American Idol 2011 Top 5 Perform Tonight

American Idol returns tonight with its Top 5 performances and this week we’re getting a double dose of songs from each of the remaining singers. Jacob, James, Haley, Lauren, and Scotty will each perform two songs to help fill the 90 minute run time of tonight’s show. The Idol theme tonight will be one song will be modern (little vague, maybe 21st century) and the other an oldie from the 60’s.

The modern song choice will be a welcome change from last week’s “hits from your favorite 8-tracks” edition which I really didn’t enjoy, but I’m glad lots of other readers did. I’m not so sure about the 60’s selections, though I could be pleasantly surprised. If any of the American Idol 2011 Hopefuls take a peak at Branden’s list of song suggestions for this week then we’ll probably do just fine.

Can you believe we’re down to just three weeks left in the competition? The May 25th finale is going to come rushing up on us and I can’t wait. Let’s hope this season finishes out strong and makes sure everyone comes back for next year.

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  1. I'm excited to see what james durbin is going to perform. He always seem to surprise me every week. No matter whats he sings he always kills it and is my pick for American Idol 2011.

    • james is an absolutely sensational music rocker who has stormed american idol with a new phase.scotty is equally great n unique bt i tip james 4 d american idol 2011.

    • total agreement … James already IS the Winner 2011 , in my book … Rock On James !

      • James/Haley finale…..VOTE….VOTE….VOTE

        Lets not take James' win for granted…..We do not want another Season 8 disaster……PLEASE!!!!!VOTE for JAMES

    • I just wanna say James has been my fave ever since audition and Iam so glad he has made it this far into the competition. All the best James, you are already my American Idol! and God bless

  2. Yeah.. Can wait to see his performance . James durbin is the best ^^

  3. GO SCOTTY! please vote for scotty, SCOTTY WILL BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL! the music industry have someone like james durbin already, the music industry needs someone unique like scotty! VOTE SCOTTY AMERICA!

    • Pink martini. I agree scotty must win. Come on america. Let scotty win it. Vote vote scotty. James don't deserve it like scotty does. Here in south africa everybody I know and even don't know loves scotty and think he should win it. Prove south africa right and vote scotty to win it america

      • All you Scotty fans really vote and make up missed voters unable to vote last week because of of power outages in the South and say a prayer for these people who lost almost 300 loved ones across a 7 state disaster

      • I'm voting for Scotty, but only until top 3 so he gets the hometown parade etc. I think he's too young and green to take on the Idol title. Once he's in the top 3, my votes switch to james.

      • If Scotty or Lauren is too young to be the American Idol why are they allowed to participate? Scotty is a very unspoiled, unassuming ,fresh young face and unbelieveably talented. He is my choice with Lauren a close second, to represent us and bear the title of American Idol.

      • Ruth: Precisely why I have been ranting like a zealot on most blogs, that lowering the age limit is a mistake. Kids get ground up by show business. They should raise the limit to 18. If Scotty makes top 3, he'll gain a bit of polish on the tour, then go home and finish school. Then he can negotiate with producers in Nashville who know how to handle country singers. Interscope/19E will rush the winner into a CD with crap songs that result in poor sales.

      • Templar…don't bale on Scotty at the end. I hope he wins…he has been good consistently. At this point, the win would be the icing on the cake…but his life is changed at this point from here on end…so why not…if it's in the cards and/or God's hands, let him have the thrill of winning. I have voted consistently for him and I will double up so I take care of your votes.

    • I'm also a South African Scotty Fan. Wish we could vote too. GO SCOTTY!

    • The Music industry already has somebody like Scotty as well… Listen to Josh Turner sometime… He is basically Scotty (with an extra 17 years experience) 😉

      • If scotty makes you melt, then Mr Turner will leave you a puddle of goo on the floor near your computer/stereo.

      • Actually I am a big Josh Turner fan that's why I love Scotty. But Scotty, when listening one after the other does have a better voice and a much higher range, than Josh. Josh's voice is actually deeper and his range is far less. Scotty can do more than Josh Turner and can definitely separate himself from Turner if he wants to.

      • The really good thing about Scotty apart from his obvious talent is his youth. Young people will move even more toward country music and away from rap, hip hop and the crap that passes for pop these days.

      • Scotty for the win. He is what AL for people to watch again next year against a lot of different talent shows But you can be sure what ever happens, he will ride his one horse pony to the bank

      • You hit the nail on the head. Scotty is a lack-luster copy cat of Josh Turner…no originality. Does not hold a flicker to James Durbin in terms of talent

      • scotty for the win? are you kidding me? the only talent that boy has is the ability to put me to sleep, seriously.

      • Now I wouldn't call Scotty a copycat of Turner. Like somebody pointed out, his register is just a touch bit higher, and he's nowhere near as polished at the moment. If he takes advantage of his range, pushes himself and grows, he will be better than Turner… at the moment though he is a very similar style of artist.

        My point was that sayign to Vote for scotty because the industry already has somebody like James is intellectually dishonest becauase the industry has somebody like Scotty as well. The industry has people like all of the contestants, none of them are completely origional. But all have the potential to be worthy of sitting in the same company as the top artists in each of their respective genres if they continue to develop, grow, and polish themselves.

      • DAwn J… gotta be kidding …Josh turner can sing circles round Scotty. All these kids are talented …I hope someone who can sell records wins this year . I would never buy music by Scotty unless he gets some really talented songwriters…not likely but possible I guess

      • Hye, I love Josh, too but Scotty has a different sound and…he will eventually become "pop-ish"…like CU. Did you see him last night. Besides…the pile of goo from Josh is because of the lyrics of the songs he sings…I don't think Scotty could sell those lyrics yet. I so want him to sing I"m a Country Boy by Alan Jackson.

    • We are greedy and want as many fine artist and songs to pick from as possible, not simply one or two per each genre of music.

      Pia looks to be doing great now and I would not be too sad if anyone of them won, hmm OK maybe not Jacob, sing Gospel at Church but I don't listen to it much otherwise.

  4. james deserves to win just as much as scotty does and even more. he sings, performs and gives it his all. week after week james does something new and exciting.

    • Your opinion I disagree My opinion which I am entitled to. Also (my opinion) James doesnt deserve anything more then others in the contest.

      • just like scotty doesn't. i have voted faithfully for scotty, james and lauren but after james did muse he has my votes.

      • J9For Scotty…..Yes you are definitely entitled to your opinion..The only reason that James deserves to win is because he is a better performer….Scotty has not grown at all in this competition…He started off with a bang but seems to be ending with a boom….Just MY opinion…

      • Phyliss You seem to have a lot of opinions. And they are all the same. Maybe you should be very careful. Have you heard of Carpal Tunnel?

      • Maria…..I am very passionate about who I like……This site is for freedom of speech…..Don't worry about my carpal tunnel…Just pick up the phone and vote…..

      • Oh Phyllis you can count on me voting Good luck if you have to have that surgery

      • Phyllis pay Maria no mind. She seems to be shallow in her posts. You keep going. I have really enjoyed your posts all year. I agree with you most of the time, for sure more than Maria. Can't wait for James and Haley tonight. I just hope that Randy gives Haley a fair shake tonight. Keep up the good work Phyllis!

    • I am rooting for James to win but Haley is getting my votes, I listen to her itunes all the time now, they are all different, yet with that bluesy flavor to them. I look forward to buying her songs each week to add to may collection.

      • Haley is karaoke in every performance like a copy cat…meow!!!purr!!!

      • to: Second Chance.

        I don't know who in the heck is signing in as me (Carol K.) but the two comments posted are definitely NOT me.

      • Don't worry, I can smell the trolls when they post. Who's the copy cat now?!

      • To the fake Carol K…

        Your comments are so insightful!! NOT. Haley is about as far away from karaoke as you can get.

        James and Haley, (also Casey) are NEVER the same. They always show different sides of themselves, unlike the other 3 who sound very similar every single week. That's how they went from my faves, to Haley and James' backup singers. I'm hoping this week they really step it up and blow my mind. I'm not gonna hold my breath however.

        P.S. I STILL can't get enough of Benny and the Jets! I hope Haley does another song that so brilliantly showcases her voice again tonight.

        GO HALEEYYYY! You're the best!

      • Far out, Devin Lee! I agree on Bennie and the Jets, but also on Piece of My Heart and "I Feel the Earth Move!" Hey, "Be My Baby Tonight" is impressive in its own right! Go Haley! She's not done anything poorly, and I'll bet she brings something else totally different yet again tonight! I'm hoping for "Like a Star"!

    • James is an amazing and gifted singer and performer. Concert ready and good to go. He does not need to win. He already has.

  5. I really did like Stefano Langone,,,but now im a James Durbins fan his best friend!

    • Me too LOVE STEFANO so much. Yup! will vote for James for the sake of Stefano. James took care of Stefano and hos tears of brotherhood is so real. I bet at least 95% of Stefano fans will vote for James and he is going to rule it all.

      Sigh! all I can do now is watch all Stefano's performances in You Tube. Really wish he did not leave Idol so quick. Life is so cruels but I am Crazy For Stefano. Much love.

      • No more than you are Ruth, 🙂 You voting for Scotty for the sole reason he's country isn't any different than these guys voting for James because he's Stefano's friend.

  6. The talent is great but we feel Scotty has the best voice and is very well rounded-He has great values and good role model for all.GO SCOTTY!!!!!

    • he has great values because why?

      good role model?, again why better than the other 4?

      • James is a fabulous role model for people with disabilities…go James go!

        Lauren is the sweetest thing, don't see nothing there that says she isn't role model material…quite the opposite really…go for it Lauren!

        Jacob is a nice church-going young man, and not afraid to say so, what's wrong with that…you can really sing Jacob!

        Haley, is a beautiful poised young lady, striving for her dreams, again role model material I think…you can do it Haley…we know who you are as an artist! You will go far!

      • Nice church-going young man? Jacob's reportedly spent time in the slammer.

      • @id0Ln00b

        jacob reportedly spent 3 days in jail for riding the metro without a ticket, and received 2 years probation … not really a 'slammer' offence in my opinion…I think the 3 days was probably sufficient enough to scare this harden criminal …

        get a grip

      • Well, it's not just the "metro without a ticket" that landed Jacob in the slammer. He reportedly missed his court appearance. As a fugitive, he went on the lam, but he couldn't escape the long arm of the law. Cop pulls him over, finds warrant for his arrest, and BOOM! It's slammer time. I think Jacob should sing Slammer Time by M. C. Slammer 🙂

    • Exactly…how do you know he's not Eddy Haskell? What exactly do you know about Scotty, other than the fact he was guilt-ridden about his conspiratorial silent assent to the bullying of the young kid during Hollywood Week? Role Model? Can we please focus on singing and performance? I like Scotty, but nothing about him leads me to believe he's ready to be canonized.

      • The only reason I know for Scotty not being Eddie Haskell is that Ryan is.

      • I haven't forgotten what Scotty did during Hollywood week. He's young though, and perhaps he learned something from it.

      • Scotty didn't do that. He didn't protest it and has since expressed his regret. He's 17 and was steam rolled by older, overbearing people. Another example of how young he is.

      • Agreed. Scotty has that small black mark on his "nice guy" image… but I have to give him props for owning up to it and admitting he was wrong not to stand up for the other kid.

        Doesn't completely erase it in my mind, but I personally give a lot of due to owning up to ones mistakes. He handled the situation like a kid, but he took responsability like a man.

    • Totally Agree!! Great person to represent American with the "American Idol" title.

      • This is pretty crazy. Since when does the American Idol winner represent America?

      • I think I just threw up some. He is a great kid, good singer but I'm not ready to vote this kid in for the next Captain America.

      • That incident at the beginning of the seasong…both of the "kids" were a little out of place at that time. Scotty was also trying to find a group and the older "slightly" more aggressive singers weren't too accepting…don't you think Scotty has become more outgoing??? Anyway…it takes a man to apologize and really nean it and I think that is what we saw. I am not sure that it was only Scotty that should have apologized to that boy.

    • lol help! help! big dangerous criminal on the loose. run for your lives


      gee I wonder wonder wonder if that would have happened to a young white man, or if he would have let go with one of those stern warnings??

      just askin'

  7. Fromm Peru I love Scotty, no se ingles pienso que como James hay muchos y Scotty es único, aca en Perú nos reunimos y el único motivo es ver a Scotty y nos encanta, esperamos pronto poder comprar su Cds y nos somos unas niñitas, nos parece algo nuevo es como si volviera una época que no conocíamos de los cantantes suaves y con una gran voz, creemos que va a llegar lejos en el mundo de la música, esperamos ver una gran final con Scotty ganador.

    • My husband's family is from Peru — of our more than 60 family & friends in Peru — 3/4 would vote for James – the remainder split between the rest. As you know R&R is still extremely popular in Peru! The family loves James connection with the audience & his brillant performances.


      • Para todos los gustos hay,a mi grupo de amigos no gustar James, "Scotty is one of the best ideal perfomances of all time, in our honest opinion" creemos que ofrece algo nuevo y bueno que gane el mejor: Scotty es para nosotros, Go Scotty!!!!

      • Dear Diana, Scotty is one of the best perfomances ever!!!!! Vote, vote Scotty

    • Stop hating on James!! That's the only reason i hate on Scotty cuz scotty fans say james isn't original

  8. This for SCOTTY. I am from South Africa and I do think that SCOTTY is a natural!!! GO SCOTTY GO!!!!!!!

    All the others are all good singers but a better role model than SCOTTY you cannot get!!

  9. Lauren Alaina is the ONLY contestant left with ANY talent at all. She has everything it takes to be an American Idol. She is beautiful, she has a flawless voice. She is as good live as she is on her studio versions. She has NEVER been in the Bottom 3. That should tell you something. Please vote for her. She is truly AMAZING inside & out.

    • Ans she is boring….zzzzzz. Hope Lauren goes home this week. Jacob is much better than her.

      (By the way, you were kidding saying she is beautiful, right?).

      • lauren is a beautiful young woman and her voice is beautiful. her performances may be kind of boring but her voice makes up for that.

      • I have loved Lauren from auditions. However, she seemed breathless last the stage and the audience were just too much for her. While I think she did a good job, I think this whole thing overwhelms her and she just needs time to grow. She will be a star.

        As for Haley…I thought she rocked the last song last night…one of the few times I really liked her. However, I don't see why she is getting the top nod last night…her first song fell flat…really bad…why did they even let her do it?

    • 60% of the remaining contestants have never been in the bottom 3, whats you point? 😉

    • My theory as to why they didn't specify a bottom 3 last week is that Lauren was there.

      • Disagree, I m sure it was Haley (who is always there for good reason), Casey and Jacob.

      • Actually, I disagree about haley being in the bottom 3…

        They put 2 people back to the couch outside of all the rest first… I know that he kept saying random order, but the fact that those 2 were sent to safety immediately really does seem to indicate that they weren't in the bottom 3.

        I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it on this one.

    • Lauren has the best voice in the group. Lauren will win. Go Lauren!!!

      • Somebody (girlspower) is going to be disappointed in two weeks. I guarentee.

    • I absolutely LOVE Lauren!!! I hate that so many people are talking about her like they do when she is only 16 years old!!! She does have a star quality and can shine just like anyone else on the show and I will vote for her 100 times because I believe that much in her!!! And just to point out that the judges give Haley a hard time…I disagree. They have been down on Lauren lately and remember Randy said that Haley had the best performance of the night with "Bennie and The Jets", JLo also says that she has the most soulful voice in the competition, and Steven Tyler loves her and says "she sings sexy". I feel they prefer Haley over Lauren. While I do love Haley, I do feel that Lauren has more start quality.

    • I take issue with that comment LaurenFan. All of the contestants left have got talent and buckets of it. For instance I personally do not like Jacob's music or voice but to say he has no talent is going way too far.

      Please show some respect for all of the contestants. You don't have to like their performaces or voices but respect them for the talent they have.

      • Danial I agree with you totally. Respect is an unknown word to many non adults. You can decipher the adults from the children by reading blogs

  10. only 11 and a half more hours! i am really excited to see what they all will do. i think this is gonna be a great week.

    if jacob goes this week i will be on pins and needles the next 3 eliminations. i like all the remaining performers once jacob leaves. i will be sad to see any of them go.

  11. Go haley…

    Among the contestant ur Unique,Original

    and Glamour,..I cant wait to see you perform

    u make me excited every week coz i realy dont

    know what u gonna do coz u always Surprize me

    everywek u do new thing u never bore me…


    you know what to do…VOTE!!!

    • Haley has my vote, she is truly amazing. I like all of them but Haley is by far the best. GO HALEY!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yep. Haley has as many votes as I can get in in the 2 hours. Hope she looks pretty because all the guys that love her on utube will power vote also.

  12. Haley is the best and James tow ,ether way if James or Haley were to win i'd be happy but a woman has not won in donkes and also i'd buy Haley's ablum James's would be to rocky for me alought he has an amazing voice. Vot Haley cause Rnady seem's to want her off the show she has a great voice better than Laurens and yet Lauren gets good comments every week and sometimes which is most she sucks. She is boring with her song choice and doesn't take risks. I loved Lauren sing Candle in wind , do you notice thats the only ballad she has done. I am so tired off Rand zzzzzzzz he is full of it just cause Simon is gone . I must say i thought i hated Steven at the start cause he looked bored all the time lol,but he is better with his judging now. SO EVEN IF HALEY SLAYS IT TONIGHT YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO VOTE,VOTE,VOTE, CAUSE YOU MAY THINK SHE IS SAFE BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO PIA .VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Do they have power yet and/or phone lines in those 7 southern states that vote for Scotty?

    • apparently, when the lines were down last week, it made no difference to the voting results. so I assume it will not this week either.

      • Who said that? I've been seeing just the opposite on all of the Idol blogs.

    • the lines were/are down in the so-called 'scotty/lauren' states…neither one's outcome was affected as casey was the one sent packin' ergo…shouldn't be the deal breaker this time either

      • I dont think its just the south that love Scotty and Lauren though. I think that is why they were not affected that much.

      • exactly chris…

        the tragedy in the southern states won't be the deciding factor!

      • Especially since alot of people in the southern states that do watch (like me) vote for James and Haley.

    • Unfortunately, No. Have relatives working on restoring communications—will be weeks before everyone is fully restored. Everyone voting for Lauren and Scotty had better double up to make up for those that are unable to cast a vote.

    • It's not like the entire states are out of power… there are some pockets inside of each of those states. I have several relatives in the area that were hit by storms (none died thankfully) and all of them have their power back now. I would assume that there are still pockets of outages, but considering how tough it is to live without power for multiple weeks, I would wager that 99% of folks in the still affected areas have either moved in with family nearby that have power or have generators going to supply power to their appliances.

      Probably less than a tenth of a percent of the voters will be without power and without the ability to vote this week.

  14. why does jlo say things like " i bet that's gonna be the best of the night" or " you're gonna be the star of the night" to durbin after his performances. isn't that an insult to the other remaining contestants? its like she doesn't expect them to do any better. by the way i'm rooting for HALEY

    • @pinoyfan- Maybe because he IS the "star of the night" and nobody does do any better.

      • As said in many of other posts -IMO the judges have given kudos and gone over the top to all of the remaining contestants. Some think not to Haley –but look how much she has improved!!

        The contestants have no control over what the judges will say.

        IMO It makes the other contestants try harder AND they also know that they have been given many compliments by the judges.

        And finally I think the majority of the AI voters have enough intelligence to take the complimenting with a grain of salt.

        If it is the contestant you are voting for you can agree – if not then disagree — it is not writtn in stone!

      • im pinoy too..

        i like haley!!!

        very versatile…

        hay sana naman mag vote ang america sa kanya sayang naman,,,

    • I am a Lauren fan, but James is really awesome…so awesome to the point that if he won I would NOT be disappointed. You have to go from what has been done througout the competition and so far James has delivered every single time. He has completely made me a fan of his. Especially after his "Uprising" performance. If I were JLo I would have said the samething because I already knew that his performance was mere perfection last week. And I vote for Lauren every week because I love her! But I have fallen in love with James!!!

    • To pinoyfan:

      I agree with Diana. The contestants do not have control over what the judges say and whatever individual they are praising should not be punished for the comments of the judges.

      I think people have the brains to decide for themselves who they think is better. I don't think the audience/public is influenced by what the judges say. When they told one girl awhile back she was a Diva, a Star, she was voted off next round and the judges didn't save her. So much for what the judges have to say.

      Judges have their favorites just like the rest of us. They should be a little more restrained in their enthusiasm sometimes though, I think.

    • She said Theatrically the best show of the night. And yes he is the best theatrically and vocaly compared to others singing now.

  15. @douglas – well you're probably right about him being the star because he is by far the most popular now and people would still think he's the best even if he like did mediocre. but for jlo to say those things even before she's seen the rest of the performances, it's like saying "you can turn off your tv's now because the other four will suck. They don't have any talent to show" i mean cmon, give them a chance, most beautiful woman.

    • I know, you're right. I would feel that way too if I weren't a James fan.

  16. i think james is great, and i am not a hater of any of the contestants, (i hate randy and jlo) but the reason why i can' t LOVE durbin is because i was a fan of lambert. and yes adam is a far better vocalist and performer. Adam was actually the only contestant besides fantasia who i can give the "best ever contestant to hit the american idol stage" title to. And people don't say that james and adam are totally different from each other because their singing style have a lot in common

    • thank you!! yes, james is good, no question. but adam is in a league of his own, an incredible performer (and cuter!) with a voice not to be believed. i still say that james would be fabulous fronting a hard rock band. but he still has a long way to go. he will probably win this season.

      • Sorry– but even Adam Lambert said that James Durbin & him have different styles. I'm a hugh Adam Lambert fan & also a hugh fan of James Durbin. AL has complimented James on his performances and said he "rocks"

        What they have in common is the rock thing. James is mainly rock/metal –Adam rock/pop/glam and they both have a wail — typical of a majority of rockers.

        AL (28) has a well trained voice with many years of voice training & experience behind him than JD (22). With time, training,& experiance James will also greatly improve. Although I hope James keeps that edginess quality in his voice.

        Alot of AL fans who are over the top have really hated on James & I think that really sucks, he has nothing but kind things to say about Adam & states "I am James Durbin & will always be James Durbin". -He knows who he is & does not need to copy anyone.

        IMO problem is that some of AL fans do not know much about the history of rock & think that "rock" begin with AL & American Idol. Not True — It has been around for at least 60 years. A majority of the rockers back then wore long coats,& some wore feathers,lots of jewelery, some wore black nail polish, eye liner and WAILED their butts off!

        I think Adam Lambert fans can like him & also like James Durbin without feeling as if they are cheating on AL. Two entirely different & exciting entertainers!!!

      • great post diana and i could not agree more! let james be james and adam be adam.

      • Diana….You said it all…100% agree……..They are both great entertainers and there is definitely room for both of them in the music business…..

      • I don't know of Adam Lambert. Shame on me. So I can't compare and wouldn't anyway. Each of these performers is an individual and should be judged on their own merit. Each needs a little fine tuning and that will come with time.

        I am a James Durbin fan. My reasoning is that to me, he is the best all around performer. The complete package. He is hungry for the win and pushes himself to the limit each performance. Not content to sick back in a safety zone.

      • Diana and all that followed… great posts to you all. They are both strikingly different types of Musicians, the only time that James didn anything that should even draw direct comparisons is when he performed Uprising by Muse… and considering how he slayed that… well, lets just leave it at both of them are very different styles of performer and a big ditto to what y'all posted in response to the sillyness.

      • Diana said everything i though about saying so yes. Just because you wail doesnt all the sudden make you an adam lambert copier. Because people have wailed since rock began.

      • I am a huge Adam Lambert fan and a huge James Durbin fan…but they are both so different. Rock has been around for long time, Steven Tyler fronts one such band.

        But you need to remember that not in the history of AI has a rock singer won. We have had country, pop, R&B but not downright, dirty, good, honest rocker win….2011 would be nice to end that……James Durbin! For the rockers/heavy metal…

  17. As I said before American Idol needs a girl to win this season. In my opinion James should win it all he is the best, he chooses his songs with intelligence and performs spotless every time BUT for convenience and publicity a girl should be the winner in the eyes of the producers.

    Steven Tyler predicted Lauren from her first performance that she will win AI. I am not a Lauren fan but I understand the convenience of the program to root for a girl this time. Anyway I would love to see James winning, he has the whole package to be the best AI this season.

    • IMO vote for the contestant you like who really moves you & you wouldn't mind spending you hard earned money on to by a cd or see in concert!!WHO KNOWS — next year could be all females as the top three–

      We're voting for JAMES DURBIN–I think the strongest female contestant was already voted off.

  18. there are several hundreds of Laurens area fans without power…please vote FOR LAUREN

  19. I am excited to see what Scotty and Lauren will do for the last 2 weeks Laurens peformances have been my favorite

  20. @marta – love your post as i too am a fan of conspiracy theories. i think that thia would've fit the spot you're giving to lauren. she's young and kinda reminds me of the miley cyrus generation of pop stars but she hadn't had the chance to sing modern or play her guitar and really show how good she is.. Though i think both lack that "star personality"

    • I loved Thia's voice. It was very pleasant to listen to. I hope she'll record some day.

    • Hopefully she will get on the X-Factor next year since her tour will be done then. By then she should have enough expeirence to go and win it.

  21. I will miss the show tonight but my heart will be with JAMES and I have no doubt that he will be on top…..

    • i will vote james for you 🙂 i mean i will be voting for at least an hour and all for james. some of my votes can be from you. lol

    • i guess i will be voting james for 2 hours tonight to get everyones votes in! lol.

  22. I have said this before. I think James is the best performer of this years group, by far. And I think Haley is the all around best singer. But there is something VERY UNNIQUE about Scotty's voice that makes people stop what they are doing and listen the first time they hear it. So, even though I suspect James will win (and he deserves to) I think Scotty's musical career will far outlast James’s musical career and even that of the American Idol TV show. So, do not be surprised if 10 years from now, you will see I am correct and start to think how all knowing Steve Fox was, way back then.

    • I think it will be a bit easier for Scotty since Country is more about the voice and with a guitar or piano you can have a hit.

      Rock is more about the music with the vocals guiding it along.

      Pop is a mix of the two and other genres, with it sometimes more about how a song or artist packaged than a true genre.

      James will need the right band to become truly great, with songwriting and arranging critical but he has a good feel for music that people will like which will carry him far.

      • Not really, after all, it is just as difficult for a Rock singer to "guide" the band with his vocals as it is for a country singer to sing a country song.

        Both are incredibly challenging prospects and just require different skillsets.

      • But nice attempt to marginalize every rock singer to ever take the stage. I'm sure Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford, Robert Plant, and Paul McCartney really appreciate it.

    • Steve Fox I agree with you Put bluntly James will be a flash in the pan. His staying power is limiting while Scotty will still be around for a long time. I have heard there is a period of time you remain true to AL. Yes????

      • Boy do I disagree….Scotty will have a career in the music industry and he will be huge, but to dismiss James like that as being a flash in the pan.. is so wrong. All along producer Jimmy has said what a talent he is…the musos they bring in when rehearsing have all said what an amazing talent he mean to say that you know better than them?

        Scotty, James and Lauren will have careers in the music business…and if they keep working at it, it won't be a fleeting one, flash in the pan, but long ones….

  23. VOTE FOR JAMESS ,he's by far the best left in this competition, I think a lot of people know it already.

    • I am rooting for James to win for many reasons but I simply don't think James or Scotty will be ready to put out an album before the end of the year or next year, while Haley is putting out great itunes now and I love listening to them so my votes are going to HALEY!!!

  24. Haley is definitely my idol… she can sing big big songs, she's even the most versatile contestant of the show.. and She is the last hope of girls to win this show…. you got it right… She's incredibly hot and sexy and fantastic…

  25. I'm voting for james because like j lo said he is the most consistent one on the show. he is the all around best performer and you never know what your going to get with him.and why is there alwaya an adam lambert comment in the things this has to do the top 5 of this year not two years ago. i'm not going to say i don't like anybody else because my votes will always go to james

    • Because DERRICK their are so many Adam Lambert FANatics that feel threatened & hate James.

      I did post a long reply to #20 PINOYFAN regarding this. Yep– also wonder why we are still having this conversation re: Adam Lambert VS James Durbin. They are two entirely different artists.

      • Diana…..I, too, am sick of hearing about Adam verses James……Why don't we hear about Johnny Cash verses Scotty……There is room for two rockers in the music business….Please lets get real….Adam is doing great and so will James…..VOTE FOR JAMES…….

      • but why feel threatened they are nothing alike as artists.i f james had made it on season 8 when he initially auditioned i could see a james vs adam but people just need to get over it.

  26. Scotty & Haley have a unique voice. Not in every season you can find voices like that. The other contestants were great, but not special…not unique.

    • I disagree. Jacob doesn't have James' voice. James doesn't have Scotty's voice. Scotty's doesn't have Haley's voice. Haley doesn't have Lauren's voice. I think they all have their own unique voice and tone. So, define "unique voice"…

      • I agree Raizo…I feel like they all have a unique voice and tone. I think that is why this top 5 is so strong. I could listen to Lauren, Scotty, James, and Haley on the radio anyday. I am not a big fan of Jacob, but there are gospel music lovers who do appreciate his voice.

      • a unique voice, is a voice that is existing as the only one like it.

        James, Scotty, Lauren, and Jacob all have extremely good singing voices, but are comparable to many other existing artists, therefore not unique. Haley, on the other hand is unique in that there are no other artists out there comparable to her. Who does she sound like??? Can you picture Janis Joplin singing Blue? Can you picture Adele singing Benny and the Jets? Can you picture Leann Rimes singing Rolling in the Deep? I am not saying that Haley is better than all the artists and contestants, i am just saying I have never heard anyone sing the way she sings, in so many different genres. Personally, I think that makes her voice the most unique voice in this competition, and I hope she wins because of it.

      • @JD. I agree with you entirely. Haley is incredible. This batch of performers is good, but there's a certain amount of copycat-ness to everyone except Haley. The word "unique" is overused and misused, so I'll just call Haley the most original of the top 5 — and in a good way.

  27. I dont understand why people think Scotty and James just wont be ready to put out an album yet but i think they both will be ready to put out albums at the end of the year and one of them for sure be putting out an album in a couple of months because it will be scotty or james wining this competetion and im hoping it will be Scotty

    • It isn't so much that they themselves aren't ready to put out an album. It's more that, in the rush to put out an album, the producers have been somewhat less than selective about the quality of the songs. This kind of haste produces an inferior product and low sales.

  28. AMERICA… VOTE FOR JAMES!!! He's the most perfectly consistent performer from the very beginning, he has the heart and soul everytime he performs, he has the X-FACTOR, and the fact that he has some kind of affliction makes me even prouder of him. Isn't that the kind of an American Idol that we need and want?I envy his Mom! Oh by the way, to some guys out there… PLZZZ stop comparing James Durbin and Adam Lambert! They're quite different from each other. I like Adam too but I like James more. 😀

    • @therese mirabueno thank you you seem like one of the only people to get that about james. also i love both of him and adam lambert but adam lambert's season was two years ago so why cant people stop comparing them because they are two completely different artists

  29. How can anyone comment with 100% certainty as to someone being a roll model when we don't really know these people?

    • Well that is true but you can see some of them as a really good role model right now like James he has a disability but that didnt stop him from trying out and look how far he has made it so the will give people with disabilities belief to try out them self next year

      • Christina: You are right. We may not know all there is to know about James, for example, but what we do know is very admirable.

        Thank you for elaborating on my post. Not everything is as black and white as my post would indicate. I truly do admire many of James Durbin's qualities aside from his terrific performances. By the by, he has two disabilities.

      • Exactly what disability does James have? There has been a lot of explaining his so called disability both pro and con.

      • James has Tourette's which produces facial tics and high energy. He also has Asperger's which is a high functioning form of autism.

      • You explained a few symptoms of these afflictions Do you have a medical background? If not may I suggest you go to computer for additional information, or any Neurology Medical publications

      • Pa; If Lee wanted the entire pathology of either disease, I'm sure it's to be found on the web. This isn't the forum for highly detailed subjects which are off topic. As for the medical background, yes, I have.

      • Thanks Jake, I don't have the background to state the points, and as you say, this isn't the place to do so.

  30. This is coming from a person who has never listened to metat. i never heard of judas priest or even muse. i am usually a fan of r&b music and james has made me a fan of metal. so my votes go to james durbin

    • I was personally surprised that James took "You've got another thing comin'"…one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life…and actually made it sound good.

      Pleasantly surprised, I must say.

  31. i love james him and jacob are my fav singers on american idol lift,but i think the final 2 will be jacob and lauren as much as i hate to say it but thats what i think we'll happen not that james isn't good it's

    just that i think the votes might go kind'na

    kris allen and adam lambert again,hey just saying.

    • I somehow really really doubt that it would be a Jacob/Lauren finale…but hey, sometimes people roll snake eyes…who knows?

  32. IN MY Humble Opinion ;o) *i just wanna say , James ; i think you and Steven should do a No Vote Count song together … Cuz you 2 will Bring Down the HOUSE !!! and that wouldn't be fair to give all 30 million ((LOL)) votes to you only , On serious note ; even if Goodness forbid ; Something weird happens and you are 2nd ((tooey tooey on 2 fingers )) … YOU are already #1 to Many , many true Rockers … and both Randy Jackson & Steven Tyler (i'm sure) will Make Dang sure that *You are Never Forgotten , Dude !

  33. ok.. I am a haley scotty and lauren fan.. so i want any of them to win i really would like for haley to win because i feel regardless if scotty or lauren win or not they will have a record deal. haley on the other hand i dont feel will, even thop in my opinion she the best voice in this and can do sooo much with it, she just doesnt have the fan base. as for jacob i dont get why he is there still anyway i would die if he won. and james i feel will win and it is sad, he is ok but he really is not that good of a singer just a peformer but that is what all the power voters like ( which is all the little children out there still in school who have nothing better to do then to vote vote vote) but i think he will take the title, which sucks but it is american idol. the winner does not always do good. and i think that will def. be the case with him he will get it put out a song or two and be a person from the past you never hear of ever again!

    • Amy…..thats what they said about Adam…..Wrong…..James' concerts, win or lose, will sell out….

      James is not only a rocker he also sings ballads too and damn good at it…..

      • Absolutely Phyllis G. Amy, there are many people who can sing really well in this world. Not all of them are good performers. I want the complete package rolled into one…….singer/performer.

        My daughter sings a lot of rock songs and some country. In the beginning she lost a few competitions because, as one music producer said to her "you have to do more than just stand there with your fingers in your belt buckle". She listened. She now dresses differently and moves on that stage. Now, not just a singer….but a singer/performer.

      • Briar99….Your daughter listened and learned….Good for her…..Good Luck to her….

        James is the complete package and thats why I vote for him…..

    • Amy; Wow. You'll die huh? That sounds serious. What are you 12? It's a television show. Get some perspective.

      • Templer: it was an expression, no i would really not "die" lol. I dont like jacob or james but if that is your cup of tea then dont mind me. if it upsets you so much then just be mature and skip over my comments. there is no need to get so angry over american idol.

    • My husband and I are definitely not teens and are both performers and James has been a favorite of ours since the show started. He is more than a performer and it is sad you have closed yourself off to really seeing that. I really like Haley, Lauren and Scotty and hope they do well, but James is by far the favorite!

    • Okay is anything in there true and not what you think!? James is an awesome singer…in my opinion…you have a right to an opinion but saying it is sad that James will win is sort of an insult, I respect Haley and Scotty

  34. Oh, please God, Let Haley sing 2 great songs. I love James and Scotty, but Haley has my heart. Vote for Haley.

    • Hiya Old Sarah:

      God gave all these contestants good voices. Up to them to decide what to do with them. I hope they all do great tonight. They have a nice variety of music years to choose from.

    • I agree. How he has managed this far I don't get it. He sings well but better have gone before him!

  35. Scotty is the number one, go Scotty, from VietNams,please vote for scotty.SCOTTY WILL BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

  36. Come on people. James Durbin is the only professional level talent. Can you not hear??

    • yeah! that's what I've been saying, and I think people are finally seeing it, THANK GOD!,American idol needs a winner like James, exciting and talented, not another BORING winner,nuff said.

    • IMO Yes, James has come along way in this competition, He is not afraid to take intelligent risks and will stay true to himself. He exudes warmth, love for his audience, passion for his music and has I feel a wonderful soul & spirit.

      I feel all of the remaining contestants have amazing talent and it is just a matter of which artist/entertainer you connect with.

      I am voting for JAMES, but I also feel that Haley has come a long way and since not only do I like rock, but jazz & blues I hope that she will also be in the top three.

      Really looking forward to tonight and each contestants performance. PLEASE VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! FOR JAMES!

    • thats not who rodney jerkins said was the one ready most for long career.

  37. Where is Stefano when we need him the most to blaze the stage? He is the most talented and dynamic Idol performer this far. Can't wait to see Stefano again.

  38. Stefano should not have been voted out too quick. The gorgeous kid should still be in Top 5.

  39. JAmes is on the finale already, dont you rememmber him saying he will sing an Aerosmtih song, and Steve will join him.. That was his free pass to the finale. I know he is good, but i don´t the see all the pimp around him. If i hace to choose a male contestant i would pick Scotty; he would do good at country radio; but my favorite its without a doubt Haley, simply the best in this competition of great talents. Sadly, i cant vote, im not american, im a south american haha… but i can see Haley being a International SuperStar… Go Haley

  40. My wonder is why all these people are saying Scotty is unique. He sounds like a deeper-voiced version of every other male country singer I hear on the radio…

    Can someone explain to me, please? I'm not seeing any uniqueness…unless you really think having a deep voice makes you unique.

    • I don't get it either…I'm not saying he doesn't have talent, cause he does…but he is far from unique…actually to me, his voice is so run of the mill country, that he could be singing karaoke in a bar somewhere

      • if I was voting only according to the genre, then:

        country would be Lauren as I feel she has far more talent- sorry Scotty fanatics

      • I feel as if Lauren has more talent than Scotty as well…..when they do their duets together you can just hear how much more powerful her voice is over his. I think he has a nice voice but I just dont feel he is as good as everyone says he is and that is my opinion….Favorite Guy: James Favorite Girl: Lauren…..

  41. Nothing run of the mill about Scotty's voice, you do not listen to much country, do you?

    • I listened to far more country than I want to listen to when I was growing up…was mom's music of choice.

      Also, I never said that his voice wasn't unique. The issue is that his singing style isn't unique…the only thing special about Scotty is the deep voice.

      • ALL HALEY FANS please vote for haley tonight! yall gotta power vote till your fingers are sore!

        no time to be complacent, no time to hesitate. Let's vote because we love haley.


  42. well rodney jerkins says scotty has best chance a big carreer,and jimmy lovine called him a phenom,and they r top producers,i think they know whst their talking about more than us

    thats to people thast dont think scotty is ready for carreer in music….

  43. I sincerely hope Haley tears up the stage tonight. 2 amazing performances could really propel her to the finals (especially if she can manage to keep randy from saying anything negative). I also hope Jacob goes home, but not because I hate him as seems to be the majority opinion. His hollywood performance was one of the most spiritually uplifting I have ever seen, but I really think the other four belong more than he does, with lauren following him as a close 4th

  44. Whoever said that Haley needs two more killer performances hit the nail on the head. Yes, James is amazing, and I love his style, but Haley truly has an incredibly unique voice but sadly, Randy seems to influence how people vote. Plus, a lot of younger girls are drawn towards Lauren Alaina, as she is a little younger and has a more poppish style, as well as thousands of 'BFF's' who are masters of texting votes a million times a minute. GO HALEY!

  45. This Scotty / James debate is repetitive. As I have posted a thousand times this is a talented group of artists. I remain a Haley fan, she is unique and not praised weekly by the judges who has apparently influenced the general public on the "winner". Best wishes and luck for Haley. The least promoted contestant.

    • My opinion of Haley is because I do not like her voice. Has nothing to do with what the judges say, I think they are very unprofessional.

  46. I wish that James will be the real American Idol. He is the only one who moves me, makes me crying, gives me always energy for hope+energy+LOVE. Simply I want him to win. Other wise I am gonna boycut the whole show. He is the BEST. Long time since my last emotional volcano. Thanks James Durbin for moving me, making me flying up there reaching the moon and the whole universe. Thanks, JAMES DURBIN 🙂

  47. Specially that last song when bust into tears. Why you made cry once again. I just LOVE your geniuonity while performing. I am praying to my Almighty Allah to make you the next American Idol. Aaaaameen. Otherwise, the whole show is a big flub and a real joke and the result, if- my favorite man- didnt win, will be a real jerk. Please Allah make
    " James Durbin ". Please Allah make James winning the whole show for now, and for GOOD. "I can't live without you",
    James Durbin as amazingly , mesmerizingly did in your last performance. I just Love your magical voice James Durbin 😉 🙂

  48. Lauren sent chills up my spin,but the song off the night was Haley with that beautiful transition off "house of the rising sun" by the animals.Wow was that ever good.So for me its Haley with the song of the night.I loved Scotty's last song, it was just good old country.

  49. James… you moved us tonight, showed your emotions and vulnerability… a winning combination! Haley, the last song was great and you should meet James in the final but James should win, his is a great story about overcoming adversity both health wise and family .

    • I ABSOLUTELY agree!!

      I'm pulling for him because I think he has a very natural talent. And listening to him sing, it's hard to believe that he is only 17 years old. He will only get better.

      • I agree Scotty is good but he is so boring.

        I hope James will be d next American Idol.

      • scottey,u'r really amazing…u have a killer voice. always love 2 listen when u sing,hopin america cud see dat!

        GO SCOTTEYssshhh!….

    • YES,I absolutely agree with you all, HE IS SIMPLY AMAZING,His golden VOICE brings tearS to my ear.

  50. I left a comment last thursday night complaining about the elimination process, how putting Scotty and Casey in the "supposed" bottom two took all the suspense out of it. I'm not a Scotty fan but I don't believe for a minute that he was in the bottom three even. At first I thought it was just poor scripting by the AI producers, and then I considered their motivation… I believe it was an attempt to get all of the Scotty fans voting. Jame's votes doubled last week and unless Scotty fans rally, it's not going to even be a close competition at the end. Remember how 2 weeks before the finals between Adam Lambert & Kris Allen, america found out that Adam was gay and all the christian's came out and voted for Kris… I won't be surprised if, next week, rumors start floating around that James' fondness for heavy metal will be tied to devil worship, and "safe sweet Scotty" ends up the winner

    • I don't believe that at all. I have believed for many weeks that it will be a Scotty/James finale. In my opinion, they are the best two singers left. And I believe they both have a large fan base.

      • I believe that they have the largest fan bases and that they will be in the final, but I do not believe that they are the best SINGERS.

  51. My opinion is this, each time Jacob Lusk sings, his voice is tremendously strong,outstanding, and very spiritual; my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is filled with joy to hear a young man who can sing a song like he owns it and with dignity. He is always energetic, pleasant, and confident. America needs to hear more voices like Jacob's,of young men and women who can touch the souls of people to believe in themselves and be in good spirit because of the words to a song were positive and on point. I wish Jacob all the LUCK and want him to be the next AMERICAN IDOL. I did enjoy James (who also touched my heart) and Scotty; they too were good, but vote is on Jacob.

  52. Scotty!! pure voice , God given talent comes from his heart to you what a clear tone and a natural tone !!just listen to his notes . Great sound and he already has America wanting him to become their Idol. GREAT SOUND TONIGHT!!! SCOTTY!! just be yourself . WE STAND BY YOU!!!!!

  53. Please, take Jacob OUT SOON, he was better in the beginning, he has lost himself completely. It is painful to hear him now, poor guy! My vote is for James and Haley, they are unique and awesome performers.

  54. Last week was a great week.

    This week (my opinion) : –

    James got an 'A' instead of A+.

    Scotty is not boring this time. 'A'

    Lauren, tried something great but off beat

    sometimes. B+

    Haley, exerted her best as usual but her voice

    is weak, so always uses a yelling voice,

    sorry to say that, like a mother yelling to

    her child sometimes. It's not her fault,

    but it's out of her control, she's already

    done her best. She's more like a movie star.

    Jacob, most of the time, singing well, sometimes

    off key. Most of all, he sings with a

    'crying voice', how can I buy his CDs !

    I miss Adam Lambert, Simon and Paula !!!

  55. Personal point of view for this week ranking;




    Jacob out

    Scotty will do well at KARAOKE lounge.

  56. I think Scotty should sing Shameless by Garth Brooks! I believe Scotty is a very intelligent young man who is keeping his eyes on the prize and thinking of the big picture. My husband hates country western music but Scotty has won him over!!!!!!! That is really what it's all about. A voice that grabs people and stops them and makes them listen. My daughter thinks that idol's voting is done by little teeny boppers who vote for their heart throbs……is that was true wouldn't we be hearing some bad singers instead of the best of the best America has to offer!!!!!!!! I have been with Scotty since the beginning and here I will stay. I just think now he has to bring it!

      • Indeed Scotty has unique voice,unfortunately something still missing with his singing and performances.

        Unlike Haley and James,their performance comes with solid charisma.

        Good luck to both Haley and James.

  57. I am SO angry with the judges comments about Haley's first song. The only thing they complained about was that they never heard the song before–and thought fans wouldn't "love" a performance for a song that's unfamiliar to them. They did not say one word about how well she sang or what a performance it was. I just do not know HOW IN THE HELL Haley contained herself afterwards. It was such a killer for all three of them (though Steven, alone. had his obligatory nice words for her) could be so scathing in their remarks at this juncture.

    Then the whole show was hers in the palm of her hand with "House of the Rising Sun." Just a killer performance. I was blown away by her vocals. She truly deserves more recognition on the show than she gets. She is head and shoulders above the rest. She is THAT good! I simply adore her.

    If the numbers don't justifiably support Haley tonight . . . well, it will be a travesty. Hopefully, Haley's fans voted in scores last night. Did you vote???????

    Lauren, wow, what a turn-around in her confidence! She did fantastically!!! I was SO proud of her. She's got her mojo working now!!

    I felt James was a little uneven in both songs last night. He was absolutely incredible in parts, not-so up-to-my-standard for him in other parts. Still loved him. I did not like all the crying business last night, even though I know what is at play with his condition, etc. It just came across as just a little contrived. Probably wasn't, but couldn't help thinking that.

    Jacob –well, I thought the judges were far too harsh for him on his first song. I liked it, but they were right in that he did sound like anybody else . . . didn't reveal him as the Jacob with the amazing skills. And then he really stumbled on his second. He knew it, and the judges at least acknowledged it so it was out in the open. Poor Jacob looked so forlorn and defeated afterwards. I felt sorry for him, I really did. Still hope he is the one going tonight, though. Not a fan.

    Scotty did an amazing, super job with his first song, both in his performance and singing. I was LMAO through it, he surprised me so much! 🙂 I really enjoyed it. I hate to admit it, but (because I was simply exhausted last night), I fell asleep for his second song. Just got to hear a snippet at the end. It was a good choice and from what I could hear, he did a good job with it. That young man had the best time of his life last night, I think!!

  58. Currently views in youtube..

    Haley Reinhart : House Of The Rising 207,237 views

    Scotty McCreery : You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – 30,458 views

    Jacob Lusk : Love Hurts – Everly Brothers :-


    James Durbin : Without You – Harry Nillson :


    Lauren Alaina : Unchained Melody – 46,230


  59. Oh my my my, the whole deal should end by giving the title of the American Idol only to the great " James Durbin ", simply. He should earn and OWN it due to his unbeatable performance. He does it by nature and by heart. He is not just saying bunch of lyrics stuck to each other, oh NO! He is producing the lyrics directly from the HEART, which makes that a trade mark. No ONE can do his performance. Comes from the heart, land in the heart of all viewers. Why would he cry in his last performance? It must have left a real mark at his heart and mind "memory"?
    Any ways, the show should end up by giving James Durbin the title of "American Idol".
    James if America didn't vote for you, then screw all this crab of this stupid show. You have nailed each one by your true and real emotions. Not faking your voice just to win fake audience like scooty. That scooty thing is not real. I agree with you who said about scooty would be great at KARYOKE business-unbeatable- there.
    James I hope that you will take the title with you to your LOVELY small family of yours. To start a real decent easy comfortable life.
    America I know that you always choose the right thing, then just all of us vote for the
    " James Durbin " phonemana. Please Allah make him the whole thing to draw a smile in his family's faces 😉 🙂

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