for three months in search of the next Superstar. This season fell far short of that goal. Yes, Lauren and Scottie are fine young people , well-mannered, wholesome, and are above average in talent. But, to make the finale, sorry, they don’t come close to the talent of Carrie Underwood, Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Katherine Mcfee, David Cook, just to name a few. I wish them well in the future, but this finale will be bland at best. They don’t have any true competition to be up against, so they may step up their game now, for they have little to lose. Surely, their past performances they never took risks, or did very little to have special moments of greatness. Those that took risks and constantly went out of their comfort zone, were more harshly criticized, got eliminated, and will be watching the finale, while some of them were special and should have faired better.

    If you were objective, and looked at the seasons performances , and the special moments, and the great performances of the final four, Haley and James deserved
    To be in the finale, and Haley should have won. BUT, the judges were not professional in their critiques, criticized some more than others for similar performances, and way over-the-top in their praise for others. The voting procedure is what it is, and surely doesn’t make for an adequate outcome that is accurate. But, AI has their agenda and they stick to it.

    Therefore we end up with a so-so, ho-hum finale that will make one person the winner, but not necessarily the best performer of the season. All of the top twelve deserved to be there, and I was rooting for Lauren and Scottie to be in the top 12.
    This looked like it could have been the most promising of a great season for American Idol, and a special outcome. However, the growth of the final two, in my humble opinion, is lacking.

    I do wish Lauren and Scottie the very best in their future, but I feel several of the others will get better record deals and be relevant Stars in the music industry way before them.

    Had they stayed , Pia , Haley, and James would have made a great semi-final, Pia and Haley a great final, and the winner of those two very worthy of American Idol 2011. However, life goes on. Time will show that I was right, and this year for sure, several eliminated contestants will do far better than Scottie and Lauren in the near future.

      • No Lynn, you should be gone. You’re being very rude to people who are not even bashing Lauren and Scotty! Just because they have a different opinion than you!!! Grow up.

    • I have never read a description of what the requirements and the list of qualities necessary to become an American Idol. Please let me know where you found them.

      • Well…I love Haley…but she is gone so…that is that. Good luck to the remaining two. But I loved Haley’s swan song …she sang Bennie and the jets better than ever. I have watched it on Youtube at least 5 times….so fun! She has great energy. I like that performance better than the studio performance that I downloaded. I will miss her next week. Scotty will win…but I’m pulling for Lauren. I won’t vote though, I was only emotionally invested with Haley…so she is the one I voted for.

    • Sorry about your additude . All the whining and crying makes no difference in the out come . Only voting which you didn’t do enough of . So you complain about the results. Sour grapes- Sore losers . I will be one who shows my support at the cash register. Where will you be . I’m betting you will still be complaining instead of supporting your favorites. How ’bout a little less talk and a lot more action ??

      • No whining and crying, no bashing, just an honest opinion. Everyone has opinions, you should have more respect for them.

  119. These arguments are circular! I wonder if Idol indeed has what they want….I mean after just watching Never Say Never…. I gotta tell you the teen girls are where the money is. I don’t think Scotty can turn into Justin Beiber with the material he is doing but I sure they have plans to give him something more mainstream.

  120. Beaux and me were out on the bayou and didn’t catch the show, but after hearing the results both of us were in shock. Beaux is still crying. That girl Haley can sing beyond her years and the other two still have a long way to go. When she did the House of the Rising Sun, I didn’t think I would ever get Beaux to stop crying. Every time he hears that song, he thinks about his mama and the way she raised him. The way Haley did that song brought so many tears to his eyes, I thoght I was going to have to take him to the doctor as he wouldn’t shut up. Hopefully she will get a recording contract as the girl has so much talent. We will surely buy her records.

      • She lives in Chicago. But keep on dreaming…because that’s the only place you’ll get to see Haley on a pole. (Keep a box of tissues on your nightstand for those special occassions when she visits you in your dreams.)

      • That is a disgusting comment. I thought this blog was supposed to have monitors.

      • that is rude and stupid, Haley is still a talented young lady and will do better than a bar singer.
        what stupid comments people make
        I love Lauren and Scotty that is who I am pulling for, but Haley is very talented…

  121. They can’t just dig the feeling that older people are being beaten by younger ones. And that both young and old admire them both as shining role models. such a phenomena they can’t withstand. It’s like a game series: Boston Beaten by the Younger Heat and the defending champs LAKERS Swept by Dallas(though Dallas is OLD too). “The Heat represents the tweens you minority hate and Dallas the Parents and grand parents voting for them.

    just a thought, just an opinion.

  122. I was deeply disappointed with the decision. I feel so much of America chooses whatever is safe and unoriginal. There is no doubt that the other singers are talented, but as far as stage presence, unique sound, and true artistic talent, Haley was truly mesmerizing on stage. Like the band creed tries to express. much of the world feels inadequate for being different and challenging to society. I admired Haley’s guts in the choices she made. I think we should respect all of the artists on the show, but all I am saying is. Take more chances, and be yourself! About the weight thing with Lauren, we do not need comments like that. Please stay classy people. Thank you.

    • think again scotty is the most natural on stage, haleys was forced, and she tried to be too sexy.

      • What you see as trying to be too sexy, her fans see as confidence. And confidence is a good thing, which you’d know if you had any.

    • I love Scotty, wish Casey was in the finals too, that guy also has a lot of talent. Just not too many Jazz fans out there. Then I also would have liked for James to stay, Pia, Stefano……

      • Casey had the most varied performances in my opinion…Always waited to see what he would come up with each week. Didn’t really care for James type music but wish them all the best and hope they are all successful in their careeres and life.

  123. The only season that I have missed was #10. (I was too pissed that Kris Allen was named American Idol in #9).

    I just went back and watched some videos of the contestants’ performances from #10.

    I have heard some criticism about Lee DeWyze, so I listened to him first. When he was in the top 3 with Crystal Bowersox and Casey James, Simon picked “Hallelujah” as his judge’s pick. Lee really nailed that song and got a standing ovation. Simon said that he really liked Lee, he was a very nice guy, and hoped he went to the finals. Simon liked nice contestants because he said the same about Elliot Yamin. Simon didn’t get boo’d for giving such a strong opinion about who he wanted to be in the top two.

    Somewhere in these blogs, I heard that another girl did “House of the Rising Sun”. I found her in Season #10 also….Siobhan Magnus. I was totally floored by her stunning performance of that song. In my opinion people, she was so, so, so much better than Haley (clean, clear, and really felt it).

    Go ahead, Haley fans…call me names…No one can deny that Sioban’s performance was near perfection. I won’t see your rage over this because I’m out……….

    • OMG! I just watched Siobhan Magnus’s performance of “Suspicious Minds” on American Idol #10. The end of that song was beyond amazing. I will stay on long enough for anyone, anyone to tell me why this girl got voted off? She hit every note in every range perfectly. WTH? I’m glad I didn’t watch or I would have been really mad when she left.

      • Also watch her performance of “Think” by Aretha Franklin. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone belt out notes as long and strong before. In her little between-song interviews, she is really funny, bubbly, sweet, and cute. I can’t imagine what happened.

      • I’m glad you found someone you liked, but do you have to be mean going out? Haley is gone…her anti-fans need to move on. I posted a link to my youtube from your post about your dogs, but it’s been awaiting moderation ever since. There’s a video of my kitten I rescued nursing from a bottle…if you wanna see it go to youtube, and my username is girlllface. Check it out if you want to and see this on time. Also, I’ve watched a couple of Siobhan’s videos and thought she was pretty good as well.

      • *I meant if you see this on time, not and see it on time. Haha. 2 of my rescue cats, and my thoroughbred that I bought after she retired from racing.

      • Awesome…I’ll try to see your kitten. I really didn’t mean to be nasty with my comment. I truly had never heard “House of the Rising Sun” before Haley sang it and had nothing to go on. I didn’t say she sucked or that I hated her…I just loved the way Sioban sang it without all the movements and throaty sounds (more pure). Siobhan did get throaty in some of the other songs I listened to.

        I have rescued kittens/cats before. However, I haven’t picked up any horses lately(: That doesn’t stop me from picking up the phone and calling the SPCA on cruelty of horses in the metroplex. I will never, ever close my eyes to an animal who needs help, no matter what.

      • Nor will I. I have helped even wild animals, there was a baby squirrel who fell out of a tree, a gosling who had his lower beak blown off by a firework, and a baby bunny who was flipped over when a car went past…he didn’t make it though. There’s been hundreds of cats, as I’ve been doing it since I was 5-6. 3 horses off the track that would’ve went to slaughter, and a few dogs over the years.

      • I saw the video! Nico is adorable and your horse is amazing. That can’t be you nursing your kitten. You said you were 26. You also said you looked younger than your age. Holy Cow! I’m 47 and people always guess me to be in my early to mid 30’s. You’ve got me beat by a mile. You are very pretty and very intelligent. I never blogged before this past month or two. Please don’t let it consume so much of your life. My kids have gone with their dad the last few weekends due to trades or I would never be able to spend this time on here. I really see that it can be an addiction like some boys with their World of Warcraft or video games. I’m really getting off because there is so much I should have been doing these last few weeks. It has been nice to meet you even though we were on opposing sides. Keep up the great work with the animals. It is comforting to know that animals have a guardian angel where you are.

        I will think of you with a sincere smile when Haley’s first CD comes out.

      • Thanks Ang. I try, it just seems like no matter how many you save, there’s thousands more who need it. I’ll always keep fighting the good fight, and I hope you do, too. I’m actually not 26 yet, I will be in a week. I agree, blogging is too time consuming…and also kind of pointless as you can’t change people’s minds, and it’s pointless to even try. We just have to accept that everyone is different in this world…and be grateful for that fact! 🙂 I hope life brings many good things your way, and I’ll do the same when Pia’s album comes out also! 😀

    • She is amazing! She was voted off because of the way she looked….nose ring etc.

      • I also saw that she made it to the top 6 when it was Shania Twain night! I like Shania but it is so not Siobhan. her. She seemed to have a bit of punk rock/bluesy/eclectic going on (once had a mohawk. What happens when you make a girl like that sing a country song? She doesn’t pull it off and goes home.

        Damn AI…they always mess up like that by forcing a totally wrong genre down these contestants throats!

        In addition, another website article stated that the power voting for cutie Casey James by the young girls may have contributed. Imagine that…..

      • She meant 9…obviously. Haha, she’s had her face glued to the tv this season, just like the rest of us. Haha.

      • O.k. so I have watched all of them except the last one …which obviously was #9.
        Thanks for keeping me straight. This shows it is time to get back to the real world if you lost track of a whole year.

    • angela and devin, see? devin rescues cats and angela rescues dogs and i rescue snakes. angela loves dogs, devin loves cats and i love snakes.
      now, devin loves haley, angela loves pia and i love james. nobody has to fight about it. it is great that people love different things. just think how the snakes and dogs would feel if everyone loved cats.
      we all love that each of us rescue different kinds of animals and respect each other for it…we should all really do the same when it comes to our favortie idol 🙂

      • Now I know why Devin turned out to be such a great, young lady. Big kuddos to mom……Good night

      • “It is a beautiful necessity of life that we love something.” – St. Augustine

      • That is animals for me. They give me a clear cut purpose in the chaos that is life.

  124. I am so glad I left after James was eliminated. This forum turned into even bigger ‘adults bashing kids’ then I remembered. 😉

  125. I have predicted all the while and I was right from the beginning that country votes are very strong Lauren and Scotty are the final 2 but people do not agree with me. If you realize why Kris Allen win instead of Adam Lambert, that shows how strong the country votes are. No doubt nobody can overcome the strong country votes. My predictions never go wrong and I have a feeling who can win it all in the finale but I can’t say who so that it does not effected the votes. It’s all up to you people to vote, vote and vote for the winner. All the best to the 2 finalists Lauren and Scotty. May the best person wins. Whoever win that person deserve to win cause the fans are the one who are voting for the winner of American Idol 2011.

    • they are both good and talented and who ever wins is good for me. I am a country fan all the way. good luck to both of them. love them both. but i also have to say, i loved Adam Lambert and James Durbin..

  126. I thought Casey was GREAT!! He has that earthy blues voice,raw talent. HE sang played instruments and really knew about music,he was awesome!He may not of been the cutest but was honest and comfortable in his own skin.
    For any of us to bash any of the contestents is ridiculous .They are all talented and deserved to be there. They were different and represented so many types of musical talent.
    We all have our favorites and ,of course,have different opinions I think this year was the best AI ever. Fat,skinny,pretty not pretty, what difference does it make,it is the talent that counts!The top 13 can all have great futures ahead of them if they keep working real hard.Alot of past winners didnt make it to the top and so-called non-winners Did makeit!!!
    This is the only year that I wish I could go to their consert , it would be so worth it. By the way I would have liked to see casey and James go head to head, AWESOME! But I will watch and enjoy the final this year,both those kids are great. They will have top recordings real soon,just wait and see.

    • I have to agree, silly me
      I dont like Casey at all, nor did I like Paul at all, but then I did not that type of music, so I guess in the jonra (sp) of music they were talented and good. thanx for having me see that

  127. just to post….
    seeing that the 2 top twitter and facebook people with the most followers and likes r the 2 final standing on AI,i figured ide post totals as of tonite,noteing scotty has led both of these by a big margin the entire season,at sometime a huge margin…


    scotty mccreery…
    145,517 facebook followers,,,racking up 3,000 to 6,000 a day
    160,765 twitter followers,,,racking up about 3,000 a day,,,did get 9,000 in a day last week.
    likes 146,000

    Luaren Alaina
    64,000 facebook followers,,,racking up about 1,500 to 2,000 a day,,,to note way behind scotty in that 1
    124,000 twitter followers,racking up about 2,000 to 3,000 a day right now,,lower befor top 3
    likes 64,000

    i post this becuase it has been true to see who was gonna make it to the finals these r the top 2 getters
    i dont put into account the followers contestants got after the were eliminated,becuase they got more after that which doesnt count…

    there for if it remans the same,scotty will be your next american idol


    • see what happen to James. i think James have most followers than Lauren in twitter and facebook for while .. but Lauren save n James out ..
      and Haley have a most views on youtube video and so many talk about her in any website .. but she also out ..
      i dont think dats can give any effects ..

      • say what u want haleyfan but alot of them twitter followers vote and vote alot,so do the facebook followers,,thats alot of votes,and also haley has like 4,000 facebook followers,so go figure,,,just an analagy

    • i also seen where someone here said Haley had the most twitter action,that is not true,Scotty has had a Klout score of 81 for weeks,thats the max u can get,and it measures twitter activity of followers….haley has never been close to that,he is actually the only 1 of all of th contestants to reach that status…

    • I think it’s awesome that they have that many fans. I think it also has a lot to do with having a younger fanbase, because younger people are the biggest group on those kind of sites. It shows what I already knew, out of everyone this season Scotty and Lauren were the most likable…besides Chris Medina of course. The thing is, that like voting, facebook and twitter are free…another free way to give support. With Youtube views, I think it’s important because it shows who has music people want to hear again and again. Youtube is also free, though, and multiple people watch multiple times. Haley has by far the top Youtube views on most of her songs. The most important thing I look at to determine who will be successful, is iTune downloads. First of all, because they cost money. People have to pay to give this support, and with this economy, you’re not just doing it to ‘be nice’. Haley has the top 3 selling studio versions, with 4 in the top 10, and 7 all together in the top 25. Scotty has 3 songs, but his highest selling is way below Haley’s third best seller & is in 4th place. That’s his only one that cracked the top 10. Lauren only has 2 on the top 25 list, and her highest selling song is 19th, and the other is 25th. James is the second most successful with 6 songs on the list, with 3 of them also in the top ten like Haley. Secondly, I think iTune downloads are a good indicator of someone’s ‘musical’ popularity, because unlike votes, each person only buys one of each song. All of the top 4 and a few others can be successful if they work hard enough. American Idol is a reality show before it is a singing competition, and it pays to be sweet, down to earth kids with high values and religious views…hence why our top two is Scotty and Lauren. Good for them, though, they’ve worked hard, too, and they both deserve it.

      • *I meant James has one less in the top 10, not the same amount. Haley also has the fastest selling iTune with I Who Have Nothing. In 3 days it had already climbed up to number 13.

    • I believe Scotty will win it, but it dont matter they are both great and will love to hear them sing. and buy there CD’s and see how they make it in the country circut.

  128. the breath of LAUREN not a issue .. becoz i think LAUREN have a tone which is doesn’t any country singer don’t have .. so beautiful, lot of soul, can make anyone crying! .. that’s why i think LAUREN go to final ..
    the power full vocal not necessary hit the high not .. and hold it long .. not it all!
    i wonder why when a singing competition, they need to hit the high note? for standing O? when contestant have a amazing lower notes, the audience not give a respond. this is we need to change. The good singer is when singing, the audience can feel that song ..
    I think that why LAUREN go to final .. and need to win it!

    • i agree with you.
      like mariah carey, she also growling, but a little.
      Haley growling every second the lyrics. Uarghhh! that was a big mistake of her .. we dont need to hear that! arghhh .. and she like screaming all the way .. not singing.

      • Check out her studio versions if you don’t like the growling. They really clean it up…which I personally wish they left some more raspiness in. If you like cleaner voices, then maybe if you’d listen to those, you could see why we appreciate her live or recorded.

      • @Devin Lee Haley’s voice to some is like Fantasia’s voice was to me. My ears hurt when I listened to her. She won, so obviously a lot of people enjoyed her singing. I think its the same with Haley. A lot of people love her voice, but there are those who just can’t stand it. I love Haleys itunes, but I love her performances on the show even more. She performs for the audience and plays to them. She gets more into it live. When she growls and the crowd roars, she growls more lol. On her itunes, yes, it is less growly, cleaner vocals, because she doesn’t have the crowd urging her to growl.

      • I so agree with you. I like her live versions all better, she has awesome stage presence! I like her studio versions, too, though. Just not quite as much. People who say they don’t like just the growling really should check them out, while I prefer live but will take what I can get. haha.

    • It is all a matter of taste. A full pkg to me would mean type of music, voice, presence and extremely important appearance. I do not want to see radical costumes unless I go to Vegas, no visible piercings or tatoos, no feathers in the hair. If they are female they do no need to show the girls, we all know they are their.

  129. before i post this i want everyone to understand i love scotty and lauren, but you know what would be really really funny? if this weeks theme was heavy medal and the guests to help the kids would be marilyn manson and rob zombie!!! lmbo.

    what do you think would happen? i think lauren might try it, i think scotty would say, as he was holding his cross for dear life, ‘you win lauren! i am out of here!’

    • If the theme was heavy metal, 9 out 0f 10 viewers would change channels. AI would never do that. Even when the theme was rock it was always more pop rock,

      • templar, i know, i was just joking. they lived through lady gaga and i was wondering how they would react to manson and rob zombie. just something that made me laugh.

      • secondchance: LOL I know. I barely survived Gaga. I just don’t get her. I guess. Actually the M. Manson comparison was very apt. Another shock personality that people get bored with quickly.

  130. Scotty needs to sing This is Country Music by Brad Paisley and I’m a Country Boy by Alan Jackson. He needs to do a duet with Carrie Underwood…

    • I’d love for him to do “This is Country Music”, but it’s on the top 10 charts right now, so maybe not allowed. I want him to do some George Strait, maybe “The Chair” or “You Look So Good In Love”.

    • yes on that, I would like to hear Lauren sing with Jennifer Needles (sp) from Sugarland. yea

  131. lauren & scotty final 2… they are good but not the two best… the real top should be:
    1. HALEY
    2. PIA
    3. JAMES
    4. CASEY
    5. LAUREN

    • in the top 24 week my favorite was lauren… but then haley came avery week with those amazings performances and lauren just played safe… i can only remember 3 laurens performances (turn on the radio,candle in the wind,flat on the floor) and i cant forget any of the haleys performances… i think that haley is maybe the best contestant ever on idol, but she is gone, she will be fine… my top :
      2. lauren
      3. pia
      4. casey
      5. james

      • like mariah carey, she also growling, but a little.
        Haley growling every second the lyrics. Uarghhh! that was a big mistake of her .. we dont need to hear that! arghhh .. and she like screaming all the way .. not singing.

        r u sure haley?? hehe..

      • bella if you dont like her is ok but she is the best ever!!! is funny what you say because fir sure cant sing a note jajaja… HALEY YOU ARE THE REAL IDOL!!!!

    • 1. HALEY all the way.
      2. I dunno, a three way tie between Casey, James, and Lauren.
      5. Paul, but only if they had allowed him to do his own songs. Some people’s voices just aren’t meant for covers…Paul was one of them. His voice was so unique, it never quite fit with the songs…except Rod Stewart, I loved that one!

      • Then Pia in 6th. I voted for her every week, but didn’t really get to know her enough as an artist to truly claim she was one of my top 5. She left way before her time…

      • Left way too soon:
        Jim Reeves, Patsy, Croce, Otis, Morrison, Lennon & too many others.

        But the greatest loss of all was Buddy Holly. Music would be different today, if he had lived. Truely, the day the music died!

      • There are a lot of factors…it’s not just about voice obviously. I think American Idol controls who moves forward more than we do with all of our votes combined…

      • Allison, Actually, all that can be stated as fact is the two remaining were the top vote getters.
        If you honestly believe those two are truely the best among that top 11, you should find another interest cause you’re no good at this one.

  132. I think the underdog mentality turned in Lauren’s favor this last week. When I found out that Haley grew up with her parent’s band and that Lauren’s folks are really just plain folks, it made me think that people started feeling that Haley has had advantages that Lauren didn’t, and their sympathies turned toward the 16-year-old underdog.

    • u better think positive way.
      it’s over .. stop bashing Lauren!
      i don’t know why American have this mentality ..??

      • She didn’t bash Lauren. I’m guessing you don’t understand english to good, but keep learning! And don’t jump on somebody so quickly next time. Haley was the underdog, and I’m not saying that to bash her, she just was. She was also my favorite, with Lauren right behind her. Love both my girls.

      • Yuck, I meant ‘too good’ not ‘to good’…and while I’m at it ‘too well’ is actually the correct way to say it. Haha.

    • Wow, I did not even know Haley grew up with her parents band and I really doubt that most of America knew it either. In fact the only contestant that I really knew anything about personally was James, and that was because of his obvious problemswith facial nerves (I then googled him) and his obvious sadness at being separated from his family.

      • She’s been performing with them since she was 7 or 8 years old…hence, the incredible stage presence, and the way she ‘tries to be so sexy’…aka; she has the confidence that only comes with years of performing. Our Haley is a rising star.

      • Well, I didn’t see Haley trying to be sexy. I saw a confident girl who was good looking, who people just assumed was trying to be sexy. Confidence is sexy, not Haley.

  133. Kelly Clarkson + Carrie Underwood = LAUREN ALAINA!
    hehehee.. u think me right??

    • Lauren Alaina = (Kelly Clarkson – confidence) + (Carrie Underwood – Presence).

      • Lauren Alaina has Kelly Clarkson’s confidence???!! Are U kidding me? This girl has problem with self-confidence & insecurities throughout her run on AI. You could cee she was crying when she was in the bottom 2 during top 5 elimination week.

      • Twice America broke my heart during this year AI. First was Pia, and now Haley. My initial favourite was Pia. I miss the type of powerful diva voice singer, and I thought this is the year when we finally have this type of winner. Also it’s time we have a female winner after 3 straight years of guys winning. And Pia was the one I was rooting for. But then she got eliminated.
        I didn’t like Haley at first. However, surprisingly I grew to like her, after she delivered some of her stunning performances, and I was rooting for her to be in the finale. Instead, we will have a flat boring Lauren for the finale. Pia and Haley are the only two female contestants that blow me away with their performances, They WOWed me!!

      • If you look back to the auditions…Lauren wasn’t exactly country…they seemed to lead her into becoming country…Scotty knew where he was from the beginning. I think that he should win, based on his ability and consistency.

    • Noooo. Lauren Alaina is Lauren Alaina. 🙂 And that is good enough. It’s never good to be like somebody else.

      • She does have a beautiful voice but you can hear that she doesn’t have the breath to finish her words…she is a rough (but beautiful) stone yet…but I do like her…but love Scotty.

    • Yea Lauren for the win! Scotty is good too , but Lauren has an amazing voice!

      • Lauren is near their level…wnen they were on AI at that time. She has quite a way to go. Great future however….Scotty for the win…his presence is natural and he handles himself like a seasoned performer.

      • Should have said..nowhere near…gosh…I need to start proofreading my things.

    • @ bella aldama @ pototocowboy @ arie @ frank @ paul @ devin lee @ all of the rest of the people
      Hey people here have you seen american idols top 4 contestants bio?

    • You are probably right, we have Carrie, why do we need this teen who is hard to compose herself. For those who understand music and did not realised, I do not think it was a song where she did not skip a note when she needed to change the key. I was amazed that she made it so far with al the mistakes that she made. It is true, she has a nice voice, but so has Carrie, Kelly, Lee Ann, Sheryl….I bet producer would have a hard time geting an album ready with her. She is not mature enough. I see her very naive. In music buz she would be crushed.

      • JMO We need her because she’s the age she is. Because Miley has gone trashy in order to stay in the public eye. Because as great as Carrie, LeAnn & Sheryl are they are not thought of as peers to today’s teens. They are married ladies, or mothers. Taylor Swift fits the teen demographic, but there is room for another girl to draw teens away from trash like Gaga and other pop stars.

      • Templar…thre hasn’t been a young male idol (Not Beiber) for the guys for so long …. that’s why we need Scotty for the win.

      • @Templar, I think that’s a reasonable argument with a splendid elaboration. I like that. One of the best comments of yours 🙂

  134. Final week should go this way.Songs should be a combination of individual songs and duets with Scotty and Lauren together. Voters should be given 3 phone numbers to vote . 1 for Scotty 2 for Lauren and 3 for both of them to win as a _duet team_ Idol winners !!! Great results either way we vote .

    • I like your idea about three numbers and the possibility of them both winning. Now if only AI would agree! 🙂

  135. The main reason I will watch the finale is to hear the new songs that Scotty and Lauren are going to release.

    If the twitter rumors are true and Haley signed with Interscope, I dare the producers of AI to allow Haley to sing the song that is going to be released on the results show.

    This would be a great way to gage how many of those votes were power votes. If Scotty sold 500,000, and Lauren sold 1,000,000 and Haley sold 2,000,000. That would be rather telling.

    Of course they wouldn’t do that, because if Haley outsold the two finalists right away, it would make them look a little foolish.

    James was also talking about working on a record deal, but didn’t say if it was with Interscope, if it was, it would be cool if he could debut it on the results show along with Haleys. Cmon AI show some guts, let James and Haley debut their songs on the same platform as your chosen ones. I dare ya.

    • Won’t happen if Scotty wins the song will be two octaves out of her range. And we know that Halley can’t sing down there so her usual trick of singing the same song won’t work. Of course she might be able to rekey it and change the tempo, add a couple of KISS Haleyisms and sell that but that’s what she didn’t do this week

      • Nooooo, I don’t mean all three of them sing the same song. I thought that Scotty and Lauren would be singing original songs that will be released as singles, as their closing song on finale night.

        Jimmy gave Nygel a song of Haleys, that Interscope may release if she signs a record deal with them. I think it would be great, if that record has already been made, for her to sing it on the results show.

      • Scotty can’t sing up above bass so what’s your point. If Scotty and Lauren sang the same song, it would be transcribed in different keys. It happens all the time in the music business. When I sang in the clubs, I had someone who wrote my music for the backing bands in the key in which I sang it.

    • 19 Productions and Interscope-Geffen-A&M, of which Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman, have the contract with the winner for up to 7-years and can option any of the top 5 for 3-years. The contestants have no choice if !9 and Interscope take up that option.

      They can also offer others contracts – as they have done with Pia -and it is up to the artist whether they accept or not.

      If James or Jacob are not signed by 19 and Interscope then after the Idol Tour, they are free to negotiate with whomever they wish.

    • JD, what… AI turn it back into a contest determined by sales, not some highly skewed & unfair voting system?
      Your wish is a pipe dream but I agree with your sales figures… Haley would crush them.

    • dare away. I bet both Haley and James would try their best and end up screaming and growling.

      • screaming and growling and selling more songs than all the other contestants combined.

      • Hahaha, that’s right JD…but people don’t want to acknoweledge that. I got no responses when I posted a link to the top 25 selling iTunes.

      • yes, just because they sing a rythim you don’t enjoy you think is garbage, it doesnt show too much intelectuality does it?

      • Haley will be growling her way to the bank for many years to come because she is going to be a big star in the music business..

  136. I think it would be good for us people to sit down and look back at how we are bickeing and slandering our idol’s competitors, when ironically, the contestants themselves are such good friends, bonding so well together and taking the competition in stride like adults. Doesnt that put us all to shame? Especially, when you realise that they are just teenage kids and we are adults here fighting over them. It doesnt hurt or kill us if any of them win. In any case, when the show is all over, everything would be forgotten and life goes on! So, wouldnt it be nice if we cheer them on, whoever wins. I believe they have put in a tremendous amount of hard work and had to withstand the great pressure, not mentioning the fact that they had to be away from home for months. Who knows, maybe the contestant you really dislike and wish had gone home earlier, may be a very nice person or someone whom you will really like if you had the chance to know him/her better in person. I applaud each and every contestant especially those that have made it it this far and sustained all the hard knocks and cruel comments from ‘strangers’ whom they never even knew, let alone hurt. Thanks for reading my comments. I dont know you guys, but we are all friends in my eyes. Thank you.

    • Great post Melia. I think the contestants would be displeased about how some of us are acting on this blog. Why can’t we all just get along? It is only a singing contest and will start most of these contestants careers. We should just be happy for all of them and move on.

    • thanks Melia for the wonderful thought! YOU are right afterall, we all come from one GOD, and GOD is Love…..

    • Melia…Thank you…hope some of the people who read your post….stop and think about it

    • I am a country and rock music fan. And I personally could not believe all the fowl mouthed, trash talk Haley was receiving on this website. Words like “slut and bitch” came on a weekly basis. And mostly by country music loving WOMEN, it seemed. I don’t recall Lauren or Scotty getting words anything like that directed to them. What is most strange is country music has for the most part, always been associated with wholesome and down to earth fans. Or at least that is what I thought until a few weeks ago when the Haley bashing started in earnest.

      • Steve…I was not a Haley fan..but I cannot believe some of the things said directed at her…pole dancer ..slut…bar fly…and on…She is out of contention but the slurs go on…also a lot directed at the final two..uncalled for remarks from the lower class people…of all ages..what are they all going to do after AI goes off air…climb back in the woodworks and start planning next years insults…They thrive on this kind of bad mouthing…thsy need help

  137. It is a pity, as a country like the United States can.UU., known worldwide as one of the major forgers of musicians and singers, having eliminated the best of all the participants in this American Idol version 2011; I say first HALEY REINHART who in all his presentations was who proved to be the best of all, when the jury her inexplicably critical by his tone of voice, always returned with the strength to show them their mistake, a tender girlsexy, charismatic and above all an artist. Secondly I say JAMES DURBIN, who in the majority of their presentations endeavoured to prove that it was one of the best, too bad that in his last appearances emotions prevented him from shine. SKOTTY, it is only a good singer with a different voice and LAUREN list is a great singer but it would be after HALEY and after JAMES. Pity because it is already as said will be a boring final, and what a shame that they have not been used to induce a vote more fair and which seems not as prepared. HALEY from LIMA – PERU, have millions of fans, we’re the best and the American Idol 2011 in the Americas. I’m Edwin VALENCIA, father of 4 children and respect you, force your parents.

    • She did well on that first song , but the other 2 sounded horrible ! She wasn’t going to win just doing well on the first song.

      • She had under 3 days to learn and master 3 songs, then record 1. The difficulty of those three songs are near off the chart. No one even tries to do Stevie’s song any more and Britney Spears doesn’t do all that great with “you oughta know” with weeks of practice.