Did Randy Jackson Give James Durbin The Edge Last Night?

I’ve seen a lot of discussions regarding Randy Jackson’s heavy praise of James Durbin last night on American Idol 2011 so I thought it’d be worth taking a closer look. The moment followed Durbin’s performance of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” when Jackson tells the audience, “you know what I think? This guy just might win the whole thing!”

While Durbin fans surely loved the extra attention there were those who felt it unfair to so heavily praise one contestant while neglecting the others. Of course these criticisms follow on the heels of those saying the judges weren’t doing enough to point viewers in the right direction of who has the talent and where America’s votes should be focused. So which should it be? More neutral judging, or allow the American Idol judges to speak their voice and reveal their opinions?

Take a look at the clip below for the heavy heap of praise Randy Jackson delivers to James Durbin and see what you think of it.

Notice that it’s Ryan Seacrest who initiates the bro-hug when he says “go give him a hug” SEVEN times in a row before Jackson and Durbin embrace. Also worth noting that just one performance earlier Randy Jackson was shouting that Scotty was “in it to win it!”

So let’s hear your thoughts. Too much? Just right? Bonus points to anyone who can explain Jackson’s “turning the other cheek” comment!




  1. go home randy…. THUMBS UP FOR NEUTRAL JUDGING…. we're not mindless viewers who can't see true talent.

    (im not a james fan btw)…

    • There are no neutral judges in this contest. You think they are not aware of votes. Havent you notice the same ones are always panned? Very obvious

      • As usual Randy was way over the top. Has anyone noticed that there appears to be competition going on between he and JoLo for mic time, more on his part than on hers. The comments tend to dribble on and lack substance.The show needs to find a replacement for him. As a whole they all fall short as judges!

      • Last year I campaigned strenuously for Babyface because Bret Michaels wanted it so bad. What we got was Steven. During Hollywood week Steven seemed to be enjoying himself, but now he seems bored. i think there will be another change in judges next year.

      • What I have noticed about mic time is when Randy has the floor JLo continually interrupts him, however they are all worthless as judges.

  2. Was disappointed in Randy with his comment about James! James is good but when Randy called James the winner…well…kind of discouraging for the other contestants!!!!!

    • Waa Waa Waa!! All these whiners are probably the same people who've been complaining that the judges treat everyone the same and offer no guidance to distinguish the more talented in the group.

      Randy was excited by James' performance and he showed it. Big deal. Others have been in the spot light in past weeks and American still votes as it pleases.

      As far as "hurting the self-esteem" of other contestants…GIVE ME A BREAK!!! If their self-confidence is that weak, then they're not cut out to be judged in the public eye. This should be seen as rewarding James for an excellent performance and giving the others MOTIVATION to be the best next week!!

      • You are so right!!! And what about tyler bragging about little miss haley all the time. They all get the same treatment just not by the same judges. Randy has been here long enough to know good talent when he sees it. James is great !!! James is so much more entertaining to listen to than the others. Like i said before i would have gone to bed last night if it wasn't for him being there. The end! lol

      • Hahahahaha! Yeah! I'm sure Randy's the best judge of talent…cuz he's the one who's been a rockstar for decades and he's the one who's sold millions of albums. You guys are FUNNY. Steven Tyler's the most qualified judge on the panel.

    • …and it goes on and on…everyone was all upset about the infamous handshake between Steven T and James earlier in the season…and then when Steven went up and hugged Jacob…and…again…much ado about nothing. Just makes for good TV and rating increase. JMO

      • What about when Steven Tyler called out Casey as being “more equal” that the “others” last week when they were all lined up at the end???? That is not neutral is it? It’s about time another contestent got some enthusiastic praise.

    • So saying "this guy JUST MIGHT WIN the whole thing" now is a declaration of winning. Well then I must call Webster and make sure they change the definition from expressing possibility of to an absolute happening. He earned and deserves the compliment. When there is a rose in a field of dandilions you don't say somthing about the weeds.

      • Haha, with James being the rose? Come on, comparing the others as weeds…

        I love James. He's my 2nd fave of the whole bunch, but it's not because of his voice. Honestly, I think a couple of others voices are superior to James, but he has the personality, the stage presence, and the versatility that makes up for any vocal shortcomings. He is a true performer, but so are many of the others.

  3. Shame on Randy he is suppose to be a judge not a supporter. He needs to do that to all the Idols. That just was not good thing to do now the Idols with a little bit of self esteem issues (Lauren) will be wondering why even bother. Shame on Randy shame shame. And James is one of my favorites I just don't think it was right.

    • I can guess that all the babies that are complaining about Randy’s praise of James (who deserved it BTW) where over the moon for the LAST 4 WEEKS of Casey pimping by all the judges, with the undeserved standing ovations, the Steven Tyler cussing, the insulting of “people who don’t understand” his genius. Give me a break, it was beginning to feel like the Casey Abrams can do no wrong show.

      • I agree with that, I can't understand all the Casey mania the judges have. I wouldn't miss it if I never heard Casey sing again; that save was a big mistake! I don't feel any differently about all the James pimping either, GIVE IT A REST JUDGES !!

      • The judges are only praising Casey because they want to justify themselves for saving Casey. He has made a fool of himself every week. "Nature Boy" WTF? And the judges thought it was the best thing that ever happened to idol….they don't want to be proved wrong!

      • well maria he is smart enough to be a millionaire ๐Ÿ˜‰ i love steven tyler and maybe he does see a little good in all the performers, so shoot him for not being mean!

  4. This is the reason I miss Simon, he may have been too mean at times, but overall he told the truth, he was not a friend to these kids he was a judge. This is like a friendship love fest/or hate fest depending on who is up there. All thru the season they have only been a cheer leading section with no true constructive criticism. They have picked on Haley from the beginning as if they want her voted off. Why did they even choose her in the first place? Judging should be objective and truthful, no running up on stage giving hugs, etc., that is just plain wrong!!!!!! What do they think that does to the other contestants' self esteem/confidence geez. I have no problem with them saying your in it to win it, but to do a total a$$ kissing on some of the contestants is just plain juevenile and uncalled for. The way they are judging is why some of the contestants have not moved forward in their singing skills ie, Scotty, Lauren, Jacob; the most skilled voices, James and Haley only Haley has received any criticism and it shows that she is improving from week to week. Casey is a very skilled arranger/musician, but as far as vocals he is lacking. just my honest opinion

    • I agree with some of what you said but the thing is,all of the judges are professional performers,and the golden rule amongst preformers is you don't critic another performer in public..just in private.

      • True about performers.. but they are JUDGES! It's part of the job for them to critique, to give constructive criticism when it can help, and to give honest feedback.

    • If Simon was on here still Pia and a few others would have bit the dust long ago. Simon would have said NO STAGE PERFORMANCE! And he will flat out say why did you even bother getting out of bed today. lol

  5. Simon did it to Carrie Underwood her year, and even took it a step further, how is this so bad?

    • It isn't because he was right. Because Carrie turned out to be the biggest star that AI ever produced. With Adam Lambert being a close second.

      • adam Lambert?? never heard of him, he aint selling or doing anywhere close to carrie or kelly clarkson, hell he dont even come close to kelly pickler,, adam will just fade away, almost there now,,, how dare you insult real performers by saying he can even shine their shoes

      • Actually, Lamberts first Album has outsold Picklers despite being out for 3 fewer years… but you are right about his sales post idol being nowhere near the big 3 (Underwood, Clarkson, and Daughtry)

      • Still when Simon said that it was the same situation until he was proven right.

        How exactly are you so sure James wont possibly win it, because Randy didnt say he will win it. He said he just might win this.

    • Ok – so maybe it really wasn't appropriate but I still don't think "the Hug" should be that big of a deal, nobody really said much when Tyler hugged Jacob or what about when all the girls were allowed to come flying up on the stage after Scotty's performance or "the kiss". I don't think they should really be doing any of that kind of stuff but please – give me a break (besides Ryan coaxed them into doing it. You wanna blame someone blame Ryan (not Randy or James).

      Also, IMHO – regardless of whether or James ends up winning, the hug from Randy aside and all the other well deserved comments, I truly believe James could have the most successful career of any AI yet (depending on the direction he goes after AI with his music). He goes Heavy Metal, eh – who knows, he goes Pop or Contemporary (like Randy suggested) look out. The hug is nothing more than a validation of what he has & will accomplish. Like it or not – we're gonna see a whole lot more of James Durbin.

  6. I wish the judges would actually JUDGE or give feedback. I don't need them to tell ME who has talent or who doesn't, but it's incredibly boring – and annoying – that week after week, their comments are, "You did amazing!" "You're in it to win it!" "You brought tears to my eyes!" "That was everything we'd been hoping for!"

    Once in a blue moon, they'll say something like, "Yeah, that was a poor song choice for you. But you did so great, baby, that we love you anyway!"

    This annoys me, even when they do it to my favorites. If I, with my untrained ear, can sometimes go, "Oh, wow. That part right there…they just missed the notes" then I would hope the three judges would have caught it too. And they SHOULD be giving this feedback to the contestants. I don't need to be told who has talent, but I'd actually like my the contestants to get feedback that will help them improve the areas where they are weaker.

    At this point, the judges are nothing more than big-name cheerleaders. Why should I care that Randy decided to whip out the pom poms to support James in particular? They haven't really been doing anything else this season.

    And for the record, I like James and personally think he MAY take the competition. I also think it's disappointing as hell that the judges are so useless. If they're not going to give any worthwhile feedback, their commentary should be cut from the show. It would take it down to an hour, and the audience would be spared hearing the same inane "feedback" week after week.

    • You are totally right. JLO needed some public eyes. Steves has omitted he wanted this job to get away from his buddies(?) The mentors would make great judges

    • Jade, you are sooo right. With the judges new style of judging, takes a lot of the drama out of the competition and makes it a lot boring!!!

      • Ido no think is boring becouse…… have you see the ratings all this theatre is for the same reason.

        The ratings. Everybody is talking about it.

    • Don't no why they're making such a big deal out of these JLo and Steven T have done it too

    • I have been critical of the judges this season, but I will give them props for this, last night they gave Scotty some great advice (about falling off those high notes) while still praising him and letting him know just how great a job he did. If the judges were more like they were last night with Scotty, they would be awesome.

    • One thing I think everyone is quite possibly overlooking – this season in particular has had some of the best singers & performers ever on AI (all the way back to Kelly in 02). There have been great singers in the past – but not nearly as many in one season, think about it, all of these singers are very good (including some of the ones who have been eliminated). Many of the judges comments have been right on because many of the performances have been that good this year. In other words – kind of hard to criticize so many really great performances. I remember in previous seasons where weeks went by without one great performance, that is not the case this year! And to be honest & fair – regardless of whether or not you like any specific genre of music, who has performed & sang the most consistently since the top 24 were announced??? James & Scotty (gotta give James the edge since he's also been one of the most versatile). Not saying some of the other singers haven't had great performances, just not as consistent week after week. So to be fair – any criticism to the other contestants, justified or not, would give James & Scotty even more of an advantage. Again just my opinion :).

      • To be fair to everyone – IMO the judges should be the hardest on the ones they actually expect to win! Not the other way around. If they see Scotty & James as the one who are "In it to win", then they should get harshest (not unfair) criticism of all – that should also include praise but based mainly on performance. Part of the judges job should be to help "polish" the next AI for the American people because the success of that person's career as a singer & performer will be direct reflection of AI (in essence, all of us are electing the next AI to represent us – the people as our choice to hopefully go on to be the next great performer of our time). As far fetching as it sound, that's what AI should be vs. an entertaining selection process that claims a victor).

  7. Totally inappropriate, both on Randy's and Ryan's parts. It was Ryan who coaxed him onto the stage, after all.

    I thought that these judges did a spectacular job out on the road, screening the contestants, getting to the Top 24, and then getting to the Top 13. But once the real show began, I think they've dropped the ball.

    No good critiques most of the time, except by Randy (and then mostly directed at Haley, for reasons unknown), while JLo and Steven sit there preening for the camera and seemingly conducting a personality competition of their own.

    It's become rather disgusting. After being really excited about this crew of judges during the auditions and through Hollywood week, I've become very disappointed in them. And the cheerleading for certain performances is just way over the top.

      • Wow, I don't even know what to think of this comment. Does talent really have a color? Not in my mind.

    • Well to a certain extent, I have to agree with Not2Old. Being completly "unbiased" here – I have to agree that the judges really haven't been as constructive in their comments as they could have been (definitely not as much as in previous seasons). I did state above that we do have some of the best talent ever this year on AI but irregardless, most of the judges comments have been ALL positive (very little contructive criticism) and somewhat bias at times. We need Simon back…..did I just say that?

  8. This is the second week in a row the judges have had a Love Fest for James…Talk about biased!! Their job was to bring the consestants to the viewing audience for them to chose the winner from the final group. They are influencing the vote! I am not a James fan but no blame for their immature actions should be directed to him.

    • disagree! the love fest has always been on Scotty, they were always ga ga over Scotty, guess they finally realized that all he can sing is country and all his songs sound the same, yah he has a great voice, but sounds the same week after week

      • @ Sonya…I agree. Between Scotty, Jacob and Casey…even when they screw up they are getting too much love from the judges…although I will admit, Scotty finally got some pointers last week….still no suprises.

      • Sonya. You are kinda correct. They have been pimping Casey harder than anybody this season, with Scotty not far behind, and now James is the flavor of the month for them. I didn't see Casey and Scotty fans getting their collective panties in a bunch when it was their boys getting the praise, but now that somebody else is getting pimped, it's suddenly unfair… yeah, right.

    • ruth sharp… stop barking because they said nice things about James…didn't hear you when they where having a "love fest" for Scotty …wich by the way was short lived!!

    • Well, once they pried their lips off of Casey's and Scotties collective junks, they had to do something with their mouths.

      • Well – I thought this specific thread was supposed to be responses to whether or not Randy's hug gave James an edge? It probably did but here's my final thoughts the entire matter:

        Everything else aside (including any biased or unbiased comments or actions from the judges – including boht hugs, the one from Randy & the other from Tyler to Jacob) here is my take on the contestants overall performances thru-out the competition (not based on just one performance & not taking into account the hug from Randy):

        1. James & Scotty tied (regardless of whether anyone wants to admit this – it really depends your preference in music genre as to who you think will win it). If you dig country primarily Scotty has the edge in your eyes, if you like rock/contemporary or pop then clearly James has the edge.

        I see them both very close but James has the edge because he has been more consistent, versatile and IMO a better performer overall. But they're both great singers – either one would've been able to win any of the previous AI seasons (except maybe for Carrie).

        2. Hailey – especially in the past several weeks I see as a close second. Her performances have been getting stronger & stronger.

        3. Lauren – very close behind the other 3, she probably has the prettiest voice of all but still very young, inexperienced & a bit unsure of herself. Still love her though – hope she gets a gig with Nashville what ever happens :).

        4. Jacob/Casey – even though Casey is gone I'm putting him in the same category as Jacob cause he'll be next unless he somehow manages to find his niche by next week. Amazing voice but not a lot of charisma & doesn't seem to know where he really wants to be with his music yet (don't get me wrong – I think Jacob has a fantastic voice & can sing his butt off but he still doesn't seem sure of himself yet. Maybe the strong influence of his gospel background, I don't know).

        And Casey – well, Pia had the better voice by far but the judges used their save on Casey when there were still 11 left, what else can I say. I still do love Casey's style especially on a Jazz – blues kind of level (the best in the competition besides Hailey & James). And by far the most talented -and that's why the judges loved him so much, because of his talent. But I didn't see him going much further than 5th or 6th anyway. Doesn't have the voice the other 5 have – more talented but not a better singer.

        So – did Randy's hug give James an edge? You tell me? Did all of those girls running up on stage give Scotty an edge? Or Tyler hugging Jacob? Or Casey kissing JLo? Or the 3 secessive Scotty-Lauren duets? What about the James-Jacob duet? Or what about Tylers comment about a million guys dreaming about Pia? Or Steffano's mom making dinner for all of the contestants? For a brief moment – maybe it did but come on, it's not like he was in danger of being eliminated this week anyway. So in the long run I don't think it really gave him an edge one way or the other.

        Again – just my opinion.

      • My rather lengthy reply was mainly to Ruth's comment – not to you kdub ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Inspired, that was Inspiring! Some good points to think on. And I think you did do the best job of analysis and answering the blog's theme question. Well done!–Can I come up and Hug you?! (But only if I'm urged to by this Blog's host!)

    • I have never been a James fan–& never will be because it's not my taste in music. But the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins.

      If he does, I would hope that there is somebody honest to look after his interests, because there are always people trying to take advantage of "innocents" and I don't think James has the capacity to tell a friend from a gold digger. (see him cry when somebody is voted off??) pretty ripe for the taking…IMHO

  9. People stop.. the judges are just reacting to the moment the see/hear the performance.

    I prefer them to be more critical, push them and praise them when needed. As they mostly are doing, clearly. I mean you rather have Steven say it was beautiful every single time? Please.. get real….

    James was one of the top 3 last night, if not the best, maybe tied with Scotty 1a, 1b. He took that boring 60’s song and made it relevant and enjoyable to listen to, and the opening a capella was truly amazing by James, period. Can you really blame any judge for saying that? Come on now.. Scotty to note was also great, good James Taylor song, great song choice for him, and made it his own, and Lauren also did well.. The other 3 pails in comparison…

    Last note: very disappointed in Casey.. others did ok at best.. Jacob, Casey, Haley all in danger

      • Thanks Joy! Yeah… I’m just surprised, yes, jazz New Orleans style, with all the Hummms and Ahhhs in it, growls and grunts.. ok, I get it.. but it’s not a lot of singing and really didn’t do him justice unfortunately. He did a nice performance and that’s about it.. His vocals didn’t come through..

      • That is very true Ruth. The only job left for the judges is to influence the public and they are not hitting the mark at all.

      • I agree, which is a big part of the reason why Casey and Jacob are still on the show and why Scotty was ranked so highly before last night (although with last nights performance, I'm hoping we will start seeing Scotty start living up to the praise, it was a huge step in his development)

      • i dont get it cause every judge and every person i know could say james sucks and i would still be voting for him non stop on wednesday. are people really that easy to influence?

    • Ok – that's kind of like saying AI should caution the judges about what they say because they could influence people to accidentally jump off a cliff or the roof of their house? Seriously? The majority of people watching could care less what the judges say or do….they're going to vote based on who they like the most, what music the prefer or who they think is actually the best singer/performer. The amount of influence the judges comments have for the top singers at this stage is not that much. For the ones in danger of being eliminated, perhaps. But we all know who we like the most & who can sing. If James won more people over last night it was because of his amazing performance (best one since Maybe I'm Amazed).

      • @coondog, go back to the thread 'what should our our top 6 performers sing' go back to our ELO posts. i left you something to see there.

        go james!

  10. I personally think Paul McDonald was going to win, but the last few weeks the judges have made it obvious that they all have a favourite and it's James D. I couldn't believe my eyes when Paul got eliminated! What was going on! He was the true talent of the show. Pia was also they're favourite, the judges got all teary and seemed they wished for a wild card to save her. But when Paul got kicked off they didn't even flinch. All I know is that this American Idol has been the best so far, there is true talent. But let AMERICA VOTE AND MAKE THEIR OWN VOTES! Now that Paul is gone.. ๐Ÿ™ I hope Casey, Jacob or Hailey win.. Scott and Lauren should have gotten eliminated instead of Paul!!!

    • First of all JLo has made it clear that CASEY is HER FAVORITE not James,and Steven T has made it clear he IS CRAZY 4 HALEY, NOT James

    • Pia was the 5th girl in a row to leave and likely the best singer at that time but weak stage presence.

      Paul had problems with his vocal cords and could barely sing and you still thought he was the best? but he was a trooper and refused to give up.

    • I think Mel is from Vote for the Worst, because all three of those you said to win are the people Vote for Worst were picking from for the next person to vote for.

    • I'm sorry – Paul probalby had the most unique style (& voice) but definitely NOT the best singer. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I did enjoy listening to some of Pauls performances. But beyond that though I was never floored by any of his performances. He was not one of the best – equal to Casey, Jacob but better than others before him (except for Pia – I loved her voice, just wished that girl had more interaction with the audience, she would've been one of the finalists).

      And anyone who doesn't think James or Scotty are amazing singers – well you're either tonedeaf or you hate rock and country. In either case you shouldn't be voting :), sorry, but that's sort of like asking a blind person to vote for Ms. USA.

  11. personally i like the judges this year. have felt like they did give good feedback to them. all randy did is state his opinion. the votes are what keeps the folks. not the judges at this point. if anything, i think randy saying 'james may win this thing' might hurt james because people will not vote for him because they think he is safe. in my opinion, james has had really strong performances each week. he is creative and he does his own thing. but that is my opinion and i wouldn't be surprised if he won the whole thing. i thought i would miss simon, but realistically, i don't. i have enjoyed this season more than i have in the past few seasons.

    • Judgeing is based on opinion of the judges, not to be displayed in front of the public before the contest is over. There is no fairnesss in expressing a favorite.

      • Well, actually the whole point of the judge role is to express his/her opinion. Their comments based on what the see, hear, and feel. AND the public will vote based on what they say, hear, and feel. Just cause Randy thinks James is the one to beat doesn't mean that I will vote accordingly. If one doesn't want to hear what they have to say, press mute when they talk : )

    • Zdam22: You are soooo right on the money! I love this season because the talent is so broad and incredibly wonderful! Rock on, James!

      • Yes – I totally & completley agree.

        I don't care what the judges say – or do at this stage, their mainly just along for the ride (and they have always shown favoritism in the past – even Simon, so I'm not surprised). And this has been one of the best AI seasons ever – wish they could crown 2 or 3 Idols this year cause they deserve it.

        And KLM, so well put – that's one of the reasons there's a mute button on the remote.

    • And zdam – I wouldn't worry too much about James………there's a reason people like Zak Wylde & Matt Belamy & Steven Tyler are so interested in this guy (Zak played lead for him, Matt challenged him to up the octave the last verse of Uprising & Steve Tyler agreed to sing with him if he makes the final). This guy ain't going nowhere except stardom. Even Ryan made a comment about it last week right after James performance but I don't think many people noticed. If you really pay attention to some of the comments being made & read between the lines – they already have plans for this kid.

  12. And liked the duets mostly in terms of pairing and having them sing to fill the show. However it should be judged in total.

    Casey Haley – it was pretty good not great, but they worked the song together well with their parts. Loved Haley’s dress btw.

    Lauren Scotty – again pretty good, and another country version duet, expected that.. and they did it well, and to me Lauren has bigger voice then Scotty, Scotty more complexity in tones, so it works very well together. Still can’t believe 16 & 17 years old.. Very talented for that level with their abilities. Best of the duets tho.

    Jacob James – It started poorly, and they can not harmonize, just two vastly different styles, and they tried to work it, but I didn’t think it was all that good.

    I think a dueling duet with Scotty vs. James would be fun, with the right song, one doing country way.. one doing rock , on the same song, two different parts.. hummm

    • I think I agreed with what you said? Casey was just bad while Haley was really good and I liked her dress to. I can see Scotty and Lauren doing a duet album for a country label in the future. And you're right Jacob and James didn't work. I think they were just the left overs.

    • Funny thing, Jacob/James duet… it's one of those things where, yeah, you know it wasn't good… but damned if it wasn't entertaining. LOL

      • I liked it even if very broadway musical, they seem to have fun doing it and was not that bad when they sang separately.

  13. I can´t understand those arguments about favorites, hasn´t Randy said the same thing about Pia and scotty at least once already? Ok, James may be in winning zone for the second time in a row, but is it really his fall?

      • Ding ding ding ding… we have a winner! Tell him what he's won bob!

        Gautham ~ As they say in India, "You are hitting the nail right between the eyes my friend" ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Isn’t it “right square between the eyes” :)and I totally agree (put my reply in the wrong spot).

    • Yes,Randy said the same thing to Pia because of her great vocals and beauty. But was bad with Pia's performances all the time. And Randy was also saying he saw Michael Jackson in a contestant before, and Kelly Clarkson in Lauren before. Steven should not have gone up to hug Jacob, and even in the audition Lauren was playing with her teeny giggles with Steven. Casey should not be allowed to be going into the Most Beautiful Woman of the world….who is married…and needs to give the feedback. Not to laugh and giggle like a teenager, make her go speachless! Lauren's idol is Jlo… JLo should act more like an adult to help Lauren mature!

  14. Ok, American Idol, in 12 hours, 9:00 PM Eastern Time, there will be five remaining.

    I think Jacob Lusk should have been eliminated before Pia and Thia.

    Scotty has a very secure future. Probably more secure than any American Idol singer in history. He could walk into the Grand Ole Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and literally “OWN THE PLACE.” Country music fans will support Scotty in a much more prosperous setting than most “Pop” stars could ever dream about.

    Scotty doesn’t need American Idol. But American Idol sure needs Scotty.

    James is the best singer this year by a mile. He has NO competition.

    At this point, the other three, Casey and the girls are good. But not great.

    They will have a small or even a medium measure of success, but the way it looks now is that they will be forgotten in less than twelve months.

    “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” Again one of the greatest songs of all time. Even though James performance of Carol King, Shirelles, A.I. arrangement was by far the best of the night, I can’t give it a super high score. I think that James fell into the trap of thinking that a great song cannot stand on its own merits, that it must be ornamentalized, augmented, enhanced and sullied with too much fluff.

    James D. might be the greatest Idol singer ever. Time will tell. Do I think he could surpass, Carrie, Kelly, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, Adam L.? etc ?

    Yes, I do. But he has a ways to go. Nevertheless, the raw talent, the vocal skills, and ability are there. A good supporting cast, band, vocal coach, manager, arranger and all the rest could make him bigger than any previous Idol.

    • BTW..James WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS CARRIE!! Simon said a lot of dumb things, but he was 100% right on her! She will go on to sell more records and be the most successful Idol in history! And it TRUE!

      • Amber is 100% right,Carrie is the best and the rest ain't even close. Well except maybe Kellie Pickler-another one of Simon's Favorites.

      • Subway will never have more stores than McDonalds!

        The Red Sox will never win a World Series!

        An unknown Jazz musician will never beat out Justin Beiber for a Grammy!

        Carefull with the NEVER's Ambern, that word has made many people alot smarter than any of us here look awfully dumb many many times in the past.

        James has quite a ways to go before he could be considered in that league, but the guys raw voice is comperable to Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford, and Sebastian Bach… he has the tools to potentially become a legend, it's all in how he puts them to use.

      • Anyone who thinks this kid can't be more successful than any previous Idol winner is just plain kidding themselves & living in denial. I honestly don't think one can compare the career's of two completely different genre's & style's of music anyway (that's like saying Michael Jackson wasn't as successful of a singer/performer as Elvis Presley or vice versa – not a good comparison at all).

        I think James definitly has the potential to be as successful as Carrie (or any other idol winner) if he chooses the right path and has the right people supporting him. But only time will tell…..give the kid a chance, he was nobody a couple of months ago. And what's the big deal if he is more successful – we're talking about a young kid who lost his dad at an early age, has had to deal with not one, but two neurological conditions his whole life. Throw in the fact that he's also trying to take care of his of his to be wife & son. Try getting and keeping a job in this screwed up economy with two medical conditions like that. My hats off to the kid & personnally – I hope the kid goes on to be one of the greatest singers of our time. Like Steven Tyler said – I'll have an order of what ever he's taking.

      • And absolutely what kdub said – this kid has a raw voice comparable to many of the great rock singers of all time (including Freddie, Ian G., Sabastian, Rob, Paul M, Ronnie James, Paul R., Roger D.), just pick one.

    • I think most of what you said is spot on about this years Idol and direction. Agreed.

      James as possible best Idol, obviously time will tell. He does have the Adam L. type vocals and range/abilities. Slightly different, but he can sing, clearly.

      Comparing to that list.. Carrie is the best so far, obviously given the body of work.. Kelly a close second.. The others haven’t done enough yet.. and simply stated, James isn’t as polished yet, he’s getting there.. David Cook, Adam L., Daughtry, Jenifer Hudson.. all have solid songs.. Fantasia – personally I don’t get, her vocals are not strong or good.. Her performance on Idol was horrendous.

      Back to the subject question, I think James can have a chance to be the best ever, but needs to find song writers and the style/craft to put out huge hits.. Right now only Carrie and Kelly have done so.. when all this considered..

    • James sings ok, but George Michael sings better, whom I think he is trying to sound like, on the other hand Scotty has the voice that can melt the coldest heart this side of the Mississippi. Scotty is the one who stands out this year.

      • Hey Templar, notice how people have stopped saying Scotty is soo much better and had to pull the Carrie Underwood card?? Seems the country folks are pulling out all of the stops now to try and say James is not worthy of the praise.

      • Wellen; It's all good. Scotty is my fave, but he's not ready. Needs to finish school and mature a bit. At this point the public knows who they like. The good ones will get contracts. Some won't. I'm ok with however it shakes out at this point. I hope Lauren is not damaged by this experience.

      • Templar ~ I agree with you about your boy Scotty, with some more development he could turn into something amazing in the C/W scene, I think last night we really truely got our first glimpse at that, he keeps learning and growing, and if James keeps progressing like he is, with the 2 of them out there putting out records (not to mention the potential sales for Haley, Lauren, and Pia) it's not tough to make a case for this being the absolute best group to come out of any season of Idol ever.

      • George Michael????????? Are we in the same universe or did I completely miss something???? Are you serious. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sorry – had a momentary lapse in reson there due to Pipers comment. Agree totally with Wellen & Templar. Scotty & James both have quite a ways to go but man they're both amazing. I can't ever recall soooooo much talent in one season.

        And yeah I agree with Templar – is the side of the river you are on even in this universe?

    • Scotty is good and he probably does have a future in country music but he is a long way from OWNING THE OPRY AND NASHVILLE!!! Also comparing him to Carrie Underwood(who has sold around 40 million albums too Scot's 0)is ridculiously crazy.

      • Kernan you are so right. There is no comparison. I loved Carrie Underwood's voice from the first time I heard her and continue to feel the same. Scotty first couple of times I was really impressed. Now…I'm sorry Scotty fans but I find him boring. Good voice but same ole same ole all the time. Doesn't move, just sits there or stands there. Basically same complaints as the judges have.

        I wish him well in his career as I'm sure he will have one.

      • Actually when Carrie was on Idol, she mostly stood there and barely showed much emotion. She had a great voice. But with time and as people point out, with the right coaches and songs, she has succeeded immensely. Quite a few of these Idols can make it with the right direction. Although I'm not a huge country fan, I do admire Carrie and think Scotty has a great chance. To compare his record sales at this point is pretty much mute since he's just starting and she's been around awhile… just sayin' ; )

      • This will stir up some people – lets put Carrie (who stood there barely showing much emotion as Klm put it – hmmm a lot like another great female singer this year who was unfairly eliminated already) in this year's group of idol contestants – I'm not so certain she would win up against Scotty, James, Pia, and some of the others……comments (or maybe a whole different thread for this one).

        By the way – I think Carrie is amazing so don't take my comment above as a negative one toward Carrie :). That's just how good I think this year's AI contestants really are.

    • Sfj -very very good take on the whole big picture & totally agree. Didn't really address the question posed for this thread but I still loved it just the same & agree with everything you said – especially about James.

      If he chooses the right path & has the right players around him this kid could be one of the greatest rock/contemporary singers of our time (and I've listened to all of them – my cousin was in Ten Years After way back in the 60's – I was "enlightened" at an early age). He definitely has the raw talent – and a voice somewhere up there between Ian Gillian (if anyone doesn't know who that is – don't ask) and Freddie Mercury (and if you don't know who is he – you really need to get out more).

      One more note I have to throw in here – for any of those doubting how good James really is: Did no one…..absolutely no one notice the comment made by Baby Face after hearing James Durbin's performance singing Will You Love Me Tomorrow solo & playing just the guitar? Quote "I was completely blown away". How many great performers & artists have to say this kid is amazing before people belive it? Nough said.

  15. I think the judges have definitely biased their comments toward James. He is not my favorite, but that is beside the point. Jennifer and Randy have been over the top in love with James. Jennifer is also very obviously not a supporter of Scotty. I think the job of the judges is to be impartial and provide objective feedback to all the contestants. This is not happening. They are just "giddy" when James even walks on the stage. They need to do their jobs and not try to push certain contestants. Stop being so obviously biased and be objective. That is their job.

    • Hiya Melanie: I'm pretty sure Jennifer and Casey are more "in love" than Jennifer and James. Before that, it was Jennifer and Paul.

      Jennifer to Casey (your sexy)

      Casey to Jennifer (big fat kiss)

      Jennifer to Paul (can't remember exact words but on and on about his smile).

      I've actually thought it was Casey who gets more compliments and less negatives over the course of this season.

      I do agree the judges need to be more objective and stop being cheerleaders for more than just James.

      Randy was way over the top regardless of who he hugged and Seacrest was the instigator.

    • Don't forget Steven also hugged Jacob and even said he would sing with James in the finals. Oh, and JLo seemed to flirt with Stefano as well.

  16. I just feel bad for the other contestants! Why even bother when James has been hailed the winner of American Idol. But then I think about it, and Adam Lambert was hailed the winner by the judges a couple of years ago, and once again, the public went against them and chose Kris. And thank God Kris was the American Idol! If the same pattern follows, it will be Scotty/Lauren vs James in the finale, and Scotty/Lauren winning because Country and Southern folks beat out Rock and EastCoast/WestCoast everytime!!

    • One thing for sure, the others heads aren't getting big. When a person thinks they're on top they usually fall.

    • So saying that somebody "Might just win it" is suddenly hailing a winner? My god, people can be just ridiculous on here sometimes.

    • Hmmmm….as I recall Adam has gone on to have a pretty good career, still is. And the other person – Kris who? Oh yeah the one who won Idol that year. So who was the real winner?

  17. James Durbind, gave James Durbin the edge last night with his performance, Randy just reiterated the fact.

    I have felt the judges are more like cheerleaders then judges all season, & I miss seeing the performers grow & improve from the feedback the judges give. Other then Haley who has improved greatly the rest are stagnant in their talent. They're still good but just not growing & improving as artists. It is really sad to me!

  18. So what if Randy gave James a hug? No different than Casey (GAG) giving Jennifer a kiss, on the check. He would have kissed her @$$, if it would have given him a leg up! Idol, and the judges, keep expressing…"The entire package"…In my opinion, Durbin wins, hands down! He proved that fact, last night. Best performance…EVERY single week! I didn't get to vote last night. Tornadoes ripped through Alabama, killing 131 people, that toll is likely to climb! Many folks in the Southern States, missed out on watching the singers and casting that crucial vote. So, how do I know James was the best? Five words…."Thank God for U Tube!" Go James! I am a fan!

  19. I have spoken to several family members that watched the show last night—without me even saying a word, my 88 year old mother said "Didn't you think that was terrible what Randi did last night? How does that make the other contestants feel?" She is so right. It is good for the judges to praise and get excited about a performance–but last night and last week was over the top with James. They are promoting him constantly. I like James and appreciate his talent. When he is being interviewed he is very humble–what Randi did and the rest of the panel last night, could very well hurt James. I personally am a Scotty fan but I would never pick some one out so blatantly and say they were going to win and jump up and down and carry on like that. That is not being fair to the rest of the contestants –they are all trying their best.

    I have one other comment–How come when Casey sings in his comfort zone every week , the judges praise him for staying true to himself and yet they push Lauren, Scotty , Jacob and Haley to move out of their comfort zone?

    • Because Casey's comfort zone is him being all over the map – his "zone" is very diverse. Lauren (and even the great Scotty) tend to stick to their schtick and pick relatively safe songs. Scotty NEEDED to show that he was more than a "one trick low voice" Pony. His song choice and performance was really awesome – I think he even topped his Elvis night performance! I thought James would have a tough time topping that performance but I believe he did by a fair margin. James has shown he can sing soft and with feeling and also rock out the hardest of heavy metal. He's the single most diverse singer on the show.

      Lauren just needs to believe in herself more. She has talent in spades – she can hit notes that she does not even believe she can hit herself. Miley Cyrus coaching her is a joke. Miley can't sing without AutoTune where Lauren is a real singing talent. Miley may be a multi-millionare TV actress turned singer, but she could take singing lessons from Lauren or any of the Top 6 – maybe except for Jacob.

    • Hi Janet. I don't know if they are promoting James or not. Maybe as simple as they like his performances. He was told before about being more versatile and he has shown that in spades.

      Casey, although my least favorite is diverse.

      Lauren, Scotty and Jacob have stayed in their comfort zones. IMHO

      Haley is trying every zone (mainly due to judges suggestions) and with the right song choices she does very well.

      As to Randy's actions, everybody is saying "how do the other contestants feel". There are two sides to every coin. Most assume they will get discouraged. BUT, what if there reaction is "we'll show them".

    • Well Janet, did your 88 year old grandmother happen to watch week in and week out as those very same judges kept pimping Casey and Scotty as hard as they possibly could? If so how did she feel about that?

  20. Saying James could 'win the whole thing' is no different than saying "He's in it to win it!". James deserved positive feedback. Judges also say "Best performance of the night!" sometimes even before all singers have come up! That being said, I tend to agree with most comments by Randy and even J-Lo (she is far better at judging than Paula ever was). Tyler is a riot but he's hit and miss – one minute he's deep and insightful and next he's saying "Just loved it. Beautiful. Yeah Yeah." His comment last night about being a dartboard for negative people when you're on top was a fantastic thought. The man is a genius one minute and sort-of not there the next. Perhaps this can be chalked up to the prolific drug use in the 70's? Still like the judges in general though, but miss the accuracy and brutal honesty of Simon. He was the anchor of sensibility on the show. Randy was commonly the middle ground between Simon and the other judge (usually Paula).

    • I don't recall the girls name but she was black with a lot of hair and got voted out a couple of shows ago. She was told she was a Diva a Star and they praised her to the hilt.

      They could have saved her but they didn't. So much for Diva and Star.I agree Northern Guy.

    • I agree with this and your previous post. Must say you have it down perfect. (of course I say this cause I agree) but couldn't say it better.

      and really, who cares what Randy says. He's there to judge and make comments and that's all he did. The people will vote how they want to. But I do miss Simon (not his cruelty) but his truth in comments. To hear "it's beautiful" when it really isn't has been annoying. Hearing criticism can only help them succeed. AND if their feelings get hurt by praising another Idol, then they'll face a rude awakening in the music business. ; )

      • Simon did more good than harm with his comments. Although sometimes mean or cruel sounding, sometimes he was telling contestants not just what they needed to do to win Idol, but what they needed to do to become recording artists. If I was an aspiring artist I would be thankful for such advice.

      • I have to agree – I miss the fact that Simon was very direct most of the time but it seemed like it was for the contestants best interest if they truely wanted to become great singers/performers (or recording artists). But even Simon thinks this year is better than last year – so what do I know. I did like the fact that Simon was hard on the contestants though – the recording industry isn't a "bowl of cherrys". Not everyone is cut out for it.

  21. Jackson’s “turning the other cheek” comment: Classic example of mixed metaphors. In his head, Randy appears to have been going for something like "turned a page" and instead came up with "turned the other cheek". As anyone who's been watching AI for a while knows though, we don't expect high-level articulation from the Dawg. He seems like a big, jolly, fun guy and occasionally he says something that might be legitimately characterized as "judging", but, Dawg, I don't know, man, the judging this year is just not that great for me, for you, for me. You know what I'm saying?

    • "It just wasn't that great for me, you know what I'm saying? It started out kind of boring…"

      Yeah, Randy has his bag of comments too. I think J-Lo might actually be the most insightful and useful judge, except for when Steve Tyler gets these strange and equally impressive moments of clarity.


      Northern Guy

  22. Haven't you watched this show before , it's not like the first time judges declare winner , happened before, almost all season.

      • I think its fine because at the end of the day its america who decides wether or not they liked the performance but thats my opinion

      • Matt ~ I will say that I don't think it's really appropriate for the judges to do that. What ruffles my feathers is how all the times that they have done it over and over in the past and it wasn't an issue, now that it's James though, suddenly it's brought up and some big hubub… Just shows the monumental hypocrasy of some folks in here.

      • Matt, In my opinion, no it is not appropriate for the judges to make such a declaration. And just as Sam says it has happened most every season on Idol. However I will add a little something to Sam's statement… The judges making such a declaration has usually had an ill effect on the receipiant, ie.. Adam Lambert, David Archuleta.

  23. I thought that James did a great job last night and I really enjoyed his performance. James is more into the hard rock and I am just not into that. My favorite is Scotty and he did great job and he is my pick to win. I really wished Randy would have contained himself because I think in the long run, it could hurt James. It's our choice not his. I believe that Jacob will leave us tonight. It will be Jacob, Haley and Casey in the bottom 3. That's my guess. We'll see. I really would like to see Idol steer away from making the singers sing just a certain person's songs like Carol King. I have never liked that. I wish they would let the singers choose their own style and songs each week and I think we would see even better performances.

    • Agree with you about song choices.I had to watch last week over again to remember to keep voting.Thought Carole King night was a snooze fest.Thankful for my DVR .Based on last week and this week ,I think Jacob ,Lauren and Scotty should be in bottom 3.Just sayin..

  24. basically, simon cowell was the brutal voice of reason, something sorely lacking from these judges. he told the truth with no bias whatsoever. if you were good he told you so. if you were terrible he also told you so. the current judges are biased, boring, and condescending. can't wait for the x factor

    • Everyone is saying the judges don't give enough feedback, etc., etc., and yet, every time there IS a bit of a "criticism," the audience boos loudly, and the judge (whomever it might be) stops in mid-sentence. So what does America want?

      • Patti that is so funny and soooooo true.

        Kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't.

      • True true… I think they handled it with Scotty perfectly last night though. Told him the many things he did right, and then gave him focused specific feedback on something he needs to improve upon. They need to start judging like that more often, it'll be better for the contestants and better for the show IMHO.

    • Ok – I don't know if anyone here has watched some of "The X Factor" shows from the UK but allz I can say is what the @#$%@$#% is everyone talking about here? I was shocked to hear some of the remarks the UK judges made about contestants & the obvious favoritism displayed by the judges (including Simon – but in his defense he almost had to in order to counter some of the blantant remarks & comments made by the other judges about some of the contestants). Some of the remarks were even very personal – so am I really that upset about how well AI's judges are doing, maybe they could provide better feedback but in reality – no I am not really that bothered by it. Anyone that is should go watch some of the UK X Factor episodes – change your mind real quick about Randy, JLo & Steven ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. SFJ, you kinda went off the deep end!! Scotty is good and probably does have a future in Country music; but good doesn't get you too the Opry!!

  26. James is no better singer then most of the others, this show is suppose to be about talent. I really don't believe James will ever sell that much music. Scotty would, Casey is better at Jazz then James is at rock.

    • Sorry Piper but I tend to disagree. James is great at rock/heavy metal and ballads. I guess I like him the most for his sincerity. He doesn't need to turn on a low bass voice when simply talking in an attempt to sound sexy. I find it corny as all get out.

      Casey is what we would have called in school the "class clown".

      It's the gimmicks that are bothering me the most with Scotty and Casey. Not necessarily the voices.

      • agree with you Carol. For me James hasn't made one mistake, while the others turn out to be confusing, Casey (wich was my favorite in the begginig) seems to be repeating performances, such as a few of the others. Sadly this year, the only one who seems to be sure and confident enough on what is doing is James. C'mon guys, Randy got excited, that's all…

      • James has reached his peak already isn't he 26? Scotty is only 17 and what a voice the good Lord blessed him with. I still like Casey, Jazz is my favorite. But Scotty voice is like a fine tuned piano. He is great.

      • Piper, he may not be at his peak, but he is way closer than te others, what he does does it well, agree that Scotty has a great voice but he assumed that he knows that this is all he have, he doesn't know anything about performance, and the "experient" guy on show was Paul, since he already had a carrer, don't know, might be wrong but I am looking for someone who excite me enough to sing along and dance… as James's been doing

      • Piper. Your kidding right about peaking at 26? He will only improve. Like fine wine, the older the grapes, the sweeter the wine. The "good Lord" gave all these contestants beautiful voices. Some just use them better than others. I'm not bashing Scotty by the way. I do think he has a beautiful deep rich voice. Like a piano though, Scotty doesn't move. If you want to compare his voice to a piano just remember how many different types of music can come from a well played in tune piano. Scotty's piano (voice) is just stuck in one, unmoving mode.

        P.S. If 26 is the "peak" number I should not have attempted to study piano/keyboard at 55. I'm past my peek by a good few yrs. Darn!!!

      • Rockers do not peak in their early-mid 20's. Usually they hit their peak in their 30's (see James Hetfield/Rob halford) and 40's (See Steven Tyler) and typically the greats are capable of performing late late late in life (see the Rolling Stones/Aerosmith/The Who/Ozzy/etc…)

      • Yeah – that's sort of like saying Ian Gillain & Freddie Murcury were past their prime when they hit 30 & couldn't sing anymore….seriously. Look, I love & play all kinds of music (Jazz & classical probably my fav's) but if you can't appreciate the raw talant that James, Scotty both have (and Lauren too for that matter – uh, let us not forget she is only 16)- well then I think your just being partial & a bit closed minded IMO. Not to mention James has been dealing with two neurological disorders his whole life – whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, the kid is gifted. Lets have this same conversation in a couple of years from now & see what happens. I can't predict the future so I don't know for a fact that any of these kids will sell a single CD. But I have a strong hunch that several of them will go on to become fantastic singers & performers (And James is at the top of the list).

    • Well – I'll agree that Casey has a style better suited for Jazz than James, yep have to agree on that one. He's also better at it than Scotty, Jacob, Paul, Pia, Hailey, Lauren, and all the others. So what's your point?

      Scotty & Lauren are better at country than all the others too – yep can't agrue that.

      Gospel – hands down no one can touch Jacob.

      All Around – Hailey, she's pretty good all around.

      Now lets talk James for a moment:

      His Initial Audition in SF – killed it.

      Final Audition top 24 (blues)- Unbelievable.

      24. Judas Priest (Heavy Metal) – killed it.

      13. Maybe I'm Amazed (Rock/Pop) – Amazed!!!.

      12. Bon Jovi (Be There) (Rock) – killed it.

      11. Living for the City (MoTown)- killed it.

      10. Elton John (Pop/Rock) – killed it.

      9. Guitar Gent Weeps (Rock/Pop) – killed it

      8. Heavy Metal (Metal) – killed it

      7. Muse/Uprising(Contemp)- killed it again.

      6. Will Love Me Tomorrow (Pop)- Wow wow wow.

      5 categories in all – in 4 of them, James can't be touched – Rock, Pop, Contenporary & Metal…in the 5th category – blues, I'd say James & Casey are neck & neck. Oh by the way were not done yet – still 4 more performances, any questions.

  27. Jame's you are the next winner guaranteed.you are flawless and perfect singer.God has gifted you.I am voting for you tons of times like everyone else.you are the true talent that American idol is made from .handsome , fantastic singer and grade you a A plus.good luck see you in prime lights

    • LOL Haley screams, what do you think James does ha ha ha great comment for hypocrisy

  28. alot of the south didnt get to vote last nite,it will surely show in the votes,not good for scotty and luarin,i expect both of them to be in the bottom 3 becuase of it,,,that will be sad to happen over weather….

  29. jamesisyournextidol.itslikerandysaidhehasbroughtiteveryweek notonebadproformence jacobneedstogo

  30. So, what's with James being good at his style? Just as good as Scotty on his, and to me Randy said that he's the winner because James did gave a Show on that stage, while the others are just good, James do not take risks changing style, but he does it when her performer. C'mon you guys, he may not be the winner now just because of Randy!!!! So sad if it do come true, rooting for him, now…

      • So he gets zealous praise from randy which then puts James in a negative light so people assuming this compensate for it by supporting hom even more? Does the cause of the extra support then matter? It could be another case of "sympathy voting" which has been seen with people voting for the underdogs, like in Pia's case when I think people assumed she would be around for a while to come and didn't need the votes.

      • northern guy: I think so… C'mon, what else explain that good people has left the show and some of the boring ones are only leaving now? Maybe people stop voting him, cause he's in a comfort zone of votes

    • sorry stevie I don't agree at all, the only girl performer I enjoyed this year was Pia, she was way better than Haley, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing, and don't list the critics, so, to me she should have left a long ago

      • Well here in Rome ga we had bad weather and didn't get to see much because of breaking weather reports all over ga.Tornados were everywhere here in Rome Ga it started early Wed morning and lasted all night

    • Haley is awesome, but she does not have Idol Star Quality like James. Scotty doesn't have Idol Star Quality either but he gets the "cute country boy" vote anyways. Casey is even more eclectic than Haley – Haley can do Blondies "Call Me" but can Casey do pop music as well? His attempts to do mainstream music have, so far, been quite contrived and full of extra grunts and growls. Not every song is going to benefit from a James Brown impression! I would buy a Haley CD in a split second, as would I with James. I'm not a country fan but I would love to hear a CD by Lauren – I think her vocal talent is VERY under-rated in this competition. She made Scotty look really bad during their duet and she was even trying to overpower his singing because the guy can't harmonize worth a darn. Scotty's CD will be very predictable and I bet I wouldn't like it enough to buy it – but again I'm not primarily a country fan. He might sell a million albums who can say, but if he keeps doing the same old thing over and over he'll be just another cute and young flash in the country pan. Country music has a genre unto itself called "Pop Country" and artists come and go every year in droves.

    • You need a reality check-James is the winner, Hailey looks good but will not win. Remember all of the tween that vote, most of them are girls and dont vote for girls.

    • Haley is very talented, and will very likely be pretty succesfull once she gets a contract after idol. That said, her chances of winning are very very slim. James and Scotty are just way to far out there for any of the other 4 right now. I would love a James/Haley finale, but it's prolly not gonna happen. I 'think' she is safe tonight, (wouldn't put money on it though) but for the next couple weeks, between her, Lauren and Casey… all bets are off… James and Scotty will very likely be the final 2 unless something dramatic happens over the next month.

  31. There has been a lot of noise made about the judges' casual effort at criticism these last weeks. The judges have done their job. They were to lead us to our top 12 and then be the figure heads they are. So what if they mostly point out the good things the contestants do. So what if they have a favorite. Yes, many have said they influence an audience. Unfortunately there are people who don't trust their own judgement of each performance. But those same people will criticize an advertisement that assumes we are all gullible idiots. Steven, Jennifer and Randy have been quite entertaining and I am still enjoying the show and looking forward to each episode. I was real excited to hear the Carole King songs and wasn't quite as pleased as I had hoped, but still enjoyed the show.

    James is a great performer, has a great story, and seems very humble. I admire him and believe he could win.

    Scotty is a true country singer, is a cutie, and seems genuine. He annoys me, but I admire him and believe he could win.

    Casey is an amazing musician with talent we haven't even seen yet. He is my favorite, though not all of his performances were my favorites for that night. I admire him and think he could win.

    Haley is sexy, has a very interesting voice, enjoys the stage and has a chance of winning also. I enjoy her performance almost every time.

    Lauren is beautiful, and innocent, but lacks the wisdom that comes with experience and age. I think she will gain all of that and go as far as she wants to. I love to hear her sing, but I don't think she will win.

    Jacob probably won't make it past tonight for good reasons. He has talent, but not for this.

    Remember that all of these people were somewhere else before they were here and don't HAVE to win. Their lives have been enriched and they have enriched ours.

    "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, And show the world all the love in your heart, then people gonna treat you better. You're gonna find, yes, you will, That you're beautiful as you feel." ~~Carole King

    Keep on listening!

  32. I can guess that all the babies that are complaining about Randy's praise of James (who deserved it BTW) where over the moon for the LAST 4 WEEKS of Casey pimping by all the judges, with the undeserved standing ovations, the Steven Tyler cussing, the insulting of "people who don't understand" his genius. Give me a break, it was beginning to feel like the Casey Abrams can do no wrong show.

    • IDOLFAN –Agree with you — What I heard Randy say was James just MIGHT win!–

      When Pia was voted off the judges acted as if the contest was over — which you could say was a slap in the face to the remaining contestants.

      The judges have directed the same comments regarding winning to several contestants through the competition- there has been over the top praise for Scotty, Casey, Pia & others — some of the contestants need to get a backbone and let stuff like this roll off their backs or they will never make it in this industry. Also,James is a humble, compassionate, genuine, and amazing artist & person. He has no control over what the judges say — I think he felt a little awkward about what Randy said and then Ryan Secrest told Randy to give James a hug, which he did. Ryan was really kinda strange last night with some of his comments.

  33. What about when Steven Tyler called out Casey as being "more equal" that the "others" last week when they were all lined up at the end???? That is not neutral is it? It's about time another contestent got some enthusiastic praise.

  34. I feel the judges have missed the boat this year. They should have started at the beginning critiquing these contestants, not saying every week "baby you know I love you" and "you did great" – these are the poorest judges ever on this show. Randy is only reacting to what he has to work with – he was much better with Simon & Paula – Ellen was much better than these 2. Jennifer also was saying James "the winner" – Randy picked up on it – I thought it was quite unfair and I felt sorry for the others having to hear that – they all deserve an apology – James is good but if you didn't do your job at the beginning don't start now trying to persuade the public. New judges are recommended – the contestants are good singers but did not get a fair shake from the judges.

  35. Are people really so easily swayed to vote by what the judges say? It is sort of insulting to be told that.

    I think the judges are fun but do not take them so serious – I vote for who I want and do not let the judges do the voting for me.

    I guess there are some American Idol voters who feel that people do not have brains enough to decide who they feel are the most talented to win.

    The judges can say that some one is a genius — but that does not make it so — come on people!!!

  36. IMO Ryan was out of line egging Randy up to the stage to give James a hug. Ryan has been moving around the stage with one foot in his mouth for a number of years now. Maybe he should be replaced. Also, the judges are not supposed to be cheerleaders. Sometimes I feel like that is what they are. The competition is at the stage where the fine points of performing are really important. Just saying a performance is great when we can see there is room for improvement is insulting to performers and viewers. Anyone can sit in a judge's seat and say, "That was great, dude." I'm sure we'd love to have their salary. Praise is good, but these contestants want to improve. It's difficult when they don't get the pointers that can change a good performance into a great one. Simon did that. He just wasn't very tactful with it. All of the contestants left have room for improvement.

    • It's crap and bound to get worse when they start coaching their teams. What is entertaining about watching a bunch of semi pros getting pointers from current pros? It's like televised baseball camp.

    • We did and, unlike Templar, liked it. Each of the judges ends up with four acts who they mentor and coach.

      The X-Factor uses a similar formula except that the contestants are in four sectors and each of the four judges mentors one of the sectors each of which has four finalists.

      They break them into:

      Girl Singers

      Male Singers


      Over 28's

      Once the contest starts, the public vote but the judges decide which of the bottom two is eliminated.

  37. When Randy said turn the other cheek I thought he meant "show another side of yourself." And I actually didn't like that big show of love with James because I AM a James fan and I'm afraid that it would turn other people off from voting for him!

  38. Randy was out of line definitely. If I was one of the others, I would be disappointed in him. The show will never be the same without Simon. He always told it like it was. Steven & Randy need a new vocabulary. Tired of hearing the same comments. DAWG needs to go.

    • Randy acted the way he felt regarding James performance – not saying it was the best move but he was also very impressed with Scotty so they are not perfect, Randy is just like us ….I am not a big fan of Scotty but I was very impressed with his performance last night – my best has been James from day 1 just because of what he deliver on stage…….

      • "I am not a big fan of Scotty but I was very impressed with his performance last night."

        I agree. Even people who are not Scotty fans should have seen how good he did last night, and how he pushed his limits. He set the bar really for James – but then James came out and POW! He hit it right out of the park! Very awesome show!

      • Northern Guy: I'm a little concerned. Pup and Bunny haven't been on any of these threads today. I hope they weren't caught in any of the storm destruction.

  39. I am a Lauren Alaina fan as you can see, but I think my favorite 2 are James and Lauren. They have a wonderful gift from the Lord! I think James actually could win the whole thing, and I hope Lauren will be in the top 3. VOTE FOR JAMES AND LAUREN AMERICA!!!! THEY ARE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!!

  40. I think James was the best last night. Being a big fan of Carol King's songs, I

    only really enjoyed James ( who was not my favorite usually but impressed me in

    that I feel he understood her song) and the others didn't. I do think Randy was out of place jumping out of his seat but that's Randy he's the boss, right?

    Anyway, I hope Carol wasn't watching, but then, she does have a good sense of humor.

    • For the record – it wasn't Randy that prompted the hug, it was Ryan. Randy & James both were reluctant at first but after 6 or 7 prompts from Ryan they finally did. And I totally agree with you – James was the only one who seemed to understand Carols song, as he does more often that people probably realize (hard to see how a singer can connect with a rock song but trust me – he's been doing this literally every week).

  41. James was amazing last night but so was Scotty. It is all a matter of taste. I personally cannot stand listening or watching Casey, Haley or Jacob. I think Lauren is adorable but young and insecure. James and Scotty will do extremely well post AI.

  42. The way I saw it (for what it's worth)…

    In order of performance…

    Jacob – Not a fan of this guy, his style is not my thing to put it simply. I got to give him credit for livening-up a bit though. He put an actual effort in this week. That bright, Howdy Doody garb was kind of wierd. The pairing with James in the duets at least helped him show a little stage personality for a change. The deck is stacked against him at this point, but I'm going out on a limb here and say… While he will be bottom3, he makes the top5.

    Lauren – This girl's got plenty of talent and "potential." Her youth coupled with nerves and lack of self-confidence, really hurts her on this stage. I give her credit for pushing a little more last night. Anything less than a OMG performance at this point and she'll be a forgotten and seriously overshadowed by the others. Personally, would not be shocked if she were bottom3 or even eliminated tonight. I understand of course alot of the audience would be.

    Scotty – Not a fan. Everything he does always sounds the same to me. Makes him quite a bore. One ballad after another. Give him credit for pushing his range a bit last night, but can we see some effort in your performance already. It really is annoying that this guy is a front runner, yet gives us nothing to prove why. Seems to be content with riding his baratone and innocent looks all the way to the final. Tonight he is safe… the teenies and grannies wouldn't allow otherwise!

    James – WOW! Deserved every bit of the praise he got from the judges. 'Bout time somebody other than Casey got a little love. Lightyears ahead of the others as a performer and, oh by the way, as he proved last night, this guy can sing too. Tonight, without question, he is safe.

    Casey – Talented musician and, for what he does, he performs well. Just about every other week, I find myself saying WTF after his performance. I mean can we stay relevent please. Performer yes, Idol no. Don't understand why the judges are so over the top on this guy. I mean, other than the fact they used the save early on him and they're just trying to save face. Tonight has a chance of being bottom3 but he'll be top5.

    Haley – She gets the "Most Improved" award. She started out with the same sickness all the girls this season had… Nervous, unconfident, and therefor boring. But about a month ago, she must have decided "what the heck have I got to lose at this point" and has been 'Bringing It' ever since. Tonight probably bottom3, deserves to stay, but may go home.

    • I hope Hayley does not go or is even in the bottom 3 this week. I have a hunch that the duets will be split 3-3 tonight and, if so, Ryan will probably call them up in the pairings.

      Haley/Casey:- Casey Bottom 3

      Lauren/Scotty:- Lauren Bottom 3

      Jacob/James:- Jacob Bottom 3

      Lauren will be sent back to the bench and it will be between Casey & Jacob who goes home.

      This is just a hunch and if the judging was based on performance and who is Idol material (bearing in mind they need someone who will sell a lot of albums) then Casey will be the one to go tonight.

      The other thing that has been noted elsewhere is that much of the Southern States were without power last night and many were unable to vote or even watch the show.

      That may have an impact on the results tonight.

  43. In the ten years of American Idol, I have seen judges give a standing ovation to a particular performance but have never seen a judge get up on the stage to give a hug to a performer after his/her performance.

    This year, it has happened twice – last night and Tyler with Jacob a few weeks ago – and it is totally inappropriate.

    American Idol is faced with the fact that the success of the finalists in terms of record sales or downloads has been going down each year and particularly in the past 3-years.

    The last two winners were the first winners who did not earn even Gold and last years final two have flopped as far as record sales or downloads are concerned. This is the record from the last three years so they desperately need a winner this year who will sell BIG!

    1. David Cook 1,345,000 – Platinum

    2. Adam Lambert 808,000 – Gold

    3. David Archuleta 765,000 – Gold

    4. Kris Allen 326,000

    5. Crystal Bowersox 186,000

    6. Lee DeWyze 133,000

    Compare these with previous AI Alumnae first album sales and their follow ups.

    1. Carrie Underwood 7,090,000 and her follow up sold more than 3 Million.

    2. Chris Daughtry 4,787,000 and his follow up sold over 1 Million.

    3. Clay Aiken 2,785,000 and his follow up sold over 1 Million.

    4. Kelly Clarkson 2,745,000 and her follow up sold over 6 Million.

    5. Fantasia 1,793,000 and her follow up went Gold

    6. Ruben Studdard 1,791,000 and his follow up went Gold

    7. Jordin Sparks 1,039,000 and her follow up did not reach 200,000

    Even Jennifer Hudson for all her successes elsewhere only went Gold with her first album and her new one is hovering just below 300,000 at the moment.

    The fact that they have competition from The Voice and X-Factor starting this year, just puts more pressure on them to find someone who will sell, sell, sell.

    It is blatantly obvious from the "judges" – Randy in particular and to a lesser extent JLo – who they think will be the potential best sellers. Steven does not seem to be in on it or he doesn't care. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Watch the pimping increase next week and it will start with Jimmy Iovine who has quietly gone from telling us that they will all do great to being more picky about who he thinks will do a good job and who will struggle.

    The interesting thing is that they are not "pushing" a female singer and yet the top 2 sellers are female:

    1. Carrie Underwood with over 12 Million

    2. Kelly Clarkson with over 10 Million

    Chris Daughtry is by far the top male and he wasn't even in the top 4.

    Beside Daughtry, the only other non-finalists who are in the top 10 in sales are:

    8. Kellie Pickler who was 6th in Season 5 and has had two Top 10 albums with a third due this year.

    10. Jennifer Hudson whose 2nd album is still in the charts after peaking at #2 following its March 2011 release.

    In all 6 of the top 10 sellers from American Idol are female.

    • Paul ~ Wow.. mad props on the post. Damned good to see somebody come in that knows their stuff and did their homework.

    • Great stats first off – but I'm gonna go out on a huge limb here & say that collectively, James, Scotty & Lauren could easily top all of the above (combined) within the next 5-6 years. That's somewhere north of 40-50 million or so. Kelly & Carrie have been out for a while so we've gotta be fair, but I honestly believe those 3 are that good. I don't know how many repeat votes were seeing every week – but if out of the 50 million or so voters that are supposedly watching out there, if half of them buy CD's from those 3 over the next year……well there you go.

  44. jacob should have gone last week for messing up a beutifull song, color have nothing to do with it ,its talent and for his scriming every song dont do much for him.yes i agree that randy feels he been austage by the other judges so he is press for some stage himself,thats why i dont like that save vote, and what happen to randy with the guy he vote to save last night, have he guiving up on the guy that as far as im consern should have gone the week he was save by that stupid save vote.it seen to be that the judges are starting to desagree with the public or want to compete with the public more just because they dont like what we are doing on the voting as we been doing a better job that we dont get pay to do like them.shame on randy if i recalled he got on simon for doing what he himself did last night with carey the year she won by declaring her as the winner long before the end of that idol year. the public should keep voting the way they choose and dont be fool by what happen last night,lets be fair to each one of this kids and the best talent be the winner and people race dont have anything to do with this american idol show its talent; talent ,thank you and enjoy whats left of , my the best person win.

  45. I think that people are forgetting that the judges are that judges…..it is their job to judge….Randy judged James as the winner last night and he was right…James did a great job and was the best last night….but they also picked Pia to win early on so it really comes done to who is your favorite….mine is Scotty but I agreed with Randy last night James as better and based on talent James should win….but my heart is with Scotty.

  46. I've always thought Randy was the best judge this season. After some thinking, I would say he a JLO both have their good moments but they're rarely both right. Steven just sucks.

  47. James has been consistant the entire season. I want Steven Tyler to hold up to his word and sing with him in the finals. I whole heartedly believe James will win this season. I have been a fan of his since he auditioned.

      • james has not been consistent the whole season. because his audition was messy and that version of 'a change is gonna come' was plain horrible. and i didn't like his version of the muse song either. not to mention last night's duet which was just all over the place. where's the consistency in that/

      • I hear you guys, James is leading in the most votes and we will be seeing a duet with Steven. You GO James!!!

  48. at this point it does not matter what the judges say. the voters have their favs and will vote for them no matter what. remember how the judges were all over pia and she left quickly. james should win based on his performances. always a standout whether you like his music or not.

    • Well said sif. Especially the part "whether you like his music or not".

      I also think that some vote for the type of music they like (rock, country, jazz) regardless of who is performing it and whether it is the best performance or not.

      Getting ready to enjoy tonights performances.

      Bring it on home again tonight James??? Can't wait.

      • Carol K, you are soooooo right!!! It seems obvious that many people are voting for their favorite style of music rather than for the most talented singer. This season in particular, the outcome of that effect has been more pronounced than ever. I think that this is due to the fact that, for what ever reason, the contestants have been able to stay within the style of music they're most comfortable with. It's one thing to take a song and rearrange it into a style that's your own, I dig that, but it seems as though, this season, some contestants have been able to stay within their "safe zone" with little or no creativity.

  49. that randy is mean! he(randy) should be the one to go.. it's so obvious that he want hailey to go. every week he just can't help but give her bad critics. But durbin had some noticeable glitch too but randy is just too mesmerize on how durbin move those autistic brows that he can't see those glitches. ๐Ÿ™

    • i think all that just makes james more endearing. to pick on his condition really is hitting below the belt. how awful.

    • Moron….best response I can come up with (sorry all due respect to the admin but if you remove my reply you should also remove moron's comment – very distasteful, disrepectful, rude & hateful).

      • i was just saying to my daughter the other day, everyone on here may fight and get upset with each other over their favorites but not one person stooped low enough to pick on james about his autism. i said i was really happy people did not get that mean…then we have this moron who had to go and blow it.

        i bet the idol carol k is voting for wouldn't even want her vote if they read that comment. how distasteful.

    • Well Maybe there is something there for Randy to give her constructive critizism. She sings good, put she's not that great of a stage performer. Could say the same for Jacob too. Yeah, I think James has it all over those guys, and I'm not a teenager, I'm a baby boomer!! Love that roack n roll!!!

      • Rock, rock rock that's what I meant instead of typo roack! Give me a pass, I'm old ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Autistic eyebrows…hmmm.

      I have a child with Autism and it is a fight everyday just to make it through this crazy world. The sensory issues alone are enough to bring the "typical" to their knees.

      It takes great courage to get up in front of millions every week and perform. I applaud James for his great control and poise. He does an incredible job every week. I can't wait to follow his career and see just where those autistic eyebrows go, one place is for sure….all the way to the bank.

      Enjoy your childish comment and I will think of you when James wins it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Unfair and too obviously biased! Here's where we miss Simon as a judge. The current judges are playing favorites. Good thing Jennifer Lopez' favorite, Stefano is out already. The duet with Steven Tyler… uh sure… if he wins. But from how it looks right now… they are making sure he wins for that duet to happen. Unfair for the rest who can and will still step up.

  51. I am a huge Casey and James fan but I do believe the hug that Randy gave to James was uncalled for. Yes, James' performance last night was like David Cook's Mariah Carey week which really deserves high praise and compliments from the judges but to hug him? I think it can weaken the morale of the other contestants (well its a double-edge sword: contestants might get motivated to push themselves harder to top James' performance).

    I think Casey did a pretty good job last night! I think he is the only Idol contestant who sings Blues and Jazz which is really rare nowadays. I guess people don't appreciate his genre since our time is more oriented with pop, RnB, Rock, Alternative Rock and the likes.

    Still rooting for Casey and James! Win or Loose I know they'll become big stars!

    • If you want to find fault then direct it to Ryan Seacrest. He was the one who kept urging Randy to give James a hug. Randy would have come across as an ass if he didn't. It was just like the time Steven had to say yes to the finale duet with James. They were both put on the spot.

  52. This is dangerous. I mean, I am a James fan. I want him to win. He has the talent. He's the best in the pack.

    But, remember what happened to Adam? Yeah. Simon and Randy had praises all over him. They wanted him to win. But America had different plans. People normally want the underdogs to win. So they let Kris win.

    Hope this doesn't happen to James. I hope the judges read this. Be careful. Don't give all praises to James. Spread it out to all.

    • Good observation Leo! More often than not, this type of praise has a negative effect on the contestant receiving it. It tend to offend the fans of the other contestants and motivate them to vote when they might not have otherwise. As for the the hug that Randy gave James, I don't think it was Randy's idea. If you watch the clip you'll hear Ryan suggest the hug. Ryan's the instigator!!!

    • Have you forgotten that Adam L., my beloved singer, is gay? What did America do? Adam was purposely ignored when they had to vote, as simple as that. Kris represented to the world the ideal American guy. How could America vote for someone who was "different"? Yeah, discrimination is the word. Now Jacob is facing the same situation (excuse me if I´m wrong about him). Great singer, in my modest opinion, as great as Casey. I should add, for the record, I love all of the contestants, but…my favorite is James this season. And, just in case, I don´t mind if he suffers from Tourette´s. To avoid misunderstandings, I´m a woman and straight.

    • Don't worry – James is absolutely amazing & I don't think we have seen his best yet which is even more crazy. This kid might be a big cry baby as his close friend Steffano put it ๐Ÿ™‚ (he was joking I'm sure & I'm certain James knows that as well) but man can this kid sing – and he does it from the heart. And not only are the judges making great comments about this kid (recall Baby Faces comment). Don't worry – James isn't going anywhere.

    • The winners in the last few seasons of AI did not go on to have successful careers so I am ok if James does not win this, because I believe that he is going to be big anyway without the AI title.

  53. randy jackson should be made to aploigize to all of the contestants last night. I guess we have new all golorious physisc now. well everyone left standing can now go home, (according to Jackson)

  54. its not that i dont like him,its just that he has the same criteria as adam and being a not so noticeable clone(yerright),i really dont want to hear clones,just like lee and david cook,they have same voices and only one of em got famous. Something to think about…….

    • Are you serious? I'm sorry but even though James has some growing to go thru (and has a long way to go yet) there is no way you can compare this kids' raw talent & voice to any previous Idol contestant period. Are you kidding me? You need to sit down and seriously listen to his singing, his control, range, melodic sense – his passion and then listen to the likes of Freddie M., Ian G., Robert Daltrey, Ronnie James, Brad Delp, among others & then re-evaluate your appraisal……I guess everyone has their opinion but – wow, that's all I can say.

  55. the judges have been fair from day one if anything i think in the previous seasons they have overly praised some of the other singers, but in a positive way.. wat i saw last nite only showed how we all feel about James .. its hard to control that feelig of "its been a long time since we have had someone who can SING AWESOMELY ".. its crazy mad .. and James creates that .. this is all just James Energy .. don't Knock it ?? .. U say what Randy did something wrong… take a look @ yourselves all quick to jump on the band wagon and make something out of it.. dont make what happened a NEGATIVE thing for James? FFS ..

    • Yeah – amazing isn't it. I thought Carol K. week would be boring but I was completely wrong & have no problem admittng that. The reason I was soooooo wrong was mainly because of one performance (the others were good but only one I will NOT forget). The hug from Randy, I agree not really called for but – it's really not that big of a deal either. And only one singer has been blowing me away every performance (and I ain't talking about the stupid duets or group songs). So, for the judges to praise anyone for spectacular performances week after week should not be frowned upon.

  56. well now that the person the judges choose to save is gone with his jass we may start to covey on real talent for todays generetion and hope that the save vote by the judges is gone with it.when the people that run this show let the kids pick the kind of music and songs they want to sing from this point on and not what they choose for them to perform. lets have some fun or should i say let them have some fun.

  57. I believe Randy's hug was just his way of validating James's performance.

    In reference to the voting, I believe that people are indeed voting for a favorite or a favorite type of music…..which with the average age of those who actually vote have no concept of what great music is…otherwise Casey should still be there and that's because most children are not brought up to appreciate all kinds of music..They don't have a clue….Sorry Casie….You and James are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Randy didn't do anything that Simon hadn't done in previous years. I do think tho that it plays w/the minds of some (weaker) voters when a judge states that a particular singer can win. I am fine w/Casey leaving tonight. I thought he had grown to be a bit pretentious & I had enough of his growl. I think it's Jabobs turn next week.

  59. Any accolades Randy gave James last night were well deserved. I have not been a James fan, but after last night he won me over. He proved last night that not only can he scream, the boy can sing and I feel that will win him a lot of fans with those who are not that great on hard rock.

    • A million times over in agreement…..If anyone has done some research on James & really listened to many of his performances it should be very clear that this kid has an amazing voice (and a lot of heart). And can sing just about anything (the true sign of a great singer).

      One more note – to those of you who may have been offended by Randy's hug (and have lost your father as well)……..the fact that Randy gave em a hug (which to James might have been as special as getting a hug from his dad for all of his hard effort & heart he shown in overcoming his – difficulties), I totally don't have a problem with, I'd given the kid a hug too.

  60. I am totally amazed that Casey left this week. What an entertainer he is. As Hayley is a beautiful girl and fairly good singer, Casey was more entertaining. And Jacob sounds wonderful when he sings but is not gonna beat the rest.

    The only ones that I could hire to entertain at a party are: James, (Paul), Scotty, and Casey.

    This years Idol is the best EVER!! I will be disappointed when it is all over.

  61. Judges like us, express their own opinion and likes; people do judge-nothing to fear of.

    All of them are just fantastic and adorable. I like the version of James in "Will you still love me Tomorrow" and so with Jacob, Scotty and Casey.

    Times have evolved the singing style and confidence of the top six,this is where the appreciation of singing comes in when singers learn to master their trade and style based on the clamor of the public and the appreciation that each singer/contestant received from the judges and audience.

    Go,go James Durbin, Jacob Lusk and Casey

  62. Saying that somebody is "in it to win it" or "bringing it" is one thing. Going up on stage to hug a contestant is quite another.

    I don't mind when the judges show some enthusiasm in their remarks. But this group has been totally transparent about their "favorites" all along, and it's VERY annoying. And the pimping that results is way over the top.

    I would much prefer some constructive criticism, and then for the judges to SHUT UP.

  63. i am so glad jacob did not go tonight. to me, lauren was the weakest link, but survived because of her fans. i do not care for the ugly looks and eye rolling randy gives jacob each week, as if he needs to go home and does not deserve to even stand on stage. it is ridiculous and uncalled for. jacob has stood on his obvious talent (his voice), can sing his tale off. lauren sounded bad two weeks singing r&b tunes, and was not even in the bottom when pia left (she should have been). also, scotty can only sing country, period. he can go home next week. we already know he should be a country star. the grand ole opry should be honored to have him, and he can be bigger than carrie underwood. james is good, but over praised. i personally do not care for him. haley is getting better, but is not as good as jacob (yeah i said it), and can also go home next week. she has been holding on, but never giving any powerful performances. i thank the voters for sending casey home. i like him so much, but he purposely sang in that crappy voice last night. hell no to that voice. it was right for him to go.

  64. Well we cannot have it two ways…We complained when the judges were too supportive of everyone that we became confused….now we are angry that the judges are leading us like they are supposed too? I don't get it.

  65. I love the fact that the judges are soooo supportive. The people on the show were the best so far and they grew so much from the start. They got praise and affirmation from the judges and support from Jimmy and his guests each week. This is what makes an artist. Not people making fun of them and tearing them down. That may make an entertainer, but this year the contestants all seem so confident. They go for what is true for them and I think we have Steven and Jennifer and Randy to thank for that. I loved Casey, but it's a contest. He made it so far. He was my favorite but I think it should come downto James and Lauren or James and Haley. All three have exquisite voices.

  66. I missed the "turning the other cheek" comment. I'm simply explaining why Randy hugged James. As previously stated, we know Ryan kept urging the hug to reluctant at first 'huggers'.

    As I've previously posted with more details, AI producers retain the right to "pimp", highlight, manipulate the audience through "Orders" that are given to not only the judges, but even more so to Ryan Seacrest. The Producers must obey Game Show Regulations that actual Votes must be accurately accounted. However, they can manipulate that total by deciding how many votes can be cast by phone, by text, and online. That's 3 tools to manipulate voting patterns so as to orchestrate how AI producers want the show to go for their own reasons–whether it's ratings for advertiser money, or for preferred contestants for record sales.

    As I've said, the final tools are the instructions given to Ryan for how to present contestants at all times, "guidelines" given to judges about "which cheek to turn" and when to do so. You might ask why would Ryan and judges follow "guidelines" or "hints" given to them either directly or by hints in suggestions in envelopes each day. Well, that's Show business! There are unwritten rules about how to conduct yourselves to ensure continued employment or future employment worth millions of dollars–and just like contestants apparently are on 10 or 12 year record contracts, Show Business has all kinds of Clauses that deal with keeping your mouth shut and not revealing inside information forever or a set number of years when nobody remembers or cares.–Possibly Simon Cowell's main reason for leaving because he knows he's smart and resists taking "orders" from the Executive Producer, so he forms his own shows where he can be the Executive Producer. There's no mystery about Show Business–It's Show Business.

    Even the Bottom 3 that we supposedly had tonight, might have been a way to get around that rule since it was not officially announced as such. Let's say they wanted to up Lauren's numbers for next week and Producer is still irked at Scotty for calling him "dude" so he wanted to prove a point to him who's really in charge. So, they do that with a hokey Bottom 3, as long as the true low guy is off the show.

    So, in summary, the answer to why Randy and Ryan or judges sometimes act out in such an egregious manner is: Producer Whims, Show Business, AI desire to orchestrate the outcome using the tools they are allowed manipulate the votes with: host, judges, pimping, producer song suggestions, theme weeks, 3 methods and numbers of voting so as to manipulate the various voting blocs. Show Business! Mystery solved. Any Questions?

    • Well put & I agree. Don't really like the fact that what you stated is true – but as you put it, that's Show Business.

  67. I've talked to many people who said that they were very surprised that "andy"jackson really tried to kiss James in the mouth, and that james really had to sorta' push jackson away from him, before most of the audience could notice it.I don't know if it was really true or not, BUT…….

    • but it was OK for Casey to kiss Jlo? Anyway, it didn't work for Casey. Goodbye Casey! And goodbye Jacob next, I HOPE!

  68. I do not think Randy did anything wrong. He (James) is not the only one who has had extra attention..I like James, Haley and Casey, but they all can not win

  69. Was GREAT seeing Ryan and the rest of the judges make a total fool out of "Andy" jackson, by telling him to hug James. I think that was really going a bit to far for such a talent show that is not even completed yet. Personnaly,I've never seen anything like it on a talent show as yet…most judges can at least show their fairness to the other contestants and their friends and relatives in the t.v. audience and the home audience also. I'm quite sure Simon(jackson's ex-boss) was very surprised to see it also. I do believe the other contestants should speak out LOUD about such actions of the one judge who has been making such a fool out of himself for most of the 2011 amer. Idol show so far. Lets at least try to get some one a little less bias to take "andy" jackson's place next Amer. Idol that comes up.

  70. in all honesty i feel the judges should be able to get excited and hand out praise/hugs. the judges are human. let the judges have fun too. dont make them walk on eggshells.

  71. If Simon was still on the show, Scotty would heve been told "I would go pack your bags" after the duet with Lauren. I would love to hear how Simon would have critiqued the contestents wed. night.. I say, "give Haley a break, and tell the rest of them what they really think, instead of sugar coating everything that comes out of their mouth. Haley for the Win!!!!

    • Yeah, I LOVE Haley, too! Best stage performer. She is so at home on the stage. Love her!And not to mention great voice and beautiful, too!

    • Ha,ha. I like Scotty, but even JLo dissed him as being "Lauren's backup singer". But Kathy, you nailed it with the theoretical Simon comment!–"Go pack your bags" (knowing that he'd remain, but the harsh critique would be incentive to work on things.)

  72. James just did the best idol performance this season with "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." I have rewinded many times and I am getting ready to hear it again. AWESOME. IMHO James has delivered EVERY WEEK. I WOULD pay to see him live on stage Beautiful voice, beautiful person.

    • I agree James did his best performance with this song before that I did not like him much but after that song he changed my mind He does have his own style but I saw glimpses of David Cook and Adam Lambert in his style and it was fantastic best song he has ever sung so far

  73. James is truly the best! He deserves more than Randy's praise. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I believe, I KNOW, I am SURE that James Durbin WIN this! :)Amazing voice, Amazing performer, Amazing talent, pretty boy. :"> ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. This Years judges are a lond cry from judging talaent no judge should have to explane their remarks the remarks should be short and to the point and state how that person could overcome that remark to do a better job next time. Too many times this year the Judges have said nothing against anyone are they too scared to make a honest remark Out of the judges this year Randy seems to be the only one to have the guts to say something. J Lo is hopeless She loves everyone rarely says a bad word to the contestents and when she does she says sorry to the person, Steven Taylor is total crap why did they get that Hippy to judge never says anything one way or the other that can help the singerThey should replace him with the person who has been teaching these people to sing as he knows what he is saying

  75. ya know what's great about the judges this year…they like everything! Good/bad/mediocre..Steven likes it! JLo thinks "you" are just great! Yo.Yo.Yo, you're in it to win it…Randy. And I belive they've all been on stage to give a squeeze to almost all of the performers….judges…I think not. Half the time Steven is phoning it in..JLo can't give any contructive criticism w/o tears welling up & Randy is his usual non complacent self. All of these songtestants are just your average singer with many just putting on a very awkward show.

  76. No, Randy didn't give the 'edge' to James. It was Steven who first gave the results away when he said he would sing with him in the finals. I mean, that was ages ago! That prompted me to post way back 'save yourself the apprehension (for those non-James fans still wishing their own bet or someone else to win) 'cuz James and Pia (oh boy, was i wrong about her!) are gonna meet in the finals. But the runner up doesn't matter. It's gonna be pre-ordained James who will be 2011 AI.

  77. My girl Lauren is still in the competition!!! I looove her voice. I love her personality. Do I think she will win? probably not….If she is voted off, James will pick up my votes.

    and to the TROLL who made those vile comments about James health condition…..SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  78. I agree EVERYTHING CAROL said. I love Lauren every single time she's been up on that stage. I hope she will make it into the top 3 so bad!! If she gets voted off, I probably vote for James. ROCK ON JAMES AND LAUREN!!!

  79. I think Randy had no choice but to hug James when he was prompted by Ryan but I wish the judges will stop showing their favourite. This will make Americans to vote cedibly. If any of the judges make known his/her favourite contestant the judge's fans will be pushed to vote for the judge's favourite regardless of the best among them. I love all the contestants. At this point I can't even predict who will win.

  80. The judges should do just that judge.To build up the hopes of some contestants just puts them on a roller coster ride till the let down comes.The judges shouldn’t have a save vote that is not fair to all the contestants.When they have been voted off it should remain that way.I think i’ll be watching the new show this fall that will have a professionl who knows what he is doing.

  81. Para el programa se cabo el jueves cuando james abandono nose que etsan buscando y que quieren definitivamente de mi peor pesadilla veia a scotty este en la final no me gusta en el escenario parece pesado y no siento nada de emocion cuando lo evo su estilo es aburrido y dudo muco que se convierta en el boom tengan por seguro que james tendra mรกs exito que todos si el no esta prefiero que gane haleyo niรฑa de 16 aรฑos no hay mรกs opcion

  82. Guess if Randy did give James the edge last night, it didn’t do much good. Randy has been trying to sway the James vote most of the season. Maybe people are just getting tired of it. Sometimes I think judges do more harm than good. The should critique the performance and let it go at that. Do away with the enfluencing remarks. The audience is going to decide for themselves anyway, so let’s take away some of the personal bias of the judge’s remarks.

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