American Idol 2011 Top 6 Elimination Results

It’s time for some American Idol results. Dim the lights, please!

While we wait for the envelope, did you see the American Idol 2011 Tour has been announced? 44 stops from early July until early September will take this season’s Top 11 singers all over North America (there are a couple of Canadian events too!).

Based on your votes in our Top 6 performance poll it looks like the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Jacob, Casey, and Lauren. Just like last week we have Lauren in our poll’s Bottom 3, but I’m still not convinced it’ll happen. Let’s see if Lauren’s supports keep her safe again this week.

Tonight’s guest performer is Bruno Mars. Tip to the recording crew: Don’t put a dog in the shot that moves around and completely ruins the continuity of the shot. One second the dog is up and looking to his side, the next he’s sound asleep. This performance was obviously very pre-recorded.

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Ryan Seacrest is delivering the results in an odd fashion. Doesn’t seem like there will be an identified “Bottom 3”. Instead we find out Haley, James, and Lauren are all safe tonight. That leaves Scotty, Jacob, and Casey, but Ryan doesn’t say they’re this week’s Bottom 3. Very odd results reveal this evening.

Ryan reveals that Jacob is safe and Scotty is safe. That leaves… Casey.

American Idol 2011 Top 6 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Casey Abrams

Wow. Jacob survived again. How many votes are his two fans allowed to cast? I kid, I kid! Congrats to Jacob on making the cut. Well now you’ve got your Top 5.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. Well for me the bottom 3 are Jacob, Casey and Scotty but probably I am wrong with Scotty, I just do not connect with him but he is a charming guy. So yes, maybe Jacob, Casey and Lauren or even Haley will be on the bottom 3. As I said before Jacob will be going home not because he is a bad singer but because people do not like him and this mostly is not a singing contest but a popularity one.

    The guy with best looks always gets the most votes lol.

    I hope James win this season, he is not handsome but my GOD he sings so well and his songs choices are always on the spot!

    Good luck all

      • Yes and remember Tim Urban and that other guy from season 6? The one who sings not so well , forgot his name XD

      • Sanjaya Malekar??

        But Scotty did sing well, not like them. James is ok too, and listen to the confession of James that Scotty is better and better every week so other contestants have to increase their performance too if don't want to leave far behind

      • I love unsupported commentary like Haley sucks. She hasn't been voted off, her appeal continues to rise and she makes a lot of girls very jealous. Must have plenty going for her.

        Plus she doesn't bow down to AI royalty who want the contestants to play yes man to their demands. She isn't intimidated by the holier than thou judges and producers. I have a lot of respect for that.

    • I don't think it's about best looks or Tim Urban would have won last year by a long shot. Everyone else was pretty homely looking (especailly Lee). Tim was pretty terrible, though. VFTW had a lot of sway that season and it's not Tim's fault he made it so far. The thing that is impressive is how much he improved. By the time he left he was almost good enough to be in the top 24.

      • Did you notice the cute little role of fat?

        Very obvious in the duet with Jacob. They must feed the boy pretty good. Most rockers are more on the lean side but he probably hasn't been using brain suppressors like many do. That'll cut down the fat a little. Wonder how far up the pecking order he would be without all the stage props?

        I think he is limited but the judges see him making money for the machine.

        That's their main concern, marketability. You don't make money selling music, you make it on the road. Too much free downloading is cutting into their profits these days. Did you hear that all you pirating thieves?

  2. ok jacob or casey or haley and it will be ok..anyone else the show gets just a little more boring…and haley sounded pitchy in the intro song…

    • Pitchy is a word people use when they don't know what the eff they are talking about. Just sayin.

      • I'm rude and you are the one with the 'gfy'? Seriously, go look up pitchy in the dictionary or google it. It's a word made up by Randy when he doesn't have anything else to say about a performance. It is not a musical term. And after hearing the performance I don't think it was Haley off key and she can sing very well you are just a hater.

    • No, pitchy means they sing off key. What is strange is that they can hear when Haley or Jacob is pitchy but nobody can hear how pitchy Scotty is. Maybe it's just his country twang has him sounding sharp or flat for more than 1/2 of the note – or maybe he's just pitchy. When he sang the duet with Lauren, one of them sounded pitchy as heck – and let me give you a hint who: it wasn't Lauren!

      • You're right NG: When Scotty sings, he wallows around on his notes all the time, making even one-syllable words become three. When you slide around the words and notes like that, you can almost always assure that "part" of the note(s) you sang on a given syllable was in tune. He's not the only country singer who sings like that, and he does it well, but it does absolve the singer of having to land in the middle of a note on every beat.

    • Off key, sharp, flat, I don't remember the term other that manybe off pitch. The pitch is the note, does pitchy mean notey like too many notes in one making it sound like more than one note at the same time?LOL

      Randy thinks too highly of himself. He's an "Image" guy. He has an image of himself that is only his.

      He's "a little jerky" when he says "a little pitchy". He uses it to diss a contestant when they did a good job and he can't say anything else other than "it just didn't do it for me" between the "dude and yo yo and dude and listen listen yo man dude yo yo dude listen listen dude man".

      Randy likes to influence the vote.

      That's why I vote against him by voting for those he likes to be "a little jerky" with.

  3. They said many fans will be disappointed so it could be a presumed front runner going home tonight, so long as it's not James.

      • She's had her chance to prove herself and she hasn't. If she stays another week she better step it up.

      • Lauren :< , please shine like , kelly clarkson and carrie underwood , hope its not too late.

      • sorry dude. but her performance yesterday was great. not her best but definitely better than jacobs and haleys. but that is to my ears.

        we all have different ears so yeah.

      • she does shine. its just that there is a guy like durbin that just outshines everyone.

  4. Well if many fans will be dissapointed then casey could be in trouble. If you think about it he has a lot a fans and is definetely in trouble after yesterday.

  5. I'd say maybe Lauren or Casey. Lauren has never been in the bottom 3, and Casey hasn't been in the bottom 3 since he was saved by the judges.

    • I think so too, based on reading so many love/hate comments about Casey. They want him to take risks, then he overdoes it and picks songs many of his fans don't even like. I hope Lauren or Jacob go tonight, but could be Casey….sniff sniff…no more duets with Haley….

  6. I would say either Scotty or James, but the two of them do have a major fan following that I doubt they will be in danger though I could be wrong.

  7. Then again the intro to the double elimination said it was shocking. Then naima and thia were eliminated. Thia was more suprising but definitely not a shock.

  8. lets shorten a boring season..send jacob, casey and haley home. i am sure there is a party somewhere they can get loaded and be the hit of..of corse jacob just needs to go back to church..yawwwwnnnnn…

    • Ha! Another Pia situation where people assumed James or Scotty would remain and voted for their favorite underdog instead! Yeah, if James or Scotty were voted off it would be a shocker. The remaining four, well, it's too close to call at this point, but Jacob seems like he is closest to getting the axe.

  9. Just read a report that Lauren's hometown was hit by that string of tornadoes and people are worried that she will be voted off because the people there can't vote for her.

    • That's what happend with Jennifer Hudson. There was a hurricane n she had the highest votes the week before, but was eliminated the next week due to the storm

  10. I really hate Lauren, but something made me like her, and I don't want her to be voted off..

      • YAY! im soooo happy. Finally. I love haley, she's been my top favorite since benny and the jets. she is really good.

        Thanks to all haley's fans. Hope she will deliver a mindblowing performance next week, just like last week. this week she was really good, but sad that its difficult for people to connect with an unfamiliar song… 🙂

      • I guess I am showing my age because "Beautiful" is one of my fav Carole King songs. I remember it then and thought Haley did a great performance with it.

    • wow im glad that she's finally out of the bottom 3. Haley deserves to be in the top 3. 🙂 Good job america

      • Wow…. Americans are going down hill…. I hope to see Haley get voted off soon 😛

  11. Last night Lauren proved she cannot hit the high notes, but

    Jacob still need to go first – go James, and keep Hailey close

  12. What the hell was that? "Scotty, after the nationwide vote…go sit down. We'll get back to you later." What WAS that?

    • i was so furious how they told scotty to go sit back down. i hated the way they did that tonight. i was a wreck!

    • Probably just dragging out the suspence, although I do think Scotty has lost some steam over the past 2 weeks. Perhaps many are unhappy by the fact that his itunes version of "You've got a friend" was NOTHING like the live performance. Save your money on that one. I thought that would be the one Scotty tune I would love, but turned out they changed it totally into an over countryfied mess that sounded NOTHING like the live one. Was very miffed at itunes and AI for putting a total switch out there that wasn't even a good Scotty rendition. Well, I'm on PST so I'm out of here before someone tells me how it ends. James seems like a shoe in to win now, so everyone else goes home soon…..

  13. Oh, he just did the same thing to Lauren. Does this happen every season, or is this a new, special level of stupidity this season?

    • you are wrong, wrong. Jacob is a really great singer. God loves him. He is going to be American idol winner. Thank you.

    • This is awesome! Drama at it's finest! No way Casey was going to the end! Now Ms. Hailey will be a blubbering mess.. and will really blow it next week ..we know Jacob isn't going to make to the end but there is a web site the church people use called ASK GOD..they must have that heavly populated to be keeping him in! Now come on those soul sisters in the front row have friends and so on. Hey who needs those soaps that are going off when we have American Idol!

      • Can you really ask God stuff on the ask God website? I wanna know why he made Adolf Hitler. And Pia Zadora. And Amway.

      • Guess again. Who do you think is going to get all of Casey's votes now? James just picked up all of Stefano's, Haley will get all of Casey's.

      • Casey was an upbeat performer, with musical talent and fun to watch on stage. Only one other on stage like that right now, I think James will pick up 75% of Casey's votes.

      • I don't know what the split will be, but I agree that James and Haley will both combine for the lions share of Caseys voters that continue to watch and vote.

        Which should spell doom for Jacob most likely. Of course there are cats with fewer lives than Jacobs run so far, so really, who knows any more.

      • can someone elaberate onthe theme for next week means song choice wise

        its gonna be "NOW and THEN' theme..

      • Maybe you'r right and after Lauren out, all her votes will go to Scotty, same will be happened to Lauren if Scotty out so we can predict the winner, between Scotty and Lauren

      • Does that mean Haley will get the 25 or so votes Casey always gets from his immediate family members. Because I sure can't see a huge number of votes for Casey, by anyone else in America. The guy just was not that good a singer. Just my viewpoint. Foe me, week after week, he has been one of the bottom 3 performers ever since they started the top 13.

      • I agree with you that Jacob will probably not win AI. I do not know who or what is Jacob's voting bloc but I'm sure that neither do you. Please do not involve and/or disrespect church people. That's how your comment came across to me. I apologize if I misread your intention.

      • Haley kept her composure very well and put on that infamous smile for Casey. Don't get your hopes up too high for her to slip up because of this. She takes things head on. She doesn't let things get to her like Lauren.

  14. They ate all great singers. But not all are great performers that would sell out an arena. Jacob needs to go. He will be fine and will probably end up with a deal at a religious record company. I wish him luck.

    • They ate all the great singers!!!!! OMG.. that explains how Jacob got so big…. dayumn, Haley must have an amazing metabolism on her, she looks great still.

  15. i guess a boring show has to try and build suspense…haley should be in the bottom three…if anyone other than jacob or casey goes home..this show gets even more james the idol and lets all switch to the greatest loser or something.

  16. I just hope Casey will not be eliminated. He is so talented. Though, I feel James will surely win this season. He is in with the crowd and I like him also.

    I go for Casey or James.

    • he is extremely talented. and definitely good to watch. i sure hope he isnt eliminated.


    Miley Cyrus!!!

    Now sing "Party in the USA" one last time! 🙂

    Yes, you can use AutoTune. For our sake.

  18. Scotty in the bottom 3! Now teengirls revolt! Lol! Scotty goes from front runner to bottom 3. I hope it's Casey who goes home though.

    • Scotty was not in the bottom three. They were in random order and Ryan specifically said that a few times. No one knows who the bottom there were, which really sucks.

  19. LOL my prediction was right!!! Jacob, Casey and Scotty on the bottom 3

    But I think is Jacob going home but still can be Casey.

    I think Scotty is fine has a lot of fans

    • You heard Ryan said, no bottom 3 this week?

      I think yesterday he already pronounce when he introduce the top 6, No. is Scotty, No. Lauren, No. James, No. 4 Jacob No.5 Haley and No. 6 is Casey

      I think this is the real rank and they try to tell us, based on that I already predicted who will out today

  20. Holy cow Scotty in bottom 3! There is justice in this world! Impressive for Lauren–even with a tornado in her hometown she is still safe.

    • You know, I think that wasn't a real bottom 3. Wishful thinking on my part. Which means that actually Haley or anyone else could have been bottom 3. And I don't know who is voting for Jacob but apparently it's a lot of people!

      • what do you mean when you said this "who is voting for Jacob but apparently it’s a lot of people"

        Hello! do you believe in God? well my dear he is real! this is something i leave for you to think about!

      • This whole thing about Jacob being singled out by God is a pretty ridiculous notion. Who are you to judge other people? Isn't that for God to decide not some overzealous, self-righteous internet tough guy?

  21. if scotty were to be sent home..they would lose half the viewers and i would still have to mute three me a favor send either casey or jacob home..prefer both…but one will

    • Please shut-up your bloody mouth. he is a great singer. Hello! do you believe in God? well my dear he is real! this is something i leave for you to think about!

      • tutu, I'm afraid your bad language gives Christians a bad name. "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth….". Please, if you are trying to help people know that there is a God, you need to go about without using language that God specifically says not to use.

  22. no….. not scotty in the bottom three. we love him – we see his picture hanging in all the Lowe's foods grocery stores in the area. hope he doesn't go home.

    • No there was no bottom three people. The producers wanted everyone to sweat. When did ryan ever mention the bottom three NEVER. He said random order. Come on people, tv, ratings, etc.

      • hello the random order means who got the most to the least and the last three were the bottom three. do you got it now?

      • tutu maybe you need to pray to God to help you with your synapse process. Random means random, as in nonspecific order. There was no bottom 3 tonight and if there was it was probably Haley, Casey, and Jacob.

  23. I HOPE it's Jacob, but I'm afraid it'll be Casey going home tonight. If it were Scotty, I think they'd probably be talking about how it was a shocking elimination, like they did with Pia. (I mean, it would be pretty shocking to go from the top to being eliminated.)

      • I can't believe you all let the best talent in the history of this show go ….for those who disagree you really can't be true music Lover's…I'm sad for you Casey …Had I been American You'd of had my vote every week…..Sad in Canada…:( I won't be watching this anymore…

      • Julie, it's that kind of elitest BS that probably turned alot of people against Casey. Especially since many of us music lovers (including us that love Jazz) got really tired of that garbage a long time ago.

      • Um, you mean REAL jazz? Casey is a talent but they compared him to NORAH JONES. Um, yeah….

      • NG ~ I missed that… and ummm, no… no way… I actually like Casey as an overall musician especially when he is at his best, but he is NOWHERE near Norah Jones.

    • Casey is true to himself. I have never been a big fan because his style relies more on gimmicks than on singing. True jazz fans love Casey, but it is a genre that isn't mainstream.

      • Are you sure that TRUE Jazz fans like Casey? Or do you just assume that Jazz fans like Casey? Hmmmmmmmm? Name one Jazz fan you know personally. Except Dave. (Everybody knows "Dave the Jazz Fan").

      • NG ~ I cn name one… Me.

        That said, I wasn't all that thrilled with Casey… at his best he's a force to be reckoned with, but he has only shown flashes of that here and there for a long time.

        He is one helluva musician, but it's a singing contest, and as far as the pure pipes are concerned… I have a hard time disagreeing with Americas decision tonight.

      • Thank you that Kdub. And there you have it folks – from the lips of a real live Jazz fan.

        This is Northern Guy, for, reporting.

      • @ Northern Guy

        A lot of Jazz fans love Casey… Check out various Jazz websites online..Plus he can really sing well..Why he grunted too much during his live shows, i have no idea…but soon…very soon you will hear what i am writing about now…. 🙂

      • Now you listen here Mr. Gautham person dude. If I want to hear any grunting, it will be from HALEY thankyouverymuch!

    • I agree…go home jacob..he is terrible..i do know they need some new voting rules..we vote for real talent..

  24. What the heck is going on???? I don't want it drawn out, I just want to know who is leaving. The fact that both Haley and James or safe, erks me to my very core. Neither one of them deserve to stay, they should have been gone a long time a go.

    • Why should've the best two performers have been gone a long time ago??? The show would be an utter bore. Haha.

    • Ahhh, lemme guess, a plant from "The Voice" or "X Factor" you suggest that the best performers on AI leave so teh ratings plummet and the other show can take over… very clever… but we see through your ruse.

  25. Aw, I liked Casey. I figured he wouldn't go all the way, but I wanted him to stay a couple more weeks, at least.

    • we agree!!!!! Idol is becoming a joke..we started watching the country contest, similar to idol, only country singers.they vote right on the hassle..

    • lauren doesnt deserve to be safe… haley reallye deserves that… but casey?? no man!! casey nooo!! wtf?? and jacob in the top 5?? i just dont get it

      • Haley deserves to be number 1 considering she has improved immensely from week to week. She has been a tight rope from the beginning and has gotten the most criticism of the remaining contestants. She also has the best voice and the most versatility so it was easy for her to improve herself. Can't say the same for Scotty and Lauren who have been Dullsville each and every week.

    • i disagree, haley has been showing consistency and something different each week. Just like james. She is very deserving!

      Casey is good. but at this point, i think it is reasonable for him to go.

      • It's hopeless Devin. You can tell them his name and they'll get it wrong again next time. Sigh.

      • Look on the bright side… Now that he is eliminated, you will see folks butcher his last name much less often now.

  26. omg scotty that was really close if he wood of got voted off i wood not wach amrican idol i love scotty he is my night blue armor i love him but he need to SING MY BIG GREEN TRACTOR THAT IS WHAT I THANK he is the best on the show love SCOTTY 🙂

  27. It's about time!!!! He should have been gone weeks ago. Last nights performance was the last straw for the American public.

  28. Stupid elimination but whatever. He will still have a good career specially in the jazz community.

    • Only in the Jazz community which really limits him. His performance last night was terrible.

      • Casey was great last night, you just have too like Jazz, he is gifted that way…… He's Cool.

      • His exit performance was terrible. That's my favorite song by John Fogarty [yes, I know he didn't originate it.] and Casey wrecked it.

  29. I truly can't believe this! Casey should have stayed longer, in fact, he should have won! I'm crying, I can´t believe it, it's so unfair, this is just a popularity contest. Casey was a true artist, you can see his passion while he is singing. America, sorry but you are stupid. If I was in the US, I would have voted for Casey but I live in Argentina. I'M SORRY CASEY! ARGENTINA LOVES YOU 🙂

  30. well they sent the wrong person home again, should have been jacob since he was the worst singer there..oh i had to mute my tv when he sang he was so terrible…really america…i wish canada could vote i would have made sure jacob went home…really…and oh ye only one canadian city on the…what about the western canada american idol…we watch you too

      • Not a fan of Jacob's, but he's a better singer than Casey. Jacob can learn to control his voice, but Casey just doesn't have the voice in the first place.

  31. Sorry, but we got it wrong this week! Should have been Jacob!!!! I can't believe it! Stinky!!! Casey should have made it further! Crazy crazy crazy!! Very disappointed!

  32. This is all to do with who votes: there will be many slightly older viewers who throughly enjoyed Casey's last few performances but who are not inclined to pick up a phone to vote. Nevertheless, it is still bewildering that Jacob has survived another week after a number of insipid performances that have undermined his previous status as "baby Luther".

    • And if you are glued to a show run by idiots, what does that make you? If you have so much contempt for Americans, I wonder why you bother watching or posting. Go look up hypocrite in a dictionary.

      • Nah, not smart enough to know to be tired swinging that gavel all around like that… Seriously it's like some people should give folks a rattle and a pacifier. I think it's time for her nap, so she must be crankey.

  33. How does a 'rockstar' like Jacob be still alive in the competition? I wonder if his fellow felons are voting for him…

  34. Wow, I'm stunned. I really don't know what to say!

    I think that EVERYBODY thought that Jacob was gone.

    You know what I'm beginning to think? That this is turning out to be about VOICES after all. Casey is a good musician, he's talented, he's likable, and he's great on the stage. But for all his charm and the uniqueness of his performances, he's not a great VOCALIST. I think that even his most ardent fans would say that.

    Jacob, for all his oversinging and his annoying melodrama, is a talented singer. I don't care for him, but I recognize his vocal ability.

    I just don't know. I'm stunned.

    James has a gazillion votes all the time, I'm sure. I hope that lots of Casey's votes will migrate to his gal-pal Haley, who really rocks the stage. Let's see a James-Haley throwdown for the finale!

    • Totally agree… I am hoping for a Haley/James finale, but it wasn't fair that Casey went. I guess it was too much to hope for that Lauren would have gone. Glad I focused my votes on Haley and Jacob… (I figured James was safe…)

      • Not2old; You're preaching to the choir. I've been catching all kinds of flak on here for saying Casey wasn't a great vocalist for weeks. In their duets Haley was always better than Casey.

      • @Templar: I know you've said that all along about Casey, and I agree. I enjoy your posts, btw.

    • i agree! i hope casey's fans will now support haley! his fav gal-pal! 🙂 They are so cute together. Love them!

  35. I am super upset that Casey went home. He was my favorite and a truly talented musician! Also, very entertaining and really shows his love of music.

  36. I was a Casey fan in the beginning, I didn't care for the Nirvana song he did and at the time I agreed with the judges using the save on him, but in recent weeks he lost me as a fan. It seemed like he was singing more to sing in a jazz club, and not to sold out arenas, he's talented and everything but the performances he was doing wasn't for people who would buy tickets to see a major music act in concert.

  37. I am really upset Casey was eliminated! He was my favorite! I will miss him. Good Luck Casey!

  38. glad to see a new elimination format,seacrest does it inrandom order so noone knows who was in the bottom three

    after last nights judge fiasco, good to see something good happen for the contestants.

  39. I am very upset tonight Casey should stay, He is very talented entertaining with a great personality.We need a great new jazz blues singer, we already have to many of the others! Casey should stay!!! Not Fair!

  40. I feel so bad that Casey was eliminated before Jacob and Scotty. He was the most talanted of those three. At least my favorite is still there, Haley!

    Second favorite is James. Lauren, Scotty and Jacob are a real snooze fest, BORING.

  41. Last night when I voted….Casey's numbers were #5 and #11. When I went to vote for Casey at @ #11, the message came back, "Thank you for voting for #1"

    I did this 2 times and both times the voice said "Thank you for voting for number 1" Now number 1 was Jacob, so do you think there was an error somewhere in the telephone service???? I hope the producers look into this.

    • Actually there was a similar thing that people were talking about on the official forums in the Durbin secion, people were noting that some of their votes for James were going to Scotty.

  42. First I dont' believe Scotty was in the bottom three, And I can't believe Casey was sent home….. He was great. I love you Casey…

  43. The elimination of Casey only shows that those who are voting have absolutely no knowledge of music. The show is supposed to be about musical talent, not popularity. American Idol has never had anybody with such HUGE musical talent as Casey has. BIG MISTAKE to let him go…BUT we all know he is on his way to bigger and better things and well deserved!!..he's an excellent musician.

    • Right, but appraising musical talent is a subjective thing. What you think constitutes talent and "good music" might make another person vomit. For example, a lot of people think that Smiley Cyrus, the Jonas Sisters and Justin Beaver all have talent, since they sell so many records. I disagree with these people wholeheartedly, but that does not make me right in any case. As Steven Tyler says, I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong…

      • I agree with Northern Guy, and I'm always right. I never made a mistake in my life. I thought I did once, but I was wrong.

  44. OMG!!!its a stab on my heart. I've watch this show only to see casey, …he's the true artist. his improvisation on the stage had always amazed me…. You still got a chance out there Casey!!! Go Casey, im from Indonesian and we love you..

  45. casey is a total artist how can he be let go we he has proved his self over and over again! just cause he,s not your normal pretty boy

    • Because very few people "get" Jazz. If fact I detest it. I had a love hate thing for Casey. I loved when he sang something other than Jazz like Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Even if he gave the song a Jazz feel, it still is not a Jazz song. When he sang a Jazz song I hit the fast forward or mute. After the another angry growlfest last night I was not sorry to see him go.

  46. Jacob should have got voted off! Who wants to go to a gay guys concert with no really interesting, dance to the beat music? Seriously?

    • You shouldn't be able to write that, it should be struck out. Race, Religion, Sexual orientation and Political views are not relevant on idol forums.

      • Oh Kez, it's better that we are able to see that kind of post though. That way we know how to single the intolerant bigots out more easily instead of wondering who they are in a crowd.

      • I didn't think this was an "official" Idol forum. In any case, I don't care whether or not Jacob is gay, but I do find his performances excessively emotive and vocally theatrical. I think he belongs in a church choir or a Broadway production, and not AI. Just my 2 cents.

      • Don't silence people. That is free speech. If you censor free speech, you can't counter nonsense because they are hiding. I don't have a problem with a person's sexual orientation either, but you probably don't like my comment below. Oversensitive people like you need to lighten up.

      • NG, I agree with that. He would be a blast on Broadway… and with a different attitude and performance style, I think he's got the pipes to be on AI… maybe that duet might have just opened up a more "fun" Jacob that the drama queen we have seen in the past.

        This could get very interesting coming down to the wire.

      • NG, I said the same thing tonight watching the replay of Jacob's performance. He'd be great on Broadway, but just doesn't work for me on Idol.

      • Anyone ever heard of ELTON JOHN? Dude is way out of the closet, been flamboyant for 30 years and he puts on the best damn concerts in the world. (FYI, I am not gay.) Jacob can sing, but he cannot perform…..yet. Maybe with direction, good song selection, control of that flamboyance and the right venue, he can be a star. That all said, I like Casey better. Dumb ass should have listened to the judges and cut the growl.

      • @ Spike. Loved your post, even if I have had enough of Jacob, too. Esp liked your last sentence about Casey and his growling.

      • @Spike: Right, but there is a big difference between performing (Elton) and over-emoting (Jacob). That's why Elton is a music legend and Jacob is about to get voting off of a singing contest. Orientation has nothing to do with it, unless orientation causes over-emoting. I know straight people who over-emote. It's annoying whether the person is gay or not. I don't like pink sweaters either, whether or not gay people wear them. I am not a biggot. I hate everyone equally!

  47. So Jacob next week?

    no bottom three this week, hmm maybe Lauren was in bottom 3 but with tornado in her hometown they worked this way.

  48. America got it right! The judges got it wrong. They need to remain impartial. The looks on their faces tell me that they were looking for someone else to go home…..Jacob? The judges save just got wasted!

    • Debbie. You noticed the looks on the judges' faces too? Randy put his hand in the air as if to say "what's this" when it was down to Scottie and Casey.

      • Yes, I saw that, too. So tell me, do we all REALLY believe the judges don't know who was eliminated before the show goes on? I just find that a little hard to believe.

    • Judges save was not wasted debbie, casey gave us 4 more great performances and i Buy all his recording in itunes.. The only wasted and will be wasted, is my time and effort if i will continue to watch Scotty (the reason why jaycee bedaux got kick off frm group during hollywood week), Lauren (voice got cracked last nite trying to reach high note), Jacob (until now still confuse when to hit his low and high notes)…. James and Haley is good no doubt about that!

      • No, it was @Jean. "Pooh on you" has a sexual connotation (with a beastiality twist) that is simply inappropriate for a forum such as this with so many young impressionable Scotty fans visiting. Totally inappropriate. So, in this case, real poo is more appropriate than Pooh. In a very strange way.


    • You know what the most awesome thing about Casey is?

      He knows where the Caps Lock key is on the keyboard… true story.

    • Casey is my favorite but I thought that Hi dee ho performance was cheesy as all get out. The judges all just said he was in his element or he always brings something different so I guess it was just as bad live as it was on my screen.

      Nothing like what they said about James' performance.

      • i'm just wondering why he was so angry in most of his songs. i did not see Norah Jones has shown any angry feeling in her songs.

  50. Ugh, I'm so disappointed in America, I can't believe Casey got voted off, he was by far the best musician.

    • But as they keep reminding us… this is a singing competition. Casey has mad skills, but his vocals are not his strongest suit.

      • Do you realize what you're saying? Come on, can you imagine Scotty, Lauren, Jacob and James sing the songs the way Casey does? Well Haley can sing jazz….

      • Can you imagine Casey singing Judas Priest? Or how about George Strait? Luther Vandros?

        Neitehr can I. Thats why each of them has their own niche. (And actually, I can imagine James singing Jazz, after hearing him sing country so well, I'm thinking the kid can sing anything.)

        The way that Casey sings songs is what got him voted off of American Idol, because his pure vocal talents are not to par with the others. I doubt the others could play half the instruments that casey does half as well as he does. He is a complete package musically, but from a pure singing standpoint he doesn't measure up to the other 5.

      • i agree with Ynot325, only jazz is REAL music and only Haley is the REAL singer, sigh.

  51. I do not understand how Jacob Lusk continues to get support. He's got a great voice for a Southern Gospel lover – but that's about all he CAN do.

  52. Templar, WHERE is the MERCY you spoke of?!?

    The only way that Jacob remained, is god must've voted for him. And every single vote of the big man's must equal 1000 regular votes. What other explanation?

    God have mercy.

    • You are terrible! Hahaha.

      Well, I'm going back and forth, with relief over Haley being safe, and devastation that my second favorite is gone. Mostly just relief. Haley is American Idol to me. She finally shed tears at an elimination, but she still SMILED! She always smiles.

      Casey was one of the only interesting performers left. Now all my joy and amusement rests on Haley's and James' shoulders. Come on guys! Next week kill it so I won't have to worry so much.

      • Devin Lee, What kind of an album is Haley going to record do you suppose? And just out of curiousity, what king of music do you listen to, lets say in your car?

      • LOL, I don't know whats on his radio. But as for a Haley album… I'd wager it'd have a pretty heavy dose of Bluesy Southern Style Rock.

      • Except I'm a she, Northern Guy, haha. And I actually really, really dislike Miley Cyrus' voice.

        I think Haley's album would be a mix of things, as she is so versatile. I think not wanting to do the same genre over and over is a good thing, it doesn't mean she doesn't know who she is as an artist. Some CD's, if they had no pause between songs, would sound like one continuous song. Haley would have a mix between bluesy soul music, indie, rock, some ballad-type songs, maybe a country song here and there, like Jewel and Kelly Clarkson. She can do anything she wants, and as far as I'm concerned, liking and being able to do many types of music is a very good thing. I like all types of music myself. Some of my favorites are Regina Spektor, Jonsi, Sigur Ros, Band of Horses, Tori Amos, Jack's Mannequin, Adele, Modest Mouse, Radiohead, Jane's Addiction, Lou Reed, Rogue Wave, Bjork, Ryan Adams, and really there's too many to name. I like anyone who brings something unique and different with their sound. I have never heard anyone with Haley's voice. She's different, and that's something very precious and priceless to me. There is something about her voice that excites me every time I hear her sing. Even her control over her voice is perfection! Especially Blue, a very under-rated performance of hers. I can't really explain it, I just feel it.

    • Yeah. And everyone who has complained about it thus far has been struck by lightning… so… Yah Jacob! Yay God! Really! Honestly!

      • Of course she isn't. Her best friend is gay. She said that because Jacob is so religious. Which isn't a bad thing! My mother is religious, too, as am I. The contestants looks, religion, sexual orientation, and most especially color has nothing to do with a singing competition. It's the voice, plain and simple.

      • darn it! did you ever go baqck to that post you made? the whole next day at work i would think of what you posted and burst out laughing. people asked me what i was laughing at and i did not even try to explain.

  53. Damn….Just when his you tube videos hit 15 million. Oh well!!! At least he got this far with Jazziness… Wishing him a great career…

    The beard will rule us all…… 😀


  54. It would have been great to say goodbye to Scotty, Jacob or Lauren — ah well — at least Casey will not be forced to wear silly clothes and sing silly songs anymore. Now just a brilliant career ahead. I hope that James wins — anyone else would be a crime!!

    CASEY I LOVE YOU and I'm just waiting for the album — and the Grammys.

    • It's it shud be Lauren or Scotty to go home! There's no excitement on their performances, they just making

  55. sorry I had to correct that it sounded awful – "Why is casey abrams eliminated? I think hailey reinhart does not deserve to be safe."

    and I think both Casey and Haley are terrific.

  56. Well, finally! Casey is good part of the time and not so good other times. I am surprised he has made it this far. I think Jacob needs to go too. Then after that, who knows. I think the top three will be Scotty (my personal fav), James (he showed he could sing last night and not just scream!) and Haley. Who do I think will make it? I hope Scotty does.

    • in need for more info about REAL music and singing? …Scott has to go and so Jacob…But great Casey went 🙁

    • Yeah, Casey showed flashes of Brilliance, but was horribly inconsistant… it finally bit him… I mean, bit him again.

  57. I am so upset about Casey being eliminated. I can't put it in to words. Casey is amazing, will continue to be amazing and I hope he keeps his style and never lets anyone change him. I can not wait until his album comes out. The judges were shocked and I quite agree!!!! He is bursting with ability and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

    • I'm so upset also, he's the only reason why i watch AI coz he gave us different kind of music every week! Now it will only leave me wondering what will he be singing every week untill this is over 🙁

    • I'm so upset also, he's the only reason why i watch AI coz he gave us different kind of music every week! Now it will only leave me wondering what will he be singing every week untill this is over… So sad

  58. What's wrong with America. He should have been in the finals. He is a great musician, singer, performer and he has a great personality. First was the mistake with Pia Toscano, Now with Casey. He will have a great future. It is our lost no his.

    • Maybe he is a great musician; I don't know. He's certainly at least pretty good. And he's a decent performer, and he does indeed seem to have a very likable personality. But a great singer? Please. Even his most ardent fans wouldn't accuse him of being a good vocalist.

    • CORRECTION: "First was the mistake with Casey, Second was the mistake with Mia, Now (Third) with Case again."

    • just like mia's case, everybody likes them but nobody votes for them, what's wrong with you people.

  59. Scotty & Jacob weren't necessarily in the bottom three. Jacob probably… Scotty, no.

    It was completely random… Ryan stated that several times, and he never even said the words bottom three tonight.

  60. I'm gonna miss Casey, he and Scotty made the show. I hope he gets a contract. Scotty the winner for sure.

  61. Results have been disappointing all season! Jacob or Haley should have gone home with Jacob being the first choice!

  62. Haley and Lauren should have been gone. Don't understand their call in fan base. that's the only thing keeping those two young ladies there. They have average talent. I was put off by the young lady who sang Adeles' song. Haley acted as if it was beneath her to sing that song???there was a certain defiance in her performance. I think her voice was perfect for that song BUT, she did not sing it well. Casey is VERY talented but limited to jazz. I think the "ROCK" star will take it. James really sang last night and won me over. His range is awesome. LUV him. Jacob is good and so is Scotty but both are lacking that "special something". I am NOT a rock fan but James blew me away!

  63. I hope Casey gets a contract. I happen to like Jazz and he's great. I can't believe he got voted off so soon.

  64. who is voting? casey is very talented! come on! and scotty please, he shouldve been gone long time ago cute but needs time to train and learn

  65. so bummed about casey. should've been jacob. no one is safe!! casey has made a name for himself. he and haley should make some music together.

  66. What's wrong with you all that did not vote for Casey. He should have been in the finals, same for Pia Toscano. He is a great performer, singer, musician and with a great personality. Our lost. He will have a lot of great offers now.

  67. It's unacceptable that Casey went home!!! I'm hoping to see him at least on top3. I'm not gonna watch nor vote AI next week as a protests to this event, but will watch and vote for JAMES if he still around next next week… Thank you Casey for your great performances! I hope to see you perform very soon!

  68. How the heck is Jacob still here???

    OMG!!! I'm not a huge fan of Casey's, but Jacob should not have even made the top 24 much less been in the top 5!!! It has to be that he is the only African American. There can be no other reason. He can't sing, he can't dance. he can't perform. He blames America and technical difficulties for a bad performance. I forgot to add that he can't dress either!! GRRRRRRRRR

    He better be voted off next week or I am done with this crap!!

    • quite simply, Stefano's votes weren't going to go for Casey. Casey has his own fan base and it didn't mesh with Stefano's.

      • Pattie, your comment about Jacob isvery ignorant. Of all the singers on AI, he is the only true singer. He sings with an enormous amount of emotion, the way it should be. What does his way of dressing and dancing have to do with his singing, and I have already established that he is a very good singer. So who cares what you think.

      • Stefano's votes largely went to James, which is why he topped Scotty in this week's polls. Casey's votes will likely go to Haley, raising her in the polls. Putting Scotty on deck with Jacob and Casey was probably a producer's strategy to shake up Scotty fans. Otherwise they're looking at a Haley/James finale. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

    • Pattie, if you keep growling like that we're going to vote you off this site…. 😛

  69. Heck No! Jacob should have gone home-he has an annoying voice that gets boring after awhile. He needs to go. Casey should have been in the Top 5! NOT JACOB

  70. CASEY IS A TOTAL PERFORMER! If it's indeed for popularity, then what the contestants should cater is dancing, declamation, whatever! and not singing!!!!

  71. With all our opinions, likes and dislikes, I think all the young people were "Great" but, it is a competition. They all have put their individual talents out there and I hope they continue to reach for the stars and their dreams. They all had the courage and talent to open up to us the public. In the end, I wish them ALL success in whatever they do! Some of the comments should show them that they will not be able to please everyone all the time. Hopefully they stay true to themself.

    Did anyone see Pia on DWTS the other night? She was Great!

    • Yes Pia was simply the best! She has something special and I hope we see much more of her!

  72. Though i understand Casey was a love it or hate it voice, And america doesnt get jazz, and he wouldnt win,What baffles me is that jacob outlasted him. Jacob should have been gone after he made that remark when he sang man in the mirror.

  73. Keep up the fantasy that was not the bottom 3, the only time Seacrest said in no random order was when he had Scotty, Casey and Jacob up there. If I missed him saying it any other time then ill say I'm wrong. But it is still time Scotty got a kick in the pants.
    I do wish the best to the families who have been put thru the devestating storms.

  74. I have a theory… Maybe last night during the duet with James, enough people saw a side of Jacob that they never saw before. They saw him up there having fun. The superemotional Diva Jacob that we all knew and wanted gone dissapeared for a couple minutes.

    Now I agree that the duet was a mess, but each guy was having a fricken blast and it was a hoot to watch, and in his individual parts, Jacob put on the most enjoyable performance that I have seen from him this season.

    So as weird as it may sound… maybe the duet actually saved Jacob. James' funloving nature may have rubbed off a bit, and if so… well, who knows from here on out.

    • You call that "having fun"? I call it "giving me the creeps". But hey, whatever floats your boat around.

      • If large black men having fun gives you the creeps, then hey, what can I say?

        (just messin with ya man) 😉

      • Large black men having fun do not give me the creeps. Okay just got another visual – THANKS A LOT FOR THAT! I'm going to hide under my bed now.

    • the people must want to keeep Jacob to see him and James pull another trick on JLO.

  75. Scotty is surely not in the bottom three.

    Jacob and Haley were in the bottom three last week. Given Scotty's popularity and his emotional performance last night, there's no way Jacob and Haley got more vote than him.

    Even in MJ blog, Scotty is listed in the bottom three. In some articles too. But if they listen closely to what Ryan says and look at the reality, now way Scotty goes that low.

    Sad to see Casey gone. He's a good big brother to Scotty

    • there were no bottom three. ryan said a couple of timrs the results were in random order.

    • melp: Keep in mind that huge blocks of the southern states were without electricity and phone service last night. Most of the south didn't see the show much less have a way to vote. That's Scotty's biggest territory. So even if he was in the bottom three, it was because of blackouts and there will be an adjustment next week.

  76. I can't believe Jacob survived again! I will miss Casey – he is a unique performer. Probably not the best song choice last night.

  77. The bell rang on American Idol tonight with Casey going home. Pia was a travesty; Casey signals the end of this show.

  78. MAN!!! This is B.S.!! Casey was the one to win this whole thing!!

    America, you blew it again!! U don't know good music when u hear it!! I'm just heart broken!! Casey man, u will land on your feet. I love you!

      • Right now I agree with you about James. He really showed he has many dimensions in his ability to perform and work his voice.

      • Agree with both of you. James has proven time and again that he could go up there and find a way to sing the Phone Book in a way that absolutely moves and entertains people.

  79. It is about time that Casey leaves. The Judges used their only save for him when they should have kept it to same someone more worthy such as Pia. Never understood what the fuss was about him.

  80. As much as I like and appreciate Casey as a performer and his innovative style, he does not have a great 'singing voice'. He'll do really well in life and on the blues circuit. Best of luck to him!

  81. Well this is truly disappointing news. Why is it that the voters cannot see original talent when it is right in front of them. Casey is the real deal and I have no doubt that he will go on and have an amazing, multi faceted career.

  82. I still think it will be Scotty and James standing at the end of this. jacob should go tonight not Casey. Casey has so much personality!I think Scotty should sing Why don't we just dance.

    • No room for real musicians on this show. Jacob has never gotten better and sings exactly the same way every time no matter what the format is. Boring, boring and really boring. I think that there must be a conspiracy out there for him, perhaps computer voting. How else is he getting so many votes? I can't believe that 8-14 year old girls are voting for him, perhaps Reuben is voting 20 million times because he can't believe another shallow talent like him has gotten this far!

    • I officially know why Jacob is still hanging around… He has invented a new genre of music:
      Mix gospel with a heavy lisp and limp wrist and apply it to all songs and you have the Jacob Lusk experience… Our country cracks me up… And do we really expect the Tweens to get it right? Sheesh

  83. I predict… real career for Casey. I like him and his talent is unique but….he's not all that. Something a little not authentic…seems he likes his quirkiness but underneath his real talent is "thin". Oh, he'll get e record deal but one – two years out….poof!

    • Casey has a huge career ahead of him. He has actual talent, knows what real music is all about. When he sings a song and plays an instrument he projects the very flavor of the song. He is Jazz.

      • Exactly, problem is the vast majority of people have no conception of what jazz even is other than some lame-o like Kenny G.

      • Hey, know alot about jazz… have seen many of recent greats (i'm 54) including ella, diz and miles and what casey is doing is more kenny g than bird… i like casey, just don't think a career is ahead of him…

  84. people in the world, why dont we let the poor souls of those eliminated rest in peace. peace men, peace to all! let america speak and let ryan seacrest do his thing. amen

    • Cause they're not dead but really just lost a singing competition? And a question: If a plane crashes on the border between the United States and Canada, where do you bury the survivors? 5 pesos for the first correct answer…

    • forever; Because this is a wake for the departed. Complete with strong beverages and a let it all hang out attitude.

  85. So disappointed that Jacob didn't go home. At this stage of the game it is more painful with each elimination–but like the others said, Jacob should have gone home a long time ago. And yes, I am still mourning the loss of Pia… Not nearly as excited to watch Idol every week.

    • Whatever Kathi. Jacob is hanging on because he is better than anyone that is left standing. It should have been Jacob & Pia. At the end. Weak Voting!!!!

      • Oh Mel, have you missed your meds again? Mr. Gospel, I am better than you Jacob should have gone home WAY before Pia.

      • I agree jacob can sing his butt off why people are hating on him I don't know. The truth is james do to much screaming don't nobody want to hear that so yes jacob do your thing you have my votes.

    • I agree with you Kathi. Jacob should not have made it this far. Looking back over the posts in the last weeks, Jacob is the one most memtioned as the one who should have been voted off vs. the one who actually was. even jimmy put him in 'banana peel land' I now predict Jacob will land in the top three — Scotty and Lauren might split the country vote, and too many guys think Haley is smokin hot. Jacob is securing not so much the gospel as the black vote (Relax, before u start throwing chairs, where i grew up, Black Was Beautiful and that hasnt changed.)

      • William – no one is hating on anyone. we're talking about jacob's singing, that is all. i have trouble enjoying his singing not because he has a bad voice but because he has had bad (if any) training. By this i mean: he doesnt hit the note 'true' Every singer has manerisms and most of them show up as vebrato where they embelish the note, but in the process, fail to actually hit the note. its not the same as a riff, its not ever getting to the actual note. If someone would just show him how to "dry up" his vebrato and sing straight out he actually would be quite great. Scotty took out his "mannerisms" (including mugging 4 the camera) as did James, and he showed what a beautiful voice he had, even randy said omg, u can sing.

      • "too many guys think Haley is smokin hot"

        GUILTY! And I'm twice her age.


      • What is awkward you ask? Well Jacob, his voice, his personality, his Diva-like attitude, his dance moves, and now even his clothes.

    • That would be totally awkward! The person that is going to win this is 6'5" tall… humm wonder who that is.

  86. dayyymmm! jacob safe again!! wow lol…. poor casey, ohwell i think he did kinda deserve to be booted off… talented musician, but vocally not up to par with the rest. and whoa! haley's really coming up isn't she! lol good on her, im glad both girls are still there although i think both of them would lose out against scotty and james. sumfing does tell me tho that its jacob's turn to leave next wk, and casey's fans will now vote haley hmmmmm.

    btw did neone read up on adam lambert's interview abt this season's contestants??? love that he's a haley fan, but trash talking james.. hmmm i dunno aye.

    • Hi Cash. Didn't read the interview but anyone in the public eye should have enough class not to trash anyone.

  87. It was interesting to hear Jimmy Lovine's comments on each performer.

    Haley – Jimmy Lovine said he agreed with Jennifer that Haley has the best voice up there, BUT, as an artist, she doesn't really know who she is yet, and if she goes up, it will be because the audience has gotten wind of that.

    Jimmy says Scotty is a phenom who comes with character, strength and confidence. Jimmy's worried that Scotty's subtlety gets lost in the AI environment.

    Lauren. Jimmy says that Lauren only hears the negative in the critique. He thinks she'll be around for the long run.

    Jimmy says when James sings heavy metal sometimes, it's not believable, but when he sings a melody with a great song with a "rock feel," he's much more believable. He adds that there's no doubt that James can win this thing.

    Jacob comes up. Jimmy says that when he saw Jacob's outfit, he though Jacob went into the wrong dressing room since Dancing with the Stars is next door. He thinks Jacob could go home–he's on "banana peel status."Jimmy thinks Jacob's last night blue-and-yellow outfit was a big mistake. "In American Idol, it's not just the voice, you need the whole package.

    Casey. Jimmy was disappointed because Casey was "on" and then he had to growl. He said Casey needs to realize that the family dog does not vote!

    I agree (for a change) with everything Mr. Lovine had to say.

    Anybody else's thoughts???

    • I thought had to agree with Jimmy, on every assessment. Jacob looked like he was either on his way to or from clown try outs. The suit was … ooppp can't say that… but the word pimpish comes to mind.

      • opps… please remove the word thoughti was having a change of thought. I am old.

    • Yes i have something to say, coz its not appropriate to call a person a Dog! His name is CASEY! This is absurb if this is the way they treated the contestants, America wake up! Nobody wants to call a Dog! Who do you think they are! You don’t have a show if not for us viewers! Maybe we shud give them a lesson next week..

      His growling makes casey original and different from the rest!

    • Yes i have something to say, coz its not appropriate to call a person a Dog! His name is CASEY! This is absurb if this is the way they treated the contestants, America wake up! Nobody wants to call a Dog! Who do you think they are! You don’t have a show if not for us viewers! Maybe we shud give them a lesson next week..

      His growling makes casey original and different from the rest…

  88. Jacob should have went home several weeks ago. Casey should still be here and Jacob should have been sent home, but inevitably there will only be one at the end!!

  89. Casey gave an abissmal performance. If he did that in the auditions he wouldn't have made it pass the first level. He was beyond his abiliity and a little full of himself after one good performance. He's too inconsistant- needs experience, maturity and a realistic view of his talent.

  90. it seems that Haley's fans are multiplying…. yeah! we did it Haley fans!!!!! push more… She should be in the finale!!!

  91. Ok it is official Americans are musically num, how can they drop Casey in place of Jacob that should not even have made it to the top 24. He can not sing with nothing to even try and link him to Luther van Dross is num. He could never be an Idol going to disappear like Ruben Studder never to be heard of again.

    • I agree. I don't totally trust the numbers. But I also think Jacob's family and friends have networks that worked their fingers off voting for him. At least, that's the only valid reason why that happened that I can come up with.

  92. America was spot on (although Casey should have gone a few weeks ago). And what a relief, no more of that clenched teeth, stiff body movements & creepy looks in the camera from Casey. It was growing old real quick.

    Why are the judges being so harsh on Jacob but praising the other lacklustre performances? Surely they don't have an agenda to sway the votes (note sarcasm). Jacob was on fire and FOR ME the highlight of the night. He did the most justice to Carole King's songs.

    James pleasantly surprised me again, although it got a bit rough towards the end. The song did not call for all that squealing & screeching. James needs to start being more discerning in his use of this. It just doesn't work on some songs, especially Carole King songs!

    Hailey, James and Jacob are by far the best singers and should advance to top 3. Scotty and Lauren need to exit stage left (boring with no stage presence). But sadly those teenagers with their super quick dialing fingers might just get them thru.

    • I am so glad you cannot vote. Jacob does not have half the talent as other on that stage. Not sure how he keeps sliding by … Jacob has a wonderful GOSPEL voice, but it stops at the church door. Sorry

      • Not a fan of Jacob AT ALL. So not with you on that.

        Also, love James, and I don't recall any squealing or screeching. It was just James doing a rock version of the song. I loved it!

        My favorite is Haley, so we do agree on her prowess! 🙂

        I also think Lauren is a phenom in the making–and we'll someday look back on this and say we saw her when. Her voice is that good.

  93. Well – about bloody time….. Hi from Australia again.

    So ta ta Casey….. the guy is talented but oh so limited when compared to the rest ( excluding Jacob). Casey will no doubt be a music producer but not a performer. He chose not to improve his looks or genre and so the public decided his fate. I'm glad…..

    So my pick for TOP 3 performers….

    1) James

    2) Hailey

    3) Lauren/Scotty on par right now – they need to both pull out something different to make it interesting….. and

    4) Not even bothering to comment on Jacob – he's gone next week for sure and when he's done, he should enrol in a tongue reduction operation – because he is so nothing to look at and his dress sense is just purely off putting.

    So no suprise and happy with the result except it should have been Jacob first over Casey except he did do a good opening job on the show.

    NOW JUDGES….. What a shame you used your 1 season save….. you should have used it on PIA to add some contest but you thought Casey was the ticket.

    Now they might lay off Hailey a little and start to push her along and encourage her. What is up Randy's ass about her is beyond me.

    Hailey YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND, GO AND GET'M. Straighten your hair, put on your sexy little shorts and sex it up for the Audience and pick songs that we can all sing and relate too – maybe a metal song or a rock song for the next week's pick…. or do it in that Style anyways.

    Cheers for tonight….

    • You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Here is the order for the next three weeks. Haley, Lauren, Jacob. Scotty and James in the final with Scotty the upset winner. I learned years ago this is a popularity contest and the people who vote are serious and don't have the same awful tastes as you. Jacob can sing and just because you and the lame-ass that writes this blog don't like him you whine. Don't watch him if you don't like him, or better yet, why don't you get behind a mich and see how you sound?

      • Forget Mark's reply. Jacob is out next week. And everyone knows that.

        I do want to take you to task, however, in telling Haley she had to wear "sexy little shorts and sex it up for the audience." I am so offended for Haley and for all women, in general. That is just disgusting talk.

        Are you totally ignorant or what? How dare you talk to a female like that?! Haley can "sell" her musical skills without doing any of that. She doesn't need to be sleazy just so you can drool. She doesn't need to straighten her hair. She doesn't need to do anything but sing her heart out. Which is what she has been doing all along.

        Sing a song that everyone can sing and relate to??? What do you think she's been doing all these weeks? (Call Me, Piece of My Heart, Fallin', etc) Her musical skills seem almost boundless at this point–really accomplished in such an array of genres.

      • Yeah, I'm stepping aside. But I will throw in that Haley looks great with straight hair and it doesn't matter how short or long her dress is she's always classy.

      • @ Susan: What if I asked you to get on stage in short-shorts and "Sex it up"? How would you feel?

    • AI is not a competition for the sexiest contestant. Honestly, I hope Haley doesn't win.

      she seems to try to win votes by charming the voters with her "sexiness". I'm sure that a lot of people including myself don't find her sexy. This is a singing talent competition, not a beauty/sexy contest.

      • Mark, Haley is just being Haley, and yes, she does have sex appeal. But I find "moral judgments" about her so off-the-wall. Some males here seem to think because of what is going on in THEIR heads that Haley is a certain type. She is just a young woman who can sing her lungs out.

  94. As I'm in Oz I won't see the results untill tonight but if Casey is gooone I can go out to dinner in peace and enjoy myself.

    IMO Casey was only suited to cruise ships or Jazz lounges not idol material and he should have gone the first time.

    I must admit to warming towards James lately but I hate his screaming which imo isn't singing,but my first choice is still Scotty followed by Lauren.

  95. all america are stupid, send home people who are clas and trash go futher, after elemination 2008 adam lambert I swear i will never watch american idol again and today I realized that I am right,AMERICA IS STUPID COUNTRY,caysi you are winer trust me

    • Might want to run that through some kind of language check again mister english as a second (or third) language, because reading that piece of trash post was almost as painful as listening to Casey last night.

      • sounds like yr trying to pick a fight with us, the great USA. Watch out or we'll bomb u back 2 the stone age. of course then we'll give u 6 bil. to rebuild yr country – omg she right we are STUPID.

      • Northern Guy: Was the vodka post for me? Cause if it was, I was drinking 25 year old single malt scotch last night. Not vodka. If that post wasn't for me, I apologize in six different positions.

      • No, it vas for Nena – she talk like raaaashian. I think she drink vaaay too mash vodka, comrade.

  96. America got it wrong! Haley should have been gone a long time ago, and then Lauren. The guys have been better all along and esp Casey. Just like Paul – he should have stayed and Steffano should have gone way at the beginning. oh well…no accounting for america's taste.

  97. all america are stupid, send home people who are clas and trash go futher, after elemination 2008 adam lambert I swear i will never watch american idol again and today I realized that I am right,caysi you are winer trust me

  98. I'm so glad that Casey went home. And although I think Jacob and Hayley are talented, I don't want to see either of them win American Idol. My top 3:

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Lauren

    But I would love to see either Scotty or Lauren step up and win it. I think they are all really talented.

    • I think all of Casey's votes will go to Haley now. So next week will be a crapshoot popularity wise.

  99. Didn't surprised me a lot that he's eliminated…i love that his song type are varied but all the performances are sooo good 🙂 i love Jacob and his emotion.

    but i don't like scotty, he's always singing the same type of song…kinda borinng

    i miss the show today :'( i wish i could see BRUNO MARS.. and i truly and really miss PIA!

    BUT good luck on your carrier Casey 🙂 i still believe in you !



    Remember you heard it here first…

    P.S- I am not kidding…

  101. I think the elimination of Casey was fair. Eventually there will only be one winner. Four more must go. At any rate, it has been difficult to see these contestants go because they are all good and deserve to be American Idols! Sincerely

  102. This is my problem and this is the reason why I am no longer watching Idol:

    It is NOT that Casey got eliminated or Pia. Who was going to win this season was always a question to me. I never believed I knew the answer, I could guess. But after watching season 1 to 4 and came back again in S8 til now, it is VERY hard to know who will win because there are ALWAYS surprises! People who started strong, fade and disappoint and those who were average to start with, surprise and wow week to week. I accept this. I WANTED Casey, James, Pia, and Haley in the top 4 (i love Haley's distinctiveness, so hush!), but I wasn't EXPECTING this to happen. I knew I'd be lucky if I was right about TWO of those. HOWEVER–here's what bugs me–the fact that two KIDS who are very average and have not given ONE single performance that has made EVERYONE stand on their feet because they were blown away by their VOCALS are STILL in the competition. WHY are they still in it?!!! Because their little FRIENDS are probably voting on their iPhones 500x an hour for them! What group of people spend the MAJORITY of their time on the phone? ——> TEENAGERS! In order for this competition to go back to it being about the VOCALS, they need to get rid of the teenagers (Jordin Sparks has been the ONLY exception of having pipes and having legit reason to be crowned as an Idol). The fact that THIS is what AI has turned into (a popularity vote for KIDS) is ridiculous. The producers of the show KNOW this and have known it for several seasons, that's why they brought up the 'Safe Card' some years ago, but it's not working. I say get rid of the teenagers and texting votes, cuz it doesn't work BECAUSE of those kids. Or have the judges choose who of the bottom 3 should go home. Leave up to voters (kinda) but also the judges. Until this (stupid) teenage problem gets solved, I'm gone. Hello NBC!!!!!!

    • i have said this since the Daughtery ordeal. Of course American Idol producers knows there is a problem. They refuse to fix it because that would make them admit that they are wrong and it took the average American to tell them how to fix it. I stopped watching after Pia left for the reasons that you stated. It is a teeny bopper show now…the adults are out. What you didn't mention is the fact that AI lowered the try-out age to 16. That made it so much worse. The only way the producers will finally fix this problem and have any hope of saving this show is to hit them where it hurts….their profit line (ie ratings). I'm doing my part…..

      • @ I Hate and Angela: Do I have to start collecting dollars again? I'll make you regret ever repeating that outlawed name, believe me. And I Hate: Cannot understand why you are posting here. If you hate it, okay, then drop it. No harangues needed.

    • I don't think we should squelch the "teenagers" that are voting we should stop with the unlimited voting, there should be maybe 5 to 10 votes per phone/text/online. that way you would get a better idea of who is really the favorite and it would be more fair.. I don't like the save because of the crap that happened this year. Your voted off, your voted off fini.

    • I think they need to limit the voting like they do on DWTS … voters are limited to 7 votes period. Idol has a limit of 50. That is crazy.

  103. All I have to say is that I am so pleased to see Casey gone. Haley will survive, and now the real singers will complete. Yes Jacob is a drama queen, but what amazing voice. Still miss Pia every week, bu I am happy withthe top five. Til next week folks.

    • I guess I'm happy with the top five. I like Casey but he's too "out there" for American Idol. I like Jacob, he can belt it out. Based solely on performances, Scotty should be gone imho, but oh well.

  104. I really liked K.C. He brought creativity and roar talent to the show. In the same token, I voted for Jacob and I am over joyed that Jacob is still in the competition. Jacob, please check with someone about your stage gear. You are very talented, but that yellow and blue outfit has to go!

    Love ya

  105. OK so the "reply" buttons are suddenly not working. Each time I click "reply" to respond to a posting already here, the site is creating a new post, instead. (I want a refund!) 😉

  106. All i can say is that with Paul's (and now) Casey's elimination, AI 2011 is getting cornier because of all the contestants left. The only interesting contestant now is HALEY. She is the only one who has something to NEW to OFFER. All the rest are poor ripoffs of previous contestants of current artists. I'm sure the ratings will go down.

  107. this is such the wrong outcome. Jacob needs to go he is so limited and narrow in his venue of abilities Casey is a musical genius! He has broadened America's

    perception of how music can be and should be – creative, with passion, and multi spectrum.

  108. I think America got it right. It is so hard at the end with such talented young people. These guys and gals all have great futures ahead. I think they are great.

  109. I think America got it right this week. It is so hard at the end with such talented young people. These guys and gals all have great futures ahead. I think they are great.

  110. No, American did NOT get it right. I can't believe they voted off the most musical, talented and versital performer on Idol. Admittedly, he is unconventional, but come on, America… Haley… really? See past the looks, and see the raw, Godgiven talent Casey has. Regardless, Casey will be OK. There is no way he won't thrive in the music business with a talent like his that has now been revealed.

  111. my favorite is scotty mcreery he has the best voice. I don't think the wat they did tonites progam not really saying who was on bottom.Randy should should have kept his thoughts to himself. sure glad he dosen't get to pick. after this seasons ends I will not watch it any more,don't really like it. and the way its done rather watch simon

  112. your negative comments cannot send jacob lusk home… remember that we vote for the contestants we wanna stay, unfortunately, we cannot vote for someone to leave.. and i dont agree when they said, that america send them home when they didn't do anything to eliminate them… support your idol and leave jacob alone…

    • hahahah you are ryt

      jacob is a great singer.. it's just that people do not appreciate his talent… or maybe they dont go to church. so everytime they hear him sing, it was as they "go to church you sinner".. hahahahha lol

      • It has nothing to do with going to church. These comments are as bad as the fools throwing racist around when Thia was voted off.

  113. Casey just had a bad song choice to sing which brought him to the bottom of the vote. I saw it clearly when they summarized the singers Wednesday night.

    Was it me or do the star performers sound not all that great. Last week David Cook didn't sound well, this week, Mars and Bowersox sounded very weak at the mic.

    • You meant "absolutely unequivocally NOT" didn't you? DIDN'T YOU JAN?

      That's right. You didn't think your English teacher came on here did you? DID YOU JAN?

      • oh i dont know northern guy – i kind of like her made up word. ranks right up there with 'strategery' As for her english teacher, she out back handing out trophies 2 everyone who played in the no-keeping-score/self esteem/who cares-how-stupid-we-become scocer game

  114. not at all. no comparison between Scotty and Casey. Casey is a performer. Scotty is a nice guy with a deep country voice. that is all. What a shame. Something has to be done with the voting, let the judges be the last to decide. Too many good/great stars are being sent home. Too many teenies voting, 13/14 yrs olds

    • If the judges were to pick the one to go home, I don't think that would be fair. If you think about it then Haley would not be in it right now and I think she is uber talented

  115. Casey gone ……unbelievable….his talent makes Lauren & Scotty look like lightweights….I'm so sad to see him out; but I will be the first to buy his music….he is destined to be a star….too bad he's out so soon. Onward James!

  116. whats with the harsh words about bruno mars?? pre recorded? get the fudge out of here. he was sick!

    • I have been reading various posts and forum and am tired of those who keep beating up on Jacob. Even Jimmy tonight mentioned his outfit. Don’t they have someone in charge of wardrobe who advises and provide the outfits for the contestants? If so do not lash out at Jacob for wearing an Uncle Tom’s cabin suit. The fault lies with wardrobe and they need to give him a serious make over so that he wears outfits that are slimming and macho. Less suits and more tight fitting black jeans with turtle neck sweaters and leather jackets.

      Jacob is still there because he is talented and his voice appeals to the more mature audience who may not blog but will vote and have strength of cash to download his iTunes and buy his CD’s. Enough said.

      • Jeans and turtle necks? He ain't ever gonna be Al Jarreau. He can't wear a turtle neck. He doesn't have a neck. No offense. Maybe a henley.

    • I was completely annoyed when I saw that dog in multiple positions. If I wanted to watch a poorly crafted music video, I would just turn the TV off. The whole song was a disaster. In fact, was Katie Perry even live? It looked like lip-sync to me. What a sham.

      • She dropped a line in the middle of it so I don't think it was lip-syncing. Maybe the music cut out for a bit, who knows.

  117. Jacob will last long because he is the Only Black and Gay person, so he is getting the Black and Gay vote.

  118. Don't want another Adam Lambert style to win in this season!!! Such a cliche and regurgitating when America chooses Durbin than Scotty!!

    Scotty has a different style and is indispensable. We already have rock idol, now it's time for a COUNTRY/BALLAD/HOTTIE idol than getting an AUTISTIC/ROCK ewwwwww

    America: VOTE wisely!

      • Yeap… i agreed. NORTH America does not vote wisely. Hope that they see Haley and James as the rest of the WORLD!

    • Autistic? No, it's Tourettes and Aspergers and the fact he's an amazing performer (and person in general) DESPITE these limitations means he's a BIG BIG person. To take a shot at him because of these things is really quite pathetic.

      • Aspergers is a high funtional autism. I know because my grandson has aspergers. Yes James is amazing and an inspiration to people that have limitations.I hope he wins it all. He is a humble and very likeable person.He has the best vocals of the rest of the contestants. But that is only my opinion.

      • @Templar. No, not rude at all. I am grateful you clarified this because the last thing I would want to be part of is a medically incorrect a$$ ripping! Woa. I need to slow down on the Sourpus shots here…

      • Who said anything about a sympathy vote for James? I just said holding his limitations against him was lame. James does not need a sympathy vote – he's got the most fans now because he's the best performer there. He transcends his limitations – he is bigger than they are, even though for many people they are extremely limiting.

    • Singing aside, it's seriously f**ked up that you're against having an "autistic idol." Seriously, seriously f**ked up. Don't be such a shallow b*tch.

    • mysticfalls…poking at the fact that james is sick, and saying ewwww makes u sound and look like an idiot.think befre u speak.and grow up.

    • Mysticfalls, you are what's wrong with America! To put someone down for a disability, WOW, very shallow. I hope your a teenager and not an adult.

    • this is why us teens get a bad rep for liking Scotty. Girls like you make our thoughts about him seem like just a big crush. and by the way, don't be so shallow and refer to James as an "autistic idol" – he has a disease – something he can not change – there is nothing "ew" about that. grow up.

    • woah! I just re read the comment by mystic… oh he double L no! I completely enjoy Scotty and do hope he wins. But I also want James to win. You are a shallow minded person to think that someone who is in the autistic family can't be talented. Guess you have no clue just how many of geniuses and stars have disabilities that one cannot see on the "outside". I feel sorry for you for being so short sighted! That is just plain mean!

      • I too, do not believe we should pull his disability into the frey, just like I don't think that he should get votes just because he has a disability. It should all come down to talent and James has that. Tho my favorite is Haley I would love to see a Haley/James finale. It would be rocking!!!!!!

  119. Wow , was that a suprise, Altough I thought he was gone a long time ago. But in a season when everyone is good only the strong will survive!

  120. you want to know what is pissing me off and bad? all the non americans putting the americans down. if you dont like americans and think we are stupid then watch your own damn TV shows!

    • That was so well said , In fact I could not have said it better myself being the homophobic douche bag that I am, I wanted to say that but you beat me to it. Bravo secondchance you are my hero. I say the lack of stupidity is good unless you are American than best to embrace who you are. You're the best at everything cause you say so.

  121. Casey is great singer/entertainer ever, have great talent and skill and always give a great performance…Casey is the real American Idol…Jacob is sooo weird, hope your turn is next out of the Idol ring!!

  122. Now that Casey is gone, I have no idea how this is all going to play out.

    Obviously Jacob will leave next week, then Haley.

    But then again, America is f'ing stupid.

    Scotty FTW <3

  123. From Peru, Scotty will be the winner. We expect to see a final winner James Scotty>:)

  124. I wish Jacob had been voted off next. He's a theatric singer and I just don't think he will make a very viable idol even though he is a good singer. Casey is probably the most talented but I think his song went against him last night.

  125. Casey has a lot of musical talent but a singer he is not! Come on people this is a singing competition! No one is saying he couldn't have a future in music somewhere but I'm sorry he creeps me out as a performer. Those growls and crazy looks coupled with the gritted teeth smile…yikes!

  126. Casey and Jacob have the only real talent since Pia left. The rest are just doing cartoon voices and cannot really sing. It comes through hear and there, but for the most part they've learned how to act like they can sing by growling, etc.

  127. My God!!!! So much of hate here… Come on people.. I know some of you think that Casey was the worst contestant this season…i know that some of you hate the way he looks with his beard and his facial expressions….You may think that he is not marketable but he has fans all around the world too like the other contestants (his youtube videos have like 15 million hits, he has about 100,000 twitter followers)…i know that some of you find his singing to be weak and off key when he really is singing on key and on pitch at all times (Even Adam Lambert said that his voice and singing is amazing)…. Most pop loving people are not used to hearing anything except the traditional progression used in pop music..and since Casey's default modulation is in the minor keys, many of you feel that he is off key… But he is not.. A lot of you don't like him and some of you despise him. I get it.

    But for God's sake..have a little dignity and let the man go in peace… He came with his melodica and his upright bass and even though some of you despise him, he actually introduced Jazz and blues to a lot of youngsters (a lot)….. Most of his fans were teens and young adults.. They may not have got him all the time but they voted for him. I personally know so many Haley Fans, Lauren fans and Scotty fans who voted for Casey… As the competition became tighter and tighter, many voted only for their favorites (which makes sense). Check out the various tweets online from teens everywhere thanking him for introducing them to a different type of music.. That in itself a great achievement… If he was able to get at least 5 Bieber loving kids to love a pure musical genre like Jazz, he has won in my book…..

    So please show some class and

    Let the man go in peace…

    You may not like the beard, you may even despise the beard but the beard will still be there singing, playing and teaching…..


    Its been great reading all of your posts. I really had a great time.. It was almost enlightening. Though we all had our favorites, we all fought gallantly and in style… So many Lols and Rofls…So many $1 fines…so many dirty jokes…

    Coonie- I enjoyed sparring with you.. I really did. You enlightened me about crazy poems and obscure American pop culture references.. My favorite is out of the competition and i have no more reason to watch the show. I am not sulking. I just don't like the others that much to watch an entire hour. I hope that all your favorites will do well in the competition. Much love and respect to you…

    Also be aware…be very aware. Lauren Aleina might win the competition. If your favorite is James or Scotty or Haley, be careful. Gather as much as support as you can because Lauren currently has the most support from the tweens.. You may or may not take this seriously but i was informed by serious sources who have to be taken seriously.. I kid you not… Support your favs like crazy…

    And with that my dear friends…. I bid you goodbye.

    I shall exit with the beard…humming Jazz and blues all the way….into the yonder….

    • Casey was one of my two favorite. I will miss him greatly from the Show/compitition! I hope he does well & that we hear something musicly fun/good after this season!

    • Gauth ~ Couldn't agree much more man. Class post. I do hope you don't decide to make your way away from here perminantly. It was good sparring with ya. And I too hope that maybe Casey brought a few of the kiddies around to some real music. ~tips hat~

      Till next time Amigo

    • I think I know what you mean about most of us not understanding jazz. My son played and won awards as a classical pianist and composer in high school and the first two years of college. He then went to Berklee where he became enamored with jazz and converted to it. He said that the scales were so different from what he learned that it was almost like having to learn a new instrument.

      • Hopefully more and more people wills tart to explore their musical tastes…not just jazz…everything..How can people hate music? It is truth…it is reality and fantasy…It is nothing and everything…

    • You are pure class, Gauth.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts–the thoughtful, the funny, and the get-out-of-towners! (Seeing that I was included in your goodbyes is very special; thank you so much!)

      I am with you regarding Casey. He is one outstanding young man. Whatever he eventually decides to do, it will be unique and cerebral. And he'll be living life on his terms and having a blast doing it. (He gets it!)

      I also agree about your assessment of Lauren. I think she has an incredible future, no matter what happens on the show. What a gift she has! She is just beginning to harness her own power.

      I won't say goodbye. We'll run into you again, I know.

      • Thank you so much for the kind words Pup. I really do appreciate them. It really has been a blast… Who knows maybe if another great musician come son A.I next year, i might come back but for now i have to leave you all… I hope that your favorite will have a graceful exit respected by others when and if the time comes…

        Have a great day and

        Much love…

        One last time…



    • As someone who absolutely loves jazz, from Coltrane to Ella, I don't think Casey was a bridge or door opener from the pop world. He had his moments but all in all he was too campy, a parody of a jazz musician and he didn't have the strength of voice to deliver the goods.

      • A real critique from someone that might actually listen to jazz. Moderator: please delete this intelligent post at once.

      • @TT

        I am not saying that he brought back Jazz or anything like that but a lot of kids at least opened themselves to it because of this 19 year old…19 year old…Thats pretty awesome..Plus he could never play pure jazz on American Idol…He would have been booted the first day itself… He had to mix it up to survive.. 🙂

    • gauthan,good writing…..100% agree

      casey is great so sad i can not enjoy his performance anymore in AI

      • Nice exit Gautham. Good post and parting comments. Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed the blood feud over Casey-Haley also! And just like your last poke at Pup with the Ms. Toscano $ (still didn't get me Pup!), I know you're eating it up for how bad it's eating me that Casey's Paws were all over my Haley girl at the end! Anyways, you've been very knowledgeable on music and history and contemplative thoughts here. Not too shabby for a guy from "that Taj Majal Country"!

        Kidding–for the newbies, I had to explain to Gautham why I once said that; it was because as an American I get so tired of having to say , "Gautham is Indian, but not like Tonto". Catch u later sometime old friend, I'm slowing down on this a bit myself since I've went through all my explanations about why the voting system is purposely set up for ratings and so AI producers can orchestrate the results–prime example being how Ryan was told to do the faux bottom 3 (random) to more confuse and manipulate voters/affect ratings. Still watching, just less blogging I think.

      • ***Gautham***

        DITTO-DITTO-DITTO on your parting-post.

        From day one, Casey grabbed my attention with both hands and wouldn't let go. (But then, I didn't WANT it back; I really liked being where I was when he sang.)

        A couple Wednesdays ago, his performance thoroughly "WHETTED" my appetite (O-O-O-H that just made me think of Stevie T. wearing nothing but a Birthday Bow and a GREAT BIG SMILE!!! Mercy, Mercy!! um, oh yeah-) for listening to some Phoebe Snow-"No Regrets". Checked it ot on UTube along with a sweet-soulful version of "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald & also a duet of same song by Louis Armstrong & her. I couldn't stop; I explored for 8 straight hours. Didn't make it to bed at all that night. I just know I had a wonderful time and there wasn't a man in the room!!! Thanx, Casey.

        I'll most likely be "semi" retiring from the show, myself. I say "semi" cuz, let's not forget, my SWEET, SALTY GOODNESS is still on the show and I have to "Stand By My Man". He's responsible for me jumping into this hullaballooo. I was an Idol Virgin until this season. Plus, he is slated to sing,(most likely during the finale), with "The Most Perfect Person on the Planet" That, I'll have to not miss!!


        Some day,

        when the wind's just right

        and you let go your kite,

        look behind you.

        Way down the beach,

        just out of reach,

        kite high in the sky—

        I'll be there, too.

        See ya 'round the bend

      • CoonDog

        Hahaha… Taj Mahal Country ain't so bad now, is it? I know its not much but i managed to round up about 5000 votes for Haley next week… My friends in L.A will make sure that Haley gets those votes, come rain or shine… She deserves it.. I wish i could get you more..but..alas..the being on the other end of the world makes me helpless… This shall be my gift… Farewell….

        (Pia)..There..i said it again and i refuse to pay the fine..

        Nyaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! 😛


        Ah Debbie, Debbie…Debbie

        What can i say?

        It was fun flying kites with you…Alas my kite has flown away and i must now chase after it…Both me and my kite will meet you someday, somewhere… 😀

        Much love to both of you…I wish i got to know both of you better but hey!!! Lets not get too sentimental….

        P.S- This is for you Coondog 😉 (i hope to god that its a winking smiley)

        "Haley and Casey sitting on a tree,

        Growling and screaming up on the tree,


        Pia…… 😀

      • Coondog, don't stop blogging. I like your creativity and info you provide. If there were an American Idol blogger, I'd vote for you!

      • Oh My Giselle–an unexpected surprise on a 'routine' scrollback. If you don't see it here, I will try to acknowledge you on a future posting! I'd almost tied up loose ends with all others, but I welcome your approving posting! I shall remember! Just for you Giselle, since I doubt anyone else is checking–old Coondog started suspecting the Presidential (Obama) address early on before it happened. And I issued the Coondog Curse on Osama Bin Laden as I had on Naima, Paul and the newly selected Casey (due to his fraternization with 'Coondog's' "B"–Ms Haley!). Of course, we all know that OBL was apprehended and dealt with, and I then reminded Folks of my newest Coondog Curse upon not only the sickening Jacob, but on Mommar Quadafi. Each can step down gracefully or face further humiliation!

        Giselle, hang with me for some exciting news. I think Gautham of India knows some things–not only regards his mysterious exit just prior to Bin Laden's sudden 'expiration', but as he says–inside info on Lauren's continued survival on AI. Jacob is out next. But after that it will be James, Scotty, Haley and Lauren. Gautham seems to suggest Lauren will be in final 2. I've predicted that it will be James with either–Scotty or Lauren for country–or else the sexy darkhorse Haley. The mysterious Gautham has hinted his LA connections have told him Lauren is in the finals. I believe James will be in the Final 2 also. Haley is still a darkhorse to beat either Lauren or Scotty to that Final Show. If Haley makes Final 2 with James, then Haley will win. If Lauren or Scotty makes it to Final 2, they will win. James will finish 2nd like Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox before him, and he'll have a great career similar to Adam's. Haley–should she win–will more closely approximate Carrie Underwood.

      • @CoonDog

        (Rustle in bushes…You look around..see nothing…I jump from the tree..You're shocked..I look ask me where i was..I reply)

        "I came back from the abyss to inform you about a certain development. Every week from now until the final, i will inform you on who goes out the next day. Casey fans are standing behind Haley. The beard himself has ordered us to do so. But even so, beware of the Southern Wizard and witch for they can blow you right out of Kansas"….

        P.S- "I am not officially back but seeing as how my man Casey is killing it on interviews, i feel more happy. The bond of brotherhood is beyond any silly rivalry and so i will join you my friend, philosopher and poet in the battle."

        *Blue face Braveheart scene going on*

        P.S again- "Bin Laden is dead…Crazy right??" 😀

        Do check back regularly on this post to hear updates. I wont be commenting anywhere else……Shhhhhhhh…..Did you hear that? I have to go….

        (Returns to the gaping darkness).

      • Jacob goes home next week.

        Hailey too…

        Scotty might be at risk too…

      • SShhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Wabbitt!–the Ninja kind that hides in bushes. I've been careful not to blow your cover. When you went MIA on us a week ago, and then the UBL news came in, I pondered if You Were UBL and had finally met your 70 Virgins!

        But then I figured it made more sense that you were part of ST6 (SEAL Team 6), and so you knew a few days ahead of time that you'd be leaving and may or may not be returning! Oh my!

        Of course I appreciated the promised Haley votes (5000) from your "L.A. friends". Los Angelas . . . Hollywood, AI? Wait! LA–Lower Afghanistan?!! where ST6 began their stealthy mission from the bushes!

        I shall check periodically for your secret messages regards AI 'inside information'. Though I see you did report ahead of the Results Show the demise of Jacob, through my Coondog Curse I did the same thing also. So, we'll see how good your "crystal ball" is next week.

        You predicted Lauren would have a strong week. I actually gave her my Top spot just above my Haley due to her renewed confidence and stage movement (Lauren), so I was as surprised as you I imagine when she landed in the Bottom 2 with Jacob!

        Next week will be the hardest to predict. After that I can predict the next 2 weeks. Though it appears that Lauren is on the bottom rung, James or Haley have got to be close. It depends on how many 'sympathy votes' Lauren picks up for crying and looking so vulnerable–Will some of Scotty voters give her half their votes?

        Here's how it could play out: Lauren is eliminated (sorry!). Haley will pick up 2/3 of Lauren fans for being the only girl left, Scotty will get the other 1/3 for being Country. James will leave next, leaving Haley against Scotty. As usual, even though sexy Haley is way better (ala Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox) than the stoic Scotty, the AI title will go to Scotty because of Middle America conservative voters. However, if it's a James/Haley final–Haley will win because she will get all Scotty and Lauren fans!

        Psssst N.W., did you see my short post regards my nightmare of the Haley/Casey brat? If not, I'll repost for you here or on current page (I won't blow your cover though). I figure you could have other covers also! Sshhhh, stay Stealthy! (Braveheart/Wizard of Oz audio fadeout . . .)

    • hey! wait! dont go 🙁 you are one of the few peoples posts i like to read. i am sorry i did not share the same love of casey as you but….i enjoyed yoU (reading your posts)

      • That's one classy dude that Gautham. We all thank you for the parting thoughts and reading our farewells to you. Regards your fav Casey, when he answered who he'd like to sing with at start of show, he said Ben Gauthe'n' (?), and I immediately thought of you, that you'd taken your name from some great past Jazz guy. You stabbed me 3 times on leaving:

        1. It WAS a winking Smiley!–because of the next 2 you got me on!

        2. You used one of the classic American culture references to once again torment me regards my nemesis Casey 'polluting' my fair Haley.

        3. And no doubt Pup will come collecting from me for your now thrice Pia's (Oops!) What the heck, let's make it an even $5–PIA! (that's half a 'saw buck' if you want one last cultural ref, Gauth'. And I still think you're connected with the American Embassy or some University in India–perhaps the Concierge at the Taj Mahal?!)

        But the 3 stabs are a fair trade for your generous gift of 5000 Haley Votes (more proof of your Embassy connections to American Citizens?)–and will keep Pup and Bunny off my back about my being too lazy to vote!

    • Casey got the one and only save and lasted this long and you think I am not part of this? You're kidding right?



  128. Damn. Casey was who I was voting for. Last night was definitely not the best week. I think his vocals are NOT terrible – when he songs with his purer voice, not growling. It's a choice he makes. Obviously. Like James. I think his screaming is GROSSS, but his actual *singing* is good. James was definitely the best of last night and I don't even like him (because of the screaming). I think it was also Scotty's best performance. Casey wasn't too great this time but overall he's waayyyyyy better than Jacob, so idk why Jacob isn't gone – a long time ago.

  129. can't believe that casey got kicked off tonight. I think jacob should have gone tired of him time to say bye jacob. You are a great singer but your a deva and tired of seeing you strutting

  130. Well American Idol is not a singing contest like the way they said it! It's a popularity contest! Anyway let's look at the bright side, if one door closes the other one will open, he promises not to stop on his career! The only problem now is how much we will miss him!

    Ok let's watch the royal wedding to forget this rubbishness!!!

  131. i voted 33% for James, Haley and Casey and now I will have to vote 50% for Haley and 50% for James

    • you realize if you voted the equal percentage for 3 different people, and now 2, that your votes make absolutely no difference what so ever?? lol.. not hating, just saying…

      • well i guess i stand corrected, for some reason my mind went blank and thought of the 3 listed? long night..haha

  132. Unbelievable. I am totally a Casey fan. Country is out, jazz is in. Best of luck to you Casey

  133. I am shocked jacob is still safe but casey is elimitated! Casey was SO much more creative & enertaining. All I can say is I'm SHOCKED with the result!

  134. I just can't believe why Lauren is still in this competition. She does the minimum singing without power notes and she is always safe …. why why why why ?????????????? and the songs she picks are boring and awful.

  135. Never watching or voting again! what bull. Scotty beat Casey? I Really Don't Think So. Another viewer gone. It was supposed to be about TALENT.

  136. AI is awesome…!!! I am from Singapore n I never fail to watch every fav..Scotty, Haley n Lauren..i wish to see either of them win Idol..but to me all contestant are already winners 🙂

  137. Someone get a clue-Jacob needs to go! All that shouting and screaming is not singing or the quivering of his voice. Would you buy any of his music? James Durbin rocks!

    • I would. We need a replacement for Luther Vandross. I would buy James CDs also. You have to bear in mind that this forum may not represent even 1% of how America votes.

  138. Idol will be just a little more boring without Casey! He shot himself in the foot with the jazz growly stuff again….he is better than that…can't believe Jacob is safe!

  139. Very upset over the loss of a great talent as Casey! Although he is not my first choice, James Durbin is, he is high up there! I really thing Jacob should have gone. He has no real audience. I see him singing gospel records and Christmas albums. He will not be a great star. James, rock-n-roll, Casey, jazz-blues, and Scotty, country…will all be stars!!!! Lauren and Haley, not sure, but they are talented. This show is not only about singing, but it is about star power. We lost one tonight….sad

  140. casey was my bet together with pia and i'm really damn surprised they both aren't in the running anymore. casey has a style all his own. his genre was pretty clear from the start and though the market for his kind of music is rather limited as compared to pop and rock, still, i have to hand it to the guy when you start talking about personality. nothing much on the looks department but he weighed heavily on talent. he was the most unique and original from among the contestants and vocally, he wasn't bad, in fact, i found him better, way better than jacob lusk who manages to add a flat in every line of each song he interprets. that guy should've been booted out way before pia and it makes me cringe at the thought of him bagging the idol title. but all hope isn't lost. james durbin, he's turning me into a believer. the guy's got style and his own take on each song he brings on stage are ones people will always remember…i think randy's right. james durbin could just be the last man standing… 🙂

  141. ouh,, haley ..

    i'm bagas from indonesia

    you're voice i love it ,, it so awesome..

    vote 4 haley .. hhaha

    and J'lo you are the most beautifull,, hahay

  142. Jacob still isn't eliminated?!

    Hope he does go home next week. Too theatrical and gospelly for me..

    • I feared your wish won't be granted….yet! The more We cursed him each week, the stronger he becomes & his fan base seems getting bigger. He might ended up in the final….OMG! I don't want to see him in the final….lol!

      • Good news Tennie. I Coondog had placed (posted) my Coondog Curse upon Casey many hours before the Results show because too many people were commenting about him and Haley–you see, Haley is Coondog's girl! not really steady yet, but I didn't like Casey's Paws on her (I've made my peace with Gautham already).

        Well, I've already placed the new Coondog Curse on Jacob. Done Deal!

  143. Why is Jacob still in this competition. I have wanted him to be voted out before they got to the bottom 16.

  144. Yep, America got the vote right. Next week down: Jacob.

    My prediction is that James will win the competition. It's not who I want to win, but I think James is really stepping up and showing he can sing something other than "screetch rock".

  145. Wow, Just how many lives does Jacob have? I get so sick of the gushing the judges give him. James is by far the best and they don't treat him that way. Oh well, hopefully next week we will hear the last of his lounge music sound.

  146. I like all kinds of music and I can tell you I do not like James much. Sceaming is not singing. he has a good voice when he does sing and not scream. I would love to see a country singer win this for once. The girls are just young. Yes they are girls. they can sing and will even be better the older they get.

  147. I was surprised, probably because i fully expected Jacob to go. I was a big Jacob fan but my motivation for his singing has dwindled and this week I voted for James. Jacob could win my vote back again but he's going to have to blow me away. So much intonation. He needs to hit the notes. He needs to pick a great song. Have a flawless performance. I agree that Casey's song had too much growling so in the context of this one performance, I think he deserved to go. But from watching his other performances, we know he's capable of more than just growling. I think his creativity got in the way. He picked a song that didn't showcase his vocal ability and turned it into variety show. Creative, but not smart. I was blown away by James this time. I'm very sensitive to intonation problems and the way he started his song out was incredible. He hit the notes. Crystal clear. I agree with Ms. Lopez. Not a bad performance from the guy. I'm trying to like his high notes though, even though he's having intonation problems in that range. I hate intonation! Stop it! That and growling. Stop that too!

  148. Casey was awesomeQ He'll be fine and get a record deal and I;ll pay to see him he always put a smjile or a laugh on my face even tonight he was the great entertainer! No way he was going to get past the tweens who want a kareoke singer like Scotty or lauren.

    Scotty will win it and James and lauren will be 2nd and 3rd. It shoulds be Haley instead of Lauren but she is not kareoke enough for the tween voting block That is fine too. James will do well having more artistic freedom I'll pay to see him, and Haley will do well also.

  149. Personally, I had a feeling that Casey was going to get it, even though I am a Casey fan. I think the guy is very talented but the damn growling he does is a turn off. Quite frankly, he was told about this before and if he really wanted to win, he shows lack of maturity for continuing to do it.

    However, I personally thought Luaren had the weakest performance and at this stage of the game she should not need to be coached.

    When it comes down to it. Casey, besides his growl, is doing jazz which is likely most unpopular. If he wold not be doing the growl and the grimmace he makes, he probably wold have made it through. If he would have made it through, I wonder if he would had been smart enough to do something other than Jazz.

    His whole idea of where he said "I want to educate" was immature too. Who are you trying to educate kid? You are too stupid to know that you probably could have out rocked James if you had picked the right songs.

    Its going to come down to James and Haley folks. Because Haley is coming on and Lauren is too childish, Scotty is weak in the mid tones, Jacob is either going to act too feminine, do too much junk in between words, or say something offensive about America once again.

  150. Good job America! 😀 Casey is gone! 😛 I'm still looking on a James-Lauren finale. Scotty is getting boring. And Haley is the dark horse! Next to be eliminated is Jacob of course!

  151. What's wrong with you America? Are you going to make another Chris Allen(if it's right, I always confuse about him) Cuz he beat ADAM LAMBERT but, WHO IS he? We all know who Adam is, but he didn't get first prize, To see results tonight makes me wonder if you are going to do it again…America DON'T LET JAMES LOSE!!! HE deserves it! HE is the best performer this season…So sad that Casey left, to me he was in the TOP`3 🙁

  152. Matt- You are still stuck on the fact that your poll voting actually means something. What a complete idiot. You have a different voting system than American Idol does. It's going to be different every time. American Idol you can vote for everyone and anyone as much as you want. This you can only vote once for one person. I am the only one seeing the discrepancy here?

  153. I loved Casey's response to being asked why he growls when he sings – because he has such a small hole to let out his passion for music. Classic.

    BTW: is it just me, or does Jacob seem to be an outsider in the group. E.G. Casey spent time with each of the other finalists (especially Haley) during his going away song, but not Jacob.

  154. Casey, I hope you get to read this. You did not lose. You r such a talented musician. I was never into jazz before. Your exit was a celebration of just how cool and confident you r. You r not only a singer,a musician, and an entertainer. You are a helluva class act. That being said if James d doesn't win it,…well I have no words!

  155. It's ridiculous!
    What did you say when Pia's voted off? And what did you say when it's Casey's turn. You said it's because of his lack of vocal ability and AI is a singing contest? Humh? Lol, American!

  156. In my opinion, "America" got it WRONG this week. DEAD wrong. Casey is one of the most talented musicians left. Maybe he should have chosen a different song. Maybe he should have played his bass again, I don't know. Jacob is getting less and less interesting and personally, I'm tired of him. All the surveys I read had Jacob last, so what happened? This is a real bummer.

    • There is a big difference between a singer that has a growl and a singer that growls. Casey is more of the latter and last time he growled he need to be saved from the votes, so he pretty well knew what was coming. This is an interesting case of stay true as a artist or win the competition, and it is a competition.

    • Did you forget that Casey was voted off then saved before he was voted off a second time?

      I wanted it to be Jacob this week, last week and the week before. Casey was in jeopardy after that awful performance and most voters aren't jazz fans.

    • They're leaving all the talentless idol in the game so james can come out on top. AI has been so screwed since season 8

  157. One more note. I really was not a Haley fan at the beginning, but lately I see her talent growing and growing. I think she should record some song with Casey, and yes America, boo me if u want, but I love the growling. It's what makes these performers unique

    • The "growling" just did nothing for Casey. Somehow Haley was able to add a slight rasp to her voice, that worked with her. As I love that in a female blues singer. But, felt with Casey, the growl was much more a pre-planed look or act. Not a tone in his voice. There is a differance.

  158. With Casey gone – American Idol has lost a superb entertainer, musician, song writer.

    Successful singing artists are also talented musicians and songwriters.

  159. Finally, Casey sing the same week after week, he is great but i was bored. It doesn't matter who comes out week after week, there's no doubt that James is the best, he should win, eve better then pia, james sings something different each week, is the best and the most complete, great voice and knows how to do a show

      • Okay but it's still going to be for the wrong reasons! 🙂 No really, I like her talent, her voice, and (yes) the way she weaves "sexy" into her style. I'm not saying her attractive looks, perfect teeth and nice legs are not a factor, but these things certainly do not hurt either…

  160. Jacob is a outsider with the group it is very obvious not only with the group but the judges also so why should we even vote let randy,jennifer and steven just vote who they wont for american idol. Simeon at least was fair.

    • I agree. Even if Simon is brutally frank and sarcastic, he is fair. The present judges are weird. Their critiques are useless…how can the contestants improve themselves? There was a time they kept praising Jacob until they screwed his mojo…now they treat him like an outsider/dirt. Sad commentary on the current AI judges.

  161. america got it wrong.. top performances last night were james, casey, and haley bottom three should of been scotty, lauren, and jacob with jacob going home. it was not casey's time.. its time for lauren to start competing for it and stop act like some scared little kid.. what happened to that confident girl in auditions! if she gets off this country vibe and back to a lil soul and rock she will be a contender.. so advice to lauren grow up and sing songs that aren't from your favorite tv show or movie

  162. Well how much growing can one take????????????????

    As usual down under I saw their perforances quite a lot differently than the majority of you "up top" in the US and rated James the best, then Lauren – I did not like Scotty last night and in the duet with Lauren he was as flat as hell. Haley has strained her voice and will be a definite candidate for pollips in the throught with the noises and tricks she tries to make with her throat – it is not singing. Jacob just rolls around all the notes and wobbles, however he did put his all in. So worst for me last night was Casey so bye bye and now on to the wedding tonight – off now to find my tiara!! and then more internet shopping the Aussie dollar is soaring and now worth 9 cents more than the US dollar -vbg-

    • lol – that word should be "growling" not "growing" – I'm getting too excited for the wedding!! lololol

    • If James does not win,there will be alot of people not next season to watch the show.I would have liked to see James first and Pia come in second.Don't spend that 9 cents at the same store.

      • This will be my last year also unless new judges can be found. JLO is busy trying to be reigning IDOL, Dawg-Yo Man has become increasingly irritating, and poor ole Steven is probably the least unlikeably of this clueless bunch..

    • Aussie, I'm wondering if you're right about Haley's voice. I'm her biggest fan, but I've noticed in her last two solos (starting with underpitched notes on the "Call Me"s in "Call Me" though she performed fantastically) and parts of group and duets, her voice seemed hoarse and I thought it was just some bug Dirty Casey gave her (which caused me to put the Coondog Curse on him which cinched his departure)–but this next week will tell if she's actually strained her voice, which is what I rode Paul into the ground over. I hope you're wrong, but I'm gonna be edgy for a week.

      • Ohh, nice wedding I agree Aussie. But, me believes it may be payback time for my dear Haley. She's lost my nemisis Casey, and me thinks I'm falling for Kate's sister! How Do You Like Me Now Haley!! ha,ha

  163. I can't believe this week result. I thought Casey was on fire, I really want him to stay. H has great sense of music. I'll miss you Case!!!!!

  164. People say Casey was a "great Muscian". No kidding, that is what his fans always say. Going by what I have seen on American Idol, I can not see why they are saying that. Bit, I know as a vocalist or a perfomer, I always had him placed in the BOTTOM 3 each and every week, since they started the top 13.

    • You obviously don't know music–otherwise you wouldn't make such an ignorant statement—opposite to Casey's abilities and talents. They kept saying over & over that he is the most talented one on the entire show-were you asleep? It also counts when one can play instruments–as he can–and more than one too as well as songwrite. Most of them are not THAT talented but you wouldn't know about that!!

      • But this is a SINGING competition, not a "how many instruments can you play?" competition. Casey's singing voice didn't have much quality & I think it's you who doesn't know music – GROWLING is not music.

      • Lets face it Casey is entertaining,but does not have a great voice.He will do well in the future,as there are many talented entertainers without great voices.

      • please tell me someone knows who randy newman is..Casey the next Randy newman..songwriter for animated movies..toy story , shrek , the natural, short people, casey can be the new newman.

        talented muscian , writer. just cannot sing

    • I really enjoyed Casey and Paul. They are both entertainers and will certainly have a place in the music business. I did not vote for them because but thought they had something different to offer each week and wish them well.

    • Hey Steve Fox, I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get to truly see if your theory regards Haley's new rise thru the fall off of teenie and cougars off of other contestants, what with the nonexistant Bottom 3 farce. Oh well, at least they made her look good!

  165. Shocked and disappointed with Casey result from Singapore.

    I am a country fans as well,love country but not SCOTTY!!No doubt he has unique voice but I am sure most viewers around the globe prefer watching

    ENERGETIC performance with TALENT !!

    Personal point of view,Unique voice with boring performance cannot survive world market.

    Please vote for ENERGETIC/TALENTED performers.

    • i you love country music then what do call country music i think you do know know country music but who ever wins i wish them the best so should ever one else james has a son and is going to get married soon so you girls that love him can forget him

      • i guess forgot how to spell sorry about that if you love country music you know it so i think you do not that what i mean

  166. I'm actually glad Casey went out even though I thought Jacob was the worst. For one Casey wasn't going to win anyway. Unless James falls on his face I think it's his to lose. Casey isn't going to sell more or less records if he finishes #6 or #3. His audience is set.

    I also think this helps Haley some. Had Jacob went out today Casey could have beat out Haley next week. I think by Jacob being around Haley will be safe next week. I want Haley around for a couple of reasons. She's the 2nd best behind James IMO & she always seems to get a raw deal on the judging. I also think the higher she finishes the better she'll do after her Idol days are over in terms of sales.

    I'm not dogging on Casey here. I think he's good. I just couldn't relate to his music. All in all, this is a pretty good year. So every week someone good is going to go home.

    People can say this person is better than that one or vice versa. If ya think about it though, no matter who ya feel is the worst of this year, they're all better than pretty much everyone last year.

    If Crystal had sang that song yesterday rather than today, she'd have been in the bottom 3. So when I say Jacob was the worse, he's still miles better than whoever finished #6 last year. I simply don't think he's as good as 5 of the people he went up against this year. Though I guess someone does since Casey went home.

    • oops. I think Siobhan finished #6 last year. She should have won IMO. The judges kept nailing her to the cross after every performance so her confidence went down.

      Other than her, I think Jacob was better than almost everyone in last years top 10. For that matter so was Pia, Paul, & even Stefano. This is a pretty good season overall.

      • Crystal blows the whole of this years contestants away. She is original has a clean voice and is both talented musically, song writing and singing. I think she is amazing.

    • Idols past winners has been performing live concert in various part of the world including some part of Asian zone,great promotion for their CDs as well.

      Therefore,Casey would be Value for dollars and time at live concert,wont be surprise he will do well with record/CDs.Often performance outlook goes along with market choice.

      Glad Haley and James still around although James are not better than Adam Lambert.

    • @Danny: I agree with everything you said, man. Well-thought out. And it IS a good season, and as you said, several of these artists have their fans committed to them, and now let their successes come as they will. The market will determine that.

      But I agree that Casey wasn't going to win, and I also agree/hope that this will help Haley next week. She is amazing. I'm just afraid that her biggest fans aren't the youngsters who'll dial that number 500 times in 2 hours (RIDICULOUS voting, AI; gotta FIX that!)

  167. I still can't believe it! Casey by far is the most talented! If it weren't for Steven Tyler I wouldn't watch "Idol" any more!!

  168. Why do they do this ? Anyone knows it PC is why . Time for americans to judge on talet and singing .

    • based from what i've read from a blog, it's old and new. they have to sing songs from the past and present. i have no exact details regarding the timeline of the songs and i really don't know if this is really the theme for next week. 🙂

      • Contestants choice in these categories:

        Zydeco, Gregorian Chants, Opera, Polka or Ivy League school songs.

  169.…i think american did not vote right this week..casey is the most entertining and talented contestant..

  170. Sorry to see Casey go. He is so talented and different maybe this why he is gone. I am certainhe willhave a great career and

    i wish him the very best. You will be missed Casey

  171. terrible result. Casey was not only a fantastic musician and vocalist but also a real slap in the face to all those who knock shows like Idol for only ever producing top quality karaoke singers. Very sad that he has gone…and with the voting demographic keeping boys in the competition, it could well be a McCreery/Durbin/Lusk final. James all the way for me!

  172. when jacob leaves next week, i hope there will be (and i'm sure there will be) duets the week after that and we'll finally see a haley/james duet! i would LOVE to see how they perform and rock the house down.

  173. How in the world would Scotty be in the bottom three. I would like to know the total votes received. Something is not right. Just the way the show was handled. It was rude to the contestants and the people who were watching.

    • I think a lot of Scotty and Lauren voters were in the area of the awful sweep of tornados across the south and southeast. I know electricity was out of many many areas and towers were down so a lot of people couldn't vote.

      • Good point. Scottie needs to go back to singing the deep notes. He doesn't do that as much now, but I thought he was really GOOD when he sang the deep notes. The voice instructor said Scottie is really a nice kid, that he is always polite, clean cut, has good stage presence, and works hard.

    • It was random. There was no bottom 3. Ryan said the results would be random. They change the format when the list is shortened to 6. It eliminates the predisposition to vote for other than bottom three and position influence.

  174. Casey was voted off for the same reason he was voted off before. Let's face it-he's just not getting the votes. I knew when they saved him it was just a matter of time. True, he doesn't deserve to go before Jacob and maybe Lauren. At least we still have James and Haley in there. If we get it right they'll be in it till the end.

  175. Casey being voted off was long overdue.James will win and one of the girls will come in second.

  176. Yes' finally. I have been waiting for him to leave for weeks. Every since he butchered a Nirvana song I have realized that he can only sing one genre. Yes, he is wonderful at the jazz thing, but that is it.

  177. Does anyone else think that Ryan thinks he is a judge? He keeps making comments like he is also judging the singers. He also egged Randy to get up on the stage. Ryan thinks he is more important than he really is. He is the host of the show. He is the one who needs to keep things on track, not get off track by taking time to get a judge up on stage. Simon could put him in his place most of the time, but this year Ryan needs to be "voted off." That's a nice term for replaced by someone who knows what he was hired to be–a host.

    • Wow!! no way!!Ryan has been a wonderful professional host for Idols.Making comments are part of their work duty.

      How could anyone knows or guess on how a person think,via TVs telicast?Lol !!

      By chance you might get response from super mind reader.

    • I've detailed earlier, but be brief here. Ryan is following his Marching Orders from AI producers on who to over or under pimp for producer whims and agenda, but to shroud the producers' desires under his shrewdly performed guise as the masterful host. Same thing for judges following "hints" and "suggestions" to them. Their contracts and reputations for future contracts depend on playing the "Hollywood Game". Again, that's Show Business folks! And yes, when you peel back the layers of false appearances, it is kind of ugly when you see the unfairness to some human beings.

  178. i dont think casey should have gotten eliminated.. idk who should have there all rlly good.. ecpecally scotty. hes my favorite american idol..


    • I think America showed you jazz lovers that there is a place for you but country still rules.Jazz is not for everyone.Casey is to jazzy.

      • Well Gerda, country rules America . . . but that's because country turned pop . . . if you know what I mean 🙂

    • wwell i think he should be gone but scotty no way there is more then teeny boppers out there there are older people and some good old country folks so there

  180. Could be the end of the line for Jacob next week. Scotty's one trick pony is starting to get old and Lauren's strong vocals are overpowering him in the duets (as per Jennifer's comments this week – I agree). Casey's off-beat appeal was not enough to save him this time. I agree with Jimmy – if Lauren can overlook the negatives she could be around for the final show.

  181. The reason the producers and judges continue to give Haley bad comment is because she doesn't bow down and kiss their rings. She is the only one that isn't "Star Struck" and they want the contestants to submit to their "you should kiss our rings for doing so much for you" mentality. Jen is jealous, Randy doesn't like to be dissed and of course Steven is Steven no matter what.

    I wasn't so impressed with the little drummer boy routine of James. It was kiddish. Looked as if he had walked out onto Pee Wee Herman's set.

    By the way, Jennifer is not the most beautiful woman in the world. Halle Berry takes J any day just to name a few.

  182. Am I the only one who crunged when Scotty sang with Lauren Wed. night?? I thought for sure the judges, "or at least one of them would speake up" and tell Scotty how flat he was. When you harmonize with someone, you never try to over sing the other. For the judges to set there and not comment on that is very disturbing to me. They have "bashed Haley" until I can't take it anymore, but yet its ok for Scotty to sit down, elbow on knee, never move on the stage, and yet the judges "NEVER SAY A WORD" I can only imagine if "Haley" sat down every performance. With that said, I hope Haley's fans keep up with the wonderful support she sooooooo!!!! deserves.

    • A-men, about Scotty being flat in that duet.

      And a-men about Haley being picked on by the judges — Randy, especially. Haley is the most versatile, the most adaptable performer. She sounds good with everybody, and makes everybody ELSE sound better, too.

    • Actually, JLo did diss Scotty with her catty–but true!–comment, "And you did a good job too Scotty. Not many people realize how important it is to the primary singer to have the backup voice alongside." Yeah, she really said that, or something close to that! Scotty's face took on the appearance of an 8 year old boy that's done the same jingle as when he was 5 and got raves, but now his Aunt just told him to quit acting silly, that it ain't cute no more. ha, ha. Again folks, that's Show Business!

    • if you listen lauren song way over scotty so i guess you never listen good but that ok who ever wins they all are going to be great

  183. I think the judges are trying to swing the vote to James since their favorite, Pia, was voted off. What's wrong with Scotty winning? He's a great singer, good performer and willing to be taught. James is good but let's not play favorites, Judges.

  184. It is about time cassey is gone, he shout have gone

    week 11. The judges shout star being judges, they

    very poor this year.

  185. Bring Simon back.. and yes i believe Casey should had been voted off back when he was "saved" by the Judges.. Pia will be a star.. Scotty will be a star.. Haley will be a star .. James.. not so much . his field the rocker field is tough and honestly not much demand for new rockers like him. Just my opinion.. Pop Country crossovers.. and a lil ole time rock n roll .. will be the next Idol .. my guess .. will be Haley.. with others doing really well, except James and Jacob, really, another Fantasia ? I know, not everyone will be Carrie Underwood, but other non winners have done better than some of the past winners.. keep your heads up

  186. Jacob should have gone, but Casey would have had to go eventually as he just doesn't have it. I feel that JAMES is by far the best talent. He can sing anything with the purest voice of the lot. Pia was so very talented and beautiful. she would have done the title of Idol very proud as she was the entire package…What the heck happened? James's voice is the best of all but he isn't the whole package but could be with some help.

  187. I don't have a problem with the results this week, however I have to wonder how much the votes were AFFECTED BY the southeastern tornados where millions of fans were not able to see either nights show because of storm coverage or no power ,etc . there had to be millions of votes not able to be cast. Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

  188. I was never so happy to see casey go,are you even kidding me? the ones that really had the talent are gone yet for some reason the judges and america thought this 'casey' was the greatest—-wake up everyone!!!!!!

  189. Why don't the judges make everyone else sing country? lets hear what they sound like!!!! ???Scotty would still out sing them , Scotty stays true to himself and has a true tone, natural voice , knows where his root for country music .comes from the heart. great recording voice, he will be a great American Idol

    • OK, Scotty sings a good country song, even though he wallows around on every word and overdoes the "golly-shucks-gee-I'm-a-good-ol-country-boy" schtick. (I'm being a bit harsh, but I also mean it when I say that I like him.)

      BUT …. as for your comment that if others had to sing country, Scotty would outsing them, I beg to differ. Lauren, also a country artist, has ALREADY outsung him, including in their duet this week, when Scotty was totally flat in his attempt at a harmony line.

      And the best "country" performance of the year? Haley's soulful and perfectly crafted version of "Blue." It's not even close in my opinion.

      There's a lot of talent in this entire cast, I think, and I've enjoyed the whole season, but HALEY is the most versatile singer. She can sing any genre and nobody matches her power and vocal control and just plain accuracy of notes.

      • It is clear you do not know what good country music sounds like.Haley is not a good singer the judges comments are on the dot when it comes to Haley.

  190. Maybe not next week… but the screaming and screeching will soon end when he gets eliminated! Too bad for the duet at the finals… it's not going to happen.

    Oh… you mean they're rigging it to happen?

  191. I am glad Casey is gone. Just saw him on the Jay Leno show, and he was still doing his grunting, gnarling and growling. Like the guy on American Idol said – stop the growling, dogs don't vote. Guess he found out that is true. I think the winner will be James. Don't like his screaming – he is a better singer when he slows things down, but he now seems to be the fav of the judges.

  192. it should have been Jacob. Can't stand to see a big black man excessively swaying his hips than girls…eeooww

    • Wow. Big black man excessively sayting his hips . . . Is that like than a skinny white girl trying to say, "Holla?"

  193. You know? I would be the first to say that last week, it would have been ok for Jacob to go home even though I thought Stefano was the right choice. However, what is up with this 'vote for who has been good week to week' bit? In any competition I know, the person who performs the worst loses out. I actually liked Casey, but his performance this week was his worst of the season. When you're bad one week, you go home. That's life. Jacob's performance was one of his best all year, and as a result, he got to stay.

    Once it got down to eight, everyone needed to perform, and the only one I think America got wrong was Pia . . . but even I understood that one (maybe a bit too assuming this was her competition to lose?).

    Let's just watch the rest out.

  194. Yes I think it did. I sure hope Steven Tyler performs with James as earlier promised!!!

    • Oh, we will see that duet in the finals.

      Isn't it too obvious that they have the show already fixed so that happens?



    It's incredible Jacob has made it this far and Casey had to go…

    Also, Steven Tyler is the best part of the show.

  196. Go for James durbin!!!!! God Bless him on his way to winning the next american idol spot!!!!

  197. The American voters do not have the slightest clue. Casey has more talent in his little finger than Scotty has in his whole body

  198. Yes i think d judges did what they think,,,,so for me nd my family here in d'' phil.only james nd scotty till d' end of the contest……go go go ur d best among them…Godbless''

  199. It's really hard to know who's going out next they r so talented!.. But..who do u think has the whole package?

  200. No. Casey was one of the best contestants. One of my favorites, together with James and Jacob. And yes, Jacob has more than two fans. He is amazing. I wonder why people don't like him. It's not because he can't sing because nobody with ears could say that. Racism?

    • Jacob said it best with the man in the mirror comment. We all know why & we refuse to acknowledge it. When our military go into a war, color is not an issue, every man/woman bleeds & dies the same. Why is it an issue outside with other people? and if we harp on this as being silly or my favorite is (why always the race card), we are living in denial. We continue to destroy ourselves from within.

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