American Idol 2011 Results: Top 3 Elimination

It’s that time again. Ryan Seacrest will soon be handed the envelope, the lights will dim, and someone will be sent home. Are you ready for your American Idol 2011 Top 2 and the big finale performance next Tuesday?

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American Idol 2011 Top 3 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Haley Reinhart

American Idol 2011 Top 2 Results:

  • Scotty McCreery
  • Lauren Alaina

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!




  1. Here we goooooooooooooooooooooo:)
    Good Luck all ๐Ÿ™‚ hope Haley goes to the FINAL!!!

    • I love you Haley Reinhart. I can totally relate to your disappointment. I’m crying with you right now. My mommy is crying too…We’re always here to back you up, Haley. Always remember that! You may not win AI but everyone knows what happened to Daughtry, Lambert and Hudson. You are already a shining star and we’ll expect to see more of you in concerts, television shows and GRAMMY’s!!! You have a lot of fans to buy your CD’s because we know how great of a recording artist you will be. We love you, Haley. This is just the start of your stardom.

      I also want to honestly say that I’m very happy for Lauren Alaina. When I heard Scotty being called as the first safe contestant, I was already crying. Forgive me Scotty fans, but I just don’t see him as an AI winner. To me, he’s just another Taylor Hicks. I’m soooo rooting for Lauren now. I hope she wins next week. Please dear lord, we were already devastated when Pia, James and HALEY were eliminated. Please give justice by making Lauren as the American Idol. Please….

      • Haley is not kicking ass anympore. SHE IS OUT OF THERE! The ONLY song she sang through through the WHOLE SEASON worth a darn was Rhiannon. And I am a BIG Stevie Nicks fan. Have been since she began. No one has a voice like Stevie! But Haley did a good job on that one song. The rest was just screeching and growling!! That is the ONLY song she sang that I could hear the words to the song. It must have been because I know that song by heart! I couldn’t hear anything else she sang due to the growling and screeching. So, she LOST!

    • Hear, hear! I hope so too! So what has happened on the show so far? I’m on the west coast, so can’t watch it live for another couple of hours+. Thanks!

  2. Matt!! HELP!!! the page is kicking me out ๐Ÿ™ I want to read the comments and post myself it doesnยดt let me!

  3. Haley is here to stay until the final stretch! Haley is in it to win it yoooh!

  4. OK, the comments are back. But the site is acting up and kicking me out frequently…says Error establishing a database connection.

  5. what language is this song idk why they’d put this i dont listen to songs if i dont understand what its about

  6. does anybody else have trouble with this website? I keep getting “database error” just about everytime I try to flip pages

    • Yeah…but Haley was the ‘spoiled brat’. RIGHTTTTT. Haha, I bet nothing bad has ever happened to Scotty in his entire life…I bet he’s never wanted anything and didn’t get it. American Idol will be no different…
      GO LAUREN!!! Rock out the finale for your girl Haley! Haley fans, vote for Lauren, since she at least has a PULSE!

    • Yeah I do. Here in Australia everyone I have spoken to wants haley to win so go girl go!

    • She can make it through !!! and if she doesn’t I will still support her, Go Lauren!!!

      • yes .. u totally rite ..
        i read so many lauren haters .. i’m crying .. so sad ..
        But.. this is my advice: no one forces you all to love Lauren Alaina. Personally, as a person I would totally respect everything she does.

  7. Did anyone else think of the Hunger Games (Mockingjay) when the camera crew was following Lauren in the wreckage of that town?

  8. this is my advice: no one forces you all to love Lauren Alaina. Personally, as a person I would totally respect everything she does.
    If she out this night .. just accept that n keep support her ..

    wat you want to say??? hahahaha.. i’m so happy rite now!!
    Go LAUREN!!

  10. Lauren sing your ASS off next week, I’ve not seen anyone on Idol that I like as much as you…and I’m not a country music fan…but good music is good music….BE YOURSELF, I’m a nervious wreck for U, so you don’t be can do it, you have the best sound, that smile and the attitude you project are wonderful. Two Southerners in the finale, but you got the GRITS GIRL…GET YOUR GRITS ON!!!

    • Kechik, If you can handle some humor:
      For Lauren to do as you requested – well… that would appear to take a great deal of singing, wouldn’t it?

      Honestly, I just hope next week she finds more of herself & gives Scotty some competition.

    • Haley should have at least forced herself to hug Lauren. Oh yea, that would be a NICE thing to do……

      • Yes, EVERY OTHER contestant that has been eliminated has hugged and congratulate the one that passed to the next round. As much sadness as that meant to all of them, NONE look so arrogant and pissed as she did. It was like she “knew” she will go to the finale, like someone told her she will and then she was like “what”??? It was very weird. And her cocky attitude, threatening the audience like: This is not the end, you’ll see me… whatever!!!

      • Are you two even capable of giving it up? Don’t you have a current favorite to support?
        Allow me to enlighten you… Haley lost last night, she is out of the running & can no longer be any kind of that to whoever you do support!
        As I posted previously… bad habits ARE hard to break.

  11. Once again proof that polls here are worthless and predictions of the staff as well.

  12. I told you all that it will be Scotty and Lauren and I was right and at the end Scotty will win.

  13. It was leaked out over a month ago that Scotty and Lauren kept getting the most votes week after week Why? Because a lot of young teen and pre-teen girls do the most voting….and most of them think Scotty is cute and they like his deep voice, and he is close to their age. And Lauren reminds the little girls of a young Carry Underwood, and they also are close to Lauren’s age. Not only that but Scotty and Lauren have a large portion of the Country Music crowd behind them.

  14. Glad Idol is keeping up its traditions — making sure the best don’t win … Casey, James, Haley … and it frees up next Wednesday & Thursday nights!

  15. oooooookkkk i hope lauren wins… haley was the best of the season,maybe the best contestat ever on idol, thats why she didnt win this! she will be huge! huge!

    • That’s right, Marie! Haley Reinhart is the breakout star of A.I..she can be an iconic singer if she plays her cards right…since her voice is truly one in 7 billion(give or take the world’s population).

    • The best contestant EVER on Idol???? Really??? My goodness, fans can become crazy pretty easily.

      • I never said she wasn’t original. Nobody else on that show has barked and growled like she did. She was the most original one!!! No doubt, GREAT POINT!

  16. I’m done with this show xfactor will put this show to shame! Stupid country bumpkins! I can not believe Lauren miss cry baby and Scotty mister I have no range! This is a kids show! James and Haley should be the 2 finale!

  17. OMG! What’s a result, so not right. Haley should be in the final and WIN it. The final going to be so boring now….not going to watch it!!!

  18. This finale will be the most boring yet. Not one, but two country singers? Give me a break, it can’t get any worse. Haley is so much better and showed such a range of talent. Lauren and Scotty are simply country. Not going to watch the hoedown!!!

  19. This finale will be the most boring yet. Not one, but two country singers? Give me a break, it can’t get any worse. Haley and James are so much better and showed such a range of talent. Lauren and Scotty are simply country. Not going to watch the hoedown!!!

  20. James and Haley would have made for a dynamite finish. I do like Lauren’s voice very much and think she is the genuine article, but Scotty???? What are people thinking? He’s too darn comfortable as evidenced by the fact he doesn’t even attempt to step up his performances. He is “boring, boring, boring”. At least Lauren breaks away from country once in awhile.

    Haley, I wish you the best. You are a power house and when I saw your mouth drop open when Lauren’s name was called, I was shocked too.

  21. X Factor should be dynamite. Simon says it will be the biggest event yet. $5,000,000 record contract.
    Look forward to seeing the different variety of talent.

  22. All of the true talent left the competition with james, Pia, casey, and jacob. Adam Lambert was by far the best singer they have ever had on the show, and he could not win so what hope is there for the real artists and musicians that have been axed. Country is easier to market and AI is tired of losing money on the recent winners. It is also not a coincidence that the two finalists are puppets and do everything the guest producers have pushed at them. They do not know better. I Call Shenanigans!

  23. O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

    I am so proud of being American right now. THANK YOU VOTERS FOR GETTING IT RIGHT!!! Hahahahahaha… Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    Go Lauren, go Scotty!!!

    • I’m definitely not…I’m sure we all look like a bunch of dopes to the rest of the world…there goes America, loving their twangy square-dancing music. So this was how the West was won? AWESOME! GIDDY-YAP! HI-HO Silver, AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I love my country full of rednecks, and children with cellular phones.


    Scotty is horrible. Country country country.. Over and OVER again.
    Lauren is ugh. Missed nots after missed note, should have went.

    Watch haley be the most successful.

    • In your dreams maybe. Wait and see… I was right about the final right? ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

      • Then how come Haley’s iTunes outsold those two’s by a longshot? Hmm, people like them, not really their music. I guess this is what being sweet and naive gets you. Gabriela, you’re a real piece of work, aren’t you?

      • America voted… that is your answer. Keep using any excuse on the book, the iTunes, whatever. She lost, that is a FACT! I understand your sadness if you are her fan, let ME enjoy the results I was hoping for!!! Woo hoooooooooooo!

      • Go ahead and enjoy, but leave Haley’s fans alone and let them be upset their favorite is gone. Without you being there rubbing it in their face with your condescending attitude.

      • I have the right to be happy for the results. If she was on the finale, you and her other fans will be bragging like there’s no tomorrow. Just like you did when she was called for the top 3 and James wasn’t. I know you are a sour loser, but we (Scotty and Lauren’s fans) have the right to celebrate!!!
        Holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Celebrateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

        Hahahahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m not a ‘sour’ loser, or a sore loser if that’s why you were trying to articulate. If Lauren had gotten eliminated, I would celebrate on “GO HALEY” posts, and console some of Lauren’s fans who actually have a heart and a soul. Same goes for if it had been Scotty. I would NEVER try to make them feel worse. It’s pathetic, you’re like a child with your gloating.

  25. i cried through the whole darn show! the homecomings and everything. next year i will not watch this show and for many reasons.
    1. i get to attached to all of them.
    2. i am like totally traumatized over james and i truly believe it is rigged.
    3. i feel i have wasted 2 hours of my life every week voting when i know my votes didn’t even count.
    4. american idol will get whoever they feel will make them the most money.

    most of all i am not a crier, devin lee always makes fun of me cause i dont cry. i dont want to watch something that can make me this emotional.

    my personal opinion is haley blew lauren and scotty away last night. she gave me goosebumps and i am not a haley fan. she pulled off stevie nicks! that is one heck of an accomplishment.

    haley will make it far and so will scotty and lauren.

    james already has a heck of a lot of fans and i will buy anything he puts out and i will go to all his concerts.

    the thing that makes me the most upset is thinking about my daughter voting he fingers off for haley and me knowing it was a waste of her time if AI did not want haley to win.

    go lauren and scotty, i love both of you.

      • Robbie James (WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS THAT!?), go take a cozy little nap on some train tracks. That’s my mother you’re speaking to like that.
        You should really go by Rob, or Robert. I doubt anyone can take a ‘Robbie’ seriously, haha.

    • I am proud of myself for doing my best to keep Haley in American Idol. She may not win but I’m sure she’ll be a shining star in the music industry. To all the Haley fans: Devin Lee, David P., Pup, Old Sarah, Serge, etc (sorry if I forgot others) I know you are all proud of yourselves! Come on, Haley being in danger of eliminated since the top 13? Now she’s in rank 3? That’s a huuuuuuge accomplishment. And that is just the start of her blooming career. She already has a lot of supportive fans and we’re all just waiting for her next CD to be released. Haley, you’ll always be the American Idol 2011 for us! We love you so much.

      • That’s right, iloveHALEY! And you have been so fantastic with your great attitude. I didn’t shed a tear for Haley, she’s a winner in my book, and the show gave her the exposure she needs to start her career in music, and the show gave us a wonderful little slip of a girl named Haley Reinhart…with the biggest female voice I have heard in many years! We’re all winners, here.

      • Devin…we DO have alot in common. I didn’t shed a tear either!!!!!!

      • I’ve already downloaded all her performances. Can’t wait for the albums, the career, and the day she declines to perform on American Idol as a comeback star.

      • iloveHALEY, you were a gem and I am so glad you participated here and supported our girl so wonderfully! I agree, she has a great future. Can’t wait to watch it bloom!

  26. Kind of funny when everybody refers to him as the “country boy”. Read that he lives in a rich suburb where many psychologists live. He is a Baptist. He has a vocal teacher, won a Country Music contest, and they also said he was in a small band that traveled in the U.S. That info was on Don’t know if that is entirely true or not.

    • I now see how the voting went all season long, coming to an end. COUNTRY COUNTRY COUNTRY.. how lame!! But that’s what happends when you get a bunch of people who are now growing up with POP COUNTRY who think it’s teh shit.. well it ain’t! I grew up in a time where Country Music was a Fringe and i’m gonna be more then happy when it ends up that way again. If you look at how the votes went all season long, anyone who offered a variety of songs and song choices, got the shaft.. if you performed even, you got the shaft.. if you sung country, you were in! so ofcourse the last two people left is Lauren and Scotty. It breaks down like this. The old voters who voted country, think that scotty (who’s not even in their generation) is a well mannered humble kid, but yet, he back stabbed someone in this very season to get ahead. (he apologized??) Anyone who knew better would of either started a new group with Jacee or backed out of the group himself for not wanting to be a part of that mess.. it’s rediculas how many people voting HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN that episode and proclaim the kid like he’s some kind of humble guy. Especually since he looks at the camera like a damn snob every time he sings. How lame! Now Lauren on the other hand has that ‘you’re the one’ tag on her, which is what i think alot of nutt huggers voted with, but also, she began to turn more and more country as the show went on and it did her some good because she’s now in the top two. To me, Lauren is like three artist I dislike all in one, Kelly Clarkson, Kerry Underwear.. i mean, Underwood.. and Kelly Pickler.. all are country.. So this season, America voted country non stop and that was that.. nobody else really had a chance.. why do you think James left, pia, Niaema, the first black chick.. haha Jacob, Stephano, Paul, Haley and everyone else who probably shouldn’t of gone in the top 24.. Giovanny (if i got that right) .. because non of them were country.. you only had two, and now they are the top two. way to go Voters.. you country listenin’ bastards!!@ hahahah!! But, the only thing i will say that will come good of this. is that the Eventual winner (doesn’t really matter who) will sell alot of Dice and Records and make alot of money for alot of people and at least at the end of the day.. They have a chance of being bigger then anyone who ever came out of the show with those two other clown judges but mainly SIMON. I also think alot should be said about the fact that the Three looser Judges (simon, paula and randy) decided to skip on Haley, then she comes back with two better judges and gets a chance, then makes the top 3. So that’s a good thing! Cause America’s country i can understand, but what i can’t understand are these shows with British A holes acting like they know everything when it’s been proven now that they don’t know S*it!

      • Try taking a chill pill, keep the snyde sewage language to yourself, and use spell check.

      • LoL @ Templar! Bring on the “All American Country Hoedown” for all us “Hicks” & “Imbeciles”.

        Woooo Hooo, thump, thump, thump, thump… This si me doing the happy dance (aka bunny hop)!!!

  27. I’ll watch next weeks show but I don’t care who wins. Haley got shafted every step of the way. I don’t blame her one bit for her reaction.

    I felt James should have been there too. He was even better than Haley IMO, but at least he got fair judging along the way.

    The voting needs to be changed. 1 vote per person. I had thought after Haley won yesterday + the last 2 weeks- last 3 weeks total- that she should be safe. What made me change my mind was when they showed Lauren’s homecoming as they went by the tornado area. Right then I knew Lauren was safe. I already figured Scott was.

    The finals is an easy prediction. Safe Scotty for the win.

    • I totally agree…something has to change with the voteing.I could not bare to watch this week. I enjoy this web site. thats it.

    • I agree with the something needs to give on the voting. Currently each person can vote 50 times. I say make it 5 votes period. I would also like to know who verifies the votes??? I think it would be neat to see the contestants standing on the stage and their votes appear behind them so you can see exactly who is where in the competion.

  28. Nothing but country for the finale! How crazy! I can’t believe that Haley went home! How sad ๐Ÿ™

    Haley…we still love you and I know I will be buying your albums!

  29. Sooooo thankful lauren made it!!!! U could tell by haleys reaction she thought she had it in the bag but nnnnooooooooo u didnt sweetheart!!!

    • Haley knows that she outperformed Lauren by quite some way over the whole series. She had every right to react with shock. This is all to do with skewed voting – and I’m not being down on Lauren, she is a lovely kid with a beautiful voice – but this is a poor outcome starting from such a varied and talented final 11.

      • I thought Haley outperformed Lauren, too. Lauren is just too immature to be American Idol. When she loses to Scotty, she will scream, cry, and be the world’s biggest loser.

    • I agreee with Rob & Cam.. Haley should have been in the finale NOT Lauren. Lauren still a “child” and needs to grow up some more. Haley was so ready.. Won’t be watching next week or any other week//year. It is over for me!

    • Some justice would be if you were locked in a padded cell listening to Scotty’s iTunes non-stop for a month or so…hehe. Like Chinese drip torture. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’ll be chill when people stop being such heartless jerks, and quit picking on people for no reason. Which, will never happen. I won’t miss 97% of the people on this site.

  30. That will be one BORING finale next week. To bad I’ll have better stuff to do.

    • I think your wrong… I think both these kids will surprise you this week.

  31. It is a shame that a voting procedure can so corrupt what started out to be the best final 11 that I’d seen on American Idol. For a start, votes should be controlled to avoid childish multiple voting. Secondly, if the show wishes to aspire to an international audience, the international community must have its say. Young heartland America has prevailed here and an exciting top 3 of Casey, James and Haley has lost out. A country final with a likable young guy of limited range and a lovely young kid that has a pleasant voice but difficult breathing control is a sad end to this series.

    • Yes, I totally agree also. something has to change in the voting system. If I were the ones left and knew the ones voted out are far better than me, I would leave the competition w/ dignity rather than win because of money alone….The worst season ever, So disappointing…

  32. This finale will be so boring. Not one, but two country singers? James and Haley are soooo much better and proved how diversified they could be. Give me a break, what will they use for props? Scarecrows? This sucks. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  33. I suppose you can only get thrown under the bus so many times by the judges and survive. Thanks a lot judges for giving safe songs to your little favorites and giving Haley an angry Avril Lavigne song that was custom made for Avril’s unique style. I wonder how Lauren would have done with Stevie Nicks and Avril Lavigne, seriously. Haley on the other hand could sing a country song (Blue) as well as the original artist but apparently that was a little “sleepy” as opposed to Scotty’s rockin bring the house down Kenny Rogers tunes. Why bother with the finale now. Can anyone tell me what Lauren’s big memorable jaw dropping song was this season. I don’t even know or care what she would sing if she was eliminated. Haley had like 7 or 8 songs that gave me goose bumps (real ones, not Jennifer Lopez fake biased goose bumps!), she is exciting, I never knew what she was going to come up with. And Scotty, well I could throw every song he had this season in a pile of generic country music albums from 20 years ago and I dare you to find it. Aren’t we supposed to be looking for something new here? Scotty will ride the American Idol fame to a country album and will succeed even though he doesn’t bring anything new to country and Lauren will quickly fade after Scotty beats her out at the finale. Really folks, there’s isn’t even any suspense here, bye bye Lauren next week. Well Haley, I’m looking forward to your first album because you’re fearless, entertaining and you can bloody well sing anything with your own unique style and you blows me away. Jennifer Lopez had to do 10 takes for her pre-recorded version of On the Floor and you were ten times better on the first take on any given night. It’ll all work out in the end anyways.

    • Uh dude …. you oughta know that ‘you oughta know’ was by alanis morissette

    • That’s a GREAT post, Jack. I agree with pretty much every word.

      Scotty has a very limited vocal range, no skills at modulating his voice or using a vibrato. He’s pleasant enough, a decent singer, and the young girls and older women fall for his charm. I thought he had a pretty good Top 3 night, all in all. Lauren has a gorgeous voice but seems even younger than she is and frankly, not very smart. And the girl has NO AIR. She takes a breath after every, like three words and chops off the ends of phrases because she has run out of breath. All the national media, the seasoned music critics who are schooled in great music, have mentioned this about her. With training, she can be a great singer, because the tonal quality is there. But she is NOT READY.

      But oh well.

      I stick to comments I’ve made all season about this being a fantastic Top 13 — varied styles, good voices, etc. And so I’m not going to trash Scotty and Lauren.

      But Haley was the best overall. But since when does the best SINGER win Idol? It’s happened maybe twice at most: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. So we can look forward to Haley’s power and sultry, bluesy vocals on her albums. And she won’t be so severely under the thumb of the AI machine as she embarks on her career. She’ll come out just fine.

      • I agree with Jack, and you not2old4idol. Haley will be better off with a different label/producer. Jimmy probably made a mess in his pants when she got eliminated. Now he has the chance to scoop her up!

    • Agree with you Jack! Except for it was an Alanis ‘s not Avril Lavign. Haley was the seasoned pro in her farewell song! Looking forward to her album. I wish Scotty and Lauren all the luck in the world they are nice kids with nice voices just not the best of the bunch

  34. I feel like someone just punched me in the gut, and I’m really at a loss for words. ๐Ÿ™

    All I can say is, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to have heard such a rich and distinct voice like Haley’s. There is no doubt she’s a quality performer, and I look forward to hearing more from her sooner than later.

    I hope she takes all the exposure and experience from Idol into super stardom. I for one will buy her CD’s and see her shows, I hope you all feel the same.

    I am glad she was able to sing on the national stage with her dad, how cool that must have been for her! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sorry she didn’t win, but having heard Haley, we’re all winners in the end, and this is not the end of the road for her either, so buck up, fans, “Haley Rides Again”! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Still “Hooked on Haley” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • well said, DB. I am looking forward to Haley’s first album too, and prolly ride the “Haley’s ride” with you and many of her fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am totally with you DB! I miss her already, I cannot wait for the album and wish she didn’t have to do the “tour”.
      We need someone with very cooool unique voice like Haleys!!


  35. hoho, to anyone who said the finale will be boring. Gimme a break, Haley is boring too in my opinion.

  36. this is the first american idol season that i watched every episode, even downloaded it because i saw the contestants were reaaallly good but it has been a disappointment every week as the show comes near to its end..and with the latest results, haley being eliminated, even got more very disappointing for me…i would have wanted her to win or maybe have the two girls go head to head in the finals…just very, very disappointed with the results..

  37. I just read a comment on the other thread predicting the most boring finale would be Lauren vs. Scotty. Congratulations American Idol you have earned yourself an unbelievably snore inducing finale. I know I won’t be watching. If you like Country Western and nothing else have a great time. Haley at least always kept it interesting. By the way, her songs were so much more difficult than the others yesterday. I will miss the energy she brought to the show.

    • Haley was cheated because Randy and Jlo did not like her. Stars do not win AI except maybe 2, the runner-ups become stars. Haley we await your CD’s. Am I the only one who thinks AI is manipulated by the producers?

      • Haley was not voted off. She did not get as many votes as Lauren and Scotty…mainly because of her attitude. It is what it is.

  38. Thank God Haley’s gone, I’m a big Haley fan and I think she’s too good for Idol anyway. I want Haley to stay as Haley and not just be another pop star (like Jordin Sparks, ouch). If the past has taught us anything, the best way to win Idol is not to actually win it (*cough* Lambert *cough* Daughtry *cough*) From what I saw on her Youtube videos she has a HUGE fan base overseas. Country music is good to a certain extent but even Carrie Underwood isn’t that popular internationally, Haley though has the potential to be an international star. So go Haley! I’m so gonna buy her album when it comes out. The final’s gonna be a bore snore, I’ll root for Lauren (she’s so sweet and has such a beautiful voice) but I know Scotty will win (thanks tweens)..

    • Absolutely Erwin! My biggest disappointment wouldn’t be her losing AI it would be losing herself because of AI.

  39. Two teens in the finale…. This is gonna be interesting…NOT. Well I’m happy for them but I think it should be Haley and Scotty. Anyway I know that Scotty is the winner so, I’m not gonna be voting next week.

  40. I told you already folks,…..the pools could be very deceptive, remember about the pools result before this one?………….the one who got the vote’s base will go all the way……..I think Scotty will win this season…..well boy there you go all the way…..:-)

  41. after haley’s elimination, i dont know what the other two can give.. there’ll be no magical performances on next week’s show. one is just a one-trick phony and the other is a prom queen wannabe.. truly this seasons has featured great talents but neither one of them make it to the finale… ๐Ÿ™

    • who knows, let’s wait for the finale showtime. There might be some magical performance..

      • Looking at their current track record, it will take a miracle.
        But, honestly, I would love to be “Amaaxed” by Scotty

  42. I watched tonight and was so disappointed. This whole season has been terrible. They had the best group of talent ever. And week by week, the strong performers were let go and now we are left with 2 very boring singers.

    Im not saying they cant sing, because they can. Lauren has zero stage presence. Scotty has a little. But neither has what Hailey has. Good luck to all the performers this season.

    As for Idol, replace Randy Jackson and JLo as judges. They did a horrible job. Gushed for those they wanted to win, and put down those they didnt. They were not fair in their comments. If you are going to point out one performers pitch problems, do it for all of them.

    In the end, I wont be watching the final next week. I have no interest in watching Lauren just standing there while she sings and Scotty moving his eyebrows.

    Good luck to Hailey, Casey and James. I’m sure we havent heard the last of you.

  43. Personally I have never commented on this board all season. I am from Raleigh, NC so naturally I have been a Scotty fan from day one. However it seems as if all of these comments are just so negative. I am the same age as Haley, can we not just give all of these guys some credit! They all did wonderful (regardless if we like their style or not). Also if all of your who are so upset had voted more maybe it would be different, however more votes were cast for Scotty and Lauren so let it rest! Haley did a wonderful job as did James and so many of the others. However we can’t change what happened and we can be sure that each of these wonderful artists will sign some sort of record deal. Rejoice in the greatness that has came from this season of wonderful amazing talented contestants rather than bashing these teenagers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jordan: I have been on this board for at least 8 years!!! And your comment is so truthful! This has been the MOST HATEFUL posting I have EVER seen. And so much cussing. And ugly hateful comments!! People picking on the other posters. JUST PLAIN NASTY! You are so right! I wish they would quit bashing the contestants and each other too.I thought there was a lot of talent this year. But it seems some popularity votes got in the way of talent! I don’t know who is monitoring this chat board?? But they have let some VERY NASTY WORDS IN. Also all caps in post’s. I am not going to be on here again! TOO MUCH MEANNESS.I am not sure why either! Have a great week. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Haley deserved it. In fact, she stayed for too long. Every time somebody else was eliminated her eyes sparkled. Bad character she has… and not such a great voice. Finally America puts her out, thank you so much, she was not there to win in fact, after all…

  45. For all you Haley fans listen up………..she may have a good voice however she has a bad attitude. Did you see her when she went to Chicago. One of her fans was so excited and all that Haley could manage to say was, “Thanks for freaking out!!!!” Also, I am sorry to point this out BUT Haley has had a bad attitude the entire season. How can it be possible that someone so arrogant represent the American public. You think that the judges were hard on her, well so what, they had a right to be. Also did you notice Haley singing her last song? What was that about? She made a fool of herself!!!! I for one am glad that she was voted off!!!!

    • I guess you want a redneck representing the American public… Glad I dont live there ๐Ÿ™‚

    • How dare you say Haley made a fool of herself. She was thrown into shock as many of us were and then she plants a smile on that beautiful face and gives a performance. Wow, how unclassy of her. Look, congrats to the two youngsters but could you lighten on the Haley negativity now that you won’t have a coninuous forum to degrade someone you don’t even know. We’re feeling for you Haley. You will soar way above the others. You exited with style and a smile…what an evil creature you are.

      • Well I’m not a teenager and I’ve never liked Haley. In my opinion she has a poor attitude. Just not very likeable.

      • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

        Keep Going Haley!!

    • “Glad Haley was voted off”, really? I wasn’t sure from your post.
      I’d like to quote you in part, again…
      “Also, I am sorry…” – now that I’m certain of!

  46. Haley deserved it. In fact, she stayed for too long. Every time somebody else was eliminated her eyes sparkled. Bad character she has… and not such a great voice. Finally America puts her out, thank you so much, she was not there to win, after all…

    • even if that were true, this IS a competition after all. is it therefore bad to be happy that you survived a round?

    • What is with all the freaking idiots trashing Haley??? You don’t even know her, her attitude was great she took a lot of undue heat from Randy and Jlo and just smiled till she finally had enough and still what she said was pretty mild…

      She always had a smile on her face and sang her ass off! So please STFU!

      • Chill, Haley fans. So much frustration and anger in your heart. You lost, move on. You are obsessed with a stranger because you can’t face your empty lives. Bad stuff going on!

      • Anna, You are absolutely right… our girl is gone & we need to move on.
        Ah… if only her detractors could do the same.

    • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out youโ€™d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didnโ€™t go home too. She wasnโ€™t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didnโ€™t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

      Keep Going Haley!!

  47. I love you Haley Reinhart. I can totally relate to your disappointment. I’m crying with you right now. My mommy is crying too…We’re always here to back you up, Haley. Always remember that! You may not win AI but everyone knows what happened to Daughtry, Lambert and Hudson. You are already a shining star and we’ll expect to see more of you in concerts, television shows and GRAMMY’s!!! You have a lot of fans to buy your CD’s because we know how great of a recording artist you will be. We love you, Haley. This is just the start of your stardom.

    I also want to honestly say that I’m very happy for Lauren Alaina. When I heard Scotty being called as the first safe contestant, I was already crying. Forgive me Scotty fans, but I just don’t see him as an AI winner. To me, he’s just another Taylor Hicks. I’m soooo rooting for Lauren now. I hope she wins next week. Please dear lord, we were already devastated when Pia, James and HALEY were eliminated. Please give justice by making Lauren as the American Idol. Please…

    • It’s sad, so sad, it’s a sad, sad situation, and sorry seem to be the only word. ๐Ÿ™

  48. I probably won’t watch next Tuesday’s show. I don’t see that as being very exciting. The only song Scotty did this year that was “exciting” was the uptempo song where her ran around. I don’t have any Lauren moments in my head. Otherwise, it will just probably be country ballads with no energy. I guess Pia’s all ballad singing with no movement seems irrelevent now.

    I will watch the Final show on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing some of the non-Idol winners perform. That should be cool. Don’t care about the announcement though. It’s just a whatever.

    • iTunes has already made more money off of Haley’s sound and style than the others combined, so Haley fans must really put their money where their mouth is!

      “Haley has Heart,” and I, for one am touched at the outpouring of love and hope for her world wide. ๐Ÿ™‚

      “Hooked on Haley”

  49. Listen to yourselves and what you are saying.Don’t bash these people. The 2 in the finals did not put themselves there. There was good talent this year actually, the best as far as a group goes. Best of Luck to all contestants. Consider yourselves lucky to have been able to enjoy the show….

  50. For those people who say that everyone should be limited to one vote per person?? That will NEVER happen. The show gets a percentage of the money paid for texts by phone, thus the urging by Ryan Seacrest for everyone to vote. There were 95 million votes tonight. What portion were paid-for text votes?

  51. I would like to say thank you .. all the Lauren Haters!! you condemn me, you call me a stupid, call me a bumpkins, call Lauren like a pig!! thanks you …
    just i said, Haley will out .. you deserve it .. into a KARMA!!

    • Kechik, It’s kinda nice you are able to defend yourself, isn’t? Unlike certain others, aye?

    • kechik, i love lauren and i would never call her a pig or fat. i think she is a beautiful girl in and heart will break if she gets eliminated just like it did when james and haley got eliminated. it would also break for scotty.
      point is…they are all american idols to me. but james was my favorite.

  52. I would like to say thank you .. all the Lauren Haters!! you condemn me, you call me a stupid, call me a bumpkins, call Lauren like a p*g!! thanks you …
    just i said, Haley will out .. you deserve it .. into a KARMA!!

    • You are such a pathetic and worthless human being…I bet Lauren would be scared of you if she ever met you. I can almost guarantee that someone as sweet as her wouldn’t want ‘fans’ like you.

      • Haha, sorry honey bunches…I’m not going anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜€ Because like you, I now want Lauren to win. I’ve wanted her to for a couple weeks. You are just SOOOO creepy though, with your frantic praising…

      • devin!!! dont talk to that person!!! i dont want you ever dropping your intelligence level that low to even converse with that person!
        later will you tell me exactly what he/she said? i cannot even drop my brain level that low to understand that.

      • It’s obvious that Devin Lee = second chance = HaleyLover and countless other monikers. My bet is that you’re a frustrated, lonely man. The alternative? Oh my. That “Devin Lee” family is scaaaaary. Meth?

      • oh the humanity, i am a 100% james lover but on the other hand i am also a mature human being and i will not bash none of these kids who have performed for all of us since january. none of them have done a darn thing wrong but want to win.
        also, i have never done a drug in my life. the last joint i smoked was on my 18th birthday and i am 47.

      • oh the humanity, devin lee is my daughter and she is a haley lover, i am a james lover. but me and her can talk about james and haley and not bash each others favorites.

  53. Well their you have it the winner of who can get the most tweens to electronic vote for them 500-1000 times. Or the fix is in as I said before they want a a country star

    So far I am liking the Voice and we’ll see how the Xfactor compares. Nice to see some other platforms appear for artists instead of American farce.

    It should be a nice kareoke finale… Although I may Watch if James and Casey are going to sing. They have to do something to liven the show up.

    • 500-1000 try 16000 to 22000

      the IdolVoter iPhone app at 8K votes per hour or Ribbit app at 11K votes per hour

      AI is only obligated to discount 50% of power block votes. 8k per hour minus 50%=4K votes per hour per person with iPhone which most are on AT&T.

      • I did not realize the text vote was that skewed. And here I thought I was helping Haley using dial idol and voting for here 400+ times.

        And Idol acts like This is Americas opinion… It would seem to me they would want a fair vote so they know who is going to sell. Are they just behind the curve here since so many Idol winners have remained relatively obscure? Makes you wonder.

      • I also wonder if Idol gets a cut of all the AT&T calls and they just pick who they think will sell best. Their picks have been pretty bad for the most part.

  54. Although I am sad for Haley, I should be happy for her. She’s gone sooo far from the Haley I first saw during auditions. Even if she was my favorite, at first I thought she’d be cut even before top 10, but not until I heard her do You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me. That moment I knew she had range and had so much potential. She managed to use it and she improved, but I guess that’s not enough for people to put her through the finals.

    And yes, I know about her BAD attitude, I notice it often. But that won’t erase the fact that I’m a die hard Haley Reinhart fan.

  55. believe it or not .. LAUREN should win!!
    she better than any contestant ever I’ve seen!!

      • ok, She may be the best contestant you have ever seen but get real, chill a bit so the disapointing don’t get too much on ya next time ok??? To me the best finale was DAVID COOK X ARCHULETA and the best performer EVER was LAMBERT far away beat yours, but, again, your opinion is yours, mine is mine… GOOOO SCOTTTTYYYYYY

  56. boring boring finale…zzzZZZZ=(…. people would have been excited if james were included…
    maybe change in the voting system perhaps season!!!!

  57. Well I am happy tonight! The best two remaining singers are in the finale. Beautiful voices and great personalities. Scotty is my favorite, but both are great! We shall see next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Haley was cheated because Randy and J lo made it difficult for her, but she will come out of this to be a big star. Scotty will go to country land and Lauren will be forgotten. Am I the only one who thinks AI is manipulated by the producers?

    • SO…do we give Randy the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s a puppet, or do we stay with “He’s an a##” ???…hmmm…maybe you’re right, He’s a puppet and Nigel is the real A##.

  59. i’m from the philippines and i love haley. good thing she did not win AI. most of the previous AI winners aren’t really popular internationally. Non-winners are even more well-known internationally like Adam, Chris and David A., and with her huge fanbase overseas, Haley has a big chance of making it internationally.

    i won’t be watching the finals. i’m sure it’s gonna be scotty. the tweens have the patience to vote non-stop for him, regardless of whether he did well or not in the finals. i don’t even care about lauren. i think her best moment was when she auditioned and sang that aerosmith song. after that, all of her performances seemed to be really mediocre. i think she should sing that song (or something that would showcase her range) in the finals to at least stand a chance against scotty.

  60. I won’t bash Lauren or Scotty because I think they have amazing talent. It’s not for me but they are amazing country singers. Having said that, I think Haley was the most entertaining of the three with the most diversity. She grew so much over the course of the contest and is the most unique of the three. The only thing unique about Scotty and Lauren with regard to their singing is their ages…so young and talented. The are all good but Haley was the standout to me and had a true artists heart and swagger. They will all do fine though…so much talent !!

  61. Just sad I won’t see Haley in the finale! Importantly though I thought she deserved a shot at it. Now a smart record producer would sign you quick, like they did for Pia because she will make them a lot of money.So much more to look forward to. Hopefully a lot more success stories come out of this series.

  62. It seems that I am the only one who feel so happy with this result. Love Scotty and Lauren!!!, my dream comes true, yeah ^^

  63. Haley is really better off without any ties to AI. I am not spending my time watching that boring stuff next week. I am not spending one more year listening to the crap that comes out of that phony idiot Randy Jackson’s mouth. Jennifer Lopez, to me, is the sorriest excuse for a singer I ever heard. And thirdly, I am not agravating my self anymore with some of the idiots on this blog. Most of you people are fun and well informed, a real pleasure to chat with. The other 25% are the biggest bunch of ill-bred blooming idiots I have ever heard comment. Its a shame every blog on the internet has these freaking idiots. It has been nice chatting with you nice ones.

    • I love that crazed Haley fans post that they won’t watch the show now, but of course they will. Please don’t watch it! With 95 million votes, we don’t need you, ahahahahaaahhah.

  64. hailey just gotlucky, good thing she reached the final 3. she should have been gone from the first elimination!!!..scotty on the other hand, already won AI from the very start of the competition.

    • What are you yipeeeee, a freakin’ chihuahua??? Hahahaha, go play in traffic. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yup, the show made certain of that. “Cuz he’s sooooo cute, and soooo exciting, and soooooo talented! HE HAS THE VERSATILITY OF A TRUE SUPERSTAR!!!” Yup, uh huh, whatever “y’all” say…

  65. I AM TOTALLY SHOCKED RIGHT NOW!!!I dont care who wins bec both of the finalists are plain boring..they’re good but not great as haley…maybe haley doesnt need to win this to be famous coz right now i think alot of producers are planning to get her…=)

  66. we all know that AI has been rigged for years so it doesn’t really matter how much you vote. but hey, i love lauren. and scotty, he deserved it

  67. OMMMGGGG!!!!!!!!!! this is the worst american idol in the history!!! james and haley should be there…what a boring competition next week…im really frustrated..BUT i know haley will have a great career in the sure!!!VERY SURE!!!!!..=

  68. Couple of hours away of watching the show here in the Philippines. Well, its been a blast being here. Guys here are awesome, Haley fans and Non-Haley fans alike. Reading well thought comments and jabbing puns with one another. Haley may have not won but safe to say she made a lasting impression not only to her fans but more importantly to her soon to be peers in the music industry. Her dedication and perseverance to be the best is equaled only by few of her competitors. Attitude or not this girl definitely has talent. This may actually be a blessing in disguise (although I like her to win it all) if she doesn’t get a contract with AI she’ll definitely get one from someone else, someone who actually likes her kind of music. And us “few” will patiently wait for it to come out. Best of luck to the remaining two and please try to give a performance worthy of a standing O… the likes of James, Casey, Haley and hey even Pia. Your fans placed both of you there so make it worth it. Finally now that she’s gone can the rest of you stop bashing her. She lost, no sense of kicking her when she’s on the ground. Again thanks.

  69. Wow I’m right Lauren and Scotty final 2. I’m so happy for the 2 of them. Who do you think will win American Idol Lauren or Scotty? I like Lauren and Scotty so I don’t know who will win. It seems like both of them deseerve to win. If Lauren win I’m so happy for her and if Scotty win I’m so happy for him too. I got the feeling all the while that Lauren and Scotty will be in final 2 cause they are likeable and they got a lot of fans that will vote for them. I don’t mind whoever winning this cause I like both of them. All the best to Lauren and Scotty.

    • Nice one Lauren… Right from the start of the Top 13 my prediction was a Lauren and Scotty… a country finale… how cool is that… Haley was a good competitor… however her voice doesn’t work on the real world… She cannot sing a pop nor country… and this 2 genres were the most requested music… And besides I believe Lauren might have the chance since it was predetermined by Steven… and that was a huge thing… Scotty maybe… gets his votes from ladies… Scotty is really good… maybe he can recreate all country songs… his voice is really good at country…. as for Lauren… she can sing anything… country, pop, rock, jazz(i don,t think so for this, Jazz will be for Haley) her voice… is really good… she just need to meet some great producers… good songs… make up artist… and nice dresser… A huge career might be waiting for this two country hotshots… Haley, James, and Pia might have a strong shot too at stardom… Although I see great success for our two finalists… Good Luck… Country Rules…

    • I too thought that Scotty and Lauren would be the final 2 and I have picked Scotty to be 2011 American Idol winner from the first time I heard him.
      Scotty and Lauren are both wonderful singer but myself I LOVE SCOTTY’S VOICE he is fantastic.
      No matter who wins the last four Scotty, James, Lauren and Haley will ALL have a fantastic career they are all wonderful singer in their own right.
      I would buy CD’s made by all four of the above.
      GO SCOTTY GO!!!!
      I can not vote but come on AMERICAN IDOL FANS VOTE FOR SCOTTY!!!

    • america made a boo-boo again. scotty seems to be good only for a ring announcer while lauren is merely a second rate copycat of mcaffie. well…american idol is just a popularity game and not of talents.

      and pls. on the 11th season of AI, pls send away the three judges. they are nuts and bluffers… calling the likes of simon cowell…

      • See what happens when you P.O. the South. They rise and take charge, You should never cast stone while living in glass houses.Remember Karma!

    • I completely agree. I think each one of these kids are great!! Don’t think I will even vote–will be happy with either one.

    • I honestly love both of them. Scotty’s deep tone, and Lauren’s powerful voice. I hope Scotty will surprise us with maybe a song or two that are not country. Maybe Coldplay or Kings of Leon? As for Lauren, I’d like her to do a slower, more introspective song. Good luck to both, they rock!!

  70. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What did you people do?! What is the matter with you?! Haha. I’m not too surprised, I’ve never liked most of mainstream America music…I mean come on…”My Lipgloss” was a hit. Hahaha!!!

    Well, this has been my first year watching American Idol every week. I’ve watched and voted single episodes here and there in the past, but no one really struck my fancy, so I forgot about it the next week. This year my loyalty to the show stemmed from one person; Haley Reinhart. She possesses everything I look for in a musical artist. Raw talent, textures in her voice, respect for all genres…she’s a throwback to the great female vocalists of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. She completely blew me away every single week, and I will continue supporting her long after American Idol. I’m guessing she will be the most successful out of the top 3, if her iTunes sales and Youtube hits are any indication. Thank you Haley, for your grace, your vocal style, your charisma lit up the stage, your level of maturity, your tone and textures, your professionalism, the MANY MANY MANY WOW moments you had…You’re the true star of this season, the show just didn’t set you up to be the winner…which is a big shame! I know you will go far, I’m guessing labels are fighting over you already! Love you, Sweetheart!!! Everyone who thought you were a B1tch, they’re just deaf, dumb, and blind! When I look at you I see a cool, laid back, and sweet girl, who’s goofy on occasion, and serious when it comes to your music. I love you!

    I will be watching American Idol next year. As for the finale…
    She may win this, I highly highly doubt any of Haley’s fans will vote for Scotty…not that he’s bad, he’s just very mellow…completely opposite of explosive Haley. Then again, with all the tiny children and people who know nothing about music voting…you never know what will happen on American Idol. What a crappy two weeks…

    • don’t be to sad. Haley fell under the same trap everyone else fell into this season. THEY WEREN’T COUNTRY. So to me, the loosers are the winners in my book. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of them were able to dance, bust a move, sing a variety of songs and were really good talent. But America has spoken and it’s country huggin’ they were after from the jump. That’s the reason why Lauren began to go more and more country every week as well. So for everyone who says Haley should of went home weeks ago, just put it this way. With Simon and his pet there, apparently should of never even been on the show. So something is said for her making the top 3 when given a chance. She was the last of her kind on the show.. someone who can actually perform and doesn’t have to revert to that good o’ country NOIIIISSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ CAUSE WE ALL KNOW, THOSE GOOD OH’ COUNTRY BOYS MAKE THAT ”NOISSSSEEEE” HAHAHAHA! So farewell Haley and everyone else, you are all winners in my book and probably in everyone else who watched the show not voting basically on ‘who’s singing country this week’ hahaha

    • From reports about half of Lauren’s fan base in under 18, Scotty about 35% under 18 and Haley about 15-20% under 18.
      It seems no one but country had a chance of winning this year except maybe Thia if she has lasted a few more weeks.

    • I won’t be watching the finale. I’m actually more interested to see if Chelsea wins DWTS than seeing Scotty and Lauren perform. Haley’s only problem this season was that she wasn’t Pia, Paul, Casey, Jacob, James, Lauren, or Scotty. In spite of more haters than I’ve ever seen, zero back story, absolutely no hype, and no pre-packaged genre fan base, she made it to the top 3. No idol contestant has ever faced such blatant bias from the judges or had to overcome the favoritism displayed for other contestants. And for the very reasons the world hated her, we loved her. Her fans are Haley fans, not Jazz fans or Blues fans or Classic Rock fans. I’ll be the first one in line to buy her album. Haley frikken Reinhart people. “This ain’t the end of this dang shindig.”

      • David P I give you a standing “O”.
        Your posts are insightful and intelligent and it has been a pleasure reading them. I agree, though Haley has lost the AI crown, she has created so many hard core fans, we cant wait till she comes to our town or cuts a CD. It’s Bittersweet.

        “Haley has Heart!” ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Well said.

        Love what you said about Haley making it so far without “a prepackaged genre fan base.”

        She did great, and she’ll go far. I like Scotty and Lauren ok, but they aren’t nearly the polished performers/vocalists that Haley already is. They may be there some day, but they sure aren’t there yet.

      • Yeah, guys. It’s been real. We gave it a pretty good go, though, eh? Catch ya on the flip side, ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh Gabs! Haha, <3 I'll miss you guys more than anything I think. Pretty good times on this site. Take care lady.

      • Sadly, Haley couldn’t sing well enough to honestly make the Top 13…She only got in because the judges fawned all over her…she is very pretty, marginally talented and knows a sucker audience when she sees it !

        Her ” prepackaged genre fan base ” are those who have the same dismal attitude and obnoxious personality she does ! At least Lauren matured enough to know the snobby routine wouldn’t work when she was criticized earlier in the season and Scotty was knocked down a peg or two for his showboating !

        Haley will find a contract somehow and her fans will stick with her…But this final two is the right one for all of the right reasons !

      • @ Mitch – “Her โ€ prepackaged genre fan base โ€ are those who have the same dismal attitude and obnoxious personality she does!”

        That is an obnoxious statement in and of itself and shows a distinct lack of taste and “good values” that you espouse to have.

        Haley will have a great career and sell many records and perform well on tour. She is both a singer and an entertainer.

        I hope next weeks final is a good one and that Lauren overcomes her nerves and wins because she has a lot more potential than Scotty.

      • Agree with you David R. Of all of them, I think Haley will have the top selling album. If Pia gets out of her Celine wannabee mode, she will probably be successful as well.

      • Though it’s been kind of predictable that scotty and lauren would be the top-2. But, I’m so happy that haley got the chance to sing house of the rising sun and I who have nothing. Those two really showed her vocal and song interpretation ability.

        I’ve been a fan of her since day one. And David P, I’ll race ya to buy her first album. ๐Ÿ˜›

        Long live the reign of reinhart!!

      • Yea Right !! And no one has had their washed dad to back them up on a live program either. CRY,CRY, CRY, !!!

      • You nailed it with your statements Mitch. Every rebel without a cause was voting for Haley because they LOVED the way she back talked to the judges, the way she rolled her eyes at their comments and her arrogant attitude. Maybe she is the nicest person on earth, but the way she behave on the show was plain NASTY!

    • Devin Lee, I can see you are unbiased in what you write. You are like me, you can see the passion in all types of music … Whether, that is country or rock. I wish there were more like us. Unfortunately, most of the time it is country music lovers that think the passion of rock, is just screaming or โ€œgrowlingโ€ to them. Or it is rock music lover that are bored with country, because it is about telling a heartfelt story, without the use of smoke bombs and fireworks. I feel sorry for those that are so close minded, they can not enjoy what BOTH stylesv have to offer.

    • Amen DL – Haley will be one of the stars of the Idol Tour and will have a great career.

      Hopefully Lauren will overcome her nerves next week and win it all because she has a much better voice and range of songs than Scotty.

    • Certainly not a music expert, but honey I know what I like and that is how I voted, and it looks like the majority of America did the same.

      • Yup, just like the majority of America made “Lipgloss” a hit. Children are not the majority, they just don’t have anything better to do.

    • Oh Devin…..I worried about you and the some others as soon as they said Lauren’s name last night. I screamed so loud that all 5 of my dogs (adopted/rescued, or course) ran upstairs and took cover in the gameroom! That was a yell of joy, not despair.

      I couldn’t get onto this site at all last night, but I read hundreds of blogs on other sites talking about Haley’s disgusted/angry/sour face and the lack of the congratulatory hug for Lauren.

      I’m sorry you are disappointed, but obviously she rubbed millions of people the wrong way. I knew she wasn’t going to make it when I saw the masses at Scotty’s and Lauren’s hometown visits. I cried when they cried. Did anyone else notice that Haley only filled half of her high school gym? (The whole other side of the bleachers were empty). Maybe not so popular in high school for some reason??? Both Scotty and Lauren are great kids, and I know they will make humble, kind, giving, and appreciative rich musicians!

      • Yeah, Angie, that’s maybe because she’s the only one who still wasn’t ENROLLED in high school…haha.

        And to you up there…black heart? Haha, yeah okay. Whatever you say.

      • angela james: I didn’t notice any of the things you mentioned. But I really don’t look for those kind of things either. I thought Haley went out with pride & class. I thought Lauren was very confused. She seemed very torn between being sad for Haley & happy for herself & Scotty.

        I really did hope we would have an all girl finale. However since I am a Lauren fan…

        WOOOO-HOOOOO, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, this is me doing the happy dance (aka the Bunny Hop).

        Bring on the “All American Country Hoedown”!!!!!

      • Angela, Normally, due to the seating arrangement in a gym, when one has a speaker only one side is utilized… most people prefer to look at their face, not their ass!
        Still digging on Haley even after she is gone & no longer a threat to you, you sad psasht?!

    • OOpps, Devin, you were playing the teenager girl, remember? But you wrote “Love you, Sweetheart” and “throwbacks to the 60s, 70s…” A teenager girl would NEVER write that. You BUSTED yourself, ahahahahhahah. Too funny LMAO ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Uhmmm, okay, you two are obviously very stupid. I’m 26, and have never said any different. Go away, you’re both not welcome here.

  71. HALEY was THE BEST !!!!I wont see finale-to much boring-I am sad because nobody GOOD is there.SERBIA love you HALEY !!!EVERYBODY LOVES YOU THERE 1!!

  72. I was pleasantly surprised that Lauren made it to the finals over Haley, whose voice and character I found grating. Both Lauren and her voice are sweet. I feel that her vocal talent far outstrips Scotty’s, though he is good at what he does when he doesn’t push past the limits of just plain country singing. Lauren has grown on me the most of any of this year’s contestants.

    I’m still blown away that James didn’t make the finals–he’s by far the best showman of the 13 who made it to the fan voting portion of the show, and his voice is good as well. So, good luck, Lauren–I’ll be pulling for you.


    • Rude! Jealous Jealous, poor thing. Just bc you can’t face yourself don’t cut down others. Beauty is within and your sounding pretty damn ugly. Lauren is beautiful!!!

    • Lauren is a beautiful, talented, and compassionate young lady. You are a very rude and crude individual. Shame on You!

    • I have a feeling that Imsoscarednow is the same crazy, lunatic that used to call himself imweirdandsarcastic. Once he threatened to kill people who didn’t like Haley, he “disappeared” mysteriously from the site.

      Go to your nearest mental health facility now!

    • ImSoScaredNow: And you I’m sure are one of the people who has been blasting the Haley haters for weeks!!! Practice what you preach, please. GO LAUREN!!!!

  74. I hope someone wakes me up. Scotty with his perennial country songs and Lauren with her limited range. Nothing personal on these two, but one can tell that they need a lot of improvement if they would like to stick around.

      • Uh yeah, really, Connie.

        After all the truly rude and classless posts I’ve seen on here, and especially all the hate and name-calling heaped on Haley by people who suddenly seemed to think they KNEW her personallyand knew all her personal traits and that they were all horrible.

        And then someone gives her OPINION that Scotty always sings country songs and Lauren has limited range — and that’s rude and classless???

        Good grief. Some people have written their own dictionaries.

  75. I think this season of American Idol has killed the X factor before it even began. so many people got invested in the show when simon left it is unbelievable.. I dont’ think they are going to want to do it again a few months after they are done for a fake American Idol Show with Paula and Simon. So if anything good comes from this season, it’s showing that if you take a british lame duck and his pet out of the mix, you get alot of Americans who care about their contestants and alot of contestants who care about their voters trying hard each and every week.. with out having to deal with judges telling them how to vote. X factor, will be gone before it even stars.

    • And these judges this year (Randy and JLo specifically) didn’t direct people how to vote???

      ROFL. I don’t know what show you were watching, but it sure wasn’t season 10 of American Idol. Randy and JLo pimped certain contestants and bashed contestants relentlessly, week after week this year in ways that never, ever made sense.

    • Thanks for a good laugh if nothing else. The judges this year have been pathetic and the X Factor will be as big here as it is in Europe.

      They don’t only judge, they mentor the contestants and help them improve, which is what the judges this year on Idol failed to do.

      This started off with so much potential and is at risk of ending as a damp squib.

  76. Wow… This season finale is going to be boring. I fell asleep every time Scotty sing. And I don’t bother to watch Lauren sing, because she’s so immature, even Thia Meggia is far way better than her. They both have limited range. That’s a proof that teenage girls rules the voting line. And that SUCKS big time…

  77. if there is power voting than my ten votes don’t mean anything …. all this means that the people who vote thousands of times decide the winner not the thousands of people who vote once … i wish there would be be more variety in the finale maybe having three singers competing but it needs to change to keep it interesting

    • The ones with the passion to vote multiple times are the ones that will buy their music!! See a pattern to this??

  78. I am interested to hear the vote count for next week. I think it will be lower than this week. I won’t vote and certainly won’t watch next week. Not because I dislike Lauren or Scotty but, they’re NOT entertaining. Every week I waited to see what Haley was going to sing and I was NEVER disappointed. Bummed right now.

    • I’m expecting Ryan to say “We have a record breaking number of votes for this stage of the competition” and then not say how many there were.

    • I’ll be surprise if there would be at least one standing O next week…

  79. Really sad to say good-bye to Haley… really thought you would win. This year has been a very sad show since all the GREAT singers were voted off. They need to call the show Teen Idol since that seems to be who they want… I hope Haley, Casey, Pia, Thia. and Naima make CD’s and make it big! They are the Best of the Best! Good-luck to you! As for Scotty and Lauren, I probably won’t be seeing you nor buying anything you put out if you do make a CD. They wanted Teeney Boppers as their American Idol… Good- Luck to both of you but I’m sure that you had your 15 minutes of fame and will go back to school and forget about making anything of yourselves in the business. More than likely another Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen etc. year. Hope I’m wrong but I do expect grater things from the Best of the Best that were voted off. And as for the Judges… you lost my RESPECT!

    • hey don’t knock Taylor, the man made a million dollars just off of performing with no radio, or T.V alone.. which means he’s pretty damn good at doing what he’s doing.. Not like when they wanted to pimp out Daughtry in order for him to make his money.. i mean come on man, if daughtry was forced to go with out t.v. or radio, i hardly doubt he would be able to do what taylor has done.. but that’s the way American Idol has become, if they wanted to pimp out Taylor, they would of told him to write a song for American Idol about going home so they can play it when people went home LIKE THEY DID DAUGHTRY.. Why the hell did they do that for Daughtry and not taylor if he was the winner? but anyway, glad Taylor has success with out American Idol or being pimped in anyway.. so yeah, no knocking him.

      • Daughtry was shocked the night he was voted off. Just like it was for James last week. Daughtry was a song writer even before Idol. So what are you talking about? Do you really think when they had several weeks left in the season that the Idol producers would say “Now Chris, could you go home tonight and write a song for us to play next season about going home?” Daughtry wrote that song on his couch the day after he was voted off. He wrote the song because he was grateful for what he has, but was still longing for his family. So he was going home.” I really doubt that Idol had anything to do with encouraging that. By the way,didn’t you just do what you thought Marci did? Don’t knock Doughtry either. He is a true artist.

  80. Haley should have made it American is stupid why do u want to listen to the same music scotty got this one won now go scotty

  81. Congratulations mediocrity blandness and chocolate box sentimentality you have triumphed over excellence and talent. May 19 2011 – the day the music died!

    • Totally agree with Ian from Sydney Australia.
      I guess there’s blinders on when recognising “only country” not talent.

    • Mais non! Here on Montreal, we can’t stand Haley and love Scotty and Lauren! You know nothing about music and taste Ian from Sydney.

  82. Congrats to Lauren and Scotty… This just was so predictable.

    I would have personally loved to see Haley in the finale, but it was all against the odds. Since Pia, Casey, Paul and James (the eliminated talents) were voted out it couldn’t be anyone else but Lauren to face Scotty in last two. Haley didn’t even have a chance, because she is just too old (even she could be my daughter by age) to compete against two teenagers. There comes indeed the explanation of an Idol – “any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.(Wiki)”. Teens life 3-4 years of age is huge. I know that all ages of people vote but the teens vote until their fingers bleed. That makes the difference…

    For Haley I can really see the bright side of being out from the finale. She has been noticed and without doubt she’ll get a contract and what is even better she won’t be tied to AI status. This can really mean an international career. I am first to buy her CD when it will come out.


  83. Was I not right or was I not right. Again I tell you last night haley is leaving and she does. For the winner its scotty. And I am from S A.

      • I don’t think so. I posted this several days ago. From auditions on they have been coddling Lauren. I believe Scotty has a huge fan base, but if there is a “fix” in it’s for Lauren. They want a Taylor/Miley/Carrie moneymaker.

      • Templar: I see your point however, I disagree. I believe the original plan was a James/Scotty finale. But then James became unpredictable & a threat to AI image. So then there had to be a change of plans.

  84. If i was the producer of this show
    i would make it the last season because
    america is way too dumb to pick someone
    who is not deserving im not saying that lauren
    and scotty is bad i just thought that if haley would
    be in the finale she will give the show
    an extra something something, so its a big
    disappointment to all who is rooting for haley.
    i think i would not want to watch AI anymore ๐Ÿ™

  85. Haha, what a result! America REALLY loves country! But seriously, I believe this result was somehow fixed; the producers wanted to have those teens in the final. And they have a beautiful story from the very beginning when Steven says “I think we found the winner” after Lauren’s audition. Because it will be Lauren who takes this!

  86. wow so nice! scott and lauren top 2! I like both of them they’re great singers! luck for both!

  87. The show went downhill for me from the moment Simon quit and Ellen entered . Not surprised with Haley’s ouster. This season got one thing true- the voters are ignorant of music other than pop and country. I feel sad for James’ “give metal a chance”. ALl those voted off make me proud!!!

    • So the voters who likes country are ignorant !!! I don’t know who is more ignorant here !!!

  88. OMG…this is what hundereds of thousands opon thousands of singers wrings out to? Two below average country wanabees? They should put this show on “NIck” because that’s who is driving the voting. I mean really? Really? Yes Lauren is sweet and nice and you gotta root for her to do well, but not in the finals…with McCreeeepy no less. I would rather be drawn and quartered than listen to McCreepy utter one more “Baby Lock them doors”…. arrrrggggggg my ears! Better luck next year Idol, if there is a next year. lol

    • His name is McCreery not McCreepy.. Maybe you should learn how to read & spell huh !!!

      • McDreary…NOO! I’m sorry. I don’t really believe that, it’s just a little funny, until you remember he’s only 17.

  89. I like the americanidolnet polls. because there you see how it really is – because everyone can only vote once XD.. so people who voted for haley probably voted less times, and the youngins who voted for scotty and lauren power voted.. so the REAL loser would be lauren if everyone could only vote once, am i right?

  90. Hip hip hooray for haley’s elimination :))

    Haley’s elimination shd hv been much earlier but like they say, “better late than never”

    • Hip hip hooray!!! This should have happened on week 3 but heck, at least she didn’t go to the finale. Her fans are pretty funny, they criticize me for example for “hating Haley” when I just hate her voice, but here they are calling the voters “rednecks” because Scotty and Lauren are going to the finale. WHATEVER, I am sooooooooooo happy Haley went home. She had an expiration tag of March, and she was still around? NONSENSE!

      • i guess we should be grateful that haley gets ousted; imagine what horrors it would be to see her in the finale!

        If u asked me, i’d say haley shouldn’t be picked for top 13 in the first place. Her fanatic fans love her ‘raspy voice’?? hmm anyone of us could acquire that rasp if we practised hard enough everytime we’re on the toilet seat hahaha!

        So it’s goodbye haley.. no more of your smirks and slutty moves in my face, THANK GOD!

      • Gabby, It just occurred to me your happiness lies in who lost, not who won! What a distorted view!
        Life must be quite the outlook for you, dwelling in the negative.

      • Now maybe Haley knows how it feels to get the wind knocked out of you with an “unexpected” elimination like Pia did. The only difference is that Pia was not sitting on the couch gloating with a big smile when it happened to Haley.

      • Nope Angela, that would have been J-Lo sitting in her ‘judging’ chair smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Waterworks J-Lo got what she wanted, it would appear.

      • Yes fatboy, I am very happy that Haley was voted off, and I NEVER TRIED TO HIDE IT! I am very clear and specific on my posts. I thought she was overrated, her departure was overdue, and it pissed me off to see her on the top 3 instead of others that are way more talented than her. I am happy for Scotty (who was my favorite of the top 3 night, and I also wrote about that) and I am happy for Lauren who I picked as my #2 out of the three. And YES, I am happy Haley is gone, otherwise my two favorites for the finale won’t be competing against each other. Duh! When you root for someone, you expect the rest to be voted off. That is the way the show is, period!

      • @ Philippe from Montreal:

        I’d like to leave you with one thought…unfortunately I’m not sure you have anywhere to put it!

  91. yes he may be a teeny bopper but if you couldn’t see how young he is how could you not love that voice that Scotty has that is if you like country? Of course i,m a carolina gal so maybe that makes a little difference.Happy for Lauren but to be honest i really thought James would be in the finals. So sad to see him go ,still think he make it big anyway.

    • You echo the sentiment that should be universal. I love Scotty and Lauren and voted for them each time. I don’t like James style of music, I really admire him as an individual for what he has accomplished and wish him the very best in his chosen career. Don’t understand why peopl “hate” other contestants they don’t even know. Not liking their style of music is on thing but some of the comments that have been made a totally uncalled for.

      • In my opinion James has more talent than any of the others. He can sing it all. Scotty is OK but not nearly as good as he has been made out to be. His looks is what got him this far and I do believe he will be the next American Idol although it would thrill me if Lauren surprises us all and wins it! I never thought these 2 would get this far because they are Country, something many frown on. But not me – I listen to it all the time. What really got to me was when Pia left. Too bad she and James are not fighting it out for the big spot! Definitely the best of the bunch.

  92. You all don’t know how to appreciate Haley. She is so good and so sweet and she have the charactristic of an Idol. Am very sad that she has to go at the expense of these 2 who does not have any idol looks.
    What a shame on you americans.. I hope Haley will have a good future and she will surely be love by all of us. Take care Haley don’t be sad.. we are all behind you..

    • yes.. yes.. yes.. Haley should be our idol. She lost because of the bad comments from Randy. Randy is bias against her all along. Haley is my idol and without her, we will not watch the final at all. What a stupid final fro season 10. All craps

      • She lost because James’s fans told her to kiss their butts when she tried to win them over by singing a rock song. That just pissed them off even worse. She lost because she was self-serving enough to put her dad on the stage and arrogant enough to have a wind machine. She lost because millions of people didn’t like her squeaking, screaming, or growling words to a song. She lost because she has shown us for months that she has some negative personality issues. Millions didn’t vote for her because of Randy, my blogs or the hundreds of others who commented that she comes off as a snot. Millions didn’t vote for her because they like genuinely nice and humble people, like Scotty and Lauren, to be rewarded by great things.

      • Dear Angela, Ah…somebody liked her she did beat out James and make it to the top 3!
        Sincerely, Ron

      • I agree wholeheartedly with Angela. Haley lost because of her raspy voice, full of herself personality, and tweeting/whining like a snotty kid.All the other’s that were voted off handled it with grace. She looked like a deer in the headlights and said nothing to Scotty and Lauren.

      • She looked like the girl from the movie Carrie. I thought she would start throwing fire right away. lol

      • Angela — you have such an ugly soul.

        If it means we don’t have to be subjected to any more of your childish vitriol that has nothing to do with music, than I hope the world does end in a few hours. You truly are pathetic, but that’s what a troll is. Right?

    • Dear Frustrated, haley is sweet?? Good Lord! haley is anything but sweet.

      To quote you – “Am very sad that she has to go at the expense of these 2 who does not have any idol looks” – uhmm.. Idol looks?? lol

  93. Can someone please tell me who were the guest performers on wednesday’s show? 2 guys and a girl.thx!

  94. All I can say is BYE BYE Haley, your so lucky to have made it past James. James deserve it more!!

  95. I love country music and old time rock and roll. I was torn between Haley, Pia, Scotty and James. Loving country music, I like Scotty. Pia has a great voice, just poor song choices. James is a performer and was the most consistent of them all week in and week out. To me Haley sounded awesome yesterday.

    I am not a fan of Lauren’s. She is too immature in my opinion. Give her another 2 years.

    I was hoping for a Haley – Scotty finale too.

    Country music may be the most popular music in America today.

    • Lauren reminds me “Amber Dempsey” from Simpsons in the chapter “Lisa the beauty queen”. Haley is a superstar with a great personality

  96. Worst finale. Ever.

    Seriously underwhelmed by the talent that made this far, incl. Haley.

  97. I am a country music fan who was raised on rock. So, I think I am about as open minded as it gets. in regard to the two different styles of music. That being said. I think the biggest post-Idol seller this year, will by far be Scotty, with his very unique voice. But, I think BOTH Hailey and James were far, far better performers all around performers than Scotty. And Lauren, I don’t see how she got very far past the top 13. Unless pre-teen voters, fellow BBWโ€™s and church goers who sadly, do not vote based on talent, were behind Lauren getting this far. As she brings nothing I can not hear every day on Karaoke night, at the bar down the street. Just keeping it real.

  98. no offense but the finale is too flat….2 country singers? that’s too boring

  99. Haley , you are the best !Wish you a brilliant career!
    Big kiss and love from Israel!

  100. After paying careful attention to EACH of their homecoming segments & watching closely their responses & reactions, I am convinced each of them is genuine, sincere and a fantastic, sensitive soul.
    That’s a good thing for us.

    My belief is any one of the three would be a spectacular role model for us & our kids.
    For those of you who have your unjustified, unsubstantiated issues with Haley, I just couldn’t see them in her segment. Why you Haley Haters couldn’t leave it be is beyond me. And even now, after her elimination, you sorry psashts continue with your attacks & gloating.

    The older I get, the more I believe there is truly no such thing as injustice & you sorry bastards WILL one day get yours.

  101. It seems a group of around 400 James fans used custom app programs for the new cell phone that could push out close to 20k votes per hour to boost Scotty mainly and Lauren’s votes and a possible large part of the extra 24M votes this week.

    If they had done that for James maybe he would still be in it but may have been afraid to put the votes to high and miscalculated.

  102. Lejos la mejor es Haley, no me explico como en USA prefieren a Scotty y a Lauren, vean los videos y veran q la American Idol es HALEY

    • Quizรกs Haley no serรก American Idol, pero para nosotros, los que no pudimos votar por ella debido a la ubicaciรณn, serรก nuestra Sรบper Estrella

  103. Lauren was great on wed night, that last song pushed her way over to the winning side. It was so beautiful ! lauren deserves to be where she is. The judges saw her talent from the very beginiing. So happy for Lauren even though i voted for James. After James all my votes which were a whole lot went right to Lauren.

  104. Some thoughts about our Haley’s elimination:

    Obviously, like a lot of us on this forum, I am grieved at her elimination. But I think that may be a good thing in the very near future for us & a great thing for Haley. Here’s why;
    She is now free to direct her own path to wherever that will lead her & that will certainly benefit us! What a little dynamo she is! Being released for the misguided, self-serving glutches of AI can only benefit Haley.

    I am really looking forward to the tour this summer. They will be in Columbus on August 9th & I can’t to see them all. Perhaps I’ll see some of you friends there, too.

    • you are dead on…all of these kids have careers if they want them. Any one of the three could have won the competition.

      I slo-mo’d through the announcement from Lauren’s glee to Haley’s reaction, which I believe was disbelief, to JLo. I would LOVE to know what was going through her mind at that time. That look she gave was rather nasty. I don’t know what JLo had against Haley, but it was pretty obvious. (I voted for Lauren, but I do think the judges were pretty darned harsh on Haley!)

    • You have me in tears right now, I agree with you 100% my friend. I cant wait to see her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. This is NITTANY LION’s last post. Unfortunately, when American Idol’s last best talent was eliminated, the finale of the two remaining doesn’t really make for much excitement. At best , they are good or above average, but there are at least a half dozen from those eliminated, any two of which are more talented and have better vocals than the two that made the finale. I have no bias toward youth or genre, I appreciate good talent, whether Country, Rock, Jazz, Pop,etc, but America got it wrong.

    Unfortunately, the voting system, and the judging were at most to blame. The judges, mainly Randy and J-lo, were obvious biased, unfair to a few contestants, praised some too much for average performance, and criticized others for similar performances. Randy and J-lo were like a tag team going back and forth to make their point with negative critique; at least Steven was fair and was objective, but he was usually shouted down by Randy. Randy and J-Lo knew early on who they favored and it was obvious in their remarks. I found many of their critique not really “constructive criticism”, and definitely equally to the contestants.

    On Wed., they even proclaimed Lauren the winner of round 3, even before HALEY took the stage to sing her final song , the one THEY chose for her to sing. For judges, that was ridiculous and unprofessional. It was obvious which two they wanted in the finale. The voting result might have been the same, but at least, it wouldn’t have such an obvious oversight. Haley had no chance of making the final. Only her outstanding performances the past three weeks, and the viewers realizing that Haley had talent and deserved to be there, and her tenacity and drive, is what allowed Haley to go as far as she did. She had to fight her way to the top three, unlike others who drove in the easy lane, receiving few negatives for their flaws, and over-the – top praise for average performances.

    If all had received equal judging, and benefitted from real “constructive criticism”, maybe Lauren and Scotty would have grown enough to be worthy of being in the finale, but in my humble opinion, they do not. That is why the finale will be ho- hum,same ol, same ol. but , of course, one has to win, the confetti will drop, and another winning song will be sung.

    There is no doubt in my mind that at least four or five of the eliminated contestants will go farther that Lauren or Scotty in the near future. I do wish Scotty and Lauren well in the years to come, but for right now, the best choice for American Idol will be sitting in the audience. You can thank Randy and J-Lo for that.

    I am looking forward though to next week, to see the group numbers, and the other great talents that were eliminated too soon

    That’s all for now. However, I will have one more blog especially for HALEY next week.

    • Didn’t watch the show this week and I don’t plan on watching it next week. After James was voted off it really didn’t matter to me who won.
      But I still checked in with the comments to see what people were saying. Anyways, if I knew that James would get to sing with Steven Tyler on the final show, or even if James was going to sing an Aerosmith song I would DVR it just to see that! That would be awesome.

  106. Some thoughts on this season:

    It has been a most confusing & disapppointing year on idol for me. With the shocking elimination of the beautiful & gifted Pia, the loss of Casey, absolutely the most talented soul to EVER step upon the idol stage, the sad departure of James & now Haley, this clearly shows what idol has become. To gaze upon all this glorious talent before us & now have what remains is frankly, damn near unexplainable. Obviously, my season ended last night & I have little interest in watching the final or the results. It will be curious to see just how much AI share rating drops
    next week.

    A word about the judging this year: Pathetic, period. I’m not going to rehash all the negatives & you all known exactly what my feelings are for jackass. But wasn’t the judges greatest responsibility to simply mentor these kids with constructive criticism & positive support? The operative word here is mentor… when did that happen? None that I recall. They failed miserably, on that I think we can all agree.

    To keep me watching next year is going to take some pronounced changes in AI policies & I just don’t see it happening. Too bad.

    • Let me guess. You bought an Edsel, Beta rather than VHS, 8 track rather than cassette and PC rather than Mac. Nuff said.

      • Jake, Nobody bought an Edsel, Beta was too expensive & I knew it wouldn’t last, bought both 8 track & cassette & just got my first PC, because it was a gift.
        But amazingly, Jake, thru all those decades, though I was an arrogant, sarcastic SOB, I never approached your level of indignation & disrespect for those who were older. Nuff said.

      • Fatboy, there’s no point in engaging this puny Neanderthal in discussion. Every word he utters or types is the verbal equivalent of flatulence.

  107. Definitely not a singing competition anymore. I love country, but having two singing the same genre will make for a BORING show, although both will do well in country where the fans are at least loyal. That was proven last night. I do think that Haley will do well and am looking forward to her appearance on Jay Leno tonight when she can perform with Ricky Minor backing her. AI lost a great band when Ricky went to the Tonight Show and it shows when the artist getting kicked off performs with him, they sound so much better.

    • I’ll bet [ going with the Lauren FTW conspiracy] that Lauren sings crossover songs like Carrie Underwood next week. This would highlight Scotty’s one track limitation. If there’s been a fix in place, it’s been for Lauren all along.

  108. News:
    Sheryl Crow chose LAUREN to win!
    Kelly Clarkson chose LAUREN To win!
    Michelle Obama chose LAUREN to win!
    Beyonce chose LAUREN to win!

    so wat you say??
    Go to in it to win it LAUREN!!

  109. It has been my pleasure & reward to have connected with a number of good souls on this forum. I would like to name a few:
    DB, the wordsmith, David P, Ian, NG, Pup, Old Sarah, Penn State, as I refer to him, Bonnie, Devin Lee, Bloodyscot, Bonnie & of course… Templar, who I hope will keep guard over Mary Magdaline’s remains, wherever you guys have hidden them.

    If I failed to mention all of you, sorry but you know who you are… the supporters of our Haley.

    We fought the good fight for our girl & were fair & uncruel & non-vinditive toward the other contestant & that, my friends, is honorable.

    In summary, I have a quote from e e cummings:

    – how fortunate are you and I, whose home is timelessness:we who have wandered down from fragrant mountains of eternal now
    to frolic in such mysteries as birth and death a day(or maybe even less)

    This brief time I have shared with you has been a pleasure & I believe among our group, each of us is better for it.
    But the true pleasure & reward has been our experience with these kids… Haley & Casey for me.
    They have given us hope in a world that has too little& that’s a good thing! Till next time.

  110. i really don’t like idol choice for this year….really sad.. so many talented person entitled to competed in the final stage such as casey, james and pia . Idol final this may be the most boring final. Sorry America….

  111. Haley is a great performer and most people just don’t get her. She is beautiful and sweet. She had all my vote .She will do very well.
    Some much is true about young teens voting , and how Jennifer and Randy were to her Haley.
    I love you Haley!
    Scotty has my vote.

  112. The country vote was NOT that big but teens and tween vote WAS and Haley only got 5% of it. Those three unknown to the young songs with the last being an angry girl song really hurt her with the under 18 group.
    Also the IdolVoter iPhone app when into wide spread use the week James when out and likely James got his home visit to keep the politicians quite about it.
    This IdolVoter iPhone app allows up to 8k votes per hour, there are others but not used nearly as much.
    Once the teen and tweens got hold of it Scotty and Lauren became almost unbeatable.
    The voting count jumped 44% then 30% almost doubling the votes in 2 weeks but viewing only when up 13% in that time.
    Idol and AT&T is trying hard to keep this quite until after the final next week.
    It possible that 10,000 kids with new iPhones cast 40M votes this week.

  113. Say, RANDY and J.LO, have you seen them yet
    But they’re so spaced out, Bennie and the Jets
    Oh, but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
    Oh, Bennie she’s really keen

  114. Next year I hope they find a 17yrs good looking male rock singer, with the current voting system there will be no country only final then.
    LOL maybe 1B votes

  115. My favorite moments on the show this season, involved Haley. The absolute best performance by anyone this entire season was the duet with Haley and Casey when they sang Moanin. When they did that song, it was magical, and they did not seem like two contestants in a singing competition but seasoned performers. I would buy it. Will miss them both. As for Scotty and Lauren, I wish them luck and pray that stardom does not take its toll. They are both very young, I don’t think they are emotionally ready yet.

  116. I say good luck to who ever wins I enjoyed them all,but someone has to go and someone wins thats life.The main thing is that AI has to change the voting system it is too crupt no one ever sees the results of how many votes per person so the producers could easely change the results and pick who they want and no one can prove different

    • I agree with you we should be able to find out how many votes they are getting, I guess that could give away who is going home next. But the person that is sent home AI should reveal the amount of votes he or she recieved. I always thought AI had more to say then the voters, but not until the last 10. expecially when it gets down to the last 5 who is the most marketable and can sing. I think a male is going to win again!! if AI has their way it will be Lauren, this way they can mold her into what they think will serve them the most.

      • Sue say it one more time please. Only a window licking blithering idiot such as yourself would vote for the 2 finalists or post what you did 5 times.

    • I want to hear Scottie sing Faron’s Hello Walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please

    • I want to hear Scottie sing Faron’s Hello Walls , Please please please please

    • I want to hear Scottie Sing Faron’s Hello Walls, please please please please

    • since the game show scandals of the fiftys thats not possible now. manipulating the votes maybe, rigging no.

  117. You know we all like different kinds of singers and i bet you that all the scotty or lauren fans would be saying the same things you Haley fans are saying
    nobody wants to see there favorite leave but thats what American Idol is and dont blame the judges out of all the people you can blame you blame them they are there to voice there opinion everyone has a different opinion

    • Matt, pardon me, but you must not be reading carefully. The judges selective critiquing, the unbalanced song difficulty levels, and the shenanigans behind closed doors (we never are told vote counts for each contestant–they don’t use an outside firm to confirm the results) and the voting process is what makes what could be something wonderful into a pile of crap.

  118. Good news Haley Fans!!!

    Is Interscope planning to sign Haley Reinhart? It appears the answer is YES!

    Nigel attempts to respond to nasty tweets and cheer up Haleyโ€™s fans with the following tweets (@dizzyfeet):

    With over 25 million votes for Haley I was expecting disappointment from passionate people. I find it upsetting it creates personal hatred!

    Jimmy played me a song for Haleyโ€™s record yesterday. Letโ€™s hope all the people that are professing love buy it and give her a great start.

    Will Interscope be signing Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery? Are there other Top 13 contestants in line for a recording contract?

    As far as Haleyโ€™s record is concerned, I hope Jimmy keeps her in the bluesy vein a la Adele, rather than turn her into another Katy Perry pop tartโ€ฆ

    • The winner is automatically tied to a 7-yr contract with 19 Productions.

      The others in the top 5 signed agreements when they entered that give 19 productions first options on signing them, usually to 3-yr contracts.

      From Season One to Season 9, RCA was the company that signed contestants from Idol and has had a lot of success with Idol contestants like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, David Cook, and Adam Lambert.

      When they first started it was BMG, with whom Simon Cowell was an A&r Consultant. They were bought by RCA, which is part of Sony, with whom Simon Cowell is also associated via his label Syco.

      In 2011, Idol contestants will be signing to Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records of the Universal Music Group. All the records put out on i-Tunes this year were issued by Interscope-Geffen-A&M. It was their idea to do the albums and also carry full studio versions from the start of the round of 13.

      So, if Haley is being signed by Interscope, it is because 19 Productions has probably already taken its option on her.

    • Coming in third is a blessing for Haley in all honesty. She’s too good to be “American Idol”

      Haley say, “Hello Academy Award, I think I’ll put you on this shelf righ next to my GRAMMY!”

      You’ll be there baby. Scotty won’t.

      • wHat makes you think Scotty will not be an award winner.In my book he can be what ever he applies him self to. You are just jealious that you are not in his shoes. I hope all of the kids hit the big time. Yes Haley can belt out a good tune but so can lauren and james and Scottie and casey,Paul All of them are good and will be better with time.Go Scotty and Lauren

      • maybe Haley will win an academy award in worst idol contestant. her attitude and ego sucked compared to the otgers who showed more class when ithers were voted off, not sitting back on the couuch smiling and laughing, while she’s was safe,she made me sick.

    • Yeah, well. It’s not good enough for the abuse she took. I’s simply not good enough.

      • I agree, she took a lot of abuse and it was so unfair. She is an amazing singer and I so do miss James……. ๐Ÿ™

  119. YEAH!!!!!

    I wanted Scotty and Lauren the top 2!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really don’t care who wins next week, but I am leaning towards Scotty. Have been his fan since the biginning, never thought Lauren would make it this far, so glad she did. Steven Tyler called it when he said here is our next American Idol after tryouts. They are both good American kids and will each make good role models for all the young adults out there.

    Congratulations Scotty and Lauren!!!

    can’t wait until next week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I reckon you all must kinda take take in sume reel pleazure from soma good ol hootin anda hollerin. Simple entertainment for simple minds lik yours Cathy. Your two finalists have have less talent combined than Hailey does so enjoy the barn dance you wished for.

  120. I really beleive scotty and lauren are deserving of making it to the final, and I would venture to say that it would be more fitting if lauren wins it all as i find her to be more diverse than scotty as she can sing both country and r&b something scotty is not able to do

  121. Please can you stop putting the results in the headline news. This drops into my inbox before we see the program. We don’t get to see this live but a day later than broadcast in the US. I like to read the news but after the event.It kind of spoils the anticipation.

    • I meant to add to my message that we are following the series from the UK. They don’t broadcast the programme here live, but a day later.

      • American Idol is first and foremost a reality show and, as with all reality shows relies on hyperbole to attract people to watch.

        First, let’s take the auditions, which last 1-2 days depending where they are. From the second a person auditioning walks into that room to when they leave, how much total time elapses? 2 minutes, 3 minutes? Let’s say 2ยฝ average.

        There are 60 minutes in one hour so that would be 24 an hour. assuming they are in and out on a conveyor belt. We see the judges starting at 8:00am and go on until about 8:00pm and they do have breaks because we have seen them leave for their lunches/breaks/whatever.

        So, let’s be generous and say they actually audition for 10 hours a day. That means they see 240 people a day or 480 over 2-days. Let’s be even more generous and say they see 500 in 2-days.

        Wait a minute, doesn’t Ryan tell us 10,000 and more turn up for the auditions and we see crowds outside and in auditoriums just waiting their chance. So what happens to the other 9,500+ that we only see in crowd shots?????

        Next point; why are certain people who are auditioning given pimp promos showing them at home or giving us a story of some tragedy or circumstance in their lives?

        How do they select which ones to film at home and give a short pic bio on? I know that Scotty and Lauren were two that were selected for that pre-audition treatment this season.

        We don’t see all the auditions of people that end up in Hollywood and we don’t see all the Hollywood week performances.

        Then the shows themselves start and the hyperbole kicks in again with the number of votes, which is pure BS because it has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the sponsors or the advertisers who go by the Nielsen ratings, which consistently puts Idol at #1 and has done now for 7-years.

        95 Million votes means absolutely nothing if one person can vote 1,000 times or even more, as I understand it, with an I-App.

        The final hyperbole for me came last night when the introduction said they were going home like heroes.

        Those who give their lives for our freedom, those who rush to help people struck by disasters and do so without a second thought for their own safety and the Navy Seals who took out Bin Laden – they are heroes.

        American Idol – a reality show with far too much hyperbole and questionable standards of fairness that have haunted it since Season 1.

        But it is addictive and there have been some good acts this year and I do believe that some of the ones who fell short of the finale will have better careers than one of the two who did.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and love to hear and watch budding stars and saw a few this year who I think will make it. But let’s not get caught up and lost in the hyperbole.

      • You bring up some good points. The home video is shot later after the selection and added for the broadcast two months down the road.

        The cattle call is broken down in the stadium with pre judges assaying talent for the judges inside. Sort of a pre-screen. They purposely send in strange individuals just to make fun of them. Judges are briefed in advance so they can make a mockery of them. Pretty sad considering the bullying problem amongst young people that goes on.
        Anyone would be a fool to think highly of AI about anything. They are no different than Big Oil. Anything to make a buck and protect their interests.

  122. I can NOT believe Scotty made it to the finals…

    I have a feeling he will win….that is…if the world doesn’t end tomorrow as predicted

    • It’s not a prediction, it’s interpretation of prophecy. Dooms Dayers would love for the world to end. Unfortunately they fail to understand the mistranlation of the word in Aramaic which actually means era or age not world.
      Makes my head itch to think about people like that. Creepy sort of.

    • Haley had the most depth of the three.Scotty and Lauren are good,but could either of them sing Led Zep? I don’t think so. Could Haley sing country? Of course she could! I probably wont watch now, because the 2 finalists really dont do anything for me. I realy hope they change the voting,to make it fair for ALL contestants.There are a lot of little girls out there that are voting hundreds of times for “cutie pie” Scotty. I don’t care how many votes fox announces, I would rather have less votes and more integrity.Fox is insulting the intelligance of the viewers believing that we are impressed by the amount of the votes that come in.

  123. OK things that make you go HMMMMM…. At the start of the season during the auditions AI had a camera crew at both Lauren’s and Scotty’s house BEFORE they even audition and now they are the last 2 standing?!?!?!?!? They were even at James’s house before as well, so America does our votes REALLY count or does AI simply have a really good crystal ball???

    I have watched my last Idol show, when Haley was voted off last night made me think of a line from the movie Rock Star…”All the talent in this room just walked out the door”! Plugged as the season of First’s it is interesting that it is also the first all teen and first all country final. Again…Crystal Ball?? I think NOT!

    GoodBye AI and best of luck to Scotty and Lauren at the Barn Dance next week.

      • This is really ugly for you to say this about Lauren…..The votes were counted so learn to deal with it.Lauren has done well as far as t6hat goes!!!She not a farm animal.

      • This is really ugly for you to say this about Lauren…..The votes were counted so learn to deal with it.Lauren has done well as far as that goes!!!She not a farm animal.

      • Dan grow up…be respectful and if you watched the is not just pre-teens voting for Scotty…there were thousands of people to welcome him home as well as Lauren’s crowd. It is unfortunate that Haley didn’t make it but there is no need to stoop to this level.

      • I object when people say scurrilous things about Haley or any of the competitors.

        I love Country music but just don’t find anything exciting or exceptional about Scotty but, unless he proves otherwise, he seems a nice kid from an Upper Middle Class background.

        He has been given singing lessons since he was very young, has won a talent contest and toured with a band so is not quite the novice we are led to believe.

        Lauren is a sweet 16ยฝ yr old kid who seems to come from a nice rounded family and who probably be a star in the future because she can sing a variety of songs.

        She has also won a talent contest when she was 14 and has written a few songs so, while not having the experience of Scotty, she is no novice.

        There has been enough shameful things said on these blogs recently, especially about Haley and it’s time the moderators did their jobs and delete such comments.

      • scotty won a local radio contest, tours with his highschool vocal music group, he is still an ameteur. haley sings with her parents pro fessional group. james was tutored by his fathers professional friends. paul sings with a pro fessional band, thia has won many contests, etc. they all came with some experience. so what?

      • There was a male jerk named Dan
        Who was very much like a tin can
        He was empty inside
        And could only provide
        A glimpse of his world, a trash can.

    • Roger that Roger. I thought it was weird too that they taped at their homes during auditions. They undoubtedly recognized the talent, but they did so with twenty others as well. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • After they get their golden ticket, they go home for several weeks. They are asked to provide home videos when they return.

  124. Haley has more talent than Lauren and Scotty combined!Lauren needed to go home so she can get started on a diet in preparation for her future as a spokesperson for Slimfast and Jenny Craig. Scotty well I guess America wants another tear in their beer. Personally I can’t stand country. Only very shallow small minded people can relate to it.

    • Dan, that is why it has been around so long. Don’t be a hater just because your preference is not C&W. Also stop with the nasty remarks about Laurn’s weight. That only shows that you are superficial and have little or no respect for woman in general.

      • Kris Kristofferson, one of the best country songwriters [Bobby McGee etc.] is a Rhodes scholar. Dan, on the other hand is a social misfit with no attention from anyone who knows him. So he posts here because even scorn is better than no one knowing or caring that he is alive. He’s pathetic actually.

    • IT shows I have no respect for fat women because they have NO respect for themselves Elise. I served the country to protect freedom of speech. If you do not like what I say do not read it. Move along little doggie.

      • I don’t know what you talking about They have been person over weight in American idol before and they have won.Look at Jordan and Jennifer and look a them know.And like you said this is a free country let the people vote for what they want.You should grow up and don,t be a hater.Maybe u just jealous u can have girl like Lauren by your side.I bet u so ugly that u can not see your self at a fck mirror u will get scared at your own self.

    • Only very shallow small minded people can make the comments you make and have made about Lauren, just as those who call Haley all the horrible names they have are also small minded.

      I doubt very much that you are a Vet (unless you take care of animals) because no-one I know from the Military or who has been in the Military would demonstrate such an attitude toward another American, especially a 16ยฝ yr old kid.

    • Some people such as myself have a deeper understanding and appreciation for all music. So since I love practically all forms of music from Blues to Country to Classical and everything in between I would think your conclusion would put me in a “class” above you as far as depth goes. You clearly fail to make your point with such a shallow statement.

    • Haley may be skinny, Dan, she has a bad attitude, Lauren is Beautiful inside and out.

  125. Really, Dan. You’re going to pick on a 16 year old girl? Have some class. I’m a huge Haley fan, but stooping to that level is disrespectful to all involved.


  127. Amรฉ a Estefano, y me dolio mucho su eliminaciรณn…. ahora mi preferida es lauren… suerte a los dos… son muy buenos …

    • Gee, she’s still crying about Stefano.
      He should have done a few Latino numbers.

  128. The fix was in the song choices given by Jimmy & Non-Judge Judges Wednesday night. Scotty and Lauren got to skate with easy songs (again) and if you believe otherwise your kidding yourself. Haley was assigned numbers that for most great artists would take weeks to tackle with confidence. Given only three days she conquered them with aplomb! Iโ€™m still in awe โ€” fall and all.

    Steven Tyler — You suck for not standing up for Haley and insisting that Scotty & Lauren be assigned songs that match the degree of difficulty given to Haley. You can pay her back by cutting a single with her. Okay? I’d buy that in heartbeat!

    • scottys and laurens were difficult for them.before the results show all of haleys fans were glad she got those songs, now they are all saying foul. sounds like sour grapes to me. its over and done with, get over it.

  129. Hey guys, the film footage of Lauren, Scotty and James was shot after the selections. Remember the selections took place months before they were aired on the first shows.
    That footage was added for the broadcast after the fact.

    I don’t care for the voting. Doesn’t make sense unless they want it that way for a purpose. What’s wrog with one vote or manbe 5 weighted votes, the first worth 5points and then 4,3,2,1. You can rank them that way and have an opinion of each count.
    Fair-yes. Make sense-yes. But then why is it different unless they have a purpose behind it?

    • 65% of Americans are obese which is a nice way of saying fat. So you could use that word and not offend with the politically correct. I am not obese and never have been because I chose not to stuff my face.
      Now, when the obese people of the world drive up health care insurance to unaffordable levels for the 35% that have some self control, intelligence about what they eat and give a damn about themselves and the ones who love them, we could see the use of the word fat being more acceptable since most of the people wouldn’t “fit” the word.

  130. Shame on you, America! Haley was the best contestant of these three. Ridiculous decision!!!

    • Haley was the worst as far as class, smiling when Pia and James were voted off, she’s a LITTLE TWIT,

  131. Check out #7 on the page. Calm down everyone, the lights are about to come on and the darkness will go away. Ha Ha

  132. Let’s just state the obvious now: This is going to be the MOST BORING finale ever. I’ve never been more disgusted with what is considered Top 2 talent. Baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low…cause we’re about to be sleepin’ durin’ that finale show…

  133. I think Haley definitely had the hardest songs and showed the most confidence! I think she is stronger than the other 2. She is a better overall entertainer! I think the voting needs to be more fair! BUT…Lauren and Scotty are the top 2 now and I don’t think they should be made to feel horrible because they got the most votes! AND I don’t think people need to slam and insult Haley just to prove who you like better! Sounds like high school! It is America and we are allowed our own opinions!

  134. Hayley was the best singer of the top 3. I am going to miss her performances and would definitly go see her in concert. Her songs were a lot more difficult than the final 2 and she delivered them to standing ovations.

    I am not going to watch the boring finale. Also, Jennifer Lopez commenting that Lauren won the competition on singing night before Haley sang was unprofessional and unfare.

  135. The highlight of this season for me was getting to hear a future true artist , that being HALEY REINHART

    THANK YOU Haley for returning to audition another time.

    THANK YOU Haley for your perseverance, strength and drive and putting up with all the obstacles you endured to advance in the competition. Ever since the final twelve, you were subjected to much more negative critique, especially of those that made the final four; their path was blazed with far less warranted criticism from the judges, and over-the-top praise for just above average performances. Because you have a gift and special talent, and can sing several genres, instead of appreciating that fact, they told you you don’t know what type of artist you want to be, over and over again. The fact is, and you’ll probably agree, is that not want to limit your choices, but excel in several genres. I applaud you for this. Of the three judges, Steven was the fairest, while the tag team of Randy and J-Lo gave a compliment, and in the next breath followed it with a larger negative remark; totally inconsistent with James, Scottie and Lauren.

    THANK YOU Haley for staying in the competition long enough so that millions of viewers were able to appreciate your performances, your variety of songs, your great vocals, your beauty, both inside and out, your lively, bubbly personality, and your true talent as an artist. Like anyone, you need to work hard to perfect your craft and love of music, but you have it in you to be relevant in the music Industry. Your rendition of “Blue”, from a country genre, was beautiful, not sleepy and boring, as Randy saw it; I would say your vocals in that song were much better than the two country contestants in the final.

    and FINALLY, HALEY, on behalf of your thousands of fans, who you won over, who appreciate a true talent, and were able to form their OWN opinions of your entertaining performances, and appreciate your talents, we will always be there when your star rises; we will buy your CD’s, your albums, enjoy you on the radio and TV, and go to your concerts.

    THANK YOU for being you, HALEY, and may you have long -term success in whatever you do– you deserve it. This Nittany Lion needs a rest, only a final
    GGRROWWLLL for you HALEY !!!!!

    • she stayed in way too long, Yeah Randy picked on her, but still Haley is so full of herself and thinks she’s better than everyone else, hate her, she was laughing when James got voted off, what a little twit, she should of gone home that week so glad I dont have to see her in the finale,

  136. Haley’s attitude sucked, when Pia and James got voted off she was all smiles and the others cried,
    when she got voted off this week and wouldnt even hugg Lauren, She was and ok singer but she was so full of herself, glad she’s not singing with Scotty
    she needed to go home,

    • I agree, Haley was so full of herself, she was disrespectful to Randy and just thought she was it!!!! Glad she’s gone.

  137. Congratulations Lauren & Scotty, you both deserve to win, best of luck to you both. All I can say is Thank The Heavens, Haley Is Finally Gone As American Could Not Stand Even One More Second of That Horrific Growling, Screaming & Beyond Terrible Voice Haley Has. Yes American…. You Have Voted The Right One Off For Sure….Wahoo.. This Is a Singing competition, not a yelling one. These two young talented singers have everything an idol could ever want, looks, talent and personality.

    • I fully agree that America voted the right one off of the show once and for all. How Haley ever made it into the top 20 shocks our entire community. The only other talent besides the top two: Scotty & Lauren was James, he rocks, the remainder of the top 10 shocks us all especially Jacob & Pia, how oh how did they ever even make it into idol at all.

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