American Idol 2011 Top 5 Perform Tonight

American Idol returns tonight with its Top 5 performances and this week we’re getting a double dose of songs from each of the remaining singers. Jacob, James, Haley, Lauren, and Scotty will each perform two songs to help fill the 90 minute run time of tonight’s show. The Idol theme tonight will be one song will be modern (little vague, maybe 21st century) and the other an oldie from the 60’s.

The modern song choice will be a welcome change from last week’s “hits from your favorite 8-tracks” edition which I really didn’t enjoy, but I’m glad lots of other readers did. I’m not so sure about the 60’s selections, though I could be pleasantly surprised. If any of the American Idol 2011 Hopefuls take a peak at Branden’s list of song suggestions for this week then we’ll probably do just fine.

Can you believe we’re down to just three weeks left in the competition? The May 25th finale is going to come rushing up on us and I can’t wait. Let’s hope this season finishes out strong and makes sure everyone comes back for next year.

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