American Idol 2011: What should the Top 5 sing?

This week’s “American Idol” theme is “Now and Then.” That means the Idols will have to sing two songs: one current song and one song from the 1960s (please let there be a ban on The Beatles just this week — we’ve had enough Beatles). Hmmm. OK. Now how in the world am I ever going to suggest songs for them this week? It’s going to be even more of a shot in the dark than normal. It’s crazy, but I think I’m up for it. So what should they sing?

(Click on the “Now” songs to hear them on youtube)

*Lauren Alaina

Now: “You Lie” by The Band Perry. It’s very country. But I think that’s the route she’s going. Right? I guess it could be too country for her and could be a risk, but hey, Scotty McCreery has made country fans out of a lot of people. She can do it, too.

Then: “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys or “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline. Normally I wouldn’t pick a Beach Boys song. Their stuff, for the most part, is happy and fun but has no substance. Except for this song. This one has a lot of meaning and heart. I could also hear her doing some Patsy Cline since she’s a country girl and all.

*James Durbin

Now: “Sing” by My Chemical Romance. This is actually a pretty perfect song for James. It’s a song that shows great voice range. It’s edgy. It could easily lend itself to even more edge. James could have one of his pretty sweet visions with this one.

Then: “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best song from the ’60s for James and this is the only one I could pick. It’s a great song and it has been done on “Idol”Β  before, but I think James could do something fun and fresh with it.

*Haley Reinhart

Now: “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perry. I really wish Haley could just sing Adele again, but that would be a bad idea. “Jar of Hearts” kind of has that Haley sound. I’m not sure why the producers and judges don’t think she knows who she is. I know. And I could hear her singing it. It’s kind of dark, though. So her second song would have to be more upbeat.

Then: “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield or “California Dreaming” by The Mamas and the Papas. I’ve been wanting to hear her do “Son of a Preacher Man” all season. Someone tell her!

*Scotty McCreery

Now: “Country Girl (Shake it For Me)” by Luke Bryan. I’ve only got three things to say about this song: 1) It’s country. 2) It debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100. It’s a hit. 3) It sounds like Scotty.

Then: “Bad Moon Rising” Credence Clearwater Revival or “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. I’d really like to hear Scotty sing some CCR. They’re pretty southern rock, right? Southern rock and country kind of go hand in hand. He could handle it nicely. And if not CCR, then Johnny Cash. You can never go wrong with Cash (unless you’re Paul McDonald).

*Jacob Lusk

Now: “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. I already suggested this once for Jacob. This song is everywhere (and that’s becoming a bad thing) but people love it. And if it’s even allowed on Fox since Cee Lo is on NBC’s “The Voice,” Jacob should do it. He needs to get America’s attention if he wants to stay any longer.

Then: “In The Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett. Jacob REALLY needs to shake things up. He needs to rock things out. If that’s possible. If he doesn’t, he’s going home.

What would you like to hear the Top 5 sing this week?




  1. I love your suggestions, especially for "then" – will have to look up the others on youtube. California Dreaming is always a winner and I think your suggestion for Jacob (In the midnight hour) is a good one too. Haley's voice would do great things with the Patsy Cline song. Here's hoping that the idols think the same way you do with their choices, Branden.

    I can't vote but I do hope that James wins. I also hope that the comments this week will be friendly and positive and constructive (I can hope, can't I?)

  2. For Jacob, I suggest Tom Jones's "Delilah" or "Without Love" for his 60s song. Alternatively, he can try John Rowles's "If I Only Had Time" or "Hush Not A Word To Marry".

    For Lauren, I agree with @Templar by doing Skeeter Davis version of "The End Of The World". If she wants to sing Beach Boys, I prefer "Sloop John B".

    For Scotty, Can he sing Cliff Richard's "Vision" or "Girl On the Bus" ?

    For Haley, "Nobody's Child" by Karen Young is interesting.

    Those songs are for the 60s songs.

    • I think this song for Haley would be great, but she needs to put more feeling into it if she sings on the idol stage. More oomph would put it over the top and Randy would have to compliment her for a change

    • Absolutely not. If you're talking about the Sheryl Crow/Kid Rock song. These are kids. "I can't look at you while I'm lying next to her" Scotty wouldn't touch that lyric with a 10 ft. pole.

    • That would be awsome if they did that but templar might be right itt might be to adultish for them

    • Yeah, Templar is correct about Scotty not having the maturity yet for that kind of song lyrically. And besides, if it was going to be anybody singing that with Scotty, I would put Scotty and Haley together for that one. Her edge in voice would be perfect for the song. (Although a James/Haley duet with this song would be pretty epic as well)

      • Are they doing duets again? If so, I would like to hear Lauren and Scotty sing "Your the reason God made Oklahoma".

      • I haven't heard if they are yet or not. That song could work for them, but since it came out in 1981 we won't likely see it this week.

      • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did it in 2008. And since it would be a duet and not part of the competition it would be fine.

      • Templar ~ Yeah, but they also have tried to make the duets follow along with the theme of the show as well as far as I can remember. Have they gone significantly off theme with them so far this season?

      • Kdub: Well, since Scotty already loopholed "Swingin'" in last week because of a cover, I guess Blake's and Miranda's cover would qualify as "Now".

  3. i heart Haley Reinhart…

    she is the most VERSATILE in the AI

    she can do..

    country song-blue

    Rock-Piece of my heart


    Blues-Bennie and the jets

    Classic-Youve really got a hold on me…

    all she sing i like..

    rolling in the deep and beautiful too are my favorites…

    • Haley is nothing but a whole lotta fluff. If she was a fat haggy looking thing no-one would pay any attention to her and she'd have been eliminated long ago..

      • Maybe, but it happens that she is very pretty and still has been in the bottom 3 four times! It means that people is changing minds week after week with her. She was not my initial favorite (Pia and Karen were, along with James, Stefano and Scotty), but since Motown week she stole my heart. She sings beautifully, and like Shine said, she is VERSATILE ….. and I don't mind if she is beautiful…. one more thing to enjoy watching her. GO HALEY!

      • Well, thank God, some of us apreciate good singing. She did not sell 12,ooo tracks because shes can't sing. When she sung Rolling in the Deep she put Adele back up on the charts for #1 album.

      • What crap comment to make. If Scotty and Lauren didn't have a fancy southern twang in their voice no one would have given them a second thought. However, Haley has a gorgeous voice, amazing interpretation, and creative utility that go beyond just looking good. If any of the contestants are 'fluff' it's Scotty and Lauren.

      • That might have been true before giving her a fair listening. It is most certainly not true now. Haley is the most versatile vocalist in the competition. Its not even close at this point. I like all of these kids, but its not fair to hate Haley just because she happens to be physically attractive.

      • Honestly, Al Hickey, you're an idiot if you believe that!!!! Why are most of her fans straight females then? AND since WHEN is it a CRIME to not be ugly and on AMERICAN IDOL!! People need to get over their shallow insecurities, and forget about Haley's looks! She's no supermodel! She's beautiful when she sings, because you can tell she has love and passion for singing! If I hear one more ignorant remark about Haley's appearance, good or bad, I'm going to SCREAM. GET OVER IT! GET A LIFE! People like her VOICE! DEAL WITH IT.

      • Haley is hot and has lucious legs…

        it's okay Devin… let it all out, screaming is good for the soul… πŸ˜‰

      • Haha, Kdub, it's alright now. Just typing about the possibility of screaming chilled me out. It's just so frustrating. When did AI become about someone's looks? Lauren's pretty, too, (to the losers that say it, SHE'S NOT FAT AT ALL!) James is cute with his stick out ears and his edgy style, Scotty's cute even if he does look like the MAD magazine guy…haha. None of these kids are ugly! Why do they have to say anything about any of their looks? I just can't understand it. This is about their voices, and their huge talents. That's all! If it was about looks then how come Julie Zorrilla is gone? She was drop dead gorgeous.

      • Alright, I change my mind. If you want to make excuses for the fact that Haley is still around because of things other than her voice, and because she is an actual threat to your faves, all to make yourselves feel better…go right ahead. πŸ˜‰

      • LOL, well, I kid (kinda. I'm serious about her being hot and loving those legs) but I think she is an amazing talent vocally as well. 5-6 weeks ago, I wouldn't have made that statement, but she has progressed and improved more than any other contestant on the show (with the possibly arguable exception of James, both have come a long long way along since week 1)

      • Al Hickey: Newsflash; in spite of the best pipes in the 20th century, Elvis wouldn't have gotten very far if he'd looked like Buddy Hackett.

      • Hey, hey hey! You do realize I'm still alive, don't you Templar?!

        Still, the Truth hurts! The closest I got to Elvis was in one of those stupid Beach movies of the 60's. I of course played the loopy fat guy in a Hawaiian shirt renting umbrellas at the beach. Now, all I do is hunt coons.

      • Buddy: You'd best sit down. This will be hard for you to learn. You died in 2003.

      • Here we go Templar with my new found education in the language of text. ROTFLMBO. You are too funny

      • Sorry, "Al Hickey" (the name says it all). Haley is a very good singer and has the BEST stage performance of them all. GO HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you are either jealous of Haley or she gave you a boner & you can't stand it.

      • @ Al: Fluff?!!!! Haley's timbre is beautiful, and she can sing anything–with mastery, power, energy, style and emotion! She is definitely not fluff!!!

      • LOLOL! I just read through all the comments here! (I posted quickly after reading THAT post, above.) You guys are too funny!!! Hi, Bunny, kdub and Templar!

      • haley is so AMAZING..,

        this is my first time to have an idol in American idol…she is great and her voice is unique..,scotty i can hear him as elvis,lauren i can hear her kelly clarkson,james i can hear him adam lamb, jacob i can hear him like r.kelly so Haley she is the One..


      • @ Spread the love, I totally agree. They are all great, the performers you compare them to are amazing, but Haley doesn't compare to anyone else, she is in a class of her own, all to herself.

        Hey Puparooni! Firecracker? I know. Haha, my mom says I'm scary! Though I think she secretely wishes I would do the same for James instead Haley. πŸ˜‰

      • devin, i do wish you were that gung ho over james. it is scary that you are that over the edge over a female. :O

        if i did not know you i would think you were crushing on haley *faints*

      • For a homophobe, you like some awfully girly men!!! Nevermind, your older gay guy of a best friend.

        No Haley crush! Just admiration. I wish I had that girl's pipes!!! Since I don't, and she does, I will support her in any way I can. Even from the leprechauns who say she can't sing!




  4. I would luv to hear *Lauren Alaina sing Born to Fly by Sara Evans. Please Please ☺

    ♥ from West Australia

  5. They never sing what we suggest so what's the point ! Most will pick the wrong song and play it safe . This is not the thing to do at this stage in the game they need to blow us away! Sing the hard songs and do it grate!

    • your right…i think haley pick risky songs..,

      she never play safe and she always blow me away…

      • haley is truly amazing… the best this season. Throwing my votes to HALEY! Power voting her this wednesday!

      • You're right. Haley picks song that best showcase the wild things she can do with her voice! It's always exciting! She has no limits to what she can do. She can go from Mariah Carey high, to Janis Joplin raspy low, in the same word! What a star!

      • I'm throwing all my votes for HALEY! She is amazing, and I hope she and James are in the finale! πŸ™‚

    • Maybe because it's fun to make suggestions and discuss them… just tossing that out there as a possibility… maybe.

    • If you sign up on theres a part on the website where you can comment and give them suggestions and thay might actully take it into consideration sombody said that last week on the show

      • Good point, James actually said he took a suggestion from the AI forums last week when he picked "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"… worked out pretty well for him. πŸ˜‰

      • @kdub James singing "will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" is the best idol performance of this season for me. Second is Lauren's "Candle in the Wind". And lots of Haley. So I guess my three favs are James, Lauren & Haley. (Wish Pia was still in it)

      • Pia was boring and will be forgotten

        Lauen and Scotty will have great country carrers

        and Haley will be great

        and James will be exceptional

    • Me Too. Everybody who loves Haley needs to power vote Wednesday. Team James/Haley.

      • @Old Sarah, Haley & James in the finals! And Lauren third. Scotty fourth. Jacob go home next please. I power-voted for Haley since the beginning. Especially when Randy dissed her. How many times did Randy say she wasn't good (in so many words). Let's show Randy he is wrong about Haley. He seems to always find something wrong with her. GO HALEY. I will be voting for you tomorrow.

  6. Im looking forward to hear Haley Reinhart doing Mariah Carey..I wish she will make it to the Top 2.,, Dont Forget to VOTE her..,

    • yeahhhhh! haley loveeee! :):):)

      praying that she gets into top 2. and wins the whole competition!

  7. You're so right with Haley doing Jar of Hearts! I love that song, and her voice would be a perfect fit, although it CAN be a little karaoke.

    Anyways, GO HALEY!!! HALEY FTW! lol XD

      • OK, if there is so much love for Haley, why is she consistantley in the bottom 3. I don't get it.

      • @ Steve and Templar. I think the love is GROWING!! Things will be better for Haley this week, I am sure of it!

    • Yes, I agree with you about Haley singing Jar of Hearts, I suggested Arms by Christina Perri the other day, but Jar of Hearts will work. I think Devin or one of the poster suggested Crazy for Haley and that would work. I also like I Want To Make Love To You by Etta James as she loves her. She just has to pick good songs this week. I am not to crazy about the song you pick for Scotty. Thats just me. I love country, but that song did not strike my fancy. I did not pick anything for James, but it will be good, you can count on that.

    • Really good that suggestion, I did no longer remember that song but I went to youtube and saw the song is perfect for what James sings.

      • James has slayed every song he sang so far. Keep it up, James. James/Haley/Lauren final 3.

  8. Haley – "Four Kicks" by Kings of Leon.

    Its a bit out there and I dont know if it qualifies for a current song as it was released a few years ago but she'd bring the house down if she sang it. Its sort of blues/rock which is right up her alley.

    Then – Anything by Ella fitzgerald

    I just wanna hear her scat again and its a nice contrast from the kings of leon song

    • Oh my, that King song was wayyyy different than I expected! But you know something? You're right, Haley could rock that song. Because she can literally sing ANYTHING.


    • Great song for Scotty…Shake It for Me…It is being played all the time…it's young and would make the girls love him and hopefully JLo move and groove!!!

    • I would love to see Scotty do another Elvis song that would be amazing

    • It would be a fun song to see, but considering the judges recently; I have a feeling they might knock it, even though it could be a load of fun to watch.

  9. Scotty sing 1960 Elvis "Good luck charm", "Surrender", "Shopping Around", "Stuck on you" This are perfect for Scotty.

    • good song iam voting for him to win for american iodl 20011season 10

    • That is a perfect song for him – good choice

      for his old song – what about Charley Pride Kiss an Angel Good Morning

      • Scotty and James and Lauren and Haley are all winners, even if they dont win it on american idol. that is just a starting point and now they will soar

        all of them, minus Jacob

  10. last week results was unfair because of the disaster an storms but alote of us could not vote because of storms coming to our area at that time, Alabamans would like to be heard an treated fair, a replay after midnight is not far, if it was other places with disaster i think that they would receive better treatment. let the Alabamians vote.

    • Would you have voted for Casey? Lauren's home town was also destroyed and we didn't get to vote either. Praying for all who lost loved ones and homes

  11. Modern for Scotty, recently a cover was done of "Simple Man" and if Scotty can get them to go along with it again (heck, he got them to allow swinging" then that could be a great modern song.

    If not, then how about "Beer for My Horses" by Toby Keith and willie Nelson. Considering recent events in the middle east, that song could be an epic moment for Scotty… and if a song with booze references is too much for a 17 year old… then how about "How do You Like Me Now?" also by Toby Keith. It pushes his range, came out in 2000 if I remember correctly, and has a good upbeat tempo to showcase him even better.

    As for something from the 60's.. how about Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line" or "Ring of Fire"

  12. i want james to do avenged sevenfold or breaking benjamin. for 60's song i want him to do 'build me up buttercup.

    i really want haley to do 'son of a preacher man'or 'underneath your clothes' and crimson and clover or white rabbit.

    scotty i want him to do 'in the ghetto' dont know any new country songs since i dont like country.

    lauren 'to sir with love' and fergies 'big girls dont cry'

    jacob……….exit song.

    • Lol..for Jacob he must sing

      Goodbye of Michelle Branch for that Exit song..

      • @Daniel. Thanks for making that Michelle Branch reference. Have to admit I'd never heard her before. I loved her voice!!

    • YEAH LOL Jacob..exit song! Thanks for the laugh! BTW I LOVE your Haley suggestion. Crimson & Clover would be awesome for her. Go to and suggest that. I am gonna do it right now.

    • James needs to do some softer songs, incase Jacob gets kicked off, so Jacobs votes will go to him, because if and I hope jacob gets off, his votes will probably go to Lauren, ? Haley

  13. for haley-"somebody to love"; james-del shannon's "runaway"; scotty-anything by roy orbison; lauren-anything by mama cass; jacob-something completely different-elvis's "burnin" love"

    • Why do people keep suggesting Roy Orbison songs for Scotty? Sabotage? Roy's songs are lilting pieces written for a tenor. A baritone would struggle with them. Scotty is a bass. No Roy Orbison.

  14. For James' 60s tune……..Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee" or the Stone's " As Tears Go By".

  15. For fun, and filler on the results show, let the kids have fun and sing

    Jacob My Dingaling by Chuck Berry

    Scotty The Streak by Ray Stevens

    James Chick-a-Boom by Daddy Dewdrop

    Haley Hey Big Spender by (I have no clue)

    Lauren Here In Topeka by Loretta Lynn

  16. For James Durbin

    Now : Dear God (Av Svenvold)

    Then: Dream On/Cryin (Aerosmith) or (I can't get no) Satisfaction (Rolling Stone)

    Why i pick Cryin or Satisfaction because Adam Lambert chose them last season and i think his best performance was that 2 song. So i look forward to compare James Durbin with Adam Lambert when they cover same song.

    I think AL failed to fullfil his potential because he isn't choose "rock" when he recorded so just gold for his album.

    I wonder if he choose rock maybe double platinum is easy to come.

    • Adam's notes are too perfect at times, they lack the color of sub-tones, a bit like the blessing and curses of using autotone.

      I think Adam may have over trained, 10yrs is a lot of vocal training but for some songs he will be the best at singing them, while others he will lack some color and energy but will still sound good.

      James is rawer with more color and energy but need more vocal training but just enough to get rid of some of the small pitch issues.

      Both will be great but some songs will favor one or the other better and I look forward to listening to and comparing both for years to come.

      • I do agree with your comment on Adam's notes, I think his singing is overpolished.

      • have you ever seen adam in concert?? he OWNS the stage with his incredible voice and presence. he is a PERFORMER. james has a long way to go

      • I never say that Adam was bad on stage, he is very theatrical, with a great voice but he uses quick changes in tones to cover up his lack of sub-tones in his voice.

        Maybe its just me, yet I notice it on his recorded songs but on live shows it would be harder to notice or even care.

      • pr62…..Yes, I have seen Adam in concert and you are right he owns the stage BUT James will do the same eventually….I will go see James in concert anytime.

        James will be James and Adam is in a class of his own….I love them both….

      • to phyllis g (my namesake) james is really good. he needs a hot rock band to front. i just think that adam is a much more polished performer. regardless, james will end up making lots of records

      • Adam is 7yrs older than James, give him time and he will get there and will be a role model for many kids with his friendly attitude.

      • i forgot, but last season just easy to forget except for siobahn magnus.

    • James singing *ANYTHING* Adam sings or has sung on Idol is just a *VERY* bad idea, no offense. There is already enough comparison being made, and far too much bashing of James by Adam fan(atics) as an Adam clone or wannabe that the net result would be detrimental to James and frankly he doesn't deserve it. Beyond the high range they are nothing alike and personally, I would like to see James win, or at least go as far as he can. Prefer him to Adam any day of the week …. James FTW

      • I think it's clear that JD is different to AL, and it's need better term of comparison like they cover same song.

        Yes i agree that AL have better control and his performance was great (my fav idol performance ever was Satisfaction by AL) but still i think james have same talent.

        Don't forget AL failed to fullfil his potency,just gold when he have double platinum talent.

  17. I agree with the idol's mentor last week, james is very good with melodious rock not pure heavy metal.

    It would be wonderful if he cover "i don't want miss a thing" in the final and "One" U2 in top 3

    So we can compare wich better JD or AL

    • this isn't a competition between the two! Adam Lambert was on AI 2 years ago. James Durbin is there now. THEY ARE NOT COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER. So stop tying to compare them.

  18. James from the 60's – Satisfaction (Stones)-the audience will know this song, and sing along.

    Jakob 60's – Under the boardwalk (Drifters)or People get ready (The Impressions)

    Haley 60's – Crimson & Clover (Tommy James)Or Mony Mony (Tommy James)

    Lauren 60's – I fall to pieces (Patsy Cline)

    Scotty 60's – Honky Tonk Woman (stones)or Ring of fire (Johnny Cash)something not to country'ish….

    and as for "NOW" how Now do they have to pick, because there are many songs that could be done.

  19. I'd like to hear Scotty sing Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell and When The Sand Runs out by Rascal Flatts…… For fun, Misty by Ray Stevens or The South's Gonna Do It Again by The Charlie Daniels Band.

  20. JMO. I think they should avoid doing songs that are strongly associated with past contestants. "Paint It Black" is so evocative of Siobhan Magnus, and Adam Lambert changed "Ring of Fire" forever. I really would like for one of the girls to do "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore.

      • β—¦Branden, I agree with Templar. I also understand what you are saying. However, The media will remind the world of the repeats, as well as making comparisons. Is it not enough that the contestants are compared to each other? Why should they be compared to seasons past?

    • I agree, maybe have like a 3 or 5yr ban on songs done by the top 10 from doing again by someone in the top 10.

      In the auditions or Semi-finals any song should be allowed just not repeats in the top 10 to soon.

  21. i pick Adam Lambert cover Satisfaction for the best AI performance ever and David Cook cover I don't want miss a thing in second place.

  22. James should sing How Cam I Be Sure by Young Rascals 1967 he's got the voice to make it a hit again. He really should go for it. Just don't scream.

    • And as for the "Now"

      Maybe James should do something like "Burn it to the Ground" Nickleback?

      Haley should sing something from Pink…???

      Scotty – blue Jeans on Keith Urban Or Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – Trace Adkins…(coincidence that "Honky Tonk" is in this suggestion as well for Scotty)

      Jakob – I have no idea….

      Lauren – she seems to do well at making songs her own so maybe "the house that built me" Mirana Lambert. or "Cowboy Casanova" Carrie Underwood??? I'm a James and Haley fan…so, I just hope they continue doing what it is they do…As for the comparing James to Adam Lambert, they just have good taste in music…there are many songs on Idol that have been done alot, these contestants have a list of songs to choose from, so they are NOT going out of there way to try to be like someone else, they just have that choice list to choose from. and the end result is singing the same songs as prior contestants.

      • James reminds me of George Michael. His range is too good to be screaming. I guess James is another one trick horse, they don't mind trying to change Scotty, but when someone tries to give a good idea for James they hear about. πŸ™‚

      • James would do very well in metal but I hope he goes more rock to semi-metal, more like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC or Van Halen. Yes Celine maybe have out sold them all with 200M+ album sales but they did alright.

        Even the Beatles screamed sometimes like on "Revolution" but I wish James would limited it a bit, then it would be more dramatic when he did.

      • Did you just seriously call james a one trick horse?

        The same guy that performed a haunting rendition of soft ballads like Will You Still Love me Tomorrow and While My Guitar Gently Weeps as well as slaying a mainstream metal song like Heavy Metal and blowing people away with a modern rock Uprising?

        James has been as versatile as anybody this season shy of Casey, and moreso than anybody except Casey and Haley.

  23. I think the perfect song for Lauren would be "Then He Kissed Me". It's age appropriate and she country it up a bit. I would love to hear her do "Stronger" by Sara Evans, but since she already sang her, I would love to hear her sing the new Rascal Flatts song, "Waiting for You" or something like that.

  24. Scotty I can't help falling in love with you Elvis

    James Pretty Woman Roy Orbison

    Jacob Stand By Me Ben E. King

    Lauren These Boots Are Made For Walking Nancy Sinatra

    Haley Ode To Billie Joe Jeanne C. Riley

    • OMG! ode to billy joe would be so perfect for haley! that is a great pick. it is haleys voice all the way.

  25. I am hoping country week is next week!! It has to be!! We have had Rock and Roll hall of fame, so we need country week!!

    • country week would be torture to me but at least then james could prove he can do more then rock (i know he can)

      if they have a country week i hope they have something else to go along with it.

    • Agree with both of ya, Country week is something thats a long time in coming.

    • Not 60's, only their first 2 albums are.

      Dazed and Confused maybe but Page played guitar with a bow in that song, hard to recreate.

  26. "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" would put Scotty in the drivers seat (with current events and all). It'd be shameless but it would work. But he couldn't pull it off anyway. He's pretty much LIMITED to ballads. Seriously though, if he doesn't sing atleast one upbeat song tomarrow night, he'd be showing an absolute lack of effort and should be sent packing!

    • Scotty is my favorite but unfortunately, I tend to agree. He needs to come out with some country rock or Southern rock.

      • That is niether current nor 60s. Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue would just be awesome. First song with any kind of substance he'd sing all season and it would show he has a pair. I'd consider voting for him if he did that or a song with a similarly powerful message.

    • If he could pull it off, a Scotty rendition of "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" could very well be that moment that Scotty needs to regain all the ground he lost (and then some)… the producers would hate it, the judges would politely criticise it, but the voters at home and in the audience would absolutely eat it up and love it.

  27. i want to hear haley do christina or miriah some time soon i think she could def hit the notes. GO HALEY!

  28. Stay away from country music. Everyone needs to sing something that will bring them over the top

  29. Scotty has never been in the bottom 3 and will probably be in the final 2. Jacob, Lauren and Haley (who is always in the bottom 3) will go before him. America loves him.

    • Yes, you are right, but don't be so sure. Many people still change minds in the last weeks so we could see him pack earlier, specially if he does not vows the new viewers that use to come on board the last weeks of AI. And remember, country fans would decide for either Lauren or Scotty pretty soon. I would not be surprised if Scotty leaves before Lauren, if she shines the next two weeks. I love Scotty, and hope Lauren is out first, but Scotty needs to excel like the first weeks and not like the last 3 boring weeks.

      • i agree with sam. i loved scotty and would split my votes between him james and lauren. not no more. the week james did muse i voted for him at least 100 times. scotty did swingin' and i hate that song but i did vote for him about 20 times, same thing with lauren. this week james and haley got most of my votes. james leading of course πŸ˜‰

  30. For Then:

    Jacob – My girl (Temptations)

    James – Light my fire (Doors)

    Lauren – Stop in the name of love (Supremes)

    Scotty – Time is on my side (Rolling Stone)

    And for Haley, anything! She would nail it anyway: Somebody to love (Jefferson Airplane), To love somebody, Massachusetts (Bee Gees), What the World Needs Now Is Love (Jackie DeShannon)….Anything!

  31. I always look forward to hearing Haley and James. At this point they are the the best of the 5. I had hoped Lauren was going to be a top contender this year but I don't think her confidence is strong enough to be a contender now ,but who knows, she may surprise us. I kinda liked Scotty at first but he is starting to get boring,just no WOW at all.Don't like old country.I prefer the newer country artist we have today. Jacob has not impressed me at all. He is much like Scotty,started ok ,but has become very boring.

    I have bought all of Haleys Itunes versions of her performances so far and now I am going thru James songs to see which ones I will buy.(definately getting The Muse song…can't remember the title at this moment…never heard any Muse before that performance,But I will be looking some up now)Thanks James for turning me on to some new music(new to me anyway).

  32. Ive always wanted to hear Scotty do if your going thorugh hell by Tracey Adkins so mabey he will do that song this week

  33. Yes, Scotty could sing Country Girl (shake it for me) and Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash. Put some fire in the background while he sings Ring of Fire. Please don't choose Bad Moon Rising–its too negative. You want to stay positive. Give it all you got Scotty. You can win this thing and everybody needs to see you from time to time to put things in perspective. You're great.

  34. I just went into utube to watch Haley and Casey scat again. Watched all her videos. She is just amazing. You should read the comments on there. They love her. Lets hope she picks 2 great songs. I so want her in the top 2 at least.

    • I have already bought all Haileys's songs from itunes. She is great, and sounds much better in the studio recordings!

      • Most people sound better in the studio. What's awesome about Haley is she does a lot of things on stage that aren't on her studio albums, she really knows how to put out a great performance.

  35. Wow, Brendan. I think you need to listen carefully through the entire Beach Boys' s album "Pet Sounds," THEN try and say their music has little substance. BTW– the Beatles recorded over 200 songs and had 24 consecutive top 10 hits from 1964 to 1976. There's plenty more songs to pick from. Have a little respect.

    • Aurora, The name is Branden. Just a little help. I've certainly never won a spelling bee myself, but I've seen the spelling of his name corrected several times in these posts.

      • Bunny, it's not a matter of spelling someone's name right, it's making it clear who your comment is addressed to.

      • Branden, Point well taken. My opinion is that the spelling of one's name is also a sign of respect. And since Aurora was asking you to "show a little respect". I was in a nice way asking her to do the same. I really like your suggestions by the way.

    • Aurora, is it OK with you if I have an OPINION? I didn't say ALL their songs have little substance. And they've been singing Beatles songs for the past three years now. I'm tired of hearing it. And again, it's MY opinion.

  36. Haley is my favorite. There are 23 of us at work and we are all voting for her. I noticed you thought she should sing Son Of A Preacher Man!!! So do we. Been saying that for weeks! Go Haley!!

  37. I find it so odd, no one, and I mean no one mentions Kris Allen on any of these posts.

    His Heartless version was one of the top and amazing performances ever on Idol.

    That is the type of thing I want to see this years Idols do.. take a song, any song and make it truly exceptional…

    I don't care what they choose for songs.. have a moment like that one.. risky and nail it, whatever the song is

    • Kris who??? LOL just kidding but while on pasted contestants Siobhan Magnus has a new album out as of May 1st. Only heard one song, is a little strange like her but I liked it, she could replace the lead guitar with her voice.

      • I actually liked her, and she's quirkly and from Cape Cod, I know them well! Spent many summers down there!

        I'll check that out. Thanks

  38. Michael Morrison from Glee just recorded one of the songs Kris Allen wrote. I also read he did his first acting. I like Kris.

  39. I did not know the song Nobody's Child. What a song. I bought it by Tony Sheridan & the Beatles. He sounds just like Elvis. Also forgot to thank whoever on this post mentioned Waltz Across Texas. I bought that by 7 different artist. I was wondering if it would be appropiate for Haley to sing Carrie Underwoods How Great Thou Art? Us Oldsters would like it, the kids probably not.

    • That would be me that mentioned "Waltz Across Texas". I'm a sucker for a good country waltz and that one along with Faron Young's "Four In The Morning" and Anne Murray's "Could I Have This Dance" are sure to get me on the dance floor, or I can be talked into dancing in the kitchen if it comes on the radio. Would love for Scotty or Lauren to do these alone or together.

    • It's me who suggested Nobody's Child for Haley, but I wanted Karen Young version, not Alexander Brother version (the later is quite funny, though).

  40. Hey!!!!!!! James Durbin should sing Just the way you are by bruno mars!!!!

    • Funny thing. my dad had a hit song by the same title many years ago- Frank Sinatra sang it. :o)

      • Frank Sinatra?? I thought Billy Joel's Just the way you are during 70's is the most beautiful & famous one on earth!

      • Not unusual to have many different songs with the same title. "it's My Life" has been used several times, "What Do You Want From Me' has multiples. Everybody steals from everyone else.

  41. I think jacob should sing one moment in time by witney houston. it is a nice song and it is perfect for him. Americans, do not be such fools, jacob is a complete singer. he really has talent.

    • UH, please don't call me a fool just because I don't like Jacob's voice. I am NO FOOL. I DO NOT like Jacob's quivering over the top voice. That doesn't make me a fool. Jacob makes me want to puke. Sorry. Had nothing to do with ANYTHING except his voice. Don't like his voice.And this is supposedly a singing competition. So, there.

    • He certainly does have talent. Would love to hear him do a gospel album- even old-time spirituals.

      • Maybe in Gospel but hes to boring for me… The girliest girl there πŸ˜›

    • not compaired to the ones with him, they are way better and nicer to watch and listen to.

      Jacob is boring and yuck

    • Tonight My Now song choice for Scotty is The Little Girl by John Micheal Montgomery and my Then song choice for him is Basics of Life by the Christian group 4him.

  42. someone should sing "Friday" by Rebecca Black.just kidding

    James should sing some alternative song and a rolling stone or a led zeppelin song

    Scotty should sing … I dont know, I think he should just stick with his genre

    I agree with Branden, Jacob should sing forget you

    I think Lauren should sing some Kelly Clarkson and a country song

    Haley can sing anything she like 'cause her voice is very versatile. It will fit to any song she want

    • If they sang "Friday" as a group number or in one of the Ford Music Videos, it would make my life!!!

  43. SCOTTY MCREERY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    VOTE 4 SCOTTY he has a good chance of winning

    • Only if he steps it up and "brings it", he is still in the race but falling behind quickly

    • This site seems mostly for James, I'm with you on a Scotty win. I think he's gonna do it, he's the best.

    • If Scotty did rock, his chances would go up dramatically, but ballad after ballad after ballad… just ask Pia how well that works out.

      • He should do something like Pray for You. There's a whole universe of country music out there, the kids gotta start picking some good songs.

      • Ask her she got a contract. If they only had one song to sing as in most contest most judges would go for the voice because nobody is gonna see you on the radio.

      • She may have a contract, but she is no longer in the competition. Thats what I was discussing. Winning American Idol.

        As for Pia… well, we shall see. If she releases a record full of ballads, we will see if she ever releases a second or third album. (Although knowing she can sing uptempo, I doubt any producer will let her get away with an album full of ballads, no matter how good she makes them sound.)

    • Scotty has a good chance of not making it to the last two. If you you thinkthat he rocks then you have rocks some where else.

      • where r ur rock's are you stone deaf. Scotty is one of the best singer's I have ever heard. YES James can heavy metal and also sing ballad's but to me american idol is about teen's and even adult's singing honestly. by the way James is engaged and has a child.

  44. Lots of good suggestions for songs. I definitely think the theme this week plays to haley and james' favors. If there is any sense left in the voters we can finally be rid of jacob. I also wouldn't miss lauren. She is good but its like everyone thinks she is AMAZING because she is only 16. I really don't get it. Anyone remember Diana Degarmo's don't cry out loud? She was 16 and nothing lauren has done to this point is even close. Scotty is great, just boring so far, hopefully he picks it up. Crossing my fingers for a haley/james finale

  45. Ok so "Now" is somewhat ambiguous, so I took songs that are currently charting on any of the billboard charts and used those as the list.

    James-"Help Is On The Way", Rise Against

    Jacob-"Stronger", Mandisa

    Scotty-"Homeboy", Eric Church

    Lauren-"Mean", Taylor Swift

    Haley-"Dog Days Are Over", Florence and the Machine

    Then apparently equals 1960's.

    James-"Ramble On", Led Zepellin

    Jacob-"Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay", Otis Redding

    Scotty-"Ring of Fire", Johnny Cash

    Lauren-"Son of a Preacher Man", Dusty Springfield

    Haley-"Wild Thing", The Troggs

    Just some wild guesses based on what kind of music these guys like and what I think they'd sing well.

    • Everyone of the contestants need to stay away from any Taylor Swift songs. I am a big fan of Taylor but her songs are tailored.

      • “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin is definitely early 70's material. I know as I was a huge zep fan back in the day. "Baby, I'm going to leave you" is a kick ass song by Zeppelin that would meet the 60's requirement. And I think a great song for Scotty’s lower register would be “sitting on the dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding

    • He's really too young for Ring of Fire. I would love to hear Scotty sing my dad's song Adios Amigo (Jim Reeves, 60's- big hit) but he'd need to be around 35 and by that time I'd be 90 (sigh) LOL

      • I wish they would have gave them the 1980's to choose from, Scotty could have sang Ricky Skaggs, 'Highway 40 Blues'.

    • i think Lauren should do a Sugurland song, her voice and one of their songs would be great.

      and I am not good with song titles, but didnt Chris Daughter do a Johnny Cash song, I think Scotty should do it. I just cant think of the song.

  46. i dont know what exactley they mean by now, Maybe something post 2000? idk.

    Haley: Dog days are over Or Black horse and a cherry tree by KT Tunstall

    I dont know about 60'S for her.

    James: Sing by MCR Or Kick in the teeth by papa roach(Or anything by papa roach)

    60's: Helter Skelter by the beatles (He can make it his own easily)


    Now: Taylor Swift

    I dont know about 60's

    Jacob and scotty i dont have picks for.

    • Haley would have been at home in the 60s (and no I'm not referring to the drug, sex, and rock and roll lifestyle, I don't know her personally so can't make that call lol). This week is pretty much given to her on a golden platter.

  47. I would really like to hear Scotty sing a Johnny Cash song or another Elvis song. I hope Lauren sings a Patsy Cline song. For Scotty's modem song there are so many good ones for him to choose from. He could sing anything from Josh Turner or Eric Church

  48. Haley will not make the top two, she has been in the bottom 3 just as many or more times than Jacob.Lauren, James nor Scotty have been there and I do not expect James or Scotty to be there this week. My prediction, either Jacob or Haley will go home. America loves James and Scotty!!!

    • you cant predict what will happen…So i think we need to wait the result…i think scotty will not reach the top 2 coz he is boring,,.

      • Definately dont know country. Scotty isnt boring. I think Haley and Jacob are lol but who am i to know? But i think Mary's prediction was pretty much head on.

      • even if he goes home, he will do great in Country Music and rise to the top and make money and be popular. I would buy his CD's yeah

    • Its hard to call since the votes of those who leave have to go some where, most of Stefano's votes may have gone to James and Casey' possible to Haley.

      I think Jacob, Lauren and Haley in the bottom 3 this week if there is one but you never know for sure.

      • i dont think there will be a bottom 3! bottom 2 yes! i thing ryan will seperate the group 2 on one side and 2 on the opposite side! then the 1 remainin will be told they're safe and to choose the group they think is safe along with them! Ryan does it every yr! it would be a shocker if he didnt!

      • my bottom 2 is

        Haley & Jacob only becuz they seen the bottom 3 several times!

        Lauren & James finale

        Lauren to win!

      • If Lauren gets eliminated her votes will go to Scotty, just as James got Stefano's and Haley will get Casey's. If Jacob goes, I have no idea who would get his votes. My guess would be, his fans will stop voting.

      • really, ryan is so predicable he will probably do that again, with James to be the one to pick which group. But i can bet you, (have a thought) if Jacob is in one of the two groups, James will pick the opposite one, ha ha πŸ™‚

    • Scotty has NEVER been relegated to the bottom 3; last week there was NO "bottom-3" category. They put Scotty in with the other 2 who had, indeed, been there (plus an elimination) just for dramatic effect. All Seacrest said about the other 3 was that they were safe.

      • Haley has come a long ways

        she is above Lauren, but if Jacob goes home this week I think his votes might go to Lauren. ?????

    • I think Haley will get most of Casey's votes which might up her score. James is the only other person I see Casey fans voting for.

  49. I really like a Rolling Stones song for James. As much as I love Led Zep the only song that would really show off his range would be Stairway to Heaven. I love Haley's voice. She is so versatile, she could sing anything. Scotty would do well with Johnny Cash with his low voice. I would love a group performance of "Elvira".

  50. Would love to see haley sing Etta James-At Last for her then song. For Now, call me strange, but I think either Who You Are out Price Tag by Jessie J would work for her.

    • Edit- instead of Price Tag, Jessie J Nobody's Perfect would be awesome for Haley. Plus it lends itself to some pretty cheesy Steven Tyler comments if she nails it.

  51. No way. Scotty should not sing that song. I know country and that song is god awful country. A good song would be an upbeat kenny chesney song. – he's a different type of country then we're used to seeing scotty singing.

      • Not sure Scotty could do Kenney's songs but he could try. To me he is a poor Josh Turner. Loved James tonight and yea Haley is getting better, Lauer,Jacob ,Scotty for bottom 3 tonight.

  52. If he can find something upbeat and exciting for his Now song, Scotty could do wonders with Bobby Bare- 500 miles or Detroit City.

  53. Is "In the Ghetto" – Elvis Presley – from the 60's ?
    I'd REALLY love to hear Scotty sing that. Please Scotty.

  54. dog days are over is THE song for haley i reallyt hope she pick this one!!! Haley you are the best!! vote for haley VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR HALEY

  55. i WANT SCOTTY Mccreery to and Lauren Stay And Haley to

    but Jacob Lusk vote off

    • I want Scotty & Lauren to be the 2 finalists and Lauren to win cuz i love lauren shes my fave! but i think James will be in the finale along with one of those 2 and i hope its Lauren and i hope she wins!

      • get Jacob off and the last four will have wonderful carrers and go to their home town and it will be a great week, just send Jacob home PLEASE

  56. James needs to make he does not repeat last week's backend of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (he was singing off key from the music). Thus he should start with Cherikee Nation (1959 song that charted in 1965 and charted again going to #1 in 1971.) It will cover up his vocal miscues nicely.
    Scotty could liven things up by bringing in some dazzle with 1969's Suspicious Minds and follow it up with a bassy version of Gomez's Who Says changing beautiful me to little old me.

  57. Does anyone remember Bellamy Brother's song "If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body" ? I know it was recorded in 1979 and became no.1 hit that year; but it was rerecorded in 2005 featuring Dolly Parton. So I want Scotty or the duet of Scotty & Lauren to sing it as the modern song.

    • scotty voice when hear on the radio it sound good and james voice hear on the radio not so good and james is a good performance on stage. Scotty like 1950's Elvis the voice and attraction but scotty can only rock abit not too rock not very suitable and sing with standing mic and guitar. song like "Good luck charm" "Stuck on you" "Don't be cruel" for this week and Now's song "American Soldier"Toby Keith for this week. Next week maybe can go slow song like "Love me tender"

      • SoftDev: Boy, you really don't get Scotty at all, do you? Scotty wouldn't have anything to do with a suggestive lyric. He's super opposed to anything with a sexual connotation. And Lauren is just 16, she wouldn't do that song either. What's wrong with you?

    • I remember it, I liked Red Neck Girl better. I don't like to hear Scotty and Lauren duet. I like to hear him by himself.

      • It's me who suggested Jacob to do Tom Jones "Delilah" or "Without Love". Do you know John Rowles with his songs "If I Only Had Time" and "Hush Not a Word to Marry" ? Both Tom Jones and John Rowles are noted for their powerful voice.

      • @Piper, sorry, my previous comment is a reply to your post about Tom Jones.

  58. Haley should do Midnight at the Oasis, just a little faster and grittier. She and James for the win …

  59. Well, I am certainly learning about lots of artists and songs I'd never heard of before, thanks to the interesting array of suggestions!


    Branden, I thought your suggestions for Lauren were spot on! I'd never heard of The Band Perry, and I absolutely adored the sass in that song, "You Lie"!! Loved it. And she would do well with either of your 60s suggestions!

    My suggestions:

    Current: "I Do" by Colbie Caillat (someone I'd never heard of before doing some research). But I loved it and I think it fits Lauren beautifully.

    60's Songs: I'd agree with Patsy Cline for Lauren–she could also do, "Crazy." Or she could do "Ode To Billy Joe" by Bobbie Gentry–or "And Then He Kissed Me" by the Crystals.


    Branden, my taste does not run to Chemical Romance, I learned today (never heard of them, either–I'm old). But I loved your 60s suggestion a lot: "Paint It Black."

    My suggestions:

    Current: "Beautiful People" by Chris Brown & Benny Benassi or "Burning in the Skies" by Linkin Park.

    60s: "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin or "Pinball Wizard" by The Who. (Been dying to hear him sing PinBall Wizard.) Or, for a change of pace, "Eight Miles High" by The Byrds.


    I liked "Jar of Hearts," but I thought "Son of a Preacher Man" (though she could do it just fine) would be better suited to Lauren.

    My Suggestions:

    Current: "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. I think she could kill doing this one! I'd also like to hear her sing "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. But if new covers of old songs count, then Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" would be terrific for her, too.

    60's: "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane, "Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues or "At Last" by Etta James.


    I didn't like the country song you recommended–thought it was out of character for him. But "Bad Moon Rising" would be good!

    My suggestions:

    Current: "Jesus" by Amos Lee or "Boots" by The Killers. I also think "When You're Young" by Three Doors Down might be good for him.

    60s: "When Will I Be Loved" by the Everly Brothers or "Wichita Lineman" (someone else suggested this earlier, too). I would really like him to try, "The Thrill Is Gone" by B.B. King, though.


    Uh, the fact that Cee Lo Green recorded an explicit version of the song "Forget You" might be off-putting to Jacob. But it's got great rhythm and is upbeat, despite what the title might imply. And for Jacob to sing, "til my love comes tumbling down" and "do all the things I told ya" is too much of a stretch for him, which is a shame. Just a terrific song!!!

    My suggestions:

    Current: "Jesus" by Amos Lee, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, "You Saved Me" by Skunk Anansie, or "Everybody Hurts" by Avril Lavigne.

    60s: "Bernadette" by The Four Tops. (I really want him to sing this!) Or, "People Got To Be Free" by The Rascals. Or "Summer in the City" by The Lovin Spoonful.

    • Pup, These are great! I really like the Band Perry as well for Lauren. I wish them all well, some more than others of course.

  60. Thanks for being a "Debbie Downer" Templar! I thought I was just sweating my ass off due to my grotesque obesity like I did during every gig I got as an over the hill 'B' celebrity on Loveboat playing the befuddled ugly man who suspected his pretty wife was having an affair with "Doc", but:

    She really was getting sick every day of the cruise. They thought it was a terrible case of sea sickness, but turned out the mid 40s woman was pregnant–a later episode showed it to be a hairy red-headed brat with green booger snot running over his lips named Casey, who later became a mediocre jazz singer/musician in an attempt to escape the horror of his parents abandoning him in a dirty garbage dumpster because I, Buddy Kant Hackett, was indeed impotent my entire life (and finally understood why my own father had given me the terrible middle name my cheating wife constantly derided me with after each night of failure).

    Hmmm, come to think of it, I was wondering why the ugly coon I been hunting night after night seemed to resemble Usama Bin Laden with a feces-encrusted tail that doubled as his beard-like whiskers–and I'd never heard of a coon that would stare at me so horrified like it actually knew I was going to make my "pointer stick" (how a coon normally perceives a gun) go bang in his face! Night after night, I'd seem to shoot him point blank, hear it scream, and it just seems like it's been Groundhog Time down here in "my private hell". Oh well, I've got a funny looking coon for company!, and my middle name still fits!

    Templar, since you're one of the few people actually aware that I'm dead, could you check out my tombstone and make sure they spelled my middle name correctly on my tombstone (or engrave it there if they failed to put it there)?–(I still think I was on the Tonight Show last year). I never used "Kant" in real life, but now that I'm dead I s'pose it oughrt to be correct for posterity.

    • Well, I guess I really am dead and in Hell hunting a coonlike UBL night after night. And Buddy, I still Kant Hackett. This Post and reply was in response to Templar revealing my unknown demise to me on page 1 #5.

      But tell me Templar, or anyone who knows or maybe even my murderer–How did I die? Did I swallow a bottle of Viagra pills? or just eat 10 double whoppers with no lettuce, thereby plugging myself up, and in a valiant attempt on the White Throne of Release, I expired "doing my duty"!

      But you see Templar, though you were correct in mocking my inability to perform like Elvis during our times on Earth, the last laugh in this matter is indeed upon you–I may not have wowed the crowds like Elvis, but in Death I was his equal on our Thrones of Death!

    • You are a bizarre individual. How much more of your attention may we look forward to? Or, alternatively, what can we do to help speed you on your way to the afterlife?

      • Templar, thank you for speeding me on my way to the afterlife. Because of you, I now realize that I am indeed no longer amongst you (all my fans). I now recall that after an all-day feasting of 10 lbs of lasagna and garlic toast (no room for salads), I was up early the next day trying to purge myself of the gobs of pasta. But, alas–I was plugged! Like Elvis before me, I overstrained and . . .well, I was overcome by Plugged Butt Heart Attack Syndrome.

        But I now come to the point of why I had to respond to your less than generous comparison of me to Elvis. Though I could never attain Elvis' godlike status on stage, I believe I did equal the King's status on the White Throne of Death. Agreed?

  61. Pia is overrated a glued singer.

    and this is her 5th to join idol she should have make it to top13 for the first time if she's really good. IMHO. πŸ˜‰

      • oh unless she keeps herself in the limelight by hooking up with stars like Mark, or someone else to keep herself in the light

  62. Scotty would be great singing He have to go by Jim Reeves or IT now or Never by Elvis or Only the Lonely by Roy Orbison and final Please help me Im falling by Hank Locin

  63. Maybe Scotty should sing Cherish by the Association, in his country style of course. And 7×70 by Chris August.

  64. For haley Reinhart-Underneath your Clothes,.she can nail it since she sang sexy!!!

  65. Scotty: George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today

    and Elvis In The Ghetto.

    Great story telling music and certainly would compliment his country voice.

    Go Scotty, America awaits your AI win for 2011.

    • yes Scotty please sing a George Jones song or

      Hello Walls by Faren Young.

      Go scotty Go !!!!

  66. Well, this is going to be a very interesting show this week, but my votes will be based on the true professional sound,voice and professionalism on song choice, I personally think that it's going to be done by James,Scotty, and Halley, but we will have to see with tonights performance,because all three will be the what we all will have to really look at when it comes to the judging in the end, so fans keep your eyes and ears listening for the big mistakes in there songs,because it's all based on us the american public…seriously it's all on us.

  67. Scotty – As others have said, I think Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay would be great for his then song. Or, if he has to do country for both songs, maybe Mama Tried by Merle Haggard? For his now song I think any current song by any male country star would work for him… a lot of them sound a lot alike. With the bin Laden news I think American Soldier would win him a lot of votes.

    Lauren – I can't think of anything for her then song. I'm sure she would do fine on a Patsy Cline song, but its a bit predictable. For a now song I'd like to see her try to take on a Pink song. It would show off her range and her sassy side.

    James – For a then song, I'd like to see him do something completely different from the expected Stones or Zeppelin song. Maybe Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel. For a now song, I'd love to hear him do something by Shinedown or Papa Roach. These might not be as well known to the "typical" AI viewers, so that might be a risk he's not willing to take.

    Jacob – Who cares… lol… just kidding. I think for then he should stick with something like Ain't No Mountain High Enough. For something current, I have no idea. I just don't think his voice blends well with more current songs.

    Haley – my girl Haley. So much fun to pick for her… she's so versatile. I too have been really wanting to hear her sing Son of a Preacher Man. Or maybe Harper Valley PTA? Something with soul and sass. For a current song, she can sing anything. But like James, I'd like to really see her softer side. I think she could pull off a Colbie Caillat song beautifully.

  68. James – Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #2" & Zepellin "Goin' to California"

    Haley – Janelle Monae "Tightrope" & Joni Mitchell "Big Yellow Taxi"

    Scotty – My Morning Jacket "Gideon" & Johnny Cash "Don't Take Your Guns to Town"

    Lauren – Katy Perry "Teenage Dresm" & Nancy Sinatra "These Boots are made for walking"

    Jacob – Drake "Over" & Sly & the Family Stone "Everyday People"

  69. i would like to hear scotty and lauren sing "whisky lullaby" by allison krause and brad paisly. I agree scotty should bring it up a notch and sing either johnny cash or elvis presley

  70. I hope Jacob picks stupid songs so he can finally go home. I hope AI doesn't end up as another Taylor Hicks and picks Jacob to win it all. I'll seriously eat my arm if that happens.

  71. As far as your Lauren choice, the Band Perry, yes, the song, no. I think "If I Die Young" is a better choice for her.

    • danielle how could you miss Casey, he never deserved to be on American Idol, and I thank the Lord he isn't on anymore. Except now Haley doesn't have a special admirer anymore. I once saw this thing and they kissed(it looked like)

  72. All contestants are amazingly good. I regret Canada cannot vote. Magnificent night! James: please sing "Show must go on"! I believe that will bring you to the top. Haley: you have a magnificent style and voice. Please sing "Me and Bobby McGee". You'll get everybody on the knees… no doubt of that. Good luck you all! Fantastic singers!

  73. Vote for Lauren Alaina in top 3 America!!!! (Plus Scotty and James) πŸ™‚

  74. Haley to sing Sade's Is It a Crime

    or John Cale's version of 'Walking The Dog'

  75. I really really love to hear James to sing song called ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Shiela’ both by Steelheart….please please please… This song could challenge his high note even more.

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