American Idol 2011 Top 5 Performances & Phone Numbers

Are you ready for some ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ performances on American Idol 2011? Well I hope so because that’s what you’re about to get! Each of the remaining five singers will be performing one modern song and one song from the 60’s. Let’s see who really wants to win it tonight because there isn’t any room left for errors.

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American Idol 2011 Top 5 ‘Now’ Performances:

  • James Durbin – Closer to the Edge – 1-866-436-5701 & 5706
  • Jacob Lusk – No Air – 1-866-436-5702 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Flat on the Floor – 1-866-436-5703 & 5708
  • Scotty McCreery – Gone – 1-866-436-5704 & 5709
  • Haley Reinhart – You and I – 1-866-436-5705 & 5710

Get all your tour & ticket details here and see which of the 44 stops is closest to your town.

American Idol 2011 Top 5 ‘Then’ Performances:

  • James Durbin – Without You – 1-866-436-5701 & 5706
  • Jacob Lusk – Love Hurts – 1-866-436-5702 & 5707
  • Lauren Alaina – Unchained Melody – 1-866-436-5703 & 5708
  • Scotty McCreery – Always On My Mind – 1-866-436-5704 & 5709
  • Haley Reinhart – House of the Rising Sun – 1-866-436-5705 & 5710

You can get these songs on iTunes or the originals for free from SuperPass.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. If Jacob knocks it out of the park, no one on this site (writer or readers) will acknowledge it.

    • Wellen, Did you notice that Randy's comment after the second performance by James was, "it's yours to loose"? What do you suppose he meant by that?

      • just what he says, it is his to lose. The bottom line is it will be between Scotty and James and james is in the lead right now, not to say it won't change.

  2. Geez, it's the night of screamers…..uggghhhhh. Bring on someone that can actually sing!

    • chichi, I didn't care for Jacob's performances either & all I have to say about the other is Cry Baby.

  3. I was really afraid Jacob would do something too over the top. He did very well but ouch with doing a duet by himself.

  4. Not impressed by Jacob tonight but he has a wonderful voice there is no doubt about it, I just did not like his song choice

    • Even Steven was somewhat critical of Jacob and he normally doesn't have a single negative thing to say about anybody!

    • She was really wonderful wasn't she? Perfect song choices. I don't think she has ever been more beautiful either.

  5. Woohoo Lauren, finally broke out of her shell. She is rocking it tonight!!

  6. omg lauren was awesome but who is that violinist dude that appears in her songs lately

  7. Vocally I think all Jacob and Lauren need some vocal lessons. Really. Jacob´s sang out of tune. Lauren´s voice was really cracked!

    • jacob was decent, but had a chose an unfitting song and lauren was amazing i didnt hear anything wrong.

    • Lauren? I don't know. She was amazing and found no flaw on what just happened.

      Jacob on the other hand…

  8. Why does haley get the pimp spot for the second week in a row! That is definitely not fair.

    • Totally…and do they just figure Scotty doesn't need the help? I don't recall him ever getting the pimp spot. Am I wrong?

      • It does not matter what spot she has, she is always in the bottom 3, it is only a matter of time. Remember, Casey went home before Jacob….we can only hope.

    • Haley gets the pimp spot again because when she does well (fingers crossed) it should assure she moves on. James goes first because….well….he's not going anywhere, and it should help push jacob out the door. Potential duets next week are much more appealing with james/haley instead of another james/jacob disaster

    • What's with the pimp spot. They all get the same air time? Do you actually believe a person sings worse by going first?

      • Susan, usually the #1 spot is referred to as the death spot on idol. It has been explained as such due to the viewing audience remembering the last (pimp) spot more clearly. However, as the numbers decrease so does that theory. Just saying


  10. scotty is quite the showman…its between james and scotty…bye bye jacob…lauren you have one more show…

    • I think your right exept instead of scotty james i think scotty haley but jacob needs to be gone and then lauren next week she is just to boring she sings good buts shes forgetable… HALEY IS THE BEST!!!

      • I think Jacob should go home this week and Haley should go home next week.

  11. Well done Scotty nice song choice funny faces, dancing and all lol he did good

  12. Looks like Scotty took a lesson from James tonight on how to get up there and put on a great performance.

    • that is what i thought too. maybe james is helping him out with stage performance.

  13. yeah i forgot about haley…lauren you have two more shows…haley will sing usual. mute button ready.

    • chichi, bet you feel like a real a**hole now that she performed. And if you don't, you should… Haley is not my favorite, but she had the BEST peformance tonight!

  14. Best I ever saw Scotty….I actually liked him first time since he sang Elvis

    • Scotty Killed it. He did great, sounded great and had fun. Best of the night so far

  15. Well, so far IMO, James was good, Jacob was disastrous, Lauren seems to have found her MoJo again and Scotty was real good, he was channeling Garth right there. Now if Haley does well, it will be a better than average first half.

  16. Was Scotty performing the Montomery Gentry song "Gone"? (Theres so many songs with that title, it's a pita to figure out which one out here on the west coast without hearing it yet.

    • And if that is the song he did… well then THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT! Good job Scotty! Wether he nailed it or not, thats the kind of chance he had to take to win this thing.

      • Yes he did the Montgomery Gentry song Gone and was awesome! Best he has done. You will absolutely love it when you see it!

      • OOOOHHHH He brought it!!! It was awesome! Matter of fact the best have been Scotty, Haley, and Lauryn. I love the song James sang, but he was a bit screechy.

        Jacob picked the wrong song. As long as he doesn't win, I think I might be happy with anyone else. Haley has even convinced me she can do it.

      • scotty was great tonight. he actually performed. he danced and made me love him again.

  17. These judges do realize that saying "_____ is in it to win it" really doesn't mean much of anything if you say it to almost everyone and you say it every week, right? Can we just…you know…STOP with that already?

    • It's not even close to critique or anything useful. Aren't they all in it to win it?

    • i know coz u hate haley..every comment of you is againts with haley…well im suprize if you Praise haley…hahahahhah

  18. haley was okay in the first performance.

    but comparing it to scotty, james and lauren… yeah no way.

      • They were being respectful to her after their comments on her first performance. She took poor advice & they felt for her as many of us did.

      • BUNNY, give me a break!! You must be joking, right?! Haley got a standing O b/c she took an amazing song and did an even more AMAZING cover. BEST performance of the night = only standing O

  19. I'm gonna have to look up Haley's song, but I really enjoy hearing her sing it.

  20. I think Haley did good but J Lo is right, was not a known song and people might not like the choice.

  21. Now see I thought Haley sounded great, see was serious sexy and smooth. Second best of the evening. I thought the judges were harsh.

  22. Haley sounded good …but between the judges and Jimmy's lame seems they are out to nail her to the wall. She is resigned to the criticism now.

    • I agree the judges are not giving Haley any credit, it looks like the want to say Jacob and get the voters to get vote Haley off.

    • Yea I think Jimmy was trying to sabotage her by giving her that suggestion. Many times Ive heard him tell contestants it would not be good to sing an unfamiliar song and then he suggests an unreleased song by Lady GaGa Of all people to Haley.

      • oops hit the subit button before I finished. Just wanted to say I still enjoyed hearing her sing because she gave it her twist and performed it well. She has always impressed me from the begining. IMO she has the best vocals.

  23. James is my favorite. That said, everyone sounds great tonight. And think Haley doing a Lady Gaga song is a good choice. The judges were too harsh.

  24. What the heck do they have against Hayley? She's not my favorite contestant, to be fair. But…for crying out loud. I actually kinda liked that she had a song that was different and a lot of people don't know. I don't know a LOT of songs that people on this show sing. That doesn't stop me from enjoying them if they're sung well.

    She takes risks and they slam her for it. She doesn't take risks, and I guarantee they'll tell her she's boring.

    You know what? I've enjoyed Hayley a heck of a lot more than other people who have skated through without much criticism at all. I don't want Hayley to win the competition, but I keep throwing some votes her way because I think she's actually better than at least one of the people who's still around…and until this week, didn't get criticism pretty much at all.

    If they want Hayley to go home, they should just say so. It really sucks that other singers have made MUCH bigger mistakes than her and yet they've gotten a free pass and were told that the sun practically shone out of their a**.

    If the judges are going to judge, then they should judge EVERYONE. And I mean give GENUINE CRITICISM to every contestant. Every single week. If they're not going to do that, then they should just break out the pompoms and shake them every so often at all the contestants.

    I'm not Hayley's biggest fan, but this is freaking ridiculous. Until she started getting called out all the time, I wanted her to go home. Now I hope she sticks around a little longer, just to piss off the judges. Because it clearly would.

      • Charming. Truly.

        Hardly the first week we've heard someone fail to knock it out of the park. The difference is, the judges rag on Hayley every week and other contestants get a free pass. At most they get a, "Well, it wasn't perfect, but YOU'RE perfect."

    • Jade – I agree. Many times I do not know the song but can still enjoy. One moment the judges say take a chance don't be safe. Then they criticize the chance. I don't know the song but really liked it. Did not know james' song either. but can appreciate the performance.

      They clearly had something against haley. And truthfully, if I was going to take song choice advice would i listen to Randy, Jennifer or Jimmy. Umm – Jimmy!

  25. Oh this is going to be interesting…..risky move for James…can he do it?

  26. Mindy, I've been saying that to my husband all along! Scotty, I hope you see this and sing Hello Darlin' next week.

    • I think he could really pull it off, if not Conway then something by Merle Haggard.

  27. I love Haley's voice and performance ability, but this was an unfortunate song choice, I think. I'm sick of how prejudiced the judges are with every artist. Before each singer opens his/her mouth, you can predict which judges are going to like which performances. And it always turns out that way. Haley sang the song great, though.

  28. Great performance by James except for the last 5 seconds. Still a showstopper though.

  29. Crying? come on James. enough with the tears. Yes its an emotional song, but come on.

      • Come on. If you want to nail someone for emotion that comes off as fake let's talk about Casey. Love the guy, but he did the same fainting spell when they sent him to hollywood of the audition as when they saved him.

        For a young guy, with a young family to push back against the obstacles he has had….I believe he is 100% genuine with his emotions. When you are a young parent who sets out on a journey to better yourself and the life you make for your child that takes you away from them it is a really brave thing to do. If you can't prove it was anything but genuine then don't say it. You have no idea what any of these kids have gone through and sacrificed to get here. They aren't playing a game and while fame and fortune is great I don't think this is a completely selfish endeavor for any of them. To say that his emotions were fake implies that it is. James was amazing in both appearances tonight!

      • Templar, I believe that James's emotions are true. But haven't we spoken many times about Scotty & Lauren not being ready for the spotlight because of their insecurities & what-not? So would it not be fair to say that if James can not handle (control) his separation anxieties, is he possibly not ready for the spotlight either?

      • Bunny, You honestly make me ill with discontent. Saying Scotty and Lauren are young and would be great if they had time to mature is one thing, but to make fun of someone who becomes emotional about the things he sings and how a song affects him is cruel. I have been reading a lot of hate full things on here and you just might be the one to throw the icing on the cake. Where is Elmer Fudd when you need someone to be out wabbit hunting?

      • Wellen, If I am the "icing on the cake", well then so be it. I disagree with the "making fun" issue. No one is making fun. I am reminded of Lorretta Lynn & her major breakdown on stage many years ago. And this was after many years & many, many concerts. My point is, if James breaks down at this point (so early in his career). What will happen if we pay lots of money to see him in concert & let's say he has a separation anxiety attack & can't continue? Just my opinion & some food for thought.

      • lol, probably so cause scotty was soooooo much better than James tonight!

      • I agree…Scotty was wonderful…versatile…I loved the upbeat song but I had to stop in my tracks to listen to You Are

        Always on My Mind….He really is a good singer…And I can understand what he is actually singing…

  30. Jacob sounded terrible on his first song. It seems like he sang it way too high, and like Randy said, 'sharp". It would have been much better if he brought it down a few levels. I think he is done……

  31. Wow, james is having a really rough night with his voice. But he did put on a great performance. Not making excuses but I think his conditions might be getting involved tonight.

  32. Haley is a great performer! Randy & Jennifer can kiss my ***! go Haley you get all of my votes!

    • The only person voting for Haley is herself. She is so full of herself. To mention talking in to Lady Gaga, she tried to sound important. Instead, she sounded the way i always thought of her… conceited and self-serving.

      • stop being such a bitter ass… you seem like those kind of jealous as that when one of your friends got a front row concert ticket to the biggest star in the world, and you're back there bitching saying he/she is boasting. gget a grip of yourself, jealous crap… judge someone by her performance, not becoz u feel she is boasting or crap. so shallow.

        haley is amazing tonight. love her first performance, goin to buy her track on itunes.


      • It amazes me that you can create such a complete analysis of Haley in the amount of time she is on stage. I think she made a choice that is on par with her previous risks, etc. Maybe people don't know the song, but she sang it well. I think the judges are overly hard on her for some reason. I don't get an ego off her. I get someone who is willing to take some risks. As far as the Lady Gaga comment, I would think anyone would want to get permission from an artist to do an unreleased song as it REALLY could tick someone off. I doubt highly that it was a name drop. Keep in mind what they say is edited as well. And for the record, I somehow doubt the finalists can vote at all. Pretty sure that would be item number one on any contract they have signed with AI. Just vote for Scotty and call it a night. No one said you had to like Haley. Same way I don't have to like Jacob's style. Doesn't mean I am going to say he is a name dropping ego maniac. He isn't he is just a person who is putting himself at the mercy of the spectator to rip apart like you did Haley and the next guy does James, or Scotty or anyone else for that matter. At the end of the day, these are all just very talented young adults who don't need us to judge them on anything other than their ability to sing. If you'd like a contest about looks or egos or whatever else I am certain there is a whole slew of other reality shows that would be more up your alley.

      • The lady gaga song sucked…. I hope she goes home shes so use to the bottom 3 just proves as much as shes been in the bottom 3 that she SUCKS but whatever…

      • Well said, Kelly. As for ego, I think she had a little of one in the beginning, but I don't read it as much anymore. She just seems like a cool person who doesn't care what people think of her, which is admirable. I wonder if Casey was good for her?

      • This is a competition you have to have a self confidence. People who call confidence, conceited they are usually the ones who always come in second place. Recognize

      • To Devin….not quite the retard. I'm a 4.0 college graduate who has always been told that I'm pretty. However, I would never act as self-important as Haley. I forgive you since it seems like you have quite the crush on Haley. They get the best of people sometimes.

      • HAHAHAHA ANGELA, I am a girl, and a straight girl. And you sound full of yourself if anything. You need to focus on the contestants you do like, as you are a bully. I did mean it when I said I strongly dislike you, but I should've never used the other word. I meant it with ignorance, not mentally challenged. I have great compassion for the mentally challenged, and would never use the word 'retard' when referring to them.

        College grad, huh? Woooow! You should know better than to pick on a 20 year old girl who's working her butt off, and always picks herself up after haters like you take swings at her. She has class, unlike the trash leaving her hateful comments on here.

      • I don't think Haley is full of herself at all. How could she be when she is the one taking all the criticism and knocks on what she sings, how she sings, etc., etc., etc., As tonight she looked like she was gonna cry after they ripped her once again for no reason. If she was anything as you said, she would have talked back to the judges. Gaga not the best song, but I thought she sung it well. House of the Rising Sun she was STELLAR!!!!!

      • Guys, Don't mind angela james… I know her… and she's a big bitch… she's envious with Haley…

        To angela james- i suggest that you should work on the house of the rising sun.. you fit there.. hahaha

      • susan, i am devins mom and devin dont take what she said to the troll back. she was raised different and out of anger she called her a retard. she meant to say idiot or moron. retard was just a poor choice of words and devin knew that as soon as it posted.

      • to angela james, 4.0 huh? what did you study, bitchery? as for being told you are pretty…all peoples parents say that to their own children 😉

        you commented on haley playing with her hair after the judges gave her a standingO, well miss 4.0 you should no that that is a form of a nervous habit. also her smiling when someone gets eliminated..a form of a nervous habit.

        i was never a big haley fan but she has proved herself ove and over again after benny and the jets. last night after lady gaga and the judges did not like it, she did not look stuck on herself or conceited. she looked very sad and it almost made me cry.

        you do not know, after the show she could go back to her room and cry. i never let people see me cry and i never will. dont mean i dont cry though.

        again i ask you, who is your favorite? i never see yo0u rooting for a favorite, i just see you bashing haley or anyone who votes for haley.

        were you beat up as a child by the popular girls by any chance? is that where your obsessed hatred for haley stems?

  33. I like James. But his pitch was all over the place. I understand he was emotional. "Emotionally perfect" though? What the heck does that mean?

    • Sympathy vote anyone? Am I the only one that thought this was was a poorly staged ploy? Come on folks–a shot of James sitting outside facing a fence? WHY don't they just put up a banner saying "Vote for James".


      • ruth, Did you see the look on Cheryl Crow's face when he walked out on the session? She said more with that one look than any of us could possibly say.

    • Ruth you just made the same list as Bunny in my book, hatefull I just can't wait for another post on how classy and mature Scotty is, how he is such a sweetheart comming from a dried up immature no class having bag of wind such as yourself. I can't wait to read another post on how much of a role model people are and oh so chrisitan comming from you. What a hipocrit.

      • I will make sure to do that from now on. But it would be a lot easier if I was not posting from my phone…lol. for some reason me and Matt can't figure out why, but I can't access to site from my computer. If anyone else is having that problem let me know.

      • wellen, dont change. your posts are great and a breath of fresh air with all the * that is being thrown! if they dont like your spelling they dont need to read your posts, their loss not yours 😉

  34. Why doesn't Jacob sound like a guy when he sings? It's like we still have 3 girls.

    • its not quite a girl…very ackward..he needs to stay on the back row on the church choir.

    • He has a wide range and mostly goes high tenor. Think Bobby Hatfield on "Unchained Melody" In fact, Jacob could probably do a decent rendition of "Unchained"

  35. That was funny, Jimmy saying "No gospel or Luther Vandross, that's not what the judges want to hear!" The judges said the exact opposite.

  36. I think Jacob is over dramatic darn!! I was enjoying his performance so much, the first part was awesome and then he lost it, the second part was no good 🙁

    • I had to walk out of the room. He is either off pitch or screaming. Those are his only two choices. The ones who should go to the showdown are: Lauren and Scotty

      • I agree with you 100% angela james. I think Lauren and Scotty should be the top 2.I DO NOT LIkE HALEY NEVER HAD AND I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HER. THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT HER.

      • Lauren and Scotty in the finals? sooo borrinngg!!!its james and haley in the finals!!

  37. Jacob, now needs to go home. He sang that song way too high and wow really why did he have to take it over the top?? I wish Anthony Hopkins would go Hannibel Lecter on his ass.

    • LOL! Well, that mental image will provide me some amusement for the last part of the show, that's for sure!

    • Wellen, Did he almost grab his, you know, while he was chicken strutting on the stage? I almost thought he was going to take Templar's hula suggestion.

    • wellen, OMG! i tired so hard not to laugh at what you posted about hannibal, i failed miserably! that was great. but i do feel kind of bad for laughing.

      • 2ndchance, if you follow most of my posts I throw some humor into where I don't like the performance. I don't want Jacob to really be eaten on national tv but that performance definately deserved to be put out of its misery.

      • wellen that is why i love your posts. got to have some humor in this world!

  38. Yeah so far I would say the one in danger of going home is Jacob, I missed Haley's performance so I can't say how she did in her first performance.

  39. Total pimping FOR James and BY James. He'll get tons of votes for these emotions — selling his family story. Don't get me wrong — he's very good, and I think the entire country AND the judges assume that he will win. But he WAS pitchy. Good song, though, and the emotions were good, but certainly not perfect.

  40. Hmm is Jacob crying because he knows he's going home next week? I actually wish he was better because I'd prefer if Haley went home next week.

    • Although I can't stand Jacob's voice anymore, I would choose Haley too. I just want to see her being rejected because I don't think it has ever happened in her life. An added bonus would be to see a clip of Pia at home smiling when SHE got voted off!

      • Wow….I think she is used to rejection. She is hammered every week by the judges . You don't know these people personally..why the hatred?

      • Cecil ~ I think her hatred comes from disliking the prettier girls. Jealousy is an ugly beast. Just like some posters.

      • angela , you are a jealous ugly pig. and haley is smoking hot and the best singer ever on idol.

      • Actually Big Al….I'm not an ugly, jealous pig. I've been called beautiful all my life. That doesn't mean I walk around like I have a stripper pole with me. Your crush on Haley has obviously turned into somewhat of an addiction.

      • Angela, you may not realize it, but you are w/o a doubt JEALOUS of Haley. You're jabs at her are pathetic- like you…

      • I would add some more humor here… but really the heavy doses of envy just dripping off of the screen, pretty much says it all. lol

  41. I think Jacob has a career ahead of him in gospel. Not a bad thing, he has the perfect voice for large, emotional songs.

  42. Omg. Lauren love u. Tonight. Outfit. Facr. Voicr. Confidence. Omg. U r strong tonight.

  43. oh darn, I wanted Lauren to do Patsy Cline, but a great job. Lauren, Scotty finale!! Get rid of the screamers!

  44. I spoke too soon, Lauren was weak and wobbly on Unchained Melody. Too bad.

    • Yeah, it was a little hesitant. She didn't go for the high notes and we know she can sing them. She was awesome in her first song. tho.

  45. Amazing Lauren tonight!!! loved her song choices and she nailed it!! for the first time I felt connected and couldn´t take my eyes off her GOOD JOB!!!

  46. Lauren did a pretty good job with that song, but I gotta admit, I love the original so it's hard to really step back and be objective about it.

  47. Good job by Lauren. Though honestly I was hoping she would do some classic country like Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn.

    • Patsy Cline would have been pretty cool. But I think it's good for her to step out of country and show that she can do other things.

  48. Lauren is having an awesome night! Seems to have more confidence in her singing.

  49. haley did a great job on that one.. unlike jacob and lauren.. she nailed that song… i thought it was wonderfully done…

    • wow haley was horrible jacob was even better than her and lauren was definetly better. are you that much of a diehard haley fan that any of her performances would sound good to you

  50. I know this has nothing to do with singing but whoever keeps doing that eye makeup on Lauren needs to realize that it makes her look trashy and cross eyed. Can't they do something else?

    • Not to mention she is just barely 16 years old. They are making her look too old and worn for her age. She should have that young cover girl look….not the night party goer….

  51. I'm a big James fan, but I have to say that the winner of the night has to be Scotty.

    • I have to agree…although, I think he sang that second song a little too slow

  52. Question??? Will be bottom 3 tomorrow? or just the person who got less votes?

    • I'm betting that Ryan will set two on one side and two on the other and then have whoever got the most votes pick a group to stand with, typical cheesy drama, and then announce a bottom 2 rather than three. I can't take credit for this idea, someone else posted it and I think it's likely. Ryan has done that in the past.

  53. Kinda careful rendition by Lauren…I woulda picked a different song…but I still like her

  54. scotty james lauren….either jacob or haley leaves…i hope jacob leaves first.

  55. what are these people hearing when haley sings..she has never sounded good to me.

    • Wide range, versatility, and a unique voice. She can do anything, and there's no one else like her out there. While the others are all great, they sound like others already out there. Haley is something new and fresh. That's what we hear.

  56. So far on my guess on who's going home would be Jacob, but I have been guessing that for the past few weeks, so I will wager a second guess and say it will be either Jacob or Haley. I think James, Scotty, and Lauren did pretty well tonight and will be safe come tomorrow.

    • first song was a terrible song choice and the second song was good i only liked the ending

    • Actually, I wasn't a fan of the opening. But she nailed it after that. (thank you internet for not having to wait till the show to come on out here to hear it. 🙂 )

    • Replace Lauren with James and I'd agree with the rest. James is doing much better in our polls than Lauren.

  57. i think haley has something on these judges…where is simon when you need him..he would be honest with her…give me a break…best performance of the night? lollolololol…guys you are witnessing the last season of idol…these judges will never pass a drug test..

      • i guess she conflicts with my tv..she has never sounded good..and this last performance look like she could start stripping at any moment…really a bad performance..and she can't sing very well.

      • she really sounded bad…as usual…maybe its my tv. this last performance was funny…nothing entertaining at all. haley is never going to sell many albums…she will be playing holiday inns and bowling alleys.

      • Chichi? Is that it?

        Her Itunes studio versions have outsold every single other contestants this year. Get your facts straight if you want to sound intelligent.

    • Everyone calls me a hater about Haley. Did anyone pay attention to what she was doing while she was being critiqued by the judges after her 2nd song? She was constantly fluffing and flipping her hair to make sure it looked good. Most people would be near tears to get a standing ovation from the judges after a bad first song. But she acts so cocky…like take that ##%%^@! She is a fake and would never be my idol or gosh forbid, my children's idol.

      • If you get critiqued harshly every week, you've got two choices. You can either do what you can to not let it get to you, or you can fall into a puddle of tears. Which gets you NOWHERE. And, incidentally, if she'd taken their comments too personally, she wouldn't be able to come out and sing the second song at ALL, let alone pull it off.

        In the industry, she's going to hear a lot worse. That's the nature of the business. I think it's probably for her benefit that she's learned how to not take it too personally or get into her head.

      • Careful, if you don't get all of the sand out of there, you might end up with pearls.

      • What is your real issue with Haley? Hmm? Do you hate every good looking girl? I bet you do.

      • Devin, go back and read my comments to you. I wouldn't trade my looks for Haley. Even beautiful women can't stand conceited women.

        As for bumshell, who are you going to call names next week when your fantasy date goes home?

      • People like you make spupid people look smart, maybe you should keep some of your retarded opinions to yourself. I agree about opinions but it seems you more of the ass part of that quote.

      • Angela, I would love to see pictures of you…let us judge if you are as "beautiful" as you claim to be.

        Back it up OR SHUT UP!!!!

      • angela, devin is my daughter and she is not gay. when she loves someone or something she really loves them. she is the same way with cats and also not into beastiality.

        i really dont even know who your favorite is because you are on her just hell bent on slamming haley.

        maybe you are beautiful but your personality makes you ugly.

      • Wellen: Are you this charming and erudite in your personal relationships? Because I have to tell you, if I were Matt, I'd kick you off of this site.

      • Oh Jake, just because wellen was a bit more blunt to the envy ridden beast, doesn't mean he didn't say something that most of us were thinking. 🙂

        Personally, I like the honesty.

      • Well Jake you know if you would go thru and read a lot of Angela's posts, you would see why I have expressed myself this way. And yes I actually am a very charming person. And I don't think I was out of line, just being as blunt as she is.

  58. Haley is the best SINGER in this competition! Her voice modulation is unlike any other contestant. There is talent aplenty, for sure, on this show, but Haley is the best. She's not cookie-cutter at all. She's the one I'd pay to sit and listen to for two hours. Bluesy, soulful, powerful, and consistent ON KEY. What a novel idea.

      • I agree, she was the best of the night! I wish the judges would not always be so hard on her like they did on her first song. Her face looked so hurt when the judges got done with her when she had sung her butt off! She proved with her second song just how talented she truly is!

      • I was worried when they announced the second song choice for Haley. She nailed it. What a talent! I am voting by phone and online. I think I am getting confused.

      • I cannot stand listening to screaming Haley. pfft would never buy a recording by her.

    • GO HALEY! she is the best. i love her from the start.

      people! no time to waste. VOTE!!!!!! stop commenting here and VOTE!

    • my god i hated her from the very beginning why are you people voting for her? she is the absolute WORST in the competition so far

      • You people are so wrong! Steven Tyler is right! Haley's voice is god-like. She can fit in any genre and I would definitely pay to go see her. I want her to win so badly. PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR HALEY REINHART!

      • Cali, I'm with you. Everyone calls us haters or jealous. She belongs in a strip club and would be a crappy influence on any young girl/teen. No, I'm not some big, obese, ugly girl who is jealous. I'm 47, size 4, and have been called pretty all my life. People tell me daily that I look 35 or so (without surgery!) However, I have never been full of myself or tried to be a sex goddess. She will not be the type to appreciate her fans…she never mentions them!

      • @cali How can you even make that claim.Haley Nailed House of the Rising Sun. She has nailed every thing she has done on the show.

      • Sex goddess? Haley is nothing like that! That's like Britney, or Christina, in their bikinis and pasties…not HALEY! She always looks classy, and never dresses skimpy. What are you people smoking?

      • oh please 'angela james'. "I have never been full of myself" but you go on and on about how gorgeous you are. You say such hateful things and Haley has never done anything to deserve them. You are haters, that's it. It's one thing to say you don't like her, you don't get her, you're not into her style of singing or w/e but to say such garbage as you do and that 'she sucks' is this shy of being an internet bully. You should be ashamed of yourself, especially talking about people being bad 'role models'. Take a look in the mirror, pull the mote out of your own eye.

      • Swearing and using Gods name in vain is a sin and HAYLEY IS GREAT

      • To Cali and Angela James: My hubby said tonight that although he loved Haley's version of House of The Rising son that she reminded him of a stripper. I couldn't believe that two others here thought the same thing.

        I do think she puts on the "sex kitten" thing a little at times though.

        P.S. I'm not a hater or jealous either.

      • and Billy dont compare God to a human, that might also be a sin

      • To Briar99- What a great husband you have! Not all men are snowed by Haley's attempt to be sexy.

      • @Cali: remember Shania? If so, think about how she looked singing "I Feel like a Women". Could be a little racy, huh? Haley's got it. Why not flaunt it. Jealous??

      • angelajames, WOW sounds like you are a bit stuck on yourself and quite a bit conceited so you see yourself in Haley is that it. I think your conceit shines thru your comments. Brag some more about yourself. You are such a hypocrite

      • Angela, I have to thank you. Without your comments, I would not have had nearly as much fun laughing at the comments section as I have tonight. You have truely entertained me. Bless your envious little green self. 🙂

      • For those of you who thought Haley looked like a stripper I would ask yourself where your frame of reference is coming from. To the wife who said her husband thought that, I would be thinking twice about where my husbands mind was. And, to the women making those comments, stop hating.

      • Do you also think Lauren belongs in a strip center because she rubbed her hands all over Steven trying to be sexy or Jacob rubbing his crotch in an attempt to be sexual or Scotty rasing his eybrows and wiggling his hips trying to be sexy. James is probably the only one that hasn't used sexuality overtly but covertly even he has done so. Again I say stop hating on these kids and give them the respect they deserve for putting their lives under a microscope for everyone to disect in the attempt to reach goals in a profession they love.

    • She was the best tonight. I am not a big lady ga ga fan and I do not know that song. but she sang it beautifully. I did not know James' song either. It did not keep me from liking what he did. Why the judges don't like her is beyond me.

      Jacob was off-key in both his songs, yet they praised him. Give me a break it is a SINGING competition. you should hit some of the notes. Glad they gave her props at the end.

      • Haley annoys me, I don't know what it is, but her singing, the way she moves, and her personality all annoy me. She doesn't have a technically bad voice but it's so uninspiring. I liked her fighting spirit in the beginning though.

    • I'm a faithful James fan, but I gotta say Haley was definitely the best tonight, with Lauren coming in second… I hope people vote for Haley, she definitely deserves to be in the top 4 next week. But to all the James fans, keep voting James you can never be too sure… don't want the Pia scenario happening this close to the end 🙁 James/Haley final!

    • Could not agree more, Haley was so good tonight. Can't wait for that song to show up on itunes, I'm buying it.

  59. This week Jacob will go home, the rest were strong, confident and awesome!

    I don´t know who will be on the bottom 3 but Jacob will go home

  60. 1st Half Ranking (best to worst)

    Lauren, Scotty, James, Haley, Jacob

    2nd Half Ranking (best to worst)

    Haley, Lauren, Scotty, Jacob, James

    that is personal opinion so yeah. Really tough decision for bottom 3 but Jacob is most likely to be gone.

    Lauren's first song is the best and Haley's 2nd song comes to a very close second.

    Ranking ALL performances (best to worst)

    Lauren's 1st

    Haley's 2nd

    Scotty's 1st

    Lauren's 2nd

    James's 1st

    Scotty's 2nd

    Jacob's 2nd

    James's 2nd

    Haley's 1st and then Jacob's 1st

    My opinion.

    • Cali I'm not a fan of Hayley either but her Animal's song was really good. I thought that song was a good choice for her. Eric Burdon has a rasby type voice as well. I don't think though that she is/has been the worst in the competition.

      Overall she's just not my cup of tea but she has definitely improved. In my humble opinion.

    • Hmm i gotta say, I think Haley's 2nd was the perf of the night w/ Lauren's 1st coming in second.. And James 2nd was def better than his 1st, and was also better than scotty's 2nd.. Jacob, i really dont know aye.

  61. Hailey, definately had the best performance of the night, with James having some rough spots and his personal life slipping thru a bit and Scotty brought a stage prescence finally and he rocked. Lauren kicked some butt tonight with her first song and Jacob is going home tomorrow.

    • Agree 100% James had a rough first song, but slayed the second one. His rendition of Without You was masterfully done, and the pause near the end after building it up was a masterstroke in engaging the audience.

      Lauren nailed her first song, but had power issues with the second (she sang it beautifully, but Unchained Melody is a harsh mistress of a song and requires more power than she showed tonight. Also in cutting the song down for time, they removed the biggest hook in the song after the first buildup and just left us hanging as she dropped back down to more tender notes while we were expecting a huge powerful vocal moment. I want to hear the I-Tunes version… I'll wager it was amazing) We finally saw the Lauren that most of us knew was there though, and I want more of that.

      Scotty IMHO had the best overall combined performance of the night. His second song was his usual fare but still solid Scotty, but when he performed Gone… oh wow, THAT has been what I have been harping about, that was exactly the kind of performance he needed, and he delivered. Scotty is in it to… oops… sorry, almost channeled Randy there.

      Haley performed the Gaga song well enough. Not knowing the song makes it tough to really judge. It just didn't really move me the way she usually does, but it was a good performance. However, her House of the Rising Sun rendition was easily in my mind the best performance of the night, even though I wasn't digging the opening A Capella all that much, but everything that follwed was pure magic. I loved the spin she put on it, subtle, but noticable changes that flowed well with the origional piece.

      Jacob… oh Jacob Jacob Jacob…. I honestly don't even know where to begin. Both performances were such a mess. He is really flailing out there trying to find his niche, and I honestly think it's more in the Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" type of zone… if He stuck with songs more in that kind of register and tempo, he would be much better off right now, as it stands, if he makes the final four, I will seriously start to wonder wtf is going on.

  62. Haley best song of the night and the best version of that song I have ever heard but third place over all, with Lauren best and Scotty close 2nd. Getting someone who truly knows country music made a big different this week.

    • Agree. Best version of that song i have heard in a long time.I have voted for her 40 times.

      Do you think she wore pants to keep the focus off her dynamite legs

  63. I think we should all vote for Haley tonight! The judges are way overly harsh to her and seem to have an agenda against her! She is great and needs help since she is so often in the bottom 3. I'd like to see fans of Scotty and James also vote for Haley. She needs the votes more. She is a major talent but the judges are tainting her unfairly IMO.

    • I think everyone needs to vote for their favorites. Assuming that your favorite is safe because he/she is popular may have contributed to Pia going home when she did.

      • I'm just saying Scotty and James fans also vote for Haley. James and Scotty fans should definitely vote for their favorites but also thrown a few votes for Haley. She deserves them!

    • Yes guys – vote for Haley – I cannot vote as I am in Brazil, but she needs lots and lots of votes to shut those clueless judges that are always after her and always nice to Jacob – who frankly, cannot sing anything without pitching… hello…

    • Don't be silly…You vote only for the one you want to win…or your votes cancel the other one out…

    • My wife and I have only been votig for her. She is very good and the judges are only critical of her.

      Not a Lady Ga Ga fan and do not know the song, but I thought her performance was great. And the last was just the bomb!

  64. Haley and lauren KILLED it tonight, Haley was the best, Lauren was a really close second, Lauren decided not to play it safe and it payed off. And Haley delivered as always

    I like scottys upbeat song, But he lost me on his second, it was just too boring to me, He really needs to step it up if he wants to win.

    Jacob was a trainwreck, His second song was okay.

    James had two GREAT song choices, but didnt deliver, His first song wasn't good, and his second started off well but turneed into a trainwreck.

    Right now, I say Haley and Lauren for the win.

    I predict jacob to go home, and if there is a B3(Which there probably wont) It SHOULD be James, Scotty and Jacob.

    • I don't think James' second song was a train wreck. Full of emotion on a personal level yes. Train wreck? Na that is a little too harsh. He will overcome. He always does.

  65. I thought there was a conspiracy to take Haley out of the show – but she fought them back – excellent performance – never heard anything like that and LIVE – I do not think any other singer can do what she just did… This time, JLO had to just suck it in… he he he…

  66. It was aso James' worst performance… there is something about these reality contest shows – every time a contestant says he is in it for the money and to get a better life for their family, it just does not work for him… usually voters like to hear that is what the contestant was born to do, regardless of money… humm…

  67. Haley has the most unique voice in this competition. She definitely had the best performance of the night and deserves to stay another week. A lot of talent this year.

  68. Haley's "House of the Rising Sun" really was just insanely spectacular! One of the best performances of the whole season, in my opinion! I knew the judges would stand up afterwards, I just felt it in my gut. She chose a perfect song for her, and slayed it! It gave me goosebumps, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the T.V.. Lauren did awesome tonight as well. Really great night! I'm going to be listening to Haley covering The Animals many many times. I just can't get enough!!!! 🙂

    • As of right now, the judges have stood for Pia once, Casey twice (one with Moaning), and Haley twice (again Moaning). And that's all. Haley's the only one left to recieve a standing O! I stood up after her song as well! GOOO HALEY!!! Power voting my butt off. I love this girl! She's turning me into a nutcase, haha.

      • That is more than obvious. I think obsessed to the point of being unhealthy is more like it.

      • I'm not a nutcase over Haley, I'm a nutcase over the spiteful, hateful, and overall mean and nasty people who watch American Idol and spread their filth to innocent people who love the show, and have a favorite. I'm sick of seeing Haley slammed for her looks, saying their all she has. Especially because I know the feeling, and you people aren't being fair to a great performer. HOWEVER, at least I'm not obsessed to the point where I'm going to criticize and slam a young kid who's giving this show their all to try to make my fave look better. GROW UP. TROLL.

      • Haha, I'm a very stable person. I'm very calm and laid back in person. And at least I have a conscience and morals. All you trash talkers need to grow up, and leave high school behind you now. 😉 I know what I'm made of, and it's good stuff, Jake.

    • You are sooooo right Devin, Ilove Haley too, don'know why so many people hate her. She is sweet and the best singer that has ever been on Idol.Ithink alot of pia's fans think that Haley voted her off, America voted her off. get over it.. I can't stop thinking about Haley all day and night long, LOL

      • Hahah glad to hear you love her. I do not think about her all night, haha. I just really love and admire her voice. She is the most talented singer on AI, and doesn't deserve all the hate she is receiving at all. No one really knows these kids.

  69. Why on earth did Jacob sing those two songs. He is by far the best voice in the competition. Couldnt anyone give him some advise on his song choice.

    • hey someone else is using my name. I haven't voted for Jacob once this season. Jacob has not impressed me once.

      • Yeah I can tell cuz the other username says sandman and urs is Sandman the difference is the capital

  70. Hayley all the way.

    The only two I would pay money to see are Hayley and James. Although all of them are great singers and this is easy the best American Idol ever! Those two are truly great performers.

  71. james did a beautiful job on both songs, but the second son he sang was the best, that young man not only has a lot of heart, but he has a lot of soul, and to put everything mostly feeling in to a song is a winner. keep it up james you got this contest in the bag baby, and if you are ever in virginia i will be the first in line to see you. there hasn't been a song yet that i have not liked. you are the best.

    • Yup Debbra. You are so, so right. Imagine sitting with your fiancée and playing with your son doing the family thing and then having to say goodbye and go out in front of millions of people and sing "Without You".

      I was crying with him. How he sang that song as well as he did is unreal. I still can't get over it.

      • James got so into "With ou you" & his emotions really did get in the way..but to ME that's what made the lyrics so real!!!

        …..go James!!

    • James Second Song was masterfully done, he is really learning to harness his emotion in his music… I wasn't thrilled about his first one though, it just struck me as flat, but he made up for it with "Without You"

  72. My guess for going home. My guess will be Jacob, but I've been predicting him going home for the past few weeks now.

    This was Scotty's night, he really brought it tonight, Lauren did quite well. Haley didn't have a great first performance, but still her second performance will keep her safe. James did alright but nothing like his past performances though I think he'll be safe.

  73. Scotty can sing without screaming he has talent and is professional…When he does sing loud he does it without stress. Wow, what a voice. Shine hard shine next week!!!

    • Absolutely agree John-John.

      Once is good, twice is OK, thrice is "not again". One song tonight was different and surprise, surprise he moved. Was good.

    • I have been as hard on Scotty as anybody about the lack of range he displayed over the season. Tonight he finally broke that mold and slayed it.

      My only critique (and it's a small one) about the song would have to do more with the sound mixer rather than Scotty, the Back up singers were starting to overpower him at times, so Scotty could up the power a notch, but really, some better sound mixing from the guy in the booth would have fixed that issue as well.

    • Enough of Scotty so tired of the same act every week. James Durbin was the best of the night hands down!!!! Did everyone see Haley get all made when Jlo said sorry it's not working for you tonight on her first song. She looks like she could be a very mean girl when not getting her way. lol

  74. Haley will never sell a CD that will be certified "Gold". This discussion reminds me of the "Taylor Hicks" crowd.

    • Again, Haley's iTunes have outsold everyone elses this season. So what does that say about the other contestants that SHE won't sell her music?

      • Oh? How can you tell how many songs have been sold on iTunes? I'd love to be able to check that.

      • Yep, I would like to know where to find the info. If I remember a couple of weeks ago you said that Haley had the most hits for the week on her video – more than all the other contestants.I did do some checking on that & it was not an accurate statement. Please enlighten me. Thanks

      • The video comment was made about a specific Youtube user who puts all their studio versions on at once when they're available, and yes, Haley had the most. The iTunes info I got from It broke it down by each contestant, each song, and their total number of iTunes sales. 1. Haley 2. James 3. Lauren 4. Scotty, and 5. Jacob. Jacobs were very, very low. You can find anything you really look for.

      • Devin Lee- you don't have to explain yourself. All i know is that Haley is great, and i'll surely buy her album. I already checked the itunes sales and what you have just posted here are all true… Don't mind these ignorant people…

        and hey,Tim and Diana- Get a life… (Bitch Slap!)

    • How can you compare Haley with Taylor Hicks? I am shocked that Taylor Hicks won Ameican Idol.

  75. hands down the best tonight is Lauren because BOTH her songs were perfect. i just dont understand how you guys could vote for haley she put no effort in the first song and poured a ton of effort on the second so in my eyes, it makes her kind of half a****

    • hahaha…you always have a reason to destroy haley but people have an ears to listen so i think u need to check ur ear to the doctor..

      • Haleys performances were both sung great she took a big risk with the first song but at least she took a risk both of laurens performances were forgetable. But I'm not saying lauren is bad i think she is better then both jacob and james.

    • Lauren was amazing tonight. Two totally different types of songs and she nailed them both. Not just one but BOTH. So glad to see her gaining confidence.

      There is just something so natural about her that I like.

      To say her performances were forgettable is unreal. In the dog business when all you like are your own dogs the term is called "kennel blind". I think there should be an idol term called "idol blind" for those that can't see or hear past their own opinion.

    • Lauren Nailed the first song and did an absolutely amazing job on it. But during unchained melody, she ran into issues of not being able to hit certain notes with the kind of power that is called for in the song. Unchained Melody is a brutally tough song to sing, because it requires you to both nail the tones with a beautiful lyrical quality, but it also has a couple of moments where you have to bring an amazing amount of power into a couple of the notes, and Lauren didn't quite hit that level tonight. A good performance, but not great, and lets face it, when performing U.M. you walk away pretty happy with "good not great" cuz it's like walking out of the ring under your own power after going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, sure you didn't beat him, but hey, you didn't get KO'd.

  76. Haley all the way! She has singing abilities way beyond the other contestants, her first performance wasn't great but her second was amazing one of the best. Scottys First performance was entertaining and I'm glad he got on his feet and did something up beat. Jacob needs to be off the stage as soon as possible and then James needs to follow. Lauren is in the middle don't love her but shes good.

  77. James moves me. He is a pure talent. The girls did their thing. Scotty knows his niche. Everyone except Jacob did well. Jacob needs to go home this week.

    • Yea James knows how to make it real every week. He has had the best performances out of all of them and is very consistant. The rest are just ok . James has that something special that always shows when he's on that stage. It does not get any better than James Durbin!!!

  78. Ithink scotty is a natual kinda country singer .best Iheard in a long time. He will win this by a long shot.

  79. WOW, what a night for talent.

    Scotty woke up. At least for his first song anyway. I really enjoyed hearing/watching him for a change.

    Second song, for me was a sleeper again.

    Haley blew me away with her second song..House of The Rising Sun. As a musician I know it is very risky to take on a song that is unfamiliar. Give her credit for taking a shot at Lady Gaga's song but not my favorite.

    James first song, for me was OK. His second song "Without You", was amazing. To sing a song like that which has such an emotional connection for him and to pull it off the way he did was outstanding.

    Lauren was like a new Lauren tonight. Great performance. No deer in the headlights tonight Lauren. Awesome.

    Jacob. Jacob is trying so hard to stay in this competition. When I heard he would do Nazareth's song I went "what?????" I am a huge Nazareth fan and I did not like his version at all. My two cents is, Jacob, do the kind of music you do best. Nazareth wasn't for you.

    Overall some outstanding performances.

  80. Scotty, James & Lauren will ALL be very successful no matter who actually wins this year.

  81. Does not matter how you vote, West Coast has not voted yet, Haley is not popular, James and Scotty are.

    • You are right !!! James and Scotty will be the last 2 standing with James Durbin for the win!!

    • idk all those props should be going to Haley But they criticise her more then any of them even though she did the best

  82. Would love to see Jacob go home, but I predict it will be Hayley. Either way I will be happy

  83. Haley is so beautiful and has the voice to be a real star. Although Lauren is great she is too young for the idol thing. One thing that drives me nuts, the wrong song choice. I want these people to choose songs that are homeruns for their style and their voice. Stop listening to other people, do what you want to do.

    I've had it with the know who you are. Sing what you want to be. I know who i am, and its not all its cracked up to be. LOL

    • age doesnt matter here, but voice does. Haley in overrated she is basically a female casey, while lauren has a clear voice and she's 16! i never found anything wrong with a younger idol though i personally think it will be james

      • Haley and Casey are both very young as well. To have the musical feel they have at only 20 years old is pretty crazy. Haley is not overrated, she's amazing. Lauren has a good voice, that's about it. Have Lauren step out of her comfort zone as much as Haley did tonight or even have the judges say such negative things. She'd have an emotional break down.

      • Cali… and I can see the fake and conceited contestant through Haley's performances.

      • I agree with cali Lauren is WAY better than Haley. Always has been always will be. America has already decided her fate. she is obviously going home either this week or next. I think i see someone else behind those blonde curls, white smile, and bear-like voice with should have sent her home weeks ago.

      • Cali, quit being such a troll! Why are you so focused on Haley if you don't like her???? Go somewhere else, TROLL.

      • Lol, Devin you called her a troll to. She must really dislike Haley. Seems really annoyed by her looks and moves more than her voice. Conceited lol, that is funny. Her moving her hair around and stuff, maybe it was tangled in the earpiece and so what. She is sexy, beautiful and has a great voice. I just can't wait for you tosay Pia was ugly too.

  84. Scottys version of Always was absolutely horrible. Pitchy and boring. He can't sing harmony because he can't hear others pitches. He was so off key. I don't get it. By far worst of the night.

      • I heard that Willie Nelson kicked in his tv after he finished. Apparently there wasn't enough weed to make Scotty sound better. The boy sucks. Sorry 🙁

      • Well no. Figuring it was his song Scotty butchered. I thought it was a pretty good name to use

      • Actually, it was origionally a Breda Lee song, Willie (in the early 80's) and Elvis (in the early 70's) both performed covers of it.

      • will nelson would not do such a thing you the one who is nuts scotty done great and please leave other singers alone they all doing great it them not you thank thank god

    • Where u listening to the same show as everyone else? Scotty's 1st song was awesome!

      • Bahloo: I wouldn't blame Scotty's song for the loss of your brain cells. That hole in your head seems a likelier culprit.

      • he no a wanna be cowboy get a live i know real cowboys and they not singers some are you get a life

    • Scotty had some timing issues with the backup singers and pitch issues on some of the high notes he tried but he was uptempo with his first song being very good. Still a better night than James had but his first bad one, JLO jinxed him last week and Scotty already had a bad one.
      The girl won BIG tonight and Haley was pushed into a big risk on her first song, I blame the producers more than her.

  85. I'm taking time out from writing my final essay for my internation econ class to say STFU JLO! What Haley did took so much more guts than anything I've seen all season and she couldn't find anything good about it? Whaaat???!! K, back to the Argentina financial crisis of 1980.

  86. For those on here who are bashing James for his emotions your pathetic. I wish you knew what it was like to be away from your wife and kids for months at a time. To have such strong feelings in a great song show thru is nothing to be ashamed about. If you don't like the way he sings I can understand, but don't bash a man for showing true emotion in his passion for music.

      • @Wellen; this is a singing show.Get real. Being away from wife kids, friends and fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan is BEING AWAY.

      • Susan being AWAY . . is just that away!!! You insensible person. PLEASE.. don't even mention the War!!

      • Throughout all the seasons of AI, I have never seen such leeway givento a singer who has had consistanly given nots that ate pitchy and emotional performances where the singing is below par. Then. A singer who gives great performances is co stanly criticized. We see nothing of the actual selection process and who gets steered into what songs. James was pitchy doing both his songs tonight. Didn't they knock Jacob just two or three weeks ago for being emotional on that one song(bt it turned out his ear piece was giving him the wrong rhythm. How quickly everyone forgets that these judges have not been consistent all in their judging. Next year I will go back to not bothering to watch again. Hope JLo kills on her 'unheard' song as well as Haley did on that little known GaGa song.

      • Susan, as somebody that has been in the military, I can say that while we apreciate the sentiment, but being away from family is being away from family regardless of what takes you from them. Add in his Aspargers which plays with his emotions as well intensifying things, and yeah, the kid is definitely having a tough time at times (and the time of his life at others… I guess it is kinda like life in the military, only better food and nobody trying to kill you) LOL

      • Acorn, I know what your talking about when Jacob sang Dancing with my father, think that is the name. But that was said because the emotion came out at the beginning. Believe me I posted that I thought it was one of the best performances of the night. And you are right I didn't agree with them and it was a technical problem.

      • fighting for to keep are freedom is great and it hard on them to be from family and love ones he james can call when he wants they can not

    • Well Susan I do know what that is like I spent 04 in afghanistan and 07-08 (15mo) in Iraq and I have been away for just a month at times. The away is still away.

  87. I come from Montreal Canada I watch the show tonight and I can tell you that James Durbin You are the best like always

  88. Haley was no 1. first song judges didn't like I did

    House Of The rising sun I expected it to bomb but it was by far the best.

    The others were consistant as expected

    Time for Jacob to go

  89. HALEY!!!

    the best among the rest,..


    cant wait the james/haley finale…

      • scotty won't make it to the finale, hes boring..he can do one genre COUNTRY song..hahaha haley is very VERSATILE,,

        ROCK-piece of my heart

        BlUES-bennie and the jets

        CLASSIC-youve really gotta hold on me


        POP-I'm Your Baby Tonight

        thats the True artist..

      • Love,

        You're very right, her versatility is amazing, but you're forgetting an important song…

        BLUE-Country, and the best country performance sung this whole season.

  90. haley did it in the house of the rising sun… so muc fantastic!!!! oh my God!!!!!

  91. my GOD PEOPLE seriously Haley is not that good compared to the rest she is way too overrated and people are judging her for her second song ONLY. Where James and Lauren did two near perfect songs and Haley did one horribly done song and one very good song guys stop being fanboys and vote for the right people I dont want to see someone like Haley winning if that happens it will be like the year taylor hicks won instead of Chris daughtry and i dont want that happening

    • cali, people can like her. It's ok! I don't understand why people think Lauren is so perfect when she's obviously lacking everything other than a decent voice. Haley is amazing and you are literally just a hater.

      • i just dont see her winning and people only judged her by her second song and not the first. I bet if it was only one song tonight, no one wouldve liked it

      • Considering the song hasn't been recorded I think she did pretty well. She didn't have anything to base it on except her own interpretation. For what it was it was good. I don't think the other 4 (except MAYBE James) would have had the guts to do it.

      • If people love her so much, why was Haley in the bottom three almost all season? Wow…could it be that they can see through her? People like humbleness and gratefulness. Haley has never shown signs of either.

    • I was doodling during Scotty's second song, I was so bored. However, I agree, Lauren sang her little butt off, and I loved her. Haley had the best performance of the night, though.

      • Lauren second choice was boring. There was no feeling in her voice. She didn't make it real.

      • I agree with Piper… The second song Lauren sang had no emotional impact and while I liked Scotty tonight his second song was too ,too SLOw

    • Cali, I tried really hard to just ignore people like you. True this is a free speech country. You can say whatever, but time after time tonight all you do is hammer Haley. Your opinions are your personal preference. Maybe four to five people on this blog do what you do. That is just say the most negative things about the ones you despise. When you say she can't sing, she sings flat or the other ridiculous things you have said. Every loyal person here on this blog can see you for what you really are. A TROLL IN THE FIRST DEGREE!!! I respect all the contestants and wish them all the best in everything they do. Even the three that's left I don't personally like. I just don't like there style, but I don't hate them. How could I? I don't personally know them. They all are very young and worthy of constructive criticism, not hate. Just listen to people like Templar, Devon Lee, Pup, and some of the other good ones here. You may see the LIGHT.

      • They are heated up boys who have put Haley up on their pedestals as their sex goddess to worship!

      • Angela, you really need a life. Another thing, Pup and I are both straight females. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with how much I like ANY of the contestants…good looking people are a dime a dozen. Someone with a voice as unique as Haley's…priceless. You are so bitter, I really just feel sorry for you.

      • Kev, I disagree with you.






        They are both no better than third class trolls… nowhere near 1st class. Get it straight in the future will ya? 😉

      • Most Haley knockers are just sad jealous girls who obsess about her! can we really expect more from cold fishes like them!

    • Haley is the ONLY singer tonight to sing in tune throughout. James was the worst I've ever heard him – both songs. Awful out of tune all over the place. Scotty and Lauren both had pitch issues on their second songs. C'mon, these kids can't sing in tune and your gonna criticize Haley's song choice? Haley is the best singer in the competition, hands down. That has nothing to do with looks, sex, sympathy, value or role model judgments or geographic origin.



    • Cali and Angelajames must know each other and decided it was Haley bashing time. The evil green monster has taken control of these two and are trying to spread their poisonous attitude to others. Don't be swayed, they know not what they speak about. Must be so horrible to be so bitter and jealous, you need to get a life and speak nicely of the ones you do like instead of spreading your poison. Yeesh

  92. wow, great performances tonight by most of them. All of us have been saying for weeks that Jacob is leaving, sooo, who IS voting for him?

    Loved Haley's second song. I am slowly changing my mind about her. James still the best, great to see emotions.

    In my humble opinion!

    • Yes I agree, James and Haley have always been the front runners for me.. major upset tomorrow if Jacob doesn't end up going home though. Which is why everyone has to vote like crazy for their favourite.

  93. I loved the fact that Haley looks really pissed off with the judges! hahaha

    • She should be! Again the only one with any kind of criticism. I’m not against criticism, but when it’s obviously as biased as this is it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Jennifer is probably just jealous because there’s no way in hell Gaga would share any of her limelite with JLo but allowed a young girl named Haley Reinhart take on one of her yet to be recorded tracks. And honestly, objectively, it was pretty good especially for not having anything to compare it to.

  94. Even though I am a James fan all the way, I gotta say Haley and Lauren are such a pleasure to watch. Both girls bring so much energy and joy to the screen. And thank goodness Scotty got his groove back. Good Job to all of them. Sadly Jacob's luck may have just ran out, but I guess we'll see tomorrow. James oh James, I am and forever will be a fan 🙂

      • He's country, they all sound like themselves every week. They just sing different songs.

      • The first song was better than the second, that just put him back to his old boring usual performances

    • nailed it more like bored the hell out of me… most likely he'll win cause all those little horn dog girls like him & old hags too!

      • you must hate country real bad and please we are not old hags and horn dog girls get real you must be ugly then a box of rocks

  95. My vote has always been for Scotty being honset to who sang the best voice.

  96. I take my hat off to Haley. Really amazing, is the interpretation of The House of the Rising Sun, more spectacular than I've ever heard.

  97. I have to agree that Scotty really was great tonight. Two totally different songs, one fast and one slow and two different tones to his voice. His first song, he sand at a higher octave and then his second was in a little deeper voice. I loved both. I also liked Lauren tonight. I hope that Jacob goes home this week.

    • Jacob or Haley, I am good with either of them, they both need an attitude adjustment.


  99. JACOB,,, u have to go home,,,,!!!

    there is no forgiveness for you anymore

    • Jacob you were outstanding you have a gift that is unmatchable God is shining down upon you and he will promoted you. Keep going Jacob because you are my American Idol

      • i am indonesian,, give all of my support and wish to HALEY REINHART,, i just dont know how to vote from here,,, 🙁

      • After James and Scotty sing for the win, I hope James has some time to get his teeth and ears fixed. He will be hot after that!

        Jacob sucks… really!!! Ask the boy he grew up with.

        Haley is very classy (bright, sophisticated future); Lauren is young (maybe in the future after baby fat and naivete are gone.

    • he just contributed 2 percent of the poll and imagine, Haley is now in the top 2 🙂 not in the bottom 3

  100. i haven't read what anyone on here said yet. but this is what i think. i think lauren redeemed herself and came out top tonight.loved both her songs. i think scotty did what we have been waiting for with his first song.i was furious that jimmy talked haley into doing a song nobody knows. everyone knew it should have been 2 songs that everyone knew.she did great on house of the rising son. i loved james first song but his last song was his worst performance this season. with all that said, this is how i voted.i was very upset that jacob slaughtered nazareth.

    james 160 times

    lauren 35 times

    haley 20

    scotty 15

    • I agree, it was James' weakest nite so far, but given that he was outstanding every other week and so frickin' awesome last week, i still voted for him more than anyone else. But I also voted for Haley and Lauren who were in my opinion superb tonight. And also threw in some votes for Scotty for breaking out of the box tonight with his first perf. Kudos to them all! And its probably Jacob's turn to go home, none of the others deserve to leave before him IMO

      • Yes he did – terrible.

        He has to do gospel only. Facial theatrics while singing are very very unappealing.

    • Lauren was corny once again she can't perform worth crud but scotty really impressed me and Haley was the best

      • I think Lauren and Scotty was GREAT tonight.Them 2 has been my favorite since this season has started.I think Jacob or Haley should go home this week. And i also think James is GREAT!I hope it comes down to Lauren and Scotty.

      • I agree with April I hope it comes down to Lauren and Scotty and that Scotty wins. James did a fantastic job on his second performance loved it. Haley was fantastic too. Jacob has to GO!! He should have gone long ago and Pita should have still been there.

  101. Matt, you have never once responded to me when I have said this, but this is the worst possible poll you could do and you need to stop. I'd vote your website an F if it weren't for Branden's amazing analysis every week

  102. wow,there are some seriously retarded comments on here tonight. I actually read that Haley was getting too much praise and Jacob sounded better, James is pimping himself and Scotty has a vocal range. (His voice cracked all thru his songs) some of you just seem to Troll thru and disagree just to disagree.

      • All because a couple of guys have developed a obsessive, compulsive desire for Haley. I wonder how many pictures of her Devin and David have covering their bedroom walls ?????

      • Devin is a chick… just to let you know… don't worry about being wrong, were growing to expect it from you… gotta keep up with expectations and all. 🙂

  103. James was awful. Horrible. The judges are a complete farce. Haley was fantastic again. They criticize her song choice, even though she sang it great, and tell Durbin he was emotionally perfect? Ridiculous. Meaning deserving of ridicule. Sickening.

    • Haley sounds the same on EVERY song!! I never vote for her. James Durbin is still the leader as an artist. He has never had to be coaxed to give more of himself, or to step it up.

      • James was off-key in a singing competition. In both songs. If you DVR'd it, go back and listen. You will wish you hadn't. I have nothing against James personally; he's a quirky nice family man. That's great! But he was just bad tonight. Sorry, but musically he was bad. And the judges didn't even say it. There must be a reason for that. But James did not sing well tonight. He was just bad.

      • James sounds the same on EVERY song!! I never vote for him. Haley Reinhart is still the leader as an artist. She has never never received any praises until now and the judges are playing favorites.

    • Haley was the same as always, I mean the SAME as always! Every song sounds the same from her. James Durbin is the only artist there, and has never been coaxed to give more!

      • Haley's growling was disgusting, couldn't listen to it. I cannot understand the sudden hype around her..

      • Thats an interesting comment re growling. Both Lauren and Scotty tried to growl too. But not as effective as Haley. and the word choice of disguisting not annoying or played out is very telling to me. In stedof a comment of her singing voice you chosed a personal attack on her. I think I hear alot of value judgement. Grow up and stop making value judgement about the singer instead of her singing. Sorry to be harsh everyone. But I too am tired of all Haley hating. peace

    • Judges suck…james does sound the same too….and the point they made that james was "emotionally perfect" what? I don't know who's crazier the judges on idol or crazy Phil on Survivor…..boring singers boring season on idol. …Haley was best tonight

      • boring singers? are you joking? this is the best group EVER on Idol.. and I agree that Haley was the best tonight.. Scotty was good along with James and Lauren.. Jacob… sorry Jacob you have an amazing voice but think you will be going home

  104. Haley's performance was the best of the night for sure. The only thing I don't like is when Idol reveals too much of the rehearsals leaving us with no surprises. For example, when Sheryl Crow told Haley to sing the beginning of the song in acapella. I wish I would have been surprised by that like I was when Bo Bice sang "In a dream". Much has been revealed during the rehearsal footage all season leaving us with no surprises. Anyone agree?

    • i completely agree! sometimes i hate the rehearsal clips, they can do it during the elimination nite and make it a summary of the previous night's performances, not BEFORE their performances.

      anyway, haley was the best of the night, VOTE FOR HER!

  105. Lauren and Scotty are both great!!!! I think they sing great together too! James is also a great singer. Honestly, I do not think Haley is a good singer at all…. She just growls!

    • lol, she 'just' growls… errr, as if you can 'growl' that easily too, i bet even if you growl, you'll sound like a sleazy warthog and have no musical appeal or taste or style at all.

      at least when haley 'growls', she growls with style and great musicality. Go bang your head against the world ky girl…

      your endless comments about haley's growls are getting boring.. BOO to you…

    • I heard both Scotty and Lauren trying to growl tonight. Lauren missed it badly in "Unchained Melody." And when she had the chance for the big hook on the modulation, she backed down.

      • Ky girl and April; I agree with both of you about Haley. Just isn't my cup of tea.

    • Hahaha, yes, she has a signature growl that she doesn't even do that often, and obviously it's good, or other contestants wouldn't try to put it in their songs, too. Can't do it the way she does. It's very natural for her, and she has a certain huskiness in her voice that is very aesthetically pleasing. Her voice isn't the girly high pitched type, or the low low man-like woman type either. It's somewhere in between, this girl's voice is SPECIAL!

      However…Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

  106. haley is fabulous if i could vote i would a billion times. she deserves to be in the finale at least with james. she has real potential an her an james are the only ones i could see going far

  107. I hope the top three are James, Lauren, Scotty. I wish the top five could of been James, Lauren, Scotty, Pia, and Casey.

    Haley is way to hung up on herself! I admit that her second song tonight was good. But for how long will people want to hear the same growling voice song after song and how is that any different than the comments that were made about Pia singing ballads all the time. I never cared for Haley after she smiled when Pia's name was announced the night Pia was voted off. Just watch Haley's actions when she is not singing.

    The top three I mentioned in the first sentence are extremely talented very sincere and are true musicians. Those three will make it in their careers. Good Luck to those three in this competition.

    My hope is that James Durban will be 2011 American Idol. He has proved to be consistent week after week. Not only can he sing, he is also awesome to watch on the stage. May he always remain faithful to his loving wife and be the great father that he is as he reaches his goal to be a great performer!

    • Carmelita…please read all of my comments tonight. You hit the nail on the head about Haley, and I got called a bitch for seeing through her. The simple truth…Haley does not seem to be a nice person, and I don't think she would give a rip about her fans. I too saw a real witch in her smile on the night Pia was voted off.

      • AJ and Carmelita I guess your'e entitled to your opinions!

        Even if your'e both wrong!

    • you guys are typical hypocrits yourselves. When pia was eliminated, it made complete sense if she softly smiled (not a grin or a joyful bitchy smile) as its just a matter of self-control when you're on a live tv and on a huge stage with a big audience. You won't want to let your emotions take over you, i applaud haley for doing so and being mature on that matter.

      You could rewind every week's elimination and you will see that she has been putting on a soft smile and she goes up to hug the eliminated contestants. That's not being self-conceited and fake please…

      please check yourself, and your attitudes, values and whether you have any true frineds in the first place, before you start commenting on others.

      can't stand such people…

      • Agreed. You don't know Haley. Go check her "youtube" videos. Biased, judgmental; bitter much? Did you see Haley trying to smile, fighting back tears as Casey was performing his swan song? That's her coping mechanism. Y'all are harsh, for no valid reason. I feel sorry for the women your sons and brothers bring home.

      • i agree to andrew… Haley is a good person.. And yes, I am supremely bad Angela James, but i assure you that haley is a good woman… wait, have I called you bitch???? anyway, i will not say sorry for that… why? cause you deserve it! Bitch!

    • my opinion, haley s good when she s growlin ..but when she sings, it s really boring

  108. My humble opinion is the grades for the FIRST song:

    #1 Lauren

    #2 Scotty

    #3 James

    #4 Haley

    #5 Jacob

    SECOND song:

    #1 Haley !!

    #2 James

    #3 Scotty

    #4 Lauren

    #5 Jacob

    The person going home–and should have already gone–is Jacob.

    • If you swap Lauren and Scotty for the first song, and then swap Haley and James for the first song as well… then your lists would match mine for the night.

    • First Song:

      #1 Scotty

      #2 Lauren

      #3 James

      #4 Haley

      #5 Jacob

      Second Song:

      #1 Scotty

      #2 James

      #3 Haley

      #4 Lauren

      #5 Jacob

      And I agree Jacob should go home and he should have been gone a long, long time ago. Pita should still be there.

      I have from the start loved Scotty and Lauren but James is showing his other side and I love it. No matter who wins the top four forsure will have wonderful careers. Myself hopes Scotty wins. I would buy Scotty, Lauren, James and Haley CD'S went they come out. This years idol has been super fantastic I wish I could vote but being a Canadian I can't. Best of Luck to the top four on my list.

  109. One final word to my fans on this site, David and Devin, before going to bed for the night….if I was a jealous hater, why on earth would I have wanted Pia to win? Haley doesn't hold a candle to Pia's beauty and elegance. Kinda shoots a hole in your theory that I hate pretty women. Pia was stunning, and I loved watching/voting for her. Good night!

    • angela, pia was voted off the show weeks ago. HALEY is still on and still smoking hot and still the best singer on idol all season. good night

    • angela james; Just curious, what makes you think you have fans on this site?

    • Angela, you have no fans on this site. If America could vote you out of here, they would. Your ugliness has really shone through tonight, and I hope to god I never have to read your ignorant remarks again. About ANY of the contestants. You are probably a jealous old hag. At least you contradicted yourself when you said Haley is only here for her looks. As you so elegantly pointed out, Pia and Julie Zurilla are both GONE now. Obviously good looks don't hold much weight in this contest. I really sincerely hope you are not this crappy of a human-being in real life. If you are…I'm deeply sorry, for you and whoever is stuck with you in their lives. As for a 4.0, I don't believe that. If you worked that hard, you would appreciate the hard work ALL these kids have put in. As for me being obsessed with Haley, I think you're the one who's obsessed. Obsessed with knocking her down. But you failed miserably. Goodnight.

  110. I liked Haley's first song, like most of the viewers, I didn't know it, but she did a really good job, right on pitch and entertaining. I don't get why the judges didn't agree. All they really said was that no one knew the song. OK. So? She sang it well.

    I also didn't get why they didn't mention that Jacob was nowhere near the melody in either song, particularly the first one.

    I have been voting like crazy for Haley. She should not be in the bottom 2. So, if you liked her tonight, then pick up the phone now. I don't think she should be in the bottom 2 but it doesn't depend if you liked her, it's how much you vote.

    so, start voting, or keep voting.

    • haley is not consistent and seems awkward on stage havn't voted for her and never will

      • well it's to bad you think that way because she is consistent and awkward on the stage I don't see that at all she's being true to herself.I think she's amazing and I beleive she'll be one of the top 2 in the final.

      • I think Haley and Jacob will be in the bottom 2.I have never voted for Haley and never will. I have voted for Lauren and Scotty since the voting started.

  111. I am very happy that Ryan Seacrest did not come down the stairs. He was a host tonight. Thank you!!!

  112. For me, the BEST of the night was HALEY. I have to say, that the lady gaga song was sung very good by her. The only problem was that no one knew the song. A song is not sung bad if YOU dont know it.

    I dont like James. His last week performance was TERRIBLE. and, to day it was SO,SO. the first song that he sang was a little pitched, but then he fixed it at the end. and, the second song was TOO PITCHY AND corny.

    Jacob sang terribly the first song, and the judges agreeded. AND, the second song was SO much better and i ABSOLUTELY loved it. but, JACOB WAS 100% BETTER THAN JAMES, fo real' people.

    I really liked lauren ( after haley) her first song was very groovy and very nice. and, her second song, too…

    SCOTTY! He is not that bAD BUT Iam not crazy about him. His first performance was AWESOME!!! he moved a lot. If you think, in every of his performances he is sitting in the floor and moving his lips. But, in this performance he did GREAT! ( fOR ME,HIS BEST PERFORMANCE EVERRR) and the second song..NOT crazy about it.

    • omg did you just call James' perf last week terrible???? are you deaf? its been the best perf of the season so far!!

      • James is good, but none of his performances can be considered for the best of the season.

      • I would disagree, I think of the 4 Best performances of the season that really stand out for me, 2 of them were from James (and oddly enough, both were ballads… go figure)


      • I agree Sweetieone!!!





  113. james and scotty are always great one of them should be the american idol, everyone else is not consistent

  114. Angela James you truly are a PIECE of WORK!!! Everybody can see right through you because you are so shallow. When you have to brag on yourself like you do, its never true. I am glad people like you and Cali are out there. It makes the rest of us look and feel the way you self describe yourself. So thinks for the humor you and Cali have brought us all here tonight!!!.

  115. Ok now that I heard Lauren sing Unchained Melody I officially want her to go next that was very very very disappointing wow. She needs work and should come back in 2 years sorry Lauren fans but that one was bad as if the first wasn't bad and corny enough.

  116. After hearing Lady Gaga do the song, Haley pretty much nailed it, not that great a song but reworked some it could be. Gaga' voice fits a little better at the start but Haley was better after that.

    Maybe the itune is better but not that hopeful, I don't think anyone could make it sound great unless arrangement is changed.

  117. Haley was FREAKIN AMAZING WOW

    Jacob sry you have to go he did not do well on both songs.

    • Have to agree with you Linda, Haley was absolutely stunning tonight, both songs excellent.

      Why has Jacob not gone home yet?? He is totally boring.

  118. the judges have favoritism. they hate hale that is why they always criticize her. i never find the performance of durbin that great. it is never outstanding for me. he is good but not as outstanding to be the next idol.

    • I just checked her performance in Youtube and I have to say, I didn't like it at all. I couldn't even listen till the end of the song once the growling started. Sorry.

      • Have your ears checked. They are not functioning well. We understand how limited your appreciation for music is. Growling? Did you look that up in the dictionary?

  119. Well as far as I am concerned Scotty brought it home 100%, and he is not a high pitched singer. Like some of the others are. If Jacob don’t go home tomorrow then I would have to say the voting is fixed. He was absolutely awfull tonight. Lauren is my second choice. Her and Scotty should get together and do a CD together. Keep up the good job guy’s.

  120. I like james every week, but to be honest last night it wasn't james night, James vocal unpredictable, sometime strong and sometime sounds weak

    I really don't want him to be eliminated tomorrow though, but i can't vote for him coz i'm not in US, so please AMERICA, don't vote him off.. he's unique, the show need him.

    So please?! i think we need him in the final 2…!!

  121. Haley is #1… James is #2
    Loved The House of the Rising Sun! James you are still great! It is just one of those weeks where you are missing your family alot! That says alot about you! A real man with feelings for his family. That means a whole lot!!!

    • I think the downside of James' medical issues showed up this week, he is either way up or way down with little in between but he still has to "bring it", another bad week and he is in trouble with only 4 left next week.

      • He may win, but that doesn't mean he was good tonight, and it won't mean he's the best or most marketable. History proves it.

      • YEAH ME TO!

        i like james but he doesn't move me this week, haley&scotty is the one i like .

      • Yeah, James had his roughest night so far. It was far from bad, but it definitely wasn't up to his usual perfomrmances (speaking only about the first song, the second was awesome, but it showed to most inconsistancy that we have seen from james this year, I expect him to be back at full power next week ready to Rock)

  122. The votes here is different. The other website votes shows that Haley and Jacob are in the bottom 2. I like Hailey's voice but sad to say she does not have most fan fovourites so she might be going home after or before Jacob. The other website shows that Lauren and Scotty are having a lot of fan favourites. As for James to be in the final 2, he need more votes if not he will only last until top 3. People keep saying hated the James screaming and hated Hailey's growling and I don't understand these people cause both of them have great voice. These people who hated Hailey and James are really tone deaf.

  123. For those of you who thought Haley looked like a stripper I would ask yourself where your frame of reference is coming from. To the wife who said her husband thought that, I would be thinking twice about where my husbands mind was. And, to the women making those comments, stop hating.

  124. why lauren sang (for 3rd time) that song? the first time a said niicee! now is just boring… but the first wast great… i think that the finals front runners are james haley and scotty… HALEY & JAMES FOR THE FINALE!! HALEY you are the BEST

  125. Actually Haley had a great performance!

    But I think the first song is better than the second song!

  126. why is it Jennifer and Randy always critized Hailey even when she sung the songs beautifully. Did you guys see her face when she heard that Jennifer started to blow her off plus Randy dawg. First, Jennifer cant sing (btw I hate her song "On The Floor", the only lyrics she sung was just: "All the party people on the floor". If they hated jazz so much why did they love their boy Casey so much? Casey was into jazz as well. I just feel so bad for Hailey. I hope America sees a true talent like Hailey. The only non bias judge in AI is Steven Tyler. He does not try to demotivate anyone or anything like that.

    James was great when he sung Without You but Closer To The Edge, it was so pitchy. It was almost hurt your ears just to listen to it. But yet they gave James praises after praises even what we heard only screams and more screams.

    I love James so much but hey I need to be fair here. James has his off and on moments.

    I know I am not the judge but I am a voter.

    Jacob yes he is probably going home tomorrow night. While Lauren, I like her singing style. This girl have been critised before too but she has improved throughout the competition. Hopefully she will be in the Top 4.

    But again, I will not vote based on the judges's comments. I am a musician myself and I saw what I saw, I heard what I heard. That is the bottom line.

  127. okay Jennifer and Randy yeah right I will vote based on what I watched too I agree with you Rorrie!

  128. I still dont know how Haley is here… Her performances and singing suck… Shes just screaming and growling to cover the notes she cant sing…..

    • Screaming? You must be talking about the Adam Lambert wannabe who discovered a new talent — crying to get the votes.

  129. The night truly means the crown of being an american idol is intended for the four of them EXCEPT JACOB!

    It was a close fight, every contestnt in the competition is now dealing with the song choices!

    The best of the night: 1.Haley..2. scotty, 3. james and 4. lauren…

    JACOB really needs to go home!

  130. pitchy durbin's in it to win it! he's in it to win it! f**k you randy!

  131. One thing about Haley, I find it seems like she strains when she speaks, like she has a cold. She doesn't sound like that when she sings that is for sure.

  132. James is the only one that has been really good from the first show. He was emotional last night and I really loved the raw honesty in his voice. James is the best, he deserves to be our next American Idol. Vote for JAMES.

  133. In Peru, comes the program with a week of delay so that I can see the videos on the network. Let me say that I'm a fan of Scotty, was incredible. The controversy with Haley and judges think it is question of charisma Haley is good but does not connect with a sector and especially the female (is very aggressive I think), let me say that being objective it is not bad but it would not pay to listen to her. I think that people have their favorites, and works by voting to keep it, I do not think that she have a good base of followers, I think is going to be a top 3 at most. American Idol is one that achieves an absolute loyalty from his followers in the good and the bad, and that Scotty and James, are the strongest to win. Sorry for my English and only is a personal opinion.


  134. James is the best no matter what he does. He should win Idol because he has been the best from day one with no mess ups. All the rest have had some bad turn out . And yea Haley was good last night but doing that Lady Gaga song sucked bad. The judges thought it was a very bad choice for her. And again Scotty brought his eyebrows back. He sounds the same every week . Boringgggg!!! My vote will always be for James !!!

    • me too. james could go up there and burp the ABC's for the rest of the season and he would still get my votes.

  135. James was the best, is the best and will always be the BEST – that's all I have to say!!!!

  136. Jacob Lusk singing Nazareth = ear bleach….that was Horrible…he needs to go home on principle for that.

  137. Although I was dissapointed in James last night I still want him to win. I voted for Haley and even Scotty did his best last night. Now I'm waiting for James to come back next week.


  139. My vote significantly changed.. My top two over the last few weeks are Haley and James.. I think they are both talented, have there own style and definately work the stage. I was shocked that Haley got a bad review from the judges on her first lady gaga song..I thought she did a great job with hit and her second performance was off the charts!!

  140. Who could even hear Scotty last night with all the back up singing. Please it was like a complet group entertaining not one solo artist!! I think he has a decent voice but not American Idol material for the #1 slot

  141. If Jacob doesn't go home, I'll die, what a horrible voice, everything sounds so nasal, there are exercises for that! Judges, what is wrong with you, giving Haley, such a hard time ALL THE TIME, she is so much more talented than Jacob or that 16 year old, that doesn't feel her songs, she's an empty shell with no range.

  142. After James and Scotty sing for the win, I hope James has some time to get his teeth and ears fixed. He will be hot after that!

    Jacob sucks… really!!! Ask the boy he grew up with.

    Haley is very classy (bright, sophisticated future); Lauren is young (maybe in the future after baby fat and naivete are gone.

  143. Charles, do people continuously try to shove glycerin suppositories down your throat? Just asking, because that happens a lot with a'holes that are full of s..t.

  144. I don't like the judges except Steven Tyler. The other two don't act like judges. Randy they are all in it to win it. J Lo. shut up when it is not your turn to judge you yell over Randy when he is giving his opinion. I wish Simon was back! he had some class. The only one who shows any in Stephen. When you say this or that one should not be going home HOW do you think you make the others feel???

  145. People Pleaszzzzzzzzzzzz……

    Look at the overall performances. James has been putting out since auditions/day 1. Do we want an overall performer or not. James Durbin has it to be a great singer/performer more that all the rest of the contestants. Vote on that and not who you just like. That is the problem with all these shows – The real winner will win only if the people vote for real talent as opposed to who they just like. Vote JAMES DURBIN for the winner. He is the only one that can carry it. JAMES DURBIN all the way.

    • i agree with you james is far and above the greatest artist to take the stage for AI but i love Haley and still want that beautiful , classy girl to win it all!

      • Maybe he shows his good performance now but he won't be successful in the future.It's obvious!

      • Agree with Ann He would be better off to go home now becaue he misses his son and hia girlfriend

  146. Week after week we have been subjected to the judges not being absolutely trueful to these contestants. Some nights am wondering what's so good about Haleys singing, and then Scotty sounds the same to me. Jacob has NOT impressed me lyrically from the beginning. Lauren has a nice voice – but is she really ready. We need judges to keep it real for every performance, quite frankly I am tired of Steven loving evry performance – we need to here real critiques. last night was not James best, but for the night the rest is still pale in comparison. last night Haley second song was the best I heard from her in the whole competition, did the judges tell her so noooo. I need a SIMON back. Thank you

    • Erm! The "judges" gave her a standing ovation and Randy said it was the best performance of the night.

      Apparently the people downloading on i-Tunes agree with him because she has more downloads and reviews for that one song than the other four combined with their best ones plus her other song, the Gaga one, is 3rd in downloads and reviews.

  147. The best perform is Halley. She is so beautiful and she sing very well. Her style is very different from any singer on the show. She sings the house in the rising sun is like no one. She put her own flair on the it is the best.

  148. i don't know what you lot are on but it must make you could anyone think haley looked like a stripper.that was stage presence people,,and the girl has it in bucketloads.i'm hoping she makes it to the final two with scotty another standout performer.

  149. Currently views in youtube..

    Haley Reinhart : House Of The Rising 207,237 views

    Scotty McCreery : You Were Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – 30,458 views

    Jacob Lusk : Love Hurts – Everly Brothers :-


    James Durbin : Without You – Harry Nillson :


    Lauren Alaina : Unchained Melody – 46,230


  150. James and Scotty for the final. I would put Lauren third. Have never liked Haley, and still don't. Her stage presence, that screeching voice, is really tacky. My favourite overall for this year, is Pia, no matter what.

  151. this is not related actually on your topic like not an opinion on the night's performance but i would just like to request a song i hope my bet James Durbin would perform or sing Styx' THE BEST OF TIMES for his final entry. i cme from the Philippines.

  152. I have liked Lauren since the start, I'm surprised so many of you like Hailey, also can't stand her smart ass attitude. I seriously don't get it she's really not that great sorry.

    • On the looks side its Lauren On the voice side its Lauren Personality side its Lauren. Haley has attitude, acreeches, acts like she is something else.

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