American Idol 2011: Top 3 results show recap – It’s Scotty and Lauren!

After more than 95 million votes, America chose country teenagers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina as its 2011 “American Idol” Top 2.

While I think it’s going to be a somewhat boring competition show next Tuesday, I don’t think it’s a bad Top 2. I was rooting for Haley Reinhart to make it to the finale with Scotty, but only because I enjoy her performances more. Overall, I’m good because I was on the team that believed any of the Top 4 would’ve made for a great finale.

At the beginning of the night we were treated to immediate filler of the Top 4 visiting J.J. Abrams the previous week and they couldn’t have been less excited. That was followed by what I think might have been a seizure from Elle Fanning.

The first real order of business was footage from Haley’s homecoming. It was nice to see a softer side of Haley. She’s been pretty tough all season, so it was good to see that human side. Had she shown that side of her earlier in the game, she might have made the Final 2.

After that and a Ford video, we were “treated” to a performance by Il Volo for some reason I still don’t understand. Nothing like baby faced boys who sound like 50-year-old Opera singers.

Next up is Scotty’s trip home. Scotty seemed truly modest, as if he had no idea he’d have that many fans. And like Haley, he was very emotional.

More crap filler follows in the form of a pre-recorded performance by the new “X Factor” host and it’s passed off  as a live performance. Why do they always want us to think these performances are happening live? It’s so insulting.

Lauren’s home visit seemed to be the most grand. When I saw the incredibly HUGE crowd that turned out for her, I knew right then she was in the finale. And from that footage, I think she could even beat Scotty next week. Maybe.

Finally, it’s time for the results. Ryan calls the three of them up and first announces that Scotty is going to the finale. Then he tells Lauren to join him. Haley seems shocked and maybe angry, but quickly covers and comes off very respectable with her reactions.

Haley sings one last time (well, until next week) and does her awesome version of “Bennie And The Jets.”

So it’s Scotty and Lauren. It’s been a long season with a lot of curve balls, but it’s almost over. I’m either going to be ready for a break or miss this ridiculous show like crazy. I’m not sure which yet.

What are your thoughts on the Top 2?




  1. I am generally dissappointed with the results. I liked Haley a lot, but that’s not the reason I don’t like the results. We ended up with two generic country singers, honestly, that sucks. Scotty cannot do anything besides his stupid country, and Lauren has not been doing good since the beginning despite her awesome voice. I hope Lauren wins, though Scotty will probably win because all of those girls voting with their vaginas 😀

    American Idol, like every year, has been ruined for me. I don’t under why I watch it xD

    • Ok so I have been following this season of American Idol all season and reading the blogs and comments on this website and have yet to comment but I had to tonight. I have to say I couldn’t have asked for a better final two although I would have been happy with a few others as well. I agree that I really hope Lauren wins but I would be just as happy with Scotty winning but I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off when I read your comment. I do think Scotty will get most of the votes from the girls…lol.

      • Same reason we all do Brett: because it’s entertaining. I was a Haley fan myself, but as Branden stated above, any of the top 4 will do. They will all go on to have great careers, I am sure. I saw Haleys reaction too, and seriously, I thought she handled it perfectly. Had she not shown any reaction to the news, she’d have come off as a robot. But she accepted her fate quickly, snapped out of it, and just showed how mature she really is. Loved it. Not to mention her final farewell song rocked. Kudos to the country kids, and fear not people…we will be hearing from Haley again soon….can anyone say Grammy? lol.

      • I totally agree with you. I will be happy with either one. When they aired the homecomings, it made me cry to see how many people turned out for Lauren. It is quite obvious that Lauren has a heart and soul bigger than her years. (Her homecoming was my fav.) Second fav was Scotty’s. He was genuinely moved by the fans. He too has heart and soul. As far as Haley is concerned; she has no heart, her tears were 100% for show as was indicated by the scene with “her bodyguard” on stage with her and Ryan. It was a total joke. I do not think that Haley has the capacity to show any true emotion. If you do not believe me, go back and watch some of the last few weeks. That girl should have not lasted past the third week!

      • What a bitch you are Liz! You don’t even know the girl! She was treated like dirt from the beginning but kept trying and performing even when it was plainly obvious it was all set up. Then finally when they just wouldn’t say a critical word to anyone else but would bash her to death she stood up for herself she’s seen as having an attitude? Get real and get in keeping with your supposed wholesome values and give here the benefit of the doubt.
        The only reason she smiled during the results is because she was very happy after being in the bottom three for the first few weeks she wasn’t the one going home! it had nothing to do with being happy the others were voted off. (repeat first sentence here).

      • bombom…even my radio show DJs (in a big city) said that Haley seems like a total bitch. They said that weeks ago…. Millions of people see Haley for what she is …..self-centered, arrogant, conceited, uncaring, unclassy, ungrateful, and a thousand other adjectives that shows zero character. Read blogs on dozens of other websites. People who don’t even know each other have been saying that about Haley for months. As a last gesture, she showed what a bitch she is by not turning to, looking at, or hugging Lauren like all of the other contestants for 10 years have done.

    • Next time, let’s leave the judging to the judges.

      On the second thought, record producers would make better judges than artist who are not honest enough.

      • i dont agree about the judges judging because quite frankly they didn’t preform well this year. I have to wonder where there heads were at sometimes with some of the glowing comments they gave a lot of the singers. The end result for me is that the winner should be the person who will sell the most albums. Voting needs to change and the simplest way i can think of is to do away with the phone line voting. Voting should be done on itunes. If you like the preformers preformance then youy vote by buying the song over the intermet. Why I think this would work is because there is a diff between liking an artist and actually wanting to buy their music. Eg I am a big Scotty fan but would have bought very few of the songs he sang this season. Pia I also loved in the beginning but the same goes, she lost me with those boring ballads week after week. I would have bought a few of James songs and absolutely all of Haileys. I don’t know if there are others who agree but thats a way of voting that could change for the better.

    • who cares which of the 2 wins, not much difference.
      Haley will probably be better off not winning and being stuck having to make Idol albums of what they want her to do. Like David Cook, I really liked him, but the songs he had out on the radio after he won were pretty lame.

      Maybe next year they shouldn’t allow country music.

      • Not allowing country music! Why? You are saying they should not have allowed Kobe to play for the Lakers just because he makes all the points. Come on. I’d like to see the following changes in the format: a) Require all contestants to play one musical instrument; b) Not to allow multiple votes. c) Maybe, just maybe, when only 3 are left, require all three to sing the same song.

      • @marc Totally agree except for the musical instrument thing. I have good friends who are great singers that cant play an instrument to save their lives.

      • @marc….totally off subject here, but sense you brought it up…Kobe shouldn’t be allowed to play for ANY team for 1 obvious reason: he is a rapist.

      • the best of the night was haley second scotty the idiot and the worst was lauren alaina

    • if girls had voted with their vaginas we would have Paul and James to finals daaaahn!!!! not a nerd and a next door girl

    • don’t forget Haley was in the bottom 3 four times… There was a lot of catching up to do. I think she fell little too short. She should be happy that she made it to final 3..

    • On judges pick round JLO gave her vote to Lauren before Haley not even came out to do the song. How do you feel if you’re Haley?
      Is this a real contest?

      • That goes on every season. Just think back to how many times they said that about James. Lauren & Scotty have been pimped less than any of the contestants all season. So just go cry us a river will ya?

      • Bunny, come on…you don’t honestly believe that, do you? The two who got the most pimping were James, and Casey…with Lauren and Scotty right at their heels.

    • The Final 3 competition was rigged as follows: Scotty and Lauren were assigned songs right in their sweet spots and they both did a good job. Haley was assigned two very challenging songs that have only ever been sung well by the original performers and did her best but lame song choices are lame song choices. It’s like Scotty and Lauren were allowed to shoot layups and Haley had to shoot from 10 feet behind the 3-point line with one hand tied behind her back. The best performance Wednesday night was Haley’s gutsy LZ play. Rock on Haley — no way this shindig is just getting started.

      • Meant to say “this shindig is just getting started” — forget the “no way”…

      • AI pimped, pimped, & pimped, Haley. They did all they could to try to get people to vote for her. All the songs that were chosen for the top three came with a certain amount of challenges. The songs played to each of their individual weakness.

      • You mean AI slammed, slammed and slammed Haley? They tried to get her kicked off multiple times, and it finally worked when they got to pick a crap song for her.

    • Others are wondering the same..just so you can say something nasty….you are not funny…juat stupid

  2. I quit watching AI now!!! My love is for Haley and she’s gone ! So angry ! No way America !

    • I felt exactly the same way when I saw Paul, then I saw Casey, then I saw James leaving… It does seems like we’re fools hu?

      • You are right. Those things were felt by the fans of Thia, Pia, Stefano and even Jacob when they saw their favourites leaving.

      • @nan, @maysa have mentioned them. I just added other names which he/she didn’t mention.

      • If it tears you apart to see a favorite eliminated, why would you invest emotionally in these people? By it’s nature the show will cast off someone every week. If this is too much for you, don’t start watching it at the beginning of the season.

      • @ Templar, why you don’t conect yur emotions with yur favorite??? if so then yu should review yur concepts about the REAL LIFE SHOWS

      • @James For starters, learn to spell, then try to form a cohesive thought. Take your time, get it together and get back to me.

    • Good riddance. Dont ever watch again. Just because the results did not meet your own biases.

      • now im a haley fan but now that shes gone i want lauren to win so um vote for her please love u haley !

  3. There are only two AI winners who made it, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. The rest well !!
    That says it all. Both are country singers – no variety.

    • I disagree a bit about no variety because kelly clarkson have a fews hit POP (really pop), but yes, America is a Country Country :3

      • sorri maysa, I meant there will be no variety with this years two finalists, both are country singers.
        Guess America does not like variety in music, only country?

      • I believe that AI history shows that America still prefer this kind of music… but I was so hoping this season we had some crazy in finale… like Casey maybe??? totaly unlike the others contests (my opinion)

      • Marysa, I agree, would have been nice to watch some crazy competition this finale. Casey would have been a hoot.

    • Yes, I totally agree. The only 2 fantastic AI winners are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. The rest does not measure up to these 2. I was hoping not for a Country vs Country finale but rather Rock vs Country. It would have been interesting with a James or Pia/Lauren or Scotty. But, alas, AI has now turned out to be a popular contest rather than a Singing competition. And, I bet you Scotty will win not because of his voice but because all the young girls will start voting or him for his “famous grin”….Such a pity….Perhaps next season producers may consider allowing America to vote for bottom 3 but the judges should who should go home and who should stay. Just a thought……..Yawn…here’s to a boring finale.

      • Wrong! not just teen girls…a lot of grannies behaved like a teen girls these days…they just turned back their clock some 40+ years…lol!

    • i am sooooooo happy i don’t have to see that pole dancer on the stage any longer. finally some one modest and real down to earth will win, just like Carrie Underwood. tired of seeing women using sex to sell music. put your clothes back on and stop showing your filthy vag_ _ _ _ to the world, we don’t really all get off on that stuff. Its real good music that we want to hear.

      • Industrial music singer needs to sell “face & body” too. You dance & jumps.. if its possible do not wear clothes at all.. shout (not sing) … yeaaaa..yeaaa..yeaaa.. You got a lot of fans… lol

      • @christina Though I certainly thought Haley was smokin hot, it had nothing to do with my votes. She had, by far the most unique voice of the 3 and is by far the most technically talented of the finalists. Besides, if you actually watched the show, you would realize how genuine and down to earth Haley is.

      • Yeah, Haley looked like a slut compared to J-Lo’s performance, Lady Gaga’s performance, Nicole’s performance…even Jordin Sparks looked like more of a stripper than Haley. Delusions, delusions, delusions…

    • Im sure whoever wins they will both go far I am happy with the finale 2 out of the top 3 thats who I wanted the top 2 to be though I will say out of the whole season wedsnday night was Haileys best peformances and I was very impressed with her for once

    • Malaika; What about Daughtry? He didn’t even win and is doing great.And I have never listened to Kelly Clarkson. So the only commment I can make about her is from my son who is closer to her age. He said her first two CD’s did good. But she is just about through?? I don’t know. Just going by what one of the younger generation say’s. I am both a country fan, and I also like some of the rock music. Carrie Underwood is just great! She has built up quite a career already.I listened to Carrie Underwood sing ” How Great Thou Art” the last week or so. And that last note I thought would never end. But you are right about most of the winners not doing good at all. Have a nice day!
      PS, Branden I wish I could shake your hand. You have been spot on since the last like 20 contestants left. GOOD JOB BRANDEN! Sherry K.

  4. If i was the producer of this show
    i would make it the last season because
    america is way too dumb to pick someone
    who is not deserving im not saying that lauren
    and scotty is bad i just thought that if haley would
    be in the finale she will give the show
    an extra something something, so its a big
    disappointment to all who is rooting for haley.

    • do u mean that there were better singers this season? well, someone told me that it just doesn’t matter AI is a popularity show, not a music show… it kinda make sense if you review all this season

    • If you believe there were 95 millions votes then I have a bridge for you in Brooklyn for sale…….
      Next week they will say there were over 100 million votes….I don’t buy it!!!!!!!

      The voting needs to change…..Period……otherwise most of us will be disappointed year after year…..Nigel should think about changing the voting system not the judges…..

      • Agreed, Phyllis G! If they don’t change that stupid voting system, they’ll lost a lot of viewers to the voice or x-factor! Simon will be the one who laughs all the way to the bank again!

  5. Bland, Bland, Bland. Scotty and Lauren are OK, but I really don’t think that they ever did anything special, or really challenged themselves. Just good country singers.

    I have to believe that Simon would have been extremely dissappointed in this result. At least Haley did it her own way.

    • I agree that Simon would be disapointed and far away some of them wouldn’t have got to top24… won’t risk names cause I’m not him, but he wasn’t fan of that much of teenagers in the show…

    • On the contrary…simon could be happy & laugh out loud…look what happens to this show without him?? I guess he would be more confy about his new X-factor in US now than ever!

    • Someone said that the only contestant in AI 2011 who is memorable to Simon Cowell is Scotty. Simon was one of the Judges when Haley failed in her previous AI 2010 audition.

      • Yepp! he’ll be well remembered as a “one trick pony”…& made this turn famously worldwide! lol!

    • Haley did do it her own way. That may have been the problem. Would not accept feedback, argued with JLo and Randy, flirted with Steven and had negative reactions when others were voted off. Haley should have been voted off before Pia. I think Haley is not totally in acceptance to her voice style and limitations. She could be an exordinary performer but her attitude will limit her. No matter what people say, her attitude was not very professional. How may celebs have faced & continue to face feedback of all kinds. For Haley it appeared as long as you drooled over her and had only positive things to say, she liked you.

  6. I think America has gotten it wrong. I loved James Durbin. He had a “good week” every single week. He was a true performer…fun to watch. I think what sealed Haley’s fate was her bitter attitude a couple of weeks ago in front of the judges. When Randy jackson criticized her performance she actually rolled her eyes at his critique!!!!!THAT is NOT Idol material. I am sorry but many other performers have had to stand on that stage and listen to negative comments. Most accept it as “constructive criticism” and use it to better themselves. This young lady seemed to feel that she was above that and chose rather to say “I HEARD IT THE FIRST TIME” and then roll her eyes at Randy. Sorry, my dear…….that only made you look like a (female dog) in front of America. You got what you deserved!

    • I’m looking for a like button here… well spoken totaly agree that James did a wonderful season and failed only once, and America did not voted well… but it’s ok, u see that his record will launch before the AI winner, whoever it is ;D

    • I totally agree with you lisa……
      JAMES DURBIN is great singer/performer

      i’m glad the HALEY bitch is out
      i dont hate her….its just that i don’t like her attitude… ARROGANT Brat!!!

      that smiling face of Haley when PIA is eliminated that’s when i started to notice her BAD ATTITUDE and i dislike her since then

      thank GOD…my prayers been answered
      i don’t care if its Scotty or Lauren who wins
      as long as it’s not HALEY

      • Haley really needs to know she is far away to be the best one of this season. I’m very disappoint for James!! He is great… We can’t compare… I’m sure Haley will be like the other great singers we had on AI and we don’t here anything about anymore. But I’m sure James will be a great idol soon. Wait and see.

    • Can I be your friend??? Your comment is SPOT ON! She sucked last night on her third performance and she deserved to go. I am glad she didn’t sing on the top of a piano this time because I wasn’t in the mood to see her underwear again, or to see how awful she got off that thing. She looked like a 4 year old trying to get off a tall bed. She didn’t know how to move and I am so glad she is gone.

      • Yup so tired of all this crap they call talent when it is merely who will wear the least and have the least respect for thiemselves

      • Oh Gabs, you still at it?
        why don’t you gtake your hate wagon back to the pound!!

    • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased..

      Keep Going Haley!!

      • Oh please. Even Stefano said she was a spoiled brat when they asked the contestants to comment on each other. She was not liked by the others. That says a lot.

    • Ye smabey it looked like she has an attitude but dosnt mean she dose yes she rolled her eyes at randy but she had been getting weeks of bad critisizam from the judges and she was probily getting anoyed but she probily could of handled it better though. I thought all her peformances were really good on wednsday

    • I am not a rock fan BUT, after listening to James I fell in luv with his voice, presentations and him as a person. We all have our faults but…unlike Haley we rise above and do better. James should have been in Haleys spot. Sorry, Haley fans, that young lady was given opportunity after opportunity and she spat on Randy & JLO and the only reason she appeared to warm up to Steven is because he never really gave her any negative feedback. Looks can not keep you in the entertainment field & Haley (appeared to have) the attitude that she was entitled & would be the winner. I think she assumed the two country singers Scotty and Lauren would cancel each other out. Scotty has a great voice as does Lauren. I hope Haley does find success in whatever she does, but attitude wise,,,she is a loser.

      • @New Orleans Viewer: I so agree with you. Haley’s expression revealed it all when Ryan named Lauren as the second finalist – it wasn’t a look of disappointment, it was disgust and disbelief! Like hey! this is mine, n how could it not be me in the finale?? i should win this whole thing! lol haley, even with your pole dancer moves, you can’t win votes except for steven’s attention!

  7. i’m guessing that this year’s finale will be a boring one. i wish the finalists were haley and scotty. too bad.

  8. Though I like some things about Lauren and Scotty, I see AI is looking for something different than in the past. Performance skills are not much of a value. Uniqueness…forget it. Two nice kids with above average voices who will likely take AI direction very well. With all the varied talent that passed through the doors this year, it is surprising and, for me, disappointing. But they called it at the auditions and have made it happen.

  9. I saw some YouTube video of Lauren singing at her hometown visit and her voice was insanely good! And she just has such a comfortable stage energy. So it’s not like the girl isn’t well qualified for top 2. Also when I watched Haley’s Chicago visit songs she seemed to lose a lot of that warm tone and her voice seemed thin and like she was pushing too much. That actually surprised me.

    • well, I have to say that if you search you may find her good material, she was actually not comfortable at AI wich I think did pass the impression she is not that good but the girl is amazing

    • It was also freezing and raining, not to mention Haley sang more songs at her concert than the other two.

  10. THIS IS SO DISAPPOINTING!!! Scotty and Lauren for Finals??? Reallyy???!!! Both are country singers for crying out loud!! It’s so sad America didn’t see Haley’s talent, which in my opinion is better than the other two. I LOVE YOU HALEY!! I hope you release your album soon! 😀

  11. Simon Cowell, Fox, et. al: Please listen! I speak for so many and I am sure that so many around the country feel the same: last year it was Bowersox and now the “song goes on”. Your American Idol has now become a popularity contest versus a talent contest. Teen age girls voting but not the real ones buying the records. I have been a fan since day one but I am done with AI and I am and will share that with all my friends. I have gone to the tours but no more? Please LISTEN!!!

    Peter Rice

  12. To the people who were rude to me. Told you all that lauren aand scotty final 2. And. Scotty will win. So there you go. I might be from sa but damn I am good.

    • So now we proved that teenie boppers in SA are exactly the same as those in US….lol!

      • Go Scotty go. It seems to me that America is the same as South Africa – always bitchy – both of the top 2 are lovely christian people – respect them and stop throwing mud. If you cannot say something good about any one stop posting

    • I was hoping it was gonna be James and Scotty but I am very happy with this result as much as Hailey was good she wasnt my favorite and I believe this is the right finale 2 congratulations for being correct SCOTTY FAN

  13. Everyone keeps complaining about the country singing,does no one hear the country twang in Haleys voice ? !! There is a big fan base for country singers, Maybe they are the voters. I perdict that Haleys future is in country.Oh and by
    the way Im not a teenager,And I still prefer Scotty.

    • not only teenagers watch the show and if reaaaly only girls voted, well it would be two guys… right???

    • No offense to the talented and lovable Scotty and Lauren, but I bet James and Haley could SLAY a lot of country songs. The difficulty of most of Scotty’s songs just wasn’t there compared to what Haley and James did on stage. Lauren had more difficulty than Scotty! Scotty will win because the people want him to, and that’s okay. But the difficulty level of the material? You gotta be blind not to see it.

      That being said, Scotty NAILED the Lone Star classic – but wow – Haley also SLAYED the Led Zeppelin track!

      The talent this year is jaw dropping.

  14. Before I pick my favorite I told my friends that they were the finals, well, my bet still is Scotty, even thou he’s not my fav from the season, he just looks like a winner, hope it is cause I will make a good cash!!! almost none my friends bet is him!!!yayay

  15. Well, I think the audience is predominantly teenagers, so with the voters.
    Haley is superb, a Grammy-award-level of talent.
    Scotty uses facial tricks, and I don’t like it, it just like a gimmick or something not genuine.
    Lauren is gifted with voice, hope someone will guide her on her career if she wins.

  16. i wish Lauren win beause i don’t want my Scotty win this ridiculous show. Haley deserves to stay, it would be awesome if it’s SCotty and Haley. Lauren is too boring. and this is the weird season ever. Let Lauren win it. I don’t want SCotty under those bashing if he wins.. too much hate on him recently.. poor the boy

    • Thanks Tata..Scotty is a gentleman and can take any thing they dish out…After he wins..computers will shut down..and the haters can suck their thumbs


    • Totally agree New Yorker – most boring finale, the show really should be only auditioning country singers, since any other genre will not get a chance.

      • It’s tough to imagine a finale more boring than Dim Wyze and Dirtysox last year.

      • Jake….Just watch next week then…..I will tune in because we will get to see the Top 11 on Wednesday……and that would be the only reason…..Either Lauren or Scotty, doesn’t really matter anymore…..does it??????

      • Phyllis G…yepp! I’ll just watch the result show on Wed & skip the Tuesday one….better thing to watch on other channels…i.e. French Open tennis…lol!

      • Phyliss…I remember you saying you would just die if James didnt win….but you are still around…so you can watch Scotty win

      • Lee…We all go to watch scotty wins…& then be forgotten just like most of the past winners!! lol

  18. I’ve seen almost every episode of American Idol and have watched every finale that I was able to watch. This will the first finale that I will be voluntarily skipping. I am extremely disgusted with learning of the Scotty vs Lauren finale. I could go on for a while about it and give you a million reasons why I think what I think, but to save time I will just refer you to my comments on Branden’s post yesterday. And the comments every week I might add. In fact I am so disgusted with this that it is a very good possibility that tonight’s episode was the last episode that I will ever watch of American Idol. And being one of the biggest Idol fans around, that’s saying a lot. They are going to have to make a strong case to bring me back for next season which will have to include making a few big changes. But we’ll see how I feel come next January.

    • You guys are babies you should’ve voted and need to stop complaining it won’t change a thing so suck it up

      • totally agree 🙂 no one is forced to watch AI. they keep on complaining but they still watch the show. how ironic! instead of complaining, they better vote for Scotty. such a pure voice from such a good kid worth emulating to all kids around the world 🙂

    • Well guess what youre only “ONE” out of “MILLION” viewers of AI so AI dont need you!! youre so demanding.. you dont make any change on American Idol either you watch or not..

      • Oh, its not a threat towards American Idol that I might stop. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out one viewer means nothing. I’m just expressing my feelings of disgust towards this season

    • You know, I don’t think you’ll be the only one. Since the middle of season 7, the show’s views and ratings have fallen in a rather significant way. They took a big drop when Lambert lost in the season 8 finale, another not as big but still important drop after Bowersox lost in season 9. Rest assured, the numbers will drop for both the this season’s finale and the beginning of the next one after mistakes like voting off James and Haley.

      • I’m referring to Adam’s comment, and of course, anyone else interested in some suggestive facts.

      • I think my long reply is on time delay, so I won’t repost it. But, I forgot to add that like Adam, this probably was my last episode. I’ve only watched about every 3rd or 4th year through its history partly for work shifts, etc and because of results like tonight, and Bowersox and Lambert. But, I’ve had enough of it. I could understand if Haley got unlucky like Pia, James, Casey when the vote is all spread out, or even getting runnerup to Scotty or Lauren in Final 2 due to America’s (and mine) love of Country and All-American kid types. But in the top 3, Scotty and Lauren were close, but Haley was so demonstrably advanced in talent, versatality, and entertainment–not to mention song difficulty as Branden mentioned, that this isn’t a random vote shocker. It’s simply an AI contrived manipulation of the votes through their various “tools” I’ve blogged about previously, and I can’t take it anymore. And like Adam and a few others note before Our Haters say it: Does my Protest Hurt AI? No, of course not! But does our Protests Help us? Yes!! An escape from Tyranny and AI Illusions (Deceit)! Ha, ha! Yea! I’m free! (Oh, like I mentioned in my first post on page 2, I won’t watch TV AI, but I’ll probably review the fun Chatter here!) Coondog Out! (an homage to Ryan)

    • @Adam, and @Happy93. Spot on for both of you, and I appreciate Adam mentioning it first since he carries good credibility here same as Branden. Like Adam, I didn’t even want to blog much–not so much from disappointment, but from sheer disgust! Great points made by both. I actually review the comments in reverse order, so I already made what I thought was my “only” comment on page 2 as a reply to Dinx midway through.I said about the same thing as you guys here.

      I’m not viewing next week mainly because I don’t really care one way or the other (the nonviewing is my First Vote ever, as I’ve always chosen not to play into the ridiculous AI voting system (okay, I’m too lazy to vote even if it was the preferred 1 person 1 vote Democratic system as I figure it all averages out among other nonvoters like me with their preferences). I like Scotty and Lauren and Country a lot. Though the purposely-made AI voting system technically and legally put them there–can anyone who’s not being DISINGENUOUS Not that a certain one person gave the most talented and most entertaining performances Wednesday night–EVEN WITH, as Branden noted, the judges and producer giving “this person” difficult songs and easy boring ones for the other two–intentional AI sabotoge, yet “this person” still outperformed the other two. Even the good folks that voted multiple times for the “other two” know that this certain person “wuz robbed”! Who wuz robbed? I won’t dignify that with an answer!

      • Coondog, I’ll miss your interesting comments. The first thing I thought of when Lauren was announced was that you and so many others would be disappointed. I didn’t know that Haley had auditioned for Season 9 and didn’t make it. But the fact that she came back and did make it in Season 10 shows her determination and dedication to her dream. We’ll hear of her again. I’m looking forward to the last show to see her and some of the others perform as Season 10 contestants one more time.

      • Thanks “Gizzy”. Even though I like Lauren and can recognize her potential, that ‘dark part’ of all of us bemoans that we didn’t get to see an even bigger meltdown than Casey had after being saved, had Lauren been sent to the showers!

        @Jake, I didn’t realize that Simon had been responsible for Haley’s demise earlier. Makes sense though; there were many times he’d do that to talented singers because he didn’t sense they were paying him proper homage to his ‘personal superiority’, and it made him feel “kingly” to wipe out the career of a good looking talented singer. That was an ugly trait of his. Still, I’d rather have his more creditable smarminess than the outright jealousy and cattiness of JLo–who has that same “I’m Great” trait!

      • Coondoggie, Don’t be like that. Come out & play with us. You know that I’m very happy & if things had gone the other way, I would be happy for you. You also know that Haley has a great career ahead of her. She will do great & be very successful.

  19. Why are you guys complaining so much it’s your own fault for not voting for who u want

  20. Altough I am not a country music fan, I do appreciate good country singing. Carrie Underwood deserved to win because she is an awesome talent. I don’t think Scotty and Lauren are in the same league with her. They’re just very good, and I think you should be more than very good to win. You should be special. You should take risks, and when you don’t reach perfection, you try again for perfection instead of playing it safe. Say you will about Haley’s “attitude.” You need some attitude if you are going to succeed as a singer, especially if you are going to seek acceptance in the rock and roll and alternative rock community. She WAS overly criticized far more than the others, even though she has much more talent. And she got four standing ovations this year. Four! Including standing oveations three weeks in a row! No one has done this on Idol before. So, yeah, she has some attitude. That’s what rock and roll is all about. Haley, you will have a fabulous career. Go girl!

    • Yes you hit the nail on the head. Scotty and Lauren will never reach the bar that Carrie Underwood has set. And, as for Haley, agree also. Judges did not give her a chance. She was overly criticized. Would have preferred a Haley/Scotty finale or Haley/Lauren finale…..or even James or Pian/Scotty or Lauren finale. America got it wrong this time, absolutely wrong…….Scotty and Lauren are both good….but not as good as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and even David Archuletta….

    • I agree with you John. Even when Carrie was singing, she didn’t have any bad nights, vocally and completely deserved to be in the final 2. Bo Bice was even a great singer. He delivered some excellent performances (I can still hear “Remedy” in my head right now, which is more than I can say for some contestants even from this season), and neither of these two are quite on par with that.

      Regardless, what time has shown us is that none of these two weeks matters at all. What matters is what any of the top 10/12 do with this in the weeks and months to come. They can write their own future or vanish into obscurity.

      While Carrie and Kelly may be the ones you know from the radio, let us not forget that Mandisa has the #2 album on Christian charts right now and her song Stronger is ranked up there with it. To go with her, Chris Sligh, Jason Castro, and Phil Stacy also are popular on the CCM charts.

      Clay Aiken has done well on Broadway and has an incredible Vegas show that I’ve heard is a MUST see. Even my husband, who doesn’t even like that kind of music, thinks we need to see it if we’re ever there.

      Then there’s Jennifer Hudson… How many awards has she won? Isn’t she the only AI alum with an Oscar?

      I just heard a Daughtry song on the radio the other day. His remake of Photgraph with Santana is incredible (I almost favor it to Def Leppard.)

      Haley and James (and those who didn’t finish in the top two) have been given more time to work on their albums and more freedom with what goes in them. This isn’t an awful thing. I would have love to have seen Haley win, but I would even more prefer for her to have a brilliant career!

      Good luck to all of them in the weeks and months to come. I look forward to purchasing a few of the albums on iTunes!

      (And I don’t care to watch the most boring finale ever.)

  21. This is American Idol. I don’t understand some of these comments about country music. American has the right to choose two country singers if they so choose!!! We have the right to choose 2 teenagers if we so choose!!! James was great. Pia was great. The final four should have been James, Pia, Lauren, and Scotty. Why do so many people seem so shocked that Haley didn’t win? If you will remember, she hovered in the bottom three almost all season!! I’m still trying to figure out how she got in the top 5!!!

    • I agree with your list of the top 4. I add Stefano Langone to form the top 5.

    • Although I agree that top 4 should have been James, Pia, Scotty and Lauren, but yr comment that America has the right to choose is true…..but what if America had chosen wrongly? If you recall, all the teenage girls rushing upto Scotty and hugging him…What does this say?? AI has become a teeny bopper’s popularity contest and not a singing competion…and it is so wrong. Yes, America has a right to choose 2 country singers…..but what I am trying to say again is America has the right but what if the right is so wrong?? Hope you understand what I am trying to bring across to you and some others as well…

      • That is the contest format, you %7*&. It is a business venture that is why they allow multiple voting. If the winner were selected by judges, maybe, just maybe, the result could have been different. Anyway, everything is now irrelevant as we already have two finalist chosen. Haley is gone. To the Haley fans, stop crying. And if you don’t want to watch AI anymore, so be it. Watch Basketball Channel or National Geographic or Discovery Channel. WE will not miss you.

      • Those teenagers running up to Scotty…Not his idea..Seacrest set that up before Scotty even clip. very fast as Secrest points come up

    • America wanted a country Idol. It’s clear because as good as Lauren and Scotty are, Haley has more talent! So I absolutely agree with you! Scotty could have sang “Happy Birthday” and “Twinkle Star” and beat ANYONE!

  22. why do we have to blame the singer who made it, it’s not them who decide who’s gonna compete in the finale…the voters did!! or maybe we can blame the producer..but never the singer cause they are all wonderful if not they would’ve not gone this far.

      • i liked the online voting. just wished it was open for the whole two hours, not fifty vote max.

    • hey my sister told me that today when I mentioned kris alen…WHOOOOO????? kkk ADAM LAMBERT!!! is the truth winner, doesn’t relly matter who catch finale, but who catchs us 😀

  23. After Pia, and then Casey and James, and now Haley .. wakakakaka … how stupid!

    • hey jon, I been telling this every week since Pia was voted off…C’mon what’s wrong with you America!!!!!

      • I’m totally agree with you!!!
        Pia is Diva
        casey is genius music
        james is the most entertaining
        haley has unik vocal
        scotty and lorain just country music singer …..

  24. I’m so happy with the results Lauren and Scotty final 2. My predictions was right that Lauren and Scotty final 2. I’m so happy for the both of them. May the best person win. Whoever win that person deserve to win cause they both are equally good with their own style of singing. I have been a fan of Lauren and Scotty all this while. Lauren and Scotty knows how to choose songs that suites best for their vocal. If Lauren win I’m so happy for her, if Scotty wins I’m so happy for him too. All the best to Lauren and Scotty.

    • Sorry, unable to share yr sentiments. Scotty and Lauren are both good, I do not doubt there. But frankly Country vs Country… is going to be a boring finale. Would have been better if it were Rock vs Country. At any rate, it is so obvious that Scotty, although good, was voted by all the teenage girls and without a doubt he will win the whole competition. Sigh…..

      • Shouldn’t it be singer vs. singer? The singer not the song? The voice and delivery not the genre?

    • what own style of singing? they’re both country singers! This is the worst finale ever… boring singers singing boring songs. sheesh!

    • I have to say I have been of Scotties since he auddition and knew he would make it to the fianls but I missed Nashvilles audditions so I didnt get she her auddition so i will have to search that up later but the first peformance of hers I really remmember was the top 24 because when it gets to hollywood week theres just so many people I dont always remmember everyone but when I saw her do turn on the radio I was amazed and knew she would make it to the top 3 I thought it would of been a James vs Scotty finalle but I am soooooo glad it is Scotty vs Lauren they are both soooooo talented and whoever wins I will be happy with

  25. and for those who say,”this would be my last time watching idol” I’m just gonna sit back and be like, “so what?!” I really love all the contestants this year, they are all equally special for me..It was a really good show.

  26. Well I thought this year’s top 10 were amongst the best group of talents compared to the previous years notably Casey, James, Pia, Scotty, Lauren and Haley.

    Haley though was a late bloomer as earlier on, I did not think she would have ended up beyond the top 6.

    I think Scotty has matured as he progressed on and he has that charisma which glues the audience to him, likewise for Lauren. I must say Haley has improved over time but having heard her last night, I noticed that there was not much variety to her presentation in respect for all 3 songs….they sounded more broadway..and that may hot have gone down well with the voters.

    But then again it is difficult to predict what the voters will do…after all the likes of Pia, Casey and even James got booted out earlier than many had expected.

    I think all 3 including James, Casey and Pia will land record deals.

    I agree with Dallas, at the end of the day we all watch AI cos it is entertaining 🙂

    • its because the judges implicitly like haley to be out. The gave her song choices that are way difficult for her to showcase her talents.

  27. this will gonna be a sure win for scotty… I think all of haley’s fan will vote for him. Haley’s fans hate lauren because she’s in when we know that haley should be there. Haley’s good and not boring. Lauren is just so plain simple and stage presence-wise, cant beat of that of haley’s.

    • Lauren is better than Scotty imo.
      She has the voice ,
      She is a country singer yadayadayada, but she can do other genres too without sounding the same (cough,Scotty,cough) with proper direction Lauren’s Career will be WOW 😀

    • i hope not. i hope Lauren win coz i hate this show and hate her. SCotty will be stick with 7 year contract if he wins.
      Let Lauren got it. Wining this season is a joke, not a pride 🙁

    • Not my votes. They have never went on Scotty. I would have to choose Lauren over Scotty. I might not even vote anymore…my favorites are gone.

    • Haley fans vote for Scotty? I’m a Haley fan and I’m not touching the phone next week to call in and vote because I want both of them to lose

    • I dont think Scotty or Lauren are boring they both have amazing talents and I love every peformance they have done I really loved Laurens I hope you dance this week I thought she did an amazing job with it

  28. Who cares who wins. I lost interest when James was voted off. By far, the more versatile, and sensitive singer (though watching him cry was not that much fun). I think judging should be left to professionals, not turned into popularity contest.

    • you didn’t really lost interest on the show since you are here but yeh, me too I got disapointed with James voted off and yeh me too I think that there were better artists to be top2

    • Absolutely! Popularity has wrongly decided the winners of AI for the last couple of years, because it is a competition to see which singer is the most mainstream, the most marketable, even if they are not the best. I mean, after Haley’s performance of the Earth Song, JLo told her to pick more common, mainstream songs! What’s that all about? Singers should be encouraged to leave their mark, not attempt common and bland interpretations.

      • Oh, you just reminded me. My boycott on AI also will extend to every JLo appearance, movie, (I don’t mention songs as I rarely buy music unless it’s on super good deals for Greatest Hits of 20 years ago, ’cause not only am I too lazy to vote but I’m very ‘thrifty’. Hold up Coony Haters, I vote for U.S. President always–even though the wrong one seems to win here lately.) Anyways, I used to like JLo and her legs, but she just makes me think UGLY because of her Jealously and Cattiness toward Haley. Randy, I don’t care about because as Simon used to say, “He’s irrelevant”. Steven is cool and OK and proved himself to be humane regards Haley and others (a bit quirky he is, but in a fun way!) Ryan just does his job effectively.

    • How did I know morons like you would still be on here slamming Haley? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say how happy you are for the final two? You need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

      • This entire season there’s only been one person that I just plain didn’t like. That was Haley. Not too crazy about Stefano but at least he was a nice kid. I admit it, I just didn’t like Haley and yes, I’m glad she’s gone. I wanted James to win, but between Lauren and Scotty, I’d lean towards Lauren.

  29. The result is what I expected. I like both Scotty and Lauren. I appreciate Haley’s effort and huge improvement, too, but I just don’t like her voice; Haley will be an inspiration of many people, anyway.
    Now I am expecting something new for the RESULT of the Finale. Seeing that both Scotty and Lauren represent Country music, why don’t the Country folks desire both of them SHARE THE WINNER of AI 10 ? One way to achieve this is by making an agreement among themselves and assign two persons to vote : one person gives only 1 vote for Scotty, the other one gives only 1 vote too for Lauren, so the total amount of votes the AI will receive is only 2. This remarkably tiny amount of votes will be sufficient to create SHARED WINNER of AI 10, a result that have never occured before in the history of AI.
    I am imagining that Ryan Seacrest will announce like this : “After the nationwide votes, with only 2 votes received (a fantastic new record), the Winner of AI 2011 is … SHARED between Scotty and Lauren”. The audience will be surprised but then quite satisfied and congratulate & celebrate each other.

  30. Well congrats to the two finalists…they are both sweet kids. I hoped for Haley so that the finale would at least have a modicum of entertainment value. I gotta think that AI has degenerated into an offshoot of the Disney channel. I figured that when Dakota Fannings sister said her six year old niece was a huge fan of Scotty’s. But, hey, AI …how many records do 6 year olds buy? I think of the two that are left, Lauren definitely has the most promising voice . I’ll root for her to beat Scotty….but I’m hoping I don’t have to set my alarm to keep me awake during the sleepy performances. They are adorable children…but I think I’ll hold out for Haley’s album. Can’t wait to hear your music, girl!

  31. Hmm.. I do not know if the Judges “implicitly” chose the songs which did not compliment Haley’s abilities….could be a bad selection of songs but if hear them again…her performance, intonation etc was the same throughout for all 3 songs.

    My favourite is still Casey …he adds a different dimension to the songs …well minus the over-growl that is 🙂

    • I was rooting for Casey as well 🙂 I stopped watching idol after he was eliminated. I only read this blog for updates after Casey’s elimination.

  32. Ok so their are a lot of Haley lovers out there and I get it she’s talented. So are every person who’s been on the show. The reality is Haley rode a couple of decent performances to the top 3 she never belonged in in the first place. I actually like rocky, bluesy type music but honestly don’t care for Haley much. I’m gonna get lambasted but I actually don’t think she’ll have a super successful career. Scotty, Lauren, James, Paul and maybe Casey are the only ones who are going to actually sell a decent amount of records. Haley is coming into a market that’s flooded with similar vocalists who are better than her. Adele, Florence and the Machine, Amy Winehouse, Duffy can all sing better than her and this style of music is just beginning to step into the forefront which means that it will start to lose popularity in about 2 years. It’ll take her at least 6 months to get an album out which means she’s got a year and half window to establish herself or she’s done. I’m not knocking her because I actually think she can sing pretty well. I’m just looking at the reality of things. I don’t like country music at all but I think Lauren and Scotty are definitely more deserving. They’ve just been more consistent. People can hate all they want on Lauren, but when is the last time you heard a 16 year old with those kind of pipes. Country is a high-selling nich market that they’ll both fit well into. James will sell records as long as his band is solid because rock fans are also a niche market that sell pretty decent. Paul will do well as a James Blunt-David Gray type on the indie rock and adult contemporary indie scene. Casey has the potential to fit in well there too as long as he rocks his jazz out enough. Although jazz is an emerging genre you’ll see grow over the next few years. Haley’s window is now and if she doesn’t explode onto the scene with something good she’ll be done.

    • Oh yeah I forgot about Pia. Hmmm, maybe that’s a sign of things to come, but I think she’s got a decent chance of being a power ballad adult contemporary pop singer who sells well.

      • So you’re just thinking everyone except Haley, right? nice of you …your generosity of spirit shines through… Not!

    • I’m adding this site to my favourits so that at a later date i can come back and laugh at the ridiculousness of what you’ve just said. I’ll give you that scotty will do well but Lauren – no way. Yes she has a nice voice for a 16 yr old, she has a nice voice full stop but there are lots of nice voices just like hers and better than hers out there. I think there is a high chance that eventually she will have a mediocre career at best. Hailey however is different yes there are the likes of Duffy etc that you quote and I can assure you that I personally like Hailey better than all of them. I can only speak for myself but i think you’re underestimating how popular Haily is and my prediction is that she will last longer than and outsell Lauren (definately ) and yes maybe even Scotty who i am a big fan of too. I guess we’re going to have to see who eats their words 🙂

  33. America once again proves its immaturity and love of sentimental pap. Haley will go on to become one of the great female rock singers while the other two will fade into obscurity. America what have you become? It’s a sad demise for a once great land where the pursuit of excellence was once encouraged.

    • Oh give me a break !!!! Once a great land ?!!
      America is now and always will be a great land.You are basing your opinon of The USA on some crapy singing TV show.GET REAL!!

      • you’re right he is but I think you need to think about the fact that many of the winners of American idol in the past have not done as well as the runners up. How many people remember who Kris Allen is? On the other hand how well is Adam Lambert doing. And what about Crystal Bowersox and ???? I can’t even remember the name of the winner that year either. Maybe i’m wrong but history shows that people near the end vote for the more …. conventionally respectable (for want of a better word) contestant. Disagree with me if you want but you only have to look at all the judgemental comments about Hailey dress, sexyness, suposedly bad behaviour and rudeness to the judges to realize that people vote conservatively or as i like to describe it with a large dose of judgementalness.

      • The Judges themself made comments.
        Steven Tyler was a little creepy the why he drooled over the teenage girls!!
        comments about what they were wareing how sexy they looked. the girl is sixteen !!. Jlo commented on Haley getting angry.
        Last night was the 1st time they did not cut to the judges after they said the finalist or ask for their comments.
        We did not see any reaction, No Shocked looks ,No JLO crying !!

  34. the funny thing about country music is that they really doesnt cater climax point that much. it stays low and clean until it ends. Underwood won because she made country music interesting. I don’t remember that there was a time during in the middle of scotty’s performance that people should give applause to.. not like pia.
    And lauren too.. i think her motto is kill them with cleanliness and simplicity. 😀

      • gold you are sooo right!! She was the best girl performer and he was the best male performer (everyweek) no one is perfect, so aren’t the top whatever…

  35. not much of a Scotty/Lauren Fan..but
    I will watch the Finale..because
    the BAD ATTITUDE ARROGANT BRAT Haley is gone..!!!!!!

    • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances! To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

      Keep Going Haley!!

      • Haley Haters called it “bad attitude”, but fans called it “personality”! Just like Lauren haters called her “fatso” & “cry baby”…same thing!

  36. I am very happy that Lauren and Scotty final 2 cause they are smart in their song choice and they have a lot of fans that will vote for them. Whoever wins I will be very happy with the results cause I have always been the fan of Lauren and Scotty so it doesn’t matter whoever wins. As for Hailey from botom 3 to top 3 not bad after all. Hailey will have a good career ahead.

  37. It is entertainment and we cannot expect results we want to prevail. One person likes Haley and the other does not. Bottomline AI allows everyone to vote his or her favourite talent…and as Ryan always say…America you decide.

  38. I don’t know why people think Haley was set up to fail with “you oughta know” because they chose a popular song for her and I actually thought her voice sounded great on it. Definitely my favorite Haley song…and I was totally not a fan of hers.

    • I agree with Michelle I dont believe Hailey was set up to fail the only reason the judges gave her harsh critisisam was because they knew she could do better and look how much she improved because of that she probably wouldnt have given those good of peformances without those critisizams it made her work harder and improve alot

  39. Oh yea! America decides, How many times did ya vote? (in a two hour sitting?)

  40. It was evident that Randy and Jennifer did not like Haley after the top 10,so what if she did defend herself the girl is a fighter and she knew what we didn’t.Randy and Jennifer wanted her gone.her attitude and her skills put her in the top 3.American Idol knew all about it and led people to say,” bad Haley,” now AI wants to use her for the next year to make them money.they need to rename the show HEE HAW IDOL.

  41. I’m really upset that Haley didn’t make it and I did vote for her. And just so you know it I will vote for Lauren because I think she is actually capable of doing more vocally than Scotty. I just hope maybe she will bring it for the finale and maybe she will really shine. As far as how Haley acted when she was voted off, I think she handled it very cool and jazzing. Ending it with a well performed rendition of Benny and Jets.

  42. stupid ai voters. haley should have been the one left and not lauren or scotty. Haley is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the 2 of them combined. Both of them have nothing new to offer.

  43. Well guys, until next season. I really enjoyed reading all the posts, it was a great season. No one left is interesting anymore. It’s kind of funny out of all the top 13 talent it boiled down to these two. I don’t need to watch it to know Scotty won. Again, it’s been great. This Halos fan is out with the girl that left her mark on the show for years to come.

    • Oh yeah, Lauren and Scotty smiled when Haley got voted off. They are evil people, spawn of Satan himself.


      • Come on David! Haley laughed when Pia was voted off. Are you saying she is EVIL? They’re all evil then! Satan Idol… come on. I know you are angry but I also know you are very reasonable!

      • and how many times did HALEY smiles or perhaps laugh when all others were eliminated??…hmmmmm!!

      • if Lauren and Scotty are spawn of the evil Satan…
        then it is very clear that Haley is SATAN herself

        when PIA was voted off that satanic smile of haley is very happened again when JAMES was eliminated..and last night i don’t see her sportsmanship at all..such a phony bitch!

      • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

        Keep Going Haley!!!!!

      • They have every right to smile, jump and celebrate. It was a good think for them. Yeah, like Haley would not smile or celebrate if she made it to the finale!!! Please!!!

      • They only smiled when she was singing. Plus Lauren defended Haley in the past and Haley barely even hugged Lauren.

      • Nah haley had attitude before, it just got confirmed when talking to the judges.

      • Remember her nasty attitude when she landed at the bottom 3 the first two weeks? How she reacted and how she gave dirty looks to Ryan and the audience. That girl is not likable at all and her voice is not even great. So glad she is gone!!!!!

    • Boycott the 2011 AI Finale and see the number dropped.

      • I said that last week and people from this blog laugh at me, so do u really think someone will not vote??? I am certainly not, I’ll be working… but really, this would be a good way to make AI wake up!!!

      • I forgot to say that this finals should have been
        1-Haley X Casey
        2- Haley X James
        3- James X Casey

    • C’mon David P., do like me and Adam and many others–Not watching next week’s show simply for the disinterest and Sleep factor about it. But, will enjoy this Blog’s Chatter one more time–I do hope though that it’s not simply to say, “I loved them both, I didn’t really care who won”, because that would be as sleepy as the show. I’m sure it’ll be fun for some (the show), but it just won’t have the “Wow” factor or drama that a Haley VS Country would have had.–Country votes would have carried the day of course, but at least it would have been a fun contrast! Agreed?!

      • Guess it’s the 1st time I won’t be watching the final of AI! It’s boycot but simply BORING….Besides, I got something much better to watch this time…French Open (tennis grandslam)…lol!

      • I meant “NOT boycot but simply the finally is BORING”…yuk! mis-typing again!

      • tenisaddict, which one is the most prestigious grandslam tournament for you : French Open, Wimbledon, Australia Open or US Open ? Btw, here is my watching schedule : May 28 -> European Soccer Champions League Final August -> World Swimming Championship Next year -> London Olympic Games But, I will be watching AI 2011 Finale too, because I like Scotty and Lauren.

    • David P. Its been fun…Love all the comments. I will watch the show on Wednesday to get to see the 9 other Idols…..They will perform and we will get an exciting finale….Tuesday is a snoozer but Wed should be good…….Ryan will say we got over 100 million votes (BS)……The only people that will vote are the Country music lovers….so the numbers should really drop but you know we will never know the real numbers…

      Hope you pass all your grades and I’m sure we’ll see you next season….I’m just a glutton for punishment…..LOL

  44. It only means 1 thing that both of them are good performers and has nice voice… just accept the FACT that these 2 singers deserve to be in the finale…. this is a competition.. meaning they gave their best to be in the top… lets accept that….. and face the challenge with sportsmanship…

  45. well, I’m not disapointed with today results or the season at all but man!!! I miss Simon the entire season, so who said that he wasn’t wise, just had to suck all this messy season

  46. anyone find it funny that the first time they let 15 year olds in the competition one makes it to the finals, and im sure people who work for idol sit with a bunch of phones and just keep voting.cant wait for the show where the talent wins go X factor!

  47. having them 2 in the finale just means that majority of the people prefer mediocrity over greatness

  48. before top 13 i was so excited because i saw alot of talented and unique contestants..then it came to 2 finalists, and im really shocked because how come these 2 got far while great singers went home?…this show and some of the viewers are very frustrating…LOVE YOU HALEY BTW..=)

    • Yeah…can’t wait for XFactor. And the Voice has adults. I’m not sure I can endure another season of Idol.

  49. I’m sad that Haley’s gone and was not able to be in the Finale coz she will give an interesting show. A boring finale for me. Im Ok if Lauren wins.

    • yup. very boring.. country songs dont have climax part.. they stick it down and clean.. no place for applause in the middle of the song. i will be missing pia, haley, james.. etc.

  50. Ok, what a boring finale this is gonna be! It should have been haley and James! I did not watch it this week and it didnt bother me at all! Scotty will win which is what ive said from the beginning! Not because he is the best but because he has all the teeny bopper girls voting for him. No one can compete with that!

    • I can not agree with this comment more. It should have been James in the top two with Haley, and if not Haley then Scotty… but Lauren? Really? I don’t approve.

      • James? No he’s too emotional. Scotty is cool – and mature considering his age. He does not have to belt out nor shout in singing. Yes, I would have loved to see Haley with Scotty as the 2 contenders.

    • I know Scotty is gonna be in the Top 2! And I don’t care who’s gonna be with him. And he’s gonna be the next American Idol!

    • i think if we base it on talent James should win this contest! since this is a contest of money making and not really talent, that’s the consequence. i don’t go for text voting.

      • I agree with that comment. I’m a huge Lauren fan and have always voted for her. But I do feel like James was the most talented.

    • It won’t be boring…it will be a blast. And, don’t keep saying teeny bopper girls voting got him…it’s some of us older girls, too. By the way…that is how Elvis and many other got their start – teeny bopper girls…Beatles…and the list goes I think Scotty has a good chance to go pretty darn far. And you cannot deny that voice..he is so humble and modest. Yes, he was overwhelmed in his hometown visit. A Lauren and Scotty finale…two young voices with great careers…how grand!

  51. Haley,

    I, I who have nothing
    I, I who have no one
    Adore you and want you so
    I’m just a no one with nothing to give you but, oh
    I love you

    He, he buys you diamonds
    Bright, sparkling diamonds
    But, believe me, dear, when I say
    That he can give you the world but he’ll never love the way
    I love you

    He can take you any place he wants
    To fancy clubs and restaurants
    But I can only watch you with
    My nose pressed up against the window pane

    I, I who have nothing
    I, I who have no one
    Must watch you go dancing by
    Wrapped in the arms of somebody else when, darling, it’s I
    Who loves you

    I love you
    I love you

    Just say n’

  52. repost from the earlier thread… thanks.

    Couple of hours away of watching the show here in the Philippines. Well, its been a blast being here. Guys here are awesome, Haley fans and Non-Haley fans alike. Reading well thought comments and jabbing puns with one another. Haley may have not won but safe to say she made a lasting impression not only to her fans but more importantly to her soon to be peers in the music industry. Her dedication and perseverance to be the best is equaled only by few of her competitors. Attitude or not this girl definitely has talent. This may actually be a blessing in disguise (although I like her to win it all) if she doesn’t get a contract with AI she’ll definitely get one from someone else, someone who actually likes her kind of music. And us “few” will patiently wait for it to come out. Best of luck to the remaining two and please try to give a performance worthy of a standing O… the likes of James, Casey, Haley and hey even Pia. Your fans placed both of you there so make it WORTH IT. Finally now that she’s gone can the rest of you stop bashing her. She lost, no sense of kicking her when she’s on the ground. Again thanks.

    • Ako ay naghihintay pagtitiis sa kanyang album na dumating. Siya ay ang, nang walang pagdududa, ang pinaka matalino, beautiful girl kailanman ako ay may nakita.

      • Nice effort, Kaynien…

        “Ako’y nagagalak na ako’y may natagpuan ako mga taong kapanalig sa pagbibigay pugay sa isang babaeng na masasabing nating isang tunay na alagad ng sining.”

      • Ha, thanks patrick. My girlfriend is filipino and would her very disappointed in me. I kinda threw some english in there too so people might catch a bit of what I said. Either way, I still love her

  53. Idol be trolling everyone, Just when you think someone’s good, America just trolls and kicks them out.

  54. AI is over for me after tonight’s show. I can tell it’s gonna be a boring finale next week. So I’ll pass.

    • Take your toys and go home…But, as they say…beauty is in the eyes of the everyone has their own picks…but I would have stayed, even if my favorite wasn’t in the top…which happens just as often as not!

      • Let me take it back. I will watch the results show on wednesday because I know Haley will be there performing along with James, Casey, and Paul. These people are my favorites among top 13; I can’t wait to hear them sing again. Other than that, I am not interested in knowing who is going to win the AI title. To me, Haley is already a winner. Thanks AI for discovering such a great singer like Haley. I wish you all the best, Haley. Can’t wait to get your first album!!!

  55. It is not Lauren’s fault that she made it to top 2..
    The votes that led her to to the top.. And also,she is not even bad.. Good voice.. If she wins it,it proves that majority love her and like her singing style..

    BTW,hope haley and james do well outside..
    All the best finalist (Scotty & Lauren)

  56. I believe that the next week show gonna be extremly boring!!! Poor Haley, she’s desert to be in the final, even if being the American idol !!!

  57. let’s look at the bright side:

    1. The best way of winning idol is not to actually win it. Look at Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, David Archuleta.. these guys are more popular and successful than most idol winners. Only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are truly successful as idol winner. As you can see from most comments here and other sites, Haley has a HUGE fan base overseas. She’ll do well internationally.

    2. Haley won’t be just another pop/country star. She’s unique, she’s fierce, and she’s damn good. I’d be really sad if she turns out like Jordin Sparks (who apparently lost more than just her weight). True I was hoping she would go to the final but only to prevent the final becoming a snore-fest. I never really wanted her to win. Imo that’ll be the end of Haley.

    3. Kelly and Adam were rooting for Haley, Gaga and Beyonce were impressed by Haley’s voice and singing skill (they said nothing on other contestants). GREAT singers love Haley, that’s good enough acknowledgement for me.

    • Hey David A and David C are equally popular. Albeit Season 7 is the only season where the runner-up and the champion are both popular. Other than that, I will agree with your assessment that Adam, Daughtry and Jen.H are more popular than their respective season’s winners.

  58. you have grown on me since bennie and the became more sophisticated and becomes a pro. now your ready to be a full time recording artist. you have won millions of fans around the world who will support you all the way. american idol is just a stepping stone for you and I thank AI that I discover you. much ALOHA HALEY.

  59. Anybody remembers what Jordan Dorsey did to Scotty in Hollywood week ?
    I cannot imagine how Jordan Dorsey is feeling now.

  60. Haley will prove them wrong in the future. Grammy’s here we come!!! 😀 *Be-be-be-benny and jets!!*

    • Sorry she is gone… No more Haley!!! Finally… Grammy’s no way Not for Haley… She is gone:).

      • Haley might make one record but it will prob be a one hit wonder. Grammy? Maybe, for her rude facial expressions and remarks she made during the contest.

      • To claudia and Car3150: hahaha ok. if that’s what you think, i respect you. just don’t be so rude about it. and besides your “bets” are already on top 2. I just love haley so much, and I believe in her. And I know it’s not over for haley after AI.

    • Haley will be big… no doubt. she has got style and she is very unique, also very original. Goodluck Haley

  61. The show is rigged. Hey Pia, Paul, Casey, James, Haley’s loyal fans, we shall go on strike and boycott the 2011 AI finale, skip watching it and dont vote at all, then will see how many millions of votes dropped.

    • please don’t see only she is sexy, she is good but always made little mistakes.what we need is a constant voice not up n down ok.

    • I will GLADLY boycott the finale with you @HaleyFever. I would have been more than happy if anybody would have crashed the country party. Fact is, Scotty’s first album is going to be big-ish because of his following, but it’s not going to be great and he won’t have another big album until he’s in his late 20’s….maybe. Lauren is either going to end up being HUGE or a total flop. The finale is going to be monotonous at best, and Thursday’s show is going to be WAAAAAY better when the eliminated finalists return. Paul, Pia, Casey, James, and Haley are all going to have respectable careers. I honestly think Haley could have the best career of all because she has a unique powerful sound, which is relevant today, and she, as Adam Lambert said, is going to put out the best, edgiest album. I for one, can’t wait.

      • @Kaynien Agreed! I can’t wait for her album. I love Haley because aside from being so unique, confident, & talented, she’s a fighter. Haters can say all they want but time will tell who’s the real idol. Yeah, wish Paul, James, Pia, Casey & Haley the best, especially my fave Haley. Given the chance, Grammy isn’t impossible. If Esmeralda Spalding (who?) made, Haley surely can! Can’t wait for her album. 🙂

      • @Spring Despite what the haters may say, it is SO nice to see a girl willing to fight for herself without coming across as whiny/bitchy. I think most of the top 13 are going to end up living comfortable lives because of the show, but I honestly think Haley will end up with the most successful career. There is a reason so many big names (Adam Lambert, Baby Face, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Led Zeppelin, etc) have shown her such respect as a future recording artist.

  62. Hmmm, could the country success of Carrie Underwood (albeit in America only) have influenced this outcome? AI hasn’t been seeing much success with their winners, with 2 only worthy of mentioning, Kelly Clarkson & the aforementioned Carrie. Honourable mention should go to Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Costas Maroulas (Rock Of Ages is awesome, go see it) who have managed to carve a career for themselves despite not winning.

    It’s a safer option (especially in the US) going with a country slanted winner.

    I think it will be a rather lacklustre end to an mediocre season. Maybe it’s just because I don’t really care now who ends up winning. Yeah, I think that might be it!

    ‘Til next year folks, goodbye.

  63. Finally Haley is gone!! I don’t like her at all… Good bye Haley I’m glad I don’t have to see you in the finale. Go back to Chicago because I’m sure after the AI show you will disappear like Didi or Kate ( season 9)… Good singer but… Where r them?

    • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

      Keep Going Haley!!

  64. Haley fans are such sore losers. She will prob put out an album even thought she didn’t win. Even though I’m a Scotty fan James was the one that had the most heart and didn’t deserve to go home when he did. He will put out way more than one album and so will Scotty and Lauren. As you can tell country fans back their singers. And it’s not all little girls that voted for Scotty, I’m sure way over 17. Suck it up, Scotty and Lauren got the votes bc of talent and heart. James should have had the same. So many of the artist this year had talent but how you handle it and open your heart to your fans is what counts. When Scotty, Lauren and James comes to my town for concert I’ll be there. Haley said she had 30k fans, well Scotty had double that and Lauren probably had more than that and omg I can’t even think of how many fans James would have had. They were all great singers in their own way. County just battled more this season with two great singers!!!! Cut them down all you want but they are standing at the finals!

    • Nice piece! I am all for Scotty since Audition Day. Never heard a voice so soothing as his. Yes I am biased. I like country music so much I don’t even listen to other genres.

      • That’s why only Carrie & Kelly got successful after AI… America always got it wrong. Scotty + Lauren = mediocrity & boring. Average talent at it’s best. Not even an Idol Moment. I bet after a few yrs people would be wondering what happened to them.

    • Scotty and Lauren had the most young fans which seems to equal most votes but the kids will quickly more on to the next fad sure many will buy their first album but without a hit they are done and the fans will still have Josh and Carrie to listen to.
      Haley fans will buy for her special voice year after year and all around the world, she style is big in Europe now, look at Adele and Duffy.

  65. I dont live in the US so the show is shown here on Thurs and Fri nights. Let me just say this:

    I might watch the finale next week if I’m free but I wont make it a point to look up on idolchat who won or watch the performances on youtube. I just dont feel that curious anymore.
    I realise nobody cares if I do or not (I mean why would you care if some unknown person ever watches idol again??) but the point I’m trying to make here is this – for a show to be interesting it needs to have diversity and unpredictability. I dont see that in this final 2. I really like Lauren & Scotty (probably Lauren more than Scotty), but I just think that 2 country singers in the final….particularly 2 non-risk taking country singers….is just a recipe for a very boring show.
    I’m gonna miss Haley’s performances….I wonder if we’ll get to see new material from her anytime soon?

      • Adam Lambert. Kelly Clarkson. Ellen DeGeneres. Melinda Doolittle. Alisson Iraheta. Kris Allen. All have said their favorite from the season is Haley. Not to mention the incredibly rare and blessed permission from the band to use a Led Zeppelin song, as well as the fact that BabyFace, Beyonce, and Lady GaGa ALL seemed to favor Haley a bit. If you think she isn’t going to be wildly successful post idol, you’re insane.

      • Guess what…no one cares what the think…the public voted…so it is the viewing public that liked these kids. Just because they said they liked Haley doesn’t mean they make up the minds for others. There ae singers and stars out there pulling for the young country boy (and girl) as well. It’s called a vote!

    • Dinx: Boring is a subjective/relative term. I don’t get bored listening to a Marty Robbins, a Johnny Cash, Josh Turner. If you don’t want to watch, fine with us . You Haley supporters and fanatics are simply poor losers.

      • Yah right! I like watching and listening to Scotty sing. I can’t even get the SMILE (or let’s say GRIN) out of my face. He’s voice is so soothing and he’s still grounded despite the fact that he’s on Top 2 🙂 I will vote for you again Scotty.

      • Well I dont consider myself a fanatic about anything. A fan maybe, but not a fanatic.
        “Boring” is indeed a subjective term, so was my comment. It was my opinion and I am entitled to it. TO ME….having 2 artists from the same genre singing similar songs will make for a boring show to watch on TV. Whats so fanatical about that?
        Anyway….as your comment is also subjective to what you think, it simply does not affect me in any way.

      • Hahahahah!! you think you’re going to hear an Cash, Turner or Robbins next Tuesday? Auditioning as a comedian?
        signed: “sore loser”

    • Dinx, I’m glad you made my points for me. I’ve been a rabid Haley fan, but I like Country a lot also–thus I like Scotty and Lauren and wish them well. But, just like the Top 3, Scotty and Lauren are kind of boring–though I was really proud of Scotty for trying new stuff and actually enjoying his learning experience of it and gaining confidence he can do it–and he didn’t look so awkward with the mic and had more cowboy like moves instead of shortstop like movements!

      Anyways, like you, next week is just not that big a deal to me–and I really do like Scotty and Lauren! Just no drama on which country singer is better; it’s just about who gets all the hundreds of votes from each one person entity. Boring! And truthfully, everyone that watched this season and last night’s Top 3, it’s not even close to who the top talent is–I’m not even going to say it! We all know! But, that’s OK, because we all know it really is about who can get the most votes–kind of like a high school student president campaign. Who Plays the Game the Best–with Pimp signs, Call your Friends, etc. Talent is proven by concert/CD receipts over a decade–not just the 1 or 2 year AI bump. So, there’s Fairness in the long run. Again, I’m not even going to say who gives the most talented, fun to listen to performances. (never boring) Most Honest Persons would agree, no matter which of the Final 3 they “want to win”.

      Like Dinx says, I’m happy for whoever wins, but to me, I can take it or leave it. yeah, I would kind of hope AI’s ratings next week would take a dip, but that’s unlikely. Though I will promise my Coondog followers that I will finally vote for the first time ever next week–I’m skipping the actual viewing basically because I’m disinterested in the Country duel. (and partially to protest to the two manipulative AI judges–not Steven– and AI producers with their petty bias’ against Haley for her not being submissive to them. She has her Honor instead). I will review this chat Chatter however, as it’s fun to react to.

      • I don’t mind any of your comment but I donn’t think Stephen is any less manipulative than the other two judges. In fact, they have been more open in criticism than he has all year. I also think their criticism helped propel Haley into the running because…if you remember…before they did that, she kept going back to the bottom 3. I think they actually helped her.

      • I feel bad for Haley…she had such a shocked look…Didnt believe Lauren had out voted her….Haley was a very gracious person….wish her luck…

      • just to be clear, my “vote” is not watching the Finale! I would not soil myself by participating in the producer-manipulated voting system.

  66. I was thrilled when i heard ryan say “Lauren”. Accept it people, even Jennifer Lopez admitted on wednesday nite dat Lauren had da most beautiful tone! Haley was talented, but I didn’t see her as the winner of American Idol; she’ll be fine like the rest of the others like Pia, James, Casey…etc. Some record company will pick her becuz of her singing skills. As for the 2 finalist…good luck to them…may the best singer win!

    • I have said before that every time Lauren performed, I felt an athmosphere of Kelly Clarkson, the athmosphere of Finale.

      • What you must have been feeling was drool running down your face as she put you to sleep, extremely boring.

      • I thought the same thing too when I watched Lauren sing…i always thought that she’s like the combination of Kelly and Carrie ! LOL

      • aNa, you are right. Actually I want to say that Lauren is a combination of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

      • You are right. Joint winners is a good solution for both fans so that they can congratulate each other and celebrate together, preventing undesired effects like hating, bashing, insulting, etc, if only one of them wins.

  67. Haley is right where she should be due to her attitude. I can’t wait for the final show. Both Lauren and Scotty will deliver one hell of a show. They are both great singers. James will have one hell of a career. And even with her attitude, Haley will have a great career with her great voice. Except for the growling….that drives me nuts. Anyway, good luck Scotty and Lauren, may the best be named the winner!!

    • There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

      Keep Going Haley!

      • Ya think I’m trying to make a point? 😀
        Tired of people bashing someone they don’t know, it’s not in keeping with their “American Wholesome values” either.
        Haley was treated like dirt from the beginning, she has every right to finally stand up for herself!

    • i think if ai ever releases the vote totals ,scotty was always the top vote getter.

  68. whatever the argument is, I’m glad that the votes being cast reflect that America still has its values intact… America still prefers well mannered, humble and value-laden individuals to be their idol… it’s a good thing that American kids are getting fine examples from the likes of Kris Allen and Scotty…

      • see what i mean, people like matt just don’t have values anymore… the net world needs better people

    • You’re right on point! Everybbody has their opinion of what an AI should be and for me, it’s the whole package. For me, values and morals are part of that whole package. I love the fact that America has chosen two young, God loving kids to be in the finale. No, I’m not making this a “God” issue but America was born because of God loving people…check your quarter, it says so right on it:-).
      I was hoping for a Scotty/Haley finale but I’m happy with Scotty/Lauren. I think it’ll be extremely close but I’ll be burning up the phone lines for Scotty next week!

      • I like that! So do I. I will vote for him and with him being so modest, Scotty will win this Season.

      • I agree with you. “God loving people…”…, I think Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Abram Garfield and Abraham Lincoln are among them.

  69. well, this season of American Idol soon will be history. As usual AI got what it deserved, two young Country singers, Good, but not better than above average, one of which will be AI 2011. That winner will be promoted for several years, and most likely, based on past history, fade into obscurity , never fully reaching their full potential. Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson were an exception.

    I look forward to the finale, not to see which of these two wins, but mainly to see the rest of the night’s entertainment, especially the group numbers and performances by several of the eliminated contestants, who in my humble opinion, two or more of which, had more talent and better voices than the two finalists. I hope Scottie and Miss Lauren don’t sing early in the show, cause I will fall into sleep mode, and I want to be fully awake to appreciate Haley, Pia, Casey ,James, and the others.

    This was the best top twelve ever, and the season had so much promise to find the best. All that made the top twelve I felt deserved to be there, and that includes Lauren and Scotty. It didn’t matter what they sang, Country, Rock, Blues,Pop, whatever.

    If the judges were fair, not biased or impartial, gave true “constructive criticism” to all , both positive and negative, and didn’t go over-the-top in praising or criticizing, and not to just a few, all twelve would have improved much more. The final straw for me was when J-lo and/or Randy, on Wednesday, declared Lauren the winner of round 3, even before HAley took to the stage to sing the song choice THEY chose for her; that was ridiculous and unprofessional. That was a true indication of who they wanted in the final.

    HALEY and PIA were both very talented, and along with James and Casey , two of which would have been a deserved finale, but poor judging and critiquing, especially by Randy and J-lo, and not to all that deserved it, made it an unfair competition.

    Finally, I hope that Haley and Pia get better contracts than the winner, and go on to become relevant in the music industry. I also wish Lauren and Scotty well in their future, but let the truth be told, you both are not As Worthy as others in this seasons top 10.

    • As a Michigan fan, I never thought I would agree with a Nittany Lion. You, however, have truly captured my sentiments. My ONLY change would have been either Robbie Rosen or Kendra Chantelle making top 13 over Ashton.

      • I think that Simon said once that the show is not only about singing – well, we clearly see it now… The best singers are out of the competition. The two remaining contestants are clearly focused on a certain demographics which, from now on, will characterize the show… if you want to be in it to win it, you gotta do country, not follow the judges, pretend you are 10 years old and smile like barbie… all the time…

      • Marta…this is really sour grapes. It will be different next year. It changes. A new talent will show up. I guess everyone forgets this is a singing competition that attracts people based on what they like…and the nasses this time liked Scotty – from the beginning, and surprisingly…Lauren. I did too but never thought she would nake it this far…but she did. I can’t take the neaness to the kids…all 11 of them.

  70. if you’re a parent who wants to raise a good kid, I’m sure you’d rather have your kid watching and idolizing the likes of Scotty and Kris Allen than the over the top and somewhat out of this world antics of Adam Lambert… unless you’re one parent who doesn’t really care at all about the kind of values that your child will grow up with… just a thought

    • Values are great for kids. But those should be taught at home, not by the ‘American Idol’. If you’re relying on that person to teach your kid how to be a good person, you have failed as a parent. American Idol is SUPPOSED to find the best undiscovered talent in America. Clearly this year, not only is the best talent not going to be in the finals, but NEITHER of the top 2 are the best from this season. Just a thought.

      • at least idol has relaively unknown talent. on the voice some of the contestants are pros already. some have released records, one is a broadway star. doesn’t quite seem fair to the true ameteurs.

    • do you like songs by: Elvis, the beatles, Marvin Gaye, Aerosmith, Johnny Cash? If you do, then you’ve just proved yourself wrong. Its great to have good role models. But there is no correlation between good music and morals….this has been proven time and time again by artists who have changed the history of music but have had troubled and turbulent personal lives.

      • Just to digress: Why do people keep bashing Tiger Woods after he was caught in one of his sexcapades. The best golfer need not be a saint. Morality and good singing are two different issues and so with golf. Sorry about the interruption.

      • @dinx Thank you. Thank you SO much. I am SOOOO tired of having to deal with people who bash contestants because of their personality or attitude. This is a contest to find a great singer. Neither of the finalists are GREAT singers. Lauren has potential to be, but Scotty is NOT. His style helps mask his pitch problems, but as a music major, if you truly listen, they are there, and prevalent.

  71. I was disappointed to see that Haley didn’t fully hug Lauren when Ryan read the results. Wasn’t Lauren the one that stood up for Haley when she was bashed by the judges, saying that she was sick about it and Haley had the best voice?

    • right ,scotty is the good image for the teenagers n parents through out the world.he is modest, humble have a very nice voice.warm hearted,i think he is good to american idol. nice scotty continue with ur talent and good voice .

  72. Seriously?!? Last week James, this week Haley. Welcome to a boring countryfest in the Idol final. I’ll just skip it.

    • this is country idol
      (sarcastic mode)this grand finale would really be very freaking exciting. i will really not sleep nor snore into their electrifying performances. really not very predictable

  73. Raise the age limit back to 18. Better that the older contestants, who are ready to launch their careers, compete. Hopefully, that would take care of the problem of the pre-teen vote.

  74. To car3150 If you go on James Durbin’s Facebook you will see pictures and videos of his homecoming ! YES , AI agreed with the Mayor of Santa Cruz, to let James have a welcome back home festivities. Oh, and the Mayor said James wouldn’t just have a “James Durbin Day” , his will be a year ! He was also awarded with a surfboard with his likeness! I hope you get this , he had over 30,000 at his Homecoming … this was also the 1 st time that AI allowed the 4th contestant to have this HONOR ! Hmm interesting … I’m sure their would have been a lot more if they knew about this !

  75. what a boring final show .lauren ,bunny smile,need to learn more how to control her tired to watch her top 2:haley&scotty

  76. Well this question may be off tune but it still very related but

    Is there only One Recording of the songs they sang? If yes , I am so disapointed 🙁

  77. nice scotty you are good example for the teenagers in the world. i think he is suitable to be american idol ,he has a warm n humble personality and very great voice.Scotty’s voice n song is acceptable through out the world n for every ages . Good luck Scotty we love u.

  78. Wow, really dont get with american audiences now…
    Lauren?? she doesnt have personality (oww maybe she does have ; baby barbie persona), fake smile, immature, and just sooo common!

    Already lost interest since Paul, Casey, James, Haley eliminated…all mentioned have more persona at least
    Seems american idol fans getting even younger every year.

  79. Get over yourselves people!! These two young singers did not ask to be in the final, now they are being knocked by all! Haley sang well, but there can only be one winner, so support the two who are left. I am sure that Haley also has good morals and is a good person, but what will be will be. It was not meant for her to win she will make it in the music world and good for her if she does. Pleasse support the final two they are both good singers and your americans can be proud that there are still such good kids in your country and the final will not be boring it is going to be fanatastic. If I was an american I would vote for Scotty he sings well and is very humble, but let the best one win!!!

  80. the most best finale best ever!!
    country boy vs county girl!!
    who’s will be win??

    of course i chose LAUREN!!
    Go LAUREN!!

  81. I Hate That Hug Scotty and Lauren were giving.. was it a Romantic hug or a friendly hug? or sister and brother hug? I seriously Dislike Lauren Alaina! GO HOME LAUREN WE ALL HATE U!

    • To get away from he said/she said counted the commercials between the AL results…there was 10 to 12 at every intermission…which shows AL is in the finals…to make money

    • Haley was the first person Lauren and Scotty hugged. Lauren waited for Haley to hug her but it looked like she was reluctant. Bashing on others won’t bring Haley back

  82. i’m really don’t like Country genre .. but if LAUREN sing .. it’s so different .. so touchable ..
    this is we call country is Original Music Of American!!

    i’m gonna sleep well tonight .. hahaha
    Goodbye LAUREN haters

    • Exactly. Scotty only appeals to country music lovers (and preteens) while Lauren appeals to BOTH country music lovers and country music haters. Lauren can sing soooo much more than Scotty, while keeping her signature country sound. Think of their music like this: Lauren: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood , Scotty: some kinda famous country singer, and you’ll know who’s gonna have a more successful career.

  83. what a boring finale
    im shocked that haley eliminated

    the 2 country singers are so boring
    they have uniquenesss so what kind of perform they will do on the finale!!

    if haley and james! made it!
    i will be very happy and very excited!

    in the finale i just like lauren to win!!

    the finale will be boring and have no soul and rock! by haley

    record your own songs that will be great!

  84. I am bored with the word “boring.” I have seen different contestants called boring. I have seen the theme weeks called boring. The judges have been called boring. After writing something off as boring, we often found that the next week was not so boring as we thought it would be. Just because we have different likes and dislikes doesn’t automatically mean something is boring. Sometimes we say something is boring before we have even seen it or given it a chance. I think this season overall has not been boring. The mix of different contestants in the top 13 was great. I’ll wait until I see the final 2 perform next week before I decide if it was boring. The last show will not be boring. We’ll get to see some of our favorites of the season perform again. The fact that many people were so upset to see their favs voted off over the weeks shows the versatility we had this year. Do we stop watching because no year can match this year for that variety? No, because we’ll still be watching for new contestants that will offer something so different that we’ll want to see how it comes out for them. I was disappointed one year, stopped voting and didn’t watch much. I started watching this year because I got caught up in the talent. Who chose the talent? The judges. And, for all of us who did get caught up in the show, enjoy what is left of it because we may not see a mix of talent like this ever again. One of the best parts was all the bloggers who didn’t always see eye-to-eye but often had so many good comments that made the program more interesting because of what they had to say. I know someone will say this is boring. LOL

  85. Haley really gave a hard time to our Final 2.. she may have been better with the two vocally, but i think she deserves the 3rd place.. good luck to her!

    Let’s see if Lauren can beat Scotty!! XD

    • NO…let’s see if Scotty can stay on the top…which is a hard place to be.

  86. I read a lot of comments about values from the fans of Scotty and want to remind them that calling a young 20-year old the names you do is not demonstrating any level of good values at all.

    Once the result was announced, if you go back and watch it, Ryan stepped in almost straight away and asked Halye how she felt.

    Her response was classy and there was no tantrums. Then she went and performed her song like a true pro with no tears and sang it as well as she did in the Elton John week.

    She went to the judges and then to the other contestants and then her family and she did congratulate Scotty and Lauren. I didn’t see either Pia or James there but did see the rest of the other top 13.

    All-in-all, a very good and classy ending that stole the show. Ryan had a hard time getting the attention of the cameras and audience to make his farewell announcement.

    At the start of the auditions, there was a lot of comment about Idol wanting to “discover” a teen idol. Well, they have succeeded and I hope it works out for them.

    The next few years will show us if Scotty is the humble person he is portrayed to be but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn out to be the knight in shining armor.

    He has been taking vocal lessons for years, has won at least one talent contest and toured the US with a band so is not the novice, small town boy.

    The one I am most concerned about is Lauren who is a sweet, talented young kid and I am not sure her parents fully understand the pressures she will be under. Given the right guidance and monitoring, she will be bigger than Scotty because she has a much wider range of music she can sing.

    I hope Scotty and Lauren put on a good show next week and that Lauren overcomes her nerves and really goes for it because if she does, she will win.

    • Paul…what makes you think that Scotty can’t or won’t stay the nice person tht he is. I think he has proved that the whole way through this. He toured with his singing group…as have many…doesn’t make him a professional. And, lots of young people sing in competitions…especially in the South. He reminds me of the Carrie U. straight from the corn field and she has stayed remarkable kind and generous. Sure…some fame will hit him…it comes with the territory but I think he will rise above it and remember who he is and where he came from. He is a role model for young boys and we need that badly.

    • the talent contest was a local radio contest. the band he tours with is his high school vocal music group.

  87. Finally my dream come true! I never expect that Haley could stand in the top 3. Don’t you all Haley’s fan see that every time she perform, she express too much with her hand and her body which is useless. i agree she’s got a great voice and she has a lot of ambition but she is not popular in my country (Cambodia).
    Scotty make us smile every time he perform on stage, he is not handsome, but the crowd really move by him. That’s is what entertainment is about!

  88. Ever since I watched Lauren sing “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” on her audition day, I just KNEW she was gonna go faaaaaar in this competition. I’ve been rooting for her throughout the whole competition and she has never disappointed me! She doesn’t get votes for her physical features (well, she’s not “hot” or “sexy” right?) which just proves how she really has an awesome and unique voice which many people like. Scotty is also good, but I just wonder if he’d get this far if he didn’t have that huge fanbase composed of teenyboppers. I bet 70 percent of his votes come from those hormonal preteens. No matter who wins, I know that Lauren is still the true winner because she relies solely on her wonderful voice unlike Haley who relies on her “sexy legs” or Scotty who relies on his preteen fanbase.:) GO LAUREN!

    • I just wish that some of you would get the point that not only teens are pulling for Scotty…and even if it were true…think Elvis, Beatles, etc…teens make stars!!!

      • I didn’t say that all of Scotty’s votes come from teens, I said that majority of them do. Elvis and the beatles were great artists.. But let’s take more modern examples. Miley Cyrus.. Big time rush… Hmm..

  89. HALEY, these are my final remarks for the season, and they are all for you.

    THANK YOU for auditioning again this year, so you could advance in the competition and make the top 12.

    THANK YOU for your perseverene, and overcoming so many obstacles to reach the final 3. You had a GREAT attitude throughout, considering the unfair, unequal, and biased judging ( Randy and J-lo ) not to mentioning J-lo and Randy declaring Lauren the winner of round 3 on Wed., even before you came on stage to sing the song THEY chose for you to sing. How rude was that. All in all, the judges deserved a lot more attitude, but the others, especially since the final 4, rarely received any negative comments, only over-the top praise.

    THANK YOU for your diverse, interesting, and great performances this season, especially the last three weeks; most by Scotty and Lauren , although Ok, were never special, worthy of a standing O. If I was driving down the highway, listening to three of their songs back-to-back on the radio, I would surely have dozed off and ran off the road.

    THANK YOU for being strong, and hanging in there, and fighting to remain in the competition, despite the obvious unfairness leveled at you. Your many fans repect you for how you handled it.; a lesser person would have shown a lot more attitude and would have probably been justified.

    THANK YOU for just being YOU, a very hard working , talented artist, beautiful both inside and out, who just wants to do her thing, make a career in Music , and bring entertainment and joy to others thru this medium.

    And Finally, THANK YOU for hanging in there , long enough, that millions of us were able to appreciate your gift , form OUR opinions, and not those of the judges, and fall in love with you HALEY, and your music. You have moved us with your diverse music, and have created a fan base here In America and Internationally that look forward to your success post Idol. Take your time, be diligent and get your career started. Trust me, we will be waiting to buy your CD’s, your albums, listen to you on the radio, and go to your concerts.

    Best wishes, HALEY, on all your future endeavors. From NITTANY LION.

    THANK YOU for bringing back my growl. GGRROOWWLLl. GO HALEY !!!!!

  90. I think the lessons learned with this finale is that – if you want to get rid of one contestant to draw a specific type of audience, give her two impossible songs to sing in a semi-finale – this is a legal maneuver to manipulate the results… I think that the other show The Voice is probably a more fair show for singers searching for a career… American Idol is weird – the way the contestants are treated and the voting system give a lot of margins for manipulation and games… It is clear to me that Scotty is the chosen one to win, this has been going on for a while – and Simon is very, very happy and he said once that one things that the show never produced with a male country singer… well, here he is… made to order…

    • Yup, just another “legal” manipulation tool. I’ve said it before, and Branden said it in his recap of Top 3 show also. Safe, easy songs for Scotty and Lauren, but try to trip up Haley with the technically difficult songs. Even still, she outperformed them!

      Why didn’t they give Scotty one of the more challenging fast country songs like Chattahoochie by Alan Jackson? Why wasn’t Lauren challenged with a song that begged for her to deliver strong high notes to let her prove she wouldn’t chicken out every time? Odds are, they’ll both now attempt these challenges to make the Final more interesting, but the producers couldn’t chance that when they were head to head with Haley. Pure AI manipulation again! But, “Legal”!

  91. Did you hear Haley singing “Randy & JLo are so spaced out” when she sang “Benny & the Jets”? Hilarious! Talk about pee’d off. The look of shock on her face when she was eliminated was priceless. I liked some of her songs & performances – she can definitely jazz & rock out, but her lib Chicago style isn’t my cup o’ tea. Give me soft-hearted kids, country or not, any day. We have enough Gagas & Spears already.

    Both Lauren & Scotty sing well, but i think Scotty would be able to handle the fame better, for some reason. I wish the whole group well – good luck to whoever wins.

    • Agree..Lauren is sweet…cute…and young…It is going to be a stretch for her to make a abrupt change to handle…Scotty has a better chance and he is more settled on stage and in front of people.

  92. YEAH!!!!! Scotty and Lauren, either will be great. Do not have to listen to little miss attitue any longer, YES!

    • Do I have to post this again? yeah, I guess I should…SOrry Joey! 😀

      There was never an attitude until she started getting severely berated by the judges when the others had sugar rained on them for crappy performances. To start out being thrown into the bottom three for the first few weeks and then start surging out you’d get a sparkle in your eye everytime you didn’t go home too. She wasn’t happy someone else left, she was happy SHE didn’t go! Then she made great strides and entertained every night only to get lambasted by crappy judges who were OBVIOUSLY biased.

      Keep Going Haley!

  93. Including her fall during What is and What Should Never Be, she has 5 of the top 10 performances of the entire season, and she’s not in the finale. Anybody else see a problem with this?

  94. The voting system is now a true joke, I was shown earlier how 10,000 voters could have put any one of them into first place.

    the IdolVoter iPhone app at 8K votes per hour or Ribbit app at 11K votes per hour.
    AI is only obligated to discount 50% of power block votes. 8k per hour minus 50%=4K votes per hour per person.
    So 10,000×8,000 = 80M votes then cut by 50% is 40M

    • Hmm that 40M per hour so I guess 5000 voters using this could control who wins.

      • yesterday there were haley fans saying they had four phones and three computers voting for haley all at the same time.

  95. I don’t know… I like Scotty and Lauren – they both have amazing, beautiful voices, and their own unique traits. But I have to say that honestly, I was disappointed when I heard Haley did not make it to the Top 2.

    I think she is really, really unique, and her raspy voice – that could come off as annoying to some people – is actually nice to listen to. Her singing, I think, is also quite rare. I don’t know what “attitude” some say this girl has, but she definitely can sing and the way I see it, she was just defending herself. She was only portraying her honest emotions. She fought; she stood up for herself.

    I really like her voice. Even though she did not make it, I’d still listen to her upcoming songs.

    Regardless, good luck to Scotty and Lauren! Hope it’s going to be a great night for them.

  96. AI is a singing contest not a sexuality contest. Glad Haley was voted off, when Pia went home Haley was smiling, while the other contestants were upset. What is that!!!

    • I’m a big country fan but last nights show was screwed up. Haley had so much more talent than Lauren. She is still a kid and acts like it. Scotty should destroy her next week but who knows with all the children voting that know nothing about talent. Reminds me of Taylor Swift; little talent but loved by the children!!!

  97. I’m really disappointed. I thought Haley would at least make it to the final 2 and Lauren would go home. I guess not. I feel like this is gonna be a boring finale. So I’m not even sure if I’m gonna watch the finale.

    • It will be a boring finale and I will not watch the Country Idol finale either. Hayley would have livened up the show no doubt. Well now Jennifer can relax now that Hayley is no longer around (and threatening to her). Did you all check out JLo’s smug looks at Hayley all night? What the heck is her problem???

      • WHAT????? Im sooo glad Hayley is out!!! Threat to JLo ??? come on NEVER!! and its NOT going to be a boring show,otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the final,that says alot!!! Goodluck to both of them,cant wait for the finale!!!!

      • yeah..
        it’s like the lamest finale ever.

        this season of AI is a big time screw-up. you have talent like Pia and all but you’ve got these two in finale.

        i don’t mind two country singers in finale but please make them good ones.

      • you have got to be kidding. haley is not and cannot be a threat to jennifer. jennifer is an established superstar. haley is a ameteur.

  98. I am going to write a few songs to send to Haley including some my uncle and grandfather wrote back in the 60-70s and never used or finished. Not alot of current songwriters in that genre.

    • Yes, do that, she can put them on her first album outselling the country charts and J-Lo’s current project.

    • i’ll remember you for that bloodyscot. Hopefully one day your song will be made proud with haley’s amazing voice. 🙂 I like people like you, who sees positive things amidst all these mad bashings and war-waging.

      may god bless you bloodyscot, hope your songs will touch millions of people around the world.

  99. Haley bashing is no reflection on Haley, it is more a reflection of the one who is mouthing off.

  100. My thoughts:
    Goodbye American Idol! This entire season has been one of disappointment,
    the judging, (or complete lack of), the perceived (if not factual) favoritism, the less than 50 word vocabularies of the judges, the unhampered voting procedures that have given control of the show to the tweens, teeny boppers, and the slightest pretense that it is any more than a popularity contest is a farce, AIN’T NO UGLIES ON IDOL, they could be the best singers and performers in the world, but unless they fit right into America’s vague idea of above norm physically attractive, they haven’t a chance.
    The winner of this contest is already known. The final two? only the most popular or the final four, pitted against the least popular of the final four, Who do we think is going to win . . . .?
    An unexciting end to a disappointing season. Do we really care who wins now?
    With all the new competition and clones coming in the near future, This may even mark the end for AI. Right now, I’m pretty indifferent about it.
    I can only hope those in control wake up and make some changes before it’s too late,

    • I agree…but as a die hard AI fan, I will probably watch at least the beginning of next season…it will really have to be exciting, however. So many dissapointments this year. I was looking forward to a Haley/James finale but what we get is the same old hum drum. Scotty should have gotten a contract the 3rd week of the season and just gone ahead. The Voice and X-Factor are starting to look really good. 🙂

      • @Rose A, I so totally agree with you. I’ve had it with American Idol. James getting voted off was the final straw. There’s just nothing left to be excited about.

    • Except for Jacob, I think the judges did a GREAT job in selecting the 12 finalistis to compete in the show. The auditions were fun too… Then, something happened when the competition actually started. I do not know if the producers or sponsors had their fingers on the judging, but clearly something changed… and things started to be more like the winner HAD TO be a specific person… so all the actions were aiming at making this happen…

      • or, raised eyebrows, maybe a specific person had to ‘NOT’ win? Almost makes you wonder if Haley pissed someone off or something? But that’s only loose speculation, no facts thus far. Whether it’s true or not, even that it was veiwed as possible. Marks a big failure of of certain judges

    • Unfortunately, I think a lot of people feel the same. I’m sure the finale won’t be boring, but honestly.. of the two Scotty is betetr than Lauren. I personally don’t like country, so it’s hard to listen to for me. American Idol really has shaped this in some regards. 95 Millions votes, well show us the raw data and talleys, it’s such a BS system as many others have written. Chaneg the voting system.

      I do recall thinking last night, X factor might bury Idol. This could be the start of the end of Idol.

    • Yep you guys crack me up..complaining about the season…GEE 95 million votes last night..I think alot of us really loved this season and guess what we won’t miss you if you don’t watch. As far as the finale ..I think its going to be great. They wil sing just like they have all season and most of us will love it. I will still vote for Scotty …but really love them both. So good luck to them both.

      • I’ve said this before, but after reading the SUE comment I’ll repeat, it.
        95 million votes!!!! But HOW MANY VOTERS?? When almost any ten year old kid can vote up to 100 or more times, The numbers become meaningless! This show is degrading into Tween Idol! And that does NOT interest me.
        Let’s get control of the voting, Some constructive judges and maybe we’ll have something great again.
        BTW, in my earlier comment I started with, “Goodbye American Idol” That was not a statement that I’d never watch it again, but more of a ‘Goodbye’ and ‘good riddance!’ for this season. Second on my mind was the true possibility that with the current voting system, judges, and outside interference, AI may be creating it’s own demise. Strangely , this idea still kind of bothers me. Another year like this and I won’t care! ’nuff said!

    • @tomwall.On behalf of family,friends and myself,you are not alone !! we are saying
      Goodbye to American Idol’s as well.
      No reason to say further,we are not watching the finale !

      • @sue,of course we dont expect anyone missing those who decided not to watch the finale.
        Obviously you can afford such announcement.
        Do you think American Idol producer would make same announcement to other part of world viewers?
        Picture this,I am going to switch my subscription fees for another channel.
        Who in the world would pay for dissapointing result?part of the 95million votes could have been dissapointed as well!

      • Typo error,part of the 95 million VOTERS coul have been dissapointed as well!!dont you think?

      • Alfan, you were actually correct in your original posting regards “Votes”. It was 95 million “Votes” cast by approximately 1 million “Voters”. Nielsen ratings would probably show that 25 to 50 million Persons watched the show–but again, only 1 million Persons cast the 95 million Votes (about 100 votes per person).

        Ha,ha. The “Votes” are free. But if you’re actually investing your money in a singer’s ‘stock’, you’d be well advised to buy into Haley’s future earnings–much more viable in show business for her beauty, glamour and versatile talent. Yes, Country lovers (including me), Scotty and Lauren are popular. But there’s hundreds of up and coming Country Guys that can do everything and more that Scotty does. Lauren actually has the potential in her voice, but she needs to mature in her Psychy and she’d seriously–not just being mean here–had better start paying attention to her Food and Exercise habits because though she’s still cute now–nobody wants to watch a 200 pound lady (or guy even) that gains 20 pounds per year. That would only take 5 years to hit 300 pounds. I’m serious here, not being just ornery! I think Lauren is sweet, and hopefully her Mom will agree to some of the “diet pills” the AI agents and her own agents later will offer her. No different than NFL and NBA players have to control their weight if they want to have an extended career.

  101. definitely not worth watching.. i’ll probably watch the replay.. why not… but not the live show.,. i have more important things to do now that Haley was voted off…


      • Comments left in ALL=CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.


        Another moron who celebrates boredom.

  102. this season of AI has definitely been the most interesting as far as eliminations are concerned. not that i don’t agree with their choice now because i’m not big on haley, but because the two left standing were the ones i never really expected to see in the finals. they’ve lost at least 4 of the strongest who really deserve to be pitted against each other weeks back so what’s the deal here? i guess AI’s standards have gone from who’s the best singer to who’s the cutest and most adorable. not that scott and lauren have no voices to boast of but the strongest? get real, peeps…anyways, that said, all we can do is wish them both good luck…guess i’ll just read about who won next week… 🙂

  103. Whats really interesting about this group or lets say the last 4. If you look at this photo above, there is poor Haley standing there watching the other two hug, same deal last week when James (my winner) was voted off, the 3 of them looked as if they could care less. Years past the group would imbrace each other, group hug. Not feeling the warmth just saying

    • I’m not even going to address you by name. Scotty & Lauren both hugged Haley first. This just happens to be the pic that was posted!!!!!

      • Hayle is probably the only person on all 10 seasons who did not hug the person next to them when their name was called. What a total $%^&@!

  104. This is going to be the most boring finale ever!! Haley should be in the top 2, she has the best voice of all the three. Go Haley!! You don’t need AI, you will rock no matter what!

    • All of you people who say ” I’ll not watch this show again ” must have the idea that we care, we don’t. America has spoken, the judges had nothing to do with it. So next Tuesday get set for a great show I know you’ll be watching. Who is it that can watch this all year, comment about it and be so upset that they will not have this show on next Tuesday. Go Scotty and Lauren you have worked hard and deserve this spot like many others

      • I think that it is short-sighted and ignorant to claim the judge’s had nothing to do with it. I think there were plenty of people willing and ready to overlook Lauren’s performance shortcomings (phrasing and breathing, mostly, probably from nerves) or didn’t even notice them because they weren’t pointed out by the pros. They ignored those problems and criticized Haley repeatedly for song choice. Since I saw their comments parroted on this board, I suspect a lot of people assumed they had some validity.

      • Lauren got more votes than Haley? Lauran voters took Haley out…who woould have thought

    • The voting system sucks. 95 million votes, give me a break. Haley and James outsold the other two on Itunes 2 to 1 and more. Just a bunch of teenee boppers with cell phones and computers punching in votes. Not that the finalists aren’t good, they aren’t better than some of the others that got voted off. 95 million votes and probably less than 2 million watch this downward sliding show. I quit watching 4 years ago and only had my interest rekindled because of some of the better talent this year. The show itself is a joke.

      • It is time they change how you vote.
        They should do it like Dancing with the Stars, you only can vote so many times.

      • I like that idea, limit the votes. I will still watch because Lauren was one of my top 3 I really thought it would be lauren and James. Maybe she will pull through. All the teenage girls voting for Scotty need to tell their boyfriends to vote for Lauren.

      • i keep saying this. its not just teens voting for scotty and lauren. there support comes from millions of people from all areas of the country.

  105. here’s a thought to remember: you don’t need to bag the title to get a huge career in the business…in fact, a lot who didn’t make it as the American Idol are more visible now than a few of those who actually made it… 🙂

    • every country singer thats won idol is still famously cutting cdS like crazy and winning awards sooooo haha

    • We have been watching the show from NZ and it is disappointing to see anyone who is a little different get voted off. Agree with you that those that don’t make it seem to do really well for themselves e.g.Adam Lambert got heaps of air time over here, but as to the winner for that season- didn’t hear any of his songs. I would have liked to see Pia, James, Paul, Hayley etc stay the distance

  106. Still I go for Haley. Shes geart and amazing and very good singer.

  107. The show is over. the cowboy will win.America missed the boat.Haley was of the most compelling artists the show has ever had.Lauren while a cute young excellent singer is one of the least entertaining ever.Obviously goofy 12-15 year olds voted like gangbusters on this one. the judging needed a serious critic Simon was the best.

    • love this finale can’t wait

      GOTTA SAY—-TOLD U SO!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Grip, you need to get one.
        Who cares what you told us. Like you had anything to do with any of it. Just goes to show the majority of people who still watch this show are couch dwellers with nothing else to do. Go tip the scales while you’re at it.

    • If that is true, gotta say We Have Some Very Smart 12-15 years old voting!! Go Lauren! Go SCOTTY!!!!

    • “Haley was of the most compelling artists the show has ever had” Seriously? can you compare someone who sounds like she gargles with fish tank rocks to someone like Daughtry..Adam Lambert..Carrie Underwood. Are you sure you’re watching the same show we are?

      • Madison..I agree with your comment, but I think you meant to say she gargles with fish gravel. Funny comment though! Also, look at Jennifer Hudson..didn’t make the top 3, but she’s an Acadamey Award winner! My best to Lauren!

  108. I am very happy that Scotty made it.
    He has been consistently good the entire
    show.He is very humble and very gracious! He
    Never wavered from who he was. Haley just
    Looked angry and she couldn’t take what
    Judges had to say to her. And Lauren is just a
    Goofy girl with a pretty voice.

    • Yeah Great Fianle I must say. I love it to like grip above. GO SCOTTY Lauren is good also. They both deserve to be where they are now

      • The look on Haleys face when Lauren was saved PRICELESS

        BYEBYE SEXY!!!!

    • The girl you labeled “goofy” will be busy making CD’s and touring the Country. Lauren is just barely 16 years old. She is certainly not “goofy”.

  109. American Idol
    The American public are pathetic, no musical awareness. They got it wrong and have voted Mr and Miss Average Talent in Scotty and Lauren who will not offend anyone, two very bland and only moderately talent singers with no charisma. Why was all the talent with gutsy performances eliminated? It started with the elimination of Pia the best female vocalist, followed by Casey a rare original eccentric talent, Jacob with the best male voice; strong powerful and emotional then James, an outstanding creative performer in every aspect. No need to rush and answer my comments, just remember it was you the same American public that prematurely dumped the later to become an Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson. The two new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler made the show the winner it has been. Thank you both. The weekly production was also excellent it’s been best music show on TV.

    • Sorry, Hayley was also one of the gutsy talented performers with charisma the last to be eliminated. My favorites for the final two would have been James and either Pia or Hayley that would have been a fireworks finale !!!!!

    • Yes, she is; and the people who voted for her have placed her in certain peril. Show business eats precious little flowers like her for lunch. I hope she’s strong enough to survive it. I think she’s really every bit as innocent and sweet as she was portrayed.

      • She’ll be just fine Yound teen whatever They will both be great and all the people saying stuff about the 2 left are just angry cause SEx Baby wont be showing her ass no more Sorry guys!!! AMERICA knows best and they got it right!!! YOU MAD NOW YOU’RE THE BABIES LOOK AT YOUR IMMATURE COMMENTS AND CRAP. LAUREN AND SCOTTY R MORE MATURE THAN ACTUALLY HALF THE HALEY FANS ON HERE

  110. Did you notice Laurens first stop at home was to AT and T. Last year Kris Allen’s town got free text voting from AT and T and he beat Adam which Adam had him beat in all the polls. When you give 30000 people 2 hours of free text voting who do you think will win. Lauren in all the polls only had 18 percent of the vote and scotty 43 and Haley 38. thats what happens when boppers gey free text voting.

    • Funny how I knew I would get on and read all thes Haley fan comments about rigging going on Shes gone HOORAY No more streech owl

      • Most texting is free now with all phones dumb ass they call it unlimited text duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • Let’s see: Where have I heard all this before… oh, yea, just last week with James!

    • You are wrong about that. You might have the plan but most people do not. Kids especially ask for texting but the cost of a phone for a lot of kids is paid by the text. Get your facts right before you post slow one.

    • Untrue, that was just the Idol poll. Other polls showed Scotty the winner, with Lauren and Haley neck and neck….

      • the polls on these sights are only a very small fraction of the people voting on the actual show.

  111. We Should All B happy 4 Haley cause come on da Girl Started of being in da Bottom 3 from the top 13 itself and look where she is right now…In the TOP 3…Yeh!!! Haley Baby u did it;)) Anyways I think Lauren should win it she’s so Lovable and adorable and has a very good voice 4 her age…Lots Of Potential…And a Girl hasn’t won since 2007…Laurens so Awesome!!! But Haley baby I’m glad u ended up being in da Top 3…U Somehow managed to beat Front Runners like Pia Toscano & James Durbin!!! woohoo I’ve always loved u more dat them 2…But Lauren my lOVE U R SUCH A KIND HEARTED PERSON U DESERVE 2 B WHERE U R…U always care about other ppl and each time someone gets cut ur always there feeling sorry 4 them…u care soso much about ur fellow contestants that u Deserve 2 WIN!!!! Mwah

  112. Although I think that the talent was very good this year, I was disappointed in seeing James go. I thought that he was the best one and deserved the title. The judges should never have used their vote on Casey.

      • I strongly agree James was the best! I also liked Pia & was shocked when she left but not as much as when James left thats when idol ended for me! It’s too bad that we can’t put an age limit on the voting since it seems like the only votes that counted were the kids vote, when James left they should have renamed the show to the kids choice awards!!

  113. I don’t mind who’s in the top 2 but what sickened me most are the judges especially Randy and J Lo; who from the very beginning very obviously tried to get Haley kicked out!Disgusting!

    • I also read where Haley was very hard to get along with when practicing her songs and also during Ford skits. Sounds to me like she thinks she knows it all and guess what I bet she cuts 1 cd and thats all you will see of this girl Wonder why shes like this??
      very awful attitude towards life

    • I love it. Don’t know but I heard is pretty lame stuff to post. YOU probably don’t know and just want to post an unsubstatiated opinion.
      The other contestants seemed to like her a lot. These country biased bloggers are the most one sided judgemental people I have ever encountered. Is it an IQ thing. Narrow minded thinking and ignorance is the basis for hate and the fans of Haley seem to be more along the lines of music fans where the rest love to post hate towards everyone else and rave about the sweet and innocent Scotty and Lauren.

      • Ywoe, weuns not too brite down heyar in the south, but wes no who we like and who we don like and we VOTED!!

      • Country people live everywhere not just the South. Glad you can spell South. Now get back on the couch your potato chips are getting stale.

  114. Yeah I agree with you. I would also like American Idols to release statistics on the voting – exactly how many votes came from each IP Adress and mobile phone numbers. I’m sure if we knew those stats, we would know that Haley won the most individual votes. But of course they won’t release that …. it would embarrass them big time. You just have to look at the Youtube stats on who has been viewed the most (for their 10 highest videos). Here they are again:

    Halley – 5,167,872
    Scotty – 4,791,556
    Lauren – 3,403,997

    I rest my case that the best singer went home …. but the one who will have the highest level of success after Idols (together with Pia and James).

    Also see how hard JLo was clapping with Lauren in the final. The prima donna doesn’t like anyone to talk back. Thinks Halley is a nobody. In years to come Halley will be in the limelight and JLo will be forgotten. Jealousy me thinks.

    • I think the judges are there for a reason..and how is it they always get it right…mmmmm must be some knowledge of music ya think. I for one think JLo is a class act and a great addition to Idol. She also made comments each week that were deserving.
      There’s one woman in my mind who truly is a Diva.

      • The only reason you like the judges is because they dishonestly gave the kids a pass on everything they did.
        Like someone said, 50 word vocabulary. Who said entertainers were smart anyway? Some aren’t even that smart, just talented.

      YEAH WHEN WERE THE STATS COUNTED AT 9pm when it started

    • its funny you get the votes before any one does there were over 90 million that watch the show come one you just jealousy haley got voted off and you can just get over it and jlo is not jealousy of her good grief what fore jlo got everythng in life haley just getting hers so get real

    • scotty has probably gotten the most votes every week. there are alot of haleys fans on this site but if you go to other sites most didn’t like her.

  115. News Flash !! Next year American Idol maybe known as Teenage Idol after the success of a 15 year old and 16 year old entrant in 2011.
    What happened to the mature singers and performers … A nice show but not a good outcome for the real talented singers.

    • NEWS FLASH america voted and Haley didnt have as many fans as the other 2 deal with it

      • With the attitude on this girl I can see why her friends if she has any probably didnt even vote for her come on face it fans she was stuck on herseof real bad coming from a guy here even when results were annouced she had the look of kill on her

      • And no hug for Lauren who always defended her. Haley is used to getting her way…she was shocked that people actually said “no” to her nasty personality. She was also shocked that putting daddy on stage, using a self-indulgent wind machine, and trying to sing Zepplin in a squeaky voice backfired on her.

      • NEWSFLASH Gus: America voted and Haley didn’t have as many “VOTES” as the other 2. Haley has many more FANS (actual persons).

        Remember, 95,000,000 “Votes” translates to 1,000,000 actual Voters give or take a half million people. Just going with a conservative 100 “votes” per person–I’ve heard of fools “voting” between 50 to 250 times in the 2 hours.

        So Gus, that means that out of one million actual “voters”, Haley received the fewest number of “Votes”. But you were talking about FANS in your comment. My guess is that somewhere between 25 to 50 million FANS watched the Top 3 show. One million voted. That leaves 24 to 49 million FANs unaccounted for. Haley has millions of FANS like myself that don’t play the silly voting game, waste of time. We watch the show for entertainment; we’re intrigued by the results–but as many have said: THE REAL VOTE is measured in CDs and concert tickets sold in the next 10 years, not just the 1 year bump from American Idol. Who’s more likely to pop out of a Rocket Ship or a Cannon, or even Float Down Like an Angel at the Superbowl halftime Show–Scotty and Lauren? or James and Haley!? I rest my case (having disproven your point regards Haley’s FAN base). But “yea” for Scotty and Lauren getting more buttons punched on a cell phone or keyboard. But MORE FANs declare Haley the Most Entertaining!!! So, “THPPLLOOOOOOO!” on you!!

  116. Haley was 100% class in her departure swan song. Loved Naima rockin’ out with her in the audience at the end, and then she fell into her Daddy’s arms.

    • I thought her exit song was super. It was the one song that I enjoyed the the most. It has to be tough to get up there and perform when your heart is sore with disappointment.

  117. Having not seen the programme for the final two as yet. I am really happy that the two who made it are the two who should of.I think Halley put me off with her version of Michael Jacksons Earth song and the fact that she didnt take criticism very well.Roll on the finale it will be really hard to pick as they are both unique in their own way.

    • Finally I nice comment and I agree Great end to the finale I cant wait Each are great singers

  118. ok..lets look 5 years from now. I guarantee Lauren and Scotty will outsell Haley…this is just sells..and so does talent. Throughout the competition Lauren’s voice was the best.
    Haley is a stage performer…because her dad’s in a bar theres some pre Idol training she got..and the judges knew that…they look at potential…the fans got it right

    • You guarentee what? Now, how are you going to do that? That’s totally ridiculous! You can’t guarentee Cheeze Whiz!!!!

  119. Great result with Lauren & Scotty and thank heavens Australia has the Final live 10am next Thursday. Both will have very successful recording careers

  120. america has got it wrong again, 3rd year in a row.scotty is slow and boring and should have gone weeks ago. james should have been in final along with pia or lauren or maybe hayley

  121. So sad to see Haley leave….but it’s predictable though. Haley’s never the jury’s fave (except Steven…)

    • steven didnt even like her he was always short and fast on comments to her watch replays she was an angry perosn inside and out glad shes gone good bye

  122. Using Yahoo hits on a song to determine who wins Idol speaks volumes for who is upset. People who buy CD’s watch the…then go and buy the music when it’s available. Young kids click on songs for free and listen to the songs they like over and over. Using this to determine who is better makes no sense at all. I’m very thankful we have judges and people who vote for the singer…not the traffic on Yahoo.

    • Loved the outcome Cant wait to watch next week. I have to say so far its been a Scotty deal for us here in Maine. Most are Scotty fans. Lauren she is also good and can sing no matter what pople are saying. Just upset I guess but hey you should have voted!!!!! If it takes the fans of these 2 left to vote 50 times then they deserve to be here. They apparently love their Idol and it is very clear they deserve to be where they are standing now. GOOD JOB LAUREN AND SCOTTY

  123. really DISAPPOINTED!! Give HALEY a BIG BREAK! I think her name will be in the no. 1 BILLBOARD CHART someday!

  124. the finale should have been james and lauren with james winning it… but once again, thanks to all those little girls out there power-voting for scotty, we didnt get the right finale… oh well james will be more succesful than anyone this season cuz hes not just a heavy metal artist, he did ballads, acapella, blues, and soft rock so he is my favorite for this year and i wosh him (and lauren) the best of luck ….. ROCK ON!

    – big james fan

      • So Denise, If you quit watching then how do you know who’s in the finale??? I guess you can’t tear youself away from this blog….

  125. The truth of it is, you gotta have material to sing, and there are a lot of former IDOL top ten that don’t do well, even the winners. Scotty doesn’t write his own nor does Lauren. They have to depend on others and that’s a differece maker. Lot’s of people can sing. Some can perform and sing, but few can write their own meterial. No one buys bad songs even if a star puts it out.
    That’s why there are so many one hit wonders out there you never hear of again.
    Much to do about nothing with all the gloating.

    • I’m not worried for Lauren or Scotty. Nashville will write for them, they just need to show up and sing. I’m not a Scotty fan (not even a country fan but I adore Lauren) but the kid is good, a good singer, and fits the mould. The teeny girls love him and that’s HUGE (Teeny girls are the ones that VOTE 1000 times each people!)

      So, not being a Scotty Hater I can say that I always said that I would be happy with a Scotty win. I liked all the kids from the top 11 and down! The diversity of the genres made the show great.

      But the country fans came out in numbers and changed it to a country show. I *honestly* think that Scotty and Lauren won because of the sheer numbers their genre represents. Those who say that “Haley had no talen and should have never made it to the top three” are just showing their sheer ignorance of music and what defines talent. Haley did have very difficult songs chosen for her -Lauren and Scotty’s songs did not have nearly the same level of difficulty.

  126. What happen with you, America? Why did you make such a peculiar votes? The participants composition is excellent, most of them had their own character. The judges are beautiful part of the program/show. But the result is so strange. For me, the big 6 should be Cassey, James, Paul, Haley, Scotty, Pia, with Cassey as The 10th American Idol.

    • Reeaaally? Paul who can’t even hold a note? Paul who sounds like a croaking frog? You’d replace Lauren’s sweet beautiful tone with that of a frog’s?

      • I didn’t go for Pauls voice. But even he had a following. Casey had a larger following and Haley had the biggest following of the “non-mainstream” voters. I’m actually surprised James was out before Lauren or Haley, really. One thing you got right Lan – Lauren has the sweetest tone of the entire group. I love listening to her. Her rendition of “I hope you dance” SLAYED the ORIGINAL! She’s so awesome for her age – I hope she does well. Her humble attitude at home and her emotion about the weather disaster made me love her even more. Scotty was great too – he was so humbled by the experience and cried because of the attention. My respect for him grew big time, as it was clear his goodness comes from inside of him and is not a “country boy goody goody act”. He’s just a good kid that was raised right who can sing really well. Think is, I don’t think Haley was raised any less well – but then again I find her attitude edgy and refreshing rather than abrupt or annoying or rude.

  127. What a pity Haley lost!!!! Finale should have been James and Haley and that would have been exciting! With Scotty and Lauren…its going to be one heck of some boring performances from these two i bet!!!!

    • I guess if you just want to sit around and hold hands and you have nothing more exciting in your life to do it wouldn’t be so bad.

    • then do not watch the show,, scotty is headed to Nashville and can not wait to see him on stage..

  128. Wasn’t Lauren the one who defended Haley recently and asked people to stop talking mean about her. Wow…the least Haley could have done was hug Lauren instead of stand there with a look of disgust and anger on her face. Oh yea, hugging the other contestant would be the nice. considerate thing to do. Character can’t be faked, can it?

    • Another goody goody judgemental crap attack. The other contestants seem to love her a lot. Yeah, you wouln’t be disappointed would you? Considering the weekly crap attack by the judges, maybe she was giving Randy a deserved look of disgust like he deserved.
      I don’t see the hatred toward anyone else. Why is it that the goody goody people have so much hate for this one girl.
      Weak hate the strong I suppose.

      • Angela, I agree, I was shocked that she didn’t give her a hug. Did you see the look on her face??? Priceless……………….

      • After all the talk about what an unfriendly snot she is, someone (her parents, perhaps) would have coached her on how to act if she did lose. I have watched all 10 seasons and have NEVER seen someone totally ignore the person whose name was called. She did not look at Lauren, she did not congratulate her, she did not hug her. Haley is spoiled and didn’t get her way. End of story. The look on her face was priceless, and I yelled so loudly (joyfully) that I scared the crap out of my dogs.

    • Lauren has a good heart. She is full of compassion. She was really upset with the devestation in her home town and really felt sorry for thos affected. She is young and seemed overwhelmed at times but that will shortly be overcome by the exposure she will receive on the summer tour. Go Lauren!

      • She’s the real deal. She wears her heart on her sleeve. I’ve always loved Lauren because she’s just such a nice and open young girl – she’s just herself with no facade or act. Some say she acts immature or goofy – I say she acts like a typical 16 year old girl who also has a big voice and a big heart.

        She also has the sweetest tone of the entire top 11 this year – bar none.

    • I’m not a Haley fan, but will say Haley was hurt last night I saw the tears in her eyes. She did the best she could I think, I don’t believe it’s fair to put her down because she didn’t hug Lauren. Remember she wanted to win just like the rest of them. Not everyone reacts the same way. Lord love her.

      • @ everyone
        . . . Seems to me, having just lost what you have to view as the biggest thing in your life, Who’s the one that needs the hug for craps sake?? The safe person doesn’t need to be comforted! More like the other way around! What cold and cruel people so many of you are. You make me almost ashamed to be an American!
        Ever once think of trying to put yourselves in Haley’s place? You should EVER be so lucky to be one tenth that talented, Instead, you show your true colors . . . . Grow Up!!

    • Who are you going to hate now? You’ll have to go back to “Housewives” and “Bachelor” I guess.

    • I agree, her look was priceless. Little miss attitude finally got it. Why do people think if you do not like the way she acts on stage that you hate her. That is just ridiculous.

    • Angela & Lindy I completely disagree. The winners come & hug the loser. I guess your observation through out the show has been lacking. Haley just stood there waiting for Scotty & Lauren to come over & hug her. That’s why she was upset. At the very end of the show Haley came over to Scotty & Lauren & hugged them. Haley was a real pro with her defeat, she gave a great performance as always & had to get her hugs from her parents. I feel sorry for Haley, she definitely doesn’t deserve all the negative criticism. She’s a real pro, a fantastic singer & entertainer. Give it a rest…!!!

      • I have watched all 10 seasons and that is not how it has been. She did not even acknowledge Lauren’s existence. Plus, it wasn’t sadness on her face…it was disgust and anger. Big difference in any other contestant that was voted off.

  129. I am sooooo happpyyyyyy !! 🙂
    Quit whining Haley fans !!!
    Yessssss !! Scotty vs Lauren !! Just as i prayed 🙂
    I wudnt mind who won it now but i am definitely voting for LAUREN !! GOOOOOO LAUREN

      • Now you guys will know what it feels like to watch the BETTER VOCALIST lose to the more popular “Teeny girl Idol”. I like Scotty and he’s a good singer but Lauren is the better vocalist – EASILY. I too like Lauren and I know the wife will buy her album and I will listen to Lauren sing anytime but Scotty is not the singer that is going to turn me on to country. I’d rather listen to old Hal Ketchum albums. Now THAT man can sing!

  130. All the Haley Fans here are mean and their comments are the real childish ones… I’m not surprised why they act and say these lines of anger… They act unacceptable of the real outcomes. They are rebellious of the reality, they are sick of reality, and they continue to dream impossible and improper things. Just look at their bad comments… its America’s choice, you know! just live with it. You once knew that only your parents and old people like country music, well think again… If you brag that the “teenies vote” ruined your dreams, just a thought, ol’ folks like us voted too… It’s good to hear that Our country is hearing out the Country genre again’… I begin to respect this show now, as the young one’s play like the old times’. What a wonder…

  131. My love & support for Haley is unconditional. She’s still my Idol and I can’t wait for her album. Go Haley, your voice is God’s gift. Best wishes from your fans in INDONESIA 😀

    • Haley is laughing because she doesn’t have to put up with the hate and bull sh** anymore. Since she can practically sing and do anything she has a great chance to be a real superstar whether anyone likes it or not.
      Opinions are just opinions but the truth is always the truth. We shall see who really wins.
      They compare Scotty to Randy Travis. Already got one, do we need another? Travis is a popular country singer, but he isn’t a big concert draw not is he a superstar. He’s just a country star.
      Reality is Lauren has more potential for the future.
      Get is shape, get some less frumpy clothes and model herself after Ms Twain and the sky is the limit.
      She’ll get my vote and I’m from NC.

      • volocyty, velocity or what ever your name is….We’ll see HALEY superstar in lights.. just like we saw all the other AI hopefuls..NOT.

    • Pia is!!! As she is in the middle of recording her first amazing album. Did Haley go to a meeting first thing this morning with a record executive? Nope…………………

      • @ angela james and you know this becuase you’re privy to all the inside info? Talking through your fattest oriface agin!!

  132. It’s about fairness but most of the Haley haters are only concerned that their favorite won. Maybe they would have anyway but the show didn’t do itself any public favors with a lot of people who watched.
    Song difficulty in the last show was so obviously biased.

    • It doesn’t really seem that the Haley Haters are all Scotty and Lauren fans. In fact, a lot of Scotty and Lauren fans just sound happy those two are in the final. The Haley Haters mostly just sound like HATERS. These same haters probably spew the same hatred on other sites, like Miley Cyrus sites, Taylor Swift sites, Pussycat Dolls sites, and so on and spew their hatred at those celebrities also. Haters are just Haters.

    • it was obviously biased for weeks, and became more and more so every week. Having said that, these are great kids in the finale. Never had anything against them. I have been disturbed be the unfounded and unwarranted personal attacks. Real Christians can’t be haters. Oxymoronic.

  133. News:
    Sheryl Crow chose LAUREN to win!
    Kelly Clarkson chose LAUREN To win!
    Michelle Obama chose LAUREN to win!
    Beyonce chose LAUREN to win!

    so wat you say??
    Go to in it to win it LAUREN!!

    • Kechik I have read your numerous posts supporting Lauren. Rarely have I seen a post of yours that puts other contestants in a negative light. You just keep showing your support for Lauren. That is cool. I wish other posters could show support for their favorites without talking down others. Good luck to your Lauren, and keep up the positive posting, maybe others will follow your example.

  134. I felt sorry for Haley last night. She wanted to win as much as the other’s.

    • It’s votes man. Scotty and Lauren fans voted their fingers off. I am a Haley fan but this does NOT mean I think Lauren or Scotty “do not deserve” to be Idol stars. I am really suspicious of people (especially calling themselves righteous or religious) who think they know what “other people deserve”. I thought God was the only judge – not men. Tsk tsk tsk.

  135. Well I was wrong,I thought Haley had it in the bag. Scotty and Lauren was not even a thought for me in the begining but just goes to show you how many country fans are out there. Both are very sweet kids and represents a good family support and that is what sold them to the voters. But where they the best of this seasons contestants, no but they got the most votes. My choices got cut way to early but I have an idea that they will shine brightly and will make their dreams come true. So a finale cheer to Pia,James and Casey who were my finale three choices and I’m looking forward to hearing about their amazing career to come. Kudos to all of this years contestants , you made this season probably the best I’ve seen. Enjoy the fame and make your dreams come true for you are well on your way. As far as who will win, it doesn’t matter both of these kids are winners and will show that they are this years AMERICAN IDOLS .. To the judges, you have a lot to learn and hopefully you will do a better job next year. To Ryan, GET A JOB …!

    • Bill-Really, Get a job…. Do you realize how many things that Ryan has his hands in. Do you even know what his net worth is??? Well do yor homework, my friend. That’s all I’m saying…….

      • Right Lindy. Ryan has Idol, a radio show, a development company, 2 restaurants etc. He’s one of the busiest guys in the business. He’s a bit sophomoric in some of his antics on Idol, but he’s definitely a mover and shaker.

      • Although Ryan may be a ‘mover/ shaker’ he is such a self centered tool, it has nothing to do with net worth! Big example to that is Donald Trump. He too needs to GET A JOB. I know the chance that he will ever be replaced is probably zero, but that doesn’t change the fact of who he is, and arrogant a$$! His whole way of anouncing the winners does nothing to make the show any better. He takes too much pleasure in torturing the contestant and that my friend tells volumes of who he is as a person. There are many good hearted rich people who are generous and humble and treat people with respect. That is not what I see coming from Ryan. He really needs to learn more about humanity and that my friend is that ..

      • Bill: The show is scripted. He has directives from the producers on how to handle eliminations. Don’t lay it all at his feet. If he was too far off book TPTB would set him straight.

  136. this sucks scotty sucks lauren is good but doesnt deserve to be even the top 6 as there were better singers than her like james, pia, casey, paul, stephano, haley. i lost alot of interest since paul and pia were gone , to make it worse for me they eliminated casey, then james, now haley, this show sucks this will be the boring finale ever country vs contry what pls , scotty did not even deserve to make it to the hollywood round. aww i am so angry. stupid teannege girls who vote for scotty and dont know true talent.

  137. The bottom line is this and will remain this: AI is truly geared toward the kids. True singers such as Pia and Casey don’t fit the mold for this show as the audience watching does not like their style or music. My granddaugther who is 18 absolutely hated Pia, almost sounding jealous, but loved Scotty. And that’s the proof. Pia was geared toward the older crowd who like singers such as Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand. Casey on the other hand is jazz, bar none. These kids that have been voting probably don’t know what jazz is. James was Adam all over again and we saw what resulted from that. Haley is great. What she did with the various songs she was challenged with proves that she can sing. Lauren, in my opinion, is a primadonna. You can see it over the course of the weeks how smug she was and has become. The innocence rubbed off quickly knowing what she her life will be now. She will throw many people under the bus as she gains popularity and gets older. But, she had better be careful beuase Nashville will turn their back on you as quikly as they accept you.

    As for the judges: J Lo had it in for Haley all through the show, it was so obvious. Does anyone think that Haley is the future and a challenge to her? She and Randy were so hard on her and some of the other contestants as well. And am I the only one getting tired of Randy. It’s the same old comments over and over. When he beat up on Haley fpr sining Michael Jackson, it brought back the same thing he did to Jacob. Time fro him to move on. Out of the three, Steven Tyler was the best. He called things as they are.

    Finally, AI is winding down; it’s obvious. Even though the ratings were good, it may not hold steam next season.If anyone has seen the Voice, that show has some great singers. I would love to see the two shows pitted against one another. And here comes the X-Factor. I would love to have known what Simon thought about AI and this year;s crop of singers.

    • Excellent post, and I agree 100%. The past 3 or 4 weeks Haley has been unfairly and overly judged by Randy and Jennifer.

      • Everybody who knows anything about music knows this.

        Imterscope wants a Country Bieber or a new Miley (since the real one is smoking dope and gone all sex-pot), and that’s what they’re going to get. The show is slanted toward target market.

        Having said that, Haley became a real danger because the younger crowd started coming around to her. My niece and her friends — all Jason Aldean fans — loved Haley and her brand of sassy blues rock.

    • What surprised me the most is that the voting is not based on performance. For example, when Pia was sent home, I was surprised not because she didn’t make it to the finals, but because Stefano’s performance was worse and he survived the cut. Then, now, for me, Lauren has talent, but her performance on Wednesday was worse than Haley who got the most difficult songs ever to perform. So the voting was for performance, Lauren should have gone home…

      • How do you know the vote is not based on performance? I love Scotty, his demeaner, his voice, etc. I never liked Haley, her voice, style. So how can you give an opinion for 95 million voters.

  138. i all you hally fans was watching then you should have voted for her instead of feeling sorry for yourself she will do fine her dad make sure she gets a record do not worry your pretty little heads off you say you will not watch anymore that what you all said before come on get real we know better than that

  139. you’re always no.1 HALEY eventhough you didn’t make it to the top. inspite of being always in the BOTTOM in the previous weeks of competition, you really survived. Winning is one of the essentials of this show but actually, your loss tonight is just the beggining of your hopeful bountiful career.

    Love, your fans..:)

  140. Why do you nay sayers always complain?????????????????????????? If you don’t like AI don’t watch it. No one is twisting your arm. IF i don’t like a program I don’t watch it. End of discussion.

  141. I prediction came true.. I knew Scotty was in by miles and Lauren was going to make it. Haley was picking up but she fell short. Maybe if she had another two weeks or so. She started very low.
    Scotty all the way! He’s going to get a landslide victory nextweek!!!

  142. Country Strong! Love ya Lauren but it’s Scotty’s time to shine!!!! Take it all!!

    • Great link Marta! I rarely go to the Links, but you “teased” me into it. But she did a great summary of what us Haley Lovers are thinking! Only part I didn’t like was at the end when she mentioned Jimmy Iovine being in Haley’s corner. I think he’s still playing her; he proved his power over her during season when she didn’t give him “proper submission and respect” at all times, but he’s still playing the “beat them down, then build them up” game with her to get her to ‘need’ him. She’ll play along for her career, but I hope she doesn’t succomb to his ulterior motives. But other than that, it was a great post for Haley Lovers.

  143. love haley,hate lauren’s fake bunny smile.she ‘s selfish.see all in the picture above.go go go go scotty

  144. don’t watch if you don’t want..there are million others who will watch..just because scotty and lauren are not screaming, that doesn’t mean they’re boring!they sound beautifully!they don’t have to scream to be noticed!come on, learn to respect the votes of majority!

  145. Somedays it’s hard to read this post.. I just feel deflated watching the show the last 6 weeks, but especially last night knowing the outcome was basically inevitable. I honestly don’t care who is in the finale, good for them. I said it prior to the show, I expect Haley to go home, due to fan base, not based on talent. Lauren is not as strong a singer as many others. She did mess up a song in the final 3 show, and wasn’t even criticized. No matter anyway, the country voters vote with emotion not for the best singers.

    It’s been that way for years, so not surprised.. It’s just deflating, after other better singers went down. Lauren, yes she is a decent, middle of the road singer, and will have an ok career I am sure.

    I really hope Scotty does something special to win, as I still believe he could go more mainstream and away for country a little and be a lot bigger in his career. He’s popular, and has a specific range that can appeal to masses beyond country. We saw it weeks ago with an Elvis tune. With the right shaping, it certainly could happen.

    I always say it’s the full talent, vocals, performance and abilities of the Idol that make the show exciting. Making a song their own, in their style, Scotty and Lauren haven’t actually done much on the creativity side with the songs.

    However, I believe American Idol wants to push the next Carrie Underwood type this year, and there are many examples of such. Unfortunately Lauren will probably win this and get the votes. Even bigger unfortunate situation, she doesn’t compare to Carrie in abilities, yet will be pushed as such. I’ll still watch of course, to see what happens, but that deflated feeling isn’t going away. It “feels” this was all shaped by American Idol show and judges wanting a younger country girl talent. Maybe that is the deflated feeling I speak of, something doesn’t feel right about all this.

    I digress..

    • realdan…america just wants VANILLA instead of a big ass sunday with everything on it.
      Look at the drops…Casey , Naima , James , Pia and now Hailey.
      All of these contestants had personality and were ALL different. Maybe not Pia ( who had the best voice )but everyone else.
      It will be tough to watch next week with all the GREAT contestants coming back. I think they will overshadow the final competition with there talents. Conrats to country fans. You now have two more sound the same , get lost in the shuffle , country fans.

      • 88, So if Scotty and Lauren are vanilla and Haley was a sundae with the works, then getting rid of Haley was part of the fight against obesity. Works for me.

  146. I think the views Are exaggerated, all the boys Have A Promising Future, if someone Takes to produce CDs and concerts. I think AI That Would Not Have Made Scotty and Lauren if you do Not sell Truly, I think They sell Their image or musical talent, if you’ve Noticed These guys are going to Be well run large, I DO NOT think Scotty Will Be in country genre has a very good image to launch it from here A Few Internationally years, Lauren too. Sorry for my English, here in Peru, where friends can wait until Scotty. Scotty is our favorite.

  147. The filler is becoming 100% rubbish. Did anyone else have to hit the mute button when Il Vovo did their thing? And what percentage of AI does 50 cents own? Seems like he is on there all the time.

    AI has become just another outlet to promote new artists, new movies, and new albums. Come on AI, get rid of the garbage and start showcasing true talent.

    • I agree. I just turned the channel until the last 5 minutes. I only wanted to see who was going to the finale.

  148. I’m convinced that Ryan and J-L0 got their wishes granted with the elimination of Haley. I’m also convinced that America scratched it’s collective head after Haley did a stupendous version of Benny and the Jets. “What did we do,” asked the American consciousness. I’ll tell you. You eliminated the best real female vocalist to come along. Scotty will have a great career, and Haley will too. Lauren will fade into her prom dress after Scotty wins. Goodbye and enjoy your career, Haley.

    • JEALOUSY TALKING Jo-Lo and Ryan were not favors to anyone get real– The 2 remaining deserve this and fans were right on it Haley was to raspy with her voice-To worried about her image , falling up steps trying to look cute, losing her voice already and always had an attitude problem As you see-That gets you nowhere in life Sulk if you like and write back your immature remarks It dont hurt nobody just shines your real immaturity

  149. Who is going to win between Scotty McCreepy Eyebrows and Lauren I am afraid to say evil a-LAME-a? Who really cares? No wonder we get this crap matchup. Afterall this is the same country that voted Obama into office!

    Haley you are amazing and you and James gave us 90% of the wow moments this season. I hope to continue following you throughout the rest of your career! People (young kids who vote a million times) are afraid of educated music and you can’t be faulted for that. The voting system needs to change. Why should one person be able to vote so many times? Look at the polls on this site. Lauren should have gone home weeks ago (note you can only vote one time per comp on this site!…weird right?)

    Anyway, country idol next week will have a drop in ratings from the top 3 I bet. This is the end of Idol now that the age dropped. You watch, this will become the teenage show, while X-Factor and the Voice is where the real talent goes.

    In the end I would much rather see a Haley vs James final 10000000000 times more than this and I feel most of America agrees. But the stupid voting system screws it up for everyone.

    • you know, a final – james x haley – would bring the house down – literally!! too bad… maybe FOX gets smart and put together a special show for non-country music fans… Pia with her ballads, Casey with his jazz, James rocking the house and Haley doing whatever the heck she wants.. he he he…

    • I Love it The finale is gona be great—Go watch The voice BYE BYE

      PS I know you will be sitting on your couch watching Idol so please grow up

      BYEBYE HALEY—Glad its finally come Go to Playboy!!!!

      • Floth, you are completely ignorant. Evidenced by your deplorable grammar, and horrible opinion.

      • Typical diatribe from a hick country fan. Haley has far more class than to do a spread – perhaps that’s just YOUR fantasy for her. Typical hick thinking.

    • Thats what everyone said last week after James got voted off. Funny, the ratings are still increasing! Stop boohooing about James and Haley. They will be fine. They are probaably better off not having won AI. They don’t have to be chained to a contract with people trying to mold them into something they aren’t. I would have to say that Lauren will probably most benefit from winning AI.

  150. I got to say Haley’s elimination is very disappointing. She really made all the songs her own and her performances are always something to look forward to (along woth Casey’s and James’). The thing is I understand that there must be a big a demographic for country music in the United States, but the truth is there are only a selecr number of people outisde the U.S. that cares for country music (probably with the exception of crossover country artists such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum etc.who are actually more pop than real country). A voice like Haley’s is very hard to come by while a voice like Lauren’s is pretty but are a dime and a dozen. What she does with her voice the growling, yodeling etc is requires a great deal of technical ability, it is not easy at all, trust me I have tried.

    I hope somewhere out there a producer will sign Haley for a record and help her produce an album that will really jumpstart her career, because she is really a rare talent and it would be a waste if she would not be able to showcase her talent to the world. I am sure there are a lot of people dying to buy her CDs (as evidenced by her youtube views and the number of downloads her songs get in itunes).

    Best of luck to Haley and the country bumpkins.

    • Haley left with class…but you have to make another slam of the bumpkins…not classy

      • Yeh she left with class Looked like she wanted to fight when results revealed I loved it GO COUNTRY BUMPKINS AS THEY ARE CALLING US HEY MAYBE WE’RE HICKS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Hi mara,

      I definitely agree with you on this one. Haley will be better off now that she’s voted off.

      PS. Grabe ang kyot kyot mo!

      • Love Scotty and cant thank you more for the vote off of the worse Now this is going to be a great finale

  151. All of us in the U.S. believe in democracy where “one person, one vote”. Why is it fair to have a voting sytem where you can vote as many times as you want (by cell phone) and 50x by the internet. Just look at the youtube views and Halley views are millions more than Lauren’s and 100 of thousands more than Scotty’s.

    It is obvious the country fan base is huge and Halley may still not have got through to the final, but we will never know because of a voting system that is stupid. I believe “one computer (IP Address), one vote” and one cell phone, one vote.

    Of course AI is more interested in profits and vote numbers (showing an artificial level of interest in the show), than what is best and fair, firstly for the contestants and lastly for the fans.

    I think the final ‘vote’ will be way down as I don’t see anyone who is not a S & L fan, voting. I don’t care who wins. In my eyes Halley has already and will have longitivity long after the others have been forgotten. And so will James and Pia.

    • Your logic about the voting process is a little off – if Lauren and Scotty fans can vote as many times by phone and 50 times by internet – so can Haley fans. Don’t blame the “voting system” – blame the fans who didn’t bother to vote.

      • That is like saying “the system is corrupt, but lets just abuse it anyway”. Yes Halley’s voters probably did it as well but I think Idols probably has more county viewers and one thing about country viewers, they are passionate about their singers but don’t hold ‘country values’ where fairness is important. Think city people were just too busy to vote me thinks

      • Haley voters are educated and have better things to do than vote 1234875820 times

      • I’m a “city people” and I voted! As for “Haley voters” being more educated – pretty narrow minded statement. Every one has a different taste in music – Haley isn’t bad – just not my musical interest – but I don’t slam all those who loved her music – it’s just too bad they didn’t show some of that “passion” for her and dial up instead of blogging how unfair it is.

  152. They should call it southern American Idol. No way Haley should have gone home. And I love country but these 2 are just not entertaining. America has got it wrong the last 3 years now.

  153. Hey America,

    You picked it right! Talent is what you hear when your eyes are closed. Scotty and Lauren can move you with their voices. They dont need a bunch of distraction in the background to make a great performance. I will defiently buy their music. Sure hope they put out some duets together also.

  154. LAME! Haley is BY FAR the most entertaining to watch, and the best singer of the three. I’m glad to see Lauren in the Top 2, but Scotty? Really? Can you say -Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? He bores me senseless. But this is the same gene pool that elected George W. Bush TWICE, so I shouldn’t be suprised.

  155. The best of idol went home last night. Well, at least it saves me four hours of repetitious button pushing next Tuesday. I’ll watch the show perhaps but the only one who would have gotten my votes is gone. Not suprisingly many people feel this way. How till it sound? To go from “95 million” votes down….maybe under 50 million? Has that ever happened? Has viewership ever dropped for the final competition performances? It will be interesting to see. Sure, the Lauren and Scotty fans will probably vote vote vote. But the Haley fans – who surely made up a good part of the 95 million votes – who do not vote next week – will cause a decline in numbers. Good luck in your future, idol. You blew it. It’s not a competition for the most humble, christian singer. Oh wait – I guess it is! Anyway say “lee….kris…..david…”?

    • I text voted wed. Nite. Never got any confirmation for my votes for Haley! Whats up with that? Something is veey wrong here. This is no longer a true competition of real talent. Will watch next week just to see the real talent ( Casey, Pia, Paul, and Haley ). Will not be voting tho. Sorry!

      • we text voted for scotty and didn’t get confirmation either, but we just kept voting anyway.

  156. The real winner sould have been James. That being said I think AI veiwers vote on personality more then singing. Haley was to forward for me.

      • It’s a cut throat business. If you don’t take care of yourself no one else will. I don’t think Scotty or Lauren are quite ready for the viper pit that is the music industry. Haley already has that thick skin and confindence.

      • Even her fans are saying it Her attitude you mean!!! Good bye Haley yeh

  157. This one may ramble a bit. A few weeks ago I thought we were heading for a James v Scotty final. I thought James really hit his stride with “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and sang at a very high level after that until his last two weeks on the show. He may have just peaked too soon.

    After James left, I thought it would be Scotty v Haley for two reasons. First, demographics – Scotty was the only male left, Haley the only non-country. The second reason was that even though Lauren seems like a perfectly nice person and has a good voice, I find her incredibly dull.

    Haley, on the other hand, always comes off to me as obnoxious and full of herself. But she took on Zep and if she didn’t live to tell the tale, she SHOULD have. And I was hoping someone would introduce her to Stevie Nicks since she never got there on her own, but I was hoping for Gold Dust Woman which I think would have suited her better.

    So, I don’t think the result was a fair one – but it was worth it just to see the look of shock on Haley’s face.

    I will now see if I can pull a hat trick of wrong predictions by projecting Scotty as next week’s winner – he is just plain better than Lauren, but I won’t be surprised if she somehow wins even as she puts us all to sleep.

    • Scotty is my fave, but I hope Lauren wins. Lauren needs a big music machine to bring her along. Scotty will be less controlled contractually in second place. That being said, 19E and Interscope did Ok with Carrie Underwood, so it’s all good.

  158. This has been the best season ever. Even the judges have been the best. I hope Scotty takes it all. I’ve been voting for him since the start. James, Halley, and Lauren are good singers, but I think Scotty has the whole package. He knows how to capture the audience. His voice stands out and he humbles himself every time his on stage. Go get um next week Scotty!!! I hope you are the next american Idol. God Bless you.

  159. America has gone country!!! Go Scotty I’ve been rooting for you since the very beginning of idol!! He truly defines an American Idol…Good Luck!!! Let’s hope America makes the right choice…

    • First off, I’m a Haley fan. That being said, I have no problem with her not getting to the finale. It’s OK. I like her style but not enough others agreed. And don’t tell me about teeny boppers voting their fingers off. The voting rules applied to all contestants. If those of us who wanted Haley were enough to put her in the top 2, we had the same opportunity to get her there. My honest opinion is she just didn’t appeal to enough people. Her style of singing didn’t quite fit into any definite category. She was called jazzy, bluesy, she did a country song and an R & B song and a couple of rock songs. Maybe she had to much variety. I don’t know. But I have no sour grapes. I sincerely hope that both Scotty and Lauren do well. And one more thing, I don’t think anyone of these contestants have a lock on a great career. You onloy have to look back to the previous 9 seasons and how many from roughly 120 of top 10, 12 or 13 (depending on the season) have gone on to become stars. I wish them all well. Loved Haley’s voice but that doesn’t mean I think she will be a star.

      Thanks for keeping me entertained all season with your comment. But the haters really need to think twice. And I mean from all sides. They are just kids. No reason to be cruel.

      • Good Comments, Phil. They are just kids..trying their best. They have no control over who votes for them or who doesn’t.

  160. So happy Scotty and Lauren are in the final. This has been a talented group this year and I enjoyed listening to them all.

  161. i think scotty is the best so he’ll surely get the title of an american idol…it’s my first time to vote on american idol since it was i bet my idol will bring home the bacon..go scotty…God Bless!

  162. why is everyone dissapointed with Haley’s exit? i voted for her. it’s just that our votes didnt match or exceed Lauren and Scotty’s votes..

    • I agree. It wont matter. If she’s as good as I think she is, she’ll get a record deal. If not, then I guess I’m in the minority. But every Haley fan had the same opportunity to vote. Obviously, it just wasn’t enough. No sour grapes.

  163. Haley Reinhart getting booted off just shows how much tweens really watch this show. Go ahead and see how boring the finale will be. Mr. Scotty McBORING and Ms. Lauren A-LAME-na.

    • Just accept the fact that America really did vote for the better singers of the three. Scotty and Lauren do not need to growl or scream to produce wonderful music and performances. America got it right. I bet you’re just sad that you can’t see more of haley’s legs anymore. Waaa

  164. ‘hope to see you personally here in the Phillippines for you world tour…you’re very talented,conservative,God fearing young guy i know it will be the start of your big success!!I’ll support u all d way..Good luck Scotty!!

  165. what is wrong with country music? At least one can understand what they’re singing. i guess most Americans are used to the crap that is being called music today, all the screaming and basically just noise.

    • Country is a great Genre’… no screaming, has meaning, has story… Even I, a Breaking Benjamin fan, was amazed by this Country breakout this year… Very distinct country Voice, “Scotty” …is in it to win it’

  166. Geesh. Stop hating on Scotty and lauren. I’m glad their the final two! It doesnt really matter who wins to me honestly love them both and will both be extremely successful!

  167. I just watched Haley’s goodbye song and can i say “WOW oh WOW oh WOW!!!” Thats how you go out strong! It’s true…she’s punchy but fearless. I believe her, this ain’t the end of this shindig. Can’t wait for her album.

    • I will not be watching the AI finale. They changed the night to Tuesday to go against THE VOICE — which is sad but typical of AI — and after reading some of the comments listed here, I believe Hailey was dumped by Fox. Also, if you could not see the hatred from J Lo to Hailey — please look again. I’m so sad, because this season’s competition was so awesome and to
      be left with Disney singer wannabees for the finale, all I can say is WHAT?!?!?!?

      • p.s. I look to Haley to surpass both Scotty and Lauren with her career. Look at past years to see who America REALLY wanted to win by who made it! Sorry Fox and AI — your tactics have been thwarted in the past — and Haley is going to do the same this year. GO HALEY!!!
        And Casey, Pia and Paul — to name a few voted off.
        And yes — we did vote every week, but were also met with connection problems each week for our favorite.
        Can anyone out there say if that ever happened when voting for Scotty and Lauren?

      • Yes,actually. I voted for both Scotty and Lauren, and it took me probably 10-15 tries before I got through last week and this week.

      • Wrong! The voice is on at 10 East coast 9 central. Idol is on at 8 east and 7 central. They do not share any on air time.

      • i had problems voting for scotty several times. as for tues. we texted and never got a confirmation, but we just kept voting anyway.

  168. I would like to see Scotty sing “I’m Sorry” by John Denver.

    • I think John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain LOW” would be a much better choice for Scotty.

  169. Is America really voting, or is it Fox and American fixing the results.

    I tried to vote for Haley for the allotted 2 hours (west coast) but was unable to get one vote connection. 03 & 06 constant busy and 09 was indicating a circuit problem. Did Haley even get all her votes, or was the 09 line cut off , resulting in 1/3 her votes

    I think Fox pulled the plug on the 09 line, intending to skew the vote – Did anyone recall getting thru on 09 – please reply if you tried and could never connect on the 09 line.
    Funny how this site says Haley or Scotty 2-to-1 over Lauren but Haley is eliminated. “American Idol 2011 Results: Top 3 Elimination Show Tonight”
    Scotty 43%
    Haley 38%
    Lauren 18% ????

    Why did JoLo tell Lauren she would see her in the finals – is this like a couple years back when Paula gave the critique on the second song but just heard first song? Are we dealing with a scripted program…..or is it just a money thing.

    • well thissite has nothing conection to the american idol result..this is just the fans who happens to have acces in internet..but how about those who is not a memeber here? or those people who doesnt even know this site? im sure they vote too right? i have coup;le of friends doesnt know this site and yet they vote via phone…..

    • I agrre wist you this top is fake. because the judjes one tome of the show they was absent them I think they make change. Ican’tprove, but in my opinion this result is not true.

      • oi eu se voce perdeu o seu tempo lendo o que eu escrevi e tentando interpretar o que eu quero dizer que bom, isso quer dizer que voce entendeu amensagem e a mensagem nao era para voce . e sim para Haley. beijos.

    • All these excusses for Haley…she got VOTED off not because people could not get through..there are other ways to vote than the phone lines. Haley had the worst attitude. I thought when Ryan announced Lauren, Haley was going to kill someone…get over yourself Haley…take your bad attitude home!!! Laurn was trying to be gracious to Haley and Haley wanted no part of it…bad move Haley. So glad she is gone, she should have been gone weeks ago. She needed a dose of reality and that the world does not revolve around her!!! She can sing if she would stop yelling and growling but her attitude is what many people saw. Hopefully she will learn from this…..but I doubt it.

      • and haley cannot sing…she is rude, conceited and has absolutely no class….i cannot understand how she got this far. if there is any fix…it was to keep her this long…by that “i can’t believe i lost” look on haley’s face i believe there has been voting irregularities in her favor all season and it didn’t work this time…see ya haley…well not really, hope to never hear or see you again…

      • You are absolutely right. Not only this round but previous shows as well. She is tarlented but bad attitude.

      • Sorry you feel this way… Maybe Haley needed her space and didn’t want to cry.. put your self in her shoe. Think about it she has worked hard to be in the bottom 3 and is sad to be the best performer and not win.. like Pia, James and Casey. Haley she is a winner in many way!!!

      • You too… What is wrong with you people .
        You just don’t get Haley . We all are not a like. It would be sad if we were.

  170. I will miss Haley next week. That girls is tenacious and ridiculously talented. Lauren has a lovely voice, but I hope the “machine” doesn’t eat her alive.

  171. Lets talk about the last 4 of this season American Idol. Either James go or Haley was just a matter of time. Some how rather Haley knew that she was singing on thin ice and true enough based on my earlier instinct that Haley was just a stool pigeon paving the chances for the two finale at last. Between the 2 I still hold on to Lauren as the, I stressed the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL.

  172. I am happy for most of American. Talking to family who are Northeasten, they do not get the All American faith hope and family part of American Idol. James has a child and is not married, note Crytol Cowersox, they are not covered with tatoos, note to so many wannabees, they are just the kids next store. I agree that they are immature and young, but so are tens of millions of our children.
    If you have watched every show, how can you say they have pushed this? They were obvious in their pusing for James and Casey. Haley never was on their radar due to Haley never really trying to be honest with us. A great voice……..she kept saying her genre was jazz, pop and pop rock. Then with her parents it was our Little Rock and Roll star?
    Had she tried to be honest and competed with James in that genre she may still have made the top 3 and even higher. I do not think she has been honest with the viewers or maybe even herself?
    I will look for her CD and buy it, maybe also Casey’s if he makes one. For sure I will look forward to Scotty and Lauren.
    As to next week, I am hoping to hear from Carrie!
    Some one in our office came up with they should include at least one duet. How about as mentors Faith Hill and Tim McGraw? Think of the reuninion of Faith and Carrie as well as all the other drama? OMG I can’t wait for next week.

    • A lot of what you say make sense. But the Haley being dishonest stuff is just whacked. She performed all of her songs well. She was being coached and advised all along for weeks. She’s 20 years old. Give it a rest already.

  173. Well i am looking forword to the final idol I think Scotty is good,, way keep knocking him,, all were good,, but somebody has to win,, and somebody has to go home.. and tp knock him because he is christian,, is that so bad…

  174. I have to thank you dear writer for not putting out any hateful comments. Everyone(and by that I mean all the writers) have made fun of etc. Scotty and Lauren because of where they are from and that they sing country music. I just read Parkers column from Yahoo and once again it was nothing but put downs because of the county music. This is one of the most talented Idol’s in a long time. Why is country deemed hicksville, red neck, dumb, ignorant, people. Country music is just music just like R & B, Rock, Heavy Metal, etc. Different people like different styles of music. Why is supposely horrible if someone sings or like country music? So come on please give us cuntry hicks a break. We are Americans, too. We are not foreign just because we happen to enjoy a different type of music. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

    • I’m a James/Scotty fan. James also won a Country Idol contest 2009!!!! Delighted to see Scotty/Lauren for the finale. Both excellent singers!!!

  175. First off, I’m a Haley fan. That being said, I have no problem with her not getting to the finale. It’s OK. I like her style but not enough others agreed. And don’t tell me about teeny boppers voting their fingers off. The voting rules applied to all contestants. If those of us who wanted Haley were enough to put her in the top 2, we had the same opportunity to get her there. My honest opinion is she just didn’t appeal to enough people. Her style of singing didn’t quite fit into any definite category. She was called jazzy, bluesy, she did a country song and an R & B song and a couple of rock songs. Maybe she had to much variety. I don’t know. But I have no sour grapes. I sincerely hope that both Scotty and Lauren do well. And one more thing, I don’t think anyone of these contestants have a lock on a great career. You onloy have to look back to the previous 9 seasons and how many from roughly 120 of top 10, 12 or 13 (depending on the season) have gone on to become stars. I wish them all well. Loved Haley’s voice but that doesn’t mean I think she will be a star.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained all season with your comment. But the haters really need to think twice. And I mean from all sides. They are just kids. No reason to be cruel.

    Sorry. Posted this above but didn’t mean to reply to that comment.

    • Very well said. I agree about past contestants. I also think this seasons crop has the best chance to produce some stars or some big successes. Most likely stars: Scotty, Haley, Paul. Big success Casey, James, Naimi. I wish them good luck. It was a great season.

    • Here’s what I think.
      The fact that some people are talking about how Haley “wasn’t honest with herself” because she didn’t stick with a genre, or “didn’t quite fit into any definite category” because she didn’t stick with a specific genre goes to show that the Judges do really have a lot of influence on voters.

      A singing competition should be just that. It should be about the voice. The fact that Haley is able to sing many different types of genre and sing each one well shows the power of her voice. The same could be said for James Durbin. Which is why I am really coming to love The Voice and not AI. I’m not a fan of Lauren….it was pretty obvious from day one they were pushing her to the public. I think she is bland and there is nothing special about her. She might be successful in country since I believe the fans of country and the genre are a little behind times, but as far as worldwide fame, she will not have that. It takes something more to attain that and Lauren nor Scotty have that. I believe Haley has more of a shot due to her versatility but she will need to get the right people. Same for Durbin.

      • I thonk you misunderstand me. Haley was mya favorite just because she was so varied in her music and singing. I thought she was the best voice from the beginning. All I meant was some people tend to only like their own particular genre. My favorite band is the Beatles because they took so many risks.

      • Heard Jimmy Iovine wants to make a record with Haley. Don’t really know if that’s good or bad.

    • Thanks Phil. Wanted to make the same remarks. I am a Haley fan and was dissapointed that she got voted off. Have never for one second thought it was rigged. Fair way to vote is another issue. This vote system simply gives victory to the one supported by the ones who push the redial button most often. BTW I didn’t get booted off the 09 number. Fact is I got in at least 4 times. OOPS…guess I’m part of the problem also.

      • Me too. I stopped texting after only about 15 minutes. So I can’t gripe about results.

  176. I was hoping that Haley would have received enough votes to be in the finals. I thought she should have been eliminated earlier in the competition, but once Haley got some songs that suited her voice, she demonstrated that she is an impressive singer. As others have mentioned, she has a great future ahead of her. Haley was smart to pick out “Bennie and the Jets” to sing as her departing song. With it she managed to make fun of Randy and JLo. “Randy and Jennifer have you seen them yet, Oh they’re so spaced out.” That was rich! They deserved it, and that is what they get for all of their efforts put towards picking Haley’s performances apart.

    As for next week, ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Scotty will win and Lauren will throw a tantrum.

    Lousy performance by 50 Cent. The same holds for the _X-Files_knockoff.

    One of the highlights of last night’s show was the young hero from Georgia who
    saved his little brother. What a great little boy!

    • I love your post ….and yeah…that was a great segment with Lauren and the kid!

      • Thank you! :). That segment was very touching. The little boy is so humble. That aside, he has a great accent.

    • For you to see what some on this blog has said all along,— lack of respect for the Judges (JLO and Randy) is so there. Haley was a contestant subject to feedback negative & positive from the judges. Everyone will not like you in that business & for her to display her lack of respect is an indication that she was not destine to win. Everyone was looking at everything those young people did. Haley appeared self centered, not open to negative feedback and a little diva. I wish her well but, i do believe she will be her worse enemy with her attitude. You would have to be blind not to see some of her negative reactions to the other contestants and the judges. As long as you worshipped her (in a sense) or talked of her beauty, sexy appearance etc. she was so in tune. I think her stragety was to make the public feel she was being unfairly picked on by Randy and JLo and it BACKFIRED on her. Sorry for her, wish her well in whatever she does but,,,time to move on and watch Scotty (the body) and Lauren. My fav was James. I miss him and know whatever he does it will be awesome!!! Haley, i really don’t know how far she will go after all the Idol hype is over and if she is lucky enough to get a record contract like Pia, how will her records sell???? time will tell.

  177. They Hate Country because they hate their Country…. I Believe scotty has a great career coming up on his way… Even without the Christian Votes, he is Good to go, and be the NEXT. Even more when CCM voters will… But, eventually will not call him an idol. “Just another great Rising Star, not an Idol”. First 2 commandments in God’s Law.

      • Highly diisliking country music does not mean people hate their country. Sheesh. Country music does not define this nation, nor does any other genre of music for that matter.

  178. YES—Finally …. America got it RIGHT …Honestly do not know how Haley got this far….played the pity card…..VOTERS finally saw through her!!!!!
    Team Haley did alot of hating on the other contestants…..not an American Idol at all!!!!!

  179. I am knew to this but I just wanted to say that I have been reading the comments and what I wanted to inject is that I found this year had more talent than the previous years and this is just my opinion and I realize this is what this site is for.

    The top three all have their own type of talent and style. But first and foremost they are people with feelings and I am quite sure they read some of this stuff.

    I am proud of all three of them because they all have one quality alike and that is guts and fortitude. How many of us would even attempt to set ourselves up for the unknown either failure or success.

    They are all winners in my book and all will have promising careers because they got the exposure that was needed to be recognized for “free” via money issues.

    Everyone is entitled to like whoever they want. Just imagine how really boring this world would be if we didn’t have different opinions, but it would be a far better world and set better examples for everyone and could possible tone down some of the anger inthis world if we all could just find something good in everyone after all who are we to critize, we either have nothing in the way of talent to offer or for those who do didn’t have the guts to go for it!

    I say “cudos” to all of the contestants and wish the best for all of them, atleast they all gave it a shot!

  180. Not going to watch the finale. I’m done. Move AI to the country channel or to the Disney channel. Yawn.

  181. I never imagined i would like rock but, i loved James and his performances. I love Carrie Underwood and country music as well. I came to luv Scotty the body and his music (he is so cute) and Lauren,,,the sweet voice of Lauren I love. Casey, Jacob, Pia and Namia, Stafano all have wonderful sounds but…the key for me was attitude as well as talent. Once Haley showed her disrespect for the judges, she lost my respect. For some reason Haley appeared to feel she was entitled to the AI crown and her persona was so negative when it came to accepting feedback for her performances.
    Now the viewing public can vote for the best artist..Scotty or Lauren are both awesome! it will be a hard choice. I will return to watching AI now that Haley is OFF. Sorry darlin but your attitude was your worse enemy…you were your worse enemy. That’s my opinion.

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’m a James fan but also Scotty & Lauren – best talent and truly represent what I feel an American Idol represents.

    • Agreed! Like I said above when Ryan announced Lauren won over Haley..the look on Haley’s face was down right scary. She was ticked off and thought for sure it was her. Just a bit too full of herself. Sooooo glad she is gone.

      • yes and covers it like shes too cool of it…but i know deep inside she want to kill someone hahaha

    • i do agreee…when the judge told scotty the he is getting boring with his song…he was cool as it is..he accepted it..same with lauren and those other contestant…but with haley wow… there she goes..she show me at least how disrespecful she is among others..and smirk most of the time when other contestant voted off….

    • Wrong. Misguided self-righteous judgement based upon observer’s perceptions of her attitude hurt her; not her actual attitude.

      • It is not a misguided self righteous judgement, then I guess a lot of America were wrong becasue many saw the same ATTITUDE. She many not have an attitude when she gets her way but when she doesn’t look out.

      • Agreed. Haley’s self-confidence is being misinterrpreted as arrogance. Her reactions to criticism are preferrable to getting all watery-eyed when criticised.

  182. Haley, she not the winner AI, but she winner of the competition, where she show to every one, she can sing , she not afraid, and the best thing she has a beatiful family.

    • Scotty show everyone to that he can sing, he is not afraid and the best thing he got wonderful family…oh and lauren as well has those all quality that u mention for haley….

    • The rest of the contestants all have the same qualities, they all can sing they all have supportive families etc. But what Haley had was the worst attitude and that was VERY clear last night. She needed to be gracious and humbble, but Haley was too full of Haley and that will not win America’s vote. That is what people saw and Haley deserved to be voted off.

  183. Yet another season where the best singers don’t make the final. It is unfortunate that I won’t watch the finally. I can have other things put me to sleep. While Scotty does a fine job, he is one of the most boring competitors I have EVER seen on the show. I think I may actually be done watching a show that FOX rigs to have who they want to to win. I wish Scotty and Lauren luck, however Casey, James and Haley will be around a lot longer than either of the two finalists!

    • I disagree. Best 2 are in the final. Haley should not have been in the top 13. Only had 2 songs all season worth hearing. She has no future.

      • Then you unfortunately, like the rest of America have no ear, nor eye for talent. Don’t get me wrong, I do like both Scotty and Lauren, however they are not worthy of winning the contest. One of them will be the so called “American Idol” but they are not the winners of the contest. Lauren needs to grow up, when she does she is going to be a very good singer and performer. Scotty just needs to find a personality. He will make a great recording artist, but he will put people to sleep live.

      • when this show was thirteen contestants my husband and i voted for several of them, namely scotty , lauren, james, casey and haley. after pia was voted off, we voted for just our favorite, scotty.

    • first of all bye to u ..and second u will not tell us the best singet is not in in the finale…maybe to u scotty and lauren is not best singer but for us and millions of people sure agreee that they are..and haley not….so….thats life u know…

  184. Thank you AI for giving me the opportunity to watch some very talented individuals this season.
    Good luck to the Country Kids, and I mean that in terms of endearment, they are both good kids, and have a lot of talent.

    I am a huge Haley fan, but you will get no sour grapes from me. If not for AI I may never have had the sheer pleasure of listening to this young lady.
    Those of us who did enjoy Haley’s singing know exactly what I am talking about. The growls, the rasp, the energy, the emotion, intensity, the playfulness, and the fun of her performances made the season very entertaining for me. Again thank you very much for that AI.

    There are a few areas that I think the producers would be wise to look into. A very large number of your audience is under the impression that this is just a popularity contest, not an actual singing contest. Many fans were also not pleased with the judging this season. It seemed there were many inconsistancies in the judging, perhaps that needs to be addressed. Although it has been a very entertaining season loaded with talent, many of your fans feel the voting system is flawed, and feel this is why so many of the eventual winners have not had stellar careers.

    One last note, the school systems in our country are trying very hard to curtail bullying in school. This is and has been a major problem. When Randy went on his tirade, it seemed very much like a person in power bullying a person who had very little defense against it. This incident gave what was an outstanding season a big black eye. I did not appreciate those two minutes of this season at all.

    • Simon would have called Haley out in reference to her attitude and she would NOT have gotten as far as she did. Randy and Simon are 2 different people & I think Randy was more gracious than Simon would have Been. Haley would have gotten a tongue lashing.

  185. it really doesn’t matter who wins at this point. the final four are all good singers who will be getting record contracts. haley was slated to be voted off. the judges just didn’t like her even though she was the most versatile singer in the bunch. still can’t figure out why pia got voted out when she did. t

    • pressed the wrong button again. then again i still can’t understand why jennifer hudson got voted off. to make a long story short, the voting system is terrible, the judges are from hunger, and fourteen year old girls should not have cell phones with automatic redial. let’s hear it for the x factor

  186. Was the first season I ever watched and now I know why I never watched it before.

    First of all, the whole idea of unlimited voting is stupid. That just sets up family/friends/relatives and spoiled rich kids being able to vote over and over and over again.

    Then the judges: Spent so much time talking about consistency while they weren’t consistent themselves. After a while the confusion unvieled their hipocracy and favortism.

    Finally: None of the final 10 were all that good and that is why you’re all crying.

    Think about everything I said up above and ask yourself why Pia went home before the Crest Toothpaste commercial guy who dances worse than Elaine on Sienfield and probably sings even worse than her too.

    But anyhow, the face of Mad Magazine will win this and I won’t bother watching it. I will be interested in seeing how far Casey and Haley go. Because the rest are all crybabies I don’t care how far they go.

    As for next year, Hopefully Idol will stop the unlimited voting and ban lip synchers from being judges. Otherwise this was likely the first and last season I will ever take time to watch.

  187. A little bit country, a little bit rock’n roll… That reminds me of a song by Donnie and Marie Osmond in 1970s.

  188. I love this top 2! I really thought that James and Scotty would be neck and neck until the end, but when James went home I really wanted Lauren to be there with him. They are both really good kids, and great role models for the younger people that watch the show, I think either of them would make a great Idol. <3

    • I totally agree. Both Lauren and Scotty are excellant role models for our youth today. I am praying that they remain sweet and humble and do not allow the music industry to change them. They can show the youth today that they do not have to compromise their values to achieve their dreams. They can stay true to who they are.

  189. NOT faIR…. NOT FAIR AT ALL… this SEASON is about NOT being FAIR…
    yeah i told you that as always all the things gonna be opposite of the opinions and Lauren will STAY… thatS rediculous… we have seen these 2 from day1 in american idols edition and thats rediculous that the 2 who were more in edit is now top2…it means they choose who gonna be in top2 not people…
    what up????this is teen idol

      • Ron….Sorry about Haley I know she was your favorite from the beginning. It just seems that we get disappointed almost every season because the most talented don’t win but the most popular ones do.

        The voting system really needs to change…..Adding on line voting really didn’t help much….Teenagers and young people live on those computers……We really need a better system like DWTS…limited amount of votes per person would be the fairest way to do it….JMHO

      • yeah right… voting system this season SUCKS… it disappear many talented ones …Now it is unbelievable that Lauren is now in top2!!!

      • everyone had the same amount of time to vote for their favorites. if you didn’t vote thats your fault not the systems.

  190. but i caNT lie… i should say that when i first saw Scotty in the first seconds when i was watching him i texted to my brother that: heyyyy Scotty is the next american idol…

  191. Scotty and Lauren, good role models for our future… Not rebellious, good family values, Great attitude… i think the CCM votes goes to the Guy’..

    • Yes!!!!! The young people need role models like Lauren and Scotty, I agree completely. They both deserve what is in store for them. and what they worked so hard for. People are bashing them because they are young…well they are young but extremely talented and probably better people than a lot of people out there.

      • your post was bad. i do not like it. (yes i will write this to every post you write). do the same thing the judges did to haley to you and see how you like being told your bad time after time when you know you did great.

      • To the contrary, I think HALEY makes an EXCELLENT role model! I have 3 teenage daughters and I hope they have the self assurance and fortitude to stand up to people who wrongfully criticize them, as Haley did.

      • You have the mentality of a child but please keep posting it is very entertaining!!

      • amedeus…please post negative comments on my posts too!! You must be all of 10 years old, but you are entertaining!!!! LOL

      • Why do you guys always has to put HALEY in every thread? ghgjgjkhkhkghkhgljll was just praising the finalists… there’s no Haley there. my gosh!

  192. Haley did a great job to have made it as far as she did and I wish she would have made it into the finals, it would have been fun. I look forward to whatever she has planned for the future.
    I’ve only followed one Idol since its conception, Adam Lambert and now I have another. I’m interested how or if she will incorporate her mom and dad in her career.

    • Haley rocks! I can’t wait for her album to come out it will have a lot of guest performers and will be current and rocking not same ol same ol boring rehash sounds like whats already out there which scotty and lauren will have.

      a new voting system should be put into place it should go by iTunes sales. Thats where the real market for the next idol is at. Who do you think a producer wants a 17 year old who had 40 million votes most of them multiple votes and only 30,000 downloads on their song or a 20 year old who only had 20 million votes but had 100,000 downloads on their song. Money talks! Haley brought in the most money for American Idol she will get the better record deals and promotion than whoever wins next week. Who also had the most youtube views! Haley! Haley is in the right spot and will have a bright future she has so many industry leaders pulling for her. I dont care if Scotty McNuts of Wonder or Lauren aLAME-ah wins next week. the tweens won this idol season it was not america voting it was tween girls. Thank god they are not old enough to vote for a president or else we would have sarah palin in office next year. Good luck Haley you will do great!

  193. this is serious crap. i am not happy with the results and i have no interest in watching the finale one bit. haley deserved to be there.

    • Nope….bad attitude. She needed to go home. But the rest of America will watch for you!

      • How about every post you write i tell you what a bad job you did? Lets see when your breaking point is and you finally put your foot down or lets see when you grow a backbone and tell me something. Haley didnt have a bad attitude she had passion and belief in what she did and fought for it. Scotty was given a free ride. did same song 3 times in a row really butchered the i hope you dance song which was his only risky song all season he has played it safe. lauren has held back ive been waiting for her to do that aerosmith song again but hasnt. Only risk taker out of the three was Haley. Next week will be a very boring finale. If these two were in Country Idol they would of not made it this far trust me im a country fan and i will not be buying their albums. Just google “country radio does not like scotty” read what all country radio stations are saying! they do not like scotty or lauren. Anyways stop being ignorant and saying she had a bad attitude .

      • Well you don’t have to watch AI if it will be boring and I am not ignorant for saying Haley had a bad attitude. Most of America saw it so I am not the only one. “IF” she can continue to sing and make something of herself then she needs to learn how to take the negative comments (because she will continue to get plenty) that is all part of it. And be my guest to comment on all my posts…I can take your ignorance also.

      • Well said jt3594…please amadeus, comment on all my posts also and my so called ignorance.

      • those are just a small minority of country stations. i bet they are first in line to play his songs when he becomes a big star.

  194. I believe the vote was honest. Haley will have a great career. It seems to me that Americans are getting a little tired of the screaming and grunting.Country music is more soothing to the soul. Especially Scottie. He brought back the country music of the past. Good luck to the many performers who tried so hard to make it. I think it is the best ever American Idol season It is so nice to see so many young people wanting to make a real purpose for their lives.Good luck to all.

    • agreed much… people are now thinking, what and should be voted’… God Bless Country Music

    • I agree, Screams should be for pains, nightmares and suspense movies only. the real pleasant music is represented in the two ones remaining, mostly in Scotty. I hate when I see the judges saying Its was a Borin performance when the contestant choosed a romantic and pleasent song to perform. Good America told them yells, Shouts and screams are not pleasant !

      • Country music is not soothing. Sorry. I see it as sad and boring. No excitement and I think behind times. No innovation or progress. I think country music got a makeover with country stars becoming more “fashionable”, but other than that no real progress. My opinion.

      • Twangy music about love gone wrong? I’d rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard, thank you. Country music appeals to… country people!

      • Northern Guy; Yeah that must be why 150 thousand people showed up when Garth did a concert in NYC Central Park. And showed up in cowboy hats, no less.

      • Liz, stop following me around you miserable little troll. I’m not responding to your posts any more because if I argued with you then we’d both be idiots and not just you.

  195. lm from the uk and never watched american idol before, but having recently discovered adam lambert i decided to watch the series this. Overall its been ok, loved that someone different like james could get so far, but i have to say its got pretty dull the last few weeks. Here in the uk, country music is for OLD people!

    • that’s Because you people there don’t excel on that kind of Genre… your more of the pop, rock and the club… that’s what is written on ur’ UK Charts… Country Albums here makes bucks and platinums. We don’t need you to buy our country albums to prove it….

    • YEAH-

      • I rather wanna stay in Alaska… And still hear great Country Music there in the alps… God Bless America’

    • Mandy – please don’t be fooled by American Idol this season. Not all of us are country music fans. But a lot of people who watch TV and vote apparently are. Our young people have a pretty wide range of musical interests – world, indie, dance, and pop as well as country. I am sorry for the poor attitudes of some of the other comments. These are the same folks who will probably never try to visit across the ocean and have no idea how awful they make Americans seem to folks like you. Thank you for your honesty and the information you shared.

    • Boy Mandy I guess that will be the last time you criticize country music. Personally I’m a Classic Rock fan but Country music is the most popular genre in America.

      • and yet country only earns 12% of the sales in the music industry while Rock & Roll earns 32%. With the country vote being strong enough to muscle in two finalists, Idols future looks to be country skewed from now on, unless they change the voting procedure.

    • Wake up Mandy!! Then stay in the UK. We are happy here in America and obviously there are many that like country and we are not OLD!! the majority of the voters are all young viewers so you need to get your facts straight.

      • Most people that like country music are not progressive people and are set in their ways.

  196. I can not wait to buy music from Lauren and Scotty and I think it would be great if one or both make appearances at the CMA Fest next month! Country music fans are the best in the U.S.!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!

      • I hope Lauren nails him to the wall with her big vocals! The guest on American idol who said her six year old niece had a favorite and it was Scotty….foretold the future of Idol.

  198. that made me laugh out so hard… quit the haley bashing.

    Its natural for her to feel a lil bit despair, standing at a huge stage, working so hard for her dreams, and being told that her american idol journey ended there. Who would not be disappointed – and that has nothing to do about her feeling that she is the best, she is full of herself, she has bad attitude, she is this she is that. She was just disappointed, like how james reacted when he was told he wasn’t in the top 3.

    Seriously, get a break. You guys are just bitter in your own life, trying to judge a young girl chasing for her dreams through a TV Box, and thinkin that you’re all that about – attitude, character and morales. LOL. get yourself a self-check please, don’t judge on other people like you’re a saint, scrutinizing their every single move and criticizing them like they ain’t got it. Seriously, way too hilarious.

    Haley was truly respectable during her exit on stage, just like any of the other contestants who left. She was disappointed, but she took it all in, and gave america a huge smile, and rocked it out.

    the earlier exits were much easier to take (comparatively), but when you’re just one step away from the finale, the bad news is MUCH HARDER to take, so quit the haley bashing. Seriously…

    haley will continue chasing her dreams, its just the beginning, and there are many of her supporters who will watch her through her journey. You can never tell if someone is going to have a great career or whatsoever, can you? you’re not some wise clairvoyant guru who can tell the future, anyone of them can do well, its just a matter of whether they have the right opportunities in front of them after american idol.

    Haley will be fine, god bless her. And i will be supporting her too.

    Be careful with what you say, cause its just reflect who you are. Those who judge others about their character, attitude or wadever, hastily and go about cursing them, are actually the ones who should be shot and cast out of this society…

    • There’s an old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. The sad thing is that people do judge a person by what they reflect and Haley reflected it badly throughout the competition. Everyone knows shes talented and chasing her dreams; they all are which is why they’re on the show but she did a poor job of showing her emotional side until last night’s video of her returning home. More of that and all the negativity about her attitude would be non-existent…of course, then they would find something else to hate her for…

      • I have to agree with Andrew’s comments, especially the part about all the uproar on Haley’s reaction to hearing she was out. I don’t recall seeing or hearing similar comments about James, who I believe had a stronger reaction to the news than Haley did.

        Having said that, I am sorry to see Haley leave. I became a fan of hers early on and felt she just kept getting better and better each week, and never knew what she was going to do form week to week, so she definitely kept me interested in the show. The others, even James, were pretty predictable in what they were going to do each week, never straying too far from their comfort zone.

        I am a country and classic rock fan, and actually did not know many of the songs Haley sang each week, but I really liked her voice and the way she performed. Being nice to look at didn’t hurt, obviously. I think she is actually a nice person, but she did come across at times as almost cocky, and, unfortuantely, that hurt her with the voters. But, I will most definitely follow her career to see how it turns out. Good luck Haley!!

        So, now we have Scotty and Lauren:
        both are sweet kids with alot of talent, so we should all just wish them the best of luck and hope they go on to successful careers and don’t get eaten up by the music industry. May the best teen win…

    • Andrew…beautiful post …well thought out…well said. You managed to say exactly the right words.

  199. I think Scotty should be the american Idol, his deep voice, – not common in the contest – make him special. Lauren is ok but seems to be as any other country common singer, nothing special in her. And I’m glad no rocker gets the throne.

  200. Reading all these comments shows that a lot of Haly’s fans share the same behavior that Haley did. Sore losers that did not get their way. The bad attitude is showing in most of her fans the same attitude that she showed!!

    • Haley was a sore loser? OMG. That girl had a right to be shocked and dismayed, and if her smile faltered for a moment or she didn’t shed a tear it only shows she’s a pro. Unlike your beloved Lauren – who I like, but is still a child.

      • It is OK to show emotion, but with Haley it was shear hatred and a very poor loser. The look on her face said it all and that was not professional. Lauren at 16 shows more class than Haley in this whole competition. Haley went because it was time and finally her true colors shown through.

      • Lauren may be young but has always been gracious and never showed a poor attitude when receiving critique from the judges. Same with Scotty, they both took it and said thank you with a smile and grew from it. Haley just shot daggers and got mad. She handled herself very immature. So I guess Haley can learn from the 16 and 17 year olds how to act.

      • What is this alleged “poor attitude” that Haley apparently has that everyone keeps on talking about? She was of course DISMAYED at being eliminated especially when she was so close to being in the final two. Wouldn’t anyone disappointed? She is not arrogant or full of herself as so many are saying. She is merely a strong-willed, persevering and passionate girl. And what look should she have had on her face anyway? A SMILE!?!?!? It is hard to be both happy for your fellow contestants and be sad for yourself all at the same time or vice versa you know. And Haley (as with the rest of them) have only a few seconds to process the elimination. They have a few seconds to feel sad, get over their dissapointment (at least for the camera), feel/look happy for the other finalists, and sing their swan song. So yes, I do not think Haley should be judged for how she initially reacted when she was eliminated (and also for the times that she was saved and another was eliminated). This also goes for the other contestants.

    • Hell I was shocked, I never thought they would eliminate Haley, I was already thinking about a finale upset…boy was I wrong! It just shows the popularity of Country music not the dislike of Haley Reinhart she was Top 3 afterall. As far as her additude well I just chalk it up to her fighting personality but she regained her composure.

      • Haley had every right to be upset….She deserved to be in the Top 2……I really didn’t think that both Scotty and Lauren would be in it. At least when Carrie was in the Top 2 it was with Bo Bice…….I voted for Carrie because I felt she was the best singer and performer….Bo Bice was a rocker and I love that kind of music too. It shouldn’t be country verses rock. It should be the best verses the best and it just didn’t happen…..Its a country bumpkin Finale……Toss a coin..does it really matter who wins now????

      • Yes Phyllis it would have been so much fun if it were a Rock vs Country finale however Country is so much more popular then Rock she really wouldn’t have standed a chance. She would have foughten so hard she may have even fallen for us again…lol!

    • WORTH repeating!
      jt3594 says: “a lot of Haly’s fans share the same behavior that Haley did. Sore losers that did not get their way. The bad attitude is showing in most of her fans the same attitude that she showed!!”

    • WHAT? And how are Scotty fans behaving like Scotty? Scotty is not calling Haley a slut, a whore, a sleaze, a brat who has an attitude! How come country fans are associating their music with goodness, wholesomeness and God and such then come on these forums and JUDGE a complete stranger, call her OBSCENE names and say she has NO TALENT?

      I don’t think Scotty (or God) would be proud of you HYPOCRITES!

      • Well said, Northern Guy…some people just don’t get it. You can be happy for the final two without nailing someone to the cross.

      • Northern Guy…Great response…you and I agree….Did anyon like the Italian singers? I thought they had remarkable voices J M O

      • Those Italian guys ROCKED THE HOUSE! I love music from other cultures, especially GOOD music! The heavier set dude – he’s got DA PIPES! Awesome part of the show!

      • I am a Christian and believe Haley had talent and will be a success. Not all Christians are bashing Haley. It was very refreshing to see Haley with her family. You could tell she really loves her family. I do not rejoice when other people’s dreams are dashed. Haley’s dreams and career are not over. I know she will persavere because she has talent and is a hard and determined worker. The bashing of Haley needs to stop. Us country Christians can support Scotty and Lauren best by not degrading others. The bible says to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice and to think on what is pure and lovely. I will be concentrating on supporting and praying for Scotty and Lauren.

      • It’s about time someone who is claiming to “go with God” posted something that is not contrary to basic religious tenets and beliefs. Envy, pride, intolerance and harsh judgement of others is not evidence of such a person in my opinion. Calling ones self religious, righteous or God fearing is a big thing because then people watch your behaviour to see if you’re really walking the walk. Many here need to revist their beliefs and stop mouthing off about God and “Christian values” and “family values” because their attitudes about people who are a bit different from them how they speak of others needs a whole lot of work. Many of the Haley haters here I would not want speaking around (or influencing) my own kids.

    • Enjoyed the ride of American Idol this year. Interesting to see the Haley Haters are still spitting venom at her, presuming they know what she is thinking by a smile or a look. Calling her confidence a bad attitude. They must be flipping geniuses. What I saw was a young, talented beautiful girl sing her heart out each week and for me, she made the show worth watching. The level of difficulty in her songs speak volumes. No one else is even close to her level of accomplishment and talent. Suffice to say that most professional musicians that weighed in were also in the Haley camp. She will have a huge career. The Haley Haters discredit themselves and this blog with their pond-scum sucking nasty drivel and hate spew. Haley threatens them because she is a goddess and they are probably fat and ugly and have to tear beautiful things down to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives. They do us a favor though because the bottom end of human nature can be seen writhing green eyed like a snake in a foul pit. So ugly and nasty. Something to rise above for sure. Being Kind is a much better path to credibility. Good luck to Scotty and Lauren…America got its Fox Cornbread Youngsters that cry a lot and exude milk toast virtue and stay planted in their safety zones… Nothing against it, its just not that interesting to me. They will all be touring together and are all friends. I’d like to see the Haters take a good look inside themselves and realize that their hate is about themselves. Haley will be a superstar…Idol got her there. I look forward to seeing her continue to blossom and hope she chooses wisely on her brilliant career path.

      • Excellent post. Few country fans here have shown the ability to be gracious winners. Instead they say “Finally that terrible, nasty, evil, spoiled, mean, growling, hooker…. Haley is gone!”.

        Are they going to drag Lauren into the mud when Scotty’s teen girl itchy virgin club votes him in with Ipod voting apps?

        I think it’s time to make an exit and let the vipers slither over themselves and celebrate their greatness.

  201. 95 +/- million votes can be that wrong can they?

    I hope they have some oxygen standing by if Lauren wins. I would be happy with either. Remember what Sheryl Crow said to Scotty, “I wanna work with you when you come to Nashville”.
    What I wonder is will Scotty cut his hair like Jennifer Lopez asked him to do? lol

  202. Great talent this year! My only scratching my head elimination because of the timing of it was Pia (way way to early) otherwise once you are in the top 5 or so anybody could win it this season…

  203. This is the American Idol which has no way to have a winner. They both are whinners. :-\

    While that JLo is in the hall, I shall not see any other AI.

    Hugs from Rio de Janeiro

  204. Could we all take a breath here and remember that ALL 11 are going on tour. You’ll get to see all of them again next week. And those with any gumption at all will end up performing and/or with recording contracts. I loved the season. Some of my faves went home way too early, but its not a life or death thing. I wanted James, Pia and Stefano to hang in there — I won’t bother voting next week because either artist will be a fine idol. Haley, I voted for you. Lots of times. James, you too. Hope everybody gets to make something I can purchase so I can support your careers. That’s it.

      • CT I’m guessing you would be upset too if your bet did not get the chance to be in the finale. 🙂

  205. The best two performers (Pia & Haley) are now out of the picture. Scotty and Lauren will divide the country votes , that’s for sure. Scotty is now the better performer and singer. There is no predicting at this point . Judging by talent Scotty should win but u never know, plus the judges have been pushing Lauren which influence the tv audience. We will soon see next week.

    • I Believe the Old-School country should emerge victorious based on talent and distinctiveness… like I would Go for Alan Jackson and josh Turner rather than Taylor Swift and Sara Evans.

  206. I’ll watch the finiale because Haley won’t be in it…I said I wouldn’t watch because James was sent home (but that was his fault for being a crybaby over a stupid song and seemed very stages)… but last night in the last 5 mintues I turned it on … and after they announced Scotty’s name first, I hit the record button … then, when Lauren’s name was announced, the look on Haley’s face…. nothing less then priceless … she just stood there like WTH just happened … it’s even better in slow-mo … JLo and Randy seemed very happy.

      • It was total unbelief, picture perfect moment for Haley Haters. It was reminiscent to Daughtry’s elimination when he was shocked. There has been so much criticism of her additude I’m surprised there arn’t more headlines with that photo when announcing the elimination of Haley.

    • Totally agree; Haley look stunned…well, it was America’s fault for leading her on as if she had a chance at winning…she was a constant bottom three in the beginning and then she surprised me by outlasting Pia, Casey and James…I also agree that JLo and Randy are probably happy that she finally got the boot and as far as my pick to win it all…I’ll just say this… every time those two sang a duet together, one sounded better than the other…nuff said.

      • WHAT! you think America said, “hey lets vote for Haley over all these others so we can screw her in the end”…lol. Top 3 GOOD JOB!

      • Poshma….did you expect her to jump up and down….what would you have done? sorry for her…she will do alright

  207. Since the first time I saw Lauren in Nashville and Steven said “we have found the one”, I knew that Lauren was in it to win it.

  208. An all country finale?
    I don’t hate country, just not a big fan.
    But…………..two country virgins?
    Haley would have been a much better choice to make the finale more interesting.
    It’s obvious that the teenies voted like crazy the whole Idol season. More real adults would have seen that some other contestants were more polished performers. Guess every teeny has a phone.
    Something must be done with the voting to make it more equitable.
    I will record and watch next week to see all the other performers sing.
    Enough country already!!

  209. Seacrest told us 95 million votes were received, as if this is a good thing. Now, in the last Presidential election, 122 million votes were cast. How pleased would we be as country if in the next Presidential election they announced that 7 billion votes were cast? Would it not call into question the validity of the voting? Would we not wonder whether certain special interest groups cast the billions of extra votes?

    Look, Scotty and Lauren both are good singers. I’m pleased for both of them. However, this voting process is a sham. This is the second consecutive week when the best singer/performer has been eliminated. Prior to that we saw more-qualified people eliminated before less qualified ones in several weeks. Pia, although she bored me, had a terrific voice. Casey growled a bit, but was a terrific entertainer who had a nice voice when he chose to show it off. Even Paul, who didn’t have the greatest voice of the group, had more star appeal than some others who were eliminated after he was.

    This is the first season I’ve watched Idol; I came on board when I heard that Steven Tyler would be a judge. I don’t know if I will watch it next season. I don’t see the point in watching top-notch singers/performers eliminated before less-qualified ones.

    Idol needs to change the process. They either need a panel of anonymous judges, or a method of randomly sampling households. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have decisions on who stays and who goes based on a small segment of the population who chooses to vote hundreds or thousands of times in an evening.

    The mere fact that we’re left with a 16 year old and a 17 year old shows us that something is flawed. Talent develops over time. That’s probably the reason there is an upper age limit for contestants. It is unreasonable to believe that 16 and 17 year olds as a group are more talented than people in their twenties. Sure, there will be the exceptional person in any group who outshines everyone else, but that’s going to be a rare case, and it isn’t the case with these contestants.

    I will skip next Tuesday’s show and watch the finale. Without either James or Haley to provide entertainment it makes no sense for me to watch the next performance show. Next year I may give it a shot again, but if the voting method doesn’t change, I’ll stop watching after the results are put in the hands of the “voting” public.

    • I don’t know if I’ll watch it either. Very disappointed. Anyway there’s always the American Xfactor, what do you say? Helen

      • I couldn’t agree more! James & Haley were the two I was really voting for mostly because you never knew what you were going to hear and/or see from week to week. I won’t watch the finale either mainly because neither of these two are performers and I think I’ll be bored to tears. Don’t get me wrong…they are GREAT singers. But let’s face it, ALL the top 10 CAN SING. However, it needs to be more than that if I’m going to spend my hard earned money to buy a CD or…gasp…concert ticket.

        I’m not sure about the whole voting “conspiracy theories”. Country music has a very LARGE audience….don’t they already have something like AI for country?? If not they should and get AI back to pop/rock/R&B….sorry, but that’s how I feel. For a long time country never crossed that line into pop – I know they’re doing it more & more, but country is still COUNTRY…blech!

        Bottom line – with a couple of exceptions, people who DON’T win AI tend to be very, very popular. So, James & Haley don’t fret, you’ll be JUST FINE. I can’t wait until you release a CD and concert schedules!!

      • @Poet4ever – Country Music accounts for about 12% of all record sales in the USA & Canada and is not very popular abroad.

        Lauren is undoubtedly a very talented young woman but, let’s face it, she is a kid and not because of her age but her general level of maturity. I am not sure her parents fully understand what they are going to be exposing her to and am not sure she is ready for it just yet.

        I hope she overcomes her nerves, puts on a good show next week but I hope she doesn’t win – for her sake – because she will be tied to 19 Productions with a 7-yr contract.

        Scotty we liked at the audition stage, went off him a bit with win-at-all costs attitude during the Hollywood group stage and have found him to be increasingly cocky and not at all as humble as people make him out to be.

        The one thing that has really annoyed me is the continued and horrible things these so called Southern Christians have said about Haley.

        She is a 20-year old who comes from a nice family and wants to make a career in singing and I think she and one or two others from the final 13 will have huge careers.

      • Paul, I agree. A lot of these foul mouth “christen” country music lovers emabaressed me … Because I am associated with them because I like country music too.

      • Sorry Steve..cant totally many of the Haley troops called them bumpkens…hicks…fat Lauren…bad choice of dress…cow…moo…cow crap…and many more. It just stirred country up…not nice to fool with Mother Nature

      • Wow, you compare country music to mother nature…haha. And stop with the generalizations, I’m a Haley fan and do nothing but defend Lauren when people pick on her weight…(She’s not even overweight, anymore, and wasn’t ‘fat’ before, just had a little harmless baby pudge). Don’t lump everyone together with the rude fans of certain contestants, please.

    • I would like to have the ability to vote AGAINST someone so that I can cancel out someone who voted for that person. I think then, and only then, will you see results that make sense!!!

      • Why? Because only your tastes and preferences should count? The two finalists are there because millions of fans put them there. They are idolized by their fans.

    • I agree with your comments 100% but the sad reality is that Fox only wants to get that number of people who vote higher. That’s the case even if they are getting the same 11 year old girls to vote for Scotty hundreds of times because it helps the ratings. I’m guaranteeing you that they would be over the moon if they can get the number more than 100 million next week for the finale. And why, you may ask? It’s leverage to charge advertising more money because A.I.’s ratings go up. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it media? Yes. Is it frustrating because you just want to see the best singers and they keep getting voted off because the system is flawed? Yes. Do I see it ever changing? No.

      And the worst part? Idol almost went under this year and the more people that vote, it secures the show into more seasons and also confirms that the flawed system works and the ratings are going up.

      Wow, reading my comment back, I sound so negative. But I am on board with you, Clive. I just don’t see a solution.

      • With the addition of allowing online voting, the number of potential votes per week by the same voters increased. Even though there were 90 million votes, we will never know how many actual voters. But hey, thanks to AI I got enough Haley songs off itunes to make a great CD.

      • Their were at least 10 to 12 commercials between each break. Yhat is a lot of money being brought in so dont figure on too big changes. The advitisors are rubbing their hands together…WoW 95 million people saw the commercials

    • I agree, Haley is the best, the most talented
      among the finalist. She sang the most difficult
      songs which I think Lauren and Scotty wiill not
      be able sing & perform beautifully as she did. The quality of her voice & performance was superb. I was really disappointed that she did not make it
      to the finals. If the voting system of American Idol will not change, there is no use watching
      this show. It is now worth switching to the voice
      and x factor.

    • thats only your opinion. scotty and lauren are in the finals because many many people think they are the best singers.

      • also haleys fans had the same amount of time and the opportunity to vote for her, if you didn’t don’t blame scottys and laurens fans who did.

      • The issue is whether the results should be in the hands of teenagers and others who vote hundreds or thousands of times. All objective polls conducted on the Internet gave Haley the nod over Lauren, and James was nowhere near last place in such polls last week. The method of voting on AI is not representative.

      • Sorry, Sherry but little Samantha didn’t mention anything in her above post about Scotty’s singing… only that he was”the hottest Guy in the world.”

      • Sorry, Sherry, but little Samantha didn’t mention anything in her above post about Scotty’s singing… only that he was”the hottest Guy in the world.”

  210. American Idol is about FAME and POPULARITY now.. The person with the real talent never wins this show!! American Idol REALLY needs to change the voting system so its more fair.. Scotty and Lauren are more likable but that doesnt make them better singers! This season HAD SO MUCH talent and now we’re left with 2 boring country singers who’s been doing the same thing since audition week!?! it amazes me that SCOTTY AND LAUREN are the last two there was so much more talented then them 🙁