American Idol 2011 Top 6 Elimination Results

It’s time for some American Idol results. Dim the lights, please!

While we wait for the envelope, did you see the American Idol 2011 Tour has been announced? 44 stops from early July until early September will take this season’s Top 11 singers all over North America (there are a couple of Canadian events too!).

Based on your votes in our Top 6 performance poll it looks like the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Jacob, Casey, and Lauren. Just like last week we have Lauren in our poll’s Bottom 3, but I’m still not convinced it’ll happen. Let’s see if Lauren’s supports keep her safe again this week.

Tonight’s guest performer is Bruno Mars. Tip to the recording crew: Don’t put a dog in the shot that moves around and completely ruins the continuity of the shot. One second the dog is up and looking to his side, the next he’s sound asleep. This performance was obviously very pre-recorded.

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Ryan Seacrest is delivering the results in an odd fashion. Doesn’t seem like there will be an identified “Bottom 3”. Instead we find out Haley, James, and Lauren are all safe tonight. That leaves Scotty, Jacob, and Casey, but Ryan doesn’t say they’re this week’s Bottom 3. Very odd results reveal this evening.

Ryan reveals that Jacob is safe and Scotty is safe. That leaves… Casey.

American Idol 2011 Top 6 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey Abrams

Wow. Jacob survived again. How many votes are his two fans allowed to cast? I kid, I kid! Congrats to Jacob on making the cut. Well now you’ve got your Top 5.

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